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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is an online-only open world third-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Massive and published by Ubisoft, with assistance from Red Storm Entertainment, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • 976blackpope Rt Rev 976 (@976blackpope) reported

    @omerta61 @TheDivisionGame Definition of insanity - spending 45 minutes attempting work around the "Delta" error.

  • Krakn3dfx The Kraken (@Krakn3dfx) reported

    @JeremyPenter @DeeLiRiouS13 @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame The Division 2, hands down. Anthem seems to have problems out of the gate that can't just be patched out, core issues beyond excessive load times and lack of content. The Division was a great game that Ubisoft spent the time and effort to build onto, D2 looks just as promising.

  • Sale_Freux Nephalès (@Sale_Freux) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbiMassive @TheDivisionGame @UbisoftSupport 34 months after the release of The Division, we still do not know why this game had a catastrophic development with a team of broken arms who coded the game with the feet...

  • GeekElite77 Black Dynamite (@GeekElite77) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft has mastered the games as a service model. Since the Vivendi takeover attempt, they have upped their game. Their flagship series has evolved (AC) and they remain committed to delivering updated content through their catalog.

  • 3_monk Monkenstien (@3_monk) reported

    @xxTUBBYxxx @AgentTED78 @UbisoftSupport @UbiMassive @ULucipus @RedStorm @jgerighty @XboxSupport @xboxuk @UbiLeam @BastianThun @TheDivisionGame I raised this also Steve, tryimg to capture the frame I pressed the A(capture) option in bottom left and that is where I then learned i had to use the Xbox method. I queried if it was broken due to the A option being there and not having any use.

  • 2ndlawphoto 2ndlawphotography 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇬🇧 (@2ndlawphoto) reported

    @TSwandol @TheDivisionGame Yeah that lag just sucks! reckon the Hyenas will be just as frustrating!! 👍

  • AgentTED78 Richard (@AgentTED78) reported

    @xxTUBBYxxx @UbisoftSupport @UbiMassive @ULucipus @RedStorm @jgerighty @XboxSupport @xboxuk @UbiLeam @BastianThun @TheDivisionGame Thank u mate but photo mode actual thru the game just gave me an error message saying see Xbox help!! I will if not working on March 1 send it u - I get great photos from Xbox but that is not this games mode ! But if urs worked cool I will check thanks bud

  • ACsonic1093 sonic1093 (@ACsonic1093) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Have the fundamental issues with design and content that Anthem has. In fact, the Division 2 seems like it is made to appeal to different playstyles and has a lot of content for each. Also Ubisoft has done this before. Bioware and EA have not.

  • ACsonic1093 sonic1093 (@ACsonic1093) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Anthem's issues seem to be more fundamental in my opinion. The way the game is structured, boring mission design, uninteresting story, lack of pvp and endgame, etc. From what I've heard and played from both betas/demos, both have technical issues but the Division 2 does not

  • AgentTED78 Richard (@AgentTED78) reported

    Division 2 photo mode !! There were issues on Xbox nobody I know could get it to actually capture / forgive me if it’s fixed but please share here @UbisoftSupport @UbiMassive @ULucipus @RedStorm @jgerighty @XboxSupport @xboxuk @UbiLeam @BastianThun @TheDivisionGame

  • SquishyPanic8 TareK Muhamed (@SquishyPanic8) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame third, Ubisoft knows the meaning of "game as a service" they can support the game so well, and finally lest we forget PVP, Raids, PROPER endgame Content !! not just some difficulty levels

  • MysteryMann8 memusicman (@MysteryMann8) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I think division will have a better release but I think that anthem will be a better game (give it some time) because it definitely has the potential, there’s just some glaring issues in the current build that make it not as enjoyable as it could be

  • FlavioDrums Flavio Almeida (@FlavioDrums) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame @PlayApex @TheDivisionGame next month. Being a huge fan I can't wait. I'm also curious about Metro but I'll wait a bit more. Had the premium pass to try @anthemgame. Not really my thing atm. Will wait until some of the issues that bug me the most are solved (if this will ever happen)

