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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • johnsmith_cb Phalanx (@johnsmith_cb) reported

    Free private servers offer better performance in big world pvp battles than classic wow, thats embarassing af. Cancelled sub until you fix your shit and hope more people do too. @Warcraft

  • jmarkell Jared Markell (@jmarkell) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Please convert the remaining sources of AP to gold. Finish run, no deaths, 15g repair. 1g Tidal Core is my only loot. Fix this.

  • scottgrassick Scott Grassick (@scottgrassick) reported

    Spent a lot of money on a new gaming pc and #worldofwarcraft keeps crashing with error 132 - tried so many things to fix it ******* frustrating as ****

  • Dredd_TTV Dredd💀 (@Dredd_TTV) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev Please for the love of the Light. Fix the lag on your Classic WoW servers. You're a multi billion dollar company. I shouldn't be lagging in unplayable circumstances in a regular 40v40 WPvP skirmish.

  • Rehsto Resto (@Rehsto) reported

    Yo @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs For the love of god, get your shit together and fix Faerlina. It's been 15 years bois, you should have this shit on lockdown by now.

  • Skywalk43121100 Skywalker (@Skywalk43121100) reported

    @BlizzardCS :( I stopped playing #NBA2K20 because the game is trash and #worldofwarcraft saved my life. Please Fix :)

  • scary_dave91 Scarydave (@scary_dave91) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs - cant login to wow, got DC'd mid-raid in EP ... :( .. now just on discord listening to the guild raid .. help meh!!

  • scary_dave91 Scarydave (@scary_dave91) reported

    @WarcraftDevs #FreeScarydave - Login server isnt working :(

  • MURILOORL Murilo Orlandini (@MURILOORL) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN @LinnTorill I am having the same issue as the person above. From Norway. Unlike him, I can (sometimes) get to the character selection screen (can't see my DK), log in only for the blue bar to get stuck at the same spot every time. The game World of Warcraft.

  • sharpythegoat Sharpy Shadowgoatbringers (@sharpythegoat) reported

    WoW login servers down for some #warcraft

  • Claak_TV Claak (@Claak_TV) reported

    @BrobbenTV @Warcraft Servers are gonna be a lag fest

  • lukzmu Zmudzinski (@lukzmu) reported

    @KirkDBorne #DataSciChat A8: not talking about the obvious news about StarCraft, my favorite to this day is how people were using world of #warcraft auction house to predict real world stock problems.

  • MrMoyaa Moyaa (@MrMoyaa) reported

    @VerizonSupport @DDorgle This is not isolated to just @Warcraft. Most if not all NJ Verizon customers can’t access #EscapeFromTarkov due to similar connectivity issues @bstategames . This started yesterday.

  • nascentgg Nascent (@nascentgg) reported

    Really don’t know why this UI bug hasn’t been fixed yet. Error swapping players in groups for months. @WarcraftDevs

  • Vixen02 Vixen (@Vixen02) reported

    Oh god yes, I thought my UI was the problem and removed a lot of things to only still have the problem. Please @WarcraftDevs fix!

  • Lifefire_WoW Lifefire (@Lifefire_WoW) reported

    Yep. I've run into this as well several times. Very annoying. I'll add a small addition that my unit frames also seem to get frozen/stuck when this occurs; they won't update correctly. I usually have to reload to fix everything. @WarcraftDevs

  • amwoodruff87 Carmina (@amwoodruff87) reported

    @ScripeWoW @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev I thought it was just me!!! I hope they fix it. Super annoying

  • cabbageOpt Cabbageman (@cabbageOpt) reported

    @ScripeWoW @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev Elitest gamer rush to fix @WarcraftDevs

  • notmetalmagic MetalMagic 🎸 Ian (@notmetalmagic) reported

    @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS Fix your game. Stop letting level 120 players party sync into non-120 battlegrounds, it's ruining them. Arathi Basin just happend where they pushed horde into Base GY, with 120 hunter and 120 Paladin healer. This is ruining the game.

  • WarcraftMounts Warcraft Mounts (@WarcraftMounts) reported

    Unfortunately this affects Warcraft Mounts too. We’re hoping the issues will be resolved soon!

  • Volstatsz Volstatsz (Cory) (@Volstatsz) reported

    @Kalrell @WarcraftDevs You're naturally welcome to feel however you'd like. I find your characterization of this mechanic as already "set in stone" to be needlessly fatalistic for something that won't be live for over a month. If they can't fix this now, I distrust their plans to fix it in 9.0.

  • Kalrell Kalrell (@Kalrell) reported

    @Volstatsz @WarcraftDevs Judging anything 9.0 by something that was set in stone in BFA years ago, has nothing to do with lip service or good will.

