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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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  • Sign in (57.14%)
  • Online Play (19.05%)
  • Game Crash (14.29%)
  • Glitches (4.76%)
  • Matchmaking (2.38%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (2.38%)

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  • IAM_memes
    IAM memes (@IAM_memes) reported

    The IAM will be closed today due to building issues. The double meaning in the word "building" includes both the noun - a structure - and the verb - to construct. Most assume the noun to be at play here, but in this essay I will expose Minecraft Steve for his acts of deception...

  • sonnysheila19
    sonnysheila19 (@sonnysheila19) reported

    @chipster70 @MojangStatus @MojangSupport I have same problem


    @MojangSupport I can't find sanpshort problem.

  • MatrixxKhaos
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Khaos 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@MatrixxKhaos) reported

    @KencioR6S I’m literally not touching siege until that shit game gets fixed, ranked favours the worse team instead of the better team I will play minecraft over Siege as minecraft doesn’t have shitty broken mechanics

  • nickgshitpost
    Nick G (@nickgshitpost) reported

    Smash DLC prediction: Steve from Minecraft Arms character Fortnite Spyro/Crash Bandicoot Sora At least one of these in there, most likely arms. Fortnite or Minecraft would be hilarious the community would be torn apart, Sora bc of KH3, and Spyro/crash bc of remasters n y not

  • ColtonH_Hill
    Colton (@ColtonH_Hill) reported

    I have the 2, $400 Consoles that run games very well most of the time and I enjoy the games with the slight bit of lag I have here and there. I also have the $400 PC that barely runs a game like Minecraft, and cannot run a game like GMod. Part 4

  • ignDEVlN2
    Alex (@ignDEVlN2) reported

    im asking for Minecraft this christmas! I really hope I get it I want to play this new minigame I heard of called "DDoS Wars"!!!!!! Hopefully my mom isn't a libtard and gets me minecraft!

  • LucienKKK
    🖤ThiccCoin🖤 (@LucienKKK) reported

    @itsnevertene I think if they made hytale something like minecraft but it would be only hypixel server they will not have this big cheater problem because they would have bigger control over their own game

  • bokutoscrocs
    ⊱ 𝘩𝑎𝑙𝑒𝑦 ⊰ (@bokutoscrocs) reported

    my dms are broken 😔 THÉ O L E S T broke my dms with their ****** minecraft talk !!!

  • OuterVictoria
    Victoria (@OuterVictoria) reported

    @Minecraft can you guys fix the world generation so its less boring like most people liked the old way of generating worlds

  • jasonalexis
    Jason Alexis (@jasonalexis) reported

    @MojangSupport need to cancel this. tried resetting the password and not working for me. please DM to get my account to cancel asap.

  • UNOcrawley24
    Mark Crawley (@UNOcrawley24) reported

    @2KSupport @Ronnie2K There’s a guy on PlayStation doing a vc glitch every day. I don’t think that it is fair that he’s doing glitches for vc while I have to grind. If this is what you let your players I’m going back to Minecraft and roblox. His psn is almightydripp_

  • UNOcrawley24
    Mark Crawley (@UNOcrawley24) reported

    @2KSupport @Ronnie2K There’s a guy on ps4 doing vc glitch everyday and has 90k vc at the moment. I think that it isn’t fair at all that I have to grind for vc and he just doing a glitch. If this is what you allow your players to do I’m going back to roblox and Minecraft.

  • TastelessOne
    TastelessOne (@TastelessOne) reported

    -REVISED LIST OF SMASH NEWCOMERS THAT I BELIEVE WILL MAKE IT IN- 1.) Minecraft Steve 2.) Crash Bandicoot 3.) Lara Croft (The Square Rep) 4.) Dante (The Capcom Rep) These aren't necessarily the choices I WANT, but the choices that are most likely.

  • dgtljae
    jaelynn (@dgtljae) reported

    Who wants to play minecraft i know a diamond duplication glitch

  • JR_Texx
    JR “Jamie” (@JR_Texx) reported

    @R3P01012 @squatterbadge If they’re not true exclusives. Name an Xbox exclusive that doesn’t require an Xbox account to sign in on a Microsoft OS, and Xbox is Microsoft’s gaming arm. I’ll give you Minecraft as a head start.

