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SingTel Optus offers landline and mobile communication services to consumers and businesses, including mobile phone, mobile internet, broadband internet and television.

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  • Internet (65.37%)
  • Phone (17.89%)
  • Wi-fi (5.92%)
  • E-mail (4.62%)
  • Total Blackout (4.47%)
  • TV (1.73%)

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  • codebinary1010 Binary001 (@codebinary1010) reported

    @Optus Can't seem to ping (an IP Address owned by Cloudflare) on Optus network, works on Telstra and Vodafone.

  • neil1954 Neil (@neil1954) reported

    Starting to wonder what I pay @Optus for as it's clearly not for a internet connection, since moving into my house what had cable I thought yay good connection, wrong all I've ever had is at best 12Mbps dwn avg and routine connection issues like right now

  • CrStuartJames Cr Stuart James (@CrStuartJames) reported

    @Ambiguous_Andy @Optus Nothing to do with customer demand. It’s somehow cheaper for them to cut it.

  • Emilywion91 Emily Wion (@Emilywion91) reported

    @Be_Busta @Optus @Telstra Yep, you never see it on the news when Christians are murdered by these extremists. Or in the US, if you are a straight white individual no one is going to care what happens to you. If you support the wrong side it totally fine for you to be attached physically or otherwise.

  • Be_Busta Be.Bustanut 8===D--_ (@Be_Busta) reported

    @Emilywion91 @Optus @Telstra That's the problem here though. If we begin censoring where does it end. There are not objective rules here, it's all subjectively applied. And this makes it so dangerous.

  • Be_Busta Be.Bustanut 8===D--_ (@Be_Busta) reported

    @Emilywion91 @Optus @Telstra Yea, it's the same here in Aus. People are being threatened with legal action by the state if they share the video... The thing about all of this I find incredibly hypocritical is that when it's Christians being murdered the state has no issue. Christians are THE most persecuted.

  • GoldenClancy Scoopydoopywhatchadoin? (@GoldenClancy) reported

    @alegareecomms @Optus I used to get similar, the sad thing is that I'm just getting constant drop outs, I try not to complain, I'm not getting what I've paid for though. Optus have admitted that I'll never get a full hundo, but I should be getting 97.7 Mbps.

  • wmaster33 Wm (@wmaster33) reported

    @TonyHWindsor @AndrewCatsaras Down my street we had Telstra HFC, optus HFC and Telstra copper. NBN bought the optus HFC which they have decommissioned. The have decommissioned the copper. We now all share the one testra HFC for internet, Foxtel and phone...this used to be called fraud.

  • pedrodsmith Pedro Del G (@pedrodsmith) reported

    @JimPanzee63 @Optus Service is awful!

  • pedrodsmith Pedro Del G (@pedrodsmith) reported

    @Mallencoops @Optus Looks like 2218 affected - terrible all week. Worst service ever

  • legrandracing Peter Le Grand (@legrandracing) reported

    @Optus provide the worst service when you have NBN. In fact no service. I wish I had never chosen them, try someone else.

  • greglow Greg Low (@greglow) reported

    @Optus We use 4G modems all over the country. Not a fan of Telstra but get around 45MB/sec down on their’s. On Optus ones, typically get 2 to 8Mb/sec and told “it’s normal” on supposedly uncapped service.

  • ProjectWombat Project Wombat (@ProjectWombat) reported

    @nickmon1112 Optus Australia our 2nd biggest IP has a ban on 4chan, 8chan etc.. and it's a hard IP based block, so changing your DNS won't help. you'll need a VPN or external AU proxy to get to it

  • medsafetyaus Dr Chris Alderman (@medsafetyaus) reported

    @A_Tass1 @Telstra @acccgovau @ACurrentAffair9 I've been through exactly the same, took weeks and then disabled the functionality of printers. They wanted me to purchase "Platinum" subscription to fix that! Optus even worse for gouging - merits of a duopoly

