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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • IGallowglass IrishGallowglass (@IGallowglass) reported

    @Darkflash91 @Enjoy321 @Warcraft The problem is it's trivial to gear your character up, so the process of gearing up doesn't -feel- rewarding, it just feels like you've ticked a box.

  • mcballz Savage Prime (@mcballz) reported

    @radzero83 @xbmcXBOX I was 19, my close friends and I were getting ready to play World of Warcraft on release day, only to be met with server issues for the first 2 days.

  • Claritycraftz Clarity (@Claritycraftz) reported

    @itsNobbie @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev I tested the portals and they work fine on DX12, but the issues I listed happen on all DX versions.

  • _voidmel mel b 🐝 (@_voidmel) reported

    my brother just said ‘I don’t see how people get so mad about sports’...says the person who punched a hole through his laptop screen because the internet was lagging on world of warcraft

  • Claritycraftz Clarity (@Claritycraftz) reported

    @itsNobbie @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev I'm playing on DX12 and am also noticing an issue somewhat similar to this, basically no particle effects show up on my character on the login screen, transmog window, character panel etc. Bit annoying as it's looking like this will be the build that the patch goes live with.

  • Haiimatsu_imvu Dante Ramos (@Haiimatsu_imvu) reported

    @iiCrystalvu Haha well I spend my time on Smule, Warcraft and imvu. I’ll get back to sims soon as I can figure out the issues

  • PB_Jinzee Jinzee (@PB_Jinzee) reported

    @albhtan @SirUrza @towelthetank I love FFXIV to death and I can't wait for the launch but what you're saying simply isn't true. When Legion launched in World of Warcraft I had exactly zero issues at all. Literally none at all, not even lag at the opening questgiver.

  • LetsPlay215 Let's play (@LetsPlay215) reported

    @TwitchSupport Just wondering if there is a problem with the mods page on twitch as when I go to load up the page for my world of Warcraft addons it just keeps loading just wondering if anyone else has this problem or if anyone can help me.

  • Daniell99171468 Adorable_Quinx_Saiko (@Daniell99171468) reported

    @BlizzardCS I am indeed of some assistance my games are out of whack it’s claiming Warcraft isn’t installed corrrctly and Overwatch is broken

  • Talliy #MugClub'd Flooflesnoots (@Talliy) reported

    Ya know.... I just realized I've been having more fun playing the broken game that is #Fallout76 than I have playing BFA @Warcraft. That realllllly tells you something about the state of the game. Doubt this patch is gonna actually fix anything.

  • shatterswagx eye swag eye surf (@shatterswagx) reported

    @WarcraftDevs u lazy pricks fix pvp in 8.2 or we waitin til 9.0

  • GrogmanWoW Grogman (@GrogmanWoW) reported

    @popejtarhun @HonorsHammer @TaliesinEvitel @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs No, but it could go a very long way. 2 biggest problems in the game are psychological barriers and reward structures. Most recent features that get panned have a key fault in one or both of those issues, more so than mechanics or the content itself.

  • IGallowglass IrishGallowglass (@IGallowglass) reported

    @Akxqt @Warcraft I've no problem with Azshara being involved.

  • Destruct0Dan Destruct0Dan (@Destruct0Dan) reported

    @Djtechlive @Warcraft @FF_XIV_EN For me, I dont really care. I'll play both the same way I always have. Dates are dates and with every update to any game, I give it a few days because of the amount of bugs, lag or issues.

  • mrcgrbz22 𝔐𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔠̧ 𝔊𝔲̈𝔯𝔟𝔲̈𝔷 (@mrcgrbz22) reported

    @Warcraft Try fix pvp

  • LiquidBlurr LiquidBlurr (@LiquidBlurr) reported

    id rather see @worldofwarcraft go back and fix the expansions and do a re-release of all the expansions, do it right this time around instead of just release what is collectively shit but hey what do i know

  • itsNobbie Nobbie (@itsNobbie) reported

    @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev Hi guys, the WoW BfA patch 8.2 PTR has login issues (World Server Down). Pls fix, ty!

  • popejtarhun Bubasparks (@popejtarhun) reported

    @HonorsHammer @TaliesinEvitel @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs Changing one number will not fix whole game.

  • FinkoPhotos Jason Fink 📸 (@FinkoPhotos) reported

    @Warcraft A lot of people getting excited to stare at a login screen. 😏

  • AxelIris1 a big heckin loser (@AxelIris1) reported

    @BlizzardCS I've been trying to log onto the public test realm for world of warcraft all night and every single time it would load most of the way, then send me back to the character select screen with a "world server down" message. this has been happening before maintenance.

  • Anthony53197 Patricio (@Anthony53197) reported

    @BookwormElf @Warcraft No one is even gonna get to really play its 2 days of constant lag and trying to even get in a server, this is all a ploy to get ppl to resubscribe

  • XezNinety XezNinety (@XezNinety) reported

    Was a bit of a late start last night because of sound issues, but I got there in the end! I managed to get some PvP going as well, which was great... don't get me wrong, I'm awful, but it was fun nevertheless. #WorldofWarcraft #SmallStreamerCommunity @TwitchSharing

  • Devcom888 Dev (@Devcom888) reported

    @WarcraftDevs A couple of my friends and I dced in a bg and when we would reenter the game would keep dcing about 1-2 seconds after logging back into the bg. IF we logged on other characters we would not dc at all. This problem ended when the BG was over.

