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  • nickgartmann Somewhat Business (@nickgartmann) reported

    @SlackHQ yes I am, I have been reporting issues for months now

  • jaredmauch jared mauch (@jaredmauch) reported

    It puts all the cut+paste from another "space" into one line. This makes pasting debug lines awful. @SlackHQ does this much better 4) Lack of edit for messages. You need to be able to up arrow to fix minor typos 5) Lack of reaction choices.

  • steveswindon Steve Swindon (@steveswindon) reported

    @SlackHQ Slack no longer recognising my email address. Can't log in - HELP!!!!!

  • armahillo A-A-ron H (@armahillo) reported

    @ChrisWiegman It wasn't hard to fox, but it was really annoying to track down. It also shouldn't be an issue, bc @SlackHQ should be releasing their packages with the correct libraries and the original slack icon.

  • sneakinhysteria Holger® (@sneakinhysteria) reported

    @SlackHQ Phew! Yes, found it. Didn’t at first. All good, thanks for the quick help!!!

  • talideon Cíat Ó Gáibhtheacháin (@talideon) reported

    @SlackHQ I find the mobile app much, much slower than the desktop or browser app, and always have. This isn't a particularly new issue.

  • bsaberin Benjamin Saberin (@bsaberin) reported

    For ~60 seconds Slack wasn't working for my team ("message failed to send", maybe an internal network issue). I walked into the hallway and found most of the developers wandering about aimlessly. Congratulations @SlackHQ , we are officially addicted to you.

  • trisrevill Tris Revill (@trisrevill) reported from Wuustwezel, Flanders

    @Brdbrnm @samcnix @SlackHQ I still think this is more of an issue because it's slack. You didn't complain like this when the .patch hack for GitHub was released!

  • Brdbrnm Matthew Bradburn (@Brdbrnm) reported

    @trisrevill @samcnix @SlackHQ Exploiting a privacy issue to steal personal info is very different to using github as a legit user and finding an email, which each user can choose to display or hide. Clear differential there! Sourcing for sourcing sake, not working on engagement = problem with sourcing today

  • Botwing Dr. Botwing (@Botwing) reported

    @SlackHQ @Thats_Fedorable Same issue! Version 3.4.0 (App Store), MacOS 10.14.4. Quit the app, started again, no calls. High Perf GPU usage 🙄

  • mrcasals Marc Riera (@mrcasals) reported

    @SlackHQ Still having this issue on a Mac (Mac 10.14.3), using Slack 3.4.0

  • stipton Shannon Tipton #Microlearning #LearningRebels (@stipton) reported

    @tmiket LOVE!! The problem is people want to treat it like email. That is not the purpose. In fact it's brilliant for collaboration, moving projects forward and even drip lessons for cohorts. Not to mention it's where I have valuable/targeted convos with #PLN @SlackHQ #ATD19 #ATD2019

  • intrbiz Chris Ellis (@intrbiz) reported

    @AndresFreundTec @l_avrot @ascherbaum @pg_xocolatl @SlackHQ IMHO the term 'multi-master' is pretty misleading, regardless of other issues. I think it gives the wrong impression about what is authoritative, since essentially nothing is. 'primary-primary' and 'active-active' give a better impression of the relationship.

  • ascherbaum Andreas Scherbaum (@ascherbaum) reported

    @dave_cramer @pg_xocolatl @tapoueh @jcarnu @l_avrot @SlackHQ Well, if you buy a bicycle you both avoid this problem at all, and protect the environment ;-)

  • kingofrett Kingofrett (@kingofrett) reported

    @DetrickSteven @DoorDash We need to start reporting door dash to our elected officials. They should not be easily grabbing business licenses when their business model is garbage and so many of us are getting screwed. I'm down to open a @SlackHQ or @discordapp to help us coordinate with our govt

  • AlexisBrignoni Brigs🔋 (@AlexisBrignoni) reported

    @i_am_the_gia @hsiF_cisneroF @SlackHQ @Cellebrite_UFED @MagnetForensics Let me know if you need any help. 👍

  • UkiahSmith Ukiah Danger Smith ⚡ (@UkiahSmith) reported

    @theckman @SlackHQ It feels like this is what reality is these days. Being forced to use half broken software that just barely gets the job done.

  • Polioptics Josh King (@Polioptics) reported

    17. History was made on the @NYSE on April 3, 2018 when @Spotify went public in a direct listing, a feat that is expected to be followed by @SlackHQ. After Spotify's debut, we sat down with NYSE COO @jrtuttle to unpack the action on the floor. #ITIH100

  • zaab_it NaS IT (@zaab_it) reported

    @david_obrien @MicrosoftTeams @SlackHQ ... I don't have a full understanding of the web and desktop app, but having all orgs showing in the same time would require to be signed in against each AAD tenant, handling tokens / cookies, deeplinks, notification service all seamlessly... I'm not sure that's even possible....

