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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Bloodvixn1 Bloodvixn (@Bloodvixn1) reported

    So I know my twitch channel is supposed to be just for horror, but I can't help myself from streaming borderlands 3. Lol. Been waiting a long time for this game. I will start streaming alien isolation, but I want to play bl3 for a bit first.

  • litzabronwyn litza 🍃🌪🍂 (@litzabronwyn) reported

    one was named twitch, a paranoid skinny skittish little red-skinned tief with one broken horn. i genuinely don't they were ever anything other than nonbinary. fletch was my rougishly handsome dark pink tief. (; very charismatic, didn't mind he/she pronouns but preferred they.

  • SeanTrebek Sean Trebek (@SeanTrebek) reported

    Due to the stagnated growth of my Twitch's channel (0 followers in 2 weeks), If this continues like that, I will consider seriously switch to Mixer after the "Halloween month" (in November) or even consider not to stream on Twitch anymore. Maybe the problem is myself.

  • AlphaLackey Charles R. Mousseau 🇫🇷🇨🇦 (@AlphaLackey) reported

    I criticized Simon Welch roundly in various social media platforms (well, on Twitter and in a Twitch chatroom :P) for what I thought was unprofessional conduct while doing play-by-play for the Hearthstone Grandmasters on Saturday. Per this explanation, I see now I was in error.

  • Stotab_ Stotab (@Stotab_) reported

    @CosalinaOdyssey @NowiTime transphobes in glitch twitch chat whenever someone says trans rights

  • red__knives maki. 🥀 (@red__knives) reported

    @Ixminary “It isn’t a competition.” She murmurs that back in return, but can’t help a small twitch at the corner of her lips. What an idiot. “.. you don’t even finish most of the time.” Maki doesn’t hesitate with her sharpness, but there’s no real annoyance behind it.

  • bakyuno bakyun (@bakyuno) reported

    @sommenrider If it's included in the game and it's a game that's allowed on twitch there's no issue unless the publisher of the game states otherwise.

  • Nexieys Nexieys (@Nexieys) reported

    As soon as I get my new sim I then can login into twitch etc and start streaming again! I miss it so much. Can’t wait to continue to grind!

  • seokseoksoo liz | jisoo turtle rabbit kim love bot (@seokseoksoo) reported

    I might do a Twitch stream tonight of me working on an old drawing I’ve been trying to finish over a year. I’m so close but I’m also unmotivated so hopefully this will help.

  • kodysand_ebooks kodysandwuch (@kodysand_ebooks) reported

    The worst part about twitch that I assume isn't that cool drawing.

  • AnchantedOne Aniruddh (@AnchantedOne) reported

    @breebunn Plot twist... Someone at twitch realized that this would happen and moved to help you

  • XanderCoach Coach Xander (@XanderCoach) reported

    Finally getting a working computer today! Should fix random problems with stream animations and audio! So I’ll be doing reruns till I pick it up and set it up! #twitch #streamer #donate #broke

  • breebunn breebunn (@breebunn) reported

    your timing is also impeccable...there was an issue with my twitch payout and i only received 1/4th of what i was supposed to receive and i have bills to pay, so again THANK YOU

  • TheOneNamedQ Q (@TheOneNamedQ) reported

    @AnAngryPenguin1 @EliteAshleyFan @DictatorDank @squizxy It’s just the 19 minute mark of her Lewding Sans Stream, Mobile Twitch/Twitter has problems linking, sorry.

  • motorpotter Danny The Motor Potter (@motorpotter) reported

    We need the quality controls on @ItsMastodon stream @twitch @TwitchSupport as this is ridiculous as no matter how many times I refresh it keeps buffering like a mo fo

  • ShizzleCW ShizzleCW (@ShizzleCW) reported

    @TwitchSupport Need help in removing my 2fa on my twitch account...Please

  • primallassie 😙🍷PrimalLassie (@primallassie) reported

    @uziprincess89 Mine are set at 1,000. Busted my Twitter goal before Twitchcon so I'm purring. Twitch is doing what it wants. I wish I could follow you twice on everything if it would help. 😂💗💗

  • wesgrimes Wes (@wesgrimes) reported

    @therealdanvega @Twitch I had that problem in the past and apparently I didn’t turn on archiving. I had to re-record the whole thing 😭😭😭

  • MrTop1gear1985 Paul Hemmings (@MrTop1gear1985) reported

    @TwitchSupport hello I can't watch one stream i am getting Network error I had this earlier

  • toeknee623 toeknee623 (@toeknee623) reported

    @Ellelaith1 I voted no background music to help with not getting slapped by Twitch on the music streaming situation.

  • MuffinMan2114 The Muffin Man (@MuffinMan2114) reported

    So I really wanna do a fifa series weather that just be on @YouTube or we do a live stream on @Twitch once or twice a week! However I want you guys to help me pick a team! #pollincoming #FIFA20 #streamerlife #ContentCreator #grind

  • JM_Finn Jarrod Finn (@JM_Finn) reported

    Apologies to those that have tried to watch my #twitch streams the last couple of days. Something is screwing up the upload of frames. Internet may not be the problem. Going to refresh my stream key and look into other things.

