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  • trekkieb47 Eric Berry🖖🏻⚡️🎙 (@trekkieb47) reported

    @Outlook @Microsoft This is getting ridiculous. Spam is bypassing the Junk Mail filter and going to the Inbox that's set to exclusive. Multiple people are reporting this. Fix it.

  • vicos67 VICTOR VILLAGRAN (@vicos67) reported

    @Tiffanyw @Outlook Same problem here!!!!

  • loveseat2 LO (@loveseat2) reported

    @orrobbins @Outlook Same exact problem!!! Make it stop!

  • loveseat2 LO (@loveseat2) reported

    @outlook your mail filters are broken. Junk mail has started coming to my inbox. The filter used to work perfectly. Now inbox is full of junk #junkmail #makeitstop #help

  • yanggangbaby Lisa Hathaway🧢🌊🌊 (@yanggangbaby) reported

    @scottsantens Voice mails convert to emails, anyone can set appts/send invites on Outlook calendars, online ordering of lunches, Open Table app for restaurant reservations, guests sign in at the iPad stationed in the lobby — not much left to keep actual workers around

  • ParsiRed (@ParsiRed) reported

    @OwenFeye @SumoMia @EliJMassey As long as people have your outlook and philosophy then there’s no way racial problems will ever end. This generation isn’t responsible for your founding fathers. Stop swing race. Stop using skin complexion as leverage. We’re all human. Get over it. Get educated

  • fardareismai2 Far D (@fardareismai2) reported

    hey @Microsoft @Outlook your spam filters are failing. The last 24 hours my inbox is FULL of spam that suddenly isn't going to junk mail. Deal with your issues or, after 20 years, I'm going elsewhere.

  • amgoth2000 amgoth2000 (@amgoth2000) reported

    Whatever is happening over at #outlook #hotmail is getting worse and worse. TONS of spam is popping up in my inbox, no idea if they're even bothering to fix this sigh it's a complete disaster. @Outlook

  • AmericansRiseUp FedUpInSeattle🆘🌊🆘 (@AmericansRiseUp) reported

    @Outlook As millions of others said, fix this issue of junk mail getting into my inbox!!!

  • hughemichaels3 hughemichaels (@hughemichaels3) reported


  • savanedesu Savannah 🖤 (@savanedesu) reported

    I’ve been so caught up with what I don’t have and where I haven’t been that I’ve lost sight of how much God has blessed me. I don’t have a terrible life. I have a terrible outlook on life....

  • DiamondHeadSDG SDG DiamondHead (@DiamondHeadSDG) reported

    @MyVintageSoul A frightening outlook. Just look at Flint. Not state or federal governments are fixing this problem. And I'm seeing more articles about toxins or carcinogens in the drinking water of OTHER cities. Add to that our #climatechange denying POTUS. If the world ever does face...

  • lafebra Sean (@lafebra) reported

    @MSFT365Status @QcslSteve There’s been so many issues lately. Constant password prompts and difficulty adding accounts to outlook.

  • ZSheida ضیاء/Zia (@ZSheida) reported

    @Outlook BLOCK tap is not working!

  • Tyjos84 Tyjos (@Tyjos84) reported

    Outlook having issues for me today getting to where I can't log in and this is becoming an annoyance whenever Outlook has problems it has big problems.

  • Tyjos84 Tyjos (@Tyjos84) reported

    So again having issues with @Outlook Junk Emails starting to show up in my inbox, I don't use Outlook that much anymore but this is getting annoying since it's worked very well for a while now the spam email filter must not be working.

  • MercuryByHLE Helios Life Enterprises (@MercuryByHLE) reported

    WFC down 6.31% in the last week. The voice level affect analyzed by COMPREHEND was not positive for future 30 day outlook.

  • hmblwrldtrvlr Brian/Muzi 🇺🇸 🇿🇦 (@hmblwrldtrvlr) reported

    @Microsoft @Office365 #spam please check your systems for spam and blocked senders. This is not working and I have received multiple blocked or unapproved emails. This is very disruptive. I also wish you could improve deleting emails from gibberish email addresses.

  • babygotsauce_ chase (@babygotsauce_) reported

    it’s almost like his outlook on life changed when hulking out wasn’t an issue anymore...pls I’m too tired for this

  • haeccups dana. (@haeccups) reported

    i don't deserve him :( he's a ball of sunshine he must be with someone that also has a positive outlook in life and that's definitely not me ahck i don't deserve anybody at all bc i only bring negativity and might drag the people around me down with me and ion want dat 🤡

  • GriffinNicolas Nick G (@GriffinNicolas) reported

    @FredTJoseph @Public_Citizen I shutter to think how terrible it must be to have this outlook

  • HolyK1cks 𝐂𝐒𝐂𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐞 Ⓜ𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 🎰❄ (@HolyK1cks) reported

    @ImTheDebate @CasinoCoin I don't understand how people don't see this mindset. Short term prices means absolutely nothing for the long term outlook, which is why we have all held or bought crypto that is 95% down from its all time high. We all bought on long term value based on team, tech, and vision.

