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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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November 21: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 11:40 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • He_Bot8 He-Bot PowerfulGamer (@He_Bot8) reported

    Dude your very wrong top pubs like gameranx, Giant bomb and kinda funny. Stop it those are just some of the jury who make the nominations. Please it's as broken as the Oscar's not nomineetinh horror movies. 75% of the jury is Sony and Nintendo centric!!!

  • IcedRunway IcedRunway (@IcedRunway) reported

    @LaidbackStrat Nintendo: All your games are ******* gone, buy them again. Also buy our bigger hard drives. Also buy 3 separate controllers, each one of which is entirely broken for our competitive party games so that you literally can't be good. Also pay our rent for us.

  • Diogo56Official EliteFrozone's sidekick aka Arizona Buddy (@Diogo56Official) reported

    @Anime__OwO @NintendoCanada i have the same problem and am in a different part of the world. pretty sure it'll be back in no time

  • Thesegajorn 🛡️Seg the Brony⚔️ (@Thesegajorn) reported

    @zero_divisor89 @NintendoAmerica This is not Nintendo's problem. Go somewhere else

  • cardsoldier Cardsoldier (@cardsoldier) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @Pokemon #Gamefreak please fix the online in Sword and Shield! While you’re at bring back the #GTS.

  • boxisbest Robert Appleby (@boxisbest) reported

    @Chaos_Reaper @pokemaster_mike The game is fun, the problem is for me that honestly Pokemon should be developed by someone other than game freak. They don't have the chops to make what a modern Pokemon game could play and look like. If Nintendo 1st party made this it could be infinitely better. Game Freak sux.

  • ToxicBunnyKitty Kimiko (@ToxicBunnyKitty) reported

    @dreamingly @NintendoAmerica I've been having trouble for the past 2 hours trying to connect. I hope this will fix the issue

  • Mercuie Mercuie (@Mercuie) reported

    @Matt_Shelton04 @NintendoAmerica Sucks! Hopefully they’ll fix it soon. More annoying that I’m not seeing them acknowledge it.

  • Mercuie Mercuie (@Mercuie) reported

    @Matt_Shelton04 @NintendoAmerica Yeah. Has been for like 4+ hours. Works for some brief moments then broken the rest. Lots of raids I haven’t seen before and I can’t do any of them!

  • KazeEmanuar Kaze Emanuar (@KazeEmanuar) reported

    @Drahnokks the point of the video was, it doesnt have to be the problem. and as people have proven to me - it wont be. it also never wouldnt be a problem if we get lucky and nintendo leaves my channel alone. i dont think people should feel entitled to me working 2 full time jobs for them.

  • DanGirafa GirafaDan (@DanGirafa) reported

    Are the Nintendo servers down, because I can see stamps on #PokemonSword but not connect to anything, not even suprise trades

  • _ya29s yan 🦃@ comms open o/ (@_ya29s) reported

    @frendazoned good wifi service nintendo 💀

  • moomooemu Ness (@moomooemu) reported

    the national pokedex. if @Pokemon doesn't want to fix #dexit, I'm pretty sure there are a ton of hackers will implement the pokemon themselves. When the fans translated the roms, Nintendo took that and used someone else's work. Don't take my word for it, take a look yourselves.

  • DanGirafa GirafaDan (@DanGirafa) reported

    Are the Nintendo servers down, because I can see stamps but not connect to anything, not even suprise trades

  • DavionBlackwing Davion Blackwing (@DavionBlackwing) reported

    @LegendaryHyjin @Faizenek I think Nintendo now doesn't make you pay for the drift issue, they recognize it as a flaw.

  • roflmonkey7465 Dan Miller (@roflmonkey7465) reported

    @Pokemon @NintendoAmerica what the heck did you do to sword and shield online after that maintenance, you broke what wasn't broken to begin with!

  • SuperSunaArashi Gerard / ArashiYT ⚔️252🛡️ (@SuperSunaArashi) reported

    Nintendo: Fix your servers!

  • polydinshiro Fonbella ✨ sheith life (@polydinshiro) reported

    When tou pay 20 dollars for the Nintendo Online service but the servers are constantly showing problems 🙃👍

  • foxylady283 rachael walsh (@foxylady283) reported

    @curryspcworld bad customer service, Nintendo switch deal for £279 online, go in store to buy and they tell me it’s £299, they’ve raised it only to lower it for Black Friday. Not happy, stay away

  • AhsoakJr ChiefChonas (@AhsoakJr) reported

    @FortniteGame @NintendoAmerica whenever I try to play fortnite on switch it doesn’t let me play it just stops at the loading profile thing and gives me an error screen

  • DanTheDapper Dan (@DanTheDapper) reported

    @Regicelle @BeardyGlassesUK @Liit__ *not a console peasant* *Issues 1v1 on a nintendo console game* Kapp

  • JigglyJacob Jiggly Jacob (@JigglyJacob) reported

    Yeesh that Pocket Camp subscription service is grody. It's like Nintendo's mobile games and console games are made by two completely different companies when it comes to the ethics of its monetization. Seriously disappointing.

