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  • angelday angelday (@angelday) reported

    @SlackHQ I turned off my @-mention sidebar on the right by accident. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to get it back in this new UI. (Seriously.) Please help!

  • bricin Paul Steckler (@bricin) reported

    @SlackHQ By the way... if I could deploy a Workflow into multiple channels (an old request I made) that would somewhat solve the problem.

  • AzFlagBestFlag Edwin\x0 (@AzFlagBestFlag) reported

    no regex, whole words only, which is lame @slackhq please fix

  • ibuildthecloud Darren Shepherd (@ibuildthecloud) reported

    @marcosnils @SlackHQ A decent point. The problem for me is I don't want to become more of a "slack power user." The less I use it, the happier I am. So it's one of things where I will resist any change I didn't ask for because I just want it to not bug me.

  • snipeyhead snipe (@snipeyhead) reported

    @SlackHQ Please consider reverting the desktop (mac) UI to make it easier to toggle away/not-away status. Away doesn't mean "do not disturb", just tells my team I'm not at my desk. We use lights on/off as a tool to help triage escalation/convos and it's buried in a submenu now

  • AnEngin77490597 An Engineer (@AnEngin77490597) reported

    @Reuters @SlackHQ FTW hands down the most reliable messaging and conference call system I’ve used in ASL my time working in the IT industry.

  • vaness_rb vanessa (@vaness_rb) reported

    @moskov @parkerhendo @Dropbox @SlackHQ @essentials error 4xx

  • brentlintner Brent Lintner (@brentlintner) reported

    I think the major issue for @MicrosoftTeams vs @SlackHQ for me is the embodiment of how ppl actually communicate in real life. We're in a room together. If we want to talk in a thread, go to another room. Having all these "forum like posts" is just over complex ugh.

  • djnelson75 Dennis Nelson (@djnelson75) reported

    @trello @SlackHQ @asana @MicrosoftTeams From a parents perspective... I think one of these teamwork platforms needs to pivot and create something for schools because Google Classroom is terrible.

  • Jonattthanx J o n a t h a n 🏳️‍🌈 (@Jonattthanx) reported

    @whos_al @OTVLebanon I wonder if they use @SlackHQ to communicate & coordinate among them.... 🙄🙄🙄 Because big issue with communication

  • ScoutB10 Scout_B (@ScoutB10) reported

    @lpryszcz @SlackHQ @shamoons it is nearly a year later and this issue is still happening.when i click on a link in slack, it gets opened in some strange version of firefox which does not have my password manager add-on installed which means i cannot log into any of my apps. always have to copy and paste.

  • justinrassier Justin Rassier (@justinrassier) reported

    @ryanlutgen @MicrosoftTeams TBH I like almost every aspect of @MicrosoftTeams over my experience with @SlackHQ . But I would still not recommend it to anyone because of this single issue.

  • cyber_gary Gary Bennett (@cyber_gary) reported

    @advith_consult @zoom_us @SlackHQ @Shradha_Patil03 @RaoRaksha @bhat_srilatha It's awesome that you guys are working very hard during the lockdown. But I would suggest to not use Zoom due to its privacy issues and selling data to Facebook. Also, hundreds of zoom videos have been sold to Black market. Instead use, Google Meet, Discord or Teamspeak

  • coreyh Corey Henderson (@coreyh) reported

    @SlackHQ @goingglacial Same problem here. As of yesterday, all my devices are showing messages unread that have been marked read already. Windows Production 4.4.2 64-bit and ios 20.03.30

  • ClaraJeffery Clara Jeffery (@ClaraJeffery) reported

    I'm going to log off @SlackHQ and hope that some of this kludgy shit will be gone by the morning because god help me if not.

  • charliecwaite Charlie Waite (@charliecwaite) reported

    @jmspool @brown_note @SlackHQ @cydharrell Figured as much. With all the negativity these days I think my thumbs were just in defensive mode. Help me out next time with a 😂 or 😜 - I’m a bit slow.

  • icookandcode Adrian Carolli (@icookandcode) reported

    @gabe_g2i @SlackHQ Please help us Slack people!

  • JoshDO7 Josh (@JoshDO7) reported

    @SlackHQ I’ll doublecheck. It’s been an ongoing issue for at least a few months. I had been sending the error reports and it felt like it stabilized but it started up again.

  • NeverwinterMoon Pavel Sorokin (@NeverwinterMoon) reported

    @gabe_g2i @SlackHQ I was waiting for the option to have the minimalistic UI for years (hide the sidebar). Top search is a tiny problem compared to the monster that is the sidebar. Sadly, not everyone is at cool at UI/UX as, say, @telegram

  • therddy David Young (@therddy) reported

    @Frogspasmodic @SlackHQ @shamoons I had a similar issue and simply uninstalled the Windows Twitter app. Now they open in Chrome. Maybe not a solution for you if you use the Twitter app for other reasons, but I don't.

