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September 18: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 04:00 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Sévérac Buffering
Leigh-on-Sea Buffering
Spring Hill Crashing

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • BradLovesRNG Brad (@BradLovesRNG) reported

    @JERZNetwork Some of the streamers are the worst part. One of the few games I avoid watching on twitch tbh

  • Lykanos_Wulf Lykanos Wulfheart (@Lykanos_Wulf) reported

    @RockWarriorWolf They are! *Twitches* I got to get my cheese curd fix!

  • stiggzmisfit “Stiggz” (@stiggzmisfit) reported

    @verageGatsby And there lies another problem, I seen a Twitch streamer watching other people’s YT content... on Twitch then on a vod on YT.

  • coconutlongboy pierogi enthusiast (@coconutlongboy) reported

    also might **** around and make a new twitch bc i feel like mine is broken or something

  • CleaveOnTwitch Cleave (@CleaveOnTwitch) reported

    Imagine wielding nearly infinite Twitch streamer power and privilege and using it to try and convince people that Ret Paladins aren't terrible in #WoWClassic

  • peterdouthwaite peter douthwaite (@peterdouthwaite) reported

    Trying to set up my mixer and twitch Chanel no idea what doing help!!!!!!

  • kennyshats Kenny 🔜Influencer's 🔝📈💵❓❓Hat (@kennyshats) reported

    @Afromas1 @iamBrandonTV he's not arguing the definition of a donation. the problem is when you say 'donation' and either the viewer attempts to write off a 'donation' or the caster attempts to write off twitch income on taxes as charitable gifts. the differentiation is important, at least to the IRS

  • Sacb0y 🔞 H Sim by Sacb0y (@Sacb0y) reported

    I keep telling people not to use twitch, use @PicartoTV or @PiczelTV sure you're sharing a site with porn but at least you know whatever you make will never be an issue on the site. Sure the audience is there but you can multi-stream on both with sites like @Restreamio.

  • pseudxe pseudo (@pseudxe) reported

    @JustGonnaSend1t @jmaida7 @Twitch really bro what is the issue with twitch 😣

  • R0ckStarStephen RockStarStephen (@R0ckStarStephen) reported

    @quqco @TwitchSupport @Twitch Nothing about your stream was wrong. This is the second time I've come across the problem within three days same issue too. Sorry that happened to you.

  • Bates_MotelMT Living Deliciously (@Bates_MotelMT) reported

    Being a victim of a crime is a no no. But scamming, being a scumbag, having your tits out and animal cruelty is okay. Yep. Twitch is amazing at being the worst platform.

  • MarxBup Jon Meyer (bup) (@MarxBup) reported

    @YouTube Let me be the first to say, I'm sorry for thinking your management was the worst in the 2010's because @Twitch has proven that there is always a worse option.

  • RegitYouTube Regit (@RegitYouTube) reported

    @WhichUK Best: PrepaidDigitalSolutions Worst: Twitch

  • MrW01FY MrW01FY (@MrW01FY) reported

    @SoundAlertsApp @SirEkmo I really appreciate the response and the communication throughout this, especially when Twitch Support hasn't been much help. Please keep us updated on any updates if possible, cheers! 👍👍 (2/2)

  • Nerd_Brad Brad (@Nerd_Brad) reported

    @Twitch is literally the worst streaming service

  • JourneymanJohn JourneymanJohn (@JourneymanJohn) reported

    @Princess_Flick @Twitch My reasoning is that their current policy of prohibiting suggestive clothing implies that the female body is somehow "evil" for lack of a better term, which is inherently misogynistic. If the terms are changed to prohibit explicit content that would fix this notion, IMO.

  • OPEN_DAWN 🌹🌸Dawn Marie 🌺💐 (@OPEN_DAWN) reported

    @damonheller @YouTube @PeriscopeCo @Twitch You know I’ll be there...Can’t do much with broken arm!!!

  • Lickitung666 Zack (@Lickitung666) reported

    What ******** is this really twitch fix this because yall are being part of the ******* gun problem not trying to fix it yo ban someone for getting shot at yall really need to reconsider who does ur terms of service and who bans people until this is fixed i'm not part of twitch

  • FantasticPhil21 FantasticPhil21 (@FantasticPhil21) reported

    @TwitchSupport plz fix the full screen issue on mobile

  • FantasticPhil21 FantasticPhil21 (@FantasticPhil21) reported

    @Twitch plz fix the full screen issue on mobile

  • Purified Deenu 🖤 (@Purified) reported

    Hey @TwitchSupport for over 2 months now I’ve been trying to get a response I’ve had my account suspended due to fraudulent activity and this ban is unapealable so I’ve got nothing but the same automated response I was wondering if you could help me out here and look into my case

  • thecatscastle The Cat's Castle (@thecatscastle) reported

    @feral_of Hang in there! They have you on the cat line. Go here if you are hungry or need help. They got your number. As for the eye twitch well......

