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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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  • Sign in (56.25%)
  • Online Play (18.75%)
  • Matchmaking (10.94%)
  • Glitches (9.38%)
  • Game Crash (4.69%)

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  • 300_IQ_Prower Gabriel Martin (@300_IQ_Prower) reported

    @ShammyTV You reviewed Paladins and OW in 2018, release date isn't issue. You mentioned Gigantic and you like Hero Shooters, so relevancy isn't issue PLEASE review Battleborn. It's legitimately my fav of the lot, and i cry about how its potential was lost due to an inferior game

  • FurmanBaseball Furman Baseball (@FurmanBaseball) reported

    E6 | Furman 4, WCU 4. Paladins' 4-1 lead is toast. Catamounts use a hit batsman and a Paladin fielding error to tie it up in B6.

  • FurmanBaseball Furman Baseball (@FurmanBaseball) reported

    M5 | Furman 4, WCU 1. Paladins plate three, aided by a Catamount throwing error and a pair of wild pitches in T5.

  • fucklyssa alyssa (@fucklyssa) reported

    i wish paladins would fix their shitty ass servers so i could play the game.

  • pedrete222 Pedrete222 (@pedrete222) reported

    @EvilMojoMolly @PaladinsGame You can fix the missions of playing 15 games of End Time, there is little time for it to end 🙏

  • Dingrix Dingrix (@Dingrix) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix your broken game

  • BeardFuzzy FuzzyBeardO (@BeardFuzzy) reported

    @Raventric1 @PaladinsGame I'm just happy they slapped themselves to take initiative to fix many of the bugs

  • SSB_BAC SuperSonicBlur (@SSB_BAC) reported

    @Pixiekittie_ @UnpureApostle @FuckUnicornlml @SMITEBlitz yep thats smite. as i dont play paladins i cannot answer for that but i do know of the infamous Grover Crash

  • Sec2nd1 Second (@Sec2nd1) reported

    @Raventric1 @PaladinsGame I wonder if they fix my problem. I bet many other people has my problem as well but just doesn't play the game due to the buggy FPS.

  • NotAlexTv NotAlex (@NotAlexTv) reported

    @_DiGeDoG_ @francisyang121 @J0Adam @PaladinsGame Queue time is not acceptable, but you cant just simply boost the rank queue times. It heavily depends on the ammount of players who play ranked. There is no realy "working on the issue" other than engaging more players to play in ranked.

  • DoomieSama DoomieSama 🍄 (@DoomieSama) reported

    My @PaladinsGame files are dead. Trying to fix them. Steam pisses me off sometimes.

  • NotAlexTv NotAlex (@NotAlexTv) reported

    @francisyang121 @J0Adam @_DiGeDoG_ @PaladinsGame Like he is complaining about the queue time lol and it's the one thing you can't just fix with code. It's dependant on how people are also in queue. Great! Lets go tell them that you need to fix the human ammount.

  • JayFlare132 Jay Flare (@JayFlare132) reported

    @CoachBitey @PaladinsGame @PaladinsPro They do plan to fix those skins, but yeah an option like that could definitely solve the problem in the mean time. I will pass it along.

  • Lady_Mesz L͓̽a͓̽d͓̽y͓̽_M͓̽e͓̽s͓̽z͓̽ (@Lady_Mesz) reported

    Hey @HiRezStudios @PaladinsGame How about you fix your Deserter discipline for people that actually quit and not give it to people that have no control over getting disconnected.... so angry rn.

  • xdaffyduckx410x xdaffyduckx410x (@xdaffyduckx410x) reported

    @SMITEBlitz @PaladinsGame Haveing issues Google play download won't start

  • JayFlare132 Jay Flare (@JayFlare132) reported

    @MikeKatar @PaladinsGame This was the submission I was hoping to see end up in the game the most. A skin like this definitely would have done justice to Grover. It really sucks how things ended up not working out :(

  • ex0tichoe +miriam lol 💕 (@ex0tichoe) reported

    paladins' matchmaking system is so broken its unbelievable

  • MaxmilliamR La Diablo🌶 (@MaxmilliamR) reported

    @PaladinsGame @ThunderBrush fix this asap or i am done with you, since when does line on maps means you cant make lines on paper ffs

  • Smartyplayz02 Smarty (@Smartyplayz02) reported

    Paladins please fix your bots, I've had a Barik bot just rub up against the wall on Warders all game, we almost won a 4v5 game, If the bot had just stood on the point we could've won still. Thanks for throwing my ranked games.

