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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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  • chad_aucoin Post Alone (@chad_aucoin) reported

    My friends think I have internet capable of playing anything other than Minecraft which I still lag in. I dont think they realize I have to wait 5 minutes to watch a 15 minute youtube video at 360p without it buffering for the first 10 minutes

  • boritoer TIME (@boritoer) reported

    So I just wrecked one of my friends build in @minecraft because of the broken fill command fix it @MojangSupport

  • xshlxyS ash (@xshlxyS) reported

    sorry if i lag, minecraft took over my life

  • hotshotlover666 a mixture of vanity and ferocity (@hotshotlover666) reported

    i deleted & re-downloaded the twitter app bc of a glitch and my drafts abt wheeljack in minecraft are gone! ****!!

  • Vixcyy Vixcy 💎 (@Vixcyy) reported

    @KoStonee @ThornBlends you wanna talk about ur minecraft problem

  • lolfacehappy Gwa gwa Kevin jameskii help roblox (@lolfacehappy) reported

    @Jameskii I would say I can come but a) I'm irrelevant and 2) My oculus s hates Minecraft but I could fix it. Maybe.

  • DjUnfazed UnFaZed_DJ (@DjUnfazed) reported

    @dakotaz i Agree @FortniteGame Please Remove mechs your game is gonna die if you don't fix this. Everyone that i play with is sick of it. I had a friend that uninstalled Your Game. All im Just saying is fix your game or your Players will Move on to,Apex Minecraft and Gta fix it.

  • walkthroughfox Mike Hamond (@walkthroughfox) reported

    Help! i dont know what to do(Crash Report) #Minecraft #walkthroughfox #games

  • osuskrub noah (@osuskrub) reported

    man i can't get over minecraft bro... find the right people and you'll end up talking about your hopes, dreams, all your problems to people you barely even know

  • JustKingg15 USE CODE: STELLAR-KINGG (@JustKingg15) reported

    Man...i seriously hate that everyone moving onto minecraft or just different games in general because of the mechs in fortnite ;[ i mean fortnites a good game but they just made a stupid decision and refuse to fix it which is lowering them down...

  • Xemzemy the xemster (@Xemzemy) reported

    @komaunn reimu: what ******** happened to you mayumi: keiki ran out of clay to fix me so she had to use minecraft blocks

  • mrkylef5imons kyle simons (@mrkylef5imons) reported

    @Kevinkill70 My reaction to forgetting my Minecraft login

  • Tanya_Mae_ Tanya 💜 (@Tanya_Mae_) reported

    @shelbygraces Eating Sleeping Playing Minecraft or other games on my phone Ignore the issue in hopes it goes away Listen to music

  • realMikeyUK MikeyUK (@realMikeyUK) reported

    Apex Legends has a shitty microtransaction issue going on rn. Overwatch is getting really repetitive and boring. Fortnite has their stupid ******* shitty mechs ruining the game as always. Minecraft is boring to play by yourself. Someome suggest some new games to play. Please.

  • AwesomeNeftali AwesomeGamerNeftali (@AwesomeNeftali) reported

    @JTonYouTube I feel that he should be terminated. He has disabled his comments on the Minecraft video he has also changed his thumbnail to avoid crap. But he is also copying other YouTubers @Youtube please fix this Here's Something 🧐🧐: Do you think he should be terminated

  • BillieJack2_ BillieJack ЄИ4С (@BillieJack2_) reported

    @NorthDonut @KadaverStreams @itsVeedoh @NorthZelion @DareMethy @S7Milkshakes @Ragebtw R6 is giving me problems so im gonna play Minecraft

  • skris996 Kristian Stephens (@skris996) reported

    Trying to have fun playing fortnite but guess what... @EpicGames you put stupid f*****g mechs in the game. No wonder people are playing Minecraft more. Also fix your damage system. I keep getting 33 damage crit headshot and then gets one shotted

  • AetherSquid AetherSquid (@AetherSquid) reported

    @Iron_Spike I have the opposite problem. My first Minecraft instinct is to burrow into the ground and then I inevitably expand downwards instead of digging my way out.

