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Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015, with ports for Xbox One, OS X, and Linux being released in 2016.

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  • MsAvapire Avapire (@MsAvapire) reported

    Had a bit of an AC issue the past couple of days prior to my message about increasing my time on stream. Been like 90 degrees in my room pretty consistently for like a week now, bit it's fixed. ANYWHO, here's a pole for rocketleague! #RocketLeague #twitch #bloodygood

  • UbreeKadoobery UbreeKadoobery 🗑 (@UbreeKadoobery) reported

    Im gonna make a montage of every little bit of lag i deal with on a regular basis in rocketleague.

  • RobertBarnes17 Robert Barnes 🏹 (@RobertBarnes17) reported

    @RocketLeague Fix your ******* janky ranking system

  • RubberySax Ruhbbr (@RubberySax) reported

    I have been getting frame skipping when I play Rocket League online. Does anyone know how to fix this issue. I've only had the PC version of RL for 2 days and I know nothing so something could help a lot. Thank you in advance.

  • LaydonDiggs Laydon Diggs (@LaydonDiggs) reported

    @RocketLeague When u going to fix the Guadian GXT problem

  • NotVossible NotFreakinVossible (@NotVossible) reported

    I feel like when I finally play Rocket League again without lag I will be worse than i am now. I've gotten really good at predicting where the lag might leave the ball. @JDr3ktU knows the struggle..

  • AustinM98583378 Austin McDaniel (@AustinM98583378) reported

    @C0MERrl @PsyonixStudios Same issue here. Just noticed today. Stalling with air roll left works fine still though

  • cool_teen1 mary (@cool_teen1) reported


  • dx3_lizard ArcaneLizard🔮🦎 (@dx3_lizard) reported

    @Creeperstevebro @KontraKeller @ChefHorsemanz @RocketLeague I'd have no problem with that haha

  • SimonJJackaman SJackaman (@SimonJJackaman) reported

    @RL_Support I have done for the last 3 weeks, I get adviced to change settings to my (perfectly working) internet. This issue started when rocket league last updated, every other game I have works fine online, so I don't see why I would need to change or check anything my end.

  • LouisPhilHasty KamikazeRL (@LouisPhilHasty) reported

    @RocketLeague I thought he new season would fix my teammates...why do this to me😭😭

  • LaurinK02 Laurin Knünz (@LaurinK02) reported

    @RocketLeague @RLEsports Yup, my whole settings, presets and stats are now in the Splitscreen[2] profile. Please fix it, my steam ign is "laurink02"

  • whyyoubothered why_not?! (@whyyoubothered) reported

    @RocketLeague Your Fan Service is shit , u give a shit about your Fans, stop pretending

  • theShrink4 Corey (@theShrink4) reported

    @DatBoiFabe @FlexLuthorDawg @anckentucky @J_Duncan63 And I got on rocket league no one seems to have a problem but you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 1ogan_cherry07 CrazyCherry07 (@1ogan_cherry07) reported

    @Jalume02 @RocketLeague No problem

  • v1lluN v1lluN (@v1lluN) reported

    @virgulinhas_rl @amustycow @RocketLeague Lag spike saved you from booming it

  • kayven5717 🦇 mummy 🦇 (@kayven5717) reported

    My hubs is a gamer & I have ZERO (0) hand-eye coordination so there's a huge disconnect in interests there. BUT!!! last night I finally was able to play Rocket League! (With a friend, in a private match, but it's a step 😂)

  • muscle_wstbrook huezzy (@muscle_wstbrook) reported

    @virgulinhas_rl @amustycow @RocketLeague That lag spike 😂😂😂

  • Doubl3_Down Doubl3Down (@Doubl3_Down) reported

    @DaKevinV_ @RocketLeague I don’t think your internet issues will kill the game

  • iZiippY Cortex AKA ZiippY 🇩🇰 (@iZiippY) reported

    @RocketLeague Please fix Matchmaking, its a joke atm..

