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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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  • ViralGhost2 Viral Ghost (@ViralGhost2) reported

    @Dark_Wizzy_ @MiloniTime So basically Luigi but Nintendo didn’t patch the broken combo

  • personifiedfea fearful (please vote for serios and Marth in CYL4) (@personifiedfea) reported

    @YuYuKamii It's not broken it's a Nintendo product it doesn't break by dropping it

  • kneesocks 🥕 gaby (@kneesocks) reported

    @jotaroutachi @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo they should fix that first before getting a pink one out i guess 😩

  • Alfonso_Prime Alfonso Castillo (@Alfonso_Prime) reported

    Hey @RocketLeague ! I think you're having issues with your servers. Cannot connect from my Nintendo Switch from Singapore (Yes I checked, I do have internet)

  • JetEdgeLMAO Jet edge (@JetEdgeLMAO) reported

    @ShookDoggo @Trail_txt you should get the free fix from nintendo for joycon drift before this cuz youd probhably get less for the switch if the joycons drift

  • RichPichu ⚔️Rich Pichu🛡 (@RichPichu) reported

    @DrageoxV @MarkellHawthorn @IcyFireGem @NintendoAmerica I’ve never had a problem with it

  • comunismo_el el mecanismo (@comunismo_el) reported

    @buzzardslicer @BadGamingTakes Well i mean it is empty, thats literally what nintendo wanted to convey. A broken, empty, postapocalyptic world

  • JaggedKeiji Jordan (@JaggedKeiji) reported

    @YouTubeTV With PlayStation Vue now being shut down, this was as best a time as any to finally bring this service over to this console. Now if only we got this on the Nintendo Switch already. It would really benefit from an app like this.

  • AmazingSarcasm DonTon (@AmazingSarcasm) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Need to be more like other consoles that give way more with an online service you'll be paying for then people would see the value, not just lagging playing smash bros

  • Mercynary Mercy (@Mercynary) reported

    @AdamWarlock05 @SpawnWaveMedia Same with Nintendo, $70 for joy-cons full of Stick drifting, $60 for old ass ports, $20 for a horrible online service and the switch plays games worst than a base xbox one.... which is really outdated by today's standards, Nintendo is the apple of gaming.

  • AdamWarlock05 Boi z (@AdamWarlock05) reported

    @Mercynary @SpawnWaveMedia No,they were not. Do not try to come at the switch and You have a limited Console brand your damn self. The problem is Nintendo has their developers and deals to make games. The UFO comes to the scene with Games that aren’t even Their own Exclusives and resources.

  • Moontruther8 Dr. Fish PhD (@Moontruther8) reported

    @NintendoUK The biggest problem with this game is it made me realize how bad Octopath is (which is a game I also love) compared to this one

  • Stunnin_ese69 Keven Cruz (@Stunnin_ese69) reported

    @BrenditaRules Mario party 1 problems! Nintendo got sued for that

  • JHTurian Jay Boar (@JHTurian) reported

    Animal Crossing New Horizons can't come out fast enough, I need my Animal Crossing fix. Nintendo please, just give me a taste.

  • EBGamesCanada EB Games Canada 👾 (@EBGamesCanada) reported

    We posted a tweet advertising Street Fighter V: Champion Edition for the Nintendo Switch earlier this evening. Please note that the details in this tweet were inaccurate, and were posted in error. The intention for the tweet was to highlight the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

  • TheMachoLuis MachoLuis (@TheMachoLuis) reported

    Games not everything else is wat killed xbones sales and made them lose to ps and Nintendo this generation I swear they blame everything but the issue that was at hand

  • GamingDominari GamingDominari 🖥️ (@GamingDominari) reported

    So I'm kinda upset. Might've broken my Elgato. Probably won't be doing anymore Nintendo Switch streams

  • MHAlex16 LZH (@MHAlex16) reported

    I almost zero to deathed Nakat in a MM as corrin but my Neutral B didnt connect into itself when I read his jump high off ledge pls fix Nintendo

  • ohsnapkline OhSnapKline || Twitch Team TBD🦊 (@ohsnapkline) reported

    @Shuwan_Depeza That's up to the game developer's not Nintendo. Nintendos online hardware is fine per'say but people usually on wifi and not knowing about ethernet to USB is the problem.