  • Liquid_Genome Liquid (@Liquid_Genome) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Ubisoft seem determined to not repeat their mistakes in The Division and they have a better track record with sticking with games with issues like Siege, For Honor & The Division 1. EA on the other hand couldn't even stick with Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • VernNox Ali Kanaan (@VernNox) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame The Division 2, because everything about itself is an improvement of a game people enjoyed by a ton after patch 1.8, while Anthem launched in such a sad technical state after 6 years of dev time with issues that games had figured out 10 years ago. Also Ubisoft's writing delivers.

  • GamerPalmSweats Guy (@GamerPalmSweats) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame The Division 2 will turn out better. TD2 has so much more content and story to offer when it releases. Anthem seems unfinished, loading screen issues, poor pacing, and weak story. Anthem open world looks lifeless. TD2 will have even more great content in future DLC. “RAIDS”

  • zokker_tijay Tijay (@zokker_tijay) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I think Division 2 because I played both Betas and although both games have technical issues the gameplay of the Division is more divers. They advanced the Gameplay enough to were it feels like the Division but also fresh. Just feels like the Division has more content to chose.

  • legendaryc47213 nemesis13 (@legendaryc47213) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame i think the mindset for looter shooter has become release what you can and fix what you can along the way, that said the division 2 should be better since they have experience but we know that didnt help bungie with destiny. comes down to studio cares more😂

  • WebbySpidy Spiderous (@WebbySpidy) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I think Ubisoft has been doing very well with their continued support and updates to their live service games. R6:Siege, For Honor & The Division1 are at a much better place right now than they were at release, Bioware are completely new to this and Anthem is looking very rough.

  • BobsFloorHole Bobs floor hole (@BobsFloorHole) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Anthem, if they handle it well. Currently looks like it has huge issues, but most are fixable. Division looks very dull. Hoping Anthem takes me away from destiny, save me save me please :)

  • kyledavidtan Kyle David Tan (@kyledavidtan) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Anthem. This game has a LOT of potential with the stories they can make in the world that they made if they just fix the poor design choices. TD2 seems to completely ignore story and focuses on the grind hardcore players love, which is good but not very welcoming to new players.

  • beardpwr81 Professor Plummle (@beardpwr81) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame @PlayApex Apex is a gap filler for me. keep it installed to play with a friends but as a main game no. Going in on anthem, big patch 22nd will go some way to fixing issues I hope. Core game is there for me but it needs tweaking. TD2 like the first too me is like watching paint dry

  • XSDGoW4 XSD (@XSDGoW4) reported

    @TheDivisionGame fix your broken ass game before making a second one!

  • federboy Federico Barragán (@federboy) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Two wasted days thanks to platform issues. Hours of play wasted thanks to “maintenance”... #whatsgoingon

  • NeuroIsDelish NeuroIsDelicious [HGG] (@NeuroIsDelish) reported

    It's a shame the achievement grind in UG had to stop early due to network issues. We'd fix it & come back at it again tmr! 👊 Thank you all for your subs/resubs/giftsubs/dono/bits keeping the channel going. @TheDivisionGame hype!! Passing the 💜 to our broth er @LikeAHero🤘

  • Dog_Squid_ Dog Squid (@Dog_Squid_) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Probably division from what I'm seeing so far as well as previous similar titles by both. Also, the Division is a game with some problems in its basic premise (bullet sponges, etc), while Anthem is a game with much potential, squandered and thrown out half-born for some cash.

  • GNARcandy GNAR 🍬 (@GNARcandy) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Hey! Quick question - friend and I have been playing new characters on the first game for a couple weeks now and randomly while mid mission she got an error (C01302) and one or two others, but she's unable to reconnect to the game at all. Help!

  • Mohammad13364 Mohammad zaki (@Mohammad13364) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Made and turned into a fascinating game, so at launch, even if Anthem and The Division release at a broken state and i had to choose between the two, I'd choose the Division with no second thought, because they will definitely make it better, while EA only cares about the....

