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  • dcumoviepage DCU Movie Page (@dcumoviepage) reported

    I can see him changing back to the blue at the end, no problem for me (but i know Zack want it black, so, who knows). Still loved that scene, tho #Shazam

  • Jonty_Quinn Jonty Quinn (@Jonty_Quinn) reported

    @SuperSuitShow @JamesGavsie @TheRock @UpToTASK @MrNiceGuy18_58 @MTFIII @RandyS0725 @3BlackGeeks @BThanBTI @ComicCrusaders @CBNostalgia @CBR ii hope its rated R.. Shazam was such a let down of my fav superhero.

  • DjMarkWest Mark West (@DjMarkWest) reported

    @djfive bruh he was using shazam and still writing the shit down. 😂

  • RobbSmoothPhoto Robb Smooth (@RobbSmoothPhoto) reported

    Shazam is such a terrible film.

  • EddiesALover tatiana🤢✨ (@EddiesALover) reported

    shazam had a huge ass tone problem you can’t convince me otherwise

  • UnniverseAnon UnniverseGomisAllAboutLuv (@UnniverseAnon) reported

    Monbebe Public Service Announcement. Shazam ALL THE THINGS MX #BesideMonstaX #네가_어디든_네_옆에_있을게 @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent

  • SchoolOfMovies School of Movies 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺 (@SchoolOfMovies) reported

    @BLCAgnew Also they swapped the actor out for Shazam, then tossed him down a garbage chute for DC to pick up, dust off and actually get the best of.

  • BoobalanKarthk Boobalan Karthik (@BoobalanKarthk) reported

    @Moto Due to this battery issues,am using the lite versions of the applications ex: twitter lite, YouTube go, Shazam lite,files go, Google maps go etc..

  • Zakiyyah6 ZAK (@Zakiyyah6) reported

    PG-13 Rated Shazam was also another great live action family movie. The reason the studios keep shoveling crap down people's throats when it comes to live action family movies is because people keep accepting it.

  • WilliamBibbiani William Bibbiani (@WilliamBibbiani) reported

    @JennaGuillaume @benbatemanmedia @joestarr187 I had similar problems when I talked about the issues surrounding to the "idealized" physical transformations at the end of Shazam.

  • nyrmite Jordan (@nyrmite) reported

    I get a terrible bout of embarrassment when I need to use Shazam

  • snarkyRedhd Snarky Ginger (@snarkyRedhd) reported

    @StAngelCeltic @flexymorals @birdsofpreywb I am guessing he means DCU starting with Zack Snyder's Man of Steel and I would probably list the non terrible ones as Harley Quinn Wonder Woman Shazam maybe Aquaman but I might be biased because Jason is hotttttt

  • flexymorals Jesus, Jake (@flexymorals) reported

    @snarkyRedhd @birdsofpreywb I couldn’t make it through suicide squad. Every DC movie I’ve tried to watch has been terrible. Except Wonder Woman. And surprisingly I thought Shazam was cute.

  • allowableman2 Freak In Robe (@allowableman2) reported

    @BlessedSouthpaw My problem with Shazam is how they adapted the character but that can probably tie in to criticisms you have of the movie

  • Dhurrobeh 🎃 T_Tas 💀 V̷̻͍̲̣͓̒͒̃͘͝Ị̶͍͇͂̌͜X̴͓̾͆̾͠X̴̝͖͚̓̑ (@Dhurrobeh) reported

    a common problem I have when coming to Green Street is that I can't shazam the songs playing in the stores bc they're in Hindi and shazam doesn't have them :/

  • IDiomande Ibby (@IDiomande) reported

    @DestroVega @bidhanghosh6 @ERCboxoffice It hasn't broken even yet. The reported budget is $80M (which means it's higher) so you can guess the marketing cost is at least 80-90M. For comparison, Shazam had a similar budget and $90M in marketing. Plus studios don't get 100% of the worldwide, esp overseas

