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July 21: Problems at Twitch

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • CuestarVideos Cuestar sleppy (@CuestarVideos) reported

    Twitch has had a problem with letting female streamers slide for a long time. Just watch @TheLOfTheDay Twitch, I get that you wanna have big female streamers be some of the faces of your platform, but at least let it be the ones that set a good example for your young audiences.

  • z4kf2 z4kf (@z4kf2) reported

    New elgato for better quality streams come check it out on twitch z4kf

  • Hiillzzy_ Matt (@Hiillzzy_) reported

    @djWHEAT @diceyecid @Twitch I mean the fact they are so silent and no statements have been made is the issue. Looks worse each day. It sucks you’re getting shit from people about it

  • codygamblingtv Cody Norris Nguyen (@codygamblingtv) reported

    I will be going live in 1 hours on twitch. I don't know what I am going to be stream but it's gonna be really fun. I am putting in last nights and tonight's stream together. I didn't stream yesterday since I was having internet issues and then a storm came in.

  • TheAstroPub Paul Shelley | TheAstroPub (@TheAstroPub) reported

    Had some technical issues with Twitch that I am going to have to work out so our Expanse RPG Marathon is going to have to be postponed a few days. Should be good on Tuesday though, will keep y'all updated.

  • Slyotic Sly (@Slyotic) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @Twitch twitch are dog people that's why they have no issue with cat abuse.

  • _amyon_ A M Y🌹 (@_amyon_) reported

    Josh farted at the airport and the person behind him literally started to twitch because it was so awful

  • Arcane367 Froggo⚔🛡 (@Arcane367) reported

    @Dan_of_Earth @Bobcat42069 @WizardWhistle @SayGoodbyeLG @KEEMSTAR @Twitch I never disagreed with that. You've just failed to read my previous comments. If yoy're going to go at someone, at least read the thread. It would help your case. 😏

  • evillobster33 Evillobster (@evillobster33) reported

    @ThreeDailey @kimchidori Bro the internet collectively has canceled her. For once PETA called her out and got the ball rolling. She’s even got an animal abuse investigation against her now like legit. Also, Twitch as usual continues to ignore the problem since she makes them money.

  • Guyperson654 GetSwindled (@Guyperson654) reported

    @Twitch I have encountered a serious problem with your website I've talked to twitch support but they haven't been able to help out.

  • Vegito2498 Vegito (@Vegito2498) reported

    **** allinity or however you spell her name but i don’t think a bias towards men is the problem it’s not like twitch hasn’t banned a female before, i feel like keemy is jumping the gun a bit

  • MickMcGrath84 Mick McGrath (@MickMcGrath84) reported

    1/2 to the 2 #twitch followers that have dropped the follow i'm sorry you had to do to that, if it was for F4F i'm not down with that at all, as a small streamer we need to help support by been in streams and chatting, F4F doesn't do that i don't want to be a number

  • Head2Derp TheDerpHead2 (@Head2Derp) reported

    Currently fucing enraged. I want to stream on Twitch. So I download it for my tablet. I can do everything BUT ******* stream on it. So then I get it for my phone. I can stream on my phone. So I stream. But it gives me a constant ******* ERROR WARNING SAYING I'M NOT CONNECTED TO

  • bydaiyami by Daiyami (@bydaiyami) reported

    Haven’t sewed anything since July 2, making me twitch. Set up machine today and nearly had a panic attack when foot pedal acted like it was broken.

  • fuckyourself309 Go Fuck Yourself (@fuckyourself309) reported

    @PistolSteph @KEEMSTAR @Twitch Same problem with @chaturbate. Something’s really have to change.

  • DaultRadio David Dault (@DaultRadio) reported

    @beataproduction Ah. You would probably not like sitting near me in Mass, then. I have severe sensory processing issues, and I am constantly self-stimming. I move. I twitch. I look distracted (I am not). As I said, experiences are complex, and not everybody looks the same.