  • david_obrien David O'Brien (@david_obrien) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    .@MicrosoftTeams will never be as good as @SlackHQ if they don't fix this massive problem that EVERYBODY seems to be telling them about.

  • disha4mourya disha mourya (@disha4mourya) reported

    @karntrehan @SlackHQ Facing same issue from a while

  • xaxxon Zac Hansen (@xaxxon) reported

    @SlackHQ @11rcombs Please fix this so it doesn't kill my battery. It's embarrassing that you can't make a text app without a discrete GPU.

  • Imnotsurehowi Reverend (@Imnotsurehowi) reported

    When I see the word "ChatOps" I can't help but cringe. However after implimenting the access request workflow through @SlackHQ, I'm sold. That being said, your new Blocks layouts need way more functionality. Scrap dialogs and ship multiselect and text input.

  • DarthJahus Jahus (@DarthJahus) reported

    @SlackHQ Yeah, unlike @Slack. The service was so bad, the connection, the message limit that never decreases, the bad UI, the slowness of the UX… We've moved to Discord, at work. @DiscordApp, you're doing a great job. That's all. As you were! ftfy

  • pezillionaire Pez Pengelly (@pezillionaire) reported from Whistler Creek, British Columbia

    @SlackHQ … I mean if you had just called it :wizard: in the first place you wouldn’t have this issue. 😛

  • vielmetti Ed Vielmetti (@vielmetti) reported

    @SlackHQ Will do. The symptom is difficult to sort out because it can happen either because of local connectivity (momentary network glitch) or remote problems. Almost always it sorts itself out once the network is stable.

  • vielmetti Ed Vielmetti (@vielmetti) reported

    @SlackHQ No problems getting logged in, just some messages mysteriously failing to post the first time around.

  • toddbudnikas Tod⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️ikas (@toddbudnikas) reported

    @SlackHQ Yes it does seem to after hitting it a few times after search. My main issue was it wasn't even in the list of possible results for a while there.

  • SuperGoodJared Jared Norman (@SuperGoodJared) reported

    @SlackHQ Thanks for the link, and I understand the desire to prevent people from missing things do to notification issues, but I encourage you to at least prompt users before circumventing an action that users may be taking intentionally.

  • JeffHandley Jeff Handley (@JeffHandley) reported

    Hey @Outlook - Not sure if you deliver the Outlook Calendar app for @SlackHQ, but there's a new issue in it. Notifications include "Adjust your notifications in the Outlook Calendar settings by typing `/ocal`". That message itself triggers the `/ocal` command. Oops.

  • iBeckTech David Becker (@iBeckTech) reported

    Looks like @telegram is down right now. That’ll be annoying since I and the rest of @appleosophy use it to communicate. But hey, it’s not like @telegram is like @SlackHQ where it’s down like every other week. @SlackHQ is like the equivalent of the @McDonalds ice cream machine 😆

  • Cricket3877 Jake (@Cricket3877) reported

    @SlackHQ Every single one, dm or channel. No error messages. My send button turned into an "enter" on my keyboard and it's only doing it in the slack app. And there's no send icon in the actual message field either

  • Cricket3877 Jake (@Cricket3877) reported

    @SlackHQ I need help. In my slack mobile, I can't send text messages or emojis. I can send images and select media as well as react to posts, but nothing else.

  • _ko1 _ko1 (@_ko1) reported

    @SlackHQ 3.4.0 64bit. using text editor and I feel slows down. after I noticed, I killed the process using the windows task manager.

  • SheWrestlesTest Jenna Charlton (@SheWrestlesTest) reported

    @ElizaFx @SlackHQ I’m working through the issue with them via email. Sadly the solution may be just make a new account.

  • sindarina Sindarina Stormcrow (@sindarina) reported

    @SlackHQ Ehm ... there's nothing to 'persist', since we have retention set to thirty (30) days, and all of these accounts were deactivated no later than last year, some even several years ago now, and will not be returning, not EVER. Please fix this to be in line with retention settings.

  • SamCheifetz Samantha Cheifetz (@SamCheifetz) reported

    @SlackHQ Unfortunately not. Had a wonderful chat with Nicole over there but stil no fix...

  • DCoulbourne Whistling Solo At the End Of Old Town Road (@DCoulbourne) reported

    @jakebathman @SlackHQ @TightenCo Jake wanted to be modest and just submit this help request but his *coworkers* said he should tweet it too.

  • SamCheifetz Samantha Cheifetz (@SamCheifetz) reported

    @SlackHQ Need some help! My files app on my iPhone is redirecting all files in there to open the Slack app, instead of opening the file. Thanks in advance #slackhelp

  • ykarikos Yrjö Kari-Koskinen (@ykarikos) reported from Helsinki, Uusimaa

    @akoskrivachy @flowdock @SlackHQ @futurice @spiceprog In Finland, Flowdock worked for me quite decently. But when I lived in Munich, the significantly worse mobile data connections really made Flowdock use terrible.

