Youtube Outage Map

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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

Youtube Most Affected Locations

Outage reports and issues in the past 15 days originated from:

Location Reports
Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid 42
Mexico City, CDMX 41
Bogotá, Distrito Capital de Bogotá 36
Santiago, Región Metropolitana 32
Guadalajara, JAL 27
Lima, Provincia de Lima 26
London, England 22
Buenos Aires, CF 20
Mérida, YUC 19
Melbourne, VIC 18
Barcelona, Catalunya 18
Monterrey, NLE 18
Paris, Île-de-France 15
San Francisco, CA 14
Hamburg, HH 14
Sydney, NSW 14
Los Angeles, CA 13
Puebla, PUE 13
Quito, Provincia de Pichincha 13
Glasgow, Scotland 13
Toronto, ON 12
Guayaquil, Provincia del Guayas 12
Berlin, Land Berlin 11
Tijuana, BCN 11
Juárez, CHH 11
Manchester, England 10
Nottingham, England 10
Tampico, TAM 9
Zapopan, JAL 8
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen 8

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Youtube Comments

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Youtube Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Jenna Scott (@newageswordsman) reported

    Hey @YouTube fix this quickly and while you’re at it match donations to what this video has already made or would have made in the hours it was down.

  • ً (@cartierpm) reported

    you have black lives matter as your bio but routinely remove videos in which people who are not financially dependent can view to help donate. majority of the videos had copyright free music so i don’t see why y’all had to take them down @YouTube

  • Peter Fagerbrant (@PeterSfaOne) reported

    @SwissTechie @HebMacMan @Joseetje3 @MisterTwyst @slax43 @SimonVrouwe @TheZionist3 @YB1234oo @TelAvivbroker @Resistdwp @Pakeha56 @Flyzone__ @CharlieLuchian2 @BoomTown85 @iluvdemocracy99 @AlonMarcusP @shez19833 @Scot4Israel @kimbennylarsen @PriestSanity @NKippur @pohonyangdamai @CornpopBilly @ladyalmagreen @HillsHaveEyes02 @david_starof @Mabigbelio @KeithMarr6 @Scripteladora @themoiety @JohnnyYoussef7 @George_E_Porge @TopRantKing @ArabSocialNati1 @Mongo21184433 @Turkilo4 @m_jew @whitemansburger @slavmorality @ellyngail @Rasputinish @extremecompute @sadcjp @Iqbalwaheed17 @questionsin2014 @Isrl_Yido @JBarnathan @coaxialcreature @t77szilagyi @YouTube PA is Fatah, Fatah is PLO. They are the ruler of Palestine. It do not help you lying about the situation. Palestine is even recognized by UN as a non-member observer state, because they have their own ruler, PA, Fatah (PLO)

  • AardCash (@AardCash) reported

    @ZestOfMind @YouTube What a liberty! Yesterday's workout was amazing... its a real pity that people only got to see a whole 1 min 29 secs. Fix up @YouTube

  • Black Sen.R.G (@BlackSenergy) reported

    Looks like @PlayStation & @YouTube finally fixed np-37602-8 sign in problem, took them about a week to do it but better late than never.

  • Figuring Out (@AHinmyHead) reported

    @sunilsihag1024 @sarcasticdukke @ashoswai @YouTube I absolutely don't have problem with people who actually got help feel about that abt him. They don't know Cobrapost, they don't know the speculations regarding his affiliations to the establishment. But all of that doesn't take away yours and mine critical thinking ability 1/2

  • Nayan Jyoti Saikia (@nayanthinks) reported

    @flyingbeast320 @YouTube @flyingbeast320 either say what legal issue you are working on or just don’t mention. Click bait lag raha hai.

  • Sunil Sihag (@sunilsihag1024) reported

    @AHinmyHead @sarcasticdukke @ashoswai @YouTube Well, for the poor and needy that got his timely help, he is messiah. I don't agree with divification either, but matter of fact is that when you are in despair and someone helps you despite no obligation, that person is god.

