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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes.

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  • vil_ot ξvilβot (@vil_ot) reported

    @RiotSupport Im talking with game team guy, but we can't find the issue, still happens 😟

  • Y3s_terday Yes_terday (@Y3s_terday) reported

    @RiotSupport yes I did many times in the past, and that didn't result in anything. The only thing that worked the other 2 times was that the tech guys at Riot changed the traceroutes. The problem returned, and only your tech guys can solve this

  • Matthieist Tom Matthiesen (@Matthieist) reported

    @dontbemad_HS @PlayRuneterra @RiotSupport I'd rather not run into the issue again, and see what can be done to fix it.

  • dontbemad_HS dontbemad (@dontbemad_HS) reported

    @Matthieist @PlayRuneterra @RiotSupport well I didn’t care what happened because my next run was smoothly without any issues and I got my token back..

  • ahmedbenaoun The Drunk Goat (@ahmedbenaoun) reported

    @RiotSupport so I have question about the auto fill in league When i put mid and top as the lanes i always play in the game puts me at jungle and tbh am not a good jungler so i dodge so people won't have a bad time playing with me Plz fix it i only want mid or top that's it

  • fednv 👉🏻 (@fednv) reported

    For everything that's ******* holy I beg of you please Please fix your ******* game @riotgames

  • Reikururu Jimmy Le Shiba (@Reikururu) reported

    @RiotSupport My duo mate had the exact same problem at the exact same time. I don't think the problem is on my side. Sorry.

  • _Doryl_ Doryl (@_Doryl_) reported

    @RiotSupport I can play perfectly fine, no problem. It's just that the mail I received made me think that I would be able to download in advance. But I needed to wait for game launch to update it. x)

  • Muratca97171147 Murat can (@Muratca97171147) reported

    @matsuyama1905 @LOLBalKhan @riotgames That means there is no contract about this.Imagine everyone can make a chaos like this.The club says about they paid.Other player except koreans said they got the money.I hope this problem solve in a shirt time.

  • BookyBoos Booky Boos (@BookyBoos) reported

    . @riotgames @RiotSupport hey in promos to Master, team couldn't ban, and I was first pick and received an error every time I tried to lock in a champion. resulted in me dodging and taking an L in promos. fix ur game

  • OnlyYoursGinger Ginger (@OnlyYoursGinger) reported

    Nobody cares, @riotgames fix this!🙄😂

  • KapitanFlowers GOODBYE G2 #Worlds2019 #FPXWIN (@KapitanFlowers) reported

    @RiotSupport @MarkYetter Sorry i dont have a clip because we thought it was kinda normal to us because we could fix the champ focusing by clicking the minimap.. It works but its kinda random when we encounter the bug.

  • HunterXKite Craig J. (@HunterXKite) reported

    @RiotSupport I don't know to be honest, most of the people I play with are in other countries but they haven't mentioned the same problem. If it helps at all my household is with virgin media at the moment. Thanks for the reply too. Craig.

  • BladeOrigins Gino (@BladeOrigins) reported

    yeah seriously fix this shit @riotgames @RiotSupport

  • DG_Zeder DG Zeder (@DG_Zeder) reported

    @RiotSupport i think is about time you guys fix this bs there are bugs e.w and you guys don't do anything to fix it. instead of been working on skins and new stuff first focus on whats everyone want, focus on fixing the game this is going to another lvl TY

  • DG_Zeder DG Zeder (@DG_Zeder) reported

    @RiotSupport i think is about time you guys fix this bs there are bugs e.w and you guys don't do anything to fix it. instead of been working on skins and new stuff first focus on what everyone want, focus on fixing the game this is going to another lvl TY

  • tjsharpe7 Tom Sharpe (@tjsharpe7) reported

    @RiotSupport @PlayRuneterra I tried, it requires you can see my issue here

  • Marhoonoo Marhini (@Marhoonoo) reported

    @RiotSupport @riotgames Yes, always right before, maybe 10-15 seconds, or exactly at 20. It just freezes the game and forces me to restart the game, usually causing in a death and lost objectives. But no error message I think

  • 4FunAdc Noah (@4FunAdc) reported

    @RiotSupport Didn’t let me connect in loader with an error message

  • EchoTheDog Pup Echo (@EchoTheDog) reported

    @RiotSupport I have there isnt anything wrong with it. It dosent happen very often. But often enough that it keeps being an issue once in a while. And I know a good handful of people who come across the same issue.

