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  • Cultural_Yeast Ghostvirus (@Cultural_Yeast) reported

    @Ixozuxiz @ReagansRaptor @Grummz The problem is that understanding Mass Effect is doing a 5k piece puzzle with five hundred pieces in front of you, and 4,500 in different boxes. And you're not told which boxes belong to this puzzle, and which boxes are unrelated. You've only understood the surface story.

  • thedsggroup DSG (@thedsggroup) reported

    Sorry. But I don’t take lectures from anyone over the demand on the NHS or public services whilst they simultaneously pretend that mass immigration has no effect on demand. To me that just proves that being liked takes precedence over actually addressing such issues.

  • robbarcruises Robert Holloway (@robbarcruises) reported

    @ColleenFuller @ElizabethMay @jjhorgan @Rob_Fleming @bcedplan @bctf Sounds like a day off and mass effect on cities. To what effect. Government will just say we hear you. Better to make it an election issue with discussion and plans

  • dylan44091709 dylan (@dylan44091709) reported

    @SlashLP89 I think I finally figured out my problem with mass effect 2, it's the fact that the game forces you in a very lazy way to be a renegade.. every decision I made in ME2 was made as a council Spectre, yet by me3 was I still considered a traitor to the council despite..

  • oscar_perria Season 2 of Shield Hero Confirmed! (@oscar_perria) reported

    Well, by this point, Bioware had already abandoned Mass Effect Andromeda to go work on Anthem. So its not a shock to me that they are still trying to fix Anthem long after its release. Makes you wonder why they released it without it being anywhere near completion.

  • iNKDaddyOFMixer iNK_Daddy (@iNKDaddyOFMixer) reported

    @Milfandcookiee @WatchMixer @Xbox @DeadByBHVR Try doing a full console reset (hold power button down for 10 seconds) Dee has this issue with mass effect

  • whyyoumaddiebro mad (@whyyoumaddiebro) reported

    a1: I believe gun laws are the most important issue. The reason being that the mass shootings that have unfortunately occurred has a major effect on the people and the fact that the different views for gun rights of the candidates is very important to all citizens. #jrobgov

  • Tired_Grobi Tired and depressed. 🏳️‍🌈🏴 (@Tired_Grobi) reported

    Yes. Playing Mass Effect 3 only *after* I've seen the ending on YouTube and lived through all the memes made it a lot more agreeable. The game's still BAD for myriads of other reasons, but I could appreciate the whole package better by getting the big issue out of the way.

  • ActualLib Actual Liberal (@ActualLib) reported

    @CultureMerc The only time when such outrage is justified is when it is over broken developer promises (such as the ending of Mass Effect 3) or a publisher being overly greedy (such as the Battlefront II pay-to-win lootbox controversy).

  • ActualLib Actual Liberal (@ActualLib) reported

    @CultureMerc The only time when such outrage is justified is when it is over broken developer promises, as was the case with lootboxes in Payday 2 or the ending of Mass Effect 3. In both of those cases, the developer promised one thing and delivered another.

  • GWOtaku Todd DuBois (@GWOtaku) reported

    Maybe the dumbest thing about the pointless dust-up about Death Stranding’s “easy mode” is that it’s incredibly far from new. Mass Effect did this! The issue isn’t the existence of easy mode but that people don’t understand this game, and it risks coming off as a vanity project

  • Etiquette_Rex Etiquette Rex Gaming (@Etiquette_Rex) reported

    @DreamcastGuy I can't figure that out, either. Only two PS4 exclusives have broken 90 on metacritic. Meanwhile, Detroit and Days Gone underperformed SEVERELY. But they're not alone in the market. Look at Anthem and Mass Effect. Such wasted hype.

  • StellarSquid Squiddy (@StellarSquid) reported

    @SlappedSteak @greedfall Don't expect this to be Mass Effect 2 quality. Combat is basic and repetative, and there's some veeery light bugs and animation issues. OTHERWISE, it is totally worth it. The story, questing, and characters SHINE.

  • king_elected A storeroom full of rope (@king_elected) reported

    Well I ****** up my own day, clearly the only fix is to redownload the entire Mass Effect trilogy abd play through the umpteenth time.

  • BigJohn2310 Big John 23 (@BigJohn2310) reported

    @Grummz They did that with Mass Effect I think. A mode where it was just the storytelling and decision making without the action. I have no problem with the idea but it sounds like a dull way to play a game.

