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  • MissReyTheJedi Rey Palpatine Skywalker saw TROS (@MissReyTheJedi) reported

    @SlackHQ I tried both but the problem still persists

  • GinaLipere Gina Lipere (@GinaLipere) reported

    I'm having this super tiny, but annoying problem with @SlackHQ where all of the screenshots I send through come in darker and it's weird and makes zero sense to me.

  • DecFromBitpanda Dec. (@DecFromBitpanda) reported

    @SlackHQ For me, it happens sporadically and I haven't recorded exactly what was happening beforehand unfortunately so I can't help there

  • PetrusTheron Petrus Theron (@PetrusTheron) reported

    WTF @SlackHQ Markdown is broken in Slack for code. Please don't try to do WYSIWYG in the text input!

  • EdgarttMelton Edgartt "Ed" Melton (@EdgarttMelton) reported

    @SlackHQ Good morning. I changed phones, and my 2FA for the authentication is out of sync and no longer working. Help, please.

  • AVGrump Harry Meade (@AVGrump) reported

    @BradOrme @rodeostore @SlackHQ @Microsoft I had massive problems with Teams at my last job. The integration with Sharepoint made the files virtually unusable for the engineering dept. And it was way easier to do messages and video on Skype. I only used it when I had to. #avintheam

  • jderusse Jérémy DERUSSÉ (@jderusse) reported

    @SlackHQ thanks for reply :-) Issue is also, that I have to switch from one tab to another... For instance, would be great to list all the channels/private conv from all my accounts.

  • rodeostore DPT (@rodeostore) reported

    @BradOrme @SlackHQ @Microsoft #AVintheAM with 25 years of experience being let down by @Microsoft I would never bank on one of their products.

  • jderusse Jérémy DERUSSÉ (@jderusse) reported

    @beberlei issue is the not the tool itself. The issue is @SlackHQ requires a new account for each "group" and requires to switch context to check notification/channel,... Having a single account, and unified Interface would solve most of the issues.

  • morisson morisson (@morisson) reported

    @DinisCruz @SlackHQ I’ve been asking that same question for years. It’s terrible UX. Why can’t we just have one account and join multiple slacks it’s beyond comprehension.

  • idprism ❤ 🇺🇸 ✠ (@idprism) reported

    @SlackHQ @MorlockP You know, it only took them eight years to make a dark mode. I'm sure they will fix everything quickly.

  • cassytrussell Cassy Trussell (@cassytrussell) reported

    @mkobach @ChipotleTweets I’ve always loved @SlackHQ attention to design and copy (especially the bug fix notes) and @Pinterest commitment to their users and to fighting disinformation

  • jmpspn Nik Johnson (@jmpspn) reported

    Come on @SlackHQ, get it together. We solved the million follower fanout problem years ago.

  • toeknee123 Tony Chan (@toeknee123) reported

    @SlackHQ @QuinnyPig I am just a mere peasant in @QuinnyPig kingdom. Please send help in the form of folders and groupings. Us peons has suffered enough under the rule of King Corey.

  • jmitch Justin Mitchell (@jmitch) reported

    @mobile_patterns @reallygoodemail @newtonmailapp @SoapBoxHQ @nounproject @What_Font @Jumpshare @paste_app @CodePen @SlackHQ @Hubstaff @webflow @YacChat @zapier *Update* @newtonmailapp is shutting down April, 30 Replacing newton with @missiveapp

  • jmitch Justin Mitchell (@jmitch) reported

    @mobile_patterns @reallygoodemail @newtonmailapp @SoapBoxHQ @nounproject @What_Font @Jumpshare @paste_app @CodePen @SlackHQ @Hubstaff @webflow @YacChat @zapier *Update* @newtonmailapp is shutting down April, 30 Replacing newton @missiveapp

  • iamharold Rih Corduroy Jackson-jackson (@iamharold) reported

    @SlackHQ Lookit that customer service

  • febbraro Frank Febbraro (@febbraro) reported

    @SlackHQ Can confirm that the short URL doesn't have the same problem. Thanks for the quick response.

  • robkallday Rob K (@robkallday) reported

    @jmitch @YacChat @mobile_patterns @reallygoodemail @newtonmailapp @SoapBoxHQ @nounproject @What_Font @Jumpshare @paste_app @CodePen @SlackHQ @Hubstaff @webflow @zapier Too bad @newtonmailapp shuts down end of April

  • TreysonMarks Treyson Marks (@TreysonMarks) reported

    @dataMack @benjnmoss @SlackHQ @andre347_ @alteryx @amazon Alexa wakes me up in the middle of the night. I go down make some coffee, get to work. Send the report out in the morning.