  • xdfq23123 xdfq23123 (@xdfq23123) reported

    @swimstrim @PlayRuneterra @Twitch @riotgames please make a video about underlords new update. i think it fixed many of the problems that you talked about in your video. thanks

  • tiLicentia Tolga Işık (@tiLicentia) reported

    @RiotSupport Was able to find out the problem, turns out the files got corrupted while carrying my harddrive, got rid of the files via command prompt

  • Official_Zlinnt Zlinnt™ (@Official_Zlinnt) reported

    @riotgames fix your ******* piece of shit game holy **** there is no reason why my game should be minimizing itself every time i ******* right click just a tad bit fast jesus ******* christ.

  • TheRagingWade Benjamin (@TheRagingWade) reported

    @RiotSupport Then you'll turn around and ban negativity in chat instead of people intentionally ruining games beyond any shadow of a doubt, but you don't actually review anything, because you don't do anything to fix your game other than move shitty numbers around.

  • luxismyreligion mimi (@luxismyreligion) reported

    @RiotSupport @CruelKatarina "There was an error selecting the champion, please try again. "

  • Kritty_Cat Kritty (@Kritty_Cat) reported

    @RiotSupport I'll do everything again when I get home, but it's interesting that the only thing having connection issues is your client, and only as recently as a couple patches ago.

  • anthonyterms Anthony J Terminelli (@anthonyterms) reported from Orlando, Florida


  • RaulA28 DeaDJ (@RaulA28) reported

    @RiotSupport When you will solve the problem between at&t and the people who can't play in LAN, just because we are users of at&t in the US

  • mister_nacl Mr.🧂 (@mister_nacl) reported

    @riotgames aye fix the client

  • Keliile Keli Le (@Keliile) reported

    @RiotSupport A lot of people have been having the same issue where they can’t connect into the game bc of the new client. It’s a bit unfair :/

  • IeffoPete PeteIeffo (@IeffoPete) reported

    @kevin_jongh @MarkYetter @RiotSupport >Task manager close "riotclientservices.exe *32" after login into the game. No more problems until you relog. No more problems until relog. But the shop gets disabled. How ironic.

  • Selviorn Selviorn (@Selviorn) reported

    @RiotSupport Okay so if the issue then stems from the existence of my EU West Account also having the same name how can I go about adjusting this so I can actually just use the Selviorn name globally and not deal with my inactive EUW account

  • SARNYthegoon Sarnyroth 🏳️‍🌈 (@SARNYthegoon) reported

    @RiotSupport I did, but that doesn't clean up my own issue. If, theoretically, I go to play the last game of my series and lose it now, I will be denied a promotion not because I didn't perform well or my team played badly, but because I didn't even have a chance to play one game at all...

  • RippleWraith21 elijahh eugene (@RippleWraith21) reported

    @RiotSupport That being said I wish Ilived closer to riot hq so I could have tested the different variations of the Aatrox rework before you had released him. I heard that during the process many variations were broken so riot had to settle for a tear the champ apart and start from scratch

  • foolomon Larry Salomon (@foolomon) reported

    @RiotSupport It seems that FIOS is having issues in the greater NYC area where I am located. I’m hoping this is the issue. I’ll reply to this thread after those issues go away to let you know if I still have the issues.

  • Rezzyxo1 Rezzyxo (@Rezzyxo1) reported

    @RiotSupport I’m having problems with dcing. It’s not kicking me but it’ll freeze for 5 seconds and it’s effecting my games. I’ve checked my internet and pc and there is no problem with them and I have deleted the game and re downloaded

  • SARNYthegoon Sarnyroth 🏳️‍🌈 (@SARNYthegoon) reported

    @RiotSupport If at all possible, I'd really like to get the ranked game issue solved first. But to answer your question, I do run it in Borderless mode, yes.

  • ale_fante Alê (@ale_fante) reported

    @RiotSupport Yes, I am having these issues right now. Just a few mins ago my game froze two times and I had to leave the game. FPS is still heavily dropping and I'm pretty sure it's not my computer's fault since this is not happening with other games I play on it.

  • FlashFanxd Matias Cejko (@FlashFanxd) reported

    @RiotSupport @PlayRuneterra Got access, no problems!

