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The Monster Hunter franchise is a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games developed and published by Capcom.

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Monster Hunter Outage Chart 04/21/2021 10:00

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play 80.65% Online Play
  • Glitches 12.90% Glitches
  • Matchmaking 3.23% Matchmaking
  • Game Crash 3.23% Game Crash

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PortugalLisbon Online Play
SpainGranollers Online Play
United KingdomSt Helens Online Play
United KingdomKettering Online Play
SpainBlanes Online Play
ItalyReggio nell'Emilia Glitches

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  • Kodaleafeon Just some random on the internet (@Kodaleafeon) reported

    @monsterhunter I'm willing to make bet the ones complaining about how this makes it too easy are the ones who are better at the game than others to begin with, therefore having no need to use this feature to begin with. I see no issue with it. I really only ever need to use it on Tigrex hunts.

  • RiphadeOnTwitch Riphade (@RiphadeOnTwitch) reported

    So ah... Anyone else this issue with their #NintendoSwitch joycon where it just doesn't "sit right" in the console/controller holder? My left one kind of wiggles at the bottom. Like it doesn't fully lock in. It's the new @monsterhunter Rise console. Right sides fine so idk.

  • ThatKidTopex Christoper Ek Pascual (@ThatKidTopex) reported

    @monsterhunter fix them melding pot! 😡

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @Alexand85778210 @Kikokage @monsterhunter Oh sorry man, twitter only showed the comment I replied to, your others weren't there unless I expanded it. After looking at all your message, all I can say is, Monster Hunter is becoming a service, so a slow trickle of free content, mixed with micro transitions is the new norm

  • Erik93012094 Erik (@Erik93012094) reported

    @monsterhunter I've been forced to turn all of the music off due to this glitch.

  • goochTKO lover boi (@goochTKO) reported

    @monsterhunter fix the WISHLIST issue please, says i gathered materials but then cant forge ect

  • Alexand85778210 AlexanderMora (@Alexand85778210) reported

    @Kikokage @monsterhunter What are we trying to say is, stop selling us cosmetic crap that belongs on MOBAS or other games as service crap, we can wait for true content and no I shouldn't give Capcom more money, I will when they made a new expansion and yes covid is a thing, I can wait for the update.

  • Karuma_Dream Karma Dream (@Karuma_Dream) reported

    @Sir_Nycto @monsterhunter You got a problem with that?

  • Dw7freak DragonWarriorFreak (@Dw7freak) reported

    @monsterhunter I think I found an issue in #MHRise involving Barroth. Unless something was changed for the game, I couldn't sever its scalp using a bowgun. I used a Sticky HBG and only hit its face and the scalp never severed. Am I missing something here?

  • sam_taylor_01 Sam Taylor (@sam_taylor_01) reported

    @monsterhunter fix magnamalos hitbox please.

  • Mr_Sss077 BBB (@Mr_Sss077) reported

    @monsterhunter Please fix the unstable fps in docked mod

  • DarkDragonMast6 DarkDragon_Master (@DarkDragonMast6) reported

    @consumerofsugar @monsterhunter Theres an option to make the bow (and other gunner weapons) faster in the reticle section o the options menu. I've used it and had no problem with it.

  • SnowandSteak SnowingSteak (@SnowandSteak) reported

    @NOOBShaun @monsterhunter Fair, I did expect to have an easier experience going into Rise (after spending enough time in G/Master rank I don't expect a new release to be much difficulty). Will say some of my friends have had trouble and for me Goss Harag and Almudron caught me off guard.

  • CalebCross253 CalebCross253 (@CalebCross253) reported

    @EMIYA_Shirou33x @Krika1119 @monsterhunter Are you having trouble finding it or something? Because it's in a sub menu when you go to the chest to manage equipment. Otherwise I dunno what you mean by not being able to use it.

  • KiraroYuuki Kiraro The Wire Bug ******* (@KiraroYuuki) reported

    @FoxonSilverfur @VaxtinTheWolf @monsterhunter They said late April. What else do you need? Just wait! If April goes and still not out, then you have a problem.

