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November 20: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 08:40 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Twitch Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • NexoGamin 🐺Nexo (Mizz)🐺 (@NexoGamin) reported

    @AresProdigy @Twitch Yeah Ik it’s a driver issue. My buddy experience same thing and deleted the driver and he streams fine rn

  • gdragon4life ☠KAI IS RUDE☠ (@gdragon4life) reported

    @skirtca101 lix:oh chill out if u wanted help all u had to do is ask not wine about it *rolls eyes* besides u got the easy part *watches* twitch:*doinle check everything is functioning properly* *writes &waits*

  • NexoGamin 🐺Nexo (Mizz)🐺 (@NexoGamin) reported

    @AresProdigy @Twitch That’s the problem there’s a driver you have to uninstall that’s been massing with streaming. I’m not sure which one but if you do some research I’m sure you’ll find it

  • BrayWyattGuy_98 J.J. 🇦🇺 (@BrayWyattGuy_98) reported

    @Aussielution @LISFANUK I just do streaming, but there's people I've seen on Twitch who do the same thing and get multiple hundred viewers, so that ain't the problem. Besides, that'll just open me up to getting picked on more. I hate my voice.

  • gapyearprincess Sarah (@gapyearprincess) reported

    I feel so bad fo Hongbin, but can't help laughing at his reactions....yet again.... 😂😂😂😂 #IloveWatchingKongbini #hongbin #vixx #twitch #빅스 #홍빈 @RedBeans93

  • SpiderAssault spider (@SpiderAssault) reported

    @TwitchSupport app’s not working correctly. it keeps randomly booting me off.

  • TucaWillow TucaWillow ❤️ (@TucaWillow) reported

    @THump @Twitch @TwitchSupport BRUH. No joke this is the norm. I was banned once for over a month for something I didn't do 🙃 it took polygon writing an article about the incorrect bans for them to fix it. All I got were automatic email replies 🙃🙃🙃

  • KNijad niji (@KNijad) reported

    @benjyfishy Guys i did some dumb shit accidently and cant see chat on twitch can someone help me with that lol

  • braysoj1 Jonny Brayson (@braysoj1) reported

    @CarabaoUK @ChelseaFC @WestHam Help me stream on twitch

  • Banchimamatj Tj Hess (@Banchimamatj) reported

    @Spentescu @FacebookGaming @WatchMixer @Twitch Catalina has been the WORST for Adobe and many other software.

  • TwitchingTrain Twitch Train (@TwitchingTrain) reported

    ADD THE BOSS @s0frito1 RT @itsbboi1: @Twitch @thegameawards Imagine if I win twitch award for being the worst streamer😂 LETS GO!

  • itsbboi1 itsbboi (@itsbboi1) reported

    @Twitch @thegameawards Imagine if I win twitch award for being the worst streamer😂 LETS GO!

  • Spentescu Steve “Spent” Pentescu (@Spentescu) reported

    @Banchimamatj @FacebookGaming @WatchMixer @Twitch This is a weird issue with apparently Catalina, adobe creative cloud, and network. So reset it to Mojave!

  • KNijad niji (@KNijad) reported

    @Ninja @MicrosoftUK Guys i did some dumb shit accidently and cant see chat on twitch can someone help me with that lol

  • KNijad niji (@KNijad) reported

    @Twitch @thegameawards Guys i did some dumb shit accidently and cant see chat on twitch can someone help me with that lol

  • SageRosenthal Sage Rosenthal (@SageRosenthal) reported

    The eye twitch is back. Help

  • TheCassie_Joy Cassie Joy (@TheCassie_Joy) reported

    I used to help people ALOT with their stream stuff, but at a certain point I realized that what worked when I got started is not what works now. Im still trying to figure out how get out of the habits of 2013 twitch so I can grow again

  • simarchy Simarchy 🧜‍♀️ (@simarchy) reported

    @BonBon_Grl @Starwinxie @ChrissieYT Keep in mind it's not ads that are the issue. It's collecting data on kids and using it to serve them personalized ads targeted to them. Twitch doesn't use targeted ads.

  • flutterfly_001 🌺🦋𝓕𝓵𝓾𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓯𝓵𝔂001🦋🌺 (@flutterfly_001) reported

    Help them out guys and gals. I'm at work and can't get twitch to work with me lol

  • DrAshleyNova AshleyNova, just tired tbh (@DrAshleyNova) reported

    @s_preval Tricky to do something like PAYE for self-employed folks, I should know. TBH I did my taxes recently for my twitch and patreon stuff and it wasn't too bad. Bigger issue is for people earning a lot with lots of expenses.

  • Simplicityyyt Lisa 🌻 (@Simplicityyyt) reported

    If worst comes to worst where other platforms like twitch are effected, I’ll possibly make my own website and upload content onto there

  • gam3r_kitty Gam3r_Kitty (@gam3r_kitty) reported

    @Moshcrates @RealBadAshe @h4ckninja SEEE it happened here too! Lol. What a frustrating twitch glitch.

