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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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October 15: Problems at Overwatch

Overwatch is having issues since 03:00 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • SteveTheHairST4 Steve Harrington (But way cooler and plays Roblox) (@SteveTheHairST4) reported

    What’s his problem with Overwatch it’s way better then Fortnite also no I don’t hate the game I just dont like it

  • D4V1NN1 Just V (@D4V1NN1) reported

    I've streamed for another hour and 20 minutes, played some overwatch, 0 frames dropped, no lag in game, noice

  • NoticeMe_21 Lennyn🎮 (@NoticeMe_21) reported

    I don’t get how people say this game is making a comeback lol. Blizzard has made way too many mistakes to try and fix anything. The only fun i have on overwatch is when i throw on purpose and just play with friends. Competitively its boring to me.

  • shanejblair Shane Blair (@shanejblair) reported

    I only played an hour of Overwatch but 30 framerate per second wasn't an issue and I didn't experience any bugs. The game is so much fun. @PlayOverwatch #NintendoSwitch

  • EvoDeus Darren Terwilliger (@EvoDeus) reported

    @SparksEchidna To be honest, Overwatch is just one big example of games where "games as a service" is a problem in how it's handled for me. of the reasons I dipped from it was it being online-only with no interest in a true offline mode option.

  • kittenyoonggs 🧼 (@kittenyoonggs) reported

    Perhaps I’m avoiding all my problems by playing the new overwatch Halloween event

  • CoDeMonKEh_Dave David Hawkins (@CoDeMonKEh_Dave) reported

    @shoptonet unable to activate overwatch key on switch, error 2813-9299 😢 anyone else having same issue #overwatchswitch

  • huaweifelo Felix (@huaweifelo) reported

    that Moment you update overwatch and dont hear any voice lines anymore @OverwatchEU fix ur trash ass game ffs

  • GrackieBean ≋G≋r≋a≋c≋e≋ (@GrackieBean) reported

    The overwatch update is gonna take 16 mf hours whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy someone pls fix my shitty bt WiFi

  • XF3AREDLeGenD Ryan Cabral (@XF3AREDLeGenD) reported

    @Big_Mike2721 @BlizzardCS I’m on Xbox with the same issue. I’m assuming he’s talking about overwatch. I got the update and am stuck as well

  • argost23 Crazy Edd (@argost23) reported

    @Diablo Also... * Decides to make more radical rules and conditions for their upcoming BlizzCon not allowing attendees to use mobile devices or recordings devices to avoid "issues" and people wearing Winnie the Pooh costumes * Cancels the Overwatch launch in the Nintendo Switch.

  • SeaofCorrupt Linabia (@SeaofCorrupt) reported

    @jlist I played it for a while, it was ok until they released super broken characters. thats when I threw the towel and never returned, started playing Blizzard's MOBA (not overwatch) but it had a few overwatch characters in it, I haven't played it in a while cause too many broken keys.

  • dethbyweensnipe Cotton Candy Randy (@dethbyweensnipe) reported

    Blizzard, blizzard, blizzard.... I just wanna talk to my teammates on overwatch, plz look into the voice chat issue

  • blusteel00 Franken-mos monster 🧟‍♂️ (@blusteel00) reported

    @AlexHasBacon @MikeKMorrison @PlayOverwatch Still has nothing to do with the people who make overwatch, leave innocent people alone and fight for what is right over the people causing the problem.

  • z_bearr 🖤She calls me Bear (@z_bearr) reported

    @mrgrosser @NvidiaGFN @Warcraft @BlizzardCS I’m just speaking from experience, i’ve never had an issue with playing WoW, or overwatch with gfn. I’ve put 300 hours into overwatch with it, and 300 hours easily into WoW with it. So you must’ve done something to tip them off and ban you.

  • nyxartwork 刃 𝖓𝖞𝖝 𝖋𝖔𝖙𝖎𝖆 風 (@nyxartwork) reported

    @pamyupamyus he apparently blocked a lot of overwatch streamers over the HK issue. his twitter feed seems very .. it’s hard to describe that text could look like it’s on the verge of a meltdown lol you’re the second person i saw this happened to so i got curious lol

  • steviet7 Stevie T (@steviet7) reported

    I'm Loving The Shadowfall Mode on The Fight Or Fright Event for Apex Legends.. It's Like Halo 3's Infection with a Huge Map to Play Around When You Died annnnd Then Had a Server Issue.. So Now Going to Play Some Overwatch on Nintendo Switch After Downloading Update for a Hour ish

  • adashtra Ash 'Support your Local T2 Overwatch Team' Parrish (@adashtra) reported

    he's probably just using a bot service that blocks mutuals of people he's blocked and since overwatch (and most of esports in general) is an incestuous little pond of people we're all getting the ax at the same time

  • RycasterOnline Pumpkaryan (@RycasterOnline) reported

    Overwatch was already destined to have a rough go of it on Switch due to a lot of other circumstances, but this whole deal with Blizzard could not have been timed worse. Overwatch Switch is gonna crash and burn.

