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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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  • Casseel Casseel (@Casseel) reported

    @SanicBoom4 @mojicores @PaladinsGame I too have this issue

  • SanicBoom4 Aɾιƙυȥυ🎮🐒 (@SanicBoom4) reported

    @mojicores @PaladinsGame I'm in the exact same situation as this person. We both play on Switch and it seems it *may* be an issue exclusive to certain users of that platform. If this issue can pleased be resolved before HRX starts, that would be greatly appreciated

  • Platynews Platy (@Platynews) reported

    @LinkWarrior5 @AbyssOracle @PaladinsGame Reopened the game on steam after months and yeah, 200+ mixer points counted Yeah it is a switch issue

  • rockylada213 SomeDude96 (@rockylada213) reported

    @MrGGJay @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames Unsure. It could be better especially for player retention. I can't find a reason to continue playing after I'm done with quests and BP challenges and no, I couldn't care less about Ranked. That mode gives me more headaches than my real-world problems.

  • Yuumeda_ Yumie 🇯🇵 (@Yuumeda_) reported

    @MrGGJay @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames As a Ranked player, i said No. There is no GM due to a glitch since 3 splits. No rewards for being GM since the new season. No more champion leaderboard. A loading frame you have to wait 365 days to use as sole reward. Glitches every game, some are gamebreaker Too many things :/

  • Waldimar4 Waldimar (@Waldimar4) reported

    @PaladinsGame I am done with Paladins. These ranked matches are broken. Always get teamed up with people that can't play or they pick a champion they never played with. For the past year I can't get past gold due to this. I am done

  • soham_vb Soham Bagayatkar (@soham_vb) reported

    @PaladinsPro @PaladinsGame @GoreMiser Fix the matchmaking ffs

  • soham_vb Soham Bagayatkar (@soham_vb) reported

    @PaladinsPro @PaladinsGame @GoreMiser Fix the matchmaking ffa

  • XSpiky15 R. (@XSpiky15) reported

    @PaladinsGame Hey I'm having problems with login into my account but its saying i have been banned but i have not not been on that account for over a year and a half i have contacted your support but that was over 3 weeks ago was hoping that you might help me out. Thanks

  • Platynews Platy (@Platynews) reported

    @LinkWarrior5 @AbyssOracle @PaladinsGame It is ok ... lets hope they fix it with enough time for me to get the skins since I don't have any of those =/ Thanks for trying to help

  • LinkWarrior5 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (@LinkWarrior5) reported

    @Platynews @AbyssOracle @PaladinsGame If you're on switch there is an ongoing issue with mixer, sorry this happened to you

  • AbyssOracle Seris the Oracle of the Abyss (@AbyssOracle) reported

    @Platynews @PaladinsGame Well i hope they'll solve your issue soon

  • mnupri17 mnupri (@mnupri17) reported

    Why are healing and shielding numbers still broken in @PaladinsGame

  • Doomblud2308 Spookblud (@Doomblud2308) reported

    @MrGGJay @tomlikeafox @PaladinsGame The problem with longer games is that longer doesn't always mean more fun. If the matchmaking is bad it just means there's another round of getting your ass whooped because your team can't play the game properly. And with teams like ID 5 stacking in casuals it's not gonna be fun

  • ThatGuyFrom916 ThatGuyFrom916 (@ThatGuyFrom916) reported from Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Of soon as we are dominating TDM in @PaladinsGame, there’s a dam crash at 37-7...gtfoheeerrree

  • DoodleRaccoon Doodle (@DoodleRaccoon) reported

    @better_legends Paladins or Knights. Basically I love having a code my character is sworn to and then setting up scenarios thanks to my fellow players and GM where I am forced to struggle with it. I have had characters be the hero who saved the day and have been left a broken ruin because of it.

  • HPUFan Ian McCormick (@HPUFan) reported from North Charleston, South Carolina

    23-6 Paladins 11:43 till half. HPU doesn't appear to be only Big South team with big problems right now.

  • IronSkull98 Cristian Medina (@IronSkull98) reported

    @HiRezRomanova @PaladinsGame ive had an issue where i havent been earning mixer points since the new update. ive been stuck at 601 and ive watched around 5 hours of streams on mixer

  • PaladinsCdR Paladins: Campeones del Reino (@PaladinsCdR) reported

    Nuevo Twitt de PaladinsGame: RT HiRezRomanova: It seems that there is an issue currently affecting our Switch/Merged to Switch player base with account data not being recognized. Our team is figuring out what happened. If you are a a PC, PS4, or Xbox player seeing this let…

  • PedroBustos93 Pedro Bustos Meneses (@PedroBustos93) reported

    @HiRezRomanova @PaladinsGame Yes! Same problem in my Switch! Please! I don’t want lose my progress 😢

  • Firefox9402 Firefox9 (@Firefox9402) reported

    @HiRezRomanova @PaladinsGame I just turned on my Nintendo Switch to play some Paladins but it showed me the Terms of Service. So I read all of it and pressed accept, but when I was logged in it deleted all of my progress.

