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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australian national wholesale open-access data network project and offers landline phone and internet network.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Internet (66.92%)
  • Total Blackout (15.07%)
  • Wi-fi (7.82%)
  • E-mail (7.05%)
  • Phone (2.11%)
  • TV (1.03%)

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  • Jintoo2 Nixus (@Jintoo2) reported

    @Sharraki1 @mfow020 @Al_Fuctifino Yeah, I heard about iinet. Shame about them as they fought for and care for their customers. Then we have the failed NBN fiasco / scam.. We knew well before hand that it would not work and what we had was enough. There was no need to spend all that money for an incomplete network

  • getxwxycxr 𝙴𝚋𝚘𝚗𝚢 ✨ (@getxwxycxr) reported

    So i was changing my tv station thing and i went to the nbn network and mum must’ve been watching yt and the first thing i heard was “...who you are until you lose who you are” MY MUM HAD STOPPED IKYWT AT THE END LOL

  • JeffSeymour1 Jeff Seymour (@JeffSeymour1) reported

    Piss off turnbull. You ruined the NBN and cost us a fortune and a world best communication network.

  • KylieWoods3 Kylie Woods (@KylieWoods3) reported

    @VerityFirth @charlesfirth 'A Telstra spokesman said the service was not compatible with its new network technology.' As a Telstra customer I often find services not compatible, my NBN service not working, phone not available as a result, Foxtel. Now even time itself.

  • lilredandy Andrea (@lilredandy) reported

    @TurnbullMalcolm So many would stand with you. BUT you let Australians DOWN. You could of worked for Australians by building a decent NBN stopped racism and now our rivers.

  • Jacqui_Wales Jacqueline Wales (@Jacqui_Wales) reported

    So we missed the winning try in the #NRLDragonsManly game because @foxnrl on @Foxtel was struggling. Pretty sure we can't blame the NBN for this one as I'm now able to watch Stan without issues. Not a happy customer.

  • Jacqui_Wales Jacqueline Wales (@Jacqui_Wales) reported from Wollongong, State of New South Wales

    Three minutes to go in the #NRLDragonsManly game and @FOXNRL on @Foxtel Play is dropping out. A shitty feed, or is it the shitty @NBN_Australia. We may never know.

  • siloodh silas (@siloodh) reported

    @NBN_Australia Been on the phone for hours, did nothing. The point is it only happened when you started your crappy service up for my area. Happened to various people around me as well.

  • arun_arjunan Abliz (@arun_arjunan) reported

    @elonmusk Please fix the NBN. Thanks

  • intoyourblue sam (@intoyourblue) reported

    australian culture is using your data at home because the nbn is shit

  • Absurd_Penguin 🄲🄻🄰🅁🄴 27 days to go no more Coalition 🇦🇺 (@Absurd_Penguin) reported

    @Qldaah @nobby15 That's the issue slow NBN 😖.

  • wax_cynical (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ (@wax_cynical) reported

    @TonyAbbottMHR @TurnbullMalcolm **** YOU FOREVER FOR YOUR UTTERLY ****** UP NBN

  • 4inForty4Foto 44 foto (@4inForty4Foto) reported

    @TrubbellAtMill @TurnbullMalcolm @David_Speers The NEG was so bad and so compromised I wouldn't be owning it either, but like your NBN vandalism own it you will. Karma.

  • Billy_the_smid8 Billy schmidt (@Billy_the_smid8) reported

    @Telstra These frequent, consistent NBN dropouts is now beyond a joke. Pay premium price expecting premium quality service. Not the case. Techs attended but no change. #unhappy #disgruntled #charterstowers #NBNfails #telstrafail

  • MrMojo4PM Sick of Politicians (@MrMojo4PM) reported

    @simonahac 51bn for a crap NBN

  • DKRehn Dana Rehn (@DKRehn) reported

    @NBN_Australia Thanks. They said NBN outage reported in the area.