  • anthonydpaul Anthony D. Paul (@anthonydpaul) reported

    .@SlackHQ needs to solve the part-of-many-orgs problem. "Threads" should be global, multi-org—not buried within each org—particularly when the individuals we communicate with often span orgs/communities. i.e., I shouldn't have to try recalling which org $person messaged me via.

  • emodric Edi Modrić (@emodric) reported

    @SlackHQ Share a funny picture to a channel, but without relying on Slack to show th preview :) Now I have to download it somewhere to my machine, hunt it down on my filesystem, upload it to Slack channel and then delete it from the filesystem. But I imagine it could be useful in general.

  • JamesGurd James Gurd 🌝 🇬🇧 (@JamesGurd) reported

    @__nca @SlackHQ Via desktop web browser. Keep checking but can only see option to login to one workspace at a time.

  • godcrampy Sahil Bondre (@godcrampy) reported

    Fix it pls @SlackHQ, hurts my OCD 😭

  • PingRD Ross Derewianko (@PingRD) reported

    @dawidwoldu @SlackHQ I can't wait for the release notes on this fix

  • fmrsantos FSantos (@fmrsantos) reported from Poplar, England

    @SlackHQ Problem solved after forcing a password reset and SSO bind. 👍 Cheers.

  • zeydou Allahoum zeyd (@zeydou) reported

    @JoaoTDuarte @jp3dro @SlackHQ I have nothing updated. I have seen no report of uxp braking bugs. I wonder why @SlackHQ is taking this long. Maybe server side issue

  • MagisterIR Magister Technologies (@MagisterIR) reported

    @PeterDiamandis @Airbnb @Uber @venmo @SlackHQ You could use time shifted advertising to offer this same program for free, never have to display an ad, end up making more money than if you charged, and provide an alternative income stream for users to help them in these difficult times. And a host of other benefits too.

  • andresegura Andre Segura (@andresegura) reported

    Pro-tip: you can "star" channels on Slack so that they're locked in place up top and you don't have to keep scrolling up and down between active threads and people. Here for y'all. @SlackHQ

  • MasonJLegere Mason Legere (@MasonJLegere) reported

    @thegautamkamath @MicrosoftTeams @SlackHQ Isnt that the standard Microsoft error message...

  • mboisso Maxime Boissonneault (@mboisso) reported

    . @SlackHQ, why couldn't you keep the lean-ish UI that you had, and had to deploy an updated heavy UI that slows things down...

  • MichPAngel Michael Angel (@MichPAngel) reported

    Oh my god the new @SlackHQ design is just terrible. Please revert. Please. It's so bad.

  • eric_conner Eric Conner (@eric_conner) reported

    @SlackHQ Nothing reproducible as far as I can tell. Zoom can detect when there is a problem with the audio and restart the audio service. Slack seems to have trouble with headphones connecting, sometimes the audio doesn't work, and sometimes Slack just crashes.

  • PatriciaGeesink Patricia Geesink (@PatriciaGeesink) reported

    That being said, lets add a ginormous #ThankYou @merenbey et al. for all the help you provide! In the past three weeks meren has saved my mac from being thrown out the window multiple times. Sad that #openaccess projects like #anvio dont get more support from @SlackHQ

  • grealish grealish (56K.Cloud) (@grealish) reported

    @MayaHoffman7 @SlackHQ @zoom_us @gsuite @binfire @HubSpot @semrush @buffer @hootsuite @whereby - effort less conferencing and @56kCloud - DevOps as a Service @gruntwork_io - DevOps Tooling ;)

  • LinusEkenstam Linus Ekenstam 🪑 (@LinusEkenstam) reported

    @_kcwatkins @SlackHQ I even got a image file on my computer literally named “slack-profile” so that each time I’m joining a slack group I just search “slack-profile”. Def a first world problem given ongoing situation.

  • meye_opinion Janet Weisberg (@meye_opinion) reported

    @SanFrancyanide @LondonBreed @salesforce @Google @BankofAmerica @WellsFargo @LinkedIn @SlackHQ @Cruise @Grammarly @comcast @Waymo I’m not. 4 decades at wells got me a bs email. Pls help us. Ladies who lunch catering and events. This is beyond disheartening.

  • karisgood Kyle A. Roy (@karisgood) reported

    @bit_bucket @SlackHQ This was the solution for me. In case someone else in a few years has this same issue. Top solution on Stack O... I mean on a google search for me.

  • steveriggins Steve Riggins (@steveriggins) reported

    @SlackHQ I had to reboot to fix it. I had just rebooted so didn’t think Slack would fail so quickly. Maybe it was VPN related.

