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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Outage Chart 09/25/2020 16:00

September 25: Problems at Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is having issues since 04:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments section!

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  • FlavianSophist Dr. Kira Jones, unaccredited prismatoid (@FlavianSophist) reported

    @duxfeminafacti9 Edi from Mass Effect 3 is nice, but I don't think she procreates...there's also the whole issue of exos in Destiny 1/2. I don't suppose Eva's plant from Wall-E counts?

  • TheSpoonyOne Noah Antwiler (@TheSpoonyOne) reported

    The aliens say "Rule 1: you may find these ancient mass effect relays. Do not **** with them. Humans: No problem. Aliens: Rule 2 - Do not, do not, do NOT use the Omega relay. It's shut down for a reason. Humans: Okay. Aliens: Rule 3 - and this is by FAR the most important.

  • TheLordDeGea T.Tamo Third Account (@TheLordDeGea) reported

    October 2: Crash Bandicoot 4 is releasing Then hopefully a Mass Effect remastered is announced Skipping FIFA 21 this year, might get it on a discounted price on PS5 later Let's go...

  • MrDays8 Mr. Flash (@MrDays8) reported

    @sam03091611 •No Man’s Land storyline, starting with Batman Vol 1 567 (Trade issue 3 of 5, I think) •Ghost/Batgirl: The Resurrection Engine Vol 1 1-4 •Batgirl Vol 1 (suffers from Mass Effect syndrom, i. e. turns into garbage on the last page of the final issue)

  • RaikArglack Raik Arglack (@RaikArglack) reported

    I a issue about usually not liking my own stuff I create- it's not that i dont like mass effect or animation - or literally anything that I talk about, I love these. I just have the tendency to look at my finished stuff and think to myself: "Wow - that's terrible" And I hate that

  • Irish_settler Jeremy (@Irish_settler) reported

    @BiowareGear @GamingHeads @masseffect Wow. Been a long time since Ive heard mention of Mass Effect. Ya know, after #Bioware DESTROYED the franchise with a broken, dull piece of crap game that the executives should STILL be ashamed of. (and I STILL want a refund!)

  • PressPlez 🔞 PressurizedPleasure (@PressPlez) reported

    @lillykitty1988 Mass Effect Andromeda is part of the series and does have a tie-in with the trilogy, yes, but it's basically a standalone game for all intents and purposes. It got a bad rep for graphical issues on launch and a bland plot/characters, but the gameplay and visuals are really great

  • _ToThePolls X To The Polls (@_ToThePolls) reported

    Let's Mass Effect 2: Normandy Crash Site the vote!

  • scottydo369 Scottydo369 (@scottydo369) reported

    @SauceElf I was honestly heart broken after I found out we couldn't romance her in the first then went nuts when she was available in me2 and eventually 3. didnt like mass effect before I played it. then I met Tali for the first time and fell in love

  • AlexsaurusZilla Alex Kogan (@AlexsaurusZilla) reported

    @ariennaminx Well, there is also LA Noire which I’ve heard is a damn good detective game too. But from what I’ve heard it has a similar problem Mass Effect 1 had where the dialogue you went with doesn’t always translate to what was intended. Never played it. Kinda want too eventually.

  • skinnysnflops Im Just Here For Gaming News (@skinnysnflops) reported

    @pcgamer BioWare and then fix the mass effect mistake by creating a remake anthology game which remasters and ties the original 3 into one game.

  • umcharliex LostPerfection (@umcharliex) reported

    @grabelnikov @ballmatthew Add BioWare back during the original Xbox/1st mass effect era, and remedy and Tecmo. If they bought them awhile ago they would not have had the issue with lacking 1st party games in the first place. Probably could of scooped up Bethesda earlier too.

  • bdhgames BRAD HAUGHTON (@bdhgames) reported

    @XboxP3 now you need to get the Montreal team from EA so they can fix the Mass Effect game.

