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Origin is an online gaming, digital distribution and DRM platform developed by Electronic Arts that allows users to purchase games on the internet for PC and mobile platforms, and download them with the Origin client.

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  • xiTzx_WAR_EAGLE xiTzx_WAR_EAGLE (@xiTzx_WAR_EAGLE) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn @OriginInsider @EA how are 3 seasons of this game how is random crashing and disconnection in the PC community still and issue #ApexLegends #ApexLegendsseason3 #Respawn #BrokenGame

  • darkmiyavizm darkmiyavizm (@darkmiyavizm) reported

    @ShadowEagleX @PlayApex @EA @OriginInsider They need to fix it already, it’s annoying 😠

  • Vintagelaurena Laurena Rivera (@Vintagelaurena) reported

    Hey @Apple and @AppleSupport meet @OriginInsider and @EAHelp PLEASE FIX WHATEVER #macOSCatalina DID TO MAKE IT SO I CANT PLAY @TheSims sincerely #wishicouldturnbacktime

  • KingJokerXL Aidan (@KingJokerXL) reported

    Well, it's official, I've gone too far @EASPORTSFIFA I already owned #FIFA20 on @Xbox & with @OriginInsider on PC & now I've just bought a PS4 Fifa 20 bundle 😂 😂 😂 I think I have a problem.

  • LeonLion8 Leon Webster (@LeonLion8) reported

    @ExileTV_ @OriginInsider get this problem fixed plz, all my friends have this problem. Cant play with any of them

  • majindubu DUBU | #CMXRC (@majindubu) reported

    @OriginInsider @PlayApex PLEASE fix your servers.

  • talbert332 Darius with ignite/ghost (@talbert332) reported

    @OriginInsider been having the same error for almost 12 hours now, why does this keep happening

  • Zombie2snipe53 Zombifyed Brett (@Zombie2snipe53) reported

    @EA @EA_DICE @OriginInsider ....when in reality im sure it just goes to an automatic system. Whereas, for example, when I send in a ticket to Wargaming Customer Service, I get a reply back from them stating what they are going to do with the situation and the user involved..... @EA @EA_DICE @OriginInsider

  • Lylzyy1 lylz (@Lylzyy1) reported

    @MadMarmota @OriginInsider How do you fix it

  • Abstruse Darryl Mott 💀 (@Abstruse) reported

    @OriginInsider @SWTOR My only choices are the two "bundles" available through Origin (a 1 month and a 2 month bundle) and they can only be redeemed every 6 months. As you can tell from the math (1 month + 2 months = 3 months, 3 months = one half of 6 months), that's a problem.

  • ashrafmarjuki ash (@ashrafmarjuki) reported

    @OriginInsider yo my Fifa wont start.... and my laptop meet all the requirements needed i dont pay monthly for this kind of service

  • TimothyFarring1 ◊Timothy◊ (@TimothyFarring1) reported

    @MSQSIMS @OriginInsider Also the stuff that has worked (login window and “install Origin” window) hasn’t been great as the text/window don’t seem to be fitted to the resolution (it’s all pixel-ie/blurry)

  • TimothyFarring1 ◊Timothy◊ (@TimothyFarring1) reported

    @MSQSIMS @OriginInsider The thing is that it “opens” but then it just closes again... and sometimes it says something like “Origin has run into a serious issue and needs to close”

  • MSQSIMS MSQ SIMS 🍁🍂 (@MSQSIMS) reported

    @TimothyFarring1 @OriginInsider I had this issue recently. My firewall was blocking origin add origin to the exception list in your firewall 🙂

  • megancwayna C Dubs (@megancwayna) reported

    @OriginInsider FYI, the update I just downloaded made my TS4 unplayable, so I’m glad you were able to solve whatever the issue #fixit

  • _xcamilli LilB 🐝 (@_xcamilli) reported

    @simmerkendrew @OriginInsider @EAHelp I’m unfortunately not even able to download sims bc of this issue ugh i hope it gets resolved

  • DamnShelby Shelby🖤 (@DamnShelby) reported from Fort Worth, Texas

    I can’t login to my @OriginInsider account!!! I’m so upset!!!

