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  • wiredyout ˗ˏˋˎˊ˗ Jean-Luc Placard (@wiredyout) reported

    Over the past 11 days I've sent only 7 work emails. That's down from an average of 6 per day. More free promo for @SlackHQ because it's so awesome lol

  • jbenton Joshua Benton (@jbenton) reported

    @Ezaffar @nadirhusain @SpikeNowHQ @Harvard @newtonmailapp @jmitch @essential I'm still mad at @SlackHQ for buying and then shutting down @Astro — presumably Slack knows how to operate a lot of servers in a reasonable manner, as well how to charge monthly for a service

  • UmarIrshad Umar Irshad (@UmarIrshad) reported

    @fffabs @NotionHQ @SlackHQ I 100% agree, I had the same feeling anxiety issues last year. I guess, we need to make sure those apps are on work devices only and then stay away from work devices during off hours.

  • waffleninja2001 Melon (@waffleninja2001) reported

    @SlackHQ It really irks me that a box won’t fill in that bridge gap. Please fix marketing team.

  • NeverCallMeRich Richard Roppa-Roberts (@NeverCallMeRich) reported

    @SlackHQ @Steve_Perrotta It's not the users expected behavior as you can see from this issue being reported for quite a while. I love you Slack and I pay for you. This "feature" though is like the Windows 8 upgrade.

  • chadBoulay Chadwick Boulay (@chadBoulay) reported

    @AnneEUrai @SlackHQ For labstreaminglayer, I find some users may be too embarassed to post a question directly on GitHub. I use Slack to help tease apart their question, then when we get to the root of it I tell them to post an issue on GitHub.

  • docmollo Dustin Mollo (@docmollo) reported

    @SlackHQ My issue is your ridiculous requirement to provide an accreditation certificate to receive edu pricing. I've already inquired and the answer I got was useless.

  • blakethepatton Blake Patton (@blakethepatton) reported

    @SlackHQ it's really frustrating having the muscle memory for keyboard shortcuts and now they're all gone. Quote blocks, now are just a bunch of pointy brackets. Code blocks get broken out into individual lines, trying to do inline code, mal-formats the rest of your sentence.

  • pbaumi p🌳i (@pbaumi) reported

    Hey @SlackHQ, maybe you could talk to your (strategic) partner @Atlassian and let them know that nobody wants email and that they have a problem with mail notifications.

  • samiradil Samir Adil (@samiradil) reported

    @stephanemaarek @SlackHQ Try Jira Service Desk , I am sure it must have slack integration

  • utsavnakrani Utsav Patel (@utsavnakrani) reported

    @Kshitij_B @AmexIndia @SlackHQ When Slack is down, I usually check my internet 😄

  • mikeficus Michael D. Ficus ℹ️ (@mikeficus) reported

    @SlackHQ Terrible bridge design. Disaster looms.

  • trevorsuarez Trevor Suarez (@trevorsuarez) reported

    @ArtemR @SlackHQ That might be a security issue. I'd suggest deleting this tweet and trying to get in contact with them privately (DM). #ResponsibleDisclosure

  • diormanmike DMM (@diormanmike) reported

    @DwayneLoganJr @SlackHQ @gmail Ya at my job it’s still outlook, and whatever shitty internal chat service they have

  • Casey1901 Casey (@Casey1901) reported

    @SlackHQ Thanks for the response. It seems to have had something to do with our Barracuda Cloud email security. When we click a link via email, Barracuda checks it first, hence the error. Barracuda is pretty common these days tho, so something to think about.

  • thenthj Nathaniel Jones (@thenthj) reported

    @SlackHQ I understand it’s smaller than intended currently. Please consider putting the word “send” back. This must be the single most used button on your app. Even with the pending fix applied, a decreased click area on the button for a stylistic icon is a poor experience.

  • idanbeck Idan Beck (@idanbeck) reported

    @cantoni @SlackHQ Delete slack - it will solve some other problems too

  • lechat87 le_chat (@lechat87) reported

    @johndodev @SlackHQ I had the same problem here, but not from several weeks ago

  • RohitBhargava3 Rohit Bhargava (@RohitBhargava3) reported

    @SlackHQ Slack app for Android crashes on editing the text viz., Applying text formatting options thru Bold, Italics, etc. Additionally, while scrolling down and editing the message it just resets the formatting changes to Normal for the upper textual part. #Slack

  • 100dBs 100dBs (Soon Come) (@100dBs) reported

    @SlackHQ Mac OS X, doesn’t matter if it’s pasted or typed, actually happens on mobile iOS as well. Happens to everyone on my team once in a while, truly frustrating... especially if you’re typing a long msg with lots of details. Other common issues: screen going blank, active status wrong

  • liz_limine Liz ❄️ Limine (@liz_limine) reported

    @sourcederived @inspiredcat @ClickUp_app @timecamp @SlackHQ I did not, since right now I’m just using it mostly for personal notes. Most of the apps I looked at had security to protect the information you store, but I did not look at other confidentiality issues.

