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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • Sign in (69.15%)
  • Online Play (18.09%)
  • Game Crash (9.57%)
  • Matchmaking (2.13%)
  • Glitches (1.06%)

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  • Trish18597272 Trish (@Trish18597272) reported

    @PlayOverwatch for some reason when I go to play some Overwatch I can only hear the background music and I can’t hear Winston talking. The same thing happens to me when I play Storm Rising too how do I fix this

  • devilmanfucker gaybel (@devilmanfucker) reported

    Ive literally played overwatch for 12 hours STRAIGHT today....... listen maybe i have a problem

  • littlefurybugs k 🍭♍️ (@littlefurybugs) reported

    all overwatch does is lag and it makes me so sad

  • VoltZyyy 1nOnlyVoltZ (@VoltZyyy) reported

    @PlayOverwatch The New Overwatch Update On Ps4 Ruined Ping.. Please fix.

  • vampiresauce 🦇 Eline 🦇 For The Horde !💀 (@vampiresauce) reported

    Literally only blizzard games seem to have this problem. I can run a game like Witcher 3 on ultra, but I have to set Overwatch's rendering scale to 50%

  • killswitchkatie Kate Sheridan (@killswitchkatie) reported

    it really drives me bonkers that overwatch has no subtitle option! i have auditory processing problems and i miss most of the banter and other stuff, i can’t imagine how much worse it must be for deaf players who can’t hear ult callouts at all

  • giggliotine n🎃ne pizza (002/300) (@giggliotine) reported

    My laptop can run Overwatch at 80fps but after effects made it almost crash twice. Cool

  • TransSalamander Kathryn #0012 (@TransSalamander) reported

    Overwatch WILL weight your boxes towards stuff you don't have yet. Which is nice, they didn't use to do that. Summer Games 2016 was the one holiday they didn't do that for, IIRC. But to stay on top, you have to keep up. I have a problem.

  • SInsixiengmay [Vomits] (@SInsixiengmay) reported

    @dumbfysh @PharahProtectOW @pharahdise You bringing up Junkrat/Roadhog and Doomfist is a strawman, and proof you don't know how to argue. Besides, I've talked about the problems with Overwatch and how they're 'not as good' as everyone thinks they are. They are quite shady, as they remind me of the some of the worst -

  • lillianwhut Lillian (@lillianwhut) reported

    @nettoria Storm Rising is before Zenyatta. It's also before Overwatch disbanded. This is based on the fact that 1) their voice lines talk about how Morrison and Reyes have been arguing so they're not "dead" and separated yet. 2) Sojourn has to deal with legal issues if they cause damage

  • YepIGotIt Johnny Liptok (@YepIGotIt) reported

    @BlizzardCS I've tested all my other games and apps. Its just overwatch. There's many reddit forms and youtube videos that have the same issue. Nobody has a solution though.

  • jamond_hampton jay_the_gam3r (@jamond_hampton) reported

    @luaanajane Overwatch league is all that matters about it now. It became too main stream with every one putting their thoughts in its "social" issues imo. Instead of people just playing the game people found a reason to dislike it. That's more or less what killed it imo

  • Smashking27 Nathan Lee (@Smashking27) reported

    I've been having Internet issues for the last two days, so I don't know if I'll be able to stream today. I'll try and get a test stream going today with the new Overwatch event to see if my Internet holds up.

  • YepIGotIt Johnny Liptok (@YepIGotIt) reported

    @BlizzardCS can you please fix the overwatch menu glitch. I'd really like to play my game. #OverwatchOriginsEdition #overwatch #glitchy

  • mikeROOK247 M!K3 (@mikeROOK247) reported

    @Zer0_805 Overwatch alone is the problem

  • So_SeriOusS Luigi Volpicelli (@So_SeriOusS) reported

    @OverwatchIT @overwatchleague Really nice skins! Now there is only one problem to solve after 3 years, fix the game.

  • Zer0_805 Ab Sotelo (@Zer0_805) reported

    I’m Just Gonna Say It Overwatch Has The Biggest Smurf Problem Than Any Game Right Now!

  • TripFallEnt Trip Fall (@TripFallEnt) reported

    @Harley43033 @nicotwitchh @Blizzard_Ent @PlayOverwatch This, all trash needs to be reported and banned, easy solution. I encounter the same harassment in every game, it's hardly an overwatch problem.

