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iiNet Limited is Australia's second-largest internet service provider. Their focus is primarily on ADSL-based Internet access. iiNet also provides optical-fibre, dial-up, and voice services.

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  • Internet (74.06%)
  • Wi-fi (9.80%)
  • Total Blackout (9.51%)
  • E-mail (3.75%)
  • Phone (2.88%)

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  • rlwickes Rebecca Wickes (@rlwickes) reported

    @Eriksson_Monash @iiNet Ugh! Britt had terrible problems with them. Hope it gets sorted soon!

  • Eriksson_Monash A/Prof Anna Eriksson (@Eriksson_Monash) reported

    The next time I get an urgent work query, I will adopt an internet provider approach @iinet and others. Initial inability to solve the issue.’ Buy new modem. Still not working. Escalate. 48 hours wait for a ‘don’t know’. Escalate to next level. Wait 48 hours. Will let u know....

  • pandacoz Paul Cunningham (@pandacoz) reported

    @pwwingman @vogrady2132 @hitinman @Phil_B7 @MeckeringBoy @iiNet Yes the D6300 has worked well for us, and I believe is compatible with NBN HFC, but not with VOIP phone, plus @iiNet say they won't support a modem they haven't supplied. That hasn't mattered while on ADSL, but I'm nervous but being unsupported on the problematical NBN.

  • ArcB_Steeps ArcB_Steeps (@ArcB_Steeps) reported

    @seeker401 @Telstra switching to @iiNet as a result of this odd censorship and just general bad performance for a company that charges premium prices

  • meredithjune Meredith Jones (@meredithjune) reported

    @iiNet Yep they called and left a message. I appreciate that they are trying to help, but seven days without the internet (and no eta for when NBN will be connected) is really terribly poor form.

  • pandacoz Paul Cunningham (@pandacoz) reported

    @vogrady2132 @hitinman @Phil_B7 @MeckeringBoy @pwwingman @iiNet The Choice review of the modem/routers from the main ISPs has the BEST score for wifi performance at 45%, ranging down to 22%. They probably get job lots of redundant product from the manufacturers, who know they’ll be able to sell decent wireless routers to dissatisfied users.

  • pandacoz Paul Cunningham (@pandacoz) reported

    @vogrady2132 @hitinman @Phil_B7 @MeckeringBoy @pwwingman @iiNet At least we have HFC, but there’s little point in getting faster speed coming into the house if @Iinet give you a crap modem/router to distribute a degraded signal within the house. And paying 33% more for the privilege.They’re virtually forcing me to buy a wireless router.

  • vogrady2132 Vince O'Grady (@vogrady2132) reported

    @pandacoz @hitinman @Phil_B7 @MeckeringBoy @pwwingman @iiNet Isn't it awful Paul. Forced to have 1950's tech (copper) in the middle of 2019 tech.

  • pandacoz Paul Cunningham (@pandacoz) reported

    @hitinman @vogrady2132 @Phil_B7 @MeckeringBoy @pwwingman Thanks, we’re due to switch over on Saturday. Dreading it. Already we’ve gone backwards, as the TP-Link VR1600 modem/router @iiNet are forcing us to use (they refuse to support 3rd party hardware) has inferior wifi specs and performance to the Netgear D6300 we’ve been using.

  • urboycam Cam (@urboycam) reported

    @iiNet I received a text message saying that my drop out problem was fixed and it isn't fixed :)

  • paulmurdochj Paul Jones (@paulmurdochj) reported

    @iiNet On several emails I have told them to call me not Bill who is also on the account. He has no idea how to help. My emails clearly state that.

  • weezmgk Comrade Weez (@weezmgk) reported

    @iiNet ok thanks. Not sure what further information or testing I can provide as this is an ongoing problem & a TPG tech has been onsite & checked out our house wiring & iiNet ADSL router. It appears to be an exchange or copper problem. We know Telstra are not keen to fix copper...

  • wswnick Nick (@wswnick) reported

    @iiNet hey guys, NBN down again and still haven't received a reply to my support call that I raised on 11th March. Ref #332741428

  • GravyPains Gravy Pains (@GravyPains) reported

    @iiNet I have no intention of watching that video but as a customer I’m very disappointed you have banned various websites. It’s chilling and authoritarian and it’s not your job. I will be switching to an alternative provider who can provide me with unbiased access to the net

  • TheLeachie Andy Leach (@TheLeachie) reported

    @danilic Dude @iiNet everything was sorted so quickly. And I haven’t had any issues since installing. Would recommend.

  • MsLonesomeBlues Tiger Spirit (@MsLonesomeBlues) reported

    @MeckeringBoy @LeftOfCentre7 Yep you will get breakdowns and very slow internet. After a year of it iinet messaged me saying now your speed is down to 10mbps consider buying an upgrade!!

