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Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (50.28%)
  • App Crashing (19.34%)
  • Glitches (16.30%)
  • Online Features (13.26%)
  • Microtransactions (.83%)

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  • CandyCaneBeyond
    Candycane (@CandyCaneBeyond) reported

    @trnrtips @YouTube Anyone else have problems with receicing their pre-ordered Pokemon let's go game

  • nascarfanronnie
    Uncle drampa (@nascarfanronnie) reported

    @RealCristonyte i wish i could play it but medical stuff preventing me from working sucks, its honestly a mixture of pokemon go so no wild battles but you do battle npcs, collect gym badges and shiny hunt

  • Daniel101Switch
    Daniel Creed (@Daniel101Switch) reported

    The game is broken. I couldn't even catch the Rattata with an Ultra Ball and Razz Berry. I'm sorry but, I just can't take it anymore. 0.s. Those wild Pokemon in GO are nothing but cowards.

  • BroskiRage
    _______ (@BroskiRage) reported

    Let's Go ain't as bad as I initially thought it might be. It has some issues but other than that. It's a decent pokemon game so far. But we cant ignore how it's easy as *****. It handholds, excuse my unwholesome language, you throughout the game.

  • deathdarklugia
    darkknigh11 (@deathdarklugia) reported

    @ShinxBoy01 I finally have got pokemon go working, just needed a new phone

  • BranAlexNich
    Brandon A. Nichols (@BranAlexNich) reported

    @2D2Will I don't have an issue with the content, I just think the realistic take for CGI misses more than it lands. Would have liked a more Roger Rabbit or even Pokemon Go commercials

  • MisterGVer1
    Jeffrey Dy (@MisterGVer1) reported

    At least the Poke Ball Plus controls fine in #PokemonLetsGo, but I can't get it working in @PokemonGoApp. I just hope my & others' issues regarding comnectivity between games gets fixed asap.

    egg! (@NlNDROID) reported

    man pokemon lets go with 2 people is so broken

  • LizTeenweed
    danganronpa pikachu (Liz) (@LizTeenweed) reported

    okay, i have a problem with pokemon let's go

  • Peppermint_paw
    Peppermint (@Peppermint_paw) reported

    Found a huge issue with the Let's go Pokemon ball controller... Pets that play fetch are not happy. My dog and cat are going nuts when I catch Pokemon.

  • JkNoBitch
    Moon (@JkNoBitch) reported

    Stats are so broken in the Let's go pokemon games that you can solo them with Eevee or Pikachu

  • MathCatNL
    MathCat (@MathCatNL) reported

    So, after discussion and thinking regarding Pokemon Let's Go, my problem is I went into it expecting it to be something it's not. This realization doesn't necessarily mean I'll find it more enjoyable going forward, but maybe a different perspective will help me have more fun.

  • Akulex
    After5 (@Akulex) reported

    @Revvven But my main problem is that Pokemon has no pace breakers. You run in circles for hours for random encounters to battle, go to gyms to battle, meet trainers to battle, meet your rival to battle, etc. Let's Go actually looks like it has gameplay pacing which Pokemon lacks IMO.

  • BillEaken
    Deplorable PJMVlogs (@BillEaken) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Will we get longer to finish the quest. The finding a ditto will be hard to do. Then there is t h.g e extra problem of not able to afford a switch

  • valaweee
    Val ☁️ (@valaweee) reported

    Editing Happy Place photos right now as I watch Pokemon Lets Go gameplay right now. I have 2 group assignments i should be working on 😬😬

  • _GatoEncerrado
    Ulysses Salazar (@_GatoEncerrado) reported

    @PokemonGoApp I also have problems with my Pokémon GO Plus, it cannot be linked to my iPhone 6.

  • MTARaylz
    Anthony C. Boyd Jr. (@MTARaylz) reported

    @Starubis @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp @Pokemon Good to know I'm not the only one who has these issues

  • dvffi
    hashtag rip macklemore (@dvffi) reported

    how in god's **** does pokemon let's go have framerate issues haha

  • SuperOssanBro
    Ossan (@SuperOssanBro) reported

    @TerraGlaive Actually, I haven’t gotten it yet! I’m still working through my backlog and I’m finishing up a 100% run of Odyssey. Let me know how Let’s Go is. I’ve never been a huge Pokemon fan but I’m kinda interested by Let’s Go.

