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  • mama_michelle Mama J (@mama_michelle) reported

    We can’t keep looking or thinking about the same things and expect a different outcome or different outlook. Nothing dumbs down our ability to day dream like our so-called “smart” phones. #nophoneday #useyourimagination

  • maradhimanni Sandhya (@maradhimanni) reported

    Last week's outlook issue is gone. New issue must be in stands. You might send the 2 issues together now. We have to read old issues. @Outlookindia

  • dsbrow02 (@dsbrow02) reported

    @attorneygeneral @RobertBuckland I am looking up my family in England. One was a judge. I wanted to visit him but my mother never told me his name. I think he is a Ritton. I am a Mayflower Brown I think. I don't know cyber attacked on Outlook and Americans are so dumb they can't fix my cell. Janice A Brown

  • dumbstarlet jem (@dumbstarlet) reported

    me: ok i need to have a more positive outlook on life. i’m going to acknowledge things that bother me and i’m going to be fine- also me: if i cut of hair 6 inches off all my problems will **** off

  • RichardPluck Richard Pluck (@RichardPluck) reported

    @MollyMEP @GreenRupertRead @ExtinctionR Held his ground well - point about elections maybe could've been better argued from short-term outlook multiple issue angle. Could have made more of methane problem - 10yr life in atmosphere as more powerful GHG (IPCC timetable); then degrades to CO2.

  • soliloquy_slq Soliloquy Slq (@soliloquy_slq) reported

    That is a good outlook to have in my opinion but I think it good to have a team orientated mentality in a relationship. Knowing that whatever happens, money is never a dividing factor because money is such a sensitive issue, especially a lack thereof.

  • gtfc_1 Dave Nunn (@gtfc_1) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport can u tell me why for 2nd time someone in bloody Malaysia has got into my account again. Despite having 2 way login ffs. This has now been outlook. Hotmail. Xbox live now this again in past week 😠😠

  • OfentseZA Sgaps™️ (@OfentseZA) reported

    I never judge people by tweets but Touch stays making the same tweet using different contexts but with the same result, I don’t know if his aim is to motivate or ridule, there’s a “better black” aura about his outlook, he pulls down under the pull up guise, so weird!!

  • DRKF_Dhudhi Khalid FAROOQ (@DRKF_Dhudhi) reported

    With this new software update (#CabinetReshuffle), now you can enjoy Naya #Pakistan version 2.0. Bugs and problems have been fixed. New antivirus (Brig Ijaz Shah) has been installed and there's a new outlook to the whole program. #PTIGovernment

  • solanky Deependra Solanky (@solanky) reported

    @mailbird Today I am getting issues in IMAP sync with @zohocares mail. It was fine till yesterday. Today also working fine in @Outlook as I tested. Could you please check.

  • ccaveg Guido Vega (@ccaveg) reported

    @Uber_Support @kingkadeforever I have not received any response, in my email ccaveg @ hotmail. how is it important to solve this problem

  • authorMohanty Citizen Prabhat MOHANTY (@authorMohanty) reported

    @surekhapillai @sharmasupriya "Please take everything in a positive outlook. Then you will not see any problem." That's what @pbhushan1 can vouch for.

  • KJAK16 Krista King (@KJAK16) reported

    @MStrooo6 @TimAnderson7 I'm pretty sure you had a different outlook towards Anderson after your issue with him after he had issues with your pitching... I believe something along the lines of "I have zero respect for the guy..." I'm sure sportsnet has the footage in the archives.

  • samfhicks Sam Hicks (@samfhicks) reported

    Being close friends with a police officer has changed my outlook on many issues. It's hard for law-abiding people to really understand how many losers there are out there. We see cops' screwups. We don't see the work they do EVERYDAY against ******** who need to be locked up.