  • Brannon41512386 Brannon (@Brannon41512386) reported

    @MatPatGT What if the two disks in Minecraft that you went over the disks 11&13 are the same but to places were broken off during\before the fall of the unknown person in the disks and that some other worldy being had tried to fix the disks whilst it was still on record and

  • Emerzkun Emerzkun (@Emerzkun) reported

    @TeamYouTube @AMinecraftGod I also have the problem i'm on android by the way might test this later on pc. Thumbnails not showing when using "Minecraft Animation"

  • ignGTed GTed @ Viper (@ignGTed) reported

    It would be so good if there was a service that was made for minecraft that would allow people to trade/sell accounts without anyone scamming, like a middleman but the middleman was a bot or 100% legit, just an idea for anyone that is looking for something to do

  • spidarian #darekuds (@spidarian) reported

    yo, anyone with a pc better than ******* ninja's wanna help fix my minecraft server loll

  • spottedsnake Samantha Lee (@spottedsnake) reported

    Does anyone know how to set up a LAN for Minecraft when it’s not blocked by the firewall and not working otherwise #lan #Minecraft #LANhelp #LAN

  • avnxmanusa avnxmanusa (@avnxmanusa) reported


  • LogVells VellsLog (@LogVells) reported


  • AtlasanityShibe SolidxShibe (@AtlasanityShibe) reported

    @Gored_Jackalope @bigareola banger did some bullshit and problems before the whole nudes stuff, I think a edited video of a Minecraft song isn't me harrassing banger

  • D1s4sterDr3w Drew (@D1s4sterDr3w) reported

    Okay I fixed the problem with Minecraft. It would get stuck on the Mojang loading screen and not respond. So all my drivers and stuff are up to date, and my antivirus isn’t the problem either even thoug it’s known to cause problems sometimes. I reinstalled a million times, etc.

  • jenjenkitty007 ◇jenica katniss◇ (@jenjenkitty007) reported

    realized yesterday that right in my backyard of home base on #Minecraft there is the tower for the raiders...I still in peaceful mode but knew that would be problem once when in easy mode...destroyed it lol...still gonna have to move home...what a pain #ps4 #playstation4

  • m_skeliana Skel Lykovich (@m_skeliana) reported

    @LiseyRadiCall Minecraft is made on Java Websites are made on JavaScript, and [object Object] is a common error in JavaScript

  • Arroz_Puro505 Eat all the bones (@Arroz_Puro505) reported

    @Mojang my pirated minecraft is not doing multiplayer, fix your game

  • EssengerMusic Ξ 𝗦 𝗦 Ξ 𝗡 𝗚 Ξ 𝗥 🔜 Minecraft Bedwars (@EssengerMusic) reported

    a few songs into my show last night my DAW was lagging and i was hearing foreign noises and I went to see what was hogging my CPU.. I switch windows and realize i forgot to close Minecraft earlier and a door slam sound comes though the PA

  • MrZapasant Santi (@MrZapasant) reported

    Forgot my Minecraft login. Had to pay $35. ****

  • Marvelbixh 𝙲𝚊𝚜 ✪ (@Marvelbixh) reported

    I need to fix my sleep schedule and clean my room. But here i am playing minecraft all day and staying up until 3 a.m.

  • N0TT0DAYLlVE audrey 📌 (@N0TT0DAYLlVE) reported

    why is minecraft so hard and why did my computer crash while i was playing on a server that shit don’t stop i coulda died

  • David0125_ david (@David0125_) reported

    @IDeWzY U lag on Minecraft LMAOOOO

  • darlenerendell Darlene Rendell (@darlenerendell) reported

    My nephew found a glitch on minecraft. Now what! @Minecraft

  • LewdestPokemons Angel, Kate, and Levy (@LewdestPokemons) reported

    Someone seriously needs to tell @MojangSupport to fix the freezing issues with Minecraft for PS3

  • ItsBatsyy Dakota (@ItsBatsyy) reported

    Day 3 and still no response from @MojangSupport Also according to their website they are still working on tickets from June 16th which is the same as it said 3 days ago. Are they really that backed up or do they just not care at all. Either way its terrible customer service.

