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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Twitch. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Playback Issues (29.63%)
  • Buffering (27.78%)
  • Sign in (24.07%)
  • Crashing (14.81%)
  • Video Quality (3.70%)

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Twitch Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • SSB_Gary
    Gary (@SSB_Gary) reported

    @Twitch fix your ******* desktop app its ******* broken everytime i load it

  • SpAToSMG
    SpAToSMG (@SpAToSMG) reported

    On my way to Comic con. Exited for the stream to come. I got the streamlabs mobile streaming app now and fixed the bitrate issue that comes with the twitch app. No idea what they are thinking streaming a cam in 720p with 2k bitrate. Shits gonna be "lit"

  • Peewee78368
    Peewee78368 E3 2018 (@Peewee78368) reported


  • K_htx
    Kaelin (@K_htx) reported

    When we twitch is that a glitch ....

  • EthanOfShweg
    Ethan (@EthanOfShweg) reported

    Just realized, since I'mma be a twitch affiliate soon, I need sub badges and emote ideas. Someone help me out.

    SuperSonicBlur (@SSB_BAC) reported

    @Flareb00t The highest I saw total was about 20k and that was across yt twitch and mixer...also happened as the audio issues occured ..

  • Mrcreativerseuk
    Mr and Mrs Creativerse (@Mrcreativerseuk) reported

    @MrMrsthor @AvilerED @supadave121 @JustJengaming @TwoGamingGirls @Slay_Something @PawsAries @IroncladReaver @paulbettner @DavidRCalkins @januarydearest @Twitch To be honest there isn’t much I can do to help that is all down to playful and if they have removed your account then that is down to them , I am sorry that I could@not be more help

  • MonsterBar2
    Monster Bar (@MonsterBar2) reported

    I appreciate everyone who popped in to my stream. Definitely had some rage but overall I feel like I know where I need to work on when it comes to hot dropping! See you all next time! Also PUBG FIX YOUR SERVERS! #twitch #PUBG

  • Sibernethy
    Ryan Smith (@Sibernethy) reported

    We love Twitch and want to continue as creators but we demand a better answer and a proper solution to this viewbotting problem because we feel that Twitch is letting us down by giving us an inadequate solution and leaving us to our own devices. We're doing the very best we can.

  • Sibernethy
    Ryan Smith (@Sibernethy) reported

    Twitch has a rampant bot problem and while we creators can ban them from our streams, we can't get rid of them. We are at the mercy of inflated view counts and we need your help in getting rid of them because we know they're there and they refuse to go away.

  • Sibernethy
    Ryan Smith (@Sibernethy) reported

    @TwitchSupport I'm a Twitch Affiliate and while I love the work you guys do to make it possible for creators like me to stream and earn money from doing what I love, there is a problem that must be addressed, and I say this because I care and I want Twitch to continue to prosper:

  • HostileRobin
    HR 🦇 (@HostileRobin) reported

    @mrmattsolo Go to the twitch app settings and select "get new recommendation" and it gives you a number. My "highest quality" I can do is 2000 but it lags for me so I do 1500

  • TylerFerrin711
    Tyler Ferrin (@TylerFerrin711) reported

    I didn’t just base it off of Koogs. I looked up on the web who else was having this issue and so was Upshall, now he’s a phenomenal Twitch streamer and YouTuber getting views he’s never received before.

  • callmehhawke
    Hawke (@callmehhawke) reported

    @NForce_tweets @TwitchSupport Ask your affiliate support email if you have one. They might be able to help

  • Stati_k
    Statɪk (@Stati_k) reported

    @Twitch so I'm stuck here I've tried everything and I cant get twitch prime to work and amazon chat won't connect how to I fix the cant enable prime on twitch error

  • taterpie
    Amy. Potato. Atato. Potamy. (@taterpie) reported

    The bing sound on The Good Place sounds an awful lot like the notification sound on my Slack so, *twitches violently*

  • overlordwaifu
    baps🎄 (@overlordwaifu) reported

    @Shroomsie I hope it’s less of an issue in the future :/ I really miss that money off + free 2 day/same day ship with games lol....... main reason I primed besides waving twitch ads ..which they brought back orz

  • Tsukiyomaru0
    Tsukiyomaru Zero (@Tsukiyomaru0) reported

    @TwitchSupport Mobile app still broken.

  • brialeigh
    Bria Leigh (@brialeigh) reported

    @dizeestl @theoranyx I know you are trying, but the Terms of Service changed within 5 years. Again. She’s not breaking rules. Please review the thing you say is being broken before claiming wrong and hurtful things. Just google “twitch terms of service”

  • MrAngry52
    Adam Millard (@MrAngry52) reported

    @BlessiousPlays Wasn’t part of the #stream today but wish I was there to help. Still doesn’t change my view you are one of the best #content creators on #Twitch. You are an escape for many so don’t sweat the bad days.

