Is Rainbow Six: Siege down?

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Siege puts heavy emphasis on environmental destruction and co-operation between players through tactical movements, advancements, defensive positioning, calling out enemy locations and the operators chosen by the enemy team.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (40.19%)
  • Sign in (26.17%)
  • Matchmaking (19.63%)
  • Game Crash (8.41%)
  • Glitches (5.61%)

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  • Beariable Bear (@Beariable) reported

    @UbisoftSupport you guys ever gonna fix the rainbow six siege audio bug on Xbox orrrrr

  • NATO_____ Nate (@NATO_____) reported

    So stupid. Please @Rainbow6Game fix this

  • JamesMa89425548 James Mann (@JamesMa89425548) reported

    @Ubisoft fix your rainbow six siege hit boxes and stop the wall hacks and there are way to many campers just laying and pre fire aiming and spraying like now's the time after 4 years to actually fix your game instead of adding skins packs and unnecessary tweaks 😠

  • LegendK50692114 Legend Killer (@LegendK50692114) reported

    @Rainbow6Game FIX YOUR GAME UBISOFT.

  • Maris_cte Maris (@Maris_cte) reported

    Srsly wtf is wrong with @Rainbow6Game I disconned cuz of internet issues what's fine but then I'm unable to ******* reconnect to the game and get banned for it AND this is not even the first time **** this game it ******* sucks @UbisoftSupport

  • Azros_3 Azros_3 (@Azros_3) reported

    So today I want to announce that I've left the @gyroggo Rainbow Six Siege ps4 team. I was sick of feeling as if I didn't have freedom and smaller issues. At the end of the day @RipReck and @SKOMonste are still like family so no hard feelings. I just want to do my own thing.

  • Patrickrh713 Patrick Hill (@Patrickrh713) reported


  • SVRNesports Sovereign Esports (@SVRNesports) reported

    @G2Pengu @Rainbow6Game FIX PLEASE :)

  • aydt_marshall Marshall aydt (@aydt_marshall) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix the audio bugs with drones and death interactions cant hear explosions footsteps or gunshots on drones and when I'm dead

  • HendrikSPostma1 Hendrik.S.Postma (@HendrikSPostma1) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Fix the matchmaking

  • HendrikSPostma1 Hendrik.S.Postma (@HendrikSPostma1) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Fix the fkin matchmaking!!!!!!;;pleasseeeeeee!!!!!

  • Grant97791658 Grant (@Grant97791658) reported

    Can we please fix the meta in Rainbow Six Siege I’m losing my brain cells. @Rainbow6Game

  • colinshultz6 Colin Shultz (@colinshultz6) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix matchmaking i’m a gold 4 and i’m playing against plat 2s and 3s and it’s so frustrating

  • EdwinAn21 Edwin Andrade (@EdwinAn21) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I play in ps4 and this issue happens in all maps but especially in Villa where if you moved the drone towards the objective the sound bug starts but it also happen to me in all other maps. Villa is the map I mostly have get the sound bug.

  • Podolski_R6 Podolski (@Podolski_R6) reported

    @AFFeR6s @Rainbow6Game Is there any point in this tweet when you don't come with any solutions. You complain a lot about things "they won't fix" but never come with any solution for a fix.

  • stefan__kohut _stefan_k_ (@stefan__kohut) reported

    There is a broken exploit in the game everyone in the community is sick of it. You can constantly crouch spam and it makes it harder for you to hit them please fix this @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game

  • aydt_marshall Marshall aydt (@aydt_marshall) reported

    @Rainbow6Game my audio in my headset is broken cant hear gunfire or footsteps a friend of mine had the same problem

  • OremoTV Oremo (@OremoTV) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @UbisoftDE Rainbow six siege Bug report: - Voicechat sometimes not working - Drones can't spot objectives sometimes - you can teamkill 2 people without getting banned Please Ubi, fix this

  • AFFeR6s AFFe🇸🇪 (@AFFeR6s) reported

    @Podolski_R6 @Rainbow6Game What i mean by the old tweet i did was that there is No point on complaining on for example meta abusing bc they are not gonna fix it. All i mean by this is the game is gonna die bc they dont fix shit

  • Connorusher1 Connor usher (@Connorusher1) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft @PlayStation @Rainbow6Game Just tweeting to let you know your game on console is still frustrating and hard to play because of the cheaters using mnkb :D Hope you fix it soon before its too late.

