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November 19: Problems at Slack

Slack is having issues since 06:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • davehensley Dave Hensley (@davehensley) reported

    @SlackHQ Please add an option to disable your awful new WYSIWYG editor. It is terrible, gets in the way of everyone's work, and (as you are finding out) your technical users hate it. I'm looking for new platforms to migrate to; fortunately there are several options.

  • 2tallmountains zoë (@2tallmountains) reported

    both @SlackHQ and @discordapp want to use nonstandard fonts that I can't change and aren't as easy to read as the system font and then scale them down with the system font because I guess they want me to get eye strain using their mobile apps

  • rezonant Liam Lake (@rezonant) reported

    @pvm @SlackHQ It is terrible for engineers, we are getting stuck inside code snippets at an alarming rate

  • davidcarlton David Carlton (@davidcarlton) reported

    @SlackHQ (I had to solve that problem by temporarily turning off that preference; but that feels like a kind of weird way to solve it. I don't know about other people, but I personally want to see subscribed channels more often in the Channels list than unsubscribed ones.)

  • davidcarlton David Carlton (@davidcarlton) reported

    @SlackHQ Because if I click on Channels, it puts the channels I'm _not_ subscribed to at the top, and there are a lot of those to go through (requiring multiple network requests) to get to the list of ones I'm subscribed to. And none of the sort / selection options on that screen help.

  • jozefizso Jozef Izso (@jozefizso) reported

    @SlackHQ nope, the new editor is a terrible UX and shouldn’t be enabled by default

  • rosshawkins Ross 'not the BBC guy' Hawkins (@rosshawkins) reported from Auckland, Auckland

    @SlackHQ It's usually the icon persisting after a call has finished, sometimes for hours. We've been having intermittent issues with it for months.

  • ethiessen Eric Thiessen (@ethiessen) reported

    Have long been perplexed by this exact issue myself, appreciate the question/answer. Looking forward to the notification improvements between desktop/mobile @SlackHQ.

  • aam_dm DM Alex (@aam_dm) reported

    One hell of a Tuesday for terrible, spiteful @SlackHQ app changes. WOOF.

  • Cheesegod69 Golden State Worrier (@Cheesegod69) reported

    @SlackHQ Thanks - it’s cool. We know what the issue is and can do a workaround, it just would be easier to test if we had the new experience in our test Slack environment

  • neogic Neogic Web Solutions (@neogic) reported

    @SlackHQ Ah ha- Clear Cache and Restart did the job - applying latest updates didn't help. May want to push something out to automate that for other Win desktop users

  • Evielab8 Evielab (@Evielab8) reported

    @SlackHQ Oh... Makes a bit more sense... In my opinion it looked like a draft channel. Sorry but there is for sure a terrible UX problem

  • villosil Vicent Llongo (@villosil) reported

    @SlackHQ Please add an option to disable this feature. It's not working well when using backticks and it slows me down when typing.

  • Chealion Micheal J (@Chealion) reported

    @SlackHQ The rich text editor undermines the advantage of Markdown to keep typing and presentation separate and is an active issue in our workspace as staff send messages when trying to work around surprise changes by the editor.

  • bderickson Brad Erickson (@bderickson) reported

    @SlackHQ I do not want a WYSIWYG in general, but here is how it is specifically broken. Type "`a`c", press left arrow, type "b". Expectation: "`a`bc" Actual: "`ab`c" This wouldn't be a problem if the back-tic character were visible.

  • HighPrize Kevin (@HighPrize) reported

    @SlackHQ @leecheneler @mboisso Thanks, I hate it. You have made it so much more difficult to assemble and edit markdown formatted and code messages. Please allow us to disable this in the future - just got rolled out to my org and it's terrible.

  • Jeff__Ward Jeff Ward (@Jeff__Ward) reported

    @nateratx @SlackHQ @EricaJoy You can collapse the big ugly WYSIWYG input by clicking off the [aA] icon... but it still auto-completes and does a pretty terrible job... and there's no opting out. 😡 #WYSlackIWYGate

  • shaniber shane '🌮' doucette (@shaniber) reported

    @SlackHQ Having my interface change the text that I type without my explicit permission is *never* going to be an "expected" workflow. It's a user experience nightmare! Simply put, this is a problem that should not exist.

  • mjbroekman Maarten Broekman (@mjbroekman) reported

    @SlackHQ The problem w/ this is that I WANT the text formatted when I send it, just not while I'm typing. It was working fine , but w/ this change formatting is now broken. If I undo it where I'm typing, it doesn't render when the message is sent. WYSIWYG should be optional, not required.

  • ryan_castner Ryan Castner (@ryan_castner) reported

    @Swizec @SlackHQ @istdn I think the simple fix is as soon as you morph to a codeblock, remove all formatting. I have also had frustrations with it, that gif is damning.

