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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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  • ShadowofHate SoJ Shadow Plays (@ShadowofHate) reported

    @BigSunaLmao @RealmRoyale @HiRezRomanova I know the feeling. Me and @HvyMtlDragon, @XxRedRaven07 and many others have experienced this new bug. But @RealmRoyale won't fix it! They care about money and their PALADINS baby moreso than the Realm Community there friend.

  • OtisTake TakeYourShotOtis (@OtisTake) reported

    @PaladinsGame so I’m trying to play ranked but it doesn’t let me pick a character, fix your trash game. And now I’m a deserter for 30 minutes... are you kidding me

  • littleblindgamr Stephanie 🎮 (@littleblindgamr) reported

    @PaladinsGame I'll tell y'all what, I'll start buying chests when the game stops crashing on the Switch 6 times a day and stops with the insane framerate drops and lag on PC.

  • Talia_Rhea Talia Rhea (@Talia_Rhea) reported

    I've been working on Paladins for so long that it's like I've... forgotten how to work on anything else. Weird problem, but all right... #AmWriting

  • ZeNoVaSion ZeNoVaSion (@ZeNoVaSion) reported

    @PaladinsGame maybe once you fix the REKT weapon's SFX

  • AngemonTk Angemon (@AngemonTk) reported

    @N30o_ Got work. If i can sneak in paladins in my PC then ofc i got no issues. Otherwise we gotta do it when I come home

  • YHWdrawings Myst | YHW Art ✨ (@YHWdrawings) reported

    @Thetofubrute @MaeveBlades2 @BrokenGoddessIo @Pixiekittie_ @PaladinsGame His SMGs don't do a lot of damage, the problem is that "He never dies", and you don't want to think about a Jenos or a Torv on his side helping him lol

  • YHWdrawings Myst | YHW Art ✨ (@YHWdrawings) reported

    @Thetofubrute @MaeveBlades2 @BrokenGoddessIo @Pixiekittie_ @PaladinsGame His SMGs don't do a lot of damage, the problem is that "He never dies", and you don't want to think about a Jenos or a Torv on his side helping him lol

  • IcyFreeze27 IcyFreeze (@IcyFreeze27) reported

    @HiRezRomanova @PaladinsGame I only submitted one support ticket for this issue on my account, but thanks for the reminder that they do take a few days to get a response back to. Appreciate it. Hoping to get that avatar cause it be cute. Have a good day! 💙💙

  • Cinque92946004 Manu Gm (@Cinque92946004) reported

    @PaladinsGame The hitboxes are bad, really bad I hope for their fix 😓

  • RukaMarukesu 🏳️‍⚧️♚ Ruka Desu ♕🏳️‍🌈 (@RukaMarukesu) reported

    @MemesDnd @Zynbitchy paladins have high cha, so it isn't a problem...

  • _Pittwo_ Alex Perez (@_Pittwo_) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix your hit boxes .. they are ridiculously out of balance!!!!!

  • JubaPornborn Juba PornBorn (@JubaPornborn) reported

    Your servers are absolute garbage this days. Lag and disconnects all the ******* time, @PaladinsGame .

  • CNatureBoy1 NatureBoy (@CNatureBoy1) reported

    @KMishimo @ajexec @Paenthy @PaladinsGame Daily login takes like a second then grinding for more then 5 hours

  • ImCuban_bro BananaThePlant (@ImCuban_bro) reported

    @TunaIsToxic @PaladinsGame That looks like an internet issue tbh :o

  • saffyree alex 🌸✨ {comms tbd} (@saffyree) reported

    been playing paladins since like 7am with @TheRoyalJosh_ we have a problem LKSDJFKSLDJFS

  • CNatureBoy1 NatureBoy (@CNatureBoy1) reported

    @PaladinsGame Bring back daily login bonus feature

  • rivera_ndres andres_rivera (@rivera_ndres) reported

    @ATLRomanova Hello, you could help me with a problem when logging into my account ade paladins on steam. He won't let me in. I'm waiting for your answer thank you

  • ToSwitch_IsHere AirLinesMaroc (@ToSwitch_IsHere) reported

    @PaladinsGame i have this problem with pts i can't launch it it says i don't have this program "msvcp140.dll" i did download the pts 2 times and it's the same everytime please help.

