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Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls.

 No problems detected at Skype

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Skype Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Skype. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 40.43% Sign in
  • Connection 29.79% Connection
  • Messaging 19.15% Messaging
  • Multimedia 4.26% Multimedia
  • Glitches 4.26% Glitches
  • App Crashing 2.13% App Crashing

Skype Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Gordola Multimedia
Ancud Sign in
Sydney Sign in
Spring Valley Sign in
Ciudad Obregón Sign in
Mexico City Multimedia

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Skype Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • PayomkawichumNA ☾✰𝚆𝚒𝚝𝚌𝚑𝚢 𝙽𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚟𝚎✰☾ (@PayomkawichumNA) reported

    Might just make a new skype account and I’m down to chat with any friends

  • Fogle11 Sheldon Fogle (@Fogle11) reported

    @sippboul @Yellow_boy_69 Set up the Skype call and let’s down a bottle

  • fba_flipper Eric Howard💰🙅‍♂️⏰ (@fba_flipper) reported

    Launched the Product Hunt Club to help people find products. Signed up 14 recurring members which covers my 📱 bill. Next up, get another 15 to cover 🥘. It’s just a 45 min Skype hangout with what feels like friends. Just use your skills, @gumroad and 💻 to make money.

  • gypsychick76 rach (@gypsychick76) reported

    @MikeCarlton01 Video chat with a go or health service provider ...already been out in rural and regional areas for a while ...don't know why it needs additional funding though's a video chat they could simply use Skype or zoom free

  • JessAMorgan89 Jess Morgan (@JessAMorgan89) reported

    The group chat has embraced Zoom. We couldn't help but note that nobody is talking about Skype much these days, probably because Skype is a patchy and burdensome piece of crap.

  • booksandwine76 Books and Wine (@booksandwine76) reported

    @julesbuddle Yeah my problem is I hate phones. And talking on them. My Dad doesn’t have Skype and I’m not sure what Zoom is. I’m so used to being on my own but this is bringing up a range of different challenges

  • KamZenolay Carlos A Muniz (@KamZenolay) reported

    This crisis is playing havoc with my routines. Now Sundays is the day that I don't go to mass. Instead I attend the service online on my pj. Monday is the day that I dont go to the office. Instead I work from home and attend meetings thru Skype in my pj.

  • BbwJill4134 Jillian (@BbwJill4134) reported

    I would rather receive texts via my number. I dont want to pay fees to night flirt. I can video chat too but cant use skype. I do sell pics and I will be adding some on only fans by tuesday. I'd rather keep the funds and give help. Since I've received so much support. I'd like

  • maaaarisol_h M A R I ☀️ (@maaaarisol_h) reported

    This lock down having us have drinking dates over Skype 😂

  • ssmgirl2012 Tanya (@ssmgirl2012) reported

    @EastCoastKnits Hhhmmm...for Skype; you need to attach a phone number; I believe to get it to connect. I had a really hard time with Skype on my new laptop....never had problems with my old one. As for FB Chat; I have no idea; I’ve never used it!! My mom has an iPhone so we can FaceTime

  • ciwi_m coronasfan19 (@ciwi_m) reported

    i was laughing so hard at a group skype call that my drink i was gulping at went down the wrong pipe and i legit couldn't breathe n now my tongue and throat are sore and i have severe heartburn class lol, worth it though

  • AnnaBelcastro3 Anna Belcastro (@AnnaBelcastro3) reported

    @AnnaBelcastro3 Not CVpositive, but been home for 9days. Still seeing clients, delivering workshops, now only by Skype &telephone. Please accept help if it's offered. Unless you must go out, DON'T. StayHome! Not just 4 yourself, 4 every1. Get 2 know yourself-study,read,dream💖🌻

  • AdamKuyo Adam Kujacznski (@AdamKuyo) reported

    @Birdyword In our defense Skype had doubled down on providing an aweful user experience.