  • spaghetti_emoji Green Kevin (@spaghetti_emoji) reported

    signing into each @SlackHQ 1 at a time on a new computer is a terrible experience

  • _grammar_ Grammar Police (@_grammar_) reported from Kafferrivier, Free State

    It is probable that you, @SlackHQ, posted an error and ought to have said “sorry [you] are frustrated” instead. ‘Your’ is a possessive determiner; ‘you’ is a pronoun.

  • gstrouth Gerard Strouth (@gstrouth) reported

    Why must @SlackHQ make me sign into every workspace on every device. Here's an idea, one login brings in all workspaces!

  • decriptor Stephen Shaw (@decriptor) reported

    Ok @SlackHQ, help me understand why doing a forced update causing a restart is a good or reasonable idea... DURING A CALL! #fail

  • nycdotnet Steve Ognibene (@nycdotnet) reported

    @slackhq please fix your new text input for markdown when making edits. Way too easy to get stuck in markdown and need to use mouse to fix it.

  • xaxxon Zac Hansen (@xaxxon) reported

    @SlackHQ if you don't want me switching to MS Teams, please put out updates I actually want instead of making things worse. There is some resistance to change but every time you push a bad update with garbage "features" that no one wants, that goes down a little bit more.

  • smakosh Smakosh (@smakosh) reported

    @SlackHQ Ended up deleting the channel, creating a new one & inviting the members before completing creating the private channel. If you want to reproduce the issue: - Create a private channel - skip adding people - type /invite @person It will fail.

  • red_square red_square (@red_square) reported

    @SlackHQ another vote to ditch the terrible WYSIWYG please.

  • nerdblogpl Michał Matyas (@nerdblogpl) reported

    @paweljwal @SlackHQ I just made the entire message box freeze because of some random glitch with @ which made arrow stop working. Unfortunately the only response I get is a canned one saying "oh WYSiWYG is going to stay, deal with it"

  • AdamRogersUK Adam Rogers (@AdamRogersUK) reported

    With @SlackHQ's new formatting update, it's beginning to look more and more like email. Perhaps email was never "broken", but it was people's communication skills—and still are.

  • nerdblogpl Michał Matyas (@nerdblogpl) reported

    @paweljwal @SlackHQ No, it doesn't, and it seems they're hell bent on marking every "I DON'T WANT THIS CRAP" as WONTFIX. Another broken example: multiline blockquote. Oh boy, don't even get me started.

  • paweljwal Paweł Wal (@paweljwal) reported

    @nerdblogpl @SlackHQ Ah. I can dig where you're coming from. And I guess I just got lucky not slamming face-first into any of these today. That sounds incredibly broken.

  • siobhansabino Siobhán (@siobhansabino) reported

    @SlackHQ I just got stuck in a code block because you auto closed it when I'm a big engineer, I close my own code blocks, and also blockquotes seem to be broken.

  • gurney_nicholas Nick Gurney (@gurney_nicholas) reported

    Come on @SlackHQ, let’s fix this text!

  • nerdblogpl Michał Matyas (@nerdblogpl) reported

    @paweljwal @SlackHQ Inserting _things_that_look_like_this_ is a nightmare because the _things_ get italics, rest doesn't. And those are just things that annoyed me the most today out of the top of my head. WYSiWYGs are broken. WYSiWYGs that are pretending to work with Markdown are even more broken.

  • daljonas Jonas Ericsson (@daljonas) reported

    @SlackHQ @drewx0r A tip that solved similar problem for me: Clear cache in the app. Click Help in the menu bar. Select Troubleshooting. Click Clear Cache and Restart

  • smakosh Smakosh (@smakosh) reported

    @soyatti @SlackHQ @AmyLolaM facing the same issue in 2019

  • super_marek Marek ✈ (@super_marek) reported

    @SlackHQ already have 👍 seems like auto update set up on #linux is broken, instead of inventing dodgy cron jobs you should just post a repository file on-line.

  • southro_p ロップ (@southro_p) reported

    wtf @SlackHQ's WYSIWYG editor is ******* terrible and there is no way to disable it

  • SKleanthous Savvas Kλeanthous 🇬🇧🇪🇺🇨🇾 (@SKleanthous) reported

    Hey @SlackHQ, not only have you just broken years of muscle memory with the autoformatting of messages, but also made slack far less usable for exactly the people who first adopted slack.

  • jscheel Jared Scheel (@jscheel) reported

    @SlackHQ new editor is causing some issues. Even when it's collapsed, it seems to debounce and replace markdown, which results in unformatted messages if I hit enter too fast. Also causes editing messages before hitting send to be more painful as well. Please let us disable.

