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The Monster Hunter franchise is a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games developed and published by Capcom.

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  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @j4yd066 @Metaru_Raiden @monsterhunter Well there is an easy way to fix it. Get that console. and before you say anything... yes, that is the hope of favoring that console over the others- get people to buy that console.

  • Alextimi24 Alex (@Alextimi24) reported

    @monsterhunter Hello im a player of monster hunter world ice borne i think that the damage of the monsters like rathalos plat its so much, beacuse this game i have 830 armor and he almost times one shoot me with all. I think thats broken and many people say the same.

  • fexty12573 Fexty12573 (@fexty12573) reported

    @tds_Peppo @monsterhunter Yeah it's super annoying. They could probably fix this by not making the Helmbreaker a delayed attack.

  • CutieLucyTwitch Poor Healer (@CutieLucyTwitch) reported

    @OmniToad @monsterhunter I had no problem breaking it in multiplayer. Using the flinch shot to send it into walls helps a lot

  • darkpathos Terrence Trent (@darkpathos) reported

    @monsterhunter Please fix the weapon designs. I know the team can do it! If there's anything limiting the process somehow, PLEASE let us fans know!

  • ZylaTaylor Laura Taylor (@ZylaTaylor) reported

    @monsterhunter Mhw is my favourite game hands down!! Like most, I'M VERY disappointed about some of the weapon designs. So far only 2 of the switch axes look BADASS. The others are VERY DISAPPOINTING! PLEASE fix that! We grind hard to make our weapons and they should reflect that! Please fix!

  • octobercomstock October Comstock (@octobercomstock) reported

    @monsterhunter Please fix the weapon designs 🙏🏻

  • SupaOjo Namielle (@SupaOjo) reported

    @tds_Peppo @monsterhunter I Haven't this problem before but then in Iceborn every single Monster have this bug

  • qwins_ chase (@qwins_) reported

    @monsterhunter Fix weapon designs pleeeeeease

  • rogue3x Rogue3x (@rogue3x) reported

    @monsterhunter January needs to hurry up and arrive. I'm almost tempted to just buy it on my console to get my fix.

  • Nerlyk17 Nerlyk (@Nerlyk17) reported

    @monsterhunter please update the weapon designs and give us transmog, that is all we ask, just fix the weapon designs and give us transmog, please

  • niggas_deluxe YaBoiiUnclePhil (@niggas_deluxe) reported

    @Simbadeangelo @monsterhunter They won’t fix em😭 they won’t even acknowledge the complaints.

  • WaikaWindu Windu Waika #Iceborne (@WaikaWindu) reported

    @silveratasuke @S1xEyes @areszzjay @monsterhunter They had problems finalizing the Lagiacrus/Leviathan skeleton from what I heard.

  • Memo_jpg Memo (@Memo_jpg) reported

    @monsterhunter Gib Gore Magala and fix weapon designs plllllssss

  • sabrando Sabrando (@sabrando) reported

    @monsterhunter Please fix the weapon designs

  • Mukurosaki Mukurosaki (@Mukurosaki) reported

    @monsterhunter Everybody wants three things: Fix the weapons design, transmog, and Leviathan monsters. If you really want us to feel listened as a community, just give us these things. I can get the problems with the leviathans, but the bone and iron weapons with something sticked... fix it pls

  • Moth_Noises Angry Moth Noises (@Moth_Noises) reported

    @monsterhunter Please fix the weapon designs. Maybe revisit the Leviathan class mosnters/lagiacrus

  • RobsonGuedes_ Robson Guedes (@RobsonGuedes_) reported

    @monsterhunter Stop this room is too bad no one likes it! Put the cool skinny bugs in and fix the bugs

  • wayuramal dear Hecatel (@wayuramal) reported

    @redding2890 @Rayan_Valstrax @monsterhunter That’s not a glitch I believe. The skull can disappear when monster goes mad (red eye) and will not appear again even when it’s close to dead. For those whose tracks you have not picked up enough the skull won’t appear at all and in some rare cases what happened to Rayan can hpn

  • kbreannn Kelsey 🌻 (@kbreannn) reported

    @monsterhunter I’m getting an error code and it won’t let me play online @AskPlayStation

  • samsara_maya 🌞 (@samsara_maya) reported

    @JavierMc_Style @monsterhunter Forget fixing the weapons, fix the online sessions lmao

  • Rayan_Valstrax Rayan #Iceborne #Golden Deers (@Rayan_Valstrax) reported

    @redding2890 @monsterhunter Yeah, it always is confusing when it happens cause of how unexpected and rare it is. But if it was a glitch then it should be fixed by doing that.

