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The Monster Hunter franchise is a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games developed and published by Capcom.

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  • Matthewh626 Matthew hurley (@Matthewh626) reported

    @monsterhunter the PC matchmaking servers are having issues

  • Breezy_DC5 Carlos (@Breezy_DC5) reported

    @monsterhunter please please please fix the way you search through your decorations it’s honestly frustrating sometimes lol

  • KUMOGamingSK KUMOGamingSK (@KUMOGamingSK) reported

    @monsterhunter i must say somethin about this popular error code. I use session joining only during kulve taroth siege and i must say its hard to join. During SOS flare and etc,its ok no problem. So i have question. On ps4 how is progres of fixing matchmaking. I own mhw fr. 01/19

  • AsheWilliams3 Ashe Williams (@AsheWilliams3) reported

    @boytokyotwitch @tomqe @DevilMayCry @CapcomUSA_ @pcgamer It took how many months for @CapcomUSA_ to fix ultrawide support for @monsterhunter lol

  • TrueAkantoreX AkantoreX 🏛️ (@TrueAkantoreX) reported

    @___Vanov___ @BeeBeeDeeW @PreydatorMH @monsterhunter Stop talking in broken english and upload your spray painted bus sized iguana run.

  • Revonlieke Revonlieke🔰#Artist (@Revonlieke) reported

    Any chance we could get a patch for the 3frame drop issue that happens every time you die. It actually hinders some iframe dodging when the game lagspikes on the exact moment you're supposed to dodge an attack. #MHWorld @monsterhunter

  • Visham717 Visham (@Visham717) reported

    @monsterhunter i have a problem where my ps4 got corrupted and i lost all my progress for mhw, please help!

  • TMG_1991 Tom 🎮 (@TMG_1991) reported

    @tward1991 @monsterhunter The issue was that the game took an age to get going... Where world just kinda throws you in 😅

  • GrimXDtwitch GrimXD (@GrimXDtwitch) reported

    So @monsterhunter PC lobbies are still a complete dumpster fire. really wish they would fix the disconnection issue.

  • megatensaito Jullian Sebrero :3 (@megatensaito) reported

    @badbandoriposts I want my @monsterhunter fix first! 😉

  • DeathbyBajheera Hunter Stewart (@DeathbyBajheera) reported

    @monsterhunter Can you guys please fix the frequent Disconnection issues on pc PLEASE I beg of you this game is a masterwork besides the disconnecting.

  • DeathSteal_ DeathSteal (@DeathSteal_) reported

    @monsterhunter fix the ******* stuttering pls

  • BarbecueHero STORM⚡️ONLINE™ (@BarbecueHero) reported

    @monsterhunter I REALLY need you guys to address the connectivity issues on @steam_games. No reason a game as polished & fun as Monster Hunter World should be treated like a stepchild on PC.

  • t_k_ROXAS tk.roxas (@t_k_ROXAS) reported

    @monsterhunter #MHWorld one thing i hate is that i can't change the color of the appreciation layerd armor's suit and only change the ribbons if you can fix it please do !

  • mexican_sunbro Mexican Sunbro (@mexican_sunbro) reported

    @hung211_hung @MrNujabes @monsterhunter Also they said multiple times that multi limb monsters like Carapaceons, Neopterons, and Tembocerans are a pain to work with. Nerscylla was removed in Generations because she kept causing the game to crash during development.

  • NortedMK Master Riku (@NortedMK) reported

    @BrettH3110 @hussstlebones @monsterhunter That's the norm for most people, again the problem is your supplies being able to last each fase without having to restock mid fight aswell as wasting FP on everything he does isn't a good strategy either

  • NortedMK Master Riku (@NortedMK) reported

    @hussstlebones @monsterhunter I don't see your point. I already had defeated the AL 3 times before the patch and I still thought it was a problem the way it was handled artificial difficulty is not real difficulty making all you know that works on other monsters not work as effectively isn't real difficulty.

  • Bluetrove1 Andrew Shin (@Bluetrove1) reported

    @hussstlebones @NortedMK @monsterhunter And im not saying you shouldn't have difficult monsters, but when you do an event that's made to draw in more ppl to mhw, or bring existing ones back so damn difficult, and making it limited time, I have problems with that.

  • hussstlebones アンドルー (@hussstlebones) reported

    @NortedMK @monsterhunter Every time I fought him, the teleporting and sign effectiveness was never an issue for me. His health is ridiculous though, so that's why people got frustrated I think. These changes just feel unnecessary.

