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Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.

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  • RadderssGaming Badderss (@RadderssGaming) reported

    @SoTotallyToby More problem is the motion controls too, I had to stop streaming Pokemon Let's Go Eevee because it was too difficult with all the catching

  • Galarian_Champ Victor (@Galarian_Champ) reported

    🗡 Just because of a small tweet I have an urge to make a dark type trainer Oc. Problem is once I start to write for dark characters I might go of the wall like the OG Pokemon manga dark.

  • Wisdom_SSB Wisdom (@Wisdom_SSB) reported

    @Nich0lasDangelo @Crispy__SSB Somehow, after seeing a bunch of shit in the game, while I still think they could have added in more Pokemon, there’s actually a lot in the animation department that’s very fascinating. Many of the “problems” I see people go on about haven’t distracted me. It’s cherry-picking.

  • AppuruGumi ☆ グミ ☆ 【Gumi】 (@AppuruGumi) reported

    @_TrainerDusk @DistantKingdom No one is really hating people, it's only people wanting better games because we're paying for them. The problem is how the mentality of pokemon selling on name alone is showing to be true, that even some ex-game devs at GF agree to this, and that they go for the money alone.

  • Zetta_330 Zetta (@Zetta_330) reported

    @StormYorha I know a lot of people did decide to get the game for one reason or another, but for me a lot of the issues I had were not enough for me to get it. I don't go out of my way to get every Pokemon game anyway, but overall there's not much to judge it's sales on besides maybe LGPE

  • TheRealTBOC when the katamari rolls i feel no pain (@TheRealTBOC) reported

    whatever I'm gonna go eat garlic bread and try not to be depressed by the slow deterioration of pokemon

  • joviantwelve Jovian -.275349ω (@joviantwelve) reported

    I had the most brainblast idea for a Pokemon antagonist team so I guess I'm working on Pokemon fancharacters again........into the hole I go

  • Asoshi_Maoko Mao Ashihaki (@Asoshi_Maoko) reported

    @Blun_Z Commendations to you cause I just go off type difference in battles... only time set rules applied to me was online. And boy, I just did not want to just waste a turn switching a Pokemon during battle unless I knew the Pokemon was slow enough for the opponent to oneshot them.

  • MagetasticV WintermasMage (@MagetasticV) reported

    @BattsGoesMatts @GavinMcCormic15 My problem is i get attached to them when I've lost pokemon games in the past i go into a spiral of depression for thr next few weeks over losing them

  • davidumbeljr David Umbel Jr (@davidumbeljr) reported

    @AppValley_vip Pokemon Go++ Needs an Update. I am unable to login because there is an update.

  • TheMisterPhys Phil ??? PAX U (@TheMisterPhys) reported

    @PokemonGoApp TWICE NOW. I've beaten a 3 star raid on my own and it times out WHILE THERE'S STILL TIME. Fix this. Wtf

  • Mr_Quest TheAntiShadow (@Mr_Quest) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Give us beter improoved game play instead of this.. fix ur game first first the spoofing for all Apple devices.. ban all. U pick on android now do ios..

  • binarymelon binarymelon (@binarymelon) reported

    @NianticHelp I've been unable to login to Pokemon GO for the last couple of days.

  • MintyMinute MintyMinute (@MintyMinute) reported

    @PokemonGoApp :( typical that I'm working.. I missed the first takeover too :'(

  • brayn030910 christian hesbacher (@brayn030910) reported

    @PokemonGoApp then let me at least catch my shadow arktos after I defeated giovanni bur because it had network errors

  • alegl5141 Al Stuart (@alegl5141) reported

    @BScotty_39 @Fast3ddie21 @PokemonGoApp The problems with the rocket leaders is that their pokemon cp dwarfs even your capped cp pokemon, so when super effective charged attacks work once they blocked the first two with their ***** shields they dont do enough damage

  • seanjcheron Sean Heron [La-Hee MNK Main For Life] (@seanjcheron) reported

    @Sylverstone14 I'm trying my best not to rush, so every two gym battles I just go mess around in the wild area and power level weaker Pokemon/make curry for the kids/play fetch and tag. ...I'm still 4 gyms in so it's not quite working, but it's close

  • rhiannconnor6 Rhiann Connor (@rhiannconnor6) reported

    @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp I accidentally deleted the app. When redownloaded I turned all previous settings back on. Ever since, my adventure sync isn’t working properly! Some days I could walk 8km and the app doesn’t register a single step. Other times it does. Plz help!