  • NateOrb Nathan (@NateOrb) reported

    twitch finally deleted their music page after it not working for like the last year it listed no music and just sent you back and forth between faq and the music page then now it finally is just deleted and redirects you to the twitch homepage

  • IGS_Live IGS (@IGS_Live) reported

    @OhOmah She has broken almost every single rule in the tos, and she is still partnered! She’s paying someone inside twitch to not ban her. This makes me sooo mad. I legit broke my monitor when I found this out, cause I got temp banned for showing my lower body. (Ima dude btw)

  • RoussoIsaac WogOriginal (@RoussoIsaac) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @Twitch Always a problem never ends

  • Decort1993 ITzDecort (@Decort1993) reported

    @jvrrett @OmegaPointRocks @Rksj00 @PistolSteph @KEEMSTAR @Twitch Back when Ninja said he didn't want to play with female streamers, they went mental and he was right. They bring nothing but drama to the platform and cause too many issues.

  • krezeful krezeful (@krezeful) reported

    @KEEMSTAR She’s the Logan Paul of Twitch. Does terrible things but gets off without any second thought and more popularity. Society is dead

  • dovahkiin873 dovahkiin873 (@dovahkiin873) reported

    @MemeQueenTwitch ur not a meme queen u don't know wat a meme is LOL women are the problem on twitch

  • JacobTh60425096 Winterkarma (@JacobTh60425096) reported

    @BeyMuhammad2 @TreWoozytre @VaneioH @SenorJoseCatto @MyBadRabbit @peta @TwitchSupport @Twitch @AlinityTwitch @KEEMSTAR But the problem is twitch doesn’t want to do it, or they just won’t do it even though Alinity ha a broken multiple guidelines in a lot of her streams

  • Pru_Gen Pru_gen (@Pru_Gen) reported

    Hello guys no videos today having problems with Internet Co . Also working on installing #LinuxMint for more better video producing set up. #pru_gen #YouTube #YouTuber #twitch #twitchstreamer #ff14

  • Arcane367 Froggo⚔🛡 (@Arcane367) reported

    @Dan_of_Earth @Bobcat42069 @WizardWhistle @SayGoodbyeLG @KEEMSTAR @Twitch Don't have an issues with a female Time Lord. A female Doctor just shows how lazy the idea is that doesn't break boundaries. The white european population is around 66% so that is probably the reason and I know it is safe. It is something only I can control.

  • Kaiderman360 Kai (@Kaiderman360) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @Twitch @Twitch Fix your shit.

  • ThatBrotherLos Y.N.W.A. (@ThatBrotherLos) reported from Montgomery Village, Maryland

    @RealMamaEagle @Twitch @TwitchSupport I need a camera. I've been podcasting for a couple of years so talking isn't much of a problem. I just got to find the right games to stream.

  • WFColonel56 WFColonel56 (@WFColonel56) reported

    @ZeddieCampbell @maddenvtech Every individual thing she has done isolated isn't horrible. The true issue is that she has been flagrant for YEARS. This is the internet's one chance to really get her out of here and they are trying to act on it w stuff they really can latch on to to get twitch to act

  • JacobTh60425096 Winterkarma (@JacobTh60425096) reported

    @BeyMuhammad2 @TreWoozytre @VaneioH @SenorJoseCatto @MyBadRabbit @peta @TwitchSupport @Twitch @AlinityTwitch @KEEMSTAR The problem is, twitch is too harsh on men, and not harsh at all on women! So treat women like they treat men, and then that would be true equality!

  • Inocid_Divad Snakeoni (@Inocid_Divad) reported

    @Goldyn__ @AsianAndyFilms @kaceytron @JennaTwitch Compare one piece of chocolate to the same level as giving vodka to a cat or throwing an animal is pathetic ****. You point out a small non malicious error of 1 male streamer to try and invalidate the double standard argument present on twitch.

  • JohnKurtidis Trump is Guilty (@JohnKurtidis) reported

    @ItsFangs @AlinityTwitch She’s really just a terrible person. I’ve gotten banned from her stream for saying it’s pretty stupid to get alcohol poisoning. Later in the stream after my ban she gave vodka to her cat. No idea how twitch supports someone like her. Money over everything it seems.

