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 Problems detected at Twitch

Twitch problems in the last 24 hours

Twitch Outage Chart

April 08: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 11:40 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering 53.48% Buffering
  • Sign in 20.40% Sign in
  • Crashing 12.19% Crashing
  • Playback Issues 10.70% Playback Issues
  • Video Quality 3.23% Video Quality

Twitch Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Valencia Playback Issues
Sevilla Buffering
Madrid Buffering
Madrid Buffering
Huelva Buffering
Houilles Playback Issues

Twitch Comments

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Twitch Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Rollon24s SH (@Rollon24s) reported

    @Merges20 Gotta help the boy grow his twitch game

  • iMSkiiN_ Gonçalo ⚡️ (@iMSkiiN_) reported

    YO i might have fixed the twitch lag problems guess whos gonna grind valorant

  • Naturematthe Naturematthe (@Naturematthe) reported

    A very detailed and interesting explaination of the things you need to stream on Twitch as a musician. Really makes me want to try myself, but I'm afraid my neighbours wouldn't be too happy with that. (Now I wonder if I can take the output from my mute in a reasonable quality...)

  • stop_leaking stop leaking (@stop_leaking) reported

    @KaiRossBests @notmaki_ if twitch is autocorrecting to *****, you have a problem my guy.

  • pavelismydaddy pavelismydaddy (@pavelismydaddy) reported

    @KylieLuna12 @2moons2_turkey @sususiao @pavelphoom @PavelGamingOFC download twitch on playstore/app store, sign in, and search pavel channel, subcribe

  • noIlsy nollsy (@noIlsy) reported

    and I had a shit load of fun doing what we were doing. Idk why or how people are wasting their time doing it but if anybody can tell me how to fix this follower shit, please let me know. I emailed Twitch last time it happened and I'm yet to hear back from them. <3 night qts

  • OsniumOnGfuel Osnium (@OsniumOnGfuel) reported

    @travissmh I don’t know if this is the problem or not but people say you can’t get the drop of the stream if you mute it because when you mute the stream twitch doesn’t consider you a viewer ppl say muting the tab will work not sure though

  • DedicatedL1fe Dedicated (@DedicatedL1fe) reported

    @TTfue Twitch notifications not working

  • RickehBobby Ricky (@RickehBobby) reported

    @DDezoaR @PlayVALORANT multiple streams won't help unless you have multiple twitch accounts

  • Zumacalis Zumacalis 🧙‍♂️ (@Zumacalis) reported

    About to hit my first hard mode run of Resident Evil 3 on twitch ! Let’s see how much I die lol. I do have a few item unlocks so that will help #ResidentEvil3Remake #twitch

  • pullinOndatRimE Lyrically Correct 35803 (@pullinOndatRimE) reported

    @AlexJones420XXX @Twitch be careful there's alot of hacking on twitch... mixer is my preferred choice but picture quality is better on twitch from my experience

  • AlphaSonicZ zǝpuɐuɹǝH ɐnɥsoſ (@AlphaSonicZ) reported

    Having some problems with my router as soon as it ready to go will be going live hopefully by 3 #twitch #justplayvideogames

  • iCaliGrown Cali (@iCaliGrown) reported

    @PlayVALORANT Eliminate all acces to twitch accounts that were newly created and dnt have two factor auth enabled and re-issue those keys to real people. That won’t just try and re-sell the access its clear as day. Stop playing ignorant when u knew it was 2 artificially inflate the viewership

  • PhaxeNor PhaxeNor (@PhaxeNor) reported

    I’m honestly not surprised that some people streaming #VRChat is getting banned on Twitch. A lot of the content that has been streamed has broken the ToS when it comes to their policy on embedded media and games. Even the high profiled streamers has broken this at least... 1/4

  • Archive35555814 Archive (@Archive35555814) reported

    @FinngerMeDanish @Twitch I'm so, sorry to hear that. I know you worked with support, so if there was a problem they should have said something a long time ago. You've helped so many streamers, and thank you for all the help you gave Ironmouse. You don't deserve this.

