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Shazam is a service available for personal computers and smartphones that can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the microphone on the device.

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  • HebertJosh Josh (@HebertJosh) reported

    The last thing I remember doing before this whole quarantine bidness went down was trying to Shazam the music playing outside the Thai restaurant. It would’ve been my new walk up music. Woulda, could...Gouda

  • adlm1805 am🦋🌵💌🏳️🏴 (@adlm1805) reported

    EXO Shazam is all over the place, registering other groups but EXO. The issue is with Shazam, since I´ve tried to shazam different songs on different devices, from different streaming services. #EXO #엑소 @weareoneEXO

  • kthsmoons ani ♡ tae⁷ (@kthsmoons) reported

    omg i didn’t know u could shazam songs with snapchat and that it could solve your math problems

  • MbbMonday Monday Luvs You | fan account (@MbbMonday) reported

    Dear @Shazam it seems like shazams keep going down rather than up 😱😟😭

  • mxmysenpai BRIGHT; 𝓭𝓪𝓷𝓲 (@mxmysenpai) reported

    Dear @Shazam it seems Their might be a glitch in your server, over 200K of our Shazam’s for a song has been deleted. Some irregularities in other songs have been noticed as well. Please fix this problem and give us a proper explanation!

  • MbbMonday Monday Luvs You | fan account (@MbbMonday) reported

    Dear @Shazam Turns out it's not just android but also iphone users who are having problems. I havent found a pattern yet. Some songs its deleted 10% yet another its deleted 56%. 56%! Pls respond before I compare even more songs as a way of procrastinating

  • drms_you 다시,봄 (@drms_you) reported

    @Shazam is your app ok numbers are frozen ....Shazam is not working...

  • Mxbebe69 🐹 Yoo Kihyun ɢᴏᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴋᴘᴏᴘ 🦈 (@Mxbebe69) reported

    @LenaSira2 @Shazam @OfficialMonstaX i noticed it fluctuates sometimes, i think its just a shazam issue that happens occasionally.. the accts who work on shazam projects probably know more than me tho 😅

  • MbbMonday Monday Luvs You | fan account (@MbbMonday) reported

    Dear @Shazam Tried uninstalling, restarting phone, reinstalling, restarting phone twice, which fixed the issue yesterday but no such luck today. Pls dont hate android users 🥺


    @enriqueterraz19 Yep. Hollywood has a big representation problem. Although to be fair, those are villains in the DCEU corner so death isn't such a bad thing. Pedro is still thriving in Shazam!

  • jiminshiii013 Lexy¹³| Stream Filter 💛 | (@jiminshiii013) reported

    @0nelovejimin @Shazam, please check this issue 🙏

  • princeprkjmn rosa | Filter₁₃ (@princeprkjmn) reported

    .@Shazam please address this issue 🙏🏽 Same thing happened yesterday. Hoping for your immediate response regarding this matter.

  • Jimin_Serenity Ali~ Filter outsold (@Jimin_Serenity) reported

    @0nelovejimin @Shazam @Shazam please check this issue

  • JIMINJennie6 JIMIN Jennie (@JIMINJennie6) reported

    @0nelovejimin @Shazam Clean the app cache...similar problems were happening yesterday. Try cleaning the cache and if it doesn't work try reinstalling the app

  • marvellyjimin 𝐒.💗🐥¹³ FILTER (@marvellyjimin) reported

    wtf I just checked it has gone down @Shazam please fix this!

  • jimsechochamber JK (@jimsechochamber) reported

    @MoreUtterPiffle Shazam is your friend. Although when people do this it always seems to be terrible music!

  • Opeyemi_onii Ejiyemi 🌸 (@Opeyemi_onii) reported

    @timi_RM Shazam is terrible 😑

  • xXx_ImSoGay_xXx SUF+TMA SPOILERS ON MY PAGE (@xXx_ImSoGay_xXx) reported

    my mom watched 30 minutes of shazam with me and all she reely had to say aboat it was that it was terrible and she also said that they copied the kid-in-adult-body from Big

  • ahhcherontia a møth once bit my sister (@ahhcherontia) reported

    there's a new song on the playlist at work and i liked it but didn't get a chance to write down the lyrics or shazam it and now idr any well enough to google gdi

  • jake_yhn Jake Yohn (@jake_yhn) reported

    @j_yohn3 @Garrett12123 @SpotifyUSA @Shazam While I agree that apple music provides you with the ability to retain the music from the past, I do not think that is a big enough reason to argue on the superiority of that streaming service. Garrett I will concede that the whole app should be included in the argument.