  • Face_Almighty44 Dux Bellorum (@Face_Almighty44) reported

    @MorlockP @SlackHQ I must not be using it enough/hard enough. Haven't noticed issues

  • MorlockP Dogs Don't Have Thumbs (@MorlockP) reported

    well @SlackHQ has [ further ] broken their UI an update that rolled live a few minutes ago means that I can no longer use the TAB key to move from text entry to the "submit" button the UI bugs have really been piling up the last month or two, especially on mobile

  • ammonite Alex Fleetwood (@ammonite) reported

    Someone posted a mega thread of like 150 custom emojis of all the animal crossing characters in @SlackHQ and it’s completely broken slack 💩can’t load any other channels or get off the page

  • TaylorSicard 👨🏻‍💻taylor (@TaylorSicard) reported

    @mattscottnelson @SlackHQ 100% this would solve so many problems and allow teams to use more than the 12 most frequently used emojis.

  • AaronGilbert5 Aaron Gilbert (@AaronGilbert5) reported

    @SlackHQ pls fix spotify embeds D:

  • KevMain Kevin Main (@KevMain) reported

    Never had this issue with @SlackHQ :)

  • rustincavel Rustin Cavel 🔜 @PAX East (@rustincavel) reported

    @captainyarb @SlackHQ I.e. Rustin is cluttering my Slack - please send help.

  • peterghorner Peter Horner (@peterghorner) reported

    @alicekeeler Using @SlackHQ in my IT Services department. We have channels for various projects we're working on. Also linked to other systems via web hooks so we get notified when there is a problem. I'm about to start introducing our staff to @GoogleForEdu #HangoutsChat.

  • fplanque Francois Planque (@fplanque) reported

    @SlackHQ @leftdevel Same issue here. "more actions > edit" doesn't work either. This is restricted to the Mac app. In a browser, it works.

  • Pamela_Drouin pam drouin (@Pamela_Drouin) reported

    so i created a @SlackHQ platform for just myself & i'm trying to add a few integrations. it's staggering how many broken links there are once you click though slack's app pages to each app's website. every listed app i've wanted to add is no longer available. it's sad :(

  • ianpatrickhines Ian Patrick Hines (@ianpatrickhines) reported

    @danmall @NotionHQ @SlackHQ Shared Channels do help reduce login fragmentation across devices. Also, then you own a copy of the chat record even after you leave the “org.”

  • danmall Dan Mall (@danmall) reported

    @ianpatrickhines @NotionHQ @SlackHQ That doesn't really change the volume of noise… just redistributes it. Feels like an equivalent problem to me.

  • 03APR91 Ricardo (@03APR91) reported

    .@SlackHQ is down.

  • RandomNoun7 @RandomGibberish7 (@RandomNoun7) reported

    @SlackHQ That did help quite a bit. I can now at least get to the threads and replies. It would still be nice to have a Vimium style navigation where I can get to anywhere from anywhere, without having to hit tab or the up and down arrows so muchy, but this is an improvement. Thanks.

  • mattybme Matt Brown (@mattybme) reported

    @SlackHQ All good now! Support replied and I was able to confirm the issue was with the network I was on. It must have been blocking Slack #perishthethought as now I am back on home network it all works again.

  • The_Only_Doyle Mr Doyle presents for your delectation... (@The_Only_Doyle) reported

    @SlackHQ No problem - so long as its a reported bug then i know you'll be on it. Works fine with tiffs, just not pdfs unfortunately.

  • PAYOLETTER rae paoletta (@PAYOLETTER) reported

    @cassytrussell @JulianGumbo @Goodfood_CA @SlackHQ Work for @SparkNo9 and run social for @caseyluggage, a new luggage rental service. Would love to meet @SparkNotes!

  • keul Luca Fabbri (@keul) reported

    @SlackHQ Seems is not working. With this setting I get correct spellchecking only for italian

  • MKUXGuy Mark K (@MKUXGuy) reported

    @SlackHQ The problem is: I navigated away before marking the message unread... Just needs to be an easier way to search for mentions.

  • BradyDale Brady Dale (@BradyDale) reported

    It would be cool if @SlackHQ had a warning that was like: "Uh, TOO MANY people are typing, you guys... y'all just need to get in a room and talk before shit GOES DOWN"

  • ygini Yoann Gini (@ygini) reported

    @SlackHQ @lolopb MS Teams ans Mattermost haven’t the same UX issue as you have.

  • alanlangford_ca Alan Langford (@alanlangford_ca) reported

    @SlackHQ Trust me, I'll know when it's resolved. Seems most solve this problem with a *taskbar.exe that has a constant UUID, then they have their app signal to the taskbar app. Software gymnastics! Hope it gets fixed soon.

