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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

 Problems detected at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online problems in the last 24 hours

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April 02: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 05:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play 76.83% Online Play
  • Sign in 13.99% Sign in
  • Matchmaking 3.21% Matchmaking
  • Glitches 3.21% Glitches
  • Game Crash 2.52% Game Crash
  • Hacking / Cheating .23% Hacking / Cheating

Nintendo Switch Online Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Hemmingen Online Play
Barranquilla Online Play
Castel Maggiore Online Play
Aix-en-Provence Online Play
Furth im Wald Online Play
Bad Bevensen Online Play

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Nintendo Switch Online Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • DavithePixie Davi the Pixie (At Home) (@DavithePixie) reported

    Nintendo should fix how online battles work, I’ve encountered a total of 10 people who disconnected last second right when the game ends just so my GSP wouldn’t rise. It’s stupid how people abuse this system

  • AntiChrisSV Anti-Chris (@AntiChrisSV) reported

    @yaboyono Yeah, but there's a "legitimate" reason for that. There's security issues embedded in the hardware that makes it real easy for people to hack and homebrew the Switch. That's why Nintendo rolled out a new model of the Nintendo Switch.

  • folithplays Folith (@folithplays) reported

    The solution: Transfer my account, which fortunately has no games with the same problem, to her new switch and trade consoles permanently. Unbelievably poor design that should probably be addressed @NintendoAmerica

  • Ridley369X ザンダー (@Ridley369X) reported

    @GoNintendoTweet If there are people out there who want all/most Xbox games ported to Switch, they're dumb. Let's focus on bigger issues, such as why Nintendo thinks we want more NES/SNES titles from 35-40 years ago drip fed to us, rather than selling N64, GameCube, and Wii games on their shop.

  • SpaceMutiny Incineroar King Laharl Glamorous (@SpaceMutiny) reported

    Found my old GameCube today and man I forgot that Nintendo used that white plastic that over the years turns a disgusting shade of yellow. I honesty think the GC was one of the last systems to use that plastic overall. Even the Gen 1 360 did not have this problem.

  • Rocko_Rama Rocko A. Rama (@Rocko_Rama) reported

    @NintendoAmerica i’m still not gonna pay for your terrible excuse of a paid service, especially if there’s gonna be no new content for this game lol pretty bad advertising if you ask me

  • Rocko_Rama Rocko A. Rama (@Rocko_Rama) reported

    @NintendoAmerica i’m still not gonna pay for your terrible excuse of a paid service, especially if there’s gonna be no new content for this game

  • MetaTai Meta (@MetaTai) reported

    Nintendo mentioned a Splatoon patch a few months ago. It's now in April and there's no info on when it's coming. The servers are ABYSSMAL right now due to multiple disconnects. They need to fix the servers and KEEP it stable. This is the last time I'm addressing this DC matter

  • RickSwansonNY Rick Swanson (@RickSwansonNY) reported

    @tomjen42 Yeah I saw that. All I ever did in NASCAR2 on the computer was crash so I know better. I've been playing the original Nintendo

  • BuySomethin Scott Schubert (@BuySomethin) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Please fix the 300 maximum balloon glitch #animalcrossing #acnh #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons

  • GoodFuude GoodFuude (@GoodFuude) reported

    Currently downloading crash bandicoot n sane trilogy for my nintendo switch

  • p_combe Paul Combe (@p_combe) reported

    @doomquasar My girlfriend got an Animal Crossing Switch. It had a screen flaw so we sent it for repair immediately. It is now stuck in an empty Nintendo service building in upstate NY.

  • GalaxySeraphim 💜✨Em✨💜 (@GalaxySeraphim) reported

    @el_plzu @NintendoAmerica Apparently this is a common glitch and players are warning others not to collect the achievement. I hope they fix it soon. They just recently patched an issue with villagers moving in too.

  • StarlightIsland ACNH ✨ Yumi ✨ (@StarlightIsland) reported

    @whimsymeadow Well don't worry Nintendo has a buttload of glitches to patch out by the next update! The 300 balloons glitch and this one are just a start. 😞

  • pinkopalina ornamental hermit ✨🌙⭐ (@pinkopalina) reported

    I got a switch super close to when it came out, so my left controller still has the issue where the analog gets stuck to the left and the rumble doesn't work on that side at all @NintendoAmerica what can you do for me

  • Fafferdaffy 🍊Fafferdaffy🍊 (@Fafferdaffy) reported

    My joy-con is drifting, yet again. This is getting ridiculous. I don't think I can play smash properly anymore without it ******* me up at inopportune moments. I know it could be worse, but you'd think Nintendo would fix their hardware at this point.

