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  • jasonmader 𝙹𝚊𝚜𝚘𝚗 (@jasonmader) reported

    @SlackHQ Fix your desktop notification problem on Safari already.

  • JoshuaABrandon Joshua Brandon (@JoshuaABrandon) reported

    The fact that you can't set "Do Not Disturb" for the weekend (or any other set of days off) on @SlackHQ is...dumb and terrible.

  • rinashah Rina Chhadwa (@rinashah) reported

    @SlackHQ Thanks so much. There were errors, have rectified those. Mostly that should solve it I guess :)

  • pbanavara Pradeep Banavara (@pbanavara) reported from PETROL BUNK ORR, State of Karnataka

    @simnett @kurtodaniel @SlackHQ TWLO as well. IPO price around 60 went down to 25 once they lost Uber as a customer.

  • kchristidis_ Kostas Christidis (@kchristidis_) reported

    Everyone's going to jump on @KeybaseIO today for the way they tried to market off the back of @SlackHQ's security fiasco. (This was tacky.) But this shouldn't discount the fact that they have been doing incredible work, and it's a shame more people aren't using their service.

  • kurtodaniel Kurt Daniel (@kurtodaniel) reported

    @simnett @SlackHQ Thx for the example. I didn't know it went down that much at first. FB has done so well since. Hopefully, Slack can do something similar.

  • notjosh joshua may (@notjosh) reported from Berlin, Land Berlin

    @SlackHQ really, just any way to just roll back to ~1 month ago would be lovely. the recent changes tend to hinder rather than help :<

  • simnett ed simnett (@simnett) reported

    @kurtodaniel @SlackHQ FB had to go down by 50% before it started to climb.

  • HunterHart hunterhart (@HunterHart) reported

    @SlackHQ I need a pro tip on how to fix the type lagg. Mac El Captain

  • jpsandlin Josh Sandlin (@jpsandlin) reported

    @SlackHQ I get a weird problem sometimes on desktop. I'm using Mojave 10.14.3 (18D42)) and Slack Version 4.0.0 ****. Problem is that a Channel will have new messages (turns bold and white) in the sidebar, and I'm suddenly unable to select different channels. Restart fixes it

  • sunnyrjuneja Sunny ☀️ (@sunnyrjuneja) reported

    @kurtodaniel @SlackHQ 100% hold. It's down 15%, there's no upside to selling unless you're looking to reallocate. Revisit this question in a year!

  • arusso23 Aaron Russo 🏳️‍🌈 (@arusso23) reported

    Annoyed that @SlackHQ decided to inform me a few weeks ago that my account credentials had been compromised and tried to tell me I must have had a virus. Glad they're finally owning up to the larger issue, but makes me question how seriously they take security.

  • JWRSS JW (@JWRSS) reported

    @SlackHQ Dutch spellcheck is broken since last week (Macbook pro MacOs 10.14.5, Slack 4.0.0). Driving me absolutely nuts. I tried the fixes I read online, but nothing works. Please tell me how to fix it :)

  • MetalWeirdo Rafael Pato (@MetalWeirdo) reported

    @SlackHQ sadly it's not a connection issue. The web app just crashes randomly often during the day. I've cleared cache but it still crashes :(

  • kunksed Raj Kunkolienkar 🌩️ (@kunksed) reported

    @dalanMendonca @dhvanilp @NotionHQ @SlackHQ Notion is like clay that you can make anything out of. That scares off a few. The new templates def help people get started off, but I think the friction arises thanks to people trying to pivot on to Google Docs as a guide to navigate Notion.

  • polemic Hamish Campbell (@polemic) reported

    @SlackHQ Firstly, thank you for responding, it means a lot. I think you’ve got work to do in explaining this timeline. It seems there were more users effected than you knew, and made the choice not to disclose the more serious vulnerability. Big trust issue now.

  • bentasker Ben Tasker (@bentasker) reported

    @quinophex @CarlGottlieb @polemic @adrianthomas @troyhunt @SlackHQ So the source appears to now be acknowledged as rogue code injected into slacks login pages. And its taken 4 years to find out plaintext creds were filched. Thats pretty embarassing for Slack...

  • no_fear_inc Mario Peshev (@no_fear_inc) reported

    @slaFFik @SlackHQ To be completely honest, that's a problem for the rest of the staff, too. There are generic channels you don't want to quit but muting doesn't help, and no way to prioritize. Leading to chaos and wasted time and counter-productivity mostly (hence no assistant can help)

  • slaFFik Slava Abakumov (@slaFFik) reported

    @no_fear_inc Yeah, I know, you're totally correct. But there's a problem, and ways to solve it. Waiting for @SlackHQ to fix that is counterproductive, imo.

