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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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  • TheCupIsNice @TheCupIsNice (@TheCupIsNice) reported

    @Akademiks @YouTube I don't get how he's a snitch. He got kidnapped and tried to get help and these guys were stealing money from him. Screw those guys.

  • Nexalon1 Nexalon (@Nexalon1) reported

    My YouTube account got suspended for like, no reason. @YouTube Please fix this.

  • andyluff8 andy luff (@andyluff8) reported

    @jill_d35 @YouTube Not a problem Jill

  • aliciabrooke59 Alicia (@aliciabrooke59) reported

    @BriaandChrissy @YouTube You could call it something like GayTube or WeTube or something like that. I know if you were to do this it’s just adding more stress on you guys, but if you get others to help it could literally save you guys and that’ll be awesome!

  • samarthtiwari samarthtiwari (@samarthtiwari) reported

    @Tamizhknights @GargaC @YouTube No problem to Garga Chaterjee if Rohingiyas are steeled illegally and they speak bengali. The Bengali speaking minority demanded Bangladesh and conducted Direct Action Day.

  • Proobitazz proobitaz (@Proobitazz) reported

    @LuckyHvH @YTCreators @YouTube @TeamYouTube please help him.

  • Batman60295 Turo602 (@Batman60295) reported

    @JFonzerrelli @Colteastwood @ericutz4thewin @YouTube That's terrible. I really regret purchasing it day one now, which is something I don't usually do, but Gears has always been an exception for me and now it bit me in the ass. Really hope they address this soon and fix it because this doesn't look good for Gears or Xbox.

  • JFonzerrelli Grounded Gamer Fonz (@JFonzerrelli) reported

    @Batman60295 @Colteastwood @ericutz4thewin @YouTube Yeah I get that if you're trying to co-op. I don't think reinstalling the game would help tbh as I think the issue lies on the server side.

  • MrGsPhace Shannon Mason (@MrGsPhace) reported

    @Google @YouTube you two need to fix Chrome's inability to show video playback and constant refreshing to get it to stay sometimes works

  • JacqueRambo Marianne Rocks! (@JacqueRambo) reported

    @2the_hill @krisharnack79 @YouTube It's up to US whether she makes it. If you want our govt to continue being for the corporations & by the corps then vote elsewhere. If you want American people to take our country back & have a govt for the people & by the people as our CONSTITUTION intended, then please help.

  • TireliP Tireli Pimpon (@TireliP) reported

    @lauhaim @YouTube Sandy Hook was a phony!!! Im not saying nobody died, the point is what you showed us on tv was bad (terrible) actors.

  • adivasudevan adithya vasudevan (@adivasudevan) reported

    @rizwanalam14 @YouTube @RahulGandhi I don't know why Rahul can't find the momentum that he had when highlighting the Rafale scam... This is 100x more important - the evidence is just all over the place. I see the strength of a party not in terms of election wins, but in terms of its ability to highlight issues

  • BoozeFilled BoozeFilledGamer (@BoozeFilled) reported

    @redlettermedia @YTCreators @YouTube WB is the ******* worst. It's like their in a contest with Disney over who can be the shittiest when it comes to "copyright protection"

  • PCloud76 Matt Pitchford (@PCloud76) reported

    @YouTube I have chrome, but Safari seems to work. However I downloaded Firefox, and same issue. Really hopes this gets fixed. Cause this is really annoying, and I'm not the only person it's happening to.

  • DwamkTag Duncan 'Dwamk' MacGregor (@DwamkTag) reported

    @redlettermedia @YTCreators @YouTube This is bullshit. RLM did nothing wrong, it is clearly a review, and they use less then 25% of the movies footage in the video. Fix your copywrite already YouTube.

  • Batman60295 Turo602 (@Batman60295) reported

    @HazzadorGaming @Colteastwood @JFonzerrelli @ericutz4thewin @YouTube I've done lots of hard resets. Doesn't fix anything. I'll definitely try to reinstall though next time I play with my brother.

  • Kookster66T ReneéC (@Kookster66T) reported

    @YouTube @DOj Horowitz NOT working for the people. Only cares about Self Interests ( and taking bribes from the FBI )

  • yejime C.H. Park (@yejime) reported

    @DasungTech @YouTube I want to repair my paperlike HD FT which is already delivered and don't working now. I ordered TWO paperlike. One of them is out of order. Please let me know your service center address for fixing my broken paperlike!!!

  • simoneta1992 Barbianatron ♏ (@simoneta1992) reported

    @YouTube This day I'm experiencing an uncomfortable error on your platform when I use it via PC: it doesn't allow me to access to videos, playlists, community, etc. links. I hope you can fix this so my experience could be comfortable.

  • HazzadorGaming ⚡Hazzador⚡️Aka Gif Stealer 🤢🤢🤢 (@HazzadorGaming) reported

    @JFonzerrelli @Batman60295 @Colteastwood @ericutz4thewin @YouTube I beat through 2 days ago not a single achievo proof.

  • boostwayne217 y tho (@boostwayne217) reported

    @OhItsTeddy @YouTube Hey Teddy, just watched the video. I got my pair yesterday and I’m not sure if it’s something with every adapt shoe but on the right one, I feel like it is super stiff on the middle of the sole and I could feel where the battery pack starts under my foot. Left shoe, no issues.