  • Dont_Worch
    Masculine Nationalist (@Dont_Worch) reported

    @WatchMixer In my feed = reply (promoted) 1/10 “promoted” ad. Not funny or clever. The person/s responding is the same. They also make grammatical errors which annoys me Twitch is king. You need to do much better if you want to avoid the pit of misery, which is where I’m sending you 👎🏻

    Andre Luciano (@ROTTENCORPSE) reported

    @twitchartiiz @TwitchSupport That didn't help, none of the error codes are listed there or any explanation of what's wrong. I can't delete my saved data, it reappears the instant twitch is installed

    Caitlin Galiz-Rowe (@CGRRRRRRRR) reported

    Yes, the parasocial nature of Twitch can be EXTREMELY toxic and damaging to streamers. That being said, Ninja is still participating in misogyny by not streaming w/ women. It’s a multifaceted issue, but also not that ******* complicated

  • MrRizingStarz
    Spencer (@MrRizingStarz) reported

    idk what im doing wrong on twitch, someone help me

  • AlyssaBeCrazy
    AlyssaBeSpooky on Twitch (@AlyssaBeCrazy) reported

    @thebigshakuna @Twitch Its the worst. Karaoke streams are THE BEST to watch, & even if it's well intentioned, the Twitch rules state that karaoke specifically is not DMCA compliant and are not allowed on the platform unless it's with a custom music track you or someone you know created for you ☹

  • Jamperl26
    Jacob Allen Brinkley (@Jamperl26) reported from Imperial, Missouri

    @TwitchSupport for some reason it wont let me load and watch streams on twitch keeps giving me Error code #4000 please help I just want to watch my friends stream

  • DogMaStevem
    Skull Soldier (@DogMaStevem) reported

    @TwitchSupport I'm having a issue with twitch prime loot more specifically with League of Legends Loot i can't claim the Summoners Crown

  • TheCricket26
    Cricket (@TheCricket26) reported

    @pac____ @Twitch @TwitchSupport Welcome to the world of programming where when a game releases and people want to watch it you have to make a quick fix until you can figure out the actual issue

  • pac____
    Pɑc (@pac____) reported

    @TheCricket26 @Twitch @TwitchSupport Hm, seems more like a sloppy workaround than a fix.

  • FlashBackSin
    FlashBackSin [United Gaming] (@FlashBackSin) reported

    Idk if it’s Forza or twitch but it’s just not working so going to give fortnite a try and if you love to watch some die a lot I’m the channel for you

  • _Danicia_
    🏳️‍🌈 Your Wacky Aunt Donna (@_Danicia_) reported

    I am so excited about Twitch Sings. idgaf if I sound terrible. Or if anyone else does. It's gonna be SO FUN.

  • TheCricket26
    Cricket (@TheCricket26) reported

    @pac____ @Twitch @TwitchSupport They had to change it to an 'e' so it wouldn't crash mobile devices.

  • the8bitzoo
    8BitZoo (@the8bitzoo) reported

    No stream tonight then, too many technical glitches that I can't figure out right now (VR being laggy, twitch on Xbox not working, and now weird color blocks on OBS on the computer when I try to record a game window...)

  • imbinci
    Binci (@imbinci) reported

    @Amourettie @Twitch Guuurl yes! And then when I remove emotes to fix the order I have to wait a while otherwise it says "prefix already used". Super annoying for OCD

  • Thomas100273
    Thomas Remington (@Thomas100273) reported

    @TwitchSupport For the third time, with no response, I would humbly like to ask why I cannot stream Castlevania Lords of Shadow from my Xbox One. I get a cannot connect to servers error. I would appreciate ANY response.

  • GahdleeFN
    Gahdlee ✨ (@GahdleeFN) reported

    twitch or youtube help !

  • 9TailedYoukai
    The 9 Tailed Youkai (@9TailedYoukai) reported

    Hmm, currently revoked the discord link that is in my YouTube videos and on my twitch Think I'll issue a new link when I'll stream next time

  • markbwriting
    Mark B. Writing (@markbwriting) reported

    Or not; I keep getting Error Code 5000 for some reason. Thanks, @Twitch

  • NichBoy
    Nich Richardson (@NichBoy) reported

    I’m hosting League of Origin tonight and have lowered myself to fly into Melbourne. Please make this trip to the worst state in the country worth my while by tuning in on Twitch from 5:30pm to support the greatest state, New South Wales.

  • Megadeus8
    Megadeus_89 (@Megadeus8) reported

    @LIRIK Don’t be sorry. You’re channel has always been the better side of twitch. Variety streamer putting out Quality content, I guess.

  • RhettWilliam
    Rhett Williams (@RhettWilliam) reported from Janesville, Wisconsin

    @IGN @FortniteGame @KP5ive @ChrispyFN @sydsogood I’m surprised the most toxic twitch streamer Wish Ya Luck wasn’t asked to do that. Most toxic and worst logo.

  • CloudyAndroid
    🎄Ari🎄 (@CloudyAndroid) reported

    I'm going to stream on Twitch tonight and I need help picking a game!

