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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • Wyte_will William j barr (@Wyte_will) reported

    @PabloPoon @rebbford Now I can get a guitar hero fix in while I'm playing Warframe!!

  • ___Wizz___ Wizz (@___Wizz___) reported

    @KoetNioh @Ocelotkharn @PlayBlackDesert Dead from release. Issues with the beta. Pay to win. Aka play an RPG like Warframe or Monster Hunter or a souls game instead of garbage that has always been created with no passion

  • VanTX89 PaceBreaker (@VanTX89) reported

    Not sure what the problem is but I've been having host migrations leading to total disconnects in #Warframe on PC. Messed around with a few settings today but it's been a problem since around Exploiter Orb. Not sure if too much strain because of bad hosts or what.

  • Maunderfiend Maundoi (@Maunderfiend) reported

    this isnt just tied to warframe either, Grendel is just an example of a larger issue that is prevalent through all types of creation and media. Thats all i gotta say though, needed to express my feelings abt it.

  • BrendsonVII Brendson VII (@BrendsonVII) reported

    iFlynn has decided to stop producing Warframe content and will soon be ending his partnership with the game, due to lack of personal interest, mental strain to stay interested in the content and heavy burnout. This is the biggest issue creators have on Tw/Yt.

  • hagalaz Vulpine Mask (@hagalaz) reported

    When your only warframe is Inaros, all your problems start to look like their eyes are full of pocket sand. #Warframe

  • RightEyeJames Right-Eye James (@RightEyeJames) reported

    @ErikMTW @aaron_aashmore @SMITEGame Yea funny that VP's get screwed in a patch that mostly dealing with damage numbers... also I see plenty of games that dont have test servers patching without random errors every patch, Take Warframe updates where a case of log out-log in During BETA! 7 years, random bugs...

  • Frost_Super_90 Emre (@Frost_Super_90) reported

    @PlayWarframe @soelloo there are a problem to fix in warframe when you comes to fight the jordas golem, i'm freeze and i can't fight him can you fix that please

  • b0i_l0n3ly l0nelY.b0i (@b0i_l0n3ly) reported

    dude i swear...if that SCP lookin ass operator ghost man-in-the-wall thing is gonna be the first thing I see when i login to warframe, im gonna flip bruh

  • the_msgX Christof Strauss (@the_msgX) reported

    @ketufm4 Why should people grind for cosmetics, armor and weapons when it’s still unclear if they will be 100% committed for a Warframe or WoW like concept, where you keep your stuff + This was once promised and broken.

  • Varaka320 🦑Eli🐙 (@Varaka320) reported

    Went to get login bonus then ended up doing the entirety of the sacrificebin Warframe this morning

  • HandsOffLondon Just a Londoner (@HandsOffLondon) reported

    @PercyBlakeney63 There's some significant issues, there though. For Dauntless - they couldn't immediately patch that VERY nasty bug which made a joke of their new trials system, as they had to wait until it had passed console cert (and it's still not fully fixed!). I prefer Warframe's model...

  • Valshen Gartniss Everdeen (@Valshen) reported

    @SynDraconic I mean if that is the grounds, (compulsion/addiction issues) then Warframe is a terrible game to champion. All those nice accessories, only $140 now.

  • StevenTCG Steven TCG (@StevenTCG) reported

    @ExclusivelyGame No...and I don't give a **** if Warframe does it right. Warframe is an online game to begin with...the service model will NOT benefit or be good for single player offline games. But it don't ******* matter what me or any gamers will say...the industry already decided & hates us.

