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TPG Telecom offers broadband internet, phone, mobile phone and mobile internet service to the public and businesses. Mobile phone service is offered on the Optus mobile network.

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Total Blackout

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Sydney, Kensington and Norwood, Adelaide, Prospect, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Logan City, Gold Coast, Capalaba, Santa Barbara, Teatree Gully, Maitland and Westfield.

Kensington and Norwood Total Blackout
Sydney Internet
Adelaide Internet
Sydney Internet
Prospect Internet
Canberra Phone

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  • brokenstar01 💕💛💕 (@brokenstar01) reported

    @Squiptacs @beckycarver4 @BeMoreChill ahahah of course such a mood, but i’m torn between this or mitb THEN tpg being the worst.. because that Hurts Me

  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @kaffando 1/4 We're sorry to hear that you're currently having issues with your internet service. All TPG customers are contacted with an offer to transition to the NBN once their address is NBN ready. -Mc

  • alicia_papp 💧Alicia Papp 📚 (@alicia_papp) reported

    @prudinx @roberthulands I had a similar experience. A long term customer at TPG, their website didn't allow me to pay once I realised I'd missed one payment, then debited me twice for the same amount as well as 2 late fees. Took numerous phone calls and a week for them to pay me back.

  • L0ts0fF L0ts0fFac3 (@L0ts0fF) reported

    @DannySearle3 @AlanBeveridge10 @Telstra @bitchute TPG and iinet both have not blocked @BitChute if it's not to much of a problem perhaps you may want to move to a friendlier isp. Just a warning, the big isp's will continue down the path they have already started on, expect more sites to be blocked as more things happen.

  • GeorgieShorts Georgia McDonald (@GeorgieShorts) reported

    Y'know @Optus you are the absolute pits. Seven weeks since moving and still no internet and the worst customer experience in the history of the world #callingit. I'm leaving you. @TPG_Telecom I've heard good things and I'm coming your way. Please don't disappoint.

  • MaccaPolitical John McDonald (@MaccaPolitical) reported

    @Aussie_BB @wadedog Hi Janet I had very wonky service last night. Mainly websites in the UK. Newspapers etc. Google sketchy No maps. Twitter not functioning properly. Couldnt post or like. Mate with provider TPG was told his service via NBN was out for a few days. WE are both in Port Macquarie 2444

  • RK281087 Ramakrishnan NK (@RK281087) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    @TPG_Telecom I need to cancel my TPG Internet with account number 6407504. Been calling customer service for 60 mins and not getting connected Kindly assist at the earliest. #TPG #Internet #FTTB

  • eadatt Emanuel Ajay Datt (@eadatt) reported

    @TradingEdge1 Service is fairly commoditised among the larger players IMO. I have services with Telstra, iinet and tpg, not much difference between them

  • metodystanchev Metody Stanchev (@metodystanchev) reported

    @NBN_Australia Hi, sure did from day 1. #TPG nearly daily calls to their support team. Unfortunately no ETA for the outrage fix. They promised three times that it will be fixed in the evening but obviously were lacking communication with you. It was fixed on the 8th day. Tnx

  • ZodaSoda ZodaSoda (@ZodaSoda) reported

    @Dan37773256 @elguso69 @jay__tea @TheGatorGamer just use TPG, they aint blocking shit in Australia. They even refused the Interpol Filter.

  • Snow_Crash Meta Starostin (@Snow_Crash) reported

    @LJPatton @sacarlin48 @deemadigan @Telstra I know a few people in Sydney lucky to be able to go with TPG's Fibre To The Building network. Very reliable and hardly any peak slowdown. Check your address on their website

  • k_morrissey Humboldt "420" Ergas Esq (John Setka Retire Binch) (@k_morrissey) reported

    @PaulRumens @Optus Optus appear to have broken connectivity with Cloudflare, which protects/proxies a LOT of services. Tested across Optus/TPG/Telstra/M2 and Optus are the only ones who can't connect. Also means even things like outage detector sites are broken.

  • IoannidisIon Ion Ioannidis (@IoannidisIon) reported

    @TPG_Telecom Then another 15 mins on hold to be told someone will call back "sometime tonight". It's 6.43pm now. Still no mention of any sort of alternative solution, refund, nothing other than call centre operators "passing the parcel" I am surprised you people are still in business.

  • collaroybooks Collaroy Books (@collaroybooks) reported

    @telstra i changed my internet and phone to telstra from tpg. telstra cancelled the tpg account, a service guy came to the shop on 17 may and installed a new telstra line into the shop. now i have no internet and telstra says they have no record of it.

  • Sum19SPOTIFYCFO Brooke Elowe (@Sum19SPOTIFYCFO) reported

    @ProfLowell #FINA2209 to clear up the complications of the deal before going public in 2018, Spotify had help from Tencent, a Chinese tech company, which bought stock from Spotify as part of an equity swap/share, and some of that stock came from TPG and Dragoneer. (source: VOX)

  • DanielCBlight Daniel C. Blight (@DanielCBlight) reported

    @olga_A_smith Apparently a really nice guy though, despite his visual god complex and unselfconscious white male gaze 🤔 The show that openned the new TPG building was one of the worst exhibitions I’ve ever seen. A Photo London “master of photography”.

