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January 20: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 03:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering (43.42%)
  • Crashing (18.42%)
  • Playback Issues (18.42%)
  • Sign in (15.79%)
  • Video Quality (3.95%)

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Twitch Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • ArrowStarRS allhailthegoat (@ArrowStarRS) reported

    @Sick_Nerd the more you're popularity is growing, you're trying to be that guy that brings up issues when its just outside looking in, just ignore things like this and do what you do best and stream... **My daughter passed away because of suicide, this twitch girl was NOT serious.

  • TwiZtiD1620 TwiZtiD1620 (@TwiZtiD1620) reported

    @WcDWicked @Shockz1620 @VOLTZ1620 Just stop your harrassing me @Shockz1620 and @Z_1620 leave us alone or i’ll report you for harassment if u wanna deal with this then deal with it with twitch on twitch not on a seperate platform from the issue happend on

  • timjbharg Tim H (@timjbharg) reported

    @shannonkeatingx It seems I missed your stream by a few minutes. Ah well. I'm following you on Twitch - had to make a new account because twitch's password reset webpage is broken. 😯

  • Nurbothecat Nurbothecat (@Nurbothecat) reported

    @TwitchSupport my vods are downloading with dsynced sounds ... the vods are perfectly fine but the download is always dsynced... it was not an issue before and started happening a short time ago please look into to this

  • KnpoMom05 KenpoMom (@KnpoMom05) reported

    Hey all! For all of you that are getting notification after following my Twitch channel, for some reason it keeps saying you are #25. I don't know why it is doing that, and I tried to fix it but still doing it. Just ignore the number for now. Thanks for the follows. <3

  • timjbharg Tim H (@timjbharg) reported

    @TwitchSupport thanks for the response I never got. Ended up having to make a new account as your webpage for resetting passwords is broken. Definitely 0/10 for service. 👎

  • 5SecondsOfYan Yan (@5SecondsOfYan) reported

    @TwitchSupport I suddenly get Twitch error 2000 on my pc and app - was working fine half an hour ago, resetting the router does not work!

  • FacadeNoFace Façade NoFace (@FacadeNoFace) reported

    Anyone else having problems downloading past streams from @Twitch. I get the full audio but not the video.

  • ScrewChord MR. Canadۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗۗian (@ScrewChord) reported

    @EwanDoesaThing @ITalkFortnite Twitch clip channels are the worst I wonder how they aren’t terminated

  • TobiasDaPanda Tobias (@TobiasDaPanda) reported

    Uhh, @TwitchSupport wth Video Resolution: 818x460 Display Resolution: 1490x788 FPS: 32 Skipped Frames: 4 Buffer Size: 3.04 sec. Latency To Broadcaster: 32.74 sec. Latency Mode: Normal Latency Playback Rate: 2955 Kbps Memory Usage: 64 MB Backend Version: 2.8.3-4ff373fa

  • BrendsonVII Brendson VII (@BrendsonVII) reported

    Partnered Streamer told a self-admitted suicidal person to kill themselves then proceeds to laugh about it. His mods are doing the worst case of damage control I've seen. Twitch we know you see the reports.

  • Ancient_Rylanor Dreadnaught (@Ancient_Rylanor) reported

    @GoutSydePhil This is nothing new because he did this exact same thing about two years ago when he really started pushing for sub goals until his fans money ran out causing his subcount to freefall. I wonder if he'll blame his low subcount on an error with Twitch again if it drops even lower.

  • Prismatic_NA 🧙Gage🧙 (@Prismatic_NA) reported

    @TwitchSupport I need help

  • _sin_pyro Christopher Filthy Nordling (@_sin_pyro) reported

    @MegaMogwai Apparently, Petrify has been having a similar issue in his Twitch chat.

  • 2KEPGames Joshua (@2KEPGames) reported

    If you guys see a stream test on Twitch. it's nothing major but just that so there won't be any problems for tomorrow's event

  • Lyfties LYFT ☁️ (@Lyfties) reported

    I want to be a better and a more hard working self compared to how i was last year. I really want to be active on my twitch but i cant help the inconsistent frame rate issues i have, I plan on getting a new pc but my family is goin through a lot rn with the gov. shutdown so i 1/2

  • wr3Kedsp3Ktre NotAboutMike (@wr3Kedsp3Ktre) reported

    @ScarrX_ @Twitch I know it doesn’t help the situation, but I personally prefer the lower viewer streams. Not just another name in a long list.

  • Futuristic_Modz Near Future (@Futuristic_Modz) reported

    @TwitchSupport hello, I need help recovering my account as I deactivated my email now I can't reset my password.

