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  • myanimewaifu corey barnes (@myanimewaifu) reported

    @StudioCATCH @aalong64 for sure. my problem occurs when i watch something and i have to start asking questions about plot points that make no sense. then i get frustrated. i felt this way about Shazam.

  • MattGordon2019 Matt Gordon #DCfan #CrisisonInfiniteEarths (@MattGordon2019) reported

    I hope the movie doesn't look like a crap like it was before. Maybe do another Justice League movie with God's Apocalypse with the right director and this time the film not looking terrible. I mean movies like WW, Aquaman and Shazam looked beautiful and colorful.

  • YoshiEgg17 YoshiEgg (@YoshiEgg17) reported

    @UpToTASK wb hasn't had a terrible year like people are saying tbh. joker shazam it chapter 2 and many other movies made profit.

  • ThaReturnOf4Eva Dinner with Jay Z. (@ThaReturnOf4Eva) reported

    @TheDarkKnight08 Those movies were bland and uninspired but not genuinely terrible like BvS and suicide squad. Man of steel sucked too. But yes there is a bias. Look at how treated WW, Joker, And Shazam.

  • SuperWinterGirl Princess Winter 🧜‍♀️👸 #SnydersUniverse (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @ImPickleColt @SwampTalking There was never a problem between DC Filmmakers & I'd argue there was never a problem between the DC Filmmakers & Geoff Johns either. All untampered with DC Films (MoS, BvS, WW, #Aquaman & #Shazam) connect flawlessly. The problem was WB didn't let DC Films find their audience. 1

  • BragginRightz Simon (@BragginRightz) reported

    I hurriedly ended my close of service prayer today so I could Shazam this song in church today.. lol, turns out I already have it but never listened to it.

  • kevinpowr Kevin Power (@kevinpowr) reported

    @amw_662 Cavill refusing to cameo in Shazam was a bad choice on his end. Soured his fan credibility imo. I think a big problem with the DCEU was their release windows. They took way to long to release their films. Wonder Woman came out in 2017. WW84 isn't coming out until next year.

  • Someyounguy18 Someyounguy (@Someyounguy18) reported

    @MLeeLunsford so if the wizard from shazam chose a girl and was explicitly evil instead of casually evil thrusting a child into combat. im always down to see more bad times magical girls

  • benjialpha Benjialpha (@benjialpha) reported

    The actual problem here is that I am a human Shazam and get really frustrated when I can just hear music, or don't recognise it

  • _leehoseoks Missing Wonho💙 (@_leehoseoks) reported

    @masinubear No, it's been reported and still hasn't been taken down. If you shazam it it goes to a weird video..or at least it did

  • sblomkamp Steven Blomkamp 🌾 (@sblomkamp) reported

    @TheHashtag0nist They make every joke about 3 times each, there is no heroism as shazam seems to cause most of the issues in this film. Its just a gluttonous, unfunny pile of crap with a very yawn worthy villain that somehow manages to make the source material lesser

  • VforVintageVera VforVera (@VforVintageVera) reported

    I contributed to Shazam but I’m gonna let ya’ll in on a secret: It has a terrible release schedule. WB ****** it over sandwiching in between two huge Marvel movies. AND. It wasn’t THAT good tbh. Weak villain plot and really mediocre special effects bogged down the movie.

  • Eulinberger7 Christian YULEnberg 🎄☃️🎅 (@Eulinberger7) reported

    @fountainclown @moviesandcats @KhameekJ I just felt the villains in Shazam could have been a lot better. That’s my only issue with the movie.

  • dapakhtoonguy Talha. (@dapakhtoonguy) reported

    This rakshaw driver has some great taste in pushto songs. But shit Shazam is not working on them.:(

  • homemade__jam Jami (@homemade__jam) reported

    If you heard a song that you liked & didn’t have a chance to record or shazam,then actually FOUND IT by relentlessly googling and searching the pieces of lyrics you barely remember, SAVE IT on iTunes,write it down,do something to retrieve it later!!!