  • DarkSunGwynn SolaireTheSunWalker (@DarkSunGwynn) reported

    @d1srupt1ve_ @steveo7345 @KEEMSTAR @Twitch I hope something gets done since twitch has banned another female streamer when she choked her cat live but it seems twitch tends to ignore alinity more for some reason which is annoying she's broken so much rules and they let it slide

  • Secluded_Bloop Mallow (@Secluded_Bloop) reported

    Normally I don't give a rats about what keem star says. However he is right. There is a clear biase. This isn't the first time Alinity has broken Twitch's tos. Something must be done to have an equal platform, otherwise most should leave twitch

  • ashtong2002 Ashton G (@ashtong2002) reported

    @TwitchSupport Whenever I try to claim my twitch prime loot for gta v the claim now button turns to a loading wheel and never stops “loading” any help

  • pixipeachy Peachy 🍑 🔜 GenCon (@pixipeachy) reported

    @StondieXD @AlinityTwitch @Twitch Oh no she totally should get banned 100%. But I’ve seen, yes even women, get banned for smaller problems. I’m not arguing that she should get banned I’m just saying the reason for it is because she’s a big partner and makes twitch money, not because she’s a woman.

  • Dreyalgia Archdruid Drey (@Dreyalgia) reported

    So even after talking with Twitch through emails and everything, giving proof of my account ownership, and more, they still arent able to correct this issue of my name being changed, whatsoever...I'm just frustrated and tired of this BS I have gone through this year x.x

  • CptFlintlock Flintlock (@CptFlintlock) reported

    I have literally blocked every channel that recommends me WoW oriented stuff from my feed on YouTube. It no matter what I do I still get twitch recordings of asmongold recommended to me. YouTube is the worst.

  • oxygenlessmod TheOxygenlessmod (@oxygenlessmod) reported

    Hey @missfitxx @THzGizmo and @thatgalpaige I think you plan to get poison ban or make him feel bad about your fake clams or lies are failing and backfired, one more remember @missfitxx and @thatgalpaige someone help your twitch channel out big time and his name is @OhJohneL

  • Nord_King88 NordKing88 (@Nord_King88) reported

    @JackieButler86 @Twitch @twtich You and me both. @Twitch hasn't done anything either. Pretty sad. I may hunt every now and then, but I respect what I'm doing and I don't treat animals like that. It's awful.

  • shawtle Shawtle 🐢 (@shawtle) reported

    anyone else getting a problem where they cant download their highlights from twitch to their PC.. its not with all of them just random ones here and there but its annoying when trying to make a video for yt

  • WilinatorX_TTV WilinatorX (@WilinatorX_TTV) reported

    100% correct doble standard...@twitch is broken and they know it #fixyourself #DramaAlert

  • Lexiejo2639 Labs Are Life (LeeLee) (@Lexiejo2639) reported

    @peta #peta #banalinity Share to have her stopped pls. She kicked her dog too. I have it posted on my Twitter! Pls help us take her down & twitch if they don't do something. They saying clips r too old to ban so let's fight it.

  • Cookie_Minister Cookie Monster (@Cookie_Minister) reported

    @TwitchSupport I've discovered an issue with a popular female streamer. She does things on her stream that should have her banned and that is not reflected on her account. Any updates on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Apologies for the trouble!

  • imjustdiabetic Diabadass (@imjustdiabetic) reported

    @AlinityTwitch A public apology does not fix a mother ****** thing. You abused animals, the animals don't give a **** about your Twitch/Twitter video. People ARE doing the right thing, and the police should too by arresting you for felony animal abuse.

  • KingOfDeskopia King 👑 (@KingOfDeskopia) reported

    @EllixFlowers @MemeQueenTwitch I never try to get too involved in stuff like this, but this situation is so troubling I can't help but be angry. I'm also really disappointed in Twitch's lack of attention to it.

