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Spotify is a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies. It is available in most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and limited Asian countries.

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February 16: Problems at Spotify

Spotify is having issues since 09:00 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Playback Issues (45.63%)
  • Errors (28.97%)
  • Sign in (16.67%)
  • Buffering (7.94%)
  • Audio Quality (.79%)

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  • Skydiveintofire Fireyinzoa (@Skydiveintofire) reported

    @SpotifyCares so like, I can't login on the app, I use the password reset, link does not work. I tried logging in on the website and it says I do not exist despite getting emails for reset, and I tried all steps including incognito mode, nothing has worked.

  • tylorhussey Bob Love (@tylorhussey) reported

    My spotify just went from murder on my mind to time after time.....I think this is why I have problems in life

  • weyrdkat Ashli Pitre (@weyrdkat) reported

    @SpotifyCares Okay turned off gapless again and set fade to 0 and then restarted and it seemed to correct the issue. No longer fades 10s into a song

  • ladyplscalmdown Riech (@ladyplscalmdown) reported

    @composermyg @SpotifyCares please stop giving auto bot customer service replies to every feedback and actually take our grievances seriously. it has literally been MONTHS. Ive been holding a premium account for a long time already but if I have to I'll migrate to apple music or even tidal

  • JayMadIV JayMad (@JayMadIV) reported

    @Brae_dens @youtubemusic It's honestly an overall step down from GPM. It did some things well,but most of it is lacking. They could just rebranded GPM and everyone would have been happy. I am on Spotify now.

  • mj935115 Matthias R (@mj935115) reported

    @SpotifyCares please help, I have a premium account but have the free layout. About a week ago it reverted to free and won’t change back, it still says I have premium and I haven’t gotten any emails with problems. My account name is mjreynolds2001

  • plonk_4 my insurance company says i am high risk (@plonk_4) reported

    @Spotify i need help my psotify is broken

  • deiserothjpg yennefer (@deiserothjpg) reported

    hi playstation, i have an old PSN and it is connected into my spotify. now i made a new one (cause the old was stolen can't login due 2step verification, no longer having the number) i can unlink the spotify from the old PSN and i cant remove from the spotify website as well.

  • deathbychode dick wolf (@deathbychode) reported

    @kevvxy @Spotify that’s what I get for using A SHITTY SERVICE

  • bunnytush miss lasagna (@bunnytush) reported

    how can i get spotify to stop updating on its own bc im sick of it updating and breaking and me having to uninstall and reinstall the old version again why is this shit still so broken :(

  • BardiBInvasion fan account of grammy winner cardi b (@BardiBInvasion) reported

    Charity work gone wrong sksksksksk @AtlanticRecords get the video pulled down until its on iTunes and Spotify !!!!

  • liveaidclassics lex || bad habit (@liveaidclassics) reported

    i’m going to physically shead tears as i part with my spotify premium on tuesday. i will count down the days until then. it will be a painful separation but alas: i am broke

  • Htng2697 Hazel (@Htng2697) reported

    Well I'm gonna use Spotify, Apple Music and YT. I've got devices so that won't be a problem=)

  • BTS_Esq Kay | happy hobiuary! ☘️🌻 (@BTS_Esq) reported

    @obscuregods I don’t usually agree or defend the sisters, but this time they’re right. It was oversimplified to say focus on AM because a lot of people will unfortunately read that as “Spotify is not important” and migrate entirely. Spotify is the only service where we know where we stand.

  • Attorneydad74 stephen thomas (@Attorneydad74) reported

    @DarDar00460 @Spotify It is absolutely atrocious. So bad i left for another streaming service.

  • shenaniganing lucerez (@shenaniganing) reported

    @rocsteadie4891 @BTS_Esq Spotify's biggest financial headache is having to pay royalties to record companies. I'm sure AM is doing its best to avoid having to report on-demand streams any way it can. This totally isn't a "fans making a mistake" problem, it's an "AM wants to save $" problem. 💀💰🍷🍷🍷

  • del_bangtan chel.HOBIUARY (@del_bangtan) reported

    @SpotifyCares @Htng2697 Please get on this. We appreciate your platform as paid customers but it’s becoming increasingly disappointing that this has been going on for months without fix, and that the artist we are trying to stream on your service are having their profiles tampered with.

