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  • Wally8622 Justin Bray (@Wally8622) reported

    @TwitterSupport It keeps say I have 1 unread DM but my inbox is empty how can I fix this thanks

  • HunterDPhoenix Hunter D Phoenix 😎 (@HunterDPhoenix) reported

    @SassySarahere @tweetNorvena @Twitter @TwitterSupport Will do but unfortunately I think they would of contacted by now if they were gonna bother. I’ve never successfully been able to get a response from twitter regarding any problems I’ve ever had on their platform 😔😎

  • tweetNorvena Norvena (@tweetNorvena) reported

    @SassySarahere @HunterDPhoenix @Twitter @TwitterSupport My problems with Twitter started after an iOS update so I don’t know where to turn😡The buttons ‘not now’ and ‘remind me later’ have become my favourites. 🤨

  • Inzuqi Andrey Vasiliev (@Inzuqi) reported

    @Yeefi @Charmieos @MadamSpicev2 @showntrueself @Abacab543 @MusicMiax @TwitterSupport Comes along with having a slew of problems with other people's ********.

  • PoliticsDen PoliticsDen (@PoliticsDen) reported

    @TwitterSupport I can no longer copy tweet links from my phone. Please fix.

  • agustdickmin uwu (◡‿◡✿) (@agustdickmin) reported

    @TwitterSupport i have so many tweets in my bookmark that’ll just pop back up when i try to remove them. Please can you fix this. Thank you

  • Ranajee1430 Rana Murtaza (@Ranajee1430) reported

    @TwitterSupport Please add a dislike icon on tweets Twitter a good app but only have a little issue because some tweets we didn't like we want to dislike also

  • Charmieos Charmieus Pilate (@Charmieos) reported

    @Abacab543 @MusicMiax @showntrueself @Yeefi @TwitterSupport Such a pedestrian, that's why I park my SUV on the sidewalk, and I'm so stupid one wonders how I even know how to fix billion dollar systems. God I wish I could be as smart as someone who never finished highschool

  • 3x10to8mps Lisa Hamilton (@3x10to8mps) reported

    @TwitterSupport Update on ios 13 today broke blocking! I now see every quoted tweet by the main account I blocked instead of "this tweet is unavailable" FIX THIS NOW

  • KOLATRL future nostalgia (@KOLATRL) reported

    @TwitterSupport you’re clicking and you’re clicking down...

  • Zr45i سلطااان (@Zr45i) reported

    @ @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety @jack PLEASE REINSTATE 👉🏻 @smahaty5 🇸🇦🌹 It has never broken the terms and the twitter’s rules. Please get this account back

  • idyllia ʟɪᴀ. (@idyllia) reported

    Hello @TwitterSupport My acc @hucsey 's mention can't appear on another acc's mention tab. Please fix it asap, thankyou!

  • katzfan71 BuckeyeForLife (@katzfan71) reported

    Pretty sick of how slow Twitter is now... Delayed reaction times anytime you try to do anything; even something as simple as scrolling... please fix this @Jack @TwitterSupport #LastUpdateBlows

  • RobloxEthiopia1 Roblox Ethiopia 🎗👤🇪🇹 (@RobloxEthiopia1) reported

    @RBLXTinder @TwitterSupport There's a glitch, I've been swiping but I get no matches...

  • Lillianlm2 Lillianlm (@Lillianlm2) reported

    @grizzly_dan_85 @BreakingNLive @TwitterSupport The same thing happened to me. I had to hunt it down.

  • Serafinos 𝑺𝒆𝒓𝒂𝒇𝒊𝒏𝒐𝒔 (@Serafinos) reported

    @IWashington @courrielche Every time I come to your page I have to re-RT your pinned tweet due to @twitter undoing it @jack @TwitterSupport We’re keeping records of the detailed censorship. FYI Please fix it. TYVM

  • shahnazfarzaneh Sara Fallah (@shahnazfarzaneh) reported

    @mdubowitz @jack @Twitter Exactly .@jack really it is time to close down all accounts belonging to #terrorist #Iran regime's on Twitter. Mullhas are vicious & they are killing innocent protesters, they must not have any access to social Media .@facebook .@instagram .@TwitterSupport

  • spury2000 Spury2000 (@spury2000) reported

    @TwitterSupport Annnnd you stopped my Acct from tweeting. Again. Fix it. It’s not the install or a glitch.

  • K8TDidToo 🐉Kate a eu jusqu'à ici avec cette merde (@K8TDidToo) reported

    Damn it @TwitterSupport, when I block someone it means I don't want to see their noxious tweets, PERIOD. Fix your stupid new notifications set up.

