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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australian national wholesale open-access data network project and offers landline phone and internet network.

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October 13: Problems at NBN

NBN is having issues since 06:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Elsternwick, Parramatta, Central Coast, Perth, Reynella, Capalaba, Gold Coast, Queanbeyan, Kiama, Kelvin Grove and Ipswich.

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  • trevor85au trevor1985 (@trevor85au) reported

    @6PRbreakfast the real rise the phone's out at 6pr is nbn is down I needI need do doing major upgrades to the lines in Perth this week

  • NSchildberger Nick Schildberger (@NSchildberger) reported

    @NBN_Australia phone support as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. Neighbours got NBN 10 months ago, yet they can’t tell us why we’re at least 6 months away. Meanwhile our phone gets disconnected every few weeks.

  • RavinEmerald Anthea (@RavinEmerald) reported

    @LesStonehouse NBN sucks! Clearly didnt think it through properly given copper lines could still be used for emergencies during power outages. Now if the power goes out, you only have a mobile to communicate and if that runs out of battery you’re screwed.

  • JimRHoughton Ignoble Jim Houghton (@JimRHoughton) reported

    @LesStonehouse Except it's not a **** up for the beneficiaries of the Coalition NBN policy. It all went exactly as planned.

  • Adam_Dorain Adam Dorain (@Adam_Dorain) reported

    @LesStonehouse NBN.. $50+ billion on a temporary network

  • Kev_Hearn Kev Hearn (@Kev_Hearn) reported

    @LesStonehouse NBN but it was destined from the get go to be shit.

  • 8RIGHTS 8right (@8RIGHTS) reported

    @Brandini797 @navidreamwalker @Pie_Zilla @Binky390 @FBananapants @P3rf0rm @FortniteGame nope. have nbn. was even streaming with no connection problems. but couldnt get into epic nice 1iq take ******** :)

  • 8RIGHTS 8right (@8RIGHTS) reported

    @Brandini797 @navidreamwalker @Pie_Zilla @Binky390 @FBananapants @P3rf0rm @FortniteGame nope. have nbn. was even streaming with no connection problems. nice 1iq take ******** :)

  • shoops100 💧A Ginger (@shoops100) reported

    @AnthonyCole68 @SBSNews And there would be 100 expensive, empty holes in the ground plus, no price on Carbon and a broken NBN.

  • LydiaCLee LydiaCLee (@LydiaCLee) reported

    Got up at 6 am to work and the NBN is not working. We have gone from internet that rarely dropped out to internet that rarely works. And doesn’t work downstairs. Thanks @Telstra and @NBN_Australia and still not been called back from Saturday’s call to the retail provider

  • bittenbydesign Bitten By Design (@bittenbydesign) reported from Central Coast, State of New South Wales

    @alexwantscoffee @NBN_Australia Exactly my thoughts. And no amount of help from the service provider is going to change the amount of users on the node, or as you say, magically turn the copper lines to fibre optic.

  • adrian6602 Adrian (Nudenut) (@adrian6602) reported

    @LesStonehouse Voting for that ******* idiot and his mates , nbn was doomed from the start

  • vladimir19586 Dimitri Borodin (@vladimir19586) reported

    @LesStonehouse **** up 1-NBN. (We'll suffer badly because of it). **** up 2- 2019 election results & Scatmo for PM. (We'll suffer badly because of it, but for less time).

  • WilkieIT Phillip Wilkie (@WilkieIT) reported

    @TPG_Telecom how much for an NBN service without a phone service since there is no phone line and I don’t need it.

  • AlwaysACowboy P̲Ξ̲ᴛ̲Ξ̲R (@AlwaysACowboy) reported

    The net is so shit in this country because of the incompetent wankers that were in charge of @NBN_Australia. Those ignorant, self absorbed ********* were @HonTonyAbbott @TurnbullMalcolm & now @ScottMorrisonMP. Australia ranked low 62nd place in global internet speed rankings

  • ChangJinSung94 Kain~ (@ChangJinSung94) reported

    I say next year because I have to get a better internet that actually has a damn upload speed first and NBN doesn't hit my area until between January-March. That and I think I'm hoping to have my room reorganized for that purpose.

  • laflamice bubbles ⚡️ (@laflamice) reported

    **** nbn this internet slow af

  • SilleScott Scott Ellis (@SilleScott) reported

    @iiNet My nbn is 2mbs down tonight. It's so inconsistent I actually think I was better off on adsl.

  • MakhLakh Makh 'FireTomDaveBrett' Lakh (@MakhLakh) reported

    The NBN is just the worst

  • Barrawensdy1 Taggy (@Barrawensdy1) reported

    @sally07 @Darthspoog @EddyJokovich A 50 billion dollar pile of crap! And an nbn tax still to come. 🎉

  • Collin_G_Wood Collin G Wood ⚫️⚪️ (@Collin_G_Wood) reported

    @RoryBurnside It’s always Green Rory. I have been lucky so far with my NBN. Never had an outage of any sort in 18 or so months since I had it installed. Have to give @Telstra a thumbs up 👍.