  • Makingmerkins Ripperdan (@Makingmerkins) reported

    So animal crossing ****** up with the whole one island per switch. Cmon @NintendoAmerica fix this

  • Mindasayshai Paya! (@Mindasayshai) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @animalcrossing Your latest update did not fix the forced villager glitch. My glitched plots are still there and the text hotline keeps disconnecting me.

  • MegaZard_X MegaZard☆X☆ (@MegaZard_X) reported

    @DynamoSuper @babano22 @ExpandDong15 @NintendoAmerica I mean I think 9 will come with the next console as well. They never dropped 2 MK on the same system before so thay would be a first. And if something is still selling so goo why fix what's not broken. That just means extra time they can add and do crazy other things for 9

  • HanneTherese 💎ハンネ💎 (@HanneTherese) reported

    @Freedomz77 And I do have enough for it, that’s not the problem. When I check out with PayPal it always let’s be pick between card or PayPal currency but not here. Wtf Nintendo

  • Mudkippey 🌸🌺Kippy🌺🌸 (@Mudkippey) reported


  • PostsFromSkyrim Skyrim Posts (@PostsFromSkyrim) reported

    @YungsterThomlin @LoganwWi781 @NintendoAmerica They have the most successful franchise on the planet, I'm sure they could build their own online service fairly easily. Fortnite doesn't use NSO.

  • taterplays25 Taterplays25 (@taterplays25) reported

    @TrevorMason117 Plenty of other people are ******* raging too in fact cyberpunk should have only ******* been delayed for consoles if they didnt want to split the console bases also what ******** is sony have a problem with distro for but nintendo still getting 4 ******* game cartridges out 1/2

  • sosenblume hyperrealistic mountain dew (@sosenblume) reported

    @klausnetzle yeah i think the issue only came up like, the day before the last patch so i doubt nintendo was aware of it early enough to patch it

  • Zshanti ZainaShanti (@Zshanti) reported

    Yesterday is over, it's a different day Sound like broken records, playin' over, but you promised her Next time you'll show restraint You don't get another chance Life is no Nintendo game, but you lied again Now you get to watch her leave Out the window

  • Dragon_Samurai0 Dragon Samurai is Back! (@Dragon_Samurai0) reported

    @lillysapphire55 NINTENDO FIX THIS

  • INNERVISlON frogbaby (@INNERVISlON) reported

    @ECOHOTTlE I THOUGHT I WAS SAFE FOR AT LEAST ALMOST A YEAR BUT ITS BEEN DEADASS 2.5 WEEKS 😭😭 it’s not bad yet but I can’t even send them to nintendo to fix them bc it’s all I have and they’re closed anyway omfg

  • ThaoBuiXx Shae (@ThaoBuiXx) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I wish i could... No switch no game... lmao Dealing with my mental issues and just watching people playing makes me feel so relaxed

  • jygglypuffdaddy ✨André✨ 🏳️‍🌈 (@jygglypuffdaddy) reported

    The worst I've ever experienced with Nintendo was minor day one patches for Pokemon games that could be downloaded in seconds and some framerate issues in BOTW that were only bad in 2 areas and quickly improved

  • TheTasteOfALiar Alex 🐀 (@TheTasteOfALiar) reported

    Nintendo needs to fix two things ASAP - Balloon glitch - Water egg spawn rate

  • xTenshiKisux 🌸Emma 🌸 (@xTenshiKisux) reported

    @NintendoUK Fix balloon issue

  • wild_golbat golbat (@wild_golbat) reported

    @biggestsonicfan did you call the nintendo repair service line

  • DarkRazorZ Jon (@DarkRazorZ) reported

    Nintendo gave me a free month of the online service for buying Animal Crossing, huh

  • paultwist Paul Twist (@paultwist) reported

    @scully1888 I live in hope that Nintendo patch and fix this, but I suspect it’s a feature, not a bug. A real shame.

  • Zenxolu Zenxolu 🔞 (@Zenxolu) reported

    @ACPocketNews @reviewsbyhughes Who ******** wants egg furniture, @NintendoAmerica fix this bullshit

  • ResetPatrick Patrick Debaser Breeden (@ResetPatrick) reported

    I always hear horror stories about Nintendo's customer service when it comes to digital stuff, but these guys have always treated me like top priority. Proud to have my game room look like Nintendo threw up in here.

  • HylianTicipated HT 💗 (@HylianTicipated) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I've clocked in way over fix the balloon glitch now plz.

  • coolfest1999 How it feels to chew 5 gum (@coolfest1999) reported

    idk how long the "trial" period would be but it's a step up from not having the service at all. I'll give it to the first person who responds who doesn't have Nintendo online

  • sparklejjong 𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘪𝘢 (@sparklejjong) reported

    at least half of my problems could have been solved if i owned a nintendo switch with animal crossing and it's a scientific fact

  • DuckieBearKoda Koda Summers (@DuckieBearKoda) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @animalcrossing Saw a precious baby saying there ate no Hijabs or other proper head coverings in ACNH. She out there wearing a hotdog. You should fix that.