  • angies_code Angie ⋈ Wonho is All About Luv ❤️ (@angies_code) reported

    @kinius514 @Shazam @OfficialMonstaX Anything around the rap will be shazamed as Beside u 1st ver, but it should pick it up when he raps, note the minute and seconds on when he exactly raps and try to shazam during middle of it or at the end of his rap For me it works without a problem

  • marc_gathu 🅶🅰🆃🅷🆄 (@marc_gathu) reported

    I @Shazam a song offline only to loose it later due to errors in shazam 🤔🤔

  • dancemachine48 Andrew Beam (@dancemachine48) reported

    @DCFLAVOR @danmanmar26 The problem here is DC/WB executives sticking their noses too far into the creative processes. This happened with BvS, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. Then Aquaman happened, and it was amazing. Same with Shazam except WB poorly marketed it and it didn't do as well as AM.

  • VenoM29872498 VenoM (@VenoM29872498) reported

    @ponysmasher I'm sure you'll knock the film out of the park but please do as much as you can to convince WB to up their promotion strategy for Shazam 2 - the film was brilliant but the marketing really let it down tbh.

  • peptoprincess 🤡 nicole 🤡 (@peptoprincess) reported

    @jeffreestarvevo lol i literally did that the last time i was there and made the egregious error of telling 20 yr olds i “just discovered shazam”

  • JGFidelis52 Fidelis com saudades da Rey (@JGFidelis52) reported

    @dc_connections So... - The Dark Knight is overrated - The batmobile pursuit in BvS does not make sense. - I don't think Shazam is extremely rewatchable. - Leto is a good Joker - Watchmen is overrated - I have no problem with Batman killing, there is always a context for this.

  • JohnnyM86733082 Johnny Mac (@JohnnyM86733082) reported

    To Mike (Elite) Bloomberg: By gum, ole Miiiike...ya'll shure got that thar Texis ax sent down reel good... shazam and golly bum

  • JohnnyM86733082 Johnny Mac (@JohnnyM86733082) reported

    @Mike2020 By gum, ole Miiiike...ya'll shure got that thar Texis ax sent down reel good... shazam and golly bum

  • The7thComrade Phénomène Mondial (@The7thComrade) reported

    @spectralnight @UnderscoreZeus @SurrealBrain @popcrnshower @64BitRatchet @Circushellspawn I think it's a personalized ads issue. I got a lot of BoP ads myself, but I'm not the type to see a movie opening night. I thought Shazam was fine, but yeah DC movies aren't too good most of the time.

  • Ben5ST Trout (@Ben5ST) reported

    @wizardofcause The only thing holding him back is WB's terrible decisions with their DCU. Ben Affleck did a great job as Batman, but the movies were shit. Cavill could have been a great Superman if they understood how to tell a good Superman story. WW and Shazam are the only ones that nailed it

  • Bat_Pepe01 Undead Jeb (@Bat_Pepe01) reported

    @CptKrrk @bhiner1029 @pglyc @LackingSaint @MauLer93 @mauler I don’t think ya understand by what I mean by liking a bad movie. A good example of this is I like the movie Cool World. It’s a shity film but I still like it. I also like Shazam it’s not as bad as Cool World but it does have some genuine problems but over all I liked it.

  • BisqueBoi Banny B (@BisqueBoi) reported

    Saw 'Shazam!' was on and mistakenly thinking it was the powerhouse Shaquille O'Neal performance 'Kazaam' I got my hopes up. Only to be very let down.

  • SethMunson SETH (@SethMunson) reported

    This is the exact reason why we no accept loops from splice in sync - especially melodic loops. If you Shazam something and 10 different records pop up we have a problem af

  • tajohns_82 Todd AJ (@tajohns_82) reported

    @GeorgeTakei I was a kid when Isis came out. Back to Back with Shazam! I wish it could be redone like Shazam was, but the name is what will probably cause problems today, unfortunately.

