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Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and community features such as friends lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and chat functionality. Available on Window, Mac OS and Playstation.

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  • c023Dev Ruffcat James (@c023Dev) reported

    @GhostTechGaming @DeusMach84 @valvesoftware @steam_games And maybe cause other issues... Science needs it's guinea pigs 🤔 But I guess it says in some handbook that you should take a break every 15 minuets so, no worries...

  • stutheironman Stu (@stutheironman) reported

    I wonder what the @2KSupport @steam_games protocol is on getting a refund for an unplayable and broken game that I've been trying to "play" since release

  • dachewster99 Marilyn Le (@dachewster99) reported

    @AsmodeeDigital @DigitalMunchkin @PlayStation @steam_games @Xbox @NintendoAmerica too bad its broken on the switched. played it twice, it crashed both times in the tutorial in the exact same spot, right before the boss fight

  • the400se999 Malik Muratovic (@the400se999) reported

    @mixedcs @steam_games No problem😉

  • eyespysoft GamblingEventsRSuchFun (@eyespysoft) reported

    @steam_games Totally not a scam & spy live service.

  • TheyHaveAyoodz Moayad (@TheyHaveAyoodz) reported

    @WhiteDogGaming @steam_games @_Avexys Greedy devs, 2 New maps only every 3 months, Terrible Matchmaking(already 2 patches couldnt fix it), Small roster, No original Gears characters, boring Horde mode, Grindy challenges, repetitive escape mode, Dying competitive scene, dead on twitch/youtube, dead playerbase.

  • TheyHaveAyoodz Moayad (@TheyHaveAyoodz) reported

    @WhiteDogGaming @steam_games @_Avexys Broken, No content, Slow support, Useless patches, incompetent developers, heavy microtransactions, nothing like Gears of War, Cringy plot hole cliff hanger campaign and bad dialogue, Broken Audio on PC, Stutters, Freezes, Crashes, Broken ranked, Casualized gameplay. 1/2

  • ThomasCober Thomas Cober (@ThomasCober) reported

    Dear @valvesoftware @steam_games, It is pretty freaking ridiculous and horrible customer service that I paid a thousand dollars for an Index and there is no way to get replacement parts if something breaks. Best,

  • Dodger399 Alex Dodge (@Dodger399) reported

    @grahmlin @CrowNightroad @steam_games @rocketcatgames @DevolverJM @PurgeGamers @SirActionSlacks @SheeverGaming @Nysira @SUNSfanTV @getfrank @PyrionFlax @criken @RichWCampbell @MonteCristo It was a whole Steam wide issue. It got fixed shortly after tho

  • GhostTechGaming GhostTechGaming (@GhostTechGaming) reported

    @Zionswasd @valvesoftware @steam_games The issue is the technology. It's not advanced enough yet. I'd say in 10 years vr will be great but now I'll take a pass.

  • unforgivensays unforgiven (@unforgivensays) reported

    @valvesoftware @steam_games Also need my Portal 3 fix.

  • Ezpectcs Ezpect- (@Ezpectcs) reported

    How do i fix the ******* VAC thing in csgo i ******* hate csgo cant fix it so why play it im quitting bye @Steam_Support

  • 4Andlu Andlu (@4Andlu) reported

    @Forumposter2 @kevyntaris @TimSweeneyEpic @The_Soupinator @chrisvarnz @neuralproxysays @Mrluga @Ubisoft @MetroVideoGame @steam_games will get it there. maximum profit, no issues

  • Ed17859264 Ed (@Ed17859264) reported

    @Steam_Support must use those infamous $5/hour "overseas programmers". Can't sign in. Change password. Use same password to sign in: "You have entered your password or account name incorrectly." Try it a few more times. Get locked out. PATHETIC.

  • tom11ama Tom Llama 🦙 (@tom11ama) reported

    Dearest @steam_games Fix the "disc write error" issue. I have no problems downloading from anywhere else. I've done some of the steps others recommend but there's no guarantee any of it will result in a win. I say the issue is your service. PLEASE fix this.

  • LumiKlovstad Lumi Kløvstad (@LumiKlovstad) reported

    Hey, @BungieHelp! #Destiny2 on @steam_games is giving me upwards of SIX crash-to-desktop instances a day saying that I need to "Validate Local Files", but Steam is constantly saying that everything is present and correct. Please fix your game.

  • KryeziuArnis Arnis (@KryeziuArnis) reported

    @steam_games @rocketcatgames @DevolverJM @PurgeGamers @SirActionSlacks @SheeverGaming @Nysira @SUNSfanTV @getfrank @PyrionFlax @criken @RichWCampbell @MonteCristo Yo wtf is going on I can’t login into my steam account

  • ItzPill0ws Pillows (@ItzPill0ws) reported

    @steam_games can u fix steam I want to play CS with my friend and I cant play because of steam

  • LizzyGetsSilly liz (@LizzyGetsSilly) reported

    @steam_games fix network errors please 😫😫😫

  • howdylaur ☻ no harm, no foul (@howdylaur) reported

    @steam_games pls fix

  • InkInInkopolis ink!! || bday is on the 26th!! (@InkInInkopolis) reported

    @Steam_Support your service seems to be down! just thought i'd let you all know!