  • redding2890 Paddy2890 (@redding2890) reported

    @Rayan_Valstrax @monsterhunter It's never happened to me before so I was confused lol. The skulls never showed up on the map again both times. I thought it was a glitch.

  • bayusadewo18 Bayu Sadewo (@bayusadewo18) reported

    @monsterhunter Fix the weapon looks please

  • Drillspin1 Drillspin (@Drillspin1) reported

    @monsterhunter And then somehow i got more of the issue material despite it definitely not dropping in normal investigations, and i was able to make the gear despite having none of the issue material. The issue material is Zinogre Deadly Shockers and i crafted the helm b+ after selling them all

  • Drillspin1 Drillspin (@Drillspin1) reported

    @monsterhunter Also I've now tried other ideas like going on a full hunt and selling the materials with issues and it somehow didn't even update to 0, so i decided to make something out of the stuff i "had" so i went on a hunt to get a few pieces i was missing (1/2)

  • SSVroomVroom DICK (@SSVroomVroom) reported

    @monsterhunter if you care about the players' feedback about MHW and MHWI, you're going to fix the weapon visual designs. brachydios chicken-wings, glavenus wooden axe and iron greatsword and so on is unacceptable. fix it.

  • Drillspin1 Drillspin (@Drillspin1) reported

    @monsterhunter Hey if you could help me out, I'm having an issue of the smithy not recognizing new items and it's preventing me from upgrading one of my weapons, yes i've tried restarting and going in out out of an expidition and no luck

  • niggas_deluxe YaBoiiUnclePhil (@niggas_deluxe) reported

    @monsterhunter @VengefulTorture Fix the weapons, fix the weapons, fix the weapons. Stop ignoring everyone and just fix the weapons please.

  • redhairshank456 mistas.beanie (@redhairshank456) reported

    @j4yd066 @monsterhunter That is usually a console issue

  • Heaivilins MasterDao (@Heaivilins) reported

    @PapaRoogieVevo @Xiphos_Gaming @monsterhunter Nope! There are several people experiencing issues with the shitty connection errors for this game!

  • Xiphos_Gaming 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿【Xiphos Gaming】 (@Xiphos_Gaming) reported

    @PapaRoogieVevo @monsterhunter Nope, 350mb/s connection, I only disconnect from MH and only since Iceborne.

  • firedragon1109 jose arguelles (@firedragon1109) reported

    @monsterhunter Please add speach schematics to our characters that would really be amazing just habing grunts and nods is so weird. Also fix the look for the weapons and looks of them.

  • _RegularPenguin Gucci Bucci (@_RegularPenguin) reported

    @monsterhunter That better be maintenance to add wide lvl 6 shelling. It better be that powerful to put servers down.

  • LikeVegito Yosha.exe (@LikeVegito) reported

    @RedxDragonn @monsterhunter They mentioned that some items of iceborne will be marked as "Unknown" due to a bug, I'm sure they'll fix that in the maintenance

  • Xiphos_Gaming 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿【Xiphos Gaming】 (@Xiphos_Gaming) reported

    @monsterhunter Maybe I won't disconnect constantly now...

  • agonzo95 Alan Gonzalez (@agonzo95) reported

    @monsterhunter I was wondering if I could get some help with getting the pre order bonus since I had a problem with my pre order purchase.

  • Dovakhin900 Hentai God (@Dovakhin900) reported

    @monsterhunter The problem everyone has with these events is that theres no incentive to do them besides the extra points, give us events that give us actual rewards

  • CycloneJokerr André Luiz (@CycloneJokerr) reported

    @monsterhunter Please fix the infinite loading bug on ps4

  • CaptainCanucks8 Jordan (@CaptainCanucks8) reported

    @bilboswaggins80 @monsterhunter Yeah the only monster that gives me issues in randoms is AT Xeno and Behemoth. I'd say Lavasioth as well but that's probably because I'm stubborn with my IG and use a blast one all the time.

  • MasterEpixGames MasterEpix (@MasterEpixGames) reported

    @devanteweary @ChaosTwister @monsterhunter @CapcomUSA_ He’s definitely talking about the assigned story quests. I agree they’re annoying as ****, should’ve been fixed with Iceborne, and the actual fix for them would simple and easy.

  • ChaosTwister (@ChaosTwister) reported

    @monsterhunter @CapcomUSA_ Fix hunting with friends or **** off the system was just fine in any other games and you ruined it with this one.

