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iTunes is a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple. The iTunes Store allows for the purchase of digital music, video, ebooks and audio books.

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  • Sign in (38.89%)
  • Buffering (11.11%)
  • Playback Issues (5.56%)

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  • CodeV4Veronica
    Veronica (@CodeV4Veronica) reported

    @Hoarding_books @samriegel The link goes to apple music which is a subscription service, if you go to the itunes app and search for it you can buy it directly

  • nur_faa87
    💐fatihah (@nur_faa87) reported

    @thekhayalan15 Hold down Home & Lock button for 8 second activate DFU mode use iTunes to restore

  • kolakowski316
    Broken sting 🦂🦂 (@kolakowski316) reported

    @EBischoff @ApplePodcasts @iTunes Not a controversial ending a botched ending and the turning point when wcw started going down .

  • Hoarding_books
    Deb Albin (@Hoarding_books) reported

    @samriegel I can't get either iTunes or Google play to let me purchase the track with subscribing to some sort of monthly service. :(

  • easyIove
    shania (@easyIove) reported

    bad my customer service is JDJDJSJ wtf bro ur like 20 just reset it thru itunes or something .... surely u should know how ....

  • BritishPodcast
    The British History Podcast (@BritishPodcast) reported

    So my response to stress is that I forget to eat. And all these site problems have stressed me right the hell out because I’ve been afraid iTunes will delist me or you will get annoyed and unsubscribe. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve found a really effective diet, you guys.

  • kamitsule_song
    かみつれの聴いてる曲 (@kamitsule_song) reported

    ♪【iTunes】Kingsman: The Secret Service - Calculated Infiltration (7:54) / Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson ()

  • sweaney
    Nathan Sweaney (@sweaney) reported

    I've been trying for 30 min to give @apple money and the entire process is stupid. iTunes on a mac and iphone require me to contact support for no apparent reason with generic, unhelpful error messages. The support site says "we'll email you within 48 hours. Android is so easy.

  • HurriShane00
    John Porter 💎🎧🍍🎧 (@HurriShane00) reported

    @TenMinPod Having trouble Downloading old Episodes Can't download them at all. Been trying to DL off @Castbox_fm , but all I get is an error. I tried Dling off itunes too, No luck. Please help! #Preesh #RealDiamondListener

  • cheesytaegi
    🧀⛏ (@cheesytaegi) reported

    @Marsluvsu1001 @zerinarmy @SyubDGloss @hersingularity_ @bIuesidebabe Honey the charting issue here, just like 2!3! is an iTunes buying project that was spearhead by Mr. Chartdata. Charting and streaming doesn't mean the same thing. That's what I'm saying. We already stream songs everyday, anyway

  • QueenleyCyrusx
    Miley Ray Cyrus (@QueenleyCyrusx) reported

    We’re actually doing good in radio plays and the song is rising on US iTunes but we are having problems with the streams. If we want it to rise on BB Hot 100 next week we have to do better! #NothingBreaksLikeAHeart

  • Majik357
    #EnjoyTheShow 🍿📽 (@Majik357) reported

    @innerpeace1979 @JeremyCorbell @iTunes Use iTunes on a computer and the Extras will work. Had that problem myself.

  • Lillianflowerr
    pumpkin head (@Lillianflowerr) reported

    @AtomBombBabe When I lost all the music in my iTunes I really considered having a book where I wrote down songs I knew I liked so I’d never forget again lmao

  • luckey_tom
    Tommy Zip Code (@luckey_tom) reported

    @SophieHunger I'm going to repurchase this, my itunes cannot be accessed on my backup hard drive-the day before election day I was totally blocked-like Will Smith in Enemy of the State, hard drive-debit card-twiiter-google account-phone-but replacing the itunes is no problem--good luck

  • DeadMeat67
    DeadMeat67 (@DeadMeat67) reported

    @ETallitnics @HakumenNarukami @samriegel I had to search the exact full title to find it in itunes. got a weird error when i tried to purchase it. We'll see if it actually goes through.