  • HeyItsMe468 King Rex (@HeyItsMe468) reported

    @Rainbow6Game game crash for everyone in my ranked match 2 times tonight @UbisoftSupport fix this problem ubi I love ur game but this is a problem

  • mrfrakits Toni (@mrfrakits) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Hey could you fix a little bug that dosent let me to connect the ranked match i qued for but get the ban

  • Tuannguyen110 tuan nguyen (@Tuannguyen110) reported

    @UbisoftSupport hey ubisoft team, you can update ban, pick map in rainbow six. when update toxicity i have 2 map always crash game when loading map zzz. can't fix :<

  • dannynotyt Danny (@dannynotyt) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I keep getting kicked out of my games, fix your shit ffs

  • kunjpatel1910 Kunj Patel (@kunjpatel1910) reported

    @Rainbow6Game please improve your matchmaking I am getting a 7 to 50 level teammates in my team which are of no use and others are above 100 because I am above 100 level. Please fix it guys please.

  • OsJusticeirosPT Kristi (@OsJusticeirosPT) reported

    @Rainbow6Game i always played well rainbow six, since yesterday I have had problems because I enter the game and i have the sound very low, i have already put the volume in 100% , already updated drivers, already uninstalled and installed the game...

  • RainbowMike Mike Wlodarczyk (@RainbowMike) reported

    This week at The Rainbow Centre: Sun. Jan. 20: Service 10am Mon. Jan. 21: Dream Catchers 10-noon Tues. Jan. 22: Prayer 6-7am Wed. Jan. 23: Service 7pm Sun. Jan. 27: Service 10am with meal together at 4pm

  • shireyed Mordrid (@shireyed) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix your broken crouch spamming lean spamming ass game. This is stupid.

  • monk3yt Teo (@monk3yt) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Please fix the microphone not working bug!

  • PropelyTo HowToPropelyDie (@PropelyTo) reported

    @Rainbow6Game pls fix the audio issues affecting some players on ps4

  • als3edi_97 عبدالرحمن 💙🦍 (@als3edi_97) reported

    Please fix the glitch of not moving and can’t do anything in first round and to solve the glitch u should restart the game im play in PlayStation @Rainbow6Game

  • flako_1k ★ Angél ★ (@flako_1k) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix yo servers !! 😡

  • Akuma3193 Supppyre (@Akuma3193) reported

    Hey, @Rainbow6Game I can't join the servers. As I start the game it pops up with an error saying it's unable to connect to the servers. Please help.

  • jameskingsbury James Kingsbury (@jameskingsbury) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I'd really like to see your TK penalty system fixed. Two games today I'm repeatedly tkd by a team, but if I retaliate I'm the one that gets kicked because they can trade tks. Shit is toxic and not fun for casual solo players. This system did not a fix for toxicity.

  • TM_P_Kitsune TM P Kitsune (@TM_P_Kitsune) reported

    @Rainbow6Game please fix your shit anti cheat system, im sick and tired of matching up against ******* plats what are getting carried by ******* hackers, it ******* annoying, like for real you dont get hackers on console, but you do on PC, fix this shit game! With love - Kitsune

  • BazzioGaming BAZZIO (@BazzioGaming) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix your game

  • DevOrv419 Devin™ (@DevOrv419) reported

    @Ubisoft hey how about you fix your rainbow 6 servers, your reputation of making shit games is 100% true

  • basic_white_mqn ya boi Kyle (@basic_white_mqn) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix the audio bugs on xbox PLEASE! They've been here for so long n nothing has ever been said by you guys

  • Igbokwuni Okechukwu Onuoha (@Igbokwuni) reported

    DRAMATIC PARENTS: I was so excited my story got published on @GuardianNigeria that I called my Dad to tell him. Dude bought the paper and sent me a list of errors. Dude found an error in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Don't even get me started on the 3 spelling errors in his Dictionary

  • TisVicente Vince Caro (@TisVicente) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix crouch spamming, @PlayStation fix the keyboard compatibility, there is no need.

  • GameInGameOut GamingAdequately (@GameInGameOut) reported

    Hey @Rainbow6Game maybe fix the game giving out abandon penalties when the match was clearly over physically.

  • ZedoTheKing ‏ً (@ZedoTheKing) reported

    mudzxzxzxzxzxzx sent me a clip of him killing me in a scrim with an ACOG and called me MNK... @Rainbow6Game Fix These Y3 Players.

