Is Youtube down?

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

 Problems detected at Youtube

Youtube problems in the last 24 hours

Youtube Outage Chart

April 02: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 06:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering 55.60% Buffering
  • Playback Issues 20.75% Playback Issues
  • Sign in 12.45% Sign in
  • Crashing 9.13% Crashing
  • Video Quality 2.07% Video Quality

Youtube Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Tulancingo Buffering
Ameca Buffering
Bogotá Buffering
Bogotá Buffering
Buenos Aires Buffering
Rome Playback Issues

Youtube Comments

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Youtube Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • BradKTEC Brad Thomas (@BradKTEC) reported from Frankfort, Kentucky

    @BDBecton @FredMinnick @YouTube @BDBecton Need to help me change my mind... #HardToDrinkTennesseeAnything

  • bps_mon3y BPS MON3Y (@bps_mon3y) reported

    @DangerG34565369 @TylariousYT @YouTube If he really wanted to help he could have set up a go fund me, the fact he didn’t. And the way he made the tittle shows he was in it for money.

  • Timcasso99 Povelaitis Art(Tim) (@Timcasso99) reported

    Hey everyone, if I made a money pool, to finally get my @YouTube @YouTubeGaming channel going would anyone help, I have over 800 followers, if half did a dollar I'd have $400 of the $700 I'd need. This is what I want to do, and I could really use the help. Please consider.

  • jennypriscilla3 JP M 🐦 (@jennypriscilla3) reported

    @MaryPretends @YouTube I’m ranking YouTubers worst to. bad. WORST: 1. Onision 2. Shanny 3. MFW 4. TT 5. Nikocado 6. ALR 7. ALJ 8. Chantal /Subject to change/

  • FiddleStyxVR FiddleStyx (@FiddleStyxVR) reported

    @BossminV @S_Sasquatch6 @AztecrossGaming @YouTube The problem is, I dont bounty farm. I just play and then buy the rest of the pass when the ability is open. Progress gated trials is ******* stupid and you should feel ******* stupid for suggesting that.

  • aeknipe Clearly a bot account (@aeknipe) reported

    @Roku The @YouTube app doesn’t fit the screen. It plays larger than the screen. I’ve deleted the app, restarted the Roku, and then reinstalled the app - still doesn’t work. Please help.

  • CephasPeterKe BASE COMMANDER (@CephasPeterKe) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube @ytcreators need help

  • TheVikkiVerse (@TheVikkiVerse) reported

    @NarataCards @EthanVanSciver @ComicsJacks @VexarDave @Friended4Ever @vielned @YouTube I already know they exist. They have existed since the 1960's. Most recently they minted in San Francisco in '19 That the coins exist in the wild isn't the issue What is at issue is what Ethan claimed to be selling vs what Ethan actually shipped I apologize for getting snarky

  • WilksMurray Murray (@WilksMurray) reported

    @OneHalfOfBent @YouTube When the 80s was on steroids, this is what it looked like. Textbook, museum-quality example!

  • chocolattezombi cola (@chocolattezombi) reported

    @AztecrossGaming @YouTube This is extra awful, when you consider that a serious effort and man power is being put to stop cheaters instead of improving the game.

  • chocolattezombi cola (@chocolattezombi) reported

    @AztecrossGaming @YouTube coming from a ton of games and even ones who have a serious cheating issue, i have to support this, sorry for my f2p bros, but some people can't play fair and ruin it for all of us. PVP and gambit can be shut off, so that this toxivity doesn't go out of proportion #PAYWALL

  • KYBourbonMan Eric Johnson (@KYBourbonMan) reported from Taylor Mill, Kentucky

    @FredMinnick @YouTube Early Times no problem

  • NeilGlenn5 Neil Glenn (@NeilGlenn5) reported

    @dub_birder @YouTube 6 hours standing on the jetty in pouring rain. Worst twitch = 3 dips at Rainham for that ******* g**l 😢😢

  • WaylonGarvoille Waylon Garvoille (@WaylonGarvoille) reported

    @AztecrossGaming @YouTube @Bungie The game is going to die very soon if something big doesn't happen to fix these issues, I'm still going to play some days until it does die, but currently the only reason I'm playing is to chill with my friends from around the world, we play pvp mostly, and we hate it.