  • joemonkfish Josef Brett (@joemonkfish) reported

    @redlettermedia @warnerbros @YTCreators @YouTube @joe_dante @wbpictures @WBHomeEnt @warnerbros are the worst. They do this to @mrsundaymovies all the time too. Glad I watched this straight away.

  • ROHITBH77596157 M SERIES (@ROHITBH77596157) reported

    @YouTube I have complete 4k hours and 1k subscribers but youtube analytics showing 3,945 hours from past 3 days. it looks like my watch time is freezed. please help me to out this situation.

  • Beans4Prez Beans (@Beans4Prez) reported

    @PCloud76 @Gweldou @YouTube I'm having the same issues on Chrome & Firefox. Edge works

  • Batman60295 Turo602 (@Batman60295) reported

    @JFonzerrelli @Colteastwood @ericutz4thewin @YouTube That's the least of its problems. The game is so goddamn broken, it's frustrating.

  • AstrosBoy2 John Pestano (@AstrosBoy2) reported

    @YouTube it's 300 Ks MLB has to fix their title

  • MamaBaconS Coryco FC Ambassador (@MamaBaconS) reported

    @YouTube fix your ******* shit what ********

  • JanaeRose615 Janae Rose ⚔️⚔️💔🥀 (@JanaeRose615) reported

    @itsSamCollins my @YouTube channel got deleted cuz of blaire white idk what to do if you can help pls dm me I just want my channel back I’ve put so much work into it

  • Daniko34501764 Daniko (@Daniko34501764) reported

    @DrMumbiSeraki @YouTube They're all the same. Kangame kicked out all the hutus from rwanda in a terrible genocide now he wants South Africa removed from AU ..what is he still doing there anyway..... He is nothing but a great sell out

  • ananth_mohanram Ananth Mohanram (@ananth_mohanram) reported

    @youtube I am unable to search for any videos. Video results do not appear when I type in my request in the search bar and press enter or hit the magnifying lens. This is happening on only one of my accounts. Please help.

  • Tusar_07 Tushar Chandra Ghosh (@Tusar_07) reported

    @YouTube Again the problem have issue on YouTube... I have seen that many of people watching my videos...but viewers have not increased...and no one unsubscribe my channel..but subscriber are decreased... Please resolve it...

  • Noktifer Master Betty (@Noktifer) reported

    @redlettermedia @warnerbros @YTCreators @YouTube @joe_dante @wbpictures @WBHomeEnt I was halfway through it, and had to help someone work on some stuff, came back and BAM! blocked! Feelsbad.

  • mekkar Mekkar (@mekkar) reported

    @YouTube Comments - Sellem on Rerock - DISNEY is the worst !! They display 100% of marriages as happy and successful, and throughout all their movies they've NEVER shown one divorce .......... 😑😐🤔😒

  • HonestGoogle Honest TeamYouTube ᵖᵃʳᵒᵈʸ (@HonestGoogle) reported

    @YTCreators @MerriamWebster CORRECTION: our partners @YTCreators here made a mistake. Actually you’re not a @YouTube Creator until you: - upload your best video... and we demonetize it, - ask for help... and we ignore you, - get a fake copyright strike... and we support the scammer. Honest TeamYouTube

  • LightOnIt1 Deplorable Donna🌾 (@LightOnIt1) reported

    @reason2sense @RAVENSWOODPUB @YouTube People are probably wearing booties at the beach 🏖 you could get a needle in your foot...terrible really I haven’t been to LA for years now... I never thought it was all that but it was clean anyway.

  • kentohorii1 Kento(健斗) (@kentohorii1) reported

    @DFreeDBZHD @YouTube broken arm when

  • Gweldou Francois Rocheleau (@Gweldou) reported

    @The_RoDraws @YouTube Exactly same problem for me, but only with one of my 5 accounts. All others work perfectly. I tried with different browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox), same problem.

  • mekkar Mekkar (@mekkar) reported

    @YouTube Comments - Khiry B - Men are avoiding women like the plague and it hurts. The shaming will get worst as more and more women are living with roommates, in shelters, unmarried, and in debt. Stay free, stay MGTOW!

  • mekkar Mekkar (@mekkar) reported

    @YouTube Comments - Sam Anthony - Whatever a woman promises you before marriage will be broken in divorce court. The value of words and promises coming out of her mouth should be zero.

  • GInglezos George Inglezos (@GInglezos) reported

    @YouTube All the morons in Greece keep bringing up every time the bs story of Andreas Papandreou threatening Ozal with war. That was the biggest lie on Greek TV ever. Papandreou had called Ozal before he came out on the Greek TV, he had asked Ozal's help to win the next elections.