  • Courier_Siix Android (@Courier_Siix) reported

    The one issue I have with the Gunpla Warframe rn is that it dumps a bunch of strategy on you to start despite my allies essentially decimating the battles without me doing anything like..... i cant use any of this info

  • CuddleWriter a depressed bat (@CuddleWriter) reported

    While I Credit Vince for apologizing (and to be clear I do not approve harassing devs) it still did not address Apex Legends' real issue. Making a confusing, convulated way to get people to spend nearly 170 USD on a limited time event. Yes, F2P, but...Look at Warframe

  • Kiritofan2 Kirito fan (@Kiritofan2) reported

    @UbisoftSupport So I rebuilt my pc then when every thing fine btw I added a i7 3770k and now r6 division 2 and warframe wont work but warframe works in windowed but siege and division 2 will either a work or be later in match like 0.5 second later crash or white screen

  • zaraeleus Zaraeleus (@zaraeleus) reported

    @Gareth_S_CG @Bungie Maybe, but for example, warframe does a fantastic job of giving selective style with free being limited and going off the rails is optional but costs platinum. Plenty of other games have paid character modification. As long as it's pure cosmetic. I don't see any issue.

  • Vardef Cofcos (@Vardef) reported

    @jarod_frye @dunkelzahn074 @NotGokaiRed The real problem is that they're too expensive; ridiculously so. The only FTP game I have a lot of experience with is Warframe, but comparing what you get in apex vs what I could buy with 170$ spent on Warframe makes apex look really bad.

  • LamontBowman Lamonticus (@LamontBowman) reported

    @aurahack @thislukesmith I feel like this is a problem on both sides. One one hand you have people with litte to no knowledge or background in business, economics, and game development asking devs why can't they be like the "ye olde games" or "like those other devs (its usually warframe)".

  • DatLoonArt 🦋Commissions open🦋 (@DatLoonArt) reported

    @pfysicyst @PlayWarframe Maybe, maybe not, all in eyes of viewer. So far, there weren’t many old skins which totally abandon warframe theme (and looking on Chroma deluxe concept, it’s more problem of model being excessively simplified so it lost initial idea vibe), and new ones still look like warframes.

  • FL1NTZ Joe (@FL1NTZ) reported

    @alkemann @BIackwing @OptimumSlinky @GameOverThirty @SkillUpYT And if it's still an issue for you, that's completely fine. Paying a lot for cosmetics does suck. I just do it willingly for #Warframe because: 1. They're Canadian and are about 30 mins away from where I live 2. They are awesome to the community 3. They make kick ass content

  • CryptykAgainist George (@CryptykAgainist) reported

    PC works. Rpg went good yesterday, warframe launched and worked without any problem. Now for the 80gb ESO download...

  • ThatPrimeGuy Primus of the Memestealer Cult (@ThatPrimeGuy) reported

    @LotharHex Nope! I've done Memtest86 and got no errors after 4 passes, no errors. No exceptions, no windows dialogs. Just a reset when I'm playing Warframe and that's it. Seemingly at random.

  • RobertJSchuster Robert Makes Games (@RobertJSchuster) reported

    @pmhodgson @Warframe the wiki is a bit of a problem when my vocabulary isn't matching with what's written.

  • atscarb Austin (@atscarb) reported

    @D1ffusion didnt have too many problems with warframe but i also didn't play it much. smash is embarrassingly bad and makes me scared to try mk11 or dbfighterz online.

  • Kringelorde Professional Stone Ocean Apologist (@Kringelorde) reported

    @pinkestXfloyd Believe it or not, I actually had 0 issues running Warframe on my old mid power PC. The reason I don't play Warframe anymore though is cause I'm just not into grinding endlessly for gear ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • DigiAtlas James Cobb (@DigiAtlas) reported

    @HatokTalk @Dan4Neo No no no, you misunderstood On Xbox at least, I see Warframe initiate 13gb downloads all the time. It’s just reissuing a chunk and usually isn’t representative of the fix. Sometimes it’s even compression PUBG just downloads its whole file size every month when they make tweaks

  • GenerallyAGamer Generally A Gamer 🎮 (@GenerallyAGamer) reported

    @GameOverThirty @OptimumSlinky @SkillUpYT Personally, I dont care how much shit they want to talk. They are gamers too and gamers talk shit, make memes and are commonly ass hats for the fun of it. The "Problem" that hasn't changed is $18 Skins. I buy from Paladins,Warframe,Warface,GemsofWar but Apex is a Scam. Period

  • LynLover22930 ThatGuy22930 (@LynLover22930) reported

    I'm finally gonna update Warframe hopefully my laptop doesn't crash like last time

