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Kraken is a US based prominent bitcoin exchange operating in Canada, the EU, Japan, and the US, and the world's largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity.

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  • SpencerJesus4 Spencer HODLONAUT (@SpencerJesus4) reported

    @PeterMcCormack @BitcoinTina @krakenfx @TheRealBlockFi @ninja_coin @RiseWallet @PeterRizun So Peter goes to say the split between BSV and BCH was not about technical issues, but moreso about "leadership" issues, but goes to claim big blocks aren't centralized. Dude, if you have leadership, you are centralized garbage and are not censorship resistant

  • CurzonViceroy ViceroyCurzon (@CurzonViceroy) reported

    @bsmith12251960 @krakenfx @jespow What a joke. Customers who stuck with them through their slow, nearly unusable trade execution little more than just a year ago... and then this. To further comprehend how illogical the decision, Tezos remains listed. Clearly a personal vendetta.

  • cvedovini Claude Vedovini (@cvedovini) reported

    @krakenfx Hi, I am trying to login to the website but all I get is a blank home page just after some kind of huge banner flashed

  • forexmanik (@forexmanik) reported

    @ClayCollins @hitbtc @binance @BithumB @CoinbasePro @bitfinex @krakenfx @gate_io @Bitstamp @Gemini @Poloniex @bitFlyer @Aurora_dao @ZEBITEX @wcx @Blocktradecom Yeah that sucks. @hitBtc is the only exchange with so much negative feedback on its forum that al forum was cancelled and deleted, the problems reported were huge and real. Also the withdrawal fees on @hitbtc is 30 times higher that on the rest. Yet it scored 1st place. What a BS

  • AlexPickard Alex Pickard (@AlexPickard) reported

    @bsmith12251960 @StackmyBCHup @HummingbirdVC @krakenfx They have too much money locked up in illiquid coins and equity shares... that is the only explanation for their behavior. They have no choice but to double and triple down against Craig/BSV. Gotta keep up the charade and hope for a chance to exit before it all crashes down..

  • TheCloudGallery The Cloud Gallery - $thecloudgallery (@TheCloudGallery) reported

    @connolly_dan @shadders333 @krakenfx Anytime you have to “Login” to someone’s site, you are subject to their whims.

  • two2wheel2life Conor McGee - $two2wheel2life (@two2wheel2life) reported

    @SEC_Enforcement I seriously suggest you look into @krakenfx ASAP. Have a look at the conversation below. CEO just admitted delisting #BSV for personal reasons! You need to start clamping down on these exchanges @binance @ShapeShift_io

  • B_Rouse3 Bill Rouse (@B_Rouse3) reported

    @cryptorebel_SV @krakenfx No because they are already having liquidity issues buying back "lent out" BSV so their customers can withdraw. Both at once would bankrupt them. They aren't even out of the woods yet with the BSV fiasco.

  • SeraFilson Hodlonaut_Revolution (@SeraFilson) reported

    @lex_node @guillermojimnz @cz_binance @krakenfx @angela_walch @AndoniOlta I actually agree some regulation COULD be good...yet that sends fearful chills down my spine as I say it (risk of abuse, misuse, overly zealous censorship, etc) Yet all we have right now is what we have. Users must decide if an unregulated exchange is worthy of their trust.

  • subsidieland subsidieland (@subsidieland) reported

    @CalvinAyre read all about @krakenfx they also delist Bitcoin SV...going down to zero.

  • metalslaw Ian James Lake (@metalslaw) reported

    @RealCoinGeek @krakenfx Yeah this isn't fair for those people. This makes it such anyone who cannot keep their bsv. Because they have to sell it on the exchange for another coin (to transfer out), which artificially pushes the price down. smh...

  • tezcatcatl Gökhan Erdem İspirli (@tezcatcatl) reported

    @krakensupport Pro trading page is also effected for me as it is not updating / syncing. Also whole site responds extremely slow at the moment.

  • DanielKrawisz Daniel Krawisz (@DanielKrawisz) reported

    @PaulKim707 @cz_binance @krakenfx Just because a coin goes down in value is not a reason to delist it. The only reason to delist it is to prevent the market from functioning on its own, OBVIOUSLY.

