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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • Nocxia Nocxia (@Nocxia) reported

    @TwoBizarre I mean you're not wrong. They're symptoms of the same issue tbh. At least in warframe tho i can choose to do stuff on my own to avoid randos who do this, or to avoid new players when i just want to knock something out quick. D2 takes this agency away from me. I do not like that.

  • NeoNess007 NeoNess007 (@NeoNess007) reported

    ok, new update. though twitch was fixed. they are not, and are aware of issues. Current issue atm is I'm trying to go live with Warframe, but Twitch wont let me change my game from Dead by Daylight. So thats all I can play atm. Also, 6 Plat rewards going out today! Warframe FTW

  • SlashUnstuck /Unstuck (@SlashUnstuck) reported

    @aazxianar @MitchyR6 @T__Moneyzz @RockLeo1999 @Ruvin__ @airheadxx @SoodTheDude708 @FeverGG I’ve never had an fps issue on Warframe I’m over 3100 hours on Xbox ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • RokonVR Rokon (@RokonVR) reported

    @PjPhoenix62 Warframe has it's own slew of issues as well, I just don't harp on it because it's free.

  • CrossLy_er Lythander Crosswell (@CrossLy_er) reported

    @LilithLovett I remember warframe when every level looked the same & the two most broken characters were Rhino & Mag.

  • NezeruGaming Najel de Guzman (@NezeruGaming) reported

    Destiny 2 going free-to-play has some growing pains to go though. It's having the "Warframe Problem". It's a phenomenal game for the price point, but it's grown so complex and the new player experience is so bad that it's become impossible to play without external guidance.

  • enperrial Emperor 🕸️ @ プロメア (@enperrial) reported

    @STARNIV0RE @TwillitPrince 5 warframes. 3 windows. 2 leagues. Eli feeds his PC more warframe when it blows up to fix it

  • BombtailsTheFox Bombtails-The-Fox (@BombtailsTheFox) reported

    @DistantKingdom Also, Warframe (which is also in the switch) has good graphics and it's heavy as hell... And even on PC, it's marvelous to look at. However... I see that Sword and Shield needs some polishing. I already see framerate issues common on online, i don't want that on single-player.

  • AulynBlaze AulynBlaze (@AulynBlaze) reported

    @AskPlayStation I’m having trouble with a notification saying I have a corrupted save data for Warframe and I don’t know how to fix it.

  • Cheezieeee Cheez_XD (@Cheezieeee) reported

    @PlayWarframe I asked for help yesterday on a warframe account however 0 responses yet again im still getting login failed after 5 password resets what is causing this issue thanks

  • SgtPhoenix_HD Joey / Phoenix (@SgtPhoenix_HD) reported

    So it seems that D2 New Light suffers from the issues that Warframe used to (and may still) have: it doesn’t give a clearly defined path through the content. The campaigns themselves are hidden away with Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar with no indication of their existence.

  • AVexedVixen 🦊🌙🔞Therapy Lesbian🔞🌙🦊 (@AVexedVixen) reported

    I have like 4 tabs about warframe up at any given point and I feel like thats so much work. If the game cant readily give you information, it has accessibility issues.

  • Nocxia Nocxia (@Nocxia) reported

    I guess speedrunning syndrome is a problem here just as much as it is in warframe. Also can I just say I HATE player tethering/pulling people who fall behind along. That's where I had alot of my connection issues and I am so glad warframe doesn't do this!