  • DeathwishDena (@DeathwishDena) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @doodybeardLIVE @YouTube Of course. YouTube literally only breeds trash. From Paul to Carl. It literally a hot bed of the WORST of humanity. And the people who watch freak me out. It's like the people who like to ******** to Faces Of Death

  • Amber Smiles Jones (@TruSmilesJones) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @Luciunplugged @YouTube The email said they “manually” reviewed it and make a decision. And it is a problem regardless as to who caused it. I’m upset about it and letting the platform who emailed me THEIR decision, know how I feel about it. Not sorry

  • Daniel Kuettel (@SwissTechie) reported

    @PeterSfaOne @HebMacMan @Joseetje3 @MisterTwyst @slax43 @SimonVrouwe @TheZionist3 @YB1234oo @TelAvivbroker @Resistdwp @Pakeha56 @Flyzone__ @CharlieLuchian2 @BoomTown85 @iluvdemocracy99 @AlonMarcusP @shez19833 @Scot4Israel @kimbennylarsen @PriestSanity @NKippur @pohonyangdamai @CornpopBilly @ladyalmagreen @HillsHaveEyes02 @david_starof @Mabigbelio @KeithMarr6 @Scripteladora @themoiety @JohnnyYoussef7 @George_E_Porge @TopRantKing @ArabSocialNati1 @Mongo21184433 @Turkilo4 @m_jew @whitemansburger @slavmorality @ellyngail @Rasputinish @extremecompute @sadcjp @Iqbalwaheed17 @questionsin2014 @Isrl_Yido @JBarnathan @coaxialcreature @t77szilagyi @YouTube With "the native people of the land", I am referring to Jews and Palestinians. Excluding either demonstrates the problem of apartheid Israel is suffering under.

  • Peter Fagerbrant (@PeterSfaOne) reported

    @SwissTechie @HebMacMan @Joseetje3 @MisterTwyst @slax43 @SimonVrouwe @TheZionist3 @YB1234oo @TelAvivbroker @Resistdwp @Pakeha56 @Flyzone__ @CharlieLuchian2 @BoomTown85 @iluvdemocracy99 @AlonMarcusP @shez19833 @Scot4Israel @kimbennylarsen @PriestSanity @NKippur @pohonyangdamai @CornpopBilly @ladyalmagreen @HillsHaveEyes02 @david_starof @Mabigbelio @KeithMarr6 @Scripteladora @themoiety @JohnnyYoussef7 @George_E_Porge @TopRantKing @ArabSocialNati1 @Mongo21184433 @Turkilo4 @m_jew @whitemansburger @slavmorality @ellyngail @Rasputinish @extremecompute @sadcjp @Iqbalwaheed17 @questionsin2014 @Isrl_Yido @JBarnathan @coaxialcreature @t77szilagyi @YouTube Yes, Jews are hated by the Arab labor immigrants, that's true. This is why they constantly attack the Jewish native population and wish them drown in the sea. Hate is difficult. You should help try to learn those Arab values of non-hate.

  • trft (@trft) reported

    @DogBotherer2 @warroomdebate @keon_aureii @HuktOnFonix @randolf828 @sinisterporpois @GShillus @MsGrumpy @fanoflogic2 @KolobKhuluq @lib_fan @dangerzonelive @unirachels @BigGurlBabe @AT2Pro @MarieWadsworthy @Helios575 @BonzoixofMN @Cheshireviqq @GoldenUnicorn_ @Lead1225 @MrAtheistPants @MMAGamblingtips @snakewasright @SteveMcRae_ @stillgray @PunishedHoliday @sharrell_s @DrunkenPeasants @DrunkenBenpai @DHCS_CA @YouTube @TheGeekRoom Your integrity appears more dear to you than mine. When you find it harder to respect another than yourself, you have a problem. Please block me.

  • 50/50 Twitch Followers (@OpJuski) reported

    @TwoBrosGaming @YouTube I just got finessed out of a diamond consumable on the triple threat board. I landed in it and it gave me 250 mt. HELP PLEASE

  • Wahhbajack (@wahhbajack) reported

    @omuriceuyt @poopue_ @YouTube Fix. It.

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