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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes.

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  • FWeckso Wecks Flannigan (@FWeckso) reported

    @TFT @RiotSupport Please fix Braum throwing up his shield at the 1 Malzahar minion on the other side of the arena while 6 champs pummel him from the other side. I feel like Braum is smarter than this.

  • clay_risner SUPREMEBIGDADDYDAVE (@clay_risner) reported

    @riotgames please fix the client. Thanks

  • emiliaskies emilia (@emiliaskies) reported

    fix the lobby client @RiotSupport

  • TheBattleProf Alice (The Battle Professor) (@TheBattleProf) reported

    @CybertronVGC @Nintendo @LeagueOfLegends @FortniteGame @Xbox @PlayStation To this date: neither @Reggie or @thetruebowser have been willing to fight for North America's right to the #NintendoSwitchOnline service adding servers to fix this issue. It's on Doug now and he's not talking to us or them about this #KnownIssue!

  • TheBattleProf Alice (The Battle Professor) (@TheBattleProf) reported

    @CybertronVGC I have been saying this forever. The @Nintendo #NintendoSwitchOnline service is Peer-to-Peer unlike @LeagueOfLegends, @FortniteGame, @Xbox, or @PlayStation.

  • zedinstead47 ZedInstead (@zedinstead47) reported

    @RiotSupport i lost 3 games worth of lp in diamond2 because i cant fuckign even connect to the ******* game literally cant alt f4 or open task manager im literally stuck on a black screen on the loading screen.Can you ********* actually try to ******* fix the fuckign client u dog

  • yungmakhno Digital Ali aka Codeine Jackson aka Zool Xanxabar (@yungmakhno) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends fix your game so me and nearly everyone I know doesn't constantly fail to load into game repeatedly and get penalized for it. Played this game for 9 years and seen you guys make billions but still have yet to deliver a decent client for your players

  • yungmakhno Digital Ali aka Codeine Jackson aka Zool Xanxabar (@yungmakhno) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends fix your game so me and nearly everyone I know doesn't constantly fail to liad into game repeatedly and get penalized for it. Played this game for 9 years and seen you guys make billions but still have yet to deliver a decent client for your players

  • ianthonyramos Anthony (@ianthonyramos) reported

    So many toxic ass people on League, @LeagueOfLegends you seriously need to fix the matchmaking, so I can play against people my rank, it’s so unfair having people that are higher ranks call you names and saying you suck, when your just trying to learn and play the game.

  • Davidsan971 David Sánchez (@Davidsan971) reported

    Fix your launcher @riotgames

  • jgkood Jeef (@jgkood) reported

    @RiotSupport i've prob dodged a good 50+ games because of the stupid loading screen bug PLEASE fix your game

  • LOL69SuperFan 🪐🪐 (@LOL69SuperFan) reported


  • TSMLake LakeDavies (@TSMLake) reported

    @RiotSupport @redmercy Hey could you please fix the ******* servers cuz its not just me but ur games are literally crashing constantly for not only me but other people.

  • darkoverlord732 ST4RFa11 (@darkoverlord732) reported

    yO @RiotSupport fIx tHiS fREeZe bUG alReaDY

  • ShxrkArts 𝙎𝙃𝙓𝙍𝙆 (@ShxrkArts) reported

    @RiotSupport pls for the love of god fix your remake system. when i get into the game and my adc doesn't, then why can't we remake just because he dc'd on the first second. make it so when they dont move an inch for the first 3 mins it'll be a remake

  • TSMLake LakeDavies (@TSMLake) reported

    Dear @riotgames @RiotSupport it is happening again. Pls tell me why ever since the new patch my game has been freezing. And then crashing.. fix. Now

  • TheBeeUpdate Bee (@TheBeeUpdate) reported

    @RiotSupport when will you fix your client

  • Ztrille xLed (@Ztrille) reported

    @RiotSupport Your client is trash, getting stuck 5minutes in loading screen in a ranked game, and then losing LP because of it, please, drop everything that you're doing and FIX IT

  • Ztrille xLed (@Ztrille) reported

    @riotgames Your client is trash, getting stuck 5minutes in loading screen in a ranked game, and then losing LP because of it, please, drop everything that you're doing and FIX IT

  • Haoshoku river (@Haoshoku) reported

    @MarcMerrill @Grubhub Had several horrible soloq experience issues with @LeagueOfLegends Bad #matchmaking where they are horrible and unreliable, blame the player, although matched with afk troll int teammates, the reps aren’t doing anything and rather ban justified flamers than boosted int afk trolls

  • JavixuPM GBIack (@JavixuPM) reported

    @RiotSupport hey guys this is the 1st time probably in 5 years that i really complain about something about you riot. Fix your client, everysingle day i have problems of crashing randomly. Do something on preaseason asap!

