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  • OranRoper 𝕣𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕤 🌺 (@OranRoper) reported

    'my left one' is actually in regard to my left nintendo switch controller it is broken and i need a new one

  • gothbrigitte angry | Communicant in 6 ⚡️ (@gothbrigitte) reported

    Gaming Fact #2 The 2009 Nintendo DS game Phineas and Ferb was recalled a year after release regarding a glitch that made Ferb appear to be a dark void. The games continued to be sold on the black market and no one remembers the recall.

  • danghbq Senior Season 3 Ep. King of pop culture (@danghbq) reported

    Just have to say that @NintendoAmerica has excellent customer service

  • OceanDadKujo 🏳️‍🌈🐬Dr. Kujo🐬🏳️‍🌈 (@OceanDadKujo) reported

    [Gives you the broken nintendo switch] Fix it please

  • DadeltanukiTan DadelTan/Nintendo destroyed my wallet (@DadeltanukiTan) reported

    @Blun_Z my issue with that is the amount of money gamefreak gets with pokemon. Yet, they still make lazy games, lazy graphics. they had a 1st try with let's go. I don't care about graphics, but damn it's game freak, they probably earn more money than nintendo themselves. LOL

  • rickit rachel tanner (@rickit) reported

    why join a literary twitter fight when you could simply send me a nintendo gift card instead. easy fix

  • DraygoneTweets Draygone Fuzzbottom Jr (@DraygoneTweets) reported

    @Xenophacilus7 @SpawnWaveMedia @NintendoAmerica Well, then they'd better make sure not to duplicate that glitch. And if another one springs up, patch it. And require patch updates to play online.

  • Xenophacilus7 Xenophacilus (@Xenophacilus7) reported

    @DraygoneTweets @SpawnWaveMedia @NintendoAmerica I remember they did that in X and Y...but then there was a glitch where you are able to duplicate pokemon trough it

  • EazyBaekOven ❄️☃️FlowerChildCrossing❄️☃️ (@EazyBaekOven) reported

    I’m so upset that animal crossing new horizons has no cloud save, that’s so messed up to have something happen to your switch and you can’t save your town at all, please Nintendo fix this👏🏻

  • dvno99 DVNO (@dvno99) reported

    @Inferbro This is a very cool game. I think maybe the solution to the Nintendo IP problem is to remake the art / assets in a similar style. Maybe there's someone out there who likes this who could do that. Call it "Jumpman Royale" or something not trademarked.

  • EmeraldFluids Emerald 🧪💊🧬 (@EmeraldFluids) reported

    @flowercrownderg Not Nintendo, Cause Nintendo of japan is the real problem here, and I sincerely do hope in BOTW 2 Ao doesn’t pull something like this again, this isn’t even the first time link doing crossdress was a thing, it’s ALWAYS been in most of the games for decades now

  • newalpha200 millenium200 (@newalpha200) reported

    @0neSlug @legendaryuser17 @ivory_rainbow @alex_kocharian @NintendoAmerica I'm paying the $20 but the fact that it's required even when we aren't using Nintendo's servers and that some major games don't have backups is a major problem.

  • AandM_OrisSira Adrienne & Matt N-M ︽✵︽ (@AandM_OrisSira) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Please do something about @animalcrossing's skin tone problem in New Leaf. People with dark skin tones still play it, and the Mii mask is not enough, we want to play just like everyone else, with no need for tanning. It's really sad that this is still an issue.

  • Evan_Doodle Pickpen (FINALS) (@Evan_Doodle) reported

    @Nit__Pick @FowardSpike9885 If Nintendo fired the person who made an animation error, that would be stupid.

  • MeasurdApproach Measured Approach (@MeasurdApproach) reported

    There seems to be a lot of buzz surrounding cloud-save in @Nintendo games. I propose a very simple and hopefully easy solution to this issue. One of the reasons a developer decides to restrict the cloud-save or data back-up is because they're worried people will cheat or take

  • pripyatbeast Stephen Kick (@pripyatbeast) reported

    @dosnostalgic @NintendoAmerica @NintendoAmerica please take a look at this and remove this game from your service.

