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  • itsTomokocchi Tomokocchi (@itsTomokocchi) reported

    @MarzGurl Oh yeah, Vic is definitely no saint, but even he knows going on twitch and openly bad mouthing his victims with a guy who just said Vic couldn't be a cop because "he couldn't shoot black people" is the worst possible move he could make.

  • LilKnuxOfficial Isaac Null (@LilKnuxOfficial) reported

    @Trubrewski @LilithLovett @CBSNews @Yahoo @YahooNews @Twitch @verified @Twitter CBS news actually said he's not working for them, he's not at all associated with them lol

  • RuGonFinishDat RuGonFinishDat (@RuGonFinishDat) reported

    Hit that Subscribe button!!! Help me Grow!!! 1. My links in bio🙏 2. Retweet💯 3. Comment your YT/Twitch 4. Connect and support each other🙌 #SmallStreamersConnect #SupportSmallStreamers #Stream #Streamers #SmallYouTuberArmy #smallyoutuber #SmallStreamerCommunity @SupStreamers

  • TrueShawnBW Casual Gamer (@TrueShawnBW) reported

    Wow... YouTube butchered the hell out of my latest stream... guess I'll just stick with exporting from Twitch, since there's no improvement to me just uploading a higher quality video of the stream

  • LuisArroyo31 Rican Fate (@LuisArroyo31) reported

    @Twitch hi I’m trying to contact twitch because someone hacked my account and changed my email address. I’ve been trying to get a password rest link sent to my email that was associated with the account but haven’t yet please help I’m a prime member I don’t want to lose anything

  • BungiePlayer X DT Vergil (@BungiePlayer) reported

    @TwitchSupport I can't login because I keep getting the something went wrong error.. this is on my android device..

  • HuntressLyss Lyss❄♉ (@HuntressLyss) reported

    I was watching old twitch streams on my hard drive from 2017 and cringing soooooo effing hard. Like yikes. I was the worst. I was also like 20lbs heavier 🤮🤮

  • mdawggamez25 Mdawg25 (@mdawggamez25) reported

    So, a while ago, I had issues with my original twitch account and then I had to create another one. But now, after months of development, I am able to reset my password for my original twitch account. So if you see mdawggamez25 in your chat my friends, that is me.

  • FourCourtJester Shaun Delaney (@FourCourtJester) reported

    So I plug my headphones into my phone. I start up @discordapp . I can hear my twitch stream in my headphones. As soon as I join anything in Discord, it all starts coming out of my speaker, and ignores my headset. And I can't fix it :(

  • KingKevin112696 Kevin (@KingKevin112696) reported

    I’m watching Twitch, and somehow clicked on a link that brought me to @legionfarm, wow what an awful company lmaooo they want $75 for BUZZARD, the weapon that takes like 6 strikes, what a bunch of morons😂😂😂

  • feltope Feltope (@feltope) reported

    @WaywardWinifred The Bernie sign in the back is making me twitch a little. ;-)

  • iideku1 L (@iideku1) reported

    tbh i dont think i talked about it because it was traumatizing, but this past finals week was the worst week of my life I literally literally worsened the twitch in my right eye so every time I talk about work or am reminded of it my eye starts twitching. The worst thing that

  • DonksXI darcy🇲🇰🥵 (@DonksXI) reported

    Streaming it on twitch btw but with my phone so quality gonna be shit

  • Dutchmassive Dutchyyy (@Dutchmassive) reported

    @itslodey I used OBS studio for streaming, but not for video games, for streaming making beats on twitch, i haven't streamed in a while tho, but when i did it seemed to run smooth after i solved all issues

  • achievehnt sam (@achievehnt) reported

    i love seeing all the fans who dont normally use twitch. this’ll be fun bc the chat will probably crash n burn

  • ItzUnSwitched ItzUnSwitched (@ItzUnSwitched) reported

    @Froliccc_ Hopefully there are some blessings on twitch to help me out 😂

  • alouche31 Alouche31 (@alouche31) reported

    @Amouranth gg ... a so great mentality to almost ********** yourself on tweeter and twitch for get sub and money ... like surely almost show u boobs and you fix your cam all 10 min and make joy sound at all sub messages ... what a dumb mentality .. reported on all platforms

  • Ahadify ahad (@Ahadify) reported

    Girls be focusing on a 5 viewer twitch stream instead of talking out their relationship problems...... sis u worried about the wrong chat

  • Ahadify ahad (@Ahadify) reported

    Girls be focusing on a 5 viewer twitch stream instead of talking our their relationship problem...... sis u worried about the wrong chat

  • DJWeebSockz $.K.A.N. da EGGNOG-BOI 印税 (@DJWeebSockz) reported

    @descofasho I steamed DJ sets one time before. Issue is I don’t think I have the equipment so the audio is direct on twitch. If I do idk how to operate that. Plus folks don’t pop in like that.

