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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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July 20: Problems at Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is having issues since 01:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • MankGiant GiantMank (@MankGiant) reported

    @EAHelp I bought Mass Effect 2 on Steam and the CD keys i received along with it are labeled as 'already used' which is not the case. Please help me with that issue.

  • Balefuego Young Griff is the true king. (@Balefuego) reported

    Even given my problems with the ending the number one easiest way to make Mass Effect 3 way better would simply be to excise the dream sequences. Who ******** thought these were good.

  • MassEffect2148 Illusive Man (@MassEffect2148) reported

    @Animegamergrl I sent Recore. Never heard of it. Got one for myself. I desperately need to get a Mass Effect fix!!! I’ve played 2&3 4 times this year. Didn’t love Andromeda. It was thin as hell. Anyway, enjoy.👍🏾

  • rfalduti Renee Falduti (@rfalduti) reported

    @rachelalbon I like Cats and I will still go see this movie BUT I think the CGI was a huge error on their part. They all just look weird. Maybe static the CGI could work but as soon as they animate the faces, it’s bizarre. Like a bad animation for Shepard in Mass Effect.

  • skullgamern7 Gamerdude (@skullgamern7) reported

    @Xbox Mass effect 2, crash bandicoot twinsanity 🤔

  • yourbestrobot focaccia is doing alright for once (@yourbestrobot) reported

    like. mass effect but just as long. no ******* giant open world, no 300 hour campaign, no constant service updates, just like...mass effect, released in 2019, as long as it is, with some DLC coming out afterward and like. thats it. god. im quivering at the thought

  • jiwooyeri ❤️ (@jiwooyeri) reported

    gonna play mass effect n avoid my problems

  • jasndoc Jason N. Doctor (@jasndoc) reported

    @MWFriedberg @ProfHayward I also believe that papers that over estimate the harmful effect of errors undermine our ability to deal with real problems. If ppl believe mass harm is the status quo then shining a light on any real problem (e.g., opioids; Abx resistance) leads to whataboutery.

  • A_Lazy_Lizard Silverado (@A_Lazy_Lizard) reported

    @RealAngelicaR @valsnudes Cigarettes actually have a miniscule effect on the atmosphere at large. A more significant worry is the actual production process of cigarettes and litter caused by discarding them, however, that is not a problem of cigarettes and more a problem with a mass consumer demand.

  • KittyCat_Cammy 🖤キャミー🖤 (@KittyCat_Cammy) reported

    @Verdict4489 Passing on it. I’m interested in Halo 5 cause it seem like 343 really trying to fix the mess they started. But I’m a little worried cause the people behind mass effect andromeda gonna help them and we all know how that last game went for them.

  • clivebushjd Clive⚖️ (@clivebushjd) reported

    @CassandraRules I would rather have dialogue that another meat-grinding war. Gosh I hate war; George W. Bush, warmonger, has more to do with the issues we have today than people could ever imagine until they think long and hard about his effect on mass migration since we blew their homes up.

  • Turtle_Mocha TurtleMocha (@Turtle_Mocha) reported

    @uricksaladbar Broken age soundtrack or mass effect one

  • THiiCColas Horned Horse 🦄 (@THiiCColas) reported

    @DMC_Ryan You get you Mass Effect revival. It's another attempt at a live service that's has swampfulls of mtx and bugs at launch. You realize that Bioware is now a hollow husk with none of it's magic left. There are no cosmetics.

  • Dazzilena 🦋Jenni🦋 💜@Summer Jam💜 (@Dazzilena) reported

    @passthemstickss I bought it day one and I fell through the map almost 10 times I returned it the next day for a full refund. I also had model bugs and clipping issues. Mass effect was one of my favorites as a kid now I can barely look at it.

  • JammerKatzen Katzen Jammer (@JammerKatzen) reported

    @davidhogg111 I am beginning to have a teeny, tiny suspicion that “Thoughts ‘n’ Prayers” aren’t having much effect on the mass shooting problem. Call me crazy.

