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  • lilsaturn09 leslie 🧚🏼‍♀️ (@lilsaturn09) reported

    @AdamHSays "whatever their perspective is that allows them to remain in negative but escapable situations- this outlook is the problem."

  • Lee_Holmes Lee Holmes (@Lee_Holmes) reported

    @jearle @hacks4pancakes This isn't a client issue (Outlook vs. iPhone mail vs. Apple Mail). Most clients include this data. This is a SMTP server issue. As the post mentions, several consumer mail services redact this sensitive information, while Gmail does not.

  • Captain_Fae 🏴‍☠️Fae FierceVulpine🏴‍☠️ (@Captain_Fae) reported

    @DuxNoctem @LeaC_Official That’s like saying we shouldn’t fight racism and homophobia. That’s a terrible outlook.

  • germjus Juicy (@germjus) reported

    @KrisKelkar Mine did the same thing. I took a two hour call to Apple for them to help me fix it. Turns out it was pretty simple in the end. My contacts were syncing to hotmail rather than my iCloud account.

  • peggy_blair Peggy "Stay home!" Blair (@peggy_blair) reported

    @ottawadeafgirl I've been looking online and I can't find an answer. It's like a glitch in the Outlook program that won't let you delete thousands of emails at once.

  • _pof_ Mr. Nails (@_pof_) reported

    I've spent the past 45 minutes trying to figure out how to make a new, free Outlook account. This is absolutely absurd. ": ( Something went wrong" is not an error message, Microsoft.

  • GillesnFio ❌La Borghese (@GillesnFio) reported

    @BulldogLoyalty @DawnTJ90 @TJ_TomJ @MATTP1949 @SlagKogel @B_Bolshevik100 @SylviaD32911201 @SpurglyD @Jamz129 @craigthomler @JimFish56837379 @Vogel_Liebe @CymaticWave @Barbarajdurkin @regretful1 @HVACPerformance @glinch72 @erskinedaniel @Oscarth93966432 @SlowMoneyGreen @heisenburgal2o3 @EcoSenseNow @FionnRodgers @Cris_Paunescu @theglinchpin @jenninemorgan @jwickers @TDL7777 @BadgersNo @Julescelt @dan613 @tracemetalclean @EdwardGiugliano @chris__soda @thinks_about_it @SpatulaSteve @redned59 @BighterT @RedDragonFly19 @acecordrell @mikebethune @Jan_lindsay @PaprikaLady @GaryWHall @ammocrypta @fyre_dumpster @MStuart1970 @Zerilos @darren_nell @Robin_Hagues Nonsense is adopting the conviction that murder applies to those who are not yet actual beings, and actual beings be subject to the violence of those who think they know better. What a terrible outlook for those beings vulnerable to a pregnancy.

  • OkTykester Susan Brown (@OkTykester) reported

    keep our companies open so they aren't forced to shut down due to lack of income. it's hard enough on these businesses but to be shut down for any length of time can seriously damage their financial outlook.

  • MichaelRakoff Michael Rakoff (@MichaelRakoff) reported

    @AdamHSays But increasingly for some the outlook on life darkened; the very origin of the world was attributed to a terrible fault, and evil was given status as the ultimate ruler of the world, not just a usurpation of authority.

  • dxxmah dee (@dxxmah) reported


  • fly4dat fly4dat (@fly4dat) reported

    Down from 5 quarters ago, with twice as many factories, exponentially ramping Fremont, price cuts, one more model (that is supposed to outsell all others combined) and a dire outlook. $TSLA $TSLAQ

  • johnkoerner John Koerner (@johnkoerner) reported

    @JenMsft I'd fix my one machine that can't connect to any Microsoft accounts. The UI crashes every time it comes up. It makes it impossible to login to OneNote or Outlook.

