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  • BBally81 Badr Bally🇪🇬🇬🇧☪️ (@BBally81) reported

    @Qwertlocke3 Man Of Steel: decent, not great but not terrible. Batman V Superman: pretentious garbage Suicide Squad: not good but entertaining Wonder Woman: very good movie Justice League: a hot mess Aquaman: entertaining popcorn blockbuster Shazam: charming heartfelt film Joker: great film

  • ptchat Peter T Chattaway (@ptchat) reported

    @Thomwade For me the main problem with #Shazam is that it was sold as a kids' movie but it really wasn't. I know one kid who had to walk out after the opening scene because she found it traumatizing, and quite a few of the scenes that followed were just as grim.

  • TravisBSnell Travis Snell (@TravisBSnell) reported

    DC fans calm down, the only reason Marty or De Niro ain’t dissing DC is because their not the top dog right now. Marvel is THE entertainment brand. DC wishes Marty would care about it. Marty would hate ******** out of BVS or Shazam just like anything else MCU.

  • TimbrrWolfe Mantimcore 🦁🦂 (@TimbrrWolfe) reported

    Ok I just thought of this but I think part of the reason Shazam didn't do a whole lot for me was because I have a lot of disdain for manchildren in general. That wasn't the entire problem I had with the movie, but it was a decent chunk of it.

  • Roddykat Rod Whis-ly M'BlokU🎮🎙🎧🍕 (@Roddykat) reported

    This won't keep down the Sinbad-Shazam confusion, but here y'all go

  • VKDOOM23 Mo Bamba (@VKDOOM23) reported

    @camethedawnxp @WhitlockAndPope the MCU movies do a terrible job of that because of how bland and formulaic they are. Superman’s heroism in MOS and BvS is far more powerful than anything seen in the MCU. I don’t like aquaman, Shazam or WW for similar reasons as the MCU but they do the same shit as a mcu movie

  • kathmeme_ Alexa Play “Spooky Boy” (@kathmeme_) reported

    The Disney+ line up looks like the streaming service version of a club Stephan would go to... This place has everything! Both of the parent trap movies, a High School Musical reboot, Jeff Goldblum, Shazam starring Shaquille O’Neil, My son

  • RlSEOFSKYWALKR Stream Klaus on Netflix Watch it in theaters xoxo (@RlSEOFSKYWALKR) reported

    Shazam would’ve been a terrible movie without those lil kids change my mind

  • CrypticMirror RS (@CrypticMirror) reported

    And even that got toned down by the end. I hope for the sequel they do not play that up again too much in lieu of actual characterisation. However, yeah, SHAZAM! was hugely enjoyable. Much to my surprise. Aquaman, not so much. End of Rant. 16/16

  • Partizan_Niksic PartizanNiksic (@Partizan_Niksic) reported

    @Krg09110911 @DexDougie @shabatprince Well since current WB executives have nothing to do with Joker since same people who greenlit MoS and BvS greenlit Joker i don't have problem with that. It will just show how stupid current executives are when they think they will make lot of money with movies like Shazam

  • GKzeven Geraduh Kzeven (@GKzeven) reported

    I cannot lie, I don't know much about Shazam lore and only read a handful of issues. I'll just say this him and Black Adam look cool AF and have me interested in their characters.

  • DFizzlio2 Fizz-sama™ (@DFizzlio2) reported

    @papaG62471341 @PapaBlessYT @TheLethality It's not like it has much competition. After Dark Knight Rises, they started with the DCEU and every film under that moniquer is garbage except for Wonder Woman and Shazam and both of those movies still have serious problems

  • The_Noyes Mike Noyes (@The_Noyes) reported

    @DanSlott I mostly agree with your statement. I haven’t seen Shazam yet so I have no opinion on it. But the rest is right on the money. Joker was an unpleasant, pointless movie. And it was a terrible Joker movie.