  • BrightNwankwo10 Bright Nwankwo (@BrightNwankwo10) reported

    @Upwork @SlackHQ @automattic @zapier @glitch My account has been suspended for over a year now... and I have been trying to you guys... it keep bring me back to my home page... my financial account was Restricted... please i NEED TO RECOVER THIS ACCOUNT

  • cancanm Mustafa Can (@cancanm) reported

    My Mac is slowly dying since the latest Slack update. Occasionally, Slack does not respond and it locks down the Mac. @SlackHQ we want a working app not a pretty app.

  • gabriel_somoza Gabriel Somoza (@gabriel_somoza) reported from Zonhoven, Flanders

    @navarroaxel @SlackHQ @firefox I don't think it's possible unless you set a default container for the domain (native feature). My extension doesn't currently help with that.

  • vjakhu Vilakshan Jakhu (@vjakhu) reported

    @rneelmani @zoom_us @SlackHQ @Webex @trello @MicrosoftTeams @threatpost @dynamicCISO @hacback17 Every SW has bugs! Overhype of @zoom_us threats are weird! They can be fixed. What's more imp. is how they respond to the threats/bugs/issues & how soon they plug the holes. Their transparency is critical to keeping customer confidence. I'm staying with them!

  • rahulvohra rahulvohra (@rahulvohra) reported

    @DanielKuney @SakshamKarwal @stewart @SlackHQ @Outlook @gsuite @Superhuman it's Slack for us — albeit with notifications heavily dialed down

  • butwhoiskat Kat (they/them) (@butwhoiskat) reported

    I haven’t used @SlackHQ in months because managing being in multiple workspaces is so hard. i appreciate the amount and depth of features in Slack. but in terms of cognitive load and context switching, it’s not working for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • cap Cap Watkins (@cap) reported

    @brad_frost @SlackHQ The avatar part pales in comparison to the preferences/settings/onboarding issues.

  • merci Merci Victoria Grace (@merci) reported

    @_kcwatkins @SlackHQ Ugh nothing I regret not fixing more than this tbh. The root of so many issues.

  • lordstheking Lord Schwartz (@lordstheking) reported

    @JasonWingard @SlackHQ @netflix @onepeloton @hulu Jobs lost yes, new jobs no. No new jobs at all here in northern Maine. State shut down. No money for food. No money coming anytime soon. Life getting harder. Help needed.

  • steelbiimu_ mus (@steelbiimu_) reported

    in these trying times...please give us glitch back.. @SlackHQ pls

  • DaMullet Addison "Why're there still Nazis here, Jack" Fox (@DaMullet) reported

    @BeGosu_ @StormTheParade @discord @SlackHQ @asana My last job's entire version control/issue tracking system was homegrown using the same framework as our flagship product. On the one hand, neat to see the inside of, on the other hand, 20 year old fragile jank at its core.

  • Kontakt365PL (@Kontakt365PL) reported

    @poliastro_py @matrixdotorg @RiotChat @SlackHQ Help with install on vps

  • toluxymuyiz Toluwalope (@toluxymuyiz) reported

    @SlackHQ I downloaded the Slack app on my phone but while trying to sign in, it didn't accept my password, keeps saying error. I clicked on the Forgot Password icon to reset it and then clicked on the Get Reset Link but no new password was sent to my mail.

  • DeanChew Dean Chew (@DeanChew) reported

    Hey @SlackHQ - for the love of all that is holy, please save posts whilst they are in drafts. If the app crashes or refreshes due to connection issue then you lose everything :(

  • kaushalmodi Kaushal (@kaushalmodi) reported

    @SlackHQ @ryanbigg Googling led me to this almost 2 yr old thread. This is still an issue! Reading wrapped code snippets in the Thread squished into the right sidebar is a pain!

  • toluxymuyiz Toluwalope (@toluxymuyiz) reported

    Hello @SlackHQ please I need your help.

  • thefunnyralph Ralph from the Internet 🦊 (@thefunnyralph) reported

    @SlackHQ Okay, no problem, I will update the version when it gets fixed.

  • ajusaswade Ajinkya Saswade (@ajusaswade) reported

    @SlackHQ Slack app on Mac not working when connected to vpn. Sometimes it works but most of the times it shows disconnected.

  • mitermayer_reis mitermayer reis (@mitermayer_reis) reported

    I started noticing that sometimes my computer would get unresponsive and very slow. It took me hours to investigate and root cause and when finally found the issue it made me really sad. To reproduce all needed is have a chat thread open in @SlackHQ with animated gif

  • petrinque Petrina Harper (@petrinque) reported

    @SlackHQ Hello, I'm on Windows desktop app, but both issues seem to have resolved now, will let you know if they pop up again 😊

  • earthum John Dorman (@earthum) reported

    @LondonBreed @salesforce @Google @BankofAmerica @WellsFargo @LinkedIn @SlackHQ @Cruise @Grammarly @comcast @Waymo I’m sure these donations will provide relief to those affected in this crisis. However we can’t rely on the good graces of corporations to help us. The city of San Francisco NEEDS to implement a freeze on rent and mortgage payments. A moratorium on evictions isn’t enough.