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Kraken is a US based prominent bitcoin exchange operating in Canada, the EU, Japan, and the US, and the world's largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity.

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  • TheRumble_Fish BigAynRandFan (@TheRumble_Fish) reported

    @krakenfx Hey #Kraken! Do you guys still suck over there. With this wait time and technical issues I’m starting to think your platform isn’t safe anymore. Maybe people should pull all their coins and put them with more secure platforms.

  • CaseyImafidon Casey Imafidon (@CaseyImafidon) reported

    @krakenfx @krakensupport I keep sending you an email that I have issues with my wallet. Over 1.7 btc is not showing in my wallet, but it is confirmed on blockchain. Are you guys trying to confiscate or trade with my money. You have to be sued for this

  • juliomorino Gulio morino (@juliomorino) reported

    @ruben_mendes @krakenfx @PeterLBrandt Kraken has problems and I remember it used to happen the same with it. Don't know who use it now honestly... Only to buy something when they are too slow in price updating..

  • krisbolt kris bolton (@krisbolt) reported

    @bensemchee @CryptoCoyote @MikeMeezy8 @binance @krakenfx This is very bullish news for LTC, check my comment above :) problem is we’ve already had the Ltc halving pump which previously in 2015 caused a big crash but hopefully all the binance customers switching to approved crypto’s like bitcoin, Ltc, eth will start another pump.

  • digiknowassets Digiknowassets (@digiknowassets) reported

    @XRP_121 @digitalassetbuy There are no issues with $XRP and @Bittrex. There are several US off ramps for $XRP holders. @coinbase @uphold @BittrexExchange . not to mention using @krakenfx @ShapeShift_io @Changelly_team and others to exchange for stable coin to send to @circleinvest @Gemini to off load

  • than0s than0s (@than0s) reported

    @nanoseagull @lucadonnoh @coinbase @krakenfx @BittrexExchange They just need to run a node, something that many run and secure even with low/no cost hardware and software... That shouldn’t be a problem for @coinbase with access to enterprise hw...

  • qbnpapi_23 Miguel (@qbnpapi_23) reported

    @johnny_non @TezBird @binance @BittrexExchange @krakenfx Swear, thats exactly how my day went down today. Right on the money! 😂

  • CryptoFrappe cryptofrappachino (@CryptoFrappe) reported

    @EE_Adithya @SatoshiLite @jespow @krakenfx @elonmusk Yeah glad they finally have a working trading engine. Back in 2017 it was pretty much unusable. They never did explain how they let it get so shit, or what they did to fix it.

  • RadarRayne Rayne's Radar (@RadarRayne) reported

    @crypto_rand @krakenfx @jespow I've tried out Bitfinex, Binance and 2 other exchanges not worth mentioning and Kraken wins hands down.

  • MinarquistaEsp Minarquista 🇪🇸 🇻🇪 (@MinarquistaEsp) reported

    @RadarRayne @crypto_rand @krakenfx @jespow Me to. Hope it keeps fluid in next bull run. I remember 2017's turtle speed and login problems.

  • TonyNightKing CryptoNightKing (@TonyNightKing) reported

    @cryptomafia777 @remigoomba @coinbase @BittrexExchange @Poloniex @BeaxyExchange @krakenfx @eToro @RobinhoodApp @HBUSofficial Sure a lot of peps try to use VPNs, but not everyone wants to take the risk of getting their funds frozen. Every time you login Binance your IP is recorded. If you EVER logged in w/o a VPN then you'll be on their list of possible US cx and maybe require u to prove yr not.

  • WhiteRabbitBTC WhiteRabbit (@WhiteRabbitBTC) reported

    Credit where due. Had an issue with an inbound wire to @krakenfx due to originating brokerage putting wire reference data in the wrong field. Support was responsive and resolved the issue sooner than expected. Thanks @jespow great service 👏🏻

  • BitcoinErrorLog John Carvalho (@BitcoinErrorLog) reported

    @DaoChemist @antiprosynth @JordiMorris1 @cyber_hokie @hrdwrknvrstps @openoms @HillebrandMax @bitcoincoreorg @lightning @Blockstream @ChaincodeLabs @BullBitcoin_ @COLDCARDwallet @wasabiwallet @bisq_network @nodl_it @Vaultoro @bitrefill @krakenfx @_JustinMoon_ @jimmysong Bitcoin is not the victim, the naive buyers of those ICOs are. You are mixing issues though. There's nothing decentralized or innovative about crowdfunding other than the wildly speculative culture that ICOs tapped into by allowing orderbooks.

