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Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and community features such as friends lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and chat functionality. Available on Window, Mac OS and Playstation.

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  • Repodreptiles Rahul Gunasekera (Repodreptiles) (@Repodreptiles) reported

    @steam_games please fix your support, my account got hacked, the dude changed the email to my user, please send help :I

  • SlayboLIVE Slay (@SlayboLIVE) reported

    trying to change my email on my steam so i can logon, and support won’t reply to my service request emails, @steam_games heeeellllllppppp

  • _yungvegeta saiyan gang (@_yungvegeta) reported

    bought No Man's Sky on @steam_games and the app isn't letting me login

  • MeMeBigOof T-Pose King (@MeMeBigOof) reported

    @steam_games take my ******* posting error away

  • CidMaik Michael Cortorreal (@CidMaik) reported

    @coldarcticsound @PlayStation @steam_games @Xbox Issues with PS4 platform I got an notification that if I want a refund I can get one for this game There is no VIP access but you should still get the pre order bonuses when it releases on the 20th

  • mattleslie74 Matthew Leslie (@mattleslie74) reported

    @steam_games Noticeable how you're very quick to tell me I can't access my account @steam_games but how slow you are at resolving this issue. I'm sure the Indonesian hacker is very proud of you.

  • virtual_blitz VirtualBlitz (@virtual_blitz) reported

    @Contori_ @steam_games Steam: shit due to epic games our sales are down! Random weeb in the corner: I know how to fix this

  • pierreledutch Pierre van Weperen (@pierreledutch) reported

    Steam @steam_games must be one of the most unsafe platforms possible. I get emails about login efforts at least once a day and @steam simply do not reply to@my requests to close my account.

  • Ncaicedo93 Nelson Alejandro (@Ncaicedo93) reported

    @steam_games you have a serious problem with the recaptcha on your platform, it never appears

  • ntbol Nate (@ntbol) reported

    How can @steam_games mobile app be so bad... brb gonna fix this

  • Gasgara Gasgara (@Gasgara) reported

    @MatMvB @steam_games This is the problem right here. It IS an actual multiplayer game and it's FUN-The fact that you're comparing a CPU boss fight to a multiplayer experience makes me sick. I hope they never make a sequel to that joke of a game that was made to make people with THAT mentality happy.

  • _Aemony Aemony (@_Aemony) reported

    @enigma0x3 @404death @general_nfs @PsiDragon @steam_games It seems to use the CVE-2015-7985 vulnerability and Steam Service's behavior of replacing its own files to enable the registry vulnerability again by tricking the current Steam Service to replace itself with older copies of those file which has the vulnerability.

  • mceier Mariusz Ceier (@mceier) reported

    @steam_games Add Minion Masters first (it's f2p) and then Might of the slither, if you get error.

  • smarslike Mars「マルス」♪ (@smarslike) reported

    @steam_games "There was a problem adding this to your steam account."

  • rajkamal_panda 🇮🇳 ✯✯✯ MαnD↺ ✯✯✯ 🇮🇳 (@rajkamal_panda) reported

    @steam_games Why this coming since 5 hours. Fix this pls

  • BeefyAgent AgentBeefy (@BeefyAgent) reported

    @steam_games I get an error when I add it to cart.

  • villi1996_ villi (@villi1996_) reported

    @perrito000 @Steam_Support @Steam_Support the account of my friend was stolen this morning, he yesterday thought about to download a game in his account , and today he cant login, the account of his steam guard mobile also was closed and he needs help to recover, i have just seen someone in the account pls

  • QueenCinnaTV Queen (@QueenCinnaTV) reported

    @Steam_Support Hi my account got hacked I'm going to try to follow the directions online to get my account back but the application thing is not working correctly and because my account. I don't have majority of the info because most of it was Changed

  • michielvanbaak Michiel van Baak (@michielvanbaak) reported

    @Yogarine @steam_games exactly. The very first thing I thought when this error showed up: ut-oh, there's some part of infra involved that stores my password as ... PLAIN TEXT. I made sure my password states I dont like it to be stored in plain text by steam ;-)

  • VladCervantes Vlad Cervantes (@VladCervantes) reported

    @Steam_Support I am having a problem with my account, I emailed you guys but ya'll take ages to respond.

  • VladCervantes Vlad Cervantes (@VladCervantes) reported

    @steam_games Yo I am having a huge problem with my account - emailed ya but ya'll take ages to respond.