  • alex8agry alejandro (@alex8agry) reported

    @MrNoobster21 @PaladinsGame Hope they can fix it soon

  • PaladinsCdR Paladins: Campeones del Reino (@PaladinsCdR) reported

    Nuevo Twitt de PaladinsGame: EbdielRivera There is an issue currently only affecting players for switch or switch merged accounts. We are still figuring out what caused this and will update once we have more information.

  • PaladinsCdR Paladins: Campeones del Reino (@PaladinsCdR) reported

    Nuevo Twitt de PaladinsGame: SalamiOkami Nobodys accounts have been wiped. There is an issue that seems to be happening to switch/switch merged accounts. We will update once we have more information.

  • Nadezhda932 Nadezhda93 (@Nadezhda932) reported

    @Sharkbroz @ParanormallyN Oh, and by the way: paladins didn't even try to think how to solve the problem which is a cause of many wars in real world as well - RESOURCES. That's what Lotor was working on. And we're said that the Galra as a state CAN'T EXIST without quintessence.

  • Naikon42522246 Naikon (@Naikon42522246) reported

    @alex8agry @PaladinsGame I had the same problem idk what's wrong, but it's super sucky. I had a pretty high level androxus and over half of the champions purchased.

  • CruzSasquatch CruzTheSasquatch (@CruzSasquatch) reported

    @PaladinsGame Like until the problem is fixed cause there were times when it only took me one try to lock in a character but sometimes multiple and someone who doesnt know how to play said character ends up playing it

  • Tatem0406 Turboyoshi (@Tatem0406) reported

    @PaladinsGame I have an in-game issue and was wondering how long it would take for my support ticket to get answered. It's been several days now so just wondering.

  • Distortee Distorte (@Distortee) reported

    @williandvg @PaladinsGame I never had lag maybe you should just get better wifi 🤔

  • williandvg Willian D. (@williandvg) reported

    @PaladinsGame Don't play this stupid game... They throw on you skins, chests, new champions but have not shame in the face to fix the lag in ALL servers. I had play 15 matches and after 5 minutes start a lag like u playing with 700ms but showing 47ms

  • williandvg Willian D. (@williandvg) reported

    @PaladinsGame Don't play this stupid game... They throw on you skins, chests, new champions but have not shame in the face to fix the lag in ALL servers. I had play 15 matches and after 5 minutes start a lag like u playing with 700ms but showing 47ms

  • obliterate1000 Anthony-Greninja (@obliterate1000) reported

    @tomlikeafox @PaladinsGame Ranked is such bullshit still they haven’t done shit to fix rank lazy ass hi-Rez

  • Swindyyyy Swindy (@Swindyyyy) reported

    @OctaneProTV @schisam @RealmRoyale @PaladinsGame Only thing I worry about is that people will start being like "oh just fix Paladins first 4Head" oof

  • 1e1508190aad45a ismael machado (@1e1508190aad45a) reported

    @PaladinsGame @schisam fix the bugs of the game, you need to hear us the players are paying off the game for delay dc and high ping in the games make a bug report system within the game concert :(

  • DavidLp26608665 David López (@DavidLp26608665) reported

    @PaladinsGame Stop make new thinks if your game is a shit. Fix your game

  • CJ_Genu2000 Genu2000 (@CJ_Genu2000) reported

    @MrGGJay @tomlikeafox @PaladinsGame Pffff it is only in the game since month, like it is not a high priority fix obviously, like who tf needs to play the game lol

  • RheaFreya RheaFreya 💗💜💙🐉 (@RheaFreya) reported

    @PaladinsGame customs games are still broken. 6 days.

  • TheGreatSurf Lau R. Griffin (@TheGreatSurf) reported

    Also very easy to fall into cheap jokes like along the lines of 'the shadow paladins in service to the goddess of senseless torture had a more understandable ideology than this' but in this economy cheap jokes are all we can afford.

