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The Monster Hunter franchise is a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games developed and published by Capcom.

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  • HyrulenoKaze [TK]Zay GanondorfMain (@HyrulenoKaze) reported

    @nicknineties @monsterhunter Bruh someone sign in to my account and claim that for me!!!

  • jweb23 CupOfJoe (@jweb23) reported

    @redding2890 @monsterhunter I believe those are the dates of the festival rotation before Iceborne so hopefully you login one of those weeks.

  • rhuntern ryan (@rhuntern) reported

    @CMarhoff @monsterhunter *third (unless you missed one of the events). There was an attack jewel login bonus for the Behemoth launch and you get an attack jewel from the Witcher quest

  • bartspiers ApellA (@bartspiers) reported

    @monsterhunter the save function seems currently broken. Tried restarting the game and it still fails to save (pc).

  • jesseeldad Kami (@jesseeldad) reported

    @Lady_Lace232 @monsterhunter I mean I know but they’ve had a year to fix it if they wanted. They haven’t said anything since saying “he won’t be in future DLC” but that again, was over a year ago times change so I’m holding out hope

  • mochidood Mochidood (@mochidood) reported

    @monsterhunter Please fix the “glitch” that won’t let you join someone’s quest and it says that you haven’t progressed through the story enough to do this quest. There is a work-around where you can start the quest solo and then see the cutscene and quit the quest to then join your friend’s job

  • plesisoul Chesire in white (@plesisoul) reported

    @jesseeldad @janejp3 @monsterhunter Unless they say that the problem is solved and Lagi is back, I stick to the actual information given

  • plesisoul Chesire in white (@plesisoul) reported

    @jesseeldad @janejp3 @monsterhunter My point is: Based in the information that devolopers have probided, is improbable than a Leviathan appear in MHW, but maybe they can solve the problem in MH6

  • plesisoul Chesire in white (@plesisoul) reported

    @jesseeldad @janejp3 @monsterhunter No, I don't say they have to throw away, I'm saying that they have problems in the begining and don't say they could solve it atleast for that entry, in the same way they say that arthropod skeletons won't make aparence in MHW and I'm not hoping for shogun

  • plesisoul Chesire in white (@plesisoul) reported

    @jesseeldad @janejp3 @monsterhunter I'm the first who want more skeletons, but always stick to the information gaven and they haven't say anything about the problem being solved

  • plesisoul Chesire in white (@plesisoul) reported

    @jesseeldad @janejp3 @monsterhunter That means nothing, if they could fix the problem or no is the true point, time and wasted resources are variables but don't solve the problem

  • jesseeldad Kami (@jesseeldad) reported

    @plesisoul @janejp3 @monsterhunter They’ve had over a year to fix the skeleton, it’s very unnatural gaming practice to waste resources on something and then throw it out

  • jesseeldad Kami (@jesseeldad) reported

    @jweb23 @ScourgeHH @monsterhunter I mean maybe but the issues run ends the 18th which is the day before, a reveal maybe, a trailer would be kinda shocking because I know they don’t want to spoil everything

  • Akarurosuda Akaru (@Akarurosuda) reported


  • Edwarddddwjn bakaa (@Edwarddddwjn) reported

    @monsterhunter mind asking what’s the most suitable pc or laptop to play monster hunter world so it doesn’t lag everytime i play it i brought the game but seems like my pc ain’t good enough for it

  • Lagiacrus12 Lagiacrus (@Lagiacrus12) reported

    @monsterhunter They never said lagiacrus won’t come in an expansion plus they had time to fix the skeleton for a year and a half and they also had Time to make a fanget beast skeleton and zinogre uses Tobi kadachi skeleton so he is likely

  • aquilestraigo6 humberto (@aquilestraigo6) reported

    @Lagiacrus12 @monsterhunter They already said when they show the prototype that lagiacrus rig is broken and it doesnt work with mhw,wouldnt really expect him or his variants to come

  • OneOnlyDread Dread from the DmC Series (@OneOnlyDread) reported

    @monsterhunter That's a broken neck...

  • NecoshTheChosen Patrick A. Lott (@NecoshTheChosen) reported

    @monsterhunter Super stoked about the return of Brachydios. However, we beg you, please fix blast element so it's on par with meta weapon damage-wise. Poison, for that matter too, needs to be fixed. Those statuses got shorted.

  • garrett_zip Garrett Watkins (@garrett_zip) reported

    @monsterhunter fix ur online multiplayer bro, I’ve been trying to join the same friend for an hour

  • MHWislove Cristobal Mella (@MHWislove) reported

    @TheRamenDon @witchergame @monsterhunter Well i would, and if i compare AL to many of the supposed endgame monsters from past games he is pretty interesting, compared to say Fatalis, who is an overrated and oversized lizard that only could be threatening in the first games because of his broken hitboxes and one shots.

