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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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June 19: Problems at Overwatch

Overwatch is having issues since 08:40 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • g_willan gwillan (@g_willan) reported

    @LetsKillPing I guess don't trust Killping if you are looking for customer service. And definitely don't expect anything from their refund policy. #Overwatch @LeagueOfLegends @DOTA2

  • nickeedee1 Nickeedee🏳️‍🌈 (@nickeedee1) reported

    Man I am so hardcore split on either doing Overwatch or more Fallout 76 tonight (I might have a Fallout problem). Will let you all know closer to stream time!

  • jvjr123 Joey Vargas Jr. 🥀 (@jvjr123) reported

    @BlizzardCS FIX YOUR GAME i can’t even get through a normal game of overwatch without wrecking ***** ult crashing my game

  • FitriExtreme IWAE ! WAGA MAO ! (@FitriExtreme) reported

    Dk if it’s my network or Overwatch server is kinda lagging

  • itsahmedyall ahmed (@itsahmedyall) reported

    Unpopular Overwatch opinion: Blizzard should not release hero 31, specially if the rumor that the hero is a tank is true. It seems that Blizzard’s way to counter their GOATs issue is to constantly make new heroes with new abilities to stop it which CLEARLY doesn’t work 1/3

  • AngryFawnOW AngryFawn (@AngryFawnOW) reported

    @BlizzardCS fix overwatch for console you trashcans it’s been a day maybe 2 already and people have lost so much sr

  • Cobh_xbl Cobh (@Cobh_xbl) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN @PlayOverwatch @BlizzardCS fix overwatch on Xbox, or disable Hammond. Every time he ults two people on the enemy team have their game crashed

  • The_ViperUS Dared ViperZ (@The_ViperUS) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent fix Overwatch the dumb wrecking ball thing is a joke Fix it

  • EmilyKrumlinde QueenE (@EmilyKrumlinde) reported

    So virgin media is confirming loss of connection at my postcode and that an estimated fix is at 19.05 today... so no more overwatch and over 100SR down from disconnects. LOVE IT! IT'S NOT LIKE I'VE BEEN WORKING MY ASS OFF TO GET BACK TO MASTERS OR ANYTHING. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • JustAZ_ myst (@JustAZ_) reported

    what can i play now that terraria broke my heart and i cant login to overwatch ;-;

  • Marexn Marexn (@Marexn) reported

    @RequiemWings_AE Overwatch has this system where you cannot see the exact player, most likely for harassment policies they've got in place for the fear that the person banned will be getting some shit. But i don't see a problem with it either way, guess the pro is just that now you know.

  • butters_pc Jack (@butters_pc) reported

    @BernieSanders @IATSE @GameWorkers bernie do you think role queue should have been added in overwatch by now, i mean the community is dwindling and most of them say that a lackluster competitive mode with toxic dps OTPs is the reason they left, and putting in a role queue really solves that problem

  • JazzyFroggo Angel and 304 others (@JazzyFroggo) reported

    @_Choragic Both are incredibly stupid. Decay is worth it if overwatch doesn’t fix their shit

  • Im_Ruka Ruka (@Im_Ruka) reported

    I ******* love overwatch like ball glitch that freezes the ******* game

  • norasuko_ Norasuko🔞 (@norasuko_) reported

    @Kai_Kazegami @MadamLaunch @KinkJimmy @Dentolsfm In Overwatch and Frozen's case it was a problem with search results for sure. The amount of SFM porn on those franchises was such it was getting in the way of the name getting first results on Google. It's rare to see companies other than Nintendo going against fanart like that.

  • iner_relico45 iner relico45 (@iner_relico45) reported

    @BlizzardCS currently there is a bug on Xbox for overwatch where if you use Hammonds alt the game freezes and you disconnect I've lost 100+ Sr because of this

  • FloydThePigTTV FloydThePig (@FloydThePigTTV) reported

    @RockLeeSmile Yeah the problem when i had with overwatch and just overwatch was a driver i just downgraded to the last version and used that but updating again still worked.

  • VexxedThorn Ɨ𝖟𝖟ɏ 😈 (@VexxedThorn) reported

    i genuinely thought my friends were getting a ddos in Comp; needless to say...a ******* hamster crashed their game. it was pretty upsetting to have our tanks disappear. #Overwatch

  • ZIONX007xTTV ZIONX007 (@ZIONX007xTTV) reported

    @Respawn fix overwatch you dweebs

  • H0TROD86 Joshua Blankenship (@H0TROD86) reported

    @blooddust_OW Overwatch just sucks anymore, and new heros, and balance changes aren't gonna fix it. The game is a shell of what it was.