  • XRPCaptain CaptainXRP (@XRPCaptain) reported

    @QuestEvrythng @Telstra Simple fix. Make a complaint the the telco ombudsman. I did and cancelled my contract. 1 year later and my #TPG connection has been solid.

  • ueueujdjlapr john carlson (@ueueujdjlapr) reported

    @BullsChatter @BullScripted The rockets is false, CP3 and Harden run that team together, and they never gonna win a championship. The Jazz has Mitchell, Ingles,Rubio who run it together, and the Bucks is far from hero-ball. Dunn had 6 APG to 2,3 TPG, thats good if u look at his usage rate.

  • philliplhunter Phillip Lawrence Hunter (@philliplhunter) reported

    ARGH @optus - yes another weekend with no internet. All because they have two stupid computer systems and no one there seems to talk to one another. Hello @NSW_FairTrading #TIO Really wish @TPG_Telecom was in my building... never had an issue with their service. Ever.

  • amylfarhanate_ amy-zing (@amylfarhanate_) reported

    Time everyone tengah gotong-royong for the last time before our last day in Tpg, I got mad and hurt because shit happened. Rusydi and Ayman cuba pujuk and bawa me naik atas DSL. The view up there was everything, perfect spot to frown and untangle scattered thoughts whew

  • aininsfea ainin (@aininsfea) reported

    this gives me nightmares, if u think being dumb is bad try being the dumbest in mr*m tpg

  • RenataOgilvie Renata Ogilvie (@RenataOgilvie) reported

    @TPG_Telecom I don’t know why. I have had THE MOST disappointing service & have been a customer for 11 yrs. Constant runaround, being told my service is fine, then advising me they agree I have dropouts and assuring me they will follow up. Eventually I followup & we start the cycle again

  • IoannidisIon Ion Ioannidis (@IoannidisIon) reported

    @TPG_Telecom Sounds like a load Lies. People should check visitors comments on your Facebook account. My experience is unfortunately similar. Your service is very average. You are wasting my time and money

  • IoannidisIon Ion Ioannidis (@IoannidisIon) reported

    @TPG_Telecom Sounds like a load Lies. People should check visitors comments on your Facebook account. My experience is unfortunately similar. Your service is very average. You are wasting my time and money

  • IoannidisIon Ion Ioannidis (@IoannidisIon) reported

    @TPG_Telecom @findercomau Sounds like a load Lies. People should check visitors comments on your Facebook account. My experience is unfortunately similar. Your service is very average. You are wasting my time and money

  • fxdealah Vik (@fxdealah) reported

    @mplewer @Telstra yep, thats NBN for you. So far behind in tech then the rest of the world... We just got TPG fiber recently and it does a much better job 400mbps up/down.

  • Cryptotakusky Cryptotaku (@Cryptotakusky) reported

    @swuavboi @JMoojie @TPG_Telecom @NBN_Australia @Optus @Skycoinproject Optus customer service is trash

  • Navalle98 Nico Avalle (@Navalle98) reported

    To the guy who commented "the writers they hire at TPG have gone downhill" on an article I wrote: Joke's on you, I never finished college

  • UsmanRanaPTI Usman Zia Rana (@UsmanRanaPTI) reported

    @andy_penn @Telstra how can i get my service restored. need help here. or should i move to @TPG_Telecom or @Optus

  • swuavboi Jeremy SK (@swuavboi) reported

    @LydiaAmesha @Optus Same here every night. What’s worse is the generic replies I get. Like ffs stop asking me to send you a dm and get back to fixing the problem. Was with tpg for 6 year and never once needed to send a dm just to fix and get what I was paying for. It’s been 2 months of this shit.

  • bradaus Brad (@bradaus) reported

    @jacsb @TPG_Telecom @NBN_Australia I use @TPG_Telecom I haven’t had a problem 😀

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    @CEqualsMsquared @TPG_Telecom @NBN_Australia @Telstra Tbh. Thats what I am thinking about too. So fed up atm. Completely crappy service and internet. It really sucks! 👎

  • CEqualsMsquared change_the_date 🖤💛❤️ (@CEqualsMsquared) reported

    @elle_franks @TPG_Telecom @NBN_Australia @Telstra We have a service, but it's so unreliable and more than a little frustrating when trying to relax and watch a movie or a few eps on Netflix. Maybe I'll cancel all my services and go back to DVD and BD.

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    @CEqualsMsquared @TPG_Telecom @NBN_Australia @Telstra Yikes. So far it's been three months since I had any service but they still take my money 😠😬😡

  • WarOfTheseRoses Oliver Rose (@WarOfTheseRoses) reported

    @danlaush @TPG_Telecom Amen, dude. I asked explicitly for them to terminate me over the phone. Someone from overseas refused to terminate me, and instead decided to interrogate me when I told them I was on a lunch break. Took me 4 days of calling to finally get off.