  • harry48771644 harry (@harry48771644) reported

    @Meekopossum @AusOpinion @australian HHa..from the guy who didn’t remember the COALITION PAID TELSTRA $11 BILLION FOR THEIR SHITTY DETERIORATING COPPER CABLE NETWORK..deliberately to destroy the financial viability of the NBN business and ensure no one else was going to enjoy high speed optic fibre cabling

  • Doggiesman Bornadog (@Doggiesman) reported

    @alphabeattweet Abbott should be charged with treason. ******* up the climate, ******* up NBN, ******* up power - These are massive issues in this country

  • PhoenixFitzroy Phoenix Fitzroy (@PhoenixFitzroy) reported

    @NBN_Australia @EddyJokovich What a useless non-response. Don’t assume anyone experiencing issues must be clueless about technology - the problem is that your product is a third rate, third world solution.

  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @xiisanta We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing a slow internet connection with your NBN service. I've tested the line and was able to detect a possible fault, but can't identify if it's internal or external line. I'll arrange a call from our Tech team [1/2] -Basil

  • HumanBeingFirst Carolyn Eastaughffe (@HumanBeingFirst) reported

    But THIS NBN is another LIE that LNP used to defeat Labor at an elec tion, yet DESPITE THST idiot Aussies STILL buy LNP LIES and FEAR CAMPAIGNS. THESE LIES +FAILURES cost BILLIONS of TAX $$s to line the pockets of LNP Donor mates and then NOT THERE for improving AUSSIE LIVES!

  • UnDiluted7 Dan (@UnDiluted7) reported

    @shane___miles @kayosports Internet is decent here, on MT’s brilliant NBN but Kayo seems to go for days without issue and then all of a sudden you have a day butchered by buffering consistently

  • davidayres71 David Ayres (@davidayres71) reported

    @gorgeousdunny1 @Tank9999 @AustralianLabor The NBN was trashed before a cable was ever rolled out. A thought bubble by K Rudd that never had a robust business plan. Nobody should be surprised at the outcome.

  • zouhair65205594 z.ayoubi@live.com.au (@zouhair65205594) reported

    @Optus optus more than one month optus think they supplying us nbn service but in the same old five years router 😏

  • Meekopossum Meerkat (@Meekopossum) reported

    @harry48771644 @AusOpinion @australian Yes Labor had a massive spend on rubbish like NBN, school halls , pink bats, cash for cars and so on yet never spent a cent on water ! I think all of them haven’t done well in this area. Have you forgotten about Craig Thompson, Shanghai Sam, the list is endless

  • bittenbydesign Bitten By Design (@bittenbydesign) reported from Central Coast, State of New South Wales

    @NBN_Australia It’s directly related to the ‘fibre to the node’ loading, that can’t be fixed. Nor can the crap quality of the telephone lines in this area be totally replaced easily.

  • soddss sods (@soddss) reported

    @_melissakong Omg feels living with 3 brothers!! Not to mention my area has SHIT reception so sometimes I was using 3G instead of 4G 🙃 but we got NBN recently which has changed my life lol

  • shanhowe77 Shan Howe (@shanhowe77) reported

    @Telstra Ah I see it's NBN I believe, I'll have to try the reset and hope it works. If you like battle Royale games then you should love realm royale though! If you end up getting it should add me on PS4 psn is ttv-shanhowe. Thanks for taking the time to reply and help solve the problem

  • kebab_kween R✨ (@kebab_kween) reported

    @jjjaysx bro the fact that shit holes like Casula have nbn and Parra doesn't is what's killing me😩 they only started the wiring in this area a few months ago

  • jjjaysx jaysx (@jjjaysx) reported

    @kebab_kween The current nbn service is ******* trash a mate of mines lives in the new plaza at punchbowl n their nbn was under the old law when it was full fibre optic n he runs like 1.5 gigs dl ps 😪 I’ll be lucky to tip 10 mbs

  • Ben_Sharp_ ₿en⚡️ (@Ben_Sharp_) reported

    @Optus Your NBN service is fine 👍🏻

  • The_MISFIT_Art Connor (@The_MISFIT_Art) reported

    @iiNet fix the ******* connection issues with your fixed wireless nbn already cause **** it’s inconsistent

  • virtual_ad ADeee (@virtual_ad) reported

    Just came back from holidays to find @Telstra @Telstra24x7 has stopped our Cable service trying to blackmail us to move to NBN. Will be seeking legal advice first thing Monday. Cancelling everything with Telstra. #fail #telstra #legalaction

  • SnarkyPlatypus Snarky Platypus (@SnarkyPlatypus) reported

    Yes different capacities though the NBN is shit enough this statement will be true for some

  • NewtonMark Mark Newton 🥚 (@NewtonMark) reported

    @joelpmichael @NBN_Australia Everyone has access to gigabit speeds in the Technology Choice program if they pay $5k for a quote and $35k for network upgrades. :)

  • AnarchyWaltz Don Carpenter (@AnarchyWaltz) reported

    @MarkMaddenX Me thinks you are protesting too much mark. Instead of shitting on the Pittsburgh City Papet and a local Journalist, maybe have him on the show to discuss things or sit down for a follow nbn up nbn interview instead of acting like a little *****.

