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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • tremuto Trem | Water Sausage (@tremuto) reported

    Yo, Chinese takeout is amazing. No, I don't have a problem, I'm not that fat. Gosh. Anyhoo, 8:30PM for tonight's stream. Warframe's the plan tonight, usual stuff. Also thinking of Cetus grinding in the future 🤔 If I'm feeling it, I'll squeeze in either Division 2 or ESO, too.

  • luizpsc Luiz Paulo S Cruz (@luizpsc) reported

    @xpatriciah today i mostly but not only play Warframe and Siege online with some north american friends and random people.but i do that even with my doors open without a problem.

  • JerryDaPure xkaotic (@JerryDaPure) reported

    @moitoi hey there seems to be an issue with the fusion MOAs plasma beam attack. The effect of the attack stick to the warframe which causes a rapid flicking of red, white and blue. It also doesn’t end till the end of the mission.

  • DouglasAmaro83 Douglas Amaro (@DouglasAmaro83) reported

    @rebbford Not impressed. You guys have reached the wrong conclusions from the feedback provided. For example, permadeath is not a problem. Host migration and the invulnerabilty drones preventing 90% of the warframe from being used are big problems.

  • AndrewArdizzi Andrew Ardizzi (@AndrewArdizzi) reported

    @cm_chuck @titowrestling And WWE is a bad example, that was a matter of the engine just not working on the architecture. That had nothing to do with file sizes. It wasn’t optimized, whereas more graphically demanding games (like Warframe) CAN run on the system.

  • bauchan_TSW Mason Spey (@bauchan_TSW) reported

    @AClerisy Apparently some broken cybernetic implants and a convertible warframe which is at least blue or purple quality.

  • Zanagoth Zanacough (@Zanagoth) reported

    Admittedly, you can't really make high quality streams either, (let's be honest Warframe directory is boring as ****, who wants to watch people farm exp on Hydron) - but since streaming is inherently about quantity over quality, it's not that big of an issue.

  • Anime_women1 Pearl (@Anime_women1) reported

    @TooManyChoices @PlayWarframe I just got on warframe, and I was hoping someone knew what was going on. I'm kinda upset that my stuff is gone but I hope we get it back. I'm sure they are working hard to fix this.

  • ReallyGrossGuy ReallyGrossGuy (@ReallyGrossGuy) reported

    @Whiskey_Cat_TTV @DigitalExtremes 2. Day 1 program. I understand there are gaps in peoples releases of Warframe content but I will always leave that up to DE discretion. Things happen in life, illness, loss, and even other priorities. I've had members missing from clans for over a year b/c of military service.

  • SpartanKing_300 👑SpartanKing👑🇨🇻 (@SpartanKing_300) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays I watch most of the warframe youtuber/partners and never really had a problem before

  • LewdRonin Ronin Vangheim (@LewdRonin) reported

    //I think I have a problem. I opened up Warframe for the first time in 3 months. I saw Hildryn and for the first time in 2 years I spent money on Warframe

  • HoodyNynja Hoody Nynja (@HoodyNynja) reported

    @MacksimusPryme Hah! I scanned the list 9f "major issue" titles, didn't see Warframe listed, and changed away 🤘 Strangely satisfying having the same tag everywhere.

  • griddark griddark (@griddark) reported

    @Whiskey_Cat_TTV @Kaoiji @Saybin_Iacere @DigitalExtremes @Rahetalius I did have my issues with the partner program, I had an idea of how to approach DE about it too, but things happened. I still think Warframe partners get far more out of it. I also think any change will be meaningless because it's not a partner program in the first place.

  • tremuto Trem | Water Sausage (@tremuto) reported

    So I'm 100% unsure what's wrong with the audio issues that occured on tonight's stream. Fortunately, it didn't appear feed to the Elgato/OBS so no one could hear it but me. I'm hoping it won't happen on tomorrow's stream (Warframe+Division 2). Fingers crossed.