  • stargazer0118 Clau Kent (@stargazer0118) reported

    @Luiz_Fernando_J Yes, I can see them doing just that, trying to limit and shut DC films down like they did Shazam.. someone acting too cocky.. I hope DC delivers something good..

  • zandook Robbie Rowe #SaveKrypton (@zandook) reported

    @Hawkworld_ I don't think Hawkman will be in it. I'd say the film will be an origin film for Black Adam, but I'm not sure with his power level who could take him on, who'd be a worthy threat for him to take down. I don't think Shazam will be in it, so I'm curious about that.

  • MarkOStack Billie Joel Armstrong (@MarkOStack) reported

    Let me shoot on Black Adam for a second: He never should have broken into this business with what he's doing. He had to do a job, put over our boy Shazam, but instead he ran for the hills to go do his own thing. Cowardice.

  • ItsPanduuh ♡uᴉʇ§nɾ (@ItsPanduuh) reported

    Don't blow this like you did shazam. Shazam wasn't terrible but it was very mid, please just do better with this film.

  • Nightshawn101 Nightshawn101 (@Nightshawn101) reported

    I wish I had Shazam when I was younger. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out “White Flag” and worst off I would try to google the lyrics “I won’t go down with this 💩”

  • ReviewsDoes Tom Talks Games (@ReviewsDoes) reported

    @rayslater11 True and we also got Shazam too which was awesome too. I guess I assumed that more movies were bad this year than I thought. Dark Phoenix specifically for me was a bit of a let down but then again I kinda knew it won’t be good.

  • GaminBlurS Patryk (@GaminBlurS) reported

    @RockumanEXE @ThomMoreu @donleykogn yeah im mostly kept up on dceased (i missed the black adam vs infected shazam issue), but they never did quite explain how ALL technology somehow causes the spread of a *physical* virus

  • K_B_R15 Kyle (@K_B_R15) reported

    @LantzMiller @D_Jayy32 Wonder if he turned down Shazam for this role

  • Josh2Gud4U PiScEs27 (@Josh2Gud4U) reported

    Yeah I disagree. I didn't think it was a Marvel movie. Shazam had that kinda tone cuz dats just the kind of character he is. And there was real genuine mature moments in the film. Like the scene where he met his mother. The CGI was my main issue with it along with the score.

  • ayyf_ Constable (@ayyf_) reported

    Today I was sat next to this boy on the train and he was playing a banger through his headphones, I tried to shazam it while pretending to be on the phone I was underground with no service and looked like a ******** in the end I didn't even get the song :(

  • BenCamp70405424 checkfilmfantastic aka Ben Campbell (@BenCamp70405424) reported

    @YWaeli @iiToxicLullaby @HugoByrne2 @GraceRandolph Fair enough. But tbf, thats ALADDIN But the SHAZAM! brand needs all the help it could get. Yousef, petition to get him recast, but there are other problems on planet earth at the moment. Not to say its not valid, it is, but if it's that hurtful to you petition to get him recast.

  • KarizmaJM ☃️ 2pk sugar 🎄 (@KarizmaJM) reported

    My toxic traits is I turn down my screen brightness and open Shazam on the down low cause I don’t wanna let people know they put me on to fire music 🥴

  • danielmalmer Daniel Malmer (@danielmalmer) reported

    @Faketriot I've exchanged emails with people at Shazam, and gotten back some very carefully worded responses. I suspect that someone (maybe even Apple/Google) is generating audio fingerprints handset-side and doing lookups against a dictionary server-side.

  • NolanZugernat Nolan Zugernat (@NolanZugernat) reported

    @xPuzzlemanx Generally agree. Aquaman was visually very impressive, though I found it too dumb when I tried to watch again. Wonder Woman okay but the villain was terrible. Shazam was terrible. Justice League terrible.

