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Spotify is a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies. It is available in most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and limited Asian countries.

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June 17: Problems at Spotify

Spotify is having issues since 06:00 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • PaddyStafrace Paddy Stafrace (@PaddyStafrace) reported

    I'm over @Spotify algorithms. Sticking to @SoundCloud for new music. Spotify playlists curated by real people are great but automated discovery is terrible. I want to listen to music that DOESN'T sound like the one before.

  • PaddyStafrace Paddy Stafrace (@PaddyStafrace) reported

    I'm over @Spotify algorithms. Sticking to @SoundCloud for new music. Spotify playlists curated by real people are great but automated discovery is terrible in it's current form. I want to listen to music that DOESN'T sound like the one before.

  • roverTrev trævor (@roverTrev) reported

    unpopular opinion but spotify is the next itunes just you watch, the app has become trash and crashes constantly and the redesign is terrible

  • saravanmarel svm (@saravanmarel) reported

    Shoutout to @Spotify and their customer service @SpotifyCares for doing the most. Helped me get back into my account! First company that I don’t need to trash via twitter!!!!

  • aSkiBum21 L (@aSkiBum21) reported

    @Spotify I've loved & used you guys for YEARS! but this app change is the worst thing you've ever done.... I hate Apple & I'm about to change to their shit service

  • WWEDemonNerd Matthew Dykstra (@WWEDemonNerd) reported

    @Spotify YouTube Music is better I had your service for a few years and just find this service better

  • arianagrandes tom (@arianagrandes) reported

    @SpotifyCares it just shows a spinning loading circle with no error or message!

  • jedeva Jed M. Eva III (@jedeva) reported

    The @Spotify Android app is screwy. Hope these issues are being addressed.

  • CountryBoy1700 ηḯḉḱ ℘яḯḉε (@CountryBoy1700) reported

    For people who use spotify music and don't have premium that don't wanna listen to the ads on your phone just clear out the app and go back into it no ads no problem

  • flatse darren flaherty (@flatse) reported

    Spotify premium is gone and can't update till the morning this really is a first world problem

  • cmcarlso8 Chloé (@cmcarlso8) reported

    Me trying to be an independent adult: *pays $5 a month for Hulu, Spotify, and showtime* Also me: Dad, can I have your Hulu login, mine has commercials

  • AlecWiese PICASSO MERCY (@AlecWiese) reported

    @Spotify Same shit for tapping on a artist. @Spotify I love your service, but this change seems to be trageted at me to remove or make worse the things I like about it

  • oldtoolhound TryToThink (@oldtoolhound) reported

    @rhowardbrowne Netflix and Spotify must be happy with those numbers! It won’t be easy to cram the Obama arrogance down American throats.

  • austin_heydon Austayla 🏴‍☠️ (@austin_heydon) reported

    @SpotifyCares Well my music would stop playing after 30 seconds and would play again and then stop. I know it's not connectivity issues because it's worked where I was at for a long time but I deleted and reinstalled the app and it seemed to fix the problem

  • madisnodgrass Madison Snodgrass (@madisnodgrass) reported

    @SpotifyCares plz help my account has been hacked and I need my music back and your customer service is very poor rn RT FOR SUPPORT

  • Costafied Christopher Costa (@Costafied) reported

    @ninjenndo @Spotify You’re speaking GUI language to me, dumb this down please haha

  • mnashraf777 Nabeel Ashraf (@mnashraf777) reported

    @SpotifyCares See the problem is, before I would save and album and all the songs would come into my saved songs. But now, if I save an album, the songs won't go into my songs. But also now saved songs is called liked songs, and I was wondering if have to like an album, but you can't

  • WHSV_Alex Alex Flum (@WHSV_Alex) reported

    @Spotify @SpotifyCares If you would have a phone service, this same issue wouldn't keep happening.