  • marlowsboat Marlowsboat (@marlowsboat) reported

    @hidflect @TheMurfDawg @niremas It’s not the government, get a grip. I have accessed Zero Hedge from Optus 4G, Telstra Home’s ADSL, TPG broadband office regularly over the past 48 hours. BTW, ZH is still publishing the same mix of mostly crap with a smattering if useful as always. You ain’t missing much

  • BA_Hore91 🥚🌲 B A Hore 🌳🍳 (@BA_Hore91) reported

    @Huw_Merlin The Gabba exchange is a huge building, handles everything. Probably about 15 floors of full on tech gear. The optus outage page specifies each type of service that's affected. Cable is effected in a huge arc from what I can see, so must be working in the main exchange-w/gabba.

  • AleksandraJevt3 Aleksandra@Cat (@AleksandraJevt3) reported

    @Optus the worst provider in Australia. 5th day trying to reconnect service with disabled family member at home.

  • _s_t_r_e_l_o_k Streletskiy (@_s_t_r_e_l_o_k) reported

    @MoFoQ >telstra like money, optus like money, they do the bare minimum when pressured by external groups, they never send forward antip2p trash, and they have a good track record to how they run the service >any third party ISP will always **** their customers over

  • _s_t_r_e_l_o_k Streletskiy (@_s_t_r_e_l_o_k) reported

    @MoFoQ some things to say, >nz is mad as hell pressures aus IPs to block sites that help expose media narrative >telstra in particular, and possibly optus [2 main non third party ISPs] blocked sites, however they know that people who have more than a few brain cells use another dns

  • BrowntownBrew Cdbrown (@BrowntownBrew) reported

    @Hdough78 @IcacPersistance @janer98 @SensibleUnderp1 @MeckeringBoy They did that in response to Optus to kill off that HFC rollout. Telstra having both infrastructure and retail was the main issue and that they only offered to do a fttn network if they could set the access prices for competitors

  • Be_Busta Be.Bustanut 8===D--_ (@Be_Busta) reported

    @cravedrawings @Optus @Telstra Right, banning the flow of information. Like I said, it's playing precisely into this guys hands. Perhaps not as bad as I first thought, but still pretty unhelpful nevertheless.

  • Nemo_oce Neo (@Nemo_oce) reported

    @HyperionPlays @domino_jack @NateBramley yeah when i stream i use my 4G data, and then my Optus cable for gaming. keeps latency down

  • CostinLichi Costin Lichi (@CostinLichi) reported

    @Optus It was after 6 PM! @Optus tel system just advised that they close at 6 PM. Joseph, the guy that put me on hold did not call back. Did nothing! Unbelievable! Worst of the worst.

  • BA_Hore91 🥚🌲 B A Hore 🌳🍳 (@BA_Hore91) reported

    @Huw_Merlin Cable at the moment, since 1999 va optus. It's all hooked up fine & tests for a signal. Even took the cable back off to check the spike hadn't bent.

  • pblakez pblakez ™ (@pblakez) reported

    @Optus no imagine you have a maybe 1 hour window in which you can do an update to this particular app and something fails well waiting 20/45mins to upload the fix

  • sandraom Sandra O'Malley (@sandraom) reported from Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

    @yodaberg @Optus I’ve had alot of problems with them lately & the only thing that worked was going into a store. Chat is probably the next most helpful & you can get a transcript of what they’ve promised to action.

  • XeonTheHusky Xeon (@XeonTheHusky) reported

    @StormiFolf Since I’m Australian and not American, AT&T doesn’t exist in my country. What Australia does have though network wise is: Telstra (previously known as TeleCom Australia), Optus and Vodafone (which is British and it operates in Oceania, Africa, Asia and Europe).

  • SamuraiRed9 SamuraiRed9 (@SamuraiRed9) reported

    Hey @optus if you're gonna block sites can we cancel our contracts or get a reimbursement for a partial service

  • wwcc2018 夕霧鏡 (@wwcc2018) reported

    @Optus Hello. My home internet connection has been down for 3 days, I cannot use Wifi at home. The online chat did not work for me because I cannot reach out to the technician at all! I need help with this.

