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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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June 17: Problems at Minecraft

Minecraft is having issues since 06:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Erétria Game Crash
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  • collindfay collin “skeet” fay (@collindfay) reported from Carlsbad, California

    @MojangSupport fix ur realms

  • xelonull Dormammu, I've-- (@xelonull) reported

    I just wanna play Pokemon Minecraft and itS NOT WORKING

  • TannertheODST Tanner the ODST (@TannertheODST) reported

    Does anyone who plays Minecraft on Xbox One or Xbox One X have issues starting other games after playing Minecraft. It restarts my Xbox every time...

  • Vahkiti Liam (@Vahkiti) reported

    Apparently all of Telltale's games are now being discontinued from sale because of licensing issues, including Minecraft Story Mode. Translation: These games are now morally free to play if you know where to look. :V

  • DrippyDrapion TheDrippyDrapion (@DrippyDrapion) reported

    10%pokemon 10% Minecraft 10% overwatch 10% smash 10% fifa 10% Zelda 10% Mario kart 10% fortnite 10% Spyro 10% Crash team racing

  • PJ_Seiler PJ (@PJ_Seiler) reported

    @MojangSupport I for some reason can't buy minecraft because of a credit card issue but everything on my end checks out

  • SqueegeWeegee Weegee @ Koopa Hotel (@SqueegeWeegee) reported

    The worst thing about having so many games is not knowing what to play. One part says Smash Bros the other says Minecraft then another says Sleeping Dogs. I'm drowning in the sea of first world problems.


    @trapsoulethan The real power should be where you fix the Minecraft quality

  • NoisyStreams extra loud, gay, and trans (@NoisyStreams) reported

    @FoldableHuman not that minecraft isn't prone to that kinda thing. I used to have an extremely specific issue where *only certain builds and modpacks* would cause my mouse cursor to massively lag but only on the desktop while I was alt-tabbed, it's so esoteric.

  • SinOfWrath69 Edge (@SinOfWrath69) reported

    @YahooCare I'm trying to login to my old Minecraft account, but the passwords incorrect. I try to reset it and I'm not getting emails from mojang. I dont know what is wrong, and I know its yahoo because my gmail address is getting emails from mojang (my alt) help me fix this.

  • vlrrz vlr (@vlrrz) reported

    @MojangSupport i used 2 other browser, and the problem's still happening

  • kiss4lix andee (@kiss4lix) reported

    can drew restart his minecraft server this shit is lagging so much

  • stealthhispanic Stealth Hispanic @ Anime Next (@stealthhispanic) reported

    @MojangSupport It's been nearly a month now. I just need to know why when I ask for a password reset why I don't get an email. My problem shouldn't take over a month to solve

  • brokencodebot Broken Code Bot (@brokencodebot) reported

    Minecraft broken Patreon Build

  • FFurry95 FatFurry95 (@FFurry95) reported

    All right I’m bored I need to play a game!!!!! but what game terraria, Minecraft, crash bandicoot or dragon ball Xenoverse. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • anabelladifiori persona 1 lovemail @ dds1 (@anabelladifiori) reported

    do i get on bakura right now (meaning i have to fix his other fang) or do i play minecraft first this is a time sensitive decision

  • JoeTheYoutuber1 Joe The Youtuber (@JoeTheYoutuber1) reported

    @MojangSupport Whenever I play Minecraft on my iPad, it keeps crashing. Is there a way to fix this.

  • FFurry95 FatFurry95 (@FFurry95) reported

    All right I’m bored I need to play a game!!!!! but what game terraria, Minecraft, crash bandicoot or dragon ball Xenoverse. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • sharkmeteor shark (@sharkmeteor) reported

    silly problems require silly solutions is the lesson i'm learning from minecraft today

  • Imahockeyguy Jeremy Thompson (@Imahockeyguy) reported

    @MojangSupport I have an issue with my realm loading in please we have spent SOOO much time working in this world. Please help us. Xbox one.