  • mrenglish22 J Stuart (@mrenglish22) reported

    @Rebel230 @rebbford @Darokaz I think the issue is that, unlike Warframe, this game has been a missed shot since release and the devs haven't been communicating.

  • xsv76_emily Emily der lieblose (@xsv76_emily) reported

    @the_tayking I have a question. I have a friend who accidentally sold his broken scepter on pc he has submitted a few forms in warframe help but nothing can you help me help him figure this out on getting it back he's willing to make a goal or something to obtain it again.

  • GlitchedVision John With The Glitched Vision (@GlitchedVision) reported

    I'm sorry guys, I need to crash tonight so no stream. was up later than intended chasing distant worlds 2 last night and got woke up early today to wait for maintenance who never came. I'll definitely do warframe tomorrow as I have had many requests for it :)

  • Thanatoast250 Thanatoast (@Thanatoast250) reported

    Finally got the Garuda Neuroptics only for the game to crash before I could claim them. I'm going to reinstall, but I'm about one or two more vital crashes away before I just give up on Warframe altogether. It's a shame, because it's incredibly fun, but these crashes...

  • Vyksos Vyksos (@Vyksos) reported

    @mogamu @LifeofRio I rarely venture there as most Warframe discussion pages can be pretty toxic. And it sucks as there are some places that have a lot of good info and discussions only to have severe moderation and membership issues.

  • KromTheBear Krom (@KromTheBear) reported

    Downloading any games off Discord is a ******* mistake Literally slows the entire pc down, the download speed constantly dips under 50kb/s whilst still taking the bandwith I just wanted the ******* Warframe loot and instead I got anger and frustration Fix your shit @discordapp

  • Rifoking Jin.w.u (@Rifoking) reported

    Dude **** the beta for red dead online istg if its not griefing players its the ******* server errors and SOMETIMES ITS BOTH. **** this im going back to warframe

  • Alecraine AlecRaine (@Alecraine) reported

    @thereal_SF @XboxSupport Warframe is the only game I have this issue with

  • ThatYeen That Yeen (@ThatYeen) reported

    I like Nightwave a lot. My only problem is that there's no way to catch up if you start later, giving players who return now no real reason to get the 2–3 levels out of 30 they can before it ends. Maybe 25% of the reward for past week objectives would help. #Warframe

  • heatmarker heatmarker (@heatmarker) reported

    @discordapp can you guys and disabled or mute the video in store so my ear can stop bleeding out the issue from warframe page that youtube clip of that 22 mins gameplay

  • chriscnorris HALP! Wife is a Koreaboo! (@chriscnorris) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays @PlayWarframe It's the same problem with the unofficial Warframe Discord. I wish DE was able to pull that name away from them instead of using PlayWarframe.

  • Avalon1951 Avalon1951 (@Avalon1951) reported

    @CarsomyrCrusade @CaseyDHudson That's a pity because I do love Star Wars but this game is just so ugly, guess I've been spoiled by Warframe and The Division and now Anthem (even though the game is broken is so many way it still looks amazing)

  • ODG__Arrow The Original Anomoly (@ODG__Arrow) reported

    @PlayWarframe @DigitalExtremes I can’t help but think I was banned from your game for some unexpected error of some sort but I did not get a warning of any sort I just can’t log into Warframe on Xbox just says login failed check connection or account info please help.

  • JorgeVCOD Jorge Valdez (@JorgeVCOD) reported

    @sj_sinclair Warframe, longest running game in beta, because everything is broken as h3 ll! Today's way to artificially inflate play time is a sortie that refuses to start. Once again, please take up knitting, that way you can continue your alcoholism, and scrap this game!

  • JorgeVCOD Jorge Valdez (@JorgeVCOD) reported

    @PlayWarframe Warframe, longest running game in beta, because everything is broken as h3 ll! Today's way to artificially inflate play time is a sortie that refuses to start SMH!

