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  • JamesonAPLang Sandy Jameson (@JamesonAPLang) reported

    @NazHSPrincipal Haha, maybe I didn’t wait long enough then because most of my 7,000 were things that I knew had already been in my outlook trash! I got anxious and immediately had to fix that red number in any way possible LOL

  • YasinT22 ياسين the dream (@YasinT22) reported from Strongsville, Ohio

    Turn the bad into good and try to have a positive outlook on something that is negatively affecting you don’t let something bring u down

  • freetofic free to fanfic (call me foff) (@freetofic) reported

    @zille_tarte Where radfems go wrong in this comprehensive outlook (aside from the transphobia, exclusionism & gatekeeping) is insisting that EVERYONE work ONLY on misogyny/patriarchy - & it leaves everyone who has more pressing oppression problems than patriarchy forgotten in the dust.

  • seaprod100 Siegfried Angerer (@seaprod100) reported

    @PhillipCoorey I wonder if it would not be more prudent for the long term outlook of the economy to raise the non-taxable threshold to $35 or even $45k instead of trying to flatten the tax brackets. If low wages, bracket creep and stagflation are the issues, this measure would fix the lot.

  • mrgnarchr Morgan Archer (@mrgnarchr) reported

    See the issue you were having with your email was solve by me OPENING ******* OUTLOOK YOU DOLT

  • anna_sturman Anna Bolly (@anna_sturman) reported

    “Australian National Outlook 2019” is the frantic grasping of our biggest capitalist forces, trying to extend the crisis of capitalism into the future by doubling down on the need for growth and “harnessing tech”. Eff off you effing monsters we’re not letting you do this anymore

  • idarose777 Melinda Campbell (@idarose777) reported

    @lauferlaw Face it: AOC has star appeal: she's got the brains and the looks; plus, she's quite articulate in giving voice to a message many of us are hungry to hear. And I'm no millennial, just someone in tune with the progressive outlook. Please don't tear down folks on the side of good.

  • purvirakesh rakesh (@purvirakesh) reported

    Not enough votes compared to 378 followers. so I dialed down the details. I am posting the outlook in 2 mins in the next tweet. & will do it again another poll later when time is right.

  • IdaMatczak eeda matchak (@IdaMatczak) reported

    when you rebuild yourself after being let down and hurt multiple times throughout your life, you just become so numb to any sort of emotion its actually peak as ****. yeah you learn life lessons and whats to come but having a positive outlook on things just dissapears

  • Korapathy Kora Redward (@Korapathy) reported

    @EvilEyes_VII @the_moviebob Hell, I take an outlook that is one step further than @the_moviebob's. I believe Zach Snyder is a terrible director. I don't *hate* him, but the ONLY good film of his that I've seen was his DotD remake, and I largely credit that to the writing of... *drum roll* James Gunn!!!

  • toms3dp Thomas Sanladerer (@toms3dp) reported

    @probonopd @defsdoor @kdenlive @GIMP_Official @FreeCADNews @Onshape Freecad: Tried it recently, found it super slow to use Onshape: Can't use due to restrictive NC licensing and I surely won't be paying for the commercial licenses Outlook Web: Is an option, but I'd rather move to Gmail (already using Gsuite, but not for email yet)

  • JoshMeadows3 Josh Meadows (@JoshMeadows3) reported

    @georgefwoods @jono_nath When I scroll down that page I get the option to "Download the Australian National Outlook report [pdf · 4mb]"

  • D_Drury Donald Drury (@D_Drury) reported

    @virginmedia - since 7th June, my IMAP email does not sent from Outlook, my phone or iPad and nobody on the help desk can fix it

  • curtiswoodhous8 Curtis Woodhouse (@curtiswoodhous8) reported

    99% of police are good people. The day you stop believing in the police and law and order we have a real problem. This attitude and outlook is dangerous imo. Maybe what we need is to back them more and help them out. It’s just my opinion and I’m no expert but the police need help

  • bikerwise bikerwise (@bikerwise) reported

    @MrsArcticride @creativitycare #AlzChat Husband took about two years to accept the changes he was experiencing and knew he would experience. It hit him hard. I had to give up work to care for him and we adopted a more positive outlook. It went from being a problem to being a benefit.

