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  • spoonman54321 SpoonMan (@spoonman54321) reported

    @seriouslyclara If you have never docked your switch then get a Lite there's no upside to having the "full" switch without TV play. Drift is an issue with all Switch models and is rare and also if you are unlucky and get drift Nintendo will fix for free not even shipping costs.

  • dillzilla11 dillzilla99 (@dillzilla11) reported

    @OrigiDaGOAT @AEGRO The charging port is actually an issue with most USB-C devices due to USB 2.1, USB 3.1, USB 4, thunderbolt 3, virtual link, and Nintendo's dock port all being type C ports. They all function totally different from each other but use the same port.

  • kitational jilly 🍁 @ reading stone ocean (@kitational) reported

    @speff @NintendoAmerica you predicted fortnite would crash

  • mollie_davies8 Mol🐝 (@mollie_davies8) reported

    Ready to go back to the days where my only problem was that I forgot to feed my dogs on Nintendo ds x

  • ansomeman234 Christopher (@ansomeman234) reported

    @OshawottVG @TerryTheBuneary @NintendoAmerica The internet already half broken because of this not another revelation

  • MoeDogg33 Moe Felix (@MoeDogg33) reported

    Dear @CBSAllAccess The quality of your live tv streaming service is 🗑. Watching @NFLonCBS is like watching #TecmoBowl on the old #Nintendo. Be better. Fix it.

  • aamersnow aamer (@aamersnow) reported

    nintendo customer service’s hold music is the hyrule field theme from ocarina of time i’m crying 😭

  • baier_delaney delaney (@baier_delaney) reported

    I bought my self a Nintendo switch and I have completely neglected studying today this might be a problem

  • TGGJustin [TGG] Justin (@TGGJustin) reported

    @Guy23Justafun @WaffulSyrup @IndieGamerChick Yup that one too along with the Crash and Spyro collections. It's even more crazy when you think all of these other games are far more recent than a Game Boy game was yet Nintendo has the nerve to charge $60 while these others are charging $30-$40.

  • Tymacked ChaoticMeatball (@Tymacked) reported

    @NotTheAmazingJ1 @NintendoAmerica Wow, if this is your response, clearly your the one with the problem. I have no problem with kids liking Fortnite, if that's their interest and they don't want to delve further, then fine, that's cool. But at least show them options. No need to be an a-hole.

  • LemmyFan123 💀👻 Monty 🎃☠️ (18 Days until 🎂!) (@LemmyFan123) reported

    @Mevans2703 @Mettuar30 @DramaLlama1301 @JoJoTheDodo1 @wootton120 GGs. 🙂 AND NINTENDO, FIX THIS ******* SHIT! 😠

  • Sanic41 Sanic41🎮🎧🦔#FixUltSonic (@Sanic41) reported

    @LazyKiwiChan @starfire88888 @AndreSegers Yeah this is definitely a problem with Nintendo, however the clash action lawsuit that resulted in Nintendo allowing free repairs in America has advanced & could potentially result in repairs worldwide. Also warranty is one year. You wouldn’t complain about drift, if you still...

  • Sugar_SSB ßß | Sugar (@Sugar_SSB) reported


  • BladeSword91 BladeScythe #Inktober2019 (@BladeSword91) reported

    As much as I enjoyed Melee when I was a kid, I can't deny that Brawl was an overall better developed game. Even though Melee functioned OK, it's problems come from rushed development. The suits at Nintendo didn't give Sakurai enough time to iron out the details.

  • pervypriince {L³}☆プリンス™ (@pervypriince) reported

    all these laggers that teleport across the map in #Splatoon2 and get 14 kills cause theyre lagging as if they had an internet connection from pluto. @NintendoEurope @Nintendo @NintendoAmerica fix ur bs, 20€ a ******* year, what a joke! even the connection for the WiiU is better!

  • christenarche20 christen archer (@christenarche20) reported

    Is it just me or is fortnite not working on my phone and nintendo switch

  • OfficixlBerry BerryTheGamer (@OfficixlBerry) reported

    @m1xV2 If u can’t login, login with ur Nintendo, Xbox or PS4 account

  • LukeLee49605373 LukeyBoy13 (@LukeLee49605373) reported

    @AdamGrenade Not working on Nintendo Switch.

  • MommaMann204 L Mann (@MommaMann204) reported

    @BastardProphet I'm not seeing a problem cause a) in sure they'll clean up and b) I only see the Nintendo characters and wondering where to get them 😁

  • oo_lan_ Alan (@oo_lan_) reported from Houston, Texas

    nintendo’s online is terrible. The lag is unbearable.

  • Neoxon619 Nabil #RepresentationForSmash (@Neoxon619) reported

    @89_capsule @JonComms TL;DR: ARMS sold to Nintendo's expectations & got an extra character than initially planned (Springtron) on top of 2 years worth of Party Crash support. Well over 2 million is great for a new fighting game IP, & EPD franchises have gotten sequels from less (Pikmin says hi).