  • no_fear_inc Mario Peshev (@no_fear_inc) reported

    @SlackHQ That's a pretty major (and apparent) problem for our senior management. There's no way to group channels either by "management" and "clients" and everything else or so.

  • no_fear_inc Mario Peshev (@no_fear_inc) reported

    @SlackHQ Right now I can't see DM "pings" during DND since they're further down the sidebar. No way to push them higher. Also, mentions and @ channel pings don't jump on top of the sidebar either. It's basically "all in" or completely ignoring Slack at this point.

  • tomduncalf Tom Duncalf (@tomduncalf) reported

    @recrdx @SlackHQ I seem to recall it does this, I’m sure I’ve had it offer to login to all my other workspaces when I log in. Maybe confused though!

  • dfiden Dan Fiden (@dfiden) reported

    @SlackHQ Yeah. Desktop, Mac. Then I am losing my mind. I don’t think audio notifications were ever enabled for me but maybe user error….

  • Realtalks20 Real talks (@Realtalks20) reported

    .@SlackHQ It seems Slack is down, Please confirm and let us know the status.

  • crsofr Chris® (@crsofr) reported

    @jcharles00 @SlackHQ OMG, I'm so tired of seeing that stupid app pop up every time I login. It keeps installing on my home laptop too.

  • agathegovare Agathe Govare (@agathegovare) reported

    @SlackHQ hi! I've been trying to log in to my workspace on Chrome (mac) for a few hours and after a few short seconds, slack stops loading and I get a white page with nothing on it.. Help!

  • TwiIightRealm TwilightRealm 🌸 (@TwiIightRealm) reported

    @SlackHQ Help page only shows a FAQ... I can't find the option to report an issue 😕

  • liannivin Lian Nivin (@liannivin) reported

    @notquiteleo I am newbie in @SlackHQ and I have an issue when I want to replace mi password that I forgot. Email never arrive.

  • ktonga ktonga :: GastonT o n i e t t i (@ktonga) reported

    @SlackHQ Dunno m8, I use the regular `/giphy` command, and it's terrible. The *Shuffle* thing is ridiculous, a total waste of time. And what I think is the worst is that when you send it, the message includes the search term, totally misses the point.

  • ktonga ktonga :: GastonT o n i e t t i (@ktonga) reported

    @SlackHQ Not really, it works as expected, and that's the problem 🙂

  • marianarasil Mariana Ramirez (@marianarasil) reported

    @ashleyfrangie @SlackHQ @bobeglz help her

  • lolopb Laurent (@lolopb) reported

    @SlackHQ FYI, using Slack 3.4.2 does not show this problem 🤔

  • lolopb Laurent (@lolopb) reported

    @SlackHQ I’m sorry to say that but no, at least not here… Running 4.0.0 (just relaunched it) and cmd-, still opens the Keyboard Shortcuts Panel and not Preferences as I would expect from a true macOS application. Get rid of cmd-, for Keyboard shortcuts and that should fix it 😜

  • lolopb Laurent (@lolopb) reported

    @SlackHQ You can find my first support request on that from “6 months ago” with this ID 2021578. So I doubt it’s an “issue in the latest version of the desktop app” but you’re right, it’s a known one 😬

  • lolopb Laurent (@lolopb) reported

    @SlackHQ You’re welcome, considering it’s been like that for many months even after I made a bug report I guess they are too busy removing settings and useful options and can’t fix a huge mistake like that one… I mean cmd-, is a default shortcut for preferences on Mac…

  • GameDevPev Andy Peverley (@GameDevPev) reported

    I use slack every day, still not used to the terrible UX with "drafts". I could get putting a link to an unsent message at the top, but removing the channel from its regular location is absolutely bonkers. Curious to how that the heck that was justified during design @SlackHQ

  • ktrinbean Catrina Dean (@ktrinbean) reported

    I've always used @SlackHQ on my mac with no issues - but slack desktop on the pc is killing my cpu even in the background - is there a fix for this @SlackHQ

  • amyzima Amy Zima (@amyzima) reported

    @SlackHQ Love the drafts feature but wish it didn't de-dupe from my main DM list. I often find myself disorientated when i'm down in DM section looking for someone but they're missing as they're out of view up in drafts. Showing people twice is okay by me.

  • unbrelievable Breanna Hughes (@unbrelievable) reported

    @SlackHQ hi friends! Links have stopped opening from slack. Chrome is my default browser. Help!

  • thegeekyninja Geekster (@thegeekyninja) reported

    @itspriddle @SlackHQ I reinstalled slack and that fixed it. But now after a restart it’s again gone back to the same. Slack needs to fix this.

