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iiNet Limited is Australia's second-largest internet service provider. Their focus is primarily on ADSL-based Internet access. iiNet also provides optical-fibre, dial-up, and voice services.

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  • Internet (54.84%)
  • Wi-fi (16.13%)
  • E-mail (9.68%)
  • Total Blackout (9.68%)
  • Phone (6.45%)
  • TV (3.23%)

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  • Janeway4350
    Janeway4350 (@Janeway4350) reported

    @iinet the internet in the Wilsonton 4350 area is down, can't log on!

  • mon_marsh
    Mon-Marsh (@mon_marsh) reported

    @deemadigan Our internet was terminated on Friday at 5:46pm because we’ve been accused of reselling our internet service! So we have nothing & their customer service doesn’t work on weekends so they won’t do anything #iiNet ugh! #pissy

  • Gillisiousness
    Gillis (@Gillisiousness) reported

    @iiNet your service in Brisbane or at least at my house has been lacking so badly cutting out constantly 👎🏽

  • NannaHannah
    Time's Up - ResistPersistWitch #OptOut (@NannaHannah) reported

    @iiNet @iiTalW I'm on ADSL2 and currently, nothing else is using it. I'm replying on my mobile, which is not connected to the internet. It's been getting worse for a while. I was regularly getting 5 up, 3 down and could live with it, but this is currently unusable.

  • BrenSurfer
    Brendan Marshall (@BrenSurfer) reported

    @iiNet @iiTalW I’m sure they would, would be nice to have direct contact (a phone call isn’t hard) from your customer service team also before cutting me off. Friday night 6pm emails isn’t great customer service so I have responded to the email survey from@your CEO with a score of zero.

  • BrenSurfer
    Brendan Marshall (@BrenSurfer) reported

    Can anyone explain “May cancel Service to you if (g) you resell the Service or otherwise act as a Carriage Service Provider.” Internet terminated with no notice, don’t even know what that is, thanks for nothing @iiNet, I guess we part ways forever. @mon_marsh #iinet

  • telcus
    James Hamilton (@telcus) reported

    @iiNet @iiDarryn Thanks for your help. A fault was raised by the phone support team.

  • naoise_guerin
    Naoise Guerin (@naoise_guerin) reported

    @iiNet I’d be more impressed if iiNET actually informed its customers about what it was really doing to improve customer service, call center and it’s self care system rather than empty platitudes. This is not a new complaint.

  • telcus
    James Hamilton (@telcus) reported

    @iiNet @iiDarryn I’ve been unable to proceed with the phone support as my wife is the billing contact and is not currently available

  • naoise_guerin
    Naoise Guerin (@naoise_guerin) reported

    @iiNet You really need to do something about the noise at your call centre. Is beyond me how you have won any customer service awards and it would make me seriously questions these awards. I have spent valuable time fixing billing mistakes due to your outdated self care system.

  • miriamcosic
    Miriam Cosic (@miriamcosic) reported

    @iiNet @iiTalW Tal, as I keep saying, you've been "assisting" me with these problem for 18 months. Nothing is every resolved. Sheer lethargy and the fear of getting into something even worse has stopped me switching to another provider. If only I had the service I had from TIM in Rome ...

  • deancollins
    dean collins (@deancollins) reported

    wow......what a *********** @iiNet is at the moment, listening in to my parents on a tech support call. Aparently no one is able to receive emails for the last few days and no resolution time available. Worst is you go to their "status page" and saying no issue at all - liars !!

  • MintzSlice
    Mintz (@MintzSlice) reported

    @iiNet I have to reset my modem 3 times a day because it’s not working

  • MintzSlice
    Mintz (@MintzSlice) reported

    @iiNet I pay more for this doo doo internet and get less data a month and with telstra I paid less and got more with better speeds only reason I went with you is because telstra don’t service this new estate, it’s legit like I don’t have internet during the day

  • plmunro
    Phil Munro (@plmunro) reported

    @iiNet @iiDarryn Yeah, used Speedtest app - as per the screenshot. The iiNet one was pants as had socket errors (or something) and only did download (105kbs). Logged a call last night & missed call back this evening. In Sydney (apparently not far from a tower 🤣). ADSL.

  • bendog
    bendog (@bendog) reported

    hey @NBN_Australia and @iiNet you seem to be having an outage in Fremantle 6160.

  • gabs_grabs
    GabsGrabsPhotography (@gabs_grabs) reported

    @Tod_Johnston @iiNet This is ridiculous Tod ... @iinet poor service .... I was very impressed with @Telstra @NBN_Australia Reps I dealt with ...

  • KevinFarmer
    Kevin Farmer (@KevinFarmer) reported

    @iiNet @iimaaj Any time from now is good. But please call with a solution and don't make me start all over again.