  • GoCooper 𝙹𝚞𝚕𝚒𝚎 𝙲𝚘𝚘𝚙𝚎𝚛 💌 (@GoCooper) reported

    @jonnym1ller @SomanChainani I loved ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’ - but now wondering what that says about me. I usually have an upbeat “Pollyanna” outlook on life. 🧐

  • 71Greenday AmyYVR (@71Greenday) reported

    @Outlook I have been trying to log in for 2 hours on my computer. Keeps saying no internet connection however my internet connection is not the problem! Please fix it on your end

  • fast2host Fast2Host (@fast2host) reported from Huntingdon, England

    Centos4 We have changed the outgoing mail server IP to Delivery to Outlook/Hotmail is working fine now. As soon as we have an update from their Microsoft we will let you know!

  • HoneyBadgerBite Honey Badger Radio (@HoneyBadgerBite) reported from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    @runonprof @MrGaribaldi1960 @MittenDAmour In 1970 men/women killed their domestic partners close to equal. Then the number of men murdered went down, women stayed the same, When things get better for men, feminists call it "female oppression." What's wrong with the feminist outlook in a nutshell.

  • LokiOfRage_Love 🏳️‍🌈 Stormy 🇲🇽 (@LokiOfRage_Love) reported

    My Outlook has been weird all morning and it finally updated. My inbox went up to 300 and I almost cried but it went back down...

  • SPECIALG4Y 🏳️‍🌈SPECIALG4Y™🌈 (@SPECIALG4Y) reported

    The problem with social media culture is that it is quick to impose punishments, and slow to offer rehabilitation. I hope this guy's experience will make the "actions have consequences" thing REAL for him, and that his outlook changes, and he becomes a better person.

  • Adnan_Ra_ Adnan (@Adnan_Ra_) reported

    A person that is not black saying the n-word boils down to two exemplifications: social incompetence and a privileged outlook on racial normative. Harvard did the right thing, there's no space in the pinnacle of higher education for bigoted little shits.

  • Adnan_Ra_ Adnan (@Adnan_Ra_) reported

    A person that is not black saying the n-word boils down to two exemplifications: social incompetence and a privileged outlook on racial normative. Harvard did the right thing, there's no space in the pinnacle of higher education for bigoted little shits.

  • Adnan_Ra_ Adnan (@Adnan_Ra_) reported

    A person that is not black saying the n-word boils down to two exemplifications: social incompetence, and a privileged outlook on racial normative. Do better, you only look like a bigoted ******* idiot when you use that word

  • Union48 Central Union 48 (@Union48) reported

    @MaureRx @mikenunnya @mattsouthard @hofmannsausage @zweigleshots Doubling down on homophobia being a joke is pretty bold of you as supporters. We're all about inclusiveness here in the Cuse, which typically includes away support but not with that trash outlook. Miss us with all that talk.

  • JR_014 JR (@JR_014) reported

    @HuaweiMobileUK @MicrosoftHelps hi. Just bought a P30 and can't seem to be able to setup my outlook email account. Keeps saying can't connect to server. I want to use the stock email app, not the gmail app. Please advise. I've tried googling, but nothing helps.

  • ClockChuck Chuck Around The Clock (@ClockChuck) reported

    @ManlnTheHoody I can’t support criminal justice reform and formerly incarcerated people reintegrating to society without also thinking that people who have a bad outlook or use awful slurs can also see the error in their ways if willing to confront their past and grow.

  • tayy_kun Remy MUAAAH 💋 (@tayy_kun) reported

    Idk why i have this problem of changing my outlook on people off the smallest thing i be swearing everything a red flag 😂😭

  • bsrus Barry Steveson (@bsrus) reported

    @bobblebardsley yes, I'm having same issue. Outlook prompting for passwords, but google says "sorry, can't connect imap right now - try later"

  • sobefox starfish (@sobefox) reported

    Terrible outlook in EU

  • BChill728 ATL Sports (@BChill728) reported from Johns Creek, Georgia

    @plantbasedghoul @gmail It’s terrible in so many ways for work. I don’t have enough space to rant it all out lol. Outlook is the business world standard for a reason.

