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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australian national wholesale open-access data network project and offers landline phone and internet network.

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October 15: Problems at NBN

NBN is having issues since 05:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Parramatta, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Mount Gambier, Nowra, Welland, Queanbeyan, Charles Sturt University, Kensington and Norwood, Salisbury, Elsternwick and Central Coast.

Parramatta Total Blackout
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Perth E-mail
Adelaide Internet
Adelaide Internet

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  • yaakov_h Yaakov (@yaakov_h) reported

    According to @Optus, @NBN_Australia have a planned outage from 7AM-3PM on a regular work day and religious holiday. In the meantime we have no home internet and thus no landline. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • AshGhebranious Ashraffy (@AshGhebranious) reported

    @Telstra There is a crime here though and that is the limiting of the NBN to let telcos catch up. Their real issue is the NBN means the telco/ISP is irrelevant as ALL ISPs have access to the same speeds. Which means the difference would become customer service.

  • highway900 highway900 (@highway900) reported

    @rambeaux @NBN_Australia @iiNet I have literally been having trouble with this shit for weeks. Typical speed coming 20% to 70% lower than what I pay for. I call out oversubscription! Gone down hill since @Internode @iiNet @TPG_Telecom @NBN_Australia

  • JoeBlac76575191 💧Joe Black (@JoeBlac76575191) reported

    @peasley_mark @Dehler45 The Government: outspends Labor by a country mile, has done nothing on climate change or energy, has ruined our NBN, has cash rates at worse than emergency levels because the economy is stuffed, does nothing about jobs or wages and is screwing the poor and making the rich richer.

  • yaakov_h Yaakov (@yaakov_h) reported

    I woke up to find that the nbn is completely cooked and my home network is $60bn for this garbage...

  • bentleya1 💦 Andrew Bentley (@bentleya1) reported

    @JoeMonday42 @Loud_Lass @AustralianLabor When the Howard govt sold Telstra as a whole they created a private monopoly and not competition. Hence the rate at which services were being rolled out was far too slow. That was why the NBN was needed because private enterprise was not going to roll out fibre to regional aus.

  • 1WiseGamer 1WiseGamer (@1WiseGamer) reported

    @theage Bullshit the nbn under Labor would have faster internet if the media didn’t derail the project to support the enemy of the state

  • JoeMonday42 Joe Monday (@JoeMonday42) reported

    @bentleya1 @Loud_Lass @AustralianLabor created the problem by initiating #NBN in the first place. It is not the role of Govt to compete against private enterprise.

  • unclechunt UNCLE CHUNT - #ROADTO1000SUBS (@unclechunt) reported

    @mistermanzfield That's just my mobile 4G. It's actually better than my home speed by a bit. My home NBN isn't bad though.

  • some_sense Janey (@some_sense) reported

    Coalition worse economic managers. Trickle down economics not effective; billions wasted. NBN a disaster, Growth worse than Greece (IMF), Snowy scheme worse project in worse place, no wage growth, no future prosperity or plan because of coal. WORST ECONOMIC MANAGERS.

  • hpfm_fish 💧Barry Steele (@hpfm_fish) reported

    @Snow_Crash @NickRossTech Time to re-nationalise communications and build the real #NBN - #FTTP. The #Fraudband initiative of @TurnbullMalcolm was simultaneously the worst infrastructure decision in the Nation's history and the biggest fraud played on the public. #MalsMonument is a sick joke.

  • NickRossTech Nick Ross (@NickRossTech) reported

    ... also, as Mike Quigley pointed out. 5G relies on deep fibre. That could have been using the #nbn (v. Profitable). Instead we are back to multiple private network overbuilds. And these absolutely will take biz away from #nbn

  • NickRossTech Nick Ross (@NickRossTech) reported

    @DasherDavies @Auntie_Fran @Asher_Wolf Also you seen to be completely unaware of the CSIRO aged care trials that were working very well before they got shut down by Lib government funding cuts and NBN scrapping. I wrote about them in other articles

