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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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  • Glitches (16.28%)
  • Game Crash (15.12%)
  • Matchmaking (5.81%)

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  • M1necraftmast3r AToxIcMuffin (@M1necraftmast3r) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix your hit boxes 👏

  • mazs_dgs Dgs (@mazs_dgs) reported

    @UltimateGymLad @syberbolt @LeHelvian @PaladinsGame Because they can't fix bugs that fastly when they don't know what produces them

  • Bherksy Bronze 5 Bherksy 🇦🇺 (@Bherksy) reported

    Paladins has one week to fix rank and stop me from seeing level 150+ Evie’s when I’m on gamepad only or I’m quitting and selling my account to the highest bidder, I didn’t buy an Xbox to verse Mouse and Keyboard players.

  • BrandonRoukey Rude (@BrandonRoukey) reported

    @Fearedocide Sounds like a weird merge issue. Hit up support and they'll get it straightened out. My Paladins account was messed up after the merge too.

  • SalvadorQuadro Quadro Salvador (@SalvadorQuadro) reported

    @PaladinsGame still no word if ranked tp issue is intended or not.... you slowly killing your own game so sad. i love it

  • santythesweety santiago ferreira (@santythesweety) reported

    @Raizino740 @PaladinsGame Lol ttrue yesterday a guy used shalin and crash all the goddamn game

  • Anime_Cookie_ Cookie (@Anime_Cookie_) reported

    @G2A_com In my opinion its Paladins. When I started to play Overwatch I finally realised it.Nobody is talking, chatting or calling out smth.They are only using their Mics or the chat for flaming and raging without even really telling you their problems.They are just screaming :"NOOBTEAM!"

  • santythesweety santiago ferreira (@santythesweety) reported

    @HaydenHndrx @PaladinsGame No we need a F- company fix your goddamn bugs

  • santythesweety santiago ferreira (@santythesweety) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix your goddamn game

  • JoshuaHosking Josh Hosking (@JoshuaHosking) reported

    @NerdHunterXD @PaladinsGame Remove it to fix it, then add it back after. The game is fundamentally broken atm because i dont have the ability to not play with PC players on xbox. I have crossplay off yet im still being matched with them. Remove it, thus removing the unfairness of the MM, then add it back

  • CristofferLange Cris (@CristofferLange) reported

    I usually don't highlight problems in games I play but I'm really not enjoying @PaladinsGame right now. First the shooting range was just gone on Switch for a month. A hotfix was supposed to take care of that but it didn't and no explanation was given. 1/4

  • lisaleeri15 Lisa Lee (@lisaleeri15) reported

    @theuncannyallie The only issue with that is that video of someone asking one of the writers to repeat what he thought the ages of the paladins were. The only two characters with hard numbers were Pidge and Shiro (14 and 25), but those weren't in stone if I remember correctly. They were a range.

  • NerdHunterXD NerdHunter (@NerdHunterXD) reported

    @JoshuaHosking @PaladinsGame Why remove it when they can fix it ! Plus it works fine for some.

  • MaliMalazo Marlos Canuel (@MaliMalazo) reported

    @abhinav51996334 @syberbolt @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames @EvilMojoAlyssa He didn't save crystals, he directly bought it with the purpose of buying something that has been removed with no anticipation. That's the problem here, genius.

  • Husnain81635274 Husnain (@Husnain81635274) reported

    @V1nRage @PaladinsGame Fix trollers and noobies too in ranked.Pls

  • Patorishio Mauricio Patricio Jr (@Patorishio) reported

    @PaladinsGame @PaladinsGame Just reached level 49 of the 1st tier of Battle Pass on Xbox One, but received no Diamond Chest, please fix it.

  • Demongod115 Demongod115 (@Demongod115) reported

    @PaladinsGame And I'm looking for another match again when I find another match its doesn't take me the the character selection sometimes just please fix that mode I haven't even did the play 5 end times quest how can I do it when that mode messes me up

  • Demongod115 Demongod115 (@Demongod115) reported

    @PaladinsGame Can you guys fix the end times For the Nintendo switch everytime i join its takes way To much time to find a Match and when I find a match I pick my character like everyone else next thing you when someone doesn't pick a character it just kicks me out

  • PlugnGeek JC (@PlugnGeek) reported

    @oldmanm0nk3y @HiRezStudios @PaladinsGame @PaladinsPro 'cause my account is merged and everything is broken for me :/

  • 1nggard Inggard (@1nggard) reported

    @PaladinsGame I’d like to do it but when I try to link my twitch nothing happen and for my steam account it’s always the same thing: not working, try again. I contact hi-Rez but never get a answer.