  • ClassAct_Media Class Act Jack (@ClassAct_Media) reported

    I hope this movie is good, but I'd really just prefer to see him in Shazam! 2. Just not a big fan of villain-focused movies (although I guess DC is ready to double down on them). Also, still not sold that the Rock can do Black Adam justice. He's

  • AceProGamer123 The Ace Gamer (@AceProGamer123) reported

    im so down for this. and then have shazam 2 have the 2 face off.

  • tothestars17 To the stars (@tothestars17) reported

    @LordImperiex89 @DRMovieNews1 The rock is loved in China , they saved his movie this year the problem with Shazam it didn’t appeal to China audience, they just lower the budget to 130M instead of crazy budget and release 2 weeks earlier in China

  • INGMN2aMMM ;;;,'','';,';,';;; (@INGMN2aMMM) reported

    Iron Maiden Mastodon The Strokes Blink 182 Horse The Band Smashing Pumpkins Municipal Waste The Suicide Machines System of a Down Foxy Shazam Paco introduced me to half these bands lol

  • MsMariaMoore Maria Moore / (@MsMariaMoore) reported

    Ok I get it Shazam!I probably enjoy the frustration. I have issues. When I was like 9 I saw a Barbie wearing an outfit on a box of a Barbie house. I needed it.I made my dad take me to every store I could think of for weeks until I found it. I like to hunt .. just not for animals

  • OGFlaya Matt McCabe 🦑 (@OGFlaya) reported

    @biasedandunfair @ShazamMovie @TheRock I have had a hard time with most of the DC movies, but I absolutely love Shazam. I have no problem with serious storytellibg. But for the most part, these movies have been TOO dark.

  • Ben_Quadinaros_ BLADE RUNNER 🦄 Fanboy (@Ben_Quadinaros_) reported

    Thankfully DC hasn't done that [and let's hope it never does]. #BOP is looking different from Shazam, Shazam was quite different from MOS. They're more interested in the individual film rather than the overall franchise. That makes DC "broken" then maybe it should stay "broken".

  • RomeosRequiem Ɱση✞αɠʊҽ ||ⱮƠƝƬƳ|| (@RomeosRequiem) reported

    @DepravedFucker HaHaHaHa! We just throw tourists at them. Shazam! Two problems taken care of.

  • ArmeanuAndrei Andrei (@ArmeanuAndrei) reported

    I have to use Shazam 3 more times... at least, otherwise they're going to weird stuff... which I don't care about...that much... whatever their problem, not mine... to each ..their own... good luck have fun 0 chance bye bye

  • Tamaras__World Tee (@Tamaras__World) reported

    @tima_bima01 😭😭😭😭 Girl you can just Shazam it. You don’t have to write it down

  • bobh1970 BobH (@bobh1970) reported

    Pretty sure I had this @JerryOrdway issue of POWER OF SHAZAM before, but it was missing when I pulled them out to re-read. So here it is again. One other missing one I still need coming in the mail

  • Inno_Unlock DayDream🏷️ (@Inno_Unlock) reported

    @BIGJIZZY @LeratoSekete1 They just dumb him down because of billy batson age. Shazam 52 Would win even at her best form which is Binary. My final and last argument, She can't absorb magic.

  • Anubins Fashionista Macrocodile (@Anubins) reported

    @PaperJoshi I really wanna see Shazam, my big issue with DC was it was always too gritty and srsface, Shazam looks like neither and I am all for it

  • Tweet_Ti Tiana (@Tweet_Ti) reported

    In some ways, @Shazam isn’t too terrible at identifying classical music - I mean it usually manages to nail the specific recording, but it’s frustrating that it will list the title of the work and the orchestra as the “artist”, but not the composer.

  • IanMcGarr Ian McGarr (@IanMcGarr) reported

    @ValVerdeTweets Oh on the topic of cinemas not working. I swear to god this is true. I took my Dad to see Shazam on opening day at 6pm and we were the only two people. No lie! The second busiest county in Ireland after Dublin. It was mental.

