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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • OppaiOP_ Oppai🦃 (@OppaiOP_) reported

    @That_Guy_Negus overwatch too). And then there's the initial reaction of people new to motion, and not wanting to try it out, sticking with sticks + aim assist. Those 2 are the only problems i can see being present if companies are wanting to implement them

  • RichMyst3r Off Beat (@RichMyst3r) reported

    Biggest issue with #Overwatch right now isn’t power creep or double shields, it’s role lock....Change my mind

  • xKahlerx Freddie Kahler (@xKahlerx) reported

    As much people have grown to stop caring I myself am sick of Overwatch console lobbys absolutely infested with Keyboards from QP to Comp it’s become more of an issue then it ever has been. I really wish Blizzard would actually take this problem serious

  • xKahlerx Freddie Kahler (@xKahlerx) reported

    As much people have grown to stop caring I myself am sick of Overwatch console lobbys absolutely infested with Keyboards from QP to Comp it’s become more of an issue then it ever been. I really wish Blizzard would actually take this problem serious

  • Funk_1hunnit Funk 100 (@Funk_1hunnit) reported

    @FC_Violent @snoopdioogo I didn't say it wasn't going to be good lol. Maybe it's just me but I'm getting tired of the fortnite/overwatch art style. But yeah that's a me problem, they not making games for me anyway 😂

  • HanFlamez Han Flamez (@HanFlamez) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN While you are at it, pls finally fix matchmaking in Overwatch. It sucks … mutant donkey bawlz !

  • spideycatx Christina Harper 🐰💘 (@spideycatx) reported

    Urgh. Got kicked out of Overwatch due to a DDOS 😭 #Overwatch #Blizzard

  • hoedasaku 𝕞𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕪 (@hoedasaku) reported

    i take back everything i said. this patch is gonna fix overwatch. **** doomfist

  • GriloGouveia 구리로 (@GriloGouveia) reported


  • renton577 Ren (@renton577) reported

    I say this over and over again, @Blizzard_Ent fix your garbage matchmaking in #Overwatch . I don’t care how long I have to wait for a match. I’m sick of your system pairing me with enemy gold and silver borders while my team is bronze and we get steamrolled.

  • spaghettijoe27 Turkey Joe 🦃 (@spaghettijoe27) reported

    @heliperino @Jotaros_hathair I mean you can't deny that overwatch had a "too many shields" problem and they solved that problem without making tanks awful to play

  • peachycharli Charlotte that egirl in love with Qiyana (@peachycharli) reported

    Riot needs to fix this loading screen bug asap I'm this close to swapping over to overwatch if this keeps up

  • Freebootaz Hunter (@Freebootaz) reported

    @feed_jose @SiriusNights @Money_Folder @Blizzard_Ent Biggest issue with overwatch was over reliance on tank shields. With this new change tanks can just well, tank more damage. That's how it is in most games.

  • SirJack528 Jackson 💛🖤 (@SirJack528) reported

    Blizzard nerfing a character to the ground is just emblematic of the issues with Overwatch that I just couldn’t take it anymore

  • Heirachon Mah @ Shadowlands (@Heirachon) reported

    @DeadDudeDairen I don't acknowledge them because they're irrelevant to the argument. How visual design is the worst problem within overwatch, and balancing isn't that large of a problem. Especially when game balance can be influenced in many ways and fixed. From gameplay reworks-

  • ShunnedOW Shunned (L0 RK) (@ShunnedOW) reported

    Hot take, but having drastically differing metas over time is really healthy imo. The problem with Overwatch is that the metas: 1. Last too long. 2. Usually include some aspect of brainless strategy = win (e.g. Moira rn)

  • Heirachon Mah @ Shadowlands (@Heirachon) reported

    @DeadDudeDairen I have no problems against facing against any character within overwatch. Especially since team composition can be easily switched around. Characters like tracer however instead have too much visual clutter on them, extremely busy.

  • woongodly miki ` VICTON 1st WIN!!!!!! (@woongodly) reported

    someone tell me what i can do for my laptop to stop overheating in the 5 five minutes after i open overwatch and to stop the ******* lag i already have low graphics **** this shit man 😭

  • DeadDudeDairen Kingrenus (@DeadDudeDairen) reported

    @Heirachon I've never heard other people have this issue, then again I don't hang around forums and just talk to the online friends I've made in the game, too. I agree that the design flaw is 1 reason why TF2 is outliving Overwatch rn (lmao) But I don't think it affects gameplay at all.

  • DeadDudeDairen Kingrenus (@DeadDudeDairen) reported

    @Heirachon I've never had a problem in any of my diamond-> Master MMR games and lost the game because I couldn't figure out what they do I lose games because the enemy team has a Brigitte and a Doomfist and mine doesn't The impact of Overwatch's aesthetic design flaw isn't that huge

  • ravensteele17 raven steele 🏳️‍🌈💜♉️ (@ravensteele17) reported

    I’m just now figuring out that the overwatch community is a bunch of cry babies.... if you have an issue with a hero instead of blindly telling delete or fix them maybe try to come up with a plan to fix them. Fixing issues isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

  • SSJRuby SSJRuby (@SSJRuby) reported

    @snipursan I wonder if/how Overwatch is going to fix this. If they do remove this then presumably doom will be unable to use his diagonal punch tech which is unfortunate. It takes a lot away from his kit. I'm making a lot of assumptions here but regardless this seems like an issue.