  • ramzasoto Anthony Soto (@ramzasoto) reported

    @nayip_a There we go you have to see first how much stupid stuff you can give him after that see the minimum you want and they see what you think Nintendo can fix I do think his up tilt shouldn't be so laggy and he should have up throw kill at high percent for insurance

  • bmrow Bront (@bmrow) reported

    @CJRoy89 I looked it up. HS had a show and a movie so it does count as a franchise. All-Stars I heard might be getting a follow-up on ps5. obvs their problem was a lack of a unified aesthetic like nintendo has

  • eventhubs Event Hubs (@eventhubs) reported

    @focusattack They probably meant to type "PlayStation 4" instead of "Nintendo Switch." More than likely just some sort of error.

  • RedIOmega RedlOmega (@RedIOmega) reported

    @SuperSweeney12 Its not originality thats the main problem, its that the devs put zero effort into improving the games. Theyre Nintendo's FIFA

  • VenomDeathNinja That Yakuza Guy 🎮 Yakuza 7 (@VenomDeathNinja) reported

    @UltimaShadowX Some rando on reddit will fix the netcode and Nintendo online by the first week.

  • lowell_p_ no talk me sleepy (@lowell_p_) reported

    @jube_squared Mine has that issue too 😭 you can send it to nintendo for a free repair!

  • BendjiNzau Bendji Nzau (@BendjiNzau) reported

    @Stealth40k That's the problem when Nintendo pushes the Direct away, things start to get leaked. If this true, it would have been a huge announcement fir the Direct.

  • turtlz18 hi :) (@turtlz18) reported

    I cannot think of a worse experience than Street Fighter V + Nintendo's online service.

  • tomefaired soleil || #PELLEAS4CYL (@tomefaired) reported

    @mytylkamizono someone needs to make a text mod to fix this lol because nintendo sure as hell won't

  • dpetit19 David Petit (@dpetit19) reported

    @Genesis_Smash @FatalityFalcon @TheDakpo Imagine being Gluto and losing a set because of that. Nintendo please fix this (and Falcon).

  • caitfairbaenks christy ‎🖤 nyc! (@caitfairbaenks) reported

    i wanna go to the nintendo store but i don’t want to walk to the nintendo store it’s a problem

  • StryderVS Eli of the Great Tree 🌳 (@StryderVS) reported

    @RoyPrettyBird @Lewt_2B @blue337 @UltimaShadowX @EBGamesCanada "Nintendo Switch Online" is literally the ******* name of the service

  • Liz_Stegeman Liz Stegeman (@Liz_Stegeman) reported

    @Alythuh I got my (now ex) boyfriend am oculus go for Christmas and let him borrow my Nintendo ds lite for a bit since mine was nicer. Broke up with him and got my ds back broken but not the gift🙃 I’m so sad

  • BakaJager David Quinde (@BakaJager) reported

    @Mavadomkwii @NintendoAmerica Yeah, watching the lack of Little Mac representation because he sucks and needs less end lag on down tilt and more hitstun on up tilt

  • Eraser35 Dylan Connelly (@Eraser35) reported

    @maximilian_ yeah but saying for Nintendo Switch is quite the error if it is

  • YorunoYamiyo Nagato (@YorunoYamiyo) reported

    @NebSusd @NintendoAmerica Easy, no post game, linear map with no extra exploration, and the online is a dumpster fire. Framerate drops, input lag, joining online Raids is a pain between lack of stamps or stamps of rooms which have left or closed, and no way to update Stamps regularly.

  • SpadesEnder ♠️Ender @ Re:Mind HYPE (@SpadesEnder) reported

    @PhantomArtifice Not saying it isn't at all, but Nintendo seriously needs to overhaul their online service.

  • AKTheWarrior Battered Warrior (@AKTheWarrior) reported

    Today’s final straw, the one that broke the camel’s back, is brought to you by Nintendo Switch’s premium online service. I realize it’s only $20/yr. i can’t buy it because I forgot my Nintendo account password. I just want to play Diablo online with a friend.

  • badboyzandah alzandah (@badboyzandah) reported

    Even if this ends up being a reality... Nintendo need to fix their online 👀

  • sparkster0083 SparksterRK (@sparkster0083) reported

    @theskywaker I can confirm that this is a fan issue. The system won't get hot per say but the fan will get louder as the bearing wears down. I called Nintendo to check the price of repair. The rep was able to mark it as a free repair service. Took 2 weeks to get it back.

  • lafolliadamore Fran ☕️🌻 @ Valentia (@lafolliadamore) reported

    botw just has so many problems but since it's nintendo people are like "I Do Not See It"

  • Just_2_Random Pearl8520 (@Just_2_Random) reported

    @discordapp I have failed u :( I failed to login to discord on my Nintendo DS

  • GrumpyGekko Macarou The Tokay Gecko (@GrumpyGekko) reported

    I really don't get why some still refer to Crash and Spyro as "Playstation Characters" when both series haven't been playstation exclusives for 20 years now. It's like calling Castlevania or Mega Man "Nintendo Franchises" because both were originally Nintendo exclusives.

