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Spotify is a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies. It is available in most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and limited Asian countries.

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  • Sign in (33.94%)
  • Playback Issues (21.10%)
  • Buffering (4.59%)

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  • FC360D
    Full Circle (@FC360D) reported

    Making the switch from @SpotifyUK to @deezeruk cuz fed up with all the issues I'm having with spotify and deezer is same price now since student discount has ended

  • realtweetghost
    Tweet Ghost 👻 (@realtweetghost) reported

    @ChrisTweetLLC If you think it's bad, whatever. If you're pissed that your station stopped playing it go to ******* Spotify and take a walk. This is not a legitimate problem.

  • markotomic24
    markotomic24 (@markotomic24) reported

    @SpotifyStatus Can't login via Facebook anymore.

  • warrendt
    Warren du Toit (@warrendt) reported

    @SpotifyCares My account randomly got a whole bunch of listens to stuff I never listen to and my recommendations have been broken ever since. I deleted all the recently played, but still had no effect,

  • KyokiPlayer
    Madness (@KyokiPlayer) reported

    @aIegre Notable ones for me are not being able to bulk removing songs from playlists, local songs won't work on other devices and won't even be able to play normally on my PC. This has been an issue since Spotify was a thing and it still hasn't been fixed.

  • Charles82210810
    Charles Clayton (@Charles82210810) reported

    @M3TALDetector @Spotify I don't understand why people think they are entitled to discounts. Either pay for the service or don't.....

  • EuphoriaPop
    Sam (@EuphoriaPop) reported

    @BTSCHARTSLAYER @BTS_twt i think the problem is that we arent using all the platforms we could. i bet most armys never used napster, deezer, soundcloud (wiom's case), and even amazon music. we usually rely too much on spotify, youtube and apple music. we all need to stream from all platforms available

  • isaviocarvalho
    Saa-We-Oh! (@isaviocarvalho) reported

    @SpotifyStatus I keep getting the error "That didn't work. Please try again later" when I open the app on my Android phone after a long time. And then it reloads and gets back on track.

  • jkbscopes312
    jkbscopes312 (spooky boi) (@jkbscopes312) reported

    hey @343Postums i was wondering why you cant turn down in game music for anything but the menus in MCC dont get me wrong i love the halo soundtrack but sometimes i just wana listen to spotify without muting the entire game

  • paperdealtheart
    Sweet Creature (@paperdealtheart) reported

    It’s only fair that my # 1 for Spotify is Issues lololol

  • OiThatsKoko
    Co'-ho-ho 🎄 (@OiThatsKoko) reported

    Update - the Spotify Twitter support team is the absolute best. I had to redownload my whole library (ew) but they replied in 5 minutes and fixed my issue 🎉 love them!

  • EuphoriaPop
    Sam (@EuphoriaPop) reported

    ik yt screwed us over, but honestly i had lots of fun with my mutuals while streaming both fake love and idol, i would be down to break the 24hrs record again... i also want to break a spotify record... and i wont stop talking abt till we do it hhh

  • BBWslayer666
    ^_^ (@BBWslayer666) reported

    I don’t care if Spotify is a better streaming service it just looks like it was made for broke ppl and I can’t co-sign that type of behavior

  • AmatchaFlan
    Danny (@AmatchaFlan) reported

    @Spotify - Your app is a liberty, soon as I come out of it... just pauses and skips songs relentlessly. Don’t seem to be having this problem on anything else. Uninstalled, turned Siri off, logged out other devices. Help !!

  • FPSPuppeR
    FPSPuppeR (@FPSPuppeR) reported

    @SpotifyCares I am looking to get Premium for my current account and see that it says that there is a 0.99 cent deal going on right now. When I login to my account and select premium it says that I will be paying 10 dollars through PayPal.

  • twilimajora
    Jay-quellin (@twilimajora) reported

    @SpotifyCares Oh sorry, it's not working, I was just saying thanks for looking into it 😖

  • IAmShawnAnnLynn
    Shawn Carpenter (@IAmShawnAnnLynn) reported

    @SpotifyCares your service is best.

  • MetalMadeFitDru
    MetalMadeDru (@MetalMadeFitDru) reported

    @SpotifyCares Cannot post to Instagram stories. Get errors.

