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  • Aheggs12 Aheggs (@Aheggs12) reported

    Well, I finished my analysis and stats from last night’s Thorns match. I think it’s safe to say that I have a more positive outlook towards the Chicago match than I did last night. The only problem is the most obvious one — the finishing. It’s not good. #BAONPDX #NWSL

  • MundaSquire Munda Squire (@MundaSquire) reported

    Taking a break from Twitter world. I am beginning to question the place in terms of giving me a healthy, balanced outlook. Will have to see if I can do without the dopamine fix. This is a test, and only a test, do not turn off your....Oops! Too late.

  • trumwill Will Truman (@trumwill) reported

    @GabrielRossman Biggest problem with Office collaboration for me is that relatively few people are plugged in to Outlook/OneDrive/Office365 the way they are into Gmail/GoogleDocs. So GoogleDocs is the safest assumption there. Basically all advantages Microsoft used to have but not Google does.

  • BenEw25 Ben (@BenEw25) reported

    @BenTheTim Terrible outlook man.

  • dodgerdudel #DoodleYourFriend 🔗 (@dodgerdudel) reported

    @fromlos @TheDodgerRon That is a foolish outlook. The usual issue with the CBT is not having an end in sight. They knowingly gave Kershaw an above-value contract that was short on years. They also supposedly made Harper an offer last year that would’ve had major short-term CBT impact

  • JJMFinancials Jim J. (@JJMFinancials) reported

    @ErniesAirport Its a hold in my eyes. Crossed $1B & near break-even for Q2 Issues: 1) increase in competition over past year 2) missed targets on gross payment volume past 3 quarters which is their core business Too much uncertainty from their Q2 outlook, hoping for a surprise in Q3 ER $SQ

  • WretchedInk Wretched Ink (@WretchedInk) reported

    @AppleSupport 12.4.2. Links from Outlook to Zillow don’t work unless I open zillow first. Facebook feed doesn’t load. Twitter feed sometimes won’t load. Can’t post photos from my library—app shuts down. Storm Radar & WU apps close randomly. Response time from all apps seems slower. Just buggy.

  • RaylaxKai Spook (@RaylaxKai) reported

    If it were a more official outlook, like the forums attached to a magazine publication, there's also the vested interest in not having nintendo shut you down, but honestly it was 99% about spam mitigation.

  • dmharvey78 Danny Harvey (@dmharvey78) reported

    @marktimms2 @VodafoneUK Mate I would give @EE a miss as well if I were you.. I am cancelling down all my current contracts with them, and trust me my bill is significant. Their outlook to existing customers and loyalty is much the same.👍

  • robynchloea 🎃🕸 Robyn Chloe A 🕸🎃 (@robynchloea) reported

    Or if they’re gonna insist on a ‘positive outlook’ then for the fertility tests I want to see an ad for someone finding out they do have fertility issues and them being grateful for finding out so they can get IVF.

  • J3ooble Furkan ⍟ (@J3ooble) reported

    @RuneScape @RuneScape hey i forgot the login name of my account hotmail please help me 😥

  • J3ooble Furkan ⍟ (@J3ooble) reported

    @JagexSupport hey @JagexSupport i forgot the login name of my account hotmail please help me 😥

  • DeathChicken1 [ (@DeathChicken1) reported

    When I met those people I had some problems but man I had an amazingly positive outlook on life I had the idea to “let everyone have a chance and trust them until they proved me wrong “ and they were just so negative and suspicious right off the bed when I never did anything

  • msjay02596478 ms jay (@msjay02596478) reported

    @Jamwanda2 Does that include flying in a private jet this down to Earth outlook

  • VPanicker2 V Panicker (@VPanicker2) reported

    Naseer has a peculiar problem I mean how can one “feel insecure” in one’s own home But “feel at home” in a hostile neighbour’s home Something fundamentally flawed in his outlook 🤔🤔

  • jckdnh Jack Donohue (@jckdnh) reported

    @einbieler I think a Manichean outlook can dull leftists' critical faculties on these issues. You've already presumed that I'm some idiot pro-interventionist shill for instance and all constructive argument gets impossible.

