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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australian national wholesale open-access data network project and offers landline phone and internet network.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Sydney, Burwood, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Riddell, Logan City, Parramatta, Upper Mudgeeraba, Canberra, Bendigo, Traralgon and Balwyn North.

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  • souwalker Patrick de Souza (@souwalker) reported

    @DeanRosario @NBN_Australia @MicallefPhilip Since I had NBN only once service was down. Knock on wood 😬😬 always get text from Telstra of possible interruption with service during maintenance but so far no interruptions

  • byrnecore Shaun Byrne (@byrnecore) reported

    @neil_killick @StoneAdam @iiNet @eatdrinkwatch It all makes sense now. No maintenance was being done because Telstra sold the network to the NBN. Telstra were avoiding all work because they wanted it to be NBN's problem. Now it is and copper is redundant. SIgh

  • mugunthkumar Mugunth Kumar 🌏 (@mugunthkumar) reported

    @Scobleizer Not getting a 5G phone. It is going to take time to mature. (I bet Australians will be the first to adopt 5G. Our NBN broadband is crap and most of the time, 4G is better than our home broadband.)

  • melbtrainchaser Sebastian (@melbtrainchaser) reported

    @NBN_Australia Providers can not supply me with any service as the property has nbn infrastructure already. Wireless internet will be more expensive for me. They can not install anything as my address does not exist in the system

  • Gigabutz BLEEDZ BLUE (@Gigabutz) reported

    No NBN since 3pm yesterday in Brisbane!!! Came back for an hour last night and then nothing again this morning... WTF NBN! trying to run a business here!!!

  • jonoabroad Jono (@jonoabroad) reported

    SharePoint doesn't support restarting file downloads, but does appear to support timing out of downloads. This is suboptimal when trying to get an 11GB file. HEY LUCKY THE LUCKY COUNTRY HAS THE NBN. oh that is right, someone ****** it up. Thanks @TurnbullMalcolm

  • MicallefPhilip Philip Micallef (@MicallefPhilip) reported

    I've got no internet until NBN fix a problem in my area. I really should not pay extra for using 4G more than I should. It's happening so often. We're so backward in Oz, internet wise

  • SirChrisWilson Chris Wilson (@SirChrisWilson) reported

    @jameswalsh002 @Optus @NedKLee12 They’ve cut their staff here in Australia. Getting maintenance on their wholesale copper network is near impossible even though NBN hasn’t rolled out in some areas, even though it’s Telstra that eventually does the work Worst case is I churn and file in small claims + TIO

  • phase_un UNPhaseD (@phase_un) reported

    @brian07101 You can't fix a legal system with band aids. You have to go to where it was broken and fix that. We were broken in 3 places. Murdoch maneuvering against Whitlam. Keating encouraging corporate constitution and the IPA sabotaging the NBN and our ABC.

  • MBaranowski3 M Baranowski (@MBaranowski3) reported

    @iiNet I got charged and yes its been taken out of my Account for a NBN service I do not have....daylight robbery at its best

  • MBaranowski3 M Baranowski (@MBaranowski3) reported

    @__KaraJohnson @iiNet LOL I got charged for NBN and yes been taken out of my account...the problem is..I do not have NBN

  • dbf78 David B Frank (@dbf78) reported

    Which turns to roll of government. Should a future gov be genuine about this proposal the easiest way to do so would be to fund off the UK balance sheet and build out a new national network that can then be privatised - something akin to the Australian NBN model. 6/

  • clueFN clue (@clueFN) reported

    @uhhAspec @Centrickz I got nbn too it feels so good ****

  • TehBangas Banga (@TehBangas) reported

    @xChi_Au It's not actually FTTP... your probably through a provider who runs their own local network and isn't even through the NBN. Usually, they run satellite then run fibre to houses.

  • MrNixonsWife mrs nixon (@MrNixonsWife) reported

    @MadamEarth @Twitter Let’s face it, it’s a terrible place to pick up. Many people are anonymous, they’re usually angry, and the vast majority are overly opinionated and ignorant with it*. It’s like calling in to ‘customer service’ at the #nbn hoping to hook up. #auspol *present company excepted.