  • DabbeIm HNDSM | Dabbe 🇧🇧🇩🇪 (@DabbeIm) reported

    @TunaIsToxic @PaladinsGame All of these clips scream bad connection or lag spikes idk

  • DestructivDonut DestructivDonut (@DestructivDonut) reported

    A new video will be out tomorrow morning! After this one I’m pretty sure I’ve worked out all of the issues with my recording software! It was a headache figuring them all out lol. #paladins #gaming #youtube #follow #YoutubeGaming #youtubechannel

  • Aequdsama Aequd (@Aequdsama) reported

    relaunch the game the video, audio and other setting are getting reset. And that is because Paladins doesn't have Steam Cloud saves. It would be really convenient for us, GeForce NOW players of Paladins, if you could somehow adress this little issue to the game devs. (2/2)

  • Aequdsama Aequd (@Aequdsama) reported

    @HiRezRomanova Hello. So i, as a fellow Paladins player, wanted to reach the game devs about one small issue. Recently i have discovered GeForce NOW for myself and was really happy when realize that this service supports Paladins. But there is one issue. Every time i (1/2)

  • NoodleRyuu 🌸🍃Prince Peach🍃🌸 (@NoodleRyuu) reported

    @BenGrandblade That's gonna be a problem for Kat. He's got a lot of parent figures atm and he's not a fan of paladins after the incident with his eye

  • Feadds Shawn (@Feadds) reported

    @RGB_SF @Colteastwood @Nimesh81434264 @kidsmoove Video was unloaded in 2016, I can say it was rough times for games like Siege, Paladins, and others however today in 2020 with the new Xbox UI changes things are just faster. Sometimes we have invite issues, but every since I got my PlayStation it has been difficult.

  • Cristin06235757 Cristián (@Cristin06235757) reported

    @PaladinsGame paladins when they are going to fix the pairing always match me with bad people and I'm tired of always losing because of that

  • KXLZAY Divine Haise (@KXLZAY) reported

    @GlennZA @PaladinsGame No Problem 😎

  • dep_007 depressed (@dep_007) reported

    @undeadlasagna @PaladinsGame And then someone will either crash during the loading screen or in game and will never come back bc 1) it takes so long to do that, 2) it becomes hella buggy after coming back from crash, if not that someone will afk/quit. So in the end you still gotta play with a bot.

  • 0xVENx0 0xVENx0 (@0xVENx0) reported

    @PaladinsGame not working for me :b

  • 0xVENx0 0xVENx0 (@0xVENx0) reported

    @Leozrs @AyceKun @PaladinsGame terminus isnt broken, he really is underpowered, the reason he became broken this patch is bc of his siphon cards which u cant play without. if u feel weak with terminus then try using these cards because he is very loadout based champion

  • Leozrs Leonardo (@Leozrs) reported

    @AyceKun @PaladinsGame RN HE IS BROKEN!!! And he will be nerfed on next patch

  • MADTitanOS BubbleBotq (@MADTitanOS) reported

    @Big_brain_io @DaddyMousePalas @PaladinsGame You're please fix this

  • The_Dutch_Rock_ Nightcore Family (@The_Dutch_Rock_) reported

    @PaladinsGame i would love to test the new content but it won't login via steam i had this issue last pts as well and you still didn't fix it, then again i have come to expect nothing less from evil mojo

  • MarcoACalero Marco Calero (@MarcoACalero) reported

    @PaladinsGame please fix the Switch crashing problem. I know that it is difficult to figure out but please.

  • CNatureBoy1 NatureBoy (@CNatureBoy1) reported

    @EvieTheWinterW1 @AnthrxHierarchy @PaladinsGame But that doesn’t mean you have to spend time in game for long every day . Daily login takes like a seconds day by day.

  • MatrixModdzPT Matrix Moddz PT (@MatrixModdzPT) reported

    @SergioSaMe12 @PaladinsGame I agree with him, in the other day I lost 15 games in a row and I was the mvp in all of those games, the matchmaking has problems and a lot of people complain about it actually. People in plat banning Raum and Seris is not ok, also the Vivian meta must be taken down asap

  • mewgamez Mewgamez (@mewgamez) reported

    Hear me out on this. Weekly hero ban rotations on Overwatch seem like a good idea at first, but you're not fixing the issue entirely, but temporarily for a week before it changes. Implement a ban system similar to LoL or Paladins, but base the number of heroes banned on how big..

  • MatinioYT Matinio (@MatinioYT) reported

    @PaladinsGame @PaladinsPL @HiRezStudios @EvilMojoGames Forgive me for throwing me small technical problems 😅

  • SergioSaMe12 Sergio Gustavo (@SergioSaMe12) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix you matchmaking i cant win in ranked because every match i have to deal witj Vivian who doesnt know how to play.. Bariks trolls... Raum flank.. Im tired pf playing with shots like them..

  • FurmanSoftball Furman Softball (@FurmanSoftball) reported

    M4 | FGCU 5, #Furman 0 The Paladins are unable to take advantage of 2 hits and an Eagle error in the top of the 4th.