  • EKstar Emma-Kate Sexton (@EKstar) reported

    @yodaberg @Optus It’s pretty sad that in Australia we don’t get to pick service providers based on who is the best, but more based on who isn’t going to **** us around the most 😐 so far my research has been inconclusive as to which provider that actually is.

  • greglow Greg Low (@greglow) reported

    @Optus But so very very slow.

  • janih_BIGB_fan Harshil Jani (@janih_BIGB_fan) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    @Optus very upset , 1st - on 27th my number was ported without my knowledge 2nd- after reporting while I was on roaming overseas my number ported again ( what a joke) 3rd -Optus sent me bill for breaking contract and send me $1749 bill. No Proactive action & worst security SHAME

  • Thehoongamer Thehoongamer (@Thehoongamer) reported

    @Sort_Dragon @Optus You did say it was NBN that’s got nothing but problems. I know an address that’s been told it can connect twice so far in 2016 & 2018 but it’s now waiting until 2020 again.... and yet I’ve had it at home for many years under fttp.

  • Sort_Dragon Sorticus (@Sort_Dragon) reported

    That moment when @Optus sends you a sms telling you your nbn is connected. And tells you just to connect your optus nbn modem and login using the order number. Except for the fact they never sent me a modem even after asking them. And got no sms's or mails with an order nmr.

  • benoblepr belinda noble (@benoblepr) reported

    @yodaberg @Optus I used to have @Optus until I discovered their customer service is actually run by Voldemort

  • MisterNormie Hugh (@MisterNormie) reported

    @taximals Thats pretty stupid. And i imagine because its optus owned cable, you couldn't go through anyone else huh

  • tiges_rule Susan Luber (@tiges_rule) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    Just when I thought @Optus was finally doing right by me their inept customer service staff had to go wreck everything again. Guess I’ll be changing mobile providers.

  • taximals Lana (@taximals) reported

    @MisterNormie nah this was optus. they wouldn’t give us the service because of something like they don’t offer new customers cable services because they only offer nbn now. so we had to wait for nbn even tho we have cable to our unit....i dunno it was some bs that made no sense

  • mirojurcevic Miro Jurcevic (@mirojurcevic) reported

    @MikeCarlton01 NBN was going to be closed and broken up into main backbone and telco assets. Because of discovery the sale was halted. It would have taken down Telstra and Optus and crashed entire communication market. It may be bad NBN but it’s better than the alternative, disaster averted.

  • therealrobzada Rob Hango-Zada (@therealrobzada) reported

    Pro tip: If you ever want to hate your human existence, just order an iPhone from @Optus online! They will make sure you REALLY regret ever clicking that BUY button. Worst customer experience of my lifetime and any chance of resolution shielded by many layers of "support" teams.

  • James_RG_Smith James Smith (@James_RG_Smith) reported

    @Optus failing at customer service again. 37min waiting to talk to tech who says he needs to transfer me to a different department thencold dumps me into another queue... now over an hour. Thanks

  • Aussie_Kozzy James Kozanecki || Aussie_kozzy (@Aussie_Kozzy) reported

    @Deligracy It's already an issue and a cost to redo. Why they bought an old Optus copper network is beyond me

  • NathanB1985 Nathan B (@NathanB1985) reported

    @Optus Banning websites that I as an adult may choose to view content from under no pretext is a very slippery slope. Been a customer for years but will switch when contract is up.

  • TheTophatGamer Josh Hura (@TheTophatGamer) reported

    @ThatsBrad_TV Still waiting on Playstation Now tbh. And it's fitting that the announcement came today, while I'm confined to mobile data because Optus decided that the service that I pay for should just go down for.... 12 hours and counting.

