Is Playstation Network (PSN) down?

PlayStation Network (PSN) is a digital media entertainment service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Launched in November 2006, PSN was originally conceived for the PlayStation video game consoles, but soon extended to encompass smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players and high-definition televisions.

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October 13: Problems at Playstation Network (PSN)

Playstation Network (PSN) is having issues since 03:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Playstation Network (PSN) Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • masterprototype Justin Prototype (@masterprototype) reported

    @AskPlayStation Party issues and system was just being super slow

  • Oleole56 GewehrOle56🇩🇰 (@Oleole56) reported

    @charlieINTEL Let's all remember, that Activision owns them, and they're the guys behind making 'crash bandicoot' and 'spyro' non-playstation exclusive and adding micro transactions to 'crash bandicoot team racing'. It'll happen, since they love money.

  • BrainsLink Vin D'Amico (@BrainsLink) reported

    @AskPlayStation For the last few days, audio and video are out of sync. Running Playstation Vue app on a 2nd generation Fire TV box (not a Fire Stick). Have been using the service for years. Never had this problem before. Other apps are fine. Only PS Vue Live TV has issue.

  • zidragons97 Caila (@zidragons97) reported

    @PlayStation When people lag in partychat and it makes a loud noise 😂

  • Leostev94329344 Leo stevenson (@Leostev94329344) reported

    @AskPlayStation Hey PlayStation I need help with error code (WC-40377-1) I've gone to help and feedback but I can't find anything can I have some help

  • KingxXunknown xUnknown_kingx (@KingxXunknown) reported

    @AskPS_UK The Whole Party Section is not working properly and that Play together option just never Loads

  • _TinkerTanner_ 𝐼𝒶𝓃 𝑅𝑜𝒹𝓇í𝑔𝓊𝑒𝓏 (@_TinkerTanner_) reported

    @PlayStation @PlayStation I have some serious problems with the DLC. It doesn't even download.

  • crunchydrink kael (@crunchydrink) reported

    @playstation fix your ******* servers

  • SannanIqbalUK Sannan Iqbal (@SannanIqbalUK) reported

    @AskPS_UK My sessions being disconnected and Yourube not working.

  • KingxXunknown xUnknown_kingx (@KingxXunknown) reported

    @AskPS_UK Fix Ya Shit it's Actually So ******* Annoying

  • zizousYt Zizou (@zizousYt) reported

    @AskPlayStation I have an issue

  • ImAresYTQ Ethan (@ImAresYTQ) reported

    @UCantCMe54 @AskPlayStation That just means u have to update ur ps4 it won’t let you sign in until u finish the update

  • WideDoggy Wide dog | Kpop=🗑 (@WideDoggy) reported

    @AskPS_UK I actually never expected to like fortnite for a few months. I quickly got bored and now i am running out of money. Need to buy a new battery for my dualshock 4 its not working anymore and i really need ps plus before modern warfare comes out.

  • Peterxpxker 𝕊𝕡𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕣 (@Peterxpxker) reported

    @AskPlayStation @postboxpat That’s an issue shit I thought they just wanted to waste out time.

  • Nymo Nicolo (@Nymo) reported

    Fortnite players are so mad that PlayStation support had to issue a statement

  • ben_buffalo ben 🎒 (@ben_buffalo) reported

    @AskPlayStation yeah so i try logging into my psn on my playstation and it says error occurred but it works on all everything else please help

  • caez_yep Jorge Caez (@caez_yep) reported

    @AskPlayStation so here’s the problem... last month I was banned for 7 days. Okay cool I learned my lesson and haven’t violated tos since then. Today I was banned for 30 days over something that haven’t last month, before my previous ban. That doesn’t sound fair to me at all.

  • AnkitMiner Ankit miner (@AnkitMiner) reported

    @AskPlayStation When will they fix it it been 3 hrs

  • SicarioCheti SicarioCheti (@SicarioCheti) reported

    @AskPlayStation Lmao imagine how many little kids had no idea epic obviously did this on purpose and they thought they were getting hacked or they were the only ones having the problem😂

  • waifufrenzy 𝔭𝔯𝔬𝔣𝔢𝔰𝔰𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔞𝔩 𝔠𝔶𝔟𝔢𝔯𝔟𝔲𝔩𝔩𝔶 (@waifufrenzy) reported

    @AskPlayStation yo can you fix the party issue, where you cant join parties or text people, ive went on your support site, i didnt have the port forward because they allowed it, and this is a first time thing, are you guys aware of this issue happening to others also.