  • speedlapse speedlapse (@speedlapse) reported

    @Beng81206269 @trahh @nicksINSANE @PaymoneyWubby @Twitch @WatchMixer No, they should have support systems that can help big creators. If someone with a decent size dont get help within a day then somethings wrong, And this guy is even the guy with the most gifted to subs so its weird that he hasnt gotten any help.

  • KNijad niji (@KNijad) reported

    @MrSavage Guys i did some dumb shit accidently and cant see chat on twitch can someone help me with that lol

  • DigiDriveTamerJ Jeremiah Guillory (@DigiDriveTamerJ) reported

    @TwitchSupport There's no fix could you add a twitch phone number change as a login issue please

  • Sheepdemon Fraser (@Sheepdemon) reported

    @suggadaddysara1 @MrWoofless @PaymoneyWubby @Fwiz Except YouTube fixed that within 2 days, and had contacted Mark within the day it happened. Only reason it took 2 days to fix is it happened over a weekend. Twitch have yet to even respond to Wubby yet 3 days later through the working week.

  • outofneptune ineptune (@outofneptune) reported

    @THump @Twitch @TwitchSupport @ninja please help

  • TedLingers Amy littlechild (@TedLingers) reported

    @Sonic809 @yammy_xox @GoogleStadia Well us non important customers getting no help, yet these social influencers and YouTube streams and twitch get everything with ease. Yet I have virtually begged for help with my founders edition order for 4 days now,not even a reply. My bipolar disorder is worse due to google:(

  • OldMateBlue Matthias (@OldMateBlue) reported

    @shaperka Cancel unused or old subscriptions like Spotify or even twitch subs. Even if you only do it for several months and not forever it will really help you with a few dollars a month.

  • ErinPlays_Games Erin Plays (@ErinPlays_Games) reported

    @broom_hatter @snesgirl89 Oh no! Well, make an alt or contact twitch's help center. Either way, we miss seeing you in the chat!

  • spot0127 Lacey (@spot0127) reported

    @TwitchSupport please fix the mobile app. The streams keep going in and out of focus. Very annoying.

  • sltcjuu slt c ju (@sltcjuu) reported

    @DaddyAnts2 @xFSN_Saber when twitch finally get a decent rune for his kit but they have to adapt this rune to bruisers when they were most broken role since runes rework ah yes i love it

  • HonestGamer88 HonestGamer88 (@HonestGamer88) reported

    @PlayOverwatch @Twitch The issue with overwatch currently is that it feels like a 15 hero games for those who don’t want to wait in queue for dps.. We need a more diverse roster of tank and healers to play with. Please either rework current heroes to those roles or release more without adding mew dps

  • Dario8676 Dario Sousa (@Dario8676) reported

    So I received a phone call from a few penguins, I was informed that they would crash the party once I reach 50 followers on twitch. I didn't quite understand what they meant until they reminded me that they have crashed the party once before on one of my old let's plays!

  • serum7six Serum7six (@serum7six) reported

    @Maid__Mama I think go lives need to not be generic. "Serum7six just went live, come hang out" vs " Im going live right now guys to see if I can finally beat this stupid Hearthstone BG thing! Come help or hinder me, point, laugh. See you soon @ twitch blah blah"

  • VaWestTV VaWest (@VaWestTV) reported

    @TwitchSupport good day I have the following problem and have some time ago a ticket written but unfortunately I have never received an answer, I have a twitch account called VaWestTV and have changed my cell phone and no longer come into my account. Please help

  • LastQuincyDce Quincy Dragneel (@LastQuincyDce) reported

    The 'Small Streamer' starter pack: - template panels and borders from StreamElements - a meme logo - "GIRL STREAMERS STILL VIEWS!" - *literally rebel against all Twitch groups* - shitty quality mic and no face cam.

  • iAmSammo_ Sammo (@iAmSammo_) reported

    @Odin_gg There are no insecurities. It’s not my fault you don’t know what I look like. I’ve had photos on here. And I used to stream on twitch. Really not my problem. Don’t cry too much.

  • itsgetrite ITSGETRITE (@itsgetrite) reported

    Having connection issues with the stream. Still trying to connect my laptop to twitch to stream so I can add overlays...wish it was more simpler...

  • OvC_Mikey [OvC] Mikey (@OvC_Mikey) reported

    @j4c3_h @christmasfm The problem with that is you would then need a PPL license because it's not a problem of you broadcasting the station, the problem is with the music itself, HOWEVER Twitch will just mute the audio

  • SmileB4DEATH_ SmileB4DEATH_72K (@SmileB4DEATH_) reported

    @SynicleJester @theLLance lol ikr, @Twitch i hope yal crash and end up jobless because thats what you lot are doing to your people.