  • TheMiddleborne Sir Middleborne the Thankful (@TheMiddleborne) reported

    @CorbyAmos Finally someone who agrees that Far From Home was terrible, and Shazam far below par

  • LeibachBrian Brian Leibach (@LeibachBrian) reported

    @dcexaminer @UVA Now that is very unfortunate for the innocent little college goers at UVA. I can't imagine their reaction to a 4th of July celebration. But we can fix that too when we do away with our nations birthday. SHAZAM💥💥💥PROBLEM SOLVED!!!🧠🧠🧠

  • CorbyAmos Corby 'Πατρὸς θεότητος' Amos (@CorbyAmos) reported

    Watched 3 movies coming back from London: Godzilla King of the Monsters; Shazam; Spider-Man Far From Home. Godzilla was horrible. The last two were literally the same movie—even down to the ferris wheel rescue. Rotten tomatoes all around.

  • Ajblivits Proud NEVER TRUMPER (@Ajblivits) reported

    @SenJohnKennedy Garsh, ShaZam, GallLee, ....Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!! Everytime Kennedy opens his mouth is like doubling down on stupid!!

  • LightningShade0 Lightning_Shade (@LightningShade0) reported

    @CelestriJohn SHAZAM deciphering was already in that cheesy/awesome intersection, but I just about lost my shit when Ivan the Terrible appeared. What ********. :D

  • LordAthor Martin Athor (@LordAthor) reported

    @mr_devilhs @PabloRomeroArt Remember that Billy Batson is a teenage boy, he'd get a nose bleed if THIS CM threw him a kiss... Now if you take current comic book or movie CM then Shazam would win hands down but I doubt he'd stand a chance against THIS CM...

  • 616CRYSTALlA 𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐭♡ 𝐝𝐨𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐬𝐩𝐨𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐫𝐬 (@616CRYSTALlA) reported

    i just wanna read the next issue of shazam smh

  • nikster007 Nik (@nikster007) reported

    @charlesarthur Play Shazam tracks works fine for me on 13,2. Unless it’s an issue with only specific playlists

  • TheBat_Family TheBatFamily 🦇 (@TheBat_Family) reported

    Doomsday Clock taking forever to release 12 issues Shazam!: Hold my drink!

  • AndyHypster Andy Thy Is 👨‍❤️‍👨 (@AndyHypster) reported

    Actually after thinking about it more I'm going with Shazam,I had more issues with Joker Thats really weird especially since 1. I prefer Marvel and 2. I never even liked Shazam that much

  • Mr_Mo97 MrMo (@Mr_Mo97) reported

    I read The Infected - King Shazam! That was a crazy issue. 🤯 Poor Mary. 😥 I know Billy's infected but he was such a jerk in the last couple of pages to Mary. 😡 The last page as well. 😭

  • KILLdanyl Danyl James (@KILLdanyl) reported from Urmston, England

    I am 100% down for a Shazam Lego Movie

  • BitsBitsBirch BitsBits (@BitsBitsBirch) reported

    working for a luxury car service, I get a very mixed bag of customers from all walks of life.... last night I had a stripper shazam every single song I played during the ride on her way to work, and I was definitely flattered....

  • PerrinTom Tom Perrin (@PerrinTom) reported from Manchester, England

    Forgotten voice memos on my phone consist of proof that my boyfriend snores, staff meetings where you can hear my sighs and eyes rolls, and a random K-POP song; due my Shazam not working.

  • hoops_talking Talking Hoops (@hoops_talking) reported

    @SUPREMEBOSS12 @NomNom23237180 @AIR305 @BleacherReport @BenGolliver @Dame_Lillard Forget that Dame actually sounded a lot better, shaq had ghost writers and dame dissed him for that. Made fun of the pizza commercials, shazam, that he was terrible for years at the end of his career, that he hates new big men for some reason, and that he’s a corny old man

  • HankMelluish Hank Smelluish (@HankMelluish) reported

    @scottEweinberg I've seen a few stinkers but Replicas was a special kind of terrible. Also, shoutout to Shazam! which came out this Spring after being in the making for ten years and was immediately forgotten.