  • WHSV_Alex Alex Flum (@WHSV_Alex) reported

    It is ridiculous that @Spotify @SpotifyCares does not offer a way to call the company. I have had the same issue four times in the last week. The previous three times they have fixed it after a lengthy online chat with customer service. Ridiculous to have to go through this again

  • JBlackSerpent Julia 🦇 (@JBlackSerpent) reported

    Wifi is down and I'm realizing I hardly have any music saved on my computer to put on in the background while playing Sims 🙃 Thank god for Spotify offline mode

  • hopeb8x ☆¨̮ (@hopeb8x) reported

    1.ddaeng isn’t on spotify 😭😭 2.if they’re talking about not all the members fitting there then wording is terrible

  • JadaEmonee Jada (@JadaEmonee) reported

    @AsiaAlexander Yeah my service is acting funny rn and just kept cutting it off 😭 The Spanish is up on Spotify

  • jzangerle John (@jzangerle) reported

    @SpotifyCares can someone please help with continuous monthly charges for service I haven’t used in years

  • CallMeSchlotty Schlotty (@CallMeSchlotty) reported

    In need of graphic designers I have a super dope idea for my Spotify Apple Music debut EP but I’m definitely not artistic enough to make that shit so if you or anyone you know is down to at least hear me out hit me up!!! I’m not expecting anyone to do it for free either!!! 💰💰💰

  • YSLRyan ryan cambridge (@YSLRyan) reported

    @OneAnabel @Spotify if you had apple music this wouldn’t be a issue

  • deboramaria_96 Débora Maria (@deboramaria_96) reported

    @LaurenCimorelli I was searching on spotify thinking that today was 21. I was wondering if spotify was broken or whatever. 😅

  • 25boyfriends SSS📌✨Jae’s Starlight✨ (@25boyfriends) reported

    @aimee_traynor96 @vixxtype I got a repackaged album that has voodoo doll, on and on, Hyde, Rick your body, etc and I BLAST IT in my car whenever I get the chance 😂😂 if I can’t jam on Spotify I’ll do it gong down the highway

  • BrettWalkerEsq Best Western (@BrettWalkerEsq) reported

    @KeiraSavage00 Every Oz Household could be given a Netflix sub for about the same cost p.a. Superior content, less preaching. Add Spotify and p.a. cost is about $3.2B. ABC service subscriptions could be used to offet this spend.

  • iamChrisVolpe Christopher Volpe (@iamChrisVolpe) reported from Manhattan, New York

    @SpotifyCares that doesn't work, I have a Galaxy s10, I deleted then reinstalled the app, still broken

  • deadlysodium Josh (@deadlysodium) reported

    @SpotifyCares Its not about how I navigate around it. Im a savy person and I can figure out how to navigate your menu. The problem is you took away the feature to browse by artist on my downloaded songs. Even took away a feature I liked which was going through my most recently downloaded...

  • JosephBalin pablo frescobar (@JosephBalin) reported

    @91pharaoh @HenryBushnell I don’t agree with the insults but it’s so painfully obvious that consumers will nearly always pay if they're actually offered reasonable value and service. Netflix, Spotify, Steam and whatever else. We’re willing to pay- just give us decent options.

  • madelyn_tx madelyn ✞ (@madelyn_tx) reported

    @Spotify pls go back to the old layout or at least let me scroll thru my songs alphabetically with the lil side alphabet thing its so much work to scroll down 1,000 songs to get to the M's

  • kurapiqa ale (@kurapiqa) reported

    this Spotify update is TERRIBLE

  • PalmerBekah Bekah Palmer (@PalmerBekah) reported

    I am heart broken and I decided to throw on Spotify and landslide by Fleetwood Mac started playing. I have never felt this content being this sad.

  • ChihearsaWho DefinitelynotChihu (@ChihearsaWho) reported

    @urban_elegance Having Alexa, it was kind of shoved down my throat and actually isn’t bad. Lots of music that’s not Spotify.

  • rainRPGs Rain (@rainRPGs) reported

    @YourStarling Really depends on what I'm using it for. Spotify is iffy because it's a third-party thing, but I never have any issues with any of the first-party integrations.

  • trulybil char 148 (@trulybil) reported

    my spotify wont play a large majority of the songs i downloaded has anyone had this issue please help its ******* frustrating n im on a bus for 7 hours today i will die

  • stillwellgray simon (@stillwellgray) reported

    @SpotifyBrands @Spotify More playlists for broken gen xers who can't feel anything but like new music pls

  • womplestomple Roy Driskill (@womplestomple) reported

    @SpotifyCares Yo I want my money back this isn't the service I signed up to pay for.

  • colincarnival ALPACA BANDS (@colincarnival) reported

    Don’t play 5 year old j Cole top 40 in 2019 ever Spotify just delete that from everything if someone wants it they’ll search for it you don’t see big pimpin just POPPING UP ON A PLAYLIST SIT DOWN EITH YOUR PANDORA ACTING ASS BACK TO datpiff app i go

  • boxofone Box O'Bollox (@boxofone) reported

    Thought I was being a clever ****, plugged the almost long forgotten sennheiser wireless headphones to my phone, opened Spotify and was mooching about the kitchen looking like a cyberman in my shadow... Only for my kid to to come down & tell me it's too loud. Tinnitus.

