The Division 2 Outage Map

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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is an online-only open world third-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Massive and published by Ubisoft, with assistance from Red Storm Entertainment, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Division 2 Most Affected Locations

Outage reports and issues in the past 15 days originated from:

Location Reports
Munich, Bavaria 14
Paris, Île-de-France 13
Brisbane, QLD 9
Hamburg, HH 7
Melbourne, VIC 6
Atlanta, GA 6
Berlin, Land Berlin 5
Perth, WA 4
Sydney, NSW 4
Lausanne, VD 3
Manchester, England 3
Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid 3
Amsterdam, nh 3
Brachttal, Hessen 3
Atascadero, CA 3
Langenhagen, Lower Saxony 3
Oslo, Oslo County 3
L’Entre-Deux, Reunion 3
Frankfurt (Oder), Brandenburg 3
Brooklyn, NY 3
Haarlem, nh 2
Montpellier, Occitanie 2
Bremen, Bremen 2
Leipzig, Saxony 2
Sharon, PA 2
Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur 2
Cairo, Cairo Governorate 2
Metz, ACAL 2
Bern, BE 2
Mexico City, CDMX 2

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The Division 2 Comments

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The Division 2 Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Willi∆m (@WilliamDXMD) reported

    @Julien_VS @DuzgenK @TheDivisionGame And also i dont understand those statistics and why they matter so much. I played the game, no lag, and no bugs from i experience, the game ran perfectly fine on my ps4 and thats all that matters (not for you apparently)

  • Agent_Putt (@AgentPutt) reported

    @BigSingleSupra @hamishbode @Sys0p_ @rideromscgansl1 @LtBuzzLitebeer @ChrisGansler @jgerighty @aemond @JohanLnh @AmperCamper @ellahellberg @TheDivisionGame @Elites_Academy @ClancyElites @widdzTV I think when you say constant content like in your opinion say once per month is completely unrealistic. This issue isn’t how often content is dropping its what’s in the content. Adding 4 new missions and expeditions since launch which are temporary isn’t good enough

  • Chomerly Warner (@ChomerlyWarner) reported

    @JohanLnh @21Kiloton @LtBuzzLitebeer @ChrisGansler @jgerighty @aemond @AmperCamper @ellahellberg @TheDivisionGame @Elites_Academy @ClancyElites @widdzTV Well I know first hand the community does indeed censor criticism so the line '...that our channels are not censored.' Is utter tosh. And my only "crime" was that I aired my issues from my experiences of the game on Reddit. Within the hour of being posted it was gone.

  • PHXGaming (@PHXGaming_) reported

    @SITREPRadio @AgentPutt @LtBuzzLitebeer @jgerighty @JohanLnh @hamishbode @The_Spier @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft @Elites_Academy @ClancyElites @aemond @AmperCamper But here's the problem...though Buzz's write up is good...the common thing is MONEY...talking about compensation as if it was that easy when it's not, a developer just cant fork out compensation or divert attention to focus on a single goal until certain criterias are met....

  • Thomas Obbekær Thomsen (@obbek_r) reported

    @JohanLnh @21Kiloton @LtBuzzLitebeer @ChrisGansler @jgerighty @aemond @AmperCamper @ellahellberg @TheDivisionGame @Elites_Academy @ClancyElites @widdzTV A quick glance at your forums also shows what the community wants(there is basically 2 issues). But nothing is being addressed or talked about. And that's what is frustrating. "Talk to me Goose" is what the community is whispering, while they grasp their copy of the game.

  • Ryan Fogaren (@TheFogie) reported

    @simunic_ante @JJNR1982 @TheDivisionGame Cause no one wants to watch you play dress up. We want them to fix the broken game they sold

  • Amin Hasan (@AminRasmiHasan) reported

    @meNtal_oof @TheDivisionGame The bigger problem is why they have a few resources for Div2! Which is not an old game...

  • SinisterSchism (@SinsiterGaming) reported

    @wdfgamingnet @imJanko @teado25 @SilasLayer @LtBuzzLitebeer @ChrisGansler @jgerighty @aemond @JohanLnh @AmperCamper @ellahellberg @TheDivisionGame @Elites_Academy @ClancyElites @widdzTV I see the problem... instead of just doing what the game has done. They have tried to recreate what others do. Division 1 from the standpoint of PvP was good, not perfect. D2... not so much I have yet to fully enjoy myself in the DZ. And for me that is replayability.

  • CHN-Nobody (@chn_nobody) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Why not fix the bug that we cannot rverse

  • 21Kiloton (@21Kiloton) reported

    @JohanLnh @LtBuzzLitebeer @ChrisGansler @jgerighty @aemond @AmperCamper @ellahellberg @TheDivisionGame @Elites_Academy @ClancyElites @widdzTV And fyi its your job to respond to legitimate criticism of a broken, unfinished, games-as-a-service trainwreck. Its not your job to coach us about "manners". How about you guys jog along and fix the game, and spend less time on social media making "****" insults and preaching.

  • OldJonnyP 💥🇨🇦🇨🇦💥 (@OldJonnyP) reported

    @albegomez1992 @LtBuzzLitebeer @ChrisGansler @jgerighty @aemond @JohanLnh @AmperCamper @ellahellberg @TheDivisionGame @Elites_Academy @ClancyElites @widdzTV I don't disagree, communication is a big issue right now.

  • EzioAuditore (@EzioAudi2re) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @ChrisGansler @jgerighty @aemond @JohanLnh @AmperCamper @ellahellberg @TheDivisionGame @Elites_Academy @ClancyElites @widdzTV I feel bad abt recent things too. Worlds a shit place. Cant expect everyone to talk good. But fighting it wont make it better either. When you represent something, I would say 'lead by example'. And abt the game, anything can go wrong but whether we willing to fix it is the point

  • Drew Rinaldi (@LiKeBuTTeR9) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @ChrisGansler @jgerighty @aemond @JohanLnh @AmperCamper @ellahellberg @TheDivisionGame @Elites_Academy @ClancyElites @widdzTV For a long time now, there has been a bit of a disconnect. I think it started around 1.6. Teams seem to be getting shuffled around way too much. People we used to go to for info, go radio silent and seem to not even be involved with the game anymore. But we NEVER get that info.

  • 21Kiloton (@21Kiloton) reported

    @Elites_Academy @LtBuzzLitebeer @ChrisGansler @jgerighty @aemond @JohanLnh @AmperCamper @ellahellberg @TheDivisionGame @ClancyElites @widdzTV You may very well be entirely correct mate. That said, (and this is directed at Ubisoft, not you) ..."that aint our ******* problem". 😂 As a community its not our job to accept failure based on internal corporate structuring.

  • Teado (@teado25) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @ChrisGansler @jgerighty @aemond @JohanLnh @AmperCamper @ellahellberg @TheDivisionGame @Elites_Academy @ClancyElites @widdzTV Well put, I agree with your comments. If you subscribe to the games as service model your level of engagement with your players has to be top level. For me Ubi/Massive has only ever appeared to offer a veneer of this and most of it is just stage management.

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