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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • Sakaushka Max Petrov (@Sakaushka) reported

    @PhenomenonOne @MarcosVq @ESLDota2 @PaulChaloner @SirActionSlacks @erineeman @keepingitKyle @BananaSlamJamma @PurgeGamers @DotACapitalist @GranDGranT @ODPixel @Foggeddota Business considerations are a completely seperate issue to what you've been talkibg about, and not a low hanging fruit at all. For all the effort Bioware put into attracting more women to Mass Effect, it still had a 70% male audience.

  • AnkisTV Ankis (@AnkisTV) reported

    @DJohnBrown @yolakin @masseffect Just playing it and streaming it for the first time. And I really like it. Also I just learned that there are mods which should fix some remaining issues.

  • IntoxicusGaming Intoxicus Gaming (@IntoxicusGaming) reported

    @redlianak The story wan't anything Mass Effect level, but *I wasn't expecting that.* I think their other big problem was setting and managing expectations. If they had actually been transparent, and explained changes as they happened, it would have been a better launch.

  • PallandoLeBleu Pallando Le Bleu (@PallandoLeBleu) reported

    @EAHelp @Ijmm I think I have the same problem: since my Origin Access ended, I cannot use online features in Mass Effect Andromeda, although I own the Deluxe Edition.

  • fackler_noah Axe Cooker💙🛡 (@fackler_noah) reported

    @Nichtschwert i would say andromeda but that's got a million other issues the concept and ambition is similar to mass Effect 1 in that but there's just so much other shit on top of it

  • Lonelystarrd22 Passivelyaggressive guy (@Lonelystarrd22) reported

    @firs_in @aNerdskull major problem is that you would need to mass sterilize millions not ever carrier is effected by the disease drastically reducing the gene pool leading to the bottle neck effect plus your increase the likelihood of negative mutations by eliminating that much genetic diversity.

  • JiggumsP JiggumsPook #BullshitMafia (@JiggumsP) reported

    @OrigiDaGOAT @dumbass_danny_ @Slutforswift13 @touch_dic_ @UpwardBoss @OfficialSlickYT @ItsMarioSniper no ofc not. that's the creative vision at play and thats fine. it's when something is supposed to be mature or over the top but gets censored thats an issue. like if the witcher gets censored or mass effect. that would be dumb.

  • TheChavier_BM TheChavier🇪🇸 (@TheChavier_BM) reported

    @Dzryada -Trilogia Mass Effect - Crash Bandicoot - Dragon Age - KOTOR 1 y 2 - The Last of Us - Unchartded - World of Warcraft - Metro Trilogia - Mafia 1-3 - Paper Please

  • MrFakeLeather Soul Patch and Buff (@MrFakeLeather) reported

    @TripleKyun The term RPG itself is muddled, I really have no problem calling Mass Effect 2 a cover shooters or Kingdom Hearts 2 an action game or maybe a beat um up. Mass Effect 2's closer to Gears oF war than Baldur's gate and Kingdom Hearts 2's closer God Of War than Final Fantasy

  • Amicus_Curry Amicus Curry (@Amicus_Curry) reported

    @cosmicblend @IAMNedin It likely didn't take too long to realize that mass broadcasts have a real effect on what the general consensus is on a specific issue. I don't bust out the tinfoil hat often, but the constant gap between all facts and what's presented is too much to leave on the table.

  • Chaoskiller2000 Dust (@Chaoskiller2000) reported

    Think about this: BioWare wants to fix Anthem but had no desire to work on fixing Mass Effect Andrameda. They abandoned Mass Effect. Yes it was different studios but they had the name and could have been picked up from them by EA but they never had them do that.

  • IoIchrisIoI Chris Ward (@IoIchrisIoI) reported

    @PlayStationUK Skyrim Dragon age Mass effect Fallout Broken sword

  • agrau32 Aleix Grau (@agrau32) reported

    @PlayStationUK Mass Effect 2 Dragon Age Origins Persona 4 Golden Crash Bandicoot Spyro the Dragon

  • D_Blooo whazit2u (@D_Blooo) reported

    @gillpiickle We have a problem as a society in believing one individuals actions will effect a large scale corporation. Nike will not miss your one pair of air monarchs for $40 a year. They will miss mass advertisement from losing an athlete you don’t agree with lol.

