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Spotify is a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies. It is available in most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and limited Asian countries.

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November 21: Problems at Spotify

Spotify is having issues since 03:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Spotify Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • ianGrayXD Ian Gray (@ianGrayXD) reported

    @SpotifyCares had sooo many issues with people accessing my account and using my account free but spotify still has the cheek to keep charging a subscription fee and not provide any compensation of any sort Not impressed with the customer service guys I must say

  • mabelsyntax Kerry Freek (@mabelsyntax) reported

    Just heard a @cityoftoronto ad about not flushing dumb things down your toilet.. on Spotify. Way to get the word out there! CC: @yourturnorr

  • ADDF_Toxic A-D-D-F_Toxic (@ADDF_Toxic) reported

    @vidpui I'm kind of in the middle. I still prefer to rely mainly on my own records, CDs, and my local digital library. It's less prone to be shut down and lost from decisions by others. I also have some stuff that's not available on Spotify or similar music streaming services.

  • JamesOkuley James Okuley (@JamesOkuley) reported

    @AppleSupport I’d rather do it publicly, since others may also have this issue, and it also involves @Spotify. The only Bluetooth device I have is my gen 3 Apple Watch. Basically, the maps app will just randomly, stop navigating, or sometimes it will just get stuck saying ‘rerouting’...

  • arcnpiper karina (@arcnpiper) reported

    ARE YOU ******* KIDDING ME ITS STILL NOT WORKING OH MY GOD **** spotify im so angrdyyyydyeyruurujyyy

  • MongJia 🌩☀️☁️🌧 (@MongJia) reported

    @thetablopodcast @thedivestudios @blobyblo I think it’s still having error (loop and abrupt cut) on Spotify ㅠㅠ

  • stirwhipbeat Interstellar Dilfposting (@stirwhipbeat) reported

    somebody talk me down from getting spotify premium again

  • ccgirl Carri Craver (@ccgirl) reported

    AT&T is living up to my expectations. Their service is shit all around. Cuts out and buffers Netflix daily, asks me to reset my password every time I have to log in, didn't send the Spotify reward, sent a form by mail for credit card reward instead of just putting it online. #CX

  • GWeinschenk Graham Weinschenk (@GWeinschenk) reported

    I swear Spotify's shuffle button has been broken for years

  • craigbased craig (@craigbased) reported

    The filter liked songs feature on Spotify is just broken now and I'm at my limit. They can't keep breaking functionality and adding nothing. They do not respect me and I am a clown for staying so long

  • nyooomgi #entropy (@nyooomgi) reported

    spotify garbage solid 5/10 but their customer service sent me a panic playlist at the end of our convo once so they do deserve some rights

  • LarsonSkyler avvcole stan (@LarsonSkyler) reported

    @doom__days that's two iced coffees for when I'm not working plus I like Spotify's yearly recap and algorithm

  • TeamKnowhowUK Team Knowhow (@TeamKnowhowUK) reported

    @Enola_Cochrane1 If there has been a subscription to either the Spotify Premium Service or Unlimited service or have taken a trial or introductory offer previously, the customer would be ineligible for this Offer and as such, the code will not work. Please let me know how it goes. - MC 2/2

  • BrianMilne80 Brian Milne (@BrianMilne80) reported

    @FitbitSupport My versa is having issues syncing with app, my steps are updated on app even though it keeps saying no device found and hasnt synced for several hours. Spotify app also wont connect

  • RealMacAshton Ashton Macaulay (@RealMacAshton) reported

    @AberrantLit @advancedlit @Spotify This does make it sound like we're making an audio drama about moms, which I was unaware of, but I'm down to take our next step in a weird direction! For less moms and more sasquatch: @MotM_Cast

  • worstofthecrime ً (@worstofthecrime) reported

    I knew Interscope wouldn't let me down isn't this already 2B Spotify streams she's coming for Dula Peep's neck