  • Timmerman22 Timmerman (@Timmerman22) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Servers down again

  • Mohammad13364 Mohammad zaki (@Mohammad13364) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Well, the Division is made by ubisoft, who have stuck to their games that when launched, were broken and not very good, like rainbow 6 Siege with with free updates and such, now let's look at who is publishing Anthem, EA, who launched SW battle front, which was a Bare Bones....

  • ShaunSolo89 Shaun (@ShaunSolo89) reported

    @TheDivisionGame FIX YOUR SERVERS! Just got DELTA, MIKE errors right in the middle of a successful survival run! PLEASE! I’m trying to get the freaking Phoenix shield done!!!

  • SeSeu Sebastian Seubold (@SeSeu) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Ubisoft already proofed that they can do great live service games even if they sucked in quality and sales in the beginning (division1, r6siege, and even for honor). EA on the other hand showed us with games like swbf2 and bfV that they are not willing or able to support a LsG

  • Shaukdotdj Shauk @ PAX 2018 (@Shaukdotdj) reported from Spokane, Washington

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Division 2 will probably be a more complete experience. Ubisoft has far more experience with games as a service and demonstrates that they listen to feedback. Look at how EA handled battlefront 2 by comparison

  • NYstate2000 NYstate (@NYstate2000) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I'm guessing Anthem will get a Taken King kind of overhaul because EA needs a multiplayer hit. Ubisoft knows how to make a game like Division 1, that was originally broken and polish it until it shines.

  • QuentinFair Quentin Fairchild (@QuentinFair) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Smart ammo procing is broken in the division. i am playing with my friend and we cant get it to proc ever and we are killing 2 enemies at the same time please help i am getting annoyed

  • ryanfernance Ryan (@ryanfernance) reported from Gold Coast, State of Queensland

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame It's hard to go past @TheDivisionGame. Ubisoft has a proven record and understands how to evolve a game as a service model and deliver on fan feedback and requests.

  • ryanfernance Ryan (@ryanfernance) reported from Gold Coast, State of Queensland

    It's hard to go past @TheDivisionGame. Ubisoft has a proven record and understands how to evolve a game as a service model and deliver on fan feedback and requests.

  • TakarieZ Takarie Zan (@TakarieZ) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame If the Division Open beta fixes the many bugs from the closed beta, than the Division 2. Division 2 is going to please the core player base with raids, armor changes, and health changes. So while the Epic Store only fiasco os a problem, in the long run they should be okay.

  • Friscokhad Francisco Vallejo (@Friscokhad) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame The Division 2, simply cuz they have been around the block, as opposed to this being Biowares 1st share world online shooter type game like this. Anthem has a lot of problems as well that to me didnt seem readily apparent in my time with the Division 2 beta.

  • Kdsamreuang Kenneth Samreuang (@Kdsamreuang) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I'm a bit biased cause I've been a fan of Division1 since release. I have 100+ hrs logged and didn't have an issue before they started making big changes. They have the track record to backup any future trust for them to continue support for TD2 even if it is released half-baked

  • Dark_ruller blackheart909 (@Dark_ruller) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I was honestly going to say Division 2 because hopefully ubisoft has learnt from their mistakes in the first game. But then again even with all its short comings anthem feels like a breath of fresh air and could have potential once they iron out the issues. Hope they both do well

  • I_Star_Studios Alek P. (@I_Star_Studios) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame @TheDivisionGame Division 2. It seems they are trying iterate and fix the specific shortcomings of the original.

  • FrankFirezzz FireZ (@FrankFirezzz) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I think the Division 2 will end up better. Ubisoft fixed most of the issues that the division one had and made it into a pretty good game by the end of it's life span. With Ubisoft promising free dlc for the division two, I truly think that the player base will stick with it

  • BeamStalk BeamStalk (@BeamStalk) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Division 2 because they have experience with the first game and a decent track record of trying to fix the first game.