  • PointmanC Pointman Comics! (@PointmanC) reported

    @GRMM31821086 @ComicsJacks @Friended4Ever @TheVikkiVerse @vielned @YouTube cause it seems to me that you have a problem with talking

  • WaylonGarvoille Waylon Garvoille (@WaylonGarvoille) reported

    @AztecrossGaming @YouTube #PAYWALL never joined in on any hashtag nonsense before, but as D2 is one of my favorite games, it pains me to see how awfully the game has been treated @Bungie does not care enough, just because they say "we're listening" does not mean they care, the game needs help, immediately

  • ComicsJacks Pocket Jacks Comics (@ComicsJacks) reported

    @PointmanC @GRMM31821086 @Friended4Ever @TheVikkiVerse @vielned @YouTube The backer counts and $ volume of each successive issue has grown. So, there's that.

  • WhidbeyTom428 Thomas🐕⚾️🏳️‍🌈✌🏼 (@WhidbeyTom428) reported

    @beyond90seconds @YouTube So I heard on my way home that masks don't help out that much. Wondering if it's because most people don't know how to wear a mask correctly. 🤔

  • spookyfudge spookyfudge (@spookyfudge) reported

    @ExelonGen @YouTube please save Montgomery county pa lives and stop the outage.

  • osyra_ Clementine (@osyra_) reported

    @thegothking @YouTube Lmao this has me dying. But I cant help but feel bad for comic lovers for damage that's done

  • StevenConradJr Steven Conrad Jr. (@StevenConradJr) reported

    @RADeMita @ytcreators @YouTube I wish I could help. I’m in the exact same boat right now! If you find anything let us know!

  • a_moderator A True YouTube Moderator (@a_moderator) reported

    @VincentIrkalla @YouTube @thephysicsgirl Most of the time, no they don't. The few times that they do respond to a problem its a copy/paste response which I believe is automated. The only times I've seen them properly respond to a problem is if a lot of bigger creators are complaining about it, with rare exceptions.

  • leftylib4life99 rhyming_ romeo (@leftylib4life99) reported

    @JimmyLeeMobley @Carene_or_Grams @YouTube I'm ALWAYS good But I'm the REAL KLUTZ HENCE ALL THE BROKEN BONES

  • ViberOfTheSouth Grilly (@ViberOfTheSouth) reported

    I think my skip ad on YouTube mobile just broke. Is that a problem that everyone has rn or is it just me thats having that problem. Any answers @YouTube

  • skyburgway Nazar Hussain. (@skyburgway) reported

    @DRSGUPDATES @SHABAZGIL @YouTube Sir, I sent SMS in 8171 for aid . I was replied to contact basic District management. I am about 60 and a heart patient. I live in Rawalpindi but from Jhelum. how I contact there where my shop is here and I need help to pay shop and home rent.

  • smiley28 Smiley28 (@smiley28) reported

    Anyone know how to use Open Broadcaster Software for a @youtube channel. I am new at this and need a little help!

  • DDenouncement Ginger Jones QVC, MTV, DFS, KGB (@DDenouncement) reported

    @Peterda21564481 @Morrisons @YouTube Ah, no. I’m not. 😊 I’ve followed you, if you have any more probs then message me, I’ll try and help if I can.

  • jsec0985 just Jim (@jsec0985) reported

    @strashmee @jamescharles @YouTube James! Can you please please help this nurse out. No money involved I promise. Please!