  • _unFAIRCHILD זה לא הוגן (@_unFAIRCHILD) reported

    PSA: Sometimes, not often tho, I see people annoyed at PROTECT THE STRANGER THINGS/IT/SHAZAM KIDS. Like it’s supposed to be common decency, but... don’t forget Jake Lloyd. He was basically a baby and he was psychologically messed up because of terrible fans. It’s sad, but we

  • HellPockets Hellpockets#GoNiners (@HellPockets) reported

    @SARVETS The backhand was cold AF, HE WAS DOWN SHAZAM DAMN

  • whodey1976 Jason Gilbert (@whodey1976) reported

    @JActon_STL @R5D4_rocks @screenrant @mattreevesLA It just needs to be somebody who knows how to make a movie. Superman was terrible. Cavill is not Superman. Shazam may be the best of the bunch but it's also poorly done. These movies have no personality.

  • iheliios iHeliios (@iheliios) reported

    🦊×9 No ***** The DCEU been trash since Man of Steel BVS was trash except for Batman Justice League was Garbage Shazam was Okay and Wonder Woman the only one that actually got good reviews and it was the same shit pleeeeaaasse sit ******** down

  • pixicat Günseli🐰🐇 (@pixicat) reported

    I think my shazam is broken. I just want to help AAL get ranked on there but it keeps giving me completely different artist 🥺😭#AllAboutLuv @OfficialMonstaX @_STARSHIPZ_

  • Partizan_Niksic PartizanNiksic (@Partizan_Niksic) reported

    @RainThrowaway @Jad0717 @mattreevesLA @DCComics Aquaman, Shazam, BoP everything feels like MCU or CW... This is just going to continue down that road

  • JMartin578 Jack Martin (@JMartin578) reported

    @gothamsoldier @Radbrom4n @nexuspong Yeah I know right. The costumes in Aquaman, Shazam and Wonder Woman 1984 are downright terrible

  • ramsfan55 Andrew Toia (@ramsfan55) reported

    @gothamsoldier @DaveePena It's a screen test lol. No vfx no touch ups. Remember how bad Zach Levi's suit looked in the set leaks... I have my issues with Shazam but the suit was not one of them

  • GeorgiosMits GeorgiosM (@GeorgiosMits) reported

    @jeffs_comics @ColeMooreOdell @polluxdioscuros @Shallam1 @EEscovar23 @dcumoviepage @busters_comic @comicdudedc @ClarkJosephKe11 @UkComicoholic @CapeworldComics @Kimota1977 When they finally matured him in the last two issues of Shazam!, DC imploded and cancelled half their books. Except for some Superman team ups he was mostly a small feature in the back of World’s Finest.

  • TrilllizardVEVO I Use Simps As Ashtrays (@TrilllizardVEVO) reported

    and merely BREAKING EVEN is TERRIBLE for large comic book movies that are part of an extended universe also note the designation, "original movie" BOP is: -A Film In The DCEU, like BVS, Justice League, Suicide Squad, Shazam! and Aquaman -A direct sequel to Suicide Squad

  • superbatson rach (@superbatson) reported

    i'm not desperate enough to go that far for an early screening of this movie... the shazam one last year was at my local theater, so, yeah if trolls has an advanced screening at the same theater, i'll consider going down then

  • anattylight Dylan (@anattylight) reported

    @witchious the way he puts down Little Women in the process of praising Joker and saying Shazam could have won is... definitely a take

  • TheBMDavies Ben M. Davies (@TheBMDavies) reported

    @hws5mp @FireballDarren Oh for sure, I think there was a problem with the marketing and it could have been done in a different way, but this film is not going to lose money, it might not make huge numbers, but then again, neither did Shazam so...

