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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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December 11: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 04:00 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (52.27%)
  • Sign in (25.00%)
  • Glitches (13.64%)
  • Matchmaking (9.09%)

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  • DrFrybird
    Frybird (disambiguation) (@DrFrybird) reported

    @shaun_jen And if i could fly with the power of my own farts, i'd sell my car. Even if Nintendo was willing to let go on the cash cow of people buying Super Mario Bros 3 over & over again for full price on every new system, they'd still be too unexperienced/incompetent for such a service

  • RoxaLink
    Loick Larocque (@RoxaLink) reported

    Ultimate is amazing, definitely the best Smash game. But damn the Online is ASS, never thought it would be worse than Smash 4 but it's almost on par with Brawl's, makes me miss For Glory. I hope Nintendo will fix it. Battle arena is pretty neat though.

  • YarrCaptainMatt
    Captain Matt Ph.D (@YarrCaptainMatt) reported

    @the_moviebob Miyamoto didn't make gaming cool. He was part of a few games from a single company that made some nifty games after a market crash. Hell, Pewdiepie had more influence of making gaming 'mainstream' then Nintendo - which has been relegated to 'shit kids play' since the N64.

  • DiailyDarudas
    Diaily (@DiailyDarudas) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Hey how about someone on nintendo side poke those devs at cygames and get there butt in gear and fix the major issues with phone crashes and mass memory leaks tell them to put that money they made into the game working correctly.

  • ConsulIncitatus
    Consul Incitatus (@ConsulIncitatus) reported

    @PrivateHusbando i personally have not tried yet, but i've heard that both the matchmaking as well as the general lag with smash ultimate are both pretty bad. hopefully it's something they fix, but it's pissing people off because nintendo is now charging for multiplayer service

  • sierra_bat
    Sierra (@sierra_bat) reported

    Nintendo Online is the laziest implementation of a "service" I've ever seen, Nintendo only spent more time forcing popups in every game instead of actually setting up ANY servers for their OWN games

  • sierra_bat
    Sierra (@sierra_bat) reported

    @sarugetchuu not sure about smash but splatoon2 used peer2peer connections exclusively and the nintendo online requirement popup was just added to any game on the switch that tries to connect through any wireless service, the only exception seeming to be fortnite

  • ShinigamiMiroku
    Justine Howe (@ShinigamiMiroku) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Dante called; he wants his music back. Also, the FE fanbase called; they want their game back, not this broken farce we're currently dealing with. (I'd tag Intelligent Systems, but I don't even know if they have a Twitter feed or not...)

  • owizz
    Ovidijus 🇱🇹👨‍💻 (@owizz) reported

    Living in 2018 "smart home" after power outage is like: your TV turns on because of nintendo switch, your hue lights turn on because of "security reasons, you need to wait for router to start for turning off the lights on google home #IoT

  • Jander513
    Joe (@Jander513) reported

    @NintendoAmerica fix matchmaking in smash. I don’t want to play 4 player smashes online. Shits whack.

  • CantBeatMyScore
    kyler (@CantBeatMyScore) reported

    Nintendo Switch Online is such a piece of A communication error has occurred

  • castlevania2005
    𝔡𝔦𝔠𝔨𝔬 𝔪𝔬𝔡𝔢 (@castlevania2005) reported

    this nintendo switch money is 2019 me's problem

  • speakybeaky
    speaky (@speakybeaky) reported

    @JazzKenzan @Vindyvondo i mean i'm around 99% positive my Wii U was using an ethernet cable at the time (don't know about my friend though) but even if it wasn't nintendo literally made the consoles themselves so it's still a nintendo problem even if it isn't a smash problem

  • FDG_Games
    FDG Entertainment (@FDG_Games) reported

    @LunarSeance @GameAtelier It’s actually more hideous than that. When you got the cookie and return it (or keep it) and not visit the church but decide to explore the world, there’s a door in falls area that breaks quest state because of a glitch. Patch will be submitted today, then Nintendo lotcheck wait

  • speakybeaky
    speaky (@speakybeaky) reported

    @JazzKenzan @Vindyvondo fair, and saying peer to peer was shifting the blame to something that's innocent, since like you said p2p isn't the problem by itself since plenty of games manage to pull it off, it's nintendo thinking a network is something fishermen use

  • pickleapologist
    a very merry lancer (@pickleapologist) reported

    nintendo better fix this matchmaking

  • MojoFunky
    MojoMonkey (@MojoFunky) reported

    @Anti The input lag isn't just online, it's still like 6 frames even offline. Nintendo pls fix

  • rawni6
    Rawni (@rawni6) reported

    @Anti nintendo needs to fix this. they use p2p so if the host has bad internet everyone will suffer from that

  • PentaDeuce
    Penta Deuce (@PentaDeuce) reported

    @leonthezombie1 No this is Crash Team Racing, not Crash Nitro Kart. However as it is an HD reboot, it is possible that they'll just put them together into one game. If they did that though you'd have Nintendo fanboys saying it's ripoff of Mario Kart 8.