  • DamelonBCWS Hodlonaut Wisselink (@DamelonBCWS) reported

    This is not new, this behaviour was visible from at least 2015. It's not a new thing, yet @binance , @krakenfx en @ShapeShift_io listed them anyway. Delisting them now creates a shitload of new issues, and quite a lot of trust issues that didn't need to arise.

  • derekm00r3 Derek Moore (@derekm00r3) reported

    @iamWolby @krakenfx If you're a pilot, Noah's Ark Airport 06MO is just down the road...

  • derekm00r3 Derek Moore (@derekm00r3) reported

    @iamWolby @krakenfx If you're a pilot, Noah's Art Airport is just down the road...

  • derekm00r3 Derek Moore (@derekm00r3) reported

    @iamWolby @krakenfx If you're a pilot, Noah's Art runway is just down the road...

  • TheDevineWill Will Devine (@TheDevineWill) reported

    @Bittylicious_ @cryptoguzzle @ejfhp @krakenfx Considering some of the other exchanges then there could be issues relating to how exactly this decision came about. I would love to get a better idea about the rational behind delisting BSV.

  • deeznuts20 DeezNuts (@deeznuts20) reported

    @krakenfx Now get rid of that BCH shyt. Down with the Forks!

  • carloszeejackal Carlos the Trackal (@carloszeejackal) reported

    @krakenfx @bigbadmaxi I would pull out of #BCH too mate. @yoshitaka_kitao #SBI are delisting it, I think exchanges are shedding the toxics which are watering down #btc

  • ClassicIsComing Classic is Coming (@ClassicIsComing) reported

    @Yazanator @ErikTaban @acousticplayer @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @brian_armstrong @krakenfx No a service doesn't owe anyone anything but for convenience sake at least drop it down to 2.5K or hell, at least < 12 hours. 22 hours is overkill, and end-users (not just arbitragers) will begin finding other services to use. :/ They are not doing this with any other coins.

  • Tex32682558 Tex (@Tex32682558) reported

    @krakenfx Of course you shouldn't delist it. It would be terribly unprofessional to do so. BSV follows the original bitcoin protocol and actually IS bitcoin. I see the community thinks differently. Oh well, no problem.

  • Yazanator Yaz Khoury (@Yazanator) reported from Brisbane, State of Queensland

    @ErikTaban @ClassicIsComing @acousticplayer @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @brian_armstrong @krakenfx You don’t need to use Coinbase to use ETC. your only issue is that it doesn’t allow you proper arbitrage. Guess what, a blockchain doesn’t owe you arbitrage opportunities.

  • jpthor__ JP [ ₿ ⚡️] (@jpthor__) reported

    @JimsHodling @DeaterBob @coinbase @Gemini @BittrexExchange @binance @bitfinex @Bitstamp @krakenfx IMO it comes down to the OPEX in rewriting the chain and electricity costs in USD. Assumptions are made around price of electricity & power consumption of ASICs

  • marcopesani Marco Pesani (@marcopesani) reported

    @krakenfx I suggest also #delistbchabc or ******** they call it. Just in memory of all the money you flushed down the toilet thanks to fee spam attacks and, generally, Bitcoin price crash in early 2018

  • Yazanator Yaz Khoury (@Yazanator) reported

    @ClassicIsComing @acousticplayer @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @brian_armstrong @krakenfx I dunno, it was literally what we asked for in order to allow for Coinbase to continue deposits and withdrawals for ETC. I really don't understand where the problem now is coming from regarding 5k confirmations, I think it's good.

  • FML25821046 DarkHelmut (@FML25821046) reported

    @DATADUDE13 @fluffypony @binance @BittrexExchange @bitfinex @krakenfx @HuobiGlobal @cz_binance Error fixed. Never should have been listed. Butt coin cash next.

  • Yuniel777 Ju (@Yuniel777) reported

    @krakensupport cannot withdraw xbt error 502 bad gateway / service disabled / Your current funding tier level (4) is insufficient for this functionality. Please further verify your account to increase your tier level and funding limit...