  • FindeNyan Fin (@FindeNyan) reported

    @maaimyuu I voted piczel, picarto had the issue recently with the data leak, they issued a statement and they are PROBABLY fine to use now but piczel is probably safer, but yeah you might get a few more people coming with picarto, twitch is the most popular platform by far but has no nsfw.

  • Akhorishaan Akhorishaan (@Akhorishaan) reported

    ISP issues make me sad. I'm only getting ~12mbit out of the 50mbit upload I'm paying for, and getting some pretty bad packet loss to boot, so I can't even stream to twitch if I wanted to :( Have a tech coming out on Monday to take a look.

  • melissaGEE Melissa TropiGoth Kreider (@melissaGEE) reported

    @BenkroTV @oxythotinn I can't help you. Twitch is a godless land.

  • Ace_Manna The BEST NoOB (@Ace_Manna) reported

    @Honestmistake87 @ckellyedits I'm torn cuz my YT is mainly for created content. I've been streaming there cuz I thought it'd help BUT.. it's starting to clutter & look like a stream channel rather my content. I'm thinking streaming on twitch & keep content on YT cuz you can't switch games mid stream on twitch

  • Shadow10458 Dyshawn Bilbrew (@Shadow10458) reported

    @RED78PHOENIX @TwitchSupport ...I really hope that can fix soon >.> you do a lot on twitch support a lot of people.

  • Arrrrash Arrrash (@Arrrrash) reported

    @LockeTBB @CymTyr @Twitch There’s no way blizzard would want that. As the combined numbers help push wow up the list

  • Jii_El Ostentatious.Joy (@Jii_El) reported

    @XanozIchimonji @saitoryu Oh there is the problem....its twitch chat. You CANNOT expect logic there.

  • Damn_Jonny_ Jonathan white (@Damn_Jonny_) reported

    I’m back on Twitch playing broken force taking heads 😈 come watch (damnjonny32)

  • MissDyskinesia Miss Tardive Dyskinesia (@MissDyskinesia) reported

    @TwitchSupport I'm getting a blank screen when I click on the Mods tab. I don't know what seems to be causing this. I've reinstalled the app and rebooted my Mac, but still getting the same error.

  • JaviBonedLopera Javi Cor Petit (@JaviBonedLopera) reported

    @TwitchSupport Hi.I have a problem.I can watch some videos but in another videos I only see the screen totally in black.I can hear the sound but I cannot see the images.

  • Pulse4k 𝒫𝓊𝓁𝓈ℯ💞 (@Pulse4k) reported

    I swear my twitch is broken I can’t load up anyone streams....

  • DarkGuardlan DarkGuardian (@DarkGuardlan) reported

    @iAmDFanTTV Oh no @iAmDFanTTV my man don’t worry about that, you’re not the first one and definitely not the last one to do that. Problem is my Twitch name I have “L” instead of “I” in my name 😢

  • WarlordSpec Spec (@WarlordSpec) reported

    I dont know who the problem is coming from @TwitchSupport or @comcast but I have 900+ download and 40-50 upload and for some reason my Kb/s during stream drops from 6000+ down to the 1000s and makes my stream lag out. Ive changed the twitch server to the best one already too.

  • BUSCHaGAME 🦎Just_A_Lizard🦎 (@BUSCHaGAME) reported

    @TheStoneDangler @HoodlumCallum I even went to Twitch, went to Callum's links to The Hood, and to get smacked in the face with an error

  • Justin12453873 Justin (@Justin12453873) reported

    @TwitchSupport Good afternoon I cannot get a vacation cod from my email to login into my phone

  • AcbombEpicGamer my dad owns xbox (@AcbombEpicGamer) reported

    Someone please help my life is in shambles Here is my budget Hulu (no ads) - $13 Netflix - $12 HBO now/max - $15 Disney+ - $7 Amazon Prime - $9 Twitch Subs - $2655 CBS All Access - $6 Food - $3 Bills - $6 Please help.

  • Dredgyboi Eoghan McAuliffe (@Dredgyboi) reported

    @DecidelyUgin Hey it isnt failing as a brother at all, you're in a position to help him from going further down the rabbit hole. Most the big websites push these sort of views on people . Actually @BadBunnyTwitch is talking right now on twitch about how she was sort of alt right before


    @Shadow10458 @TwitchSupport yeah not sure what is going on. i go to my usual spots and that message pops up verified only. twitch makes money of me for subs and bits but cannot seem to get my issue fixed

  • ODeathnchaos Deathnchaos 🖤💀 (@ODeathnchaos) reported

    If you follow my twitch, I apologise for all the notificiations of going live. I’ve been trying to work out some audio issues I’ve been having 😭


    so twitch has broken the verification process all of a sudden my account is not verfied @TwitchSupport and when i click resend email just says problem occured and try again later so i cannot chat in most streams


    @JoeCecunt @Stephen17081985 @JoeCecot We have full reddit threads, YouTube videos, comments on the YouTube videos, lack of twitch interest, lists of bugs, glitches, and issues people comment on and just receive silence.