  • TechTomM Tom Maxwell (@TechTomM) reported

    @yo_its_simba Sounds like an attitude problem to me. When you compare reality to a fake Utopian, probably fed to you by the left, everything looks abysmal. Compare your life to those in Venezuela, China, Bangladesh, Somalia. Your outlook on life may change. Take steps to improve. Good luck!

  • flashzonephoto John (@flashzonephoto) reported

    @ProfBlackistone respectfully "we can say the #Nword & u can't" outlook is BS. As long as it's A USED WORD there will ALWAYS b problems.

  • TheDoleObserver The Dole Observer (@TheDoleObserver) reported

    @KevinOliver19 @Independent_ie Your argument fails on every level. You obviously don't believe in tackling climate change or car dominance in the city. Terrible outlook.

  • TheAboveFlyness Don Dada (@TheAboveFlyness) reported

    @DanDanNOTplural Honestly I just think it’s sus that you without a problem thought of selling ass and being wild was the best outlook on a song like I ain’t mad at yu getting your money fck it it’s just a funny nd odd concept that a dude would go that raw lol it ain’t as serious as nikkas making

  • ItsJustBaxy Baxy (@ItsJustBaxy) reported

    @angharadyeo and not be grateful for them. I know I have a terrible perspective and it's a rather negative outlook. I'm only 26 but I'm still trying, and one day, hopefully won't be so critical. I do show complete and utter respect to any form of workers until not returned :)

  • onecolleen Colleen Kelly (@onecolleen) reported

    @AndrewMannix Recently created *clock alarms* on my phone (like a Neanderthal) to cope with Outlook scheduling and alert problems

  • dremeda Dre Armeda (@dremeda) reported

    @Outlook In browser (Office 365), I can add anyone in our company directory's calendar so I can view. When I try to do the same through the Outlook 2016 Mac desktop client, I get an error that Outlook cannot open the folder. Makes zero to no sense being it works fine in browser.

  • Googleulv Kristian Erik Munk (@Googleulv) reported from Herning Kommune, Region Midtjylland

    @Outlook Can you tell me if there are #danish #service or #support person, on ##twitter or other social media, for @outlook @microsoft #windows and @office #login free webmail/mobile webmail/online office premium/365client, and free or premium app.

  • coldacid_ebooks memes coldacid posts (@coldacid_ebooks) reported

    Slowly but surely building collection mechanisms in Outlook now, though no sync issues anymore.

  • poitrasCBC Jacques Poitras (@poitrasCBC) reported

    @BAStephenson60 I took the references "economic outlook remains challenging" and "sustained effort ... in light of weak population growth" to refer to the same basic demographic issue you describe.

  • Milnoc François Caron 🇨🇦 (@Milnoc) reported

    @Yogu32 @XKCDAltTextBot @xkcdComic The problem is that WINMAIL.DAT is a proprietary file format owned by @Microsoft that non-Microsoft email clients don't know how to process properly. If you want to see the contents of the file, you HAVE to buy a @Microsoft email application such as Outlook to access the file.

  • drosjk Andrew Kelley (@drosjk) reported

    Switched to outlook just in time for them to update to a terrible icon.

  • damanr Daman Rangoola (@damanr) reported

    I rely on being able to drag and drop outlook emails directly into one note and now all of a sudden it’s issuing a prompt and giving me an error when I try this.

  • QuixoticRocket Alex 🕹👾 (@QuixoticRocket) reported

    @Gaohmee wouldn’t it be great if work had a therapist on staff to take appointments for all the employees. even if it was taken as lunch time it’s just be so convenient to set up an appointment in outlook and then just pop down to the meeting room for an hour.

  • HamSandwitchMan Caleb Benson 🌐 (@HamSandwitchMan) reported

    @cakotz @Aelkus @IRHotTakes WW2 was terrible but not the literal end of the world. Macro distinctions in horribleness are important in determining overall life outlook. Overall life outlook is better when being optimiatic even in the face of bad odds.

