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Telstra offers mobile and landline communications services to the public and businesses, including mobile phone, mobile internet, and broadband internet.

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March 20: Problems at Telstra

Telstra is having issues since 08:20 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Internet (53.61%)
  • Phone (27.43%)
  • E-mail (8.55%)
  • Wi-fi (5.67%)
  • Total Blackout (2.87%)
  • TV (1.86%)

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  • codebinary1010 Binary001 (@codebinary1010) reported

    @Optus Can't seem to ping (an IP Address owned by Cloudflare) on Optus network, works on Telstra and Vodafone.

  • chrisApharm Chris A (@chrisApharm) reported

    @Telstra @A_Tass1 Let’s be clear. If there’s a way to care less, Telstra haven’t found it yet, or you’d be doing it. Obfuscation, obsequiousness& straight up dishonesty, combined with blame shifting. The Telstra service model. The more people call it out the better. Shame on you. Like you care!

  • lachellabella 🥀rey kenobi .. 👩not👨⚘ (@lachellabella) reported

    Ring up telstra about nbn outage get auto voice thingy asking the same questions more than once and asking irrelevant questions then tells me to ring back when im near affected service. Its right in front of me

  • chuckxero chuckxero (@chuckxero) reported

    @Telstra @Telstra_news @TelstraBcast @TelstraEnt @telstracareers Why is @4chan blocked id like to know why a service i pay for is blocked websites

  • Emilywion91 Emily Wion (@Emilywion91) reported

    @Be_Busta @Optus @Telstra Yep, you never see it on the news when Christians are murdered by these extremists. Or in the US, if you are a straight white individual no one is going to care what happens to you. If you support the wrong side it totally fine for you to be attached physically or otherwise.

  • Be_Busta Be.Bustanut 8===D--_ (@Be_Busta) reported

    @Emilywion91 @Optus @Telstra That's the problem here though. If we begin censoring where does it end. There are not objective rules here, it's all subjectively applied. And this makes it so dangerous.

  • Be_Busta Be.Bustanut 8===D--_ (@Be_Busta) reported

    @Emilywion91 @Optus @Telstra Yea, it's the same here in Aus. People are being threatened with legal action by the state if they share the video... The thing about all of this I find incredibly hypocritical is that when it's Christians being murdered the state has no issue. Christians are THE most persecuted.

  • blueyedfonzie Lizanne Dalgleish (@blueyedfonzie) reported

    Can’t believe the terrible service @da1Funjabi has experienced by @Telstra make sure to keep us updated - I want a play by play of exactly how long it takes for them to sort this out - 2months is crazy!!! #whatwifi #CustomerService #Telstra

  • ianspencer Agent 86 (@ianspencer) reported

    @BurnedSpy34 Interesting my internet provider is doing zero censoring. Thanks, @Aussie_BB on my phone on @Telstra network their censoring, we wont forget Telstra!

  • Zurqzz Code Zurqz (@Zurqzz) reported

    @Telstra why’s your net so shit 😂

  • da1Funjabi Bobby Storm (@da1Funjabi) reported

    And also...the case manager that initially contacted me has left with no resolution but didn’t even bother to hand over to anyone #telstra #reckless #omnishambles

  • wmaster33 Wm (@wmaster33) reported

    @TonyHWindsor @AndrewCatsaras Down my street we had Telstra HFC, optus HFC and Telstra copper. NBN bought the optus HFC which they have decommissioned. The have decommissioned the copper. We now all share the one testra HFC for internet, Foxtel and phone...this used to be called fraud.

  • da1Funjabi Bobby Storm (@da1Funjabi) reported

    @Telstra SR 1-1894197487713 // Complaint Reference Number.I’ve called Monday with promises of someone calling me on Tuesday and called again today, with someone meant to call me back this afternoon. Excuses after excuses. Disgraceful behaviour waiting for 2 months living in urban Sydney

  • A_Tass1 Anthony Tassone (@A_Tass1) reported

    @VinumAloes @Telstra I think it’s fibre to node Anne. @NBNCoLimited @NBN_Australia insist that there is sufficient service to my premises after several checks

  • scully65 michael scully (@scully65) reported

    48 minutes on hold waiting for @Telstra tech support...