  • eppie069 eppie (@eppie069) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Day 2 of asking nintendo to fix their online

  • valink16 Valink #PlantGang (@valink16) reported

    @legendaryuser17 @NintendoAmerica There is a Smash Bros online service for the app but you can't even check your stats

  • eppie069 eppie (@eppie069) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Fix your online

  • LigOFE cathal, friend 👻🐀 (@LigOFE) reported

    Huge issue made of nothing, fans need to stop expecting 1000 Pokémon in a game.... THAT SAID: I don’t think GameFreak/Nintendo should be encouraging people to transfer 20 years of Pokémon to a useless cloud until its useFUL.

  • SunstoneSpice ☀️ (@SunstoneSpice) reported

    @TheKimersonShow I really don’t think FE is doing badly, I feel a lot of it is bleeding out from the Smash community and the amount of hate towards Fates, which is over loaded with fan service. Meanwhile, Nintendo is happily pushing FE as their key RPG IP.

  • Michael_H_Art Michael-H-Art (@Michael_H_Art) reported

    Bump! Being honest I would much rather we got some new Nintendo characters with the fighter pass seeing as many of Nintendo's series still have plenty to represent them. But if it's staying third party i'd say the most likely at this point are Crash and maybe Travis Touchdown

  • Saxifun Saxifun, el gato amoroso (@Saxifun) reported

    @EnerG_Forc3 @SubjetDelta Also, if Crash made it in, why got, in some kind of representation, the three console companys in Smash Nintendo - Mario Microsoft (Xbox) - Banjo Kazooie Sony (Playstation) - Crash Bandicoot (at least for the first Playstation) Heck, we can even Include Sega - Sonic

  • nintsales Nintendo Switch Sales (@nintsales) reported

    ENDING TOMORROW (Jun.18) #NintendoSwitch Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! - $31.99 (20% off) Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - $29.99 (25% off) Crypt of the NecroDancer: Nintendo Switch Edition - $3.99 (80% off) Cuphead - $16.99 (15% off)

  • SBGKazaah Kazaah (@SBGKazaah) reported

    @MattChloe @Crystalluss____ @Pokemon @Junichi_Masuda @NintendoAmerica It makes me really sad... I lost Mega-Ampharos already, my favorite Pokémon. And thinking we could miss Mareep and Wooloo lines together... This gang would be so fabulous ! Let's hope Game Freak fix this :) @GAMEFREAK_info @Nintendo #BringBackNationalPokedex

  • Philip_DAngelo Flip (@Philip_DAngelo) reported

    @Giantant456 I think that’s where the problem is, I think GF holds the rights to develop the games, but Nintendo has the right to distribute them. But yeah, they need to get their shit together

  • Giantant456 Robert (@Giantant456) reported

    @Philip_DAngelo @DigiDriver Whoever is responsible for the insufficient investments, Nintendo P.C. or Gamefreak deserves the blame but we dont know for sure. They need to fix whatever their issues are with each other. Pokemon deserves more investment than almost any other game, that's the bottom line.

  • Casualty420 Casualty (@Casualty420) reported

    like "you can't complain when you play this BS character you prick". I lost a God damn set to that once, it was complete RNG. Plz fix @NintendoAmerica @Sora_Sakuraii tyty.

  • liljon042 liljon042 (@liljon042) reported

    @robuurtv @HaveFaith64 @NintendoAmerica I mean, look at what they did for splatoon 2, and it has the same problem of "having a bunch of hours possibly going to waste" and they made cloud saves disabled for it... :/

  • GreenDalmatians 💓🐸Sean 🐸💓 (@GreenDalmatians) reported

    in case y'all dont realize the reason the national dex isnt in galar is probably cause nintendo has to make all new models for the switch system not cause of space issues. jeez.

