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RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Jagex, released originally in January 2001. RuneScape can be used as a graphical browser game implemented on the client-side in Java, and incorporates 3D rendering.

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  • KeanederBueno
    Keane Ng (@KeanederBueno) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport They are all immediate, which brings me to the issue that I could have created the account at somewhere other than my home, this ISP could be wrong. I couldn’t remember the account creation date as well, could probably date back to 2004.

  • OmidB98
    Omid Berenji (@OmidB98) reported

    @JagexAcorn I did submit a lost items report last night thanks to @JagexSupport for linking it to me. I just hope we can fix this.

  • spirou333
    Spirou (@spirou333) reported

    @JagexSupport i got an problem. I have an really old account for runescape which i havent used in years. But somehow i cant login and i cant recover my account. The FAQ couldnt help me either and i'd love to play again. My username was Spirou333

  • Andrewb29884765
    Andrewbrown (@Andrewb29884765) reported

    @JagexSupport can someone please help me, I have been trying to get some help for three years on an issue I have.

  • JagexRoq
    Mod Roq (@JagexRoq) reported

    @Akauff96 Coming to a QA Analyst about account problems isn’t the right thing to do. You can appeal bans via the support centre on the runescape website. It does however look like you’re admitting to breaking the rules. And that’s on you...

  • TsuShiRS
    TsuShi 🍻 (@TsuShiRS) reported

    @RuneScape Stop making random ass people moderators and fix your game.

  • Rudmer3327
    Ruddert (@Rudmer3327) reported

    @JagexSupport Whem im trough te client to the website and i click my profile it allows me to set my signature. I also forgot my login email but the site does not allow me to see my login email can you help me with that please

  • Lord_Vladic
    C'Jay Wylie (@Lord_Vladic) reported

    @JagexSupport Your system is broken and making it hard for vets of the game to get back into it. I personally need help but have no way to contact a living person

  • ahos490
    Alex H. (@ahos490) reported

    @Jagex @OldSchoolRS @JagexSupport I have no problems with receiving emails. Pretty much the problem is, made a character, didnt touch mobile for a bit, go back to it, login wants me to make a new character and it's not recognizing my subscription from Google Play that's attached to my email address

  • OmidB98
    Omid Berenji (@OmidB98) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport I sent an email explaining the best I can about the glitch/bug but if you need further detail I will try my absolute best to provide it as I don’t want my tbow to be rwt and I don’t want this to ever happen to anyone again. It’s very depressing.

  • robmaneats
    Robbie Eaton (@robmaneats) reported

    @JagexSupport I am trying to change the registered email for my account because I forgot a "t" in the email I was using to sign up. I got an email that says the registered email has changed with a link to change the password, however the link directs me to a login page where

  • MrDTheGunGuy
    Derek (@MrDTheGunGuy) reported

    @RuneScape When the heck are you guys going to fix The mobile app for rs3, stuff is still invisible.

  • JagexFlaym
    Mod Flaym (@JagexFlaym) reported

    @BenjaminOSRS @JagexPug @JagexNoldor @JagexShadow @JagexSupport @RuneScape Nah. It's nothing to do with that. There was some fixes pushed for some graphical issues on desktop that caused this

  • BenjaminOSRS
    BenjaminRS (@BenjaminOSRS) reported

    @JagexFlaym @JagexPug @JagexNoldor @JagexShadow @JagexSupport @RuneScape Thank you for the reassurance. It's worked fine since the initial beta release minus the few known bugs with hazy text, numbers etc. Then with last Mondays update it just went kaplooe. I was wondering if it had anything to do with the tap issue fix. Anyways keep us updated! 😊

  • JagexFlaym
    Mod Flaym (@JagexFlaym) reported

    @BenjaminOSRS @JagexPug @JagexNoldor @JagexShadow @JagexSupport @RuneScape Thats no problem, but I will just say that this is still in a beta. Problems are going to arise that will end up being fixed. 👍

  • BethyBooS2
    Bethy Boo (@BethyBooS2) reported

    @BenjaminOSRS @JagexEasty @RuneScape @JagexGiara @LordFal8 Probably not a fix now since we are still trying to bring attention to the issues....i just really hope its not another week or more before i can play mobile again 😭😭😭

  • BenjaminOSRS
    BenjaminRS (@BenjaminOSRS) reported

    @JagexPug @JagexNoldor @JagexShadow @JagexSupport @RuneScape @JagexFlaym sorry not trying to spam you guys just trying to make sure you see the extent of the issues.

  • BethyBooS2
    Bethy Boo (@BethyBooS2) reported

    @BenjaminOSRS @LordFal8 @JagexNoldor @JagexPug @JagexShadow @JagexSupport @RuneScape @JagexBoko @JagexAtlas @JagexFlaym @JagexFlaym @JagexGiara some of the devices having problems

  • LordFal8
    John Lange (@LordFal8) reported

    @BenjaminOSRS @BethyBooS2 @JagexNoldor @JagexPug @JagexShadow @JagexSupport @RuneScape @JagexBoko @JagexAtlas @JagexFlaym Page that too many particle effects can cause issues on lower end phones. Im upgrading to the s9+ sometime this week.