  • daniellauhlig danielauhlig#qanon (@daniellauhlig) reported

    @RitaPanahi I have not heard one reporter speak out against @Telstra blatant shutting down of internet content accessible to the Australian people/ #8chan #QAnon we are china.

  • da1Funjabi Bobby Storm (@da1Funjabi) reported

    Hi @Telstra I placed order 1-1888935160328 24/Jan/19 and still no service activates. Twice engineer fails to show up. Complaints dep’t don’t respond, had client manager who has stopped responding. Failed to call back despite countless promises #shambolic

  • Mchatton23 Maria Chatton (@Mchatton23) reported

    @8020Mentor @Telstra suggestion, try to use the box of the old modem if u still hv it. or any box. as long as that instruction paper and address info are included :) hope it help.

  • da1Funjabi Bobby Storm (@da1Funjabi) reported

    Hi @Telstra I placed order 1-1888935160328 24/Jan/19 and still no service activates. Twice engineer fails to show up. Complaints dep’t don’t respond, had client #manager who has stopped responding. Fail to call back despite countless promises #shambolic

  • Qld_Mythbuster Toadsland (@Qld_Mythbuster) reported

    @mattgillard @nathanieloffer @Brad2428 @NickRossTech @MeckeringBoy @Telstra @NBNCoSupport @NBNCoLimited Maybe that was my problem. I stuck with a different ISP for the change over.

  • Qld_Mythbuster Toadsland (@Qld_Mythbuster) reported

    @nathanieloffer @Brad2428 @NickRossTech @MeckeringBoy @Telstra @NBNCoSupport @NBNCoLimited Depends on the plan. I found the bottom rate was absolutely terrible and more expensive than broadband. Had to pay $20 a month more to get equal quality.

  • blackbird2k6 blackbird2k6 (@blackbird2k6) reported

    @MissFitz72 @scotto_au @Telstra Btw - I asked for a refund on for the outage when it was 3 days. They sdvised it'd be about $17.50.

  • greglow Greg Low (@greglow) reported

    @Optus We use 4G modems all over the country. Not a fan of Telstra but get around 45MB/sec down on their’s. On Optus ones, typically get 2 to 8Mb/sec and told “it’s normal” on supposedly uncapped service.

  • medsafetyaus Dr Chris Alderman (@medsafetyaus) reported

    @A_Tass1 @Telstra @acccgovau @ACurrentAffair9 I've been through exactly the same, took weeks and then disabled the functionality of printers. They wanted me to purchase "Platinum" subscription to fix that! Optus even worse for gouging - merits of a duopoly

  • marlowsboat Marlowsboat (@marlowsboat) reported

    @hidflect @TheMurfDawg @niremas It’s not the government, get a grip. I have accessed Zero Hedge from Optus 4G, Telstra Home’s ADSL, TPG broadband office regularly over the past 48 hours. BTW, ZH is still publishing the same mix of mostly crap with a smattering if useful as always. You ain’t missing much

  • MeckeringBoy Michael Dowling (@MeckeringBoy) reported

    @terryfrost 6 techs over 3 years to fix previous problem... corroded copper down my street. That was before nbn. But of course we have the SAME copper running from the “top secret” underground node. No one in nbnco, Telstra or the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman can tell me where it is

  • boxcar909 boxcar909 🥚 (@boxcar909) reported

    @hitinman They can't even keep the HFC cable shit they've bought from Telstra working properly. The entire thing is a gigantic ***********, Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison will live in infamy. #auspol

  • _s_t_r_e_l_o_k Streletskiy (@_s_t_r_e_l_o_k) reported

    @MoFoQ the years I have being with telstra, basic url blocking [when not using custom dns] is the furthest I think they are willing to go before they start getting into real shit, like I said, they like money. If they didn't do 'something' then who knows how that would go over with NZ

