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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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  • Playback Issues (20.10%)
  • Sign in (14.83%)
  • Crashing (10.53%)
  • Video Quality (4.31%)

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  • JSegor Jeff Segor (@JSegor) reported

    @wsscherk @YouTube @AOC @IlhanMN Only rich countries can really make a dent in cleaning up the environment since we need massive technology advances to fix AGW.

  • BadassEmporium Jewpiter🕎 (@BadassEmporium) reported

    @funnygirlmimi @YouTube @utube No. No. You can send links. It's when you @ their Twitter handle that's the issue. But sending links is never an issue

  • BenUticone Ben Uticone (@BenUticone) reported

    @brad_feinman @1of2macs @NickSoutter @RebelTheArtGuy @ArminNavabi @YouTube In 280 characters I can't help you. I can recommend a number of good books.

  • NikhilR69582815 Nikhil Reddy (@NikhilR69582815) reported

    @CWA @YouTube @PowerbangGaming Not surprised at all. Quality content by Big Bro PB every single time. Keep up the good work. 😁

  • mejia_azahel OzzyWozzy (@mejia_azahel) reported

    @austinmcconnell @YouTube I'll do your challenge of creating a film on my phone, no problem. Count me in.

  • techcolly Techcolly (@techcolly) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators The copyright system on youtube is broken. Companies who don't own a video can just come and copyright it and take all ad revenue, and nobody even reviews the claim to see if it's legit or not.

  • rmn_sachy RmN Sachy (@rmn_sachy) reported

    @YouTube I think there is a problem with YouTube. I can’t seem to find scare pewdiepie season 2 anywhere

  • EarthOneBase Earthbase (@EarthOneBase) reported

    @grannydeepsea @YouTube @miller_o0a0o @EntropyRulesAll Granny You are so cool. Please be careful not to say my full name in public. They finally understand there is a problem. This is why you won’t find that on Twitter until they can figure out what the problem is. I already know the problem. @WhiteHouse @PressSec Sarah Thanks

  • Luxapallila C.S. White III (@Luxapallila) reported

    @happygolfwidow @YouTube Sorry can’t help where I was bred and born. Damn....

  • B70737 biker 70737 (@B70737) reported

    @Thankmar2 @YouTube No see that’s where the left got it all wrong ! It not in the constitution to or not to build the wall , and look at Chicago where they have gun control it’s not working ,got more death then the whole are you United States put together! He’s not taking our right like the Dems Tj

  • brad_feinman Brad Feinman (@brad_feinman) reported

    @NickSoutter @BenUticone @RebelTheArtGuy @ArminNavabi @YouTube Yes, that's a separate issue altogether. The discussion of which "God" is authentic is a whole other can of worms. But simply the belief that an intelligent being set the foundations of the universe and put it in motion is the first question to answer.

  • AzulHood Neve A. Hood (@AzulHood) reported

    @YouTube help! I think someone has been hacking my account! I've changed passwords, 2 step authentication, ran checks etc and nothing seems to work but my watch history is constantly being turned off and when I check there are videos there that I haven't watched. Please help!!

  • NickSoutter Nicholas Lamar Soutter (@NickSoutter) reported

    @brad_feinman @BenUticone @RebelTheArtGuy @ArminNavabi @YouTube Fair enough, if it's a deistic belief. Once it becomes theistic (He's got commandments and injunctions you need to follow, and usually need to encourage others to follow) however, I think it's a problem.

  • Ryboflavins Rybo ☃️ (@Ryboflavins) reported

    @NintendoGurus @PurpleM13 @_MissClick_ @YouTube Just makin’ sure the fix is in.

  • AlexSashaRegan Alex Sasha Regan (@AlexSashaRegan) reported

    The worst ads are the @YouTube ads themselves. I prefer the video ads to their annoying platform upgrade ads. I WANT TO TURN IT OFF

  • The7WG The7WorldsGaming (@The7WG) reported

    Dear @youtube The support and the issues content creators are getting right now is not only aggravating but disheartening. Notifications not being sent for videos, livestreams and community post. When will there be a real fix for these issue besides “we are looking into it”. 🤬

  • NickSoutter Nicholas Lamar Soutter (@NickSoutter) reported

    @brad_feinman @BenUticone @RebelTheArtGuy @ArminNavabi @YouTube You're not listening, dogs didn't become alligators... This is the problem. I'd like to try to explain, and I actually kind of think you're trying to understand, but you're locked into not believing, so you're not listening.

  • RobOstrom Rob Ostrom (@RobOstrom) reported

    I love @YouTubeTV, but regular @YouTube keeps getting worse and worse. Skipping, pop ups in the middle of videos, ads in the middle of videos, sync issues, app freezing issues. Ugh!!!!

  • Katys_bb Hoe (@Katys_bb) reported

    @chainedperrys @YouTube @youtubemusic please, you need to fix this😭

  • CashMooo Empress Moo (@CashMooo) reported

    @kgossen @Lumberist @YouTube I have a problem with the word hate.