  • Volstatsz Volstatsz (Cory) (@Volstatsz) reported

    Oh FFS it's good to know all the lip-service at #BlizzCon was exactly that and @WarcraftDevs have no intention of actually removing endless grinds. Can't wait to see what endless "but it's totally not an endless grind" grind we'll have in Shadowlands.

  • toffmcsoft Kristoff (@toffmcsoft) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Out of the kindness of your hearts please consider Faction based login queues. For Servers like Skeram-US where the balance is 80/20 in favor of horde login queues are going to cause Phase 2 to be a major problem for Alliance.

  • UndadTV UndadTV (@UndadTV) reported

    Affix balance is still horrendous. If its at all possible to hotfix 8.3 quaking into the game please do. We don't care if its bugged, thats better than not playing for the week. Void still a huge issue but don't envision that being solved. @WarcraftDevs

  • DDorgle DiggleDorgle (@DDorgle) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft @BlizzardCS Acknowledge your login issues please, it sucks guessing on whether or not you guys even know about it, let alone are working on a fix.

  • mercewow merce (@mercewow) reported

    Fire mage is the most broken spec in the game PvP wise @WarcraftDevs

  • The_Rab1 Rab 🚀 (@The_Rab1) reported

    Dude. Fix the performance. You can’t even run #WorldOfWarcraft on it properly. 15 years ago, it worked fine on my MacBook. #Apple has dropped the ball on this product. The keyboard SUCKS. The price tag is unreasonable for the trash performance. #Dota2 doesn’t even run properly...

  • JDenslinger Jeremy Denslinger (@JDenslinger) reported

    @WarcraftDevs #Warcraft I found an issue easily resolved with yesterday's client update. There is a file in the UTILS directory which is causing problems (for my wife and myself, on 2 different computers) Resolution: rename the "UTILS" directory, let it rebuild w/ update #wow

  • patrickeon Patrick the old guy. (@patrickeon) reported

    @RickKackis It would take some world of Warcraft level Sylvania bullshit to fix that last season, tearing a hole in reality.

  • Joseolivenca Olivenca 🔜 TwitchLDN (@Joseolivenca) reported

    @RexRTs @B42community @Warcraft @ZestyTuna @deanardri @Manifoldhope @InfamousRaider I'm having some insues with my windows, so soon i will start since fix this.

  • Davehkiin08 Dave89H (@Davehkiin08) reported

    @SwiftyiRL @EsfandTV @Warcraft @StaySafeWarlock LOL I see myself jumping. This was right b4 I got deleted by lag 😄

  • Andydemon1 Andrew Gregrich (@Andydemon1) reported

    @YeetusPhilia @GesofisticeerdK @ThePandaKinRS @Warcraft You don't get it, there were no rules broken. Not as far as Blizzard should be concerned anyway. Blitzchung didn't break any of Blizzard's rules, he broke China's rules. Rules that shouldn't be rules in the first place. Speaking out against a government should never be punished.

  • leowyld Leo Wyld 🦝 (Raccoonatic Commander) (@leowyld) reported

    Pretty cool. Although, they should also fix the glowy eyes for Worgen. They used to actually glow before the new models, now they don't (not a big deal for me, since I switched to one of the new non-glowy-eye faces on my Worgen, but I definitely noticed) #Warcraft

  • hunterstuff hunter (@hunterstuff) reported

    i feel like 11 has the disadvantage of being very inspired by everquest basically right before world of warcraft came in was basically Everquest But A Lot Of The Problems Are Fixed

  • nesukun How the heck did we end up like this (@nesukun) reported

    @perculia @WarcraftDevs please fix asap

  • xJennTonicx Blume Katze (@xJennTonicx) reported

    @KawaiiAllowa @Warcraft But yes you must have membership to open mail if you decide to login without membership

  • TariTheRogue Tari (@TariTheRogue) reported

    @powellstudios @Warcraft I don't expect them to add anything new to classic, my gripe is this claims to be a "login reward", but f2p accounts are given a mailbox item they can obviously NEVER open.

  • Mordecai7342 SHADOWLANDS (@Mordecai7342) reported


  • Minpojke_ AZT Jon (@Minpojke_) reported

    @Swapxy @Method_Raiku @WarcraftDevs Do fix this, Method Black is beginning their 2020 Blizzcon practice soon. @WarcraftDevs

  • ugglebjorn ugglebjorn (@ugglebjorn) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev The Unpruning creates new problems by giving tools to specs that already have the best tools. It's redundancy for the sake of nostalgia. You don't need constant totems to know there's a Shaman nearby.

  • Shiekrunner Shiekrunner (@Shiekrunner) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Party Sync is extremely broken if it stays how it is it can potentially make shadowlands leveling irrelavent because they might be party sync alternatives that are faster. I would apprechiate if it can be checked out. Thanks :)

  • ErikHeller86 Erik Heller (@ErikHeller86) reported

    @RusslAndrewsHat @dougboneparth It’s like the old world of Warcraft patch days when I played, you didn’t even bother logging on that day because of all the issues that would pop up

  • Malice_57 Psyrek (@Malice_57) reported

    Imagine removing layering and not fixxing server lag when more than 100 people are in a zone @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft.