  • AnonMirandanik SimmerGirl79 (@AnonMirandanik) reported

    @OriginInsider Been having problems since last night it keeps me in offline mode and I have to keep trying over and over before it lets me online, now it's not even loading at all and it won't let me on.

  • dearpooh7800 금บอพอ🏅 (@dearpooh7800) reported

    @OriginInsider Can't login to Origin... Please fix it ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • MadMarmota Mad Marmota (@MadMarmota) reported


  • malloreigh hallow-reigh 🎃 (@malloreigh) reported

    @dmacpher @OriginInsider @EA Apparently because I'm subscribed to a SERVICE it's not the same. But... I literally had it for a couple hours. Most of that time was spent downloading the game.

  • ConorRatermanis Conor Ratermanis (@ConorRatermanis) reported

    @OriginInsider homies all I wanna do is play fifa but I still can’t login please help

  • xiTzx_WAR_EAGLE xiTzx_WAR_EAGLE (@xiTzx_WAR_EAGLE) reported

    @PlayApex @OriginInsider @Respawn when are y'all going to fix random crashes in Apex on PC

  • MadMarmota Mad Marmota (@MadMarmota) reported

    @OriginInsider Here in France, it's still not working at all !

  • ZoeBaeby Zoë (@ZoeBaeby) reported

    @BumblezBeez @OriginInsider Oh no you’re right I’m having that issue also. I hadn’t tried to actually launch the game yet, my original issue was just with logging into Origin.

  • BumblezBeez Fuzz Buzz (@BumblezBeez) reported

    @ZoeBaeby @OriginInsider Alright it might be a problem on my end thank you for the update

  • juan51jp Crew_Logic (@juan51jp) reported

    @OriginInsider hey I’m getting error code 9:0 help

  • BumblezBeez Fuzz Buzz (@BumblezBeez) reported

    @ZoeBaeby @OriginInsider Once it’s done updating please update on the situation I really want to know if I’m the only one having this issue. It sounds like yours might have been with the origin servers before cuz a lot of people couldn’t log on.

  • BeelzemonsTamer Uma Flame (@BeelzemonsTamer) reported

    @OriginInsider I can’t login into my account at all and can’t even play Sims in offline. I hope you guys will be able to fix this.

  • liamsweentodd BWAF XDeadShotX (@liamsweentodd) reported

    @OriginInsider To be honest everyone should get a month or even 6 of oap considering I’m thinking of cancelling my OaP with these server issues! Still down!

  • EvilMuffin7 Stuart Peary (@EvilMuffin7) reported

    @TubbyShitPants @OriginInsider i also got this issue i know the ea account section is also down

  • AidanHzz AidanH ITL (@AidanHzz) reported

    @OriginInsider fix server plz i am try play stir wors battlefrant 🙂

  • ChaseThatBurn Chase Chase (@ChaseThatBurn) reported

    @OriginInsider So it’s been 40 minutes since you wouldn’t respond to my move and I still can’t play Madden. On my only day off. And after being a member for a year and a couple of months you won’t even try to make yet another outage right. Definitely no more EA games after this treatment again

  • 3razilionario 3 (@3razilionario) reported

    i rather pay for @PlayApex to have it on steam than have it for free on @OriginInsider fix your ******* platform.

  • AuthorNickBella Nicholas Bella (@AuthorNickBella) reported

    @OriginInsider Seems like this is a constant problem. You all went digital, but can't seem to handle the load. At no point should this login be an issue for customers who HAVE to use your service in order to play their games. This is why I prefer actual disks. Never had this problem before.

  • KuroHig78318357 Kuro Hige (@KuroHig78318357) reported

    @OriginInsider refreshing to see that the refs are just as shit as always, it only has been an issue for as long as I can remember.great work. #sarcasm

  • HexDarkwood Cyia Kanami (@HexDarkwood) reported

    @EAHelp @OriginInsider I'm getting a Online login is currently unavailable message when attempting to log in. It logs me but the program won't launch afterward and just takes me back to the log in screen.