  • snyonara 𝒔𝒏𝒚𝒆 (@snyonara) reported

    I'm not so sure if just nerfing shields will make #overwatch fun again :/ cheating is still a major problem, pls fix this @PlayOverwatch :c

  • tankforged tankforged aka// off-tank GOD (@tankforged) reported

    So overwatch dev's FINALLY got round to nerfing shield meta. I really dont ******* get why it takes so long when the community/pro's say this is a ******* issue. I guess I'll start playing again when PTR goes live.

  • SWenerski Szymon Wenerski (@SWenerski) reported

    I want new Overwatch's PTR patch already to be on Live service...

  • neenjaaa_ Matt (@neenjaaa_) reported

    @bokeh_3k @Komakugan Idk if rein will be the best tbh. Rein has actually been pretty weak throughout all of overwatch and only so strong through goats because he had a zarya and 3 supports hard pocketing him. I don't think the buffs are strong enough to help with the range issue rein has imo

  • Vinatrix Jake ジェイク (@Vinatrix) reported

    Until they fix the many problems of Overwatch I'm done with this stupid monotonous game @PlayOverwatch

  • ZuriEAnderson Zuri Sees! / KazuraBlaze (@ZuriEAnderson) reported

    Imagine nerfing Rein when he wasn't even part of the Barrier Meta problem, L M A O. #Overwatch

  • thesadiebear I love my dead gay son (@thesadiebear) reported

    @Sephiriya @BlizzardCS I'm getting this issue as well, on Overwatch on PC

  • sickkissingcult (@sickkissingcult) reported

    i’ve been watching so much overwatch today i swear to god if i login and the sprays aren’t THERE

  • XimShitter ☽ J҉P҉ ☽ (@XimShitter) reported

    @BlizzardCS Xbox Overwatch sr system is bugged. I placed a new lvl 25 account ant went 5-0 typically I place diamond but I placed 2333 and am only getting 2 sr and game like the role queue beta glitch. I really need help fixing this issue.

  • Sho3zXD Sho3z_xD (っ◔◡◔)っ (@Sho3zXD) reported

    I feel like the Sigma changes are just the way I want it to be! BUT there is a bug when you ulty you cant shoot and sometimes when you are hacked you cant shoot as well, please fix blizzard ma homeslice! #Overwatch #Patch #Sigma

  • KhalilFanAcct Khalil (@KhalilFanAcct) reported

    Blizzard actually trying to fix overwatch after all the clown behavior of the past month like we wouldn't notice

  • vennimous PolteaGrace ~ 🔥🐰Trainer (@vennimous) reported

    I think Overwatch is broken cuz I've won way too many matches the last two days

  • steiner_jessica Jessica Steiner (@steiner_jessica) reported

    WL: Got distracted with the new Overwatch event and didn't write yesterday. Did nearly 5000 today, though. A big pivotal scene that needed major reworks and I feel really good about it. I made a note to go back and fix a detail I've changed.

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • fullmetalfusion Luke D (@fullmetalfusion) reported

    Never played a game with more issues than #overwatch. The server randomly kicks people, voice chat breaks every other time, group titles are blank for some people. I understand updates bring bugs but come on at least fix them before releasing a new update

  • YellowNinjaM YellowNinja (@YellowNinjaM) reported

    Trying to upload the first of the new Overwatch updates. But @YouTube is having issues with uploading. Will post the video whenever thats resolved.

  • Arbiter631 Arbiter63 (@Arbiter631) reported

    Pokemon screws me over At least overwatch is making epic changes with the double shield nerf and que time boredom fix

  • EnVy_Talespin Ronnie (@EnVy_Talespin) reported

    stream just keeps disconnecting, ill try to fix it after the raid before i start up Overwatch

  • googlyeyes_ow Dane (@googlyeyes_ow) reported

    @The_Helltiger @bonniequeue Yea and that’s the issue. There are almost 800 Pokémon not including the new ones. 400 are in the game including the new ones. That’s less than half of the older ones. It would be like if overwatch got yearly games and overwatch in 2022 just didn’t have Genji and Ana until next

  • FrozenHiro Frozen Hiro (@FrozenHiro) reported

    Just when I was about to give up all hope for overwatch, blizzard pulls a fast one. I'm not sure this is TOTALLY enough to fix the game, I don't think they should have buffed the tanks at all, just nerf shields but this is the first step in the right direction in a long time

  • majesk84 Richard Macleay (@majesk84) reported

    In a game that has its problems but can be enjoyable it really makes me wonder if I should continue to play it. Its sad to think this when Overwatch 2 is being made but let's hope things change.