  • wendyemily2 wendyemily (@wendyemily2) reported

    I think I hate the NBN! Now I have it , it's out more often than working! It's so blasted frustrating! **** you, Abbott, Turnbull & Murdoch! We could've had great NBN. But no, we have to have this shit!

  • Kielsy Kieren Doyle (@Kielsy) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    @simonahac @MichaelPascoe01 Who knows how many billion on a crap NBN.

  • OzMyHomeMAC Marcus Champ (@OzMyHomeMAC) reported

    @simonahac $50 Billion spent on NBN, knowing full-well was deeply flawed solution, second-rate technology, compromised business model & already acknowledged will need massive write-downs to be commercially viable. Slower, more expensive & doesn’t work #auspol #LNPlies #coalition #LNPfail

  • TomaszAndraszek Tom Andraszek (@TomaszAndraszek) reported

    @simonahac How they destroyed the NBN: Telstra got our money for their old copper cabling and we got slow and unreliable internet.

  • motboy8 motboy8 (@motboy8) reported

    @916_stevo @TurnbullMalcolm @David_Speers Only a few places got the original, FTTP NBN. Go look at the link I sent you. You'll see there are a lot of places that didn't get the original FTTP NBN. They got the shit NBN. You are dumb.

  • TomMcd4 Tom McDonald (@TomMcd4) reported

    @minnoDT Then I can deal with not having NBN internet and watching blurry/freezing footy 👎🏻. Internet is my next issue to deal with when I become PM.

  • stcoakley Dr Sean Coakley (@stcoakley) reported

    No NBN at home. @NBN_Australia can't come until Wednesday... Wednesday! Had zero issues with ADSL2+, forced to switch, pay extra, marginal speed increase, now a week without connection #futureproof #nbn #rubbish

  • unenergy B (@unenergy) reported

    @dbell2100 @simonahac HFC was a litany of failures - 'A lemon': NBN backflips, abandons plan to use Optus cables it purchased for $800 million NBN Co warns of delays after suspending rollout of HFC network Foxtel locks NBN into troubled HFC network Australia's Foxtel to abandon use of NBN HFC

  • RubyandAlex Röbïnä (@RubyandAlex) reported

    @iiNet Yep and we are not confident you will resolve this issue. Our advice from the technicians and other providers is that iiNet is struggling. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR NBN CONNECTION since TUESDAY. Our data flow is good, it’s all your problem. (Yes we are cranky)

  • UndaSthnXiStand Rural Oz Matters (@UndaSthnXiStand) reported

    @LennaLeprena @simonahac Shoddy NBN installs are already failing & being replaced, barely 12mths old. NBNCo isn’t accepting any responsibility and is leaving it to the customer to pay for remedial work. LNP Fraudband is a time bomb.

  • UndaSthnXiStand Rural Oz Matters (@UndaSthnXiStand) reported

    @LennaLeprena @simonahac Shoddy NBN installs are already failing & being replaced, barely 12mths old. NBN isn’t accepting any responsibility and is leaving it to the customer to pay for remedial work. LNP Fraudband is a time bomb.

  • RubyandAlex Röbïnä (@RubyandAlex) reported

    After 23 years of loyalty to @iiNet the NBN connection we preordered has not been delivered as promised, no one at service can help us, and there’s NO light a the end of the tunnel. Sad to think we have to think of new ISP.

  • Vardos1 Vardos (@Vardos1) reported

    If this is "Australia's 21st century" internet, then God help us all. An NBN service that cannot stay connected for 24 hours without crashing REPEATEDLY every single day is not a service, its a joke. One we paid for.

  • Vardos1 Vardos (@Vardos1) reported

    Ten years ago, i used Telstra cable and found it worthless, I then shifted to Optus and had a decade of good, reliable service. Forced onto the NBN, the last three weeks have been a litany of errors, dropouts, disconnections and repeated useless internet.