  • StanVonClutch Doggy Bag (@StanVonClutch) reported

    @Oilfarr @cbcollins26 @LonelyGoomba Also: CTR Spyro Overwatch Fortnite Paladins Crash n sane trilogy Games forced at 30fps spyro Overwatch Fortnite TSR

  • _Saix__ Saixxx (@_Saix__) reported

    @PaladinsGame i was trying get back into the game, unfortunately i didint manage to do it and game has ended before i back. Zenix got he's tps for a win and got game as a win. Game decide to ******* in the ass and this match was a lost far me, bcs i didint manage to login back. So rip my tps

  • aimen42490 Staub A.T (@aimen42490) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix You’re game for ps4 players i dont Want to crash anymore pls

  • HiRezRomanova Evil Mojo | Romanova 🔜 #HiRezExpo2019 (@HiRezRomanova) reported

    @SakurabaNekuX @aditbharadwaj @JevilDevil @PaladinsGame The daily quest xp issue is 100% a bug. A fix is being worked on for that.

  • jubileeO Jubilee O (@jubileeO) reported

    @HirezOps I'm not able to login on Paladins on the Xbox One. Although my live is connected fine, when I try to log on it tells me to 'connect to live to continue'

  • Yuumeda_ Yumie 🇯🇵 (@Yuumeda_) reported

    @YatoAcosta @Lxr4z @Bacon4EverEver @beadyroe and those are just small exemples, there is a lot of problems, Paladins might be a most glitched game available on Console rn, but hey, theyre doing the Glitch Hunt to reduce that, so its cool, cause now they added the Ranked glitch, the inexistant map rotation, etc....

  • TrashMouthe Natalya| (@TrashMouthe) reported

    @PaladinsGame Well I'm most exited for the ability to play. I'm getting the "Unable to connect" error for a few days now.

  • Goddaci GODDACI (@Goddaci) reported

    .@PaladinsGame fix your game 🙄

  • ShashKetchum Shashank (@ShashKetchum) reported

    @EvilMojoAdanas @PaladinsGame Preparation is just downright awful, it was kinda okay when it worked off elims but now it's just kills and 500 heal is nothing in front of cauterize and snack attack has the same issue with caut as Prep does. Direct current gets 0 value due to resil. Top 3 for me

  • SirGumbii Im Gumbii (@SirGumbii) reported

    @beadyroe But it's sad seeing how it peaked but fell due to the devs. Like it's so easy to fix it but they care more about Paladins

  • MikuruX Mikuru//X (Anime Toshokan Inc.) (@MikuruX) reported

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy the service but my only gripe as a person who is trying to get into streaming on Mixer, I wish navigating didn't involve opening so many tabs on my browser when clicking on links. Other than that, I enjoy watching Paladins here @WatchMixer

  • NeresKleber kleber (@NeresKleber) reported

    @schisam @PaladinsGame Return to pve modes that were released weekly, and weekly content updates and fix all bugs.

  • ChainAttackTrev Trevor Christensen (@ChainAttackTrev) reported

    @_Merzain I wouldn’t say that, I’m just trying a few alternatives. I will say that triple Vindicators into Faithful Masses paladins was not working. Wooo boy... rough.

  • GirlWithTheWifi Eliza™ (@GirlWithTheWifi) reported

    If its not my PC having problems it's @lonewolf_athena's Xbox rejecting to play Paladins 🤣🤣🙈

  • AbsolutleyHot MindControlReallySucks (@AbsolutleyHot) reported

    @Bebewooow @PaladinsGame Oh haha I thought about it for a sec after I sent that, I never have problems with my flanks against her maybe that’s why 😂

  • kiwolfe2134 Kaiwolfe (@kiwolfe2134) reported

    @PaladinsGame oh wait nvm i see the error in my ways... i didnt get the 200 wins FeelsBadMan

  • llovelyy_ Emmy🔜HRX (@llovelyy_) reported

    FIX YOUR SERVERS @PaladinsGame

  • proller5555 Proller5555 (@proller5555) reported

    @PaladinsGame the "fixed" bug of furia right click isn´t fix still appear the animation, but not heal

  • JustinSeiberDev Justin Seiber (@JustinSeiberDev) reported

    @PaladinsGame @PaladinsGame Just figured it out. The username on switch is the profile username. That is a real problem with your switch client. You need to make a notice for new players explaining this upon login. If profile name isn't unique then you have no real indication which name it is.

  • uDiedBro1 uDiedBro (@uDiedBro1) reported

    @hunichii @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoSrixis The real problem is the weapons, no fallof... Maeve with 800 of damage and Evie with 850... Drogoz 850 with of damage... Drogoz is a damage, not flank...

  • jared_paints JARED (@jared_paints) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix your servers. I got all battlepass and skins to support you. Now do your part.

  • jared_paints JARED (@jared_paints) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix your servers. 40 ping to 150 ping. Wtf