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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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August 18: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 01:20 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Chicago Playback Issues
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  • Jay82569081 Jay (@Jay82569081) reported

    Help this dude. @OMGitsAliA @YouTube @OfficialECFC @ManUtd @FortniteGame @EFL #respectyoutube @TTfue @Ninja @TSeries @talfishman @JTonYouTube @enesbatur00

  • Elio59600312 Elio (@Elio59600312) reported

    @JTonYouTube @YouTube help this guy by Checking into the claims so he won't be terminated without a good reason.

  • 30000ter 30000ter (@30000ter) reported

    @YouTube My channel needs help from you

  • njg2312 👍🏻👍🏻 (@njg2312) reported

    @DiddlyDonger @YouTube Youtube is an absolute joke of a platform. I can’t wait for a competitor to come along in a big way and take away YouTube’s hold. They are falling apart and despite everyone complaining about it; they do nothing to fix it and somehow continue to make it worse

  • TobeyWong Tobey Wong (@TobeyWong) reported

    @JTonYouTube @KEEMSTAR @pewdiepie @YouTube Please help JT

  • PowerhouseBikki Bikki Singh (@PowerhouseBikki) reported

    @ANWESH5PATI @YouTube @youtubemusic .. Yo solve his problem ..

  • tharanipaul THARANI (@tharanipaul) reported

    @TeamYouTube ,@YouTubeIndia ,@YouTube @youtubemusic ( please help ) Give us the full version of @TheThinning bad experience please give the full version of it For that only i Paid for premium

  • Khizqi1 Khizqi (@Khizqi1) reported

    Please help this guy @KEEMSTAR @pewdiepie @YouTube Hope they notice

  • Qz85Ra raQz85 (@Qz85Ra) reported

    @SW8999 @ailuros_san @sangdewisilver @Moonsto26644583 @YouTube I think it help also that they have twice already so they got even more closer during filming.

  • AydanRitthaler Aydan Ritthaler (@AydanRitthaler) reported

    @YouTube help this guy out he has 2 false claimed videos and I'm pretty sure the guy that falsely claimed the 2 video is getting out of hand he's abusing the power of copyright strike so help @JTonYouTube out please

  • cossielover1369 CossieLover1369🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 (@cossielover1369) reported

    @YouTube this sudden influx of ads on every video every 20 seconds is not making me wanna watch YT any more and it's especially not gonna make me pay you for an ad free service, you need to rethink that one you! YTs an awful place to be at the moment.

  • camshai CamCam (@camshai) reported

    @B_Wood_LI @DemarkLewis @tariqnasheed @YouTube That the issue tired of these wait and sees. Crossing fingers it’s not all hype.

  • FlareFromTheAir Flare (@FlareFromTheAir) reported

    @AnxiousPenman @YouTube The biggest problem with this ad is that it presents a perfectly reasonable case that has attached to it complete and utter ******* nonsense tied on with the loosest connections. I don't think you can tell them to be not shown but you can point out some of the stupidity.

  • LiterallTweet LiterallTweet (@LiterallTweet) reported

    @JTonYouTube @KEEMSTAR @YouTube Please Help This Person, Please Respond And For Youtube, Manually check The Video's

  • bad_fido Bad Dog (@bad_fido) reported

    @ElisandeWalters @ShaunTheCHB @YouTube "Feminism is about equality, let me prove that by ****-shaming this young woman I disagree with" Even when it's in your own interests to mask your hate, you can't help yourselves.

  • BazFunnyBunny Lord Happy Pants (@BazFunnyBunny) reported

    @YouTube The share feature is not working for the last 3 days. Please fix it.

  • EmbraceThePara1 Embrace The Paranormal (@EmbraceThePara1) reported

    @Christina070280 @cmaestri25 @YouTube @OmarGoshTV I will be posting them even though they might seem issue with camera issues learning how to point it the gimbal I bought is heavy. Looking into a better camera in two months I carry a voice record I have a sp7. And today I drive one hour and 45 minutes to a large house and I

  • Leon46650243 Leon (@Leon46650243) reported

    @CybershamanX @YouTube @BrookAndBailey Obviusly more important is to promote bullshit on youtube than to actualy take care of some problem or maybe just explain it.

  • parwiz64938073 parwiz (@parwiz64938073) reported

    Help @YouTube

  • xwhxtewolf YT xWhxteWolf (@xwhxtewolf) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @pewdiepie Help This Man Out plus @YouTube Make Ur Shit Good How can a person False Claim Another Person Four Times and u guys don’t Take action u guys are a billion Dollar Company Do Something!

