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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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June 17: Problems at Instagram

Instagram is having issues since 04:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • arimendobrik Laureeenn💜 (@arimendobrik) reported

    My biggest issue with @instagram is that you can’t have more than 5 accounts on one phone okay I’m a fan girl I have a lot of accounts to manage and no room for them do something about this ty 😁

  • GregSopko Greg Sopko (@GregSopko) reported

    Twitter was founded in 2006, social media like Snapchat & Instagram have been dipping into its user base.Twitter up for sale in 2016 but buyers declined to deal. Its has been getting a lot of backlash for ongoing issues of abuse and harassment. might not be tweeting much longer.

  • ohwowreallybet eat my ass ! (@ohwowreallybet) reported

    @OnceUponALara @IMAGINEwill_ @instagram let me know when y’all shit working 😭

  • Ayeits_Nathan Nathaniel C. (@Ayeits_Nathan) reported

    Hey @instagram PLEASE FIX MY ACCOUNT. You made me verify my account and now all of my post are deleted . Please return my photos onto my feed

  • emma_crockett Emma (@emma_crockett) reported

    Adults blaim social media for so many things like no i had self-comparison issues before I saw pictures of Britney’s girl trip to Maui on instagram too

  • AikensDesiree DeReZzy (@AikensDesiree) reported

    Hey ******** @instagram how about instead of removing harmless pictures how about you work on keeping your system working

  • bobp354 Bob Phillips (@bobp354) reported

    @ShadySadieYT Us guys have issues also I have to put up the harassment from the Instagram girls. I block at least one a day 😂

  • TinaMcCormack10 tina (@TinaMcCormack10) reported

    idk why girls get the psycho rap bc i got a car wash earlier today and the man working there already searched, found, and followed me on instagram like what the actual **** dude

  • Ayeits_Nathan Nathaniel C. (@Ayeits_Nathan) reported

    @instagram You guys made me verify my account. NOW Most of my pictures and post are deleted . FIX MY INSTAGRAM I NEED HELP

  • Jonathan_Packer JP (@Jonathan_Packer) reported

    @noahsmom7 Girls on instagram who blame their daddies for their bad decisions and terrible judgment 364 days a year suddenly lose their "daddy issues" on Father's Day long ago to play Daddy's sweet innocent princess. 🤣

  • Zeke4uan Zeke Pro (@Zeke4uan) reported

    @fa6mam7 Wow.. i had same issue last week with my Instagram account been hacked and the support service never respond to it. But @Josh5hat helped me reactivated my account. He his an expert

  • Zeke4uan Zeke Pro (@Zeke4uan) reported

    @giulipaloscia @instagram Wow.. i had same issue last week with my Instagram hacked and the support service never respond to it. But @Josh5hat helped me reactivated my account. He his an expert

  • Zeke4uan Zeke Pro (@Zeke4uan) reported

    @LewinAndrew @instagram this is serious,I had same issue with my Instagram account hacked for weeks and the support didn't respond to my mails. @Josh5hat helped me retrieve account. He his an expert

  • IMAGINEwill_ imagine.will (@IMAGINEwill_) reported

    @ohwowreallybet @instagram Same here 😂😂😂 @instagram FIX THIS

  • KawaiiStacieYT ♡ Stacie ♡ (@KawaiiStacieYT) reported

    I’m glad that I have people that support me and my content but that doesn’t mean that I want every social media account to be a place where you can report bugs/issues or make requests...for example my Instagram DMs is filled with those

  • AdamSinger Adam Singer (@AdamSinger) reported

    @chrismessina @instagram @mosseri @TaylorLorenz The ocean analogy may be too literal here. Unless the current internet is. But ...and this has never not been true ...the internet is capitalism empires built and broken sped up. I hope natural systems prove as resilient although my optimism here is tempered.

  • marquismade Mastermind (@marquismade) reported

    I wish like Twitter, Instagram , Snap ect had ah Blackout and stop working for like 3-6 months just to see how people would respond and How The World Would Work.

  • ohwowreallybet eat my ass ! (@ohwowreallybet) reported

    @IMAGINEwill_ @instagram 😭 lmao I’ve been trying since earlier today it’s saying something about a error i wanna keep checking to see if i can login but ion wanna **** around and get locked out my shit

  • thcmed Trichome Health Consultants (@thcmed) reported

    @BonginBlonde @learningtosubm1 Our account was hacked by someone today- also our Instagram account last night. We are looking into who might be the culprit. We are sorry this happened, and are working to correct everything, because we do not support this type of post or anything relevant to it.