  • Nixxietail Nixxietail (@Nixxietail) reported

    @Bungie Hey playstation is having really bad connection issues, my partner and I have gotten kicked from gambit so many times hes banned from gambit for the day. Please help!!

  • BL3_fan_ ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ (@BL3_fan_) reported

    @LuckyZoey777 @benclark06 @therealnumb @FNBRHQ @AskPlayStation Due to a last minute error, the update ****** hard with this black hole 😁

  • damacias05 underscore.diego (@damacias05) reported

    @AskPlayStation Tried to contact text chat I just got an error every time though

  • otrekatsya Peachy_Katt (@otrekatsya) reported

    @NoirEnchante @PlayStation @FortniteGame No, we don't. We just need them to fix their servers

  • WeirdScienceX WeirdScienceX (@WeirdScienceX) reported

    I have to say I'm really impressed with PlayStation Now, was playing for five hours, not one latency issue or any network problems at all, I was dubious about game streaming but it works great

  • Difficulty56 Hannah Painter ➳ (@Difficulty56) reported

    @MrMuselk I'm having problems with PlayStation too...

  • scoubasteve419 Stephen Sparks (@scoubasteve419) reported

    @KingSkullFaceTV @GearboxOfficial I have no problem playing on my PlayStation 4

  • pcsavants SAVANTone (@pcsavants) reported

    @PlayStation is a bunch of worthless losers. First they ask for credentials then block me from chat. Bet you didnt know i can call my bank and they will fix it.

  • boab400 Robert Jelley (@boab400) reported from Ayrshire, Scotland

    @AskPlayStation Yeah, the fortnite blackout had a knock on effect. Parties are not working as expected, and difficult to join/stay in.

  • bammarge02 Jack Of All Trades ™® 🌐 (@bammarge02) reported

    @AskPlayStation so me and my friends semse the update theres been a lag / delay when using apps and etc now ive tried restoring my ps4 rebuilding the database and etc and nothing has worked

  • joefoster29121 Joe Foster (@joefoster29121) reported

    @AskPS_UK i’m trying to download latest software however get error (SU-30625-6)

  • heidebrinkea Emile Heidebrink (@heidebrinkea) reported

    @TomiVierimaa Same problem, everyone in the party can hear me but I cant hear them. Reset my PS4, Network, Router and followed the "have you tries this" PS faqs but still have issues.@AskPlayStation

  • al7sssaini Hussain Hussaini (@al7sssaini) reported

    @AskPlayStation @Katy67886061 Hi i have the same issue and i sent you a direct message can you check please

  • vagafonov5 V.Agafonov (@vagafonov5) reported

    Hello, On June 11 I paid for one month Online Playstation service service. Today, I just noticed that it was automatically from my bank account that EUR 32 was deducted for 7,8,9,10 a month. Please refund and disable automatic collection of money from my account.

  • Shotzy7 Shotzy ツ (@Shotzy7) reported

    @AskPlayStation why can’t I add someone I keep getting error code WS-37505-0

  • ImWinrar ImWinrar (@ImWinrar) reported

    @AskPlayStation i cant log into my account i keep getting errors

  • ToddFleming7 Skeletor212 (@ToddFleming7) reported

    @PlayStationCA @PlayStation Is there a problem with live streaming on #PS4live , I've tried multiple troubleshooting methods and not results

  • LuckyZoey777 ✨Luna✨ (@LuckyZoey777) reported

    @benclark06 @therealnumb @FNBRHQ @AskPlayStation Due to a last minute error, the update has been delayed.

  • xXabo3abedXx abo3abed2009 (@xXabo3abedXx) reported

    @AskPS_UK Can't add friends im getting error WS-37503-8

  • masslade57x Masslade57x (@masslade57x) reported

    @AskPlayStation Bruh of course it was a big event error happened

  • communistdoggo7 puffed up remy (@communistdoggo7) reported

    @AskPlayStation everytime i try to add someone it says an error has occurred

  • JiggilyMods Evade Vaajh (@JiggilyMods) reported

    @PlayStation Fix servers

  • psearthandwater JP (@psearthandwater) reported

    hey @PlayStation your #PlaystationNow service bypasses the Parental Controls I have set on the system.