  • DarkShadow777FA
    Dark Shadow M.D. (@DarkShadow777FA) reported

    @CatCouchArt @Scapponess @Patreon Seems Studio FOW had some of this issues in the past. Presumably it's because they were doing fanart, and ranking high, and since they were making profit off that... Still sucks big time, this helps companies like Nintendo pressure on banning fanart of their IP's

  • jimmy_shoegazer
    Jimmy_ShoeGazer (@jimmy_shoegazer) reported

    Make sure you tune in tomorrow to @UltraChenTV @jchensor @ultradavid . They will be giving away a digital copy of Smash an Nintendo’s online service . #FGC #HYPE

  • Eveoxys
    Eveoxys 🐻🐾 (@Eveoxys) reported

    How can you make people pay for a terrible matchmaking service. 3/4 of my games are literally unplayable. Nobody should have to dish out more money for stupid accesories to make their game playable. I'm highly dissapointed @NintendoAmerica

  • Gourgeist
    hiero (@Gourgeist) reported

    Hey @NintendoAmerica fix #SmashBros ******* online. I pay for this shit now. The amount of lag is UNACCEPTABLE in the year 2018. I bought a ******* LAN adapter, I play over Ethernet, and input lag combined with your shit internet connection means waiting 2-3 seconds to move.

  • TastyRC
    - ̗̀JollyRC ̖́- (@TastyRC) reported

    Wow yeah I see it now. Finally tried online and Smash Ultimate's online is so bad. Even before the lag the match making is terrible. Surprised Nintendo ok'd this.

  • Judge_Crouse
    UAkron | Judgecrouse (@Judge_Crouse) reported

    Ultimate’s online is actually garbage @NintendoAmerica somebody fix this. I shouldn’t have to spend every moment online praying I don’t get shit rules because I want to practice a game you support competitive play for.

  • EmperorCuomo
    Emperor Cuomo (@EmperorCuomo) reported

    A lot of people are talking about @Huawei's CFO being arrested, but I think the real problem is @Nintendo! Look at all the #SwitchProblems with our MTA!

  • ThisGuyTre
    Tre (@ThisGuyTre) reported

    @GamerGuyd7Aces I would but I didn't pay for that nintendo online service lol

  • SykinSSB
    Sykin (@SykinSSB) reported

    If you defend Nintendo's online, you're part of the problem.

  • XBlackStarXIII
    O S O 🐻 ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ) (@XBlackStarXIII) reported

    @gsellie_ The Nintendo Switch's online is messy very laggy RN. Granted Nintendo never had the best online service its 2018 THEY NEED TO STEP UP

  • Anpanb0i
    Anpanboi 👋 hand (@Anpanb0i) reported

    @Aaronitmar @NintendoAmerica I have the exact same problem and its so annoying, at this point I just go fight lvl9 CPUs lol

  • TheDongSide
    MORTAL KOMBAT 11 APRIL 23RD (@TheDongSide) reported

    .@NintendoAmerica fix your terrible netcode and stop putting me in bullshit free for all’s. I’m tired of facing kids using McDonalds WiFi.

  • Chromakaze
    Christmas-kaze (@Chromakaze) reported

    @mexican_sunbro Yes. I have. What I mean as a service as a whole, paying for online for Switch isn't worth it. There isn't enough benefits to warrant us paying for online, at least for $20. Nintendo should take the PSN and MS route, where hey, its $60 a year, but you get a whole load of things.

  • EmperorCuomo
    Emperor Cuomo (@EmperorCuomo) reported

    Dangit, @NintendoAmerica. Stop messing with our subways with your insidious #NintendoSwitch! The switch problems are constantly causing delays! #BanVideoGames

  • GoudaOnRye
    ridley hits the big time (@GoudaOnRye) reported

    I just bought Nintendo Online despite being warned about Smash’s matchmaking problems, and then I searched for a 1v1, immediately got it, and then won with Pichu.

  • Drek_Stin
    Drek Stin (@Drek_Stin) reported

    @Korbzdewut @NintendoAmerica @devinsupertramp You're right let's just let Nintendo get away with there shit standards. No. People should not support them until they prove they deserve it. They charge money for their Online service now and they don't even respect their customers enough to make a working product.

  • Red_12_L
    Red .L (@Red_12_L) reported

    I’m so ******* mad Nintendo, there’s so much god damn lag in these ******* 4 player battles that I don’t want to even do, please fix this

  • EmperorCuomo
    Emperor Cuomo (@EmperorCuomo) reported

    Switch problems. Blame @Nintendo. They're the ones who make it. #NintendoSwitch

  • daws8934alt
    daws8934 (@daws8934alt) reported

    Ran into a Pichu with a slideshow connection. Lost, which is eh for me with that kind of lag. Lost 400k gsp, which now pairs me into only FFAs. I'm not gonna touch online outside of arenas until Nintendo fixes quickplay. God damnit.