  • LordFal8
    John Lange (@LordFal8) reported

    @BenjaminOSRS @BethyBooS2 @JagexNoldor @JagexPug @JagexShadow @JagexSupport @RuneScape @JagexBoko @JagexAtlas @JagexFlaym My guess is maybe itd only happening on lower end phones so they aren't addressing it. Prolly has to do with the snowing effect would be my guess. It says on the known issue

  • lcg_zannderx
    Joshua (@lcg_zannderx) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport ok its still not working, im starting to think my account got hacked and they changed somthing so i cant long in. im really getting worked up this account it 15 + years old

  • RS_Xil_Cam
    Cameron (@RS_Xil_Cam) reported

    @BenjaminOSRS @JagexEasty @RuneScape I hope they fix the sizes of tabs and such... really needs to have an option to resize the hud.

  • BenjaminOSRS
    BenjaminRS (@BenjaminOSRS) reported

    @ErikunRS @JagexEasty @RuneScape No man tons of people are I'm hoping they fix it this update.

  • immemeable
    ǝlqɐɥɔɐǝʇ (@immemeable) reported

    anyone doing something fun on Valentine's day staring at my runescape character, whats broken in PU

  • ErikunRS
    ErikunRS (@ErikunRS) reported

    @BenjaminOSRS @JagexEasty @RuneScape I'm not the only one with that issue, thank god

  • IstraRS
    istra #1 boxtraps fan (@IstraRS) reported

    @LavineOSRS @OldSchoolRS nvm jagex lavas on mobile are fine no issues whatsoever

  • trent79213409
    trent (@trent79213409) reported

    @JagexSupport 66neverrad and wh1tehoody i can see why they are banned when i login to rs page, and its wrong. You neeed to have people review it properly and unban me, as it was wrongfuly done and im sick of waiting to be unbannned

  • Dave95442191
    Dave (@Dave95442191) reported

    @RuneScape got username and remembered a password I used those days. Well it let me do login info on osrs and it worked. When I tried on rs3 it just keeps loading as if it worked but it stuck. So maybe a bug with those super old accounts.Santa hat and yoyo..So let me know if theirs a fix

  • JagexHelpChow
    JagexHelpChow (@JagexHelpChow) reported

    @RorykShade @JagexSupport You should click 'No' when asked if you don't know the login name/email.

  • RorykShade
    Ben Wisely (@RorykShade) reported

    @JagexHelpChow @JagexSupport I stopped about a year ago when the problem started and I couldn't fix it. The name is "The Roryk".

  • ReallyToxicLOL
    Brain AFK (@ReallyToxicLOL) reported

    @JagexHelpChow @JagexSupport 2/2 I guess I'm just wondering how the account was already made with that email if yahoo allowed me to use that email name. I guess it's fine because it's a fresh account, which I wanted. It did say the last rs3 login was nearly 3,000 days ago, but that's also a lvl 3 account.

  • RorykShade
    Ben Wisely (@RorykShade) reported

    @JagexHelpChow @JagexSupport This isn't a problem with the wrong email as when I use the google log in option and use the same email it works. It only logs into the wrong account when I do it in the client.

  • jescutler
    jay (@jescutler) reported

    @JagexHelpChow @JagexSupport I can log in right now by the way. That’s not my issue, when at some point it will ask for a code, I wont be able enter it since the auth app is now blank and in order to move it to a new device you need to confirm by email

  • jescutler
    jay (@jescutler) reported

    @JagexHelpChow @JagexSupport I don’t need to recover my account. I have access. I play everyday. I’m trying to explain that the actual email is not accessible even tho I use it as my log in name. Hotmail has d locked the account earlier this year for a separate issue.

  • JPlurr
    Justin Plurr (@JPlurr) reported

    @JagexHelpElf @JagexSupport I entered the option for subject access requests. My email was never accessible due to a typo. There has to be some way for you guys to fix this. I worked too hard just to have it all taken away and now withheld from me. I want to continue as your customer but I will not restart.

  • JagexHelpChow
    JagexHelpChow (@JagexHelpChow) reported

    @JustinT56143474 @JagexSupport Sorry, but Jagex doesn't email players directly like this or open up Twitter DM's. Please try to describe your issue without expressing any personal/confidential information. After that, we're try to redirect/answer you as best as possible. Feel free to use multiple tweets.

  • JPlurr
    Justin Plurr (@JPlurr) reported

    @JagexHelpElf @JagexSupport I followed these instructions but my issue was not resolved and my information was not changed. I was not denied. I was pushed back to the support center which has no resolution for my problem. My in game name is Justin Plurr. Please help me resolve this.