  • lauraeatwell
    no one (@lauraeatwell) reported

    Itunes wont let me buy abiior album why u do this to me, gotta listen to it on my phone now and waste battery..first world problems

  • factzmanifest
    Facts (@factzmanifest) reported

    Using iTunes to build nuclear weapons is against their terms of service.

  • CenaMontana1989
    Cynthia (@CenaMontana1989) reported

    @CosplayDarkn @AppleSupport I found it over heated and dead, what if it exploded if i didnt wake up on time 😤 this is first time my 7plus was messed up cause itunes always had copy problems

  • rubyshooz8
    Dorothy (@rubyshooz8) reported

    @iHeartRadio Twice in last few months you have fraudulently charged me for premium service $6.45. I never listen to music on iHeart only listen to talk radio! I use iTunes for 🎵🎶🎵🎶 STOP 🛑 YOUR UNAUTHORIZED SIGN UPS OR I WILL HAVE TO START A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST YOU!

  • SuperManChild1
    🐻LittleJimmy🐻 (@SuperManChild1) reported

    @iTunes You should make a movie service like Netflix!

  • jfruh
    Jfruhdah Maccabee (@jfruh) reported

    since i'm going through and changing my credit card info ******* everywhere, guess whose system for this is totally broken. that's right, apple's famous itunes store. it just works baby

  • androidiosdata
    Android iOS Data Recovery (@androidiosdata) reported

    6 Quick Fixes To Solve iTunes Error 29 With Ease

  • androidiosdata
    Android iOS Data Recovery (@androidiosdata) reported

    6 Quick Fixes To Solve iTunes Error 29 With Ease

  • nateporteous
    Nate Porteous (@nateporteous) reported

    @samriegel For all using an iPhone: don’t click the link as it will default to Apple Music. Instead, go into the iTunes Store app, search Critical Role, click the songs tab, and it should be a little ways down the list (11th song down for me).

  • KlaimToFame
    Aye Aye Ron (@KlaimToFame) reported

    @DRoy15 On his itunes account. Not on itunes server to be downloaded. Never

  • wayne_peters
    Wayne Peters ︽✵︽ (@wayne_peters) reported

    I'm getting on with Chrome okay. The only issue really, is that like iTunes, it doesn't get on with my Wacom pen.

  • RealZaroX
    ZaroX (@RealZaroX) reported

    @xANGx92 @Ta5tyy If it overheats. Leave it to cool down my turning it off. If the battery is bad, it might be because of aging. If you can’t download anything it might not be compatible. If you forgot the passcode, you can get it factory reseted by using a computer and the iTunes app for Windows.

  • DonPlays2
    Don Plays (@DonPlays2) reported

    Haha! I was just now able to pre-order the new #KingdomHeartsIII music by @Skrillex and @utadahikaru because when I tried last night iTunes was down. These songs broke the store xD

  • FauchX
    FauchX (@FauchX) reported from Edmonton, Alberta

    Because someone login into their #ITunes account on my laptop I am now banned from viewing all my songs in my iCloud for 3 months! I PAID FOR THOUSANDS OF SONGS AND @APPLE IS HOLDING THEM RANDOM for 90 days I knew I should never have trusted @Apple and their freaking iCloud!!

  • 4CAPupdates
    The Cast Aside Podcast (@4CAPupdates) reported

    Having issues with iTunes sorting it

  • TheDeborahRock
    Deborah Rock (@TheDeborahRock) reported

    @iTunes Thank you for the great customer service support and the speedy refund. 10/10

  • iPhoneGuy1101
    iPhoneGuy1101 (@iPhoneGuy1101) reported

    @Jakeashacks @artikus_hg @iKilledAppl3 @albyvar25 @Nalu_Tech They would have to change the TSS server altogether to require Apple ID/PWD authentication breaking iTunes older than the latest though - as otherwise idevicerestore would be able to work around that.

