Is Ubisoft Uplay down?

Uplay is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications service developed by Ubisoft to provide an experience similar to the achievements/trophies offered by various other game companies. The service is provided across various platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc).

 Problems detected at Ubisoft Uplay

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January 20: Problems at Ubisoft Uplay

Ubisoft Uplay is having issues since 02:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (64.58%)
  • Online Play (19.27%)
  • Glitches (9.38%)
  • Matchmaking (4.17%)
  • Game Crash (2.60%)

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  • Masrer_ AzizCmbtFghtr (@Masrer_) reported

    @BounssiR6S Biggest problem with ubisoft is that they dont know what needs to be fixed and wich order. These changes in tts are good but why they are focusing so small things when there is teleport glitches and QEC spam wich no one likes. #FeelsBadMan

  • MrMonk7456s THEGAMINGMONK32 (@MrMonk7456s) reported

    Hey @Ubisoft I just sat in a 7 minute que for casual in r6. Fix your game

  • DistorityYT Distority (@DistorityYT) reported


  • 666_Shepard Sara Luysterborg // WDYDK? (@666_Shepard) reported

    @COMMANDERKORRA Ive never had an issue with it. I love Sam and Liara both way too much. And the bullshit ubisoft pulled here is SO much worse, I'd pick bioware over them currently a million times over.

  • otter_proof Otter Proof (@otter_proof) reported

    @SavageYmir @Ubisoft As long as no association care for the problem, nothing will change. And they don't care at all. :( It's just a game, that's probably what they think. It's so frustrating.

  • BlackPigeon7 BlackPigeon (@BlackPigeon7) reported

    @growtopiagame First time i was saying no rollback, but after i read some of the comments, you guys can rollback, to be honest to remove item by item is stressfull, but the glitch abusers must be banned too even if it's a rollback or not Wish you luck Ubisoft! Make this game what deserve to be!

  • CamdenIsrael Camden_israel (@CamdenIsrael) reported

    @UbisoftSupport would you know why I am able to login on the Uplay client but when I go to login on the Ubisoft website, it says incorrect password. (Does the same for steam) please help

  • JamesMa89425548 James Mann (@JamesMa89425548) reported

    @Ubisoft fix your rainbow six siege hit boxes and stop the wall hacks and there are way to many campers just laying and pre fire aiming and spraying like now's the time after 4 years to actually fix your game instead of adding skins packs and unnecessary tweaks 😠

  • KingFishOcean KingFishOcean (@KingFishOcean) reported

    @JacobiMethod I can understand it though as ubisoft marketed the game HEAVILY on being able to make your own decisions regarding story and relationships so it feels like they have gone back on what they said. Its a weird issue

  • LegendK50692114 Legend Killer (@LegendK50692114) reported

    @Rainbow6Game FIX YOUR GAME UBISOFT.

  • fr0zenjrag7 Fr0zenNarwhal (@fr0zenjrag7) reported

    @mele1aplus @Ubisoft Fix ur game @Ubisoft 👎

  • essig_33 snoM4N (@essig_33) reported

    @einfach1erik @UbisoftSupport Well you i don‘t and that Night be the Problem... if i would work for ubisoft such problems wouldn‘t exist:)

  • einfach1erik Erik🤨 (@einfach1erik) reported

    @essig_33 @UbisoftSupport I am Trying this for a few weeks now.. that doesnt solve the problem.. and since when are you working for ubisoft cuz that would explain a lot :)

  • essig_33 snoM4N (@essig_33) reported

    @einfach1erik @UbisoftSupport @einfach1erik You have to restart uplay. I hope that will help you to solve your problem.

  • Vincent_bolt Vincent Gehrke (@Vincent_bolt) reported

    It's kinda frustrating when the weekly tournament on @justdancegame/#JustDance2019 happen, that when the online dancer hit over 1000 people, the Ubisoft server crash. It happen this week and last week too.

  • dealusis Aspiring DILF 🏳️‍🌈 (@dealusis) reported

    So I guess Ubisoft will be changing the achievement trophy away from “growing up” and made it clear that your character has a child purely to continue the bloodline and nothing more which only slightly fixes the problem. I still feel very weird about it.

  • Pumpkkn ∆BÓBOR∆ 🎃 (@Pumpkkn) reported

    @Ubisoft Please fix Input lag

  • ZenzGtandG Benke (@ZenzGtandG) reported

    @alpha_wolfFest @GameSpot It's mostly because when playing a Ubisoft game it will have to run through Uplay even if you bought it on Steam. So mostly I just like to skip that step. Besides, sometimes both clients try to update the game which leads to problems 🙂

  • laiskurii Laiskurii (@laiskurii) reported

    Meta abusing getting out of hands when even go4 is full of it. pls ubisoft fix ur shit game

  • M8nstrosity Téras (@M8nstrosity) reported

    @Ubisoft if i have to play against one more lagg switching player in forhonor were gonna have problems i cant fight what i cant see....