  • UmbranHedge The Other Umbra (@UmbranHedge) reported


  • Fuoco136 Fuoco (@Fuoco136) reported

    @CaptainGhost007 @logan_sxs @SlayerSantiago @IGN And with how big blizzard is and how popular overwatch was it should have had more. That’s why I’m saying content is slow size doesn’t really change the fact it’s still slow it’s the reason but when the fix exists and isn’t done it’s odd.

  • 6_18_18 uwu (@6_18_18) reported

    @LuluTheOGBunny @calibrono @PlayOverwatch can you please summarize wtf is everybody’s problem with ****** hong kong and shit ***** like damn just lemme play some overwatch u SJW little panzee *******

  • PokeHypers PokéHypers 🌃 (@PokeHypers) reported

    My switch is going ******* crazy. Trying to download the Overwatch update and it goes from 24 hours to 8 to 4 to 7 to error code and so on #Overwatch

  • PokeHypers PokéHypers 🌃 (@PokeHypers) reported

    blizzard fix ur ******* overwatch switch update jesus

  • DictatorClaire Claire 🇭🇰 (@DictatorClaire) reported

    @Just_a_R0se Overwatch is Paladins but broken. soooo

  • GameFreakDeluxe Cameron Parker (@GameFreakDeluxe) reported

    @IGN I called Nintendo customer service last week and cancelled my preorder of Overwatch for Switch. Took all of 5 minutes. Nintendo is very understanding.

  • fockle fock 🌼🐷 (@fockle) reported

    @Immanu3l__ @betwayesports somehow manages to be in every overwatch case i get. pls fix

  • TexasNomad1 Texas Nomad 🇺🇸 (@TexasNomad1) reported

    @JasonKirell @TomHeartsTanks @ChemicalFire One of the problems of the long overwatch missions is the amount of fuel the tank burns and noise it creates when idle. But shutting down the turbine meant risk of draining battery and about 60-second startup routine just to move. External generators never worked.

  • rosnqueen dracula (@rosnqueen) reported

    huge problem that goes completely acknowledged in the appeal of Overwatch, Fortnite 2 is the marketing. fortnite 1 was organic-ish. fortnite 2 is a work. overwatch is a work.

  • foxrots ☠️💀 ca(r)laveras 💀☠️ (@foxrots) reported

    the crash almost always happens only when I'm watching Netflix on full screen (which is insane because I run Overwatch just fine). It's like my laptop is screaming, then nothing I do helps. I have to shut it down in order to stop the terrible sound

  • wootton120 Sean.W (@wootton120) reported

    @Greenthe2nd1 @NiterieM There No Steve, no fe three houses & no overwatch, that’s really good for me & crash yes!

  • tiffunney 🌜Tiffany🌛 (@tiffunney) reported

    OH SHIT.. OH SHIT! Like, I'm way less mad about the Blizzard app not working. **** Overwatch, I'm a Fortnite player now 😂😂😂

  • Anees34160547 Anees (@Anees34160547) reported

    @logan_sxs @blusteel00 @SlayerSantiago @IGN Uhh the game has gone downhill dude every time they try and “fix” it they **** it up big time. They tried to fix BS comps with role Q now the Q times are 10 + mins to play Dps. Major streamers have shifted from playing overwatch and leagues viewers are down as well.

  • jkroth1987 Kyle Roth (@jkroth1987) reported

    There's some speculation here, mind you, but I don't like Tencent, China's government, or really Overwatch all that much (far from the worst thing out there though), so I have no issue watching a few problems going their way. 😅

  • flyinbananasaur flyingbananasaur (@flyinbananasaur) reported

    @KeithGeek for extra fun facts, nintendo is allowing people to cancel switch preorders for overwatch they have, like, never let people do that, but apparently (according to reddit post, could be false) customer service has been overflowing with people trying to cancel so they gave in

  • Darkxaur Damned King Eldricxaur of the Dead (@Darkxaur) reported

    I'll be honest, I twigged Overwatch as being a vapid pit of pandering two years back. Not saying I want it to crash and burn but they're literally saying anything lore-wise to get you to like it. Activision Blizzard doesn't care, they're just ticking boxes.

  • chesrawashere Chesra (@chesrawashere) reported

    thinking about the Overwatch can't make your story about overthrowing corrupt governments and yet refuse to do so as a company when it happens in real life people love to write fictional stories about war and conflict but close their eyes when it's in front of them!!

  • DilanSmd Dilan.smd (@DilanSmd) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent Anytime I want to start Overwatch on my switch is because I need the latest update, but I already have it. Please help me with my Problem (Sorry for my bad Englisch)

  • SacredSongDragn SpookyScaryDragon of Outlanders (@SacredSongDragn) reported

    Really hope that mouse and keyboard will be punished in console Overwatch. There's too many of 'em. I know it's a hard issue to tackle but damn Fortnite managed to find a solution! Blizz really need to take notes and stop sucking China off.

  • mrevaporation Evaporate (@mrevaporation) reported

    @Sh1Suk0 Ok but tf Crash gotta do with this situation aside from being owned by the same guys who own Overwatch. Leave him out of this.