  • Trendonamowo Kat🌴🌸 (⎌ℕ⎌)urture (@Trendonamowo) reported

    I'm so close to getting affiliated on twitch all I need is a 3 viewer average please watch me I need help

  • highoffcrawford 𝚐𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚎☼mia’s day (@highoffcrawford) reported

    @Dylan_Statham twitch better fix its shit and get it together ;)

  • Bullet55Nl Bullet55NL (@Bullet55Nl) reported

    Please support me as a creator in Fortnite. It would really help me out!🙏🏻 Code: Bullet55NL #supportacreator #creatorcode #fortnite #SupportSmallerStreamers #SupportSmallStreams #ContentCreator #PS4share #gaming #Bullet55NL #NINJA #PewDiePie #twitch #fortniteclips #battlepass

  • ImJaycen J₳Ɏ₵Ɇ₦ (@ImJaycen) reported

    It’s not letting me link my riot games acc to my twitch someone please help @riotgames @RiotSupport

  • DavidMcC1989 David McCarthy (@DavidMcC1989) reported

    @MiaYim Saw that you were planning on starting to stream on Twitch. If you need any assistance or even someone to help control the chatroom, I can help you out.

  • cconger ChandyMan (@cconger) reported

    @AnneMunition @jasonmaestas @ShannonZKiller I think you're kinda both on the same side of this. Twitch has blurred the line of sponsorship and has done work to reward the time of influencers but in so doing has exchanged perceived authenticity for better monetization. People assuming less authenticity is a platform problem

  • D20Stats 👑 Dimension 20 Stats 🍭 (@D20Stats) reported

    @faceplantmay Omg no you’re 100% fine! I had trouble finding all this stuff, and a few videos being removed from the twitch channel definitely doesn’t help!

  • GEOO714 GEO (@GEOO714) reported

    @jeybarz @RAIDS_YT try unlinkining and relinking your #Riot account from #twitch I did that and like an hour later I got access with all server issue they have been having it wouldn't hurt

  • Archive35555814 Archive (@Archive35555814) reported

    @FinngerMeDanish @Twitch I'm so, sorry to hear that. I know worked with support, so if there was a problem they should have said something a long time ago. You've helped so many streams, and thank you for all the help you gave Ironmouse. You don't deserve this.

  • Coopster_O Coopa Troopa (@Coopster_O) reported

    @PlayVALORANT I would greatly appreciate a key for Valorant, I am currently watching Myth under the username Phngy85. as an up and coming twitch streamer, I think this would help me push through the barrier and have me claim the 2,000 viewers per stream I deserve.

  • grumpymorning GrumpyMorningBoy (@grumpymorning) reported

    @Twitch New to you. Finding it extremely annoying that I cannot “swipe” to remove the mini player in IOS after I started watching a stream. Please fix.

  • ippaku ippaku (@ippaku) reported

    @Ernst_Blofield There is twitch staff person telling people in one the the channels I mod in that only one stream counts and having more open doesn’t help or matter. I’m like cool but why would twitch not want to get more views...

  • Allie_Davison Allie Davison (@Allie_Davison) reported

    @TwitchSupport I need help! I've been trying to cancel a twitch sub for like months and no one on email is helping me. I was able to cancel a few others on accounts, but the one I think is still charging is an email I don't have access to anymore.

  • iVitalTV Vital #NF (@iVitalTV) reported

    Trying to get my Valorant highlight video edited but for some reason the download file for twitch can import into any editors. So I’m looking into a fix for this. No video this Thursday but definitely this weekend

  • theCaptainTutu CaptainTutu (@theCaptainTutu) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum My upload speeds are absolutely poor. I can’t stream to Twitch and I can barely even upload a picture online. I’ve run out of options and I need this fixed asap. I shouldn’t be repeatedly waiting hours on the line with customer service just to get no results. Help!