  • Briidgge Bridge (@Briidgge) reported

    @GearUpTwitch Worst part of the video is that he used Twitch's "LUL"

  • SaoirseBee saoirse bee (@SaoirseBee) reported

    @Josiexfruit I have no idea how to twitch but up until recently I could barely speak so that was a problem

  • BaiBalls BaiBalls (@BaiBalls) reported

    So after more forum searching and thread hunting I found what appears to be a temp fix for my Siege crashes. Let’s hope it stays fixed so the streams can continue! #Twitch #smallstreamersconnect #PCGaming #noob

  • escdisney JOSHI / France really out here robbing Gabriella (@escdisney) reported

    @yaalbanias i live for this quality every nf needs to have a twitch stream

  • escdisney JOSHI / France really out here robbing Gabriella (@escdisney) reported


  • AjBhatti2 Kapitalism (@AjBhatti2) reported

    @GundamIsHere It's not her fault she makes money off of desperate and thirsty guys. Twitch wouldn't have eThot problems if men stepped it up and learned how to resist these thots. Come on guys #thots

  • robotictree2006 Robotictree2006 (@robotictree2006) reported

    Going for a later stream tonight let's say about 8:00 to 10:30 stay tuned and help me get to twitch affiliated. Oh yeah code robo will get you 10% off any rouge energy item.

  • 1DKFA the secret of IDKFA island (@1DKFA) reported

    @Retrogamebrews Yeah he's the worst. First he murders you and then asks if you're following him on twitch.

  • CyclopsScott Scott Summerton (@CyclopsScott) reported

    GPC Streams still on hiatus thanks to network connection issues. Stream tests with services, Twitch/YouTube, etc and nothing helps. ISP upgrade is next and discussions underway.

  • jaybiggsgaming JayBiggsGaming (@jaybiggsgaming) reported

    I'll probably make a video announcement about this soon but it looks like my days of streaming on both Youtube and Twitch via Restream are over. Too many technical issues lately (Youtube's fault). I'll be streaming on Twitch only from now on... 1/2

  • Purrrf3ction 🧠bad bitch (@Purrrf3ction) reported

    For having the most unlimited plan on @TMobileHelp I wonder why running 360 still needs to buffer running @Twitch

  • mjrparnell2 Marshal James (@mjrparnell2) reported

    @CouRageJD This is without a doubt the worst tweet you have ever posted and now I'm not sure if I want to keep giving a monster like you my twitch prime sub

  • Bhad_Bear Roland (@Bhad_Bear) reported from Edgewater, New Jersey

    @XboxSupport Twitch app won't let me sign in after update. Please fix

  • respecugnize Respecugnize (@respecugnize) reported

    @fawnnne @Twitch A raid should auto host and I really thought they did. I have always gone to the channel I raid after to make sure everything went through Hopefully they fix you up so you can get that partner, partner ;)

  • IcY_Radon IcY_Radon (@IcY_Radon) reported

    @TwitchSupport the new stream reorder swapping one over the other keeps bringing up the wrong stream....i have to refresh to get the right stream in the words of @3kliksphilip please fix, or just revert cuz its shit

  • mrryhlemyt mrryhlemyt (@mrryhlemyt) reported

    @StrawPollme I can't sign in with my @Twitch account. Please help

  • Charbydis_ Junior (@Charbydis_) reported

    @Cahlaflour Imagine being so put off by confident women. Smh. Should have told him to deal with his issues with his mom before he comments again. Ive seen your content, been following for quite awhile. You do you Cahlaflour. Keep kicking ass on Twitch!

  • sprEEEzyOW sprEEEzy (@sprEEEzyOW) reported

    @theRSSfeeds @TSM_Break @TwitchSupport Huge issue also with Reruns, you cannot queue up videos that you made in the Twitch highlighter, but you have to download them, upload them back and "publish without premiere" instead. Only then they appear in the rerun search bar. It's a huge pain.

  • kkevox K into the Kevox (@kkevox) reported

    Do any of you guys have any direct contact with @Twitch I wanna make sure the girl from the video where the guy told her to just kill herself is ok. And hopefully twitch can help with that in some way. This is actually devastating.

  • Racoonman2171 Racoonman217 (@Racoonman2171) reported

    @NinjaMushroomHD @Twitch @discordapp @PUBG @Battlefield @DayZ @SupStreamers @PathToPartnerGG @TwitchSIE @cgndotus Yeah same here. Everyone wants to see Fortnite but I'm terrible at the game😂

  • Slackoff13 Aidan Slack (Slacker13) (@Slackoff13) reported

    Pleas help me! I need help on how to know how to get your face cam on twitch and how to get a face cam border.

  • LethalSilenceTK LethalSilence [PFS] (@LethalSilenceTK) reported

    Uhhhh I think I may have an issue I don't think the Xbox allows for streaming on Twitch anymore And as an affiliate, I think if I were to stream on Mixer, that would cause problems.

  • KielixTV Kielix (@KielixTV) reported

    @twitchartiiz @TwitchSupport Ah, so all you do is redirect them to the garbage support site that doesn't allow any kind of direct communication with any actual support staff to solve actual problems. Great.