  • HitsugiChan
    柩 姫 Hitsugi Hime (Marioette) 😘 (@HitsugiChan) reported

    @HAMMERSPRODS @KuzonTV @Pokemon @PokemonNewsUK @NintendoUK @NintendoNYC @Nintendo @SupStreamers @TwitchSupport @YouTubeGaming Ginger Hammers is the worst

  • Highflypika
    Fallen off streamer :) (@Highflypika) reported

    @TwitchSupport Don’t add more bullshit features just fix Xbox twitch first thx :)

  • ReptileGuy_
    Uncle Jes the Winged Lizard🦎 (@ReptileGuy_) reported

    @DaddyPayneTTV @Twitch Don’t, wait till they fix it. Right now it’s not worth $64

  • Rinslet91
    Sweet Potato Pouncey (@Rinslet91) reported

    @Venkix Yeah initially they tried to blame Sony but I talked to Sony and obviously Sony isn't the problem. Then rep from twitch went "I checked with the engineers and its a known problem but no ETA"

  • Highflypika
    Your mom (@Highflypika) reported

    @TwitchSupport but nothing works. I have even looked online for help and see several others with this problem saying to reset your MAC address. I have tried that, but it does nothing. Also tried un-linking and linking my twitch from my Xbox but it does nothing.

  • Highflypika
    Your mom (@Highflypika) reported

    @TwitchSupport please help me, I’ve been streaming on the Xbox twitch app for well over a year now ( it’s awful by the way , very clunky ) and for the past month or so it just does not let me stream. My error code is 0x20B31181

  • Highflypika
    Your mom (@Highflypika) reported

    @TwitchSupport and that error code says the problem is “ set settings so others can see what you are watching and listening to” and you must set your profile to “online” I have done all these things , multiple times. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app, multiple times.

  • justangieokay
    Just Angie🏳️‍🌈 (@justangieokay) reported

    @andrew_neale :) i used to make the longest posts and its fun to read what things were like and the ridiculous way i'd type :p it was terrible! /that's good to hear!! i'm doing ok just on Twitch!

  • DR_DanielRansom
    ♥ Daniel Ransom ♥ (@DR_DanielRansom) reported

    @chocolaterahne @DreydanTrovirr @dirkmacgirk is the channel on twitch broken... cannot talk for some bizarre reason :P

  • AmyBiper
    Amy (@AmyBiper) reported

    @TRUBoxingHeadz @mightymohooker A bunch of Roc Nation bums. Help Daniel "Twitch" Franco, you bums! #HookerSaucedo #boxing

  • AmyBiper
    Amy (@AmyBiper) reported

    @TRUBoxingHeadz @mightymohooker A bunch of Roc Nation bums. Help Daniel "Twitch" Franco, you bums!

  • drfujibot
    Dr. Fuji Bot (@drfujibot) reported

    Apologies to anyone who has been streaming in the new "Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!/Eevee!" category and noticed that DrFujiBot wasn't running. Twitch used "Pokemon" instead of "Pokémon" like all the other categories. The issue has been fixed!

  • DadBodPlays
    DadBodPlays (@DadBodPlays) reported

    @QuirkOfArtXD @Brudanos25 @cheeks_jr He doesn’t work for twitch so how can it be work place discrimination. Pulling examples that have nothing to do with the topic aren’t going to help convince people otherwise. Realistically all streamers are independent contractors who happen to use twitch as their “tool”.

  • infinitybladez1
    Dirty Dan (@infinitybladez1) reported

    @Twitch i bought bits in app. i dont have them please help

  • infern96
    Logan (@infern96) reported

    @ElevateBasickz Get the twitch prime stuff with a free trial its broken.. and add me

  • RyRySmallFry3
    RyRySmallFry (@RyRySmallFry3) reported

    @FortniteGame Stop adding stupid shit epic. This is why your game is going down hill. You add the most dumbest crap to them game to keep the 9 year olds happy. In fact that’s the only people that are left in the game next to the sweaty twitch streamers. Don’t Add. IMPROVE fix shotguns as well.

  • FuckOffMatPat
    『オグルヴィエ』 (@FuckOffMatPat) reported

    “Well, mine got retconned from existence because of some legal issues involving my comics. So now, I technically have no family...!” Eye twitch, he’s still upset about that. 『 #FalcosSmashBallad 』

  • waanderl0stt
    Rona (@waanderl0stt) reported

    FELLOW TWITCH STREAMERS- I NEED YOUR HELP. I'm trying to stream 24 hours tomorrow (11/17) starting at 12PM PST in order to raise money for those effected by the Camp Fire. I live in Chico, CA and have had several close friends lose their homes and lives to these fires- A THREAD!

Twitch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x10331100
  • 0x10331196
  • 0x10331196
  • 0x1033119e
  • 0x103311a0
  • 0x103311b3
  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
  • 400
  • 500
  • CE-35327-0