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  • earflicks wii ferret (@earflicks) reported

    actually yo just upload nintendo osts sped up as “nightcore” so all u gotta do to listen to the normal version is change the playback speed PROBLEM SOLVED

  • Swordfish00830 Luis Uriel Velazquez (@Swordfish00830) reported

    @MechaRecca Save data if you have the cloud with the Nintendo Online service is no problem to swap. If you own a memory card however. The stuff on their can not be transferred to the new Switch. I had to delete the data and redownload all my games when I inserted my memory card to the Switch

  • AndyisLive Andy P (@AndyisLive) reported

    @HowarthCharles @NintendoUK Just what I thought, ooh sands broken my switch, Nintendo said to take it to the beach, sorry not our fault.

  • ZenVehicles Francis Zen Author (@ZenVehicles) reported

    @Hal11K @GameTripperUK @TGFStream @GeekMid @RetroBoyJon @NorrinRadd3rd @theWellRedMage @englebert3rd @SNUKgaming @link_Tin @GryeDor Mainstream games crash is incoming. Games companies can't rely on upgraded graphics every 3-4 years to shift machines any more. Nintendo will be fine if they keep doing what they do.

  • gujingujin1 THE Gujin (@gujingujin1) reported

    @Montbtw @Nachuz88 @NintendoAmerica Adding in a ranking system though doesn't fix the core issues with their own competitive scene, especially when GF is still against patching and chances are we won't have this ranking system in the next game.

  • DreamiePop DreamiePop💙 (@DreamiePop) reported

    @AllochiiBoo bought the shells online! my left joy-con was starting to drift and nintendo uk were going to charge me to fix it, so i bought a replacement stick instead. figured if i was taking my joy-con apart to replace the stick anyway i might as well make it dreamie💙

  • Yanksfan_03 Chris (@Yanksfan_03) reported

    @CaimTheSlayer @AndrewCalebCol2 @calirex01 @BitCloudGaming @Puertorock77_ @RicochetSparta @justmenmygirls4 @JayDubcity16 @JayBari_TOA @SickHumorTV I don't trust execs from any of the big 3. Sony's definitely have their problems but Nintendo and MS are guilty of bs too.

  • vrgeta3201 Stellar_jonathan 🔪⚔🗡 (@vrgeta3201) reported

    @J_KULCHA @majoraflash @NintendoUK I hope they come to you guys, they're customer service is prettt cool here but it sucks they cant help everywhere. Im mad that we dont get as cool special editions likw the dreamers zelda or the steel book pokemon case

  • JakBlack7 Jak Frost (@JakBlack7) reported

    @NintendoUK The game itself is a problem

  • formulademon Formulademon (@formulademon) reported

    @nintendolife I’ve honestly never had a problem with any Nintendo systems I still have every single one of them and all still work. Even my joycons well okay I’ve had one issue my GB advances the little tab for the battery cover snapped off so I had to tape it on after each battery change lol

  • TsundereSupreme Spencer (@TsundereSupreme) reported

    This serves as a warning for those trying to utilize Nintendo’s free Joy-Con repair - it’s probably more worth it to just spend a little cash to buy a new replacement control stick and switch it out than it is to go through Nintendo’s repair service Don’t know what they might do

  • TsundereSupreme Spencer (@TsundereSupreme) reported

    Not only that but said misassembled Joy-Con also has numerous scuffs and smudges on the exterior So essentially they fixed the single faulty control stick, and in the process ruined the Joy-Con that was fine and left half of the order broken @NintendoAmerica this is unacceptable

  • joyfulbucky joy ✪ (@joyfulbucky) reported

    all of a sudden i want a nintendo ds 😔😔 my old one's broken

  • TitansMitt 𝐒𝐓 🎥📺🎮🎼⚔️ (@TitansMitt) reported

    @BourbonPlanner @Andariya_ Absolutely. Nintendo solved the problem of gamers living in single TV households. There's no way I could eliminate it. And power means zilch if you ain't got any titles to display said power.

  • TsundereSupreme Spencer (@TsundereSupreme) reported

    Extremely ******* furious at Nintendo’s Joy-Con repair service right now Waited two weeks and not only was the Joy-Con that was perfectly fine that they told me to send in “just in case” misassembled, but my two broken Joy-Con straps came back completely unrepaired

  • MegaAlexiel1998 MegaGamerAlexiel (@MegaAlexiel1998) reported

    @PKSparkxx There are a few things I don't like, mainly the directional air dodge and move buffering, can't tell you how many wins I could have had if the air dodge didn't just happen off stage and move buffering just eats up my inputs and leaves me WIDE OPEN, hope Nintendo can fix all that

  • ClaireOcto Reese 💖 (@ClaireOcto) reported

    Alright, I was mostly hamming it up and joking, but I'm seriously pissed off at this point. I've wasted almost an hour waiting for the storm to pass. Nintendo, rain in botw is an absolutely ridiculously broken mechanic

  • hasandanakum Hasan Danakum (@hasandanakum) reported

    @nintendolife I don't have all of them. So I have no problem with Nintendo hardware. Maybe someone give me a Nintendo Switch 🙄

  • ringra15 ~ The Pink Phoenix Niji ~ Summer Beyond The Skies (@ringra15) reported

    I gotta say Nintendo going after YouTube Channels that have their music is both pretty understandable yet scummy at the same time. I wouldn't be making this of an issue if 1. They should've been doing that in the first place years ago if they're that protective.