  • Psalmdoval
    adrian.☁ (@Psalmdoval) reported

    @Pokemon @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp not sure who to tag but my PokeBallPlus was working fine about an hour ago, but I linked my Pokemon Go account and now my PokeBallPlus doesn't connect to neithet my switch or Go after I disconnected from Pokemon Go App

  • drfujibot
    Dr. Fuji Bot (@drfujibot) reported

    Apologies to anyone who has been streaming in the new "Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!/Eevee!" category and noticed that DrFujiBot wasn't running. Twitch used "Pokemon" instead of "Pokémon" like all the other categories. The issue has been fixed!

  • juiceboxbox
    juiceboxbox (@juiceboxbox) reported from Los Angeles, California

    My Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu didn't come in today so I went and got Eevee version because I need my fix asap

  • beartier_
    Raine™ (@beartier_) reported

    see the problem is i want lets go eevee so ****** bad because i realized how much eevee reminds me of simba i just wanna take my baby on a pokemon adventure y'know

  • sheepygal
    𝚜𝚑𝚎𝚎𝚙 𝚐𝚊𝚕 (@sheepygal) reported

    I think my only issue with the new pokemon game it's trying to just be a fancy version of pokemon go that you pay for....

  • Sac2uneak
    James Wakeley (@Sac2uneak) reported

    @XeNeIzEsChE @TeamMysticPGO @NianticHelp @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp Nope. Many people are having issues with the text coming through properly.

  • Flash_Katie237
    Julie (Katie237) (@Flash_Katie237) reported

    @LittleLisa24 @robbiedaymond @Pokemon @PokemonGoApp @hollyanderson30 @LostTribe @SJBsMama @cherry_vane XD thought I was the same with that issue

  • cnallard3164201
    Christopher Allard (@cnallard3164201) reported

    I've been waiting for @WWESuperCard Fusion fix to finish before starting a new fusion. Although I was expecting a different form of multiple fusion chambers, I feel that option to use credits is a good one for another to be opened for use. Similar to Pokemon Go egg chambers

  • Sky_Vicious_
    Amanda Porter (@Sky_Vicious_) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Can we still fix the game crashing. -.-

  • LittleTw1t
    Judy (@LittleTw1t) reported

    Brayden bought me Pokemon let's go Eevee because I "have been working so hard this semester and [I] did so good in the show" so uh catch me marrying this man

  • MagicTao001
    Yang Tao (@MagicTao001) reported

    @PokemonGoApp When we catch a stacked encounter which was obtained before CP rebalance, the pokemon will still have the old cp instead of the new one. Please also fix this

  • __aquabat
    Anthony (@__aquabat) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Still not working for me.

  • ultimablackmage
    Jean-Paul Bartolomei (@ultimablackmage) reported

    I honestly think reviewers were too kind to Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee. It's a prime case of nostalgia blindness. Pokemon Yellow was my first Pokemon game, but somehow I wasn't dumbstruck by the Let's Go games. If anything it's the same problem as The World End With You!

  • noni_hedgehog
    のにNoni the Hedgewolf (@noni_hedgehog) reported

    got Pokemon Let's go Pikachu but the Problem is my Phone is not capable for my switch game this is upsetting

  • traveler828
    Thomas Haverty (@traveler828) reported

    @PokemonGoApp How about you fix sinnoh stones and make them common

  • mdrnlifeisrbsh
    𝔞𝔰𝔥𝔩𝔢𝔶 ♥ (@mdrnlifeisrbsh) reported

    Thank Heavens my iTunes is back in working order. I was going to kill myself over Pokemon GO for a minute there ha ha ha

  • Mauriicio_A
    Mauricio (@Mauriicio_A) reported

    @LostInSedation @PokemonGoApp It's a galaxy S7. I see many people with the same issue

  • TheBlackxRanger
    Howard Anderson (@TheBlackxRanger) reported

    @Pokemon I found an error. There's too much Pokemon go integration

  • patriotglen
    Glen Poirier (@patriotglen) reported

    @IcarusKeybladeW @PokemonGoApp No problem!