  • Some_Racoon Marvin (@Some_Racoon) reported

    @SnuggleDrag0n @TheBeastAtWork1 On both controllers, the left bumper is broken... That's why I only play warframe now... Cuz it has keyboard and mouse support... And it's the only game I can play because of that

  • TlayoAD Hornwolf nahual 🐺🍆💦 (@TlayoAD) reported

    @barawerewolf In warframe for example, you can indirectly grind premium-currency through it's internal economy by grinding stuff that is tradeable in-game. Premium currency buys skins. The only problem is that you can't buy steam workshop skins this way, real money only :/


    @yoshisaura I usually have the issue with people that come in and have the same copy and paste "This is a rip off of Warframe" argument

  • CitrinaFyre CitrinaFyre (@CitrinaFyre) reported

    i'm heartbroken... i finally got the 75% plat coupon in warframe but there was an issue with the steam wallet so i couldn't buy it that night, and i only remembered to log in today and it had already expired ;~;

  • DeltaGeneral GeneralDelta (@DeltaGeneral) reported

    @_GLITCHED_ Warframe is also a repetitive game and yet it's not a bad thing and neither is it in Breakpoint because killing a drone or one shotting a enemy that's 100+ gear level above you is fun and rewarding cause you know if you miss you will have issues

  • BURNINGEMBERSRR ⚔️ Killer Clique ⚔️ (@BURNINGEMBERSRR) reported

    I'm convinced #warframe has multiple download types. 3rd #Ps4Pro purchased, and same ridiculous issues as the 1st. Watch partners, no ui bugs, login, every map the UI bugs, a console stats visible, a hacked console stats yellow, etc. etc. etc.... 3 PS4's, not the issue.

  • BloodfallenEvil BloodfallenKotoko | Post-Ultra Despair Girls (@BloodfallenEvil) reported

    @UnZkiPriimE well that doesnt matter since my PC does have slight problems with the open world parts of warframe already so my PC might aswell explode on railjack stuff

  • Yesthehermes HermesAngel (@Yesthehermes) reported

    ya'll I have a problem I think I am climbing back on my bull shit with Warframe they have added so much and I just can not stop

  • eboncat Emmy 🏳️‍🌈 (@eboncat) reported

    @JeanneStumbaugh But I'm playing warframe atm getting my SciFi fix. I am strongly considering archeage unchained though, now that it's redesigned so it's not p2w. Miss my fantasy MMOs 😍

  • capt_h0wdy Captain Howdy (@capt_h0wdy) reported

    It's actually hurting my ******* brain at this point going back and forth between borderlands and warframe because of all the fps issues. It's weird how your brain adapts after a while to shitty fps until you play something that actually runs decent.

  • RaiSpellfang Rai Spellfang (@RaiSpellfang) reported

    @Helloween4545 It's got a bit of UI issues, but it's not bad. That said, a lot of things make me feel like "Hmm, I haven't played Warframe in a while" >.>

  • jlrizzoii Joseph Rizzo (@jlrizzoii) reported

    @PaulTassi @Forbes Conceptually, its like Warframe's affinity system - just a terrible implementation of it... The elemental affinity should be under player control. That would go a long way in fixing the issue

  • Kadi18_ Kadii (@Kadi18_) reported

    aight ill log on warframe no problem

  • Ninjahguru Caffeinated Ninjah |⛓️💉💀| Tristan (@Ninjahguru) reported

    @UberPendragon @Didact343 Including microtransactions in a game does not automatically degrade quality. Look at Destiny 2 and Warframe for example. There's good and bad micros, just like good and bad games. This is the attitude I have issues with

  • siraniks siraniks (@siraniks) reported

    stupid baboon errors, they need to have that warframe red text so players would at least be informed ... #destiny2

  • audir8420hp David Biton (@audir8420hp) reported

    @Sabuuchi I have many problems with Warframe, performance is not one of them. But i find so funny that less than 2 years ago, every D2 post was full of 'LOL, Just play Warframe' comments. And now it's exactly the opposite. Hope DE will wake up soon.