  • ursula_cat Feline fearless faithful and true (@ursula_cat) reported

    I guess uh, I'm not finding a page that's easy to read, but my theory is as the westerlies pokemon go to the poles they crash into each other and are bumped back down in a similar (but opposite direction) circle to the ones between the trade winds and westerlies

  • gothycrip Game Dead G💀th 🕸️ (@gothycrip) reported

    @MoeSquare honestly, I felt like let's go was just empty and that's as someone who was really excited about the remake, but it... didn't do much for me in the end. I just ended up playing the original really. SwSh has issues too, but it has fewer and its a lot more class Pokemon imo

  • vulpinepaws [,,óωò,,] (@vulpinepaws) reported

    @ibrowse2099 really don't get why people go into each new Pokemon game expecting it to be the pinnacle of all video games. It feels like Pokemon, it's a fun game, it has its issues, but none of it ruins the experience of what most other Pokemon games feel like in general

  • magicocona Melly💋@ don't look back (@magicocona) reported

    okay so we're trying to cancel certain pokemon because of hee hee funny dex entries now can y'all like, go outside. have real problems.

  • AlchemistRCL Doctora Alchemist-Cosmic Radio Show (@AlchemistRCL) reported

    @cokernut_x I have a problem with pokemon go. App is not working and closes at niantic screen

  • SlimsIsaSecret DustinSlims (@SlimsIsaSecret) reported

    @DiscordedHaru @UD_j1mb0 @AverageMendoza @PokemonGoApp I didnt know the specifics to it but I figured it was a lawsuit. I really dont know why people complain when they are the ones they caused the issue.

  • ReelEnthusiast Ben (@ReelEnthusiast) reported

    I don’t mean to be a cynical ******* or ruin anyone’s fun... I’m just kind of baffled by how these issues go ignored by a startling majority. Any other series/developer would be getting criticised, but Pokemon’s always able to get away with bloody murder.

  • zenmeatbot GENDER REVEAL EXTINCTION EVENT (@zenmeatbot) reported

    @xomputer pretty sure it was like a design backwards thing, like how do we onramp people to do X "oh yeah lets build a cloud game thing! it worked for pokemon go" is the vibe i get off the entire thing. its fixing a problem no one has so it must be solving a problem management had imho

  • Z_R1NMain Cyberchonk 2069🛡️🍏 (@Z_R1NMain) reported

    @TheHoodedDraco reddit isn't the issue here, surprisingly. Though the pokemon subreddit is still a miserable place to go to if you like the new games

  • softjakeperalta ˗ˏˋ iole ˎˊ˗ 💗💛💙🥰☀️ (@softjakeperalta) reported

    Franchise and he was bored so he decided to try it. Problem is the town has like one (1) pokestop but he is still very passionate about the game and always find excuses to go to the location of the pokestop so he can get items and find some Pokemon. He also works at the blouse

  • Mohammed15569 Mohammed 💟 Assala 💟 Libya (@Mohammed15569) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Hi (●’◡’●)ノ why Game not supported Until now in my country Libya 😭😭😭😭 Please l need Solve for a problem

  • oneupmango 1UpMango #TeamTrees (@oneupmango) reported

    @imranzomg It's not a Pokemon only problem and it's probably system-wide, whenever I'm on the matchmaking screen of Splatoon 2 and I go to the home menu, several seconds later I get kicked from the screen and go back to the plaza

  • itsagbae ً (@itsagbae) reported

    great... had to log in on pokemon go again bc of issues with the app (and yeah still play pokemon go sometimes) and now i f*cking lost all of my pokeballs 😒 @PokemonGoApp

  • itsagbae ً (@itsagbae) reported

    great... had to log in on pokemon go again bc of issues with the app (and yeah still play pokemon go sometimes) and now i f*cking lost all of my pokeballs :( @PokemonGoApp

  • JordanKgames Jordan Kuiper (@JordanKgames) reported

    @BloomingtonCVB @mallofamerica That is true... The problem is that I'm playing Pokemon Sword on the switch so that won't really work. I usually open pokemon go while I'm there though!