  • Aibot__ Aibot (@Aibot__) reported

    @ckaleiki @elonmusk Its interesting to see pvp designers being so useless @Warcraft game about not wanting to fix the classes anytime

  • gamindan Gamin' Dan (@gamindan) reported

    In fairness to @WarcraftDevs, I dont know how to fix those things, but I think generally it's better to let the community do what it's going to do rather than make the game significantly less fun for segments if the playerbase, even when those segments are really small.

  • gamindan Gamin' Dan (@gamindan) reported

    Rt-ing this but it applies to a lot of stuff: @WarcraftDevs have taken to applying what feel like band-aid fixes to prevent player behavior they dont want rather than fixing the issue(s), in this case tedious leveling and a really bizarre set of number scaling rules.

  • BrodanShaman Brodan (@BrodanShaman) reported

    @WarcraftDevs 8.2 is not going to fix anything. Again we have plenty of broken PvE items in PvP. Who cares about farming THE SAME items from THE SAME dungeons. The problem with this game is that we need to play things we don't like to be competitive. I have to raid to PvP and opposite.

  • Paralyzar1 Justin/Paralyzar🌈💯 (@Paralyzar1) reported

    @stergey @WarcraftDevs Hm, this must be a newer issue.. Hopefully they look into it.

  • wolfuluz wlf (@wolfuluz) reported

    theres a bug which during the arena you can't use any abilities and you dc after 30 sec randomly and you can actually watch everything @BlizzardCS @WarcraftDevs pls fix your game.

  • Pastorianus Opa (Mike) (@Pastorianus) reported

    @CrazyCatLady459 @flameflash @WarcraftDevs I’m skeptical that this is actually worked into the “fix” yet. More probable that the backlash caused them to think “oh shit we have to fix this before live”

  • Zionxi1 Zionxi (@Zionxi1) reported

    @Warcraft Ooh boi, looks like the stress test is actually going to be about stressing it... have fun looking at the login screen until they have enough data and then shut the servers down 😂

  • lezardfleck Ricardo Fleck (@lezardfleck) reported

    @nightstalker314 @BellularGaming @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev Oh yeah, and since you are shaming others, I think you wanting efficiency for gold and farming things is what is wrong and is killing the wow economy, you gamer man is the one that its the problem with wow economy, not the design of it

  • EmilG23 Emil Gade Larsen (@EmilG23) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Hey there warcraft devs first of all i wanna let you know im having a blast in BFA. but im afraid its about to end. Beguilling looks anoying to play. im not a highend player but not lowend either. please contact me and lets fix beguilling together, no fees attached

  • Thilaryn Thilaryn (@Thilaryn) reported

    @J_Krucial @DarkTranus @Warcraft 8.2 looks promising, won't fix everything but looks enjoyable from what I've played on ptr

  • PhalinRed Phalin CFZ 2019 (@PhalinRed) reported

    @Warcraft Don't be using "DDoS" or "Did not expect the demand" as an excuse for when the EU Servers choke and die on the first 5 mins of launch.

  • PhalinRed Phalin CFZ 2019 (@PhalinRed) reported

    @Warcraft Don't be using "DDoS" or "Did not expect demad" as an excuse when EU Servers die within the first 5 mins.

  • dantte169 Dantte169 (@dantte169) reported

    @DonkenOG @PreachGaming @WarcraftDevs The only people who have problem with this is the people selling power level boosts. I never bought any leveling boosts from 110-120 so this change doesn't bother or affect me at all. Might reduce the trade chat spam which probabbly will be good.

  • PaulRunecrow Paul (@PaulRunecrow) reported

    @Warcraft Don’t get too excited, everyone. If you are able to log in at all, you’ll likely be getting dc’d every 30 seconds. I don’t recommend smaller streamers streaming unless you get in and it seems somewhat stable or you’ll basically be streaming the login screen.

  • lezardfleck Ricardo Fleck (@lezardfleck) reported

    @nightstalker314 @BellularGaming @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev If you think you can crunch data and numbers to understand design trends, game design and fix issues in a game designed to be social, you really are taking the wrong approach on understanding the issue here

  • lezardfleck Ricardo Fleck (@lezardfleck) reported

    @nightstalker314 @BellularGaming @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev But only one of us is saying the other is seeing from a different perspective, and have points on the way they are thinking, but thats not the issue, you're just saying I'm wrong and I'm exagerating, and I can assume from that you think I'm delusional

  • lezardfleck Ricardo Fleck (@lezardfleck) reported

    @nightstalker314 @BellularGaming @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev Wow design is broken to the core, is that the fault of devs, shareholders, management, Idk, I can see howevery every single sympthom for every project I've worked that had a design culture problem in @Warcraftdevs teams atm though, just by results and engagement with users