  • mojo_leee Leezard 🦎 (@mojo_leee) reported

    @JaminHere my minecraft has been broken for like a week now so i’m quite jealous 😢

  • drivingeyeballs 𝐉𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐩𝐡 (@drivingeyeballs) reported from Slidell, Louisiana

    For anyone who has played Minecraft, you know that shit is a real grind to make fire shit. And after the game stopped lagging like hell and saved itself, I blared “Fight Fire with Fire” by Metallica over my Logitech Xbox mic. Then I deleted them from my friends list and dipped!

  • ChromaHills Syclone (@ChromaHills) reported

    @ChileGrooveOp Heyy ah so its an Android mobile device. HD texture packs are crashing on mobile devices until Microsoft release a fix for Minecraft Bedrock and that is looking to be in version 1.12. Make sure you are only using CH 64x also as your device only has 3gb of ram.

  • yoori_ebooks /yo{2,}ri_ebooks/i (@yoori_ebooks) reported

    Maybe I should make an incredibly advanced botnet to ddos minecraft servers have been stable so far like that maybe there's a lot to change.

  • Kedaloco killua's fursona 🐱🔪 (@Kedaloco) reported

    I need my brother to fix my laptop I want to play Minecraft

  • Real_Jokki Ĵσкkī (@Real_Jokki) reported

    @Minecraft hello, i have recently been experiancing some issues with minecraft. When i launch a server within 15-20 minutes of playing my PC either crashes or Freezes. Thank you for your time.

  • GornallHg H Gornall (@GornallHg) reported

    @shskaercher I really want to get Minecraft in there. My issue is we can't support a server yet.

  • nipodil Đřİşś (@nipodil) reported

    @EwanDoesAThing Idk if it's the same on Mac, but you can't disable auto save, you can't choose your world's sizes, you can't get free skins pack, it's hard to join a friend since the loading takes 10 to 15 minutes, and sometimes it's just to crash ! Microsoft ruined Minecraft. Mojang was hot :(

  • Human_eternal Eternal (@Human_eternal) reported

    @DigiDriver Blue: STEVE minecraft Orange: Crash Bandicoot

  • kagep98 Kagepreston (@kagep98) reported

    You've broken the laws of Minecraft. You're under arrest!

  • Nafiael_ Nafi Iftekhar (@Nafiael_) reported

    @MojangSupport I've tried to use that help service but it keeps redirecting me to another "Email Us" page and then once I send my message. This error comes up "undefined method `gsub' for nil:NilClass"

  • xkevinxnguyenx Kevin Nguyen (@xkevinxnguyenx) reported

    The problem isn’t that I can’t just go log into Minecraft again and play The problem is that I can’t be 12 again.... 🥺

  • sidelash Derrick (@sidelash) reported

    @stopskeletons The real issue here is that children with their parent’s credit cards won’t be deterred by this price. Which is generally the type of audience that would play Minecraft on an X360.

  • trenchslaps erin (@trenchslaps) reported

    the leaving cert ain’t my problem until september so can my brain just shut up and let me play minecraft

  • Taybero Tay〽 (@Taybero) reported

    @CabinJubby @ThatsJustAngie @BlueStripe7 There's too more slots so It's Minecraft Steve and Crash

  • FoldableHuman Dan Olson (@FoldableHuman) reported

    Odd problem/conflict I and stream chat have been having no luck troubleshooting: If OBS is open and I'm playing Minecraft the game lags heavily whenever the inventory is open.

  • CloudLaney Cloud JoJo-Clan (@CloudLaney) reported

    @MojangSupport @Minecraft On bedrock edition Villagers don't give cheaper trades. We need a fix

  • CloudLaney Cloud JoJo-Clan (@CloudLaney) reported

    @MojangSupport @Minecraft please add/fix

  • CloudLaney Cloud JoJo-Clan (@CloudLaney) reported

    @MojangSupport please add/fix

  • k3yboardc4t nea (@k3yboardc4t) reported

    @Reyitos_sux_xd minecraft java edition is coded in java that’s the problem

  • MintendoMerd LoganNerd (@MintendoMerd) reported

    i tried writing sad stuff "but that times passed, im last, broken seeing eyeglass. foggy vision like it was a window built in minecraft" key word being tried