  • Enarlol Enea (@Enarlol) reported

    lost 30lp in 1 day due to client bugs @RiotSupport please fix

  • testunot testunot (@testunot) reported


  • ParadoxTheonly ParadoxTheOnly (@ParadoxTheonly) reported

    @RiotSupport Hey I couldn't connect to a game & I lost lp. It was not my internet connection, it was your client. This has been a reoccurring issue as well.

  • gxvxzzi VOU VER MAIDEN OUTRA VEZ (@gxvxzzi) reported

    @riotgames FIX YOUR GAME

  • HornyKatarina TwiterTerrorist (@HornyKatarina) reported

    @RiotSupport Can you maybe all take one day to fix your ******* game, like stop making skins and fix your game :D ty

  • downorwhaet Adam Johansson (@downorwhaet) reported

    @TooSoon27 @MarkYetter @RiotSupport I dont have a fix for the freezes but you can force the task manager to open over other programs in task manager options

  • AtlantisPrince 아틀란티스 프린스 (@AtlantisPrince) reported

    @riotgames This week I lost more LP to leavers, than I could actually win back. I understand, that you can't fix toxic people. But I think you could fix your game in a way leavers would be punished, and not the people staying, just to lose.

  • Cryptekz Shane "Waiting for the Padorus" Armstrong (@Cryptekz) reported

    @Justin_Stuartxo @WeefreemenYT @SirScoots Let's also just casually skate over the fact that Reddit and r/leagueoflegends admins were permabanning Reddit accounts for even mentioning his ******* name at one point. He's just a narcissist, yup, that's the problem.

  • sadcowboyradio THE KID (@sadcowboyradio) reported

    @riotgames FIX YOUR ******* GAME A QIYANA ULT JUST ******* UNINSTALLED MY DUO'S GAME #LeagueOfLegends #BUG #FIX

  • Kahrnijj Wolverine (@Kahrnijj) reported

    Like if you’re really as good as you think you are. Configure your setup to get good lag comp and bullet reg. Grind content and build your own brand. If cod doesn’t fix this system soon, everyone and I mean EVERYONE is going to @riotgames. They still have the old MLG system.

  • NxSully Fellype Sullivan (@NxSully) reported

    @MarkYetter @RiotSupport I hope that the fps drop problem can be solved on the next patch update, for now, LoL is unplayable for me.. I can only wait.

  • Leilosx Irem (@Leilosx) reported

    fix dodge timer @riotgames

  • FanboyXD_ Fanboy (@FanboyXD_) reported

    @RiotSupport ok but how long does it take to fix the dodging bug ffs... I have varus toplane and a thresh with smite (in D4 btw :D). I try to dodge because there is no way I win the game but I dodge doesnt go through even my adc tried to dodge aswell :D :D

  • aleksandersayko Alec 🌈🌵 (@aleksandersayko) reported

    @riotgames please fix the error that appears while trying to buy little legends true damage!!

  • aleksandersayko Alec 🌈🌵 (@aleksandersayko) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends please fix error on pbe when buying little legends true damage! I really want QiQi!!

  • Keyblade__Sora Keyblade Sora (@Keyblade__Sora) reported

    Loading screens are way too long and people randomly dc left/right from the client being so bad. People have been saying this for months. Please fix your client @RiotSupport

  • SteffenHyperK dieser HYPER. (@SteffenHyperK) reported

    Yo @RiotSupport. We are in queue for like 30 mins now, but were not challenger. I think your system is broken rn

  • JaspDraven HATRED (@JaspDraven) reported

    @psy_robe @RiotSupport i hate the one where it gives me a critical error when im trying to load into the ******* game and have to restart

  • Bronze101Gaming Bronze 101 Gaming (@Bronze101Gaming) reported

    @RiotSupport [LAN] ever since the last update i havent been ablento connect to the server. I join the game but the launcher always gives me the "connection error" i tried resetting my router, changing my ip and vpn and nothing.I got an unfair leavebuster because of this issue

  • OhmaMB Matt (@OhmaMB) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends fix your fkn client!