  • iiweirdness Weirdness (@iiweirdness) reported

    @MysticMeerkat Most likely, I can't stream Overwatch without me lagging but I can stream fortnite just fine.

  • jazzmedic Marvin Anthony (@jazzmedic) reported

    i KNOW i love overwatch but i dont get so fuckign mad over broken game mechanics compared to like. the company mistreating their employees and going back on their own slogan and supporting china

  • jazzmedic Marvin Anthony (@jazzmedic) reported

    i know i'm an overwatch fan but i just watched a bunch of overwatch fans get more mad over broken game mechanics instead of like, blizzard's horrible actions with the hong kong movement. you guys have no morals and it shows

  • griffindc -gri (@griffindc) reported

    @AmethystMannus @HoshizoraOW @swilko__ @AntwnPls this isn't a doomfist problem lmao. Its a bug in overwatch that isnt intended. A bug that happens one in a million times doesnt change the game. But when an ability like damage orb exists, that is so consistent and reliable, the game is centered around it.

  • JaysonsRage 😎🏳️‍🌈 ~❄️HO HO HO, BITCHES❄️~ 🏳️‍🌈😎 (@JaysonsRage) reported

    @Nahkapukki Visually it's just very hard to watch for anyone who isn't deeply ingrained in the game already. Overwatch has the same issue but far worse and that's why it's a dogshit eSport.

  • topboylfc GT (@topboylfc) reported

    Done a hard reset and turned my home hub of for 30 seconds, it worked I’m signed back in on #Overwatch so if you are having issues try the same thing!! #XB1 #XBL

  • SensualScubbi ❧┇ Eᴍɪ ᴛʜᴇ Sᴘᴏᴏᴋᴄᴜʙᴜs (@SensualScubbi) reported

    So playing more overwatch cause idfk how to fix rdr2s blurry screen issue and it's hurting tf out of my eyes I still want to die I still just wish I could get rdr2 working properly And I still hate the fact that overwatch needs to lock items behind ******* boring ass streams--

  • vaporraids VaporRaids (Kohzy) (@vaporraids) reported

    @BlizzardCS I have not, simply because the program is just closing (no error) and returning to launcher. I actively play CS:GO, Overwatch, etc. with consistent connection. Crashing is abundant according to reddit users & if there is no refund policy, ig I’m just a lost recurring customer. Ty

  • LukeFilipowicz Luke (@LukeFilipowicz) reported

    But you just can't act like this and then have the audacity to claim "it's my way or the highway". It's counter-productive. If you have an issue with a team member in #Overwatch try to talk to them about it like an adult. If that does resolve things, problem solve differently

  • AntonHand Anton "Death To Pumpkin Spice" Hand (@AntonHand) reported

    @benz145 This just in: The single most complained about issue by customers is time/value per dollar. Forever-games like Fortnite/Overwatch/etc. have warped the ratio. By all means make 10 hour games. But know that a huge % of the vocal customer base will complain if its more than $10.

  • hwuney rat 🖤 (@hwuney) reported

    if youre another girl that plays overwatch and insults other girls for simply playing mercy and being a girl you have issues.

  • Jesscreasman Coach Yokie 🇺🇸 (@Jesscreasman) reported

    Every single overwatch related tweet for the past 2-3 months has either been A) A meme B) Complaining about meta C) Telling blizzard how to fix their game

  • AnotherDeadPhox 🎃TheRealPhox🎃🔞 (@AnotherDeadPhox) reported

    @witchyglitch Depends on the game. My PC still chokes on Minecraft sometimes, even with the graphics turned way down, despite running stuff like Destiny 2 and Overwatch without any issues.

  • Presentsti Present Lee (@Presentsti) reported

    My #overwatch friend told me not to play off tank when enemy has a Reaper because I'll be free ult charge. But you know Reaper is never a threat to me unless he's really good. As an off tank player, Mei is a much bigger problem for us. His rank is higher than mine but... idk

  • Impidimp4 Impidimp Propoganda (SW/SH LEAKS) (@Impidimp4) reported

    pant like dog while hitting your self in the head repeatedly 17 times optional: fix every facial feature turn to audience and point and say in 1930's new york accent: "Now thats a dame!" or "Whoa mama!" or "I wonder if She plays Overwatch"

  • samirish Sam Irish (@samirish) reported

    @LiteTheIronMan the people making these two decisions definitely aren’t the same. Corporations are a hell of a drug. It’s like how we might as well stop buying things that were made with unethical labor. Blizzard is a shitty company but it isn’t the Overwatch teams responsibility to fix it.

  • _rockyyy26 rocky 🔜Daisho Con (@_rockyyy26) reported

    @Dabidowo @Arikadou @PlayOverwatch Hero bans aren't going to fix the problem. Plus Overwatch doesn't have enough heroes to sustain it. LOL is able to because they have Hundreds of characters to choose from. Banning heroes would make the state of the game worse and metas would get stale faster.

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  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202