  • xzafkiel Sad but horny  姻芋宴 (@xzafkiel) reported

    @SartoriusKryzzt @PaladinsGame They fix 1 bug and another 2 bugs will appear lmao

  • PlugnGeek JC (@PlugnGeek) reported

    @schisam Hi, do you have news about the broken ranked on #NintendoSwitch #paladins . My account is merged between Switch and PC and ranked games are broken. No news from CM, no news from support...

  • santythesweety santiago ferreira (@santythesweety) reported


  • ImanisDragon Grover Grohk (@ImanisDragon) reported

    @PaladinsGame Dredge is BROKEN

  • That_MS_Gamer That MS Gamer (@That_MS_Gamer) reported

    @pugwash84 @PaladinsGame i think is a windows problem and dont have for now time to reset or format the pc

  • oldmanm0nk3y m0nk3y (@oldmanm0nk3y) reported

    @PlugnGeek @HiRezStudios @PaladinsGame @PaladinsPro A shame the switch is the most broken version. They certainly know how to shit on the #switch

  • oldmanm0nk3y m0nk3y (@oldmanm0nk3y) reported

    @HiRezStudios fix your damn game. No voice chat and now I have a text chat box that I cannot use #paladinsonswitchisbroken @PaladinsGame why do we have the worst version on #switch @NintendoAUNZ fix your game @paladins @HiRezSavvy

  • AndyLinton7 Andy Linton (@AndyLinton7) reported

    @PaladinsGame Can we fix Rank first. Or give any updates on fix im still at zero matches in placements after doing 20 matches -_-'

  • syberbolt Syberbolt (@syberbolt) reported

    @CuratorRex @Velak_H @VandheerH @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames @EvilMojoAlyssa Tons of people including myself couldn't even get on the PTS due to error. Asked if it could be extended a week, no dice.

  • That_MS_Gamer That MS Gamer (@That_MS_Gamer) reported

    @Reqqypoo @PaladinsGame dont know is something about untrusted system file (c /windows/system32/hid.dll) that was super weird because i play the game on steam so i dont have those problems but well thats a thing now

  • honeybaesun nay (@honeybaesun) reported

    @PaladinsGame FIX THE RANKED TP

  • Velak_H Eder Hernández Vela (@Velak_H) reported

    @VandheerH @syberbolt @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames @EvilMojoAlyssa And thats the real problem... But they do this every time

  • KiraGalaxia ⋆˚✦Kira✦˚⋆ (@KiraGalaxia) reported

    Well I just wasted my season pass on @PaladinsGame. I never touched the game because of its bugs and toxic community. Not only that, but charging us more money on skins. I get you guys are a free game, but how is it even playable when you guys dont fix your bugs...

  • Hefehef Hefehef (@Hefehef) reported

    @adamcjd10 @PaladinsGame That game needs more than a new CEO to fix it's issues.

  • JoshuaHosking Josh Hosking (@JoshuaHosking) reported

    @PaladinsGame On xbox only and still be matched with other players from other platforms. Its broken. Remove it, reimplement it when it actually works

  • V1nRage ☪︎ (@V1nRage) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix the ranked TP

  • blader17227 jack lindsay (@blader17227) reported

    @PaladinsGame How about instead of leaking stuff how about you fix console ranked lol

  • iamximious Rob (@iamximious) reported

    @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoAlyssa please fixed ranked on Xbox. This game is terrible without ranked. FIX IT. ITS BEEN ALMOST A WEEK NOW

  • aaron_adkins214 Aaron Adkins (@aaron_adkins214) reported

    @PaladinsGame every time I get off of paladins and log back on none of my settings save. Plz fix

  • TagentekiUchu Crona (@TagentekiUchu) reported

    Paladins is actually a MOBA/FPS hybrid, it's just ran by a shit company and the games is optimized for a toaster and even then it'd probably crash on it

  • TagentekiUchu Crona (@TagentekiUchu) reported

    The primary problem I have with OW is that people still consider it a MOBA/FPS Hybrid when Paladins does that better Because Blizzard doesn't realize when you're playing a MOBA the train of thought should he 'What can I buy/do to stop the enemy' not 'Who should I play to stop --

  • Dav3Juan Gabriel (@Dav3Juan) reported

    @PaladinsGame, software closed to due an error ... as usual. #NintendoSwitch

  • Evallis Evallis (@Evallis) reported

    @EvilMojoAlyssa @TirthakamalN @PaladinsGame By fix I hope you guys mean, overhaul. I'm sorry but this emote just does not line up with what we expect of Skye's persona. Additionally, its so lifeless and devoid of expression, even when stacked up against say, Ruckus's new fist bump emote that dropped in the same update.