  • DemonRin SpOwOky OwOky Chelsea; EYES so fuww of fwight (@DemonRin) reported

    I just finished #Shazam #7 and HOLY WOW THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD!!! I REALLY hope the solicitation problems it's been having don't keep up. This deserves a 100 issue run and at least two big events with tie ins. #Comics #DC #DCComics #Comicbooks

  • Its_BlackFire Blackfire (@Its_BlackFire) reported

    @AMagicWriter @ECNALHANID Aqua man was ok had big problems but wasnt bad shazam was a great step in the right direction and joker is a great elseworld one off I think this joker should not have another movie because it would ruin this solo. Bird of pray the more I see the more worried I get

  • Deuce1042 Euclid (@Deuce1042) reported

    They didn’t really break that formula honestly until Shazam and Aquaman. And Justice League but that was terrible.

  • Thomas_comma_S Sarah Thomas (@Thomas_comma_S) reported

    Also, a big thumbs down to both SoundHound and Shazam for being unable to find any of her music. Step it up, apps. 👎

  • 2jacko5 Jasmin Dencic (@2jacko5) reported

    @Mikey_hbk90 @harlscanary Shazam looked horrible on set and in movie imo It’s subjective just like with Shazam, I didn’t rage on SS1 pics I loved them and had no big issues with SS1 movie visually Flash looks amazing in DCEU imo both in terms of believability and accuracy compared to comics

  • daamiedwards Daami 👽 (@daamiedwards) reported

    @LiveLoveLupe Im not against them & their theme park films existing for d people who like that sort of sh*t. But when they decided to jump out of their zone & bash actual artistic films, is when it bcomes a problem. Saw someone on d TL try to class shazam & joker together 🙄

  • ayemrscarter Spooky Jas (@ayemrscarter) reported

    I feel like that’s a bad opinion cause WW was terrible. Shazam and Aquaman were very good not just fun.

  • CountryHickGuy Country Hick Guy (@CountryHickGuy) reported

    @HunterFelt @Shazam I'll never forget seeing @GreenDay at Mohegan Sun - It was 2013 - two dudes near me on the floor had apparently won or been comped tickets. They're holding up their phone trying to get it to identify "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" using the app, but with no success. Sad.

  • LeGavoIsHere Gav-🎃 (@LeGavoIsHere) reported

    @ivxog And that’s the issue, DC has been trying way too hard to make their characters dark and edgy when it isn’t necessary. Just look at how they butchered Titans. Thank goodness Shazam was good.

  • yellowdaredeviI Holden Sanchez (@yellowdaredeviI) reported

    @batmansorphan @ScottMendelson @Forbes Ya'll really that pathetic to still hold this candle about a film that was terrible ... Of a film universe that riding on the laurels of an average launch to just plain terrible lows. (Except WW + Shazam) From a fantastic photographer posing as a piss poor director...

  • yellowdaredeviI Holden Sanchez (@yellowdaredeviI) reported

    @batmansorphan @ScottMendelson @Forbes Ya'll really that pathetic to still hold this ducandle about a film that was terrible ... Of a film universe that riding on the laurels of an average launch to just plain terrible lows. (Except WW + Shazam) From a fantastic photographer posing as a piss poor director...

  • Somebody2008 Somebody #YE GANG (@Somebody2008) reported

    @SuperWinterGirl @nightwing290 @ThwipnTDKR Shazam and Aquaman literally have nothing to do with Snyder's broken interpretation of superheroes. Aquaman was garbage but it wasn't like a shitty Snyder film.

  • DhananJayRaskar DhananJay Raskar ツ (@DhananJayRaskar) reported

    @kennagq Liked Shazam too. Hope we get Shazam, Black Adam and Superman fight scene soon. But after Henry/Affleck left the DCEU, I'm a bit down. (Loved the Affleck batman!!)

  • RonDiesel12 Ron Diesel🎧💪🇦🇬 (@RonDiesel12) reported

    @stargazer0118 it comes down to what we talked about with others on twitter, people kept saying Shazam felt like a Kid's movie in a bad way, like its too much of a kid's movie. Also the way it was marketed, I think that's where we were wrong on the marketing the first time

  • Spoilex16 Spooky Gürkchen (@Spoilex16) reported

    @theianhamilton Biggest issue so far Shazam will find most of the themes, but they're hid somewhere in a library or instrumentals of said songs.