  • Dave48032566 Dave (@Dave48032566) reported

    4th major @NBN outage in less than a year.. So shit!! #nbn #telstra

  • colcrosbie col-lee-flower (@colcrosbie) reported

    @bb___xo It really is terrible *sigh* NBN = making Australia return to the 1980s internet speeds #AustralianInternet

  • CarlyMayCarnage Carly May Carnage (@CarlyMayCarnage) reported

    Busy 24 hrs. Spontaneously fostered a cat. Spent an hr on the phone troubleshooting NBN issue. Did a Bunnings run. Finished 1st round of scraping floorboards back. Did some gardening. Dyed my hair. Have kept everybody fed and watered and entertained.

  • colcrosbie col-lee-flower (@colcrosbie) reported

    Bloody Firefox and it's passive aggressive way telling me it needs an update....just tell me, don't appear to slow my computer down..... hmmm though could also be my old laptop on verge of dying or bloody NBN being a little b*tch that is the issue 😂😂 #FirstWorldProblems

  • talopine Marian (@talopine) reported

    @alliewonder I keep getting calls and letters about how I can switch to the NBN!!! and it's like, nope, you will be forcing me on to the damn thing only when you switch off any other options.

  • kingkiplar Kiplar (@kingkiplar) reported

    @Telstra Honestly mate, the only resolution is a tower nearby. Most of my neighbours shun @telstra for secondary suppliers because of this. Others just absorb the cost of using another mobile provider while suffering through Velocity's sub-NBN quality even tho we're fibre to the house.

  • NewcastleGardia Newcastle Guardian🇦🇺 (@NewcastleGardia) reported

    @Colin_J_Potts @XRebellionAus We have NBN TV Newcastle. What used to be a great local/national/international coverage news service has gone right down the drain these days because Nine rule the roost. Many of us who worked at the station cry in our beer over the disaster it is these days.

  • Aussie_BB Aussie Broadband (@Aussie_BB) reported

    @Birdy92 HFC does have an NTD box, it does act as the modem but you will need a router to have the service working further. If you do not have that box on the premise installed you will need a NBN tech to come out and install it, that is something we organise with you - Ashley

  • BarnesjkJim Jim Barnes (@BarnesjkJim) reported

    @NickRossTech When the NBN gives us 1Gb/s down FTTN then they might have some credibility

  • Dave_Hooton David Hooton (@Dave_Hooton) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    @SilvesterSJ @NewtonMark @NBN_Australia I’m pretty sure they won’t bother with resi once they realise how much more they can make by going direct to enterprise and avoiding all the end user support and TIO complaints.

  • pauloliver9999 Paul Oliver (@pauloliver9999) reported

    @Optus The NBN has been down since 9am it must show uo on your system

  • pauloliver9999 Paul Oliver (@pauloliver9999) reported

    @Optus Vic 3198. Seaford. Hannah street. Nbn down

  • deepbona deepak (@deepbona) reported

    @Telstra They are very standoffish and don’t volunteer any information or help. It would be so helpful if one of them asked if my 4 G service was adequately functioning while I wait for the NBN connection

  • elcadf 💧Carlo (@elcadf) reported

    "Unlike the #NBN, [#NewZealand] UFB achieves astonishing speeds - it is about 20 times faster than the Australian equivalent because the entire network, right to each premise, is built on fibre." Sigh. Another embarassing moment to be Australian.

  • RissMeister ♥︎ riss ♥︎ (@RissMeister) reported

    @Telstra I’m on NBN. It’s meant to be “the best” for us. But it goes down at least once a month and always on the weekend. It’s appalling.

  • pauloliver9999 Paul Oliver (@pauloliver9999) reported

    @Optus NBN in seaford has been down for 6 hours. Please fix

  • marrililbih nbnMARRi🥀 (@marrililbih) reported

    @gabriella12cx @haleygabriiel @maxmaldonado8 yea just do dat shit if it don work **** it 💜🖤🥀:1)1:#NBN

  • superleni Helen Stubbs (@superleni) reported

    @DonnaMHanson NBN has been so bad for businesses around here... some of us have been without phones and/or internet for weeks

  • beezageeza Boo!za Ghoulza (@beezageeza) reported

    oh for FUCKSSAKE, they've pushed back my NBN connection date again. It was supposed to be April, then they moved it to October-December, now it's ******* January-March. **** this shit.