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TPG Telecom offers broadband internet, phone, mobile phone and mobile internet service to the public and businesses. Mobile phone service is offered on the Optus mobile network.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Logan City, Wollongong, Glen Iris, Pymble, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Perth, Hindmarsh, Canberra, Athelstone and Capalaba.

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  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @MartynMassop My apologies, Martyn. Our system is set to block the use of lewd language to regulate our community. If you are experiencing issues with your internet service, please send us a DM with your TPG username or customer ID number along with a brief message of the issue. -Basil

  • XXLQEgKFjCXRYnM Joab (@XXLQEgKFjCXRYnM) reported

    I've just reuploaded the course to fix some problems as well as adding some decorations. The new level ID is JKH-F4N-TPG

  • WilkieIT Phillip Wilkie (@WilkieIT) reported

    @TPG_Telecom how much for an NBN service without a phone service since there is no phone line and I don’t need it.

  • _spyder Andrew Herron (@_spyder) reported

    A big thanks to @kayosports for a solid 12 hours of streaming the #bathurst1000 today. I noticed a few times the resolution dipped for a minute or two, but it didn’t hiccup even once. Some of the credit goes to @TPG_Telecom who have near-faultless service on their FTTB.

  • xiisanta Santa (@xiisanta) reported

    $90 a month for @TPG_Telecom and i get possibly the worst internet i have ever had, and i have had dial up 🤬

  • BoyTupu HotBoyTupu (@BoyTupu) reported

    @TPG_Telecom Hi Will we have called customer service and they're running tests today, and have been told our copper line may need to he replaced. Hopefully this issue will finally be resolved as it's gone on for too long.

  • BoyTupu HotBoyTupu (@BoyTupu) reported

    Do not use @TPG_Telecom for internet! Constant drop outs, speeds so slow i cannot stream videos. Problems still continuing after dozens of phone calls and a technician even coming out. Paying for a service that dosn't even work is horrible.

  • Dudh Tosh Dudh (@Dudh) reported

    @united your PQF == Segment, PQP == PQD.. you got away from PQM.. how do you incentivise customer to fly with United now. i can just fly other Star alliance airlines @tpg

  • coolguy80101 coolguy80101 (@coolguy80101) reported

    **** you tpg. you give hard working people the finger with this shitty ass wifi. fix it or give us all refunds.

  • EliteThem Dannny Bar (@EliteThem) reported

    @acccgovau I support you @acccgovau. @TPG_Telecom they mislead customers all the time.

  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @PholmanHolman hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by TPG. Devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable (2/3) -Shane

  • missjillbo Jill Black (@missjillbo) reported

    @TPG_Telecom Well. Another 24 hours has passed and I STILL haven’t been provided with a rescheduled appointment with @NBN_Australia, who simply didn’t show up to the first one. I’m also paying for a service that doesn’t work. I am beyond frustrated.

  • magnetikonline Peter Mescalchin (@magnetikonline) reported

    @Higgo74 @TPG_Telecom Probably leaving TPG is your best first step for an ISP with better contention. You're probably on a network that's overloaded with subscribers (but better profit for the ISP! :D ).

  • jeluhss code jeluhs (@jeluhss) reported

    @idealFN A few months ago tpg told me my internet was fine and my parents were angry at them and told them to come check the next day, they come and turns out the needed to replace the whole line that my internet was running off. **** NBN

  • misskate k (@misskate) reported

    One of my biggest issues with @TPGeneva is how the 8 bus pauses at Cornavin. I was supposed to be able to connect with the 9 at Chantepoulet (according to the TPG app). Instead I missed it because the 8 hung out at Cornavin and now I’ll be late for my appt.

  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @heymike93 A field technician is no longer needed to activate the service as it can be done remotely. Once NBN Co declares that your TPG NBN order has been completed, that will be the time that you can connect your TPG modem for the internet service to work. (2/3) -Shane

  • DEZIdaKing Dezi (@DEZIdaKing) reported

    @its2sBs TPG seems to be working find, they do have issues every 6 month or so, just need to yell at them. That seems to fix everything.

  • heymike93 Mike (@heymike93) reported

    @TPG_Telecom why does it take nearly 15 days for a technician to come into my house and install the internet. I just wanted to be able to work from home and minimise my costs, however I still have to spend money on coffee shops given that your service takes longer than expected

  • _dflan Dan Flanagan (@_dflan) reported

    @TPG_Telecom your call service has just disconnected me twice after being on hold long enough to miss my birthday. This is rubbish.