  • blvszcz Bluszcz Ⓥ (50%👨‍💻 /50%🦌🥙) (@blvszcz) reported

    @SlackHQ @ktml A good fix would be to put down this crap :)

  • paqio Adam Packer (@paqio) reported

    @HistedLab @SlackHQ This is *exactly* when it happens to me. No train system in the world has yet proven impervious to this issue. Our apps therefore must be!

  • tomorrowmanx Pop Farts Toaster Snacks (@tomorrowmanx) reported

    @SlackHQ On Mobile specifically. Sometimes I get push notifications of new messages, sometimes I just don’t. Haven’t noticed it being due to the desktop app being open or not, but I’ll try shutting that down and see if conditions improve.

  • ingridod Ingrid Ødegaard (@ingridod) reported

    @movito @NotionHQ @figmadesign @SlackHQ @slickplan @whereby @goabstract @getsentry Word. I just spent an hour+ logging into various services to find receipts 🙈there should be a service that solves this (with PDF invoices 😂)

  • basthomas Bas Broek (@basthomas) reported

    @JoshuaL @SlackHQ I haven't had issues with that. Just put code in between ``` like so ``` code goes here ``` and that works fine

  • CBarrows Chris Barrows🎲 dharmalager on BGG (@CBarrows) reported

    @mjoza @SlackHQ @verge Microsoft's stock is down today as well (not denying it started significantly higher)

  • SundaysInHell J Heaton-Armstrong (@SundaysInHell) reported

    @SlackHQ I worked out the problem - it appears that the emojis I was using have different names - e.g. heavy-tick gets committed as heavy-check-mark. I had to find some emojis where this didn’t happen and then it worked fine

  • riggaroo Rebecca Franks 🇿🇦 (@riggaroo) reported

    @gborland @SlackHQ Problem is I'm not one of those 😆

  • officialCORVUM CORVUM (@officialCORVUM) reported

    @liz_limine @inspiredcat @ClickUp_app @timecamp @SlackHQ only thing missing is Corvum for the VoIP phone service 😉

  • Loneguard Hendrik Busch (@Loneguard) reported

    @bitboxer @SlackHQ We all need to accept the universal truth: there is no way to fix organizational problems that stem from people by using technology. No matter how much companies try to make us believe the opposite. "Hey, we waste too much time in meetings - let's fix that with a tool." No. No.

  • franzwarning Raymond Kennedy (@franzwarning) reported


  • pastjean Pierre-Alexandre (@pastjean) reported

    @SlackHQ Sorry, it doesn’t fix it. It’s really a bug :p

  • va1iev va1iev (@va1iev) reported

    @SlackHQ having an issue with mentioning @ usergroup. People who were removed for the usergroup earlier still receives pushes.

  • punksmurf Punksmurf (@punksmurf) reported

    @SlackHQ That works on some workspaces. On others, it still insists on doing wysiwiggy stuff which makes editing terrible (it is good for code blocks but that's the only thing imho), but the most horrible thing is that everything I paste from my IDE becomes a code block for some reason.

  • halftes6 not the cybertruck (@halftes6) reported

    @imcatnoone @SlackHQ heard from some oss community that switched that it might slow down after a certain number but haven't experienced it myself

  • chromakode Max Goodhart (@chromakode) reported

    @flexdinesh @SlackHQ I've found that the most important factor is picking the right reminder delay. It needs to be a time I can actually attend to the matter and won't delay again. Batching/clustering would certainly help too, to reduce interrupts.

  • MrDanielMax Dan Max (@MrDanielMax) reported

    @SlackHQ @ktml Just tried it, same issue :(

  • animoller Ani Møller (@animoller) reported

    @SlackHQ please let me turn off badge notifications. I have everything muted, I'm on DND but I'm still getting them and they are distracting. I am Type A and a dot MAKES me check it. My only option is to log out of the space completely. Pls help me be productive.

  • ryancassin Ryan Cassin (@ryancassin) reported

    @SlackHQ heeeey guys time to update the notification sounds. They're just terrible.