  • Legion_Fiend
    Grox (@Legion_Fiend) reported

    @RuneScape I just got lured for 14m, imbued Cape and dragon gloves! This would completely fix my Christmas lol

  • firebat60
    firebat60 (@firebat60) reported

    @JagexSupport can you please look into my account firebat60. I just tried to login had to recover account and found its banned and name was changed. Also authenticator was disabled on me. I took a break for a year and a half. I put alot of time into this account if u can help plz

  • bloodsavageandy
    Vampire-Warrior-Princess (@bloodsavageandy) reported

    @RuneScape @JagexLee World 1 and world 3 errors currently are; you don’t have a fast enough computer core dump files need more processing to use our application. The cut off point is here. Your computer can not run runescape now. We can’t dump enough data at the right speed. Spikes over world 3 error

  • bloodsavageandy
    Vampire-Warrior-Princess (@bloodsavageandy) reported

    @RuneScape @JagexLee All cookie files are not smart cookies yet. Or will work together to exchange data. Often conflicting and pushing errors for some lower end users of 2 megabytes ram offline. Not enough core dump files for you!

  • LambertJeremie
    jeremie (@LambertJeremie) reported

    @JagexSupport I just solve my problem some hack my email and block all the email coming from runescape/jagex. I have reset my password everywhere and now i can play:)

  • Rs_Boots
    Matt(Rs Bootsy) (@Rs_Boots) reported

    @JagexSupport I Recently replaced my phone and didnt disable authentication and im now stuck not able to log in on desktop (mobile still has days left as i allowed it before changing phones) only issue is to disable i need access to the email, which i no longer have access to

  • LXRvIb1XdVNXofJ
    420 (@LXRvIb1XdVNXofJ) reported

    @JagexSupport I see already the communication problem, all tweet are from diffrent mods and evrey time i get the same answer. This isnt working..

  • Prodecy
    prodecy (@Prodecy) reported

    @OldSchoolRS omfg fix ur ******* app that crashes every ten minutes

  • Dakota949
    Dakota Lofgren (@Dakota949) reported

    @JagexSupport P.S. I did try to appeal this ban and you guys said"After a comprehensive review of this account, there is no evidence to suggest the ban was applied in error and so will not be returning this account to play.Our decision is final." And I talk contact back with you.

  • samspen84989960
    Spencer (@samspen84989960) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport I got my account back in the end. After awful customer service. My next one now is.. my other account that got hijacked. Has been banned and they WILL NOT UNBAN IT. For something I didn’t do. As proven about the account I just got back. I hadn’t lied! HELP!!!!

  • TubzyWubzy
    Daniel Monroe (@TubzyWubzy) reported

    @JagexSupport Please have someone contact me regarding a membership issue with RS. Email system has shown no results in terms of getting any help.

  • MounirLynch
    Mounir (@MounirLynch) reported

    @OldSchoolRS @OSRSPvP fix the bot problem

  • Dark_Ninetales
    TnT_Fox (@Dark_Ninetales) reported

    @RuneScape Ive been a premier club member since it was introduced. This year might be the first of over 6 that I am not a Runescape member. I lost everything due to human error on the part of a Jagex Employee who changed my 2step email for a Hijacker 16 Billion gone and no help from support

  • Grommy_Art
    Grommy (@Grommy_Art) reported

    @PalkiaRS @RuneScape Yeah ik i realized they got discolored i was just too lazy to fix it not gnna lie lmao

  • JagexRoq
    Mod Roq (@JagexRoq) reported

    @Henryho0527 @OldSchoolRS This post is to do with the collection log, if you have other issues theres a bug report form ingame. something like that is generally to do with the textures.

  • Mankedupmage
    Manked (@Mankedupmage) reported

    @skill_specs @OldSchoolRS Am sad it's broken it's messed me over hard

  • skill_specs
    Skill Specs 🐍 (@skill_specs) reported

    @OldSchoolRS need to fix that store homie, cant be waiting a week....

  • tehsaboteur
    Tehsaboteur (@tehsaboteur) reported

    @JagexSupport It's been weeks now and I still haven't given gotten a reply back about my issue. @RuneScape has the worse support I have ever seen for a video game.

  • Quartzalcoatl
    🎄Jinglbellin🔔 (@Quartzalcoatl) reported

    Until then, Runescape and podcasts and telling my roommate I’m not working out

  • Shurkify
    Owen (@Shurkify) reported

    I'm playing RuneScape cus I can't even watch a stream/video without my internet lagging 😒

  • JayWooten10
    JayWooten (@JayWooten10) reported

    @JagexSupport the emblems for our clan are not showing up on RS3 how do I fix this

  • imoffensivers
    imoffensivers (@imoffensivers) reported

    @ClanReaper07 @OldSchoolRS @JagexAsh Jagex can’t do anything about them ddos a 3rd Party app since it doesn’t effect accounts directly ingame only cuts off communications during fights when ddos discord

  • Nivory_
    Nivory 🇳🇿 (@Nivory_) reported

    @Jacob_Celery @OldSchoolRS @OSRSPvP The point of DMM is to pk. No one cares about skillets trying to make money doing herblore. If the supplies pkers need are going to be more expensive to use than the loot they'll receive from a kill then theres a serious problem. Keeping supplies cheap encourages mid tourny pking