  • be_green_ohio Belinda Green (@be_green_ohio) reported

    @PokemonGoApp The "hey we missed you" promo code keeps giving me an error when I enter it. :/

  • Jhannan1989 Jamie Hannan (@Jhannan1989) reported

    @NianticHelp I have updated Pokémon Go tonight but there are still issues with PvP. I am still unable to switch my pokemon at the back end of a charge move and switching in general is terrible. This is ruining my PvP experience and it needs fixing ASAP.

  • Stupid_Inari Chromloverr💙 (@Stupid_Inari) reported

    @BrandedExalt @PokemonGoApp Yooooooooooo. I hope im not working

  • GrogmanWoW Grogman (@GrogmanWoW) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Literally no potions from pokestops today. Your event is broken.

  • BobbyTweets_ B Earl (@BobbyTweets_) reported

    @riddle @PokemonGoApp I don’t think their code can currently withstand changing a randomized grunt stop to a leader,decoy or gio stop. But again. I don’t see how it’s an issue anyway. I haven’t had trouble doing them.

  • BobbyTweets_ B Earl (@BobbyTweets_) reported

    @riddle @PokemonGoApp Well. It’s been years and niantic doesn’t type well. So no surprise. I do think it isn’t a fixable problem at this time. If someone has a rocket radar and a stop with a leader spawns a grunt it’ll probably break the game lol. I don’t have issues with how it works now, however.

  • Marcbri Marc (@Marcbri) reported

    @Virum_SD I want to revisit gen 4 and 5 because I don't remember them well enough and never played Platinum but I don't think I can ever go back to random encounters. Rock tunnel in lets go was actually fun to explore. Leveling up underleveled pokemon feels too slow nowadays too

  • Dr_Vulpine Ωmegα Vampire - Lord Bitey Strings (@Dr_Vulpine) reported

    @NinWire But not fixing the GO Plus, or the Pokeball Plus. Some people thought theirs were broken so they bought another. Nope it's app. Niantic did it on purpose. Nintendo & Pokemon Co don't even know about it, but if more people complain to them about it, you can bet they'll be pissed.

  • RogueWallflower Rogue Wallflower (@RogueWallflower) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Please fix your adventure sync before this!!!! I used to track over 100 KM of my movement during exercising and every time i walked around the office. Now it tracks nothing. FIX it. even the other day when i walked for the community day barely anything was tracked.

  • RogueWallflower Rogue Wallflower (@RogueWallflower) reported

    Dear @PokemonGoApp FIX YOUR ADVENTURE SYNC. I am so tired of it tracking less and less of my movement. I exercise with my phone on me 6 days a week. My google fit tracks that movement. My phone shows I am moving, your app shows NOTHING unless the game is open and even then null

  • Lady_Rahne 🦃 Grateful Rahne🦃 🏆FFXV (@Lady_Rahne) reported

    @Superskeleton93 @PokemonGoApp But they are. They'll be in the raids, just not spawning in the wild. Plus, 11 Pokemon species increased wild spawns is a big thing; the screens were filled nonstop with Pokemon. 22 would actually be pretty insane and probably cause more issues than anything else, tbh

  • VapeCloudss Yay brig is dead now!! (@VapeCloudss) reported

    @ao_ambla @Shankha_Deep17 @PokemonGoApp That’s a problem why 😂😂

  • CurieG88 Bobaganusche#1398 (@CurieG88) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Doubt I will find any of these since you refuse to fix the spawn locations.