  • MysticDistance Mystic@ReMIND💙✨ (@MysticDistance) reported

    Note that this isn't me defending NSO. I've talked about how behind the curve I feel Nintendo is with online. It just has nothing to do with the problems we are discussing and only helps to make discourse worse.

  • MysticDistance Mystic@ReMIND💙✨ (@MysticDistance) reported

    Nintendo Switch Online is the service. It isn't the netcode for a game. Most fighting games use P2P servers. The issues you are noticing are due to most people playing portably, a lack of wired connection as well as how a game is optimized. It isn't strictly NSO.

  • NebSusd Nebula. (@NebSusd) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I really enjoy this game, I don’t understand why people REALLY hate it, the only problem I see is that it’s a little too easy but that’s all

  • MikeBGameGenie MichaelB 🍔🍔🍔 (@MikeBGameGenie) reported

    @dyhptg @johnblueriggs I don’t think I started reading Nintendo Power until the Mega Man 3 issue

  • sehoprint clau ♡s ushijima!! (@sehoprint) reported

    Also the audacity nintendo has to not fix the ******* drifting problem after ******* YEARS

  • niagang420 𝓓𝓪𝓻𝓴 𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵🐱🦈 (@niagang420) reported

    @ActualAero It’s better than being cut halfway through the discussion just hope next Nintendo nite has no issues but we will see

  • ohsnapkline OhSnapKline || Twitch Team TBD🦊 (@ohsnapkline) reported

    @UltimaShadowX @EBGamesCanada Nintendo switch handles online surprisingly well, I've had no issues with most fighting games on the switch outside of SF 30th, Ethernet to USB 3.0 adapter always recommended. it's on the devs to make good on the netcode but a bad connection will always be bad

  • memeitron megan @ itty bitty kitty comittee (@memeitron) reported

    @MahouMinzy If you're having drift problems, I believe Nintendo is fixing those for free!

  • sehoprint clau ♡s ushijima!! (@sehoprint) reported

    My problem with how nintendo is handling animal crossing new horizons is that they haven’t really showed us anything at all

  • natbuckets Nathalie (@natbuckets) reported

    not @ this customer’s card chip not working and her blowing on it like a nintendo game... did you think that would work

  • TheSeshEmpire So ShAdy (@TheSeshEmpire) reported

    @ikaros1066 Every game you mentioned literally means nothing to me, and in my opinion highlights the issues I have with most of Japan's titles. I enjoy nintendo mostly, capcom mostly, platinum games mostly, not much else. I just don't enjoy most of the regions gaming offerings anymore,

  • ohmsiix omar (@ohmsiix) reported

    @NintendoAmerica fix your game

  • TheDijinn Dijinn (@TheDijinn) reported

    @Th3FullSpectrum Rough times for multiplayer games, most of them shooters, or stuff that you can't play online like Nintendo games, even games with "good multiplayer gameplay" like MHW has problems this year. I hope to see improvement in this category for 2020!

  • tristan58920107 tristan (@tristan58920107) reported

    @MojangSupport why doesn’t. Minecraft on the Nintendo switch keep me logged into my Microsoft account it just keeps logging me out so I can’t get achievements or do anything please fix this and the crashing issue

  • TheTrueJerryCan TheTrueJerryCan (@TheTrueJerryCan) reported

    @SirPTF24 @Tanksley_Clyde I have no problem with the DLC model, they're both exactly what I'd expect though I prefer SFV S3's method of revealing every character in one go. Although Nintendo is still the king of not communicating with fans, M*rray's attitude, especially to balancing, is just insufferable.

  • JustCliffYT Just Cliff | The 1-Up Crew - A Nintendo Podcast (@JustCliffYT) reported

    You Guys Can Comment As Well With How You Want Nintendo To Fix This

  • luke12VagSea VagrantSea (@luke12VagSea) reported

    @NintendoUK Currently playing it. 9.5/ 10 game. And I can’t wait for DQ 12. However I swear if it take another 2-4 years to both have English version as well as for it to be on Switch.( or console that I have.) We are gonna have some problem. ( though we not really going to have problem.)

  • deletetarek Tarek (@deletetarek) reported

    @PlayerEssence if anything is a disaster it’s the eshop please nintendo fix the eshop the OS is great though it’s so snappy it makes whenever i start up my PS4 feel like a chore

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  • 2168
  • 2811