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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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  • Ichijio_Kun Teiji Ichijio (@Ichijio_Kun) reported

    @EvilMojoSrixis Could you help me with a problem im havin with Paladins. I will crash when i load the game up. Its been like that since i installed it. I tried uninstalling and repairing the EAC and also reinstalled with InstallHirezService. Will try reinstall rn..

  • alphawolf691 bigoof69 (@alphawolf691) reported

    @JayFlare132 @PaladinsGame Why did you remove the option to just logout of the game, people with slower data speeds used that to fix connection problems and now we have to go through the whole proccess of restarting the game it just seems kinda useless tbh

  • archai_winters Archai Winters (@archai_winters) reported

    @flamaxd @EvilMojoGames @PaladinsGame Broken doesn't always mean overpowered.... Term is broken as well as Drogoz but both for different reasons.

  • Muva_Jaclyn Barbie 🍭 (@Muva_Jaclyn) reported

    Just lost 3 paladins matches in a row because people didn’t want to heal anyone. I’m stuck in gold 3 please fix matchmaking in ranked @PaladinsGame

  • Master_MRL MasterMRL (@Master_MRL) reported

    Ugh. I'm bored now because My Keyboard got broken again. Will fix it later. Ask me to draw anything (Only Champions from Paladins) for some silly arts so I can draw them in only Doodles. #Paladins #PaladinsArt #ForMemes

  • flamaxd Jan Krček (@flamaxd) reported

    @archai_winters @EvilMojoGames @PaladinsGame if everyone is broken then no one is

  • archai_winters Archai Winters (@archai_winters) reported

    @flamaxd @EvilMojoGames @PaladinsGame ummm, everyone is broken lol

  • ZeNoVaSion ZeNoVaSion (@ZeNoVaSion) reported

    @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames @EvilMojoMolly chats are not properly working. You can not type during the draft phase which is a problem in Ranked.

  • Evils_7 10 Tails (@Evils_7) reported

    @EvilMojoGames @HiRezStudios Im giving you honest feedback on the issues with paladins and why its a massive cause for concern in this thread heres a list of why your game i feel has betrayed the community and caused its decline as of current.

  • N3VA Ganeva (@N3VA) reported

    @PaladinsGame ya'll need to either fix the games freezing problem or get rid of the deserter time out. Your game freezes, I have to restart, and then get locked out for 30 mins. That's some b.s.

  • KingDreDaHokage KingDre (@KingDreDaHokage) reported

    @PaladinsGame when are you guys going to fix the issue of the game freezing on console (specifically PS4) and the user being banned (deserter) for 30 mins I'm tired of this happening release a hot fix or something I shouldn't be banned for your shitty problems.

  • MisfitMagikarp Magi (@MisfitMagikarp) reported

    @fenixspider1 @PaladinsGame If thats the case, then they also need to remove Bariks turrent sometimes counting as objective and how he can place it on the payload. But first things first they need to fix Skyes perma stealh issue.

  • vegitou7 Vegito (@vegitou7) reported

    @EvilMojoMolly hey just wanna let you know that the xbox servers keep kicking people out the match making them login in over again so yall servers on paladins for Xbox is messed up you should let the people you know to fix it this happened after the new update with Io in it

  • daniel_attih ImDark1O (@daniel_attih) reported

    @PaladinsGame u need to fix the chat system in that game cause is buggy

  • WastedScoundrel Wasted Scoundrel (@WastedScoundrel) reported

    @PaladinsGame please fix the performance issues that exist on PC

  • zhyan13games Laura (@zhyan13games) reported

    I guess @PaladinsGame will rather get your money and add more skins and champs, rather than finish the splash art and fix the bots getting stuck at spawn.

  • Dextro79568109 Dextro (@Dextro79568109) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix your game first then we can talk about new heroes

  • Diakidis_ 🄰🄳🄸🄰🄺🄸🄳🄸🅂 (@Diakidis_) reported

    @EvilMojoGames @PaladinsGame Please fix the disconnect issue. I just get kicked out of games

  • Evallis Evallis (@Evallis) reported

    @PaladinsGame Its been like three patches guys. Imani still doesn't count as a damage for the daily quest half the time!!! Fix it!