  • TXVB TXVB (@TXVB) reported

    ...and you're OK of losing control of the slack if the admin goes AWOL. Cuz @slackHQ ain't going to help ya! $WORK #Slack

  • a_a_r0nn Aaron (@a_a_r0nn) reported

    @FireLinks @SlackHQ @hivenhq it will always be an issue with discord and slack just get a bot like xenon for the interim until hiven launches

  • FireLinks FireLinks (@FireLinks) reported

    @a_a_r0nn @SlackHQ @hivenhq Damn this has never happened with Slack. It might be an error or might not. Trying to figure out wth is going on.

  • a_a_r0nn Aaron (@a_a_r0nn) reported

    @FireLinks @SlackHQ sounds like @hivenhq can fix it

  • ktml .ktml (@ktml) reported

    @SlackHQ 😖 Slack iOS app badge said you have 2 unread message but it’s a lie because you read the message on another device already and it gives you anxiety. Seriously please fix the badge 🙏🏻

  • Blink4Chu Emily (@Blink4Chu) reported

    @SlackHQ Unfortunate, but no fix. If there's a thread and you get a notification, you click on that notification and start typing, you'd expect it to start typing in the thread, but it doesn't, it still starts typing in the main channel that's open :/ (1)

  • aLfriendo Annalinde Singh (@aLfriendo) reported

    Hi @SlackHQ we've added Donut to a channel. It was scheduled to start pairing but it has not happened, not sure if we've set up something wrong. Could you help me please 😢🍩

  • aLfriendo Annalinde Singh (@aLfriendo) reported

    Hi @SlackHQ @slacksupport we've added Donut to a channel. It was scheduled to start pairing but it has not happened, not sure if we've set up something wrong. Could you help me please 😢🍩

  • ananayarora Ananay Arora (@ananayarora) reported from Tempe, Arizona

    @SlackHQ Works now! But it was broken when I tweeted this. Made me really sad :(

  • chris_herd Chris Herd (@chris_herd) reported

    Some startup idea only get found during the process of building another, almost by mistake. Whether that is like @stewart and the glitch team when they built @SlackHQ internally Like @Jack and @biz with @Twitter while building Odeo Or us with @FirstbaseHQ

  • lachie_h Lachlan Heywood 🇦🇺 (@lachie_h) reported

    @SlackHQ I have an issue where snippets are adding invisible spaces where newline characters are. Makes for very hard to debug issues!

  • rsharriman31 Ryan Harriman (@rsharriman31) reported

    @SlackHQ I'm having an issue where Slack is making me manually update the chat rather than automatically loading it. This is both in browser and in the app (after a fresh install).

  • miriamlauter miriam (@miriamlauter) reported

    @SlackHQ yeah, it's super odd, I see my keyword highlighted, but it doesn't notify me, even though I have my notifications set to mentions, keywords and dms, I can DM you more system details if that would help!

  • ggiesen Gary T. Giesen (@ggiesen) reported

    @CasseyLottman @SlackHQ I have this issue. Happens with Windows Action Center notifications, for all notifications (not just threads)

  • benwerschkul Ben Werschkul (@benwerschkul) reported

    Of the 9 leading campaigns, only @JoeBiden, @MichaelBloomberg, @AmyKlobuchar did not pay any money to @SlackHQ for their instant messaging service.

  • avatart0ph denise (@avatart0ph) reported

    @SlackHQ Good news.. i did one last trial & error. I switched my main monitor to connect to usb3 and my 2nd monitor to connect using hdmi. Its now asking me which screen I want to share. I will still send my feedback because hdmi connects faster than usb3 and i preferred that config

  • RobOnProducts Robert McDonald (@RobOnProducts) reported

    @mvolpe @SlackHQ As a product manager, I wouldn't have just taken your request and added it to the enhancement list. I would have asked more questions to understand the problem you are trying to solve, so that I could ensure that the solution we created was the best way to solve the problem.

  • jenlasser Jen Lasser (@jenlasser) reported

    @ericmatisoff @joeDmarti @SlackHQ @mailewaite @robertsitalia @cloudapp @nsphin This error message speaks to me SO MUCH 😂🤣

  • TannerIsTheName Tanner DeBoard (@TannerIsTheName) reported

    @SlackHQ Feedback sent via the app. Started a few days ago. Issue is intermittent. Seems to occur with more than 3+ notifications stacked together

  • TannerIsTheName Tanner DeBoard (@TannerIsTheName) reported

    @SlackHQ Nasty bug in your Android app where notifications can't be dismissed from the tray when you receive multiple notifications at once. Please fix, very annoying. Android 9.0