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Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and community features such as friends lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and chat functionality. Available on Window, Mac OS and Playstation.

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  • Glitches (8.67%)
  • Matchmaking (5.78%)
  • Game Crash (1.93%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.72%)

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  • Silas31980622 Silas (@Silas31980622) reported from Stockton, California

    @steam_games Hey Steam I can’t play Garry’s mod it loads then it goes to my desktop and it says it’s a Steam error when it happened all the time.Any ways Steam can you fix this Please.

  • anonymous51672 Anonymous51672 (@anonymous51672) reported

    @TarilltheMad @TwitchSupport @YouTube @Twitter @steam_games @Twitter @TwitterSupport @steam_games @youtube @Twitch @TwitchSupport Why are we allowing a blatant Terms of Service violation happen. This user admitted to being 12, and yet their accounts are all active. This is targeted harassment and I would hate to see if nothing is done.

  • NoiSinEss 🏴‍☠️ (@NoiSinEss) reported

    @Steam_Support Hello. I cannot create a ticket about my issue and I am extremely frustrated.

  • lenitrous_ Nitrous (@lenitrous_) reported

    @IdeaFactoryIntl @steam_games That's cool and all but Re;Birth 2 Babysitter's Club DLC is still broken. Also I just bought Re;Birth 3 so uhhh [ I don't wanna get spoilered ]

  • enderdragon1989 The Raging Dragon (@enderdragon1989) reported

    @steam_games ok wtf is going on I keep trying to login to my account and keeps saying wrong password so I rest it and still saying it after 5 times resetting and still getting wrong password is wrong wtf is happening

  • rockinarsenal dave (@rockinarsenal) reported

    @AlphaFoxWarfare @AntGodber @Sony @PlayStation @steam_games @Xbox same so far haven't had any issue with my ps4.Downloads are fast as my net

  • hrax Gregor (@hrax) reported

    @UbisoftSupport is telling me to contact @steam_games to deal with my transaction issues. @steam_games is telling me to contact @UbisoftSupport for any transaction issues performed via Uplay overlay... I fee like talking to a wall...

  • SkilledWarriors Skilled Warriors (@SkilledWarriors) reported

    @CRIMS0NGUARDX @steam_games @MortalKombat found the problem, it says crimson_guard and not my name there lol :P

  • donbwhite Donald White (@donbwhite) reported

    @steam_games @Steam_Support how can I actually get help with an issue. The "step paths" in the support portal are not useful as I have a convoluted issue. I can't seem to simply open a ticket of any sort. :(

  • Meet_The_Pyro Meet The Pyro (@Meet_The_Pyro) reported

    @steam_games I've been having trouble accessing the steam store for several days, on different machines-.Error codes -105 & -107 often, browser complains about outdated or unsafe TLS security settings on the site sometimes. At random times everything works, and then stops again

  • TokyoTurps Turps (@TokyoTurps) reported

    I would appreciate it if @steam_games didn't randomly load the community page up in the middle of my game, causing my game to crash & then making my entire PC crash. Sort it out! May as well point out that Steam constantly freezes when I click on things which is a common problem!

  • DuvalSorceryNot Rando Pitchfork (@DuvalSorceryNot) reported

    @ArminServati @Philosotheist @DuvalMagic @Hecklezz @thereal_scottv @steam_games My hard data suggests that only players aged “baby boy” have a problem, and as we all know babies can’t have credit cards so I don’t care what they think.

  • dmodoto lolnator (@dmodoto) reported

    @IceFrog @steam_games @Steam_Support @DOTA2 PLEASE NERF LION I AM BEGGING YOU HE IS BROKEN **** THIS GAME ITS SO ******* TRASH

  • Knightrider1423 Gerardo Martinez (@Knightrider1423) reported

    @steam_games why is website not allowing me to sign in I've been having this problem all day

  • red_raven Fran (@red_raven) reported

    @deadislandgame @steam_games Shame you can't fix your in game issues because screw your players right 🙄 #ripdeadisland2

  • pvdelg Paul Del Guercio (@pvdelg) reported

    @steam_games Help, my account was hacked and there is no way to reach you if I can't confirm my email because it was changed by the hacker. I love you service but you don't give us any way to get accounts back. I have records of purchases to prove my account

  • IdeaFactoryIntl Idea Factory Intl (@IdeaFactoryIntl) reported

    @bansama @steam_games Hello~ the issue should have been fixed yesterday, but we will contact the Steam team again to get it fixed!