  • __tim_c tim (@__tim_c) reported

    @NBN_Australia I registered for updates...... Months ago. If not a yr ago...who knows... but not 1 update. Ridiculous..never any updates or further info. North Adelaide 5006

  • MrPeterHolden Peter Holden (@MrPeterHolden) reported

    @NBN_Australia Well, it's now Monday and as much as upload speeds are at 16mb/s, the download speeds with @iiNet (on NBN 50 plan) are at a very poor 16-17mb/s on average.

  • MGarnzy Matt Garnzy (@MGarnzy) reported

    @Technorants @NBN_Australia @RegionalAus @PaulFletcherMP Yep. HFC is still DOCSIS 3.0, not 3.1 ALP said FttP and gigabit plans, this should have been done. The LNP listened to Rupert Murdoch and destroyed what would have been profitable network infrastructure. It will cost billions (of taxpayer dollars) to maintain an MTM network.

  • AUSFestivus Purveyor of the best dog content (@AUSFestivus) reported

    @Aussie_BB Not yet, I’ve opened a ticket though. Not sure what will come of this problem. I don’t know what NBN warrant for P/L on a FttC service.

  • gregzak Greg Zakrzewski (@gregzak) reported

    @iiNet We have been averaging 1mbps NBN service since Saturday 15th. On occassions we are "lucky" to get 3mbps and the occasional acceptable speed but usually only for a couple of minutes. I've logged a couple of cases through toolbox and waiting to hear back still

  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @IoannidisIon NBN Technician will perform on-site testing in your service to fix the reported issue. The refund will be subject to approval and investigation once the technical issue has been resolved. Further updates will be relayed on our Facebook page. (3/3) -Shane

  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @IoannidisIon We apologise for the delay and understand you feel that your connection issue is taking far too long to resolve. We have identified that the issue is with the network controlled by the NBN co. This means only NBN co. technicians have the authority to fix this fault (1/3) -Shane

  • AllanLangfordAu Allan Langford (@AllanLangfordAu) reported

    @petergaskin814 @NBN_Australia @Aussie_BB my currently crap internet does not fix the issue :(

  • Anastasias_b ana beaverhausen (@Anastasias_b) reported

    @Telstra: Someone will offer to add data to your mobile or try a backup solution. Also Telstra: Only agrees to add data 10 days after the @NBN_Australia goes out. Won't let me pick a modem up for a store, has to be shipped, no idea when it will arrive.

  • rockdad83 Bipolar Beach Bum 🌊🤙🌊🤙🌊 (@rockdad83) reported

    @7NewsAustralia @NBN_Australia Funny twist. It was @NBN_Australia with their whole scam of a network.

  • polka81 Ania (@polka81) reported

    @iiNet Don’t worry we have given up on you guys! Terrible customer service! @MikeCirca1981 Saturday we get NBN with someone else! #terriblecustomerservice #terribleiiNetservice #finallyleavingiiNet

  • muso1947 💧Comrade Judythe. Resistez maintenant! (@muso1947) reported

    @observationpt @banas51 @MathiasCormann @Bowenchris And the country will either stagnateduring this 3 year period or most likely, go backwards. We’ll never get decent NBN just to mention one issue. And the mot pressing one, climate.

  • __KaraJohnson Kara Johnson (@__KaraJohnson) reported

    Thanks @iiNet for making it incredibly ******* hard for me to PAY YOU to get my service switched to NBN. Especially given the substandard piece of shit internet I have currently. Told 5 days late that for some reason a payment 'failed' and it came back to me

  • SnipyOCE Kevin Zhao (@SnipyOCE) reported

    @SoulfulHe I talked with optus support and they said it was a congestion problem. I guess it's because more ppl are signing on to NBN.

  • ERN_Malleyscrub 💧Earnest Art Robot🤖beep🌏 (@ERN_Malleyscrub) reported

    If you know any elderly person please talk to them about scams. Never give any details over the phone. Don’t talk to any unknown callers . NBN does not call on phone. Banks do not call on phone.