  • lunabyee Candyflippin (@lunabyee) reported

    Playing Overwatch again after a long break and planning on streaming more. Trying to fix my mentality, I get sad over my perfomance too often and belittle myself instead of focussing on improving. I play really bad when I tilt a bit :S hopefully I can keep top 500 every season

  • paradox_jin349 Phenomenal Jin (@paradox_jin349) reported

    So i'm probably gonna stream early i was thinking of streaming doom but the game is not working so gonna have to refund it with that said i'll probably gonna play overwatch

  • Dan_kiffy Daniel Bush (@Dan_kiffy) reported

    @Soembie Others sorry. They have combat sports at the olympics so I don’t see the problem tbh. It’s not like Overwatch is Mortal Kombat with violence

  • okmonty OK (@okmonty) reported

    @_MissClick_ Hmm, I don’t really recall having many issues at Overwatch launch on PS4, but still it is no big deal to wait a couple hours just to play joker v joker v joker v joker a million times online.

  • BryanCleanzz Bryan (@BryanCleanzz) reported

    My pc is having issues running bigger game like overwatch but even fifa, my graphic card seems to overheat and causes pc reboots as soon as i start a game

  • VultureNY 🦅 #VultureCulture (VultureNY) (@VultureNY) reported

    @livestreamoment @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop They gotta fix the bugs and address the meta. I doubt they would or should patch mid-season. I think overwatch does it in between seasons unless it's a huge exploit or minor bug. I'm fine with the roster as is for now. The patch will make people pick up the underused. Map too imo

  • AfroRobTCG Rob 🍇 (@AfroRobTCG) reported

    Tomorrow stream will be Pokemon TCGO and then some overwatch COMP. Hopefully no internet problems 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • nicotwitchh nico (@nicotwitchh) reported

    2 GAMES INTO OVERWATCH I GOT CALLED A **** ASS **** ***** and was not even on voice chat. LOOOOOOOOOL @Blizzard_Ent @PlayOverwatch fix your community. BACK TO APEX.

  • 16_bit_hero_ BRIANVISION MMXIX (@16_bit_hero_) reported

    I hate when it’s storming while I’m playing competitive Overwatch online. This means I’m lagging and my team loses. GDI

  • bomb_shellxx Shell (@bomb_shellxx) reported

    Picture this: @PlayOverwatch 1v1 limited duels. Previous match: Junkrat VS Junkrat Next match: Pharah VS Tracer Should have been zero problem buuuuut somehow, someway, I got caught in MY OWN TRAP FROM THE PREVIOUS MATCH. I see #Overwatch is working as intended.

  • AbdulRa67433404 Abdul Rasik (@AbdulRa67433404) reported

    @HearthSparkTV @TeamYouTube I think Youtube is Resolving these Overwatch Channels issue Because every one has given there approval to use the clips dont worry this will resolve soon

  • Chalklate_Rain TJ (@Chalklate_Rain) reported

    You know, the problem with #overwatch isn't the vast majority of dps players, it's that most of them are incredibly selfish, uncooperative and don't actually care to learn any kind of synergy. What's worse is the game rewards them for it.

  • rhae_nys Rhaens~ (@rhae_nys) reported

    People have no problem shipping McCree/Hanzo with each other despite the zero words they've exchanged in Overwatch lore but sure, Genji/Mercy shippers are looking "too much into it" just say you dont like it bc its a het couple and go dont bring other bs in this

  • CrystalPrison00 NightDevil00 (@CrystalPrison00) reported

    @Lost_Pause_ First day patch issues, I mean here I am trying to play the new Overwatch event yet I keep losing connection to my server.

  • scaryow Scary (@scaryow) reported

    it hurts to see a lot of Overwatch talent going to waste just because the developers can’t fix their ******* main game mode

  • itsmegalaxybee Brandie 🍒🖤 (@itsmegalaxybee) reported

    I finally have a computer that isn’t broken so I can finally play overwatch again I’m :’) Bap is gonna be my new main

  • RApollos RA (@RApollos) reported

    I just went a million times more ballistic over a massive lag spike while playing Overwatch just now then I did when the Lightning lost last night.

  • MastrMagik MastrMagik (@MastrMagik) reported

    Honestly, solo-queing out of gold SR in #overwatch, is a harder task than re-building notre-dame out of toothpicks. Distasteful I know but honestly, I feel so broken and fed up so i don't care anymore. I'm past caring about morals, I can't escape, and I just don't know what to do

  • AigisFricker female protagonist (@AigisFricker) reported

    @SyntaxAero @SplatoonNews @NintendoAmerica Overwatch had a 25 gig update yesterday and I didn’t see any PlayStation or Xbox server issues 🤔

  • ChadRoberts35 Chad Roberts (@ChadRoberts35) reported

    @PlayOverwatch it's official, Overwatch is dead. Queuing up for Storm Rising has been a 20minute or more task. I'm over it. Just like everybody else. They do nothing to fix issues and just create more. Jeff Kaplan needs to be replaced.