  • JorgeSi62624809 Jorge Silva (@JorgeSi62624809) reported

    @PokemonGoApp for the players who struggled to make 3 hours of community day every month, in December it's like there is no day, game problem remains the same, the ones who play the most are the least benefited

  • redlani23 Nalani (@redlani23) reported

    @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs More Gen5, fix spawn points, raid pass in 10k egg would be awesome..although I know that will never happen

  • Rawisryan raw_is_ryan (@Rawisryan) reported

    @NianticHelp I've been trying to get help with the @PokemonGoApp issues, I'm aware for 1on1 help I have to use the in app help options. But have been unable to reach that page due to freezing and crashing before I get there.

  • nicwu18 Nic Wu (@nicwu18) reported

    @SerebiiNet I can't jump from the gen 1-6 Pokedex info page to gen 8 for older pokemon. I have to go to gen 7 first for the button to appear. Not a huge issue but not sure if it's something you're aware of...

  • GalarButterfree Haru ♡🧚🏻‍♂️ Fairy Pokemon Master in process 💗 (@GalarButterfree) reported

    @IdolArichi Apparently yes! You only need to start a encounter and later go away of the pokemon, later you must repeat it. For example: 1.Eevee, 2.Eever, 3.Eevee... but if you do for example 1.Eevee, 2.Eevee, 3.Pikachu your chain will be broken. Important too: don't defeated the pkmn!!+

  • eggplant_girl_ Charlotte Wood (@eggplant_girl_) reported

    Last night a had a high-key mental breakdown because my website ******* broke and I couldn't fix it after working on it for 8 whole hours so today I think I'm gonna go to yoga, nap, and buy that new goddamn pokemon game.

  • BigJ4L Josh Brinkerhoff (@BigJ4L) reported

    @PokemonGoApp I'm angry at @NianticLabs and @PokemonGoApp I was trying to catch a shiny Torchic and got an "item can't be used at this time" error when I tried to feed it a Razz. It goes from catch screen to map. I go back to find it and it was gone. Wasn't in my bag and did not run away😠😠

  • ArelyMarcos2 Arely Marcos (@ArelyMarcos2) reported

    @NianticHelp Hello, I can't connect my Pokemon GO Plus. I've been trying for a week but I can't connect it. With the latest update all connection problems were fixed but now is not working again. I use a Xiaomi smartphone and I have 0.161.0-G version of the app.

  • angelfonds {: Angelfonds :} (@angelfonds) reported

    My pokemon sword keep getting an error message and completely turns off my game and have to go back in. Noticed it happens when I am online with Y comm I believe. First time was during a cut scene in beginning of game while in the lab meeting sonia. So I wish it'd stop

  • Papa_Manti M.S.B.C @MFF (@Papa_Manti) reported

    @Aquaventra @SilverFangWolfe @ghangaji_ At the moment, Im just enjoying all the different types of pokemon. My team is pretty monotoned atm... But i honestly want to raise a bunch of slow big bois and go to work.

  • FNRClQUsyDFjjE3 임장현 (@FNRClQUsyDFjjE3) reported

    @GaretGlorious @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp @PokemonGOdeu @NianticLabs @NianticEng I'm in the same boat. But @NianticHelp sees this problem and does nothing

  • FNRClQUsyDFjjE3 임장현 (@FNRClQUsyDFjjE3) reported

    @GaretGlorious @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp @PokemonGOdeu @NianticLabs @NianticEng I'm in the same situation But @NianticHelp sees this problem and does nothing

  • theprotobadger chomesuke (@theprotobadger) reported

    I want to go back to working on my untamed fic, but maybe make some changes, but rn the pokemon obsession is going a bit strong to focus much on writing

  • hanafumasu 𝓔𝓷𝓭 𝓶𝓮❣ ◐오◐ (@hanafumasu) reported

    Fill the environment with quests like a girl that wants a pichu so u go get her one A guy that needs some weeds only found in a forest rules by pokemon that attack any human they see Let the player actually faint from a pokemon attack if hes to slow to get his own Mon out in time