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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • Matchmaking 5.77% Matchmaking
  • Glitches 1.92% Glitches
  • Game Crash 1.92% Game Crash

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GermanyGießen Online Play
United StatesLawrence Sign in
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United StatesCarson Matchmaking
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Mass Effect Andromeda Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • poppy_haze Rev. Poppy Haze (@poppy_haze) reported

    @ConceptHuman @eugen_levine the first mass effect had that problem too, even if you made an ridiculous exploding sniper rifle it made a big bang sound but it felt like nothing

  • ValerianEmp Valerian Raithewall (@ValerianEmp) reported

    As much as I think there were severe problems with Mass Effect 3's original ending, I think the Extended Cut DLC fixing it may have been one of the biggest mistakes in gaming history.

  • TheJamesHollan James Andrew 'Andy' Hollan (@TheJamesHollan) reported

    @Marzella88 @thegameawards Yeah, but I've gotta fix the Wii U anyways because I have other games on it that haven't been ported to the Switch, yet, like CoD: Ghost, Mass Effect 3, One Piece: Unlimited Adventure. Also, I looked up the replacement parts online and it'll only cost a about $70 to fix it

  • TheJamesHollan James Andrew 'Andy' Hollan (@TheJamesHollan) reported

    @Marzella88 @thegameawards Yeah, but I've gotta fix the Wii U anyways because I have other games on it that haven't been ported to the Switch, yet, like CoD: Ghost, Mass Effect 3, One Piece: Unlimited Adventure. Also, I looked up the replacement parts online and it'll only cost a little over $50 to fix it

  • Serpentsaurus 🐻 Serpentsaurus ☀️ - BLM - ACAB (@Serpentsaurus) reported

    Is Mass Effect Andromeda any good? I've been thinking about finally playing it, but I avoided it at launch for... reasons I feel are obvious lol They ever fix that **** up?

  • ebrietasof d. ''gail the snail era'' takovic (@ebrietasof) reported

    worst thing about my ps4 not working is i cant play mass effect legendary edition. like ive only played launch date mass effect 3 for ps3 (original ending, the entire trilogy for xbox 360. never did the dlc

  • AndyKeenan11 Andy Keenan (@AndyKeenan11) reported

    @TheAuditor_MC @MelonieMac I'm well aware of the issues of the mass effect series and bioware as a whole. I experienced it long before they tried to repackage it and stamp the legendary label on it. Missed opportunity after missed opportunity, bad decision after bad decision. I could be here for days---

  • jackelzxa JackelZXA (@jackelzxa) reported

    @PatStaresAt Mass Effect 2 missed an opportunity to put the 3 important Ship Upgrades behind Paragon/Renegade choices so a full Paragon and full Renegade have DIFFERENT characters in the next game instead of the more/less content problem.

  • FEObsessive S0mecallme (@FEObsessive) reported

    @SvensPronfest @arvalis @HardDriveMag Literally no one goes out with the idea of “I’m going to make a bad video game,” most games look great at the idea stage and it’s only during production that issues happen. Mass Effect Andromeda for example is not a bad game at all, the technical difficulties were the issues.

  • Roniboney Roniboney (@Roniboney) reported

    @GameWithGains It was too broken when I got it for me to even consider continuing. I'm still finishing Mass Effect 3 then I've got Spiderman downloaded but I'll probably just play that with my girlfriend and main cyberpunk as my SP game after then. Glad to hear something positive about it

  • atriflemiffed ATrifleMiffed (@atriflemiffed) reported

    Wrapping up my somewhat sluggish replay of the Mass Effect trilogy, and I have one conclusion: most of Mass Effect 3's writing problems can be traced back to Mass Effect 2

  • MowlerTTV Mowler (@MowlerTTV) reported

    I know a lot of people are focused on all of the Twitch drama right now but here’s some real drama for you: I’ve played Mass Effect 2 for several hours now and I haven’t been able to romance Garrus yet like wtf is his problem?

  • ArcaneCrystal Crystal (@ArcaneCrystal) reported

    @Etchwarts even though the circumstances were dumb i think it was kind of bold for an open world game to just end like that with no postgame. real mass effect 3 situation with broken steel, which i would love to know the development history of

  • 12thdocswearjar ❤️Pasta❤️ (mmm shells) (@12thdocswearjar) reported

    I love how none of your companions in Mass Effect have any issues with any of the renegade or paragon decisions that Shep can make. They just stand behind her looking pretty and intimidating, just allowing her to commit all sorts of war crimes 💀

  • Cyberpunk2121 Ben de la Courte #gaming (@Cyberpunk2121) reported

    @BenjiSales @BenjiSales Doubt it. Why has EA not learned from their broken unfinished games like Anthem, Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlelfield 5, Battlefield Hardline, Battlefront 2, Battlefield 2042, etc.? And they make still billions of dollars every year.