  • NortedMK Master Riku (@NortedMK) reported

    @hussstlebones @monsterhunter Not really, the amount of times he vanished before the patch is ridiculous and the igni sign barely did anything to him you know the main reason they introduced the item for not working on him doesn't make sense

  • GrifftedHH Griffted (@GrifftedHH) reported

    It's dumb to think a run will never be broken. Speedrunning is fickle. Nobody is that good. Powercreep. #MHWPC #Monsterhunter #MHW

  • LoverOfAhegao Lover Of Ahegao (@LoverOfAhegao) reported

    I am enjoying playing Monster Hunter yet again. But the augment system is truly infuriating. Having 5+ worthless hero streamstones for weapons you don't use/don't need and your favorite goes unaugmented is awful. @monsterhunter please add something to the melder to fix this.

  • lolgame15180146 lolgamer (@lolgame15180146) reported

    @monsterhunter could you add the option to rejoin if you got a disconnect oder something else. i hate it when someone leaves or get a disconnect and nobody can join. at the end you have one person less

  • MwieZorro MwieZorro 🦊 (@MwieZorro) reported

    @monsterhunter @witchergame I'd rather have no collaboration than absolute garbage like this broken ass quest, thanks.

  • CasualHandz 👊🏾CasualHandz✋🏾 (@CasualHandz) reported

    @monsterhunter @CapcomUSA_ I haven't been able to play #MHWorld for #XboxOne in the last few days due to an error msg. Please assist or patch.

  • painkirax3 Painkirax3 (@painkirax3) reported

    @ScourgeHH @monsterhunter Any tips you could offer to take him down cause my other issue all my friends either dont play to often ot stopped playing which leaves me soloing a lot and playing with randos can be a real drag sometimes

  • ThePhoenixx317 Jonny Boy (@ThePhoenixx317) reported

    @monsterhunter I would’ve enjoyed it if I didn’t keep getting my favorite error 5098f-mw1

  • Matt_the_Rabbit Otaku_Rabbit (@Matt_the_Rabbit) reported

    @monsterhunter @witchergame a broken buggy monster with an invisible wide range attack, please fix on ps4

  • Matt_the_Rabbit Otaku_Rabbit (@Matt_the_Rabbit) reported

    Fix the ancient Leshen its too Broken to even be considered a fight and it has invincible attacks,not cool.@monsterhunter

  • CasualHandz 🖑CasualHandz🖐^X (@CasualHandz) reported

    @monsterhunter I'm having connectivity issues on the xb1 version of mhw. It's maddening. I can't play the game unless I go offline. I have literally been stuck on the loading screen for a half an hour.

  • so_richaa enrique richardson (@so_richaa) reported

    @monsterhunter I had over 10,000 research points now less than 400 for no reason is this a glitch or something

  • DracianFlame That Otaku Dragon (@DracianFlame) reported

    @Soten_no_Kaz @monsterhunter Nope. This thing's even more broken than Behemoth is.

  • ZombieGerbil Dominic Arai (@ZombieGerbil) reported

    @monsterhunter I am getting this 51-MW1 error. I can't seem to get it fixed. It's only happening on Monster Hunters servers.

  • BrettH3110 Brett paul (@BrettH3110) reported

    @monsterhunter @witchergame Ok I like facing it and trying to kill it I have zero problem with that! But when I try 6 people and it always says Failed to join quest! That’s what pisses me off.

  • NordicFen Fenrisùlfr (@NordicFen) reported

    @deathjawinc @monsterhunter I think you're looking too far into this if I'm being honest. I find absolutely no problem or difference. As I said, it's more of an upgrade and going "anime" would be a major downgrade. I guess "OG" fans find anything to complain about.

  • actofpower act of power (@actofpower) reported

    @monsterhunter fix palico vigorwasp a.i please

  • bardor1982 Dan Duncker (@bardor1982) reported

    @monsterhunter **** off capcom how dare you put that broken ads monster as a daily kill it's idiotic

  • megamago98 Herman Ed Ristvedt (@megamago98) reported

    @RedWithSomeBlue @monsterhunter @witchergame My only problem with the quest is that for some goddamn reason, I keep losing connection to sessions which in turn, ***** me royally over. Otherwise, the design is cool. Fights and feels the way it does in TW3. That’s just my opinion tho

  • Dragon20619569 Dragonsflame (@Dragon20619569) reported

    @SharkLaughing @ChromaticAction @DashLeJoker @Haykob1 @monsterhunter @witchergame The comment above (your just bad budy) iv gotten this from many people even thow I'm a level 802 with basically every single armor, weapon, gem, hero and warrior stone, ect no I'm not bad I'm just stating it's new new things are usually broken his jagros do more damage than nerg.