  • msjoannehawkins Joanne Hawkins (@msjoannehawkins) reported

    @yodaberg I switched to Aldi Mobile a few months ago and I've had no problems at all. Half the price of my old Virgin contract (who wanted to move me on to a new deal with their 'good friends' at Optus) and more GB than you can shake a stick at. Check it out.

  • yodaberg Isy with one 's' (@yodaberg) reported

    @MadelineHayman @Optus @VodafoneAU I just one one provider who can provide everything (decent home internet, mobile etc) and give me one bill to pay. That's it. I'm so broken.

  • boobird18 Barbara Lowing (@boobird18) reported

    @Optus No, the service is going to be out until Friday we have been told.

  • PhilPggreen1 Phil (@PhilPggreen1) reported

    @MikeCarlton01 Thanks Rudd/Gillard Labor Gov for appointing Stephen Conroy & creating the NBN instead of awarding the contracts to Telstra or Optus etc. WORST decision ever

  • distributedlife Ryan Boucher (@distributedlife) reported

    @Optus I tried to express why not being informed of the appointment was a problem but your call centre staff didn't seem to understand.

  • Cr00ty baby pointing at fish (@Cr00ty) reported

    Hey @Optus thanks for telling me what I can and can’t view, I was under the impression I could make my own decisions and have freedom, silly me! I thought that blocking an entire website because some users post horrific content was a stupid idea, but daddy Optus knows best

  • ArcB_Steeps ArcB_Steeps (@ArcB_Steeps) reported

    @Telstra and @Optus blocking sites like 4chan.... Using that logic you should block all forums. Cancelling my service. Super expensive for what is supposed to be a premium service

  • settledownjem jem 🖤 (@settledownjem) reported

    @THE1975HAN Like 3/4 of it! Optus didn’t believe me and it’s taken like 2 months! I’ve still put in a complaint cause their customer service was awful and I only got back about $600 of the $900 I paid over that time!

  • JarrinDowie Jarrin (@JarrinDowie) reported

    @AussieWarriore1 @Optus @VodafoneGroup Holy shit, I don't even want to engage you in an argument, people have lost there lives, parents will never see there children, kids have lost there parents, and you have the audacity to call it fake, I sincerely hope you rot in hell with the shooter, you disgust me ******* freak

  • Ajit8 Ajit8 (@Ajit8) reported

    @adamseconomics Zero hedge website is definitely blocked by @Optus. SHAME Optus for controlling access to view specific websites on your #OptusMobile and #OptusHomeInternet services. TERRIBLE customer experience!! #ISPBlock #Fascism #Optusism #OptOut

  • Cryptotakusky Cryptotaku (@Cryptotakusky) reported

    @chunkymale @AlexSaundersAU @Telstra @Optus @VodafoneIN @zerohedge If you consider a cult as being a bunch of tech geeks that realize the internet is the one inherent weakness all crypto has and other things we take for granted such as free speach and freedom of information. Have built and put together a buch of electronics to help everyone. Yes

  • watta71 Glenn Watts (@watta71) reported

    @Optus I was hoping to talk to people about the poor WiFi on this modem. And I was interested in getting a fetch mini. But it all is too hard. I don’t have hours to waste

  • Friedful Friedful (@Friedful) reported

    @Optus Thanks Wes, I did get through yesterday and I think the problem was solved.

  • lazyeyedboy Saxon Sax (@lazyeyedboy) reported

    I’m just pissed that I can’t go to my pornography site of choice to relieve myself. It’s 3am and I can’t ******* sleep. **** @iinet @optus

  • lazyeyedboy Saxon Sax (@lazyeyedboy) reported

    **** you @iinet @optus for censoring a website because some mentally ill person shot up a mosk, just **** you. Go ahead and block Facebook while you’re at it that’s where he live-streamed the whole thing. Pathetic companies

  • electra_highway electra_highway ⚡️ (@electra_highway) reported

    @AlexSaundersAU @Telstra @Optus @VodafoneIN @zerohedge I am with Telstra NBN and my Internet service is blocking me from accessing ZeroHedge, 4chan, 8chan and LiveLeak.