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The Monster Hunter franchise is a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games developed and published by Capcom.

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  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @AtlasAwakes @kaitoofrose1 @monsterhunter Though again, such things as poor placement of the armory, or becoming bored with the lobby, could not be fixed with expansions, unless they went all in and added new hub areas, main areas... etc, with every expansion as well. However, there is one problem.

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @Fatalis28 @the_real_P0tat0 @JorgeRoussel1 @Kyousey_F @monsterhunter True, but in the world where games like Fortnite have broken that meta and reinvent the base game every week, it isn't unheard of.

  • Ekiju_ Ekiju (@Ekiju_) reported

    @88Engmjod @monsterhunter No problem

  • goldfishgal2 Azurehue22 (@goldfishgal2) reported

    @Space_Elvis @Zikerrock @monsterhunter If they are uncomfortable and want want to take their time to make sure its a quality product, I really have no problem with how long it takes. I want devs to be able to sleep, eat, and socialize outside their job.

  • Faithfulfox1 Faithfulfox (@Faithfulfox1) reported

    @monsterhunter Arch tempered are overpowered Broken

  • KafuuChan Kafuu Latte (@KafuuChan) reported

    @monsterhunter Tbh that guy pulling his bow right there was kinda stupid, but hey, we all make input errors amirite

  • MageNightDraws Mage Night (@MageNightDraws) reported

    @nergy_re @monsterhunter Yes, they use the same skeleton but they're completely different monsters aesthetically. My issue is the piscines being too damn similar, and them showcasing it like it's something new and amazing. Agnaktor did the swimming through the ground thing before, as did glacial

  • Terracathero Terracat (@Terracathero) reported

    @monsterhunter is there any fix for infinite loading times on xbox as i have gotten around it but im on my tenth time reinstalling the game.

  • Michi_Michalak Michi (@Michi_Michalak) reported

    @redding2890 @monsterhunter All good as long as he doesn't have a broken hipcheck 😅

  • Faytte Mr. Minoan (@Faytte) reported

    @ScourgeHH @monsterhunter Weird, unless you can cite a source to that, I'll file that under 'random bullshit read on twitter'. The thing about timed exclusives is they are known, and not blamed on issues with development like MHW has done.

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @BlackBerryTea2 @monsterhunter I think sony and xbox have a deal with Capcom, where they get a little kickback for boosting console numbers, since the game pretty much requires a paid online service.

  • GSwiftclaw Gora Swiftclaw (@GSwiftclaw) reported

    @monsterhunter please fix the issues you have with trying to connect to other players Error code 50383-mw1 specifically

  • Tin2Mint TIN MINT (@Tin2Mint) reported

    @this_is_Jin @monsterhunter Well they allready had problems porting the game well so having to wait 2 months should be allright for you. You guys have mods and shit !

  • SimonRockstream Simon Rockstream (@SimonRockstream) reported

    @monsterhunter You kill all hype making us wait on PC. I hope you know that. Im giving up on this game. Fix the port, it has framtime stutters hardcoded in to the game, I've verified this. Connection issues are still very much still a massive issue. Fix it, and try to not make us wait 5+ months

  • N8XPonTwitch N8XP (@N8XPonTwitch) reported

    @TheDkmariolink @Dansgaming @monsterhunter Not to mention when it was released on pc there was still a ton of performance issues

  • FAPGAWD Slime Seacrest (@FAPGAWD) reported

    @monsterhunter error code 5038f-mw1 help pls

  • deathjawinc derpydeathjaw (@deathjawinc) reported

    @HowlingDoom @monsterhunter I feel like they only will work on 3 monsters just like the vanilla version and let the rest of the monsters with bone and metal , but hope fully this G rank version of this dlc will fix it all

  • MonHunNYC Monster Hunter NYC (@MonHunNYC) reported

    @AiKuMiku1 @monsterhunter Unfortunately, the PS4 requires Playstation Plus to play with others, which is a paid service.

  • XinKu3 Ya-chan (@XinKu3) reported

    @monsterhunter Fix multiplayer

  • AaronHolding1 Aaron Holding (@AaronHolding1) reported

    @monsterhunter is really starting to disappoint me with how broken multiplayer is. With issues from release not getting fixed.

  • Yakuzajoe1 Yakuzajoe (@Yakuzajoe1) reported

    @monsterhunter please fix the PC servers before iceborne pretty please. <3

  • AzurenGames Azuren (@AzurenGames) reported

    @ScourgeHH @monsterhunter To my understanding that was more of a technical issue.