  • dildonion Dildonion (@dildonion) reported

    @MarcMerrill @Grubhub Funny since this is exactly how I feel about @riotgames and you. Sitting on your pedestal ignoring the little people. Let’s see you rework the honor system rework rank fix the bugs like login bug always d/cling someone in game. Ban win traders and inters. Maybe not be a **** to k

  • Solyed1 Solyed (@Solyed1) reported

    @loleu @LeagueOfLegends So lately me and i know that many more has suffered from game crashes during loading screen of the game and lost the game that way or came back to the game behind of everyone else. That's not fair for anyone so this problem should be fixed ASAP. RETWEET

  • jacobanagle J!NX (@jacobanagle) reported

    @RiotSupport @Riotgames you guys really need to fix your auto ban system, I just got permed ona smurf for extremely minor flame... Literally the only game that perm bans their players for saying their teams shit. This is a competetive game, and thats minor.

  • simon9072015 Simon9072015 (@simon9072015) reported

    @RiotSupport Dosent work but thank you anyway, i hope you could fix it soon

  • boltzmanC boltzmanC (@boltzmanC) reported

    @RiotSupport can you please for the love of god fix the client crash issue when starting games. this is getting exhausting.

  • SGTheo Theo (@SGTheo) reported

    @RiotSupport Seems that the issue hasn't been fixed and also seems like I ain't the only one having this issue :( so I think its down to you guys to fix It for us D:

  • Ignaister Cringe Flexus |GGG| (@Ignaister) reported

    Hey @riotgames fix your ******* client, tired of it crashing during loading screen after champ select or during the middle of my game. Shit is ridiculous

  • ocho_max Max Struhar (@ocho_max) reported

    @Chillrend_lol @MarcMerrill @Grubhub @LeagueOfLegends Depends what you’re asking them about. Reporting players, they’re dismissive and often give mixed answers based on who you are talking to. Account recovery issues, no point in even asking them. They do reply quickly to basic issues though.

  • TehdGaming Juan 'Tehd' Davila (@TehdGaming) reported

    @riotgames y’all need to fix this crashing shit already it’s been out too long, enough with the shit skin fix your game

  • g0mpLoL g0mp (@g0mpLoL) reported

    @MarcMerrill @Grubhub Had several horrible customer experience issues with @riotgames bad #service where they are unreliable, blame the customer, the feedback in the ticket bouncebacked (lol), the reps aren't empowered or helpful. Stay away from their staff IMO. #Riot feel bad for the nice devs

  • InsomHS Michael Fagan (@InsomHS) reported

    Congrats on the win @riotgames, now pls fix @PlayRuneterra, it sucks right now

  • TheRagingWade Benjamin (@TheRagingWade) reported

    @RiotSupport Oooh, another one! Someone pre-game told they have smite as support, came to game saying someone didn't, walks to blue, afk's not to return. No remake, no refund of my LP. You're ******* stupid. 17 of 21 games. Even I could fix this, employ people with brains.

  • Cliff_Browning Cliff Browning (@Cliff_Browning) reported


  • Duelist7x D7x (@Duelist7x) reported

    @RiotSupport Could you please fix the xp system, it's been messed up for way too long now.

  • PatrickAustinG1 Patrick Austin-Good (@PatrickAustinG1) reported

    @UrArabianKnight @LeagueOfLegends That's how they make money though. Overpowered new champs so people spend money on them. They fix it within a month or so. Some shit never changes.

  • TheClutchIsReal 3️⃣⏸◀️⏸◀️⏺ (@TheClutchIsReal) reported

    @lrrchan @LeagueOfLegends @loleu they reported u for too many uwus, i don't see the issue

  • VindiRessi VInny but festive ⛄ (@VindiRessi) reported

    @RiotSupport is there any update as to this mid game freezing issue and being unable to rejoin the game once it happens I have done all the suggested fixes from browsing other tweets

  • IX_Afsha Afsha (@IX_Afsha) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends please fix your client. It broke and even task manager couldn't close it

  • Vodes_ Alex (@Vodes_) reported


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