  • MorrisatLarge Chris Morris (@MorrisatLarge) reported

    The DisneyPlus launch day errors take me back to the heyday of Diablo 3 and basically any World of Warcraft expansion launch...

  • RyanMeese Ryan Meese (@RyanMeese) reported

    @trellsky @WarcraftDevs They have a tough problem because that's part of an MMO, traditionally. And a lot of people seem to like classic which feels like a real RPG where everything isn't the exact type of content you prefer at all times. But a lot of retail players feel how you do, myself included

  • TheScepticOne1 TheScepticOne (@TheScepticOne1) reported

    @HiddenXperia @SkillUpYT let me fix that for you: "whole game is spent grinding for gear with better stats" It has always been like this. World of Warcraft pre-transmog was always BiS, just like D2 was.

  • GrogmanWoW Grogman (@GrogmanWoW) reported

    @WarcraftDevs a time to reflect quest is broken. After accepting the quest there’s only about a 20% chance when talking to the quest giver to get a question.

  • Fevion24 Fevion (@Fevion24) reported

    @Warcraft @BlizzardCS I pre-ordered the Epic edition on the 9th and I'm still missing the Hearthstone Toy. I have had a ticket in since 4:37 EST Nov 9th... Any help would be amazing. Seriously it's going on day 3 now... Issue ID: #69410222

  • Necroxis9 Necroxis (@Necroxis9) reported

    It also seems pretty out of character for Baine, of all people, to tell the Vulpera, who were integral in stopping the Sethrak & saving the Horde's Speaker, that they're too busy to take in new allies. Just because of relatively minor problems that they then solve. #Warcraft

  • karensue30 Karen Sue Hondow (@karensue30) reported from Houston, Texas

    @WarcraftDevs I am continually getting applacation errors while playing takes me to a screen to write down what I was doing at the time and it gives me a number 3712CAA8-EACF-4F8B-A4C3-C3199C685708 that is from the last error

  • leowyld Leo Wyld 🦝 (Raccoonatic Commander) (@leowyld) reported

    The Worgen heritage armor quests are about convincing someone not to be a Worgen... and I find *myself* convinced of that the more I think of it. Feel a disconnect now. But I'm refocusing on Vulpera. Maybe that's what I needed after maining Worgen for nearly a decade. #Warcraft

  • GloriousKev 🦃🦃🦃⌨🎧 Gobble Gobble Kev🖥🖱🦃🦃🦃 (@GloriousKev) reported

    I wish @Blizzard_Ent would bring back Warcraft RTS. I understand that their focus has been on WoW and that the story has far surpassed where Warcraft RTS left off but it would be cool to even have stories set in that universe happening side by side in a live service game

  • mattwhotweets matt, with a job! (@mattwhotweets) reported

    It’s too bad world of Warcraft doesn’t take 17 hours to install like it used to. That way I’d be able to delete it and not have the energy to redownload it and that way solve at least 4% of my life’s problems...

  • Tha_Row Don (@Tha_Row) reported

    @xMeloo78 @Larsfest We don't know what he's going through because he didn't tell us, which IS the issue... For all we know he could be just playing World of Warcraft. You're a bit dim if you think not updating people who paid your rent is a smart or fair decision. This is how dead streams happen.

  • carl_daughter cody carlson (@carl_daughter) reported

    @ChuckDewland How is it ethical for @Warcraft to Sweep this HUGE issue under the rug like there isn’t a giant issue at hand...

  • DiceNDinosaurs Mankylosaurus but spooky or something I don't know (@DiceNDinosaurs) reported

    @JimSterling There was also an issue with the world or warcraft tournament at Blizzcon. Basically Blizzard had fans pay for the prize pool by selling a pet in wow and lead people to believe that they would also put in money. Could be worth a bit of research. Not sure if you already knew 🤔

  • RadiHood Radi Hood (@RadiHood) reported

    @F22DemoTeam toxic names to @Warcraft Hunter pets psychic. waiting mail, BG postal service original.

  • _Drekzz Connor O'Shea (@_Drekzz) reported

    @shutupdarrie @Warcraft I have friends who competed in MDI and blizzard was disgraceful to both the players and the fan base. Whether or not they stated the facts as a technicality is not the issue. This was intentionally misleading to the whole community. Love ya Darrie. Please be GM of my life x

  • halfogren Rhaego Halfogren (@halfogren) reported

    @PantheonMMO I think there should be a way you can have both. Like World of Warcraft has this problem currently too, and it could be easily solved if they disabled transmog appearances in instanced group content imo.