  • JacobTh60425096 Winterkarma (@JacobTh60425096) reported

    @BeyMuhammad2 @VaneioH @TreWoozytre @SenorJoseCatto @MyBadRabbit @peta @TwitchSupport @Twitch @AlinityTwitch @KEEMSTAR And it’s not that I love animals more than humans, it’s that I think she’s an awful human being for treating her animal that way. I’m not ******* peta, but if she’s literally abusing animals on stream, and you’re defending her for it, you’re a worse person than her.

  • ghost9610 TheplayerGhost (@ghost9610) reported

    @TwitchSupport hi, I need a help with my ticket id: 02703093. It seems like status of it auto compleated, but still need a help of twitch support

  • BrunoMZF84 Bruno Fernandes (@BrunoMZF84) reported

    @KEEMSTAR She uses her boobs, her ass and other ways to delight the virgins and they give her money and Twitch wins money too, which is why they don't ban her or others like her. Thots make 'good money' and Twitch love it. That's the problem.

  • lucilyeuw Lucily (@lucilyeuw) reported

    @lancefaltinsky @AlinityTwitch @TwitchSupport @Twitch i think shes ****** up and the things she did to her cat deserve to get her banned etc. but i dont see an issue with this. If an animal gets so sick that it has to be put down, bullet to the head is a fast and painless way. and can often be done in their own home 1/2

  • A3_Melle Melle (@A3_Melle) reported

    @ahoyworld Twitch was working good! Did have some minor connection issues (reloading)but don't know if that was my wifi or your connection with twitch.

  • S8NEVERHAPPENED An Account of Ice and Fire (@S8NEVERHAPPENED) reported

    @itskellykline @WeefreemenYT @Twitch It's infuriating beyond belief. But I think this goes beyond women and men streamers, Alinity has had a history of controversial and awful behaviour on twitch, even referencing that she married someone for papers. Someone at Twitch must have a connection to Alinity in some way.

  • sadlyasleep O’ Struggler ⚖️ (@sadlyasleep) reported

    I’m drinking and watching kids play fortnite on twitch, someone pls help me. Pls.

  • JAMBERIN0 jamberino (@JAMBERIN0) reported

    I cannot believe alinity hasn't been banned. Twitch staff is a bunch of virgins and white knights. These dipshits are just as thirsty as the incels who support creators like her. Keeping her on their shitty platform is only a symptom of the larger problems plaguing it.

  • JacobTh60425096 Winterkarma (@JacobTh60425096) reported

    @BeyMuhammad2 @TreWoozytre @VaneioH @SenorJoseCatto @MyBadRabbit @peta @TwitchSupport @Twitch @AlinityTwitch @KEEMSTAR There’s a clear bias, and when alinity does some awful shit which is literally considered animal abuse, she’s perfectly fine. I just hope Animal Protective Services takes that animal somewhere safer.

  • JAMBERIN0 jamberino (@JAMBERIN0) reported

    I cannot believe alinity hasn't been banned. Twitch staff is a bunch of virgins and white knights. These dipshits are just as thirsty as the incels people who support creators like her. Keeping her on their shitty platform is only a symptom of the larger problems plaguing it.

  • MotherOfDoggons M.DOOM (@MotherOfDoggons) reported

    Hella lame to see a woman take money for gaming content from fans on twitch but has a problem with other women selling content that someone else wants to buy

  • FightinFoggy fightinFoggy (@FightinFoggy) reported

    Problems rectified. Again. I think. Inserted a colour filter to offset the very dark picture. The sound cut off because: 1. Twitch copyright kicked in (lord knows why) and 2. Anti-virus kicked in. I think.

  • YSmegma J I N Z O (@YSmegma) reported

    @NetNobody @Michaelmcchill @KEEMSTAR @Twitch You can take a catfish out of water for a few minutes no problem. No stress on the fish as long as it's handled calmly. The bigger the fish the longer you could keep it out of water. A catfish, even a baby, is pretty big

  • bigcole289 Cole (@bigcole289) reported

    @RockstarSupport It said I got my money from twitch prime but I don’t have it in my account HELP

  • jaffacake6991 🌸💜Jaffacake💜🌸 (@jaffacake6991) reported

    @stillgray @peta @TwitchSupport ******* awful, should be banned from Twitch permanently and have animal protection contacted.

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