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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • RenderB I spy with one eye (@RenderB) reported

    I know an even better fix: Play Warframe instead.

  • Mx3M Mathieu Mayer (@Mx3M) reported

    @JohnnyLinnert You’re totally right but I wasn’t actually referring to free to play multiplayer games. I was thinking of Games as a Service, so in my head things like Warframe indeed, Destiny, Division, Anthem. From memory, all of them launched in very poor states and I don’t think that’s ok.

  • NoctisVenandi -;𝙒𝙞𝙡𝙡 𝙂𝙧𝙖𝙝𝙖𝙢. (@NoctisVenandi) reported

    ||: The one f*cking day that Warframe isn't lagging or missing me off, it has to go and f*ck my computer up and now I either have to try and get it fixed or get a new one. Love the game but not when it's gonna cause this amount of shit. And just when I got Umbra

  • Jaycob619 #CuteFaceJay (@Jaycob619) reported

    @Yantrio Jesus, Might as well just keep playing Warframe for my looter fix :s

  • AndeciualaNobre Andeciuala Araujo Nobre (@AndeciualaNobre) reported

    @vigorthegame Hey guis. When u release mouse and keyboard, please, PLEASE do it with out mouse acceleration... That's the problem of most Xbox M&K released. The best one, with less mouse acceleration is warframe.

  • RubberTristana Tristana (@RubberTristana) reported

    @languh @HexblueRei It's official release is the 22nd, it's very Warframe-esque, only it's a full price game with a looooot of problems. This video is like the one redeeming quality I've seen so far lol

  • Ammonium_OW Ammonium_OW (@Ammonium_OW) reported

    @RatFlat No Problem also with "Tenno" they mean the "Operator" of the Warframe

  • pyromaster3000 CB_Sounds (@pyromaster3000) reported

    @sj_sinclair @Coringadest2 @PlayWarframe @rebbford @DigitalExtremes @moitoi @sheldoncarter i have similar problems. but since i had warframe on my SSD, it's a bit better. i guess it is loading to much in short time. May it have priority issues. idk, i'm not the expert on it. Thanks ;) #WeAllLiftTogether

  • VidGamesPete VG Pete 🎮Final Fantasy IX (@VidGamesPete) reported

    @BeatmasterAC I couldnt get into warframe either. I've played 800+ hours in Destiny but have since stopped. Games as a service is just too taxing on real life. I was really hoping Anthem would be a great game since I love games and I appreciate the time and effort that goes into them.

  • nekrocorky_cory Nekro (@nekrocorky_cory) reported

    @Failure1967 @Warframe Same problem here, don't know what's happening

  • OmoikaneLego Is not a squid nor a kid (@OmoikaneLego) reported

    @PlayWarframe I have come across a bug on the switch version of warframe that prevents me from manually reloading if I ragdoll off a K-Drive. It can be fixed by jumping back on your K-drive and then jumping off. Hope you fix this soon.

  • FaytHarkwind Taking Photos of Spider-Man with Sora's Gummiphone (@FaytHarkwind) reported

    Someone tried to access my warframe account so I've had to log in again to make sure my payment info isn't tied to my account or anything. I might give the game another go, I gave up on it due to terrible customer service

  • Mr_Kpow MrMrKpow (@Mr_Kpow) reported

    Once again sorry about last night folks. Pretty sure it was a OBS issue so it was out of my control. Im trying to go live asap! Starting off with some warframe then seeing where the day takes us!

  • DD3vourer Dev, just 笑 (@DD3vourer) reported

    @Kaidalen @pcgamer I, on the other hand, don't know why some enjoy it. 6 years in development for a broken copypaste of Warframe, Destiny and Division with a twist and completely forgetable story. You can plag for 20 hours and have done everything already. You gotta know when to say "it sucks."

  • migi_ude ビスケット@ Funky Space Ninja (@migi_ude) reported

    jean at me opening Warframe as soon as I get home: You have a problem

  • docsquiddy doc 🔜 gdc (@docsquiddy) reported

    hmmmm I suspect that developers and publishers treat "games as a service" primarily as content drops and not enough of them are paying attention to the post-game, seeing as how that's a consistent concern. Warframe is the current leader, Division 2 is looking VERY good.