  • lillyhnat
    Liz Hnat (@lillyhnat) reported

    @jamesjefferies I was a little annoyed that I said there was a problem with my mac finding printers and they asked what itunes version i was on! I was like "its nothing to do with itunes!' and then thought that was a bit rude!

  • SweepTheFloorR
    Sweep The Floor (@SweepTheFloorR) reported

    @wellyington @beatport @iTunes @Spotify We would appreciate these comments being taken down. We’ve all lost out. Feel free to contact the stores. They will confirm the low sales.

  • RyanTracyNFL
    Ryan Tracy | RGR (@RyanTracyNFL) reported

    @ChrisClarkNFL @WillieBmen13 hi Wilie. I checked the feed and it looks like itunes is downloading/streaming the episodes correctly. I just re-downloaded both without any problems. Depending o the podcast app you're using, you may have to uninstall and re-install the feed or the app

  • Sassysoopoo
    SusieQ (@Sassysoopoo) reported

    @TheHornGuy I had the same problem a few years ago and found them in the iTunes Music folder. They weren’t all filed by title so I had to go through each one and rename it. It should have backed them up somewhere in those ITunes files on the computer so don’t give up!

  • mrbrianhinton
    Brian Hinton 🐧 (@mrbrianhinton) reported

    First I can't figure out why my MacBook is slowing down. Next I get a low hard drive space warning. Then I find out it's iTunes having downloaded hundreds of podcast episodes (100+ GB worth!). Spend 20 minutes trying to delete the files. [1/2]

  • ThemeNYC
    Movies. Music. Martial Arts. (@ThemeNYC) reported

    @lthomasnews Hey bro, Audio on iTunes is mad low, get it together. Bad enough we have to deal with shitty MTA service. Sincerely - Angry NYC commuter

  • Michael_Cohen13
    Michael Cohen (@Michael_Cohen13) reported

    Hey Pat, thanks for the heads up. There seemed to be a technical issue on my end. Sorry about that. I just made a tweak and I think it's working now. Please try streaming it again or re-downloading the episode on iTunes/SoundCloud/Google Play. It should be fixed!

  • BowersWilkins
    Bowers & Wilkins (@BowersWilkins) reported

    @a1_bloke As the issue is related to iTunes which an update for is included in the Mac OS update. Please try updating iTunes to the latest version to see if it helps resolve the issue for you.

  • _d0woonbby
    ɪ'ᴍ ᴅʀᴜᴍᴅʀᴜᴍ 🍼🐶 (@_d0woonbby) reported

    BUGS ✔ GENIE ✔ MELON ✔ iTunes ✔ NAVER ✔ Spotify: 404 error not found.

  • _d0woonbby
    ɪ'ᴍ ᴅʀᴜᴍᴅʀᴜᴍ 🍼🐶 (@_d0woonbby) reported

    BUGS ✔ GENIE ✔ MELON ✔ iTunes ✔ Spotify: 404 error not found.

  • aseuIhae
    anna ♡ HYOJIN DAY (@aseuIhae) reported

    found hey boy on disgusting itunes but not up & down im stressed

  • paytno_ebooks
    ontyap (@paytno_ebooks) reported

    I wish ios 6 signing server closed as I was opening iTunes to restore my phone, ive had to hold the power to shut down many times today

  • androidiosdata
    Android iOS Data Recovery (@androidiosdata) reported

    7 Best Methods To Fix iTunes/iPhone Error 4005

    ❄️❄️❄️ (@SammiVIXXEXOBTS) reported

    @BaechUwUIrene STOP IM cryING 😂😂 WHY DOES IT SAY THAT. YOUR ITUNES IS BROKEN (good choice of music BTW)

  • i_Aniruddh
    Aniruddh (@i_Aniruddh) reported

    @harsh2990 @AppleSupport @JioCare @reliancejio Same happened to me. Jio mobile data was not working for some reason after updating to 12.1.1. I did a phone reset and restored it using iTunes and now everything working perfectly fine. IOS 12.1.1 enabled esim so probably that could be the culprit.