  • TheReaperHunter The Reaper Hunter (@TheReaperHunter) reported

    So far I'm really digging Destiny. It kinda shares Warframe's problem of not really telling new players what/where they're suppose to do/go but once you get rolling it starts getting real fun. Video soom

  • MrForgotten99 Mr.2spooky4me (@MrForgotten99) reported

    @Sabuuchi I have a gtx 1050 ti, get easily 60-70 FPS, with 40 at lowest on stuff like titan and dreaming city, yet on Warframe I just go from 117 to like 35 for 0.01 seconds and every single time it freezes... glad to know it’s not just a problem with my pc

  • StugWraith Stug Wraith (@StugWraith) reported

    @sj_sinclair This doesn't seem to shed light on the underlying problem that still makes warframe unplayable, the stug still hasn't been buffed.

  • TrollyTrinity Trolly Hawk Pro K-Driver (@TrollyTrinity) reported

    @Leandro38483084 @ShadowofChrist @ChakatReverse @PlayWarframe Ash is A tier Warframe if you play him or not thats non-issue. ember doing damage is a non issue

  • the_THICKNESSs Black (@the_THICKNESSs) reported

    @GhostRecon Easy fix for the people complaining about the 2 primaries in breakpoint just give us the option to hide them like warframe does

  • Realgamemaster3 Realgamemaster_69 (@Realgamemaster3) reported

    @PlayWarframe the new missions are not dropping the parts for the new warframe FIX IT

  • AyushSh2 Ayush Shah (@AyushSh2) reported

    @HuntSpirit @sj_sinclair The sooner the community realizes this content drought the sooner DE can fix the problem with tons of veterans and warframe partners leaving and quitting

  • L1fewater L1fewater (@L1fewater) reported

    @AzraelsGaming My issue is that the Warframe market has shifted so heavily in favor of rivens that relics have decreased in value so much. I miss cracking relics for a part worth 200+p

  • LeonidasX666 Leonidas "Good Game Guys" (@LeonidasX666) reported

    @sj_sinclair The problem is, with all the enemies, hud icons, and specially, particle effects from our Warframe abilities... We rarely see, let alone enjoy, all this. 😐

  • Marcelessx Marceless (@Marcelessx) reported

    @Bungie And this is why Warframe is the superior looter shooter no weapon has ever been removed or banned unless the weapon itself was bad,completely useless or caused gamebreaking bug,even then they would soft patch the game to fix said weapon and allow you to continue playing normally

  • AnimeNinjaKing Guardian Drifter 2 Anime NYC (possibly) (@AnimeNinjaKing) reported

    @omenwool Well yeah cause while I like warframe. Can get pretty damn bland after a while. Plus while d2 has the same problem in some aspects. You could try to farm relics or frame pieces for hours. And they still dont drop.

  • SilicaAmv 雪 Silica AMV 雪 (@SilicaAmv) reported

    @Hybrid210Gaming @SamwellStark @BriarLacroix Shes beyond broken for PVE that's why I loved her, I doubt I would've gotten through the games ******* third expansion without her where you have to redeem that black excalibur warframe. The Insta-kills when running through those maze temple segments on the moon were horrible!

  • connieBarkshark (@connieBarkshark) reported

    it's a shame that false promise keeps getting repeated, because I know through @ShugoWah that late-game Switch Warframe performs intolerably bad when it doesn't outright crash or break, but that takes hundreds of hours video producers simply don't have

  • slendidnt Slendidnt (@slendidnt) reported

    @NoonsPosting and now that theres SO MUCH you can do all at once it seems to be having a similar problem to warframe, in the way it directs new players where to start

  • UCBuchanan Zachary Buchanan (@UCBuchanan) reported

    @acompto I like to play endless games (warframe, no man's sky, ark: survival evolved, etc), so that I don't run into that problem.

  • itzaquaftw Cole D. Walker (Wolves) (@itzaquaftw) reported

    @Eriklyart @moitoi @PlayWarframe @the_tayking @rebbford Fix Warframe and I will come back. I sank $400 into Warframe. ******* hell.

