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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • bluezyrock R o ❌ y (@bluezyrock) reported

    Well warcraft 3 keep crashing randomly FIX THIS BLIZZARD!!

  • _Reloe Reloe (@_Reloe) reported

    @Quyncyx @WarcraftDevs or fix an ability regardless of it being avoidable or not :)

  • Phantom2214 Phantom22 (@Phantom2214) reported

    @Warcraft We are having problems in the Brazilian forum due to CM and its policies of censorship, with protectionism of some, I request the prohibition of Blizz USA, since many are leaving the game due to this.

  • Mr_Lagzy MrLagzy (@Mr_Lagzy) reported

    @Rex_the_Furious @Montybrython Nothing wrong with World of Warcraft, though. Despite the activision-Blizzard issues currently going on and that the current expansions plot is quite bad - the game itself has been fairly good for the entire time. Everything has just been more and more simplified.

  • Tobbun Torvtak (@Tobbun) reported

    My main problems with Warcraft is that in the end it's hard to remember what the hell we're fighting to protect since the game is only fighting it seems. and a severe lack of backpacks. I want my heroic character to have a backpack. Guild Wars 2 is better in this regard.

  • bromwow Sean (@bromwow) reported

    @WarcraftDevs fix jaina

  • Spikespigel0729 spikespiegel (@Spikespigel0729) reported

    @WarcraftDevs hey can you guys do something about this random voice chat could disconnect and connect cuz it freezes the game all the time can you guys fix this cuz I mean I've had the complain about four or five times to a GM cuz I know the chance can't do anything

  • AnthonyPfanner1 Anthony Pfannerstill (@AnthonyPfanner1) reported

    @BipolerZombie @aar335 @anthemgame @AgtMorganCreed It's live service. Every time world of Warcraft comes out with a expansion they always have to do patches and constantly do patches and they have been doing that since 2004. It's what you expect. A game will never be perfect because there is no possible way to discover everything

  • dynaw111 Dragonmom (@dynaw111) reported

    @Warcraft Please help with sign on issue. I am trying to recover account that belonged to my kids late father. They love WoW and want to be able to play on his character. I have tried every method available on the site to no avail. Please contact me I have all info but password.

  • flowbie_ Eric McDonald (@flowbie_) reported

    @WarcraftDevs hey bozos wanna fix freezing blood blocking people 2 seconds early

  • rockingpapa88 Rock (@rockingpapa88) reported

    @BAFTAGames @Blizzard_Ent @PlayOverwatch @Warcraft It was totally garbage. Team Blizzard - unreliable, undependable, nonresponsive team garbage. Will never ever buy your ******* games that you never fix.

  • scintilla01 Tommaso Bertocchi (@scintilla01) reported

    @cheeriosdh @WarcraftDevs you know something is wrong when a pro player complaing about something broken about his class...

  • Umbradomo Illidari Kagenushi (@Umbradomo) reported

    @Warcraft Well all settings set to Ultra. Only issue so far is that my Mini-Map take a few seconds to load. First noticeable good point as that I can now see the chemical pools in the Crown Chemical instance. I was wondering why my characters were taking so much damage and nothing to see.

  • _Seigram_ Seigram (@_Seigram_) reported

    @TheQuartering he is just one more puppet, the problem is the activision idiology (blizzard idiology now) and the stake holders so even if I wanted warcraft reforged I wont ever buy one thing from them again unless actual change happens.

  • Umbradomo Illidari Kagenushi (@Umbradomo) reported

    @Warcraft Ok 30 or so minutes installing my new Graphics card, now to see how high I can get the settings in WOW to be before I have issues. byw it is a new NVIDIA RTX 2060.

  • Fayora32 Fayorra the Dreamer (@Fayora32) reported

    @Fleksmage @WarcraftDevs I have a friend with this same issue. His vengeance dh has 385 and 415 shoulders and the 385 for him is better as well. So silly that 30 ilvls doesn't make up for a trait because either one trait is so OP or the second is so bad that a ton of main stat doesn't help it.

  • HonorTheHunter Honor (@HonorTheHunter) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Player-based (emerald, opal) buffs do not benefit hunter pets on Opulence. Also, on Restless Cabal, pets do not benefit from Promises of Power. At 0 stacks, pet melee did 1671; at 4 stacks, it still did 1671, as of last testing. This is a consistent issue for BM.

  • nanocyde Nanocyde (@nanocyde) reported

    The complaints about Anthem having to be on an SSD to lower the loading screen wait times are kind of funny. World of Warcraft Legion says hi. I was having 2-3 minute load times for it. Put WoW on an SSD, no problems.

  • Threll_ Threll (@Threll_) reported

    Hey @WarcraftDevs you guys have made a spelling error in your last dialogue in SoO where you meant to write "Meet" and wrote "Mete" :)

  • Dreandra1991 Dr E Andra -🔻 (@Dreandra1991) reported

    I am lucky I have made lots of new connections this expansion, but it is mostly via streaming.... Why should I have to stream to find people to play with in a MMO it is literally so broken right now, just bring back community please @WarcraftDevs

  • bunlengthfranks TWO WIENERS (@bunlengthfranks) reported

    @Warcraft Fix your broken game.