  • DisneyandBeyond Nicholas Tedesco (@DisneyandBeyond) reported

    @yugiohtas I can imagine the potential for audio skips on Skype would turn things into an issue.

  • teamcoach Michael Göthe (@teamcoach) reported

    @RemoteForever Totally agree. Wife working from home for large bank: “we just got Skype installed” 15y daughter laughed so hard she couldn’t stand straight. “I have not heard of ANYONE using Skype since I was 8y” It didn’t help when my wife said. “But we do have changed from windows 7 to 10.”

  • dgaet59 dan gaetano (@dgaet59) reported

    @LivingWthAlz @BethanyCare Yes, and it is a large smart TV screen that we are doing the skype. Thought that may help but not yet. We will keep trying!

  • MisidjanPim Pedro "ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ" Vilão (@MisidjanPim) reported

    @LouSaintJou no because brits bash the irish and i am no brit. i am narrowing it down to the swedes (disgusting prepackaged furniture), the estonians (invented skype) and the poles.

  • ohmz Omar Kooheji 🔇 (@ohmz) reported from Kirkfieldbank, Scotland

    Played a game of D&D over video call today. Initially tried Skype because everyone had it installed, switched to Zoom because we were having issues hearing each other. I’m flabbergasted at how much better Zoom was. Skype struggled with audio, zoom managed video with no issues.

  • artisannes Anne Dettmer (@artisannes) reported

    SKYTV seconds later after a reset it’s down again. I’ll be in touch with SKY, asking for new boxes. The sale of goods & services act requires things to work if consumers pay for them. They’ve cost me a fortune in new routers & fibre & technicians - their turn @SkypeSupport

  • aweebitdaft Terry (@aweebitdaft) reported

    @steeletalk @BruceClaggett It would be nice if retirement homes could set up a computer and maybe have staff help with setting up "appointments" online so people can skype or whatever, with their loved ones for 10 minutes or so.

  • errantThinker Alberto Passalacqua (@errantThinker) reported

    @rmujica @dhh @verge @WIRED @motherboard @VICE I was going to write the same. I use @MicrosoftTeams and @Skype. I have no issues even with 70 participants in teams (I use it to teach remotely). 🤔

  • cstoller Chad Stoller (@cstoller) reported

    It’s been terrible exposure for WebEx on CNN. Every connection seems terrible compared to Zoom, Teams, Skype and Houseparty. Of course, it would be awesome to see CNN use @houseparty

  • GeoffRimington Geoff Rimington (@GeoffRimington) reported

    @JakeRound9 @Salut_London I found I sort of relaxed into it and didn’t mind the glitches. By the way, check if you can do subtitles. Skype does it. Zoom probably does it too. It’s quite good. I checked it out the other day for my dad who needs a bit of help and it worked well on Skype.

  • Shadon1010 Shadon シャドン @ WASH YOUR BLOODY HANDS (@Shadon1010) reported

    @joseinextdoor That's me every time I get a Skype message at work advising me something is broken

  • OJ_STFC Oliver (@OJ_STFC) reported

    Houseparty app. Christ what a load of crap. 5833882 notifications every 2 mins and poor connection issues. If you want a decent group chat service, use Skype!

  • soloistknj j⁷☆彡 (@soloistknj) reported

    just spent an hour with my best friends on skype help😭😭

  • AusLoafer Marko (@AusLoafer) reported

    @cjjosh Maybe we should be telling Skype to turn down their video quality so we are all just a bunch of pixels

  • Mikeadr57246317 Mike adriano (@Mikeadr57246317) reported

    @dakota_skyexxx I fix your skype lauren check it and dm mr here

  • CptNeckbeard Captain Neckbeard (@CptNeckbeard) reported

    @GigaBoots Discord was directed AT us and has all those stupid UWU bullshit little nods. Its purely for gaming, which is good cause Skype was terrible for gaming. That being said Zoom went the straight business route and marketed straight up to Businesses. Zoom for Biz, Discord for pleasure

  • neahraiman Ne. (@neahraiman) reported

    @lilrihrih_ Me either tbh. It’s so hard to stay focused and when I need to ask for help I have to Skype someone. I can’t wait to get back to the office. 🙃

  • panoparker Parker (@panoparker) reported

    There should be a service to teach elderly people how to use skype so they can speak to their families and twitter so they can shitpost

  • Moules_11 ED (@Moules_11) reported

    @MarieBryne Hi Marie, maybe you could look on YouTube for a Skype tutorial. I'm sorry can't help any further I've never used Skype.