  • UwUgin BlackIronKalameet (@UwUgin) reported

    @themiabyte It's Warframe but bad, what did you expect. I liked 1 but that was mostly because Iron Banana was sick af and I played Pre-VikingFuneral nerf with the Tlaloc, then I played Stormcaller / Sun Titan so I was broken af in PvP and every match I'd go like 9.8 KD because >Game Balance

  • IIllych irisillych 🏳️‍🌈 mrs.glitches 🔜COMMS? (@IIllych) reported

    @corpusbonds i know but!! like i wasn't even criticizing the other dude's net, i was sayin there was a momentary lag that kept me from killing the demolyst! which is normal when *my* internet is bad (and for...warframe......) but oh no suddenly his is fine and it's my fault and UGH :C

  • Faxxius Faxxi Faxxi (@Faxxius) reported

    @xoxoKaralee Your poll is very broken. It says Destiny, not Warframe.

  • jaymzr74 Jim #3,620 in line to play Destiny 2 (@jaymzr74) reported

    I guess I'm kinda bored until the next update for The Division 2. Shadowkeep is kinda meh, and Borderlands 3 is clearly not gonna hit the mark from BL2. Warframe's not bringing me any Titania love any time soon. I can't believe I'm looking forward to UbiSoft solving a problem. /

  • DatLoonArt 🍂Loonin’ & Inktoberin’🍁 (@DatLoonArt) reported

    But I didn’t realize I kept comparing them so it was my mistake I will try to fix. I hope it will help me in more healthy approach in either of them bc I have huge emotional attachment to Warframe & started to develop feelings for Destiny aswell, I rarely have that for games.

  • DragonicKittens Kittens don't want none unless you got buns hun! (@DragonicKittens) reported

    So I realize that I have a Smolt, but the issue is that he plays on the Nintendo Switch. I play on PC. :( I honestly wish cross play was a thing for warframe, but I know it's a long way off. I wish to play with my friend!

  • JitteryThing JitteryThing (18+!) (@JitteryThing) reported

    @gravislizard I've started playing it, and yeah The combat is really good and everything else REALLY ISN'T Even Warframe has a better experience for newcomers and it's noted as being a problem by the developers

  • QuakeYote octdoeber ➡️ MFF (@QuakeYote) reported

    @PizzaSkunk yeah the quest is "get to level 800" but i'm having the warframe problem of extraordinary breadth with no real direction

  • Cheeky_Freeky Grimchild of Gorgoroth (@Cheeky_Freeky) reported

    @RegretEvery1 If you have time to waste on repetitive as ***** pve, absolutely broken PvP and Raids that you either have to farm painstakingly to complete or just straight up cheese in the most embarassing way sure! Otherwise just play Warframe

  • bloodmagicbaby Muhammad Christ (@bloodmagicbaby) reported

    @ODeusGrego87 @realbuntyking Well if it's a one-for-one purchase like what Warframe does I don't have any issue actually. Lootboxes are my issue, and Jim Sterling thinks it's a slippery slope, game have actually started to abuse the lootbox and chance system like FIFA, NBA, and infamously Star Wars.

  • jkh1710 Joe Higgins 🏳️‍🌈 (@jkh1710) reported

    @realbuntyking @MajorasMark @JimSterling Live games can get by on a subscription service of content is good enough to purchase. Likewise free to play games can follow the Warframe model and of those don't work then make a game that does.

  • idye1972 reginald Norris (@idye1972) reported

    @BungieHelp So same old server issues as before and same toxic comments from new and old players. Think I'll let the dust settle and go play warframe

  • Akinaaaz アキナ🎮 with Gilgamesh (@Akinaaaz) reported

    350 login days on Warframe!!

  • Gilgamesh086 Anthony R. Loveson (@Gilgamesh086) reported

    I bet DE won't have problems with players signing into their Warframe accounts the day #TheNewWar drops...

  • marcadalle 10O_Relayer (@marcadalle) reported

    Warframe is Broken! #DigitalExtremes fix it once for all!