  • ggukbIush 𝒹 (@ggukbIush) reported

    the way i have like 15 people trying to help me fix my minecraft

  • KidLegend4 Kid Legend (@KidLegend4) reported

    @FortniteGame u are a delusional pricks u clearly do not listen to ur community and even ppl that work for u hate the mechs and how unbalanced the game is even @CouRageJD hates the mechs fix the game or Apex will take over or Minecraft #VaultTheMech

  • EricMoothart Eric Moothart (@EricMoothart) reported

    @MojangSupport I have a huge problem. The e-mail to reset my security questions will not show up on my outlook inbox and I don’t know how to fix it myself please respond as soon as possible

  • lesbkyo yamaguchi kin (@lesbkyo) reported

    minecraft wont let kaide and i play together @minecraft fix ur shit

  • Luis16921049 Luis (@Luis16921049) reported

    @MojangStatus I’ve been having problems playing Minecraft online on the ps4.. its not my internet because i have 50 mbps and 3.84 of upload and i can play online on any game yet i cant play online with Minecraft.. it pulls me out to offline mode. Its irritating please help

  • elfloxx elfloxx (@elfloxx) reported

    @Nick_ThePlant i actually had 7 torches in my house nick minecraft is broken

  • RealMCvillager 감자 } hmmmm (@RealMCvillager) reported

    Bruh I found a way to fix my minecraft, to fix it in case u guys have this problem is first sign out of all your accounts then you load up minecraft after that u switch accounts to another and then switch back to your original account (even if the menu loads it won’t be online1/2

  • liquortaIk tam #LiquorTalk (@liquortaIk) reported

    am eternally grateful to frankie for buying me minecraft he has fixed all of my problems i will never be sad again

  • samuriadi SAMURIADI (@samuriadi) reported

    so apparently if i run facerig and minecraft, i cant click out of minecraft or i crash

  • Morgana_Thecat Morgana (@Morgana_Thecat) reported

    @Minecraft I Want To buy a skin Pack But not working 🙁

  • elmaxrules ً (@elmaxrules) reported

    me vs playing minecraft to avoid my problems

  • elmaxrules ً (@elmaxrules) reported

    me vs playing minecraft to society my problems

  • _cookiesphere_ Cookiesphere (@_cookiesphere_) reported

    Sooo I totally didn't crash my pc while playing minecraft....😂 DUMB SHIT SCIENCE ladies and gentlemen. #Minecraft #dumbshitscience #lazarbeam

  • TheWhiteLion246 White Lion (@TheWhiteLion246) reported

    @MacGen2 That works fine on Mavericks. I had Mavericks on my 2012 MacBook Air, and used it mostly for watching youtube videos and playing minecraft. The issue was that YT wasn't supported on Mavericks Safari anymore so I had to use Firefox which got me a stuninng 2h of battery life 🤣

  • ggukbIush 𝒹 (@ggukbIush) reported

    @SasukeU68 my minecraft is literally . broken

  • omeagoz Robo Tweeter (@omeagoz) reported

    @fearlessswifty9 @h20_panda @nander_owo @Minecraft Being gay isn't a problem.

  • LucienOrion LucienDeath (@LucienOrion) reported

    @TheKillaDrone @Minecraft Just report the bugs an main issues for game on the Jira Website the devs will not repsond most times in Twitter about bug issues they prefer you to use jira bug tracker

  • SnowyOwlsayshi Siena Bertman (@SnowyOwlsayshi) reported

    @EmpressOfNether Whenever I would play Minecraft on those computers it always crash oof

  • ThisIsBeccaFaye Becca Faye (@ThisIsBeccaFaye) reported

    Wanted to try and stream Minecraft today but I had issues installing mods and now I’m having webcam issues There’s still time but it depends on if my webcam wants to not be a **** :/

  • happygrenade115 D3AD_DR3AMz (@happygrenade115) reported

    @Minecraft still confused on why you haven’t added herobrine as a new glitch boss

  • ArdaReformed Arda (@ArdaReformed) reported

    @ItayKir @Twitch @TwitchSupport no bro people showing minecraft skins are the actual problem they have more important jobs

  • ogspaspenguin Justin Cole (@ogspaspenguin) reported

    @MojangSupport I have been trying to log into the Minecraft Launcher for 2 hours now, and it says Invalid email or password. I used the exact same login online and it works online. Please send help.