  • JordanNorr1s Jordan Norris (@JordanNorr1s) reported

    @ChrisKirkland43 The problem isn’t just one comment tho Chris. It’s all the comments, on mass, the compound effect of 100’s of comments across days, weeks and months. The only way to stop trolls is to remove the platform.

  • JohnnyFoxtrotOH Johnny Foxtrot:🌐🙏#CecilBless BACK CA$H GRAB!🙏🌐 (@JohnnyFoxtrotOH) reported

    @Johnholmes1021 ...that, and CoronaVirus would require a mass condensed crowding for it to really do any effect. Just don't get sneezed on, and keep showering. Chinese inland folks are ***** *******, which is a huge problem for their contamination. Most of us won't have any problems at all.

  • LLHurleybird Lori Hurley, PhD (@LLHurleybird) reported

    When I let the model do the transformation for my hormone data I get convergence issues - tho only when I add scale mass index as a fixed effect.

  • N_PhilTration My pancreas is dying faster than yours (@N_PhilTration) reported

    Only 1 problem. Mass Effect isn’t a film, it’s a video game.

  • gamesatthegate Cailian Cross (@gamesatthegate) reported

    Ok, just watched @Arekkz videos on Outriders. Gotta admit, I’m actually pretty excited. It’s on my radar now, looks like a mix between Mass Effect and Destiny but not a games as a service. Still have to wait and see, but it looks promising 😀

  • c2cheryl CSCat (@c2cheryl) reported

    @Collin_Wilkison @Double07OnCall @BreitbartNews @AndrewPollackFL Gun violence in poor communities is a different issue than white male mass shooters. Driven cause. Different effect.

  • 377vkp politics12 (@377vkp) reported

    @gtconway3d Idiotic Anglican Church in Europe is touting the miraculous effect of using silver to service Communion wine--no matter how many lips touch the wine, the silver 'purifies' it of all viruses! There has been an edict against dipping Host in wine--only sipping is permitted at Mass

  • AlvaroLTarazona Alvaro Luis (@AlvaroLTarazona) reported

    @Alexand12477863 Me too. Still waiting for #MassEffect & #Halo to get adapted (Halo animated movies are pretty good). There are so many games that could make great movies. The problem are the scripts. They need to make sense. I.e., Netflix's #DeathNote was horrible (not a game but u get the idea)

  • theexaltedmarch Exalted March (@theexaltedmarch) reported

    There's a thread on r/masseffect claiming the Andromeda multiplayer servers have been shutdown but I just logged on and played a match. There are others in that thread reporting they can also play MP. Not sure if maybe the OP just had an issue then got bad info. Servers appear up

  • JakeBright34 Jeiku (@JakeBright34) reported

    @IGN Wouodnt have this problem if we had found the mass effect relays

  • SeanAng4754 Sean Ang (@SeanAng4754) reported

    @The_RangerNV @ActorsCentral Keep in mind my game play mention is just an example not what actually happened also, this information may be wrong since I have only really watched one video regarding this issue in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

  • ParagonPoints [Insert name here] (@ParagonPoints) reported

    @motivate_jadesy @milanthotdottir @_pbrain @thatstarwarsgrl Yeah, I would. In fact, that’s one of the many, many, many issues with Mass Effect: Andromeda, is that they seem to want to make both Male and Female Ryder as ugly as possible, when their models are very good-looking. Ugh, I hate that game.

  • NSBrownArt Mecha🧡Noah (@NSBrownArt) reported

    @OKthanksgames @ragzouken "Mass Effect 1, Infinite Banter Glitch".

  • fakegamerGabe Digital Fantastic (@fakegamerGabe) reported

    @ISO_metric Mass Effect 2: If you don't do the right things on one of the final missions, many people can die. The 1st time he lost people, they weren't 'close' to him, but he wanted to fix it. It was about mastery of the game rather than the NPCs.