  • _s_t_r_e_l_o_k Streletskiy (@_s_t_r_e_l_o_k) reported

    @MoFoQ >telstra like money, optus like money, they do the bare minimum when pressured by external groups, they never send forward antip2p trash, and they have a good track record to how they run the service >any third party ISP will always **** their customers over

  • _s_t_r_e_l_o_k Streletskiy (@_s_t_r_e_l_o_k) reported

    @MoFoQ some things to say, >nz is mad as hell pressures aus IPs to block sites that help expose media narrative >telstra in particular, and possibly optus [2 main non third party ISPs] blocked sites, however they know that people who have more than a few brain cells use another dns

  • BrowntownBrew Cdbrown (@BrowntownBrew) reported

    @Hdough78 @IcacPersistance @janer98 @SensibleUnderp1 @MeckeringBoy They did that in response to Optus to kill off that HFC rollout. Telstra having both infrastructure and retail was the main issue and that they only offered to do a fttn network if they could set the access prices for competitors

  • Hdough78 Harvey Dough (@Hdough78) reported

    @BrowntownBrew @IcacPersistance @janer98 @SensibleUnderp1 @MeckeringBoy It did upgrade the network in the profitable regions. The metro HFC networks were delivering 100 Mb. But labor wanted to teach Telstra a lesson for ignoring country regions.

  • BrowntownBrew Cdbrown (@BrowntownBrew) reported

    @Hdough78 @IcacPersistance @janer98 @SensibleUnderp1 @MeckeringBoy Would be great if Google did the roll out, but Telstra owns all the pits and pipes and access to that is critical in deploying the fixed network

  • Be_Busta Be.Bustanut 8===D--_ (@Be_Busta) reported

    @cravedrawings @Optus @Telstra Right, banning the flow of information. Like I said, it's playing precisely into this guys hands. Perhaps not as bad as I first thought, but still pretty unhelpful nevertheless.

  • DonDerply Don Derply (@DonDerply) reported

    @Telstra_news long time Telstra customer lodging a tweet in protest of this action. Others have already said everything I was going to.

  • finnnarnold Finn A. (@finnnarnold) reported

    @Telstra_news If you need to use some shitty website that bad, use a VPN for ***** sake. Don’t complaint to Telstra about your shit.

  • davidstuart62 David Stuart (@davidstuart62) reported

    Once again Telstra, you never fail@to disappoint. Spent an hour on the phone with you yesterday, we’ll call you back they said. 24hrs later I get a call to say my move order is just being processed with no further confirmation. Why should I bother giving you my loyalty.

  • Jo99236254 Jo (@Jo99236254) reported

    @TipsySkunk @Jordan_Sather_ Obviously WA doesn't need to be controlled like Qld. Maybe it's thru Telstra, I'm on my phone. I just tried both again still down but the phone screenshot doesn't capture date.

  • fueledbyamy Amy Maree🎀 (@fueledbyamy) reported

    @Telstra We’ve moved it all around the house but have had no luck, we don’t seem to have any Telstra reception that’s decent in our house. Sorry, it’s just very frustrating because we’ve had so many issues the last few months with our Telstra internet.

  • z00xel z00xel (@z00xel) reported

    @Telstra Trash internet service

  • piratek73549479 Pirate King (@piratek73549479) reported

    @Telstra_news @Telstra @Telstra, you are a service supplier NOT a morality monitoring service. Who gave [you] the right to dictate as to what Australians choose to see or not. 3 weeks of work on one of the sites you "banned" that I can not access .... not a happy camper. Censorship gone mad 😡

  • ArcB_Steeps ArcB_Steeps (@ArcB_Steeps) reported

    @seeker401 @Telstra switching to @iiNet as a result of this odd censorship and just general bad performance for a company that charges premium prices

  • bevan_braddon Bevo (@bevan_braddon) reported

    @StephenJonesMP @davidthodey David was an inspirational leader in his time in IBM and took that forward in Telstra. Would like to hear his thoughts on the privatisation of key components of the public service. What can we do to ensure that skill building is retained with the departments. We’ve lost too much

  • madcapdurian sung hahn (@madcapdurian) reported

    @Telstra Yes and now I have given up. There is already a complaint in process with the ombudsman with all details provided up till today. So you can wait for them to contact you to do the right thing and send someone out. I am done dealing with support.