  • lazyeyedboy Saxon Sax (@lazyeyedboy) reported

    I’m just pissed that I can’t go to my pornography site of choice to relieve myself. It’s 3am and I can’t ******* sleep. **** @iinet @optus

  • lazyeyedboy Saxon Sax (@lazyeyedboy) reported

    **** you @iinet @optus for censoring a website because some mentally ill person shot up a mosk, just **** you. Go ahead and block Facebook while you’re at it that’s where he live-streamed the whole thing. Pathetic companies

  • AuraFireheart Aura Fireheart (@AuraFireheart) reported

    @BlueDragonOff Go with iinet already you nerd. Least they have more reliable service

  • Eriksson_Monash A/Prof Anna Eriksson (@Eriksson_Monash) reported

    @iiNet First call to u about internet outage was 48 hours ago, 36 hours since the call where the issue was ‘escalated’, 12 hours since I called and was told my issue was on your ‘bucket list’. At no point have I had any communication from your side. Please fix this soon.

  • RichoTheGreat Richo (@RichoTheGreat) reported

    @iiNet haven't blocked any websites in Australia and that actually makes me happy to be their customer, there is horrible shit on the internet just like the is IRL so parent your damn children and stop trying to control what everyone else can do

  • ladypizza97 Coral Sea 🌻 (@ladypizza97) reported

    @iiNet Customer reference number is 1183154275

  • ReliefListAus ReliefList (@ReliefListAus) reported

    @iiNet Email issues my end too. Tried logging into Webmail but can’t access that either. Aarghhh.

  • Daicheal Rathdranalon (@Daicheal) reported

    @Catallaxy2 @DavidLeyonhjelm @zerohedge I made the switch to iinet years ago and I have never looked back, Telstra will keep you on the same shite plan from 20 years ago charging you an arm and a leg while iinet keeps me at the same price but gives me more download and speed and advises me on it.

  • Cetraria20 Cetraria (@Cetraria20) reported

    @iiNet Thanks for not blocking sections of the internet you don't like guys. @Telstra and @Optus blocking chans and @zerohedge is a totalitarian response and I do not support it.

  • supermonkeyrei Monkey🐵Rei (@supermonkeyrei) reported

    @iiNet you told me the technician doesn’t need to come in and now he is gone without fixing the fault because he couldn’t get through the socket. I’m sick of it. I want to close my account. This shit is almost a month. Hopeless with your service.

  • tokki_wokki WokkiTokki (@tokki_wokki) reported

    @ozcrimenews iinet is my provider & I havent found a website down yet. all seem to be still up & running

  • Kihyuns_Noona V。(ᯅ̈ ) (@Kihyuns_Noona) reported


  • pandacoz Paul Cunningham (@pandacoz) reported

    @iiNet can anyone suggest a good modem/router for NBN HFC incl NBN Phone. The TP-Link VR1600 that iiNet have supplied has v poor wifi speed around the home. No point switching if the improved speed of NBN is offset by poor speed out of the router.

  • TheRiffJet Riff Jet (@TheRiffJet) reported

    @iiNet I have speed test after noticing connection issues, why do you think Im pissed off with the service.

  • TheRiffJet Riff Jet (@TheRiffJet) reported

    @iiNet This is a constant issue irrespective of devices or method of connections, currently speed is ok but as I stated, its up and down too often.

  • TheRiffJet Riff Jet (@TheRiffJet) reported

    @iiNet Up and down like the wifi.

  • CallumPoole19 LordP (@CallumPoole19) reported

    @iiNet hi could I please speak to someone about a billing problem cheers.

  • TheRiffJet Riff Jet (@TheRiffJet) reported

    @iiNet Biz is dead slow, its up and down like the Assyrian Empire. @auspost is offering to mail my emails at a faster rate.

  • didToWinaPrize Onlydid ToWin-aPrize (@didToWinaPrize) reported

    @Internode It may take you a while to read, and i am still not officially a internode customer as yet. Have fun reading it, show that either training or care in no where in sight for @iiNet @internode and for sure non at @telstra @telstra said they showed up weeks ago, and rang the intercom

  • splatoof69 Hussein Al-Shabab (@splatoof69) reported

    @iiNet hi, internet in waverton 2060 has been down since 10am yesterday. Desperately need it to return as I work from home. Please deal with the issue accordingly, I don’t want to go to the trouble of switching to a competitor of yours such as Telstra or Optus! Thanks

  • splatoof69 Hussein Al-Shabab (@splatoof69) reported

    @NBN_Australia no internet available at waverton 2060. Called iiNet my ISP twice yet they say it’s your issue in the area. Urgently need it to work from home today. If the issue isn’t amended quickly I will probably cancel my plan. Thanks

  • sassejane Lyndal (@sassejane) reported

    @iiNet And my understanding is that the delay is not when the Faults/network teams are working, but rather when the after-hours support starts her shift. Which she said is 5pm.

  • bluewilliam William Huynh (@bluewilliam) reported

    @iiNet Since some nbn works occurred in our street on Friday the internet has been playing up. Today it’s completely down. Alexandria. Brandling st.