  • BaileNation 🥵 (@BaileNation) reported

    @carlosgzz03 @liamx2000 @MortalKombat @Xbox @steam_games @PlayStation No Problem 🙏🏾

  • SpaceWipeGames SpaceWipe Games (@SpaceWipeGames) reported

    @steam_games Hi, I would like to know if there is problem with my registration at steamworks. Tax and identification have been pending since late february. I did answer the Lilaham email with pictures that was required. #Steamworks #steamworksTaxIdentity #steam

  • Cornytheman Cornelius Hermansen (@Cornytheman) reported

    I HATE STEAM ALOT! @Steam_Support cant play csgo divinity 2 uninstalled after failed appecte to veritfy files !!!! i reinstalled 34 ******* giga to get a error doing first time setup BULLSHIT! **** off sorry no hate just annoyed i got myself in this bs sits.....PepeHands

  • JokerReview Joker (@JokerReview) reported

    @Logan_RTW @EpicGames @steam_games I like GOG as well. No problems with the interface. Its a shame they can't get more AAA titles though. If they had all the big games at release then I would choose them over all the others.

  • reizkianyesaya reizkian yesaya (@reizkianyesaya) reported

    @steam_games I can't enjoy CSGO because of cheater. Please fix this, I didn't see any improvement on your effort for making it better. I start to hesitate for buying more stuff in @csgo_dev

  • k3vk4 Kevin Karhan (@k3vk4) reported

    @stooovie @files_fm Eeyupp - that's my problem. And I highly doubt that they - like @steam_games - do have an insurance and folding clause which will guarantee people can at least get their stuff back without issues... Nothing prevents them from just shutting down their business overnight!

  • JamesRe69858088 James Reid (@JamesRe69858088) reported

    thank you @Steam_Support for trying to recover my account for something that i did that was so stupid. While you are trying to fix my account i made a new one that still has all the games and they are downloaded but all my friends are gone but anyway thank you.

  • Emperorwolf999 Bastion Aralus (@Emperorwolf999) reported

    @steam_games i seem to be having an issue, i cannot buy a gift for my buddy, as i get an alert saying "Due to regional price differences, the gift cannot be sent"

  • TruexPhoenix Lass Bisharp (@TruexPhoenix) reported

    @steam_games There's a new spoofer going through 3rd party on steam messaging, it blocks people on your list and sends a phishing link. Please fix this problem as soon as possible.

  • Bikergofast Bikergofast (@Bikergofast) reported

    not only that but they're refunding customers who recently bought it. now THAT'S service. well done Ubisoft @steam_games @EpicGames take note.

  • Pikangs Pikangs (@Pikangs) reported

    @lenitrous_ @IdeaFactoryIntl @steam_games That also happened to me, and I cannot get Young Compa and Young IF to join the party (I hope this mistake is not the cause of the DLC being broken).

  • HoodyNynja Hoody Nynja (@HoodyNynja) reported

    @TheTimWoodruff @Viveport @steam_games @htcvive You be you. Both Steam and Oculus have exclusive VR titles though, so if that's your main issue then you shouldn't play anything.

  • BLACKB0ND #BLACKB0ND #BlackBond (@BLACKB0ND) reported

    @thebaldrage @steam_games Then all Valve has to do is match it until then. Problem solved.

  • HunterKolka hunter (@HunterKolka) reported

    getting error 51 on steam @Steam_Support

  • RommeJarno 🚛 Jarno (@RommeJarno) reported

    When Rocket League Pass has released. But I still stuck with Error Code 51. and nothing work. AAHHH @RocketLeague @Steam_Support

  • Nightwolfx03 NightWolfx03 (@Nightwolfx03) reported

    @pcgamer Nothing against @EpicGames , but juggling accounts and launchers for Origin (@EA), @Ubisoft , @steam_games , @Minecraft , @Twitch , @Blizzard_Ent , etc is getting annoying. We don't need MORE streaming or gaming services to pay for. (Gaming service "may" have a few pros though)

  • BLACKB0ND #BLACKB0ND #BlackBond (@BLACKB0ND) reported

    No lies were told. 88/12 is better than 70/30. Yo @steam_games fix this shit please.

  • stigxd stig (@stigxd) reported

    Fix your shit @steam_games RUST skins aren’t showing up in steam inventories

  • WeasleX Monster Fantasy (@WeasleX) reported

    @MangaGamer Remember, if @steam_games has a problem with any of your games @FAKKU is just around the corner, they'll be more than happy to take that cash flow issue away from Steam. =3

  • PVBaikun Peter V. Baikun (@PVBaikun) reported

    @ajohnagnello @EpicGames @UbisoftUplay @OriginInsider @bethesda @Blizzard_Ent @Twitch @steam_games worked, and @GOGcom (naturally) worked. But Twitch had an error when selecting offline mode, and the rest just don't work. I luckily also have a lot of physical based games on PS4. Could play them without issues, didn't have to download them, just insert the disc.

