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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • nixieyu nixie (@nixieyu) reported

    @SavixIrL I literally vpn to every continent and login to my accounts on overwatch and have not gotten banned or a notice from blizzard at all about it

  • Boedkeren Kasper Bødker (@Boedkeren) reported

    I do think that games as a service also contribute to the lacking support for Mac, since the development then becomes an ongoing cost. The writing was on the wall when @Blizzard pulled the plug on Overwatch. I hope the situation changes.

  • Bi66syGB Bi66sy (@Bi66syGB) reported

    I’m still working on #Overwatch too the problem with taking a large break is you don’t know what’s up anymore, aims still pretty hot though trying to play tank (Sigma and Wreck) as they look fun

  • Kneelander Cameron (@Kneelander) reported

    Overwatch sucks and RL servers down just kill me bro

  • jazzn_27 jazzbob (@jazzn_27) reported

    @Iceman13_ @BikiniBodhi @the3rdwalker i dont think siege is i think overwatch is a better representation of the two being meshed together really well also i like the idea of having to use utility to win but whenever utility is outweighing the gun skill aspect it's an issue

  • Reinforce Jonathan Larsson (@Reinforce) reported

    @Surefour @GGIntel @Volamel I think the title is a bit misleading. I believe the key takeaway should be that Overwatch needs more outward personalities. Friendships, rivalries, fan service, banter... It's a lot more entertaining than discussing hero picks or strategies on specific maps.

  • DominusNoctis David McGreavy (@DominusNoctis) reported from San Jose, California

    Oof, seems like Overwatch is having some server issues today. Twice I've 'lost connection to the server'.

  • bluburytz bruhburytz (@bluburytz) reported

    @Flare_321 @SFShock @NairoMK No one plays overwatch anymore it's a broken game

  • TH3GAM3150V3R Mark (@TH3GAM3150V3R) reported

    they need to fix the lobbies you get put with on overwatch for consoles i hate getting put with low level trash players wtf

  • 302Hanzo Hanzotv (@302Hanzo) reported

    @ThyMight @PlayOverwatch I was honestly shock that you out of everyone was playing overwatch ! But in a happy way ! Freaking love that game no matter how much they mess it up then fix it ect !

  • LogaThomas Lukage ⚔️252🛡 (@LogaThomas) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent yo can you fix overwatch and let me play who ******** I want please, y’all dumb as ****

  • M3GaTr0N7 M3GaTR0N7 (@M3GaTr0N7) reported

    @YourOverwatchYT @kirwinkle Overwatch has like 30 heroes separated into roles. If we had 100 heroes bans might make sense. Leavers, throwers and smurfs are the problem with the game and why many people quit playing. Not bans.

  • Scattersilk Suzie (@Scattersilk) reported

    one of the funniest game ideas i've ever had is "Overwatch: The GOOD Edition" it's funny because it's such a broken mess of a game i couldn't begin to think of where to start in fixing it

  • SoujiKuro NeverMindMe (@SoujiKuro) reported

    @MisfitsGG @FNATIC @LEC I think there's a serious problem in your org right now.... Since the beginning of the Overwatch League....

  • MrMegaManFan Mr. MegaManFan (@MrMegaManFan) reported

    @GameRant "Overwatch fans aren't happy" could be the start of almost any sentence. "Overwatch fans aren't happy with Blizzard." "Overwatch fans aren't happy with new character." "Overwatch fans aren't happy with service interruptions."

  • MartyrsCry Martyr2 (@MartyrsCry) reported

    Tip for #Overwatch players, qp is fine for learning and practicing but not an excuse for not working as a team and crap plays. Don't play a support and try to go 1v6 and screw over your teammates out of their practicing. Thank you! - your teammates

  • Tigersmith RyanS (@Tigersmith) reported

    @Fredrick_Gaming @Asmongold They are forcing these bad titles to become esports is the issue. Overwatch never should have a league imo

  • bugyess bug (@bugyess) reported

    i remember back when i was insanely into overwatch and i probably still would be if my computer didnt have in issue for abt 6 months but when i was just casually playing it someone accused me of hacking because they shot my deflect and died

  • RK_Crown Ras (@RK_Crown) reported

    @TeaLovingBrit @Patterrz The biggest issue with Overwatch is not a fun game to watch as viewer imo. It is fun to play but even though i know what is happening it is just not interesting to me. Maybe it will be better with Overwatch 2

  • AskAGamerUK Ask A Gamer (@AskAGamerUK) reported

    I was a big Overwatch fan and really loved playing competitive, even with the numerous problems (balance, teamwork etc). IMO OWL ruined this games future outside of pro play. The average player aka those spending money no longer mattered and the damage this done is clear to all.