  • mitchul_hope Mitchul Hope (@mitchul_hope) reported

    @iiNet Desktop connected to wifi gets 14mbps down and around the same up, but laptop, phone and playstation are getting more up than they are down. My house is FTTN however I'm not connected to the NBN, I'm still on Fibre-Optic ex nCable. Current wont be shut down until 08/2020.

  • JimPanzee63 Jimpanzee63 (@JimPanzee63) reported

    @KMStarks @Optus @iiNet You’re lucky! It’s bound to be sh*t here, as it’s being delivered on the existing HCF cable network, which is @Optus cable.

  • JimPanzee63 Jimpanzee63 (@JimPanzee63) reported

    @KMStarks @Optus @iiNet We’ve been loyal @Optus customers for over 15 years, with hardly any problems. But it seems that since NBN work has started in our street a couple of months ago, it’s all gone down hill fast!

  • ngohil74 Nikhil Gohil (@ngohil74) reported

    @iiNet I have already spent 6 hours & 48 minutes over the past few day with your team, and a manager / supervisor from your support was going to call sometime today which hasn't happened. I will be cancelling all future services with iinet.

  • IQuantumTV IQuantum (@IQuantumTV) reported

    @iiNet @iiNet Just awful. Switching providers.

  • Russell_G82 Angry Gnome (@Russell_G82) reported

    @iiNet Cable customer, modem is flashing showing no connection.

  • Russell_G82 Angry Gnome (@Russell_G82) reported

    @iiNet Hi team, no cable connection in Ballarat, have power cycled. Google says it went down at 5.35pm.

  • Russell_G82 Angry Gnome (@Russell_G82) reported

    @iiNet @0xyg3n Another here in 3355 with internet down

  • 0xyg3n Matt (@0xyg3n) reported

    @iiNet is the cable network having issues in Ballarat at all do you know. We have lost connection on our modem.

  • KBGoodness 🥃 KB 🥃🎮🍜 (@KBGoodness) reported from Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

    @Haydztweets @Jacko_GFreak @Telstra @Optus @iiNet Well no, some POIs have a higher capacity then others and it comes down to if they can actually support the speeds. If you're on a POI that is at almost capacity then the chances of getting higher speeds are limited, which is why people hit that 7pm slowdown.

  • KBGoodness 🥃 KB 🥃🎮🍜 (@KBGoodness) reported

    @Jacko_GFreak @Telstra @Optus @iiNet Cannot fault @iiNet or @Aussie_BB I pay $100 a month with iinet for unlimited 100/40 and I get what I pay for. Aussie have great pricing and service too.

  • A_3li_alrashdi @3zooz_alrashdi (@A_3li_alrashdi) reported

    @iiNet this company didn't give the costumer right thing also they have to wait more than 10 days to get the service. I think they didn't care what costumer need and how many wrok they miss it.

  • pepperedmage Rowe 🦇 (@pepperedmage) reported

    @iiNet "no. 1 customer service" lol you have stuffed my bf and I around for months with spotty service, finally after multiple calls we were told we would be discounted. Not only did that not happen but we were charged MORE than our contract amount without notifying us.

  • Haydztweets Kanga Haydz (@Haydztweets) reported

    @Jacko_GFreak @Telstra @Optus @iiNet Telstra has it for sure, I also know they cost more too. But Internet is crucial for me so im fine paying extra for better service.

  • Haydztweets Kanga Haydz (@Haydztweets) reported

    @Jacko_GFreak @Telstra @Optus @iiNet The main thing you want to look for is a 4g router option, so if your internet ever goes down you get free 4g backup that kicks in straight away.

  • TehBangas Banga (@TehBangas) reported

    @Jacko_GFreak @Precxse @Telstra @Optus @iiNet @Aussie_BB It's not just the price it's all about that service and actually having better speeds then most on average

  • sfassom Sean Fassom (@sfassom) reported

    @iiNet Customer reference number is 1183242690

  • sfassom Sean Fassom (@sfassom) reported

    @iiNet absolutely disgusted with your service. Signed up for nbn on the 31/1 and have had to follow up numerous times and have been told a different story each time. Have spent 42 minutes on the phone today only to be transferred to billing dept and disconnected.

  • stifcook Shah den Freude (@stifcook) reported

    Oh my god. @IINET. Australia has THE MOST appalling ISP services and speeds. Even after cancelling this terrible service, they just keep taking money out of my account. 5 hours of phone calls to sort it out. Ombudsman time.

  • Fionadi05136890 Fiona dixon (@Fionadi05136890) reported

    @iiNet broadband has been out for us for hours in 6019 . Checked modem connections. Rebooted twice . Outage map ok but no internet

  • Eriksson_Monash A/Prof Anna Eriksson (@Eriksson_Monash) reported

    @iiNet Ok, will try that. And support just called so will@see if they can help@too thank u!!