  • DeeboPrice Deebo Price (@DeeboPrice) reported

    @Dre41Gaming @Shaftdaddy_316 @DANIELakaDEE *Mario 64 *Mass Effect 2 *Super Metroid/Castlevania SotN *No Mercy (13 had that 2 count glitch, disqualified. JK)

  • brandnamehero Toe Drags & Tech (@brandnamehero) reported

    @McColganfiction @PawnToBrooke Left 4 Dead was good until they kept fixing what wasn't broken. Mass Effect was good before the pc launch (and later PS3) showed off how poorly the 360 loaded textures.

  • BrindJeremy Jeremy Brind (@BrindJeremy) reported

    @FinalOverdrive @EyesInShade @johnnylemuria @VerminSupreme Honestly I think there's a grain of truth to this one, the only way we're gonna effect a serious permanent social change is through mass mobilisation. The issue is that leaving private property is opening up the door for the change to be undone later

  • KBABZonTV KBABZ (@KBABZonTV) reported

    @stevesaylor @bbcgarcia @AStraww @ShellELittle @superblindman Okay here we go, assuming Top 4 means "Favourites", not "Best": - Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - Mass Effect 3 - Crash Bandicoot 1 - Horizon: Zero Dawn

  • lisa_mcbride91 LisaMcB (@lisa_mcbride91) reported

    @CNBCJou Yes, I work for a large health product distributor in Northern Ireland and the effect of this has been insane. Mass panic buying by the NHS. We’ve been advised issues may arise from the workers in China refusing to return to work. Quickly running out of masks with no ETA for more

  • Canyonaro Jimmy (@Canyonaro) reported

    @PeterBrazier @ElectrekCo @FredericLambert Now that there's critical mass of cars out there, the whole world knows what service nightmares Teslas are. The direct sales model was done to enable direct online sales. Having to deal with service is an unfortunate side effect & they suck at it.

  • thecommabandit thecommabandit, PhD 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴⚛️ (@thecommabandit) reported

    thinkin bout a Mass Effect style game but instead of playing a weirdly fascistic supercop whose above the law, the player runs an anarchist militia cell trusted with the autonomy to solve problems they encounter without answering to a hierarchy

  • Bartlett_talks A. Darian Bartlett 🇧🇧 (@Bartlett_talks) reported

    @havehopehut Fix mass effect andromeda or bring out a new MA game.

  • AAbulawal Abulawal (@AAbulawal) reported

    @thean999 @femmim @DrOlusesan The climatic effect of having so many private vehicles on d roads is not only a local problem but intrnational hazard. Its time we move to light rails n mass transit buses

  • Thatactorsteve Steve Off The Internet (@Thatactorsteve) reported

    @alexjmchugh Inquisition is definitely a step back in the right direction, but the drop between KOtoR and DA2 was shocking, and Mass Effect suffered from the same "just exhaust all the dialogue" problem

  • alexjmchugh Alex McHugh (@alexjmchugh) reported

    @Thatactorsteve Not sure about that, Dragon Age Inquisition was more complex than Mass Effect 3 and came out after it, and ME3 was more complex than ME2 (at least, mechanically). Seems complexity isn't their problem, narrative is.

  • SuperherosNo No Context Superhero shananamagins (@SuperherosNo) reported

    Honestly if they ever remaster mass effect aside from some balancing issues with 2 they really need to make it easier to save tali

  • Kayshire_Cat 🏳️‍🌈 Period Blood Mage 🏳️‍⚧️ (@Kayshire_Cat) reported

    Hey @EA how you gonna fix Anthem but leave Mass Effect Andromeda as the pile of garbage that it is

  • edongjureci Ya Boi (@edongjureci) reported

    @CCkun91 @Gigz It's just become such a saturated market at this point. I just think people would rather see them put resources into dragon age or mass effect, rather than another mmo live service game.

  • Dylan32w Dylan Whitlock (@Dylan32w) reported from Charlotte, North Carolina

    @rajahcaruth @BarrVisuals Gravity is a constant, it’s based on the mass of a planet. The earth’s mass does not change at a value great enough to even remotely effect its gravity. If it does we have problems.