  • The_AlphaOG The_AlphaOG (@The_AlphaOG) reported

    @Andrew_Potts26 @RocketLeague It’s because of price difference for cross platform trading. I don’t see a problem with account linking. Or with unifying the economy for that matter but what do I know

  • DaKevinV_ Kevin Vigil (@DaKevinV_) reported

    I swear to God @RocketLeague fix your shit before this game dies. I'm on Ethernet and I still DC.

  • fuzztronaut Daniel (@fuzztronaut) reported

    @RocketLeague There seems to be an issue with my game. Competitive says I’m champ 1 when in fact I am gold 2

  • HopperStopper Tyler Hopkinson (@HopperStopper) reported

    @RocketLeague Please fix your game. My game has crashed 6 times while trying to play with the boys and your cucking me. Thanks and have a good day *******

  • KidBigE Someone New (@KidBigE) reported

    Matchmaking on @RocketLeague has got to be the most broken part of any game in existence can't convince me otherwise

  • ItisFresh Fresh (@ItisFresh) reported

    @fluumpy90 @RocketLeague @RL_Fluffy Error occurred no doubles partner found... Searching... Searching... None...

  • k1anmano k1anmano (@k1anmano) reported

    @Lumbeeindian17 @RocketLeague My controller is broken so taking a break till I get a new one

  • TyphoonGomez "Lightning" Joe (@TyphoonGomez) reported

    @RocketLeague you need fix your game player base dropped alot since your " no more AI replacement" update put back to how matches played during summer as continues flow and AI thats join if members exit.

  • JacobLouxx Jacob louxx (@JacobLouxx) reported

    @bigfacts23 @RocketLeague They can't fix "smurfing" because there's literally no legit way to track it, you're just a naive dip shit that only thinks about himself and not others, of you see the bigger picture there is 0 chance of a hard reset even a DEVELOPER said so and they have all the "evidence"

  • SeidouSpirit Devin Williams (@SeidouSpirit) reported

    @SpoodahRL These poll results are a direct showing of the serious problem the competitive rocket league community has lmao. I think simply because not everyone is on board with the whole left goes. We have to start communicating on who goes. Say I got it from now on I guess

  • Temperistic Nick (@Temperistic) reported

    Do you guys have any plans on getting rid of the toxicity of your community because the system currently in place is obviously not working @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague @devinconnors @RL_Support

  • Antraxx67 Le Loup Blanc (@Antraxx67) reported

    Hey, it would be really cool to offer an account migration service from the console to pc !!! @RocketLeague

  • Trxcerrs tracer (@Trxcerrs) reported

    @RocketLeague fix ur NAE servers, i play 110 ping every game since you got bought by @EpicGames

  • kkstrue Shaun (@kkstrue) reported

    @RocketLeague @NovitecGG Rocket league you need to fix the game sick of it giving me unranked players when I am gold it should give me gold players to play with so something about it now thanks for your time buy

  • Jasper18084629 Jasper55 (@Jasper18084629) reported

    @RL_Support @RocketLeague Are there any ongoing issues with private matches, cause they seem to be struggling quite hard

  • CMUEaglesEsport CMU Esports Team (@CMUEaglesEsport) reported

    So todays Rocket League CRL Qualifier has been postponed due to issues with the system running the qualifier. Once we know the date of the make up qualier we will share that information.

  • Persondotexe Parallax (@Persondotexe) reported

    @DonHaci Broken for rocket league as well. CRL quals were delayed by 2 hours before being postponed

  • AletszzOrozco Felipe Reset (@AletszzOrozco) reported

    does anyone know how to fix the cant connect to rocket league servers bug. i got internet and tried reinstalling and it didnt help

  • AndrewKi1998 Andrew James 💀💀☠️☠️🎃🎃 (@AndrewKi1998) reported

    @RocketLeague Rocket League your game is absolute garbage. The ranking system is horrible. I am gold 3 and im going against Platinum 2 and 1. Fix your god damn ranking system

  • WhillyStroker A True Alpha Male (@WhillyStroker) reported

    @RocketLeague @NovitecGG Wouldn't spend a dime on this game. Mechanics are broken af lately.

  • Niitro94 Cory (@Niitro94) reported

    @RL_Support Still won’t start up. I’m not sure if this cause it but I had to update graphics card for Gears 5 to work. When I tried to play Rocket League Today it would start windowed , then go full and then crash.

