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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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  • CalledLevi ALeviCalledBird (@CalledLevi) reported

    @Sinny356 @HugenautNetwork @YouTube You're clearly just here to confuse the issue. The fact that you can dismiss MAJOR contradictions and misinformation on PP's part, while complaining about a minor (alleged) inaccuracy in my terminology because PP wasn't clear... Have fun being blocked.

  • elihuh2001 Elihu Hernandez (@elihuh2001) reported

    @nation_orville @YouTube Still having problem with YouTube, says "can not connect with SSL" I hate this beta software for ps4

  • Sinny356 Sinny⁷ (@Sinny356) reported

    @CalledLevi @HugenautNetwork @YouTube One of the many problems in the video is how you kept calling the people who were harassing contra points "non binary critics" and kept conflating the two to try to make him look bad and label him as an enbyphobe when he says "the people railing on contra at this point are just-

  • KiddoKayyy ⚠️ Kiddo Kay (@KiddoKayyy) reported

    @ChrisRGun @YouTube please fix the bell system, thanks

  • carlososuna86 Carlos Osuna 🐍⚛🐸💚🇧🇷🇵🇾 (@carlososuna86) reported

    @ironkodiak @nandoodles @YouTube Also, if a particular group systematically scores lower on tests considered proxy for "intelligence", there should be an inquiry on whether there are environmental, nutritional, cultural and/or genetic factors that contribute to that difference, or else we can't fix it property

  • AlienInfluencer 👽ΔΠ∅TΗ∃R ΔL⇕∃Π👽🌺🇺🇸 (@AlienInfluencer) reported

    @LipBalm14 @jimmy_dore @joerogan @YouTube I'm here to help.

  • AriBCantor Ari B. Cantor (@AriBCantor) reported

    @JeffLac @YouTube Hoping you still have a BlackBerry Storm (AKA worst touch screen device ever released to consumers).

  • biswayanpaul45 @biswayanpaul12 (@biswayanpaul45) reported

    @YouTube I Biswayan Paul is facing a problem regarding my youtube channel Sir my channel has been suspended beacause I have got 3 copyright strikes within one month.Sir I request you to please enable my account. I Will further not post any video. Channel - youtube/BiswayanPaul

  • JeffLac Jeffrey (@JeffLac) reported

    @AriBCantor @YouTube I had one! (It was a demo unit, and it was terrible.)

  • erikaannc79 erika ann c (@erikaannc79) reported

    @dislesick @YouTube I’m trying to understand. The sentence seems broken. I like to consider your viewpoint because if helps me make a better decision. Seriously. I love my country. Most of us do. So slow down, explain what you mean. I watched this whole show & can’t seem to catch what you’re saying

  • FirstKnivesClub 👀🤫🍾🌶 (@FirstKnivesClub) reported

    @csmith03 @YouTube I’ve only seen this and it seems terrible

  • lilbunjk theo ⁷ ♡ boo (@lilbunjk) reported

    TW // EATING DISORDER from what i can see from titles and thumbnails some of these videos are practically how-tos. i do watch videos surrounding food but nothing like this. please fix your stupid algorithm. this could badly trigger someone. @YouTube

  • kelvis4519 KELVIS🇺🇸❌ (@kelvis4519) reported

    @netstarman @HKecia @YouTube We are definitely broken !

  • robbbdraws robbbdraws (TWITCH) (@robbbdraws) reported

    @JonastyDrawz @TrentArty @YouTube I did a quick fix but thank you for pointing it out omg. I was really out of it when I posted this

  • joec00l ergh (@joec00l) reported

    @deefizzy @YouTube It’s just sad that he doesn’t quit. His like-dislike ratio is always terrible, everyone hates him and his content is awful. It makes me sad that he can’t just quit when clearly he is just motivated by seducing young idiot fans to idolise him and trying to start a cult or whatever

  • ThonsBurner IG - thon4mvp (@ThonsBurner) reported

    @MrKingXbox360 @YouTube Please help my camera angle is stuck after the glitch

  • QuasiAnon "IQ ('brain size doesn't affect IQ' + four SDs)" (@QuasiAnon) reported

    @StefanMolyneux @YouTube If intelligence is paramount (I'm sure we're in agreement that it is), it is clearly the case that a racial hierarchy exists. (Had our nation remained as designed by men who didn't predict our subversion by our thousands-years mortal enemy, these problems wouldn't exist.)