  • uxKjaer Jakob Marius Kjaer (@uxKjaer) reported

    @ING_Aust If I use my optus mobile network then I can get on. However via my spintel nbn I've got issues.

  • colinsevitt Colin Sevitt (@colinsevitt) reported

    @Optus my landline not working after nbn install. Sick of waiting ages on phone or live chat to speak to someone. Not acceptable. Please call me on 0432 575 921.

  • YugNivek Yug Nivek (@YugNivek) reported

    Since NBN I have never had a stable service since the day it was installed! Plus now if NBN is down, Phone is down. On top of that, where I live we have lost everything, including mobile service for more than 24 hrs, no explanation. Lucky we didnt need an Ambulance!

  • YugNivek Yug Nivek (@YugNivek) reported

    More notifications from Telstra telling me that I my NBN may be cut for up to an hour a day over a possible 3 days now lol. So service is going to be same as normal, only difference is they are telling me. My ADSL was faster, far more reliable, cost less & my phone was always ok

  • VodafoneAU Vodafone Australia (@VodafoneAU) reported

    @BOYSD0NTCRY Hey there, give us a buzz on 1300 801 122 and we'll check out what's going on with your nbn service. We're sure we can fix it up so you can get back to watching more Sunmi fan cams 😀.

  • cy_chrisy Chris (not the other one) (@cy_chrisy) reported

    @CatPurry9 Just had a cat do that! NBN was down anyway. 😁

  • biscuit_clunes Biscuit Clunes (@biscuit_clunes) reported

    @NBN_Australia Yes I have done this. There are no faults, it’s just a terrible service

  • Jackat19 Jack Hamilton (@Jackat19) reported

    What this means is Labor correct on this issue AGAIN VOTE LABOT get it right We don't want another NBN with LNP health care #auspol @billshortenmp @SimonBanksHB

  • theovenkid Oven Kid (@theovenkid) reported

    @NBN_Australia We were just told by @optus that @NBN_Australia contacted the service provider at 12.02pm on Thurs 18 April with "...we are following up with a specific team". Trouble Ticket # INC000011494201. @optus says the issue rests with @NBN_Australia

  • CMCyberknifecC Cyberknife4Oz (@CMCyberknifecC) reported

    @sirisgonerogue @denniallen @Barnaby_Joyce Bloody slow @NBN_Australia 😂😂😂 #WaterGate #AusPol

  • 1WiseGamer 1WiseGamer (@1WiseGamer) reported

    @1andAll_Allfor1 @tonytau101 @MRowlandMP @AustralianLabor @NBN_Australia Wrong $100 billion was never proven other than dodgy lies from Abbott-Turnbull Government and now they are $20 billion over budget and most people don’t get the speeds, just like UK is having now, NZ not having this issue

  • UndaSthnXiStand Rural Oz Matters (@UndaSthnXiStand) reported

    @VegaMonkeyAus @OptusEnterprise Surely it’s preferable to rectify the NBN bottlenecks, rather than install 5G, which has all sorts of issues and impediments!

  • monkey_brennan Marcus Stoinis’ Haircut Appreciation Society (@monkey_brennan) reported

    @hamishNews @Barnaby_Joyce @theprojecttv It’s probably because of his poor NBN connection

  • theovenkid Oven Kid (@theovenkid) reported

    @NBN_Australia @eSafetyOffice @tweetinjules @iDcareAUNZ @Scamwatch_gov @MoneySmartTeam I just want the real NBN to ring me and explain why it has taken over a week to change our wifi status from "Connecting" to "Active". A connection that should've been active three weeks ago. Meanwhile, down to the store I go to buy more dongles so that I can get work done.

  • TaodeHaas Tao de Haas (@TaodeHaas) reported

    AU can’t afford more LNP carnage. Mismanaged NDIS, screwed up NBN settling AU with most expensive vastly inferior network, doubled ‘Debt & Deficit Disaster’. No real action on Global Warming, want to privatise ABC, RW/IPA man at war with themselves & renewables. Jobs 4 the boys.