  • Fresh_Grizz Golden Grizz (@Fresh_Grizz) reported

    @KapzGG Definitely. If the kid acts like that the hole way through his twitch "career" no one will help him.

  • Fred_Bot_ Fred Bot (@Fred_Bot_) reported

    The site should now be done tomorrow about the Golden Hood of 2016 and teens. Help the #ROBLOX Twitch followers! Go Update

  • PARADlSELIVE joy 🌱 (@PARADlSELIVE) reported

    my eyebrow is twitch help

  • Scarf_rs Josh (@Scarf_rs) reported

    @Chumphrey717 @Avalanche100T You literally have that you're a twitch mod in your bio, if you've spent multiple hours on the Internet and don't know /s, or have the ability to look it up, then that's a you problem not a me problem.

  • Mezfantasygame1 Cyphoncross89 (@Mezfantasygame1) reported

    @OKrishawkins @community_nest @Twitch @SmallStreamersC I found no real issue with it as a narrative game. Just felt there could be more content

  • OhKPond Kate Pond (@OhKPond) reported

    @TylerLeonhardt I'd love to be live coding on Twitch, but I can't get OBS to stream my desktop on my 2013 mac laptop. All I get is a black window. I'm fairly certain it's laptop performance issues. It was great to hear some tips from @TylerLeonhardt though, for when I can live stream.

  • slurpaglurp Slurpaglurp {TSAN} (@slurpaglurp) reported

    @lethal3585 @Dizzillee @Twitch @AlinityTwitch Lol fr. And as much as I really don't like that twitch has been silent, I can't help but feel even worse that people still sub to her at this point. I'm all for redemption, but the initial act, her "apology", and the utter lack of handling by twitch is all awful😖

  • MikeTheBard MikeTheBard 🔜 TwitchCon (@MikeTheBard) reported

    @TwitchSupport Lots of reports of people not able to see the stream on any device, some can. Refresh, browser cache clear doesn't fix.

  • vindyvondo vindy (@vindyvondo) reported

    @Craftsdwarf Yeah unless you're a partner they go away after a while but I've recorded them all so they're on my hard drive in higher quality than twitch has them since i have the raw footage

  • dubbled22 dion dixon (@dubbled22) reported

    @TwitchSupport Can i please DM For some help please

  • AJamJammy Jam Jammy (@AJamJammy) reported

    @CurseHole Twitches because of the darkness alone. it's literally a big vague world consuming cloud of darkness that can get everywhere and kill everything it touches. That's AWFUL.

  • DG_Gunpla DG Gaming & Gunpla (@DG_Gunpla) reported

    Well I've been doing a lot of soul searching over the last week and have come to the decision that I need to extend my hiatus from Twitch a bit longer. Working two jobs has been killer lately and has left me with minimal free time. At worst I'll be back at the start of January

  • iCuriosityy Curio (@iCuriosityy) reported

    i love getting timed out for 10mins from Twitch chat for typing "COPY 🔥 THIS 🔥 SPICE 🔥 TO 🔥 HELP 🔥 OUT 🔥 SPLYCE 🔥", yet people get to send statics for Fnatics and they dont get shat on xd @LEC

  • xGarzilla Kyle (@xGarzilla) reported

    @TwitchSupport Front page videos STILL unpausing every time i use your system to say that i am not interested in something. HIGHLY ANNOYING. Stuff like this shouldn't take MONTHS to fix.

  • atifntz k̸̬̯̱̳̝̭̔́̈̚i̶̧͇̻̤̟̔̒̂̉̆̐l̴͚̦̤̞͙̮̩̙̈́̉̅̈́̅̐̏̈́́l̸̙̩͚̑ (@atifntz) reported

    @RockstarSupport hey I need help with a promo with twitch prime and gtav

  • WhatIFTheories1 What If Theories (@WhatIFTheories1) reported

    @SwiftyiRL @Warcraft @Twitch Swifty, there is a warrior charge bug. It is on the DR table for stuns. However it wasn't changed till patch 4.06 to share DR's. I submitted a bug report maybe you got some more pull though as an Iconic Warrior :) This is big for PvP. Needs a fix.

  • Kanvy2D Kanvy 🍻 (@Kanvy2D) reported

    casual rise and grind Help me grieve missing the Taiwan naobou live ;(

  • Shortinos Actual 3Head (@Shortinos) reported

    @Danidinger @AskFareeha The problem isn't the clothing. The problem is inconsistent rules on Twitch. Why has Fareeha been told to wear more clothes when other streamers are wearing much less and going unpunished.

  • MyVisionIsDying Shane (@MyVisionIsDying) reported

    @Jvckk @Voodoo_eyes Unfortunately at the time, no. I want to believe it is a Twitch issue considering the Twitch Xbox App also had problems with the stream I wanted to watch, it's frustrating as every other stream worked. So I'm giving things time and waiting until the stream is live again to check.

  • SkywalkerCookie Edward Skywalker 🌴🦡🐾 (@SkywalkerCookie) reported

    I don’t like it when people are rude/toxic, so please avoid doing that And I don’t want people to just give me money and never see them again lol. Help me get to know you; Who are you, tell me about yourself etc I wanna create a very positive atmosphere on my twitch.

