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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • DustyFlash Dusty (@DustyFlash) reported

    @Zanagoth The issue with tridolon and raids was always gear restriction. You can't bring weapon or warframe "x" because it will take you the entire night to kill an eidolon. At some point I wanted to make a forum post about a % damage based system for eidolons, but it was hard to describe.

  • WaffleRainbow RainbowWaffles (@WaffleRainbow) reported

    An update on the video today: I'm actually CTDing on Warframe upon logging in and have been trying for the past while to figure out a fix. If I can't zero it in soon i'll have to get the video done Sunday/Monday. Love you guys. <3

  • DrBunsenMD Bunsen (@DrBunsenMD) reported

    Some genuinely great changes- these were problems that were boiling over for years and hurting the basic 'feel' of Warframe. Now if they'd just add tutorials and attempt to explain the game to new players, I could finally get some friends on board.

  • KimerexProjekt Kimerex : ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ (@KimerexProjekt) reported

    Wanted to stream last night but had to deal with getting a problem renter out of a property. Hopefully streaming tonight. Either Warframe with a buddy of mine or art. We'll see

  • CyrusVGZ Cyrus (@CyrusVGZ) reported

    Things to do today (No particular order) - Try to beat that Mewtwo raid in Shield - Get BDO to let me login via Steam so I can keep the game - Fire up Smash so I can get the Warframe spirit - Try to make my resume not look like dogshit - Job searching.

  • rice_crispy_png 🚸 (@rice_crispy_png) reported

    @_cjrriley @PlayWarframe If you think about it, a warframe rep would play out like byleth but faster. He could have broken war, fragor, and broken scepter. And have something similar to jokers gun for neutral special

  • ImNotDatBoi Raymond Hepner (@ImNotDatBoi) reported

    @Fanelsis @PlayWarframe @kobethebear23 Don’t. Warframe has too many problems to be a good game. Not to mention the latest content is as buggy as Fallout 76

  • XaiphenUp Xaiphen (@XaiphenUp) reported

    @GloriousKev @Mortiel @LialahRose I agree. I can only really play Warframe sometimes, like when new content comes out. That is one significant feature over any other Grind as a Service game; the Warframe service consistently provides new content. As opposed to regrinding the same 50 shades of the same old crap.

  • IronsparkSyris Ruby, See Pinned for Ascendancy Update (@IronsparkSyris) reported

    Warframe is a great game despite the fact that the developers really shot themselves in the foot with the Riven system and are now too far in to really fix it

  • ramsfan55 Andrew Toia (@ramsfan55) reported

    @BfDyalan @actordaz @danielporath @WolcenGame Don't like POE F2P model pretty much destroys the pt of a looter imo. Any cool loot specifically armor is skins that you have to spend real money on. Had the same issue with warframe. Grim dawn is fine but it feels old and it gets stale after like 15 hours.

  • jpegan j̫̱ͧ̆̔͘pͥ̅̈́̃҉̶̤̮̰̼ȩ̛̝͔͇͔̂͞g̢̧͕͎̜͔̙̯͖̃̉̈́̊͗ (@jpegan) reported

    sorry to be a broken record but every time i advance the story in Warframe it draws me further in

  • bulbabum Trash Gremlin Mali (@bulbabum) reported

    Me every day: maybe warframe wi finally give me that 75% off sign in bonus :'))))

  • Quakeman224 Shane Vox-2 (@Quakeman224) reported

    Warframe has a issue where Multishot is just always used on weapons no matter what, and for 5 years they are still trying to tackle how to change that system without upsetting veterans. because its hard. But they have been tweaking other minor things to be in line with others.

  • AtiaxT Atiax™ (@AtiaxT) reported

    what DE's number one pryority should be is: FIX HOST MIGRATION!!!!!! @DigitalExtremes @PlayWarframe #Warframe

  • Ceresbane Arturo Sanchez (@Ceresbane) reported

    @PlagueOfGripes Let me elaborate. Warframe. Game that keeps adding barely functional features (that no one asked for) and rarely makes time for fixing besides the major game breaking ones. dont fix broken quest lines and bugged missions that stop progress unless you reset. Some being years old.