  • neilarch Neil Archibald (@neilarch) reported

    @SlackHQ any plans to add the functionality of changing private --> public channels. Seen a LOT of arguments for and think this would be a massive help

  • mot427 Monte Thigpen Ⓜ️ ✪ (@mot427) reported

    @SlackHQ If only slack never went down

  • davidgolbitz david golbitz 🎃 (@davidgolbitz) reported

    I just got hired to write articles for a website and now I have to learn how to use @SlackHQ. Help!

  • StephenBB81 Stephen (@StephenBB81) reported

    @JessMMMoran @SlackHQ Yes it would, and they should seek help :P Slack is not for the sane of mind.

  • NoOneDanger ND Marshall (@NoOneDanger) reported

    @SlackHQ .@SlackHQ & since "really terrible" is subjective and not really constructive feedback, I find them all very jarring to hear 100x a day, and would prefer to upload public domain mp3 of a person saying "psst", as it is far less disruptive. Please allow this common user request.

  • NoOneDanger ND Marshall (@NoOneDanger) reported

    Hey @SlackHQ, people have been asking about this for almost 6 years now. Let's make 2020 the year! It can't possibly be that difficult to implement, and the limited selections offered for audio notifications are all really terrible.

  • t_dtm Thierry D. (@t_dtm) reported

    @Ocramius @abodera @SlackHQ @Jira @github @gitlab Yeah I've also been constantly frustrated with the WYSIWYG especially when it comes to chunks of code. If the WYSIWYG is just a MD preview, being able to toggle it temporarily to edit the underlying MD when some block doesn't start/end where desired would help.

  • dwineman Dan Wineman (@dwineman) reported

    @SlackHQ On iOS, the unread banner rarely appears, or it appears but instantly dismisses itself. I either miss new messages (thinking I’m caught up) or I have to tediously scroll backwards looking for the red line. Many, many times a day. PLEASE fix this soon, I’m begging you!

  • ChristophKhouri Christoph (@ChristophKhouri) reported

    We need a @SlackHQ emoji conversation service that grabs all your custom emoji's pre-dark mode and converts them to a transparent background. I'd pay a nickel per emoji if it was an automated service.

  • wiredyout ˗ˏˋˎˊ˗ Jean-Luc Placard (@wiredyout) reported

    Over the past 11 days I've sent only 7 work emails. That's down from an average of 6 per day. More free promo for @SlackHQ because it's so awesome lol

  • jbenton Joshua Benton (@jbenton) reported

    @Ezaffar @nadirhusain @SpikeNowHQ @Harvard @newtonmailapp @jmitch @essential I'm still mad at @SlackHQ for buying and then shutting down @Astro — presumably Slack knows how to operate a lot of servers in a reasonable manner, as well how to charge monthly for a service

  • UmarIrshad Umar Irshad (@UmarIrshad) reported

    @fffabs @NotionHQ @SlackHQ I 100% agree, I had the same feeling anxiety issues last year. I guess, we need to make sure those apps are on work devices only and then stay away from work devices during off hours.

  • waffleninja2001 Melon (@waffleninja2001) reported

    @SlackHQ It really irks me that a box won’t fill in that bridge gap. Please fix marketing team.

  • NeverCallMeRich Richard Roppa-Roberts (@NeverCallMeRich) reported

    @SlackHQ @Steve_Perrotta It's not the users expected behavior as you can see from this issue being reported for quite a while. I love you Slack and I pay for you. This "feature" though is like the Windows 8 upgrade.

  • chadBoulay Chadwick Boulay (@chadBoulay) reported

    @AnneEUrai @SlackHQ For labstreaminglayer, I find some users may be too embarassed to post a question directly on GitHub. I use Slack to help tease apart their question, then when we get to the root of it I tell them to post an issue on GitHub.

  • docmollo Dustin Mollo (@docmollo) reported

    @SlackHQ My issue is your ridiculous requirement to provide an accreditation certificate to receive edu pricing. I've already inquired and the answer I got was useless.

  • blakethepatton Blake Patton (@blakethepatton) reported

    @SlackHQ it's really frustrating having the muscle memory for keyboard shortcuts and now they're all gone. Quote blocks, now are just a bunch of pointy brackets. Code blocks get broken out into individual lines, trying to do inline code, mal-formats the rest of your sentence.

  • pbaumi p🌳i (@pbaumi) reported

    Hey @SlackHQ, maybe you could talk to your (strategic) partner @Atlassian and let them know that nobody wants email and that they have a problem with mail notifications.