  • LordRockySB EhSteve.heif (@LordRockySB) reported

    @Kikastrophe @masseffect Uh huh. Blame it on the lag. =P Hahaha jk

  • Kikastrophe Laura.exe (@Kikastrophe) reported

    @LordRockySB @masseffect In my defense there was significant input lag on that tv :(

  • dumbledorse Death Stranding releases in 122 days! (@dumbledorse) reported

    @DMC_Ryan even tho i liked Andromeda and Inquisition, they ain’t the highest point of either series (imho Origins is still peak BioWare post-EA) fix Anthem, create another brand new IP, or a new Star Wars IP... give Mass Effect some more time i think

  • LocarionStorm Dustin (@LocarionStorm) reported

    @XboxSupport Hello. There has been an ongoing problem with the Overlord DLC pack for Mass Effect 2 on the market place. Anytime anyone tries to buy it via a console or the web store, it generates an error. Please help! Thank you!

  • SuttersZach Zach Sutters (@SuttersZach) reported

    @DMC_Ryan Here’s what I think BioWare needs to do. For some goodwill they need to remaster the Mass Effect trilogy and KOTOR. That alone would bring back so much love and goodwill. They can’t make service based games and EA needs to stop forcing frostbite on everyone.

  • DstructableCake Kyle (@DstructableCake) reported

    @DMC_Ryan Probably does more damage to the reputation than if they were to stick with it and turn it around. With Andromeda being a flop, and Anthem doing what it has, where's the belief a new Mass Effect will be different. Fix what is there now, if nothing else for the fans that bought in

  • _RandomJ_ Random J (@_RandomJ_) reported

    @PlayStation Mass effect 1. Tried playing it. Thought it was a slow, broken-ass mess and left it alone. Years later, Mass effect 3 trailer drops with the sniper in Big Ben. Wig gone. I go back and play through Mass effect 1 and hop right into Mass effect 2, which left me all types of bald.

  • reusdowskii sharuru (@reusdowskii) reported

    guess i found a way to fix mass effect for myself

  • Jam22Jim JimJam22 (@Jam22Jim) reported

    @Toadsanime My backlog is over 200 at this point , and ever increasing with the amount I’ve bought on the PSN sales this week. Im trying to focus on finally beating Mass Effect Andromeda, Plague Tale and Superdimension Neptunia RPG, but Crash Team Racing’s Grand Prix is taking all my time 😩

  • Wanton_Futa Give The Dragon Lotsa Cuddles (@Wanton_Futa) reported

    I’m really enjoying the first mass effect, it’s not nearly as clunky as I was worried it would be, being 11 years old. The only real problem I have right now are that tutorial messages won’t shut up. But aside from that, I can see why these games are so popular!

  • Spellweaver37 Etarberec {Gentle Tauradonna Oathsworn} (@Spellweaver37) reported

    It has Belladusked on me that I primarily have legitimate issues with how all the choice-based games (not just David Cage's kind) operate. "Do the Good Ending or feel like a chump" is how they all are. Mass Effect 1 was pretty bad about it, even before 2 and 3 came along.

  • JPMajor Jason Major (@JPMajor) reported

    @gillie144 I'm not saying quakes have no effect; they can cause changes in the planet's rotation and axis. But it's not the rotational axis but rather how the planet's mass is centered. It's more of an issue for spacecraft engineering than climate.

  • stickgin Stickg (@stickgin) reported

    @jifferey Besides the ending I loved mass effect 3. But yeah they won’t listen because fixing problems ruins there plan of “bring out the game quickly as possible and hope people still pre order games”

  • TheKillaBunny 𝔖𝔥𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔶 𝔅𝔲𝔩𝔩 (@TheKillaBunny) reported

    @Klawykser @VG247 ...I played all of the games the author mentioned and I personally didn’t have a problem with the way the original Mass Effect Trilogy ends, at least story wise. I only noticed the technical stuff when someone pointed it out. It certainly didn’t mar my enjoyment of the game...

  • talecrafter Stephan Hövelbrinks (@talecrafter) reported

    To expand: I liked the dialogue in Mass Effect. I was irritated sometimes in Witcher 3 by what Geralt actually said, in Vampyr it made interacting with (otherwise interesting NPCs) so formulaic, and Fallout 4 combines those issues. The "poll" was a bit contrived, sorry.