  • bIueberrry Berry @ Cyberpunk 2077 (@bIueberrry) reported

    Overwatch is like real life, sometimes you just got disconnect and restart fresh.

  • RhunWords David Smith (@RhunWords) reported

    Love to have Overwatch crash multiple times and cop a penalty for leaving early. Cheers Blizz

  • ZenoKagemaru Zeno Kagemaru (@ZenoKagemaru) reported

    Great, a third loss in a row, solely due to a ******* 2CP map, that I was already angry enough on earlier. Sure would be nice if @Blizzard_Ent would just fire the devs for Overwatch and get some ACTUAL devs to fix the goddamn mess.

  • IBMninja Bluegoose (@IBMninja) reported

    @SNAFU_Sara Distracted driving is such a problem in BC that the RCMP are getting clever. Overwatch scouts on rooftops ID'ing suspect vehicles, undercover panhandlers on the ground at turning lights to confirm and relay. Traffic stop mill a block away to pull them aside and ticket.

  • tiredkittyy ♥ haley (@tiredkittyy) reported

    @purrezii i agree with the first half but i can see where ur coming from on the second half but i think overwatch has so many problems with comp /balance that they refuse to address that are more stressful and more players have issue with that regardless i dont think anything will change

  • Nemo_oce neo (@Nemo_oce) reported

    lmaoooo overwatch servers are getting moved to google cloud servers. can’t wait for the traffic of billions of people around the world to make me lag even more

  • khajitkitten Courtney (@khajitkitten) reported

    @stef__ak Console :( Xbox. I have a pc that could run it, maybe I'll buy it. Wish they'd just add cross platform. It's not like overwatch where mouse aiming would be a huge issue.

  • shabbad00gaming Joey Jojo Shabbadoo (@shabbad00gaming) reported

    I’m usually not phased by this stuff, but this one hurts. No amount of complaining will fix it though. Guess I’m watching #Overwatch on @YouTube now. I’d rather be watching any #gaming livestreams on @Twitch. C’est la vie.

  • CorrosiveBullet JingleBullets (@CorrosiveBullet) reported

    @whiteshadow_001 Problem is with Overwatch specifically, they have their annual pass which gives viewers tons of perks... unless they implemented a way for stuff to carry over or a means to continue earnings, viewers are not going to invest their time in watching... and for YT, that’s a big deal

  • lildarkchao darkchao! (@lildarkchao) reported

    overwatch porn so much better than actual overwatch that they tried to issue copyright strikes on it and they still couldn’t stop it

  • OverwatchSalt Mikeu (@OverwatchSalt) reported

    @soraskyprince Overwatch League has went from Twitch over to Youtube gaming-. This is like... The worst move the game could have made for it's streaming service-.

  • SirCrest Brett (@SirCrest) reported

    @CaptainPlanetOW yea hold on let me login to the Overwatch League youtube account

  • JeniKanzaki DJ Professor K (@JeniKanzaki) reported

    I'm bored so here are some games I plan to get for Switch in case I get one -Smash Ultimate -Overwatch -Crash Team Racing -TMS Encore -Mario Maker 2 - Doom Eternal

  • SigGraviticFlux Official Sigmas Gravitic Flux (@SigGraviticFlux) reported

    @TheYeetress @TwinkGenjiOW Honestly, twitter staff can **** themselves and their poor understanding of video games for suspending a nice streamer for talking about a fictional Overwatch character. Talking about fictional characters in any form does not violate the terms of service.

  • GeezRyu OhGeezItsRyu (@GeezRyu) reported

    @On_TheBounce @TSG_Tempest @dmsakutarou I've really enjoy both CSGO and R6 Siege competitive modes, as I like to have a viewable performance metric (regardless of how arbitrary it may be). I get it for overwatch/Fortnite, but I'd say that those game's issues lie in their respective publishers (1/2)

  • GaindStream115 Tyler Broyles (@GaindStream115) reported

    Theres nothing wrong with games switching engines. This just means in order to fix what's wrong with the game, they have to upgrade to a better engine. Overwatch is doing it rn, they had to create a new engine in order to make story missions, something the game really needs.