  • zquanTum_HybriD zquanTum_HybriD (@zquanTum_HybriD) reported

    Wow having a nice night on @PaladinsGame and I get DDOS'D man if this shit dosnt sto0 I'm gonna bring my whole fleet in and demolish and scare ******** outa these kids

  • delta0dst Delta 0DST (@delta0dst) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix the balance. This is Supposed to be a GAME, but it’s actually an unbalanced cash grab. FIX THIS MESS #BalancePaladins

  • chook_man Chook Man (@chook_man) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Why not just go full paladins. And force people to stay as that hero. Oh wait. You can’t. Cause your game was built on a Rock Paper Scissors idea. And I still count this as a minor update. Overwatch has never had a proper update that fixes it major problem

  • Sleepy_Kur0 Mia (@Sleepy_Kur0) reported

    @PaladinsGame can you fix Kinessa's headshot damage scaling please. I've been ****** out of so many kills tonight because of it.

  • Jaykelvik GGJay (@Jaykelvik) reported

    In game chat still not working @PaladinsGame :(

  • hopwiesel OUR BOY (@hopwiesel) reported

    @PaladinsGame YOUR LOBBY CHAT IS BROKEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Muva_Jaclyn Barbie 🍭 (@Muva_Jaclyn) reported

    @PaladinsGame you have to fix IO’s heal it’s very clunky and her ult it’s walls that aren’t even on screen lmao

  • HiRezStatus HiRezStatus (@HiRezStatus) reported

    [Hi-Rez Status] Paladins Crossplay Login Issues: Jul 18, 13:54 EDT Investigating - We are currently investigating issues with Paladins Crossplay logins

  • ThomasKWasTaken Thomas Kelleher (@ThomasKWasTaken) reported

    Just made a reddit account for Paladins! If anyone has audio issues or feedback please feel free to tag /u/HiRezWaddleD and I will do my best to respond. #paladins

  • HiRezRomanova EQNX | Romanova🔜 EVO (@HiRezRomanova) reported

    @KingKevinPlays @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoMolly Known issue our team is working on!!!

  • AmendolaCesare Rouge Kumquat (@AmendolaCesare) reported

    @PaladinsGame So when are you retards going to nurf sky. Why can she still throw a ten pound bomb across the map. You thirsty bitchs just want money. Fix the game before you keep adding more garbage.

  • ofri12347 🅾️F®️i אֶקְס דִי (@ofri12347) reported

    @HiRezRomanova @PaladinsGame Io is broken need her damage

  • OmegaTempest One Pissed Off Poodle (@OmegaTempest) reported

    @Dazu_x @PaladinsGame If that Andros having issues hes not playing it right

  • IzzysSlt1 Izzy'sS@lt (@IzzysSlt1) reported

    @PaladinsGame hello hirez i bought the lian godess pack but the skin says that it is locked pls fix

  • eumirgc82 Guillermo Eumir (@eumirgc82) reported

    @PaladinsGame Bugs bugs and more bugs. Fixed this problems

  • Slatermill Jo Slatermill (@Slatermill) reported

    @PaladinsGame SOLUTION FOUND to Io ulti crash and invisible effects. changed particle effect from low to medium, now I can see the effect and it doesn't crash. when reverting back to low, game crash instantly when using the ulti which is invisible. if you see anyone with that problem, share

  • semih_sahin22 Semih (@semih_sahin22) reported

    @PaladinsGame The problem was solved when the language of the game was made in English. but the game does not open in Turkish

  • SavageCabbage32 SavageCabbage (@SavageCabbage32) reported

    Paladins ain’t the only buggy game, even a behemoth like League of Legends comes out with broken patches. Bugs are inevitable, sadly. Thankfully this new Paladins patch came out alright. I haven’t experienced anything game-breaking yet, biggest compaint is Io’s rushed splash art.

  • RaedBigboss Bigboss (@RaedBigboss) reported

    @PaladinsGame They didn't fix anything moji still crazy as always and can kill u with less then 1 second sometime i hope this game come to end a lot of thing make me hate it more and more

  • alonesadz alone... (@alonesadz) reported

    @PaladinsGame I buy the battle apss 2019 and i dont have the "Io" skin, please fix it, nick:yae89

  • lapapaafredo alfredo lanuza (@lapapaafredo) reported

    @PaladinsGame wtff why are the servers down

  • TheSupport_Fox TheSupportFox (@TheSupport_Fox) reported

    Anyway @PaladinsGame hire(or just give me a hundred bucks and a decent Pip skin) me and I'll fix ur lore. No I won't make it all about Pip, but he will get some more time in the spotlight. I will also try and make the war story more morally grey instead of GoodvEvil.

