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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • Online Play (9.09%)
  • Game Crash (9.09%)
  • Glitches (4.55%)
  • Matchmaking (2.27%)

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  • dragonclaw91
    Davey (@dragonclaw91) reported

    @PlayWarframe Since the fortuna update on ps4 pro i can't play warframe amymore each time I try to enter fortuna my movie stutters sound disappears followed by a crash saying my game is corrupted and need to re-download already did 4 times doesn't help

  • emmaskyeward
    Emmaskyeward (@emmaskyeward) reported

    I wish @Twitch drops for @PlayWarframe weren't broken for me. I'd be more inclined to play the game more if I got a single drop after watching 40 hours of Warframe streams. I'm still a fan of the game and the platform but its frustrating when all my troubleshooting fails.

  • BWrfwd
    Worfwood (@BWrfwd) reported

    I'm not surprised they made Doom better because they already did fix that part from Wolfenstein 2 that was unplayable, what I didn't expect is that they would take the time to go back to Doom after all this time to improve it, after Warframe, while they work on Doom Eternal too.

  • VladTheTRex
    Vlad The T-Rex (@VladTheTRex) reported

    @ikyu44 I dont think that would be a big problem tbh, they could just release y3 digitally. Games like Halo can take 100GB~ and they work just fine (and xbox is trying to go diskless too) + Bungie could pull something like DE did with Warframe & drastically reduce the space it needs

  • DerFunalarmeryt
    Haze | Hakaii (@DerFunalarmeryt) reported

    @PlayWarframe No Problem, i didn’t want to sound rude or anything, really love Warframe :) thanks for the information!

  • SubparSamaritan
    Samaritan (@SubparSamaritan) reported

    @VermilianBIO @monsterhunter The delay is what I'm talking about. This shouldn't be a problem, they just don't want to commit the resources needed to develop simultaneously. Other games-as-service games have had this figured out for almost a decade now, look at Warframe for example.

  • DedRook
    A Tenno Diary (@DedRook) reported

    This week in “My First World Problems and Me” I realise that my Wukong will be ready the day Fortuna drops, forcing me to either prioritise levelling him.... or K-Drives. And I wanna be Sonic in City Escape already boiiiii #Warframe #PS4 #RollingAroundAtTheSpeedOfSound

  • Jamesdalf1
    Official Jamesdalf (@Jamesdalf1) reported

    I stayed up almost an entire hour later than a LATE stream to make up for a stupid long mission being failed right at the very end. Only to have a mission equal in length to kick me out due to an error in the gsme software #warframe #loss #whyme #wastednight

  • MoonWatcher21
    MoonWatcher (@MoonWatcher21) reported

    @littlenavi_ @AccessibleDan I said... not in all cases... I know there are games that support blind people, I know that some even play warframe. I think there's something with eye sensors or voice for hands problems but I was talking about exception and I'm sure that almost everyone person can play games

  • orthonormalist
    ☉rthnormalist (@orthonormalist) reported

    @AmbrosialArts Warframe beta is like gmail beta. I'm thinking the month before release thing 'Oh they'll fix the fact it has a fifth of the content it needs!'

  • LunarTenno
    Shallah Desiree (@LunarTenno) reported

    @SolisTenno some unknown entity controlling a Warframe. I soon charged my body with enough energy to increase my acceleration, anyone from the surface looking up would see a light of gold and purple about to crash down like a meteorite. Once I passed the 100 meter threshold before hitting +

  • Cocaine0Caviar
    MikeLil XXX (@Cocaine0Caviar) reported

    @warframe you really have to fix this force close issue on the switch it is literally annoying.... also watched the Devstream the other and got no relic pack... smh

  • vyrefangs
    fao's wife (@vyrefangs) reported

    me in the valkyr warframe: hmm everyone wants me dead for some reason. only while im playing valkyr, too. oh well not my problem (gets really pissed and annihilates everything in a 50m radius)

  • BWrfwd
    Worfwood (@BWrfwd) reported

    @_icze4r The problem isn't the chat, the Warframe community is pretty cool for the most part, probably an exception. The problem as far as I know are a few mods that would ban even the devs if they used the chat.

  • exclusivepants
    Inflammable Assassin (@exclusivepants) reported

    @Il_Giuda and play Doom, the issues starts again after a little while. I don't know if this is a software issue - I never noticed it when I was playing Warframe.

  • DLUCKS013
    .͡҉.̶?̶̢͟!҉.̡͘̕.̴̴ (@DLUCKS013) reported

    @QuiteShallow There is no problem in Warframe that can't be solved by space ninjas shooting guns.