  • veromeanstruth allan (@veromeanstruth) reported

    @fergushunter The LNP buy this his love with totally unnecessary government advertising and favours like closing down the Pacific satellite service to benefit FOXTEL the ABC/SBS buying fox programs and scuttling the NBN to protect FOXTEL to name a few.

  • MissEmmG Emmaly Gridley (@MissEmmG) reported

    @elliemarney We have NBN but they decided to do a 10 day outage over the last two weeks. And again another 10 days from the 23rd. M who is trying to catch up on school work over the holidays from her Indo trip is furious.

  • VegaMonkeyAus SmasherOnline40 (@VegaMonkeyAus) reported

    @UndaSthnXiStand @OptusEnterprise I know that nbn is important, but at the moment, nbn is actually quite slow. I have 63mbps down and 17.3mbps up at the moment on the nbn network, but it’s not fast enough though.

  • LizzieClarke00 lynne clarke (@LizzieClarke00) reported

    @simonahac @GChristensenMP @Barnaby_Joyce @theprojecttv @hamishNews Barney's NBN probably isn't working. Manila's net service is most likely to be at least 2 x faster than ours.

  • wrightg GregW (@wrightg) reported

    @sipawe @ABC They did this with the NBN coverage too. Ignored positives and focused on negatives. LNP taking points were aired but never the expert advice countering.

  • NoSideshow Life is No Sideshow (@NoSideshow) reported

    @jendudley The NBN was castrated when they wimped out and decided to stop fibre at the node. Trying to shove all that bandwidth down an old 64k copper line through the garden and under the house or old block of flats was never going to cut it. 5G mobile broadband will kill it off.

  • MEiffert54 Mary Eiffert (@MEiffert54) reported

    @jaquix173 @PetraAu @MsVeruca @AltoCarol Of cause he's out of range another not fit for purpose crap cost cutting service "NBN" provided by the LNP

  • PipStocks Pip Stocks, GAICD (@PipStocks) reported

    @twhittyer @TurnbullMalcolm Our area is about to have the NBN ‘turned on’ & I am scared. So many bad stories.

  • bcg1976 Not for you (@bcg1976) reported

    @SGIP1014 @iiNet @NBN_Australia Eventually iinet will escalate it internally to someone with some technical nous or I will cancel the order and try again with another provider. Either way it's preventing me from opening my office. Just another day in technology stupid Australia.

  • ILovePinball D Piddocke (@ILovePinball) reported

    Day 3 of the the NBN being down. When I reported it to our ISP (middleman) they said they'd let the NBN know. In this day and age the NBN should know that it is down and keep us informed on how and when it will be fixed.

  • tc70jr tdogpv (@tc70jr) reported

    @MSNBC So now you pay... Will never be hired ANYWHERE. The media needs to stop putting nbn her on TV. She didnt do her job for months. Stop hiring her for BS!

  • Yqks3 Yqks (@Yqks3) reported

    @ICON_Mau you need fibre x in perth nbn is shit out here

  • EVNadelaide EVNadelaide ⚡🍐 (@EVNadelaide) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    First half its fine but the longer the game goes on the laggier, blurrier & glitchier it becomes. I'm on nbn, the misses is on netflix but I never had this issue w/ foxtel.Smells like Kayo is a foxtel subsidiary that has lower quality product hoping 2 push ppl 2 overpriced foxtel

  • SCH451 SusanCH451❌AusCon (@SCH451) reported

    @UndaSthnXiStand @OptusEnterprise They should remove the compulsory hook up on NBN. I have cable and get speeds of 100mbps. I should not have to go on a substandard internet service that never should have been compulsory in the first place.

  • UndaSthnXiStand Rural Oz Matters (@UndaSthnXiStand) reported

    @ridetoworksyd @OptusEnterprise @Optus You can’t blame Optus for that. They didn’t build it and aren’t responsible for warranty of poor installations. Thanks to the LNP NBN has become an joke.