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Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and community features such as friends lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and chat functionality. Available on Window, Mac OS and Playstation.

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  • mediaslave_ca Jeff Monk (@mediaslave_ca) reported

    @pcdev @pcdev_assist So pretty safe to say you guys have zero control over COD BO2 now. Hackers can crash your game at will, guys are NOT banned despite multiple reports, and you and @steam_games just give weak game bans instead of account/ machine bans. Disappointing.

  • legion948 legion-948 (@legion948) reported

    @steam_games and @survivetheark Ya way to play without crash please ca drunk ....

  • alterz_bh Alterz (@alterz_bh) reported

    I couldn't buy @RocketLeague with the discount because steam kept showing error: -118 @steam_games **** you I actually hate your site rn

  • yo0uarefullofbs $pencer (@yo0uarefullofbs) reported

    @Steam_Support what the f*** is wrong with steam, ruining my comp matches in destiny 2 is f***ing bulls**t! FIX THE GOD DAMN SERVERS YOU HAVE LESS THAN 200K PLAYERS PLAYING THE GAME

  • GloriousEggroll Eggy (@GloriousEggroll) reported

    @killyourfm @Radeon @nvidia @steam_games @LutrisGaming Gonna be real honest here, I hate Mint and always have. It's never run correctly, and I've always had more issues helping troubleshoot other people's problems on Mint than any other distro.

  • BetaInABall Fish (@BetaInABall) reported

    @steam_games @BDO_News My steam bdo got stolen and delinked without compromosing my steam account. My bf saw me online which is impossible and when i tried to play i got an authentication error. Went thru all steps online nothing :( no protection. support ticket: 1046004

  • Ausseresaurus Ausseresaurus (SiaB) (@Ausseresaurus) reported

    @Steam_Support I got locked out of my account and I can't remember my login info. If I make a new account can I get my games back. It's only Skyrim and Fallout 4

  • HarshMhashelkar mumbaisehoonbc (@HarshMhashelkar) reported

    @steam_games @CSGO I need full supply of games for rest of my life...and allow us to hack more conveniently...and don’t give me this error “VAC was unable to verify game session” Thank you!

  • LpRo_15 LpRo_15 (@LpRo_15) reported

    @steam_games I’m having issues with my game crashing, way more than even remotely acceptable. Tried resolving the issue with @UbisoftSupport and it looks like it’s a steam issue.

  • Nsix4 Nexus (@Nsix4) reported

    Just played 4 hours of 50 minutes of deathmatch and arms race and didn't get a single case. @steam_games @CSGO please fix

  • runswithscisso Matt (@runswithscisso) reported

    @Steam_Support I recently purchased #deadbydaylight and keep getting this error Fatal error: [File:Unknown] [Line: 200] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG') I've researched it on the steam support page and tried the solutions

  • _CloverSmile Just a Queekie (@_CloverSmile) reported

    @AEskolin @steam_games Problem is that here we see it being used for a sale, and I am pretty sure it was used by twitter recently too.

  • TheVoidRose Rose (@TheVoidRose) reported

    @FortniteGame Can you at least fix the store so I can play Borderlands 3. @EpicGames @steam_games @SidAlpha

  • loonsfn L🎃ons (@loonsfn) reported

    @steam_games @CSGO just fix the 7 day trading ban shit and make the game come back and all us fortnite ppl will go back to cs! :)

  • carmichaelits David Carmichael (@carmichaelits) reported

    @EpicGames - I don't care about #Fortnite , can you please fix your game launcher. So I can play Borderlands 3 on my day off... Knew I should of waited for it on @steam_games ...

  • dhruvatri883 साकाहारीवादी- ध्रुव त्रिपाठी/Dhruva Tripathi (@dhruvatri883) reported

    @steam_games hi, I have purchased a game called #GTA5 from your service but from the email #X1 which I used to purchased want to change that #X2. Is it possible, I will be very thankful if it happens means I get what i wished.

  • dsarcasticgeek SHD-Agnt.Classified (@dsarcasticgeek) reported

    @oScufix @steam_games Its not just us Bruh! Everyone that I play with have this problem one time or another.

  • edddeduck Edwin Smith (@edddeduck) reported

    @Dimillian @steam_games You can manually launch the game by double clicking on the actual app by viewing the install folder (this should work but haven’t tested this specific game). The error is because Valve assume all apps are 32bit unless the developer manually updates a brand new 64bit MacOS flag.

  • Avisorin Alexis Tafoya (@Avisorin) reported

    FIX YOUR ****** SERVERS @Bungie @BungieHelp @steam_games @DestinyTheGame

  • Hero_Of_Hyrule0 The Piazza Experience (@Hero_Of_Hyrule0) reported

    @steam_games hey y’all might want to fix sonic generations... still have the controller bug from nearly 5 years ago.... now on stream I have to stop playing your game.... seems like it’s a bug with vibration

  • unicornwraith Austin Wraith (@unicornwraith) reported

    @Steam_Support why did you guys auto log me out and now that I have the steam Authenticator app I can’t use my email to get my password back witch wouldn’t be a problem but you guys auto logged me out there to so now I have to submit a support ticket just to get into my account😐

  • DamonTwist damon twist (@DamonTwist) reported

    @Bungie fix the comp match making your ruining this game.And since you went to @steam_games the lag is unbelievable. This game is going to crap!!!