  • dickybeacholdie
    Tony Magrathea (@dickybeacholdie) reported

    @iiNet I cant ring you so I will email help

  • CP4rheumatology
    CP4actrheumatology (@CP4rheumatology) reported

    Trying 2 reconnect 2 iinet service has been worst customer experience I have had. Now connected & keen 2 know why plan says paying 4 VDSL2 plan while modem settings says internet is ADSL. Explains why internet so slow Have been kept on hold 4 over 1 hour waiting 4 tech support 👎🏽

  • davecurran
    Dave Curran (@davecurran) reported

    4 hours ringing telcos trying to get reasonable internet. To no avail. 1.28Mbps download is crap. 47km from the centre of one of the biggest cities in the world and treated like I'm in the middle of the sahara desert by @Telstra @Optus @DodoInternet @iiNet @NBN_Australia et al

  • Jennydrose
    Jennifer Dudgeon (@Jennydrose) reported

    @iiNet Hi, we've had extremely slow internet for the past few months now, including our neighbors on the same unit complex and iiNet has basically done nothing to help. We live in Rosanna, VIC 3084 and now getting under 0.3 mb/s, 1k+ ping. It's not even usable at this point.

  • boscocasa
    Matt Woodhouse (@boscocasa) reported

    @iiNet @ii_cMay Hi, my ref no for the fault is 328134525. My issue is I can't receive phone calls and it's been 2 days. I run a small business and all bookings are made by phone.

  • melb_art_critic
    Mark Holsworth (@melb_art_critic) reported

    @boscocasa @iiNet Sympathies, the customer service system is hopeless and the staff poorly trained.

  • boscocasa
    Matt Woodhouse (@boscocasa) reported

    @melb_art_critic @iiNet Totally agree here. Similar experience, the phone line at my business has been out for 2 days and customer service are hopeless. Would advise strongly against going with iinet.

  • boscocasa
    Matt Woodhouse (@boscocasa) reported

    @iinet my initial experience of your service is dreadful. I would strongly advise others to avoid iinet. My business has had no phone or internet for 2 days and no one is taking the matter seriously.

  • melb_art_critic
    Mark Holsworth (@melb_art_critic) reported

    @iiNet @iiTalW They know why the connection is not working but no ETA for the fault to be fixed. The fault was lodged on Mon 29th but the person who took the call failed to 'action' it, that delayed things for two days.

  • _tRistanMCG
    Tristan (@_tRistanMCG) reported

    @iiNet @ii_cMay Pretty sure I've already had one extension. Bit behind on my bills due to some centrelink issues.

  • NORAbrew
    ElenTuf (@NORAbrew) reported from Brisbane, State of Queensland

    @iiNet I'm not sorry to say, but I ain't happy with your service. Been trying to get my phoneline up and running again from 2wks ago, and now you asking me for more money to re-activate when you didn't do the job in the first place! My family needs the phone on. Unprofessional.

  • jurassic_snark_
    🎃👻💀capitalism💀👻🎃 (@jurassic_snark_) reported

    Being home sick with no internet sucks *****. iiNet reckon there’s no problem. Guys there’s no ******* connection just do your damn jobs please

  • freemanjulius5
    freemanjulius (@freemanjulius5) reported

    @albericie @Telstra24x7 iiNet I feel these guys’ customer service is par excellence! (South African call centre), they run off the Telstra network but are infinitely leaner and hungrier for your business and understand the risk if they get it wrong, unlike Telstra.

  • thallam08
    Tom Hallam (@thallam08) reported

    @iiNet @ii_cMay I simply want your support staff to respond to my request by email as was stated on the request. You already have all the details you need on the request.

  • ramawolf91
    Rama (@ramawolf91) reported

    @Internode 17271800 67 people in my hood with Telstra outage & 25 with iiNet internode etc outage. We did a poll.

  • sloanefather
    Historic Brent-On-Sloane (@sloanefather) reported

    @jurassic_snark_ We had issues with slow speeds through iiNet. We complained, they sent us a new router and the speeds have been much better ever since.

  • DBRawlins
    David Rawlins (@DBRawlins) reported

    @iiNet how much longer for internet outage in armadale wa 6112

  • thallam08
    Tom Hallam (@thallam08) reported

    @iiNet @ii_cMay Your issue tracker already has all the required details. You can follow up from there. I am not going to put any more of my time (money) into this.

  • thallam08
    Tom Hallam (@thallam08) reported

    @iiNet @ii_cMay Yes, get your staff to read and follow customer requests. If they do that then my enquiry will have been dealt with.

  • videdeath
    Vidé (@videdeath) reported

    @iiNet @iiWaheeb I was promised a 10am 'priority' call from tech support to address the no-show of the tech yesterday. A week without connectivity. Another lie. #iinet #tpg #nbn

  • TheRiffJet
    Riff Jet (@TheRiffJet) reported

    @iiNet @iiTalW You can pay for my mobile data until you rectify this shitty internet service.