  • petermu04344970 a2z (@petermu04344970) reported

    @notfittoserve @Femi_Sorry I did back in January and I don't retract one word. Mass immigration has caused problems & still does, because of its continued effect on housing, the NHS, Schools & Services, none of which are being rebuilt

  • saraismyhandle SaraTheWeeze (@saraismyhandle) reported

    @JoeGoodwinII @tenbears72 @MatthewModine I agree. Big Pharma is a huge problem. I always want to know what drugs those "mass shooters" are taking for their "depression" before they go on a path of destruction. These shootings are no doubt a side effect of those drugs.

  • RockGuyHein Bertram Hein Fl4k Main #bl3 (@RockGuyHein) reported

    @shinobi602 and while were at it, put back the missing planetary missions into me3, put back in the turian and salarian homeworld arcs and . honestly remake mass effect 2 to a degree that we can fix me3 by that lol

  • ThatOneGuy24601 That One Guy (Andy Muschietti fan acc) (@ThatOneGuy24601) reported

    K I love the Mass Effect Trilogy but a problem I have with it is that it sometimes feels as if the “best” choices and story progressions are unattainable if you don’t have an obligatory amount of Paragon or Renegade points

  • V12Stig Raül Sala Naranjo (@V12Stig) reported

    @PatrickGunz_CH @ealmirall @kashthefuturist @antgrasso @evankirstel @ipfconline1 @helene_wpli @alvinfoo @terence_mills @Ronald_vanLoon @andi_staub @JacBurns_Comext @MikeQuindazzi @SpirosMargaris @andy_lucerne I saw a prototipe of this thing in a magazine (Autopista, Spain) like 15 years ago or more. I think the biggest issue is this design is heavier than a normal wheel. You never want a car to get heavier, but the unsprung mass is critical. It has a bigger effect on fuel economy and

  • ZacharyBanks85 Indiana Bones: The Faggot of Doom (@ZacharyBanks85) reported

    @lordvictor @NevResMi Repitition and poor worldbuiling were my issues with MassEffect as well. What really pissed me off was Garret in the first mission being excessively against death, and then the game has rewards for a hostile/violent playstyle.

  • ZavaskiMD Michael Zavaski, MD (@ZavaskiMD) reported

    @FicarraVincenzo @uretericbud @JamesPorterMD @PorpigliaF @Uroweb @AmerUrological Lap radical nephrectomy. Consider biopsy first, but let’s be honest at that age mass effect down the road would likely become a problem even if this were benign.

  • beepsalt Samm (@beepsalt) reported

    @GIJarinad I had the same problem with Mass Effect when I played. That’s why I love DA:O because the exact words you say are on screen. It’s very clear.

  • FlyFeline Penelope(They/them) (@FlyFeline) reported

    Still love Mordin's story arc in Mass Effect and it's never about how hard life is for him as someone who committed genocide or some sort of man pain bullshit. It's based entirely around him trying to do *something* of substance to fix what he did

  • Jack_Black103 Alt-Center Free Speech Extremist 🚩 (@Jack_Black103) reported

    @DGrocki @GoBucks45177 @4YrsToday The Australian gun Buy-Back/confiscation had no noticeable effect on gun crime in fact it was dropping before the ban and mass shootings have never been an issue even beforehand. They also spent half a billion dollars buying back everyone's guns with their own tax dollars.

  • Omnigladius Mike (@Omnigladius) reported

    @third_artifact I call myself a variety streamer but I'm more of a Mass Effect streamer. I have the same problem of getting bored and going back to what i know and love

  • avenczel Albert Venczel (@avenczel) reported

    @JerkyLeBoeuf meh there is nothin incriminating in here FG is married now and it is not illegal to be her friend. no effect on CPC or scheer. mass immigration is a legit issue.

  • OdorRj RJ Odor (@OdorRj) reported

    @SenKamalaHarris Your gun laws only effect people who obey laws already. They do nothing to prevent criminals from using guns, or mentally ill people from committing mass violence. How about addressing the real problems with real solutions.

  • GloriousKev ⌨ The Glorious K.E.V. 🖥🖱 (@GloriousKev) reported

    @Hobojebus I don't mostly because Mass Effect 2, 3, Andromeda, Dragon Age 2, Inquisition, and even Anthem weren't ruined by Microtransactions or Live service. Well maybe Live service for Anthem. The ones that were ruined were done so by being rushed and not polished games.