  • BurgSkeletal BurgSkeletal #PresidentSanders (@BurgSkeletal) reported

    @Prose_Edda I personally do consider Mass Effect 1-3 one gigantic game. EA should do a remake of the whole trilogy one day to make it one cohesive game and fix all the issues we only knee solutions to in hindsight, like ME3’s endings

  • Jamesknowstango James (@Jamesknowstango) reported

    @Alkrion @bioware @CaseyDHudson Do they tossed Mass effect one of their flagship titles in heartbeat for the sake of putting out this live service destiny model that every AAA publisher is doing to maximize profit out of one game. Literally the only reason they're trying to save this game.

  • cmcgreevy5 🧔Conor McGreevy ⚒ (@cmcgreevy5) reported

    @Nibellion Yet they refused to go back and properly fix the end of mass effect.

  • Sunstreaker2k5 Sunstreaker2k5 (@Sunstreaker2k5) reported

    @bioware @CaseyDHudson I hope the loyal players get something out of this, but it's not for me. All I can say is that I hope the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect doesn't take /anything/ from Anthem. Keep the live service aspects away from your RPGs please.

  • MatthewProuty2 Matthew Prouty (@MatthewProuty2) reported

    @bioware @CaseyDHudson Casey, please. This whole "prioritize our IP" thing is not working. Stop it. Just make a good Star Wars again. Dragon Age and Mass Effect deserve better. No one likes Anthem, let it go.

  • Hyratheidealess Hyra (@Hyratheidealess) reported

    @ThaddeusMcBoosh Someone has to make her play Mass Effect to learn a thing or two from the Asari and their extreme lifespan issues. Totally not biased....

  • backxwash Backxwash (@backxwash) reported

    Mass Effect romances have a power dynamic problem tbh

  • 10ampuddingcups Myllie Whittyname (@10ampuddingcups) reported

    @bioware @CaseyDHudson So you're going back to "fix" this particular game and yet you left us with the shitty ending that was Mass Effect 3. Seems fair.

  • trizzhayybee Soap Boss (@trizzhayybee) reported

    @ProjectJMH They really shouldn’t. Because that’s where this problem all started. They took the mass effect team off andromeda to work on anthem and put a new team on mass effect and we ended up with two shit games

  • feedher2thecats Sam Sherman (@feedher2thecats) reported

    @JessicaChobot Fix mass effect

  • strangeshitnow insane stuff on the internet (@strangeshitnow) reported

    @UndeadHunterWP @IGN yeah they made kotor and mass effect but thats what happen when all the talent dips shit look up kotaku article about anthem it goes pretty indepth on the issues that dev cycle was having

  • Itsjustaword69 Beagle Dad (@Itsjustaword69) reported

    @bioware @CaseyDHudson Please just let anthem die and give us another Dragon age, mass effect or original trilogy remaster. I love the combat in anthem but it's just fundamentally broken and I'm assuming a lot of people have totally lost interest in it.

  • Atomstrawberry NegativeZero (@Atomstrawberry) reported

    @Kermitron To me, if Mass Effect was the big budget movie trilogy, Andromeda was the TV series spinoff. It had potential and some great moments but it had the same problem as DA: Inquisition where it was too padded out and other parts rough and low-budget going through the motions.

  • opwnusprime Tore-annosaurus Rex 🦖 (@opwnusprime) reported

    Listen i love @bioware . I even really liked Mass Effect Andromeda, bugs and all. Anthem did the same thing every other games as service did at launch, but even worse so. Lots of cool ideas, with shallow systems and bugs. But if they believe in it, i will give it another shot

  • fackler_noah Axe Cooker💙🛡 (@fackler_noah) reported

    @ZakamiTesro yeah i feel the issue with bioware is all the corporate meddling with their games mass effect 2 and dragon age 2 were miracles with the time they were given and what they had to work with

  • AvariceKing Kevin (@AvariceKing) reported

    @IGN You know, considering that EA actually did end up having Battlefront II be a good game and BioWare's work on the Mass Effect series...I at least trust them to fix their terribly rushed game.

  • SNDS2236 sɴᴅƨ (@SNDS2236) reported

    While I prefer a newer, better Mass Effect, I admire EA/#Bioware's efforts to fix #AnthemGame. They are taking the route that Ubisoft did with The Division and this should be a good should NEVER have launched the way it did in the first place.

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

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  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7