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @RitzScythe @KaminaPico @monsterhunter At least that is how I see the situation, though I could be completely wrong. I also think the whining by PC players, and the issue with mods running rampant in online play as makes them turn their back on PC players a little as well.

  • manguiobx Jay-ar Manguiob (@manguiobx) reported

    @monsterhunter your playing with friends systems sucks!!! Always encontering Errors

  • RitzScythe Ritz Scythe (@RitzScythe) reported

    @Fukou_da_man @KaminaPico @monsterhunter Lets not forget to mention there were a lot of issue with the launch. Either way, they should have planned ahead. A big team like this should have taken the PC release into consideration earlier in development.

  • manguiobx Jay-ar Manguiob (@manguiobx) reported

    @monsterhunter I am receiving Error Code: 50382-MW1 when trying to have a private session with my friend... **** @CapcomUSA_ for having this issue!!!! #Boo #NotReliableOnlineGame

  • TheDijinn Dijinn (@TheDijinn) reported

    @Da_Latte101 @monsterhunter Well thats your country currency problem, not Capcom, the price for the DLC is 40$ and 50$ for the deluxe edition, is less than the base game when it came out, and for the type of Expansions that MH does all the time is a good price, i even expected it to be 60$, 40$ is cheap.

  • DarkAnimatt Frnz Frdnnd (@DarkAnimatt) reported

    @Kinzuko @monsterhunter @aevanko If you talking about the issue with the DLC, the problem is developing for multiple consoles is hard. They have the PS4, XBone and PC to worry about. They have to make a stance and choose their priorities. Capcom is more of a console developer, with some exceptions.

  • uhMayzedHD Joel™ (@uhMayzedHD) reported

    @thiccjellybean @Capcom_UK @monsterhunter No problem! 🙂

  • FamousXros FamousXeno (@FamousXros) reported

    @SaLvAtOrEMiL @monsterhunter No problems. By the time it finally loads on consoles, we'll have it on PC 👌

  • joefoschia Joseph Foschia (@joefoschia) reported

    @Faytte @monsterhunter Its probably a lot more complicated then that, they must have decided to port to PC late in development due to something like Sony pushing ps4 to be earlier than PC or some other issue, were probably lucky to have it on PC at all.

  • Faytte Mr. Minoan (@Faytte) reported

    @SpartanKing_300 @monsterhunter Most AAA games come out on all platforms at the same time. Largely this is an issue with indy dev games only. Devil May Cry came out on all platforms, Odyssey, etc etc.

  • Faytte Mr. Minoan (@Faytte) reported

    @monsterhunter Not launching at the same time as PC and not allowing PC players to catch up with consoles is basically making me not want to buy the expansion. A full year of being 3 to 7 months behind console players was enough. You had a chance to fix this. You didn't. Bye bye.

  • Veteran_Veigar Jan Landau (@Veteran_Veigar) reported

    @AoiEcko @monsterhunter bro they wanted to give it use the same date but they probably having some problems i will maybe only a month later then ps4

  • BillboDragons 200% Mad (@BillboDragons) reported

    @DerettoAlexiel @CutieLucyTwitch @monsterhunter Fair enough, but again that's an issue around optimization not "this doesn't *exactly* get as good as consoles therefore this version is completely terrible"

  • randoacct315637 Account (@randoacct315637) reported

    @reinamiii @monsterhunter I remember people using that exact line of logic when the base game launched on PC. There were still issues when it launched. PC players are just being delayed because reasons at this point. There are virtually caught up on everything major.

  • Pichichi41 PichiStyle (@Pichichi41) reported

    @MagneticVirgin @VillNess @monsterhunter The problem isn't the console players, obviously, the problem is the fact that, even with a year, Capcom didn't unificated both versions.

  • Kinzuko Kinzuko (@Kinzuko) reported

    @Daxank_live @monsterhunter $100 that it gets delayed or is completely broken on launch

  • BillboDragons 200% Mad (@BillboDragons) reported

    @DerettoAlexiel @CutieLucyTwitch @monsterhunter Dude that "best settings" guide literally were frames off from the same. Sure the PC version is slightly less quality than the console but at the very least it worked functionally. The real issues were the connection issues and a few low resolution textures here and there.

  • Tastefulpetras Jingle (@Tastefulpetras) reported

    @monsterhunter fix ur broken game challenge

  • Kinzuko Kinzuko (@Kinzuko) reported

    @monsterhunter I will only care if you finally address the issues with your games abysmal net code on PC. Its obsurd that this long after the PC launch of this game that I STILL cant get on to fight monsters with friends or even strangers. It's either SOS or solo on PC!