  • jjksunwoo 𝐫𝐢 (@jjksunwoo) reported

    my only thing about apple music is that if everyone switches then people start crying when our spotify streams go down

  • levijpg Levi (@levijpg) reported from Austin, Texas

    @dominicscxtt That’s my main problem with Apple Music, it annoyed me so much i switched to Spotify lol

  • AlexCartaz Alex Carter 🤷‍♂️ (@AlexCartaz) reported

    @MathewPassy I think it’s just specific to Spotify. They either have some genius strategy we don’t see or they are massively over paying to double down on podcasts (a free and open ecosystem)

  • nimadjoo Nima (@nimadjoo) reported

    @SpotifyCares Your app is terrible now. Too many clicks to achieve the same results as before. Don’t @Snapchat this.

  • BTS_LUVS_ARMYS 💚🍀Hobiuary🍀💚 | GRAMMY |♡Alyssa♡|♡aRMy™♡ (@BTS_LUVS_ARMYS) reported

    We went down from 100M. Let's work harder next week ARMY! Don't forget to also stream on Spotify and Apple Music! @BTS_twt

  • rardk64 rarDK64 (@rardk64) reported

    @JaysonsRage @redneptonic I also love that Spotify's state is saved on the server so I can be listening at work, go home, say "Alexa play Spotify" and it'll pick up right where I left off.

  • ArmyAhjumma87 💜ARIGADOME💜AMISHITERU💜 (@ArmyAhjumma87) reported

    @SpotifyCares @dreaM_Min3 This has been a reoccurring issue. Last time it was someone else and the problem was 'solved'(i mean not really since y'all gave the real AgustD a new profile instead of giving him back his original one) and now someone else is doing the same thing.😑😑😑

  • anotheryuzu imflowers🍀🍀🍀 (@anotheryuzu) reported

    @EuphoriaPop the main issue is that someone said to use AM prem+free Spotify over just Spotify prem. They never said to drop Spotify. I don't see how radio DJs factor into this

  • proguerra Alex (Giving away a TRX) (@proguerra) reported

    So you dont make it anywhere near Spotify level, but you solve a problem for people in music, spread the $ to the people most deserving and aid in crypto’s mass adoption. Some people just want to make a quick buck and are very short sighted to the amount of opportunities for good

  • BTS_Esq Kay | happy hobiuary! ☘️🌻 (@BTS_Esq) reported

    CB STREAMING PREP 101 Suggested Minimal Accounts US ARMY and CAN afford a streaming service: - Spotify premium OR - Apple Music + Spotify free. CANNOT afford a service: - Spotify free. If you have extra devices you’re willing to use for cb, Spot (free/premium) or AM works. +

  • mjackson MICHAEL JACKSON (@mjackson) reported

    AFAICT they're the only streaming music service to offer something like this. Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music do not. 😇

  • chi_kelu31 V (@chi_kelu31) reported

    When music artists die their streams on Spotify shoots off but then dies down after about 2 weeks. For XXXtentacion that has not been the case, still 35 million listeners every month. People actually realised how unique he was... it's sad it was after death.

  • daegusushi 푸토스☘ (@daegusushi) reported

    @joondailyx t I pay $5 for spotify AND hulu i'm not about to waste $10 on another service 🧐 that's 15 that's like my weekly gas money PLS

  • 91_ming_ 🥕밍밍🥰 아미 방탄 포에버 (@91_ming_) reported

    personally...i do think Apple Music premium is the way to go. we have enough spotify streams and that’s not going to change...AM is the most used premium streaming service in the US rn. So getting that plus using spotify (free) is the way to go +

  • wendywrites3 2019 let's get it #SNAPP (@wendywrites3) reported

    Spotify PROs (+) and CONs(-): +most used service globally +streaming numbers visible and trackable -free version weighed less or not at all depending on country -pass less so certifications require more streams than other services

  • BTS_Esq Kay | happy hobiuary! ☘️🌻 (@BTS_Esq) reported

    @tannie_ot @Crumbles4Kookie if you have an AM account and can throw a couple of listens of the title track (with the plus sign) down a day during cb, it won’t hurt. but Spotify is likely where most of the US goals will be based next cb because we can track + radio uses that data.