  • shouisdreaming Strawberry Daiquiri (@shouisdreaming) reported

    @mintsoir Eh, I dunno. In a vacuum yes I agree, the problem was the same as mass effect. The promise that your choices would carry over and have an impact. I realize compromises had to be made, but a somewhat major subplot of origins, hard leliana and hard Alistair, is then ignored.

  • DespiaShrq 🔧🦦Dori🛰️⭐️ (@DespiaShrq) reported

    The problem with the Mass Effect games having such good music is that sometimes you hear the right handful of notes and immediately want to drop everything and go replay the whole trilogy

  • Gotsims1 Dani (@Gotsims1) reported

    @BioWareGear @masseffect Dr. T’Soni your spinal chord appears to be dislocated and or broken. You need immediate surgery and I’m surprised you haven’t noticed this. You have several doctorates.

  • xXJagerXxx xXJägerXx (@xXJagerXxx) reported

    @EAHelp Hi, my friend is having issues with getting the online pass for Mass Effect 3. It says this content can not be purchased when we check the store and it asks for what I'm assuming is a key when you try to get it in-game. Is there anything you can do to help?

  • luispzl Luis (@luispzl) reported

    @MITUB3R Broken Sword Mass Effect 2 The Witcher 3 Heavy Rain Detroit Become Human Lo siento... 😜

  • isilanka Isilanka (@isilanka) reported

    @zetalyrae Humanoid aliens, at least, long had (probably still do?) the issue of animation, especially facial animations in dialogue-heavy games like Mass Effect; in that sense, it's not unlike "rubber forehead" aliens in, say, the original Star Trek series.

  • GIRLFAG420 steeze master (@GIRLFAG420) reported

    is mass effect andromeda's narrative an insult to the original mass effect trilogy? yes. but does it suck? only a little. I have completed it four times. too bad they shipped it totally ****** up and broken and only fixed like 70% of those issues

  • srklone srklone (@srklone) reported

    @viniciusvillas @MassEffect_News Bioware is neither smart enough, nor self aware enough to do that. If they were, they would have fixed many of the ME3's core issues, including the ending when they released ME Legendary Edition, but they didn't. I have no doubt they will screw up the new Mass Effect game as well

  • Tinytig I just like your paws, ok? (@Tinytig) reported

    What if we all started sending texts in the same way that Starbound's Glitch or Mass Effect's Elcor. Starting off with stating the mood or cadence in which we were 'speaking' from that point onwards, so there'd never be any miscommunication of what the intentions were.

  • Siber_Hunter0 Vitor Vasconcelos (@Siber_Hunter0) reported

    @krimog @tv_rone Mass Effect Andromeda is a great game if you remove the Mass Effect from the name and Bioware's Logo. oh and fix the faces

  • Bludermaus 🔞🦇 Bludermaus (@Bludermaus) reported

    @HoneyedHaunt It was fun at the start, then the quests started coming and I'm like... Can my mount be more like skyrim horses and go way faster pls? There's a REASON I haven't finished that fame yet, too much walking Mass effect Andromeda also had that problem but imo to a lesser degree

  • Kaosi1 Kaosi 👑 ✨ (@Kaosi1) reported

    Biggest problem of the Mass Effect 3 ending is that the we end up saving London

  • NaclynE SR Naclyn Erick II (@NaclynE) reported

    @rieper47 Sorta got that from Elden Ring, Mass Effect Trilogy on Insanity difficulty, and Nioh 2. Elden Ring was probably just stuff needing to be fixed like Code Vien, Mass Effect Trilogy was just me needing to play smart, and Nioh 2 was a known issue so not just me.

  • girlstandstill 🦉Girlstandstill loves Theron Shan & Kaidan Alenko (@girlstandstill) reported

    So, I'm going to learn to crochet. When I do, I'm thinking I will make Mass Effect, Star Wars & Dragon Age themed stuff. I'm pretty sure I can make a scarf no problem, but I also want to make beanies & blankets.

  • blue_spectre_ BlueSpectre (@blue_spectre_) reported

    Playing mass effect 1 isn't going to cure my depression but by God does it help to see a random enemy get pinged into the ******* stratosphere because of its broken physics engine

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7