  • evangodzilla Ev (@evangodzilla) reported

    @witchergame @monsterhunter Yo fix the ancient leshen difficulty first 😂😂😂 This quest is so not worth the emotional trauma you have to go through to beat it.

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @DPSSwagoon @Reshkrom1153 @Francis_FTW @gameinformer @monsterhunter Hahahahaha, if you think Frontier is monster hunter, then there is your problem. Literally no one in their right mind calls that monster hunter, because it isn't. It's a spin off that is monster hunter in name alone. World is closer to to real monster hunter, but it sill is World

  • ayukikazukawa Ayuki (@ayukikazukawa) reported

    @monsterhunter Please I hope by the time iceborn comes out that y’all fix the connectivity issues and have better server thank you

  • crimsontadpoles crimsontadpoles (@crimsontadpoles) reported

    @Tsurii897 @monsterhunter Yeah, I'm not a fan of the recent games-as-a-service trend of adding things for a limited time only. Just let me play them at my own pace.

  • DJFlare84 ENIAK Prime (@DJFlare84) reported

    @Tharin_Tabris @StarLightL053R @monsterhunter No way. It looks WAAAY bigger than the Frozen Seaway and they put him THERE no problem!

  • Artist3VOLVE Henry Foster (@Artist3VOLVE) reported

    @ChronoPinoyX @monsterhunter Amen. I just don't want to get mu hopes up and crash and burn. But you are right in that there is no reason to split Layered armor by rank unless because of Monster Sets. I already have so many ideas how I want my characters to look.

  • Artist3VOLVE Henry Foster (@Artist3VOLVE) reported

    @ChronoPinoyX @monsterhunter I saw that too! I'm praying for it dude, my biggest issue was that Armor becomes useless. Make all Armor worthwhile! There's even a Low/High Rank section. It has to happen!

  • ChikoxHunter ChikoxHunter (@ChikoxHunter) reported

    @darth_melanie @monsterhunter I don't see any problem, I'm not even the slightest bit annoyed :D

  • SuPeRPi1998 SUPERPI (@SuPeRPi1998) reported

    @ScourgeHH @AberrantKingg @gameinformer @monsterhunter I wish they fix the lagiacrus skeleton… I want lagiacrus in world :(

  • Yikaro_CK YikaroCK (@Yikaro_CK) reported

    @noxernuevo @monsterhunter The main problem with weapons is that each weapon is the same with a small piece of each monster. This didn't happen in previous games where each weapon was made completely or in its vast majority by monster materials.

  • Night_Marionn Maironne (@Night_Marionn) reported

    @ScourgeHH @CamZilla94 @Francis_FTW @Reshkrom1153 @gameinformer @monsterhunter The dumbed down weapon designs are “broken” because there are a rather lot of people complaining about the weapon designs

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @Night_Marionn @CamZilla94 @Francis_FTW @Reshkrom1153 @gameinformer @monsterhunter The weapons may not have been why it sold well, obvioiusly. But in the end, it sold well even with those weapons and toned down everything else. So in their eyes, they just got rich off of those choices, so why fix what they don't see as broken.

  • Night_Marionn Maironne (@Night_Marionn) reported

    @ScourgeHH @CamZilla94 @Francis_FTW @Reshkrom1153 @gameinformer @monsterhunter At the end of the day, i still have hope that iceborne will manage to have the unique weapon designs. If they listened to people complaining about the shitty multiplayer scaling and they made a fix, i don’t see why they won’t listen to bring back the unique weapon designs

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @Lyndis_ @monsterhunter The number isn't accurate, I was just giving a number close to what I thought it was. Also, your idea wouldn't fix the problem either, that large majority of players don't just want the female armor, they want females, in the females armor.

  • Lyndis_ Lyn! (@Lyndis_) reported

    @HowlingDoom @monsterhunter More bulky female armor doesn't really help anything, I want to be able to use the bulky armor /already in the game/ without playing as a dude. I like making my character look like me, and I'm not a dude. I have no problem with sets like Kirin that I'm not losing anything.

  • Rayan_Valstrax 🏳️‍🌈 Rayan 🏳️‍🌈 (@Rayan_Valstrax) reported

    @Francis_FTW @TeamFortifier @BarnevaMois @gameinformer @monsterhunter Ah dang. Yeah it sucks but honestly the trade-off for the world building and monsters themselves is fair to me. Whatever next game we get however should fix this.

  • I_cp94 . (@I_cp94) reported

    @monsterhunter I have Problem cant play with my friend i get a 50383 error on xbox

  • ContinueScreams AAAAAAAAAA (@ContinueScreams) reported

    @Spark__0311 @monsterhunter The only issue with Wyverians is that they would need their own animations and unique models for leg armor due to Y'know Weird bird feet.

  • Artist3VOLVE Henry Foster (@Artist3VOLVE) reported

    @SinsSymphonic @monsterhunter Nah there's no problem with that but there's a problem if you act like the Female characters are running out in battle by the majority in bikinis or something LMAO when they clearly aren't.