  • DumbRoxy Roxy the Dumb Dog (@DumbRoxy) reported

    @steam_games Just saying, whatever the crap was done seems to have broken the steam app cause now nothing is loading

  • HernanT_ Her Nan (@HernanT_) reported

    @steam_games #Steam is not working....

  • livideuphoria ㅤv. (@livideuphoria) reported

    @steam_games i keep getting a connection error

  • KrieggsMarine Ryan Fitzpatrick (@KrieggsMarine) reported

    @steam_games So uh, accounts bugged out, can't log into to it anywhere but mobile, can't creat a support ticket to address this as the browser client is failing, been through all of the run of the mill fixes and nada, all this started after a steam workshop crash when using mods

  • miya_nation Sunmi Addict #MIYANE (@miya_nation) reported

    @steam_games @rocketcatgames @DevolverJM @PurgeGamers @SirActionSlacks @SheeverGaming @Nysira @SUNSfanTV @getfrank @PyrionFlax @criken @RichWCampbell @MonteCristo Network errors. Come on, people.

  • ToastJeffrey Dude named Jeff (@ToastJeffrey) reported

    @whatslifea @steam_games I have same issue here in vermont

  • Mathias01779683 Mathias (@Mathias01779683) reported

    @Steam_Support Steam is down please fix

  • RobertoReyesSn1 Lil Something 🧟‍♂️ (@RobertoReyesSn1) reported

    @steam_games @rocketcatgames @DevolverJM @PurgeGamers @SirActionSlacks @SheeverGaming @Nysira @SUNSfanTV @getfrank @PyrionFlax @criken @RichWCampbell @MonteCristo FIX UR ******* SERVER GADDEEM

  • grahmlin Gremlin Bitch (@grahmlin) reported

    @steam_games @rocketcatgames @DevolverJM @PurgeGamers @SirActionSlacks @SheeverGaming @Nysira @SUNSfanTV @getfrank @PyrionFlax @criken @RichWCampbell @MonteCristo fix your servers damn it. wtf

  • Randomkidpenis Entrapaneour (@Randomkidpenis) reported

    @steam_games bruh ya servers down kid

  • Senyin_ Senyin (@Senyin_) reported

    @steam_games @rocketcatgames @DevolverJM @PurgeGamers @SirActionSlacks @SheeverGaming @Nysira @SUNSfanTV @getfrank @PyrionFlax @criken @RichWCampbell @MonteCristo We found a fix for now. Go offline to access your games again.

  • c9at0 Capitan Gato (@c9at0) reported

    @PapaMoney3 @LizardsGlobal @CSGO @steam_games Well @UGLegion isn’t real. They fake as **** and they blocked me 😂 they “hacked” a multi millionaire apparently and then started asking for donations. And they always say #Offline when some games are having issues with their network. If you wanna troll & get a reaction contactem

  • LemonYourAid LemonYourAid (@LemonYourAid) reported

    @Steam_Support There seems to be an issue accessing the website.

  • aE_Syko Carson (@aE_Syko) reported

    @DylanWdotcom @steam_games All servers down

  • aE_Syko Carson (@aE_Syko) reported

    @FlerndipGaming @steam_games All servers down

  • HelyxNegator Helyx (@HelyxNegator) reported

    @DigitalMunchkin @PlayStation @Xbox @NintendoAmerica @steam_games Crashes, frame rate issues with large mobs, poor camera tracking, trophies not unlocking for cards nor kills/pit. Dungeon setup is missing an "Epic" foiled card for the "Layout" portion. PS4 version.

  • DASE_hi Alejandro Sanchez (@DASE_hi) reported

    @steam_games hi, im having trouble when i want buy something on PUBG, show me an error: cant launch steam overlay, help please i want waste my money xD

  • MichaelNelson_2 Michael Nelson (@MichaelNelson_2) reported

    @steam_games Sorry I don't know how else to get your attention, but I would like to speak with someone at Steam about a poor customer service experience. At this point - stay away from Steam, friends. Hopefully I get a response.

  • levraipat 👉🏻👈🏻 (@levraipat) reported

    @KaryssaKilljoys @steam_games steam server down

  • CrowNightroad Julien P.-Gingras (@CrowNightroad) reported

    @Steam_Hardware @Steam_Support Fix your net work first.