  • Neoxon619 Nabil #RepresentationForSmash (@Neoxon619) reported

    @89_capsule @JonComms TL;DR: ARMS sold to Nintendo's expectations & got an extra character than initially planned (Springtron) on top of 2 years worth of Party Crash support. Well over 2 million is great for a new fighting game IP, & EPD franchises have gotten sequels fro less (Pikmin says hi).

  • mothership_ Sarah Tickner (@mothership_) reported

    @FortniteBattle Error message ‘Unable to sign in to your account for Nintendo Online Services. Please try again later’ Nintendo Switch

  • aganim90 aganimVER (@aganim90) reported

    original. It looks cute and all that, but the framerate issues really bother me and there hasn't been a single word about a patch. I also feel like a lot of Nintendo fans just hand wave the complaints about it away but I don't care. Nintendo games shouldn't run this bad period.

  • GotNintendo 🛠️Team Yell Lead | Gamemaster 🎮🕹️ (@GotNintendo) reported

    @PoHe95021510 @vrgeta3201 @Fennaixelphox @ChaoAdventure2b @Ponywinxgamer @jakyvir1718 Now, what do they have, four corporations trying to milk as much as they can. Nintendo, who can’t even fix their joycon issue, is reenforcing this behavior. Pokémon, a company that can make yearly releases, continues to do that. Creatures inc is nowhere to be seen. And TPC is

  • dogshateboxes dogshateboxes (@dogshateboxes) reported

    @NintendoAmerica fix the drift and i'll buy one

  • 0perationZer0 Big Zero (@0perationZer0) reported

    @hazardman89 @dev1_official @CapcomUSA_ @KoeiTecmoUS I don’t think Capcom has anything to do with it. I suspect it’s more of a upper level management issue at Nintendo.

  • OrigiDaGOAT OddAIs #believeinbullshitgang (@OrigiDaGOAT) reported

    @AEGRO Ikr. The switch has like 3 major issues already. 1. If you charge the Switch with random USB-C cables instead of Nintendo official ones you might brick you switch. 2. Bending if it’s docked too long. 3. Drifting. Never I’ve seen a more unreliable Nintendo console man.

  • hopelesscamz 𝕮𝖆𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖎𝖟𝖊𝖗 🏛️ (@hopelesscamz) reported

    @LaurenLuvsChezz I love Nintendo as well I'm a big gamer and since I don't have a DS anymore its broken cuz of my sister same. With my PSP. I heard the new model of the regular one has better battery life and some games lose functionality bc of not being able to detach the joycons.

  • g_richey Alex Richey (@g_richey) reported

    @GrandmaStreamss your stream is not working on my Nintendo 3Ds bro I’m pretty pissed off

  • PG_ESAM SpookESAM @ Thunder Gaming 3 (@PG_ESAM) reported

    @Trent_Esports @TheHadou @DabuzSenpai And for some reason people ONLY say "well Nintendo could fix it" because while true, it's a cop-out answer since we all know them dumping money into smash is pointless from a company perspective due to the ratio of sales vs competitive base So it goes in circles

  • OldGameFanBoy ѕтυℓє¢52 (@OldGameFanBoy) reported

    @Kitsuagi @castle_zotz UK was very different. There was no video game crash. Nintendo wasn’t really a thing there either, until the game boy took off.

  • CPBits 🍂 C🎃RN 🌽 PUMPKIN 🍁 (@CPBits) reported

    Hot take: all consoles should have backwards compatibility from this generation onwards. I know that PS4 and Xbox won’t have this issue with their next console, but Nintendo has made all Wii and WiiU games obsolete with the Switch cartridge.

  • blushestears syera (@blushestears) reported

    this makes me miss my nintendo ds lite..which already broken into two (2) 😔

  • Darthkylorenn Kylo (@Darthkylorenn) reported

    @Hwtkrl Exactly, what I did was force him to approach/ camp the walk off. My newest video on YT is actually about this very problem. Nintendo needs to address it because people are obsessed with GSP and it’s ruining their online

  • KowjjaWeybelown Kowjja #Reimu4Smash | Pk Flash gang (@KowjjaWeybelown) reported

    @ChikoritaCheez Fix Nintendo Online

  • Gaardus Gaardus (@Gaardus) reported

    @PineapplePelo The lawsuit is basically demanding the following: ● That Nintendo publicly acknowledge the problem ● That Nintendo recall/offer a free replacement program for the joycons ● That Nintendo offer a buyback program and ● Money (1/2)

  • tobobobo ToboBobo (@tobobobo) reported

    @SamsterDave Well, contrary to what the @curryspcworld customer service chap said on the phone, the store they did not swap the Switch but said they had to send it back to Nintendo whic is a bit pants as he said that could take 28 days. 😒

  • thedreamyari (sc)ari (@thedreamyari) reported

    dad just said he nearly bough a switch the other day until he remembered what i told him about the drifting. NINTENDO FIX YOUR SHIT SO I CAN TALK TO MY DAD ABOUT VIDEO GAMES.