  • davidbrn73 David Brown (@davidbrn73) reported

    @assassinscreed When's this paros must be stopped glitch be sorted c'mon ubisoft get this sorted no excuse for the time it's taken

  • askafr0a Lucy (@askafr0a) reported

    Ubisoft better include a patch to fix that dlc

  • R3APERGameInfo R3APER Productions (@R3APERGameInfo) reported

    @ubisoft I hope yall know #rainbowsixseige on ps4 is broken...a team of coopers on casual vs plats and diamonds you cant win...and then everytime u try to get a casual it puts u into a in prgress losing game. Please fix your game

  • mirkiemurmurr shadow_fox (@mirkiemurmurr) reported

    anyone else encountered an issue in @assassinscreed Odyssey where you can't confirm kills certian enemy's does anyone know how to fixs it or know what is causing it @Ubisoft

  • KingFishOcean KingFishOcean (@KingFishOcean) reported

    I can understand why some people are mad, problem is ubisoft wrote themselves into a corner. Alexios/Kassandra is an ancestor of the future character therefore they had to have a baby in order to accomplish that, meaning a gay only system wouldn’t have worked in the end.

  • Fooshass Fuchsias (@Fooshass) reported

    @UbisoftSupport help i am having issues changinng profile picture on uplay

  • stefan__kohut _stefan_k_ (@stefan__kohut) reported

    There is a broken exploit in the game everyone in the community is sick of it. You can constantly crouch spam and it makes it harder for you to hit them please fix this @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game

  • htfcuddles_ htfcuddles - Going to EF25! (@htfcuddles_) reported

    @Backis321 xD If it works as a consolation, I rarely get mad over glitches or bugs that I tried to trigger myself. A game must be *really* broken for me to complain for that. I laugh at Ubisoft games but I have never been really mad over the clipping asset issues, by example.

  • Rafaella_Varsak Rafaella (@Rafaella_Varsak) reported

    Day 2 @Ubisoft @assassinscreed please fix your DLC and live up to your marketing campaign #NotMyKassandra #NotMyOdyssey

  • Connorusher1 Connor usher (@Connorusher1) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft @PlayStation @Rainbow6Game Just tweeting to let you know your game on console is still frustrating and hard to play because of the cheaters using mnkb :D Hope you fix it soon before its too late.

  • bl33eman Bl33eman (@bl33eman) reported

    @Ubisoft hey ubisoft my account is broken and i was wondering if you can fix it

  • R6Underwatch Dragon to the Fray (@R6Underwatch) reported

    @RomanPolon @Kotaku @assassinscreed I agree with this comment, I can see why people are mad (im not mad just disappointed) but if the next DLC won’t fix then gg Ubisoft

  • Tuannguyen110 tuan nguyen (@Tuannguyen110) reported

    @UbisoftSupport hey ubisoft team, you can update ban, pick map in rainbow six. when update toxicity i have 2 map always crash game when loading map zzz. can't fix :<

  • _shipsnthenight shipsnthenight 🏳️‍🌈 (@_shipsnthenight) reported

    @God_sBoobs @assassinscreed @Ubisoft You think whatever you want, we are arguing over a fictional fix to something that won’t ever be fixed, so af far as I’m concerned we’re arguing over nothing. Stop trying to blog fan made things out of proportion. Bye.

  • Gareth_Tarlo Gareth Tarlo 🇺🇸 (@Gareth_Tarlo) reported

    @GameSpot Ubisoft still not dealing with the important problems in their games

  • yoszorenat Taner (@yoszorenat) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Every day some problem with ubisoft servers. Everyday!

  • FultonDamiann Dw-rtchf (@FultonDamiann) reported

    @2yrsWiser @johnsmithryan68 @IGN But you are offended because you are allowing yourself to get angry over a video game. The only that upsets me is how Ubisoft is handling this situation. The game did what it needed. Even a few a the females I've talked to about this dont see an issue but you know ONLY guys dont

  • EpiqueR6 Epique (@EpiqueR6) reported

    Ubisoft needs to fix siege before it dies...

  • LuArt64 Lu (@LuArt64) reported

    ubisoft games are the only ones that cause me problems.