  • YTSunnys Sunny ✨ (@YTSunnys) reported

    @fruitzzzz Nintendo's so weird with this game man. Typically they're quick to fix any exploits an online game of theirs has, but here they just keep it in the back for months. It's like they gave up on the game as soon as it launched and just added what they had to at a later point.

  • tim_dude12 TimDude12 (@tim_dude12) reported

    @DislexicPotato @Kingdom080500 @NintendoAmerica Platinum is a very good game. It's the definitive version of Sinnoh. Tbh I don't know how people prefer Diamond and Pearl over it. It basically fixed most of DP's problems

  • datbabygamer Babs (@datbabygamer) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Crash Mind over Mutant!

  • TheUmbreonfan03 TheUmbreonfan03 ⚔️ 252 🛡️ (@TheUmbreonfan03) reported

    @Wolfiez254 @CryptidTiger You can also get it sent to Nintendo for them to fix it. Did it with my 3ds and it got fixed.

  • TheBattleProf Alice (The Battle Professor) (@TheBattleProf) reported

    @WolfeyGlick Heads of Nintendo are clueless as a result. The have even stated there's no issues in Japan so it must be our internet outside of Japan. I urged @Reggie and now @thetruebowser to champion the cause for switching back to servers but neither of them have even acknowledge moi.

  • lameforktv lamefork (@lameforktv) reported

    @AmazonHelp .com in the US. It was indicated that the issue would be resolved in 24-48 hours, but upon following up myself was told that amazon would not be resolving it themselves, and I should do so with Nintendo myself.

  • Dusty_48 Michael T (@Dusty_48) reported

    FIX YOUR ONLINE #NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moon_arcana_ Buy Tokyo Mirage Sessions 1-17-20 (@moon_arcana_) reported

    @Jissu_AE @x93greenyx @SerebiiNet actually no, Nintendo owns 1/3 of TPC, Game freak owns another 1/3, so they are still to blame for any issues of rushing games out the door

  • markeyruiz97 Markey97 (@markeyruiz97) reported

    @fruitzzzz I found this level on the new section and reported it for using a glitch. I'm suprised Nintendo didn't take it down yet. You actually lose a life if this happens on endless, so it sucks if this happens on Super Expert.

  • dylansprouse Dylan Sprouse (@dylansprouse) reported

    @NintendoAmerica #dexit backlash can be mitigated with proper PR representation and transparency among all the other issues that currently plague the game. If they intend to add in the other mons, tell us. If animations are an issue, tell us detail...tell us anything you can clearly

  • DecoyDW DecoyDW (@DecoyDW) reported

    As a note, none of this has to do with the #Dexit issue, which I was actually supportive of early on. More that this is yet another iterative Pokémon. Everything about it is low-effort (compared to other Nintendo franchises), and mainly a nostalgia play. Imo that's not ok

  • TheArcticSloth Franklin Sizemore (@TheArcticSloth) reported

    Ugh, Nintendo really gonna have me getting their online service so I can do 5 star raid battles...the AI allies they give you are utterly useless.

  • Magic_0ne Magic_0ne (@Magic_0ne) reported

    I feel like the issue with sword and shield is that when you've played previous Nintendo games people expected it to look as good as or better than the previous ones like Luigi's Mansion 3. But overall looks pretty good. People just need to not have such high expectations lol.

  • soul_societyy Soul Kiwami @ Pokemon Sword/Atelier Ryza (@soul_societyy) reported

    The Switch is insane, its making already record setting franchises crash through their previous records. Games are just selling higher than the past for Nintendo platforms now

  • EricVBailey Eric Bailey (@EricVBailey) reported

    @GailSimone Eh, overrated. Nintendo didn't truly nail down the mascot idea until Crash Bandicoot came along.

  • FPICardiff Forbidden Planet Cardiff (@FPICardiff) reported

    @GailSimone As a character he was great, but Crash Bandicoot was undoubtedly the greatest game released on the Nintendo Dreamcast.

  • Rainelz Rainelz (@Rainelz) reported

    @SerebiiNet You should have reports like Nintendo Server down right now

  • Darkonius64 Darkonius Mavakar (@Darkonius64) reported

    I try to not speak of potential drama and such, but K*ze getting taken down by Nintendo AGAIN is super warranted, he keeps making money off romhacks and fangames, of COURSE you are bound to run into some legal issues; And now the dude is "dunking" on Nintendo for clout, epic

  • Cure_Wounds Daniel Hammond (@Cure_Wounds) reported

    @triplegcecil @autumn_cast @AlexTheAquatic @harridaughter_ @Foximus_Keyes @SuperMiguMan @TheNerdyMonster @detractorbeam @OffFrameP @JannickBaronen @Bowdamn @Vergil3434 @Andrew_J97 @SerebiiNet I think a lot of people's issue is that the extra added content is often unpolished. The wild area, for example; it's pretty, sure, and it's a big change from other Pokemon games. When you look at other Nintendo games, though, it just looks downright sad compared to them.