  • Anastasias_b ana beaverhausen (@Anastasias_b) reported

    @NBN_Australia Tweeting a reply telling me to call Telstra clearly hasn't helped get my service back online. What would have helped is your techs 1) not doing upgrades and leaving the service down or 2) turning up to the 2 appointments we have made where I've taken time off work to be home.

  • Anastasias_b ana beaverhausen (@Anastasias_b) reported

    @Telstra Hey @Telstra - another half day off work for no reason. No one showed up to the appointment for the 2nd time. My NBN is STILL not working 10 days later.

  • Anastasias_b ana beaverhausen (@Anastasias_b) reported

    @NBN_Australia I have obviously been in touch with @Telstra. Your techs were supposed to be out here today. I have now taken 2 half days off work to meet your techs who never show.

  • myriantheriddy Myrianthe (@myriantheriddy) reported

    @Telstra There is literally no internet. When I check the app there are no system outages. It’s not slow, there is none. And since your nbn engineer came out, there has been no internet. I tried to call to get this resolved with another engineer, but I’m waiting for my case manager...

  • DarrenRistevski I am who i am (@DarrenRistevski) reported

    Telstra nbn tech canceled my appointment due to bad weather despite it was 17 and sunny all day What the @Telstra

  • myriantheriddy Myrianthe (@myriantheriddy) reported

    @Telstra And the issue is my nbn doesn’t work!! I just want an engineer out and yet I can’t, apparently, because this is now with a case manager. When I made a complaint I was told, by Kylie in the Mandurah store, that someone would call within 48h. Then I was promised (check logs) a call

  • myriantheriddy Myrianthe (@myriantheriddy) reported

    @Telstra Still no call..now outside the 48 hour service time for a complaint. Also, nbn still doesn’t work. Also, impossible to get help on the phone now as my call is being handled by a “case manager” (that doesn’t call)

  • John___Garnett John Garnett (@John___Garnett) reported

    @iiNet I am not sure how you get to say this "No. 1 in customer service". I am a 15 year + customer. As soon as I can move my email to a generic none ISP provider, I am gone. Having Pre-ordered the NBN (a scam), thought it would be fast tracked. 4 orders later still waiting.

  • la_Bohemiene la_bohemiene (@la_Bohemiene) reported

    @mormorlady @BelindaJones68 At least it isn't as bad as awarding a $50 billion contract to a French company with demonstrably poor form, the submarines of which will be obsolete prior to being in service. Just like the NBN! FMD

  • neil_killick Neil Killick (@neil_killick) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    @StoneAdam @iiNet @eatdrinkwatch Yup, ombudsman is the way to go. This always happens with a connection fault - the provider blames NBN and vice versa, no one accountable, no one resolves the issue. You will get it resolved once the TIO is involved, and decent compensation.

  • petergaskin814 Peter Gaskin (@petergaskin814) reported

    @AllanLangfordAu @NBN_Australia @Aussie_BB They should retain your adsl/hfc until the problem is resolved

  • Zordabo Zordabo (@Zordabo) reported

    @Telstra NBN coming oct - dec hopefully. Reception in the area has always been pretty bad (maybe because I'm in abbotsford). To top it off, I was told I could get 5g last week. Went in today but nope, only s10+ and I have an s10 :(

  • peggymel2001 Peggy Sanders (@peggymel2001) reported

    Corruption on full display. The LNP doesn’t blink. The normalisation of corruption by the LNP has reached new heights. Wait until they start flogging off the NBN, ABC, SBS, HECS to Banks, Medibank, universities, public schools, public hospitals, public service/public owned.

  • markab29 Mark Bailey (@markab29) reported

    @NickRossTech Boo hoo. In my street, there are three houses that cannot even get NBN. Houses up the street can house down the street can. But not me or my neighbors. No fix until 2020, 2 years after the rest of the street.

  • fknpitsy John Pitsadiotis (@fknpitsy) reported

    @RedSinker @NBN_Australia Yeah it’s such poor communication. Very frustrating. Guess I’ll just try get onto cable if they’ll install that now. Really don’t want to wait another 6 months. Thanks for your response.