  • StocktonShorts sʇɹoɥS uoʇʞɔoʇS (@StocktonShorts) reported

    **** every WVU fan who started to feel great about this team. Make no mistake about it Kansas State is dirt garbage, they're beyond terrible and this loss is humiliating and recalibrates the entire season outlook.

  • lucynbin Lucy Nanfa Nbin (@lucynbin) reported

    @Air_Ryk @Attahpeter @Yitkyim See! I agree totally with you on this. That’s why I found d “But how does it help us” line hilarious. For now, no one will give u a sensible answer cos, we are all about the hype n outlook for now. Reality is not on our plate,so we’d rather ignore issues, hoping they disappear.

  • RyanRejoyce The Day Man (@RyanRejoyce) reported

    @pathogenkiosk That’s a terrible outlook, I’m sorry.

  • mapotter99 Michael Potter (@mapotter99) reported

    @Tiffanyw @Outlook Same problem here.

  • FPAtweets Felice Abby (@FPAtweets) reported

    @Microsoft Your Hotmail spam filter is not working! My mailbox is full of💩 😠

  • angiwyn Teressa (@angiwyn) reported

    Outlook/Hotmail’s spam filtering is broken again.

  • fixruin abbs ও (@fixruin) reported

    Bro he’s ******* human he’s allowed to have feelings. I get that international stans have a different outlook on idols in relationships but y’all just be embarrassing yourselves at this point lmaoo grow ******** up, get off Twitter & focus on your own problems.

  • ingrianta Ambre (𝚍𝚊𝚢𝚜𝚘𝚏𝚜𝚞𝚖𝚖𝚎𝚛) (@ingrianta) reported

    It may sound ironic for someone like me to say, but I think a huge problem in the left today is its failure to encourage & spread alternative forms of culture. We've been so focused on promoting a critical outlook on mass culture that we've unwittingly perpetuated

  • sandymiles Mad Dog Jumping (@sandymiles) reported

    @gavrojim007 @Microsoft @Outlook yes, and Microsoft is doing nothing to respond to the problem

  • psimone__ 👑 (@psimone__) reported

    My dad just talked me down and I have a completely different outlook

  • Thanos_Tweetss Thanos (@Thanos_Tweetss) reported

    @EnterRagon @SravanathiR @NeneHarleyQuinn @yoursdeepika @Nishi_Reddy_ @LathaReddy704 @KesagariM @surekha_view Yekkada how ikkada no problem with the following document Microsoft office Outlook while testing

  • sometrader78 James (@sometrader78) reported

    @webadi_crypto I prefer the 3 day. Its slow enough to give a good big picture outlook but not so slow i miss entries/exits like the weekly.

  • SV_SeaGypsy svSeaGypsy (@SV_SeaGypsy) reported

    @LaceysSecrets Most guys want more than a 1 night stand. The problem is her outlook isn't exactly common

  • EarleneKFrederi Earlene Frederick (@EarleneKFrederi) reported

    @MicrosoftHelps Once again, you won't let me sign into my hotmail/outlook account because you say my password is wrong. It isn't. When I signed onto my laptop, my first message said I had a problem with my account. My password problem still isn't really fixed.

  • Yaseen_MUFC 🔱 (@Yaseen_MUFC) reported

    @UTDTrey That’s a terrible outlook on things. We’ve had plenty of players with bad attitudes, we don’t need another one. Even if he wants to come, he is still thier captain and it would be wrong for him to just pull a di maria and ditch them.

  • Button491 Button49 (@Button491) reported

    @Booktrust Definitely Eeyore for me. His lovely lumbering outlook always makes me feel like my problems aren't so bad.

  • kdazers Daniel (@kdazers) reported

    @Tiffanyw @Outlook I've been having the exact same issue the last 2 days. Eventhough I only allow known contacts into my inbox, I'm getting dozens of spam messages.

  • ivnmrnda Gemma (@ivnmrnda) reported

    @enanglais @microsoftfrance @Outlook having same problem here :( my 11-year-old email address is blocked and i’ve been trying to fill in the verification form to no avail. i put in the correct password, i just lost access to my recovry e-mail addresses, so i can’t retrieve the code. please help.

  • JSp46305240 Heddi🔥 (@JSp46305240) reported

    @Abnormocracy @V4Report I want to add in industrialization of the Ruhr region in germany lots of poles came here and there was no problems with that. While I encourage and propose the national characters to persist and people to stay, my outlook is european, also thinking about the common ancestry/past.