  • erenozkan54 Eren Özkan (@erenozkan54) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I entered the game today at 6 pm,there was no problem at all,I closed the game after 1 hour,I slept and got up at 9 am,but showed me a c-16-260 error,This time I turned on the game turned off error c30-131

  • TheDevilsWar DevilsWar 🇵🇷 (@TheDevilsWar) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Played Anthem demo, had no interest in day one purchase. Issues on keyboard & mouse with the flying mechanics & freezing. Divison 2 will be better, Massive had a rocky start with the 1st Division, stuck with the game & continously updated it. Better story, better mechanics.

  • Sale_Freux Nephalès (@Sale_Freux) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbiMassive @TheDivisionGame @UbisoftSupport 34 months after the release of The Division, we still do not know why this game had a catastrophic development with a team of broken arms who coded the game with the feet...

  • DerekWiggins13 Derek Wiggins (@DerekWiggins13) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Division 2. Experience over bioware on live service. Endgame seems more extensive. Ubisoft severs sucks but EA servers ****** blow.. blow hard. PVP helps create longer play times. An currently anthem has constant loading screens so yeah.. **** that.

  • Grosallug Rui Aniceto 🇵🇹 (@Grosallug) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I'd say Anthem. Most of the glaring problems seem somewhat fixable and if they truly mean what they promised (free story DLC and continuous support) it can become something very good. Also, Bioware has a lot riding on it, so it must feel like they HAVE to deliver.

  • FightingNoobs Fighting Noobs (@FightingNoobs) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame D2, only because it functioned better in beta. It's essentially D1, though. Idk, why people are letting them get away with it, honestly. Anthem is newer and more interesting, but won't appeal to the PvP crowd. It's also plagued by EA's scummy monetization, and technical issues.

  • JackShe57153035 Jack Shepard (@JackShe57153035) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Same engine. Same graphics/visuals. Same problems. Same pop-ins. Just the same.


    @TheDivisionGame Noticed that friends on ps4 with wifi connect are having more issues that hard lined folks...

  • karrib3n Karrib3n (@karrib3n) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame None, one is from studio that has long past seen it's time of glory and other is from devs that can't fix old mistakes in new release, both are from crap publishers... One already turned out to be medicore, other soon will be. I'll pass, Iceborn is closing in

  • AdawadkarVedant Vedant Adawadkar (@AdawadkarVedant) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I am going to say division 2 even though I was looking forward to Anthem so much. Mostly because with division 2 ubisoft seems to have fixed all the problems that plagued the first division. Only concern I have for division 2 is the state of the micro transactions in-game.

  • Cptr95 Chandler Morrison (@Cptr95) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I think TD2, Massive has shown from the beta alone that they were listening to player feedback on how to better the game. They've fixed many core issues, improved the bullet spongey-ness of boss/high tier enemies, etc.....

  • Timdoggrev Tim Crawford (@Timdoggrev) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Even though both games are far from perfect the division 2 is building off a exsisting ip looking to make inprovements instead of anthem which is trying to create a true "game as a service" model. Division 2 will sell and be a better game. But as I said both have many flaws

  • Raam_N_Noodles Gen. Raam N Noodles (@Raam_N_Noodles) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame @TheDivisionGame I hink Ubisoft and the developers have created a proven games as a service model that both works and respects a players time and respects their money

  • DarkholIow Darkhollow (@DarkholIow) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Division 2, because even though it's more of the same (which isn't a bad thing) the only problem it had was content at endgame. Anthem : the story is mediocre (BW's "strong suit")+ bad word of mouth from the beta, long loading screens and expensive MTX won't lead to good sales.

  • mrdajeffie Jeffrey Potter (@mrdajeffie) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Yep cant get in still getting the mike error

  • jasmaxwell Jason Maxwell (@jasmaxwell) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I would go with The Division 2 only because of Ubisofts track record and past experience with The Division 1. Anthem has been enjoyable but is chock full of bugs and server issues. If they don’t get fixed fast, gamers will move on to other experiences.