  • Exotic__GhostYT prophecy_ghostyt (@Exotic__GhostYT) reported

    @AskPlayStation why does it say error when i try to join my friends party

  • Gs00844843 Gs (@Gs00844843) reported

    @AskPlayStation @AskPlayStation what was the problem with the psn parties

  • Kinoby44 Fortnite Game (@Kinoby44) reported

    @AskPlayStation The problem is not that we communicate, but that they answer us

  • RonGee7777 Ron Gee (@RonGee7777) reported

    @AskPlayStation Same issue with any disc.

  • Byronaki_ Byron (@Byronaki_) reported

    @KrispyLeaks That's why the PlayStation party chat is broken lol

  • dacy_essex Dave B (@dacy_essex) reported

    @AskPS_UK Ok it’s still not fixed. The problem is definitely the PS4, not my extended storage device. This all happened after the system update. I think a patch is needed. My extended storage is practically useless now. Very disappointed

  • spidey_matttt 💀🕷🎃👻 (@spidey_matttt) reported

    can't remember my PSN login and it won't let me reset my password so i guess i gotta make a new account 🙃 rip all my achievements and friends

  • ErikeSama Erike_Sama (@ErikeSama) reported

    @AskPlayStation @PlayStation day #2 without being able to sign in, can you guys get solve this issue.

  • JaymanJason Jay (@JaymanJason) reported

    @Emotheviper @PlayStation No idiot, theres a problem with the actual psn servers

  • sanpevo Steven (@sanpevo) reported

    @PlayStation Fix your party chat issues

  • Yote292 s (@Yote292) reported

    @AskPlayStation Aye pleaseee fix party chat the bois waiting for me😞

  • adamjamalad adamjamal a.k.a the weeb guy (@adamjamalad) reported

    @PlayStation Fix the service

  • doctoh3 Large Uzi Vert (@doctoh3) reported

    @PlayStation Fix your garbage ass servers

  • theginge1995 kieranchivers (@theginge1995) reported

    @StarksJosh @AskPS_UK Josh I did say yes there is an issue

  • BoylePlays BoylePlays (@BoylePlays) reported

    @ToonFleet They didn't crash playstation rofle 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • BoylePlays BoylePlays (@BoylePlays) reported

    @ToonFleet They didn't crash playstation rifle 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • bonniewalker198 Bonniewalker1987 (@bonniewalker198) reported

    @FortniteBR PlayStation got screwed too, I think that’s why I couldn’t get in atleast, it was either battle us too full or network connection errors

Playstation Network (PSN) Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • CE-30774-1
  • CE-32889-0
  • CE-33676-5
  • CE-33945-4
  • CE-33987-0
  • CE-34335-8
  • CE-34632-8
  • CE-34861-2
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-35287-5
  • CE-35406-8
  • CE-35486-6
  • CE-35489-9
  • CE-36244-9
  • E-80558337
  • E-8200002E
  • E-82000102
  • E-82000113
  • E-82000133
  • E-82000138
  • E-8200013A
  • NP-31730-4
  • NP-31730-4
  • NP-31739-3
  • NP-31952-0
  • NP-32062-3
  • NP-35000-8
  • NW-31194-8
  • NW-31201-7
  • NW-31205-1
  • NW-31246-6
  • NW-31247-7
  • NW-31250-1
  • NW-31253-4
  • NW-31294-9
  • NW-31297-2
  • NW-31374-8
  • NW-31453-6
  • NW-31456-9
  • SU-30696-4
  • SU-30746-0
  • SU-35931-1
  • WC-40382-7
  • WS-36782-6
  • WS-36812-0
  • WS-36855-7
  • WS-36856-8
  • WS-37337-3
  • WS-37338-4
  • WS-37368-7
  • WS-37397-9
  • WS-37432-9
  • WS-37501-6
  • WS-37504-9
  • WV-33898-1
  • WV-33899-2
  • WV-33907-2
  • WV-33917-3
  • WV-36450-7