  • jenRasssi Min PD-nim⁷ (@jenRasssi) reported

    @cestlavie9090 @hyyhboys @BTS_twt The interviewer has been so narrow, but I see it as an opportunity to for us to shut down people's negative outlook in this project. The interview literally turned out to be a debate ,and we won.

  • BellaPagan Bella Pagan (@BellaPagan) reported

    @Outlook @Dawny_A I’m having the same problem!!

  • lapensee182 Pierce Lapensee (@lapensee182) reported

    @Outlook fix your junk filter. SPAM is getting ridiculous even when the domain is on the block list!!

  • StarrSanchez Stella Marie (@StarrSanchez) reported

    Had a nightmare of having multiple escalations in my project d/t: 1. Power outage 2. Cant log in to my outlook 3. Site relocation Its a Saturday and Im dreaming of my projects. This is bad. 😭

  • La_G4ta 🐈🌵☀️ (@La_G4ta) reported

    I see I'm not the only one having a problem with spam coming to my inbox. I hope you're going to fix this soon, @Outlook. 😫

  • La_G4ta 🐈🌵☀️ (@La_G4ta) reported

    @Outlook Ever since you "fixed" whatever account "problem" you said I had, I am getting junkmail into my inbox which USED TO BE set to exclusive so I only got email from ppl in my contacts. Thanks a lot. 😠

  • marxismgothism Comrade Sev (@marxismgothism) reported

    @FelixChaser @MarxistSoccer There is obviously a reason to repudiate them, because they encourage the kind of racialist world outlook that has embarrassed the left for too long. What you're doing is the equivalent of looking an obviously unsanitary kitchen and thinking "there's no problem here".

  • elisadoucette Elisa Doucette (@elisadoucette) reported

    Sometimes, an editor is in a terrible mood when they open a submissions queue, and they get a pitch that changes their whole outlook for the day. Of course, sometimes reading their queue just makes it worse. Remember, it might not be all about you. #amediting #pitchtip

  • Ateeny_tiny 🖤 VOTE FOR ATEEZ YOU COWARDS!!! 🖤 (@Ateeny_tiny) reported

    @o_minhoe_o It's still not working...I even tried signing up with my friends hotmail account but it still isn't working.

  • marxismgothism Comrade Sev (@marxismgothism) reported

    @FelixChaser @MarxistSoccer That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying the post-colonialists absolutely should be repudiated, because they encourage a world outlook that puts race before class, which you would think a leftist would have a problem with. They are a repugnant liability for us.

  • HarvestGroup4 TheHarvestGroup4 (@HarvestGroup4) reported

    There’s a lot that has transpired over the years from the decisions I’ve made. And I felt at one point that it was a never ending spiral I was going down. Once I realized I said it to myself I changed it to a positive outlook.

  • orrobbins orrobbins (@orrobbins) reported

    @Outlook your mail filters are broken. Spam mail has exploded over the past few months and is now going through to the inbox. #junkmail #makeitstop

  • pharris667 Harris Market Trends (@pharris667) reported

    IBD Big Picture Jan-17-2020 Friday Action Large Caps Outperform Current Outlook Confirmed Uptrend Distribution Days 1 on Nasdaq 2 on S&P Leaders up in Volume $LSCC $GSX $MA $PCTY Leaders Down in Volume $NVCR $TAL

  • Synchronicle026 Synchronicle (@Synchronicle026) reported

    Hmmmm..... Slow pace but it's roughly a third of the book now and yeah, this thing really DOES change your outlook in life.

  • Tiffanyw Tiffanyw (@Tiffanyw) reported

    @Outlook the spam/junk mail filters seem to be broken, the past few days emails that once would have been sent directly to the junk mail folder are going into my inbox on my Hotmail account

  • EwanMacKenna Ewan MacKenna (@EwanMacKenna) reported

    @henno21 @FintanOToolbox @cmcgovern I'm saying demanding apologies doesn't change someone's outlook, and refusing to understand cause and instead preaching down about the effect isn't working.

  • lofthouse58 John Farnworth (@lofthouse58) reported

    @chrismullinexmp @Andrew_Adonis The strong candidates haven’t declared. That is the problem. The list is unelectable to many people in my opinion. Starmer very much best of a bad bunch and labour definitely the nasty party with its current outlook.

  • TheProt50878893 The Protagonist (@TheProt50878893) reported

    @anilvijminister He should be given the freedom by @AmitShah ji to work for the betterment of the state, the same way as @myogiadityanath. Both these leaders have quite the same outlook. Moreover, this issue between the two top and prominent leaders of @BJP4Haryana isn’t a good sign.

  • chaudhryhamxa Hamza Habib Chaudhry (@chaudhryhamxa) reported

    @barcasidekick Hotmail never does that unless it's serious. You might have to login and change your password