  • luisfinal3 tii luis DEFENDING KAMURA VILLAGE (@luisfinal3) reported from Timon, Maranhão

    @CJRyzer @DaijoOwODesuka @monsterhunter Yes I kown, I've got your point. It is mainly and only in my observations. But I still feel like people say that graphics are not the main point of a game, but when a game has graphic issues it is the first thing they talk about. Again, it is only in my observations.

  • Trickymuffin3 MUFFIN (AKA THE SCOTCH TAPE LEGEND) (@Trickymuffin3) reported

    @ChefBoyettardee @monsterhunter Long sword got all the broken ones

  • RaceMySoul Clank (@RaceMySoul) reported

    @BDTerryG1 @monsterhunter I'm fine with the game and have no doubts it will be amazing down the line, but people should be allowed to be disappointed. Criticism helps games and developers get better, which is why I also take issues with how bad the char customization options are vs World.

  • BDTerryG1 BDTerryG (@BDTerryG1) reported

    @RaceMySoul @monsterhunter Why is elders such a big deal? They are just monsters. If they just called all the new monsters they added elder dragons that would fix the issue?

  • AlolanExplorer ☀️Elio☀️ (@AlolanExplorer) reported

    @monsterhunter hey guys I hope the next update fixes the spelling errors cuz we noticed the basarios coil S is called uroktor coil S and if you haven’t known yet, now you do.

  • DerrickFarbes Dr_KazoWho (@DerrickFarbes) reported

    @Jazzy14290752 @monsterhunter Hmmm that's because I'm open about my issues that's it , real life , online etc. It's not about being promised but when it was stated that the game wasn't finished because of covid delaying production its more the fact of people want to see what changes are coming

  • Plonko12 Plonki (@Plonko12) reported

    @monsterhunter Yo capcom, fix The hit effects. Its a mess of blood, sparkles, elementsl effects and so on. I cant even see what im hitting if there are 4 people

  • harvey_Shiva Harvey (@harvey_Shiva) reported

    @WritingCronist @RaceMySoul @monsterhunter That is where my problem is I don't have too much against RISE as I can understand the lack of content but I'm sick of seeing people taking the credit away from world to justify RISE's issues is all.

  • souls_dude JustASoulsDude (@souls_dude) reported

    @monsterhunter I dont see the Problem, at least all the stuff that costs money is completely cosmetical? (Unless its a full dlc like Iceborne, which was 100% worth it's money). Nobody is forcing anybody to buy it. It doesnt even change a single thing gameplay-wise, so stop whining would you?

  • VandalHeart383 VandalHeart383 (@VandalHeart383) reported

    @billstanton1217 @monsterhunter This is the ongoing meme since World. That long sword players love tripping their teammates to death. Create the "Brace" decoration to solve this problem. It's a tier 1 now, so easier to slot. You only need 1 level, or wear an armor that has "Flinch Free". Sadly the only option.

  • thedeathecchi 📝TDE😎 | Commissions: 3/3 (CLOSED) (@thedeathecchi) reported

    Broken: Bubbly Dance and Hellfire Cloak together? That just sounds silly, how on earth would that work? Awoken: Fire and water bend to my will. I am beating against the doors of Valhalla, and the residents tremble at my arrival. #MonsterHunterRise #MonsterHunter #MHRise

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @EvolvingFetus @SnowandSteak @monsterhunter True, but no amount of nerfing could really fix that. Due to how it is set up, you would need to get an entire rework before it would be lower level. Also that wouldn't really increase diversity, just everyone would move to the next best meta weapon, hunting horn.

  • MrPrintastic PrinnyJosh (@MrPrintastic) reported

    @KiraroYuuki @Centuritron @monsterhunter Well actually I want a plague doctor mask ... but my girlfriend is stopping me from getting it... cause I asked... cause I have issues with money

  • DerrickFarbes Dr_KazoWho (@DerrickFarbes) reported

    @VilhelmRK @monsterhunter Guess what genius I can say whatever I want its the internet so at least I'm not going to be 2 faces about it , I got an issue I bring it up simple

  • ss2zerox andrew rivera (@ss2zerox) reported

    @monsterhunter Hey I love the game so far, but I'm having an issue with Rise where the camera will go from inverted to uninverted randomly and messing with the camera. Pretty sure it is a bug.