  • bart_io Bart Bowers (@bart_io) reported

    @Nargoth2 @krakensupport Possible. I've have had delay issues before, but ultimately went through.

  • eric_lombrozo Eric Lombrozo (@eric_lombrozo) reported

    @krakenfx My issue is not really with exchanges peddling bad products. My issue is with deliberate brand confusion.

  • Xxxxxxxxxxxxfjh Steven Tara (@Xxxxxxxxxxxxfjh) reported

    @krakenfx I am a long time kraken user. I own some BSV and other currencies. If you delist BSV for no other reason than having a problem with CSW, I will remove everything and never trade anything again on Kraken. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Your decision.

  • Qrypt0s M (@Qrypt0s) reported

    @NataliePropy @cz_binance @ErikVoorhees @krakenfx @Gemini This is a terrible precedent and is hypocritical. The market should decide. Not the gatekeepers.

  • Bitcoin_is_BSV Incorrigible Delinquent (@Bitcoin_is_BSV) reported

    @kano_nakamoto_ @cz_binance @binance @ShapeShift_io @krakenfx These scam exchanges will be shut down for their illegal activities.

  • Lichking78 XRP King (@Lichking78) reported

    @ban_reality @binance @cz_binance @krakenfx @BitrueOfficial I agree, there are good projects out there and when btc goes down alts follow! I would suggest to link btc with only btc forks, ETH with projects built on ETH, which is logical approach. XRP should really decouple from btc.

  • SleepDoctors Hodlonaut (@SleepDoctors) reported

    @omar_ortiz21 @krakenfx Shitcoins are losing soundly. I think the next big issue will be resisting censorship/KYC.

  • bart_io Bart Bowers (@bart_io) reported

    @krakenfx I would stop worrying about delisting any crypto and start working on the Wire Transfer service that doesn't work on your platform. Wires take more than two weeks, or longer. Apply some resources to that problem.

  • ZyoBitcoin Zyo (@ZyoBitcoin) reported

    @nikcantmine @APompliano @cz_binance @krakenfx @BittrexExchange @coinut_exchange Agree, if all small developers are afraid to type code because they don't want to get sue we have a serious problem!

  • MihirNaik19 Mihir Naik (@MihirNaik19) reported

    @todu77 @krakenfx Yes, delist but need more time for investors to get out. Also, only limit orders must be allowed to slow down selling. Decision could be in the right direction but not the execution!

  • JasonGleeson Jason James Gleeson (@JasonGleeson) reported

    @krakenfx Not sure how one is supposed to trade on your phone without a dedicated Kraken app. This is the real problem with @krakenfx

  • amritabithi amrita (@amritabithi) reported

    @krakenfx If you want to be marked down as standing on the right side of history, in my opinion, then yes, this is a golden opportunity to show where you stand when it comes to posting public bounties on software developers' private information, BSV's actions are actually dangerous.

  • CryptoVend Hodlo-CryptoVend-Naut McCormack [₿🔑∎] (@CryptoVend) reported

    History made twice on a Monday! Notre Dame is in Burning down with No firefighters en site! BSV starts getting De-listed from Exchanges starting with @binance taking lead.. See my other tweets for more and to cast your vote on @krakenfx if they should #DelistBSV

  • EricyuanY Eric 💻📲💾🕹📽🚀 (@EricyuanY) reported

    @udiWertheimer @krakenfx @jespow Even though I love this message and philosophy behind this ; but there might be concern that may cause issues with crypto market at whole if every big name exchange dumps BSV

  • rickshaw100r Rickshaw Hodlonaut (@rickshaw100r) reported

    @krakenfx second leg down incoming! lol

  • XrpCenter XRP Research Center (@XrpCenter) reported

    @fazzyfocus @RobertoNumbero @on1x @krakenfx @Dave_Jonez_02 You could issue informative material, advising your customers on the current situation of a particular coin. If, as a result of this, liquidity dries up, then remove the coin. But I guess nobody has the time/intention to try and support customer education.

  • 01rasto 01rasto (@01rasto) reported

    @VentureCoinist @krakenfx @jespow bitcoin is not in the business of doing the right thing, signal virtue, going together to punish bad actors. that's the problem bitcoin try to solve in the first place, we being collectivist authoritarian.