  • QueenVeronicaOW Veronica (@QueenVeronicaOW) reported

    @Lyna_OW @Nemo_oce Lyna in every Eu game “****** widow broken hero good job blizzard. Of course they have a ****** Orisa nerf suck! I’m just hooking cause it’s broken. Get off Moira it’s a shit hero. Delete brig.If I was in charge of overwatch this game would be so much better”

  • AFKdubstep AFK (@AFKdubstep) reported

    Holy shit McCree is broken in Overwatch rn 😂😂😂 im gonna be top 500 if they don’t nerf this in a couple days

  • AFKdubstep AFK (@AFKdubstep) reported

    Holy shit McCree is broken in Overwatch rn 😂😂😂 im gonna be too 500 if they don’t nerf this in a couple days

  • ImNotAlim ~alim~ (@ImNotAlim) reported

    I don't care what anyone says 90% of the reason people say Overwatch is bad, is because of the players. Yeah okay there are a couple things here and there they can fix but that's just the basics. It all comes down to the players especially in comp. People ruin Overwatch.

  • Brandon_J225 B.😈 (@Brandon_J225) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent plz fix overwatch

  • REAkagainz Rea (@REAkagainz) reported

    Omg, did you just delete your fix your servers Overwatch video. I was about to reply and say I LOVE YOUR VOICE

  • MrCrowleyTwitch MrCrowley (@MrCrowleyTwitch) reported

    @PlayOverwatch the problem with overwatch is that you took a great idea and ran with it stupidly. Imagine a game where tanks only had defensive abilities, supports only healed and dps strictly was for damage. Competitive would be so much more balanced.

  • peachimarri georgia ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ (@peachimarri) reported

    the tiny overwatch game mode is so fun but it made my game crash :/

  • T0pener Nendo (@T0pener) reported

    Reinstalled overwatch played a bit with @ChrissyChanxd the games still somehow getting worse ults crash peoples games the metas shit blizzard doesn’t know balance or what’s a bug and what’s intended I’ll see y’all in ow2

  • papi_ixx papi (@papi_ixx) reported

    game keeps freezing on console and im losing sr pls fix. enemy team and my team keep getting kicked from game #Overwatch

  • AnimatorDash Animatordash (@AnimatorDash) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Its wrekingball ults causes you to lag out of overwatch wtf

  • meow_stephaniee stephanie 🥀💋 (@meow_stephaniee) reported

    @PlayOverwatch please fix the console bug I keep freezing mid comp matches and have lost so much sr #Overwatch

  • Sean__Cardenas SeanChuro (@Sean__Cardenas) reported

    @BlizzardCS there’s an #overwatch glitch where if an Ana player uses nano boost right after a wrecking ball player uses mine field there’s a good chance enemy players will be kicked from the match.

  • FatherTime_12 FatherTime_12 (@FatherTime_12) reported

    @AsianMexicanBoi @PlayOverwatch Same here just shot overwatch a message, hopefully they fix it

  • beepboopuwu Sarah Monk (@beepboopuwu) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Hammond glitch on Xbox currently. If you deploy mines and stare at them it lags out the enemy. Happened to me: My game froze, and my team could hear me. Exited out of the game and opened Overwatch and the option to re-join wasn’t there. It didn’t take away any sr.

  • EscrimaMusic escrima (@EscrimaMusic) reported

    @DrCrinks Apparently OBS just doesnt like overwatch. The computer shouldn't be having any problems because I can record other games just fine.

  • ChenzSaldutti Chenzo (@ChenzSaldutti) reported

    @BlizzardCS fix. the. Overwatch. servers.

  • astronexz Astronexz_ow (@astronexz) reported

    Man i can sense ameng (hammond) and yangxiaolong (sommbra) loving overwatch again with this xbox glitch. im sure they gonna mnk on xbox to play the broken sommbra n hammond.blizzard you better get your ass to work and show us that you care about the OW console community god damn

  • DavidRi93497227 David Rivera (@DavidRi93497227) reported

    @BlizzardCS there's issues with your latest patch on xbox. Game freeze and multiple players on teams getting DC. #Overwatch #

  • _Hysle Hysle (@_Hysle) reported

    Overwatch is actually broken

  • Ccp3nguin Penguini (@Ccp3nguin) reported

    So I'm penalized in Overwatch all because of leaving matches too early when I was trying to fix a game issue where none of the characters were loading in for me. So that's cool.