  • MasongAngelo M[A]song (@MasongAngelo) reported

    @elepzeJA @YouShallNotBASS the problem with destiny 2 is that sobrang konti ng weapon of choices and content. i feel like i'd be better off with warframe xd

  • MasterRaceGuy1 MasterRaceGuy (@MasterRaceGuy1) reported

    @ExclusivelyGame World of warcraft and warframe works fine as a games as a service my main problem with games as a service is that they are never committed to the games they put out like instead of expanding the world they just release a another one like destiny 2 and division 2

  • yistern Yistern (@yistern) reported

    @MGlBlaze Warframe's got the same problem. Your damage output is so high that only bullet sponge, ability immune enemies can really pose much of a threat... outside of one good fight that uses a multi-staged design. At least Destiny 2 had that baked into most of the bosses' basic designs.

  • luigi_giannella Luigi Giannella (@luigi_giannella) reported

    @megasmatey WAIT WHAT. NO WONDER IT LAGGED SO MUCH EVEN ON MY GOOD PC. WARFRAME is only 28gb and I haven't had any problems so far, and it's so simplistic than destiny/2

  • Justnoway2 Justnoway (@Justnoway2) reported

    @Dragonogon I've come to terms with the fact that microtransactions have zero value regardless and you never really own the items. It's why I flat out refuse paying money in paid and free games now especially if it's a live service game (e.g warframe, Online multiplayer only games.)

  • Ecksearoh Xerø (@Ecksearoh) reported

    The kids in the community are toxic because the issue was ignored for years. Now these little ********* want to hold onto their fictional aryan utopia. #Warframe

  • Ecksearoh Xerø (@Ecksearoh) reported

    This problem could have been addressed long ago by truly diversifying the Grinder, Corpus, and other humanoid NPCs in relays, and cities. The Expanse gets future diversity right, but #Warframe still gets it wrong. It's just a skin, so randomly generate brown or pink enemies.

  • RaiSpellfang Rai Spellfang (@RaiSpellfang) reported

    Ugh, I had plenty of coffee and a small energy drink, and I'm just so exhausted I think I'm gonna lie down for a nap. I'm still gonna try to stream tonight, mind. Although my computer's having weird issues. Two crashes today with Warframe, a really well-optimised game.

  • Deadhunt47 Deadhunt47 (@Deadhunt47) reported

    @Nitomatta @ArtTheFart aside from warframe and maybe destiny loot shooter in general is just a live service BS

  • Froundlol Fround (@Froundlol) reported

    @DJOnePiece300 @PlayWarframe this is a direct statement from this persons warframe review "In the end, one of the problems of the game is simply that there are too many possible things to learn and do"

  • naeloran N.exe (@naeloran) reported

    @TaxBeast @WitchAngelNeko I have a little experience with debugging — first, let me confirm your issue is indeed game client related. If you haven't tried reinstalling, then try that. Also check to see what ELSE is running when you start Warframe — something is eating resources that shouldn't be.

  • TaxBeast Taxbeast (@TaxBeast) reported

    @WitchAngelNeko That's the problem, a 1080 and an i7 9700 are high grade PC components. I can play games in 4k at 120fps, Warframe is the ONLY game it happens.

  • audir8420hp David Biton (@audir8420hp) reported

    @Btbmustoid @SkillUpYT Warframe have its own problems. The outdated slots system drive a lot of new players out. You HAVE to spend plat to feel any sense of progression and build an arsenal and as a new player, you don't really have anything to offer for trade.

  • lZoe7i5 Join the Cult of Zoe (@lZoe7i5) reported

    your newest video has you WHINE about wanting more warframe content because you need more vidoes to make no one but you crazy "I play 50 hours a week" have this issue just admit you want DE to work 200 hour work weeks like Epic already

  • Juggermelon 🍉Melon🍉@ Alois my DMs are open (@Juggermelon) reported

    I'm glad I have my first PC to be able to play PC video games properly.... seeing Warframe and FFXIV at 60fps is WILD 😭 Though I just wish I could find a good monitor or tech expert irl to help me with the drawing issue.