  • BITPHORIA Deftware (@BITPHORIA) reported

    @GregSalazarYT It's because the ads are PAYING to be on the platform, while the content creators are PAID to be on the platform. What needs to happen are the G-rating-obsessed advertisers need to get on @YouTube about the quality of the other ads they allow on their platform along w/ theirs.

  • NormanJ71849890 Norman John (@NormanJ71849890) reported

    @tanamongeau @YouTube I've been trying for days to get someone to notice me and hop help me out. I'm a dad of 3 and have no income now. I really need groceries for my kids. I'm ok with nothing I just need 2 feed my kids. Anything will help & I appreciate it. Plz see me. I have cashapp $Dadof3boys2020

  • FixYouTubeBot Fix YouTube Bot (@FixYouTubeBot) reported

    Fix yourself before it's too late. @YouTube

  • DownFalcon Falcon Apoda (@DownFalcon) reported

    @AMusingMoose @Justcreations1 @YouTube I kind of think of it like I think of the Mafia. If bad guys want to go after other bad guys, then I don't have much of a problem with that. When they start gunning for shopkeepers just because they happen to live on the same street, however, then this tends to gives me pause.

  • Peterda21564481 Peter davies (@Peterda21564481) reported

    @DDenouncement @Morrisons @YouTube Thanks for that but it doesnt apply to over 70's it's for the people who have had a letter from the nhs saying they have an underlying problem

  • XxButta Butta (@XxButta) reported

    @PrimarkScream @ironicallyasimp @VIdarVikingElvi @FuroridaNoMaya @ytcreators @YouTube You've been trying to hurt my feelings with this emphasis on 'Being a cuck." I told you, its not working AT ALL. So I gave you a way to actually do so. You refuse to do so. So you're not trying to hurt feelings. Mindfucked. I told you I would show you how a checkmate looks LOL

  • OO7Pearcey David Pearce (@OO7Pearcey) reported

    @FXMC1957 @YouTube Great song ~ but money can only help & never makes things worse.

  • chwesivan ❀🌼alizey🌼❀ (@chwesivan) reported

    @Shrvti_ @pledis_17 @pledis_17jp @pledis_17 @YouTube please fix this

  • eDatingDr Dr. Antonio Borrello (@eDatingDr) reported from West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

    URGENT: My YouTube account has been hijacked. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS IN ANY VIDEOS. Hackers are known for attaching bogus links to hacked accounts. I will keep you posted once the situation has been resolved @YouTube @teamyoutube please help!

  • TheSuspectIN THE SUSPECT (@TheSuspectIN) reported

    @AndroGift19 @YouTube Not working and other ob config also stopped working who is using ios api 🤒

  • DownFalcon Falcon Apoda (@DownFalcon) reported

    @AMusingMoose @Justcreations1 @YouTube This guy sounds like he has enough issues to fill a rack. Maybe best he did leave. The internet brings out the worst in people.

  • Meghansxo meghan 💋 (@Meghansxo) reported

    @tanamongeau @YouTube tana can you please help me out in this time on need i have no money for food or even my bills and i’m already behind from last month, please $MeghanMckaugha and my venmo is @Mwghan-coolio

  • bwiththerage nobody (@bwiththerage) reported

    @AllTimeLow @YouTube i'm glad i didn't fix my sleep schedule yet cause y'all would just be ******* that up again for sure

  • fewgod_ Cezar Martins 🇧🇷 (@fewgod_) reported

    @Dav_Almonacid @YouTubeBrasil @YouTubeBrasil @YouTube HELP HERE !!!

  • Iceman7269 Chris (@Iceman7269) reported

    @MrSealyp @YouTube Major Issues with mod it’s made my system return to the main Screen 4 times now

  • jessiejewel2001 jessica (@jessiejewel2001) reported


  • AnthonyRannn AnthonyRan (@AnthonyRannn) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube Please fix this.