  • 2017Ferret The Weather Ferret (@2017Ferret) reported

    STOP PRESS NBN down again. Trying to sort the problem out. Back soon I hope.

  • Chloelaws86 Chloe (@Chloelaws86) reported

    @Telstra I am disgusted that you have employees calling up elderly people and threatening to cut off their services because of this stupid NBN!!! My neighbor is in his 80’s and he’s had constant threats for months!!!! Absolutely disgusting and unprofessional!!!!!

  • RedSinker Sinkers (@RedSinker) reported

    @ryanseddon @NBN_Australia NBN is the biggest cluster **** this country has ever seen and they cannot provide any reasonable explanation for their actions. If they were a normal company half of them would be in jail.

  • Jake24807560 Jake (@Jake24807560) reported

    My baggy opinions (1) Synergies = lol; (2) NBN gets written down in half or the whole consumer space is a wasteland for a generation; (3) valuable, agree 100%: to debtholders particularly!

  • SupergranIsBack 💧DragonFlame77 🌏 (@SupergranIsBack) reported

    PLEASE READ AND RT. These cruel scam NBN call me almost daily usually between 3-6pm, block numbers when I can but they change all time. Please warn older relatives, they are very convincing. REMEMBER NBN NEVER MAKES UNSOLICITED CALLS

  • Yuraygir_137 Paul Johnson (@Yuraygir_137) reported

    @1Swinging_Voter @LindaSuey 🤣"the market has failed to deliver". Here we are, almost 10 years later, and the 'market' still doesn't want the NBN. Australians have to be forced to use it by govt shutting down the competition. Utter waste of money, presently being overtaken by the mobile network.

  • byrnecore Shaun Byrne (@byrnecore) reported

    @iiNet I already have a @NBN_Australia ticket issued for their service dropping consistently and frequently. They arrive tomorrow. That’s the reason I still have my adsl service still - it’s a redundancy fallback. It’s a real fun time for me...

  • iiNet iiNet (@iiNet) reported

    @byrnecore Hi Shaun, our team have contacted our wholesaler to see if we could lodge a fault on your behalf but we were advised that NBN has already taken over the area. We can arrange for contact to be made to discuss or you may call NBN at 1 800 687 626 to report the issue- Liz

  • belindasmilne Belindasmilne (@belindasmilne) reported

    Beware: #NBN is a wholesaler, they don’t make cold calls asking to fix your Internet. I just wish my parents had known.

  • SiLvvzz Sylvia Manssour (@SiLvvzz) reported

    For over a year,advised that NBN will be available May 2019 in my area. Surviving on ADSL at an atrocious speed 1mbps.Then receive a joke of a notification that this 'will now be moved to 2020' is beyond frustrating. Dont give me a generic apology...JUST FIX IT NOW @NBN_Australia

  • steveacko stephen atkinson (@steveacko) reported

    @iiNet hey guys. Can’t send direct message but having issues with an already paid set up of NBN and long delays when calling over the phone.

  • desertoak9 Sym of Gosh (@desertoak9) reported

    @ColBurns1954 @InnesKay @JohnRicho45 @JackRus44698878 @Mikrolet Bullseye. Add the massive write down coming for NBN. Just part of the cost of 2007 election.

  • byrnecore Shaun Byrne (@byrnecore) reported

    @iiNet I’ve not fully got you connected. Your service is my fall back connection to my new NBN connection. Anytime water gets in the connections on the street, they short, it drops to nothing, then it slowly comes back after a few hours... not the first time we’ve told about this.

  • liamclarkson97 Liam Clarkson (@liamclarkson97) reported

    @MicallefPhilip My NBN usually goes down for a few hours in the days after rain

  • JamesCridland James Cridland (@JamesCridland) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    @DwdDave @adambroach "Old" Aussie broadband - 120M down, 4M up. When I "upgrade" to the NBN, I'll have 100M down, 20M up, for $40 more a month. I have to upgrade by the end of next year, though not in much hurry.