  • Humanoid_21 HumanoidTyfoon (@Humanoid_21) reported

    @OriginInsider Nope still not working.

  • rachel_lynn88 Rachel (overweightmermaid) (@rachel_lynn88) reported

    @EAHelp @OriginInsider This is why i hate games that require online and/or sign in...

  • hcafcLiam Liam (@hcafcLiam) reported

    @OriginInsider Guys it's broken again lol

  • realKhosty Khosty (@realKhosty) reported

    @OriginInsider @Respawn this is just embarrassing at this point. Been nothing but problems since you released S3. Such a great update with just a few minor tweaks it could of been perfect + possibly the greatest update to a game in my eyes ever but instead its plagued with issues

  • AidanZeidman Aidan Zeidman (@AidanZeidman) reported

    @OriginInsider As angry as I am about it still not working I gotta give credit to the guy who runs the account who deals with all of our bitching about stuff he has no control over. The patience of a saint lmao.

  • ricapriy ًr (@ricapriy) reported

    @EAHelp @OriginInsider you got time to send origin gifs but you cant reply to my dm from last week. **** your customer service

  • DonnaMorrell Donna Morrell (@DonnaMorrell) reported

    @BumblezBeez @OriginInsider I would say a sims 4 issue, I also can't play sims 4 due to origin not letting me log in, and I am using Win7 os. I hope they fix it soon.

  • JLS19195 Jamie Lee (@JLS19195) reported

    @OriginInsider Online login is currently unavailable. PC :/ UK

  • moosemousse Rachel James 🍓 (@moosemousse) reported

    @TheSims @OriginInsider @EAHelp It might have been a pain to go out and buy physical copies of games and then enter CD keys and then have to put the CD in the computer to play the game, but at least we didn't have to worry about online services not working to play them.

  • mattlivese MattLive (@mattlivese) reported

    @OriginInsider Maybe fix a big screen mode too...

  • paddynewmansham 🍁 (@paddynewmansham) reported

    @EAHelp @OriginInsider Something should be added to everyone’s account when the issues fixed like packs or coins because it’s so annoying not being able to play what you payed for

  • AmineMinou00 Amine Mohellebi (@AmineMinou00) reported

    @OriginInsider Fix the code leaf is plssss !

  • bojanr96 BojanR 🔥💯 (@bojanr96) reported

    @shitcans @OriginInsider players win, now fix the problem @OriginInsider

  • doggodobrik 🥵 (@doggodobrik) reported

    @OriginInsider can u fix the problem instead

  • LtDansNewLegsOW LtDansNewLegs (@LtDansNewLegsOW) reported

    @OriginInsider Can I get my fuudging apex on my dudes ... I took off work for this. And now my boss is calling because he knows, because of the tweets I am sending you about this connectivity issues

  • doggodobrik 🥵 (@doggodobrik) reported

    @OriginInsider fix your shit

  • dominicclifton Dominic Clifton (@dominicclifton) reported

    @OriginInsider Stop trying to distract us from the fact that you can't run an online gaming service correctly.

  • kurzf_ml Comrade Kurz ☭ (@kurzf_ml) reported

    @Dragon1teOW @OriginInsider Yep, been trying to download bf1, kicked me out and not able to sign in again.

  • Dave02684509 Dave (@Dave02684509) reported

    @OriginInsider you guys going to fix this shit or what reason why only 65 people play

  • Checster155 Rebecca Black (@Checster155) reported

    @EAHelp @OriginInsider Why is it we can't play our games downloaded on our computers because we can't sign in to your program. Seriously....🙄 If it's on our computers we should be able to PLAY IT.

  • Poddington Poddington (@Poddington) reported

    @EAHelp @OriginInsider I'm not one these entitled leeches wanting free stuff, just fix your sh!t.

  • DanielP10560686 Daniel Piper (@DanielP10560686) reported

    @EAHelp @OriginInsider I can’t even sign in 😴

  • phlukefenny phlukefenny (@phlukefenny) reported

    @OriginInsider it would be nice if your login servers would work