  • _CloverSmile Just a Queekie (@_CloverSmile) reported

    @ledf2012 @xXixeXx @daemonstar @lukinu_u Feedback to the both of you, could they look like a weapon that would have been stabbed through a warframe, like corpus, grineer, infested. A broken off grineer trident with the top flag still attached serving as the cape part. They would look fine just separate.

  • ThatPrimeGuy Primus of the Memestealer Cult (@ThatPrimeGuy) reported

    @AJisValid For the record I can run it for days and be fine but the second I try to play Warframe it just restarts after a while. Think it's a heat issue.

  • BloodBlossom1 BloodBlossom (@BloodBlossom1) reported

    @SaveMediEvil @AndrewBarnabas @Roel_San Wait. Before you say it. Just look at crash and spyro. Doom. Warframe. Wolfenstein. AND MANY MANY OTHERS even nekopara shockingly

  • Bonielightheart bonnie (@Bonielightheart) reported

    @Dbangz644 I’d say I hate you for disliking warframe but...I can’t cause it does have many many flaws. Early game stuff is not fun, getting warframes is a grind, people overprice shit in the trade chat, the open worlds are kinda broken in some aspects, and the spaceship update is for clans

  • Niwa37605155 🏳️‍🌈 Total Gay Mess™ (@Niwa37605155) reported

    It's just so frustrating if you want to play something but you know that the game might either crash or you won't get what you want. *sighs* I'm just so torn between playing something and just going to bed. Knowing me I'll end up playing Warframe alone again...

  • Flfycats17 ThunderWing (@Flfycats17) reported

    Fortnite: let's create an in-game subscription service that let's players rank up and unlock items seasonally, as consistent system of content updates. Warframe, Halo, and every other game: let's do the same thing but NOT have people pay for it. And make it actually good.

  • OneConfusedWolf One Confused Wolf (@OneConfusedWolf) reported

    Warframe is really fun but they gotta fix the enemy scaling. It goes from every enemy dies in one hit to every enemy is a bullet sponge that can oneshot you. They just need a lot of balance changes in general.

  • Bat_Senpai Alice (@Bat_Senpai) reported

    Probably a non-issue, but I've disabled comments on Types of Players in Warframe and More Types. There are a lot of stupid people on the internet, and waking up every day to people being music critics or not getting that the videos are satire was getting super super annoying.

  • peachypup_ softie (@peachypup_) reported

    hella late to this bc i thought it was posting and left my phone to play warframe but it gave me an error that just now im seeing. this one tweet then goes for the late night lads

  • zTxMeta Meta (@zTxMeta) reported

    @ODST_Parker @DrB0nes1129 @neonx620 @Bungie Don't play shlooters, problem solved. There will always, now and forever more, be an element of RNG in these types of games. Borderlands has it, Warframe has it, FFXIV has it. Don't like it, don't play it.

  • BitchDiscusting (@BitchDiscusting) reported

    PS1: Crash Bandicoot PS2: GTA PS3: Call of Duty bo2 PS4: Warframe/Minecraft

  • rabidmonster Heir To The Cum Throne (@rabidmonster) reported

    @LeFaguette Ive never had any problems with mine other than the classic left joucon drift. And only warframe makes my switch hot. Maybe you busted yours somehow

  • Mister_1800 🎮 𝟷-𝟾𝙾𝙾-𝙺𝙻𝙾𝙽𝙳𝙸𝙺𝙴 📺 (@Mister_1800) reported

    @PlayStationUK ps1: crash bash ps2: gta sa ps3: svr 10 ps4: warframe

  • FadedGamer42O Gamer X (@FadedGamer42O) reported

    @Magack80 @moitoi sign in with the email u made the account on Warframe with more or less ur jus linking the 2 like mine was on xbox so i use my xbox info to sign in hope this works bud!

  • ke_Mike1 BigMouarf (@ke_Mike1) reported

    @PlayWarframe Since 1week, I have some serious issues with the servers of warframe... It is laggy af.... And it's really annoying when you have a teammate that have a gold relic and you can't see ever choose his... And that is only 1problem..!