  • TomeOfElectrum Ben (@TomeOfElectrum) reported

    @CanadianBard @steam_games @TeamFortress Sounds like a windows problem. Specifically steam isn't able to update certain files.

  • juuhho Juho Aho (@juuhho) reported

    @Steam_Support I have a problem with loggign in to my steam account. I lost my password because my phone broke and i had my pasword in there. I also can´t log in to my guard because the phone :/ My username is: juuhhoz

  • PinkLightning6 Pink Lightning Gacha and Gaming (@PinkLightning6) reported

    @VinnisVidya @VapourShark @Litework_TV @steam_games It's a kids game idiot there's nothing gay in it there may be *********** like in sonic 06 if anybody could even play that broken trash but there is nothing gay in it

  • MrRockefellerSr why bother? (@MrRockefellerSr) reported

    Also @Rainbow6Game fix my shop so I can purchase through @steam_games

  • Beccdoor Becc (commissions open!) (@Beccdoor) reported

    @cosplayadmiral @Steam_Support Same problem :(

  • MrJacksonUnder Mr. Jackson Undercover (@MrJacksonUnder) reported

    @streamlabs Well it looks like I was happy to early. But atm it seems that it is a issue with the @steam_games talk chat. After my buddy joined it happend again

  • dsarcasticgeek SHD-Agnt.Classified (@dsarcasticgeek) reported

    @steam_games Destiny 2 keeps crashing(or rather steam keeps freezing) and the game crashes because of it. There is no error code nothing. Don't even get me started on the disconnects. Thank you for ruining our favorite game!

  • LiquidMarine Uerbeq (@LiquidMarine) reported

    I literally stopped a game because someone said On my team said they were mad at N*****. Proceeded to get reported by them saying I was the problem when I wouldn’t want to play thanks @CSGO and @steam_games for allowing racisms in your games

  • ZeronicMatrix Zeronic Matrix (@ZeronicMatrix) reported

    @HaggardGamer @AMDGaming @RockstarGames @steam_games @GOGcom I never had that issue for the most part, I would just copy the disk to an iso and leave it on my home server. If all launchers had similar features and weren't walled gardens, then I would mind. #DRMFree is my prefer platform, no need to worry about other people's clouds.

  • PhilipKeckler Philip Keckler (@PhilipKeckler) reported

    @steam_games big picture mode ruins everything and makes games not fun anymore fix it

  • cnd75891814 cnd (@cnd75891814) reported

    @steam_games why is it that out of all the services that we have to log into on the internet Steam has the most atrocious log in settings/procedure. I have the correct username and password yet it tells me I don't. This has been an issue for users since 2015!

  • trai_all Trai-All (@trai_all) reported

    @Blizzard @steam_games For example, one person on steam cannot play a shared game of "getting over it" because the person who bought and shared "getting over it" is currently playing "octodad"... such a BAD system. I would never have this issue if we had bought these games on xbox.

  • TrashPrinceDio Joseph Joestar ass clapping asmr (@TrashPrinceDio) reported

    @LurchioGaming @steam_games I can think of some JRPGs, though I'm not so knowledgeable on that firsthand, as I don't play them. Also Japan isn't quite so progressive in such issues. But, also some stereotypes are created purely to justify hatred. The predatory gay man, for example.

  • FpsGraf FpsGraf (@FpsGraf) reported

    @BungieHelp @Steam_Support Hello, I’d like to report a problem that happened with my friends account. He was a d2 player on ps4 and when the crosssave feature was activated he decided to move on steam. When he linked his ps4 account with his steam he went to play and got banned.

  • _KidBlackStar NichoJenkins (@_KidBlackStar) reported

    @Steam_Support has literally the worst customer service and part of the reason is no having any😑😑

  • Angelo_Leonhart Nelo Angelo (@Angelo_Leonhart) reported

    @JaviVader9 @steam_games I'm kinda slow to understand things .-. Issues of interpretations, I'm sorry

  • TheSomethingRad Something Rad (@TheSomethingRad) reported from Sioux City, Iowa

    @Goonzig @MX_Bikes @steam_games You have to have a good controller setup. Having controls that you are comfortable with is the key to getting comfy. It’s just trial and error until you find what you like. I’m still trying to figure mine out

  • BossofNubs Samuel (@BossofNubs) reported

    So i bought @PCBuildingSim yesterday and i spent 5 hours trying to get it to run. Because I spent so much time trying to fix the game so i could play it @steam_games @Steam_Support wont let me get a refund... ******* I guess.