  • nezunskyfire Nezzy (@nezunskyfire) reported

    @aintyouspecial @Pennygoggles @PlagueOfGripes Warframe isn't even in the top 10 concurrent players. While they *did* fix some of the issues and stick to their product, they've been ignoring so much feedback as of late that it feels like they don't care. The Empyrean update seen a loss of concurrent players instead of a spike

  • Electrocutie_ Jaguar Jay 💕 (@Electrocutie_) reported

    Division 2, Warframe, even Borderlands 3 and Age of Triumph era Destiny 1, all highlights Destiny 2's problems. Destiny 2 is too unrewarding because so much of the rewards are meaningless. Legendaries are cookie cutter which is why I support the change even if it sucks.

  • Inileater 食べる人 (@Inileater) reported

    @SageWolfZenith If green is your thing I have warframe screenshots tonahare later when I'm not working double shifts,

  • man0fbass man0fbass IS NOW A FULL TIME STREAMER (@man0fbass) reported

    @WolfMoone @binaryconjurer depends on the game. if it opens up a window for you to login before the game itself actually opens, then it'll generally have a separate exe for the launcher. idk if that's the case for warframe. try opening it and see what happens.

  • TripleA_Gamer Avg Angry Australian (@TripleA_Gamer) reported

    @GameXplain Not Doom Not Devil May Cry Not Tales Of Not Crash Not Spyro Not Phoenix Wright Not Halo Not Minecraft Not Celeste Not Rocket League Not SteamWorld Not Hollow Knight, Cave Story or Axiom Verge We got WARFRAME in Smash before all of the above. Just let that sink in for a moment. :P

  • leesonTV leeson. (@leesonTV) reported

    I need to play Warframe again, problem is I'm not really that big of a fan of grindy games

  • caja_de_ojos 👁Caja de Ojos👁 (@caja_de_ojos) reported

    Look, i like warframe but... i can't believe they are giving smash representation to a game that gave their players abandonment issues

  • Civic1995D J D (@Civic1995D) reported

    @InfinityWard Instead for trying to get kid money fix the game stop unloading it over to players it takes up space for your mistakes 264gb of unnecessary space and the game isn't that big in content for a EG warframe is only 47gb/battlefield is 130gb and the games content is 2x more get point

  • Dino_Ducks life sucks (@Dino_Ducks) reported

    @Nejc__ @5ct57 Modes and maps got delayed/scrapped. I would rather pay for premium then have this shitty live service. It isn’t better then premium. It isn’t a new concept with a bad execution. Warframe has had a “live service” for years now and it works out for them. This is dripfeeding.

  • RDtuesdays G Turner (@RDtuesdays) reported

    Just lost my entire haul from arbitration disruption because of a network error. Its safe to say i won't be playing warframe for a while. @PlayWarframe

  • jumanjicostco37 Jumanji Costco (@jumanjicostco37) reported

    @gnome @SandersKarst @LinusTech Just make sure to check protondb to see if your critical games run, but be aware that even that isn't a guarantee. I've run into trouble with warframe, which is gold ranked, but had zero issues with other games

  • MrSnikeerSneer MrSnikeerSneer (@MrSnikeerSneer) reported

    @audir8420hp @HeStabsHim @Sabuuchi of players spamming broken weapons which does get tiring very quickly but thats in every game with how deep of a hole warframe is dug into right now building a pvp mode will require a different approach regardless since they abandoned even trying to keep up conclave at this point

  • tlongnamegamer LongNameGamer (@tlongnamegamer) reported

    In this episode of SF&GD we put Warframe under the microscope and it is not a perfect little star. Here we criticize and try to fix the most glaring problems in Warframe: the high barrier to entry, the confusing interweaving general crafting, the mod system and more!