  • Jamesinater5 Jamesinater ||-// (@Jamesinater5) reported

    Yo @SpawnWaveMedia do you know if replacing the screen on my Nintendo switch with fix the touch screen not working properly

  • RuelsRunning Ruel's Running (@RuelsRunning) reported

    Hey @NintendoAmerica contacted your support team for assistance today and was let down twice. 1. Couldn’t help with a product from @Target. But Target made good. 2. Suggested I solve my problem by spending at least $50 more or move to Europe to make things work.

  • triickeryy 🍒𝒜𝓈𝒽𝓁𝑒𝓎🍒 (@triickeryy) reported

    Does nintendo really fix your joycons for free because this shit is unreal

  • itsJimboFresh Jimbo (@itsJimboFresh) reported

    @nintendolife Had every Nintendo console since NES (minus Virtual Boy) and only since the Wii U was there hardware problems. Sent in my Wii U cause thr gamepad would disconnect, and now the Switch cause of the joycon drift.

  • SplitjawJanitor Splitjaw Janitor (@SplitjawJanitor) reported

    @NintendoUK Kindly fix your horrible, horrible, horrible policies on your music and I may give you my answer.

  • whis_gamer Jesus HWhis- #ElPasoStrong (@whis_gamer) reported

    @thicczy I play on switch. I see I fortnite Nintendo switch pro player lag or stutter in game or building not loading in. I just stutter

  • Cefirobat sock drawer (@Cefirobat) reported

    @NintendoAmerica not giving you my money until you fix the online, your move

  • ddmedellin diego (@ddmedellin) reported

    Smoking broken windows, playing my Nintendo

  • DarkraySA_ darkray @ Blue Lions (@DarkraySA_) reported

    You know what as long as we can hear nintendo music from a place where we won't have to worry about it getting taken down, then I'd be down for this. Only problem is that the selection may be rather limited

  • DizzyLuc Dizzy Luc (@DizzyLuc) reported

    *sees the whole cloud save problem on Nintendo's online with some games* Me: ... this is why I have a hackable console (and if they come out with a Pro version, then that will make it TWO hackable consoles)

  • BigJeffB Jeffery Burns (@BigJeffB) reported

    @PatTheNESpunk the NES Games are not the problem they are a symptom. The issue is Nintendo is now charging for an online that at best runs the same as the Wii U at worst has less choice and features with no virtue console.

  • SimpleRick_SSB SimpleRick (@SimpleRick_SSB) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Online Tourney mode in Smash ends in sudden death like 75% of the time. Please fix it.

  • ryujisama Ryujisama **Commissions OPEN!!** (@ryujisama) reported

    @Jakuson_Z They're not actual reps from Nintendo. They're some random troll group. Even if you do get banned, a quick email will fix it soon.

  • K_awii waiting... (@K_awii) reported

    @nintendolife Had problem with N64 and Gamecube controller stick. Nintendo never offered free repair. People complaining about joy-con are new to Nintendo hardware or just got luck all these years.

  • BesuBaru BesuBaru 🗽 ☭ Ⓐ 🔞 (@BesuBaru) reported

    @GloriousKev After this upcoming generation, it's safe to say every major console platform holder aside from Nintendo is going to have a streaming service and kill the idea of paying $400 upfront (Instead it being a service that is more of a long-term cost) for new hardware.

  • Spoogymonkey Alan Baum (@Spoogymonkey) reported

    @TheRileyLittle @8bit_Spazzy @tailsBOOM1992 @PushDustIn I think his reasoning is “it’s more expensive then people think.” Also, keep in mind you’ll have diminishing returns. I think the budget is more indicative of other internal issues between Nintendo and Sakurai, and I don’t think that’s why they won’t do a second pass.

  • TeridaxDev RIT | Teridax (@TeridaxDev) reported

    Post mortem on the Nintendo tournament: -Connection quality was good -1 ragequit, one cheater -Stagelist was ass -RNG stage selection is anticompetitive -(good) Belmonts are bad on wifi Overall pretty shitty tournament will enter again if they fix the stagelist and their website

  • BondzBoy007 Matthew Bonds (@BondzBoy007) reported

    @nintendolife I got pissed and head butted my game boy..original...and cracked the screen .Nintendo replaced it . But no..i haven't had a issue with Nintendo products

  • Nisemono_hime Ren / Himiko (@Nisemono_hime) reported

    @nintendolife left joycon drift. never had problems with other nintendo systems

  • Lucario2thicc BigBangin (@Lucario2thicc) reported

    @Peaceful_Hermit @TSM_Leffen Yeah Nintendo doesn't give a ****, which is why it's up to other adults to discuss issues for the COMPETETIVE scene. They have created revenue through the scene so they have all the reason and right to "fight over a party game" as you ignorantly say.

