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Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015, with ports for Xbox One, OS X, and Linux being released in 2016.

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  • AletszzOrozco Felipe Reset (@AletszzOrozco) reported

    does anyone know how to fix the cant connect to rocket league servers bug. i got internet and tried reinstalling and it didnt help

  • AndrewKi1998 Andrew James 💀💀☠️☠️🎃🎃 (@AndrewKi1998) reported

    @RocketLeague Rocket League your game is absolute garbage. The ranking system is horrible. I am gold 3 and im going against Platinum 2 and 1. Fix your god damn ranking system

  • WhillyStroker A True Alpha Male (@WhillyStroker) reported

    @RocketLeague @NovitecGG Wouldn't spend a dime on this game. Mechanics are broken af lately.

  • Niitro94 Cory (@Niitro94) reported

    @RL_Support Still won’t start up. I’m not sure if this cause it but I had to update graphics card for Gears 5 to work. When I tried to play Rocket League Today it would start windowed , then go full and then crash.

  • MarkHarris_IOM Mark (@MarkHarris_IOM) reported

    @achillesheels_ As I would quick chat during a #RocketLeague match, ‘No Problem’

  • Niitro94 Cory (@Niitro94) reported

    @RL_Support everytime i launched rocket league on pc, it starts up and instantly crashes. Never had this issue before.

  • _Mattchew3 Matthew (@_Mattchew3) reported

    Technology hates me right now. WiFi goes out so I try fixing it and it doesn’t work. I go to book my hotel and on the last page it doesn’t allow me to enter my card in. I try to play rocket league to distract myself and I’m locked out of the game until I fix the WiFi 🙃

  • Jhass2k3 Jake 🦆 (@Jhass2k3) reported

    @EpicGames please fix Rocket League servers

  • suhaib_saefe صهيب العيساوي (@suhaib_saefe) reported

    @RocketLeague I update the 13 GB then i start playing the game after that it trll me to update it again 13 GB is this a glitch or what

  • jasonknight420 Jason Knight (@jasonknight420) reported

    @RocketLeague @NovitecGG Would be nice but me and some friends can't join each other. 3 people not one can join the other. All on xbox one. This has been a random thing SINCE THE GAME CAME OUT. forget some new car or paint job. FIX THE FREAKING GAME. We can join a private match but not party.

  • MeIsLimitless Limitless (@MeIsLimitless) reported

    @EpicGames @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague @RL_Support I haven't wanted to say anything but taking away crates will be the dumbest thing y'all ever do to the game. Like honestly dont change something that isn't broken. Retweet and Like. @SunlessKhan @fluumpy90 @JonsandmanTv @Athena

  • SCAL7874 SCAL7874 (@SCAL7874) reported

    @RocketLeague please fix your game people breaking rule 1 just to tryhard points its making me sad 😢

  • AfInverted InvertedAF (@AfInverted) reported

    @PsyonixStudios Can you guys please bother to improve Latency Issues with Rocket League. It's annoying rubber banding.

  • Jack06653370 Jack 💙 (@Jack06653370) reported

    @RocketLeague wtf is this crate luck i bought 10 keys and get 8 RARES and two exotics being regular non painted P SIMMS im never buying keys again fix this

  • MonsterDew4 Fearry. 💤 (@MonsterDew4) reported

    tbh.. i feel like im slowly fading out of rocket league (mostly cuz of the lag in the game) (which i dont know how to fix it).. and its getting less fun every time

  • JuristaDanar Daniel (@JuristaDanar) reported

    @RocketLeague hi, i found a bug that dont let me enter a game if i join the queue from an ended match. The game crash and i have to reinice the pc

  • raydan014 RaydanWIF (@raydan014) reported

    THANKS @RocketLeague before i was champ 1 but for bad matchmaking im in D2 OMG, i play 10 games with bad teammates, toxics and they dont make something in all game... PLS FIX your matchmaking and put good players with GOOD STATS with GOOD TEAMMATES and dont with bad teammates.

  • Marc21173005 Pixzakar (@Marc21173005) reported

    @JohnnyJetRL @RocketLeague Except game chat is broken af so it's pretty much unusable

  • DannyMaguil Danny Maguil (@DannyMaguil) reported

    @RocketLeague please fix servers

  • charlezzu sad boy (@charlezzu) reported

    @RocketLeague is literally broken. Teammate disconnects at the start of the match and never reconnected and I still got a deduction on my mmr. Siiiick!

  • trulyitbemax Max Sussman (@trulyitbemax) reported

    Two different Rocket League tournaments at @GamingStadiumCS, 4 different teammates. Two straight 2nd place finishes. I’m either the problem or the solution. I can’t tell.