  • BitcoinErrorLog John Carvalho (@BitcoinErrorLog) reported

    @cyber_hokie @hrdwrknvrstps @openoms @HillebrandMax @bitcoincoreorg @lightning @Blockstream @ChaincodeLabs @BullBitcoin_ @COLDCARDwallet @wasabiwallet @bisq_network @nodl_it @Vaultoro @bitrefill @krakenfx @_JustinMoon_ @jimmysong Most ideas suck, and not all devs or designs are equal. Maximum ideation is not a goal for a value infrastructure millions of people rely on. Even traditional finance with fiat is slow to change. If devs wanna play, they can do so centrally in a bubble.

  • Hanakookie1 Hanakookie (@Hanakookie1) reported

    @DaoChemist @BitcoinErrorLog @JordiMorris1 @antiprosynth @cyber_hokie @hrdwrknvrstps @openoms @HillebrandMax @bitcoincoreorg @lightning @Blockstream @ChaincodeLabs @BullBitcoin_ @COLDCARDwallet @wasabiwallet @bisq_network @nodl_it @Vaultoro @bitrefill @krakenfx @_JustinMoon_ @jimmysong Yes you can do that. Lots of accounting software today allows for plug ins. The issue for bitcoin today is not its features. It’s scaling and usability. None of which needs to be done on the main chain. And it not good engineering to do so.

  • SpeedKosts Jacob (@SpeedKosts) reported

    @krakenfx has still not let me back into my account. Ever since I reported a child **** group from Southern Kansas city, I've had issues with my accounts. I've been trying since APRIL 1ST to regain access. NEVER USE THEIR SERVICES IF EXPECT THEM TO BE USABLE TO LOCK IN PROFITS.

  • pBouDib Peter Bou Dib, PhD (@pBouDib) reported

    @krakensupport unable to login guys 😔

  • exapted (@exapted) reported

    @StopAndDecrypt @BitcoinErrorLog @hrdwrknvrstps @TheCryptoconomy @openoms @HillebrandMax @bitcoincoreorg @lightning @Blockstream @ChaincodeLabs @BullBitcoin_ @COLDCARDwallet @wasabiwallet @bisq_network @nodl_it @Vaultoro @bitrefill @krakenfx @_JustinMoon_ @jimmysong I think another problem with ******* is that there's nothing to buy that sends a signal to allocate resources to the sidechain. If there is a way to overcome the problems with existing incentive structures for alts, maybe native tokens will provide sustainable utility.

  • StopAndDecrypt 🎀 𝒮 𝒜 𝒟 🎀 (@StopAndDecrypt) reported

    @BitcoinErrorLog @hrdwrknvrstps @TheCryptoconomy @openoms @HillebrandMax @bitcoincoreorg @lightning @Blockstream @ChaincodeLabs @BullBitcoin_ @COLDCARDwallet @wasabiwallet @bisq_network @nodl_it @Vaultoro @bitrefill @krakenfx @_JustinMoon_ @jimmysong This. Sidechains don't need native tokens. They can peg Bitcoin. Only problem is ******* Bitcoin doesn't allow you to create arbitrary tokens you delegate to yourself (and then sell to people for actual Bitcoin).

  • RobertoNumbero Robert (@RobertoNumbero) reported

    @krakensupport Just try for instance fxcm forex trading web or desktop version. First you will notice there is like zero errors when executing trades. In general UI is very user friendly. And for instance when you open long trade you can not put stoploss above market price-ans so on....

  • sju100 Mike Braun (@sju100) reported

    @krakenfx error 404 and no communication

  • RobertoNumbero Robert (@RobertoNumbero) reported

    @krakensupport Ahh blah blah, there are constant errors for years know it but you dont fix it.

  • RobertoNumbero Robert (@RobertoNumbero) reported

    @krakenfx Maybe you should fix errors on pro trading UI!!!!!!!!!

  • money0285 kel2385 (@money0285) reported

    @krakensupport I'm having issues loading my ID to the site for verification. I'm getting an internal error message. I've uploaded some earlier but they were in the wrong format, not sure if thats causing the issue.

  • jaffamonkey jaffamonkey (@jaffamonkey) reported

    @augeva @coinbase @krakenfx It's OK, I am giving Coinbase another shot as they do respond very quickly. It's just the support emails (automated) are way to verbose and I felt it was complex support process for what I am sure is common problem (when you depend on auth app on mobile, and it's lost/stolen).

