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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

 Problems detected at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online problems in the last 24 hours

Nintendo Switch Online Outage Chart 06/17/2021 00:20

June 17: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 08:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments section!

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play 62.35% Online Play
  • Sign in 17.06% Sign in
  • Glitches 16.47% Glitches
  • Game Crash 2.35% Game Crash
  • Matchmaking 1.18% Matchmaking
  • Hacking / Cheating .59% Hacking / Cheating

Nintendo Switch Online Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
MexicoMexico City Online Play
United StatesSpirit Lake Online Play
United KingdomExeter Glitches
French PolynesiaPapeete Online Play
United KingdomMansfield Sign in
United KingdomReading Online Play

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Nintendo Switch Online Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Execution17 Carey P (@Execution17) reported

    @pikachufan06 Me thinks Nintendo shouldn't cheap out and add more than 32gb of internal space if it's the SD cards thats causing the issues

  • ohturnlepaige paige (@ohturnlepaige) reported

    @Swiiitched no problem nintendo switch

  • GravityBreak 🏜️ Multi 🌵 (@GravityBreak) reported

    @DuctTapeJake @OiliestNoods the problem with doing that is it incentivizes hoarding of specific weapons (ABSOLUTELY OFF THE TABLE) and makes it more frustrating when a situation-specific weapon breaks when you want it. i'm willing to bet Nintendo already tried this in playtesting.

  • TotesJakeMan TotesPREDICTABO (@TotesJakeMan) reported

    @NintendoAmerica So you guys gonna make a fix for the latest firmware update or nah?

  • vox207 VoxN (@vox207) reported

    The new Nintendo switch update gave me an error code when I tried to download a game. Why???! 😭@NintendoAmerica

  • KyleLegenderry Crunkiss (@KyleLegenderry) reported

    So a small solution for the #Nintendo Switch download issue. This has worked 3 times now, I keep clicking on the download, not leave the screen, and wait for it to tell me the error. I do this about ten-ish times and then it’ll download. DO NOT leave that screen once it starts

  • Glup45844744 Glup (@Glup45844744) reported

    @RoseWol97725574 @IGN Yes. After 4 years. 5 minutes. I’m saying it was revealed too early. In fact, I think this E3 should have been the first reveal for it. Nintendo has an issue with early reveals. Look at Metroid Prime 4.

  • Astr0B0t0 AstroBoto🆖 (@Astr0B0t0) reported

    Dude seriously why hasn’t Nintendo done a N64 Nintendo Switch Online service yet. There’s a hole in my hand

  • HakureiMegamix jacob (affectionate) (@HakureiMegamix) reported

    @MetallicChaos03 @NintendoAmerica you send me crash bandicoot sales suck it up

  • NapoleonB0ner NEW 2D METROID BAYBEE!! (@NapoleonB0ner) reported

    @SuperMonkeyBall Big ups to SEGA for throwing in all this cool cosmetic stuff with their remasters, nintendo still just ports one game, fixes the biggest and most complained-about issues, and charges $60. Colors Ultimate still looks like garbage though.

  • coboman coboman (@coboman) reported

    Game Builder Garage (DEMO) spoilers I started the 1st lesson, paused, and thoroughly checked my right joycon for hardware problems. As far as I can tell... the B button works. I unpause and then... this blue dot is giving me sass!?!?? Ugh, you got me good, Nintendo

  • GuiAlvarez2 guigas (@GuiAlvarez2) reported

    @DynamoSuperX yeah.. actually the ideal scenario would be Super MP being a completely different game since the beginning lol but I would prefer if they tried to fix it anyway, here in Brasil Nintendo games are stupid expensive, can’t afford another mario party game

  • dinokun84 Aldino Frassinelli (@dinokun84) reported

    @ShaneInKS2 @Froskurinn There's an argument to be made about how Nintendo's missing the mark from... basically gamecube through wii u has created a generational gap in the fans of almost all it's franchises, but I don't think that's really a 'zelda' problem.

  • sadcartoonbear scb (@sadcartoonbear) reported

    oh okay apparently the switch download issue is a nintendo thing. can't update my games for now.