  • docsquiddy doc 🔜 gdc (@docsquiddy) reported

    hmmmm I suspect that developers and publishers treat "games as a service" primarily as concept drops and not enough of them are paying attention to the post-game, seeing as how that's a consistent concern. Warframe is the current leader, Division 2 is looking VERY good.

  • Dylan34243012 Dylan (@Dylan34243012) reported

    @caster269 @Brozime @Genitive_Case Bro I know it has problems. No game is perfect. My problem is with Brozime's criticism. It comes off as completely disingenuous, "10 hours of filler bullshit" is all Warframe is except Warframe is 1000s of hours of "filler bullshit". And that's 100% true.

  • Safiya_Darkwood Safiya Darkwood (@Safiya_Darkwood) reported

    @GfreemanHl3 @jmsrbrts @jeffgerstmann Cash in on the "live service" cash destiny and warframe do. It's a sad attempt at stealing your classmates test answers and denying through your teeth when you get caught. #AnthemIsAsadClone

  • discord99057751 discordiabot (@discord99057751) reported

    Day And Jedis - Just remove Lotus' headpiece from Warframe and add some fan service from Vermintide, namely Sienna's fireball.

  • FierceGlomps Lottie: Death by A Thousand Cattes (@FierceGlomps) reported

    Will post the results of the evaluation tomorrow… going to get my daily login in Warframe and sell some jewels to make tomorrow easier

  • Miller_TM_ Miller™ (@Miller_TM_) reported

    @glorious720p @BuddyBoyFaux4 @t8styham Warframe also runs on potato hardware on high settings. A bloody GTX 750 nearly maxes the game, the problem of warframe is the CPU.

  • Bmobmo64 Bmob (@Bmobmo64) reported

    @SidAlpha A shame, I hoped it would be the game that got Warframe to address some of it's old issues. Oh well, this is what happens when EA tries to control a good developer.

  • MrWuepa Popopowa (@MrWuepa) reported

    @tSemery03 @IGN it's cosmetics dude, alot of games do it. So does warframe. It's a problem when it becomes p2w

  • fullmetal323 Fullmetal323 (@fullmetal323) reported

    @StuBurtleson @Naberius_Cold @DubstepxDreamzz @xiFlynn @anthemgame Claiming a game that's by definition repetitive isn't repetitive isn't an opinion it's a lie. The word "opinion," nowadays is chucked around as some kinda barrier to avoid being criticized for saying dumb shit. It's just as bad as "it's just a prank bro." Warframe has problems.

  • ShadowWarrior49 Rokusho (@ShadowWarrior49) reported

    @Dylan34243012 @caster269 @Brozime @Genitive_Case There’s one key difference you’re conveniently glossing over though. Warframe is a free to play game with no price of admission. Anthem is a full priced $60 game and still has a ton of unacceptable issues at launch. You fanboys really need to pull your heads out of your ass.

  • Mopandas_ MoPanda (@Mopandas_) reported

    @N3ph1lim @DutRank @jeffgerstmann true unnecessary but it’s easy to fix these things in game and depending on the person 50 ultimate kills 3 Team revives etc isn’t even a problem, many people who’ve played destiny and Warframe are completely fine with it those are also the people that they want to play the game

  • Dr_ZoidNerd David Burcham (@Dr_ZoidNerd) reported

    If Apex continues to crash every other game, its gonna make me not want to play it. Meanwhile, I am being slowly and steadily pulled back into the hole known as Warframe

  • Doombot999 doombot999 (@Doombot999) reported

    @jeffgerstmann I encountered the same thing in Warframe. Honestly, for something that aspires to be a game as service,I can see the reasoning behind it. Let’s the player know what they’re in for.

  • the_lord_ian Ian White (@the_lord_ian) reported

    @jeffgerstmann I can't get over this feeling that they never played Destiny, The Divison, or Warframe. Or any other "game as a service" in the modern era. The UI and the conversations and Fort Tarsis in general. I'm astounded.

  • sleepiofficial sleepi (@sleepiofficial) reported

    @zentreya I was looking forward to it and my main issues is. Amount of loading screens. Bad Optimization. Constant Connection issues. These can be fixed but other than that it feels like its imitating Warframe at times it just feels like a shallow game overrall. Hopefully it gets better.