  • Revonlieke Revonlieke🔰#Artist (@Revonlieke) reported

    Asking @monsterhunter team to change Tigrex's route in Rotten Vale and fix his awkwardly slow and janky way of movement when changing locations. He's a flying wyvern, so dmn it make him just leap to the next area. I honestly feel like it needs an overhaul.

  • AustinAuzzie AuzzieAustin (@AustinAuzzie) reported

    @MNerdiverse Your poll is broken. Either there’s #MonsterHunter or there’s non Monster Hunter games.

  • GermyCracker That Germy One (@GermyCracker) reported

    @MGObito @monsterhunter With almost any one, by myself or with pppl games booting me from online, i chalked it up to two issues at first but nowi'm dead sure its the servers, be it capcom or psn, 3 days now just d'cs lots, but i still force it to connect and let me play with randos or friends

  • mythic_night Mythic Night (@mythic_night) reported

    @monsterhunter I'm greatly enjoying the Iceborne expansion, but there's one minor issue I have with it right now; Beotodus makes this gear-grinding sound, and it's CLEARLY mechanical in origin. You REALLY need to rework that sound effect to sound more organic.

  • immortallegionx L. S. Faraone (@immortallegionx) reported

    @Simbadeangelo @monsterhunter Yeah, I feel there's enough monsters now that at least one update should just be wpn skins. Sick of MP monsters when this is still an issue.

  • nintendistapobr Nintendista Pobre (@nintendistapobr) reported

    @monsterhunter Fix the resolution and framerate on xbox one s! Its awfull! cant see the monsters properly

  • Serious_Bacon Josh (@Serious_Bacon) reported

    @Space_Elvis @JustinofJoliet @monsterhunter Honestly, if all the weapons were like that, I'd still be upset, but at least it'd be consistent. The main issue is that some weapons are originals and others aren't, seemingly randomly. It doesn't make any sense

  • AlexsaurusZilla Alex K (@AlexsaurusZilla) reported

    @Ragnodrak @monsterhunter Sorry for the rant, but more I see how the core issues with World weren’t addressed in Iceborne which gets more apparent the more I play of it, the more pissed off I get at it. I love the game, but love hurts in this case.

  • D4Cscott ScottChangrp (@D4Cscott) reported

    @monsterhunter @VengefulTorture Fix the bs rate of getting prints, I never get any fking prints. wtf man.

  • DayOSpaghettios Cultist (@DayOSpaghettios) reported

    I need help, I have the physical copy of Monster Hunter World and just bought Iceborne, but none of the content is working. I'm re installing now and I will update but I need other advice and if anyone else experienced this problem @monsterhunter @CapcomUSA_

  • GodsRemains_ Edgard Santos (@GodsRemains_) reported

    @monsterhunter the design team for the weapons for mwh/iceborne need to get fired what made mh fun and a fan was back in monster Hunter freedom & United, when after grinding so much of a monster to be awarded this badass weapon but now they all look trash ******** fix this asap!

  • nebsekon I Call Chisel (@nebsekon) reported

    @DavemarrDM @monsterhunter Have seen some lag issues occur and some Dcons and they seem to stem when the host of the server leaves and it migrates to a new host had a few moments like that myself on PC MHW. The time scale seems to be the same as well as normally there is no issue at other times

  • MHWislove Cristobal Mella (@MHWislove) reported

    @ZenMoshi @JavierMc_Style @monsterhunter To be honest i don't really care, i'm here mostly for the gameplay that World and Iceborne improved. I just want then to fix it so idon't have to see people crying.

  • j4yd066 The Bearded Hound (@j4yd066) reported

    @monsterhunter I just lost 4 hours of progress on xbox one becuse the game would not save for me. Is this a server problem or what I'm not going through all thst again just to have this happen again. Ragin is an understatement

  • crustaceanfrust Crustaceanfrust (@crustaceanfrust) reported

    @monsterhunter Fix your weapons

  • NotSoP3ng P£NGY (@NotSoP3ng) reported

    I’m starting to think that the Ebony Odogaron mantle will not drop I’ve lost count how many times I’ve broken that bitchs head and it still has not dropped why won’t @monsterhunter let me have the Death Row 😅

  • Drazel_Thezil Drazel Thezil (@Drazel_Thezil) reported

    @monsterhunter Fix the weapon skins. What you did to some of the Brachydios weapons is awful.

  • ToriClenchos Jonny TapónAnal (@ToriClenchos) reported

    @monsterhunter Pls Capcom fix the weapons desings 🙏