  • montgomery_sean SJM™ (@montgomery_sean) reported

    @Spotify no one asked for this terrible layout update dude

  • breakaway_fit ShelleýLouisePT (@breakaway_fit) reported

    I swear my neighbour is listening to a Spotify list called: “My Partner Is Dying And I Want To Have A Sit Down Shower And Just Cry Forever” I’m with you girl, I’m with you.

  • MessiFc86037408 Jacob (@MessiFc86037408) reported

    @SpotifyArabia @SpotifyCares I have a temp solution for the ones who's trying to switch the spotify plan from monthly to yearly or otherwise. it's simple cuz all u have to do is wait for the subscription to expire, then login using a browser, click on upgrade and change ur plan.

  • yuckpuddle doctor bitchcraft (@yuckpuddle) reported

    whoever removed gods & monsters from spotify months ago whats your problem exactly

  • WGSfilms Bill Stafford (@WGSfilms) reported

    Especially frustrating because I just discovered @danagould podcast, and would like to binge on it, but @Spotify won't play more than 2 seconds of any old episodes without shutting down

  • marko7591 markauty (@marko7591) reported

    @darlobobby @Spotify Strange. I don't seem to have those issues.

  • kevgmac Kev Mac (@kevgmac) reported

    @Spotify please include “songs” again. This update is terrible

  • CandyCamacho12 Candy Camacho (@CandyCamacho12) reported

    @Chaenysus Yeah of course that collab bring them a lot of promo and unique listeners on spotify at that moment but decrased when the hype die down then B/p signed with a usa level who is know for paying money and doing payola I bet their usa level add them into those huge spotify playlist

  • call_me_crab crabby🍥 (@call_me_crab) reported

    hey @Spotify a big **** YOU for not letting me listen to the ONLY songs I want to on these albums. y'all TRASH, imma still pay for the service tho.

  • 13thAesthetic Kassie is proud of Dan 🌈 (@13thAesthetic) reported

    @SpotifyCares my spotify will not connect to my ps4. They're both on the same wifi and it won't let me log in with a pin. I'm signed in through Facebook so I can't just sign in normally either. What do

  • JackFielder_ Jack Fielder /\__/\ (@JackFielder_) reported

    @SpotifyCares Thank you! I just think you shouldn't change something which isnt broke because I've never had issues in regards to navigation before!

  • iconyonce #Uh-Oh (@iconyonce) reported

    exols: Jongin will never chart and never be as successful as the other memebers. He doesn’t even have a spotify page. y’all: me: Kai and friends. y’all: JDHDJDKDJDJSJ SOLO STAN 🤬 JSHDJSKKS YOU JUST DRAGGED DOWN THE OTHER MEMBERS AND CALLED THEM TALENTLESS

  • trevorjordan69 Toby Keef (@trevorjordan69) reported

    A musician on Spotify needs about 7 million plays in a year to make 35k, but a twitch streamer only needs to maintain about 850 subs to make that much. That doesn't even include ad revenue/donations. Seems like musicians need a streaming service with a similar model to twitch.

  • Pestmeester Pestmeester (@Pestmeester) reported

    @AngryMetalGuy I used to have match. But now I have Apple Music, which doesn’t only do what Spotify lets me do, but also allows me to upload music they don’t have in catalog to their server for me to stream on any device I want. That’s what convinced me to swap from Spotify to Apple Music.

  • realmdx Nero (@realmdx) reported

    @SpotifyCares I've already dowloaded the songs, but when I turn my internet connection off, the songs don't play. So, the problem is: the musics are downloaded, there's enough storage in my phone and I can't listen to the songs.

  • BatWhaleDragon BatWhaleDragon (@BatWhaleDragon) reported

    The albums will be temporarily unavailable on Spotify, Amazon, etc. The issue should be resolved in several days.

  • NDE0715 NDE (@NDE0715) reported

    @SpotifyCares I notice whenever I select a song from my liked library that's when it no longers stay on shuffle mode. I've never had this problem until the update.

  • pennywisefetish 🎈 (@pennywisefetish) reported

    i can't believe an electronic/dance song from the 90's is my favourite rn, it's terrible bc not even spotify can find similar ones

  • mo_lester10 marco (@mo_lester10) reported

    spotify mate bring back the recently played list, don’t fix what’s not broken

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