  • adjwilson DISTANT VWORP (@adjwilson) reported

    Tech in 2019. Outlook: we've noticed a suspicious login on your account, please check your backup Gmail for a verification code Gmail: we've noticed a suspicious login on your account, please check your backup Outlook for a verification code 🤦

  • Goddess44416898 Goddess (@Goddess44416898) reported

    @Galatea_now @spooky_babe1008 @byebiyoongi @NaserMestarihi @THICJ00N Never shame just saying to dont be powerless bc just bc ur a woman doesn't mean u can't protect urself. Bc being scared isn't going to stop the predator. But go awf on me. And put a woman down when she have a different opinion or optimistic outlook

  • therealcalkutta ❄Iceberg Slim🔥IG @southernkhal for music (@therealcalkutta) reported

    @ArtisteRenee It's potentially a good opportunity. I used to have the same outlook with artists. But i have no issues with being honest if I'm not feeling their music. I don't want to miss out on strong relationship because I'm unfamiliar with them. Everything's got a beginning.

  • clearlynotbusy Marc (@clearlynotbusy) reported

    @MacSparky Always have this problem with outlook on Mac

  • AdamMar08980412 Adam Marks (@AdamMar08980412) reported

    @UltimateMurphy If that was me I would have broken it off long before that stage. I love the bit about majority opinion. No one needs to justify their outlook after they claim it's just what everybody thinks.

  • shehackspurple Tanya Janca (@shehackspurple) reported

    @ElissaBeth A woman named Emily solved it for me! I'm FREEEEEEEE Now I just need to fix outlook. Then I can work and get back to all the patient people in my inbox.

  • bondj008 Jason Bond (@bondj008) reported

    Most of the time the short-term outlook stinks for the companies we end up buying, for company-specific or cyclical reasons... If you think those problems aren't really permanent, you can make very attractive investments if you turn out to be right. - Jean-Marie Eveillard

  • RD_BANA RD SINGH (@RD_BANA) reported

    @adarshdevaraj @MiraSingh_NaMo @keveeyes @Ramesh_BJP @anandpdwivedi @Indian_Indrani @Rishi_IHA @vanitajain21 @mona_sez @ChandrikaJai @Jainamss @iamashu123 @JaideepMathur6 @7770ba3ec0f34b9 @Sowmiya07939778 @MuralikrishnaE1 @CantstopulovinM If you want to turn a blind eye to things that have happened after 2014 it’s your problem, can’t be ignorant for sure. Maybe you hate Modi coz of a vested interest....have a broader outlook and think about the nation.

  • Pazquale_ Vincenzo (@Pazquale_) reported

    Me: Outlook: "Please sign in again! Please sign in again! Please sign in again! Please sign in again! Please sign in again!"

  • TheNudeInvestor Sam Broom (@TheNudeInvestor) reported

    We’re staring down the barrel of the first turn of a decade in a very long time without a single primary commodity producer as a top 10 market cap company in the US. ...and I happen to find that extremely bullish for the long term outlook for commodities.

  • crazygraham Graham (@crazygraham) reported

    @TommyS2411 @SkyNews Well giving your comments it would suggest that you are only up to speed with CNN talking points and not the FACTS or the larger outlook or the underlying issues that relate to this very important decision made. The was being exploited and played for fools by the EU and UN !!!!

  • davedauthor David Dubrow (@davedauthor) reported

    @aj_powers I don't think this creep realizes how disgusted we are with his sickening, degenerate outlook. We won't sit down and shut up when he wants to force that same sick shit on our kids.

  • stuartker60 Stuart Ker (@stuartker60) reported

    Tokyo city centre - rain has stopped, wind completely died down. Typhoon travelling north away from Yokohama optimistic outlook for SCO vs JPN tomorrow 🙏 #HAGIBIS

  • DarthKiller2 Darth Killer (@DarthKiller2) reported

    @SmugPanda @FluffyMarmalade Absolutely, I merely added a broader outlook on the problem coming towards the artists and towards people who appreciate their art. "I don't like it, therefore it's universally immoral". The art policing using the **** argument is merely a subset of this junk logic.