  • DasherDavies Denise Davies (@DasherDavies) reported

    @NickRossTech @Auntie_Fran @Asher_Wolf Not true. You speak of Medical Imaging as an example. It’s extremely unlikely that people are going to plonk an MRI machine in their lounge. Moreover you NEVER speak of the bandwidth and latency demands; eg the fundamental requirements of requirements. It’s just silly stuff #nbn

  • NickRossTech Nick Ross (@NickRossTech) reported

    ABC is never going to correct such claims #nbn

  • NickRossTech Nick Ross (@NickRossTech) reported

    @DasherDavies No. Although that was the meme. They stopped me reporting on #nbn because it annoyed Turnbull (their future boss) & closed down the tech plus environment portals when the Libs got in. #auspol

  • keredm dr derek motion (@keredm) reported

    @Telstra why does my nbn signal keep turning blue, going to mobile delivery.. it's been days out of this month, can't even stream netflix & i want recompense! pls let this tweet suffice as contact between us you have my account details for remittance tnnx

  • astir0412 💧John Marriage (@astir0412) reported

    @LesStonehouse NBN is a scam If it was anything else there would be law suits flying everywhere A good program destroyed by the LNP. I'll never get it I'm 20 mins from Hobart

  • StuartCRyan Stuart Ryan - Captain Happy (@StuartCRyan) reported

    All righty! Police have now attended and are shutting down the NBN work using heavy machinery at 12:38am. Perhaps now we all get some sleep! #longDayAhead

  • glenn_rowe Glenn Rowe (@glenn_rowe) reported from Brisbane, State of Queensland

    @Telstra AGM sees them complaining about the NBN however their biggest problem should be customer retention. I always have a problem when contacting Telstra, tried to get an esim as a replacement for my physical sim, and I’m asked for a driving lience I don’t have. #esim #NBN

  • NewtonMark Mark Newton 🥚 (@NewtonMark) reported

    @Zvyozdochka @Telstra @NBN_Australia For a long list of incredibly stupid and pernicious things, yes.

  • AenesidemusOZ ÆnesidemusOZ ⓒ 抗 (@AenesidemusOZ) reported

    @JimRHoughton @elyasgarad 3G and 4G get slow, sure, but so does the you-beaut NBN. 5G, where installed, copes a hell of a lot better with loading. I personally can't see 5G being much chop outside of cities and large towns though due to the infrastructure requirements. Useless on the road.

  • colin_aus Colin (@colin_aus) reported

    @NBN_Australia 24 days now. @telstra complaint raised with TIO. Telstra sent tech out just today, he confirmed it’s an NBN issue and not for him to be able to deal with. I told Telstra this last week. Anyone wants to be helpful, please send NBNCo tech to premises.

  • colin_aus Colin (@colin_aus) reported

    @NBN_Australia Have done many times now. NBNCo close ticket, won’t even attend premises to check NTD box. Everything else has been checked. Not getting ANY support from Telstra or NBNCo. None whatsoever.

  • TechDesignau David (@TechDesignau) reported

    Telstra's network was horrible before the NBN - in my experience were useless in moving people to the NBN boxes and now complain they aren't an all powerful monopoly

  • shafer_holli Holli Shafer (@shafer_holli) reported

    @NBN_Australia NBN is terrible

  • anoopkg Anoop George (@anoopkg) reported

    @smh @JennieDuke Hindsight is a brilliant thing and makes fools sound intelligent. Too bad it is a few years and billions of $$$ late. Internet service in #Australia is 60th in the world in terms of speed / service #InternetSpee #nbn #wastedpublicfunds #lackofimagination

  • shafer_holli Holli Shafer (@shafer_holli) reported

    @NBN_Australia You need to improve your service. Nobody cares. Waiting for connection for 9 months is simply a joke

  • FitToPrint Sandra Lee (@FitToPrint) reported

    Yeah yeah. And you were early all in for NBN and look at the cost blowout and inefficacy of that. C’mon, Malcolm. You’re not the messiah. You invested irrevocably a massive amount of taxpayer money. Bad move, on previous bad moves. But still. Own it.