  • JJRwuzhere 𝔍𝔞𝔠𝔬𝔟 𝔍𝔞𝔪𝔢𝔰 (@JJRwuzhere) reported

    As of today, I’ve spent around $10,000 on tests and treatment trying to nail down what’s causing my dog’s health issues. He could barely breathe today and is now on oxygen and being watched over. Honestly, my heart is breaking and my outlook is grim. This sucks. 😞

  • edGy_kun 😈 I'm edgy ⚜ (@edGy_kun) reported

    @CarsonPrince904 Yeah don't be. You at least tried to make me happy, you don't deserve to be dragged down by my nihilistic outlook.

  • NZBirder Birder - isolated on her perch (@NZBirder) reported

    @hewyjrh @KermysReturn Bauer decision is one that more firms will have to make in the next couple of weeks. Wage subsidy is nothing to someone whose business is going down the tubes. Can’t afford to keep staff on with no work and a bleak outlook. First step wil be letting staff go

  • ev_merch (@ev_merch) reported

    @Gfilche Guess Rod was more right than you were... Great delivery numbers, but the Q2 outlook could be the issue.

  • Tristebirdie Triste (@Tristebirdie) reported

    *is indisposed troubleshooting issues for a few hours* *comes back to Outlook* Time to read my hate mail

  • itspetechapman Pete Chapman 🦊 (@itspetechapman) reported

    @c_r_5 And I assume the outlook for new hardware is pretty grim. Supply chains and manufacturing will already be heavily hit. Logistics and whether there are physical retailers to sell through is a whole other problem and then there’s the probability that everyone will be skint by Nov.

  • yoGLENDA Glenda Johnson (@yoGLENDA) reported

    Adult problems: being frustrated with Outlook signatures being saved to the local drive and not the cloud…

  • Briancbs4 Brian Maass (@Briancbs4) reported

    Scoop from @DENAirport: 43 of 170 concessions closed,63 w/reduced hours since air traffic down 90%. Huge point: Previous demand not expected to return until late 2022 or 2023. Rating agencies have changed all airports, to negative outlook due to dramatic loss of traffic and $

  • Shorterthan15x Brian Badonde (@Shorterthan15x) reported

    @Wirral_Innit @SkyNews "Sick in mind, attitude and outlook" says @Wirral_Innit while commenting on another individual with a poisoned tweet, terrible attitude and a gloomy outlook. By your words, you're ****** if you get it.

  • RaveHound Rave (@RaveHound) reported

    @Outlook I haven't been able to check my email in several days. The Outlook website tries to load, then kicks me to an error page ("Failed to load LazyModule") every time I try. I've cleared related cookies, I've cleared my cache, and still no joy.

  • baygrove Daniel Viklund (@baygrove) reported

    @citrixguyblog @DLitschewsky I wonder if this is related to all the random issue I have been having with users starting Outlook and another application, application do not appear, they are like running in the background behind, not visible to user. User need to call servicedesk to have them kill process

  • RandomNameMade RandomNameMade (@RandomNameMade) reported

    And what a surprise, email is still not working, great job @Outlook

  • GrahamWins26 GWins26 (@GrahamWins26) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForceUK I have a Gmail and a Hotmail account. Your login says neither are valid. I cannot login.

  • GrahamWins26 GWins26 (@GrahamWins26) reported

    @nvidia I have a Gmail and a Hotmail account. Your login says neither are valid. I cannot login.

  • GrahamWins26 GWins26 (@GrahamWins26) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce I have a Gmail and a Hotmail account. Your login says neither are valid. I cannot login.

  • GrahamWins26 GWins26 (@GrahamWins26) reported

    @NVIDIASHIELD I have a Gmail and a Hotmail account. Your login says neither are valid. I cannot login.

  • GrahamWins26 GWins26 (@GrahamWins26) reported

    @NVIDIAGFN I have a Gmail and a Hotmail account. Your login says neither are valid. I cannot login.