  • Igor_Petreski_ Игор (@Igor_Petreski_) reported

    @TPG_Telecom I have no energy left to deal with this anymore. My wife will send an email to cancel the services with @TPG_Telecom .Apparantly there's no other way around. It's extremely frustrating to deal with you guys! Customer care factor was 0! I'm done!

  • OfficiallyBlizz Blizz (@OfficiallyBlizz) reported

    @TheyCallMe2D @shawry00736 @BeeTeeCS @Aussie_BB Yeah, might be an area thing tbh, we were paying $60/month before and were getting 1MB Down/700kbps up with tpg. It was ******* yuck Now getting 97/39 with aussiebb

  • TheyCallMe2D John Man (@TheyCallMe2D) reported

    @OfficiallyBlizz @shawry00736 @BeeTeeCS @Aussie_BB I don't think I've ever had a drop that was TPG's fault, I had one where our router died, and one where construction workers cut the wire by accident. Speeds are advertised as 100/30 and we get like 99/28. I'll stick with TPG as I'm having no problems.

  • Igor_Petreski_ Игор (@Igor_Petreski_) reported

    @TPG_Telecom I wonder how bad the other companies are if this is number 1. Been constantly lied about the connection. Absolutely useless! Stick your internet you know where!! Stay away from this company!

  • WoljaIlpapa WoljaIlpapa (@WoljaIlpapa) reported

    I thought @tpg had the worst customer service in the world. @optus is up there with we won't talk to you without a thing I don't have. Ring back when you have the nonexistent thing. Hopeless

  • materium jt (@materium) reported

    @TPG_Telecom I have called up tech support with you guys and they are arranging for an NBN technician in the next 23hrs. Obviously not super great but yeah... I will DM you anyway with my info

  • materium jt (@materium) reported

    I'm working from home today and two of arguably the most important pieces to enable this died on me today. My NBN connection with @TPG_Telecom decided to crap out, and my headset also decided to crap out. Let me now blow my monthly mobile data cap for the next 2.5hrs.

  • rim14isluv RaiLuv Raie (@rim14isluv) reported

    @thepointsguy uhhhh ... so about the new design... I’m having issues viewing it in IE11. Yeahhhh no one uses it, but that’s the only browser I’m allowed at work 🤫 ... I need my midday TPG fix!!

  • lucindascopo Lucinda Scopelliti (@lucindascopo) reported

    @Telstra Are you aware the TPG support told me twice there was a Telstra outage. There wasn't, after a week, I plugged on an old phone from the 70s and there was a dial tone. What a disgrace.

  • Hyphin_ Reeechard (@Hyphin_) reported

    @gprowireIess nah we went with TPG. Mum despises Telstra lmao. Bad past experience with them

  • leezbtv Lee (@leezbtv) reported

    @FlyingPhotog The only thing worse than some of TPG's click bait-y headlines are their comments section. It reads like all the horrible people on local news sites suddenly started traveling.

  • HeyMum3 EggShellBlonde (@HeyMum3) reported

    @vladimir19586 @walcat64 @LesStonehouse Another happy TPG customer here.

  • MerileeCandice Candice Rumpskuttle (@MerileeCandice) reported

    @LesStonehouse TPG one week old. Cheaper than Optus. Service so far so good.

  • The1stImmortal The1stImmortal (@The1stImmortal) reported

    @LesStonehouse Aussie Broadband do a lot of work micromanaging and fine tuning their sold bandwidth to customers vs their purchased bandwidth connecting to an NBN area, so they don't tend to have the random congestion issues as badly as say TPG (and their various other brands).

  • edumak8 BiBi (@edumak8) reported

    @LesStonehouse Been lucky to have no problems & seems OK with TPG bundled with home phone for unlimited with no shaping.

  • Sherman89 Shermos (@Sherman89) reported

    @LesStonehouse I've had very bad experiences with TPG, Telstra, and Optus. I've heard TPG have improved connection quality, but there's no way I'd give them another go. Highly Recommend Aussie Broadband. Stable connection and good, Aus based customer service.

  • boxcar909 boxcar909 🥚 (@boxcar909) reported

    @LesStonehouse We're with TPG, but i strongly urge you to monitor the speeds you get after NBN (you're getting the same service via a different infrastructure)..most Telstra people i know who have moved from their cable to NBN been very unhappy, lots of discounts and 4G handed out compensation

  • jqydnn jays (@jqydnn) reported

    @Rtros **** that, TPG for $100 a month, 90 upload 90 download

  • glazedonutsu WPU | Glazed (@glazedonutsu) reported

    I really don’t think I’m that far off from taking a TPG. I get 9th and 13th a lot and it’s mainly because of minor flaws in my gameplay I need to fix...