  • SkrubbiNati Skrubbi (@SkrubbiNati) reported

    @realBluTV @PaladinsGame Before the patch when I lost I lost 12 tp and when I won I gained 12 tp and I had a winning streak of around 6 games and I play after the hot fix and then suddenly I only gain 6-8tp and when I lose I lose 15-16 tp it's just stupid and srixis on reddit said it wasn't intented

  • elikuni 菌類 (@elikuni) reported

    please fix ranked @PaladinsGame

  • CheesyCanine5 CheesyCanine05 (@CheesyCanine5) reported

    Another glitch I found is when you kill the actual Imani when she's in her dragon. The avatar just shows a paladins logo and no text.

  • ZkEdj 💤💤💤 (@ZkEdj) reported

    @PaladinsGame Please just fix input based matchmaking.

  • Fridattensuppe Laura Stranzinger (@Fridattensuppe) reported

    @HiRezStudios is at an alltime low. Paladins had bugs before, but now only opening the game on switch freezes the whole console. That's why I stopped playing the game on PC. Because HiRez doesn't even acknowledge their bugs and problems. Before on PC, now on console even worse.

  • SFDrill SFDrill #BuffFalco (@SFDrill) reported

    @PaladinsGame Usually i'd be exited to the new champ's tease but i can't because ranked in Switch doesn't work and PC has been pairing me with low level players A LOT Fix your game smh

  • mattcharpie Matt Charpentier (@mattcharpie) reported

    @PaladinsGame stop bringing in new skins and fix your buggy ass game. No one wants to play these stupid new games you create. Bring back ranked, and fix the damn game. You guys are losing players by the minute To @PlayApex . Thought someone should fill you guys in. #choked

  • Q8Abo3abd Abdullah501 (@Q8Abo3abd) reported

    @PaladinsGame Hi, I have a problem with the game, I have reached tier lvl 50 in the Battle Pass but I have not received the ( Diamond Chest ) i wish to get help guys and thank you 💕

  • waitin_follower waitin follower (@waitin_follower) reported

    @B3uZz_ @EvilMojoAlyssa @ChaoticCow @EvilMojoMolly @PaladinsGame yes, i have also noticed this. there is a slight input lag

  • Brok3nVixenXbox Brok3nVixen (@Brok3nVixenXbox) reported

    im to hooked on @PlayApex @PaladinsGame & a few other games lately, temped to start streaming again even tho my cams not working with my pc! lol

  • CrypticCyborg Stevie Thomas (@CrypticCyborg) reported

    @EvilMojoAlyssa Was wondering is it a bug or a issue with the server cause I just played some ranked games on paladins on switch and it still shows zero and my ranked doesn’t show anymore it just shows placement 0 /10

  • FuriaPaladins Furia, The Angel of Vengeance (@FuriaPaladins) reported

    @SHomie911 @MakoaTheAncient @EvilMojoGames @EvilMojoMolly @EvilMojoAlyssa I found this issue, and I found my own workaround. (They do know about this issue btw) What I noticed is that I only get that bug if I alt+tab or am in a different window as Paladins is starting. They're planning to fix it, but for now that's what I noticed! I hope this helps!

  • Thierry21785632 Thierry Henry (@Thierry21785632) reported

    @EvilMojoAlyssa @PaladinsGame Also my graphic card just died while I was playing paladins. I searched the problem and before my gc died, I saw an error which was a Windows kernel error associated with paladins

  • Jaykelvik GGJay (@Jaykelvik) reported

    How is it that the game is getting more and more unstable with bugs @PaladinsGame what is it thats gone so wrong, that the bugs arnt perma fixed and the same issues keep arising , please some one explain this to me as i truely am thinking about throwing in the towel ...

  • BruFi_Vorm BruFi Vormality (@BruFi_Vorm) reported

    @Jusey01 @PaladinsGame Could be cool... But the current state of bots don't make me hopeful, I think if they can fix them with the update, that's fine, but if not, they should drop the idea

  • IHanjo I Hanjo (@IHanjo) reported

    @Paladins Fix your damn characters because everything is ******* broken, **** exploding shots like ******* hell everything is broken

  • IHanjo I Hanjo (@IHanjo) reported

    @Paladins fix your ******* characters and not add exploding shit every time and balance shit out k thanks- Sign Me that salty player who gets butt ****** my flying characters