  • Andy__1123 Andy (@Andy__1123) reported

    Well today's Twitch Sings stream didn't go as well as I hoped it would. Audio levels sounded terrible through out no matter how much I tried to fix it. Webcam quality was ehh. I look awkward singing on camera. I ended up deleting the VOD as soon as I stopped streaming...

  • GamrEnchantment GamrEnchantment 🔜 TwitchCon (@GamrEnchantment) reported

    @Meg_Kaylee @TwitchSupport The same issue I was having. Only 3 tabs showed up and nothing else.

  • SoundAlertsApp Sound Alerts (@SoundAlertsApp) reported

    @MrW01FY @SirEkmo Very sorry about the inconveniences. Twitch is still looking to fix this issue. All Sound Alerts Bits transactions are saved on the Sound Alerts database, so you don't need to worry about your revenue payout. With these, we can verify if numbers do or don't match.

  • firemchire firemchire[team💯] (@firemchire) reported

    hey @TwitchSupport i need help with my account, please respond I've been waiting months

  • FeoUltima 律 | Like A Dragon Warrior (@FeoUltima) reported

    Twitch seem to be having problems. OBS is capturing things perfectly but the stream itself is just freezeframes... Didn't notice until too late.

  • MusicianGamer76 MusicianGamer76 (@MusicianGamer76) reported

    Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I’ll be running a re-run on twitch in place of today’s stream due to having to work out computer issues caused from the latest Windows updates & having to get a lot of stuff set back right again.

  • CustardPancake Wilhelm Fogud Klöß (@CustardPancake) reported

    @GundamIsHere @JustinWhang He's not a Twitch thot. No issue here.

  • RAZ8CAR RAZ (@RAZ8CAR) reported

    @DarkParkGaming Damn dude. Twitch is getting such a bad rap. But the problem is that other platforms don’t have as good of an affilate program....

  • LockDubsUS Lock (@LockDubsUS) reported

    Twitch is doing a terrible job at not banning people for stupid shit.

  • MadnessBipolar BipolarMadness (@MadnessBipolar) reported

    @Chris1197 @GundamIsHere There is a lot of streamers who drive stream and there hasnt been a single problem. Twitch probably banned him for the depiction of a real gun, wich is part of their rules. Later apologize, unbanned him, and lied that "it was in order to protect his privacy" Yeah... Privacy...

  • LeTotinos LeTotinos/Ashton (@LeTotinos) reported

    @GundamIsHere God, I really hope Twitch crash and burns. That site just doesn't have the same spark of magic anymore

  • zgoodwin5 zach (@zgoodwin5) reported

    @TwitchSupport help

  • BrettSalapa Brett Salapa (@BrettSalapa) reported

    I'm at a complete loss as to why OBS won't work, #Twitch Fam. I don't when I'll ever be able to stream again at this rate. OBS just refuses to work. I'm seriously depressed. I need help here. 😭

  • jesusegeuse jesusegeuse (@jesusegeuse) reported

    Okay, I guess I wanna talk tackling issues on twitch with people you disagree with. I mean opinions that are so different from your own that you can't support them in any way.

  • JermsyBoy JermsyBoy (@JermsyBoy) reported

    @RockstarSupport I've been waiting for a response on my ticket for several days now, ticket #14984138 for xbox, had to pay 15 gold for both the bounty license and collectors bag, which were supposed to be free with twitch prime connected. Would appreciate some help with this :)

  • flygirlz787 Flygirlz787 (@flygirlz787) reported

    @TwitchSupport I sent a help message and haven't heard anything back yet. I was supposed to have last months payout resent due to an issue and it was not resent. I received this months payout though. Please help!

  • Sage_Forrest the turtle from over the hedge (@Sage_Forrest) reported

    @Pyro_Guy15 @RobertRayhart @4andthen198s @MoistCr1TiKaL I think it’s more like both companies have done terrible idiotic things, but YouTube genuinely cares while Twitch doesn’t

  • MichaelaConser4 Michaela ♡ #Teampulte (@MichaelaConser4) reported

    @GomezEatz @pulte I completely feel your struggle! Do not give up!! Continue finding ways to make an income. Online, twitch, YouTube, etc. I can try and help you Friday with 15. I literally am so stressed out and I wish I could have more to give you but I don't. Hopefully @BillPul13791888 can help

  • Trvppapi10 TrvpPapi👾 (@Trvppapi10) reported

    @Dexerto Putting a lot of time, effort, and energy into streaming only to have it ripped away but a viewers. @TwitchSupport @Twitch please fix this.