  • ataritastic s y d n e y (@ataritastic) reported

    TBH I feel like the other Mass Effect games were similar in a lot of ways. ME3 had a lot of obvious problems re: its story, ME1 had a lot of obvious problems re: gameplay, ME2 was easily the most solid game of the bunch but still felt like they didn't know what they wanted to do

  • FiresOfAnarchy1 John Thompson (@FiresOfAnarchy1) reported

    @Cybren @BootlegGirl A Mass Effect RTS game would be interesting. It worked for Halo. ME3 discourse is a minefield but I have a lot of problems with the story in that game and how the world's conceptualized that goes well beyond the ending.

  • ZulhilmiChong ARCDisrupter (@ZulhilmiChong) reported

    I guess the whole mess happening right now shows quite a lot of things surounding social psychology even in virtual space; Lucifer Effect. Mass Hysteria. Group Thinking. Confirmation Bias. First-Conclusion Bias. Fundamental Attribution Error.

  • Balefuego This is not my beautiful Gun/House (@Balefuego) reported

    @YerFriendMolly Look, Mass Effect 3 has some problems but

  • TheWitcherBoone Boone (@TheWitcherBoone) reported

    @SinuousWitcher //that happened to me once and I could nor fix it! Happened to me on Mass Effect too! I rage quit and didnt pick it back up for a year!

  • nanlayko Nancy B Layko (@nanlayko) reported

    @ausgreen @Grantmeijer @kilonova_gold @alanwhitehouse @nuyorican_21 @irothenbaum @knownasduffy @Kinowolf @KrisOverton @NWBiscotti @colestout2 @SwigParty @BetoORourke @GOP More people die from the following than guns Knives, blunt force trauma such as hammers and bats, automobile accidents, medical malpractice Please tell me 1 mass murder that would not have occurred if this ban were in effect.... ZERO The issue is not guns The issue is evil

  • Speculate_Me Landon (@Speculate_Me) reported

    Halo 3 Spyro 3 Crash Team Racing Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Final Fantasy 10 Call of Duty MW2 Legend of Dragoon Skyrim Guitar Hero 3 Mass Effect 3

  • ProgramingGamer EOF (@ProgramingGamer) reported

    @majornelson @APlagueTale #freecodefridaycontest It depends, I bought Crash Bandicoot after a demo, didn't buy any football games after playing demos for them. I bought Battlefield 1 after a trial. Tried the Mass Effect Andromeda trial and thought nope, no thanks. Bought Overwatch after a beta.

  • Av8orGamer 6️⃣.8️⃣ streamer, 9️⃣.9️⃣ pilot. (@Av8orGamer) reported

    PC Gamer's big issue is the humor. It's like they forgot they were playing borderlands and expected good comedy. It's like they forgot most of the humor is supposed to be drowned out by the fun of co-op with friends. This isn't supposed to be Mass Effect.

  • Dr_Scaphandre Spaceboi Scaphandre 🔞 (@Dr_Scaphandre) reported

    @Faye_Fantasies @Pokemon If it’s Mass Effect Andromeda, Fallout 76, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, or anything else nobody would care. But suddenly the moment Pokemon goes down this same path now suddenly it’s a problem.

  • jasonmpage No not that Jay (@jasonmpage) reported

    @SeanParnellUSA I can’t recall the author but there was a good piece written in the past few years about the “Columbine Effect” in which the barriers to conducting mass murder get broken down with each subsequent event. A guy in Japan just recently murdered 20 with a gallon of gasoline.

  • mynropmail Mike M (@mynropmail) reported

    @lennonfan4 @Jim_Jordan As evidenced by the 10's of thousands of local/state/federal gun control laws the issue is not about 'gun control'. It IS about pushing 'feel good' laws that would have absolutely ZERO effect on reducing gun violence or mass shootings.

  • DerekOfTheDykes Derek Van Dyke (@DerekOfTheDykes) reported

    So it turns out that the entirety of my performance problems with Mass Effect 1 on PC earlier were due to Origin. Disabled Origin features for the application and the game runs buttery smooth now. WILD.

  • Celoxamortis Celoxamortis (@Celoxamortis) reported

    @destructoid Knew it was coming. It’s the final nail in the game’s coffin. It got the token content update support for Cataclysm, now it’s up on the subscription service to die. Pretty much followed the same road as Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • MastaSushii MASTA SUSHII (@MastaSushii) reported

    @anthemgame I hope you guys never give up on this game. I feel broken after mass effect even though i played the entire campaign got my 100% well i count it cuz broken missions prevented me. But anthem was the refresher in movement i needed

  • Eric56511171 Rolue Vas Reisa (@Eric56511171) reported

    @NotnxtWillSmith @SpacerGamer17 @ryguy8160 @CDPROJEKTRED @CyberpunkGame @GOGcom @Displate this fan basis treated us like vermin when Dragon Age 2 came out and Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect 3. Well now Bioware is dead and we are all here. This issue isnt going to go away so quickly and the more we are attacked, the worse it gets.