  • TheShadyLuurker
    P. Versace (@TheShadyLuurker) reported

    @Locnville @Spotify Glad to be of service 🤣

  • webzone_123
    chris Sheldon (@webzone_123) reported

    I had to remove Kings dead from my Spotify playlist because everytime it plays while I'm walking down the street I start laughing hysterically and look like a total *******

    Adam (@EMRLDTV) reported

    @Spotify hey I wana report a bug, Mr Sandman is not working it just plays a weird frequency when it's played. This doesn't happen when I play other songs

  • mizsma
    Wren (@mizsma) reported

    @SpotifyStatus sport gear having issues since last update. Won't connect properly and can't control music. Please help!!

  • chineseafro
    gloomy beach (@chineseafro) reported

    i refuse to listen to spotify tastebreakers because i am scared of change and refuse to admit that i have a problem

  • seniampai
    melon loves rog (@seniampai) reported

    I kind of wish my grandma gave my dads music collection to me instead of his girlfriend bc those cds would have saved me from so many issues bc once I felt sad I could've listened to the cds and remembered my dad and I listening together but at least I have spotify

  • OiThatsKoko
    Co'-ho-ho 🎄 (@OiThatsKoko) reported

    @SpotifyCares No luck, the issue is still here :/

  • p4rtunes
    jake (@p4rtunes) reported

    y spotify to instagram gotta be broken, how am I gonna spread power to the people

  • XsirJoker
    Tyler (@XsirJoker) reported

    @SpotifyCares I installed Bing on my phone and Edge on my Xbox and it's not working on either one. I also tried with Safari on my iPad and I had no luck there as well.

  • scenebean13
    deodorant gremlin (@scenebean13) reported

    character arc: figuring out that sometimes its cold outside is a terrible song comes on spotify i want to speak to the manager

  • Izamar14Reyna
    Iza ⛄️ 🎄 (@Izamar14Reyna) reported

    I cancelled my Spotify premium :( ugh now I’m broke broken

  • moiraphilyn
    Ate Moira (@moiraphilyn) reported

    I want to buy spotify account but i have trust issue 😞

  • TwiterMyWiener
    gYioDaKilR (@TwiterMyWiener) reported

    @Spotify a ****** must have bigger pride in accepting $10 than your company does when it accepts my $10 for your shitty ass service. Please sell all your stocks

  • BikkjenED
    🛐Altar Boy Bikkjen🛐 (@BikkjenED) reported

    @Custom025 @Spotify @AppleMusic My Spotify has been hacked once a while ago. No problems since then.

  • marrysharry
    erin (@marrysharry) reported

    @SpotifyCares Spotify wrapped is not working for me!

  • KingGerrad
    Nosotrosdamus (@KingGerrad) reported

    @SpotifyCares I cannot log into my Spotify when though I used my Facebook login. I also had a previous issue with billing.

  • aImondmilkhotel
    hanlet (@aImondmilkhotel) reported

    the reason i am bad at romance is because you can't invite someone over to listen to an album anymore. everyone has spotify, this excuse no longer works. i blame the internet and definitely not my terrible personality

  • imissjihyo
    yas (@imissjihyo) reported

    i have songs on spotify from my computer that i want to transfer to my ohone but its not working hackers help me

  • queenofgeeks_01
    Liz (@queenofgeeks_01) reported

    @SpotifyCares I hate to be an inconvenience, but it turns out I was wrong about the gift wrap thing working. As far as I know it May be working visually, but it is not working with the screen reader I use.

  • ehsankooheji
    EK (@ehsankooheji) reported

    Having kids who are not old enough to have their own accounts confuses every service that spies on you. Spotify thinks my favorite artist is Katy Perry, Netflix recommends I watch something called Kazoops, and Google is showing me ads to buy Slime.

  • resurrecti0nman
    Jonathan Maze (@resurrecti0nman) reported

    @piesaac That's terrible, sorry to hear this. I pay for Spotify because I like to think I'm paying for music and supporting the artists, but this is even worse than I thought :(

  • michaelagxo
    mick (@michaelagxo) reported

    LISTEN.....put Like That on spotify and we won’t have any issues @JackAndJack

  • FissileCascade
    Zack S (@FissileCascade) reported

    @SpotifyCares Earlier today (US-Central Time) I emailed Customer Service with the receipt and transaction info they requested.