  • Ritnberns
    Ritens (@Ritnberns) reported

    You know it might be a problem when the first thing you think of upon waking up is warframe

  • krapner
    krapner (@krapner) reported

    @PlayWarframe why does the login failed after i downloading warframe :(

  • manbear
    Decem-bear (@manbear) reported

    mostly so I can play monster hunter without a broken circle pad and warframe while laying in bed

  • Mynsya
    Mynsya Majuren (@Mynsya) reported

    Was having fun with the Doki Doki stream until it decided to crash three or four times. Going to see if I can fix it before tomorrow's stream but if not expect some filler until the 10th as I will be exploring the Fortuna update for Warframe.

  • discord99057751
    discordiabot (@discord99057751) reported

    Warbottom - Take all Neopet names away from Neopets and add some fan service from Warframe, namely Lotus' headpiece.

  • kazuhiiira
    diana 🏖 (@kazuhiiira) reported


  • ScurrilousSpade
    Sabertoothed Scaredycat (@ScurrilousSpade) reported

    @VinnyVinesauce the Warframe devs are streaming, they said they’re gonna try and bring a fix for that deadzone issue you were having. It was a bug.

  • CardCaptorKaren
    normal poro (@CardCaptorKaren) reported

    currently on the warframe devstream, steve's week long quest to figure out what was causing 2 frames of input lag

  • iPeer
    Chris 'iPeer' D. W. (@iPeer) reported

    FYI: After the devstream today, we'll be pushing a small update to the Warframe tracker to fix an issue with Flash Sales and Prime Vault entries.

  • IzemaX
    FusRoDah (@IzemaX) reported

    @PlayWarframe Yeeeee!!! Warframe App updated to support Switch login! Extractors management from everywhere!!! 😍😍😍

  • Know1SpeciaI
    Know 1 SpeciaI (@Know1SpeciaI) reported

    @PlayWarframe there seems to be an issue with signing into xbox accounts on the warframe website. not sure if a known issue or my end! thanks

  • Ryak_gaming
    Ryak Gami (@Ryak_gaming) reported

    @PlaySurvivedBy I managed to login with my Warframe account at the web page but in game it doesnt seem to work ;-;

  • stormeme
    PEPSILADY 🏁 (@stormeme) reported

    I cant play warframe, abzu, hld, or like. any of the other downloadable games I wanted to play all winter break bc my ****** sd card got thanos'd by the postal service, suck my ***** you bastards

  • TechnocyteVirus
    Virus (@TechnocyteVirus) reported

    @sj_sinclair hey Steve, regarding the switch version of warframe, there is an optimization idea wanted to share. I’ve been doing some testing and have noticed the biggest performance issue I could locate is coming from Character Shadows, which can’t be disabled currently. (1/2)

  • mistermegative
    FFVI is the best. Hi, I'm John. (@mistermegative) reported

    @Com_Raven @roboplato @imranzomg True, but I think the market is far more competitive in that regard now. With Fortnite, Destiny, PUBG, Warframe, BLOPSIV, upcoming games like Anthem, Division 2, etc I don't think there's much room for the sort of errors Bethesda made here.

  • RickGri29043437
    Rick Grimes (@RickGri29043437) reported

    @PlayWarframe hey I just got a new hard drive and had to download warframe but now it's telling me login failed check my info I have a warframe account what do I do.

  • khalid12gamer
    Khalid12gamer (@khalid12gamer) reported

    @DigitalExtremes I can’t play warframe in ps4 it says login info failed what should I do

  • Notzirt
    Trizton (@Notzirt) reported

    I can't believe y'all sleep on warframe PC Xbox Ps4 Switch Fix your life

  • cromewarrior228
    cromewarrior (@cromewarrior228) reported

    @MoonSango I know a streamer who regularly plays warframe and can't NOT run into issues. Thankfully she is watcyed by the team that patches the game

  • jameslabree
    James Labree (@jameslabree) reported

    Keep getting login fail on switch @PlayWarframe #Warframe

  • Zero_Nexus_
    Zero (@Zero_Nexus_) reported

    (and Im gonna fix my ingame warframe name to my actual alias now, not my old one XD)

  • bennyfitstv
    Bennyfits (@bennyfitstv) reported

    Warframe in Switch might be the console version that feels the most at home, honestly. The problems I have with it aside I wish my other favorite looter shooters would take a chance on this platform.

  • JovanEllis
    Jovan Comeaux (@JovanEllis) reported

    @gnarlykatt Fortnite, Warframe, and servers others are free downloads. And when you sign up for Nintendo Online service (that of which you NEED to do) it’s only $20 for a year and you get a library of free NES/SNES games. And Zelda HAS to be the first purchase game played.