  • NikaxSepharo ✨𝕋𝕖𝕒𝕞ℕ𝕖𝕖𝕜𝕤✨ (@NikaxSepharo) reported

    @Blackbirdsqueen Some bullshit thats apparently a common error for overwatch

  • Raeanus Raeanus 🔜 DHATL19 (@Raeanus) reported

    @NinEverything As much as the Hong Kong thing is a big issue. The other huge issue for me is the fact that the Overwatch box will only have a code in it. There will not be a physical media version.

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • PatchouliW Patchouli Woollahra nee Camilia Fidelis (@PatchouliW) reported

    @FortniteFunny @HYPEX @xkleinmikex if he starts spinning around with dual-wielded shotguns screaming "DIE DIE DIE" We are going to have problems with Overwatch.

  • SuperiMiles Miles McCormack (@SuperiMiles) reported

    I preordered Overwatch for switch before the whole... issue and now I feel like a bad man.

  • robinnievera Robin Nievera (@robinnievera) reported

    This Lag is BS. #Overwatch

  • kuromayaaa Gio 🍯🍿 (@kuromayaaa) reported

    Man this actually makes me upset i wanted to play overwatch but knowing what i do now i cant bring myself to purchase something thats going to support organizations that sweep world issues under a rug.

  • birdkeeperdrew Drew 🕹 (@birdkeeperdrew) reported

    "hey let's get Overwatch banned in China so the company loses a massive source of revenue, therefore causing tons of lost jobs at Blizzard when the employees had ******* nothing to do with the HK issues" is the worst ******* take of 2019

  • nintendotard Allan #Crash4Smash (@nintendotard) reported

    @Bandicoot4Smash I play overwatch and love Crash, but the controversy that led them to cancel this is all on Blizzard, Activision is merely a parent making sure their kid isn't being attacked too harshly

  • vMMe_Evan vMMe (@vMMe_Evan) reported

    I swear it gets so annoying seeings so many corporate boot lickers on Twitter lately. I looked up Overwatch to see all the issues regarding the game and the first thing I see is someone trying to justify what Blizzard did to the Hong Kong supporter. ******* hell man...

  • Bandicoot4Smash Crash Bandicoot for Smash (@Bandicoot4Smash) reported

    This is a real problem guys Let's buy Overwatch to let Blizzard know that we support them Reminder that Blizzard is owned by Activision, company that owns Crash Bandicoot #Overwatch #NintendoSwitch #CrashForSmash #Crashgang

  • Bandicoot4Smash Crash Bandicoot for Smash (@Bandicoot4Smash) reported

    @NintendoNYC @BlizzardCSEU_ES Listen Blizzard, We #NintendoSwitch's owners will support Overwatch to help you 'cause your doing a good job with Nintendo. I hope that the reason to cancel this, is because all problems in the company and not because "lack of switch owners support"

  • Curszd Curszd (@Curszd) reported

    @BlizzardCS playing overwatch and your client crashed during a ranked game. I lost 50 points for literally no reason. all 3 games I won are a waste of time now. It's not a problem with my pc I have the best shit you can get. fix your game.

  • YTLampster5 lampster5 (Max) (@YTLampster5) reported

    (4) kind of thing does get on my nerves when people say one game is a ripoff of another game. Take Overwatch and Q clash for example. People say that Q clash is a copy of Overwatch, but the problem is you cant really say that without sufficient evidence. Q clash uses their own...

  • PhlichokP EMMinjung (@PhlichokP) reported

    Yeah, instead of waiting for them to fix their shit (which is not that long you got 26 days left and you probably gonna play PTS like 3 days) you being a jerk that says bs like “ at least overwatch Halloween is up tomorrow “ like bruh. (1/2)

  • silhssb silh (@silhssb) reported

    @Phenomcloud i have a similar issue where when i play overwatch the only thing that i can do is complain or talk shit so i stopped playing it.

  • Grand_Lightning CHANCΞ-SAW MASSACRE 🎃👻 (@Grand_Lightning) reported

    If the next Overwatch balance patch doesn't fix how OP Reaper's lifesteal is now that there's no goats, I'm gonna have to stop playing until they fix it.

  • ReasonYoutube Reason 🇭🇰 Liberate Hong Kong (@ReasonYoutube) reported

    @NesoTM @ty1_pingu I haven't played Overwatch since and have even contacted customer support to delete my accounts. On top of that I am going to release an information video (which will guaranteed get demonetized and alienate some of my viewers) on the issue.

  • ReasonYoutube Reason 🇭🇰 Liberate Hong Kong (@ReasonYoutube) reported

    @NesoTM @ty1_pingu If you actually looked at my channel you would see that I have completely stopped making Overwatch videos and have spent literally every waking moment of my life raising awareness around the issue since it happened.

  • DrunkJellyKiddo Spoopy Jello (@DrunkJellyKiddo) reported

    I'm too bored to play any actual online fps game. Tf2 is broken right now for me Fortnite is dead Overwatch is a no chief. I still havent gotten splatoon 2. I dont have a ps4 to play cod.

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202