  • TacticianWillS Tactician Magician|William Shepherd (@TacticianWillS) reported

    @MDoych @KenithTG @NintendoAmerica I uses to want that too but PVP has never worked well in FE games, it wouldn't work well In heroes either. Live Co op on the other hand would work very well. Problem with pvp is that people stall, or just no one initiates since both players rely on baiting the other

  • MattChloe Matt (@MattChloe) reported

    @Crystalluss____ @SBGKazaah @Pokemon @Junichi_Masuda @NintendoAmerica too bad the Mareep line is likely removed in Sword and Shield so I hope they do something to settle this issue

  • WyscotPlaysGame Patrick McConnell (@WyscotPlaysGame) reported

    @Mairratsu @Jonatha61445522 @Roserade777 @NintendoAmerica working with many already rendered models and animations,touch up require far less than builds from the ground up, and for people of this skill level, should they bring more onto the team, this wouldnt be a issue.Sorry if I rambled, these are just a few quick thoughts to dwell on

  • Mendinso John Paul (@Mendinso) reported

    @BigOnAnime @CCharmanderK I have to give credit to Microsoft: They're trying to reverse course and fix their gaming division. Especially with working with Nintendo for porting games over. Though wish they'd reveal soon what exact games are coming. Outside of Ori, which leaked, and Halo MCC hinted...

  • 3yebex Xbye (@3yebex) reported

    Coming from melee, I was obviously not going to expect the same fast-paced movement of my childhood in @Nintendo's new #SmashUltimate, but good grief this input delay on everything is awful. I'm wondering if using a pro-controller is actually causing more input lag, even.

  • Thomas_NEast Thomas (May or may not be a Tank Engine) Northeast (@Thomas_NEast) reported

    @SunnyKeel Melee fanbase: (builds entire competitive scene around a glitch) Nintendo: (patches the glitch, forcing the competive smash scene for their next game to diversify) Melee fanbase: “EXCUSE ME... WHAT ********”

  • rythem561 centers r druid (@rythem561) reported

    @PNCBank_Help i just tried too use it for nintendo online services and it came back as card error

  • kar4ever3 Simon Sørensen (@kar4ever3) reported

    @divinegames @YouTube @Pokemon @NintendoAmerica Maybe @SidAlpha could boost the issue. He DID say he wanted to keep his hands busy with something.

  • liljon042 liljon042 (@liljon042) reported

    @robuurtv @HaveFaith64 @NintendoAmerica Faith here is saying that we want cloud saves on animal crossing because we work so hard on stuff just to have it all torn away due to system problems (it happened to me on new leaf, before the save data backups. Lost 2 years of progress) and we want confirmation it'll happen.

  • pupperuki 🏳️‍🌈🐾 Pride Puppy 🐾🏳️‍🌈 (@pupperuki) reported

    @RaidenHusky @NintendoAmerica @Marvel I don't think manipulating fans into doing free work for them is a good route for them to go. They can find & pay talented people already, so I don't think that's what the problem is..

  • CraigMo78527712 Craig Morgan (@CraigMo78527712) reported

    So @NintendoAmerica what is up with this online service. Why are you guys making us pay for this crap💩. The games the lagging the no cloud saves with first party games. Make it make sense PERIOD! No way I’m renewing this mess in November..

  • doris_bain Doris (@doris_bain) reported

    @Ryaweasel @legendaryuser17 @ivory_rainbow @alex_kocharian @NintendoAmerica I dont see a problem with the online! Why u so angry !