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    Shockingly bad service from TPG and NBN Co 👎😡😬😠

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    @CEqualsMsquared @TPG_Telecom @NBN_Australia It sucks alright....😕😯

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    Trying to watch Neighbours but the Internet keeps dropping out regularly making it virtually impossible to watch. Tomorrow @TPG_Telecom and @NBN_Australia are sending out the fifth technition to have a go at fixing my service. ffs! #auspol #LNPlies #NBNfail #Fraudband #Murdoch

  • ghostinoutloud val ♡ (@ghostinoutloud) reported

    i jus got off the phone with tpg n i dont know why my mum cant take the hint that thry are TRYING TO FIX HER PHONE

  • ElPrezAU Nathan Cocks (@ElPrezAU) reported

    @danlaush @TPG_Telecom TPG are a horrible company. The second they acquired iiNet that company's service went to shit as well.

  • citygirlnomore CGNM (@citygirlnomore) reported

    @elle_franks @TPG_Telecom @NBN_Australia If I'd have shown my children that chart, they'd never have moved here :)

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    @citygirlnomore @TPG_Telecom @NBN_Australia Lolslolslools 😂 yes! We have really bad internet btw...

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    @citygirlnomore @TPG_Telecom @NBN_Australia We are ranked 62nd in the world. The internet is shockingly bad in Australia thanks to the LNP-IPA muppets and Murdoch.

  • citygirlnomore CGNM (@citygirlnomore) reported

    @elle_franks @TPG_Telecom @NBN_Australia I'm with IiNet. Never had a problem at all.

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    @LNPvoterfail @Huw_Merlin @mikeaubrey2 @deniseshrivell Yes, I have been without internet for three months because @TPG_Telecom and @NBN_Australia can't get their shit together. Pathetic. They have sent out four technitions so far. #auspol #LNPlies #NBNfail #Fraudband #Murdoch #LNPlies #WakeUp! 👏

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    So twitterverse, as per usual, I have no internet because @TPG_Telecom and @NBN_Australia can't get their shit together. I have been without service for three months. Today they sent out a fourth technition to fix it. Yet I still have no internet. #auspol #LNPlies #NBNfail

  • thommc18 NostraThomas (@thommc18) reported

    Never get angry at a man getting the bag. If I’d somehow blackmailed a front office into giving me $20 mil for 5 years I’d take it ASAP, even though I’d average 0.0001 PPG, 0, 0, and 7 TPG.

  • becmania Bec Caldwell (@becmania) reported

    @TPG_Telecom Actually I signed up to a new isp BECAUSE I had no service. Thanks.

  • Hardyhas2thumbs Hardy (@Hardyhas2thumbs) reported

    @brunizzle05 @Aussie_BB @NBN_Australia @TPG_Telecom sucks ****, @Aussie_BB is one of the better providers

  • becmania Bec Caldwell (@becmania) reported

    @Real_Ken_Adams @TPG_Telecom @NBN_Australia South Yarra here and had issues on and off since Thur. I've ordered from another company now, activating fri. I was without for a week two months ago and they said I wasn't eligible for a refund. *******.

  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @elle_franks @arckstar Please understand that no provider would wish to cause this kind of inconvenience to their customers. NBN owns and manages the NBN Fibre network within Australia and even TPG needs to rely on the NBN Co for service provisioning and fault restoration. -Daisy

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    @TPG_Telecom @arckstar Ok. Thanks for that! I am not impressed btw. This is the fourth technition to come and try to fix this. Meanwhile, I basically don't have a service.

  • Aaronm99_ Aaron (@Aaronm99_) reported

    @iiNet All other sites work fine, at least that I and my family use. Like I said anything OVH related doesn't work for me. I have had a few friends test our sites and they work, my TPG Link at my other house does too and my mobile phone 4G network does too.

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    @TPG_Telecom Yes, I have heard that before. Meanwhile I have no service. Yet you are still taking my money.

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    @TPG_Telecom Yes, I have heard that before. Meanwhile, basically I haven't had any service for months.

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    Thanks @TPG_Telecom and @NBN_Australia I have basically been without any internet or home phone for two months. You've sent three technitions and it's still not fixed. Shitty internet and crappy service. #auspol #LNPlies #NBNfail #Fraudband #Murdoch #WakeUp! 👏

  • elle_franks ☆Polichick Elle ☆ (@elle_franks) reported

    @TPG_Telecom Hey TPG. So the internet keeps dropping out regularly and you're technitions are hopeless so far you've sent 3. And the internet still isn't fixed after two months. Now you have ****** my computer. Thanks for nothing you suck! Crappy internet. Crappy service.

  • murdochsj Scott Murdoch (@murdochsj) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    @allconsuming @NBN_Australia @Optus Optus is by and far the worst. Im with tpg now and it’s okay

  • asemota Victor Asemota (@asemota) reported

    @EfosaOjomo My problem is that we have been on this “process” forever. Let’s cut to the meat of the matter. TPG does not need any event to invest and they are the biggest dogs doing it in Africa. All these things are a waste of time and we know it.

  • flameovsthecity Flameo 🔥 (@flameovsthecity) reported

    @TheRiffJet Oh the shits ******, I’ll never go with TPG ever again! Their customer service/tech service is beyond hopeless 😞