  • unbrokenweevil8 Norey Comes (@unbrokenweevil8) reported

    @Ubisoft fix rainbow

  • StrikeVixen G L A C I (@StrikeVixen) reported

    @AnyaOQuinn I have used Windows 8 I have used Windows 8.1 for these operating systems have given me nothing but grief. Maybe for the game to uplay and the stuff you do it works perfectly fine. But I've had nothing but issues.

  • TTSBurrell TTSBurrell (@TTSBurrell) reported

    @Ubisoft, please for the love of God, FIX THE CROUCH SPAM!

  • bassam_asad_20 Bassam Asad (@bassam_asad_20) reported

    @Ubisoft And can u please fix another issue were headshots don’t count


    @Ubisoft If your really sorry about @CreedOdyssey like you claim, then why not #patchOdysseyEpisode2 . Because it would cost you money and you already lied and got a lot of trusting people to buy the game. I hope you grow up as a company and fix it. #NotMyKassandra #NotMyOdyssey

  • SwifftyTheGod Eli 🌴🍉 (@SwifftyTheGod) reported

    @bstategames these servers are getting as bad as Ubisoft ,plz fix this senpai

  • Px_idk Epsilon Px (@Px_idk) reported

    Ubisoft almost Made half a billion dollars in 2018 from siege yet it’s still the most broken it’s been since beta imo what a joke 🤯

  • DevOrv419 Devin™ (@DevOrv419) reported

    @Ubisoft hey how about you fix your rainbow 6 servers, your reputation of making shit games is 100% true

  • UndyingHunter David Smith (@UndyingHunter) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport @assassinscreed @AJoDumont either admit you lied during the marketing for this game, or please fix it and show you really are sorry.

  • K1PSIR K1P (@K1PSIR) reported


  • _shipsnthenight shipsnthenight 🏳️‍🌈 (@_shipsnthenight) reported

    @queenofsmut18 @ReneeTH77 @assassinscreed @Ubisoft Yes I’m serious, the policy of gaming houses rn is to make as much money as they can with minimal effort. They’d never fix this until they keep getting positive reviews. That’s the sad truth.

  • justauser_a Just a user (@justauser_a) reported

    @bigwitchershill @DDayCobra A problem out of nothing. SJWs are never happy. They may support your product as they did with Odyssey, but as soon as you make a slightest "mistake" they'll bury you into the ground. They're never trully happy. Ubisoft did nothing wrong in this particular situation.

  • LeonScottKenny Gabriel (@LeonScottKenny) reported

    @WolfBodark95 @Ubisoft Overwatch Doesn't fix shit with Mouse+Keyboard users on consoles.

  • rebel_LTZ tom rebel (@rebel_LTZ) reported

    After 3 months I gave another chance to @ForHonorGame. After the 5th crash I feel outraged. @Ubisoft, your game is bad and you should feel bad.

  • OverTheEdgeYT Over the Edge (@OverTheEdgeYT) reported

    @KiwamiBob @joe_ch1p Yeah I have high hopes for the second game. I think they've learned a lot from the first Division game. And, yeah, Ubisoft are getting a good reputation for their live service games now.

  • eldftan Eldridge F Tan (@eldftan) reported

    @GrowWackee @growtopiagame Yeah you are so right m8,Seth and Hamumu always fix all the problems in gt.But now,Ubisoft controls gt and they don't give a shit about it

  • Tapkids2 WeirdLegendS (@Tapkids2) reported

    @hamumu Hi @Hamumu, im a GROWTOPIAN! i wish that u cant understand that what im trying to tell u! since the game was sold to the ubisoft team, the game is going weird! such as glitches n many server crash! i hope u can get back the game! coz i miss the old growtopia! i with u can help!

  • YaBoiMatthew1 Matthew (@YaBoiMatthew1) reported

    @GrowWackee @growtopiagame The way to pull off the glitch shows that Growtopia’s coding is pathetically weak and needs fixing. Ubisoft really need to step up their game.

  • YaBoiMatthew1 Matthew (@YaBoiMatthew1) reported

    Growtopia is in shambles. @Ubisoft , you need to step up your game (literally) and fix Growtopia. I do appreciate the swift action that was taken to put the servers into maintenance but really the glitch shouldn’t have happened in the first place. All anyone wants is

  • Tapkids2 WeirdLegendS (@Tapkids2) reported

    @rtsoft @facebook @fbplatform HI @Seth im sorry interrupt, but i would like the amazing Seth to get back the wonderful game GROWTOPIA!its been awhile since ubisoft bought the game n there has been alot of server crash n other glitches! i wish u would understand n get back the game! many growtopian r quitting!

  • UndyingHunter David Smith (@UndyingHunter) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport @assassinscreed @AJoDumont fix the DLC.