  • alex_goffinet Alexander Goffinet (@alex_goffinet) reported

    @monsterhunter @CapcomUSA_ Fix server connection issues please, disconnected on Kulve taroth 4th stage area for the 5th time, getting frustrating when we are doing good and the server decides to kick people at random.

  • TJTrauger Tehillah Trauger (@TJTrauger) reported

    @monsterhunter I haven't been getting any quests that are less than 10 minutes old even when I filter match making for rewards available on PC... Is this a match making problem or just caused by low player count.

  • Fr0zeneye Frozeneye (@Fr0zeneye) reported

    A fun detail about #MonsterHunter and me: I never had the problem of going back to an older title and performing badly. In the past I had problems with Brachy in #MH4U and now, after having fought him a lot in #MHGU, I just beat a Raging Brachy for the 1st time without problems!

  • LATINsama Serhan Norris (@LATINsama) reported

    @monsterhunter Hello, I want to report a problem woth squads in MHW. I'm playing on Xbox One and the problem we experience is that members get kicked oyt at random and that is not the doing of the leader. It seems to happen everyday now even though everyone is actively playing

  • GrodusSpeedruns Grodus (@GrodusSpeedruns) reported

    Tried to come back and play @monsterhunter world with my brother again tonight after 4-5 months of a hiatus. Lo and behold the same bull**** 50382-MW1 error that existed in the beta is STILL a problem. Can’t join any online sessions at all. Done with this game. Forever.

  • kanon06 Bryna 🔜 Detective Pikachu (@kanon06) reported

    @AlduinTheDovah_ @monsterhunter Get a friend to invite you and it will work. I had the error too but it was stable after I was invited by a friend

  • Kinzuko Kinzuko (@Kinzuko) reported

    @monsterhunter Fix PC net code please

  • Reshkrom1153 Reshkrom1153 (@Reshkrom1153) reported

    @Simbadeangelo @monsterhunter This isn't a service game. AT Nergigante is the last update and then it's Iceborne.

  • KanjiCouteau Kanji Couteau (@KanjiCouteau) reported

    @Simbadeangelo @monsterhunter I dont want to Sound toxic or anything, but MHW is not a "Game as Service" Game. It's just another MH with an free "Ultimate" Update instead of an new game.

  • Metbert1212 Metbert (@Metbert1212) reported

    @matchet23 @monsterhunter Deviljho is a popular monster, Uragaan most likely is a devs-favourite, Lavasioth is one of the most popular monster in Frontier. Anyway the main problem of World's Lavasioth is how the armor works... Agnaktor could have ended up with the same problem.

  • pSTEl2WxKwkZ7sf ??? (@pSTEl2WxKwkZ7sf) reported

    @monsterhunter hey I think there's a glitch that for some reason when the leader is in the quest you cannot join unless get out of the quest and get it again I don't know if this is only happening to me and I'm using a PS4 so yeah

  • Joeynator3000 Megumi Sagano Best Girl (@Joeynator3000) reported

    @ScourgeHH @monsterhunter I guess, I'm just not a fan of open world-like stuff, even though it's not a true open world game. Too much running around and stuff, which is why I enjoy the older games more, they get right into the battles. lol At least Icebourne will likely fix my difficulty problem.

  • thug_nasty_thug Sun Wu-Bong (@thug_nasty_thug) reported

    @loverofobito @monsterhunter Lured via catfish and got my car broken into

  • unyquez Sacred (@unyquez) reported

    @sorryimalex @monsterhunter Update. Still can't go an hour or so without some error 50586mw1 bs. This is on top notch internet 🤨

  • Hellby47654322 Hellby (@Hellby47654322) reported

    @XbroadstB @monsterhunter Monster hunter is a very good game, but is not fortnite, they make quality content, is your problem no apreciate it.

  • HADESofHELL13 Mark Beckner (@HADESofHELL13) reported

    @monsterhunter can you please fix your PSN servers, they barely work and I know @Sony is too lazy to do the work

  • juanlu1v2r juanlu (@juanlu1v2r) reported

    @monsterhunter I need help with the error 5038f-MW1. I cant play online... Pls someone can help me 😢

  • rohcah1 rohcah (@rohcah1) reported

    @monsterhunter Still got major d/c issues

  • EvertonLifes Lee W (@EvertonLifes) reported

    @monsterhunter #MHWorld is broken on pc. it keeps crashing on me. im getting a black screen mid hunt or a freezing screen. all my other #steam games are working perfectly #CAPCOM fix this broken pc port seeing as its been out for over a year. #poor