  • helrond3 HellRond (@helrond3) reported

    And no, aquaman, Shazam aren't mcu-like movies sure I have a lot of issues with them but they aren't as horrible as the mcu

  • SumeetBellara Sumeet Bellara🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇪🇺🇮🇳🎸🎙🎼🔬🎓🎬 (@SumeetBellara) reported

    @iZezty7 @ReverseGoblin Shazam manages really well. They ignore the pulse of the time. WW was not as empowering as it could be. Then JL had the women in skimpier outfits on the island. Suicide Squad was such a let down. Either make them as dark as the Batman comics or more like the Animated series. 2/2

  • hollylikeablvd Ayo (@hollylikeablvd) reported

    @arianadearmas No not every cuz Shazam’s looks terrible too

  • igotmybikefixed scotty.wek (@igotmybikefixed) reported

    @dorinpicumusic @Shazam I mostly use Shazam to find out who created the terrible music I’m hearing also 👍

  • weisiang96 Vincent Eng (@weisiang96) reported

    @arcosruizjairo @Pwn20wnd Shazam & GarageBand not working

  • stldesktop Please Stand By For An Important Message 🌻 (@stldesktop) reported

    The problem with specialists is they develop blind spots in all the areas outside of their range of focus which, SHAZAM MAGIC, are all the places that inevitably produce the counterpoint required for them to not behave as amateurs.

  • daamiedwards Daami 👽 (@daamiedwards) reported

    I gave up wb tbh but i wish somebody over there wake up, greenlight injustice or d darkest superman movie ever & tell ya'll ******* reeve fans to **** off. Seriously. Brought down the MOS verse & we still didnt see their asses show up for josstice league or shazam.

  • BurningExeter Burning Exeter (@BurningExeter) reported

    @DoodleBunny64 I really liked Joker a lot. This and Shazam have both kinda redeemed WB and DC after six years of terrible movies.

  • bunters123 Gazza31🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 (@bunters123) reported

    @Andrew20times @Shazam I used shazam to see how low down the table United are.😂😂😂

  • krisis86 vampire fortnight (@krisis86) reported

    DC movies ranked: 1: Wonder Woman 2: Shazam! 3: the rest are all terrible

  • Richierichxoxo Father Rich♌️ (@Richierichxoxo) reported

    @AceBuBb Usually you can just hold the screen down in the Snapchat app and it’ll Shazam it

  • Chaostaenzer Christian Ewald (@Chaostaenzer) reported

    @fMRI_guy @neuronmn Shazam was actually decent and didn't suffer the same issues as Wonder Woman in the third act.

  • DJayC4 DJ-C4 🇨🇦🎧🎶 (@DJayC4) reported

    @joekay Well shazam kind of solves that problem for most people now.. but i get what you are saying.

  • fhaysal_ishaq GhostWrit3r (@fhaysal_ishaq) reported

    @U_Morikwe @Hugo_Chiez @Tomiw_a What I've been trying to say Billy should be able to lift the hammer if it is based on heart because that baby boy is as pure as captain America will ever be, if not more than And if it based on power, shazam has godlike power. So that should not be a problem

  • CromerKiera كيرا كرومر (@CromerKiera) reported from Muncie, Indiana

    Nothing feels better than a neighboring car stopping to roll down their window and Shazam the song you’re listening to

  • SinHadMe Vengeance (@SinHadMe) reported

    @Kolaolurankinse @OgolaMilli @SmithVinci Well comic reader go read marvel vs dc crossover issue released in 1996 ...Thor fought your fave and whooped his ass till he turned back to billy. I read comics like crazy and I won’t dare compare Shazam to Thor. Thor has defeated a celestial before, shazam can only dream of dat

  • pu7pl3_z33 P U R P L E 😈 (@pu7pl3_z33) reported

    @Tweet_Mercury @olamizzy DC were not even the creators of Shazam guy go and sit down

  • _charlesnn Charles (@_charlesnn) reported

    @Opeolu_waa @ZarmaniB @iyefu_ @olamizzy @John21Abiodun No one. I shouldn't have to break it down.😩 I raised that to explain to you that Thor is also susceptible to electricity and Shazam is more resistant, since it has to be a very huge blast to make Shazam just transform back, while little electricity weakens Thor

