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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • Azzi07348059 Azzi (@Azzi07348059) reported

    @Warcraft Please shut down the "Layering" system in wow classic.We would rather bad network,broken services than "Layering".We do not need "Layering" system or any other "Sharding" systems at any time.Why do you always thought that you were more clever than all our players in 10 years.

  • Azzi07348059 Azzi (@Azzi07348059) reported

    @Warcraft Please shut down the "Layering" system in wow classic.We would rather bad network,broken services than "Layering".We do not need "Layering" system or any other "Sharding" systems at any time.Why do you always thought that you were more clever than all our players in 10 years.

  • Perringaiden Perringaiden (@Perringaiden) reported

    @gemGreg @hOnKiNg_MfEr @BONES_Gaming @Warcraft That mindset is the problem though. Except for the bleeding edge all the most important content requires 5 people. Homogenisation is the result of them trying to “Solve" social dynamics of a group

  • david_drfx1 David (@david_drfx1) reported

    @Warcraft Launching Classic with an experimental player tech that only created problems rather than fixes them is the worst thing you can think of. You should have done no layering with lots of servers and do merges later if needed.... its very simple to do and no issues..

  • Squinttz Squinttz_ED (@Squinttz) reported

    @DavisSnow @OldSchoolRS @WarcraftDevs When they finally shove the entangle halving fix down their throats despite the pvmers downvoting it 😩

  • yserashenai Ysera /rude @ Azshara (@yserashenai) reported

    I’m... up to THREE Druids in BfA zones. I think I have a problem. Or a preferred class. #Warcraft

  • Azzi07348059 Azzi (@Azzi07348059) reported

    @Warcraft Please shut down the "Layering" system in wow classic.We would rather bad network,broken services than "Layering".We do not need "Layering" system or any other "Sharding" systems at any time.Why do you always thought that you were more clever than all our players in 10 years.

  • Azzi07348059 Azzi (@Azzi07348059) reported

    @Warcraft Please shut down the "Layering" system in wow classic.We would rather bad network,broken services than "Layering".We do not need "Layering" system or any other "Sharding" systems at any time.Why do you always thought that you were more clever than all our players in 10 years.

  • Jishdefish Jish (@Jishdefish) reported

    If Herod's problem was that bad, @WarcraftDevs should have named the new server Blades of Light.

  • returnofthem0v7 mg #StandWithIdlib #FreeKashmir (@returnofthem0v7) reported

    Even the Islamic narrative of Hussain's martyrdom doesn't sugarcoat the issue, as Shias would have you believe it does. It doesn't underestimate what happened, but doesnt make it into a magical World of Warcraft mythological battle either (as their narrative does)

  • TvInc_at_twitch Skarab_Inc (@TvInc_at_twitch) reported

    Got some technical issues this morning thats why i broke up stream ... sorry guys -.- gotta fix that problem see ya tonight hopefully #TwitchGaming #TwitchAffiliate #SmallStreamer #StreamOn #WoW #WorldOfWarcraft #WoWClassic

  • FinneyTV Finney (@FinneyTV) reported

    @cardinalspawn83 @Warcraft @esportswales RIP right shift key, forever doused in beer and broken. Don't drink and game, kids.

  • irrelevator Rayquaza Barraza (@irrelevator) reported

    @annafunk @Warcraft on clearance due to error in design

  • Chi_TownX Craig Terrance (@Chi_TownX) reported

    @Piccolo80789258 @TipsOutBaby @Blizzard @Warcraft You dont have to see the big deal. Blizzard said they dont want them, and that they would break them when pointed out. Your issue is with Blizzard if you don't like that this is happening.

  • yongeviolin yonge (@yongeviolin) reported

    @TipsOutBaby @Blizzard @Warcraft People wont use it so it wont be a problem

  • Kexiam Kexiam (@Kexiam) reported

    @luisdrl89 @Warcraft Bc and wrath were both expansions that I can tell you people were hyped for... the effortless amount of lag spikes in bc. Then they created 2 starting zones for wrath because of it...

  • Geoff_Andrews_ Geoff Andrews (@Geoff_Andrews_) reported

    @Warcraft Just make sure DBM and WA are both broken add-ons please

  • zaximus119 Zach (@zaximus119) reported

    @Warcraft @Blizzard_Ent We need to strongly address the log in que times that are going to be associated with the launch and first few weeks of the games release. Switching servers is a bandage fix, greatly increase the volume of the servers or upset players. #pastExpansionLessions

  • DaboGyrl DaboGyrl™© (@DaboGyrl) reported

    So much whining in BGs today. This is why I'm going to PvP in Classic. The "Everybody gets a trophy" has broken the PvP experience for me in Retail. #Warcraft

  • riklaunim Piotr (@riklaunim) reported

    @keziu123 @Defenestration6 @Warcraft We didn't had any problems on K3 with raiding. Myth about vanilla raids have been long gone destroyed. People are making large groups to rush Rag before first reset and more. This game won't be played as it was back then and people can organize way better.