  • Ficium1 Paraménei (@Ficium1) reported

    @PaladinsGame yeah i paid for the 2019 season pass and you just released Io for consoles and there's already a problem, cause her extra emote 2 skins and voice pack aren't unlocked, I'm not sure if it's just me or you guys changed the policy on the 2019pass either, please fix it

  • iamlowend Trevor (@iamlowend) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix the game’s hitboxes. Absolutely ridiculous that snipers can quick-scope air and win.

  • SoS_Alias SoS_Alias (@SoS_Alias) reported

    going to be back on @PaladinsGame tomorrow night. Was having crazy connection problems and it was kicking me from the game and then the game had the nerve to give me a 30 min deserter penalty... so yeah

  • obliterate1000 Anthony-Greninja (@obliterate1000) reported

    @PaladinsGame You serious need to buff up Nando fix terminus and fix all these bugs chat still broken like come on Hi-Rez!!!

  • Rwbyfanboy30 Christopher Inman (@Rwbyfanboy30) reported

    Dear @PaladinsGame please fix that stupid glitch that gives you deserter status when you log out and log back AFTER the game froze it's really annoying.

  • Didules 🌌 Didules 🌌 (@Didules) reported

    @bananamisart ... paladins armors, but half broken and destroyed.

  • SeniksSmash Bernie 2020 (@SeniksSmash) reported

    @King_Venia @professor_mgw @DireOnFire @2GGaming I do team stuff in paladins but it doesn’t transfer over to smash at all. My biggest issue is focusing on multiple things on the screen at once in smash, but do it well in paladins for some reason.

  • HiRezRomanova EQNX | Romanova🔜 EVO (@HiRezRomanova) reported

    @Dav3Juan @PaladinsGame The game is not unstable. Most issues on day 1 are server related currently and not to the patch.

  • NotSoSuperFraz Not_So_Super_Fraz (@NotSoSuperFraz) reported

    From what I'm hearing, there was a lot of instability in Paladins earlier and it just so happened to be around the time I was streaming (lag so bad it was almost unplayable) So that might explain what happened with the stream today cause yesterday I went 3 hours no issues.

  • almady18 Ali_Almady18 (@almady18) reported

    @PaladinsGame Listen first lex talent is broken and the music is broken the game is broken andro new talent is broken affffffff

  • HiRezStatus HiRezStatus (@HiRezStatus) reported

    [Hi-Rez Status] Paladins Crossplay Login Issues: Jul 17, 16:37 EDT Resolved - This incident has been resolved. Jul 17, 16:11 EDT Investigating - We are investigating an issue preventing players from being able to log in and queue for game modes

  • unhappyWeaboo Caiidyn (@unhappyWeaboo) reported

    @SrBenji_ @FaladeYT @PaladinsGame I didn’t try to trade anyone, I put in the chat that I didn’t have a build. If the chat feature is broken then too bad, take the loss and stop smurfing

  • dribbleondo Dribbleondo (@dribbleondo) reported

    I like how your tutorial @PaladinsGame on updating graphic drivers A: uses the wrong terminology (you can't install DX11 by itself, you enable the features of it), B: Has MANY spelling errors, and C: Your IN-GAME IMAGE never specifies it's for Nvidia only. 1/2

  • MarcMThompson MarcMThompson (@MarcMThompson) reported

    @Hjorimir @MrPuddins True, (for 3.5 and Pathfinder). This was more of an issue in 2 and earlier (and 3.0 where Dex attacking didn't work on half the enemies). It would still be an issue in 4e for fighters, though not for most other fighter variants (cha 18/wis 18/str 10 Paladins were amusing).

  • jorge_GarciaG Jorgüen Klopp (@jorge_GarciaG) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix your shit. I’m tired of being kick out of the game the game.

  • semih_sahin22 Semih (@semih_sahin22) reported

    @PaladinsGame The game is broken after the update. The game closes while loading and crash dialog opens. I deleted the game and reinstalled it did not improve

  • semih_sahin22 Semih (@semih_sahin22) reported

    @PaladinsGame The game is broken after the update. The game closes while loading and crash dialog opens. I deleted the game and reinstalled it did not improve

  • Highwayunit Fap Robot (@Highwayunit) reported

    @PaladinsGame haHAA Fix your game..just got rid of my 35 Crystals for logging on...btw was the amount i needed to buy battlepass..but hey..

  • edgy_lover EdgyLover (@edgy_lover) reported

    @PaladinsGame Still having problems on Xbox