  • botherer John Walker Definitely Is (@botherer) reported

    @jonfitt @steam_games Imagine you owned a shop. And now imagine you just stock whatever anyone fancies sticking in your shop to sell. Their rancid bigoted crap, on your shelves, sold by your name, for your profits. That's the issue.

  • foxgold11 ❤️foxgold1❤️ (@foxgold11) reported

    @Steam_Support I have a problem I do not load the content of the game community in the steam library

  • jak3_n_bak3 Jake Barnhart (@jak3_n_bak3) reported

    @Steam_Support when trying to purchase things in-game, an error pops up saying I need to enable the steam overlay from the in-game tab in steam settings. But the overlay is and always has been enabled. I can’t get the error to go away. Please help.

  • PavSW Paweł Salco (@PavSW) reported

    @ArcIgnis @steam_games I think you will always have input lag in forced online play when the game wasn't build to be played online. Input lags depend on distance and internet connection because before information travels between u and friend, Steam also has to simulate the input before resending info.

  • kevyntaris Kevyntaris (@kevyntaris) reported

    @TimSweeneyEpic @The_Soupinator @chrisvarnz @neuralproxysays @Mrluga @Ubisoft @MetroVideoGame Problem would be the streaming industry has evolved. Contracts are enforced and soon, I hope, games will have yet another contract. I'm for @steam_games denying games access to their store that took the deal. But I'm just one person in a field with an opinion

  • CrashMixYoutube IGoCrazy (@CrashMixYoutube) reported

    @total_csgo my cs isn't letting me on VAC was unable to verify your game session i have tried every fix and non seem to work @steam_games

  • NLeivis NLeivis™ (@NLeivis) reported

    @Steam_Support My friend @Kauan80317496 has a problem, the system says his account was stolen, but he tried to recover, but so far you have not helped ...

  • DyLhun Dylhun (@DyLhun) reported

    @DavidAsmah @danteakabrandon @steam_games I'm surprised you're having issues with that, I would be really interested in a netstat :P

  • DavidAsmah DavidAsmah (@DavidAsmah) reported

    @DyLhun @danteakabrandon @steam_games There's no low latency about this. I tried it and had input lag of about 30 seconds, and I was playing a fighting game to test it out. I'm sure it will be ok in simulation type games or point and click games.

  • ArcIgnis Arc Ignis (@ArcIgnis) reported

    @steam_games Well, considering it's still new and such, there are some problems here and there, specifically with input lag. What this may be based on, I don't know, but I'd like to learn how to deal with it if possible.

  • Destructor111 Brendan #WeSavedTheExpanse Caulfield (@Destructor111) reported

    @realRickyReeves @Erdayastronaut @elonmusk @SupaZT @KerbalSpaceP @steam_games The problem is storage space. The car doesn't have a tonne.

  • alexhern hern (@alexhern) reported

    @botherer @steam_games I'm sorry I can't be angry because the knowledge that a game called HENTAI SNIPER exists has broken me

  • Powell_Jay Jay Powell 🔜 #IDGC2019 (@Powell_Jay) reported

    @AgentTinsley Once again, if you want to sell hardware (or a streaming/subscription service) you must have high value exclusive content. @steam_games knows what they are doing, @GoogleStadia needs to pay attention. #gamedev

  • AusVF_MadeMan MadeMan (@AusVF_MadeMan) reported

    @iPlaySEGA @steam_games Damn, that's bizarre! I had no problem connecting. I downloaded the launcher for the demo and it worked fine. Hope that you can find a solution somehow.

  • aik0uka Will (@aik0uka) reported

    @edpz123 @steam_games ...and that’s pretty much it. You don’t need to be on the same account or the same WiFi network. The only restriction for right now is that you’re both on the beta client since it’s a beta feature. Once this feature is out of beta, that won’t be an issue.

  • persesthagod Perses (@persesthagod) reported

    @steam_games I just tried adding $10 to my wallet and I was given a failed error yet I was still charged

  • MickeyZinc SodaBoi (@MickeyZinc) reported

    @steam_games fix Garfield Kart remote play plz volvo please i just wanna play Garfield Kart with meh buddies

  • TheNewRapha ɐɥdɐɹ (@TheNewRapha) reported

    @steam_games @Steam_Support @CSGO Hello, we have a problem!Knife traded on a profile that got second created becouse of a bug I'm 100% sure. My friend wanted to trade it to me for some weeks, he clicked in the friendliest on my name and send me a trade offer, i didn't get one.

  • GhostlyRoyale Ghostly Royale (@GhostlyRoyale) reported

    @steam_games @SirActionSlacks @SheeverGaming @PyrionFlax @getfrank @TrentPax @Nysira @PurgeGamers @RichWCampbell @SUNSfanTV @MonteCristo @CrikMaster Wish I can tune in but have school during that time and there is such terrible service in the school 😭 don't do special deals without me if it happens