  • CallMeKakarotXO Breeze 🥕 (@CallMeKakarotXO) reported

    @allyt !!! I started putting free resources in my discord and twitch chat because of this. I feel bad sometimes, but I’m not a licensed professional and can’t help you :c

  • mohammadzx007 Mohammadzx007 (@mohammadzx007) reported

    @Twitch @FortniteGame With the new new emergency, I can not enter the time I will help you. I enter the email epic or not answer or tell. The mistake: ID: LitTrapGod69

  • LsJerre Jerre (@LsJerre) reported

    @Praedythz @PanduhGG are you playing vids on anything else when playing it like youtube or twitch, cuz thats what causes it most of the time if not idk how to fix it

  • browniewell browniewell (@browniewell) reported

    @me_th3_n00b Also I realized I wasn’t getting twitch love notifications on mobile for months. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app to fix it

  • JumboLil Lil Jumbo (@JumboLil) reported

    @TwitchSupport Hey i can't turn off a stream mature filter because it won't show. And leaving me with a black screen. Can you help

  • RufflesTV RufflesTV 🔴 (@RufflesTV) reported

    @Brev2034 @Twitch I’m doing 3 days on twitch. 2 on mixer. Heavily leaning towards twitch exclusively due to all the mixer problems

  • GuruButter Peanut Butter Guru (@GuruButter) reported

    @David_Leavitt You suck on twitch......the worst.

  • messkov17 Stush | Messkov17 🏒🏒 (@messkov17) reported

    This is not the way I planned spending my 1 year twitch anniversary due to an internet outage. I'm hopeful this gets resolved today or tomorrow. This is totally not cool! 😔

  • SwankestMoney SwankestMoney (@SwankestMoney) reported

    @AngelFaceDGAF @MsYouniquee @roquerubio4 That’s why I don’t want to go to Twitch. Too many stories of people getting banned. That’s peoples’ livelihood they are messing with. Sure Mixer has its issues, but Twitch has been around a lot longer and still hasn’t figured it out either.

  • BaconKoopa BaconKoopa (@BaconKoopa) reported

    @TwitchSupport Please please please please please get back to me on my hacked account. I’ve sent multiple tickets with multiple contact emails and have gotten nothing in response in the last week. Please help.

  • RNGMessorem The GOAT (@RNGMessorem) reported

    @twitch please fix your platform. its broken.

  • xTokens Token - #DareToken (@xTokens) reported

    @DareDeJ It wasn't pulling views in MY twitch and that's the problem. I had 2-3 viewers and then I switched to COD and instantly jumped to 8+. Idc about numbers but the game wasn't fun for me so ig my energy showed that as well.

  • Natural8Queen 🍁🎄♕NaturalQueen😇🍁 (@Natural8Queen) reported

    @m60irl It's my worst nightmare to see my two fave twitch guys albeit one is perma banned fighting online 😭

  • WaifuCammy Cammy (@WaifuCammy) reported

    @itsKnodez @SupStreamers Mate I honestly do not use twitch. I don't even remember my login details. What IMA do is. In the morning IMA create a new twitch account and follow you. Idk if I followed you in here yet but I will do so now.

  • LonelyDecoy Syrum Decoy (@LonelyDecoy) reported

    @AhawkPlayz ima try and watch but my internet on twitch is awful

  • Twitch_foulsX foulsX (@Twitch_foulsX) reported

    also guys, I had to make a new twitch unfortunately as I have been locked out of my old account and @TwitchSupport haven’t done anything to resolve the issue so the new twitch it TTVfoulsX. 🆕

  • emythee Amy March’s Jellicle Cat 🌹 (@emythee) reported

    AriaNina is one of the worst people in the community. She is a big reason I why I abandoned mfc, she hasn’t faced repercussions for her actions. I hear she’s on @Twitch now too and back to her usual games of breaking the tos, doing drugs on camera, & harasssing people 🙂🙃

  • xSeytens Seytens (@xSeytens) reported

    @Twitch what is error code #1000 and how do I fix it for can you fix it I have reached out to support tried everything they have reccomended is this an issue on my end or yours

  • TheMostHumble06 LeekFromTheEast (@TheMostHumble06) reported

    So Like I Really Need Help With Quality Advice On Twitch, My Broadcast Are Pixilated Pretty Bad 🤔

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  • 0x103311b3
  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
  • 400
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