  • sevensgill sevensgill (@sevensgill) reported

    @TwitterSupport hey help me please. i cant get into my account because there’s a glitch where twitter doesnt send emails to unlock and verify accounts

  • Penthor Penthor-Mul (@Penthor) reported

    @TwitterSupport Dang it! My Linux Mint-Firefox system is still auto-scrolling. My android phone Twitter also auto-scrolls. It's infuriating. I have spent literally hours trying to find tweets I was reading when your auto-scroll whisked them away. Your fix has not been successful!

  • HayleyJae1 Hayley Ja'e (@HayleyJae1) reported

    @TwitterSupport I keep getting unable to follow people at this time. your making me loose followers. please fix the problem. this has been going on and you have done nothing about it. an extra 1,000 that i can follow would be really great of you.

  • jkasoro2 jkasoro (@jkasoro2) reported

    @SikhProf @michaelmalice @TwitterSupport He’s making a joke about here being a cop calm down

  • WeAreAlreadyGr1 WeAreAlreadyGreat 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 (@WeAreAlreadyGr1) reported

    @MatthewJshow Hey @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack All of Matt's blogs sound crackly & the picture is not real - shut down this BS.

  • lexyzny 𝕬𝖑𝖊𝖝 (@lexyzny) reported

    @Max_1382 @TwitterSupport is a problem lately

  • LauraVanVleet Laura A. Van Vleet (@LauraVanVleet) reported

    I lost more than 2000 followers in the past 2 months. Seems @Twitter no longer dumps thousands of followers all it once, they dump them one at a time. @TwitterSupport you've always fixed this issue in the past, but not lately. I'd like it to stop, thanks.

  • wiimbl wimbl (@wiimbl) reported

    @LunarUnderscore @TwitterSupport Like I can see this and that's a major issue

  • SailorJusticeV Jess 正義 🏳️‍🌈 @ Golden Deer (@SailorJusticeV) reported

    That's terrible. @TwitterSupport Sort this out.

  • char_patt0n charlie 🌘 (@char_patt0n) reported

    @TwitterSupport im having some problems with twitter

  • Irreverent_ish Mostly Irreverent (@Irreverent_ish) reported

    Hey @Twitter @TwitterSupport I was reading that..... Fix the jumping timeline Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh! What say you @infinite_scream

  • Duck_Hunter_Tx Duck Hunter (@Duck_Hunter_Tx) reported

    It happens every time I use the app, specifically every time the app tells me that I have new tweets (newsflash: I know I have new tweets above, you don’t need to let me know). Just fix the app, @TwitterSupport

  • javaanehaa javaanehaa (@javaanehaa) reported

    @TwitterSupport The Internet is shut down in Iran, more than 20 people have been killed during #IranProtests and yet Islamic Republic leader can tweet his lies without any concern. It’s time for @Twitter to block all accounts of @khamenei_ir #TwitterBanKhamenei

  • NSKL_ badgyal 🇦🇬 🇲🇸 (@NSKL_) reported

    . @TwitterSupport my TL keeps refreshing every 10 secs and it’s annoying me. Make it stop, this glitch is getting on my nerves!

  • sapient_ape sαpíєnt αpє 🔬 (@sapient_ape) reported

    @soniasodha @pollymackenzie @TwitterSupport No problem. I reported these, but I’m no longer getting report notifications so no idea what’s happening with twitter support. Something needs to change.

  • polarbearyoongi Fuji (@polarbearyoongi) reported

    @reggiegguk @Twitter @TwitterSupport yeah I know it’s an OP thing glitch but that’s tiring T_____T I can’t update well and I can’t tell if the thread is long enough or not , I wish they could fix that quickly

  • AllenK_81 Allen K. (@AllenK_81) reported

    @NeauxlaDre @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety No problem. Brb.

  • soniasodha Sonia Sodha (@soniasodha) reported

    @sapient_ape @pollymackenzie Thanks, I’ve had a couple of imposter accounts- reported both to @TwitterSupport and they said they were taking them down! Will get back onto them....

  • photoseeny photoseeny (@photoseeny) reported

    @TwitterSupport if you don’t want to read our timelines by automatically moving them on us - just shut down

  • gayrannosaurus_ 🥺🥺MOЯAPEDI🥺🥺 (@gayrannosaurus_) reported

    @TwitterSupport @Twitter fix your bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

  • keivanllo keivanloo (@keivanllo) reported

    Dear @TwitterSupport & @jack There are some specific limits on my account(as you know) it has been already for months,I had complained a long time ago and asked for the reason but unfortunately, Twitter didn't respond me.Please follow up this issue because it is unacceptable!