  • ECW117 ECW117 (@ECW117) reported

    If you have been a victim to FOLLOW BOTS this thread that @Spontyyy made will show you how to properly get it fix when contacting @TwitchSupport thanks to the thread she made the bots on my channel have been wiped, Sponty you the real MVP!!!!

  • sc2replaystats Sc2ReplayStats (@sc2replaystats) reported

    The Twitch Chat Replay Bot broke recently, its been fixed! Thanks @JimRisingSC for letting me know it was not working!

  • BlueAce20th Blue Ace (@BlueAce20th) reported

    Unfortunately Twitch is not working so I can only stream on YouTube, sorry for the troubles

  • Strawberrydood Strawberry (@Strawberrydood) reported

    @TwitchSupport imagine doing literally anything to help ever.

  • SupremeShresth5 Supreme Shrestha (@SupremeShresth5) reported

    Hey can you Guys help me out plz I’ve been grinding on twitch I have bad FPS and sometime I don’t talk sorry but it would help if you could follow its user: not_supreme12 plz follow and help me out I play fortnite

  • Icel Aviv M. Icel 🚀 (@Icel) reported

    @MakeAWishIntl @Twitch Now I need to find someone to help me with 3 emotes and 5 sub-badges.

  • alexc1ted Alexc1ted (@alexc1ted) reported

    I probably wouldn't hate the twitch ads nearly as much if the ads weren't ******* terrible.

  • mikeyperk Mikeyperk (@mikeyperk) reported

    @vickidoll90 Well, from what I’ve seen you aren’t! However, I don’t know you beyond what I’ve seen on here and twitch. You seem like a person whom knows what they want... and will do what she wants. That to some is intimidating. That’s a problem with them.. not you.

  • YemmyTheFerret Yemmy (@YemmyTheFerret) reported

    @KylexPlays @redeventgames @WarPigOnYT @ShinobiNando @ScruffyJoe187 @UselessBeyond @GriefBurrito @Retrowolf88 @GamingCamel @BigRetroShow @TheRuggedGamer @TheMrJoncore @FlyRts If you don't have a specific goal then doing it the way you have been is a good model, twitch has better options for streaming with it's bits, raids, and clipping. YouTube is fine for streaming but it's largely a video platform. The only issue is you are dividing your audience

  • FingerStripesPM FingerSmores 🏕 (@FingerStripesPM) reported

    @ess_forestfire I literally just watched the twitch vid from yesterday on the WiFi no problem. Broken strats tbh.

  • NAllen25 Nathan (@NAllen25) reported

    I have learnt my lesson! Dont help #SmallStreams Dont be nice to strangers and DONT try being nice! I work hard and I worked very hard growing my #twitch channel! Dont you try ruin my hard work because you think I've tried to "scam" you! You're a fool! @Twitch @TwitchSupport

  • REINCVRNATE #NE-Reincvrnate (@REINCVRNATE) reported

    @NAllen25 @xDriIIa @TwitchSupport @TwitchStrafe_TV @DespairSlays @MrRiceLive @RAGEFLAME101 Dude you have ******* issues! How ******** are you gonna try to act like you’re innocent when it’s OBVIOUSLY YOU😂😂😂 Doesn’t take a rocket scientist. But then again you’re pretty stupid for thinking you’d get away with it so I’m not surprised you’re playing stupid rn too

  • VirtuallyMarti Marti Bennett (@VirtuallyMarti) reported

    No stream tonight. Sadly the process to covert my broken external hard drive (long story), to an internal isn't as straight forward as we thought. Going to take many hours, and money 😫, to recover 15+ years of memories and work. Will be back on Twitch on Tuesday.

  • mijj mijj (@mijj) reported

    @eggqueen__ after you mentioned the Twitch method, i went in and cancelled there too to get Twitch in line with my Paypal cancellation. (Twitch was out of synch with Paypal) I do this all the time. If it's possible to create confusion, i will. Thanks for your help.

  • leebojangles382 leebojangles (@leebojangles382) reported

    @Twitch fix your stupid app I can never watch anything on it and I am about to unsub to every channel I am sub to and never watch your platform again

  • grossppl_ roman... (@grossppl_) reported

    if you followed this account for rich energy memes i suggest unfollowing unless u wanna support the singular worst twitch streamer ever

  • Janmanique Janman (@Janmanique) reported

    @AmazonHelp I've done this twice, but was directed to other places(Nintendo, Twitch, a faq). My issue apparently is not recognized as a pre-scripted one and therefore too difficult. Time is ticking, this deal is nearly ending. Please help before this happens.

  • NAllen25 Nathan (@NAllen25) reported

    @REINCVRNATE @TwitchSupport @TwitchStrafe_TV @DespairSlays @MrRiceLive @xDriIIa @RAGEFLAME101 Cool story bro! Please feel free to re do you "give away" I tried to help out a #smallstreamer and asked my friend that helped me grow to help out this guy! And he thinks I have the time to make fake accounts! I have a house, bills, full time job and in my spare time I do this!

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