  • KrisAbdelmessih Kris (@KrisAbdelmessih) reported

    @GestaltU @EconomPic @choffstein @breakingthemark @MikePhilbrick99 @movement_cap @demonetizedblog @theNFaber @MebFaber @ArtemisVol @investingidiocy @ReformedTrader @InvestReSolve That's a discussion I want to see. Monetization acts as a rebalance partially. If the total portfolio loses value then less re-hedging needed too. Rolling puts down in single name is common in lieu of buying hard deltas back. Lots of tricky decisions when you have 0 bias/outlook

  • YewGeneolgia10x At Last I See Stellight 💖 (@YewGeneolgia10x) reported

    I hate Kasumi right now. She literally said the Phantom Thieves are bad because people should overcome their problems themselves. **** her. That's a horrendous outlook. Shiho could not just overcome Kamoshida herself.

  • IamSpikefire ⬆️UpSmashn-Ice❄ #Joyconboyz (@IamSpikefire) reported

    As someone who looks at most things with an outlook of positivity this video eloquently describes issues I didnt know I had with Ult, some things others have noticed right away. It isnt just an outright bash of the game but an elaborate look at the good and bad the game offers.

  • bloomfieldhill BloomfieldHill (@bloomfieldhill) reported

    @TheBubbleBubble Jesse, I'm on your side outlook wise but no one cares about your problems/trolls. Just keep stacking, preparing and saying what needs to be said. Your need to be liked will drive you crazy.

  • supershycelts scott doc (@supershycelts) reported

    @IrishinSocal Would mean leaving the NHS...i had this dilemma no that long ago and decided to stay down South but this Pandemic has in a way changed my outlook

  • ericgrossmann Eric Grossmann (@ericgrossmann) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    I have another huge complaint: On Bill Gates, “Mr. Philanthropy” these jobs; Microsoft was a real issue. All I can say (without violating any agreement) Microsoft Outlook’s design, some versions are nearly inoperable. Fact. Bill: get back to tech now. His company is failing.

  • KoolKidTV_ #NorthKoolkid (@KoolKidTV_) reported

    @Faceless_Reacts @krunkerio Sorry my dude I don’t wanna push you down but they don’t care how long you’ve been streaming they care about the 1. Quality of content you provide and 2. How your outlook is from the community and to the community. I’m not saying you don’t deserve a code but saying how long [1/2]

  • 1loriking Lori King (@1loriking) reported

    @peggy_blair @BwstnbrgKaren In my hotmail i accidentally swpt my inbox so everything went in deleted, i am unsure how to fix lol

  • bradcorrion Brad Corrion (@bradcorrion) reported

    iPad vs PC: getting on a Skype meeting: iPad: unlock with thumb, click link in calendar, join Skype meeting PC: Unlock BitLocker w/ password, unlock account with password, open VPN with password, wait for Skype to login, boot Outlook, click link from calendar, hope it works.

  • EvanCooney0717 Evan (@EvanCooney0717) reported

    Will be tweeting at @Outlook every single day until they fix the “senders original message will be included” bug that only sometimes gives me the option to edit past conversations in reply all. You’re ruining my life.

  • hounder55 Release the Hounds (@hounder55) reported

    @crandlka @Spotify Still not sure how he hacked my hotmail account since Microsoft wasn’t any help in chasing this down to get an answer. Basically told me to change my Hotmail password. Still have some weird mideastern music in my favourites list that I can’t delete. 🤬

  • OddWizardsof TheWizardsofOdd (@OddWizardsof) reported

    @Outlook @MicrosoftTeams I can't seem to login to my Outlook computer app for Windows 10.

  • KaaliKhansi Ullo (@KaaliKhansi) reported

    @abbasnasir59 There r issues in outlook to hotmail communications.

  • ImJustBriana Bri (@ImJustBriana) reported

    So everybody’s Outlook is slow 😩.. I sent an email an hour ago that’s still in my outbox 🙄

  • ezundel Evon Zundel (@ezundel) reported

    THIS! Please folks, calm down and stop with the online or decades old term “e-learning” bashing. The fact that a hypenated old word is being applied to this situation colors my outlook when reading the panic stricken tweets I have been seeing. Not a lot of thought behind them.

  • Cimexomys Anne Weil (@Cimexomys) reported

    I sat down at camera ready for my morning meeting and there's no cancellation OR Zoom link for me. Either someone forgot me or they forgot it's Thursday. Honestly if it weren't for Outlook alarms keeping me on-task I'd be sunbathing all day.