  • elflinng lico 🧝 (@elflinng) reported

    at least having no internet means i have no problem forcing myself to restart mass effect so i can have wrex n not blow up the council

  • thedarkfenix ian musgrove (@thedarkfenix) reported

    So having a repeating problem with mass effect 2. When I boot it up and hit the resume button its saying cannot resume as content is missing (which it isnt) I even downloaded it again in case its a licensing issue to my xbox. So I have to reboot my xbox for it too work really odd

  • neBulaMor Bruna (@neBulaMor) reported

    @Occorner1 I got the exact same error with Mass Effect andromeda though so I don't even think it could be the damod manager, but at first I tried without just to make sure

  • Illusive_s0ul IllusiveSoul 🇨🇱 (@Illusive_s0ul) reported

    @girlstandstill That's just a problem with Bioware in general The way they end up not doing these romances with all sorts of pretenses its just problematic in general. I could rant for hours about everything we were robbed from in romances in dragon age and mass effect lol The modders are heroes

  • AngelQuaLe Pan 🍳 (@AngelQuaLe) reported

    @someblackg *No man sky is **** on release* Sean Murray: "we will work hard to fix this game and turn it into everything we promised" *Mass Effect Andromeda is **** on release* EA: "Damn that's crazy"

  • _primarina vin unleaded (@_primarina) reported

    All the Mass Effect novels are good lol granted they all suffer from weird syntax, grammar, and spelling errors like the Dragon Age books but

  • bunnystrawbaby bun @ ARR electric boogaloo (@bunnystrawbaby) reported

    i have less of an issue with mass effect where you are kind of a pre-established hero because shepard is more of a spearhead with control over a limited team than the full-fledged leader of an organization

  • p4wst NAOFUMI'S TRICK (@p4wst) reported

    @Sticky_Llama Ian for once being correct in his taste for Mass Effect Women. holy **** but then again broken clock

  • LowEndLem LowEndLem (@LowEndLem) reported

    Good news, I think I fixed the Mass Effect 2 issue. Seems similar to my XCOM 2 issue. So we're gonna give that a shot again this week.

  • Cakinator_ Joshua S. (@Cakinator_) reported

    @PaulTassi I do the same, doom shirt, destiny mask and mass effect hat. I have a problem.

  • LordOfJewels998 melusine (@LordOfJewels998) reported

    @CorporateStudi2 True. Schrodinger had no trouble handling my finding out that, in Mass Effect, I'm bad at headshots.... but really really good at nuking stuff in the butt and groin. I'll have to find out how it runs Aquaria :D

  • Sonny_J_D Sonny Drake (@Sonny_J_D) reported

    @CaseyExplosion This is basically what happened to Mass Effect, isn’t it? BioWare decided to chase the ‘live service’ thing and abandoned Andromeda

  • RellikThaDon_ R.I.P Chadwick🕊❤️ (@RellikThaDon_) reported

    @DeeWain33 Same thing happened with Mass Effect Andromeda smh. These developers don't understand we'd rather wait then have a broken game. And if they're thinking about bread, theyre dumb

  • WilliamCail1 William Cail (@WilliamCail1) reported

    @MarzGurl Hmmm there is one Mass Effect game for the Wii U. If a Mass Effect game can run on the Wii U then it shouldn't be a problem for the Switch.

  • BiigRedBeard BiigRedBeard (@BiigRedBeard) reported

    Nothing but issues tonight tech wise. Internet dropped after figuring out video. Sigh. Done for the night. Going to play mass effect on the couch and sip my choccy milk.

  • ObjectiveDollar The Objectivist Dollar (@ObjectiveDollar) reported

    Dragon Age 2 suffers from all the problems Mass Effect series suffered. Why give me "red" answers if all they do is nag about inevitable story points?

  • LuciferaWrey Cassandra Lucifera Wrey (@LuciferaWrey) reported

    @vometia @NatalieTheCapn The central issue with ending a series that's been built up as much as the mass effect series is that almost no ending will ever satisfy. So why not make the dissatisfaction of the ending part of the point?

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7