  • JulianLynx Julian the Lynx (@JulianLynx) reported

    @Sabuuchi Well, assuming they don't do a Bungie and actually keep balance completely separate between PvP and PvE like they already have with Conclave, I can see it working. The problem is more with Warframe's foundation making it PvP unfriendly: (1/2)

  • kryptonprimus Pedro Fernández (@kryptonprimus) reported

    @arikirinoYT I kinda did have energy issues when I was trying it out. You see I might have forgotten the controls lol because it's been a long time since I last played warframe, so I couldn't use energizing dash most of the time. : )

  • Darius14Cole Darius (@Darius14Cole) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays When youve been playing ps2 games where triangle is the decline option but in warframe its the randomize button. Ps4 problems.

  • PabloPoon Pablo Alonso (@PabloPoon) reported

    @XoaGray Could be, but I was playing Rage 2 earlier and Warframe without issue.

  • pastelbab little elf (@pastelbab) reported

    Just made it back to my home in Texas Warframe sign in, then probably relaxing in bed until I fall asleep. I'm tired

  • roflman097 𝕽𝖔𝖋𝖑𝖒𝖆𝖓𝟘𝟡𝟟 (@roflman097) reported

    @Crow_Brawl_St @BuffTenacity @DeadByBHVR That's the problem with alot of perks/items. It's the warframe problem. Most things alone are really weak but certain combinations end up in unfair/op builds.

  • RoelvdBerg Roel (@RoelvdBerg) reported

    @PlayWarframe Hey Warframe, Simple question; why do i get failed login message on your website but when loging on the game with the same credentials all is working fine. Please advise :D

  • CaptainAbsol Captain Absol (@CaptainAbsol) reported

    I mean, i wouldn't have a problem if he did anything with his life, but he's home nearly 24/7 and spends most of his time playing Warframe. He doesn't even go to his online classes. Imagine being 15 and still throwing vintage shitfits over a ******* toilet.

  • docsquiddy doc @ pax east (@docsquiddy) reported

    @_SteveThornton Monster Hunter iceborne, division 2 (because of the upcoming patch and some changes that solved a lot of the issues that tuned div2 on arrival), ****, zombie army 4, and of course, Warframe

  • ProxyFox45 Proxy dies in the end 🌹🦊🦇 (@ProxyFox45) reported

    @Kagewuffs I had a similar issue. I had to go to my firewall settings and allow Warframe through even though I never had that problem before.

  • Arkray_ Kris 'Ark' (@Arkray_) reported

    @playnewworld Just to be ultra sure, the game won't use any other external account, just steam login, and neither an external launcher like warframe, path of exile or even TESO. Games like that it is better to use their own laucher, IMO. 😀Here I am, a very recent obsessed one with your game.

  • Kagewuffs Kage (@Kagewuffs) reported

    Trying a supposed fix for Warframe not launching after I click play in the launcher, and it's taking far longer than restarting would've, which would also fix it

  • FoxyNig66467945 Foxy Nightmare (@FoxyNig66467945) reported

    @xidaxpcs I could finally start playing cause the PC that i have now just ceeps crashing and i took that toater now multiple time to fix put it still crashes F. M. L. Put i would probably play apex Legends or Warframe

  • discord99057751 discordiabot (@discord99057751) reported

    Ronins And Volcanos - Just remove elves' caravans from Dwarf Fortress and add some fan service from Warframe, namely Lotus' headpiece.

  • ShugoWah rarely happy, always bappy 💢🐾 (@ShugoWah) reported

    Like... a service game like Destiny/FFXIV/Warframe I understand because the people who care enough for this feature are probably going to be utilizing it for literally years

  • xTheVisionary Justin Malerbe (@xTheVisionary) reported

    @Tricslip @thetayking @rebbford @PabloPoon @PlayWarframe Warframe(.)com Community (at the top bar) Support Login "Submit a request" (on the top-right ish)

  • Bishop00467096 Bishop (@Bishop00467096) reported

    I will be running a stream on Warframe trying to collect donations for Centerstone a service to our Service Members that lowers homeless vets and helps them rebuild their lifes look here for a link to the stream next week