  • msbeatrice_81 💜 msbeatrice 💜 (@msbeatrice_81) reported

    @The_DarkLord__ If you want to use it, use it. I personally have both Spotify Premium and Apple Music. Nowhere am I saying Apple Music isn't helpful. I'm only saying, if you can only afford one premium service, Spotify can be tracked & AM cannot.

  • NaMochi_7 Dam 🌙 (@NaMochi_7) reported

    People say "Let's forget about Spotify because of the issue with Yoongi and focus only in AM" Fam... We CAN'T. There are countries where that platform is the #1 to listen to music. Is like doing the Tidal mistake all over again... And worst

  • runtobts 大包 | Hobiruary ☘️ (@runtobts) reported

    If you can only afford to pay for one streaming service, please prioritize Apple Music. In this way, we can have paid Apple Music streams + free Spotify streams. In addition to that, Spotify stream has the same weight no matter if it is paid or free. 🥳

  • JoniLynnStewart Joni Stewart (@JoniLynnStewart) reported

    @Ayok_Beats @JoeBudden It works bro. I said the same to another fella .sometimes u gotta uninstall spotify n reinstall than restartfor th nonone. that's spotify's issues and out phones .... Joe n them ain't technicians jus entertainers lol

  • trickynickyod1 Dominique Olivares (@trickynickyod1) reported

    @Spotify hey guys i have an acount that im trying to sign in with, but it says that the email im using is not associated with an account so i tried creating one with it just to see what would happen and it said that the email is already taken and it wont let me reset my password

  • monostalgics 「dani™」 (@monostalgics) reported

    @yoonsT__T apple music is literally bigger here in america 💀 they added bts to playlists faster than spotify too so i dont see the problem with getting am + free spotify instead of just spotify premium

  • composermyg Mia (@composermyg) reported

    If you can only pay for one get am and use free Spotify. If you can't afford a paid streaming service use free Spotify.

  • ChrisMorrisOrg Chris Morris (@ChrisMorrisOrg) reported

    @hugojmd I know you're joking, but I really have zero interest in re-joining Spotify at the moment. It took them three years to fix a privacy issue I reported. Besides, they still don't have play counts nor smart playlists, so its a nonstarter.

  • hugojmd Hugo 🧙‍♂️ (@hugojmd) reported

    @ChrisMorrisOrg I've never had this issue with Spotify.. ;)

  • EuphoriaPop Sam ✈️ (@EuphoriaPop) reported

    @JeonMicDrop problem is radio uses Spotify, not AM. Also the fact that half of the fandom is still not really streaming on AM and just playing from their libraries instead. Why dont we focus on getting better on spotify first, prioritizing title track—which can be achieved by having 2 accts

  • AvonShavon 🍀🌻Seokjins 진 Queen🌻🍀 (@AvonShavon) reported

    @msbeatrice_81 I always focus on Spotify. I canceled Tidal not too long ago because of their issues. I'm so ready for cb. 💜

  • SavWest0n_ ɥɐuuɐʌɐS (@SavWest0n_) reported

    @VodafoneUK Absolutely ridiculous, been paying for Spotify since June even though it’s included in contract. Have evidence of being told how to activate & reassured it was free. Just realised we’ve been paying for it & won’t be getting refunded. Your customer service is shocking.