  • kayleslielouise Kayla (@kayleslielouise) reported

    @jpmetz @tarabubb @YouTube That’s my problem, it’s hard to keep the chill. I’ve been getting my friends and family to question at least with my Instagram and in person chats, but I could scream when they I see them complaining about stomach pain and eating meat and cheese soon after 🤬

  • Kraest Six Gotes in a Trenchcote (@Kraest) reported

    And I don’t know HOW ******* MANY TIMES I’ve said I’m not interested in “10 hours of relaxing sounds to help you sleep”, and YET. @YouTube just keeps on recommending them to me. Maybe if they FIXED THEIR ******* ALGORITHM it would be an enjoyable experience.

  • RealBarryJowers Thomas Barry Jowers Jr (@RealBarryJowers) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube your new layout is the worst thing i've seen please go back to the old layout

  • CocoCha31775669 Coco Chanel (@CocoCha31775669) reported

    @StutiAg55417577 @AmyMaldonadoLaw @iamjohnoliver @YouTube @matt_cam Do not try to drag big countries in this. Only India has this problem and there is a reason for it. See the explanation

  • Kat_AiA Kat_the_Knight_Editor (@Kat_AiA) reported

    @fyzzgiggidy @J_Ishiro @starstorytelle1 @Doodle_Bags @UnHolySpork @ExactOnly @TCalkum @PixelTraitor @ginell_penner @PointmanC @dave_sandman @geeksheaux @Big_Albowski @YouTube @GradedPointFive For me it was realizing you can't fix Cho. He's not a character. He's an agenda

  • drakzfn Deion (@drakzfn) reported

    @NBA2KLab @YouTube The fact that 2K takes time out of their day to patch jumpers instead of focusing on the core problems in the game is really telling

  • yukuroneko67 yikes (@yukuroneko67) reported

    @YouTube is really out here trying to ruin everything for its creators and its viewers. Many channels I watch are soon going to be affected by its new policies. Absolutely awful and I hope these creators keep going on or YouTube changes :( @NerdECrafter @Dollightfully

  • iamkitkat7 Angie Hamilton (@iamkitkat7) reported

    @BriaandChrissy @YouTube No problem, let me find the source of this so I can send it to you guys.

  • GInglezos George Inglezos (@GInglezos) reported

    @YouTube I don't like to sound anti-Greek but just can't help it. The Greeks are totally responsible for the collapse of the Eastern Roman Empire. They took an empire that had a span from Iraq all the way to Italy, and they managed to wipe it out in a couple of centuries.

  • Gweldou Francois Rocheleau (@Gweldou) reported

    @PCloud76 @YouTube Same issue for me - but I have this problem with only one of my 5 accounts! Search button has no effect, same while pressing the ENTER key, and I have display problems when watching videos, only the video displays, there is white all around, no comment section visible.

  • saurabh_jhs_usa Saurabh Gupta (@saurabh_jhs_usa) reported

    @Ralia779 @YouTube Once this backlog problem is resolved and all are in same line then real solution for all will also come. First handle the problem in hand rather than fixing something that is not broken yet.

  • JLo_074 Buy My Bath Water (@JLo_074) reported

    @YouTube @StevieWLevine Fix your algorithm!

  • fyzzgiggidy Piper's Bizarre Adventure: Boobie Crusaders (@fyzzgiggidy) reported

    @Kat_AiA @J_Ishiro @starstorytelle1 @Doodle_Bags @UnHolySpork @ExactOnly @TCalkum @PixelTraitor @ginell_penner @PointmanC @dave_sandman @geeksheaux @Big_Albowski @YouTube @GradedPointFive I think america chavez was the hardest one to fix

  • WellsGamingYT WellsYT (@WellsGamingYT) reported

    @jackedbillgamin @WarnerMediaGrp @YouTube @YTCreators YouTube legit needs to fix their system

  • FexellOfficial Fexell (@FexellOfficial) reported

    @YouTube Turn on availability to comment on SBSK. It's very petty to turn them off, with no reason as to why. I'm not saying this lightly: you are bad people for turning it off. You should learn from SBSK, and try to help instead. So f'ing petty.

  • mekkar Mekkar (@mekkar) reported

    @YouTube Comments - Hey - The fastest way for a man to lose his money is marriage. Wives are the the worst robbers ever in history.

  • tracybarkley keto komic (YouTube) (@tracybarkley) reported

    @xcharliegoldx @YouTube @YTCreators Having the same issue, stuck at 2400, but I see people subbing via email alerts, so it must be every 100 gets figured in. Weird and makes my OCD fire off lol

  • bubblehead645 bubblehead645 (@bubblehead645) reported

    @YouTube I get "there was a issue signing into YouTube" I'm signed in on my phone. When I sign into my google account I still can't sign in. Also the troubleshooting is useless for me.

  • henrymcm22 henrymcm22 (@henrymcm22) reported

    I hope The damned Tigo @TigoParaguay the worst, disgusting, disastrous, a shame, and a trash company get destroyed and die soon, Tigo is a big shit. @Google, @YouTube, @Twitter

  • GregoryMakles Gregory Makles (@GregoryMakles) reported

    @justinsail @realdeepdives @joelvanbrunt @Lacrymabiliter @seriouslysushi @SpringerWrites @royeverett16 @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube Also skeptical on a wall efficiency and find it terrible optics for the country of freedom but what do I know. Pressure on Mexico to cooperate seems much more fruitful and sensible though. Geography at works here.