  • tingFTW Ting (@tingFTW) reported

    @uiri00 @SlackHQ Agreed, but unless you're using a service that backs up your QR code (like @Authy does) to the cloud, there's not a good way to revoke the token without disabling and re-enabling. A service that backs up the TOTP token means you don't need to disable it when switching phones.

  • relequestual Ben Hutton (@relequestual) reported

    @SlackHQ See @SpotifyCares - This is how to do support. Acknowledge the issue, apologise, inform on plans to resolve. ++ @SlackHQ ! =]

  • savagemikedrop Mike ✈️ NYC for Datadog Dashcon (@savagemikedrop) reported

    @SlackHQ this looks the opposite of what you think.... Desperate. And considering you've removed more meaningful things than you've added lately doesn't help.

  • RijWiard Wiard van Rij (@RijWiard) reported

    @lebaux @SlackHQ @Hacker0x01 Half true, "This, however, does not pose a problem for single user sites." so when you have the knowledge, I can follow my own time line for upgrades :) In general it gets upgraded every 2-3 weeks! Thanks

  • stevewhite94 Steve White (@stevewhite94) reported

    @SlackHQ I managed to fix it, turns out the only way to get rid was to reply to it which I was avoiding as it wasn't addressed to me. Might be a handy one to add to your troubleshooting

  • mcwumbly dave mcclure (@mcwumbly) reported

    @SlackHQ I usually do this: 1. open a thread 2. pick a message somewhere in the middle of the thread 3. hover, hamburger, copy link 4. replace `/archives/` with `/messages/` to avoid the extra page 5. share that link But skipping step (4) doesn't fix the problem at this time

  • blockmonkey Andrew Plein (@blockmonkey) reported

    @SlackHQ How can I help make this happen faster 😀

  • johncalvinyoung John Calvin Young (@johncalvinyoung) reported

    @SlackHQ latest update very broken, blocking work. Screen share illegible 5 of 6 calls, and even confusingly my coworker is seeing notifications about ‘screenhero-style’ screen sharing features that no longer exist

  • taylorwmj Taylor Meiklejohn (@taylorwmj) reported

    @SlackHQ Hate to say it, but that seems like quite a cop-out answer. Especially since we've been using Vivaldi in some capacity at our org for 3+ years with Slack and never had issues.

  • itspriddle Joshua Priddle (@itspriddle) reported

    @SlackHQ I should note my font size is shrunk down a few steps – that feels related.

  • mastahyeti Βen Тoews (@mastahyeti) reported

    @SlackHQ The issue I'm having is that when I'm composing a new message, pressing the up arrow doesn't fill in the last message I sent.

  • DavidGoldfield David Goldfield (@DavidGoldfield) reported

    @SlackHQ Many thanks for correcting the mislabeled message input field less than 24 hours after I reported it. If all companies fixed issues that quickly we'd practically be living in an accessibility golden age.

  • decoderwheel Stephen Anderson (@decoderwheel) reported

    @tastapod @MicrosoftTeams @SlackHQ Weirdly, CPU consumption is one of the biggest UX problems in Teams. Trying to demo over screensharing can demolish the performance of a web app. Plus they need to give up on Sharepoint for the wiki. It’s not fit for purpose.

  • MattIPv4 Matt (IPv4) Cowley (@MattIPv4) reported

    @AmNotADev @SlackHQ Discord does some things right, as does Slack. Discord has a single login which is great for the end-user but horrible for companies that want to use their own auth systems. Slack also is far more reliable for companies whereas Discord is often down.

  • NiceTryIanLoL NiceTryIan (@NiceTryIanLoL) reported

    @BenDiPiero @SlackHQ @discordapp They have around 800M in the bank, but they would probably issue more shares at a higher valuation to buy discord. Discord's last valuation was around 2B I think, and as of right now slack is around 18B

  • willgearty Will Gearty (@willgearty) reported

    @SlackHQ Also, just to double check it wasn't a Chrome issue, I opened a PDF, clicked a link, and it took me right to Chrome Canary.

  • kenta_nagamine Kenta (@kenta_nagamine) reported

    @SlackHQ Didn’t help!

  • WendyOxenham Wendy Oxenham (@WendyOxenham) reported

    This is the issue around harassment, that it's left up to the receiver to address. Imagine if the sender is the one who is advised their message could have impact ... @MARCAI_1 is playing with a @SlackHQ add-on to do exactly that. #aiforgood

  • KrisSiegel Kris Siegel (@KrisSiegel) reported

    @SlackHQ So, yeah, please fix 😁

  • keithmadams keithmadams (@keithmadams) reported

    @SlackHQ 's core objects interact in rich ways, that we want to test, verify, and statically analyze as a whole. Pretending that messaging (e.g.) is completely orthogonal to file storage (e.g.) makes service decomposition easy, but makes end-to-end properties harder to maintain.