  • Garrett12123 Garrett Flowers (@Garrett12123) reported

    @j_yohn3 @SpotifyUSA @Shazam You are going outside of what the argument encompasses. iTunes isn’t a streaming service. It’s another service offered by Apple where u can OWN licenses to music. I’m comparing what people are paying monthly for...A STREAMING SERVICE

  • Garrett12123 Garrett Flowers (@Garrett12123) reported

    @j_yohn3 @SpotifyUSA @Shazam You are going outside of what the argument encompasses. iTunes isn’t a streaming service. It’s another service offered by Apple where u can OWN licenses to much. I’m comparing what people are paying monthly for...A STREAMING SERVICE

  • CyborgKingX Xavier Robinson (I’m officially back) (@CyborgKingX) reported

    @dgill1972 @WhoWouldWin13 @cowboy_steel Yea plus Thor has broken the shield before in a fight with just his strength. Combined with Shazam that shield borderline useless

  • Garrett12123 Garrett Flowers (@Garrett12123) reported

    @j_yohn3 @SpotifyUSA @Shazam I definitely did. I said the words Apple Music. Apple Music is a streaming service. Spotify is a streaming service. That two streaming services. “ Apple Music” is not what you apparently think that it is. The music app on your phone contains Apple Music as well as iTunes...

  • Garrett12123 Garrett Flowers (@Garrett12123) reported

    @j_yohn3 @SpotifyUSA @Shazam No it doesn’t. Read what I said. Apple Music and iTunes music aren’t the same thing. Apple Music is a STREAMING SERVICE only. iTunes is a STORE that u can buy music from. iTunes music goes in the “MUSIC” app on your phone yes...but I’m not talking about music that you buy...

  • Garrett12123 Garrett Flowers (@Garrett12123) reported

    @j_yohn3 @SpotifyUSA @Shazam iTunes is a completely separate entity. We are talking about music STREAMING services. We are comparing Spotify to Apple Music as a streaming service. Not Spotify to iTunes music. If I wanna listen to my old purchases through iTunes I can do that. Understand what you are arguing.

  • j_yohn3 Jack Yohn (@j_yohn3) reported from Montgomery, Alabama

    @Garrett12123 @SpotifyUSA @Shazam The free service is not even comparable to what you use on Spotify Premium or what I use on Apple Music. They have commercials just like a radio station does.

  • geekto Mel aka Abigail (@geekto) reported

    @LukeOsaurusRex @AndreSegers Oh no. Im terrible at song names. The ONE time shazam is no help Im sorry

  • killin_leloup le petit chaperon noir (@killin_leloup) reported

    Shazam but to know if I shld fix this issue of mine or it’s just a phase/hormones 😗

  • jaypunzell Jayyy (@jaypunzell) reported

    @theestallion Hiiii, me and my mom work at a home for elders with disabilities and thruout this whole corona shazam its very difficult! My cashtag is $joanyliz . It would be a blessing if you would help out. The program shut down and now we only are able to work at the homes to provide.

  • DestroyerOfButt Pee Speech Man (@DestroyerOfButt) reported

    @creamy_melon @iarematthewc @SmashinStar64 @SomeKirbyFan The only problem with Shazam was the name.

  • seattledrizzle Seattle Drizzle (@seattledrizzle) reported

    @deedubya @WBUR @Shazam And now I went down the rabbit hole to find it, too, because, well, #StayAtHome. Thanks.

  • riku45100 Richard McGrath (@riku45100) reported

    @Shazam when will Facebook sign in or sign up be removed and when will Spotify work with Shazam correctly. Other wise good app but starting to come up short.

  • Neme_Enugu Tirooooo😚🤗🤗 (@Neme_Enugu) reported

    @Junimill11 @harrypizzle1 @william32836705 One problem with fanatics understanding, I didn’t doubt the certification, I only asked proof of most streamed on Shazam!

  • battousaii_ Mudi Bankz™ (@battousaii_) reported

    @TheDelgadoWay The day Darkseid came to run earthlings down, and ended up kidnapping Supes, it was Batsy (outta d entirr JL) who went up to rescue supes. Fear no let GL, Shazam, Flash, Cyborg or WW go And he did it all without prep time. 😁😁😁

  • safia_feroz Safia Feroz (@safia_feroz) reported

    @TheOtherRumi Honestly there was no need for a new batman movie, I mean Christan Bale as batman did justice to batman. DC have better storyline than marvel but they have this problem of remaking movies with new actors, Joker and Shazam are actually good movies.

  • panda22007 JOR (@panda22007) reported

    @SpicyMcSpic3 Don’t know about that one after that last issue in Shazam lol

  • alderaanprince Daaé • Birds of Prey 🦋 (@alderaanprince) reported

    @BlindManBaldwin First Shazam & then BoP. I hope DC continues down this path of letting the creatives do what they do

  • JudeOfPrey Jai ʬ⁸⁴ CEO Of Judeism (@JudeOfPrey) reported

    @poelesbian LIKE- idk how they managed or who they consulted but it was so accurate- down to the bullying like- this is the experience of foster/adopted kids- like if you want to know what it's like to be an adopted kid or a foster kid then watch shazam

  • HuatheAlgDemon Jose (@HuatheAlgDemon) reported

    @FGGrayson Wonder Woman is so underrated 😔 It pains me whenever someone says “Shazam is the first good DCEU film” and forget this masterpiece, or call it “overrated with terrible third act”

  • polluxdioscuros Pollux Dioscuros | Eternal Freaks. (@polluxdioscuros) reported from Naucalpan de Juárez, Estado de México

    I forgot to say that The Power of #Shazam was cancelled with issue #47 (plus the 1000000 special) He got back to the title with issue #42 plus the One Million one.