  • ChesHealer Ches Marco Sajdak ART Historian MA HEALER CERTFIED (@ChesHealer) reported

    Its of material outlook blindness not foreseing problems consequences of fatal decitions industrial sicieties governement ruining planet our health deviant persins who follow money course demonic creatures though some God believing praying to-dualism schisoid cases lost minds too

  • maradhimanni Sandhya (@maradhimanni) reported

    @Outlookindia Next issue of Outlook magazine will be on stands tomorrow. I am yet to receive the current issue. I am fed up of complaining all the time. Four more years' subscription is there:(

  • SnarkAndBourbon Philip Wesley (@SnarkAndBourbon) reported

    @Outlook The frustration isn't with Outlook. It's user error.

  • _coleyrene_ Nicole ♥ (@_coleyrene_) reported

    @TherealIntraKit That’s a very negative outlook. You should always be the bigger, better and more kind person in every situation. If someone is terrible to you don’t be terrible back, it’s common sense¿

  • ripbustin *++justinn:) (@ripbustin) reported

    thanks for breaking my heart ghosting me lying to me ******* me over ——- and making my trust issues 40000000x worse i have a reason to grind new motivation a new outlook on life

  • lethargiclump a[h]eng🌙 | 📌JENO BDAY GA (@lethargiclump) reported

    my problem's still not solved. hell no it's far from that. but i wont lose to it or even succumb that i cant have a positive outlook anymore. i can and i will show it that i can have problem and still have a positive view 🚀

  • data_professor Professor Sid (@data_professor) reported

    @Benni_aji the outlook for people vs machines may not be so terrible :)

  • jimatlkg Jim Davis (@jimatlkg) reported

    @Office @Windows MAJOR problems running windows 10 for the past week... updates done by Microsoft while not on computer makes using Outlook email almost impossible

  • artisticdeath13 Meighan 👻 (@artisticdeath13) reported

    I literally can't think of anyone to lean on and talk to because I'm carrying so much of everyone's problems and trying to maintain some happy positive outlook because ****, someone has to. Someone has to be okay enough to keep everyone else functioning.

  • Jim_Lancashire James Martin (@Jim_Lancashire) reported

    @SavageBiscuits @Haydar432 @sherman15151573 @georgegalloway @SeanOrr69 @bolshevik_bee The problem is Graham, you don't want to start somewhere because somewhere will never be good enough, never be big enough, never be internationalist enough for you. The result of that outlook is to do nothing.

  • _Blu_Phoenix_ Blu (@_Blu_Phoenix_) reported

    @KillPrada Sometimes people just need an outlet, someone to talk some things through or bounce thoughts off of. It doesn't necessarily mean they will solve your problems, but it's not good to bottle things up either, and sometimes talking with someone can give new perspective/outlook.

  • Milnoc François Caron 🇨🇦 (@Milnoc) reported

    @XKCDAltTextBot @xkcdComic I keep getting emails with attachments named WINMAIL.DAT. I don't use Outlook. The senders don't understand what's wrong or how to fix it.

  • DavidSmifff David Smith (@DavidSmifff) reported

    @ScienceNews weird link to an outlook web app login page...

  • DocDellaire Graham Dellaire (@DocDellaire) reported

    Anyone else at Dalhousie getting a Net certification error (NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID) for Outlook @dalfcs @DalMedSchool @DrCChambers @BetaScience #EasterWeekend #CertificateExpire

  • Elli197 Elli Josephs™ (@Elli197) reported

    @ms__saleh The problem is (imo i.e) he wasn’t talented as such instead he was just a likeable human being for his overall character and/or outlook/perspective towards life.

  • attilavago Attila Vago (@attilavago) reported

    @HeyCisco Yes, fix the UI, fix the UX, fix the integration with @Outlook. I can't believe I ended up missing @SkypeBusiness which wasn't great either. I have to attempt 4 times to set up a Webex meeting for the link to actually generate, or quits on me because it wants an update.