  • JOiNMYHiTLiST_x joinmyhitlist_x (@JOiNMYHiTLiST_x) reported

    ok need help i have triple monitor setup but when i have like twitch or youtube or anything like videos open on two different monitors they buffer alot basically i cant even watch 2 videos at once and i used to be able to do all 3 monitors no problem

  • SimonGemmel TheSimilier (@SimonGemmel) reported

    @_Silvervale_ @SmoggyLamb49 If there really are different phrasings based on region that's gonna be a big problem with people trying to help and just looking like a jerk though. I hope Twitch addresses that.

  • boyero97 Boyero97 (@boyero97) reported

    @TwitchSupport Hey! I'm trying to broadcast from my xbox app but it's appear the code error: D43177F3. I follow all the steps of the article and still can't broadcast :(

  • liamcuh Liam 🗣💯 (@liamcuh) reported

    @PlayVALORANT I can’t link my valorant to my twitch. Keeps giving me an error

  • DaniDawnstar GFuel Dani Dawnstar ~ Leader of BFT (@DaniDawnstar) reported

    My turnip sale price at nooks is 404 bells right now! I will be opening my island to community members and after on twitch to help people out! There is no charge to coming (because that is a thing) just please don’t ruin flowers 🌸💕 #ACNHTRADE #ACNH #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons

  • _sailorlizz loot daddy (@_sailorlizz) reported

    @AFluffyDog It was a huge mistake started a big fight and now I’m in two fights on twitch and twitter help they could’ve gone the rest of their lives without knowing BUT NOW ITS OUTTA THE BAG - YOURE not here for two seconds and I DESTROY MY REPUTATION

  • Romedawwwg RomAn O (@Romedawwwg) reported

    With people having a rough time due to the closure of an economy, for now, I subscribed to 2 Twitch channels. One of which, Eugenia Cooney, hosted a charity stream to benefit the fight against COVID_19. It may mean more on my phone bill, but well worth it to help. 6/

  • mcweol TaGe (@mcweol) reported

    @PlayVALORANT Twitch drop = worst thing ever. Change my mind.

  • GlasgowThing AGlasgowThing (@GlasgowThing) reported

    @PlayVALORANT IS youre support online applied a ticket like 16 hours ago and no response got access via twitch but when go to login says that I don't have access

  • SaintMese247 Saint Mese (Plantbased Zaddy) (@SaintMese247) reported

    @jrichardgoodman It was live streamed on twitch. I just didn't feel like sending you the stream, but here is the last 5min and seeing him do everything to help his team win a game.

  • Bearlauncher Bear (@Bearlauncher) reported

    @burntnanners Its random boss man. Multiple streams don't help your chances (confirmed by Twitch staff). Time probably doesn't either, but that's probably up to the Game Devs. Though what annoys me are some streamers like DrDisrepect that say they have drops in their title, but don't have it.

  • ThijsVanDerMeer Thijs van der Meer (@ThijsVanDerMeer) reported

    @CCR_Grindcast Opposite experience here - AndroidTV's twitch client is very reasonable. iPhone is fine. PS4 is the worst of my options and that's still passable (but obsolete since getting the Android TV)

  • Shadowclan70 Michael P (@Shadowclan70) reported

    HELP!! My guy needs one more follow to start his affiliate grind. Please shoot shady_guidance a quick follow on twitch. He is streaming now.

  • JeffyBTW jeffy (@JeffyBTW) reported

    @RiotSupport I received a drop for Valorant on twitch and got an email saying I got in but when I go to login to the launcher it tells me I can’t because I don’t have access Pls help idk what to do.