  • sjfostersound Samantha J. Foster Composer (@sjfostersound) reported

    Hopefully they will fix Joy-Con drift problems! #gamedev #NintendoSwitchLite #Nintendo

  • ELikeMedia 🇯🇵 Evan Like 🇯🇵 (@ELikeMedia) reported

    Today, over a month later, on October 13, I contacted Nintendo again to inquire about updates for my 3DS account and to add this Switch error code to my notes. Support confirmed my fears: my Switch account was now suspended, apparently in connection to my 3DS suspension.

  • ELikeMedia 🇯🇵 Evan Like 🇯🇵 (@ELikeMedia) reported

    Nintendo's fraud system didn't like that my credit card information was changing as frequently as it was, so after I deposited money into my account, it locked me out with an error code indicating an account suspension. I contacted Nintendo right away and they confirmed.

  • Chiji_ Chiji (@Chiji_) reported

    @jaffacake6991 Didn’t have any issues with the port on PlayStation and Nintendo hardware is always lacking in some way idk what else it could be tbh

  • xLonePotato Matt (@xLonePotato) reported

    @Joey61775279 @AquaAnimePirate @NintendoAmerica They came out with new joycons recently that have different joysticks from the ones that have drift. If they make a new model then why would they have the same issues

  • Si_nyk Sinyk (@Si_nyk) reported

    @PineapplePelo From what i've seen on the internet you don't seem to have an official nintendo service center in your country, my best advice would be to contact the retailer at which you bought your switch and see if they have more infos. Hope i could help !

  • Si_nyk Sinyk (@Si_nyk) reported

    @PineapplePelo Nintendo is currently offering free replacement for any drifting issues, no question asked (tho the problem has to be about joycon drift) although i don't know if their support warranty extend to the Philippines

  • ManuelDuby Manuel (@ManuelDuby) reported

    @NintendoCanada has the worst customer service. Buy a brand new switch and on top of that a pair of controllers (which one is having battery issues) and they still haven't responded for 3 weeks now 👍 great customer service... bs

  • ShurThingGaming ShurThing (@ShurThingGaming) reported

    @shirogames @NintendoAmerica can we get a hot fix with #northgard continuously crashing and force closing on the #NintendoSwitch

  • PhantomRuby97 Spooky Phantom Destroyah #TrustDestroyah (@PhantomRuby97) reported

    @OrigiDaGOAT @t8styham The issue with the censorship is that it shouldn't have happened in the first place I don't understand why you feel the need to damage control it you complain about fritangas fanbase being quote "Nintendo exceptions" yet here you are doing the same thing for Sony.

  • PuDUHge PuDuhge with a Duh🧟‍♂️PSY-4WQ-5RG (@PuDUHge) reported

    @NintendoAmerica fix this please!

  • Neoxon619 Nabil #RepresentationForSmash (@Neoxon619) reported

    @JonComms @VCosmoz From the stuff Nintendo put out since ARMS’s launch, it seems like Twintelle is replacing Ribbon Girl as the leading lady. And with Min Min being the Party Crash Bash winner, I could see both of them taking the cover next time.

  • lhargreaves09 lauren hargreaves (@lhargreaves09) reported

    @NintendoUK The customer service @NintendoUK is shocking. My switch got sent to be repaired and after backwards and forwards emailing them. And now claiming the switch warranty can't be confirmed because I didn't send receipt when I 100% did send it. Still no further than I was 3 weeks on.

  • neptuniabox ༺creamy mari༻ (@neptuniabox) reported

    YALL BETTER FIX THE DAMN SERVERS FOR SPLATOON!! @NintendoAmerica every time I’m in a good game y’all wanna say “a communication error has occurred” aksjsjsjsjsisksks fix it pwease

  • lamp856 Joe West-Taylor (@lamp856) reported

    @DGR_Dave @ryukahr @DanG88_ The glitch is still here after the day of the patched glitches. GG Nintendo, you've tried.

  • ChrisPerry1985 Chris Mike Perry (@ChrisPerry1985) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo #MK8D always has online problems and hackers and people using bad words as names please fix the online in #MK8D now and please get the hackers and bad words out of #MK8D now so #MK8D can be fun & fair & family friendly & playable. #NintendoSwitchOnline

  • TheFromundaman 100% Real Natural Gimmicks (@TheFromundaman) reported

    @Vendetta_SSB @MaxKetchum_ I do indeed think banning hero (my main) is the only right answer unless Nintendo reworks him. This is just one of the many controversial issues with this character, and the longer we wait the harder it gets to ban a character.

  • rinnacrest Rinn (@rinnacrest) reported

    @Buyee I really want to have it because my nintendo ds has broken and i kinda feel bored. I saw many games of switch and i really like it. I hope i can have one

  • powerzebra86422 Spookyzebra86422 (@powerzebra86422) reported

    @IanNBFYT Are you deadass Nintendo fix this shit

  • Sample_HLNA Sample #: 478194552 (@Sample_HLNA) reported

    @Sunominal @GoNintendoTweet There was a new patent for the switch lite as well.. nintendo is definitely trying to fix the drifting issue or so it seems

  • Sample_HLNA Sample #: 478194552 (@Sample_HLNA) reported

    @Sunominal @GoNintendoTweet There was a new patient for the switch lite as well.. nintendo is definitely trying to fix the drifting issue or so it seems

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  • 2168
  • 2811