  • samiidre_art Donatello (@samiidre_art) reported

    @pu7pl3_z33 @King2Wesley @timara_oche @olamizzy He lighting can't even work on Wonder woman cos she's the daughter of Zeus which means she can call down lightning and direct it anywhere she like, Shazam only has lightning coming out of his hand when he's throwing blows

  • NigerianRealist Esan_Witchdoctor (@NigerianRealist) reported

    @Kingdeezee1 @samiidre_art @UncleForFor @olamizzy Lol Shazam hardly uses his wisdom of solomon,same way superman barely uses his kryptonian super IQ,and shazam is a kid,and hulk is not slow and he is very durable dude,Shazam should take down doomsday before thinking of facing hulk

  • GarrettCroker 🐱Garrett Croker🐱 (@GarrettCroker) reported

    I think Shazam's problems are really common, and really unfortunate. It does a lot of work with dialogue that isn't actually supported by what you've seen.

  • NigerianRealist Esan_Witchdoctor (@NigerianRealist) reported

    @samiidre_art @Kingdeezee1 @UncleForFor @olamizzy Lol have you seen hulks stats,lol Shazam doesn't even compare to superman,so the comparism is off,beating superman is not stats,even hailey quin has taken down superman,we use individual stats not by who defeated who in their various universes

  • NigerianRealist Esan_Witchdoctor (@NigerianRealist) reported

    @olamizzy @_oluwatobiiiii Thor all the way,people who say Shazam have serious issues,Shazam is a ripp-off superman that DC does not know what to do with

  • chuks_andy Chuks (@chuks_andy) reported

    @georgelamps @NurseStrange_ @ToluSpinnn My problem with Shazam is the host, there might be so much Shazam can do but he’s a kid, exactly why I insist that Thor has an upper hand. Thor in comics is a beast o, forget how he’s been portrayed in movies.

  • Franken98461765 Francis (@Franken98461765) reported

    @Tomiw_a The only way Shazam will have a chance here is if Thor is without the Mjorlnir let's not forget Shazam is actually a god who thinks like a 12 years boy. The only way he walks out of this is if he goes down on his knees and ask the god of thunder for mercy.

  • uyisteven1 #ExPenSivE 🕊📶🧗‍♂️🏅 (@uyisteven1) reported

    @Certified_Jerry Take it this way, I'm bringing it to folks who don't and can't grab fully the extent of Shazam's powers... Wiki broke some down in lay man's terms.. I should be giving a medal for being the conduit in passing this information.

  • naphtrax Hunson Abadeer (@naphtrax) reported

    @ChrisMA34112463 @Tomiw_a Lol the problem with using that site is that there are many versions of thor and shazam. On that same site if you just do regular thor vs regular shazam then Thor wins.

  • itsdeshola ORIADE 👑 (@itsdeshola) reported

    @uyisteven1 @Tomiw_a Fancy words. Truth is Thor in the movies is quite weak. We are talking about the same Thor that went up against Celestials and cracked the head of one open. Same thor that has down Galactus. With all his power, Shazam is a child and even in his prime, is no match for Thor.

  • EnjoyArthur madan (@EnjoyArthur) reported

    @ECNALHANID Can someone please give this fool a lesson on ‘low budget’. Holy ****. This freak actually thinks the CW would put down 100m+ on a tv show lmfao. DCTV >>>> DCEU anytime my friend. #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths. (Joker, Shazam were very good but not part of the DCEU like ARROWVERSE)

  • lakkyonestar SICK BEATS (@lakkyonestar) reported

    @Shazam @LiamPayne @ArtistHBTL Hello! I want my album Lakky One Star - Red Beats to be deleted from your service as soon as possible! I deleted the album using the service from all stores, but for some reason you still have it. solve this problem urgently!

  • RemyDushine Remy Dushine (@RemyDushine) reported

    @KulichMladen Amazed people thought Captain Marvel was as good as Endgame. Endgame has so many issues but any character moments or dialogue or pay offs that worked for it certainly were not present in CM. Shazam was kinda meh but still better than CM.

  • Amore_Oya Redemption's Song (@Amore_Oya) reported

    I thought that if person A spoke their truth, and then person B also did that, a middle ground would miraculously appear, and shazam, problem solved. Like I said, naive.