  • Styx_R6 ₛₜᵧₓ (@Styx_R6) reported

    @TragrR6 Doesnt help, twitch needs to be in the foreground

  • SnoopyR6s Snoodles (@SnoopyR6s) reported

    @coIeyHD I was there! I just was having issues with Twitch Mobile while I was at work lmao

  • MarcHoliday_ Marc Holiday (@MarcHoliday_) reported

    @PlayVALORANT *I can't access Valorant and Riot Support* I don't know if you are aware of the issue but I and some others have gotten access to the beta but have been unable to play. I have the email and twitch notif but the PlayValorant website says "not yet" 1/2

  • flarebooks Flarebooks (@flarebooks) reported

    Thanks Kinsler for hitting the first thing i hear after coming home is that Twitch is broken.

  • xZaviorOfficial xZavior (@xZaviorOfficial) reported

    @Infused__ @LandsVerader @CheffJD @ProjectVALORANT It happens bro, they just dont have enough servers to handle everyone right now, it's in Beta still bro ! They still gotta fix a lot of stuff I'm sure, and plus they were only giving away 50,000 yesterday for NA , and guess how many people were on twitch watching... 1.5 million

  • BrocHornung Broc Hornung (@BrocHornung) reported

    @TwitchSupport I get a failed to connect when I try to connect to my riot account. Please fix this.

  • Dyefawx318 Fawxy Five (@Dyefawx318) reported

    @cat_falco Since when ******** did twitch all of a sudden care i’ve seen worst than his

  • LxGarcell23x GARCELL⚜️xOnMe⚜️ (99Ovr)Elite2✨ (@LxGarcell23x) reported

    Bruh WHO spends $80 dollars just to BUY ME ghost followers and get me up to 8.5K on twitch 😒 come one bruh! yea me and @GAMERTHEPLUG24 checked how much it costs what In the world... either somebody trying to help me or hate on me either way i don’t want ghost followers .... 🥱🥴

  • lil_uwuzi noah #2 🌸 (@lil_uwuzi) reported

    this whole closed beta thing is the worst cash grab in the world this game could have just as much hype without forcing people to sit on twitch for 18+ hours just to get access

  • skio147 skio147 (@skio147) reported

    This is important streamers! Most of my viewers are lurkers and they'd bail if I asked them to participate! I do this too I like watching sometimes without chatting! A real shame Twitch doesn't like counting lurkers. They should fix that

  • Hail4Gaming Hail4Gaming🐒 (@Hail4Gaming) reported

    Going live around 2PM ET with a game I haven't played in awhile, (if there are no issues lol). Catch me on Twitch playing some @NoMansSky in VR. If that fails, I'll go back to Minecraft lol.

  • FuzhouYT Fuzhou🇭🇰 (@FuzhouYT) reported

    @FredInTheKnud Aww, I liked them. You should start a channel just for these, or use a second channel/Twitch/Dlive for these. @Restreamio could help for multichannel streaming.

  • HawksNest Elijah Jackson (@HawksNest) reported

    @LtRoyalShrimp That definitely clears things up. Hadn’t thought about that. It’s something I only see on twitch though, not YouTube. Unless YouTube doesn’t display that option and just rounds up/down when selecting a quality.

  • DanJudgeCapito DanielTheJudgeCapito🇩🇪 (@DanJudgeCapito) reported

    @FinngerMeDanish @Twitch Hey @TwitchSupport How about You Give Him the Chance to Change his Username! And than He Can Resolve the Issue! Also You Could also Issue a Warning before You ban People on Twitch to Resolve issues!

  • OhHeyTracyy ✨Tracy Michelle✨ (@OhHeyTracyy) reported

    @FinngerMeDanish @Twitch wow this is ridiculous at least issue a warning to change name first @Twitch @TwitchSupport please look into this!

  • Vlahktard Vlahktard (@Vlahktard) reported

    At friends place and he shows me his copy of FF7 remake. Didn’t realize Australia were selling it last week, no interest in playing it myself. And YouTube/twitch banning people for streaming since America doesn’t have yet. Beyond weak. Other way round and it’s never a problem.

Twitch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x10331100
  • 0x10331196
  • 0x10331196
  • 0x1033119e
  • 0x103311a0
  • 0x103311b3
  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
  • 400
  • 500
  • CE-35327-0