  • ColdFlex0 Xxx (@ColdFlex0) reported

    @steam_games Maybe fix your password reset system to work

  • Erk_Ehigu ErkEhigu (@Erk_Ehigu) reported

    @IdeaFactoryIntl @steam_games I tried Trillion, Moero and Monster Monpiece, but they're so bug. Black screen crash at the start and empty text boxes. I saw on steam a lot of people have this issues, but no solution...

  • fredouche33 Frederic Lessard (@fredouche33) reported

    @RollinRiz @steam_games I had the same problem once , its stupid !

  • jpbeeman JustinTlME (@jpbeeman) reported

    @SayNoToRage @Bungie @steam_games Yup, I was super ticked when I tried this the other night. Just wanted to boot up and play while laying in bed. But nothing. Someone needs to fix this.

  • si_watton 🔴 MR WATTON 🎮 (@si_watton) reported

    💔Bought #GRID2019 then requested - @steam_games refund. Constant crashes with #dx12 errors. I REALLY wanted to play this what with the awesome reviews, and now I’m totally disheartened! 😔 oh @Codemasters , such a shame 🤕

  • raygank Raygan Kelly (Black Eagles) (@raygank) reported

    @steam_games @simogo I expected this with the 64 bit transition, but it's still annoying that the Steam UI gives you no indication that anything is wrong. No error message or anything. It would be nice if it would mark the incompatible games or something.

  • thiagotransao Good boy for president (@thiagotransao) reported

    @TanookiSuit3 @ValveNewsNetwor @TheHorseMangler @LiamMoffitt @aeonbollig Your map is cool, @steam_games server crash at the end not cool

  • frozty_alt Frozty 🎃 (@frozty_alt) reported

    @Steam_Support and @CSGO wtf I goot OW banned not i do noot cheat your OW system if ******* broken, it was probably some ******* silver thet did OW and gott me ******* banned for no reason

  • rottenrosen 𝕱𝖔𝖗𝖌𝖎𝖛𝖊𝖓 𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖕𝖆𝖎𝖗 (@rottenrosen) reported

    Anyone who's worked with DS4 controllers + @steam_games — my controller is detected in the app & in game (FFXIV) but the overlay isn't working therefore the controller bindings don't apply when game launches. I've never had this issue before & it randomly occurred last night 💦

  • Dead8ces #Dead8ces (@Dead8ces) reported

    @steam_games It was a little glitch I had on my 2k 2715x1527 on Steam Beta. Now it's resolved. thanks guys.

  • Xbox_Amb_Teagan Teagan (Xbox Ambassador) (@Xbox_Amb_Teagan) reported

    @radforddiakiw @Bungie @BungieHelp @XboxCanada @XboxSupport @Xbox @steam_games This is a problem that may need to be solved by Destiny 2's support, not Xbox.

  • maximusZ09 Entertainer (@maximusZ09) reported

    @steam_games Want to purchase it, but I keep getting errors on my card please help @IdeaFactoryIntl

  • CMJ_Streamerz CMJ Productions LLC (@CMJ_Streamerz) reported

    @steam_games umm you might fix your registration system it lacks sign up processes we verified email 3 times and it does not redirect you back to sign up. we do this sometimes for development and how to support we now can not offer help to our clients and will have to ban the steam system.

  • trouxazancanele publiciotário (@trouxazancanele) reported

    @Steam_Support @steam_games your ******* site doesnt show the request i just made, and i want to pay for the game i just bought, but theres no way i can get the bar code to do so. and you keep sending me emails of payment pending. fix this payment system

  • TruMediaMix1 Riley Klein - Child of the Marker (@TruMediaMix1) reported

    @aureylian @steam_games Before you ask, I reinstalled the game (and Forged Alliance) this week. I tried all sorts of solutions already: • Updating my drivers • Scanning for malware • Messing with the game files (which is how I discovered the problem - the game runs perfectly when sound is disabled)

  • TruMediaMix1 Riley Klein - Child of the Marker (@TruMediaMix1) reported

    @aureylian I’ve been having technical difficulties lately as well. When I reinstalled Supreme Commander on @steam_games, the audio was causing my game to be a stuttery mess. It freezes for a moment so frequently due to the audio that it’s like a slide show. Still trying to fix this.

  • BudGie1979uk BudGie1979uk (@BudGie1979uk) reported

    @steam_games Sorry, but im sick of trying to race online in project cars 2, and your unreliable service, has made it impossible to play more than 3 nights a week. Constantly having myself and others disconnected from steam what is going on, you need to compensate your player base

  • DabMasterDaniel Dab Daniel (@DabMasterDaniel) reported

    I don't remember your customers asking you to fix vertigo @steam_games not sure why you are doing unnecessary changes when nobody asked you to it appears they said to do something about the cheating and to make a new anti-cheat #valve #csgo

  • ThatGuyJakeYT shhh (@ThatGuyJakeYT) reported

    @steam_games Bro fix steamguard

  • FriendlySpatula FriendlySpatula (@FriendlySpatula) reported

    So to correctly get a controller to interact with @DestinyTheGame via @steam_games and @NVIDIASHIELD, I had to legit hide the controller from steam before launching it. I don't know which of the three companies is at fault, but.... Fix it