  • HundredthIdiot Tim 💯 (@HundredthIdiot) reported

    Part of the reason you're seeing so much money spent on these apps is Microsoft failed to create a commodity office app that solves the problems that these apps are meant to solve. (Custom DB, Correspondence Generation, Task Tracking). Access, Word, Outlook fall short.

  • oldnewstandard Old Punished Eric 🐈 (@oldnewstandard) reported

    Watching a bunch of Star Trek TNG coupled with the financial terror of renting in this broken market really changed my outlook a whole lot

  • YorhaMai Mai🏳️‍🌈 (@YorhaMai) reported

    I've changed my outlook password like 17 times and it still saying my sign in is blocked **** microsoft

  • MasPoot365 Mt. Johnson (@MasPoot365) reported

    @HondtJens I admire your positive outlook. But it's naive to think that using rational campaigns are going to reach irrational people. Can't fix stupid and those people are the ones typically having the unwanted pregnancies. And in turn crime statistics increase.

  • gerbera70 José (@gerbera70) reported

    @Outlook I can't recover my account!! Please help!! Authenticator app not working so two step verification is not working !!!

  • HappiJason Stellar Human Being (@HappiJason) reported

    This is the problem with #Feminism & #Feminists Disagreeing or criticising doesn’t automatically mean disrespecting Women aren’t on a pedestal right about everything & untouchable too fragile to take anything but kisses What a poor outlook on women that is @WhitelawDylan #auspol

  • drdanmclaughlin Daniel McLaughlin (@drdanmclaughlin) reported

    Two problems for the @ecb 's inflation outlook. The expected acceleration in wage growth has not materialised, with the annual change in wages per employee stalling at 2.2% in Q1, and a new research paper finds the Phillips curve cannot explain the recent soft inflation..

  • TUeindhoven TU Eindhoven (@TUeindhoven) reported

    @securescientist The outlook issue seems to be resolved. If outlook does not connect automatically you can restart outlook. Please note that connecting to the server and synchronizing mail at first will be delayed due to processing of all connections and mails. 😉

  • Ashlee69326450 Ashlee (@Ashlee69326450) reported

    @XHNews Nobel Laureate LXB also had proposed solutions to the problems plaguing the system of governance...any outlook on that..please

  • mandieleasmith LoudFairEqualMum (@mandieleasmith) reported

    @Kynes3 @callralstonsaul @3wombats I personally think it's a very shallow outlook, to think the traditional "grid girl", has "one job", and to sit in judgement of that "one job", is rather ... hmm... narrow minded. That's about as polite as I get. However, I it's not your views, that I'm having an issue with. 😉

  • Helidonkey Ednun Pourtahmasbi (@Helidonkey) reported

    @jakobrosin @BorrisInABox @jaybird110127 but using a workaround like spotlight is not a good solution. Like copying an email into notepad and reading it because Outlook is so crappy and slow is also not a good solution, even though it works. They should fix the folder issue. It only became an issue after iOS 10.

  • dsquareddigest Dan Davies (@dsquareddigest) reported

    When in fact, university education achieves all these goals of bringing people together; it just doesn't get the "right" result. The problem here is that tolerance and broadened outlook is exactly what the populists, nationalists and "racial self interest" types don't want.

  • aaslam Ali Aslam (@aaslam) reported

    @NHSDigital I’ve unlocked it twice this morning! I can get in through the web app so there’s no issues with the password but the outlook on my laptop and my works issued phone both keep asking me for my password

  • MarcusReports Marcus Weisgerber (@MarcusReports) reported

    Boeing executives are now briefing at the Paris Air Show. After some brief comments pledging to fix 737 Max and re-gain public trust, CFO Greg Smith unveils a 10-year market outlook that seems $2.5 trillion in defense & space related business #PAS19

  • hartul Ali Baba (@hartul) reported

    @Outlook I have a couple of users that are not able to send mails through Outlook. Several users on the same network have no issues, so it is not a network issue. Checked did the users were blocked in Exchange, but there is no blocked user there.