  • gamingforgaming gaming for gaming (@gamingforgaming) reported

    YouTube is having issues with the video view count. The view count under the Content Creator Video Manager screens are higher than what is publicly presented on the Channel. @YouTubeGaming @YouTube #YouTube

  • khungeraditya Aditya khunger (@khungeraditya) reported

    @pewdiepie @KEEMSTAR @YouTube Help!

  • a_stegosaurs A Stegosaurs (@a_stegosaurs) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube yo help with the youtuber @JTonYouTube he's asking for help so he wont get to make videos because of you guys not responding to him even tho another person is stealing content when he's just talking about him and doing nothing

  • MarnieFanclub Marnie Fanclub (@MarnieFanclub) reported

    @YouTube once again normalizing this shit and allowing pedophiles to have a platform to speak. get off your asses and fix this shit @TeamYouTube @YTCreators

  • MichellBasler III (@MichellBasler) reported

    @Banquozghost @YouTube @_MinaMurray @MagsYoungs @SilkAvril @CindyFVK @kats_katspaws @Zukubuz @danielalippke i cannot unsee the phone porn omg help someone save me

  • ThanoidB Thanoid Is Back (@ThanoidB) reported

    @Google / @YouTube some company called @DuckDuckGo is talking down about your sites about selling information about your users governments, and they're advertising it on Youtube, please fix this

  • BoiWatermelon MrNooby (@BoiWatermelon) reported

    @JTonYouTube @KEEMSTAR @YouTube @YTCreators Bro Help this guy out he's about to get terminated for no reason

  • Waterstone__79 waterstone79 (@Waterstone__79) reported

    @YouTube why aren’t you doing anything about Enes Bature falsely striking @JTonYouTube, I don’t watch JT but I do know false claiming and striking isn’t good for the community, either do something about Enes or fix the copyright system

  • RachelOrr94 Rachel Catherine Orr (@RachelOrr94) reported

    @trishapaytas @YouTube I didn't laugh... I inadvertently seen the tweet through another page and couldn't believe my eyes. It's not funny, it's just sad. I'd fix them before I started posting **** content. That's all. But get your bag sis.

  • winnerwolf4 Winnerwolf4 (@winnerwolf4) reported

    @YouTube Enes batur (a ten million subscriber YouTuber) is steaming content and striking people falsely even for just mentioning his name @JTonYouTube is going to be terminated this abuse needs to stop @pewdiepie @MrBeastYT ANYONE who can help with this we need to take him down..

  • StefanI88268150 Stefan Iliev (@StefanI88268150) reported

    @JTonYouTube I'm new to his channel but dear god I don't know what @YouTube is doing seriously. Stop letting an impostor steal content from other popular YouTubers. The worst is that he falsely copystrikes @JTonYouTube just because he's roasting him. @enesbatur00 is just a little prick :)

  • moosemousse Rachel James 🍓 (@moosemousse) reported

    Ugh, @YouTube Premium seems to have followed the @Crunchyroll Premium model of "drown them with ads until they pay to get rid of them". The number of ads wasn't a problem before, but now there's so many that people will pay to be ad free.

  • pranavdhankhar pranavdhankhar (@pranavdhankhar) reported


  • Hint88684855 Hint (@Hint88684855) reported

    @YouTube you’re being a real **** to @JTonYouTube he has done nothing wrong and u have taken down to of his video of his already, fix it and remove the strike

  • rudyobrien21 Not keen on unseasoned chicken wings (@rudyobrien21) reported

    @APickyBitch @YouTube He posted a video yesterday of a girl he has history with. The girl is basically saying that Jared claims to have personal issues which is why he is the way he is - or some shit like that. He threaten to beat the shit out of his live on YT but no one knows if this really happen

  • notjohnacay Luthor 🐢🐇 (@notjohnacay) reported

    @ygent_official @joohwangie @YouTube It's not working!!!

  • ghxstkxyy Kxy (@ghxstkxyy) reported

    @TeamYouTube @KEEMSTAR @YouTube HELP THIS MAN RN

  • RakeshV05350956 Rakesh Verma (@RakeshV05350956) reported

    @arifmushtaq @SaimaSaba8 @YouTube That would be unprofessional to talk about anything but the issue at hand. Your ambassador did not speak either, these two jokers were not in there.

  • Eeee50790211 XXX_Snippets (@Eeee50790211) reported

    @YouTube help this man out Jesus... @JTonYouTube

  • carlosjgamin Carlosjgamin (@carlosjgamin) reported

    @JTonYouTube @YouTube this isn’t fair what you have been doing your system is rigged and not fair you need to get your act together and help out @JTonYouTube

  • william98478344 Chillie (@william98478344) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @TeamYouTube A youtuber called JT is being false copyright striked by a turkish youtuber named enes batur,JT is almost going to be terminated for false claims because he was exposing him for copying pewdiepie and mr beast and @YouTube has done nothing to help.