  • gamerartist19
    Kristoff (@gamerartist19) reported

    So my Warframe has been broken since November 14th and Warframe support still hasn't figured out what ******** is wrong. This is pissing me off all I want to do is play Warframe again goddammit. @PlayWarframe

  • W_Ylthin
    Whining Ylthin (@W_Ylthin) reported

    @JackThunderwolf @AngriestPat The engine (Evolution Engine, DE's in-house tech) is a bit older than that. It was first used in Dark Sector (2009), then in ST and Warframe. The glitch must be hiding deep in the code, they'd have to rework a good chunk to squash it. Small issue, lots of work.

  • CourtofCrows
    Crow ☂️ 烏 (@CourtofCrows) reported

    @AFiendishFriend I have that problem for Warframe on the switch

  • SonOfATech
    Son of a Tech (@SonOfATech) reported

    @killyourfm @GloriousEggroll I ised lutris for warframe. Still habe some audio issues to sort though

  • CloutXv
    UrUuberDriver (@CloutXv) reported

    @PlayWarframe There’s some audio glitch that occurs while playing warframe it’s a VERY loud static and it randomly occurs while playing

  • CloutXv
    UrUuberDriver (@CloutXv) reported

    @PlayWarframe There’s some audio glitch that occurs while playing warframe it’s a VERY loud static and it randomly occurs while playing

  • vappywave
    dumb dragon (@vappywave) reported

    @Rwarss I never ran into storage issues until I tried to download warframe last week because it eats half the storage

  • xSushiRicex
    Jack Rice (@xSushiRicex) reported

    UPDATE : If you force update warframe from the switch menu, it will fix this issue. :)

  • ZentakuPlz
    Eduardo (@ZentakuPlz) reported

    @CherenAlexander @PlayWarframe Same problem here on a Nintendo Switch, indeed I also can't login in on warframe :/

  • ShinKagato
    ShinKagato (@ShinKagato) reported

    Had an hour long internet outage which has just been resolved by our ISP. Will be live shortly with Warframe PS4!

  • swinny_king
    SwinnyKing (@swinny_king) reported

    @sj_sinclair @PlayWarframe been playing warframe for 3 yrs and under a month ago I was banned for having neg plat and I paid £30 to fix that and messaged your support team. 2 weeks later no one has replied to me and I've been put in negative again, isn't fair please help

  • xEndlessWolfx
    ºNīYuº (@xEndlessWolfx) reported

    That's explain because I had low movements when I am playing or using Menu but don't forget to fix the lag-ingame and etc Some days ago, Warframe get my 1 crash issue when I was fighting "The Jackal" on mode portable, but well, can happen because the battle was satured.

  • Mr_Envision
    Mr_Envision (@Mr_Envision) reported

    Lmao someone tried to login to my warframe account from Vietnam lol lol they're trying to steal my lvl 1 character

  • zeke_teenweed
    the royal b👁tch himself (@zeke_teenweed) reported

    I have now sold the last of my tf2 inventory for good. I'm still struggling with problem spending (notably in Warframe), but I am on the slow road to recovery. Destiny 2 surprisingly hasn't been a problem so far but I'm keeping myself on a short leash /11

  • ShadowPiratePS4
    Shadow Pirates NYC (@ShadowPiratePS4) reported

    @EBXD_4_Ever @Warframe Yeah I've had this issue only with lotus and konzu both in ship and dojo too :( @PlayWarframe

  • ThrillCozby
    jussman (@ThrillCozby) reported

    @AskPlayStation I "purchased" the new Plus games for the month as well as the new Fortuna Warframe theme and can't access anything. Says there's an issue with licenses. Not sure why I'm paying for PSPlus.

  • ForvedgeMaster
    Caules Forvedge (@ForvedgeMaster) reported


  • SkdColeman
    Stephen KillerDog Coleman (@SkdColeman) reported

    @martinMichaud @PlayWarframe I'll believe it when I see it Warframe Is so freaking boring at now I don't even play it no more I just get on get my login bonus and get off

  • JetexDGamer
    JetexDGaming (@JetexDGamer) reported

    @PlayWarframe Hi , I've got this "Login failed . Check your info" issue and I've been trying to solve this but so far it wont fix . please help cause I want to play warframe so bad .

  • Purturtur
    Purturtur (@Purturtur) reported

    @Andrewmd5 @RainwayApp Tried rainway again the other day on my buddies laptop (because I forgot mine) and I was surprised at how much the software has improved since the beta started. I was able to grind some Warframe on a 5g wifi signal with no noticeable input lag on medium and resolution set 720p30.

  • darkxx07
    vdark5 (@darkxx07) reported

    Sorry everyone, I'm currently having net issues so no stream today. I was practicing for rank 25 in #Warframe and I got it down now.