  • MattJamesAus Matt James (@MattJamesAus) reported

    @SlackHQ been having related issues with responding to messages in iOS from notification centre being shown as failed with the resend and delete both failing 🤣🤣

  • smithua Aleksandr Fesenko (@smithua) reported

    @SlackHQ Hello, can u please fix the issue with parsing twitter links, when pasting it into slack chat.

  • lalitsurana Lalit Surana (@lalitsurana) reported

    @davecraige @jasoncitron @_jdkanani @thestudio_io @Discord @SlackHQ @telegram Yes i am frustrated. Bcz they are ban my id without any reason or warning. Also when i ask what is my fault they not reply. Also i waid if i break qny rules give me proof. Also i said if i did mistake no problem share my server ownership to another id. But they didn't.. Its fraud

  • staticsan Wade (@staticsan) reported

    Heyo @SlackHQ - I've got a feature request for you. It'd be nice to easily see the last half dozen channels I visited. Would help me get back to a conversation after rummaging for relevant information in another channel.

  • MuskratMike Michael Marsh (@MuskratMike) reported from Lincoln, Nebraska

    I’ve been using @SlackHQ for last couple of years and I only have good things to say about it. WAY faster than email and conversations just flow so much better. Hard to do that with email. Plus it can be so much more! Slack is not the issue, it’s the people you work with...

  • loganmerriam Logan Merriam (@loganmerriam) reported

    @SlackHQ is spawning several processes that use 100% of my CPU on Win10 even when it's not running. It will actually overheat my water-cooled gaming PC to the point that it shuts down.

  • palmerama palmerama (@palmerama) reported

    @SlackAPI You’ve got to be kidding. @SlackHQ’s onboarding is confusing as hell! No overall login so have to create a new one for each workspace - but that’s never explained clearly. Then have to log into each workspace again, separately, on each platform used. It’s a mess.

  • samwise81 samw (@samwise81) reported

    @spsullivan @CarlySitrin @SlackHQ No traffic problems in the Ledger office huh

  • klaustopher 𝙺𝚕𝚊𝚞𝚜 𝚉𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚜 (@klaustopher) reported

    @SlackHQ We constantly have that issue in short lived pop-up channels for a certain issue… There is always this one person who cannot follow the flow the rest established and breaks the whole conversation

  • KiddBubu Ayigbe 2pac (@KiddBubu) reported

    @ejnbo @SlackHQ @github @Twitter @heroku The problem b the vodafone. It is no different from mccc’re

  • desmarkie desmarkie (@desmarkie) reported

    @SlackHQ The email one in particular is so frustrating. Could fix with a button while on-boarding into the new group. ;)

  • HeadcaseGames Headcase Games (@HeadcaseGames) reported

    @SlackHQ love your product, but I just updated today and can't get anything beyond a white screen and then just quits out. iOS 10.3.3 on iPhone 6S+. I tried settings / refresh cache on relaunch and no fix. Help me become whole again 😢


    @agreatdaytocode @SpartanRace @Apple @github @blinkist @SlackHQ Aaron I want to say again great job yesterday. On spartan . Sorry I have. Hang up about stadium course . After talking to my podiatrist. I went to see my therapist and we are working out the issues . We are thinking globally but acting locally

  • jameshooker Jim Hooker (@jameshooker) reported

    @ochostrike @SlackHQ @slackhq thinks you’re not working hard enough

  • Slruh Ryan Hurley (@Slruh) reported

    Hey @SlackHQ, how many retweets do I need to be able to have team pages with links to all our Slack rooms and why you may want to join certain ones. Maybe a link to our JIRA service desk too/bug tracking system. Also, being able to 301 redirect rooms would be clutch for reorgs.

  • ochostrike Rich (@ochostrike) reported

    @SlackHQ Nope it ain’t reloading either 🤔. Btw, 25 customer service points for “gosh” 👍

  • zecakesandcandy trolley (@zecakesandcandy) reported

    @SlackHQ Integration for twitter bot doesn’t work. Please look at this and fix as soon as possible. Thank you, Regards

  • CaboverPeter Cabover Pete (@CaboverPeter) reported

    @aidanbreen @WhatsApp @Skype @discordapp @SlackHQ Also, WhatsApp is going to ditch its terrible Electron desktop app for a WinRT/UWP app soon.

  • ProfPickaxe Professor Pickaxe (@ProfPickaxe) reported

    @Google, GChat is down. Again. It is a bad product and you should feel bad. It's time to stop trying to compete with @SlackHQ and just LET. IT. DIE. Stop rebranding / rebundling it (it's Hangouts! It's Chat!) and let it go. Please. #StopMakingTerribleProducts

  • bluedonkey John Gordon (@bluedonkey) reported from San Francisco, California

    3. No problem, before this I would just have tapped out a quick message in @SlackHQ to ask for the address. But in the MS non-productivity world am I meant to use #Teams or #Yammer (they seem to overlap a lot).