  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @Ummed187_ Hi, we're sorry if you are receiving a slow upload speed. We'd like to look into your account to understand the situation in order to provide you a resolution. Please DM us your TPG username or customer ID number. -Basil

  • Aderr6s Nagy ,,Ader,, Zoltán (@Aderr6s) reported

    @JSO_R6 Thats the other team. They are the TPG enforcers we are th The Problem Gods R6 :/

  • JARJARISM أفرودايت (@JARJARISM) reported

    tpg could never istg

  • DaveCurtis86 Dave C (@DaveCurtis86) reported

    @iiNet I can't watch it because my supposed 50mbs NBN connection is getting less than 1mbs - I've been a customer for >6 years and every year it gets slower. Called iiNet, you told me to buy a new modem yet you give free ones to new customers. Send me a new one or I'm leaving to TPG.

  • CrimockLyte Screamock ☠👻 (@CrimockLyte) reported

    17th/90 at tpg last night Not bad, but I want to push myself harder to get those big wins I know I'm capable of getting Ggs everyone!

  • anchorstandard karz ⚓🇦🇺 (@anchorstandard) reported

    @RissMeister 2019 and ****** straya can't figure out internet. I had tpg way back when and had no problems.

  • Jboss5980 Jboss (@Jboss5980) reported

    2-2 to get 33rd at TPG. Feeling disappointed about my play and need to find a way to improve. I’m down, but I’m definitely not gonna give up

  • mr_e_box_ Mr E Box (@mr_e_box_) reported

    It was a secret goal of mine to be that person who won TPG... I just am not good enough of a player yet. Again, good shit to whoever wins...!

  • BoyTupu HotBoyTupu (@BoyTupu) reported

    TPG is easily the worst internet provider i've ever dealt with. Constant cut outs and dial up rate speeds 100 phone calls and no fix or solution. God awful.

  • mpesce Mark Pesce (@mpesce) reported

    Have apparently turned on IPv6 support in my iiNet/TPG NBN router via its autoconfig 6to4 interface. Now let's see if I disappear from the internets completely. *vanishes in a 64-bit address puff of bits*

  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @woost_ Hi jack, we'd like to take a look at your account and check what can be done to resolve any issue at hand. Please DM us your TPG customer ID, username and complete address so we can pull up the account. Thank you. -Riezl

  • theniggathatbe 🕳 (@theniggathatbe) reported


  • woost_ jack (@woost_) reported

    @TPG_Telecom Yo internet shit dawg

  • Peto2810 Peto2810 (@Peto2810) reported

    @startrack Would have to be the most difficult and worst courier delivery service available for @TPG_Telecom. 2 options for driver collection. 1. Wait between hours 9 and 5 2. Book for a two hour window but if the driver doesn't make that time you need to rebook! #Hopeless

  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @yourfriendste We apologies for the inconvenience. We know how frustrating it is to be without a working internet service We would like to have this investigated. Please DM us your customer ID or TPG username, so we can take a closer look. -Julien

  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @woost_ Hi Jack, sorry to hear that you had issues with your internet connection. We would like to have this investigated. Please PM us your customer ID or TPG username, so we can take a closer look. -Julien

  • woost_ jack (@woost_) reported

    @yourfriendste @TPG_Telecom **** watchin stuff bro, i cant even load youtube thumbnails anymore

  • concerned_custo Sonya Marshall (@concerned_custo) reported

    Maybe they are using @TPG_Telecom network -that happens to us all the time too

  • thefellowfrugal Bob | The Frugal Fellow (@thefellowfrugal) reported

    @thepointsguy Damn, didn't know TPG was a monster. 😳

  • electricbrain2 electricbrain (@electricbrain2) reported

    If CG-NAT is so good for NBN, why doesn’t @exetel, @ausiebb, @tpg, etc advertise its virtues. Customers don’t even know they’ve had it rammed down their throats.

  • TPG_Telecom TPG (@TPG_Telecom) reported

    @RorNotRed makes it difficultfor providers to supply the best value services. Asking our customers to waive the CSG does not change TPG's aim to provide excellent service. [2/3] -Charm

  • MacsinSpace Craig... but spookier. (@MacsinSpace) reported

    @colin_aus @Telstra @TPG_Telecom Honestly no. But I've never needed them. Their setup communication was great. Even when it had to be rescheduled due to issues in the apartment building.