  • Cheztr_ ᴄʜᴇᴢᴛʀ (@Cheztr_) reported

    Shout out to @Charlie_1893 for buying overwatch for me . I’ve been lagging to buy it for so long 😅

  • JRPGoddess Desert Stream~ (@JRPGoddess) reported

    yall gotta calm down joker is great but it's just a server error happens every overwatch update and noone even plays that anymore

  • MeatMan__ MoonMan @ grimnir release relief (@MeatMan__) reported

    I think the interactions in the overwatch event were sweet, I think it's generally in poor taste to call something bigoted because fanon wishes aren't fulfilled. Building a case off of conflating moral issues w/ preferences (like which ships are canon) is bizarre and weird

  • BrendanLorLowry Brendan "Lor” Lowry (@BrendanLorLowry) reported

    The new Overwatch update might be the worst one they’ve done yet. Honestly this game kinda sucks now, a lot of what made it special has been lost because the devs haven’t fixed any of the core issues with the game.

  • Hullitude ☠ Hulla Exhausted ☠ (@Hullitude) reported

    Reposting due to the last one having errors If anyone is bored and wants to jam the Overwatch event on PC before I go to work, hit me up!

  • DardanosOfFate 𝓛𝓞𝓦𝓔𝓛𝓛 (@DardanosOfFate) reported

    Going to be late I guess, Battle net is having issues and won't update. Trying to fix and get Overwatch updated. I'll start when I can.

  • therealbelv belv (@therealbelv) reported

    @its_lilRanga i know owl is a big focus so can’t blame them for having split focus but pve was always going to pop up considering the hype of the initial release was all based on the story of overwatch v talon. it’s not a bad problem to have if your community is wanting more, not less!

  • MartynasGO Martynas (@MartynasGO) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent fix overwatch servers

  • ttvpajala_ Pontus P (@ttvpajala_) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Hey servers are down and games literally cant start without DCs, plz fix i need my daily overwatch fix

  • LilTrumpReaI LilTrumpReal (@LilTrumpReaI) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN After that new update I'am unable play Overwatch. It says "Unexpected Server Error"

  • LEMONSQUEEZE09 Cracked Kronk (@LEMONSQUEEZE09) reported

    Hi @BlizzardCSEU_EN after a update that hit Overwatch a few minutes ago, (700 mb big) i havent been able to get into the game without a Unexpected server error poping up on my screen!

  • JavPerez7 JP (@JavPerez7) reported

    So much ******* lag! @PlayApex Gonna try OverWatch cause of that shit. #FixApex #ApexLegends

  • Ondskapet KNASIBAS (@Ondskapet) reported

    got yanked out of a comp game in Overwatch a literal second before we were supposed to win. Server issues. Win didn't count. unga me mad

  • toxicchicken_tv Mandy (@toxicchicken_tv) reported

    Uuuhm @Blizzard_Ent I think we have problems with the #overwatch server. I had 6 leaver in a row and the generalchat explode because everyone dc'd and ppl can't log in atm... Pls fix it

  • Slasher Rod Breslau (@Slasher) reported

    no fortnite revert in sight, no 2/2/2 lock or a fix to ranked in overwatch yet, and the honeymoon phase for apex legends is quickly coming to an end for Respawn these games are still hugely popular so devs are certainly doing some things right, but players complain for a reason

  • Kacchan2018 M. (@Kacchan2018) reported

    I'll never understand #Overwatch , need 20 sr to hit masters, it gives me 19, I lose the next one, -37sr...i give up. It's broken beyond repair

  • hoa_ow Hunters of Artemis (@hoa_ow) reported

    what if we kissed in the Overwatch Login Error Page 🤭🥴👅💋

  • Psychorpio_ 🌬 Ra1 (@Psychorpio_) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent overwatch ps4 servers are rubbish. Fix it ;@

  • TwinkGenjiOW salty and thirsty genji one trick (@TwinkGenjiOW) reported

    issue is that if i record and stream at the same time, the stream quality will be bad and i gotta move all my overwatch settings from ultra to low for a decent stream quality but i wanna record youtube footage in ultra settings cuz it looks better and nicer

  • rDivinaPapaya Edunardo (@rDivinaPapaya) reported

    @Kotaku Dear overwatch, fix your game

  • TheMauveMage Tech Noir (@TheMauveMage) reported

    My tablet stylus is broken, I lit my nail on fire and I haven't done shit for school. It's #Overwatch time

  • Bamfo639 IVIagic Smurf (@Bamfo639) reported

    @RogersBase @xD1x An overwatch character would be disappointing imo, it was hyped for a little bit but now you never really hear anything about it, Sora would be massive though. I’d also love crash bandicoot or Spyro

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202