  • becky_price1709 Becky Price (@becky_price1709) reported

    @itnjwetrust @ISPHNSDenise @sherps @JuliaMizon @ISPHNS @justinerooke @LouiseHobson6 @Catheri25424503 @BlencoeMelissa @HealthWalsall Yes, we provide a 9-5 duty service but now thinking if we could introduce Skype to keep a face to the service in these unprecedented times x

  • HollyBrigstocke Holly Brigstocke 🇺🇳🇪🇺🇬🇧 (@HollyBrigstocke) reported

    @wildrid Sorry. QoS = Quality of Service. Usually handled at the network level. Some traffic can be given priority such as real time stuff like Skype etc.

  • deeperton Anton (@deeperton) reported

    @SkypeSupport I’ve already discredited the issue. I’m not interested in discussing it on your forum. Thanks.

  • GloriaFallon123 Gloria Fallon (@GloriaFallon123) reported

    My father-in-law in England is a math professor and offered to give my kids a lesson over Skype today. They spent over an hour doing problems, asking questions & telling jokes—quality time they normally wouldn’t have spent with their grandpa overseas #LockdownSilverLining

  • taramayrees Tara Rees Ⓥ (@taramayrees) reported

    @thattxmom I totally understand. This is my second pregnancy, and looks like the remainder of it will be spent at home. I would be sad if this was my 1st, so much for family to miss out on 👎🏻 at least there is FaceTime/Skype to help a little.

  • lauralhelm Laura Louise (@lauralhelm) reported

    My poor Gdma. She accidentally signed out of skype couldn't get bk on so rang her tlked through but had problems n left it. 5 mins later checked my skype saw a green light on hers rang up n she pressed the button was able to see her. Miss her so much. #StayConnected

  • McDoFi Fiona (@McDoFi) reported

    The problem with these Skype getogeyhers is you think, oh I can turn up looking like a bag of shit, then your “pal” puts pictures on FB. Cheers @quont1 👍🏻

  • DanielleBenitah dan📵 (@DanielleBenitah) reported

    @rileyvsmith I’m so down to have writers craft over Skype tho that would actually be so fun

  • prydwen3 Gary White (@prydwen3) reported

    @TommyRommel92 Bandwidth hit by: A) people working from home B) kids doing school work on line C) those not working streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime D) people talking to relatives via Skype

  • MikeMcKTFC Mike Mcktfc (@MikeMcKTFC) reported

    @x4jw @DavidFi24287650 @JonnElledge @Birdyword I’ve always found it abysmal at work. So unreliable people would even claim “skype problems” to get out of meetings as it was so bad. MS Teams much better

  • MacKinnonPlus Iain MacKinnon (@MacKinnonPlus) reported

    @D_Crutchfield Assumed as much. For only £12 that’s not a terrible deal then if only one person needs to pay. Skype limits the number of videos on screen to four and I want to see all everyone’s face at once.

  • MelitaKING1B @MelitaKING©️46 (@MelitaKING1B) reported

    Skype app provides good video service

  • Jordo_T A Pimp Named Jordo (@Jordo_T) reported

    about to start a big Skype call and just discuss random social issues. boredom ya have me a wayyyyyy bai.

  • __jakub_g Jakub G (@__jakub_g) reported

    @vcsjones Skype was one of those programs that was steadily becoming worse with each and every upgrade. At certain point, I forgot my password and was unable to ever reset it due to "unknown technical problem", AFAIR due to the merge of Microsoft/Hotmail/Outlook/Live/Skype accounts.