  • HisSoulsKeloid 「 › Ɲὄ. Ἷ — ẊἝṂƝᾋṨ ‹ 」 (@HisSoulsKeloid) reported

    @FlamesEternaI Eyelids shut tightly as though for meditation purposes, a weak, hardly observable eyebrow twitch over his right eye ensued; the rapid decrease in quality & conscientiousness within the organization's rows, it was preposterous, enraging even… 〝 For the sake of my sanity, ↬

  • OmegaRedGaming Austin (@OmegaRedGaming) reported

    @StreamersLTD @Twitch @watch @YouTube They r probably the worst thing that’s ever been added....I feel bad even if I get a W when fighting someone and the zombies help me kill them.....

  • tesscraw LadyD (@tesscraw) reported

    Taking a break from arting. Watching @CainsLove play RE4 on Twitch and waiting for ibuprofen to kick in to help with tension headache.

  • creampaaiie Local Cryptid (@creampaaiie) reported

    tbh ive been thinking of streaming some games on twitch but like i mostly just play ow and im terrible at it lmao so itd just be painful to watch

  • MCx_two Michael Cullum (@MCx_two) reported

    @Ben_Hockley @CuwopGG @BlazedRTs @SGH_RTs @DelcoGaming @Twitch At the end of the month I will have a few subsriptions I am going to subscribe to your channel. When I mentioned we all need help. I just ment we need some followers. I was not asking for you to follow us just a statement saying I understand that getting subscribers can be hard.

  • Rynchae Ryn (@Rynchae) reported

    @perepereden The main stream looks kinda dark so i wanted to message but chat is subs only So i tried to message them on twitch instead but they have that disabled too LOL I just wanna help!! Idk if its just my end 😢

  • perepereden pereden@JOKER IS IN SMASH (@perepereden) reported

    This lowkey has been a terrible viewing experience between the constant ads while surfing between three streams I can't even SUB to the secondary channel to avoid ads and Twitch Prime subbing doesn't STAHP ADS LMFAO

  • FIDSTonline FIDST (@FIDSTonline) reported

    @fawnnne @Twitch I noticed this too. I think it to help not have abruptly ending streams. I have learned to leave my stream open for 30 extra seconds to allow for all viewers to go to the next raid, and have music ending my stream

  • DeeLiRiouS13 Danny BOI (@DeeLiRiouS13) reported

    @Shpeshal_Ed Yeah it’s got little issues here & there but I’m liking it. Kinda hard too if ur not used to twitch shooters.

  • EndsvilleGames Endsville Games (@EndsvilleGames) reported

    1. The name came from the music/movie rating system in a local free paper; "Endsville" was the worst - my roleplaying group ran a VtM campaign, "Endsville by night". ENDSVILLE_Games was born when I started playing with now-dead Project Spark, joining Twitch to watch dev streams.

  • dwebspider Larry (@dwebspider) reported

    Here lies the problem, Mother doesn't accept her son is being very bad and the problem starts at home with her making excuses for his behavior towards someone that is a true American, and not an import. A twitch to the rear would be appropriate and kicked out of school too.

  • HisPeachyWife HisPeachyPrincess (@HisPeachyWife) reported

    @CrankageGames No problem at all if you want to know more about her just ask or even go on my twitch and you can see on my channel I have a spot specifically dedicated to my lil angel

  • MemeShadow1 New Year New Kiwi (Buff Kiwi) (@MemeShadow1) reported

    Twitch: Occasional Updates, 99% help both big and small streamers alike, everyone wins, not too much copyright problem. YouTube: Updates every week,45% good, 55% useless QoL changes, completely ignores copyright problems, nobody wins except for the Pauls. Guess who I like more.

  • pocdnd PoC In TTRPGs (@pocdnd) reported

    Trying to just see chat on the Twitch app is the worst.

  • LagomorphaMage GadgetMage! (@LagomorphaMage) reported

    And it's not always money, folks. A letter of support, a Twitch fundraising stream, a visit (if you live in Kentucky or close), a wisely-chosen moment to speak out for Indigenous folks rights (and choose your battle wisely), these help too. Let's show SUPPORT. #NathanPhillips

  • TroubleDeadly Deadly Trouble (@TroubleDeadly) reported

    @BandaiNamcoUS @Twitch Okay for Everyone who's asking about Jump Force Chill ******** out like hold your horses this easy isn't for them either, this stuff for servers is not easy to fix, I promise if you guys keep spamming Bandai like this for Jump Force they will **** you over not just y'all but us 2

  • mengajon_ #ReleaseTheSnyderCut (@mengajon_) reported from Portland, Oregon

    @TwitchSupport Hey guys I need your help with something please. So I deactivated my account with the current email address I was using. I had to start a new account with a different email address but when I go to change my email to the one I want it won't let me. Do I have 2 wait

  • Mark_Owen_A21 Spartan Lycan Gaming (@Mark_Owen_A21) reported

    Any graphic designers that fancy making me a few things for my twitch send me a message or inbox me want to revamp my twitch and have an official logo for my channel more than happy to advertise for you as payment and help promote your work. #GraphicDesign #GraphicDesigner

  • taylor_hash623 taylor hash ② (@taylor_hash623) reported

    @BennetBorders @HighDistortion @Ninja ninjas fanbase is children - people who actually care about the video game watch the top tier players like HD - the problem is the amount of kids on twitch

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