  • 438a68569d6142d Vin (@438a68569d6142d) reported

    @tanamongeau @YouTube Oh god I hope U can help My hubby was cut to 2 days a week and we have 3 babies we are supporting. We haven’t eaten in a week to make sure they are fed. my son with brittle bone disease can’t get his meds becuz we can’t afford them, he can’t play with his siblings $MrsVinDino

  • Factbuzz01 Aman (@Factbuzz01) reported

    I have all the proofs regarding my channel, hacker is reuploading my videos and I'm not getting any help from anybody even over emails, i wait all day for their replies and their replies gets me another tension. My channel was everything for me please sir help 😭 @YouTube

  • NikiCampos9 Niki Campos (@NikiCampos9) reported

    @tanamongeau @YouTube Tana please help my family! I have 3 little boys and no job now!! Unemployment is denying me bemefits and i cant figure out why! I have $58 left to my name and wont have food for my kids! Please please help! $nikicampos

  • megatro20 Jarryd Gutierrez (@megatro20) reported

    @TeenieMongeau @tanamongeau @YouTube Hey Tana, please help. College student who needs a new laptop to do my all online classes now due to the virus. Can’t afford food, gas, or essentials. On my own trying to make it. Lost my two jobs as a voice teacher and church musician. $JarrydNemethGutierr

  • Factbuzz01 Aman (@Factbuzz01) reported

    Hello @YouTube My channel "FactBuzz" having 630k subscribers has been hacked without my any mistake.I emailed youtube team but i didn't get any help from the email,i got replies from 3-4 employees and they are referring to one another i mean I'm embarassed please help me anyhow😭

  • ItsNOSAJ Jason (@ItsNOSAJ) reported

    Hey @YouTube thank you for existing. Cable TV is awful.

  • FaastuXD Faasty (@FaastuXD) reported

    @Nelier8 @YouTube @ytcreators help nelier

  • Dabestox1 Z0UMA (@Dabestox1) reported

    @Nelier8 @YouTube @ytcreators @ytcreators Help him guys , he doesn't deserve that , he did nothing , it's just an abuse of your system , hope you understand and fix the copyright requests .

  • JenLuvsReviews Jen Luv (@JenLuvsReviews) reported

    @BeautyHeathen @ArryNight @YouTube I just emailed the 3 people that I know that may be able to help. One is a skin care expert, the second is a cosmetic chemist, and the third is a cosmetic formulator. I'll keep you posted on their answers as well.

  • Vause82697025 Vause (@Vause82697025) reported

    @Nelier8 @YouTube @ytcreators Help

  • xLEAMGx 🇺🇾Luis🇺🇾🏆🎮 (@xLEAMGx) reported

    @The_CrapGamer @roblazlo0381 @B37Brian @JayDubcity16 @YouTube I have to agree with Crap on this, PS4 was most powerful and in not time had way better exclusive line up. Games matter, but power matters more when going for the casuals, because nobody wants to have the worst version of their favorite game. This gen will be as close as Ps3 360

  • christi36930802 christina (@christi36930802) reported

    @tanamongeau @YouTube Hello I admire and love you so much 🙏🏽I’m in a big need rn I lost my job and have a newborn and been stressing out about rent and baby diapers so if you see this and can please please help me would appreciate it cashapp $cwisty98 😞

  • ModerateReports Moderate Reports go Fuck Urself! (@ModerateReports) reported

    @welthianloring @YouTube Everyone I talk to there census is dropped dramatically. The real issue is people with more serious illnesses not being treated because of carona. Not getting regular treatments or putting off being treated. Everyone I’ve spoken with, that is their concern.

  • Kyruko1 power (@Kyruko1) reported

    @Nelier8 @YouTube @ytcreators @YouTube help this man

  • DebraARobinson1 Angel Mom Debra Robinson (@DebraARobinson1) reported

    @TRUreporting @YouTube I am a retired nurse, respiratory technician and a phlebotomist if you need more help I would be honored to assist... pass it on