  • jaymzr74 Jim (@jaymzr74) reported

    So already three major problems: Loading screen, audio, and AI despawn/respawn. Let’s just say now that I also found movement to be slow and poorly refined, weapon appearance to be shit for a LOOTER, and lack of ADS hurts way more here than in Warframe. ...

  • ArnnFrost Arnn The Frost Demon (@ArnnFrost) reported

    @SeanCAnthony @SkillUpYT @Annkiit_ps4 There's server issues too apparently... im not buying the game (wasn't hyped for it) but i was hoping it wouldn't suck at launch so it remains as a competitor to Warframe and Destiny, making them work harder to please their fans. Best wait for fixes if you're going to buy it

  • ArnnFrost Arnn The Frost Demon (@ArnnFrost) reported

    @SeanCAnthony @SkillUpYT @Annkiit_ps4 There's server issues too apparently... im not buying the game (wasn't hyped for it) but i was hoping it wouldn't suck at launch so it remains as a competitor to Warframe and Destiny, making them work harder to please their fans. Best wait till everything is fixed

  • ArnnFrost Arnn The Frost Demon (@ArnnFrost) reported

    @SeanCAnthony @SkillUpYT @Annkiit_ps4 There's server issues too apparently... im not buying the game (wasn't hyped for it) but i was hoping it wouldn't suck at launch so it remains as a competitor to Warframe and Destiny, making them work harder to please their fans

  • CruzixRZ Cruzix (@CruzixRZ) reported

    @SkillUpYT Listen, I love this game, for me it strikes a nice medium between warframe and destiny. But holy shit the same problems from the previous 2 demos is stupid, infinite loading screens,audio just disappearing, spawning behind locked doors on strongholds, etc

  • Swan3E Mandrothain (@Swan3E) reported

    @SkillUpYT I am the only person I know that plays PC, and I keep trying to explain to people that this game has alot of issues, even on a mechanics level. I cannot think of a game other than Warframe that has changed their mechanics in any meaningful way. Still enjoying it for the $5 though

  • Tronaxian Tronaxian (@Tronaxian) reported

    Feeling Ready for Monday stream, its setup for Overwatch, but i strongly consier the game Warframe instead. Haveee problem to decide.

  • meleeowen367 James Free (@meleeowen367) reported

    @AskPS_UK Hey so having a issue with the store on the PS4 only on the one game Warframe worked great once now since the update its been acting up really dumb had to uninstall it then when it tried to redownload it locked up my PS4 had to unplug it! -_-

  • iNYKGunna NYKGunna (@iNYKGunna) reported

    @DigitalExtremes please fix console warframe it’s a buggy mess lately

  • chriscnorris (*●⁰ꈊ⁰●)ノ AKA GPTurismo (@chriscnorris) reported

    @SkillUpYT The problem is just negative gamers. They regurgitate what they hear as if they have played it and revel in the memes. If I hear another Warframe/PoE player complain about the grind I might kill someone. You were objective why you didn't like it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • chriscnorris (*●⁰ꈊ⁰●)ノ AKA GPTurismo (@chriscnorris) reported

    @SkillUpYT I will say so far the load screens are just horrible. It's the only thing I have had serious problems with. Game play is diverse per mission playing with pugs. The AI is nice compared to the swarm and pummel limited ai of D2 and Warframe, especially when enemies flee or flank.

  • AvidanSmith Avidan Smith (@AvidanSmith) reported

    @JudgeDeath5 @NintyPrime @Commonrealm @FerrisWheelPro but Nintendo as a whole has killed that perception....people just don't like Nintendo and don't bother to look at ALL the games. And when Nintendo DOES present these games....then it's a graphical issue. Bayo 1 and 2....not kiddy..Octopath, Warframe...

  • triaapello tabby (@triaapello) reported

    this makes things interesting because when there wasn’t enough space to download warframe, i voiced this and watched both of my friends point at each other over whose computer component was causing the issue

  • Xerpocalypse Xerpocalypse (@Xerpocalypse) reported

    @trawetsluap @PrimroseAgent @LiKeBuTTeR9 Anthem is awful value, actually. $60 for an unfinished, buggy game with glaring mission issues and no tangible endgame. Warframe is free, has a better story, missions, matured community, and the devs have a proper grasp/ethos of how microtransactions should be implemented.