  • mattisadev matt.js (@mattisadev) reported

    @emilyst @SlackHQ I don't see that setting anymore and up/down arrow keys are now editing my previous message.

  • FeifanZ Feifan Zhou (@FeifanZ) reported

    @awwstn @SlackHQ Ah yes … I haven't run into those cases, but I could definitely imagine them being broken. I find myself deleting and re-typing things more often now that things are rich text, whereas before it was easier to fix things in plain text

  • tejasmanohar Tejas Manohar (@tejasmanohar) reported

    @andrewhomeyer @bobbytables @SlackAPI @halp we're seeing this too @SlackAPI @SlackHQ chat.update from a bot user is returning cant_update_message and interactive buttons are not working broke in last hour

  • stas_kulesh Stas Kulesh 🥝 (@stas_kulesh) reported

    @Swizec @DavidWells Please join thousands of people who ask @SlackHQ to add 'plain-text only' option in settings. WYSIWYG is terrible.

  • CodyDaig Cody Daig (@CodyDaig) reported

    @SlackHQ Forcing users to update at the most inconvenient times is not cool. All I had to do was send 1 message. That took me 15 min to update then the update broke slack on my laptop so it's in a reboot cycle. Guess I'll go use the browser with broken notifications. #fail

  • andrius_kai Andrius Kai (@andrius_kai) reported

    @ProductHunt @SlackHQ I hope this product could help

  • jma245 Jennifer Aldrich (@jma245) reported

    I just realized that every time I see an update notification, I get excited hoping that it's @SlackHQ because I look forward to their update notes so much. 😂Then it's a huge let down when it's another app with "misc bug fixes" instead. #ux #ContentStrategy

  • BillionaireBear Jubair Jalil (@BillionaireBear) reported

    @jasonlk Had a similar headcount at my old company and we never paid for @SlackHQ but did end up paying for @trello eventually. @SlackHQ as a free service is surprisingly powerful.

  • jma245 Jennifer Aldrich (@jma245) reported

    I just realized that every time I see an update notification, I get excited hoping that it's @SlackHQ because I look forward to their update notes so much. 😂 Then it's a huge let down when it's another app with "misc bug fixes" instead.

  • CoachHen_ Janele H (@CoachHen_) reported

    @SlackHQ Hi, I'm having an issue with Kyber. I was told that because it's a third-party, you can't help. Please provide some additional contact info.

  • super_marek Marek ✈ (@super_marek) reported

    @SlackHQ It looks like your RPM file includes a script which fails to install a repo. I'd recommend to put repository location on the web, so user can copy it themselves. Your autoupdate system for @fedora #linux is broken at the moment.

  • BlackMoonWolf BlackMoonWolf (@BlackMoonWolf) reported

    @SlackHQ @BenStenhaug Would REALLY appreciate it if you guys could FIX THIS because, in working for a large corporation, your ALREADY UNMANAGEABLE interface is getting cluttered with channels that I CAN'T leave because I'm not an admin. I don't care that it's not archived! LET ME LEAVE IT.

  • bookoisseur rachael (@bookoisseur) reported

    help me @SlackHQ i set up a recurring reminder with slack bot that I no longer need and nothing I do is working to make it stop. I get it every day.

  • anton_davydov Anton Davydov (@anton_davydov) reported

    @pankowecki @andrzejkrzywda @cecilitse @SlackHQ Same here and it’s terrible

  • niet_lezen Cyber security quasi-prime santa gift specialist (@niet_lezen) reported

    MS Teams, it really is much like @SlackHQ. Except its mission is to promote as little cooperation and communication as possible, slow down your machine and workflows, and be generally completely unusable. I wonder what MSFT's Definition of Done looks like.

  • 2ne James Toone (@2ne) reported

    @SlackHQ That does fix it. It has happened a couple of times to me now but used the fix successfully.

  • mboylevt Matt Boyle (@mboylevt) reported

    @SlackHQ Sure can - will do tomorrow. However the issue may well be my chrome - saw some similar behavior after submitting the report on other sites, so guessing I need to do some digging on my end. Thanks for the reply!

  • kevingibbon Kevin Gibbon (@kevingibbon) reported

    @Jason @zapier @webflow @SlackHQ @IFTTT @airtable Look at medium / big companies and figure out what the common tools they all build themselves or where tons of analysis is done in spreadsheets. Build that as a service for all companies. Rinse and repeat.

  • basebal25704268 AW (@basebal25704268) reported

    @SlackHQ @gio_losi @SlackHQ everyone in my office is having this same problem daily. Open up the app at start-up and face the "update" screen, but downloading/applying the update doesn't take, forcing uninstall/reinstall. Please fix this, its so annoying