  • robbbdraws robbbdraws (TWITCH) (@robbbdraws) reported

    @JonastyDrawz @TrentArty @YouTube OH SHIT YOURE RIGHT LMAO. An artists worst nightmare 😭

  • matthewislam Matthew Islam (@matthewislam) reported

    @waltmossberg @davidglenwalker @YouTube And the fact that it doesn’t stream in real HD is also absolutely shambolic. The quality of video from YouTube on Apple TV is terrible. Apparently it’s from Google’s side that they don’t do something about it. There’s some weird compression artefacts in blacks etc.

  • xLadyCoconutx Bethany Frey (@xLadyCoconutx) reported

    @___VIIIXXXXCIII @cyrusisbomb @_DomoWilson1 @YouTube I have a friend with fertility issues. I know too much 😐

  • MxganNicolx 𝐌𝐄𝐆𝐀𝐍 🥂✨💕 (@MxganNicolx) reported

    @tanamongeau @YouTube Tana I wanted to make your broken heart out of roses but I’m drunk and can’t go out for supplies :(

  • Comtigershark Commandertigershark (@Comtigershark) reported

    @nandoodles @YouTube Essentially what’s going on is the elites can’t handle what progressives want and demand today. I have no problem with equality I do have a problem with this modern intersectionality and ideological notion where you base everything in race

  • Comtigershark Commandertigershark (@Comtigershark) reported

    @nandoodles @YouTube Frankly this goes beyond respect dignity and equality this about how you think a more mixed race society will solve legal social and economic issues. Fact is you aren’t just pushing for equality your laying the blame solely at white groups feet.

  • Behindshadows 🇩🇪💻 🎮 BSG NETWORK™ 📷🎧🏀🚭♊ (@Behindshadows) reported

    I'm completely losing my faith in the #gamingcommunity and in @YouTube @YouTubeGaming time for them to improve on how the block features work. When you block someone, you shouldn't even show up in search engine for that person. And we need an option for sign in only visibility!

  • SalFisher19 Sally Fisher (@SalFisher19) reported

    @maggieatlas @YouTube Currently in NZ and seeing much discussion about housing issues/prices here. At least they are open to debating the policies and outcomes they are getting.

  • FixYouTubeBot Fix YouTube Bot (@FixYouTubeBot) reported

    Fix yourself before it's too late. @YouTube

  • hope411adcock Samantha (@hope411adcock) reported

    @rlamartini @keithbrownmph @masonis_marilyn @reversechapter @tinwisc @PainPtFightBack @YouTube Some people avoid seeking treatment because drug use is illegal. For example. I've known folks with kids who wanted help, but wouldn't seek it because they feared CPS learning they had SUD & would lose custody. That's 1 way criminalization is a barrier to treatment.

  • bishths69 Himmat S Bisht (@bishths69) reported

    @DRuzbeh @YouTube Don’t go such plan and specifically from HDfC as over a period of time their high cost & aspirations for higher profitability will eat what ever the said policy will generate. They r paying less in saving fixed deposits worst general insurance product & worst performing MF

  • elisabethkanyer Elisabeth Kanyer (@elisabethkanyer) reported

    @YouTube @YouTubeSpaceLA @ytcreators @YouTubeIndia someone please help!!!!