  • Martin_Daniel25 Martin Daniel (@Martin_Daniel25) reported

    @OCarrickHalt @RocketLeague Right so it ain't that. I only ask cause mine is currently 4gb since I only play rocket, warframe and fm19. Definitely coding in the game that's causing crashes. As it's not my system. It's actually coming back as a load crash for the game and so they need to fix asap

  • Snoztwoddle Another Let's Play (@Snoztwoddle) reported

    I'm hopefully going to be streaming some warframe later, probably not until the scheduled stream. Turns out I can get rid of the horrible lag on stream by switching to the 32 bit version. a better fix would be appreciated if anyone has one.

  • TheHeelJoshNeil 👑 King T'Jay 👑 (@TheHeelJoshNeil) reported

    @LocdUpProd @OhNoItsAlexx Yeah, I don't see the problem with the system as you said, you can earn coins easy enough in this game so you're not forced to buy microtransactions. I don't know why people get so upset at the idea of grinding in a loot shoter. Better not play Warframe then. It's even worse.

  • emikochan13 emikochan (@emikochan13) reported

    @MinMesa @M0R81D @sj_sinclair Its a choice not an engine issue. Warframe is a horde game

  • DNamenlose deine mutter (@DNamenlose) reported

    @MaxLevin100 @RealThunder402 I still don't get why everyone liked D1 that much I played D1 since day one and there were so many times when there was just nothing left to do, which led me to Warframe lol They're adressing that issue now in D2 but tbh, Destiny is just no fun for me anynore, dropped it for now

  • Noisy_Ram Noisy Ram (@Noisy_Ram) reported

    @QuiteShallow so it has the same problem as warframe, lacks endgame

  • SteppieGaming Steppie (@SteppieGaming) reported

    I swear to god I have so many problems with my #NintendoSwitch SD card. Any time a game has an update, like Warframe for example it literally ***** itself with corrupt data.

  • AyachiiTaki anthem of creation please invoice me (@AyachiiTaki) reported

    this ain't me shitting on wf I love that game with all my heart just holy shit the cognitive dissonance to be a WARFRAME YOUTUBER and think that a developer could not eventually fix their videogame

  • AyachiiTaki anthem of creation please invoice me (@AyachiiTaki) reported

    me, playing warframe (2019): lol could you imagine a developer ever sticking with a game widely believed to be broken boring and bad long enough to turn it around and improve it until it attracts a sizable and loyal playerbase

  • AyachiiTaki anthem of creation please invoice me (@AyachiiTaki) reported

    me doing the wonka meme pose as he, a warframe (2013) youtuber talks about how there's no way they're ever gonna fix the game cause of how bad he thinks it is right now

  • KorkragTheOrc Korkrag (@KorkragTheOrc) reported

    @ChronotypeB WoW's is pretty slow lately though too, with the GCD. So if slower than that, yeah, will drive me crazy. Guild Wars 2 and ESO had pretty slow combat too. My main issue was with the grinding, it felt grindy to me. (Though since trying warframe, all other games are less grindy.)

  • Stone_Crosss Stone Crosss (@Stone_Crosss) reported

    @joseph_senatus @XboxSupport I've been a console player since the original Atari, so no hate to XBOX, i just don't like to be dependant on a service i can get for free on PC. Not a fanboy, just a passionate gamer. PLAY WARFRAME!

  • TSM_MiniMyth ImTheMyth (@TSM_MiniMyth) reported

    @XboxSupport Hello Xbox when the keyboard and mouse support came out I've been playing Warframe and fortnite but when I try to play fortnite it want let me use the keyboard or the mouse please fix it please

  • NoSkillsy AGuyWithNoSkills (@NoSkillsy) reported

    Okay I researched this random 2% encounter boss a bunch for his weapons that I really want in Warframe I search a bunch of guides and everything And then I finally meet him and it turns out that I got an apparently rare glitch where he can't be damaged and I die because of it:(

  • BigD0m0 Big Dom (@BigD0m0) reported

    @GRUBTHOR Destiny/Warframe loot shooter live service co op thing