  • MarcosG_09 Marcos (@MarcosG_09) reported

    why do i always have connectivity issues whenever i play @RocketLeague @RL_Support @PsyonixStudios

  • dylan_kacena Dylan Kacena (@dylan_kacena) reported

    @RocketLeague fix your ******* GAME!!

  • LostMusicfreak Chris (@LostMusicfreak) reported

    Ended my stream early. Controller is giving me problems and until I get a new one I'm not going to be streaming anymore #RocketLeague

  • ahorgahbertlert Bertlert Ahorgah (@ahorgahbertlert) reported

    @RocketLeague Can you tell me how I opened 10 crates and 9 of them were rare drops. Fix your game please

  • ToraZeNopon ToraTheNopon (@ToraZeNopon) reported

    @RocketLeague have servers been fixed or is my switch version broken somehow

  • FishStix Ben Goldhaber (@FishStix) reported from San Francisco, California

    Next priorities for Juked: - support for the following games: Rocket League, Rainbow 6, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Mortal Kombat 11 - fix mobile web UI issues - new calendar layout + events view Should be getting to some of these as early as next week. Very excited.

  • defendarmy JeffersonH.B.SR.🙉⭐🙈⭐🙊⭐ (@defendarmy) reported

    Why don't you fix your algorithm that keeps putting me with Shit Talking, Cheating, quitting Pieces of Shit Trolls and leave me Alone to play @RocketLeague that I've spent hundreds of dollars on. Thousands on @FortniteGame Thousands on @FinalFantasy a New Empire you see a Pattern

  • ZERO84730919 Arthur (@ZERO84730919) reported

    @PsyonixStudios please fix your s matchmaking im c2 and playing with a D3 teammate dude

  • Magnetron00 Mark Robin (@Magnetron00) reported

    @RocketLeague So many errors trying to find a online match when i alt tab.. so annoying

  • ImariOhh Ardent Imari 🇧🇪 (@ImariOhh) reported

    @PsyonixStudios you need to fix this.. When a teammate leaves after scoring an own goal in the 1st 10 sec of 3v3 competative and we lose in overtime ( we were better the whole game) dont derank players after losing then..

  • Vague_RL Vague (@Vague_RL) reported

    @Evil_Ocelot @OSM__RL @Rocket_Sledge I would absolutely agree with you if Rocket League was a 2- dimensional game. The problem is: The pro Rocket League scene takes place rather in the air than on the ground. With an upper camera angle it’s impossible to capture it. Look at the recent FIFA mod for reference.

  • xXB3ANBAG BeanBag (@xXB3ANBAG) reported

    Yay a lagg bug going around on rocket league... Only happens when @EpicGames takes over... Weird right... Fix the dam game and your spud servers @PsyonixStudios

  • LordSaviorFenix Fenix Aiurborn (@LordSaviorFenix) reported

    It seems there is a shocking routing issue between @iiNet and @RocketLeague OCE servers. Getting 270+ ping only for this game, ~20ms in every other game.

  • WhillyStroker A True Alpha Male (@WhillyStroker) reported

    @RocketLeague Ranked is stupidly broken with all the smurfing.

  • elron6900 Elron Steele (@elron6900) reported

    @EnhanceYourEdge @parttimepoker Problem with comparison to e-sports is there's no $1/$2 Fortnight action happening anywhere, or $60 Rocket League tournies 3 nights a week A league format that reduces random variance is one good way to bridge the gap with younger e-sports players

  • DOPE_DUBLEDORE Dumbledore (@DOPE_DUBLEDORE) reported

    @AskPS_ANZ my ps4 is 9 months old and is having major problems with doing anything. Every time i press x onto r6s or rocket league it just freezes then crashes after 15 minutes the when i boot it up it says error ce-36329-3 and ive tried initialising with software update but it..

  • _Ritro_ Ritro ⚪️ (@_Ritro_) reported

    biggest problem with rocket league: i got into a placement matche with two trolls in mercs, got stuck w silver teammates the rest of the matches and now im stuck in silver because my entire playstyle revolves around having teammates :)

  • keithmitchell15 keith mitchell (@keithmitchell15) reported

    @RocketLeague Can you please update ur game more including detection of cheaters who DDOS and BAN their IP. We need to teach these kids the proper way to play and if they cheat they cannot play period please do that. Thanks

  • keithmitchell15 keith mitchell (@keithmitchell15) reported

    @RocketLeague Question how serious do you guys go for when people are cheating and using Lag Switches and trying to DDOS because I just reported these kids for cheating and I can tell from my own ping. My ping sits at 30ping

  • CplButters CplBUTTERS (@CplButters) reported

    @ClimbableSauce5 @FightT0 @moises_GymMou5e @JokersWildTeam @RocketLeague I will be able to play this weekend hopefully I’m having internet issues right now