  • LucyAlexandria Lucy Watts MBE MUniv FRSA (@LucyAlexandria) reported

    @benwimbushSCORD Ben let me know if I can help. I already work with a client with Manchester CCG (the group of CCGs and LA known as Manchester Health and Care Commissioning) so I know some of the team. Happy to have a Skype/Zoom call to discuss and see if I can help at all.

  • Michael_J_Lange Michael Lange (@Michael_J_Lange) reported

    @torontomike Mike, we’re giving Zoom Pro a try on Monday with about 10 of us. I’ll let you know how it goes. We’ve been using Skype, which has decent audio but terrible video.

  • vengersdecks Venger's Decks 🔜 #CrowdControlExpo (@vengersdecks) reported

    @glasgowrpg Yeah we tried Roll20 but the video was terrible, so we use that now for the battlemaps & use Skype or Discord. I do love Zoom though, so I hope that works well for you. Enjoy! 😊

  • RonsVisuals RonThaDon. #AOF 📸 (@RonsVisuals) reported

    i had to skype my p.o yesterday cause they closed down the building 💀

  • MsAnnaHarlow Anna Harlow (@MsAnnaHarlow) reported

    @SamMilanoTO @BrielleMiyamoto @celina_raixo The problem is that if someone really wants to, they could always have Skype going on their computer and then be either recording it somehow with their phone or another separate recording device.

  • rwang0 R “Ray” Wang 王瑞光 MPH #Duopolies #coronavirus (@rwang0) reported

    @thelaurenklein @the_pc_doc @zoom_us @Skype @Microsoft MyPOV: bigger issue is @microsoftteams never did a good job of reaching out to analysts and partners for input. a lot of push comms not pull comms. If they would have taken more input from industry anslysts, they would have gotten good feedback and course correct #ARChat #IIAR

  • Iettertodaddy Helen (@Iettertodaddy) reported

    @aine_lagan Right, so they said April 9th. But they've also shut it down for Corona. So I don't know if we're getting it still, and just getting some of the season. Or if we have to wait until after. Personally, I'm in favour of a Good Fight filmed entirely via Skype.

  • _Marlon___ Marlon (@_Marlon___) reported

    Citizen with Skype issues till they had to cut to commercial. Trying to be CNN n shit 😂😂😂

  • IfeOluremi IfeOluremi (@IfeOluremi) reported

    @Corymorrocco @Bethenny Great! I used to drive down to NC just to take my mother to her doctors’ appointments & every time I would either install apps for games & had to adjust her settings to keep her in visual contact via Skype or FB messenger. It took a toll on me but I don’t regret it

  • deeperton Anton (@deeperton) reported

    @SkypeSupport iPad Air 2019 with updates. Skype have granted access to the mic. I'm listening music via external Bluetooth speaker. Activating Skype just for some chatting and music do a full stop. Restricting access to the mic for Skype solve the issue. Other massagers doesn't have such issue

  • DarrellaaS Darrell as a Service 🛎 (@DarrellaaS) reported from Auckland, Auckland

    @ActivateLearn Wow. Some passionate defence of Microsoft on this thread. I have to agree though that Skype (consumer) has dropped off my apps. I only installed it on my phone again yesterday to give some advice to someone who wanted to run a virtual church service over it.

  • flyinguineapig Joanna (@flyinguineapig) reported

    Someone on a skype call I'm in started watching The Avengers and I was able to identify it immediately from one line of audio from the middle of the movie. I may have a problem.

  • SamaanAshrawi Sama’an Ashrawi (@SamaanAshrawi) reported

    @rawan if someone can get me on skype with Drake then i am DOWN

  • gabby09898912 gabby (@gabby09898912) reported

    @pulte Have them Video call, facetime or skype. WE WOULD! We desperately need the help tho 🥺