  • TomOmegaLUL TomSpookyKek (@TomOmegaLUL) reported

    @monsterhunter @witchergame I just want to mention that pc and consoles always have different release times please fix this in the expansion

  • Dragon20619569 Dragonsflame (@Dragon20619569) reported

    @monsterhunter @witchergame This event needs a damage reduction the jagres take half my health with a major armor boost, defense gems maxed , health boost and many other buffs there also needs to be a warning when the roots are about to burst out of the ground and hit boxes need a fix as well.

  • Soten_no_Kaz ⭐⭐⭐Kaz⭐Gonsalez⭐⭐⭐ (@Soten_no_Kaz) reported

    @Reshkrom1153 @WishfulWildcat @monsterhunter @witchergame I have yet to have a crack at it. A lot of people found the original Leshen too difficult saying they even carted in a row but I had zero problem and even thought that the fight was too easy. We'll see if he's that bad.

  • Serasia13 Sophia (@Serasia13) reported

    @monsterhunter @Official_AIAS And Error 12 on the pc version is still running... after 5 minutes the game crushed...

  • MyInfo05975054 Khaldinho (@MyInfo05975054) reported

    @monsterhunter Your game is broken I killed barroth 6 time and I still can't get the gear

  • DemonWing90 DemonWing90 (@DemonWing90) reported

    @monsterhunter @CapcomUSA_ please fix the multiplayer connection errors in this game its alot of fun but it really sucks to be disconected every other mission #MHW

  • DemonWing90 DemonWing90 (@DemonWing90) reported

    @monsterhunter @CapcomUSA_ please fix the multiplayer connection errors in this game its alot of fun but it really sucks to be disconected every other mission

  • meilulu9527 UDLR (@meilulu9527) reported

    @monsterhunter hi capcom Next update on stem MHW Please fix steam mhw PS4 controller square enix FF14 supports PS4 controls perfectly

  • Mr_Vangchee Vang (@Mr_Vangchee) reported

    @monsterhunter so.. The sidequest "the chief issue" in Contrack Trouble in the Ancient Forest, has kept saying Faild mission and i am completely lost on why. I've barely talked to the cheif.

  • Quannik Quannik (@Quannik) reported

    HAahahahah sorry I lied... Cap card not working... SO we move and work on @monsterhunter! Sorry all!

  • TyQueen92 Ty Queen (@TyQueen92) reported

    I started playing Monster Hunter World and my only problem with the game is all the reading you have to do. I just skip it and figure it out. If I wanted to read that much I would read a book.. @monsterhunter

  • Serasia13 Sophia (@Serasia13) reported

    @monsterhunter @witchergame Nice but please fix error 12 bug at the pc version

  • cerseha CHRIS WILLIAMS (@cerseha) reported

    @monsterhunter You need to fix the amount of health the letchen has. It's an absolute joke. Failed the quest cuz I ran out of time. NO quest should take an hour + to complete. Surely making this multiplayer is better with the amount of health it has. It is impossible to beat. Awful update.

  • Hausof94 Johan Andersson (@Hausof94) reported

    I feel like spaming the @monsterhunter account with "FIX REAL CONTROLLER SUPPORT TO THE PC VERSION" haven't started up a modern Triple A game for a long time that dosen't support controller. I should just be able to plug in my controller and it should work! 📣

  • kaiser_icaro Ícaro Santana (@kaiser_icaro) reported

    @monsterhunter @monsterhunter please fix the error 50382-MW1.

  • K1ran05 Kiran (@K1ran05) reported

    @but_dio @monsterhunter Leshen isn't bad, he has alot of obvious attacks and the fast attacks don't deal much damage, if you are having issues with the tine restriction, then don't do the side stuff

  • Russelush Russel (@Russelush) reported

    @FMRGaming @zayajackson7 @witchergame @monsterhunter @PlayStation @Xbox Performance issue is true. But the PC is catching up with updated pretty fast.

  • FMRGaming FMR (@FMRGaming) reported

    @zayajackson7 @Russelush @witchergame @monsterhunter @PlayStation @Xbox Get in on console though, PC port has performance problems and lags 6 to 8 months behind consoles in content updates

  • puni79 Puni79 ※ (@puni79) reported

    @ZhugeEX @monsterhunter Monster Hunter 5X on switch could come. Or MonsterHunterWorld as streaming service :(

  • spiketheimpaler Richard Miller (@spiketheimpaler) reported

    @monsterhunter running into an issue where im not being able to upgrade the the new witcher event sword and shield to the next level i keep getting told i have insufficient material yet the leshen only drops a few specific things which i been getting a slight abundance of each.

  • EllisJ337 Ellis (@EllisJ337) reported

    @Kamiyouni @monsterhunter @witchergame The problem is that watching the trailer was more fun than the fight😂