  • XBT_honeybadger 2NAnON6 (@XBT_honeybadger) reported

    @krakensupport I been having a great experience with Kraken futures, however, in the last week, the platform has been freezing, I hope you have an upgrade planned so these issues don't happen in the future

  • nebraskangooner NebraskanGooner📈 (@nebraskangooner) reported

    @Josh_Rager @SatoshiiHeavy @FizeekMoney @SunnyRam1 @CarmenCipolla1 @krakenfx @bitseven 😂😂 Terrible.

  • CryptoCX1 Crypto Mikey (@CryptoCX1) reported

    @nebraskangooner @CarmenCipolla1 @krakenfx @SatoshiiHeavy @Josh_Rager +1 for kraken. It’s the only margin platform that I use. No issues these days. Those odd slippage candles can wreck you once a month or so, however.

  • dezorock1 Ed Hughes (@dezorock1) reported

    @nebraskangooner @CarmenCipolla1 @krakenfx @SatoshiiHeavy @Josh_Rager I see I’m not the only one who had issues with them. Tried signing up in 2017 had so many issues and their UI was horrible customer service was bad also

  • nebraskangooner NebraskanGooner📈 (@nebraskangooner) reported

    @CarmenCipolla1 @krakenfx I've not. My buddy tried signing up during the 2017 bull run and had tons of issues and my other friend had issues with the UI. So I never tried it out. @SatoshiiHeavy and @Josh_Rager use it though.

  • zolal_alvi Thunder Bolt ⚡ (@zolal_alvi) reported

    @FeraSY1 Kraken is the best.. been using for couple of years never had any problem.. customer service is out of this world. And same day withdrawls if you do it before 2pm. @krakenfx

  • bit_cosby Bit Cosby (@bit_cosby) reported

    ****** @krakenfx is jammed again and doesn't let me put in more orders. **** you guys, you're breaking my *****, upgrade that shit exchange, since you're asking for seed rounds down to 1000$. The liquidity is already a shit, at least do something for the platfrom, *************

  • Crypto_Mags Mags (@Crypto_Mags) reported

    Now OSC arguing lack of regs re #bitcoin trading leads to a lack of confidence in determining NAV for retail investors Multiple reports that "better" platforms (eg @coinbase, @Bitstamp, @bitfinex, @krakenfx, @BittrexExchange etc.) still had issues

  • AP_Trades ULTRA INSTINCT (@AP_Trades) reported

    @crypto_fanatic1 @Bitcoinconvert @mBTCPizpie @krakenfx they did a market sell equal to all of the orders on the books. it bought them all the way down to that price. Would be a good way to fill a long....

  • whalecheetah whalecheetah (@whalecheetah) reported

    @Cyrptosson @mBTCPizpie @krakenfx Kraken is definitely not a scam. Actually a really legitimate honest business. The problem is the books are too thin and that means you cannot use stop market or stop-loss market orders. It's a major drawback if you're going to leave a position on overnight

  • Jay38756212 JayFresh 💈 (@Jay38756212) reported

    @mBTCPizpie @krakenfx Omg. Imagine having bids down there. Wtf is this voodoo . Wow ...

  • MasterWishes BadCryptoDreams (@MasterWishes) reported

    @grinder_o @krakenfx Liquidity on kraken is a big issue, really.

  • philwillprevail PHILo$opher (@philwillprevail) reported

    @lvwHOO @DeribitExchange @lowstrife @krakenfx Its because kraken is illiquid. Theres not enough liquidity so them boys run the book down (or up) to get their fill.

  • derMicha Berlin (@derMicha) reported

    @krakensupport Support team fixed the issue.

  • BodhiChaks10 MaxNtropy🇮🇳 (@BodhiChaks10) reported

    @krakenfx can't transfer bchsv from the a/c. Each time shows error message 'invalid bitcoin sv address provided'. Request rectify anomaly

  • B00mtwitt B00m (@B00mtwitt) reported

    @derMicha @krakenfx @derMicha no problem here

  • UglyCoin Ugly Coin (@UglyCoin) reported

    @krakensupport Hi guys, when I try to put a stop-loss for my open position, the order is executed at some crazy price. Then I have an opposite direction position in awhile (not at the same time, a little wait required ) I do not want to file an issue because it's not my problem.

  • UglyCoin Ugly Coin (@UglyCoin) reported

    @krakensupport Hi guys, when I try to put a stop-loss for my open position, the order is executed at some crazy price. Then I have an opposite detection position in awhile (not at the same time, a little wait required ) I do not wont to file an issue because it's not my problem.