  • Enchiladas72 Squr (@Enchiladas72) reported

    In warframe ps4 the game crashes when you are fishing in orb vallis warm weather. Fix this as soon as possible please @PlayWarframe @DigitalExtremes

  • InquisitorDark Dark Inquisitor (@InquisitorDark) reported

    @Halaste @es4xdd Should I say I did not even know what that was when the Stalker dropped it. But others higher level players were crazy in the chat. Now "I am smoking" all around my Warframe ... but I still have Broken War to repair.

  • Alecraine AlecRaine (@Alecraine) reported

    @XboxSupport for 3 months Warframe has done this to my Xbox One X. I have reported it multiple times and have attempted to Uninstall and reinstall with the same issues. This is the 3rd time attempting to open Warframe and multiple tickets have been placed with Xbox and DE

  • Sukotto_Sann The Stubborn Aramusha (@Sukotto_Sann) reported

    @SaddestMadougu @soelloo That could also be a console issue too. The same way warframe updates for console lag behind pc.

  • Ammonium_OW Ammonium_OW (@Ammonium_OW) reported

    @Amethystryst Me too i am a Warframe Player and still can't get enough after 500hours playtime when i see this broken mass of Anthem i wonder how the playerbase can still defend this pile of garbage.

  • TempestasUltima Rhys's Mustache Ride (@TempestasUltima) reported

    my computer is broken so all I can do is draw I guess, even though I want to play warframe :') was gonna play pokego but that means... getting up....... yuck

  • sevinchurch Sevin Church (@sevinchurch) reported

    @youknowthisavi Wish it wasn't. I'm seriously sick of the 'games as a service' mentality. I want more games like Warframe's model. Especially because DE gives a **** about their players more than their bottom line.

  • santa_cruz340 J$0N UCHIHA (@santa_cruz340) reported

    @YungSadYori @Qsmooth2 @Steedoj @HeavenlyControl @AfroSenju I cant even login to my old warframe account now i gotta play all over again ****

  • EpicHasAScythe ɔᴉdƎ (@EpicHasAScythe) reported

    @PlayWarframe I need this but @discordapp keeps giving me an error when trying to download warframe through discord.

  • WiederZalmi zalmi wieder (@WiederZalmi) reported

    @PlayWarframe @FinRusty @DigitalExtremes @DanieltheDemon @fireahwk @GlamShatterskll I can’t login to Xbox. I one is helping I’m considering to stop play warframe no costumer service whatsoever

  • Vidar115 Draxus (@Vidar115) reported

    @NightmareT12 I've been playing Warframe for a couple years, I get that there may be bugs and other issues with the game but DE ARE putting patches to fix issues with the game the only thing I have against your rant is that your issue is made clear but the specifics are no where to be seen

  • boogiepopprobin Robin (@boogiepopprobin) reported

    @Haunted_Backlog Either way, I guess I'm just a bad Warframe player. I certainly have trouble aiming decently in mid-air or sliding. I move so fast that enemies don't even register to me until it's too late. I'm okay if it's on ground but even then I kinda have a problem with near misses.

  • 13dant Skone (@13dant) reported

    @sj_sinclair @NightmareT12 I haven't played much warframe aswell because of the color change, it's annoying to see all my frames's colors are skewed. That said, please don't stop fixing it, I expected it'd take time to fix. For now please look into limbo deluxe's energy colors, they're stuck as default

  • TagentekiUchu Crona (@TagentekiUchu) reported

    @ParadoxRegiment She's tanky af And she's the best single target damage dealer in the game But that's the problem Single target Warframe is a horde game She's good for sortie bosses, not much else

  • CODE_3CH0 CODE 3CH0 (@CODE_3CH0) reported

    @PlayWarframe so I log into Warframe and most of my mods are missing. Including my rivens. PLEASE FIX NOW!

  • Deshielll 🆖MIKΣ DΣSΉIΣL🇨🇿 (@Deshielll) reported

    @ViperMenae I used to be able to play warframe on my broken pc with just 3 RAM and 2gb gpu memory. Now I have 16 ram and 6gb gpu memory and I lose fps left and right 🙃

  • C1ipHead ClipHead (@C1ipHead) reported

    @Gaohmee @Polygon This is a very good article...but at the end: "The game’s rocky launch and ongoing issues helped to hide one of its best selling points: There isn’t anything else like it on the market." There is...since 2013. It's called #Warframe.