  • NintendofEuropa Nintendo of Europe (@NintendofEuropa) reported

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is coming to Nintendo Switch™

  • CeilYurei CeilYurei (@CeilYurei) reported

    @JimSterling Jim, the problem is Nintendo is facing backlash over not having all the pokemon in Pokemon SS and not having cloud backups for the upcoming Ahimal crossing, The gameplay footage for gen 8 has a 15k like to 64k dislike ratio on youtube

  • impromptu_life impromptu_life (@impromptu_life) reported

    @Argos_Online please help me. I bought my son a Nintendo Switch @ Argos in Sainsbury’s Npton (NN5) 9/9/18 and have lost the receipt in a house move. It’s not working and Nintendo are refusing to repair because I can’t prove warranty... no one on chat or call centre can help 😢

  • icekurb UT | Kurby (@icekurb) reported

    nintendo i dont care if you make the next DLC fighter ******* WALUIGI just please give me crash bandicoot

  • EarlofNarwhals Tyler Þe Narwhal (@EarlofNarwhals) reported

    Pokemon is the ******* dream franchise of every single microtransaction "gAmEs As SeRvIcE" publisher **** on the planet. They would LOVE that money printing machine. And I don't trust Nintendo to keep away from it.

  • formula1uberfan Thomas Silvey (@formula1uberfan) reported

    The fact that @SpawnWaveMedia can fix a game console and get it to work, I think I can buy a broken or somewhat close to fixable Nintendo Switch for between $80 to maybe $100 (as long as it is not banned by them of course) may be easier to play #PokemonSwordShield for cheap.

  • ProteusXL Tone (@ProteusXL) reported

    @JayDubcity16 @PSUdotcom See this is one of the problems with folks. MS makes it know but when they do instead of folks reading what they are working on folks clown them. Folks clown so much they don't pay attention to the developers purchased, besting Stadia technology, Sony &Nintendo partnerships

  • pasteljiminne ❇🌙🌠🌙❇ (@pasteljiminne) reported

    @PaladinsGame hey there's this bug on Nintendo switch the game keeps closing out alot more often then it would before, it just keeps saying an error has occurred and it's doing alot, I would REALLY appreciate it if y'all could get to the bottom of this cause im tryna get that golden maeve :DDD

  • FreebirdGamer Freebird 🦄 (@FreebirdGamer) reported

    @alXtrathicc Gotta replace mine, for like the 7th time. I wish I was exaggerating. Worst controllers Nintendo has ever rolled out. I hope they fix it on the new Switch

  • satoshimatrix Satoshi Matrix (@satoshimatrix) reported

    @nadiaoxford @duckvalentine The problem is it is expected. It would be like in the next mainline Mario game, Nintendo didn't include Luigi because of the time it would take to create a 3D model. GameFreak simply MUST include all of the Pokemon in Sword/Shield. The fanbase demands it.

  • TMHGamer The Mad Hatter Gamer (@TMHGamer) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I think it’s pretty bad that I pay full price for a Switch game none digital and I go to collect the Nintendo points and it says points expired. What the hell did that with splatoon 2 and another game. You need to fix this.

  • NinJorf Jeffery Noto @Home (@NinJorf) reported

    @Samsora_ I have a problem with it because Nintendo should, after all this time, have learned how to balance a smash game.

  • _laynaw laynaw (@_laynaw) reported

    @Supernintendo also you dont want a (kind of) nintendo company involved with a service game because they will (and do) **** it up

  • ladyunicornejg Lady Unicorn EJG 🎃 (@ladyunicornejg) reported

    @ZergQueenRarity And you may have no problem with it, but they do. Nintendo bricks systems that are modified, tries to discourage any device that can mod the files, goes after fan stuff, and even has screwed with let's players before.

  • StrawHatTrav 🏴‍☠️ (@StrawHatTrav) reported

    Nintendo switch online service is lowkey a joke

  • abastar_ Alder Bastarrachea (@abastar_) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I have problems with banamex débit cart in eshop mx, it says that is not à valid crédit cart but i've bough Games befor 😭

  • JoyConBoyDP 🔥UrFavoriteMerc🔥 (@JoyConBoyDP) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Is anyone else having problems downloading games, specifically nba2k19

  • HaveFaith64 💮 Faith 🌸 (@HaveFaith64) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Please add cloud save support to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I invest hundreds of hours into each installment; losing them to a problem with my system would be devastating. To counter cheating concerns, add a limit on loading cloud saves.

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