  • riklaunim Piotr (@riklaunim) reported

    @keziu123 @Defenestration6 @Warcraft Well, with two raid nights it's not a problem to do MC, Ony and BWL. Then farm runs only when AQ opens. Plus off-schedule ZG etc. Raid management is way easier than you may think.

  • Landin_McDowwel MccDowwell (@Landin_McDowwel) reported

    @TipsOutBaby @Blizzard @Warcraft Agreed. Any grouping add on should be broken for Classic.

  • Sidorros Joey 'Sidorros' (@Sidorros) reported

    @Warcraft Seems like this is an unpopular opinion so let me elaborate. Everyone has been complaining about @Activision's direction with Blizzard's legacy for, but as soon as they provide a fan service everyone gets amnesia. I will not allow them to profit from my nostalgia. That is all.

  • Sidorros Joey 'Sidorros' (@Sidorros) reported

    @Weak3n @Warcraft Agree to disagree, friend. I won't be playing purely recycled content, personally. Don't get me wrong, WoW was a huge part of my late teens and early twenties and some of my closest friends to this day I met then, but this is 100% a fan service, nostalgia fueled money grab.

  • Dysmo Dysmo (@Dysmo) reported

    @Sidorros @Warcraft ehh i do think a lot of people might quit playing after a bit because of nostalgia fix going away but blizzard can adjust things and make it more balanced as time goes on. i think they will re release TBC & cap it there. if retail isnt dead dead then i dont see classic being dead

  • Jcamps30 J҉ ҉-҉C҉A҉M҉P҉S҉. 👌👌 (@Jcamps30) reported

    @Warcraft My warlock gonna charge a service fee to summon.

  • artemisthemp Danny K. Laursen (@artemisthemp) reported

    @no_ends @JamesEdmondston @Warcraft Must have been fun for alliance. Imagine seeing a broken gate enter and getting destroyed

  • LordMetalFan dr Mochi (@LordMetalFan) reported

    @Slasher @DanPatrick How ridiculous i play World of warcraft most of the time. I dont want to run around killing ppls with my battleaxe because of it i want to do it because im mental video games arent the problem Humans are...

  • JustJakgaming JustJak (@JustJakgaming) reported

    @Warcraft Real first world problems

  • FrosteyKnight Michael J Marquart (@FrosteyKnight) reported

    @keziu123 @Warcraft I for one want the annoying I don't want things to be easier I have no problem if it takes 8 hours to do Deadmines. This is the World of Warcraft I want to play, it's not for everybody and that's fine but it is for me.

  • Geordie295 Geordie (@Geordie295) reported

    @Warcraft Ah...WoW classic,....The only time hunters weren't broken...

  • Takariistorm Grant 'Takarii' Hickey ✈ #i65 (@Takariistorm) reported

    @Kaelaris @Warcraft Just be prepared for long queues and connection errors. You know they are coming....

  • SchaaRox SchaRox (@SchaaRox) reported

    @TipsOutBaby @Blizzard @Warcraft If it's not autofill, then there is no problem unless you like to see spams in your general chat. Remember all players are not streamers to say as an example hey! I want to do this dungeon. I need 4 players now. And there are immediately dozens of people.

  • Lightlim Lightlim (@Lightlim) reported

    @NPatterson1337 @caric_lamorian @Warcraft They probably still have some bugs to fix reported by the Beta players and things to sort out from the tests they've done with name reservation. Also, releasing it early when people have booked holidays and things.. probably wouldn't be that welcome. Not long now though

  • Lilyofthemyst Lily (@Lilyofthemyst) reported

    This free t-shirt day is going to crash my t-shirt market on the AH. Ah well! 😕 #warcraft

  • _Goldrake_ Goldrake (@_Goldrake_) reported

    @SamuraiiEdits @GLozanoJr @Warcraft For that matter classic is expected to have constant server problems, disconnects, ... etc. :-) That was vanilla, too. :-) As it is I love it with better graphics. There are other things I already forgot are much better now but there is no end once we start with this.