  • esorknipkcalb ً (@esorknipkcalb) reported

    @ygent_official @YouTube Someone please tell me what time BP will be preforming. The time conversion tells me that it starts at 1:00AM but it’s 2:11AM here. Please help me! Thank you :)

  • esorknipkcalb ً (@esorknipkcalb) reported

    @ygent_official @YouTube Someone please tell me what time BP will be preforming. The time conversion tells me that it starts at 1:00AM but it’s 2:11AM here. Please help me! Thank you :)

  • EdwinLallo #Jaseme; Ong'weng'o Wuod Awanya! (@EdwinLallo) reported

    Figa by ethic was deleted from YouTube by @YouTube...... Copyright issues kumbe they stole the beats

  • HannahBeaney 🤓🌷Hannah Beaney🌷🤓 (@HannahBeaney) reported

    @natwillnatter @YouTube It’s worrying to think that when we think we’re operating at our best, others can think we’re at our worst! I must really annoy a lot of other people!

  • ikartik90 Kartik Iyer (@ikartik90) reported

    @YouTube's promotion of extremist content as investigated by @Max_Fisher is not an AI/ML or recommendation problem. It's rather an ethical one. It's rather a question of how willing social media corporations are to play ***** in pursuit of boosting their revenue and viewership.

  • Battleskylande1 Battle skylanders (@Battleskylande1) reported


  • NOXpictures NOX ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (@NOXpictures) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @LazarBeamYT @pewdiepie Please Help @JTonYouTube he needs our help!!!! And for you @YouTube @YTCreators please stop striking @JTonYouTube with false claims and terminate Enes Batur. He's done several false claims and this violates the rules of YouTube. Thank you.

  • ExoticOfficiall MushyQueen (@ExoticOfficiall) reported

    @YouTube FIX ya shit people still abusing the system like come on people you guys NEED TO FIX this cause god damn good youtubers are getting terminated pretty shit platform now huh

  • super_NUNZ superNUNZ33 (@super_NUNZ) reported

    @YouTube wtf fix this @JTonYouTube was false claimed by enes batur which is against your community guidelines. Please fix this issue because @JTonYouTube did nothing wrong and his channel doesn’t deserve to have these strikes

  • ScrappySketches Scrappy Sketches (@ScrappySketches) reported

    @YouTube fix the system!!! False claims and copy strike that just cuz of saying a NAME. and youtube does nothing

  • MobbyDickIzGood 馬鹿 (@MobbyDickIzGood) reported

    @JTonYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators please check this out and fix it

  • SilentK61738523 Silent Killer (@SilentK61738523) reported

    @YouTube pls fix it -- on my video showoff ki hadd and many more video there were 28 or i guess 30 comments and now i see the videos there are zero comments. Please i request to fix it

  • BehindaWoodshed Behind The Woodshed (@BehindaWoodshed) reported

    @GaryL_ @YouTube Yes, I was caught by early reports of multiple bones broken & kneeling. Seems more a strangulation than the promoted hanging. I haven't found any support for the idea such a strangulation can do this sort of damage. Couldn't find the report last night to verify this condition.

  • miniladddvevo lord ligma (@miniladddvevo) reported

    @YouTube @pewdiepie @KEEMSTAR Please help this guy he is a wholesome content creator getting strikes by enus batur and he is almost terminated

  • parthshinde83 PARTH SHINDE (@parthshinde83) reported

    @YouTube I am not geeting support from youtube and I am having trouble with the YouTube channel while using it so please help me with this issue you can call me on my mobile phone number 9404811471 @YouTube

  • Sam72425982 Sam (@Sam72425982) reported

    @YouTube is like a circus monkey controled by enterprises or anyone who knows how to copyright strike someone. They will give the reason automaticly to the striker. Cause "we care about the community and their thoughts" Fix your platform dumb monkeys

  • B_Wood_LI Drentz (@B_Wood_LI) reported

    @camshai @DemarkLewis @tariqnasheed @YouTube Because the Panthers were sold for 2.3 Billion CASH! Fact. We just can't talk out of our asses because it sounds right to us. We need to know the facts surrounding the issues. In short he couldn't afford to buy the Panthers without help from others.

  • KatPastelli ♡Kat♡ THANK YOU FOR 50 FOLLOWERS 🥳 (@KatPastelli) reported

    @JTonYouTube @pewdiepie @TeamYouTube @Youtube help this guy out and dont let the pewdiepie/mrbeast RIP OFF win!

  • AdamDeMouy Sir_Adam DeMouy (@AdamDeMouy) reported

    @AlgoBogeyman @YouTube One problem... the cloud is not proven long term...