  • MMaarab Sir Ezra, Grim Warder of D&D, Old School Zealot (@MMaarab) reported

    Clerics and Paladins They are the most loved or despised classes in FRPGs. They are often hated for the silliest reasons. Such as: • Cleric = Healbot • Paladin = Puritan killjoy I have my own issues with these classes and they are not the above. 1/

  • HighlordCyroden Highlord Cyroden (@HighlordCyroden) reported

    Aspirants, attend: We WILL be going live tonight at 7PM AZ with either some @PlayOverwatch or @PaladinsGame (I haven't decided yet, vote in the poll to make your voice heard!) Then, barring any issues, Saturday and Sunday we will be attempting to not freeze to death in Frostpunk

  • HighlordCyroden Highlord Cyroden (@HighlordCyroden) reported

    Aspirants, attend: We WILL be going live tonight with either some Overwatch or Paladins (I haven't decided yet). Then, barring any issues, Saturday and Sunday we will be attempting to not freeze to death in Frostpunk.

  • TunaIsToxic George “IAmFortuna™” George #Tuna (@TunaIsToxic) reported

    @PaladinsGame blocked this page quicker than they would’ve ever thought to fix the bugs in game

  • HiRezRomanova Evil Mojo | Romanova 🔜 PAX East (@HiRezRomanova) reported

    @AllPaladins @PaladinsGame @ATLRomanova @EvilMojoAdanas @ThunderBrush There was an issue with it working in our PTS when I tested it and it not working in live. We only just put it up a little bit ago (live) so we are going to figure out right now why it's not working and get it working. It's something unrelated from the game so thank you.

  • Michael58963007 Michael Nickel (@Michael58963007) reported

    @KrissyToits @Kirshery @PaladinsGame No problem!

  • Trindale Tim Parton (@Trindale) reported

    @Kiraofthewind1 In the chapter I wrote for today I reveal a threat to Paladins called Amatan(s), what the unlearned calls anti-paladin and two of the many Paladins who died trying to destroy this particular one. Lords Markus and Jefferies, we thank you for your service!

  • HiRezRomanova Evil Mojo | Romanova 🔜 PAX East (@HiRezRomanova) reported

    @rockebocke @ChristianDorny @PaladinsGame Hoping for today. We wanted to make sure we fleshed out some issues we were having before making it public!

  • PaIadinsGame Paladins: The Game (@PaIadinsGame) reported

    @CNatureBoy1 @PaladinsGame We too dearly miss the Daily Login bonus. Unfortunately it was exploited by players who just logged in and didn’t spent hours playing each day, so we had to remove it. We are sorry for any issues caused by this, but don’t forget to grind the battle pass! You’ll get the crystals!

  • CNatureBoy1 NatureBoy (@CNatureBoy1) reported

    @PaladinsGame My Valentine I missed was “Daily login” reward feature . RIP

  • dantheworId ꒯ꋬꋊ (@dantheworId) reported

    @PaladinsGame it's not working here 😔

  • speedygus23 Speedygus (@speedygus23) reported

    @Hentie_Lover @PaladinsGame I see you’re new around here. Skye can be mega countered if she’s actually causing a bug problem. Get Illuminate, learn the audio queues, and deduce where she could be hiding or going while invis. You don’t have ammo, so you can afford to be suspicious of every corner/hallway.

  • Elder_Gamesman The Elder Gamesman (@Elder_Gamesman) reported

    @PaladinsGame Good thing we're testing... stuff is NOT WORKING RIGHT!!! Will be going off and on for a while, sorry folks

  • Verwuverhuven Skeletor (@Verwuverhuven) reported

    @schisam Club owner Hera with her big bouncer (inspired by the big guy in the pin stripe suit in paladins), An Au Puch skin that looks like that first broken Ultron in Age of Ultron, more collabs with artists like daft punk, studio ghibli, tim burton, Glenn Hetrick.

  • CNatureBoy1 NatureBoy (@CNatureBoy1) reported

    @EvieTheWinterW1 @AnthrxHierarchy @PaladinsGame No it doesn’t . Daily login gives you like one click day by day ..

  • KnightRadace Radace Knight (@KnightRadace) reported

    @timmy77779 @PaladinsGame A, not an. Gold doesn’t start with a vowel. Fix your hashtag and they might make the skin.🙄😑😂

  • Swindyyyy Swindy (@Swindyyyy) reported

    @the_jenos @PopSixxSquish I still dont get why you show in my replies and act like Paladins is the only game that has issues lol

  • FBPonPC Mike (@FBPonPC) reported

    @HiRezStudios you guys having any server issues as I'm unable to connect to the paladins server.. I was connected like 20mins ago and now I cant get bk online D:

  • EvieTheWinterW1 Evie, The Winter Witch (@EvieTheWinterW1) reported

    @CNatureBoy1 @AnthrxHierarchy @PaladinsGame But so did the daily login bonus...

  • iHeart_Ying CARNIVAL YING (@iHeart_Ying) reported

    @PaladinsGame Until you fix bugs related to deserter, you should get rid of the deserter penalty system altogether.