  • Fleksmage Flêks (@Fleksmage) reported

    >buy 415 azerite after weeks of farming >worse than a 385 i'd say fix azeritesystem but im too angry so just ******* bring back tiersets instead you dont even have to make new mogs so its not more work literally just recolour we want tier @WarcraftDevs

  • enimayas Kurisaya (@enimayas) reported

    I used to really love Blizzard when it was still Blizzard, nowadays not so much. If I'd be presented with a choice of either classic World of Warcraft or to watch Activision Blizzard crash and burn, I'd pick the latter

  • ArtamentisGames ArtamentisGaming (@ArtamentisGames) reported

    @danieldcummins @Whisperindre @WarcraftDevs I never said it was stupid. Next time I'd work on your comprehension before attempting to have a conversation. Also, since you're not paying for a sub, it's no longer your problem. Move on and read a book. Thank you

  • skellyskell 𝓵𝓮𝓸𝓹𝓪𝓻𝓭𝓯𝓪𝓬𝓮 🇦🇺 (@skellyskell) reported

    @Sleepypan @thunder54497271 @silvercloudtv @womanz_gg @Twitch @GreenDumplingTV @JessJMcCallum @SoulsOfThunder @QueenSenaa @unit9997 @Warcraft @xaryulol @AGGchicks 1st they were shared to like 3 people 2nd i contact her to get her to stop her bullshit like this post and her giving people my phone number. she just needs to stop running from the problems shes starting

  • skellyskell 𝓵𝓮𝓸𝓹𝓪𝓻𝓭𝓯𝓪𝓬𝓮 🇦🇺 (@skellyskell) reported

    @thunder54497271 @silvercloudtv @womanz_gg @Twitch @Sleepypan @GreenDumplingTV @JessJMcCallum @SoulsOfThunder @QueenSenaa @unit9997 @Warcraft @xaryulol @AGGchicks just stop running from the problems and sort it out with me if you want to keep going go for it but im here trying to stop the bullshit and heres you talking shit and posting shit about me and my friend and threatening to post my personal information

  • Jedikun Lucas Fett (@Jedikun) reported

    I've canceled my World of Warcraft subscription and will be taking a break from the game until further notice. I held out hoping that Blizzard would listen to players and overhaul the game but I am not convinced that they take the issue seriously.

  • JamesToombs3 James Toombs (@JamesToombs3) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN @WarcraftDevs this is really annoying. 5 characters and I've had to disconnect from internet to log out. I restarted pc and moden so WTF are you all doing. Your damn hamster fall off the wheel

  • wolfuluz Thiago (@wolfuluz) reported

    fix your game @WarcraftDevs

  • FraMarianini Francesco Marianini (@FraMarianini) reported

    @WarcraftDevs What about you fix the clownfiesta you made with titanforge and azerite

  • ProxyPwns [WoW] Proxy (@ProxyPwns) reported

    @Warcraft Guys.. Please, PLEASE address the server lag going on the last few days. It’s abysmal. It’s not just me, it’s everyone.. I ask in general chat multiple times if anyone else is experiencing it, everyone comes out of the woodworks to say yes and complain.

  • Jahmilli_TGD damezilla (@Jahmilli_TGD) reported

    1 day druid 0 xp as this comp and start the day 0-2 with 600ms because Blizzard does not want to wait 10min for us to fix it. only in Blizzard world of warcraft pvp

  • Jahmilli_TGD damezilla (@Jahmilli_TGD) reported

    1 day druid 0 xp as this comp and start the day 0-2 because Blizzard does not want to wait 10min for us to fix it. only in Blizzard world of warcraft pvp

  • cathysabe 💜saber🏳️‍🌈 (@cathysabe) reported

    @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS I’ve been trying to get on the Ptr for weeks to try out the new races. But every time I get on I get an error (wow51900309) and I’ve tried to search for a fix but on the discussion we’ve had no help whatsoever.

  • NikolaVint Никола Тодоровић🇷🇸 (@NikolaVint) reported

    @Warcraft @owllyn_workshop Fix the game

  • s1aya23 Shane Brodeur (@s1aya23) reported

    @Warcraft @owllyn_workshop Instead of making store mounts how about you actually do something like fix the game

  • pyromancer55 الفقير الى الله (@pyromancer55) reported

    @dumbi91 @Warcraft @owllyn_workshop why just why kill such a good game like wow fix and you still going to get a lot of money dump company

  • gayspicebag han 🌸 (@gayspicebag) reported

    remember when there was a glitch in World of Warcraft and there ended up being a game-wide "disease" pandemic and the literal CDC contacted the developers bc it simulated what a real life large scale plague outbreak might be. technology, man.

  • Niktier Nikita (@Niktier) reported

    @Deadly2469 @Warcraft Cry, mostly. But nah super unfort. Hope you get the issue figured out.