  • ShellRPG A Friendly Skull (@ShellRPG) reported

    @MaxKriegerVG I like to believe that people are turning away from live-service games. It just seems like such a hassle to always be playing one game to ensure you stay competitive or up on the fashion elements. The only one I play is Warframe because it seems to respect my time.

  • BrendsonVII Brendson VII (@BrendsonVII) reported

    So as a 550 day login MR27 with everything but Zenith, when does the grind actually begin in warframe. I was promised a grind fest.

  • BurningRadiator .•♫•♬• Lᴇᴡɪꜱ •♬•♫•. (@BurningRadiator) reported

    @LEGERlTY Warframe was one of the minor issues and they already stated it was just a clan name thing and they will fix it ingame anyway All minor issues don't even bother me one bit for any of the games I own

  • jobandox Javier Obando (@jobandox) reported

    @moitoi I changed my ID yesterday and played Warframe. No problem at all, it just took a bit to log in (about 3 min). Warframe is listed but with minor issues which is nothing bassically

  • Gorrilla_King2K GorrillaKing (@Gorrilla_King2K) reported

    @ComplexMinded Havent played No Man Sky but I have respect for a developer that admits when they was wrong and fix the issue. Im not gonna say Ark could learn from it but will say ithas a lot to address. It can be the greatest game of all time. Warframe is another comeback story.

  • Zanagoth Zanacough (@Zanagoth) reported

    I.e. I personally don't think Vauban is bad per se, (his 2 could use some help maybe), but his issue isn't so much that his kit sucks, but rather his kit sucks in the context of content in Warframe Vauban's superior at chokepoint lockdown, but the game doesn't demand it anywhere

  • IllusionFoxSays Illusion Fox (@IllusionFoxSays) reported

    @MTLSaiyan And also you're not really thinking that some games are going to be updated to accommodate for this feature for example LBP3 and Warframe were in the critical affected but it was updated to resolve these issues.

  • _Sherpreme Shermaerys Targaryen, Father of Draggins (@_Sherpreme) reported

    But wait! Check the “Games with Issues” list before you change it!! May lose game data or have glitches! List includes NBA 2K19, Warframe, Assassin’s Creed, GTA V, Injustice 2, and more!

  • boogiepopprobin Robin (@boogiepopprobin) reported

    I've noticed a big problem is that I don't utilize mobility enough in my Warframe gaming. I'm not good at aiming in the air or sliding, trying to incorporate that more has really made me notice the limitations of having low controller sensitivity set.

  • ShugoWah 👉 (@ShugoWah) reported

    soloing Profit Taker with open squad do 90% of the fight myself with no issue someone joins they contribute nothing and die for the last 4 minutes I invite them along to more anyway because the company is nice they wordlessly leave confused aggravated shrug #warframe

  • Ricky94000 Rickyy_Beast (@Ricky94000) reported

    @MTLSaiyan I mean , I just changed my name and checked all my games. Everything is still the same, even the ones that potentially had problems (GTA V and Warframe for example) . Only thing different is my name. Worked like a charm for me .

  • DavePR425 Dave (@DavePR425) reported

    @MvC_DoomNeto Careful, supposedly changing your name could impact save data on servers cause those servers would only recognize your original ID. Could have to start from scratch... like Warframe. I'd wait to change to see if any problems arise first.

  • Shrion_Shi Shrion @ Code Lyoko! 🎭 (@Shrion_Shi) reported

    So I gave the list of games a gander and did not see Rainbow Six Siege on there since its one of the games I actually care about whether or not I lose something same with Warframe luckily Warframe is safe but man Hopin the issue of data loss can get fixed cause thats a turnoff

  • SpotTheStriker Spot (@SpotTheStriker) reported

    Well crap, looks like I won't be changing my PSN. It looks like Warframe is on the list of games that has known issues related to the changes and I don't want to risk it. I'm still Rythona for now.