  • SBizjack Sean Bizjack (@SBizjack) reported

    @KSUOwlHowl Don’t get your hopes up, the man just started. The higher your hopes, the harder you crash. From my outlook, hoping in KSU 🏀 leads to terrible ROI with emotions.

  • frediecruze fred4U (@frediecruze) reported

    @UchePOkoye @princeabu27 ....and go back to grovel with their regional outlook to national problems.

  • Arbiter_82 Jeff-El (@Arbiter_82) reported

    @Outlook I think I've been hit with this issue. The contacts sync option in the app keeps toggling itself off, and the account disappears completely from the "Accounts" section of Android settings. Reinstalling the app and resetting the account haven't helped.

  • mmt_rod Heterodox (@mmt_rod) reported

    @cookglads @kopke_eva @markjs1 @TonyAbbottMHR The budget was never broken and surpluses are only necessary when economy is overheating/massive trade surpluses. With a gloomy outlook, under/unemployment this is definitely not the time to run a budget Surplus

  • HeraldMalsom RM (@HeraldMalsom) reported

    @Outlook I think outlook is down in western pa. Phone is fine. Laptop isn’t.

  • ashwin_baindur Ashwin Baindur (@ashwin_baindur) reported

    @CLILatIndia @htTweets @PrakashJavdekar @HRDMinistry For example, the National Education Policy which was to be formulated & made into law by this govt ran into trust issues including unwarranted emphasis on RSS ideology in the draft. The excellent article by Eeshani Kochhar & Deepti Sreeram in the Outlook is quite revealing.

  • TERAGRE01964783 TERRA GREEN (@TERAGRE01964783) reported

    @Microsoft may i know the reason why you blocked while we create new account at @Outlook . After creating new account i just tried to send 4 mails and i got message by your support team that you got blocked. About @Windows can you justify me !!! #Microsoft #problems #Outlook

  • csk377 Markiyan (@csk377) reported

    @richgel999 Part of that is because outlook search is unforgivably slow - sometimes minutes compared to under a second through OWA

  • NerdPyle Ned Pyle (@NerdPyle) reported

    @0xdade Outlook O365 client is cute, once you paste and it tries to resolve, it says “hey you can’t do that” but just leaves it there for you to go fix it. Outlook iOS client just strips it out. Same company, same org 😂

  • HistoReWriter Gabriella-L-Garlock 🕊 (@HistoReWriter) reported

    @adriennemb001 @MichelleTSimon Really I'm just looking for statements on how specifically it gets in the way of writing, directly or indirectly. What if anything you can/do do to accommodate the problem; how a chronic physical problem influences your outlook & writing. And whatever you have to say. DM me!

  • mishacienfuegos Misha Coleman (@mishacienfuegos) reported

    @MorongJeremy @rickylee41 @becca_the_human Dang, I'm sorry Ricky! The internet has ruined my outlook on life and I should probably fix that.

  • NLbouncyknight NLbouncyknight (@NLbouncyknight) reported

    @BabyBearHS @FlixBus_FR Thats terrible :( i dont think you get it back either Dont know of your laptop is traceble maybe did you connect it with goofle or outlook also i hope that gamers asembly or someone have a solution so you can still play

  • livingichigo Living Ichigo (@livingichigo) reported

    @sethmptp I have a positive outlook on most things still. Just the stuff in my personal life is dragging me down bad. Working on leaving

  • Barack_McBush General Kanye_Trump. (Space Force)💎 (@Barack_McBush) reported

    @bdsams My Outlook e-mail gets WAY more spam than all my other e-mail providers combined. The most popular spam e-mails are that there is a problem with my bank account..from a bank I have never dealt with before.. 🤔

  • LeyTTV SoaR Ley (@LeyTTV) reported

    @Nerdperior THATS WHAT IVE BEEN DOIN and changing my outlook on life. Trying to focus on myself more. Broken people will stay broken until they realize they need to change for themselves