  • Nope2112 Nope (@Nope2112) reported

    @Arron_Vince23 @monsterhunter PC already fix that with mod, though wish they add a native one

  • ShopKungTVplay ShopperKungTVplay (@ShopKungTVplay) reported

    @monsterhunter hope these Master Rank armor is really good at end game too ok MHW these monster armor is kinda not quite good when you get Elder Dragon armor so hope Iceborne fix it

  • Wetw0rk Homo Ludens 🇵🇸 (@Wetw0rk) reported

    @monsterhunter Not enough thigh. Please fix. ;)

  • TyHunt19 Ty Hunt (@TyHunt19) reported

    @SaltmasterC_4 @monsterhunter Someones got some issues, sheesh. But whatever you say man, be a ****, but don't expect your feedback to be taken seriously if you're just going to be an ******* about it.

  • Proxy967 tofu (@Proxy967) reported

    @The_Gay_Varanid @Tetris_Chemist @zorashithefuuma @JamesRo88721606 @monsterhunter that's true, hopefully they could fix this for iceborned, with capcom investing more for MHW and what not

  • kazuairou ラニャーニャ村のカク (@kazuairou) reported

    @monsterhunter Shut up stupid reply. The word "unfair" may not have been appropriate, but the former foreign Monster Hunter game has not been an issue. It's about the new information that will be announced.

  • kazuairou ラニャーニャ村のカク (@kazuairou) reported

    @kaiseranthonyIV @monsterhunter The past is not a problem. This is an opinion on the information that will be available in the future.

  • kazuairou ラニャーニャ村のカク (@kazuairou) reported

    @kaiseranthonyIV @monsterhunter I have not made any problems in the past. This is an opinion on the information that will be available in the future.

  • DanielAwesome73 Daniel Awesome (@DanielAwesome73) reported

    @themcribisbacc @marston293 @monsterhunter Anja Buster, Jyura Bullet, Lava Bullet, Barroth Shot, all have exactly the same look, which is my problem even worse than most weapons that have 3 models, LBG has one bone model with skin draped on it. Throwing a Tigerskin rug on an AK-47 doesn't make it shoot stronger

  • Josh_Trovato Mysterygamer175 (@Josh_Trovato) reported

    @monsterhunter Fix the weapon designs and make them unique instead of plain and boring, biggest issue I have with world

  • Nope2112 Nope (@Nope2112) reported

    @gambettaluzer @gameinformer @monsterhunter You need to pray that they fix it wiggler neck, or he and his kind or out of the game forever

  • Voku17 Voku ❄ #Iceborne (@Voku17) reported

    @Pokeguy_946 @Themaineventth2 @MCXopjesh @gameinformer @monsterhunter Yea, no problem bro

  • InvalidFranklin InvalidBrotherFrank (@InvalidFranklin) reported

    @thenerdoasis @XavierWoodsPhD @WWEAsuka @UpUpDwnDwn @Official_S1N_X no problem....i wouldn't mind seeing her on more often...the monsterhunter e3 thing was super fun

  • OneConfusedWolf One Confused Wolf (@OneConfusedWolf) reported

    @LoversChant @monsterhunter The reason I suggested that because is because i know not everyone agrees on this issue and its more inclusive to everyone

  • MHKogath Kogath🇵🇭 (@MHKogath) reported

    Very good thread going over stuff that was written in the #MonsterHunter World: #Iceborne issue of Game Informer!

  • ChronoPinoyX Chrono Pinoy X 🌀 (@ChronoPinoyX) reported

    I'm just playing like a broken record to @monsterhunter just cuz I'm really digging these new Master Rank sets... but I still need confirmation I can actually wear them for their looks.

  • JamesRo88721606 James Rodriguez (@JamesRo88721606) reported

    @monsterhunter Please fix the weapon design, it’s beyond atrocious and lazy. Really letting the older fans down.

  • The_Gay_Varanid Blank (@The_Gay_Varanid) reported

    @Pokeguy_946 @Themaineventth2 @MCXopjesh @gameinformer @monsterhunter PepeLaugh GU they've said that it'll fly a lot, and jump off of walls and such. don't use a 2 year dev fan service game to go off of how it'll fight

  • Sh4deZX Shade (@Sh4deZX) reported

    @monsterhunter Nice, now the Beta period is over and we can download it, but not play anymore. PlayStation Support didn’t fix the issue either. Quite disappointed how this was handled. The issue was clearly visible by just looking at the German PS-Store, but nobody did something. Really sad 🙁

  • Endaarwaslig Endaarwaslig (@Endaarwaslig) reported

    @dingobaron @monsterhunter I think thats gotta do with your console's IP. I could be wrong but thats what my error code was. Gotta go into your router and assign your console an IP and it should help. I also could be totally incorrect and blabbering.