  • Optimus_Code
    💾 📀 Optimus Code ⌨️ 🖥 (@Optimus_Code) reported

    @EnderGaming_Oak @I_DO_JUEGOS @t8styham 1.a Had to install steam 1.b Had to setup family sharing 1.c Minecraft isn't on steam 1.d Windows store games not on steam and now, neither will Epic store games 2.a Device driver conflicts 2.b Explaining how to DL mods and then deal with buggy mods that crash machine (See 2.a)

  • vnturously
    skeets (@vnturously) reported

    @MojangSupport Alright. I have the login for a very old account. I do not have access to the email used for this account. Help ya boy get his stuff right

  • niccofacchini
    Niccolò Facchini (@niccofacchini) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce @Alienware I met @SaraFacchini on a Minecraft server three years ago but now she want to play another game but my pc crash when I start it #GiftAGamer

  • davidhin98
    David Hinkle (@davidhin98) reported

    @gunema @Jonahg62 @telltalegames Skybound is not working on minecraft story mode season 3 nobody is that game has been canceled

  • Bella_Follows
    Isabella Marie (@Bella_Follows) reported

    @SaintsofGames The only thing i sent was about the survival issue haha, i was on the wrong version of minecraft and yet kit worked perfectly fine

  • JonathanHagen2
    Jenni (The Guardian Queen) (@JonathanHagen2) reported

    @alpharadtv Steve Minecraft, Crash Bandicoot, Miku.

  • Nichola17422772
    Random Gamer (@Nichola17422772) reported

    @Michellesapp82 @Roblox It’s a good thing that I went back to Minecraft, at least for the time being it’s not have issues

  • MissVaidela
    Miss Vai (@MissVaidela) reported

    OBS is crashing on me now. Minecraft is crashing again for me too. I don't have the willpower to try and fix this and then try and stream. Therefore, I will do a makeup stream Friday night.

  • Garka23_
    Garka23 (@Garka23_) reported

    My apologies guys Minecraft wouldnt want to work with me in streaming so I cant stream today. Ill try to resolve the issue today

  • ok13210
    ok132 (@ok13210) reported

    @alpharadtv Crash is next I want the minecraft creeper in the game because its very epic

  • Bhris300
    Almighty Bhris (@Bhris300) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Let’s discuss ps4 glitch city can’t see ranks killcam/spectate looks like a Minecraft crouch when you tbag can’t open an alpha pack without getting an error when are y’all adding text chat

  • EmpowersCA
    HL (@EmpowersCA) reported

    @AskPlayStation Mojang said contact you if we have an issue with the 4J version of Minecraft. 4J is an uncommunicative company & does not deserve the minecraft title. Please change to the bedrock edition so we can have the real minecraft & updates, & news (which they never give).

  • C3A4A1
    T0G25 (@C3A4A1) reported

    Fortnite if you dont not fix crashes you losses your community and fortnite will be the second minecraft!

  • AITAI127
    sophia¹²⁷ (@AITAI127) reported

    playing minecraft bc aaron forgot to fix his mistakes once again

  • looinrims
    The Christmas🎁 Tunes (@looinrims) reported

    Minecraft pedophiles and fortnite wifebeaters, gaming does need to crash but not because of the games, too profitable for too many outside the industry

  • Zsigio
    Zsigio (@Zsigio) reported

    @pacboy2004 @slicedlime @Minecraft I had some issues on Windows too, because I have two graphics cards, and sometimes it chooses the wrong one, that doesn't support 3D. Maybe that's why the new launcher crashes.

  • Coolio_Wolfus
    Coolio Versipellis Wolfus (@Coolio_Wolfus) reported

    @Dinnerbone @love4boobies @BobScheurle @slicedlime @Minecraft @oh_shoot_whadup Thanks for the clarification, @intel is at fault for this issue.

  • Luxnocif_
    🍚Kévin🍉 (@Luxnocif_) reported

    @JVCom Steve de Minecraft et/ou Crash Bandicoot

  • yLusck_
    yLusck_ (@yLusck_) reported

    @Minecraft Very lag :/

  • Dinnerbone
    Nathan Adams (@Dinnerbone) reported

    @love4boobies @BobScheurle @Coolio_Wolfus @slicedlime @Minecraft @oh_shoot_whadup It's actually a problem with Intel drivers when they detect that a software supports Windows 10. It has been reported but no fix in sight.

  • love4boobies
    love4boobies (@love4boobies) reported

    @BobScheurle @Dinnerbone @Coolio_Wolfus @slicedlime @Minecraft @oh_shoot_whadup He never really said it's problems with Java or with the CPUs, guys, relax. It's quite likely just that this is a problem with the Minecraft code that is only exhibited in certain environments and which is expensive to track down and fix and thus low priority.

  • ToolBoksTwits
    ToolBoks (@ToolBoksTwits) reported

    There will unfortunately not be any videos this week and until Christmas. Due to personal problems we haven't been able to film any GTA videos and the Minecraft videos we did film felt rushed and of low quality. Thank you for your patience.

  • gengHAr15
    Nick Genghar(Post Exam YAYEAH...) (@gengHAr15) reported

    Lately Minecraft Bedrock Edition for smartphones seems to have some errors compiling shaders (mostly my computations). Customized rendering seems like it have to wait for a while.