  • Hossam_saiyajin After the Void (@Hossam_saiyajin) reported

    @franktmorgan I work as a customer service representative , my name is Hu Sam People say it Shazam or Hassan or even Jose 😂😂😂

  • hoodopulence Houngan Supreme (@hoodopulence) reported

    1. WW 2. Shazam 3. Aquaman 4. BOP (The other ones are terrible)

  • joeyneverland two blade roxas (@joeyneverland) reported

    @PlayGirlAsi Shazam: “can y’all quiet down I’m tryna do my algebra homework :/“ Everyone: “LMAOOO THIS ***** GOT HOMEWORK BABY ASS”

  • TheT8ermeister TheTatermeister stans Dean (@TheT8ermeister) reported

    @Awkweirder Shazam has the opposite problem rofl

  • Rider_Nexus Quarantino (@Rider_Nexus) reported

    Aquaman was mid as **** The third act held WW back Shazam was good but nothing special And Birds of Prey has problems Such as Being a Harley Quinn movie featuring the Birds of Prey

  • farhan__mehmood Farhan mehmood (@farhan__mehmood) reported

    @Undead_2004 though Ffh had some problems, i still enjoyed the movie. Because its a spider-man movie. BOP the only problem i had was character development and killing black mask off. The rest such as Aquaman,shazam and WW, i enjoyed

  • duckjordan_ Homebody Homeboy (@duckjordan_) reported

    Watching Shazam and all i gotta say is...if I’m minding my black ass business & a wizard chooses me to shoulder the world’s problems, and fight demonic entities...first thing I’m doing is punching him in the ********...Like a power punch in the crotch...i didn’t ask for this cuh

  • MekareMadness MekareMadness⭐🐷🔪 (@MekareMadness) reported

    @thepengwing I know but this wasn't a thirst choice i liked Aquaman but i also had problems with it. I like Logan better but the comparison isn't fair that was a farewell r-rated cbm.. Luckily i don’t actually need to choose just 3 Shazam and Aquaman would stay

  • IkeVolpe volpe (@IkeVolpe) reported

    @ArchibaldTweets If i'm not mistaken they gave the infected new names now i think i think they call him king shazam as of current issues with him being infected

  • arpadokay Arpad Okay (@arpadokay) reported

    @illusClaire some wrong answers then. my gut says the old cc beck shazam is my favorite trashy comic, it is cartoony and dumb and insignificant but joyously stupid, the villain is a superintelligent worm and a monkey gets the powers of captain marvel and that's just one issue

  • adel_adel83 Adel (@adel_adel83) reported

    @GailSimone Shazam also probably would have made decent money if the terrible marketing hadn't kneecapped it.

  • SuperWinterGirl Princess Winter 🧜‍♀️👸 #SnydersUniverse (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @daSnyderCut @MovieBuff100 It's not a sinking ship. It's a body with 2 broken legs (Trailer Park's SS & JossL) & no wheelchair; or it's 2 missing pieces of a roadmap. #SnydersUniverse continues with WW, AM, #Shazam, & #BOP but it won't get far if they don't #ReleaseTheSnyderCut & #ReleaseTheAyerCut.

  • kermherbieto 🦊 travelingkat (@kermherbieto) reported

    Why is it that Shazam works faster on IOS than Android Don't get me that Apple bought shazam, technically the apps are virtually the same so what's the issue

  • eoin0 eoin o sullivan (@eoin0) reported

    @ImperiousLex I personally have no issue with Levi. His words cant hurt this movement and SHAZAM was a fun movie. But if anyone tries to replace the Martian Manhunter with SHAZAM, ima slap somebody.

  • ShirleyLapukeni Shirley🥀 (@ShirleyLapukeni) reported

    @ShikokiChanda The graphics never make sense to me like Shazam honestly his suit was so terrible I don't know what it is but they're always a miss for except for the joker of course they did a really good job on that one.

  • salemwuzhere Tony. (@salemwuzhere) reported

    @CartiCar_ @letterboxd oh that’s without a doubt. the rest of those movies are terrible and i’ve seen maybe 3 of em outside Shazam

  • AyyMikalZia Mikal Zia (@AyyMikalZia) reported

    Sometimes, I feel like my @Shazam is broken.

  • ThomasEdwards22 Thomas Edwards (@ThomasEdwards22) reported

    @DorianParksnRec I liked but didn't love it one issue I had was when Billy turned into Shazam his personality did a total 180 from a serious, sad, angry kid to a fun jokester he didn't feel like that same character yes there should be differences but not that much.

  • Onegiantleap4 MT Faulk OKC (@Onegiantleap4) reported

    @blakeshelton @ACMawards @Shazam @gwenstefani Clicking & ah clacking skip slide down the bank into a red water pond. Knocks the sweat off mud between the toes. Living where I wanna be! Love from Edmond, ohh kay ce. (MT Faulk OKC)