  • Helena_Sindelar
    Helena Sindelar™🇨🇿🇮🇪 (@Helena_Sindelar) reported

    Nice chat with iinet rep disconnecting my service due to move... She wants to pray to god that I will have a speedy recovery from hip surgery.. I said he might feel conflicted seeing how he created my genetic hip problem in the first place...

  • MareeWatkins
    maree watkins (@MareeWatkins) reported

    @iiNet I phoned tonight to cancel my internet connection and I don’t know if it’s being cancelled or not, I wasn’t told anything about a final payment , all I was told was “you are not on a contract and can you respond to the customer feedback survey”. 😡

  • TimYowie
    Tim the Yowie Man (@TimYowie) reported

    @TheRiffJet @iiNet Been like that for years... can’t hear a thing, too much background noise. Very poor service.

  • damo559
    Damien Fulton (@damo559) reported

    @iiNet @iiWaheeb Wasn’t for my service ‘‘twas my brothers .initial customer service wasn’t great .had a rep hang up on me when I asked to follow up the delivery with the warehouse and the 40 min call that lead nowhere with activation but glad someone called and got it sorted finally

  • nathanwoulfe
    Nathan Woulfe (@nathanwoulfe) reported

    Hey @iiNet, our home net quota has gone up in smoke - chewing 1gb+ 24/7, with nothing running and noone home. Has happened previously too... Wife is cranky she can't stream @brideprejudice. HELP!

  • damo559
    Damien Fulton (@damo559) reported

    @iiNet @iiWaheeb Thanks . The service is now activated

  • TheRiffJet
    Riff Jet (@TheRiffJet) reported

    What ******** is going iinet with that useless noisy call center in South Africa. No one can hear anything. @iiNet #iinet

  • damo559
    Damien Fulton (@damo559) reported

    @iiNet been on the phone for 30mins trying to get my cable service activated for some reason it hasn’t been when the modem was delivered

  • galzig121
    Tony Willson (@galzig121) reported

    @albericie @Telstra24x7 Iinet naked dsl. Never had a problem.

  • MsLonesomeBlues
    Tiger Spirit (@MsLonesomeBlues) reported

    @albericie @Telstra24x7 If you try and leave Telstra they will hound you up to 3 years, letters, than telephone calls if you hang up on them they will ring you and hang up on you. then robocalls. But its worth it in the end. Be mindful iinet is owned by TPG.

  • usefulDesign
    Useful Design (@usefulDesign) reported

    @rainey_knight @albericie @Telstra iiNet customer service has reportedly gone to the dogs since sonce thwy bought out bye TPG (predictably seeing a series TPG have a reputation for low price with very low customers service quality).

  • AndrewK458
    Antonius Kenisovich (@AndrewK458) reported

    @albericie @Telstra24x7 I left @iiNet after weeks of no service. Joined @Optus and they weeks to set up our connection. They also lost our payment and suspended our service because of that. Quite impressive in a way

  • HelenErrington1
    Helen Errington (@HelenErrington1) reported from Westfield, State of Western Australia

    @albericie @Colinja21771976 @Telstra24x7 No I have found iinet to be really good. Since connecting to the NBN I have had no problems with wifi.

  • rainey_knight
    Lauraine knight (@rainey_knight) reported

    @suzit500 @BlairK_Aus @raywilton4 @albericie @Telstra24x7 Yep Telstra are Crap iinet are the best for customer service and $20 cheaper a month

  • SoniaMcDonald01
    Sonia McDonald (@SoniaMcDonald01) reported

    @iiNet Taken me 2 hours to get help still waiting

  • SoniaMcDonald01
    Sonia McDonald (@SoniaMcDonald01) reported

    @iiNet Slow wifi for weeks can’t access my Zoom calls

  • call_me_tomasso
    Tom Osborn FRSA ↙️ (@call_me_tomasso) reported

    @albericie @Telstra24x7 IInet was good (almost no down time), but when TPG bought them, they had more issues. OTOH, their call centre has been good to talk to.

  • DavidJTwomey
    DavidJTwomey (@DavidJTwomey) reported

    Have been with IiNet for years, very few problems or outages!

  • markielinhart
    Markie Linhart (@markielinhart) reported

    @albericie iiNet, been with them for fourteen years from Dialup, Adsl+ and now NBN. Problem is of course you still have to rely on Telstra infrastructure lol...

  • somuchbullsh
    Prince Fed up (@somuchbullsh) reported

    @albericie @Telstra24x7 I'm with iinet and have had no problems. Switch over was easy. No landline phone. VoIP.

  • 68dodgephoenix
    Andrew Halliday (@68dodgephoenix) reported

    @albericie @Telstra24x7 I use iinet. Cheaper tjan Telstra, better service, never had a problem & that is in regional Australia, not well serviced Sydney like yourself