  • broskiFGC
    Broski (@broskiFGC) reported

    im like 5 gyms deep into pokemon lets go and ive never had to switch out eevee once sizzly slide is ******* broken lmao

  • ponettplus
    Bobby Schroeder (@ponettplus) reported

    the problem with pokemon let's go is i can't go "oh i'll just wait for it to go on sale" because it will literally always be $60

  • donjreyes
    Jhonatan Reyes R. (@donjreyes) reported

    @XeNeIzEsChE @NianticHelp @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp @TeamMysticPGO I'm from Colombia, and i have the same issue.

  • TheClaireCast
    The Claire Cast (@TheClaireCast) reported

    So want Pokemon Eevee lets go. Too bad I'm poor as crap. Working my butt off for money and just see a big old tax bill :/

  • TweetsByDallasC
    Dallas Cruz (@TweetsByDallasC) reported

    @PokemonGoApp is there a problem with receiving coin from defending gyms right now. im not receiving any of the coin that it saying ive earned

  • imgraveyardbaby
    Graveyard Baby 🖤 (@imgraveyardbaby) reported

    @PokemonGoApp I’m glad I wasn’t the only one experiencing this issue.

  • marweeniecakes
    Marlene (@marweeniecakes) reported

    @PokemonGoApp I'm using Google fit (logged into the same Google account as pokemon go) on my Android to track my steps and yet it's not working with adventure sync..

  • TheEarlOfAfrica
    Earl Africa (@TheEarlOfAfrica) reported

    @PokemonGoApp I'm not proceeding to the next set of tasks until I know what Willow is talking about. So, better fix it!

  • Sky_Vicious_
    Amanda Porter (@Sky_Vicious_) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Also my game still keeps crashing and it’s making me lose items and Pokémon. Please fix 🙄

  • Venkix
    Venkix (@Venkix) reported

    @TwitchSupport I don't know who changed the "é" to "e" in Pokemon let's go, but suddenly I can watch the Let's Go games on PS4. Abzû doesn't work either. PS4 and XBone Twitch apps seem to have a problem with accented caracters like é and û.

  • MLFoxwell
    Matthew Foxwell (@MLFoxwell) reported

    @Hamada_520 I think ultimately people just need to accept that this game was for lapsed Pokemon fans and Pokemon Go players. Gen 8 is still coming. I hope they at least learned from Sun/Moon's problems. But either way there's no perfect Pokemon game... Well except HG/SS.

  • ErsatzAsh
    Ash Rendar (@ErsatzAsh) reported

    There's so many dumb UI problems they fixed years ago in other Pokemon games that show up again Let's Go and it is so frustrating

  • Taia_Alice
    Taia SW (@Taia_Alice) reported

    Been living/working in London for a week now and I still haven’t opened Pokemon Go... Is this what adulting is because I don’t like it

  • Seek_Lynx
    Vivid bunn (@Seek_Lynx) reported

    @arttimoverne @PokemonGoApp Seems like catching stuff got harder. I was working on the new research itema

  • handofgalochio
    Baddy Bad Goddessy Goddess🔱⭐ (@handofgalochio) reported

    As far as I know, the broken quest I showed y'all gives you Meltan. Pokemon Let's Go is now unless to me. Thanks, guys!

  • Aystub
    Austin Riley (@Aystub) reported

    @pinebitdoyle It is Pokemon Go and I'm just playing it. Working on it would be interesting though. One of their devs appears to have goofed haha

  • Lucas750r
    Lucas Root (@Lucas750r) reported

    @PokemonGoApp While you're at it, fix the glitch where your pokemon take damage when hatched

  • DynastyWish
    Matt Wish (@DynastyWish) reported

    @PokemonGoApp would be awesome if my son could actually log in so he can pair Pokemon Let's Go with Pokemon Go... Instead I have a crying 5 year old because it keeps not letting him sign in even though I changed the password 5 times!!!

  • InkKatana
    Ink Katana (@InkKatana) reported

    Pokemon GO: Players must be really upset about the text not working correctly... Players:

  • ZodiakHunter
    Zodiak (@ZodiakHunter) reported

    so meltan has broken pokemon go is what it seems like

  • TempyLOL
    Tempy (@TempyLOL) reported

    Pokemon Let's Go doesn't change the button prompts to reflect the player using the Pokeball Plus as a controller. Odd oversight. I wonder if the same issue exists when using the left Joycon.

  • the_sp_gamer
    single player gamer (@the_sp_gamer) reported

    @PokemonGoApp how about you fix the damn pokeballs!!! haven't been able to connect all day whilst my friends have had no issues at all