  • Xxaxl0000xX AxlZeroDMC (@Xxaxl0000xX) reported

    @LaxxySSB @Shaymess_ @_kimmyko_ Dude id need a vid of how to fix that cause ive literally never done maintenance on a Nintendo controller

  • pearmiIk cas (@pearmiIk) reported

    @wookinooki it’s a glitch someone reported it to nintendo already but idk when it’s gonna get fixed so YEAH don’t redeem your miles !!

  • VideoGamesNYC Videogamesnewyork | Pickup & Shipping Available (@VideoGamesNYC) reported

    @chaos @JPSWITCHMANIA @1stPlayable It was put on the eShop but Nintendo was required to pull it down due to a legal issue.

  • XemnasRoxas Jake (@XemnasRoxas) reported

    I have never ever had so many issues trying to find a Nintendo switch before now its difficult as **** to even get one like da *** people. I'm not spending more than Nintendos price for a ******* nintendo switch that's technically illegal

  • raffodil rαfο0οξ 🌿 (@raffodil) reported

    Can @Nintendo fix the balloon glitch before I wake up tomorrow #acnh

  • Netsah_ .𝓝𝓮𝓽𝓼𝓪𝓱 | ネツァ -ˏˋ🌸ˎˊ˗ (@Netsah_) reported

    @Naughty_Dog That's just stupid... Animal Crossing on Nintendo had no problem to be sold to thousands of people around the world... I don't see why it would be different with TLOU2... Half of the World is stuck at home, so we have now the time to play to video games, and you delay...

  • FrankMonado Frank's Monado (@FrankMonado) reported

    @Tomathius1303 @NathanielBandy1 @NintendoAmerica They should, problem is that they are supporting a sinking ship aka mario kart tour which is less popular XD

  • xTenshiKisux 🌸Emma 🌸 (@xTenshiKisux) reported

    Balloon bug on animal crossing has ruined the fun you can’t pop anymore after 300 and with this event I got to 300 pretty quickly... please fix soon I wanna keep playing the event #Nintendo #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #ACNH

  • stunwin Plague Stunwin (@stunwin) reported

    its wild how animal crossing is rife with QOL problems that are totally unacceptable coming from any other brand, but nintendo fans are just like "lol i mean thats the game tho!"

  • HYPERFEVER Misha! @ acnh (@HYPERFEVER) reported

    @kiyalunga Apparently it's not on purpose / a glitch so I hope nintendo takes care of it....

  • DavidMarceno David Damasceno (@DavidMarceno) reported

    @NintendoAmerica No fun. I can never tell if the opponent is cheating or lagging.

  • BabyMurlock Ashe 🌻 (@BabyMurlock) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Fix the balloon Glitch! Now!!!

  • EmperorKayn DandeSaft 👁️👄👁 (@EmperorKayn) reported

    @byBeli_02 we dont know if nintendo rather rolls with "not enough people have the money to buy the game" or "more people have more free time, so lets release it now" imo if anything, it could be a problem with the supply chain to make physical copies and collectors editions

  • NobleGust Nathan (@NobleGust) reported

    @MobinButNot @GamesCageX @NintendoAmerica No problem 😄

  • ECUProfessor ECU Professor 🏴‍☠️ (@ECUProfessor) reported

    Redeeming and selling 37 bell vouchers in order to pay off my loan was tedious af. Please fix this @NintendoAmerica!

  • mkoerber84 Marvin Koerber (@mkoerber84) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Please fix the balloon bug! Once you hit 300 pops and claim the miles reward no more balloons spawn ! Not a good time since this event requires them ! :/

  • JimTheSG JimTheSchoolGirl (@JimTheSG) reported

    Also super cheap on the South African eshop: Rogue Legacy, Full Metal Furies, Dandy Dungeon, Velocity 2X, Hellblade, LOADS OF STUFF. It's run through Nintendo Europe, so no problems with credit cards or PayPal or anything, just get a second account or change your region. BOOM.

  • PartyAtCatsbys kitty (@PartyAtCatsbys) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @animalcrossing Fix the balloons

  • WaterLemonlime Hunter Bardin (@WaterLemonlime) reported

    @jmari3e You can send it to nintendo and they will fix it for free, but I think they are not doing it rn because of COVID 19

  • sol_foxie ☀️ (@sol_foxie) reported

    nintendo: pay for NSO, we’ll be able to make online better also nintendo: our new hyperpersistent longplay game uses P2P netcode. if any one of you has network issues, there is no fallback

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811