  • shenaniganing lucerez (@shenaniganing) reported

    @Daydreamnyaha Spotify reports actual streaming numbers for radio to look at whereas AM just reports rankings, so its role with radio is why I always prioritize it. Second issue is that many ppl on AM do not realize they're playing off of purchased tracks, which do not count as streams. Risky.

  • BTS_Esq Kay | happy hobiuary! ☘️🌻 (@BTS_Esq) reported

    @Daydreamnyaha @AOmelas and if you can afford both Spotify and AM, nothing is stopping anyone from using both (I have family Spot plan + AM and use multiple devices during cb). we’re suggesting that if you can only afford one streaming service it should be Spotify. If you hate Spot, AM + free Spot.

  • rkive_kchk BTS IS AT THE GRAMMYS 🎉 // kchk au 📌 (@rkive_kchk) reported

    @seesawinmrch @JeonMicDrop the problem tho is we cant track streams on apple music only on spotify

  • skoojk 🐥김석진🐯💜💜 (@skoojk) reported

    @BTSArmyMomMD1 @AOmelas I don't think the issue was about not being able to multitask more like not being able to afford it. I can only afford 1 account so I'm a pay for AM & get a free spotify account.

  • RossFranklin95 Ross Franklin (@RossFranklin95) reported

    @JarnoNijbroek @Xbox @Spotify @crackdown easy fix,just google the store and force download on to the device,problem fixed,education is key to success

  • msbeatrice_81 💜 msbeatrice 💜 (@msbeatrice_81) reported

    I'm sorry, but the below is not good advice. If you are a US ARMY, you should prioritize Spotify Premium. Apple Music is helpful, but we cannot track streams there. If you can only pay for one premium streaming service and you are a US ARMY, Spotify Premium is the one to go with.

  • bluegrantae_x Amanda 💍 (@bluegrantae_x) reported

    @JeonMicDrop a lot of European charts do not count free streams. Spotify is the most popular in Europe therefore GET THE PREMIUM its worth it. Apple Music next, then Amazon Umlimited or any other Premium streaming service available, YouTube last resort.

  • holidayquin ♡ ᴍᴀʀᴀ ♡ (@holidayquin) reported

    @SpotifyCares I just tried using an incognito window but once I logged in my account it showed me the same error notice. It did the same even after I cleared my cache

  • bluegrantae_x Amanda 💍 (@bluegrantae_x) reported

    YouTube or your countries streaming service is not the next option, Apple Music is. AM is available in twice as many countries as Spotify check there first and if it’s not available use a PREMIUM streaming service that is available to you.

  • holidayquin ♡ ᴍᴀʀᴀ ♡ (@holidayquin) reported

    @SpotifyCares hi, my spotify web player isn’t working, the page loads but there’s an error notice that tells me to reload the site :/

  • JeonMicDrop 💫 (@JeonMicDrop) reported

    If you are non-US army and ur coutnry doesnt have spotify, i would just say to use whatever streaming service available to you that counts for your country’s charts and help out on YT

  • Wintermute_64 Sam wild (@Wintermute_64) reported

    @SpotifyCares It’s a school WiFi router, but I don’t think it’s an issue on my end, I usually use a vpn. Even without the vpn it doesn’t work though. Internet works fine too, spotify seems to be the only thing not responding. Still works on my iphone tho

  • Simmotre1Trent andrew luck is the cause of my depression (@Simmotre1Trent) reported

    @nickwhatever01 @Spotify LMFAOOOOOO imagine thinking spotify is a good streaming service

  • sole_elsol Elsol 🏳️‍🌈 (@sole_elsol) reported

    I really want to make a trend or mess report to pressure Bighit to verify/monitor the members’ individual profiles, and properly deal with Spotify on this issue. #BighitVerifySpotifyProfiles to protect your artists from being leeched off @BigHitEnt

  • ofillustrations miss goblin (@ofillustrations) reported

    im... screaming. so I'm fighting the turret hunter on top of the tower in bloodborne and I have spotify playing and he literally falls of the tower as chumbawumbas lyric "I get knocked down" plays.. whh...

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