  • synackpse leE Brotherston (@synackpse) reported

    @shehackspurple Outlook does this to me all the time, and frequently introduces random delays. Seems to be the client software, if you use another email client to access o365, it reduces the issues.

  • PinaysInShowbiz FilipinasInShowbiz (@PinaysInShowbiz) reported

    You’re questioning Marian’s positive outlook in things when your own Idol is all about positivity, praying, and practicing the pause. I have no problem with the aforementioned but think abput it.

  • Gustly_Wind 👻 Gust 👻 (@Gustly_Wind) reported

    @TheT1ckleM0nste What's been working well for me is to try to take time for yourself and also try to have a more positive outlook I've also had those days with terrible luck but as a coworker of mine once told me, it's better to start over with a clean slate

  • JantjiesHobson Hobson Jantjies (@JantjiesHobson) reported

    @scyele @HermanMashaba @GTalevi Was shocked when I read his response from @GTalevi, an innocent cry to fix. He is too close to the EFF crowd. They are corrupting his outlook. My take. Have been reading many of his post. Acting irrationally of late

  • donlyn52 Donna Lynn (@donlyn52) reported

    @AndyOstroy I don't think he should have entered to begin with. In truth, I think they should narrow it down to 4 people. There is far to many now and everyone has such a different outlook. I think it makes the Dems look scared and weak to have so many. Your still popular😉

  • Viking_Dave85 David Crosbie (@Viking_Dave85) reported

    @SO2Leadership @ThePlSgt My gang - Pl Sgts and above - have ID'd they same issue. And they're keen to address. We're (me & Det Comd) doing quick lessons on Outlook (email & calender) & JPA (reports). Genuine force-multipliers/time-savers in camp 👍 #RetainingArmyTalent

  • jackch33 Jack Chen (@jackch33) reported

    @MicrosoftHelps @Outlook Please tell customers to stop buying surfaces. Most people who bought your devices work really hard to get one. If you can’t help fix the device after 2 years. It’s not fair for them.

  • D_Harris02 Daniel Harris (@D_Harris02) reported

    Discovered where my personal computers storage issues was coming from. By being signed into my work email address on Outlook, it was hogging 50GB of HD space!

  • JUSTIN180676 GiF ÔvèR 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🃏 (@JUSTIN180676) reported

    to just go for it. Finally on the problem of the homeless sleeping rough, it has given me a new outlook on just how awful things are for the people who find themselves out on the streets, and with winter coming they really do need our help.

  • efe_os Efe (@efe_os) reported

    @pennyatglitter If u changed it before the server crashed, u will be able to retrieve those stored before it occured. All u need to do is import from cloud account. Else, they are gone......if this is outlook you should have it stored some were within your document.

  • FBS_marketnews FBS Market News (@FBS_marketnews) reported

    "Gold Price Targets: XAU/USD at Risk for Further Losses- GLD Outlook"Gold prices are down more than 1.3% this week with momentum turning in favor of the bears. These are targets and invalidation levels that matter on the XAU/USD chart.

  • onhellahugs wtf even r dreams (@onhellahugs) reported

    This guy is a huge joke. Sorry not sorry. I have never agreed with anything this person has suggested, and his outlook is nothing short of childish. Religion regardless of its view helps more than hurts. I have always been down with gay right, always, but this guy is clueless.

  • fishthe904 Mitchell Ferris (@fishthe904) reported

    @ChagBobby @FSMidwest feast or famine with this team. problem is is most of the feast has come against below average pitching. we are facing three legitimate starters possibly aces in the next three games. outlook is not good

  • Noa_Eros Noa Eros (@Noa_Eros) reported

    So.. today. I’ve been productive... and well contacted people. I never told anyone this but... I kind of sat down with someone and explained my idea. The only trouble I found with this is.. the outlook and go told because I’m 24 I don’t know shit. Kind of a business proposal..

  • sleepy_songster Metal Husband (@sleepy_songster) reported

    As creepy as this is supposed to be, I honestly wish I had a more healthy outlook on death and my own mortality- like all these people are totally down to kick the big bucket with no fear

  • PNWmf PNW Medium Format (@PNWmf) reported

    @shehackspurple @johnhorner Outlook is not what it use to be 😔 It’s quite sad how much it’s been broken, basic things like searching for a contact.