  • IAmBishop617
    KING (@IAmBishop617) reported

    When you can’t sleep and end up going down a tunnel of rave music on iTunes!!! 😳😬🕴🏾

  • 5angelsfrankie
    Frankie Pentangeli (@5angelsfrankie) reported

    @iTunes Terrible movie

  • marynelle1944
    Marynelle Vickers (@marynelle1944) reported

    I down loaded it from iTunes They need to take the F word out of all rap and hip hope but I guess that’s ok 😡😡😡

  • ricksizzle1
    Ricksizzle1 (@ricksizzle1) reported

    @LilyAdamsXo Try to sign in to iTunes on computer and see what it says

  • _beeduzzit
    ⚓️👶🏻 (@_beeduzzit) reported

    @brianjbellz @SRuhle But saying “no” when you mean “yes” is HUGE issue. I personally like the song and not sure it should be pulled from the radio but I also wouldn’t mind if it were pulled. I’m sure it’s available on iTunes for the people who really want to listen to it.

  • iminaiuta
    emoji doll on fire📛 (@iminaiuta) reported

    @cbxjpg 8TACKS DOESNT WORK FOR ME RIP she is just american and cansdian privilege....just take a screenshot of them in ur itunes and ill hunt them down i have my Tools for this fndnkdcnc

  • Ticketyboocow
    Lisa McMillan (@Ticketyboocow) reported

    If #iOS1211 is getting you down, just wait a few hours after updating devices then restart your computer about 17 times and iTunes will see your devices again and stop freezing. Not the smoothest of updates this time 🙄#PatienceIsKey @Apple @AppleNews @AppleSupport

  • streuhaft
    Sarah Treuhaft (@streuhaft) reported

    @emma_a_whitford Hello again! I am actually working on a paper making the case for rent control (to support the NY campaigns and others) and wanted 2 listen 2 the K Bupp podcast you quote to possibly include a longer quote in the paper. BUT the podcast has been taken down from Bupps site + iTunes

  • Ticketyboocow
    Lisa McMillan (@Ticketyboocow) reported

    If you want a sane Christmas, don’t risk updating to iOS12.1.1 until @Apple fix everything they’ve broken with this update. I’ve never had issues updating before, but now got problems in iTunes, iPhone and iPad #grrr 🤬 pull your finger out @AppleNews @applestreem

  • XFLToPortlandOR
    XFL To Portland, OR Supporter (@XFLToPortlandOR) reported

    @XFLShow @xfl2020 For some reason it's not working for me. I'm Subscribed to your Podcast on iTunes on my Laptop and also on my Apple Ipod Touch 6th Generation. I don't know if it's an Error message or what. But I have left 3 Reviews already, and None of them show up in the Customer Reviews.

  • Ticketyboocow
    Lisa McMillan (@Ticketyboocow) reported

    @AppleSupport I am not an idiot! I’ve done ALL those things umpteen times without success. iTunes keeps freezing too. All 3 devices are on latest iOS and its those latest updates that have broken them!

  • Richard_Kadrey
    Richard Kadrey (@Richard_Kadrey) reported

    @quietmoderation Music -> Music iTunes button -> Playlists. Scroll down and there they are. At least, that's what worked for me. Good luck.

  • jeckkelly
    chloe ・゚♡ ༉ (@jeckkelly) reported

    my mom just bought me 3 itunes cards ($30) bc i babysat last night and that was my payment and they all said they weren’t activated 🤠🤠 HOW DO I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM WITHOUT HAVING TO GO BACK TO THE STORE

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List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 1009
  • 14
  • 1604
  • 2203
  • 2324
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  • 2503
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  • 3194
  • 3212
  • 3253
  • 3259
  • 4000
  • 4013
  • 42110
  • 42404
  • 4261
  • 45075
  • 50
  • 5105
  • 6
  • 8003
  • 9
  • 9006
  • billing zip code
  • cannot connect to itunes store
  • card code
  • gift card
  • login status
  • msvcr80
  • msvcr80.dll
  • unknown error