  • DeborahWithrow9 Deborah Withrow (@DeborahWithrow9) reported

    @ThomasKlineMD @YouTube Refused to be treated for my intractable pain as its not available in my area. #disabled RN suffering #no quality of life#cpp#intractable pain

  • Jimmydabeast993 mr mock (@Jimmydabeast993) reported

    @YouTube fix mini player on iPad Pro it broke

  • Toller_Tails TollerTails (@Toller_Tails) reported

    @VictoriaS Read in a EU paper this man is heading to UK in 2020 charging £600 to showcase this animal abuse. Since you have a big platform, hoping you will help shut him down before he has a chance to spread more harm. Sadly @YouTube still allows his posts.

  • Jimmydabeast993 mr mock (@Jimmydabeast993) reported

    @YouTube fix mini player it’s broken as **** on iPad

  • libbyliberalnyc libbyliberal (@libbyliberalnyc) reported

    @magtell @YouTube @Klump48 @pdeppisch @MJGlass2 @kooter4469 @fscarfe @DawsonMdhoust Sorry, I see links not working! :-(

  • Ghettokhanz Ghettokhan💕👑 (@Ghettokhanz) reported

    @unCAGEDgamez @YouTube @ytcreators So sorry cage 😓 I thought they said they was gonna fix this!

  • PerkNorene Norene Perk (@PerkNorene) reported

    @GeorgeMgoblue07 @YouTube You be doing it again G. Just canNOT help Thyself. Scary scare fly in around 2Nite . Plucking peeps thoughts right outta the freaking air. Dark Lord Wizard n scandal yup yup💫

  • BrettJH2 Brett Hill (@BrettJH2) reported

    @Ruth64933323 @YouTube These people live in fantasy. KK bought up all white men issue when she worked as a camera op. But if the nation is 90% white and in the 70's men worked and more women stayed home. These people are 100% WACK!

  • KSheives Kevin Sheives (@KSheives) reported

    @waltmossberg @YouTube Funny. Just had the same problem with You Tube’s TiVo app. Super difficult to do anything.

  • EdmundBerry5 DJ Flook-E (@EdmundBerry5) reported

    @Mikako_MG_WoW @YouTube And there lies the problem

  • reversechapter lee h. alderman (@reversechapter) reported

    @LizHolland1976 @rlamartini @tinwisc @keithbrownmph @masonis_marilyn @PainPtFightBack @YouTube I guess they benefit for a short time, when their attention is redirected toward a different goal. It doesn't last. They want ****** (or something else). I guess the problem is we're torturing elderly people...even cancer abandoning principles of governing.

  • BloomJupiter 🇨🇦Jupiter Bloom🇵🇹 (@BloomJupiter) reported

    @YouTube @maggierogers Y’all gonna fix the site tho

  • LizHolland1976 Elizabeth Holland (@LizHolland1976) reported from Warrington, Florida

    @rlamartini @reversechapter @tinwisc @keithbrownmph @masonis_marilyn @PainPtFightBack @YouTube Well addicts.. At least the ones I know are self medicating. Rather it is physical pain or emotional pain or mental pain. If help is offered they will take it and benefit.💜

  • carlrylander21 Carl Rylander (@carlrylander21) reported

    @VRSVirginia @YouTube That's right Victoria people should help. They keep in my case to sort it out from my end and here is where it may be sourced from.

  • reversechapter lee h. alderman (@reversechapter) reported

    @rlamartini @tinwisc @keithbrownmph @masonis_marilyn @PainPtFightBack @YouTube I shouldn't need to know about SUD, etc. The only reason I hear about it is because collectivist saviors and scammers are taking advantage of local problems. I didn't even care about them stealing tax dollars...but they won't stop there. The greedy bastards will never stop.