  • shuffler2001 Coppertine (@shuffler2001) reported

    @garrett_twots @saejinoh Problem is that the OP is a twitch affiliate. She cant stream on your service right now :(

  • a_yoboi Yoboi A-Aron (@a_yoboi) reported

    Are you kidding me @Twitch if this doesn't help people realize this platform is a joke, I don't know what will.

  • SamBruebaker Sam Bruebaker (@SamBruebaker) reported

    What should I use twitch or mixer @TeamGoGG imma stick with one help me decide @GrayGoCrazyy @Aqua_JKO @EhAlex_ @Go_CTB

  • Destruct0Dan Destruct0Dan (@Destruct0Dan) reported

    @ToxickToe @voicepacks @EliteDangerous @Twitch @WatchMixer Be very careful. Watching Yamiks on YouTube currently and many people are experiencing bugs. Plus there is chat about a rollback on the servers because of some Engineering not showing up. UI being the biggest broken thing. Be ware

  • Bacardibatman Bacardibatman365 (@Bacardibatman) reported

    @Twitch can I help run the next #twitchrivals event please .... I'd have no clue what I'd be doing..... so I'd fit right in

  • JanFie_95 Jan preparing for GeeklyCon 2020 (@JanFie_95) reported

    @TwitchSupport Yes, it's all been cleared up now. As soon as an actual human got back to me, it was a matter of seconds, without any problems! The frustrating part were the endless, completely unhelpful automated responses that I got back no matter what I tried! Thank you for your help.

  • PapaVey Vey (@PapaVey) reported

    @BouchTickiTicki Oooof yeah Twitch is looking scary lately. Hope they address the administration issues they’ve clearly been having

  • ItssWolfff Wolf (@ItssWolfff) reported

    @elgatogaming can you please send me a HD60S so that I can livestream on @Twitch with way higher quality rather than streaming straight off the PS4, it’s so glitchy 😭

  • Ozzytree OzzyGills (@Ozzytree) reported

    Lmfaooo, that’s just terrible and funny at the same time. Hope you get back John, twitch be funny sometimes

  • PandaKingPinder Matthew Pinder (@PandaKingPinder) reported

    Well I didn't expect Arkham Knight to crash but also thought I would have finished all the DLC tonight. As this has not happened I shall be back at it tomorrow so we can start a new series on Fridays stream. #twitch #twitchaffiliate #smallstreamers

  • LittlePumpkinTv Little Pumpkin 🔜 Twitch Con (@LittlePumpkinTv) reported

    I'M LIVE RIGHT NOW with JUST DANCE! So come hang out and request some songs. Disclaimer here: Twitch is having buffering and lag issues so there might be some buffer. I am aware of this problem and have tried to fix is as best as I can. Please DO NOT MENTION buffer issues today

  • scott_p128 Scott Pedalty (@scott_p128) reported

    @Twitch why is there only a bot for NIGHT TIME! I want a bot that can help me at 1:45 in the afternoon. But no there’s only NIGHTBOT forbid we have Afternoon Bot and Morning Bot. #BotLivesMatter

  • JungaBeast Rudy (@JungaBeast) reported

    I need some quick help. I've never subbed on Twitch, but I just subbed to brutalmoose. It says there's a Discord for Twitch subs, but I can't figure out how to get access to it. I've already connected my Twitch and Discord accounts, but it doesn't seem to be showing anything.

  • Logjitzu Logjitzu 👺 (@Logjitzu) reported

    Problem after problem just keeps showing up because of twitch and it's so ******* awful.

  • TBloom72 Tectonic (@TBloom72) reported

    @Wyked_Beth This is because twitch have buffering and lag issues, Astylia and Pumpkin are infected of the issue,I hope twitch to fix the issue soon as possible

  • AsparagusAssas2 Mexican Co-Host (@AsparagusAssas2) reported

    @MoistCr1TiKaL idk tbf this never was intended by twitch to be a real ban, they were literally doing what they thought best in order to help the guy out and then immediately reinstated it when he asked

  • EXT0PD0LL Ginni Lou (@EXT0PD0LL) reported

    @Trvppapi10 @Dexerto @TwitchSupport @Twitch Glad I could help!!

  • LordMortarius Lord Mortarius (@LordMortarius) reported

    This is why I'm staying on Mixer, because I have zero faith that Twitch will fix anything or take responsibility for their shitty actions. Mixer has a clearly defined TOS, and their support responds immediately instead of in weeks. It's also just overall a better platform.

  • sino_rachel Snoh (@sino_rachel) reported

    When my eye twitches I always cry. I'm so nervous that something will make me cry. Can you help me pray whatever it is, it reverses. My spirit is also not ok

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