  • erolrecep Recep Erol (@erolrecep) reported

    @YouTube now, it's the third representative try to fix the "issue" of downloading a purchased video from @YouTube . Just want to download a video to my laptop. That's it!

  • Jason_Hrz Jason Hernandez (@Jason_Hrz) reported

    @Porkrind123 @cenkuygur @SenSanders @nytimes @wasingtonpost @YouTube Can't help but notice the non- denial.

  • bweb1996 Brandon Weber (@bweb1996) reported

    @titowebjunkie @YouTube I’ve been having that problem also, I don’t know what it is.

  • Coyo_tt_e Ramon (@Coyo_tt_e) reported

    @Jay_SPQR @mikeydoeswork @XrpYoda @YouTube Agreed, This whole thing was orchestrated by the elite lets just pray that we can profit too. The problem is that the upcoming days will not be easy, they will be apocalyptic times.

  • jiminie195 M liori 💗🐥 yaksok (@jiminie195) reported

    @JiminGlobal @YouTube @BTS_twt the girl artist called jimin is there too they should fix that

  • UnderdogKitties WeAre#RabbiRoseanneStrong. 🌹❤ =^..^= (@UnderdogKitties) reported

    @JMaccabbee @YouTube Lol. My hs spanish teacher did during a kid's presentation! We were all looking at each other & her tiny little embarassed voice piped up... 'it was me! Please continue'. We were all so embarassed and felt terrible for her.

  • RedUpDead RedUpDead (@RedUpDead) reported

    I love how my channel video views is different than what the Studio Beta is claiming on video views. Wonder if that is a glitch from @YouTube @YTCreators @TeamYouTube

  • tommy13566969 Tommy13566969 (@tommy13566969) reported

    Hello @YouTube I am having a problem with activating my acoount because there is not enough space for all the letters hopefully you can fix this issue. thanks

  • MP_BRZ Mitchell Phillips (@MP_BRZ) reported

    @YouTube you need to fix this. a channel who always holds 500 plus viewers and they have like 22 right now. Streamers have taken a massive hit on your platform. Subs aren't notified when live and you have to dig through subscriptions to find channels that are live. Please fix!

  • Doobsac Todd Dobbins (@Doobsac) reported

    @ScottSelanne13 @cenkuygur @SenSanders @nytimes @wasingtonpost @YouTube You are a sociopath, get help.

  • NickSoutter Nicholas Lamar Soutter (@NickSoutter) reported

    @brad_feinman @BenUticone @RebelTheArtGuy @ArminNavabi @YouTube /5 indeed, we can currently observe the collision of galaxies that actually happened billions of years ago. Indeed, by looking for an awful way, we have been able to see the afterglow of the Big Bang itself.

  • jpdisclosure Josh Peck (@jpdisclosure) reported

    @YouTube, on the day my son was diagnosed with leukemia, revoked my live streaming, citing an interview clip I did years ago (full version is still up without issue) which is a talk about normal Christian beliefs. I now can't fellowship with my online church in this time of need.

  • Katys_bb Hoe (@Katys_bb) reported

    @youtubemusic @katyperry @Zedd Please fix the bug with regards to the views. Thank you! @YouTube @youtubemusic #365ZeddxKaty #365AlltheTime #365StreamingParty

  • squalloogal squally girl 💕 (@squalloogal) reported

    @buddydusty @Suspended_Acct @michaelknaepen @TierneyThings @gig_42 @OberbroecklingS @VryKranky @EmVandermeulen @FlowersAreR3d @ShreoshiB @g8torgrrl @fitemefowler @DefyMasters @a_belso @dtkennedy @jackiemccaffrey @PedanticPolemic @zinseng @AscensionEdible @miserablelib @YouTube @sky_live_tv @jimmy_dore @RonPlacone It lost over 1000 people in that 0:00 time, blank screen could crash. Really makes you think the powers that be don’t want @jimmy_dore to report on #Venezuela

  • AlltiAlti77 🌀Eve🌀 (@AlltiAlti77) reported

    @MsBreeBaugh But you gotta remember @YouTube is kinda broken.

  • Dillioz213 Dillioz (@Dillioz213) reported

    @YouTube @safiyajn @YouTube I am having a problem with some content I am being recommended

  • BasicsOfLife1 Basics Of Life (@BasicsOfLife1) reported

    @YouTube @safiyajn Hey YouTube,for some reason my view have gotten stuck at a point even though the video is getting more views it's just not showing it on the video. You better fix it.

  • Knirob83 Robert Knight (@Knirob83) reported

    @Malliard @YouTube The real anonymous hackers hacked into the computer systems of the LV MPD & discovered that it was a sting & paddock was taken hostage by isis after they found out he was an FBI agent the fbi could have broken into the hotel room but paddock & agents would have been sacrificed.