  • Yung_Goat06 Ryan Newman (@Yung_Goat06) reported

    @steam_games please fix CSGO and make it cost again I’m literally in a game with 3 hacks on opposite teams in competitive just cause you made prime doesn’t mean it stops hackers please fix

  • Inonesian Ino Pratama (@Inonesian) reported

    @dreadoutgame @DH_games @steam_games I have a issue & don't like with Linda or the new MC school uniform design in my first impression. but who knows, maybe there is a story behind it.

  • Inonesian Ino Pratama (@Inonesian) reported

    @dreadoutgame @DH_games @steam_games I have a issue with Linda or the new MC school uniform design in my first impression. But who knows, maybe there is a story behind it.

  • TheKaptKirkland Kirkland (@TheKaptKirkland) reported

    @Steam_Support guard keys not working. Tells me their incorrect How can I log into my account. I'm wanting to get rid of this so I don't run into this in the future, but need to be able to get into my account.

  • spectrum__heat Spectrum Heat (@spectrum__heat) reported

    @CSGO @csgo_devs @Steam_Support Please fix trust factor, mine is low for no reason, I can't bring it back up, every game I play has some kid who is either cheating, or purposely throws or goes afk just to ruin the game. CSGO used to be my fav game, I can't even play it's so bad.

  • Sanity_CS Sanityy (@Sanity_CS) reported

    @OuXe_kun @CSGO @steam_games If u get scammed in 2019, u got issues not gonna lie. And betting sites are literally what made the game popular.

  • Ultima12_ UltimaPlayer12 (@Ultima12_) reported

    @steam_games One complete re-install of Windows later... Specific games still won't install. This is a serious issue, and I have gotten no responses anywhere that have been helpful...

  • Ultima12_ UltimaPlayer12 (@Ultima12_) reported

    @steam_games I've been waiting for 4 hours for a game to finish installing so I can play it and work on some content for it. This is ridiculous, and it's not the only game that's done this. It seems to be just selected at random which game will do this, as I've had this issue for a while :/

  • ZachAbz Snehith Abin (@ZachAbz) reported

    Tried to update mobile authenticator on steam mobile, the app failed to produce a code, and it is still not working. tired to raise a support ticket, still after the initial reply none. @Steam_Support @steam_games been nearly 5 hours yet still barred from my account #steam

  • GIGAPANTS Gigapants (@GIGAPANTS) reported

    Be careful defending No Man's Sky in the Steam Forums or you'll get banned. When a supporter defends a game, Steam moderator's step in and issue bans. Nowonder publishers leave Steam. @hellogames @Steam_Support

  • Its_Wnds Winds (@Its_Wnds) reported

    fix your shit ************* @steam_games @Steam_Support

  • BasilTonn BasilTonn (@BasilTonn) reported

    @steam_games you kids are literally shit at your job! Fix csgo! I don’t understand how a community that’s has literally spend millions in skins, stickers and ******* pick’em’s. Doesn’t get 124 tick serves for MM. We have to out source to a third party! Are you kids literally dumb

  • BasilTonn BasilTonn (@BasilTonn) reported

    @steam_games you kids are literally shit at your job! Fix csgo! I don’t understand how a community that’s has literally spend millions in skins, stickers and ******* pick’em’s. Doesn’t get 124 tick serves for MM. We have to out source to a third party! Are you kids literally find

  • MrRaymondFish Raymond Fish (@MrRaymondFish) reported

    Why wouldn't the BIGGEST esports tournament with the biggest prize pool of all-time have issues like NO AUDIO. You'd think for a company that makes billions a quarter like @steam_games they could do the basics. Embarrassing. #TheInternational2019 #TI9

  • meb_michael Michael Baxter (@meb_michael) reported

    It appears to be an issue with @steam_games being more aggressive in remapping controls. I guess until they fix it I can use DS4Windows instead.

  • Adriano_HR Adriano Haro Ruiz (@Adriano_HR) reported

    @steam_games fix your anti cheat... this is imposible to play vs peg top... fix it cmonnn !!

  • double_edged_GB Genocide (@double_edged_GB) reported

    @steam_games I have literal proof that I OWN the cds to the games and the fact that i cannot do that because your service is limited is annoying. MAKE A SYSTEM TO REDEEM A DISK GAME TO A STEAM ACCOUNT WITHOUT THE USED CODE THAT SHOULDNT EVEN BE USED ANYWAYS.