  • tokigasai Tøki 🔪 (@tokigasai) reported

    To clarify. He was always a toxic and manipulative person. I told him a week before blocking him that we weren’t friends. I blocked him when we was stalking my boyfriends twitch (whom he’s never spoken to). He gaslighted tf out of me too. Saying I needed mental help.


    **** it im not gonna fill out the affliate thing once again . not working who should I write of twitch or smth for ******* affliate

  • Mehzinyy Valentino (@Mehzinyy) reported

    @UberDanger God I hope the mixer of youtube rises soon I’m so tired of companies having a monopoly and then shitting on the customers. That’s why I’m so happy about mixer, twitch’s staff are just terrible.

  • M_Dot_L Matty Lomax (@M_Dot_L) reported

    Nevermind, problem solved. I’ll just stream with the Twitch app on the Xbox and reset stream when I want to swap to League - a bit of messing around having to end stream to start another but it’s better than not streaming at all

  • Tennasaur Tennasaur (@Tennasaur) reported

    @TwitchSupport I won't be paying anything to this company until you fix your biased, wrongful bans on my favourite twitch streamers. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • HalfHalfBabe ναмρ ѕнσυ тσ∂σяσкι (@HalfHalfBabe) reported

    //Sorry little back story as to why I haven't been here. I have been working to get my YT channel and twitch channel in a routine which is done yay. I had to deal with some mental issues which I have mostly done yay I hurt my foot so bad it's hard to concentrate on anything>

  • justcallmelady_ Lady.🔥 (@justcallmelady_) reported

    @PaymoneyWubby @Twitch Pretty crazy you speak about issues about streaming on twitch a few weeks ago on Gus and Eddie's podcast and now you're magically banned. It sucks a platform literally doesn't care about their creators. Sorry Wubby. :(

  • SoulTwitchTV Sam | SoulSignal (@SoulTwitchTV) reported

    Tomorrow we play Dead Cells with Twitch integration on. I've written up how it should work in Discord as a heads-up, but the commands and modifiers will be communicated during our session. You'll be able to help or hinder me as I try to climb to the top.🐔🔥

  • Zovolyn 98th_Zovolyn (1.5K) (@Zovolyn) reported

    Wish @TwitchSupport would help for once 😭😭😭😭😭

  • nia77ator Niall (@nia77ator) reported

    @suggadaddysara1 @MrWoofless @PaymoneyWubby @Fwiz that all got fixed and everyone got their accounts back. If you compare how much shit goes down with Twitch compared to YouTube, you will find YouTube is a lot better at resolving any issues. This is coming from a twitch viewer that's been on the platform for more than 6 years.

  • moanmei moanmei (@moanmei) reported

    @saythorlar Yeah for sure that‘s why I worked together with them on the path they wanted. But on twitch there are quite a bit of traps and mistakes a dozen made before them So making them aware of those so they don‘t need to make them aswell. most importantly help them find a way to be genue

  • Kegmanplays Keg Man Plays (@Kegmanplays) reported from Ipswich District, England

    Terrible compromise. Just make pre-roll non existant and force a 30 second ad onto a new viewer after 3 minutes of watching a stream. It gives them enough time to decide whether or not they want to hang around and twitch gets their 30p worth of ad revenue. Everyone is happy.

  • datboiDaedae RSP_Daedae (@datboiDaedae) reported

    @TylerDaNaze @Mileenaandivy @SonicFox5000 @noobde MIleena mains have just become so desperate they can't help but comment begging for her on anything MK related lol. It's like a twitch reflex for them at this point.

  • trentbraidner TrentAU (@trentbraidner) reported from Wandin Yallock, State of Victoria

    @TwitchSupport so the issue here is risk vs reward for a streamer my size. Running ads is simply not worth it. A lot of viewers just leave when you run ads. But hosts and raids are currently the main discovery tools on twitch. This makes it hard to greet people watching an ad :/

  • Zoart1 Zoart (@Zoart1) reported

    @TwitchSupport I have been having problems with streaming to twitch for longer than a week. I made several tickets , only got 1 response. They completely misunderstood. The ticket was about twitch servers and bandwidth and they told me to contact blizzard. Help please

  • ItzProblematic_ Dylan 😈 (@ItzProblematic_) reported

    Who wants to make me a better banner for my twitch my last graphic designer was just unprofessional, please help #GraphicDesigner #GraphicDesign #GFXDesigner

  • Legion495 Legion495 (@Legion495) reported

    @denissetakes I do not like Twitch. At least I can say for myself that it ia terrible to watch vod. DTube and Bitchute are not very common. Mixer is a mixed bag too. Well. I have no idea. I personally would up the content on Mixer, Twitch, DTube, Bitchute, LBRY and YT.

  • Zoart1 Zoart (@Zoart1) reported

    @TwitchSupport I have been having problems streaming to twitch for longer than a week. I made several tickets , only got 1 response. They misunderstood the ticket about their servers and bandwidth and just told me to contact blizzard. Help

  • Grugzzz Peter (@Grugzzz) reported

    @TryIgnition Issue with twitch ++

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