    🐉 (@CM3EYEZ) reported


  • PRGilland
    🎄Patrick 🎁 (@PRGilland) reported

    nintendo's paid online should be paying to play on actual servers, and the free service being peer to peer

  • lindsayycross
    linds🎄 (@lindsayycross) reported

    i just bought a nintendo ds on amazon cuz my old one is broken & i have a sudden & strong urge to play mario kart & nintendogs my entire christmas break what about it

  • ThaimbomB
    Randy (@ThaimbomB) reported

    @NintendoAmerica fix Smash online it's a legitimate concern. It's not even smooth using an ethernet cable. Don't ignore this issue.

  • Nich78269494
    Nich_Feet (@Nich78269494) reported

    The other thing is that Nintendo really needs to move on from peer to peer connections to make the online service actually worth it.

  • purpleswag572
    Purpleswag572 (@purpleswag572) reported

    IMPORTANT: Just a message for anybody getting an Error Code on their switch for apparently no reason. Don't be alarmed. This usually happens when you've left your Switch on for weeks at a time. Just Restart the system to fix any issues like that. #NintendoSwitch #nintendo #gaming

  • aleexstweets
    Alex. (@aleexstweets) reported

    @NaingRaymond @NintendoAmerica @devinsupertramp I’m not talking about connectivity issues. I’m talking about the rules. I don’t want to play v3. I like 1v1, no items. That’s what I’m saying.

  • BenDenny
    Ben Denny (@BenDenny) reported

    @TychoBrahe After years of just having Nintendo consoles (kids, broke) I decided to buy an Xbox One S based entirely of the strength of this service. I am in the interesting position where I bought a console with no plans to buy games for it.

  • yessureree
    Sherry F (@yessureree) reported

    @TheYoungNeil @NianticHelp @NintendoAmerica I’ve had this issue. If you have the pokeball, make sure it’s not connected to your switch and phone. Bluetooth interference.

  • joelane79
    Joe Lane (@joelane79) reported

    Love Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Disappointed in the ridiculous lag with online play. @NintendoAmerica you need to step up your game.

  • CorruptMidnight
    CorruptedMidnight (@CorruptMidnight) reported

    @equitybruin @NintendoCanada @NintendoAmerica Noticed that the game updated right away and if you look at the notes from version 1.1.0 they added online then. I'm hoping they just got a bit delayed but had to go with the initial release date and that they will fix this in the next version within a month or two.

  • Hexjo2
    miles (@Hexjo2) reported

    I think playing basically no online smash today was a good choice nintendo REALLY needs to make their service bearable

  • its_josh_x
    Joshua Lawrence (@its_josh_x) reported

    Why do I have a roster GSP OF 1.1million and I still haven't unlocked elite smash. I keep getting in garbage FFA matches even with "preferred settings" just canceled my online service @NintendoAmerica #SmashBrosUltimate #online #Nintendo #trash #badservice

  • WildSpartanz
    WildSpartanz🍔 (@WildSpartanz) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo please fix online smash bros so I can actually play thanks

  • WildSpartanz
    WildSpartanz🍔 (@WildSpartanz) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo please fix online smash bros so I can actually play thanks

  • supernintenzo
    Super Nintenzo (@supernintenzo) reported

    Hey @NintendoAmerica - it really grinds my gears that I can't make an arena in #SmashBros with multiple friends on another #NintendoSwitch. This should be basic functionality for a paid service like #NintendoSwitchOnline #SmashOnline #FixSmashOnline

  • DrinkLotsOfBrut
    Bruthole (@DrinkLotsOfBrut) reported

    @CxLinkz @NintendoAmerica Choosing tracks isn't the issue. There's plenty to choose from once you get there. I just don't see why the original menu music can't be used as my menu music, or anywhere apparently.

  • SlipperSnek
    Kill Me Please (@SlipperSnek) reported

    @robbie__adams @str8b00Iin @souljaboy @NintendoAmerica @SEGA @Sony Yeah exactly, the only issue he has is the preloaded games. If it didn't have any then it would *technically speaking* be his own creation. Except he got it from AliExpress

  • Saint_Huck
    Christopher Lucka (@Saint_Huck) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Nintendo needs to fix the matchmaking system and net code for Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate. I paid over 80 dollars for the game plus the online subscription. Inexcusable. Implement proper filtering for matchmaking. If I choose 1v1, don't put me in a 4v4!

  • Platy_Platypus
    Platypus (@Platy_Platypus) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Please please PLEASE fix smash online, its unacceptable

  • Rykoshet
    Paul LaCen (@Rykoshet) reported

    Whoever is going to run through their 7 days of nintendo online for smash and actually renew that shit is ******* out of their damn mind. What an absolute joke of a service, it's been 3 games.

  • Drago_Ok
    Drago_2002 (@Drago_Ok) reported

    @ScribeAwoken @reslived It's an issue with Nintendo not buying their own servers and just relying on everyones wifi.

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  • 2168
  • 2811