  • Emmaa_W
    εmmα (@Emmaa_W) reported

    I zoned out of RAW and started listening to Spotify 😳 my attention span is terrible

  • alpacapone
    Antonio Aguilar (@alpacapone) reported

    Spotify just slipped into my Tinder DMs. Kinda awkward. Had to tell them I don’t think of them that way, kinda see them as more of streaming music service. No hard feelings.

  • alpacapone
    Antonio Aguilar (@alpacapone) reported

    Spotify just slipped into my DMs, kinda awkward. Had to tell them I don’t think of them that way, kinda see them as more of streaming music service. No hard feelings.

  • hongchabiao
    𝐣 (@hongchabiao) reported

    @GusRachels You know my roomie works on one of the data science teams at Spotify right 😄 If there are any errors you can send screencaps to me & I can pass them along to her

  • DrewGarlitz
    Boy Bravo (@DrewGarlitz) reported

    Plus @Spotify could eliminate 2 of the biggest issues I personally have with jukeboxes. Limited song selection & play tokens locked to specific locations.

  • BuffKitFisto
    one true geraldine (@BuffKitFisto) reported

    my spotify "top songs of 2018" playlist is wrong because only those top two are on it and they're both pretty far down

    zevran love zone (@KlDPHOENlX) reported

    spotify recommending me exclusively 1960s songs is it trying to convince me to Calm Down

  • FouadTexter
    Fouad (@FouadTexter) reported

    @SpotifyCares hi spotify I am having a problem with my password and my email no longer exist also I have just updated to premium

  • yungelbuki
    adrian (@yungelbuki) reported

    @SpotifyCares Like a couple hours ago it actually let me post one of the songs then it started not working again it still doesn’t work as of right now

  • krissss_tinaaa
    Kriss Kross (@krissss_tinaaa) reported

    According to Spotify, my most played song in January 2018 was “Terrible Things” and I REFUSE to have that type of energy in January 2019. Bad and Bougie energy only

  • DanJBalkwill
    Dan Balkwill (@DanJBalkwill) reported

    @women_want_more Sorry, but I think that she may have earned about $100 for those streams. The pay from Spotify is terrible. I purchase music and merch instead. (And concert tickets the ONE TIME Cassadee came to Calgary.)

  • SurgeonTibbs
    Erik Lam (@SurgeonTibbs) reported

    @TweakBoxApp There’s and issue with Spotify++, the download option isn’t working

  • davb5
    Dave Barker (@davb5) reported

    Spotify hits an analytics server often (when not running). I'm not quite sure what it's reporting but given that the app is closed and I seen multiple requests in a ten minute window, it can't be my listening habits..

  • Mr_Math314
    Ry John (@Mr_Math314) reported from Norman, Oklahoma

    I bought @hulu @hulu_support because it was a cheaper viable option than most cable. Also through @Spotify I loved Hulu. However, as of late Hulu is constantly not working. I have missed numerous thunder games and now can’t watch MNF. I think it’s time for a change...

  • chestnutfez
    Tom Penner (@chestnutfez) reported

    Hey @Spotify I think yer android shuffle is broken again. 200 songs on the playlist, chooses same two artists out of 20 again and again and again. Repeats songs within 6 plays.

  • KaFerru
    Ka'Ron Ferru Rogers (@KaFerru) reported

    @SpotifyCares hello ... I cancled my subscription to Spotify 3 months ago and today I was almost charged for your service that i have not been using and no longer want. Thank God I had no money in my account. Please handle this asap.

  • thenpewish420
    𝔂𝓮𝓮𝓽𝓸 𝓶𝓸𝓼𝓺𝓾𝓲𝓽𝓸 | 𝓮𝔁 -𝓣𝔂𝓵𝓮𝓻 (@thenpewish420) reported

    if yall need more proof that im braindead: my dyslexic ass couldn't figure out how to spell "immortal", but instead of looking up how to spell it, I just went to spotify, clicked on my fall out boy playlist, and scrolled down to the song Immortals to see how it's spelled

  • KBRedStar
    KB (@KBRedStar) reported

    @SpotifyCares We got family premium so my boss could have his music on his phone without taking music away from our staff. So we will need to make a new account it appears. I'm not using mine or we have the same problem. If I get in my car and my staff has music on, it would take it away.

  • jordanmohler
    Jørdan Møhler (@jordanmohler) reported

    @SpotifyCares Just updated Instagram and it’s still giving me the same error

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