  • WackoMedia Peter (@WackoMedia) reported

    I've been looking back into Mass Effect recently. It's a shame they didn't back down from their terrible choices and instead ignored the problem they created needlessly.

  • Masterof_Magnet Travis Bailey (@Masterof_Magnet) reported

    @Maiharuu @cameronklewis @BryanDechart I get you. Some people you just can't kill in these games. Thankfully...there is youtube so you can see these guilt free. Come on, anyome who plays Mass Effect, you all got the one squadmate that is reset worthy if somehow the game offs them by error.

  • Vritrite Bou | Vrit (@Vritrite) reported

    I think my biggest problem w/ mass effect is that pretty much every alien race is given the ******' Night Elf Treatment where once humans are introduced into the fold all of their aptitudes are suddenly like Not There, lmao.

  • Toimatom Toima (@Toimatom) reported

    @roger_clague @3GHtweets @GillesnFio @d_e_mol @EuphoricEuler @LifeIsThermal @Sanity1013 @NikolovScience @Kenneth72712993 @jimdtweet @NoelTurner194 @doctorbarnes1 @Michael46830937 @struikmans @RoyPentland @Zsolti51 @markbjardine @MassiMassian @dan613 @Calimer0c0mplex @JSegor @glaser_holly @MedBennett @DavidMo66984563 @rln_nelson @NickMcGinley1 @swcrisis @Ianmcpherson22 @cpernell8521 @DawnTJ90 @MikeOrso2 @Gladfly1 @EcoSenseNow @aguy18310792 @WilliamMarsWard @JohnClarksonGSM @ClimatePoet @KenworthCowboy1 @MBemiko @RetributiaNorb @jar61354 @Confraria8 @CoinMomma @PeterJrgen12 @MonkeyMyBack @MajorGrubert @MurrayMack4 @CharlesDarwinTX @Bananenrijperij @novakglobal Weight is not a "down force", it is a relative force. ALL Mass has gravity thus ALL mass has weight relative to the other mass around it. You are trying to be smart with technicalities, the problem is you dont actually understand the principal in effect.

  • StephenMcDonell Stephen McDonell (@StephenMcDonell) reported

    Makes sense though. Beijing wouldn’t want a clear cause and effect line between mass protests & a leader’s head rolling. Problem for #China Govt is that this time crisis won’t end quickly: no easy quiet time for CarrieLam to slip away. She’s in charge of the chaos she created.

  • HeyGeek Kevin (@HeyGeek) reported

    Mass effect (lol swipe keyboard + autocorrect = not a problem)

  • TheSozeman Sozeman (@TheSozeman) reported

    Having internet issues tonight, not sure if the stream is going to happen. Sasha Jace in Space (Mass Effect Trilogy) will continue as soon as it can :)

  • noxtoraa 🌾 (@noxtoraa) reported

    my worst problem with mass effect is that when i was super into it i memorized what decision would give me the best result in me3’s ending so despite being a rp based player you still have me wanting to kill wrex for me3’s ending 😔

  • dresedescobar Andres Escobar (@dresedescobar) reported

    @TWTHEREDDRAGON the animations for the physics in the game was not the problem with Mass Effect atleast in battle and I actually looked at..

  • KButzKorner ButzmanSavage (@KButzKorner) reported

    @talecrafter Main problem I had with Mass Effect was the dialogue options were always in the designated "good, neutral, bad" positions, so you'd just streamline your answers.

  • Stolenmem Electric Guy (@Stolenmem) reported

    @VG247 You made it sound like the facial animations were the only problems with mass effect andromina. There were way more problems with that game

  • INaNSays INaN Billington (@INaNSays) reported

    2019 and people still ******* pretending the problem with mass effect 3 was the ending

  • PKe_books pk_ebooks (@PKe_books) reported

    Mass effect 2's normandy elevator loading screens flash up for ******* home phone service without my consent

  • Six_Wing Rowan Ariadne (@Six_Wing) reported

    @WadjetEyeGames I also enjoy the Mass Effect series, and I have to say, if people are bothering to use images of Morinth to anger in your general direction, they have bigger issues.