  • DavidGi46630779 chef David Gibbons (@DavidGi46630779) reported

    @ciarakellydoc @sinnfeinireland What a way to get more self opinionated women talking as if they have a HUGE problem,even bigger than there sit on handstand have a laugh greenhouse effect. Make me laugh every day with your so called intelligent prospective outlook on life. Crying will work for yous.

  • DSumms7911 Devan Summers (@DSumms7911) reported from Springfield, Massachusetts

    A) it’s hilarious they just use an outlook email, lmao B) can someone please shut these idiots down

  • tinatspoon1 tinatspoon (@tinatspoon1) reported

    @lucyserendipity @perkinsnews1 @morgan_rouge @Rakpenguin63 @CigaretteCalpol @YoungMindsUK I hear ya. Too many people have that “I’m alright, Jack” outlook, and the system is broken and outdated. I too, would also like to live on the moon 🙌🏻

  • nole_so_posh 🧘🏾‍♀️ (@nole_so_posh) reported

    Like 6 weeks ago I needed to take down my hair and didn’t want to redo it so I went and bought a wig. I previously really didn’t like wearing wigs but I like this one so much it changed my whole outlook on them.

  • andersonr86 Ryan Anderson (@andersonr86) reported

    @RyanSerhant @AppleSupport Stop using the iOS email application...problem solved! Huge success with @Outlook for #ios.

  • bendrath Ralf Bendrath (@bendrath) reported

    @asta_fish @JanAlbrecht For PGP, AFAIK Jan used a local Outlook client with a PGP plugin and then convinced the IT department to allow that setup access to the Exchange server. But that might be due to MEP powers.

  • pharris667 Harris Market Trends (@pharris667) reported

    IBD Big Picture Oct. 11, 2019 Friday Action Strong Gains Fade Current Outlook Uptrend Under Pressure Distribution Days 7 S&P 6 on Nasdaq Leaders up in Volume $AAPL Apple $ASML ASML $TPX Tempur Sealy $FAST Fastenal Down In Volume $GNRC $MTCH $NOC

  • donniedeporte DodgersVsWorldLAD🐬Up🇵🇷 (@donniedeporte) reported

    @CharlesRobinson Look at the offending team, I mean many are woke to the issue and a reason league losing fans. I watch with a WWE outlook to stomach it anymore and not nearly as often as I.used to

  • lafebra Sean (@lafebra) reported

    @OfficeSupport Outlook 2016 is so bad. It literally will not take app passwords. And it will not prompt for the web login for text verification. On any computer I try with the Office 365 apps

  • bob_bobbson James 🎃 (@bob_bobbson) reported

    Today my outlook client wont connect to the mail server, claiming my administrator needs to log in to "confirm I have a valid Office subscription" I click okay and start the authentication process (I know the admin PW) but it doesn't even ask, it just "completes"

  • offendall Offendall (@offendall) reported

    (Macro outlook) Even, if there is a trade deal or a PTD, Fundamentals are breaking down and profits will disappoint, no matter how lower the expectations move lower. (Layoffs, to meet profits. Hence, no real wage growth in 20 years!) The $FED #QE Infinity! Can't borrow, no job!

  • asherawelan Asher Awelan Esq. (@asherawelan) reported

    Broken #seo pattern 2019. Ecom product pages must be 1000 words to demonstrate to google Experience and Authority. Mindless review content demonstrates Trust. This goes against Google’s “customer first” outlook.

  • desert__seagull Jon L Seagull (@desert__seagull) reported

    @Doctrine_Man @Pei_Mei I find it's about delegating the tasks to the environment, most routine stuff where might engage with people do in the office, stuff want to concentrate on do from home and "forget" to sign in to IMs or open outlook

  • sergiobamos AB (@sergiobamos) reported

    @ClydeSSB the problem is our outlook. We’re weak at the back, but still try and defend games. This magnifies our weakness. We need a manager who’s willing to throw caution to the wind.