  • katdadkat 😈 (@katdadkat) reported

    @OnikaProm0tions @Spotify @KarolGmusic @NICKIMINAJ Spotify has issues with our Queen because Q radio is on apple , they always do her wrong

  • KostiHeinonen Kosti Heinonen (@KostiHeinonen) reported

    @infektdubstep And Spotify has been turning shitter too lately. Every service tries to promote the most known music and not the newest

  • Sandman77 Mr. Sandmaи (@Sandman77) reported

    @3t3r0utsid3r I agree, the spotify ads are terrible

  • anthnyjsph BITTER 'OL LEMON 🍋 (@anthnyjsph) reported

    @mtjeme @DarlinNiikki @KristenxLeanne @Spotify Or just be a grown ass adult and know not to say it your damn self, you idiots don’t need to be tunnel visioned into not saying it, you’re not children If it’s such an issue listen to ******* kids bop

  • vanesazz128 Vanessa Nguyen (@vanesazz128) reported

    @SpotifyCares hey so I tried signing up for premium student but it’s not working...I’ve used the 3 month trial before but I just want the student premium now but it’s saying “you’ve already used this offer”

  • jennacopsey1 Jenna (@jennacopsey1) reported

    heard someone talking about how their Spotify had to be cancelled because it got hacked, I would actually be heart broken if I ever lost all my Spotify playlists

  • michelle_rox Michelle (@michelle_rox) reported from Buena Park, California

    @seanpcc Considering my Spotify got hacked TWICE and I was left to clean up someone else’s playlist. I went to Apple Music where you can use Face ID to sign in 😭

  • ReganSands Regan Sands (@ReganSands) reported

    I had a great experience with @Spotify customer service! Representative Yancy R. was phenomenal! They were patient and fixed the issue with my account in no time. @SpotifyCares #aboveandbeyond

  • housuke aly 🎂🎁 (@housuke) reported

    @miloucomehome Yeah, I had problems with my Spotify account for a while before I moved to another service. I went into settings and chose to “sign out of all devices”,

  • noarthoney lu シ (@noarthoney) reported

    white girl problem of today: my mom still haven't paid my spotify so I'm having to download a bunch of songs in my phone.

  • lillerik Erik Hoffman (@lillerik) reported

    @miguelsolorio_ @Sonos @Spotify Use the Sonos app instead. Much better. Spotify connect is more generic and its implementation issues purely on Spotify’s side.

  • Mossab85507680 Mossab (@Mossab85507680) reported

    Hey @Spotify, I love your streaming service and all but it's not good enough, if you can't add HiFi music streaming or 360 reality reality audio sorry but gonna have to switch to another streaming service.

  • feetlogger Pawel Tomal (@feetlogger) reported

    @SpotifyCares Guys, it's really annoying, AirPlay from my iPhone SE (iOS 13.2), Spotify ver., Apple TV HD (tvOS 13.2 17K82) keeps disconnecting roughly every 30 minutes. no issues playing Apple Music, please help...

  • Lee_Ooooh Make Glutes, Not War (@Lee_Ooooh) reported

    @SpotifyCares Hi there. This resolved the issue for a few days intermittently but it's even worse now. I've seen lots of complaints about similar issue online too. I have android vs 9 installed. I'm reluctant to kill the app and redownload as I have a lot of music downloaded.