  • zextytv Zextytv (@zextytv) reported

    @RiotSupport It prolly is fixed. I haven't had any glaring issues for a little bit. And that kinda sucks when it is my summoners as my side buttons

  • AmmiablexD sweaty steve (@AmmiablexD) reported

    @riotgames @RiotSupport oh forgot to mention, now your dumb game crashed for literally no reason, I can't get back in because of your broken ******* client everyones complaining about! :D Thanks for banning me in advance due to your own client side issues

  • AmmiablexD sweaty steve (@AmmiablexD) reported

    @riotgames @RiotSupport ty riot now your game crashed on me, and im bout to get banned for leaving a game cus your dogshit client crashed AGAIN, not to mention the DISGUSTING lagg, FIX THIS CLIENT ALREADY ITS BEEN A WEEK AND THERES 0 ACKNOWLEDGMENT. CHECK YOUR FORUMS

  • RiotSupport Riot Games Support (@RiotSupport) reported

    @NiepzXIII @riotgames If you run into this issue I would suggest restarting the client. It looks like the client itself lost connection to the Server and that's what caused the long queue wait @.@ If you're still having issues though make sure you reach out to us. ~Tacun

  • KapitanFlowers GOODBYE G2 #Worlds2019 #FPXWIN (@KapitanFlowers) reported

    @MarkYetter @RiotSupport I exoerience this bug alot well you can fix it by moving your cursos around the minimap for quite some time without the need of dying.

  • PissenlitLeSoir PédonculeDeFleur (@PissenlitLeSoir) reported

    @RiotSupport Well yeah, I still have it since even urf but it wasn't so much of a problem while playing urf. I even tried in tft and, even tho it's not happening as much as in other game modes, it still does happen.

  • MarkerXYZ Marker (@MarkerXYZ) reported

    Please, there still seems to be a problem @RiotSupport

  • crayonpoop ً✰ (@crayonpoop) reported

    @RiotSupport Yep! Today I checked if these problems occurred while I had the firewall disabled, it didn't help much, I also just checked my connection information in Lag Report! I don't understand much of this, if you could guide me in the steps I would appreciate it

  • kevin_jongh Laxilus (@kevin_jongh) reported

    @MarkYetter @RiotSupport Just please fix the bug where it alt tabs you if you use a mouse bind. It's making me wanna throw stuff out of my window.

  • Keezow Keezow (@Keezow) reported

    @RiotSupport I'm getting Service error code 170000 when i try to get into legends of runeterra. my account is activated for sure. please help me get this fixed before this beta ends :(

  • JRPGZachary JRPG Zachary - IZ SHICHI DAY BOIYZ (@JRPGZachary) reported

    @RiotSupport @riotgames It may seem odd to a have a teammate tell you that you have to play better and I may have been a little rude due to having to deal with toxic players in every game and having none of them get banned or punished in the slightest. I did nothing wrong, your system is broken, fix it.

  • jswong86 James Sing Wong (@jswong86) reported

    @RiotSupport Still unable to login

  • crayonpoop ً✰ (@crayonpoop) reported

    @RiotSupport Wifi, however, this problem is affecting many people since the last patch was installed, I am not an expert on these issues but maybe the root is something deeper than a connection :/

  • dakragg Dakra • (@dakragg) reported

    @RiotSupport Alright I’ll do that and if it doesn’t fix anything I’ll let you guys know. I did submit a ticket so I’ll update that after I do the Repair Tool

  • Katsu_Bento Bento (@Katsu_Bento) reported

    @RiotSupport I asked around several people either were experiencing the same issue or everything was normal. This did happen during the period where the client was having several issues at once though.

  • MattPHandley Matt (@MattPHandley) reported

    @RiotSupport I'm playing on a Hardwire Connection, its not a firewall issue

  • thegolemking Fukei_CloZer (@thegolemking) reported

    @RiotSupport And eventhough I'm hesitant to call it a hardware issue because I've never had any problems before the latest patch, it seems to happen when I experience a split-second FPS drop, which I also have never had before. (But the game freezes so who knows if that's actaully the case)

  • RiotSupport Riot Games Support (@RiotSupport) reported

    @Klaw_11 @riotgames @loleu The email explains that this will be how the new login client works and they need to be the same across the board. ~Tacun

  • EchoTheDog Pup Echo (@EchoTheDog) reported

    Riot please fix your Client. I failed to load into game and then I had to hard restart my computer twice to get into game. I couldnt tab out or do anything else. And it wouldnt let me load in. Nor did it give my allies the chance to remake. @RiotSupport

  • xchuddy kacper (@xchuddy) reported

    @MarkYetter @RiotSupport fun fact I had this problem since the start of s8 but i managed to unlock by dying then clicking on random place on the map

  • LordChancePants chance one of every pokemon (@LordChancePants) reported

    hey @riotgames @LeagueOfLegends when is the skin subscription service coming out

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