  • Niktier Nikita (@Niktier) reported

    @Deadly2469 @Warcraft too bad all of their customer service reps are laid off so you can't even get help

  • VandaleeseGG Vandaleese (@VandaleeseGG) reported

    @MarcelianOnline @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft unless they fix OW and make it more fun then nah. i played wow for 14 years. im donezo

  • HairyTreeMan HairyTreeMan (@HairyTreeMan) reported

    Games still hitting 50% damp, healer mana wasn't the issue with 3s. Terrible hotfix. Even more stale gameplay with healers being forced to play passive and drink #wow #warcraft #WorldofWarcraft #pvp @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft

  • esoteric_shiv EsotericShiv (@esoteric_shiv) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Ill do it but please fix subtlety rogues in pvp... its been mentioned in the response to this tweet multiple times... its is not viable in pvp

  • gjohnsoncad Greg Johnson (@gjohnsoncad) reported

    @WarcraftDevs That would require the PTR not to crash within 2 minutes of loading.

  • Alexddlol Alejandro (@Alexddlol) reported

    @Fleksmage @WarcraftDevs They think that "content" fix game, but a ""rol"" """"mmorpg""" game with shit classes is useless

  • Fleksmage Flêks (@Fleksmage) reported

    @WarcraftDevs can you fix classes instead

  • sharptweetz Sharp (@sharptweetz) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev There NEEDS to be a system in Warfronts that track contributions so that people AFKing can be removed. This has been a HUGE problem since release. I dont enjoy working harder to finish a Warfront because people AFK for easy loot.

  • CharlotteGore Charlotte Gore 🏳️‍🌈 (@CharlotteGore) reported

    Taken me a long time to figure this out. Finding that balance between being social enough not to go mad and anti-social enough to not just crash and start playing World of Warcraft.

  • MarkGelbmann Gelbmann Mark (@MarkGelbmann) reported

    @WarcraftDevs My character is stuck on a lagging shard and it has like 3-5 sec lag. Realm: Silvermoon-EU, Character name: Issca, Realm time: 21:16, Location: Boralus. Please check, you might find something useful.

  • WhiteMountainG2 White Mountain Gaming (@WhiteMountainG2) reported

    @thecannibalbob @JohnLegere she even said he is the jeff bezos of cell phones. living in a rural area t mobile has like no service out here or I would 100 percent have switched already. its amazing to see a CEO of a company playing @PlayOverwatch and @Warcraft and live tweeting about it lol

  • ry7n_ Ryan Cannon (@ry7n_) reported

    My signature method of unit testing exception handling is having mocks throw or reject with `new Error("It came from… behind")`. A reference to Warcraft III that is itself a reference to Star Wars is my version of Kilroy.

  • BrewmasterWansu Wansu (@BrewmasterWansu) reported

    @zahniiya It’s only a problem when you hit the 50 character limit and only because they won’t remove that restriction. @Warcraft

  • danieldcummins Dan (@danieldcummins) reported

    @WarcraftDevs You have made this game sooooo rubbish now. This game has been hanging on by a thread with rubbish it has been and you introduce this pathetic idea you call a fix. All you idiots did since 8.1 was break the game!!! Dont call any further "hot fixes as fixes anymore" hot breaks

  • BlizzardCSEU_EN Blizzard CS EU (@BlizzardCSEU_EN) reported

    @Nico71625510 YOu can launch the Blizzard App multiple times, if you want to login with 2 (or more) accounts on the same PC to launch different World of Warcraft accounts. We are not able to troubleshoot any issues that come up from using other programs to launch the game -Neny

  • BlizzardCSEU_EN Blizzard CS EU (@BlizzardCSEU_EN) reported

    @Nico71625510 I can't find either of these crash reports, it does not look like they were submitted to Blizzard. You mentioned launching these using something called "Inner space". I'm not sure what that is, but try launching a single World of Warcraft client using the Blizzard Launch -Neny

  • AgesBot Ages Bot (@AgesBot) reported

    The Inert Decade Formed by fear, while its music prerequisite. Principal finds: boat building, warcraft, remains of songs. Ideology: pain and service. As pointed out by Miss H: This should teach our children not to be printed.

  • newman3740 Kyle Newman (@newman3740) reported

    More predictions for bfa 5. Wrathion is trying to fix the planet. 6. Magni is a **** but not of N'zoth. 7. It wasnt death or the void that spoke to voljin, most likely the light. #WorldofWarcraft #Blizzard #bfa #battleforazeroth

  • JamesToombs3 James Toombs (@JamesToombs3) reported

    Hoping more Kay offs are coming to @BlizzardCS since @WarcraftDevs can't keep the game running smooth. Been long enough to get the lag out of the warfronts

  • SizalWoW Sizalwow (@SizalWoW) reported

    @camimi778 @WarchiefPeebs @Warcraft You're literally proving my point more by saying WoD was a car crash and that they couldn't sustain off subs because it was a bad expansion when WoD was released after Activision bought out the rest of the company and took over. They literally ruined every expansion.

  • SizalWoW Sizalwow (@SizalWoW) reported

    @camimi778 @WarchiefPeebs @Warcraft I get it, I'm arguing with a rock who has 1 opinion and sticks too it, the matter of the fact is you think blizzard would of went bankrupt on their own, you're wrong. The reason WoD was as you call it "Car crash" was because at that point in time blizzard had no say anymore.