  • LordKyar Kubilay Yanar (@LordKyar) reported

    @steam_games You got the worst client service ever, know that .

  • SerahCornelia Angel✨ (@SerahCornelia) reported

    @AlpuhaP I could build a VPN. It is not that bad. But inconvenient. Which is actually a plus for such services like @steam_games. Imagine you have all your games on disk instead and can only use LAN/VPN. I shudder to imagine all the firewall issues back then, setting things up.

  • Pikangs Pikangs (@Pikangs) reported

    @IdeaFactoryIntl @steam_games Cool stuff and all but... I'm having issues with the Young IF and Young Compa DLC in Rebirth 2 (the DLC activates, but I DON'T get the information option in Planeptune to recruit them, and I'm in chapter 2).

  • joepaq101 Joe P (@joepaq101) reported

    @DuvalSorcery @DuvalMagic @BaltimoreActual @Wyndy_m9 @thereal_scottv @steam_games @TimSweeneyEpic I get your trolling, but acting like a ass isn't going to endear any response out of a developer regardless of where the stand on Epic's exclusivity practices. If anything it will push PR departments to silence any discussion with communities for fear of inflaming the issue.

  • joNathanBriG joNathanBrig (@joNathanBriG) reported

    @Vincarus_II @DuvalMagic @BaltimoreActual @Wyndy_m9 @thereal_scottv @steam_games I’m all for devs getting more per copy but it’s the exclusivity I have an issue with. They are could offer a discount or something to get people on their platform, but are just gating it cause “**** steam” apparently

  • RyLuckTv RyLuck (@RyLuckTv) reported

    @steam_games I have an issue I bought a game and turned out I did not like the game asked for a refund and never received said refund. Is there any way to get the refund. Would like the 63 dollars back.

  • dragnslayer0962 Strider (@dragnslayer0962) reported

    @steam_games I'm just tryna play cs but I thinks it's a little broken

  • JamesCoalaBear_ CoalaBear (@JamesCoalaBear_) reported

    @steam_games Almost every site of the world servers are Idle right now! Fix it pleas

  • Scuzzy19 Scuzzy19 (@Scuzzy19) reported

    matchmaking with friends in @wwzthegame is broken this wouldnt have happened if it was on @steam_games and not @EpicGames. already regretting my purchase decision!

  • xTobi_16 Tobias Adamski (@xTobi_16) reported

    @steam_games fix server

  • SWE_Motorizer SWE_Motorizer (@SWE_Motorizer) reported

    Getting real tired of your server issues @csgo_dev @Steam_Support @steam_games

  • BarknTuncer Barkın Tuncer (@BarknTuncer) reported

    @steam_games fix your servers 1!!!11!1!!!

  • niklas012345 xTRVP|N a G a IT o (@niklas012345) reported

    @steam_games fix your servers

  • DDBro_s Jemp.exe (@DDBro_s) reported

    @steam_games fix ur servers blyat xD

  • Chandreeng Christian (@Chandreeng) reported


  • itshector_ it's Hector (@itshector_) reported

    Steam is not working @steam_games

  • hula81749451 hula (@hula81749451) reported

    @steam_games fix problem plz

  • TheRankun Coke-Zero (@TheRankun) reported

    @CerezaCher in last time, @steam_games crash to much in 2 Hours

  • bazkur98 Bazkur (@bazkur98) reported

    Damn it, just found out that @ANNO_EN #Anno1800OB is NOT available on @steam_games and only on @EpicGames. While I don't have any particular problem with it being on another server, I do have an issue with forcing me to us a particular service. Guess I won't be playing :(

  • Liicewhe Lii (@Liicewhe) reported

    Someone help me with error code 51 please @Steam_Support

  • Aytide2 aytidemusic (@Aytide2) reported

    @Steam_Support Hey guys, I've got an issue regarding steam premium. My current money spent on steam is at $4.63. Even after buying a game from the steam store which is worth about 79 cents, my money spent on steam is still the same. Help me!

  • Kck259 Regulus Star (@Kck259) reported

    @steam_games Hi, I have a major concern with one of your steam games and wish to file a complaint to Steam about the issue. The developers of the game have failed to contact me about my issue and as I play the game the issues are forever increasing. Please advise.

  • rybane_ryenmei Ramen Rider (@rybane_ryenmei) reported

    I guess @steam_games is just never gonna fix how steam won't save your friends list settings like not automatically logging in and playing noises I don't want it to play