  • The_Aigne Frosty Aigne (@The_Aigne) reported

    @ThunderKathryn @YoutubeSuppor16 @YouTube Oh no, I am so so sorry this has happened to you. How awful, sending thoughts

  • rlamartini R. Lamartiniere, MD (@rlamartini) reported

    @reversechapter @tinwisc @keithbrownmph @masonis_marilyn @PainPtFightBack @YouTube You apparently know little about real world OUD treatment. Patients come to us for help getting off illicit drugs. This is an extremely hard decision for them to make as their condition inhibits this choice. It’s their only actual choice after developing OUD. No coercion.

  • jennifer_outen Jennifer Outen (@jennifer_outen) reported

    @GeorgeMgoblue07 @YouTube Of course you made it I'm thru making messes I just help clean them up.... lol

  • PhillipTkm421 Phillip Kerfoot🌹 #emigratefromtoryland (@PhillipTkm421) reported

    @amazinglife03 @ccthansard @LozzaFox @YouTube no it isnt 0.006% of members of which 5 have benn expelled isnt a hub. its a right problem own it for once. thats all yours.

  • Aquaa365 💎Diamond💎 (YouTuber) (@Aquaa365) reported


  • Brontofelis Rhiannon Short (@Brontofelis) reported

    @DinoReplicas @Google @YouTube 😹 It was also convinced I should love American Football 😜 I can't help but feel they have their agendas...

  • yt2ak TMLAK (@yt2ak) reported

    @RobtheSicilian @NBCNews @YouTube And just like I laws broken

  • reversechapter lee h. alderman (@reversechapter) reported

    @rlamartini @tinwisc @keithbrownmph @masonis_marilyn @PainPtFightBack @YouTube I used to think needle exchange and Narcan programs were harmless. I had no problem with tax dollars being spent for them. I was soooooo wrong.

  • SteveForgeron Steve Forgeron (@SteveForgeron) reported

    @Lead1225 @YouTube March AD 415, Hypatia, Alexandria’s greatest living mathematician, was taken by Christians who dragged her through the streets to a church. Inside, they ripped the clothes from her body &using broken pieces of pottery as blades, flayed her skin from her flesh. Not to be forgotten

  • goobooiscoolio goobooiscoolio (@goobooiscoolio) reported

    @zaptiee @YouTube @ytcreators help this man out, and possibly get rid of Maximilianmus for being a troll and abusing the copyright system There is photo proof he knows what he is doing

  • JaymanJarrod Jarrod Lardner (@JaymanJarrod) reported

    @YouTube Stop recommending me ******* livestreams or ill report each one i see to **** with your shitty broken algorithm and then watch videos on twitch instead cuz thats the only place i should have to ******* go for livestreams. Sincerely, **** off

  • TimeLordNeas Sean Livingston, LivingStoneWriter @Wattpad (@TimeLordNeas) reported

    @nerdfollowing @Nerdrotics @YouTube I still honestly believe, even after nearly 2 weeks since it aired, "Spyfall Part Two" was the worst hour of TV I'd seen, if not the worst episode of this season of #DoctorWho. But there are still 7 left to go, so Chibs and co. have more opportunities to fail even harder. 😂

  • Officailyinsane Sophia Reichert🇺🇸🇩🇪 (@Officailyinsane) reported

    @YouTube I watch YouTube on my iPad, and as of last night the way videos are displayed are completely wrong, especially the MiniPlayer. I have tried re freshing the app and I even deleted and uninstalled it and the bug is still there, please FIX THIS

  • reversechapter lee h. alderman (@reversechapter) reported

    @rlamartini @tinwisc @keithbrownmph @masonis_marilyn @PainPtFightBack @YouTube All problems are local, and when we think otherwise we turn them into social justice activism. "Save the planet!" outrage does nothing to reduce pollution, or even carbon imbalance.

  • ShadowSopeOT7 7at3.42M⁷BlackSwanIsHere (@ShadowSopeOT7) reported

    @cruelprdise @gmfubts @YouTube fix this that person is impersonating an official channel.

  • thegeekyguy98 geekyguy (@thegeekyguy98) reported