  • jellyfishofmars Legendary Jellyfish (@jellyfishofmars) reported

    Sometimes I miss Warframe, but then I remind myself why I haven't bothered to login in months, and... that's sad

  • Kagewuffs Kage (@Kagewuffs) reported

    @beppucado Requiem mods in Warframe There are 8, and you need 3 specific ones in a specific order in order to kill a Kuva Lich for good You figure out what requiem mod goes where via trial and error, and grinding

  • SaturnsAura Saturn Auraelious (@SaturnsAura) reported

    @Popahya Im still so far behind I don't even have my Railjack built yet, I always duo'ed with someone and he hasn't even messaged me in about a month(I'm assuming due to personal issues) so I just kinda stopped playing, I love Warframe to death but I like playing it with someone I know.

  • RichardCrooker2 Richard Crooker (@RichardCrooker2) reported

    @TSM_Chica The opposite for me. Anger tells me "Quit doing this and go do something else". I have broken things failing to do this. It's why I play warframe where I still dont want to die every mission, but I can have fun with it without the anger

  • axdeath SnersonJim (@axdeath) reported

    @AcePilotQue I think i'm actually nostalgic for this problem. Warframe has few healer frames but they NEVER directly heal others. If you need healing, YOU identify the healer and find the blood totems or trinity fountain or whatever. It's not their job to save your sorry ass.

  • VCoutelier_tv Vcoutelier (@VCoutelier_tv) reported

    @presstartcultur There are issues with certain games. Like warframe. The market would collapse big times, since warframe updates come first to pc, tests it patches it and then sends to console. So not really when it comes to mmo and a community market, thats a bad thing

  • WUBZT3R WUBZT3R (@WUBZT3R) reported

    @LifeofRio Bro don't be talking about Dauntless 2 get, the original Dauntless is still popping off. Don't want anything to do with Warframe again, Anthem is dead to me, and Smite sucks ass. For Honor would be nice if latency didn't cause so many issues with parrying and hit connection.

  • floofsqueak floofsqueak (@floofsqueak) reported

    theres only one thing in warframe which gives me fps issues; any mirage player with any weapon that fires big explosives. farewell frames

  • RiNoVooR ✨Riley Voor✨ (@RiNoVooR) reported

    I started playing warframe again and I'm kinda worried that it'll become a problem for me. I'm gonna try setting some limits (no more than an hour on a weekday and no missing social events to play warframe) and I'm gonna see if can make this work. Wish me luck!

  • Mesa69631958 Mesa (@Mesa69631958) reported

    @the0nly1uneed @Rahetalius Gift forma+access to a fixed completely non broken version of warframe+hugs

  • MilinkoTG Milinko, The Great (@MilinkoTG) reported

    @Brozime I've just felt like there needed to be a reason to do one or the other as much as the possibility to do so. Warframe isnt hard and that's a big issue with it, because whenever "difficulty" it's just because of enemies are invincible or are bullet sponges.

  • Grundy90023236 Grundy (@Grundy90023236) reported

    Lol I never realised how shitty the drop tables were for archwing enemies were until I saw ammo drops for rifle etc. even though you can't use rifles etc. #warframe needs to fix this

  • KobieTeeth KobyTeeth (@KobieTeeth) reported

    @Brozime What you're talking about is a problem with the genre as a whole, not just Warframe. Games like WoW, The Old Republic, GTA Online, etc, have the same feeling.

  • VariantX David Jackson (@VariantX) reported

    @Brozime Raids were tacked on content, and the game neither did anything to lead up to it narratively and mechanically. They're completely divorced from what is normally expected of players. Its indicative of a persistent problem with content integration that plagues Warframe to this day.

  • WickOrWhiskey Beercans and bullshit (@WickOrWhiskey) reported

    Breh watching warframe crash and burn is something. Player base just keeps getting lower. That's what happens when you listen to a whiney community and push out half assed content.