  • andresrussorang andres alejandro (@andresrussorang) reported

    @TwitterSupport i have some issues with my account and i would like to communicate with someone that might help me to fix my problem

  • teruwuw 𝒎𝒊𝒚𝒂 (@teruwuw) reported

    hello @TwitterSupport, my account @la_sucriost mention didn't show up in other's notification tab. i have already appeal a report. please fix this bug as soon as possible. thanks

  • faith4liberty Tricia (@faith4liberty) reported

    @TwitterSupport Number on profile page not increasing with increased number of followers AGAIN. Please fix!!!

  • teruwuw 𝒎𝒊𝒚𝒂 (@teruwuw) reported

    hello @TwitterSupport , my account @la_sucriost mention didn't show up in other's notification tab. i've already appeal an report. please fix this bug as soon as you can. thank you.

  • jtrathgeber Neal Abisan (@jtrathgeber) reported

    @ITMFAlready @123CLeigh @TwitterSupport You better fix this now!

  • dayasasscheek emma | my acc broke (@dayasasscheek) reported

    @twittersupport FIX MY ACCOUNT

  • toferj_ toferj (@toferj_) reported

    @MommaSmallzz @Twitter Exactly! I've ended up blocking people just to keep a particular conversation from showing up in my TL. C'mon @Twitter/@TwitterSupport I'm looking at you here. Fix how muting works.

  • vy6zz vybz (@vy6zz) reported

    @YouTubeSparkyy @TwitterSupport But still there has been issues where people have been tweeting out shit even though it want them

  • vy6zz vybz (@vy6zz) reported

    @TwitterSupport can you fix this issue, 3rd party apps and messaging tweeting without our permission

  • c_m_r_n cam 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@c_m_r_n) reported

    @TwitterSupport PLEASE SHUT THIS MAN DOWN. @twinkboiimaster I told him I was 15 years old and he still attempted to get me to "link" him. I've reported his account and his messages but he's trying to groom kids in Dms. Thank u

  • Spynxlove Patrick niven (@Spynxlove) reported

    @candance_nab @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety No problem I’ll keep an 👁 out

  • ranusingh1993 Ranu Singh (@ranusingh1993) reported

    @arifaajakia @TwitterSupport what kind of reviewing system do you have. You people blocks anyone who speaks truth and speaking on facts. This is not the first incidence, you people have also shut down the defensive offence channel page too. Those paid ISI agent are reporting any account.

  • MycoJonathan Jonathan West☮️Find Peace🏳️‍🌈🌺Tulsi2020🌺🏳️‍🌈 (@MycoJonathan) reported

    @JamesMa96163439 @TulsiGabbard @TulsiPress @TwitterSupport This does not surprise me in the least. I used there web based "contact us" to file a report on these issues. They ignored me completely.

  • cindyrburk Cindy Burkhalter (@cindyrburk) reported

    I agree. @TwitterSupport FIX THE PROBLEM YOU CREATED PLEASE!

  • SequinSte 🕷Sparkly 🎄Stephen ♏️🏳️‍🌈 (@SequinSte) reported from Wokingham, England

    @TwitterSupport This has not worked! I’m on iOS twitter 8.2 and it’s a slow as it was when you broke it!

  • JackieCThomas JackieThomas (@JackieCThomas) reported

    @Twitter and @TwitterSupport Please, please, please correct the auto-scrolling! No matter if I am on the computer or using the app, having the feed randomly jump is awful. Please fix this!

  • jonathongrob Jonathon Roberts (@jonathongrob) reported

    @TwitterSupport I cant login to my Digital Marketing blog Twitter Account @JGR_Marketing because my phone number on the account is wrong and it is asking me to verify by phone. Please can you enable me access to change my phone number. Thanks

  • elemsee elemsee ⚽️ 🍀 🍉 💪🤞 (@elemsee) reported

    Why is filter:verified not working @TwitterSupport @TwitterAPI @TwitterMoments

  • grayghost84 Chris 🦇I❤️ZS🦇 #ReleaseTheSnyderCut (@grayghost84) reported

    @TwitterSupport @Twitter You algorithm is suggesting and incorrect hashtag. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut no Synder cut. Please fix this. You are looking very bad.

  • mimitheepimp a pimp named mimi 🥶 (@mimitheepimp) reported

    Twitters acting extra slow today @TwitterSupport when y’all fixing this huh