  • ClisterYT Clister (@ClisterYT) reported

    @YouTube @YTCreators come on guys don't be so silly. Just fix the system please

  • brad_feinman Brad Feinman (@brad_feinman) reported

    @BenUticone @RebelTheArtGuy @ArminNavabi @YouTube I would agree with you about the accountability of religious matters. I would go so far as to say that "religion" is the worst thing that has ever happened to mankind. However, that is a subject for another time as it requires a deep dive into comparisons between faiths.

  • Kgar_Horrible Kgar (@Kgar_Horrible) reported

    @TerrenceMcNulty @aaronjmate @YouTube Reading Harding’s book would really help you see what an amateur Mate is in that interview. Like I said, hopefully he’s embarrassed by it now. “For the Block” lmao

  • totaldanger Antonio Figueroa (@totaldanger) reported

    @real1 @YouTube I really wish the best for you, but this is the worst moment to post something with Corey.

  • FoxMan_Foxxy Foxxy フォクシー (@FoxMan_Foxxy) reported

    @KH28Apekz @YouTube No problem dude glad I could help

  • LuigiJBOMalleyH LuigiJ.B.O'MalleyHub (@LuigiJBOMalleyH) reported

    @15Oneluv @brielle_kerby @LesHugTX @YouTube @hrhwallace @stephsings1 @ToneBea @graciegrace80 She had😀 the biggest problem she found was that : she is blonde with clear eyes and everyone spoke in Swedish to her 😀

  • Bialzibob Steve Jackson (@Bialzibob) reported

    @4golfonline @YouTube Always played standard but at 6’1” it’s never been a problem

  • IsZurc Israel Cruz (@IsZurc) reported

    @JulieSmithM @YouTube No I quite understand your point but I don’t live there and certainly wont have the understanding of how the local people think. I am not afraid of a challenge the worst I can do is lose so I have everything to gain and not much to loose. This is what I know & where my heart is!

  • Mrs__Mojo Mrs__Mojo (@Mrs__Mojo) reported

    @TomClancyInfo @YouTube @Ubisoft @GRWildlands @CarbonMeister @CliveVLewis It is SO bad! We reported him to Ubisoft. I hope they address the issue!

  • DragonSlayerGal DragonSlayerGal (@DragonSlayerGal) reported

    @nggaming82 @YouTube I am at peace that they are hopefully in a better place than here. I just feel sorry myself from time to time that they aren’t here with me. Selfish I know, but can’t help it.

  • PhxWarrior1 J.J. (@PhxWarrior1) reported

    @NeroTweets @YouTube Its beyond a Fix, hope they talk @activision in better servers. But what am I thinking, I’ve left that pos hacked crappy wannabe game awhile ago. #RIPCALLOFDUTY

  • parkjiminpics jimin pics (@parkjiminpics) reported

    @JiminGlobal please fix this! @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YoutubeMusic.

  • MarkTarnum MT the Doodle King (@MarkTarnum) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators my channel MT the Doodle King was taken down unfairly and I want to get it fixed. The appeal system doesn't work at all and I can't get any help

  • ItsYaBoyBigE Big E (@ItsYaBoyBigE) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube @SusanWojcicki FIX THIS

  • amirpourzakarya amirpz (@amirpourzakarya) reported

    @cenkuygur @YouTube when asked about why being in relationship with Saudis is important for the USA, She didn't really answer it. first she tried to put it on FDR, then she said it is important and finally said because of "Iran Problem". didn't say a thing about fixing oil prices based on US$.😕

  • TheNext6Minutes The Next Six Minutes (@TheNext6Minutes) reported

    @bunnygirl19581 @YouTube Flat earthers are almost as bad as the hollow earthers. I want to see them fight to the death with broken bottles

  • odaklesi Smaračica (@odaklesi) reported

    @Palman_Bracht @YouTube I need you like I need a broken leg 😁👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • livbird19 teeko (@livbird19) reported

    @loxatus @davidclowery @Yugenization @why0hy @infofannny @EU_Commission @timberners_lee @YouTube This argument is simply outdated. You can't label everyone who doesn't support your agenda a bot. I have no problems discussing with Article 13 supporters but a part of me dies everytime they use this argument!

  • hxvierr javi | 365 ⏳ (@hxvierr) reported from Lake Elsinore, California

    fix the 9M+ views that you stole @youtube @youtubemusic

  • tobyy41 tobyy41 (@tobyy41) reported

    @TheNickCrompton @joe_weller_ @Behzinga @fevoltage can we fix this blatant racism @YouTube

  • SundayPrl Cristina Amaya (@SundayPrl) reported

    @YouTube for the past month, in the youtube app I have been hearing another audio that does not match the video i clicked on! Please fix!

  • iRacer24 Grant (@iRacer24) reported

    If anyone needs me, I’ll be watching a rerun of the 2004 Aaron’s 499 @TalladegaSuperS on @YouTube to get my racing fix in today.