  • HdNtora SunnyBunny (@HdNtora) reported

    the #Spotify app continues to be showing the error message. I renewed my subscription for this month to give it some time to see if it'll be fixed but it will be absolutely the last one if you don't fix it guys

  • diebenjidie fundamental human loneliness (@diebenjidie) reported

    @tonightwelaunch Damn... honestly I actually would argue that chipmusic is far reaching the problem is there’s just a lot of ppl with chip in their Spotify lists but with no care or acknowledgement that there’s a musician behind it

  • venkman_FM83 Peter (@venkman_FM83) reported

    @Spotify @SpotifyUSA @SpotifyCares Discover Weekly is 100% broken. This was a MASSIVE part of me sticking with Spotify but it simply no longer works and is instead stuck on 1 genre of music that doesn’t reflect my listening habits over the past 2-3 years. Fix or I’m leaving

  • bxyega 𝕁𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕒𝕟 (@bxyega) reported

    I’m terrible at promoting my own music, but this drops on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal etc. at midnight. Check it out if you can. Got more in store in the new year 🤙🏾

  • clukey83 James McCluskey (@clukey83) reported from Galston, Scotland

    @SpotifyStatus hi. I’ve created an account. Logged in. Clicked Redeem but error always comes up. I Can’t redeem my 6 months free Spotify premium

  • DesperationNot Quiet Desperation NOT (@DesperationNot) reported

    @Paola_Dec1231 Danger, danger... Spotify is a SWEDISH company. They 'deducted' our charges twice a month, refusing to refund the $160 bucks overcharged ONCE I figured out the mess, took me weeks of (get this) Twitter D/M communications to their 'service' Dept. Never again! I got a partial ONLY!

  • omarapolIo VALE (@omarapolIo) reported

    bootleg spotify is down okay

  • ChellyArmy23 Chellybean 💜💜💜✨ (@ChellyArmy23) reported

    @rizzle_d @thetablopodcast @thedivestudios @blobyblo I had the same issue. It seems like it cut off at 31 min. On Spotify.

  • rizzle_d riz / 레이나 / レイナ (@rizzle_d) reported

    @thetablopodcast @thedivestudios @blobyblo Hey, I'm having an issue playing this episode... I've tried listening to it on Apple and Spotify, but it cuts off after 33 minutes on both of them. It's when Tablo's reviewing each streaming site. (Shortly after he talks about The Patriot Act and Atlanta on Netflix.)

  • I_Composer I Composer is Phil Falcone 🎹 (@I_Composer) reported

    @carolineb_songs Yesterday I heard a rumor that Spotify was having a problem with playlists. Sure enough, three of mine disappeared. But I digress 🙃

  • KevinDao9 Kevin Dao (@KevinDao9) reported

    @kstaerrynights @simplyzurg @AppValley_vip Spotify has been recently cracking down on people who are using the ++ version to have Premium features without paying. I was a victim to this and my account was suspended with a warning. That gave me an incentive to pay legitimate. Nothing is really free.

  • GoldRushPromo Gold Rush (@GoldRushPromo) reported

    You, like every other label and artist, get lumped into the low-paid royalty rate tier by Spotify, cause you're dragged down by the FREE users.

  • GoldRushPromo Gold Rush (@GoldRushPromo) reported

    Sure, Spotify has 30 million paying subscribers, but the problem is with the 70 million FREE users.

  • matt_romm 五/𝖑𝖎𝖑_𝖉𝖊𝖛.𝖏𝖘𝖝 (@matt_romm) reported

    right off the bat @Spotify has some of the best API docs I've ever come across. The intro is a walkthrough of setting up your app with a login, and logging users into an account is one of the biggest pains in the ass imo and obviously necessary for your app to be remotely useful.

  • ginad129 Gina Denny (@ginad129) reported

    @darcicoleauthor Boys will also "borrow" a girl's phone and then login to their own spotify account and expect the girl to stay logged into the boy's account. "It's like we're married". There are some weird dynamics in high school lol

  • Lempfert35 KJL (@Lempfert35) reported

    @HatcherTalaya @knorretje008 @AppValley_vip I had to delete spotify and reinstall it. It got old pretty quick, because of apple cracking down.

  • JaywanIncBeats Jaywan Inc. 🏆 (@JaywanIncBeats) reported

    You, like every other label and artist, get lumped into the low-paid royalty rate tier by Spotify, cause you're dragged down by the FREE users.