  • plantnetta Plantnetta (@plantnetta) reported

    @MightyKeef To fix the language barrier issue Nintendo should make down B show all the values of the moves currently on the menu. So players no matter what language they speak can memorize the values. To fix wack/ thwack make them not kill until 30% similar to macs KO punch. Problem solved

  • neelammango mango (@neelammango) reported

    @gunbangs personally i've had no issues with past Nintendo consoles that you could call a defect and my issues happened because of the old age/extended use, but the only issue i would say really isn't the fault of the consumer is joy con drift

  • xSavageShannonx Sav Skjaldmær ☘ (@xSavageShannonx) reported

    Why do ppl call Gamestop thinking we are tech support for your system problems. We will give you the number to either Nintendo Sony or Microsoft customer service. And funny I only get calls about Playstation 4.

  • LinkMountaineer Pat (@LinkMountaineer) reported

    @greenchile03 Send them to Nintendo and they’ll fix or replace them.

  • aratanahajimari Mike Haley (@aratanahajimari) reported

    I considered including my former hiking buddy John in a forthcoming chapter of Nintendo Rhapsody, but I don't know if the severe misunderstandings and resulting falling outs, time and time again, would make for very good story telling. It feels more like a broken record of sorts.

  • plantnetta Plantnetta (@plantnetta) reported

    @MightyKeef I think Nintendo should make wack/thwack not kill until 30%. And for the language barrier issue they should have down B show all the MP values for all moves that R currently on the menu. So players no matter what language they speak can memorize the values. Problem solved.

  • _Cute_Gizmo Gizmo (@_Cute_Gizmo) reported

    Guess that they don't know ya 'cause today, that was yesterday Yesterday is over, it's a different day Sound like broken records, playin' over, but you promised her Next time you'll show restraint You don't get another chance, Life is no Nintendo game, but you lied again

  • _vitown nao faço a mínima ideia do que estou fazendo (@_vitown) reported

    smoking broken windows, playing my Nintendo

  • gunbangs owen (@gunbangs) reported

    @neelammango I'm surprised by the amount of people replying to that that think taking shitty care of your electronics is a problem that Nintendo could resolve

  • GamerRebelMat Mat the Gaming Rebel (@GamerRebelMat) reported

    Crappy joycons keep DCing, back cover of the #Switch itself is falling apart, obvious kickstand issue of not staying in place. Real nice console you made, #Nintendo! They need to learn their lesson by replacing all of their crappy ones we bought with those new models, FOR FREE!

  • Dal56542713 Dal (@Dal56542713) reported

    @JoshSuperlink Unfortunately the series suffered from a lot of the same issues that the Star Fox series did, namely Nintendo's lack of any understanding of what fans wanted from the series. Although Park Patrol was pretty good.

  • Theogconti Ricky (@Theogconti) reported

    @nintendolife But shout out My Nintendo Gameboy SP it works better than my switch does I never had a problem with my SP... my Nintendo 64 controllers work better than My joycons wth

  • spikeopossum Spike🛡 (@spikeopossum) reported

    I haven’t had too many problems, but so far I’ve had: Circle pad drift on my 3DS (repaired for $$ by Nintendo), unresponsive Joy-Cons on my Switch and Switch not charging (repaired under warranty for free by Nintendo), & broken disk drive on my Wii (repaired for $$ by Nintendo)

  • MkLXIV MkLXIV (@MkLXIV) reported

    @micahpgomez @QuarterSwede @1uc45MH @stroughtonsmith Oh for sure. Larger companies usually just bow down to any and all DMCA claims; hence I've been helping a lot of artists recently who've fallen victim to fake claims sent by a troll impersonating Nintendo. Though it seems there usually aren't problems with many desktop emulators.

  • gnarology victoria (@gnarology) reported

    why ******** is smash online so terrible please fix this shit @nintendo

  • wild_man26 Shaun (@wild_man26) reported

    @nintendolife I don't think I've ever had a problem with Nintendo hardware... Lucky I guess.

  • Nick_Perezz Nick P (@Nick_Perezz) reported

    @AmazonHelp Your rep was rude. my issue was I have an old switch in return period I wanted to exchange it for the new switch which @NintendoAmerica told me to go through you to do it, but your rep said no, eventually lost their temper and started arguing with me when I just wanna exchange it

  • YangTheFox I'm Mungo's Boyfriend (Not Fox Sorry) (@YangTheFox) reported

    @barawerewolf If I remember Nintendo said that if you send them in to them because they have drift issues it would be for free. But if you want new joycons I know a website where you can order from to customize them if you're into that!

  • Theogconti Ricky (@Theogconti) reported

    @nintendolife Nothing but problems with the Nintendo Switch

  • NoDQ_Virtue Virtue (@NoDQ_Virtue) reported

    Nintendo needs to fix how Kaizo levels are integrated in Super Mario Maker 2. They also have to remove the Boo feature. Too many rookies/casuals are being jaded by troll and extreme luck based levels to where it negatively effects many difficult levels that are passable and fun.

  • cataquacks Mega Doodoo (@cataquacks) reported

    This is really bizarre because polygon confirmed the details of their report with Nintendo's own customer service lmao

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