  • Uchilama Uchillama (@Uchilama) reported

    @Yonnitheduck Technically, Kazuya did appear on a Nintendo console before in his own game series. Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It released on Wii U. Also, this rule was broken by Cloud when he first came to Sm4sh cause FF7 wasn’t on a Nintendo console at that moment in time

  • aro_arox Arox (@aro_arox) reported

    @lucio_soliz You know that you could contact Nintendo to fix it right? Don't know why make it an argument

  • SpookyTanuki Sp๏๏ky Tanuki 🍂 (@SpookyTanuki) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    @NintendoAmerica I just bought two new games from the eShop sale, but I can’t download or play them because of Error Code: 2123-1502. 😔

  • anime_loversao anime time lord (@anime_loversao) reported

    @Hyrule_101 That's what the leaks say anyways..i mean nintendo has issues with leaks

  • milli_willy Millyvanillichilliwilli (@milli_willy) reported

    @JLHughesy @SubnauticaSw @Subnautica Was hit with the same issue less than a day after the last patch. 3 weeks later, still no new patch and not even an acknowledgment from the devs that they’re fixing it so I’ve had to get a refund from Nintendo (which they granted) It’s a sad outcome but what can you do?

  • Perryfan74 Yesley Wesley (@Perryfan74) reported

    @VeIvetAlchemist I guess. I actually did call nintendo about it just to report the problem since I thas made nes in the gaming press. I'm ok just waiting a few weeks to see if they can patch it. One thing I heard is that it has something to do with the how the e-shop's info is read or something

  • diegomenagin14 Diego Mena (@diegomenagin14) reported

    @guybrush999 @Schaffrillas Yeah, and that's a problem I have with Nintendo. It's unbelievable to me how they let their games die way quicker than they should due to lack of updates and poor marketing.

  • uracapi (Th)Regen (@uracapi) reported

    @spacebruce Wii, wii u, switch. Literally the last 3 nintendo consoles were like this. Gamecube was broken apart early on in the modchip space, but not in emulation. Once GC was understood tho, the wii running basically the same **** made it easy af

  • Bdv2323 BDV (@Bdv2323) reported

    @AndreaPichinini Real problem here isn't media questioning MS. It's entitlement of gamers as a whole. Ps. Xbox. Nintendo. They cry when they can't games how they want them. When they want them (death threats for GOW delay, anger about games not coming to switch. Or xbox. Or ps). It's sickening

  • aekikki Ækikki (@aekikki) reported

    @RealSamGabriel @NintendoAmerica Yep, the Error is sadly everywhere and Nintendo seems to be stalling to promote the new Switch Pro 😕

  • kavediluvii 🜏 dross 🜏 (@kavediluvii) reported

    are downloads on Nintendo Switch still broken i wanna take advantage of this mf switch sale!

  • RockLockridge Roger Lockridge (@RockLockridge) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Are you having network issues? My son's DLC won't upload. I have went through all of your error steps.

  • nuckles87 nuckles87 (@nuckles87) reported

    *regardless,* if Nintendo wanted to alter/remove weapon durability, I wouldn’t complain. But what I’d have more interest in is weapon crafting/repair. Make weapon upkeep a thing. Maybe even let you use broken weapons as materials for better weapons!

  • HazMattisHere Rated M for Matt-ure (@HazMattisHere) reported

    @elitherealist1 @dupree082010 Id have to agree, as much as I love abusing Amazons refund service bc its easy to manipulate, the game is really good and should be supported. If it was nintendo Id say hell yea but Insomniac did an awesome job

  • InfendoJustin Justin [✜--ⒷⒶ] Clough (@InfendoJustin) reported

    @lonebengalsfan @assassinscreed @NintendoAmerica By the way, thanks that Reddit link. I’m gonna try that as soon as the game is done downloading (if). What a stupid glitch. Also, why did it take this long for it to affect me?

  • IkanaTofu Ikana Tofu (@IkanaTofu) reported

    @ZachaRic_O @NintendoAmerica I had some repeated errors recently while downloading some updates. I had to update my Switch and move closer to my wifi so that I had 3 bars. The Switch’s wifi reach is kind of awful.

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811