  • glenina1981 💧Ray🇪🇺🇮🇪🇭🇲 (@glenina1981) reported

    @SteveFGriffin Life will be better with the NBN..I guess that's what the Italians tell the poor refugees when the pull them out of the water. ...everything is relative..

  • baqsyd18 Captain Air (@baqsyd18) reported

    @smh @JennieDuke @NBN_Australia has been the biggest disaster in history. Forcing people to have a mediocre service. Thank you @TurnbullMalcolm your disgrace legacy!

  • Iammack666 Mackka (@Iammack666) reported

    @NBN_Australia Yes! another day with shit internet. ffs why is australia so behind the rest of the world. @ScottMorrisonMP

  • glenina1981 💧Ray🇪🇺🇮🇪🇭🇲 (@glenina1981) reported

    @LesStonehouse I paid for 100...got between 20 and 30..after 12 mths the tech guy came and found the problem ...yea, yea!! ..now I get between 95 and 1 ..yes One! ..as in Uno, Ein, Un.. I heard another idiot NBN expert this arvo on 2BL tell us it was a pricing structure problem..Oh!..FFS..

  • RagrickB Ragrick Bateskjold (@RagrickB) reported

    @shirerabbit31 @smh @JennieDuke @TurnbullMalcolm I'm watching Amazon Prime right now with my FTTH NBN. No problems.

  • philgould1917 Phil 🧗‍♂️ (@philgould1917) reported

    @LJPatton @adam_turner @NickRossTech Both bad but starting the NBN also bad due to Conroy's ineptitude. Good idea, wrong person

  • LapTop006 Julien Goodwin (@LapTop006) reported

    @NewtonMark @Telstra I think the thread where someone from @Telstra asked for help with NBN was some of the best schadenfreude I've ever seen.

  • nodramas75 no dramas (@nodramas75) reported

    @crgentle @moogzy @Optus Hey Chris feel your pain. Same issue the modem is very latent and the wifi router seems to have completely given up. Hope it sorted out swiftly who knows what happens when we get NBN.

  • redruby17 💧Dr Jos 🇦🇺🇫🇷🇱🇧 (@redruby17) reported

    @iPrimusAU no, it's not. It's a clusterduck for sure and I have just cancelled the NBN order so now we are back to square 1. your customer service person on the phone didn't seem to care about the issue only wanted to sign us up for a contract.

  • The_Elcat Eliot Cohen (@The_Elcat) reported

    @ajWasThere @bengrubb @JennieDuke They also deliberately let the copper network fall into disrepair, then sold off the lemon to NBN

  • OrBVIOUS66 El Guapo Plethora Ⓐ (@OrBVIOUS66) reported

    @LesStonehouse The very day my NBN was installed I asked techie to check the speed and it achieved close to it's reported maximum of 25MBs download and similar for it stated upload speed. However it declined ever since never again achieving these speeds. It was satellite FYI. Now 4MBs is good.

  • deanchrissmith Dean Smith (@deanchrissmith) reported

    So John Mullen @Telstra thinks "Australia would have ended up with 100Mbps services" if it weren't for #NBN_Australia What a load of shit. Telstra should have rolled fibre 15 years ago instead of charging a premium for garbage ADSL. Money grubbing Pricks

  • mikeredes TheOWL (@mikeredes) reported

    @Telstra @NBN_Australia really slow today. Amazingly shite. #fraud

  • spirahs jacob (@spirahs) reported

    nbn is so flawed and its honestly the biggest waste of Australian money, the fact that we are still using copper wires for our network infrastructure says it all really, telstra should have put fibre in and replaced all copper when they had the chance

  • cousincat 💧Lee Murray (@cousincat) reported

    @LesStonehouse Poor you, Les! I'm dreading when we Kew peeps will have no choice but to sign onto the Coalition's notoriously lousy/already redundant #NBN plan. At least we have a few more months grace!

  • vicenvironment nicko (@vicenvironment) reported

    So that’s a trifecta of ****-ups from #Trumble . #NBN #snowy2 #mdbplan all his and all a massive #LNPfail #auspol

  • predakanga Lachlan Pease (@predakanga) reported

    @missbelletrist Feeling your internet pain. Stupid NBN :(. Hope the ear is feeling better!