  • fucklyssa alyssa (@fucklyssa) reported

    day 2 of trying to get into a game of @PaladinsGame and it disconnecting me taking me back to the login screen saying “player disconnected”

  • AcatMilk milkAcat (@AcatMilk) reported

    @realBluTV Lol. I’m not sure what the problem is. I’m sorry that you’re offended that Console Paladins is less popular than the NBA. I’ve not said anything mean today, so just chill.

  • CureDino TJ (@CureDino) reported

    @permafrostbite @danwolfgang_ Yeah, I've been having some issues with recording Paladins for some reason. I've no issue with any other game.

  • calligraphymmo Callie (@calligraphymmo) reported

    @CadenHouse Yah I look forward to it, but it's going to exacerbate some of our issues (BoM is why our damage is so out of line, and that works off of avatar). Still, solid trait. For paladins it's avenging wrath iirc

  • Kamikazaye Kamikazaye (@Kamikazaye) reported

    @foulveins Exactlyyyy xD Hi rez doesn't put as much effort into models like paladins just because well... mmo. (Neith has the most skins in the game ironically too lmao) but it's no problem. At least they have a ton of other cute Goddesses and skins you could mess around with 🤣

  • KuzakMateusz Mateusz kuzak (@KuzakMateusz) reported

    @PaladinsGame Hello i have a problem with paladins that wont let me play the game and keeps crashing, ive updated steam and i had to download the game again and i still have this problem. i hope u can help me Thank you

  • KuzakMateusz Mateusz kuzak (@KuzakMateusz) reported

    @HiRezStudios Hello i have a problem with paladins that wont let me play the game and keeps crashing, ive updated steam and i had to download the game again and i still have this problem. i hope u can help me Thank you

  • intothetardisz Mari 마리 with luv 💜🌈 (@intothetardisz) reported


  • intothetardisz Mari 마리 with luv 💜🌈 (@intothetardisz) reported


  • AlexanderBallu Alexander Ballu (@AlexanderBallu) reported

    @PaladinsGame The game will continuously crash on the menu since the recent "update" (fix of matchmaking) .

  • intothetardisz Mari 마리 with luv 💜🌈 (@intothetardisz) reported

    @PaladinsGame i'm not able to play paladins and realm because I open the game and it crash

  • yt_poy PoyPoyYT (@yt_poy) reported

    @FortniteGame @AngelMelly servers are so laggy right now, pls fix while i wait, im just gonna play paladins, dont worry i aint playin that shitty game called apex legendshit, and alsoooooo bring back fishstickkkkkkk

  • TheDolv The Dolv (@TheDolv) reported

    I would play @PaladinsGame if I could get into it. But it crashes on login screen -.- So I'm going to have to find another game to play instead ... @HiRezStudios

  • yuuky2000 yuuky2000 (@yuuky2000) reported

    @PaladinsGame the game keep crashing every time i log in after the update, pls fix it

  • natdaman31 Nath (@natdaman31) reported

    @PaladinsGame game is crashing when you load it up, not the only one having this issue.... again.... pls fix asap

  • sebaplay1412 Sebastian Kaito (@sebaplay1412) reported

    @PaladinsGame Double XP !!! SERVERS DOWN .. WAY TO GO :/

  • Casey47879201 Makoa (@Casey47879201) reported

    @PaladinsGame Anyone having problems with new update. I got kick three time today and I’m not able to get in a match. I lost rank points because it crashed while picking characters to ban. :(

  • George0fficial_ Jellehfied (@George0fficial_) reported

    @pandavity @EvilMojoSrixis @PaladinsGame Certification is the permission of the platform to update a game. It makes sure that it doesnt break the platforms system, for example on ps4, allowing you to manipulate the console, it stops that. They also dont want broken patches pushed out to end users.