  • MarkHarris_IOM Mark (@MarkHarris_IOM) reported

    @achillesheels_ As I would quick chat during a #RocketLeague match, ‘No Problem’

  • Niitro94 Cory (@Niitro94) reported

    @RL_Support everytime i launched rocket league on pc, it starts up and instantly crashes. Never had this issue before.

  • _Mattchew3 Matthew (@_Mattchew3) reported

    Technology hates me right now. WiFi goes out so I try fixing it and it doesn’t work. I go to book my hotel and on the last page it doesn’t allow me to enter my card in. I try to play rocket league to distract myself and I’m locked out of the game until I fix the WiFi 🙃

  • Jhass2k3 Jake 🦆 (@Jhass2k3) reported

    @EpicGames please fix Rocket League servers

  • suhaib_saefe صهيب العيساوي (@suhaib_saefe) reported

    @RocketLeague I update the 13 GB then i start playing the game after that it trll me to update it again 13 GB is this a glitch or what

  • jasonknight420 Jason Knight (@jasonknight420) reported

    @RocketLeague @NovitecGG Would be nice but me and some friends can't join each other. 3 people not one can join the other. All on xbox one. This has been a random thing SINCE THE GAME CAME OUT. forget some new car or paint job. FIX THE FREAKING GAME. We can join a private match but not party.

  • MeIsLimitless Limitless (@MeIsLimitless) reported

    @EpicGames @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague @RL_Support I haven't wanted to say anything but taking away crates will be the dumbest thing y'all ever do to the game. Like honestly dont change something that isn't broken. Retweet and Like. @SunlessKhan @fluumpy90 @JonsandmanTv @Athena

  • SCAL7874 SCAL7874 (@SCAL7874) reported

    @RocketLeague please fix your game people breaking rule 1 just to tryhard points its making me sad 😢

  • AfInverted InvertedAF (@AfInverted) reported

    @PsyonixStudios Can you guys please bother to improve Latency Issues with Rocket League. It's annoying rubber banding.

  • Jack06653370 Jack 💙 (@Jack06653370) reported

    @RocketLeague wtf is this crate luck i bought 10 keys and get 8 RARES and two exotics being regular non painted P SIMMS im never buying keys again fix this

  • MonsterDew4 Fearry. 💤 (@MonsterDew4) reported

    tbh.. i feel like im slowly fading out of rocket league (mostly cuz of the lag in the game) (which i dont know how to fix it).. and its getting less fun every time

  • JuristaDanar Daniel (@JuristaDanar) reported

    @RocketLeague hi, i found a bug that dont let me enter a game if i join the queue from an ended match. The game crash and i have to reinice the pc

  • raydan014 RaydanWIF (@raydan014) reported

    THANKS @RocketLeague before i was champ 1 but for bad matchmaking im in D2 OMG, i play 10 games with bad teammates, toxics and they dont make something in all game... PLS FIX your matchmaking and put good players with GOOD STATS with GOOD TEAMMATES and dont with bad teammates.

  • Marc21173005 Pixzakar (@Marc21173005) reported

    @JohnnyJetRL @RocketLeague Except game chat is broken af so it's pretty much unusable

  • DannyMaguil Danny Maguil (@DannyMaguil) reported

    @RocketLeague please fix servers

  • charlezzu sad boy (@charlezzu) reported

    @RocketLeague is literally broken. Teammate disconnects at the start of the match and never reconnected and I still got a deduction on my mmr. Siiiick!

  • trulyitbemax Max Sussman (@trulyitbemax) reported

    Two different Rocket League tournaments at @GamingStadiumCS, 4 different teammates. Two straight 2nd place finishes. I’m either the problem or the solution. I can’t tell.

  • MarcosG_09 Marcos (@MarcosG_09) reported

    why do i always have connectivity issues whenever i play @RocketLeague @RL_Support @PsyonixStudios

  • dylan_kacena Dylan Kacena (@dylan_kacena) reported

    @RocketLeague fix your ******* GAME!!