  • A_Tass1 Anthony Tassone (@A_Tass1) reported

    @jbathurst_13 @Telstra @acccgovau @ACurrentAffair9 Done. I had to use my wireless data on my phone with which to lodge the online complaint with the Ombudsman as my home internet “service” from @Telstra wouldn’t facilitate that

  • staggy33 Staggy (@staggy33) reported

    @MajinDaburaOCE @EmJaeCaer @RiotBenji #bestgore still down for me, im using telstra. This is bullshit.

  • TheCraig_2019 craig (@TheCraig_2019) reported

    @blackbird2k6 @Telstra Non existent customer service

  • XeonTheHusky Xeon (@XeonTheHusky) reported

    @StormiFolf Since I’m Australian and not American, AT&T doesn’t exist in my country. What Australia does have though network wise is: Telstra (previously known as TeleCom Australia), Optus and Vodafone (which is British and it operates in Oceania, Africa, Asia and Europe).

  • The_Dude_IRL Leigh Cleary (@The_Dude_IRL) reported

    @DanGree94975929 @Telstra_news @Telstra staff refused to talk about it today when I complained and asked to cancel my contract. Rang TIO and they basically said "it's a business decision" and couldn't help me. Also, apparently borderline child porn on youtube is better than a video of a lunatic, go figure

  • tmno2_01 Terence McGirr (@tmno2_01) reported

    @FOXTEL_Help Hi Rory New to this twitter stuff, and just returned from two months in Perth, to have my daughter advise that no Foxtel signal since heavy rain on 16rh March, at North Ryde 2113. Foxtel comes to two IQ2s via Telstra cable. F106, no signal being received.

  • amajinatn matthew nolan (@amajinatn) reported

    @MichaelSmyth_ @CityofAdelaide Hang on is it the bloke on the phone or that weird Telstra thing

  • 14kft Oz Deplorable⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@14kft) reported

    @bashpr0mpt @Telstra Bud, your DM's are off. You probably got hit with a thousand messages already so I get that. Tell us what you need or want. Here to help you if you want to spread the load. DM me if you want.

  • madcapdurian sung hahn (@madcapdurian) reported

    @Telstra No they have been gone for almost a week. The same amount of time we have not had internet service.

  • madcapdurian sung hahn (@madcapdurian) reported

    @Telstra The point I am making is that service was restored until NBN people started digging up the pits up and down our street. They have since closed ours but we have no internet

  • madcapdurian sung hahn (@madcapdurian) reported

    @Telstra There are no outages. I had to manually switch the modem to 4g for any internet service.

  • madcapdurian sung hahn (@madcapdurian) reported

    @Telstra Completely and utterly no internet on the cable. Working off 4g only. When I checked with support they did the same damn stupid checks all over again when I requested they escalate again for a network engineer to come out. Also refused to email transcript of work orders/reports

  • MorrellMicheal Micheal Morrell (@MorrellMicheal) reported

    @Telstra_news @Telstra has permanently blocked these sites, it is not temporary at all. The sites believe in freedom and will not remove content for some shit two bit telco. This is permanent and dont believe otherwise. Look for other means for you telco

  • madcapdurian sung hahn (@madcapdurian) reported

    As of today made official complaint to telecommunications ombudsman @telstra. Just after today the complaint was closed with internet service restored for one day the internet goes down again. Contacted @telstra and they have advised me because the service was working complaint

  • nl_ontheroad nathan.l (@nl_ontheroad) reported

    @Telstra so following a talk with an agent on the 24x7 chat (at uni, the only place that I can access the internet), I have been told the issue can not be fixed until the 27/3... that’s a whole week away. 1/2

  • blackbird2k6 blackbird2k6 (@blackbird2k6) reported

    @TheCraig_2019 @Telstra @telstra 5 days outage so far... still waiting for the cause to be revealed and an accurate ETA....very sub standard customer service.