  • axjyo Taylor ✨ (@axjyo) reported

    overwatch was already unplayable before the update, but now Hammond can make the game crash. ok.

  • RyanCadek Polarclan (@RyanCadek) reported

    So I have a problem and my overwatch video did not load for some reason and the clip was deleted but and a few days I’m going to post a few games and what ever gets the most likes I will play next

  • di12ty_mary Mary Callaway (@di12ty_mary) reported

    @BlizzardCS You really REALLY need to fix the overwatch xbox servers. After the patch today people are DC'ing and unable to rejoin in almost every game I've played. One game had three people DC at once, and none were even partied together. Competitive is basically unplayable.

  • SilverSprings30 Light Silver 🍲🍲🌊 (@SilverSprings30) reported

    Overwatch Competitive is a bit broken me and team froze two times during one game and I lost 50 SR #Overwatch

  • pepsilkk Pepsilk (@pepsilkk) reported

    dealing with stuttering issues on overwatch. it's because streamlabs is on and i have no clue how to fix it

  • urielgomez101 Deku 🐝 (@urielgomez101) reported

    @PlayOverwatch bro ya need to fix that damn hammon glitch! I ain’t touching overwatch again u til ya fix this dumb bug

  • trbatman73 Graceful Huntress (@trbatman73) reported

    Hey look another glitch. Whooooooo i hate my dependency on this game. Bout to become an overwatch tryhard

  • Belinda03403223 Yuri-bookworm (@Belinda03403223) reported

    @PlayOverwatch You need to fix the game Ever since I updated my game I have been kicked out of games and removed from groups So I am asking this nicely Please fix overwatch

  • Haylee_is_tired Haylee (@Haylee_is_tired) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Overwatch is having a glitch that makes the game freeze. Me and my friend both on different WiFi’s had the same thing happen. But we still had internet. Please help we lost sr for our comp game

  • nich8333 Nic (@nich8333) reported

    @BlizzardCS Your game is broken! I just lost 2 comp games because the Overwatch Patch is freezing everyone in game!

  • MorrisonAddison Addison Morrison (@MorrisonAddison) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Dear Overwatch devs, I know this isn't your top priority, but may we discuss bastion. He is still a big problem in the game, being picked as last resorts to completely turn the tables of the match. Many believe he is unfair and that he must be nerfed, and i agree.

  • shilohmoe shiloh (@shilohmoe) reported

    dva has been meta for three ****** years. and she will always be so long as she has matrix. she was one of overwatch’s core problem since s3 and yet they never nerfed her to the ground her until now

  • pomtiombo Tom Piombo (@pomtiombo) reported

    Overwatch froze/crashed TWICE tonight! Never had this problem before, but now I'm suspended for 8 minutes and lost an endorsement rank. I'll just go play something else...

  • FeelsMegabad Feels Gud man (@FeelsMegabad) reported

    @BlizzardCS Fix overwatch every comp game I’ve played someone from my team got disconnected I lost so much sr,fix the servers

  • Bman122233 Bman (@Bman122233) reported

    Overwatches biggest problem for me is still just how dogshit my dps are every game

  • MollyzxGames MollyzxGames. (@MollyzxGames) reported

    Dear @OverwatchEU @PlayOverwatch @Blizzard_Ent Since the patch on xbox for overwatch people are constantly getting disconnected to the point where I have been punished for disconnected and lost a total of 100sR and actually dropped rank Please fix it

  • ZeReaperDark ZeReaper (@ZeReaperDark) reported

    @BeeejAFC @PlayOverwatch Then report it on the technical issues of the Overwatch forums, you will then have a luck to don't live this again

  • MollyzxGames MollyzxGames. (@MollyzxGames) reported

    @OverwatchEU @Overwatch Since the patch people are being disconnected I have a 300mb line and I know it's not my internet In total I have lost 100SR because people are dropping out of games... I think you need to fix it And thanks for making me drop rank to xox

  • silent_weeb Akihito (@silent_weeb) reported

    Overwatch is ******* broken. Why did I even come back smh

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202