  • lezardfleck Ricardo Fleck (@lezardfleck) reported

    @nightstalker314 @BellularGaming @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev Or differences here is that you focus on game play and game systems, I focus on user behavior, culture and impact, those are 2 different worlds, all your arguments are correct, they are irrelevant to why this is a problem nevertheless

  • lezardfleck Ricardo Fleck (@lezardfleck) reported

    @nightstalker314 @BellularGaming @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev Yep, and the reason people are complaining for that is because that is the core essence of why an mmo is fun... thats the sandbox of fun players find on mmos, sure they can fix however they want, but by doing that they are making the game worse and killing it

  • DonkenOG Donken (@DonkenOG) reported

    @Spotnick @PreachGaming @WarcraftDevs The zones are actually pretty cool, and well designed. The problem is character progression feels terrible, once every level you become relatively weaker, and you lose abilities from 110-120. There isn’t any gratification or satisfaction because of lack of RPG elements

  • lezardfleck Ricardo Fleck (@lezardfleck) reported

    @nightstalker314 @BellularGaming @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev Then leave it alone until they fix it, if they launch that on the game, in the state the game is, it will bleed even more players and make it look like they don't care about the players nor the experience and journey, just about the money of boosts

  • Dfin2be Dfin (@Dfin2be) reported

    @Okoi100 @waecnigeria Am having same challenge of"time out error". Warcraft should do something about it.

  • RethRethReth Billy | Vahdis (@RethRethReth) reported

    @Warjoey2 @WarcraftDevs They already did that 3 months ago with 8.1.5 :P My issue is there's still a 50 character limit on the account, so all your servers combined you can only have 50 character, so I can't make anymore characters on that server.

  • Dredd_Plays Dredd💀 (@Dredd_Plays) reported

    This is a terrible idea @WarcraftDevs. How about you fix the scaling issue that allows twinks to do BfA dungeons instead of punishing players who turned off exp to play older content.

  • CaptPaladinLP x - Paladin-SPB (CPLP) 37 Years Strong! (@CaptPaladinLP) reported

    Finally re-installed Windows 10...I didn't mind Dead by Daylight not working, but if World of Warcraft or Overwatch didn't work..then there is a problem.

  • GeorgeAviectus George Aviectus (@GeorgeAviectus) reported

    @WarcraftDevs You failed on fine tuning level scale by making low level chars stronger than max ones and because of the fact you can't fix it, you basically did what blizzard does good. Break something to the ground. Without middle ground.

  • jo_papas Jo (@jo_papas) reported

    @Warcraft I believe you have to fix the xp gain from questing, you make us doing dungeons and dungeons and dungeons to max a toon because the questing is nerf xp gain and this is annoying.. This is my opinion, thanks good morning.

  • NLappe Lappe (@NLappe) reported

    @ruthven78 @Wowhead @WarcraftDevs Twinks probably have their own queue all together to avoid this issue.

  • ly0nardo Rickinald (@ly0nardo) reported

    Warcraft just feels like such a mess. I was going to debate the levelling experience on that reply I left awhile ago but there's so many problems with that experience that Twitter is not the place for it.

  • Rastailian Valiant Pungent Reindeer King (@Rastailian) reported

    Listen @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs - I get that there is a big problem here. I agree something needed to be done. To do this feels punitive to a player base that figured out something QA and alpha/beta testers should have caught. This subtracts joy and ruins the illusion of free will

  • _BlacKTaloN_ Roy - ฿Ⱡ₳₵₭₮₳ⱠØ₦ (@_BlacKTaloN_) reported

    That about does it for #Warcraft for me for the next little while. Gonna cancel that sub and save some bucks, AOTC or not. I just dont care enough, I only login for raid anyway, and its 5 minutes before it starts...

  • bradleyjdix BJD (@bradleyjdix) reported

    @WarcraftDevs please don't fix what isn't broken and revert that disabled exp change

  • serketssecret2 Allycat (@serketssecret2) reported

    @WarcraftDevs We're almost a year into the expansion. Everyone who gave a shit has already leveled their mains. They power level because your leveling content is ass. Don't nerf power leveling, make better questing content, then power leveling won't be an issue.

  • HallScream Robin Smith (@HallScream) reported

    @Warcraft There must be another way than this ridiculous group exp manipulation thing to fix the 'problem' you're trying to 'fix'... I use this to easily join friends who just started playing WoW, and now you are ruining this experience by a really great deal... GG guys 😪

  • CallingShoRai Amorloran's Rest (@CallingShoRai) reported

    @Wowhead @WarcraftDevs Well this is kinda stupid. Seems more like support for briefers rather than the intended purpose. That purpose being to penalize people using the in game systems to provide a service that's been in the game since day one because RNG and replayability are bad.

  • insegnos Vaan (@insegnos) reported

    @Wowhead From all the things @WarcraftDevs could think about to "fix" the current atrocious state of the game. They manage to come up with this. GJ, imagine if you guys would put this amount of thought and care into designing the classes.