  • MintendoMerd LoganNerd (@MintendoMerd) reported

    i tried writing sad stuff "but that times passed, im last, broken seeing eyeglass. foggy vision like it was a window built in minecraft" key word being tired

  • velvuie bogos binted? (@velvuie) reported

    spent like 20 minutes thinking about minecraft so im okay again im not broken anymore. gonna go home and game w my partner and Not think about death

  • DarkStorm25 xFuryoftheStormx (@DarkStorm25) reported

    @tse2705 luckily i never got into Minecraft ;) but my problem is Minecraft Dungeons is on it's way and i have a thing for diablolikes. I'm DOOMED :D

  • badassclemm 𝙹𝚊𝚢 ♡ (@badassclemm) reported

    @JaCkYJOJO_ olivia put it on a sign in Minecraft and I said it in a weird way and we’ve just said that ever since then😂

  • rapovernight Sebastião Moreira 🎵🎶 (@rapovernight) reported

    @MojangStatus i just can´t click on the login button on the minecraft site could you guys give a feedback of what i could do

  • Ja_es_ James (@Ja_es_) reported

    @DingDongDinge Either that or minecraft this afternoon when I learn how to fix my mic not outputting audio

  • remedyjun d e e (@remedyjun) reported

    I wanna play minecraft but my laptop is broken, my xbox controller needs new batteries, and i don't have $6.99 to get it on mobile :(((((

  • exivian2 exivian (@exivian2) reported

    @floppy90379 Good thing he didn’t. And I’m tired of all these losers saying minecraft is better and fortnite is gay and shit. I played minecraft when I was younger and it was amazing. But I like fortnite just as much. That’s just my personal opinion and you shouldn’t have a problem with that

  • Kosnafn Kosna (@Kosnafn) reported

    @flikk minecraft regedit is the issue keys faster responses then breaks ur keyboard happen to me

  • PansGaming Pans Gaming (@PansGaming) reported

    Having some issues getting the Minecraft Monday's server up and running. I will be live soon, but I want to get this working before I go live :)

  • walkthroughfox Mike Hamond (@walkthroughfox) reported

    Minecraft 1.10.2 crash when trying to enter server! #Minecraft #walkthroughfox #games

  • oobenraus Moritz (@oobenraus) reported

    @MojangSupport But the Problem is that I don't know my E-Mail from my Account. So I can't fill the whole formular

  • SMF_Pikky17 Pikky (@SMF_Pikky17) reported

    BANDWAGON FELLAS 10% Splatoon 2 10% SSBU 10% Puyo Puyo Tetris 10% Just Shapes And Beats 10% Minecraft 10% Glasses 10% Family Problems 10% Likes To Draw 10% Kinda Shy 10% Shut-In

  • DadPlaysMC1 DadPlaysMC (@DadPlaysMC1) reported

    @DrSomebody2 I need to tell her. The main issue is that she’ll want to play on my survival worlds. She’d like us to play together, but she doesn’t have a computer set up to play Minecraft. Eventually, I’d like us to be able to.

  • AlkekChase Chase Alkek (@AlkekChase) reported

    @MojangSupport my minecraft is on the login screen and it’s the trying to sign in for 8 hours and i’ve checked support there isn’t anything on it a lot of people are having my current problem it’s the sever logins

  • Shockodile Li Zard (@Shockodile) reported

    @newyorkcreepy but you could be a bird so it was the tightest shit ever. it's so different from that now it's hardly recognizable next to that early build. i still think the core problems the game has had kinda stick with it but it's enjoyable to go back to here and there in a minecraft way

  • m_3_v_0 Olivia (@m_3_v_0) reported

    @MemesSio Dude ******* Minecraft is lagging cause of them, lmao

  • Vincyyuhh D (@Vincyyuhh) reported

    @MojangSupport still haven’t gotten any help on my issue. I bought the game twice through a bank of america card it failed both times. I was charged twice and still don’t have the game. No email or nothing.

  • xltel Tom Holland (@xltel) reported

    @crunchybag3229 @Minecraft Open a ticket with Mojang Support they helped when I had a similar issue. @MojangSupport