  • jmpetrie63 DEFERMENT DON (@jmpetrie63) reported

    @JFULLSTRENGTH @konafar @roach1332 @ms_nette09 The police were remarkably gentle with this psychopathic teenager. The kid is going to have a great deal of pain and suffering in her life with her present outlook. The next time she pulls that routine she might get her legs broken.

  • Accendo_Mike Mike van Dulken (@Accendo_Mike) reported

    S&P upgrades Tesco outlook to Positive thanks to operating results improvements in recent quarters; Forecasts further improvement in credit metrics, excess cash paying down debt.

  • mikeb1956_98 mikeb (@mikeb1956_98) reported

    @MCowbourne @so_it_goes_____ I thought initially that you were saying, coming down with a cold was the positive .... I thought to myself: "WOW! My kind of outlook. 😀

  • AnveEloum Anve Eloum (@AnveEloum) reported

    @emmalovesjoon @SamuDepresso @MagusOlivia @MsMacSee @mragilligan @Glinner truth or minority its still a problem and still means i cant even type out the word t*rf without my entire account getting locked for 12-36 hours. the entire social media system benifits the L when it attacks the T. i have no interest in "changing my outlook". 1/2

  • Afro_Sakurai Afro Sakurai (@Afro_Sakurai) reported

    @DatDiscordBoy @DiscordBoyVents Nah but vent accounts imo should b more lowkey. If you genuinely want someone’s outlook on your problems or life you should dm them your vent account. Publicly just saying follow my vent account just invites anyone basically, kinda makes a private account known too the public eye

  • mjfrecruits MJF Football Recruiting (@mjfrecruits) reported

    Distance yourself from negative people. They don't see the good in things but look for the bad, rather then help others they like to see them fail, If U hang around/associate with or listen to people with that outlook on life they can drag you down into thinking like them

  • zebrabetically Kellie 2: Electric Boogaloo (@zebrabetically) reported

    @gwabbit32 @Outlook Hi, I'm having the same issue. My phone app shows notifications but the inbox doesn't refresh and I can't see new emails. Have tried reinstalling the app, now I can't even add my email address back. This seems to be a widespread issue since the last update. Please help.

  • demonicabarnes Veronica Barnes (@demonicabarnes) reported

    I google everything. My history is like “how to fix outlook email” and then “song with the synth in it” and then just jumps to “funny group chat names”

  • Ammar2000yr Ⱥмα 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 | 🇬🇧 (@Ammar2000yr) reported

    I’ve seen people so broken from “love” that they don’t want or desire to be in a relationship with anyone. They’re completely turned off. So please. Don’t get with someone unless you’re sure you want to be with them forever. Don’t mess up someone’s outlook on love. #Ama

  • hhpapazian Hrant H Papazian (@hhpapazian) reported

    @carlosdetoro @cerezoom @slanted_blog @Juan_Kafka @typedirectors @TDC_Typegeist The first thing I would say is to not base your dreams on money. Some people speak of financially insecure "passion projects"; I find that a mere shadow of a much better outlook: principle projects. But there's a more interesting problem: don't be comfortable believing that >>

  • LordPhantom Mathew Taylor (@LordPhantom) reported

    @Office365 So now when I add an email account to Outlook, it insists on signing into everything office with that same account. Causing me massive problems!

  • DoctorJRo Jessica S. Robles (@DoctorJRo) reported

    China was fantastic. there’s really nothing like actually visiting a place (even if only a tiny slice!). also feels like home coming back to HK. also excited to use google again...& delete yahoo maps & bing search & outlook mail off my phone 😆 dang they’re all terrible

  • OfficeSupport OfficeSupport (@OfficeSupport) reported

    @AlexSorokoletov Before providing you with anything else, we would like to know the exact error message that you are getting when using the Outlook online. This way we can be on the same page and that we would know what actions to take next. A screenshot/picture would be much appreciated.

  • chrismcelligott Chris McElligott (@chrismcelligott) reported

    @seanwes FastMail and Apple Mail. Spark, Outlook etc. store your mail server side.