  • HARD_HODL Cerberus (@HARD_HODL) reported

    @Terrymacky2 @XRP_Anderson @galgitron @krakenfx CAN fix the deposit if for some reason it was rejected. They do state they might charge a fee to manually credit your account, as it likely requires human intervention to do so. I’ve only had positive experiences with them. I hope it all works out well for you 🙏

  • ingmappp Arybim (@ingmappp) reported

    @GoodCryptoApp @binance @bitfinex @Bitstamp @BittrexExchange @CoinbasePro @Gemini @hitbtc @kucoincom @KunaExchange @krakenfx @QUOINE_Japan @OKEx @Poloniex @BitMEXdotcom @coinbase @bitFlyer @BithumbOfficial actually i don't like poloniex because of so many problems

  • Risethepeople Josh Dietz (@Risethepeople) reported

    @PeterLBrandt @krakenfx Had this exact same issue a few weeks ago and people were telling me to put on the tin foil hat. Scumbags.

  • layman_crypto CryptoLayman (@layman_crypto) reported

    @chickasays @PeterLBrandt @krakenfx It matches the volume over that period of 15 minutes. About 900 BTC traded during that wick down.

  • PhilSalesses Phil Salesses (@PhilSalesses) reported

    @krakenfx is a shit exchange. It goes down at critical times and then double executes orders when it comes back up (sticking you in terrible position you never wanted) and their support is just like "Oh, well... we're trying..." They've wiped out my account once already.

  • PhilSalesses Phil Salesses (@PhilSalesses) reported

    @krakenfx is a shit exchange. Either the site goes down at a critical time, it double executes orders when it comes back up, sticking you in terrible positions and their support is just like "Oh, well... we're trying..."

  • Alpha_Reborn_ ALPHA (@Alpha_Reborn_) reported

    @factor_members @krakenfx I'm long via kraken bitcoin futures and did not encounter this issue (would have hit my stop). I put it down to erroneous charting

  • TKorostylov Taras Korostylov (@TKorostylov) reported

    @krakenfx @PeterSchiff I think there is some sort of miscommunication here. @PeterSchiff thinks that salary is fixed in BTC. Obviously there is no sense because of BTC volatility. But if you pay in BTC (or ETH,etc) and salary is fixed in USD, no problem at all. You can even multiply it)

  • The_LuckyStrike LuckyStrike™ (@The_LuckyStrike) reported

    my view, they special push market down @krakenfx , to lower the bids on @ and get a nice entry, now averging up, so they can acquire more longs, main goal, kill that all stop loss'es above 9k #crypto

  • dnn688 Mike Helmet (@dnn688) reported

    @krakenfx getting a 404 error when logging in.

  • dnn688 Mike Helmet (@dnn688) reported

    @krakenfx getting 494 error when logging in. Been occurring for about .5 hour.

  • corecap_mgmt CoreCapital Management (@corecap_mgmt) reported

    @krakenfx actually a pricing problem on kraken futures. Xrpusd : 0.4144 market, position market price 0.4124.

  • CryptoClimate Crypto Climate (@CryptoClimate) reported

    @cryptobrownbean @CrypticalThink1 @C3_Nik @coinbase @BittrexExchange @binance @krakenfx "for the folks" - key. No problem with 2FA for login if it were optional.

  • etiennebru Etienne (@etiennebru) reported

    🤹 Startups @stefanobernardi Unplug + @CalastoneLtd + @CryptoCompare + @ArchaxEx 🏭Corporates @Swisscom_B2B_en @facebook @sixgroup 🏦Regulations / Universities FCA, Europol shutting down a bitcoin mixer, @LocalBitcoins 💰Fundings @krakenfx

  • RicePaddyTrader Rice Paddy (@RicePaddyTrader) reported

    Shoutout to kraken and their support team, resolved my issue within a 2 hour period. @KrakenHelp_ @krakenfx

  • CryptoClimate Crypto Climate (@CryptoClimate) reported

    @cryptobrownbean @CrypticalThink1 @C3_Nik @coinbase @BittrexExchange @binance @krakenfx @krakenfx *forces* 2FA for login, and the token expires very often. That's overkill and annoying, if you have 2FA set up for withdrawals. Coinbase and many other exchanges let you set up 2FA for withdrawals alone.

  • macrotrading Pej Hamidi (@macrotrading) reported

    @krakenfx @PeterSchiff Perhaps that's why ur exchange can't handle the slightest stress before going down, api and web, REPEATEDLY. you rate limit the wrong people and your tech support has NO CLUE