  • Rainelz Rainelz (@Rainelz) reported

    @NintendoAmerica fix ur server playing sword and shield and error 2618-0502 keep on appearing!!!

  • AmoProtecc James Anthony Burgado (@AmoProtecc) reported

    @8bitGrrl Yeah they need to improve! Microsoft does this better! And dont get me started on Nintendo with cloud saves! Its sad that we gamers need to tell Sony to do something that should be a norm! Hope they fix this cause i plan on getting a ps5 and i love the PlayStation brand!

  • GnosticAegis Professional Rat (@GnosticAegis) reported

    @PostsFromSkyrim @bears_stillsuck @NintendoAmerica Yes by locking a functionally similar game that is MUCH more cheaper and easier to fix (with modding) behind a remaster that changes absolutely nothing is the same reason people hatsd DS:R Also this isnt an attack on you personally its the fact I hate-

  • BlkRoseHuntress Isabelle Branwen (@BlkRoseHuntress) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Hey guys I know you're trying to push the new AC-Pocket Camp paid service, but the button for it is quite intrusive, and appears in several screens. You might want to fix that.

  • DefaultJonesyy Jonesy (@DefaultJonesyy) reported

    @FortniteStatus Please fix the cosmetics on Nintendo switch

  • Kaleidoru Kaleido (@Kaleidoru) reported

    @feniiku yeah : ( I wish GF/Nintendo had better servers... there were always issues with splatoon 1's servers too. I think they underestimate how many people will be playing online. I set a code to 2121 just in case

  • BuggeySenpai BuggySenjo (@BuggeySenpai) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @thegameawards no one gives a flying **** fix the pokemon sword and shield servers

  • LimeyPotatoPea Laura (@LimeyPotatoPea) reported

    @ZachariusD I mean... there are issues with the game but nothing to do with me missing Dex or anything worth death threats over. Over all I have enjoyed the game and it is extremely therapeutic and fun fuzzy happiness. Nintendo just suck at making anything online 😂

  • arriemax Arrie™ (@arriemax) reported

    server down sword shield @NintendoAmerica @Junichi_Masuda @Pokemon pls fix 😭😭

  • arriemax Arrie™ (@arriemax) reported

    server down sword shield @NintendoAmerica @Junichi_Masuda pls fix 😭😭

  • patimbeau Patrick Imbeau (@patimbeau) reported

    @NintendoCanada it's officially been three weeks and still my repair is at "received". Between the two controller repairs that's 5 weeks without the #NintendoSwitch I bought 6 weeks ago. This is unacceptable - terrible customer service + terrible #joycon design, not a great look.

  • Liyrex_irl BL | Liyrex (@Liyrex_irl) reported

    Nintendo servers down :(

  • OnceUponAPerv Jᴏᴜʀɴᴇʏ Steele (@OnceUponAPerv) reported

    @IrishKingGalen They are getting a Nintendo switch to share. Just one for 3 boys. Not because it’s all I can afford, but I’m not spending that type of money for 1 gift. The problem with 3 boys. You buy everything in 3’s.

  • Koyrion (@Koyrion) reported

    @D3H0t Whoever made this mod probably doesn't like her real skin color and that's where the real problem is. Nintendo didn't intend for her skin color to change. Modding textures of tress and adding pokemon is alright but this just looks wrong. Likely tho they want to trigger people.

  • gamerbryan316 gamer bryan (@gamerbryan316) reported

    Have an idea for next year on the channel want a poll for a ctr character i should play as we already did the original ps1 ntsc copy as crash bandicoot then we did the crash nitro kart on nintendo switch as dingodile SO NEED VOTES FOR THE JAPAN COPY AND THE PAL COPY

  • Destroyer4tuna 🎃destroyer fortunate🎃 (@Destroyer4tuna) reported

    @xMaxJoe @MightyEmpoleon @Griff_TF2 Fix the most broken game first, then they can fix xenoblade 2 and FE3H there’s only a couple things in those games that look shoddy. If you’re taking about xenoblade1 then just wait until the remake. Nintendo is fixing that already.

  • zStorm_UK Storm (@zStorm_UK) reported

    @Lockstin Nintendo isn't kid friendly stuff dude just swear a few times rate your content as teen/adult problem sokve it affects kid channels

  • FishyLemonDude FishyLemonDude (@FishyLemonDude) reported

    Maybe the Copyright Holders pointed fingers at you from your ISP and Internet Protocol. It's scary to say that Nintendo really track's you down for Rom Hacks publicly. It's best to fix the damages if you need to go to court for better finance.

  • supersonic2577 Supersonic2577 (@supersonic2577) reported

    @toweltime89 @katevade @IGN I'm saying a Nintendo 64 game literally has better animations than sword and shield which is on the switch, it wouldn't even be an issue if they hadn't used animations as an excuse for most pokemon not being in the game

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811