  • JoeDemaria1 Audac1ous (@JoeDemaria1) reported

    @steam_games I'm having a issue downloading DLC says app configuration unavailable I put in request for help but still nothing for over a hour

  • Sabouma1979 Sabine Bouma AKA Lori37 (@Sabouma1979) reported

    @Steam_Support Community isn't working.... fix pls

  • Frankiebogart Franklin T. Bogarten the Third (@Frankiebogart) reported

    @sbagchee @RebelGalaxy @GOGcom @steam_games @EA @Blizzard_Ent @UbisoftUplay @Twitch It's a common issue the store has after doing some digging. Sigh.

  • sbagchee Shreyo Bagchee (@sbagchee) reported

    @Frankiebogart @RebelGalaxy @GOGcom @steam_games @EA @Blizzard_Ent @UbisoftUplay @Twitch Interesting, I preordered with zero issues. I just put in my PayPal and I had it.

  • jessesagesmith Jesse Smith (@jessesagesmith) reported

    @steam_games How many emails am I going to get about people attempting to login to my account. I received 4 already within a hr period. #fail

  • DabMasterDaniel Dab Daniel (@DabMasterDaniel) reported

    Jeez been saying for a long time how crooked #csgo @steam_games are in their business practices funny how they keep proving all of it true All they had to do was fix the problems we've been telling them to make and maybe they wouldn't have made such errors last night

  • epic_ginger EpicGinger (@epic_ginger) reported

    @NoMansSky Tell @steam_games to push that update through . @steam_games don’t lag behind consoles , you are a pc platform lol

  • gaminganmol I forgot what this originally said (@gaminganmol) reported

    @RedMouseGames @ReverseProDoug @steam_games No problem! I'm glad I could help 😁

  • noelthe_great noel (@noelthe_great) reported

    i’m literally going insane. i can’t find my issue on steam support and i just want to send them a message about my issue aaaaahhhhhh @steam_games @Steam_Support

  • Freshyfreshnes Fresh (@Freshyfreshnes) reported

    Ty @Steam_Support my problem has been fixed. Thank you sooooo much for helping me

  • low_SNR GregJLinton (@low_SNR) reported

    @UbisoftUplay I will pay extra money for @Ubisoft games if this hellish, Kafkaesque tool you've made dies. I buy games on @steam_games so I don't have to deal with multiple login username passwords. Uplay is only an impediment to enjoying your games. Please. Kill it. Now.

  • Height__Man _Oluwa_Kuwait (@Height__Man) reported

    @Steam_Support @steam_games am having a problem now, and I want you to help me out..

  • Height__Man _Oluwa_Kuwait (@Height__Man) reported

    @Paramez @Steam_Hardware @Steam_Support please am having a problem right now, so I want you to help me out..

  • Awesomoe2 Steven Bates (@Awesomoe2) reported

    @AsmodeeDigital @steam_games @Nintendo @Xbox Link is broken or page has been removed.

  • Ofacy1 Ofacy (@Ofacy1) reported

    @Steam_Support what is happening with ur servers pls fix it

  • prowler_jax Prowler Jax (@prowler_jax) reported

    @AsmodeeDigital @steam_games @Nintendo @Xbox The link is broken

  • BlaasColin Colin Blaas (@BlaasColin) reported

    @Steam_Support Hello, i thought i would play a steam game i haven't in a while via my own steam account, 1 the game is not in my library and 2 when i activate the production code it says it already activated, the game in question thats broken is: Call of duty Modern warfare 2

  • Michael_Coles Draec (@Michael_Coles) reported

    @alexiskennedy A big problem too is that @steam_games counts a recommend/not recommend as the same as positive/review on the very same page! It cant even agree with itself! They're not the same damn thing. Tons of games I love, but dont recommend and vice versa.

  • shaydoken Shayesta Miah (@shaydoken) reported

    Pardon my French.. @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS are fooooooooooooking shiate. Sort out the Battle app! Constant "CHARD" error messages in Destiny 2. I'm glad Destiny 2 is moving to @steam_games. Rename Battle app to Blizzard Shiate

  • RealMasL MasL (@RealMasL) reported

    So either @RockstarSupport or @Steam_Support can help me fix my login problem. Both supports point fingers at each other... Thx for nothing I think.


    @Steam_Support please please please help mee I've spent upwards of like £100 on your service and now the thing is like deadass broken

  • BillyWilliams_5 Billywise🎈 (@BillyWilliams_5) reported

    I’ve been super excited to get the @steam_games valve index but with all the joystick problems with the click I’m seeing everywhere and the fact that valve isn’t doing anything, I may just got with the @oculus Rift S for now. 😔