  • twasink Robert Watkins (@twasink) reported

    Seriously, though... It is insanely naive to believe that the private sector would have rolled out something approximating the NBN. Prior to the NBN, Telstra had a near monopoly on the national fibre backbone, and was using it to give their retail service unfair advantages.

  • victorperton Victor Perton ‘Optimist’ (@victorperton) reported

    @nathanwaters @mlobrien1 @NBN_Australia @Telstra @JennieDuke No, @nathanwaters. The whole thing was flawed from the beginning: The original problem to be solved were remote households and business: Not people in Wollongong. You would have got 100Mbps anyway. Nice to hear you feel you did well out of it!!

  • orpheuseurydice Cameron Jackson (@orpheuseurydice) reported

    Exactly, Nick. The NBN, implemented as intended, would have fixed the problem of Telstra's control and neglect of the broadband network, which in turn was a consequence of Howard's privatisation of the whole of Telstra, rather than just the retail arm (Pt 1).

  • redruby17 💧Dr Jos 🇦🇺🇫🇷🇱🇧 (@redruby17) reported

    @iiNet I've raised a complaint with NBN because this is not the procedure for how to connect to @NBN_Australia You do not disconnect a current service until the NBN is up and running! There is no way to call an ambulance

  • loyboys Tyro Thunderdrone (@loyboys) reported

    Let it be known that @Optus is a ******* **** of a company. Cutting us off because we swapped providers after their shite service people found out we are going elsewhere for the NBN

  • galumay Ricky🏄🏼‍♂️ (@galumay) reported

    Dont forget they also sold their decrepit, rotting copper infrastructure to NBN for $11b when it was basically worthless. If you think NBN is bad, imagine Telstra as the monopoly wholesaler of Fibre!

  • chunkychoon Andreas (@chunkychoon) reported

    @Telstra just a reminder to Telstra friends. If you have a high medical need elderly parent in an retirement home & they accidentally remove the copper service before NBN us installed & have no service, they won’t flag as urgent & will ignore. 2nd nite without a active service

  • Kate3015 Kate🦋M© (@Kate3015) reported

    Mobile reception is really bad 😏😏 I hope the NBN & wifi is better 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I will know tomorrow .. but all is not lost I finally found a latte glass so I could make coffee .. praise the Lord 😁😁😁 & the wine is in the fridge 😁😁

  • redruby17 💧Dr Jos 🇦🇺🇫🇷🇱🇧 (@redruby17) reported

    So @iPrimusAU just decided to cancel my phone and internet two weeks ahead of switching to NBN. Without notice. Without my authorisation.

  • shafer_holli Holli Shafer (@shafer_holli) reported

    @NBN_Australia everybody is shouting hurray how good the service is and what good NBN is bringing tobtge country, but reality is they suck

  • shafer_holli Holli Shafer (@shafer_holli) reported

    @NBN_Australia the worst service. Have been waiting for NBN connection in Miranda for 6 months. Now they are telling us we have to wait another 3 months. We are trying to talk to NBN but their call centre has waiting periods from here to the moon and nobody is answering

  • SmartOrgs Dr. Jen Overbeck (@SmartOrgs) reported

    @startrack @Optus Today when we saw the StarTrack van approach, we went out to front step to await expected NBN kit. Then watched the driver go two doors down and drop a package (without knocking or ringing). Went to check; our kit, clearly addressed to our house! #deliveryfail

  • TheSusanTracey SusanTracey (@TheSusanTracey) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    @anil447_anil Hmmm I agree from a personal perspective... had super fast cable with no issues and got moved to NBN which either doesn’t work, drops out and is so much SLOWER than what we had...

  • dodgeweavefaint Kris (@dodgeweavefaint) reported

    @smh @JennieDuke Ah yes the Trojillo plan to create a fully private mobile data network sans Mexico for a select few internationals to make squillions at the expense of Australian consumers. The only fault with the NBN was an incoming coalition govt that was determined to be second rate.