  • mashupotato mashu #OustDuterte (@mashupotato) reported

    2) Because unity is a fake fuel that intoxicates the mass' mindset. The term unity brings toxic resiliency and complacency: it makes people think that an issue is not worth the attention because a positive outlook in life is the number 1 thing we should prioritize.

  • FROwardThinker Eeee Ber (@FROwardThinker) reported

    I feel like 90% of Outlook users don’t know about Scheduling Assistant, never seen him, wouldn’t recognize him if he was walking down the street. #RemoteWorkingMyNerves

  • kerberos007 Kerberos007 (@kerberos007) reported

    The Fed = planet and galaxy central bank saving the world. Be very careful $DXY > $100. QE-infinity & Bazooka fiscal stimulus not working. short-term manipulation of the market would not last, only exacerbate the long-term outlook Same as stock market. Zig zag zig zag

  • WillauerProsky WPWAM (@WillauerProsky) reported

    "Dear Diary, Day 13 of lockdown. In the lab last night until late, and by Jove I think I have it... I found the CURE!!! Simple and safe, mass-producible. Up with the larks this morning to email the formula to CDC. Microsoft Outlook is down... gee ****, guess it'll have to wait."

  • JuvenileJolteon z ι ν (@JuvenileJolteon) reported

    @DUALTHINKlNG --smile. Seems this Jolteon had a generally positive outlook on things! "Hopefully that tail 'o yours never gave your mother an issue. I didn't have parents, but I know they don't take well to back talk, an' the like."

  • LCTempleton LCTempleton (@LCTempleton) reported

    "Experience teaches us that one of the most common errors in selecting stocks for purchase, or for sale, is the tendency to emphasize only the most obvious factor; namely the temporary outlook for sales and profits of a company." John Templeton 1946

  • cscallyMD Chris Scally (@cscallyMD) reported

    The process of starting a work from home morning: 1) Enter password to login to computer 2) Enter password to login to VPN 3) 2 factor authenticate VPN 4) Enter password to login to virtual desktop 5) Oops outlook timed out before VPN connected and needs my password too

  • Doc_Psych0 Lou I (@Doc_Psych0) reported

    @scrowder @scrowder my Dad is a Dr and has some success with Z packs. Said it's been helping curtail some issues. Is looking into the Mix of Chloroquine and Z packs. Said the outlook is promising. But it's going to take time to make sure we don't get a mutation in the disease.

  • DaniRos00486772 DaniRose (@DaniRos00486772) reported

    @michelle_dy By choosing to have a positive outlook doesn't mean Ms. Michelle Dy did not acknowledge the pressing issues in our country. I think she actually does but she's choosing to look at the bright side and yeah there's nothing wrong with that. Another thing...

  • AlgoBoffin Vipin™ ✍️© (@AlgoBoffin) reported

    Nothing is changed in main outlook. It must go down. People need cash instead Gold

  • VoxPangloss Pangloss (@VoxPangloss) reported

    @MiaCate @BlizzardRL @losertakesall Stick to MSFT 365. If someone needs to setup Outlook rules to auto-forward to OneNote, they'll ask. @BlizzardRL Don't forget to cough on your parents after you return home. Problem should sort itself out in 8-10 days.

  • deed02392 George Hafiz (@deed02392) reported

    @CommieGIR @tazwake @CharlesDardaman The exact same issue was addressed in Outlook iirc by disabling the rendering of UNC paths as clickable links. So there's precedent in doing something about this.

  • Antoniaco23 Antonio (@Antoniaco23) reported

    @Outlook Your service is down morons go work.

  • Nina13703708 Nina Hudson (@Nina13703708) reported

    @RealKiefer Hi, decided to promote a more positive outlook today to stop everyone being so gloomy, that went well 😬 introduced them to my new 15 minute workout, that also went down like a lead balloon. I know after three days I'm no size zero supermodel will keep trying x

  • MrHoopsMN Mr. Hoops (@MrHoopsMN) reported

    Ooooooof. Terrible outlook knowing this is just starting.