  • Zsigio
    Zsigio (@Zsigio) reported

    @slicedlime @pacboy2004 @Minecraft For me, on Linux Mint, not only this one isn't working, but the previous launcher isn't working too. I had to disable some stuff, and still use the old one, because with the new one, the game simply crashes on start with no error message, log file doesn't even generate.

  • SanderinBelgium
    Sander Van Haute (@SanderinBelgium) reported

    @Minecraft well apparently your site is bugged out on this pls fix, if you guys need help to fix it feel free to send a message

  • Comba9212
    Comba (@Comba9212) reported

    @kekbacx_ The problem are those shitty public servers The game is optimized like shit, i can't even host a private server without paying because a gaming pc can't handle a minecraft world

  • PugDudeStudios
    Pug Dude (@PugDudeStudios) reported

    @Plexiate @discordapp I know this problem except it was to renew my free minecraft server

  • JohnnySlammo
    Johnny Slammo (@JohnnySlammo) reported

    When is the American government going to address the issue that if you dig straight down in minecraft you can land in lava

  • BloonMaster123
    Bloon 🤔🤔 (@BloonMaster123) reported

    @Mojang @MojangSupport @NintendoAmerica There's a grammatical error in the last paragraph of "Chip away at the secrets of the mysterious Lapis Lazuli!" article posted on the Minecraft news channel.

  • JaskowiczArchie
    Archie Jaskowicz (@JaskowiczArchie) reported

    Honestly, I hope in a few years we look back at mc's pvp community and find it disgusting and shame it. I loved doing game dev and coding on roblox more than minecraft because I never got ddos threats, never got my IP leaked and never had big players screaming then n-word at me.

  • lauritzen__
    An Antisocial Moth™ (@lauritzen__) reported

    I just lost all of my items AGAIN because of a stupid glitch. ****** Minecraft smh.

  • Lady_Brittany_
    Lady Brittany 🧜 (@Lady_Brittany_) reported

    @netflix been trying to do the @Minecraft story mode and when you go to the next episode it doesn't remember the choices you made. Ex: we took magnus' armour in ep 3, when we started 4 it showed we took elucards. It's done that so far with each episode. Please fix this asap

  • MeIssaMyName1
    MeIssaMyName (@MeIssaMyName1) reported

    @Minecraft I was playing Minecraft on my XBox Onebut suddenly it says an error occurred. I went to check on it a week later, but it still didn’t work. All other games worked, so I don’t know if I could fix it myself

  • IsiacWhite
    LoneRoaming (@IsiacWhite) reported

    @Mojang Hello, Im a Minecraft Xbox Player My Friend Was Trying to Join My world. But He Keeps getting Unable to Connect to World. Do you know how to resolve This issue.

  • MartaVannini
    Marta Vannini (@MartaVannini) reported from Chesham Bois, England

    @MojangSupport we have been trying to solve a problem with a purchased minecraft java edition to use on PC but never worked. Been in touch by email to the customer support which referred us to the various forums/chat rooms/community sites. Still doesn’t work. I want a refund

  • Eleiber
    Eleiber González (@Eleiber) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce @Alienware When I was playing Duck Game with @PeroqxdTW but he used to get angry because I was winning "by lag" or in 2017 where we used to play Minecraft in the Teo's server and we were just destroying the lobby or killing MegaInsaneRSG. #GiftAGamer

  • LeRainbowPotato
    bean//54 (@LeRainbowPotato) reported

    my LEGO Minecraft chicken just got broken to bits by a small child and this is the exact reason I don’t like sharing my stuff

  • MES_Builders
    Monster Egg Studios Ltd. (@MES_Builders) reported

    @kugiwo @Minecraft This is an issue with your version of minecraft but we are updating the map to make sure all devices will be able to run it... there will be an update either Tuesday or Friday... thanks you for purchasing the map.

  • frostydils
    Dilya (@frostydils) reported

    My minecraft has started lagging so bad and I have no idea what to do

    WPF Ocelot (@WPFOCELOT) reported

    @Pigicial Well, my old channel was kind of based off Minecraft, not working anymore. And my new channel so far is fortnite

  • s10stealth
    Roger N (@s10stealth) reported

    @MojangSupport child login to Minecraft Java Edition isn't working

  • CrumpetChan00
    ye🇬🇧s (@CrumpetChan00) reported

    i cannot remember my minecraft login details

  • CocaineTheurgy
    Lindy tsar, real og gang banger & king of optics (@CocaineTheurgy) reported

    It's just Minecraft irl dude what's the problem

  • xMJGold
    𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐰 (@xMJGold) reported

    @beta_ruz Or maybe because there’s no reason to get a mod to make Minecraft run smoother considering the type of game it is. (And Optifine already exists if performance is a major issue for you.)