  • JaywanIncPromo Jaywan Inc. Promotions🎯 (@JaywanIncPromo) reported

    You, like every other label and artist, get lumped into the low-paid royalty rate tier by Spotify, cause you're dragged down by the FREE users.

  • MacDaddi_Jazz 🐅 (@MacDaddi_Jazz) reported

    @ThaSoapBox We don’t got free Netflix but we get free STARZ, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Pandora premium Spotify premium, AT&T tv, AT&T Tuesdays, unlimited data if we have Direct tv, deals at restaurants and vacation contest. Oh and A1 service lol

  • JaywanIncBeats Jaywan Inc. 🏆 (@JaywanIncBeats) reported

    Sure, Spotify has 30 million paying subscribers, but the problem is with the 70 million FREE users. And Spotify doesn't pay artists a bigger royalty rate if they get streams from paid subscribers, even if 100% of your fans are premium users.

  • JaywanIncPromo Jaywan Inc. Promotions🎯 (@JaywanIncPromo) reported

    Sure, Spotify has 30 million paying subscribers, but the problem is with the 70 million FREE users. And Spotify doesn't pay artists a bigger royalty rate if they get streams from paid subscribers, even if 100% of your fans are premium users.

  • ocd300 Mike (@ocd300) reported

    @SpotifyCares If I power cycle my @VIZIOsupport TV, I can cast to it through Spotify for a day, then the TV just stops showing up as a cast device until I power cycle the TV again. This only seems to be an issue with the Spotify app/iOS, I can cast great through Chrome on a laptop. Thanks!!

  • TaylorSwiftChar Taylor Swift Charts 🦋 (@TaylorSwiftChar) reported

    SPOTIFY GLOBAL 🌎 ON 20/11/2019 38. Lover Remix (-1): 1,512,096 [Total: 14,253,442] *Peak 20* 8 day at chart 145. You Need To Calm Down (-6): 755,221 [Total: 270,998,838] *Peak 3* 160 days at chart 147. Lover (-5): 751,519 [Total: 168,541,514] *Peak 2* 96 day on the chart

  • uglynewyorker Stop Playin’ (@uglynewyorker) reported

    My onlyfans page dropping today too. Don’t expect raunchy shit though. Literally just gonna be lying down playing Pokémon listening to non-premium Spotify so expect a Home Depot commercial.

  • justinblake93 Justin Blake (@justinblake93) reported

    @MariahCarey @Spotify I mite just have to switch my music streaming service to @Spotify because of this! #MerryChristmas25

  • GavinChandler1 Gavin Chandler (@GavinChandler1) reported

    @sciencescanner I agree with Rowan. It depends on the product and perspective. I think the quote applies to products/companies like Spotify. The value is proportional the sum of the customer problems you have solved. David's analysis applies for drug dev.

  • MUDEO Kenny Isidoro (@MUDEO) reported

    @HubSpot My kids are always listening to Spotify. It's easy for them to play it on the iPad or ask Alexa to turn it on. The problem, sometimes, is that Spotify doesn't always catch explicit songs, forcing me to skip and report. Having a kids only version will hopefully resolve that issue.

  • GoodBadBasicPod The Good. The Bad. The Basic. (@GoodBadBasicPod) reported

    @jessicasunlee That is odd. We didn't take down the episode. Try the Spotify link in the quoted tweet. -em

  • silhouettevibe ; (@silhouettevibe) reported

    Netflix and spotify issues will be resolved soon. Ps. Di na po macontact mga supplier so I'll be using my own funds to refund. Will not sell premium accounts anymore. Just wanna share na ang abusado ng mga nabili. Di nakukuha sa maayos na explanation.

  • Bastixn__ Cory 🌘 (@Bastixn__) reported

    @SpotifyCares I've been having an issue on PS4 where whenever I stop an episode or finish an episode of a podcast on my PS4 it doesn't save where I left off or mark the episode as played.

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