  • LindsayPH Lindsay Rollin (@LindsayPH) reported

    @itsmetoreyyy I understand Dear Torey we are still trying to figure out how to get my Instagram working again . Audrey`s is working fine strange mine isn`t .

  • Ripdtide Snoopy Moopy🐳 (@Ripdtide) reported

    Damn gonna need to start bringing books to work or something. Don’t got Snapchat or Instagram anymore. Might not have a Twitter either. Time is gonna go by soooooo slow.

  • maleknorman97 Malek💰 (@maleknorman97) reported

    @janiiee22 Instagram and Twitter always be having problems every other week smdh

  • LeahSanginario Leah (@LeahSanginario) reported

    @ regular non professionally fit people who film themselves working out for Instagram stories: stop 🛑

  • jessigrayyy jess (@jessigrayyy) reported

    @instagram im also tired of bots sending porn websites & like millions of them are made like what you run this app, use your ******* brain & fix it!

  • mernalmonster Minal (@mernalmonster) reported

    The crash bandicoot ads on Instagram are so rude cuz I’ll be scrolling and then out of no where: OOGA BOOGA!!!

  • TammieHedden Tammie Hedden (@TammieHedden) reported

    I'm not sure if anyone cares how I'm suffering over the issue with "AQUA"! I BEGGED NETWORKERS RESCUER'S FOSTERS HERE & INSTAGRAM TO SAVE THIS BEAUTIFUL PITIFUL SOUL.ESPECIALLY INSTAGRAM(they betrayed me&didn't network her like I did the ones they send me)"AQUA" MY KINDRED SPIRIT

  • hiimariela mariela☁️ (@hiimariela) reported

    has anyone else started reporting ads on here & instagram and saying i see it too often like idk if it’ll make anyTHING better but i at least fix my need to show how annoying they are lmao

  • LookAliveTrev Trevor (@LookAliveTrev) reported

    @instagram fix this action blocked i can’t even follow smh

  • its_mdr Michael D’angelo (@its_mdr) reported

    Instagram music sticker not working for me... for weeks... smh

  • AnnaTeague15 ☕️Marie Esch-Radtke☕️ (@AnnaTeague15) reported

    I’ve left my FB account languish. I made a LinkedIn account, and never tended to it, so I wanted to delete it, but I couldn’t remember my Login or Password. I recently made an Instagram account, but deleted the app the next day. That leaves Twitter. I’m about 55% pleased. #🙄👎🏼

  • christylemon christylemon (@christylemon) reported

    @Flabbergast2017 @CherrieBomb26 @PeteButtigieg I'm not implying, I'm saying. If he can Instagram a picnic that he spent 13 minutes taking photos at, he should at minimum issue a statement about the shooting and its investigation.

  • Merwabi Emina Vujnovac (@Merwabi) reported

    @Fransen90 The application will be able to: "See who you follow, and follow new people.", that's what I have a problem with. This made me crazy on instagram, it kept following random people >.<

  • rraeeee__ 无形 (@rraeeee__) reported

    what she do is not “real” work, I wouldn’t stop if all I was doing was posting on instagram & making club appearances too but ppl are working hard... If my husband want take care of me ima let him ima still have some form of income & sum on the side in case ANYTHING HAPPENS

  • YoderJase Flyingfoot77 (@YoderJase) reported

    @freemanrepo I am not jail broken and I am having use Instagram + + because instagrma rocketeill not let me sign in it keeps saying error or something


    My DMs are broken or something so whoever is messaging me dm me on Instagram: Punkythesinger

  • Zeke4uan Zeke Pro (@Zeke4uan) reported

    @KeiranLee @mosseri this is serious,I had same issue with my @instagram account hacked for weeks and the support didn't respond to my mails. @Josh5hat helped me retrieve account. He his an instagram expert

  • destinyylillyy Destiny (@destinyylillyy) reported

    He sent me the Instagram message after I blocked him on Facebook & Snapchat.. so obviously he’s got some ******* problems. Please report him. Thanks.