  • SonOfCairne Baine Bloodhoof (@SonOfCairne) reported

    Realistically, we tauren cannot wear t-shirts unless at least one horn is broken off. 👆🐮 #Warcraft

  • dankwownames1 dankwownames (@dankwownames1) reported

    @Greenchili1997 @Warcraft Or just scale content and fix the abilities and class tuning end of discussion

  • Falandir_ Nelson Murray (@Falandir_) reported

    @Thunderceptor11 I have known several kids in his approx age group that pla GTA none of them act like this its a parenting problem pure and simple. Reminds me of the southpark episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft"

  • dragonflie5874 Stacy Bond (@dragonflie5874) reported

    @Warcraft OMGosh! I forgot how big a file it is to download WoW. SOOO .... now we wait... good time to fix some lunch... lol I do remember it took most of a day to download this on ol faithful... so Im curious to see how fast the new and improved shiney will be! lol

  • JustinKHixson Justin Hixson (@JustinKHixson) reported

    @Warcraft Yesterday's Hotfix notes have a few errors in them. The Chi Torpedo line is in there twice, and the Developers note from the previous hotfix was repeated.

  • AlienVolt Rob (Volt) (@AlienVolt) reported

    @Warcraft Fix the broken classes @Blizzard_Ent. We want classic wow for the game play and difficulty, not broken classes with useless specs. TBC prepatch class fixes with the classic WoW gameplay would've been a home run.

  • dblanch369wow David Blanchard (@dblanch369wow) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS Not sure if intended or not but recent hotfixes seem to be causing issues so that monel stirrups aren’t working as previously or as intended. On two separate WQs I was not able to interact with item while mounted, when it worked before. It dismounted me.

  • ShinigamiMG Shinigami Mal'Ganis (@ShinigamiMG) reported

    @Warcraft I wish I could play! But my laptop screen is broken and I just had a baby August 6th and I also have a 14 month old. I think my oldest would be fascinated with how awesome the world looks in game though.

  • LazWow Laz-WoW Eonar EU (@LazWow) reported

    Imagine the disappointment when you complete Broken Isles Pathfinder Part 1 and change to your flying mount, only for it to flap it's wings and NOT take off! ****.....part 2 then. 🙈 #dotheresearch #Warcraft

  • SurGnome Shortshot (@SurGnome) reported

    People get their #Warcraft fix in different ways, I guess. Personally, I have zero interest in #ClassicWow , but I guess the nostalgia bug can bite some people hard.

  • Jmlegofr Nishven (@Jmlegofr) reported

    @Azortharionz @WarcraftDevs @WarcraftDevs Plz fix, Hati sad :(

  • bluezyrock R o ❌ y (@bluezyrock) reported

    I'm the only one that is unable to open warcraft 3 world editor i try to find help but seems like nobody has the problem

  • Tyristrum Ben Maguire (@Tyristrum) reported

    @RichieLFT @Warcraft the login queue

  • Bismango Juan Ariel of House Stark (@Bismango) reported

    @Warcraft Fix the ******* game

  • waywardafqueen Brittiny Charee🌸 (@waywardafqueen) reported

    I just earned the [Paragon of the Broken Isles] Achievement! #Warcraft

  • GeoffreyHolland thot exercise (@GeoffreyHolland) reported

    @Warcraft Can't reserve a name in classic, all servers down

  • EnricoBoccardi Enrico Boccardi (@EnricoBoccardi) reported

    @matinho90pl @Wowhead @WarcraftDevs Neh, i think i have said enough for how much i wanted to put effort in it xD In the end of things, i am a mere player/spectator, and the issues of develpment are unfathomable

  • joe__mayo Joe Hughes (@joe__mayo) reported

    @Warcraft the login boss will be a pain in the backside

  • keivamp1 keivamp (@keivamp1) reported

    @morethanmythic It's okay...was super tired and didn't stream long. Plus i was having UI problems in both Warcraft and on stream.

  • Kwepp Kwepp (@Kwepp) reported

    @WarcraftDevs actually amazed how long it takes you to hotfix this, but on Queens Court Mythic, can you please fix the bug where if you die to spark one pull, you sometimes have a chance of taking double/triple damage everytime a spark pops. I've been 1 shot 100 - 0 4 times now.

  • Hazel_Hnut MoonsOverMyHammy (@Hazel_Hnut) reported

    @morgueprincess I ended up doing the same thing one World of Warcraft with someone who’s characters were all named after InuYasha characters a year later. I had a problem😂

  • Greenchili1997 Greenchili (@Greenchili1997) reported

    @MyBadRabbit @Warcraft A lot Classic fans want a buggy crash on release day to relive that release day hype back in 2004, Classic wow is overrated nostalgia mess really :/

  • bunishido Bunishido (@bunishido) reported

    If you want to avoid server queues on launch day, you can login to the character creation screen up to 6 hours early. I don’t even know why I am sharing this info, I guess #WoWClassic has me feeling like part of something bigger.#WorldofWarcraft

  • OrcLordBarbok OLBarbok (@OrcLordBarbok) reported

    @Paul_Layt0n @nichstarr @hatchetman0 @Warcraft Oh no problem bruv, I just didn't want to be the only one in the wrong and got nitpicky. haha