  • SatyricRyder 🌌⚧ N. Owen ⚧🌌 (@SatyricRyder) reported

    So the maintenance dude who painted my door complimented my Mass Effect posters... Maybe if I bribe him with alien babe porn hell fix my air conditioning first thing in the morning...

  • SanicTheBlur 👻👻Sanic The Hedgehog☠️☠️ (@SanicTheBlur) reported

    @JakeBaldino I've enjoyed this game alot, it definitely has issues. The movement still feels weird to me but I like the characters and adore the dog elements. In a sucker for anything that resembles Mass effect in that regard lol

  • MrSwitzer87 Andrew Switzer (@MrSwitzer87) reported

    @pcgamer Nearly as good as Mass Effect was on first release (take of nostalgia glasses). 20 people vs hundreds. I'd give it a 9 just for that, a 10 if they fix the few bugs I've found and the lip animations.

  • amdphreak Ryan Johnson (@amdphreak) reported

    @NoThankYouPaul @ProtonMail Protonmail needs to leverage the network effect to gain popularity. Make the service cheap enough to get a critical mass of people to adopt the service and other people will follow in their footsteps. Word of mouth is the best advertising you can have.

  • SheWolfDeadly Lacie. (@SheWolfDeadly) reported

    @Municorny_ I don't think it's content that's the problem Variety streamers are a hella lot harder to "make it" and grow quickly. And I do think a lot of it is luck, too, with variety streaming (think about it, if you do a Mass Effect stream, for example, you may get viewers specifically-

  • gamechunktv GameChunk (@gamechunktv) reported

    Our next video is about a problem-solving sequel to Mass Effect, but we realised that's a terrible idea

  • ThomasJohnMurch Thomas Murch (@ThomasJohnMurch) reported

    Finally, I can stop playing that one small part of Mass Effect 3's Citadel DLC on an endless loop and get my pull-up fix from another game instead...

  • Destrier15 Destrier (@Destrier15) reported

    @RenaAmerican @jhta2013 @garner_forest @JPATI72 @darrell_olive @truthcatsresist @santiagomayer_ @LandLockedLass By all means. Do something that will actually have an effect. Banning black cars, to reduce the 'speeding and accidents' of black cars. Results in other car colors increasing speeding and accidents. Removal of 'one rifle type' does not fix the issue of mass shootings.

  • Unknown86437481 Unknown?? (@Unknown86437481) reported

    @bioware @LaughingOrc TBH I suffering mass effect fatigue hope we get a new game either next year or the year after I need my ME fix I've allready played 1 2 3 and Andormeda like 4 times this week

  • ChibiAllenX Names Nepeta & this is the best bed on the citadel (@ChibiAllenX) reported

    I'm replaying Mass Effect Andromeda and tbh, I've never had so many issues with glitches as I'm having with this playthrough so far. OTL I guess taking a break from this game for so long was a bad idea cuz like... Now it dosen't play like it used to anymore.

  • witchoil mononokewife 🐺🔞 (@witchoil) reported

    Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Borderlands Sly Cooper: Honor Among Thieves Dishonored Mass Effect 3

  • Metotka SgtShinobi (@Metotka) reported

    Same ************* who were out there crucifying Mass Effect: Andromeda for facial animations calling the absolutely horrendous lipsync in GreedFall a "minor issue". Suck a fat nut.

  • aliasjl79 Joshua Long (@aliasjl79) reported

    @thehill Nothing wrong with universal background checks or red flag laws so long as the wording is done right. But we need to stop pretending this is going to have virtually any effect on the exaggerated problem of mass shootings.

  • gerard_greyowl Maciek Jabłoński (@gerard_greyowl) reported

    @Dryden88 @Lisa69493382 @bioware @LaughingOrc @EA @dragonage @masseffect Don't get me wrong, Andromeda was a fun game. But it was rushed and incomplete, with tons of really stupid bugs and errors which could've easily been avoided. But rather than try and save it, @bioware simply ditched it and focused on Anthem. And we all know how that played out.

  • Zero4711 Zero D. Phoenix (@Zero4711) reported

    -Styled Mass Effect 3 release and hope to curry favor on fan service alone. People will be outraged if that game is just "ok" after many of it's release players already begrudgingly "caving in" and creating Epic Games Store accounts. ---

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

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  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7