  • elanhilmy Elan Hilmy (@elanhilmy) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix the matchmaking, im gold 2 but got matched againts grandmaster like wtf

  • ASTRlX astrix 👽 (@ASTRlX) reported

    Stream will be back up soon, had some internet issues now I'm re downloading Paladins

  • _thacastro816_ J.Castr0 ☠️ (@_thacastro816_) reported

    @PaladinsGame Ive had to back out 3 ranked matches bc servers was slow on PS4. Fix this

  • Krashy F/A Krashy (@Krashy) reported

    @Slasher OW has fundamental problem, hero switching. They put their design philosophy at risk by putting power in the hands of the players. Meta & balance aside i quit the game because it was a depressing social experience. I hated how people were acting towards each other. Paladins >

  • Girronki Girronki (@Girronki) reported

    @PaladinsGame 👏fix👏the👏*******👏matchmaking👏

  • Deathstrike0202 Deathstrike (@Deathstrike0202) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix the bug with seris that se can't heal zhin while he's in billow, thats so annoying

  • framgamerdipepe darkness (@framgamerdipepe) reported

    @PaladinsGame please fix the bug in ps4 the recomende friends no give the skin pip and cristals

  • El_Asta Asteggeriano 🔰 (@El_Asta) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix hitboxes from imani firing fire shoots

  • KJ_thatonegamer Kalonji Sams (@KJ_thatonegamer) reported

    @PaladinsGame Not the only issue that needs fixing tbh..

  • YbrikG ybriK gnimaG (@YbrikG) reported

    @PaladinsGame I Really need to play, I was going to make a live stream, but now, I can't do it! Please fix it as fast as possible! 😞

  • natdaman31 Nath (@natdaman31) reported

    @PaladinsGame Login servers had issues a while ago too, took me 4 trys to login

  • RheaFreya RheaFreya 💖🎀👑 plays paladins. (@RheaFreya) reported

    @PaladinsGame Pleaseeeeee fix the matchmaking it’s so sad lately. Thx for looking into it!

  • archai_winters Archai Winters (@archai_winters) reported

    @PaladinsGame Reported issues since years ago lul

  • TandenStream TandenEngine (@TandenStream) reported

    @PaladinsGame I hope that we can at least get our daily login 😬

  • shane_wk WK Shane (@shane_wk) reported

    @098Cruzz @PaladinsGame Yeah it's totally unplayble. I lost like 4 ranked matches because i got 2-3 ppl not getting in game and being replaced by a bot. Now the game is down to fix the issue probably but i really hope we get something because i got ranked down because of Hi-Rez

  • young_dev35 Devron Snow (@young_dev35) reported

    Yo @PaladinsGame high how y’all doin umm quick question CAN YOU FIX THE GAME SO I CAN QUEUE UP PLEASE

  • llanos_johann Johann Llanos (@llanos_johann) reported

    @PaladinsGame I can't login to my account. I'm playing on Xbox

  • TweetterKk Captain Quick Dicken (@TweetterKk) reported

    @098Cruzz @PaladinsGame I have SAME problem

  • Cunningvivi Vivian The Stunning (@Cunningvivi) reported

    I can't load into paladins and some other people are having this issue as well,WAT

  • HiRezXienen HiRezXienen (@HiRezXienen) reported

    @chahoulatink @ADLaddams @NecromancyNA @PaladinsGame This issue has been fixed in the Street Style Update that drops later this month.

  • DigDougXD DigDougXD (@DigDougXD) reported

    @TirthakamalNath @PaladinsGame Weird. Must be an error.

  • davinkraft DavinKraft (@davinkraft) reported

    @PaladinsGame Game is broken. Im not a deserter.

  • boomupboomdown WHODATWHODAT (@boomupboomdown) reported

    Hi @EvilMojoMolly i think that @PaladinsGame is not working on PC. I just played a match and i won, but it didn't count at all. Kills didn't count for Daily Quest, i didn't get any gold, i didn't get any XP... etc. Also now i can't even log in, it's stuck on log in screen.