  • blkmsk blackmask (@blkmsk) reported

    @posthuman I think a much bigger problem is that Shazam gets confused when DJs play two tracks at the same time. I think they should stop doing that

  • hideoscity !? (@hideoscity) reported

    no shade but wonder woman was terrible (and more of a fan service to men imo), shazam was terrible and birds of prey was intentionally made for a female audience (at first) which bothers me, and the whole plot of it is pretty cliché even if it is an ok movie

  • ItsSoPringles jacob (@ItsSoPringles) reported

    @ConnorJG76 @UltraBaller Shazam is the only one i particlarly thought was really good, joker was fine but was just kind of a watered-down less polished retelling of taxi driver/king of comedy, and birds of prey tbh was kind of bad/obnoxious, technically competent but very annoying to watch

  • robronanea robronanea (@robronanea) reported

    There should be Shazam for movies. Some weird sci fi action flick on tv in my hotel and I have no idea what it is. iPhone should solve this problem.

  • SuperWinterGirl Princess Winter 🧜‍♀️👸 #SnydersUniverse (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @SlimCindy @BrooklynBatman_ #Shazam & #BirdsOfPrey both had terrible, misrepresentative marketing that portrayed the films as campy fun action comedies when they were far more serious & far more character & story driven than that & humor was far less prevalent. Also human connection was top notch in #BOP.

  • SuperWinterGirl Princess Winter 🧜‍♀️👸 #SnydersUniverse (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @blackthoughttt @wbpictures @warnerbros The marketing team, absolutely. Same with whoever was hired for #Shazam's marketing. Hamada is the reason we have these films & the films aren't the problem. It's how they're falsely advertised as harmless action comedies, when it's not even remotely the case, that's the problem.

  • _Duckss Duckss (@_Duckss) reported

    Shazam is an ok movie with terrible fight scenes. That is all.

  • sukunahost #GABESOFTMOOT LIPS CHEEKBONES AND FACE (@sukunahost) reported

    @fairybkg hold down the shazam button until its autoplay and then play the video

  • JackJacksharpe5 Jack Sharpe 🌈 (@JackJacksharpe5) reported

    I have one book next week. So I can catch up on another issue of Shazam, try the New Morbius Comic. And I guess one more. I like Hellblazer but might try something else as well.

  • T1meTraveler01 Rising (@T1meTraveler01) reported

    @daamiedwards We are bashing the BO results of Shazam and BOP strictly because the message we were told was Zack Snyder is the problem and his films flop. So when WB releases a movie which is no longer Zacks vision or his JL that movie better sell through the roof

  • Yunisbeya YOUNIS. (@Yunisbeya) reported

    Why is my shazam not working!!

  • BabyLamb5 Simon A. (@BabyLamb5) reported

    @TayShazay Name: Taylor Z. (or simply Tay) Likes: Thomas the Tank Engine, The Wiggles, Theodore Tugboat, Shazam Hates: Drama, people acting stupid Random fact about me: You had an original YouTube channel a few years back with over 10K subs before it got taken down

  • JonathanBitoun 🐻✡️ (@JonathanBitoun) reported

    @TheEbonyMaw Shazam is good, a bit goofy but good, far from home is only worth it if you like what the MCU is doing with spidey. They really double down on the whole iron man jr thing.

  • TheRealDj27 Dontravius (@TheRealDj27) reported from Virginia Beach, Virginia

    I haven’t heard anyone talk about birds of pray so let me just say can we restart the whole #DCEU cause damn this is whole universe is trash the only good movies have been Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam out of like 9 movies that were dropped that is a problem then casting

  • boymonster Cam Banks (@boymonster) reported

    @dantelfer @GailSimone Although I was very amused to read Gail’s two-issue Iron Man story recently and have her not only mention kryptonite but Shazam.

  • GodJohnstone SaiyanGodJohnstone (@GodJohnstone) reported

    @dianandonna @Basher26291812 Yeah, though tbf here, Shazam was also quite funny. If only the other films didn't suck. I don't have interest in BoP, but that's mostly due to the DCEU itself being quite terrible in my opinion. Kinda ruined my taste of seeing more of it in theaters.

  • helrond3 Ding, watch #BirdsOfPrey! can't wait for #ww84 (@helrond3) reported

    @MustacheBlood @the_chase_smith My problem is the story, it wasn't threatening. Hell the trench scene is the only threatening thing I felt from that movie. Shazam... The boardroom scene . That's it,nothing else.