  • Nem_RL Front Nemesis_RL (@Nem_RL) reported

    @Zurphonix @RocketLeague don't get mmr when you win but lose tons when you lose its just a broken system imo and like i said i do but don't care about casual

  • maxkindler93 Max Kindler (@maxkindler93) reported

    @RocketLeague please fix your server-performance, bugs and glitches... After Epic bought you it's horrible to play 🤯🤨

  • HyruleMaster2 Hyrule Master (@HyruleMaster2) reported

    @RocketLeague Nobody uses your new cars cause you dont fix op cars like octane batmobile and breakout

  • Stovvadz Brae / Stovvadz (@Stovvadz) reported

    Not too sure what happened but in the span of a day it seems my computer has gotten more worse than it ever has. Getting to the point where ******* youtube videos are lagging and when I'm playing Rocket League for a extended amount of time, my game and discord start lagging...

  • DevinLindelof D-ROCK (@DevinLindelof) reported

    Hey @EpicGames I just want you to know that I’d pay $5 a month for @Apple’s garbage arcade service just to have @RocketLeague on my iPhone. Make it happen.

  • Microstutters Jake (@Microstutters) reported

    fix your matchmaking @rocketleague why am i getting ranked with diamonds when im champ ******* 2

  • Darryllpearcee darryll pearce (@Darryllpearcee) reported

    So done same amount of games and wins with my brother on @RocketLeague and game crashed and with 2mins left I get back and apparently I forfeited so lost the game but my brother won it! It cost me champion rank!! Broken shit

  • torinfilkins Drip Daddy Turbo (@torinfilkins) reported

    @RocketLeague fix matchmaking you bums

  • kiasporter last time I checked it was Kias (@kiasporter) reported

    @RocketLeague can yall fix match making

  • INF_ERNOgaming Mick Shaw (@INF_ERNOgaming) reported

    @JordanMHolm @bigfacts23 @RocketLeague Of course it's not Psyonix concern about toxic players. That is the problem, it should be high priority. Report system does nothing, time and time again I come across the same vile scum. No point in having a report system if Psyonix can't be bothered to clean up its own game.

  • WallyMojadidi Wally Mojadidi (@WallyMojadidi) reported

    @PsyonixStudios hey I notice that there's a consistent lag spike everytime someone gets demo thought it was just me ran it by a few friends and a lot of other people are noticing are you aware of this

  • Jboarei Johnny Footgolf (@Jboarei) reported

    @RL_Blakes @RocketLeague @RL_Support Without video, you don’t know if it bounced off the ground then lag showed it coming up. Yeah the first one looks in, but the second one did not. I’m sure you’ve played long enough to have last second goals look in and not count before. It’s super frustrating, but happens.

  • kevin_starnes_7 Kevin Starnes (@kevin_starnes_7) reported

    @ScintillaRL @ZelBTW @RocketLeague Analogy for your 2 IQ brain. Rocket league now has a broken leg. We need to put a cast on it (hard reset) for it to heal. Now it takes a long time for it to heal

  • MikeyM7799 Mikey - NEW PODCAST EPISODE OUT NOW (@MikeyM7799) reported

    @_Drxzzy_ @HQDaltonTTV @TronMegara @YoLogann @MLC_Gaming_ @KMurTheGamer @ImStallionTV @kittie_positive @RocketLeague Exactly My point. People play faster the higher rank. Which is why you gotta stick to yours first. Nail your speed then increase it as you increase your rank. That was my problem for the last 5 week's. I was playing too high and kept messing up against my own rank

  • chiefgreenxbud chiefxgreenbud (@chiefgreenxbud) reported

    @RocketLeague im having rendering issue's on xbox. if i play for a coule hours, But once i restart the game its fine for a couple more hours...

  • Mang0Ebooks Mang0 eBooks (@Mang0Ebooks) reported

    Pre stream rocket league but I could tell wario was good thru 12 frames of lag Dammit should have kicked the field goal i THINK Go for it:

  • bigfacts23 Madkracker (@bigfacts23) reported

    @INF_ERNOgaming @RocketLeague I think I agree, plus the rampant toxicity and refusal to fix server issues. Until they actually enforce bans and fix servers they don't deserve money. The player count in doubles was only 7k Sunday night. They're losing players to this shit.

  • Craagg Craagg (@Craagg) reported

    @RocketLeague Why is it that I lag out of a game and I am only given one chance to mreconnect and the game didnt connect me back and now I canht reconnect back to my ranked game. ******* dogshit

  • nicksruggeri Nicholas Ruggeri (@nicksruggeri) reported

    @RocketLeague servers down for Switch,