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • insatiablehungy Android 21 (@insatiablehungy) reported

    I think the main issue with Overwatch right now is that all the meta heroes are just not fun Orisa makes me wanna kill myself out of boredom Sigma and his crusty old man feet Reaper there just isn't any challenge Baptiste is probably the closest to being fun out of these

  • jamieharvey1252 shadow ninja (@jamieharvey1252) reported


  • CriticalxMiss Paul Nelson (@CriticalxMiss) reported

    @YourOverwatchYT Also your overwatch: Bans will fix the meta

  • thavage66 Thavage (@thavage66) reported

    @Celestaelrose @hooovin @Hyphin_ Thank you celestial. I’ll definitely keep you posted publicly . Hope @Hyphin_ and I can handle our difference... the problem is... uh... idk if I can say publicly... but... he doesn’t like overwatch :(

  • Goober399 Goober399 (@Goober399) reported

    The longer I work here the harder it gets to keep my anger issues in check. Thank God for overwatch and beer. Only 44 minutes to go...

  • SLYisBOT Sly (@SLYisBOT) reported

    Fighter pass 2 dlc prediction Crash Travis Waluigi Phoenix Wright Overwatch rep Sora

  • SLYisBOT Sly (@SLYisBOT) reported

    Fighter pass 2 dlc prediction Crash Travis Waluigi Phoniex Wright Overwatch rep Sora

  • DexTheDragon Dex (@DexTheDragon) reported

    @RyenaHyena I mean, it's a problem I've known about since Overwatch's second or third event (+maybe some mobile games before that), which is years ago at this point, and my coping strategy at this point is just dropping the game if I don't like it, keeping to a pretty strict budget if I do

  • CamscamIsHere CamscamOW (@CamscamIsHere) reported

    @sk1pOW same bro but it's either overwatch, apex, league, or fortnite and idek what I'd play. Hopefully this new patch will fix things but there's a huge problem with the playerbase that blizzard is just ignoring

  • esports_ohs OHS Esports (@esports_ohs) reported

    We lost in our first week of the Lowkey Overwatch League due to forfeit from technical issues. Hopefully we can play the next week! GGs AHS

  • 1qtaro1 Quinton (@1qtaro1) reported

    Not to mention our overwatch team (captain is @clancyhughes follow him btw) was robbed of their playoff spot cause they used alternate accounts and instead of trying to listen to our pleas they basically said "sorry! Not really our problem." And left it at that

  • JINKWONNlE el ★ CyA day! (@JINKWONNlE) reported

    Well since we want to do this: if you have an issue with me say it to my face. I didn't do anything wrong. I'm logging back out I will be on overwatch sometime if Bailey or Leo want to play with me.

  • MalletToFace 🃏 (@MalletToFace) reported

    Glad I don’t play overwatch they buffed an already broken character

  • NiveumDraco ACynicalMute (@NiveumDraco) reported

    Ok, fine. Don't put bans into Overwatch. At least fix your idiotic matchmaking.

  • Keladinus1 Spellslinger (@Keladinus1) reported

    Oh good, blizzard fixed the rubber banding issue from last patch I can play Overwatch again

  • JoeyThorvaldsen Joey (@JoeyThorvaldsen) reported

    Love being suspended on Overwatch because the server crash my fault all the way

  • I_Trad__ I_Trad _ (@I_Trad__) reported

    Stop ******* with orisa she doesn’t need to be nerfed every patch then ends up getting a buff in a future patch. Just fix the other characters that work with her. #Overwatch

  • B6LMAIN 🏴‍☠️ (@B6LMAIN) reported

    anybody else’s overwatch not working

  • Thunder229_ thunder (@Thunder229_) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm having difficulty connecting to overwatch on xbox one. I am connected and can play other online games just fine but I get an error message when I press A the first time and then it infinity searches the second time saying "entering game..." and never does

  • Jubstevo Julian Stephens (@Jubstevo) reported

    @I_ARMIN1 @SamitoFPS It’s all overwatch streamers know how to do anymore, blizzard could fix the entire game and they would start complaining that it feels ‘too balanced’ and they’re running out of content now or some stupid shit

  • shain_sanchez 🏳️‍🌈 🇵🇷 Many Noises 🇩🇴 🏳️‍🌈 (@shain_sanchez) reported

    New overwatch patch notes literally solve 0 problems In fact it ignores most of the problems going on with the game right now

  • Bnorman16 Brandon Norman (@Bnorman16) reported

    - team. I'm not even going to get started on the amount of in game bugs there are. But fix your f*ing game before I buy overwatch.

  • NGE_prodigy_ NGE_prodigy_ (@NGE_prodigy_) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Looks cool wishe my pc wasn’t broken so I could play overwatch

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202