  • happythijmen Thijmen (@happythijmen) reported

    Just found this glitch in a map :p @Rainbow6Game @ESLRainbowSix #rainbow6siege #RainbowSix

  • yoma_kami_ John Ivan Perez (@yoma_kami_) reported

    But why is blitz broken, you can shoot through his shield, his flash don’t work, you can knife through his shield @Rainbow6Game comon

  • HeyFrankTV Franklin (@HeyFrankTV) reported

    @iBreeto @Rainbow6Game I know there was a bug for people who own all ops that would pop up with an error code but they patched it just a few weeks ago. Odd that it's still not working on your end.

  • iBreeto sabrina nicole🤟 (@iBreeto) reported

    @HeyFrankTV @Rainbow6Game I've already tried and an error comes up

  • abacha7 unknown (@abacha7) reported

    @Rainbow6Game so many cheaters on the xbox one that it is unplayable. I should be a plat 1 right now but I keep getting D-dos every other game. Please fix this .

  • LoganBuehler3 Logan Buehler (@LoganBuehler3) reported

    Please ubisoft can you fix crouch spamming!PLEASE! I can’t even play this game anymore. @Rainbow6Game

  • GwaTinker tinker gwa (@GwaTinker) reported

    @UbisoftClub @Rainbow6Game Okay firstly, please fix yo game on console,

  • eagles221122 Eagles221122 (@eagles221122) reported

    @Rainbow6Game im gold 1 and i just versed 2 diamonds on the enemy team can you plz fix the matchmaking. Fyi we gave them a run for there money.

  • Gukajoe18 Luka 👏👌 (@Gukajoe18) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport @YumiMain Please can you fix the game The game encounters many issues. Even though there is so much maintenance it seems that it doesn’t matter. Many people of the siege community would agree that there are a lot of bugs and broken mechanics

  • Gukajoe18 Luka 👏👌 (@Gukajoe18) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft @YumiMain Please do fix your game. Nothing in it works properly. Headshots don’t register at all. I’m someone that takes this game very seriously and for me to see that this game is having so many issues is a big deal. I’m siege community could agree.

  • CHRIS2_0_1_8 Chris Richardson (@CHRIS2_0_1_8) reported

    @Ubisoft here sort out the matchs in rainbow six siege, for the past 10 games ive been put it with level 200+ and platinum and diamond ranked and im only level 60+ fix this please!!

  • TREVORbsgaming Zombie T14 (@TREVORbsgaming) reported

    Just ran into a group of hackers on rainbow six this is sad PC games are fun and all but they’re not fun if you run into hackers it’s stupid my gun was broken and I couldn’t see anything because the textures or what ever wear just all over the screen @Ubisoft fix this now!

  • glixcr glixcr iF (@glixcr) reported

    Anyone know how to fix this everytime i get into a game it days connection lost and i have perfect ping and nothings wrong and itd everytime i join a game i need help plz @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game wont respond to anything i ask or anything i even put in a ticket smh

  • PhantomMAN757 Christian (@PhantomMAN757) reported

    @Rainbow6Game on console there is glitch after losing a ranked game it says you have an abandonment penalty and me and 3 friends and we did not leave

  • dz_nz_official doodlez_noodlez (@dz_nz_official) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game Can you please for God sakes fix ranked matchmaking

  • ArashKarimagha1 Arash Karimaghaei (@ArashKarimagha1) reported

    @Rainbow6Game why is cav getting nerfed but blitz isn't. Why is clash getting buffed so significantly but other ops that need a buff dont. It seems like people in ubisoft are lost. I love siege but stupid shit like blitz and bugs take the fun out of it. Plz fix the game...

  • Gukajoe18 Luka 👏👌 (@Gukajoe18) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME

  • AgentCivi AgentCivi NYC 🔜 Washington D.C. (@AgentCivi) reported

    @LgndsNvrDi @IFrAgMenTIx @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft I have the same issue, but try other cables or even boxes. For further questions or troubleshooting, ask @UbisoftSupport, they are very friendly and helpful :)

Rainbow Six: Siege Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0xc000009a
  • 2-0x00000041
  • 2-0x00000067
  • 2-0x00000068
  • 2-0x0000B005
  • 2-0x0000C003
  • 2-0x0000c004
  • 2-0x0000e000
  • 2-0x00019001
  • 3-0x0001000b
  • 4-0xFFF0BDDC
  • 6-0x00001000
  • 8-0x00000001
  • 8-0X00000052
  • CE-34878-0