  • MohamedBulbul1 Mohamed Bulbul (@MohamedBulbul1) reported

    @WillLUHG @__GusMUFC3 matic is shitt nd slow but evrything thing u said about pogba is true he likes to show of all the time even neville once said evrything is like youtupe and instagram for him scholes said he should keep it simple pass and move he is a big lad no one can stop him if he plays smart

  • Diirtyy 🦍 (@Diirtyy) reported

    @instagram I’m pretty sure someone working at INSTAGRAM gets paid to keep me #shadowbanned for a year since I work with music labels that have plug at IG I’ll get to the bottom of this. Pretty ****** sad though

  • LookAliveTrev Trevor (@LookAliveTrev) reported

    Instagram can y’all fr fix this action block shit everyone is pissed off I can’t even follow damn

  • ai_sign (@ai_sign) reported

    Instagram Testing an Easier Way of Testing Applications I've been running into an issue where I'm not getting a clean and simple experience from the apps running on my machine. #ai #aigenerated #random

  • w1ndflowerr 𝖏𝖆𝖊 | mx in berlin ! (@w1ndflowerr) reported

    my phone is broken i just got a screen time notif saying i have 5 mins of Instagram left (until it goes on lockdown) but i don't have Instagram installed anymore eye-

  • Zeke4uan Zeke Pro (@Zeke4uan) reported

    @GalleyLeigh @instagram Wow.. i had same issue last week with my Instagram hacked and the support service never respond to it. But @Josh5hat helped me reactivated my account. He his an expert

  • AlbionicBloke Jack 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@AlbionicBloke) reported

    Umm is Instagram working it hasn’t been working for me for a while internet maybe 😳

  • actionjaxon666 Shaun (@actionjaxon666) reported

    If I were offered £1M right now to guess how many Twitter followers I had (or Instagram for that matter) with a 100-/+ margin for error I honestly think I’d fail. I have no idea.

  • jikoosgcf shay ♡ (@jikoosgcf) reported

    also to the people that have followed me from instagram hello!! i am actually jikook biased now and sometimes i post edits/working on an au 😯

  • KimberChaos Kimber Kush ~ Boss Lady (@KimberChaos) reported

    @HighTylerGreen @instagram @facebook I'm working on an external network development for legal marketing and trading while following TOS through these public forums but could use some help. I'm not going to get out through the tech giants that's for sure.

  • dejokecarew Merchant ✨🛍 (@dejokecarew) reported

    Fix up @instagram

  • Kenneth_g2002 Kenneth (@Kenneth_g2002) reported

    When tf is Instagram going to stop having its weekly issues of not working :|

  • JohannesKowal Johannes Иван Kowal (@JohannesKowal) reported

    @charlemwxm112 @instagram Same. I hope they will fix it

  • Blessed__Inc 🏳️‍🌈💗©ᴮˡᵉˢˢᵉᵈ ᴵⁿᶜ.💗🏳️‍🌈 (@Blessed__Inc) reported

    HEY, @instagram ...FIX YOUR SH*T!!!!!!! I shouldn't have to keep putting in my 2 factor code each and every second and whatnot!!!!!! On phone, laptop, ipad,'s ridiculous!!!! FIX IT!!!!!

  • KimberChaos Kimber Kush ~ Boss Lady (@KimberChaos) reported

    @cbdcakes @HighTylerGreen @instagram @facebook It's not ********. Facebook and mastercard are coming out with crypo payment and the msm is silencing anything that isn't entirely left or who has free thought. I'm working on this via external network but could use help. ******** is illegal still. **** accounts are down 2 tho

  • Kim_Sirius Kim Klein (@Kim_Sirius) reported

    @kristaraisa I'm working towards disclosure. I see other people on Instagram working on #Disclosure. ✨💓🙌👽

  • reggievashaun яєgg!є (@reggievashaun) reported

    @JukuBabyy @TreyxGoose The IG name he has in his bio isn’t working on Instagram for me to see his work

  • reggievashaun яєgg!є (@reggievashaun) reported

    @A15Simp @TreyxGoose The IG name he has in his bio isn’t working on Instagram for me to see his work

  • ErinAnderrson Erin (@ErinAnderrson) reported

    Just watched a video of an absolute idiot on Instagram driving at 100mph filming. Ur so cool until u crash ur car and kill someone stupid prick 🙂

  • solobike solobike (@solobike) reported

    @instagram I'm trying to start account with Instagram and him having problems

  • kekko_cunzo13 Francesco Cunzo (@kekko_cunzo13) reported

    @instagram I have problem with my instagram account. Help meee😔😔😔

  • Andresanchezsk8 SharkJr (@Andresanchezsk8) reported

    @instagram Hello, I already report this many times ago and nobody respods me. My problem is when someone tags me on a picture I can’t see it, I only see te comments, please I’d like someone to help me on this. It’s annoying I have an iPhone 8 updated with the last version also ig

  • NaNa_Darkskin Adriana Harmony 🇭🇹🇧🇸 (@NaNa_Darkskin) reported

    There’s people out there who talk about you watch your Snapchat, tweets, Instagram and never address the issue they have against you

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