  • austrumental Patman is coming (@austrumental) reported

    If you've played Mass Effect you ain't got no problem ****** aliens

  • svensationalism Sven Michel (@svensationalism) reported

    @Kheyehm1 gee, it's almost as if "learning a brand new engine that isn't well-suited to RPG development" was something that completely ****** over mass effect andromeda from the word go. Weird. It's almost as if Frostbite has single-handed caused more problems than it solved. 🤔

  • HatokTalk hatok (@HatokTalk) reported

    like "yeah mass effect andromeda released super buggy and way less polished than the previous games, but they were using an engine that wasn't well suited to the game they were making" like okay, but that's not the consumer's problem at all

  • DavidAceXXX David Ace XXX (@DavidAceXXX) reported

    @StefanMolyneux The fact that farm work is the first thing that comes to mind is also a problem, but a separate problem. That said, mass immigration has little to no effect on white collar or even blue collar jobs. I am interested in your sources though. I could be wrong.

  • VanaheimGames VanaheimGames (@VanaheimGames) reported

    Public service announcement. @Joe_The_Human94 's last stream of Mass Effect 3 has been postponed till tomorrow. So keep your calendar open, because tomorrow we are going to take back the plans for the Crucible from the Illusive Man's bloody hands, and ending this war! Be there!

  • Nitomatta Pixelbuster (@Nitomatta) reported

    Your first problem is using a ******* GIF from Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Gareth_S_CG gareth standfield (@Gareth_S_CG) reported

    @MckKirk As someone on both sides of the fence. I will just say that mass effect Andromeda was not only taken down by Gifs it had a myriad of problems an like alot of AAA games have not been ready for release. On both sides of this we need to give talent the time to make-

  • steven234116 Steven (@steven234116) reported

    Why is this journalist ( Alan Simpson) obsessed with private healthcare. The NHS works. The problem is the negative effect of mass immigration over a long period. If other systems worked better Britain wouldn't be such an immigration target! Leave the NHS of your pathetic radar!

  • harlekin96 Søren Blaabjerg (@harlekin96) reported

    @CNN The problem with macroeconomic theory is, that what on the surface seems to be relatively simple cause and effect patterns may in fact not be real bc a lot of unpredictable patterns - partly of a mass-psychological and/or cultural nature - may influence what actually happens.

  • JosseDanel Danel Josse (@JosseDanel) reported

    @EA if you want to fix the bad perception that gamers have of your company don't forget you have theses licences: Jade Empire Star Wars the Old Republic Dragon Age Mass Effect (I hope to see Jade Empire on PS5)

  • AlphaReturns82 AlphaReturns82🇬🇧 (@AlphaReturns82) reported

    @mage_silver @Dragon_Age_Fans I just have a big problem with EA ruining games like dragons dogma tbh 😂 mass effect was the first thing that came to mind

  • SliMagik Chris (@SliMagik) reported

    @dRaStiX_dX @Uncle_Pearl3 @IlovebeinBlack Bro.. and then I look at the RTs and it’s all black people. Like wtf that shit is literally not helping and only adding to the problem by promoting this video with that caption. I hate ppl that are so toxic. Natural selection really needs to take effect on the mass global populus

  • Undead_Pumpkin Plagued (@Undead_Pumpkin) reported

    @iIuvminjoon @IGN I assure you being a virgin has nothing to do with it, who is buying fifa the box art anyway. Tbh posts like this make me think back to mass effect 3 all those years ago had female Shepard on one side Male shep on the other with a reversible cover, problem solved everyone happy

  • racheltranshero Rachel 🛡 Official Morrigan Stan (@racheltranshero) reported

    also as much as I love the story, characters and world of Origins, it just plays too slow and clunky for me to enjoy it to its full potential same issue with Mass Effect 1 tbh

  • VirtualRuin Virtual Ruin (@VirtualRuin) reported

    @lisaquestions Honestly the only thing besides the reaper skeleton that makes it a problem is that Mass Effect 3 chucked so many of 2's characters aside assumably because they could have died in this mission.

  • TOR_rob12 #Cyberpunk2077 that one rob (@TOR_rob12) reported

    @ElementalAmber I would have worn black when I was younger (did wear it >.>) but yes... Mass Effect does fix everything

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
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  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
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