  • HombergRobert Hompie I 😍 crypto (@HombergRobert) reported

    @moneytrigz @krakenfx Yes !!!.... U got it man !!! Delist both. ABC and #BSV are the main problem in crypto. These examples were made for a quick buck. Dont copy money... then dont copy #BTC !!!!!

  • Hooman_ism Hooman khadem (@Hooman_ism) reported

    @krakenfx Pretty stupid games you all playing with people's money!Instead of focusing on improvements,it has come down to who has a larger penis!!Its shameful, and signs of dictatorship!!

  • ribame4 Swordfish (@ribame4) reported

    @CreativeName4 @krakenfx i know when BTC was 6k they fight with each other and BTC goes down to 3k i dont know this is the only reason for to dump or not but one thing i know your fight,my fight or their fight should not effect My bitcoin or any coin if you have coin creator you have responsibilities

  • pmullr █▒ Peter_Muellernaut🤔 (@pmullr) reported

    @cryptomocho @Socal_crypto @CalvinAyre @krakenfx mocho sold his account, no grammatical errors in this sentence

  • HugeStackman HugeStackman 🔥 (@HugeStackman) reported

    @krakenfx Definition of the end of the #bearmarket for me. Even if price goes down to $1k. #Crypto #hodlonaut

  • Singularity_AI Bernard (@Singularity_AI) reported

    @krakenfx @BigCheds Just delist everything and shut down. Not much exchange volume anyways. But yes, delist bcash

  • horus_ri Horus (@horus_ri) reported

    @krakenfx I don't understand how BSV is a huge problem while Roger Ver keeps claiming that BCH is the real Bitcoin. They're both just as toxic, regardless of noteworthy weekends of the tech of their respective coins.

  • CryptoWizardUK Crypto Wizard (@CryptoWizardUK) reported

    @anir_mit @fluffypony @binance @BittrexExchange @bitfinex @krakenfx @HuobiGlobal LOL. This is a spat between two, or more person's (nothing to do with BCHSV blockchain or tech). Then a centralized exchange takes it upon themselves to de-list as they please. That's my problem. If the community do not like it they can sell #BCHSV. Not exchanges playing god.

  • Ichi_MokuM Ichi MokuM (@Ichi_MokuM) reported

    @CryptoWizardUK @Crypto_Gossiper @fluffypony @binance @BittrexExchange @bitfinex @krakenfx @HuobiGlobal If you've been around crypto since 2013, you're a REALLY slow learner.

  • berengerdcl Don't ask (@berengerdcl) reported

    @litecoinUSA @TuurDemeester @minefarmbuy @krakenfx Why oh why won't Craig Wright take the abuse and harassment lying down! How dare he use his legal rights to protect himself! What a monster, fraud! Meanwhile, mainstream business looks on in horror at the fake mob rule in crypto. #savethecryptoracket #byebyeinwardinvestments

  • sebhongkong Seb (@sebhongkong) reported

    @BGIradji @haydentiff @krakensupport Jan 2018 was a big problem to cash out BTC... take times indeed!

  • haydentiff Tiffany Hayden (@haydentiff) reported

    @Crypto_Literate @krakensupport I started the thread. Not sure why it’s broken up and some of it disappeared. It didn’t have a happy ending.

  • udiWertheimer hodlonaut🌮⚡️🔑 (@udiWertheimer) reported

    @killerstorm @cz_binance @bitfinex @krakenfx @Poloniex @BittrexExchange It’s not about the shitcoin itself, it’s about paying customers not being interested to support this behavior Of course, I agree with you on the security issue, although I believe these exchanges make sure they’re legally covered if a double spend attack happens

  • 4_evre طموووح (@4_evre) reported

    @krakensupport @jnwatson 9 hours !! Very few, I am waiting to find a solution to my problem since a year and a half of waiting🙁🙁

  • iamheff iheff (@iamheff) reported

    @ITjodie @krakenfx Main problem is any triggered order joins a queue of orders and you never know where you are in the stack. In my experience its never been good ever - and deffo not when it counts.