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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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Halo problems in the last 24 hours

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April 24: Problems at Halo

Halo is having issues since 01:00 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Matchmaking (50.00%)
  • Online Play (25.00%)
  • Glitches (25.00%)

Halo Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
  • Beech Creek, Pennsylvania
  • Torrelavega, Cantabria
  • Paris, Île-de-France
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Folsom, Pennsylvania
  • Fort Carson, Colorado
  • Franconia, Virginia
  • Frisco, Texas
  • Hagerstown, Maryland
  • Jocotepec, Jalisco
  • Katy, Texas
Halo Live Outage Map
  • Beech Creek, Pennsylvania
  • Torrelavega, Cantabria
  • Paris, Île-de-France
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Folsom, Pennsylvania
  • Fort Carson, Colorado
  • Franconia, Virginia
  • Frisco, Texas
  • Hagerstown, Maryland
  • Jocotepec, Jalisco
  • Katy, Texas
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  • Zelteaa
    lo (@Zelteaa) reported

    @TrevelyanSII051 @BaileyJIII @Imaguy20 @HaloFanForLife @TehSpearhead @MonkeysxMoo35 @thesk_darram @franklez @PlutonForEver I don't even care for halo online or whatever and you're being dumb about this, Microsoft probably would have a case against them but why pursue it? It realistically won't cost them money and tons of halo fans enjoy the game, you're the only one making it an issue lmfao

  • Billy_Cage
    ZippingRocks! (@Billy_Cage) reported

    @joestaten Why did 343i not let you continue writing Halo's storyline? Because they fixed something that wasn't broken. (Halo 4 & Halo 5)

  • trillbillmill25
    XXXbrAnTaCiOn (@trillbillmill25) reported

    @Bungie can you buy halo back and fix it 343 ruin everything. I miss the old halo

  • AllTheRumsGone
    John (@AllTheRumsGone) reported

    @KnitehawkHD @Josh_Hamrick @_mantis_ @Tocom11 @Cozmo23 %80 of the reason i don’t come back - quality question. Ddos and quitting shouldn’t be a thing.. halo de-ranked you real quick if you quit / my guess is it would have if you were ddos back then as well.

  • HojozF1
    Leon Hojoz (@HojozF1) reported

    @MEetvelde @superdude67890 @Tiametmarduk Put Grosjean of 2012 in and make it a 1v1v1v1 Burnout 3 crash mode with Halo.

  • Sipher117
    God’s Perfect Idiot (Alex) (@Sipher117) reported

    @wal_AR_15 That’s kind of what we need to fix Halo tbh. A soft reboot. They dug themselves into a narrative hole, and they’ve irreparably destroyed the art style. “Taking things one step at a time” doesn’t work for a game that will end up taking 4+ years to make.

  • hrbomber1414
    💚 RIP Xbox Addict 💚 (@hrbomber1414) reported

    @verdict4489 I think with a game of that caliber anyone would hype it.... Only prob is Xbox hasn't had that type of hype since Halo 2 imo ... Nothing has been hyped at all. But MS has had their fair issues of MARKETING anyway so theres that.

  • azulmax619
    DarkBichi (@azulmax619) reported

    Hello @Halo i have received the voice pack for see the final in Mixer, but I can't see it in my account, can you solve the problem?

  • Dharkneeds
    ωιɬŧɛɗ-ɗɍɛɑϻȿ (@Dharkneeds) reported

    I might be slightly broken, bruised, and internally scarred. My halo tarnished, and my wings are at the dry cleaners, But I get up every day ready for a fight. Make no mistake, I'm no one's door mat.

  • PeanutYorkie
    peanut yorkie (@PeanutYorkie) reported

    @caseymarie7 glad to hear it mikey! so you got your wings and halo now? you didn’t try using those wings yet, have you? dad thought he heard something crash into the roof a couple days ago. that wasn’t you, was it?

  • byadamfitch
    Adam Fitch (@byadamfitch) reported

    The Call of Duty roster have been shaky for months now, and have had chemistry issues for much longer than that. The CSGO roster didn’t fully click, so they’re trying something new. There were problems between the Halo roster and Infinite, so action was taken. It’s simple.

  • iPrimaal_
    Anthony (@iPrimaal_) reported

    @SkylerCFelix @DexertoIntel Yeah it’s called an opinion lol Only team that has come out and said the issue was Infinite was the Halo squad. Gears has lost 1 event and dropped 1 player just like last time when OG was “family, hugs and kisses” The new CS GO squad is better than the last, you’re delusional

  • OGAngryLettuce
    angrylettuce (@OGAngryLettuce) reported

    @TazzmanLive @TYPOGRAPH1C Who gives a fuck really. I no longer have to wait on 343 to fix their shitty game or pray for the release of a real Halo title. And I no longer have to pay for XBL. Win fucking win.

  • Tenerunpulso
    Carol Elliott (@Tenerunpulso) reported

    When I get out of the pool at the Y, and glance in the mirror as I'm leaving and realize I look like Granny on the B. Hillbillies. Broken hairs all around my head in a halo affect. Nice. #HowMyBodyTellsMeImOld

  • DaxSeven09
    Rachel (@DaxSeven09) reported

    @HaloFanForLife @TrevelyanSII051 @Grunt4500 Hey no problem. Look at it this way your concerns caused me to look into and learn something about Halo Online I hadn't known before. We're all helping each other out.

  • clearlymac
    мαᴄ (@clearlymac) reported

    @AllExceptMe @SgtKOnyx @kyIethefish @Gamecheat13 I totally agree with you. Thats the problem with the halo community imo. Its all fighting and not enough mature discussions/debates that actually lead to something. Thats the main reason i stopped being involved. I love halo but it seems useless to say anything

  • SandraHartle
    🔥FIRE Them All-2018 (@SandraHartle) reported from Cle Elum, Washington

    @dbongino I am fed up with the smear tactics of the left. I lived through the 70's they got what they wanted a high divorce rate and high tolerance for behavior we should all be ashamed to have condoned . Feminist created the problem now they want a halo? BS Lefties are mental midgets

  • AllExceptMe
    Talal (@AllExceptMe) reported

    @clearlymac @SgtKOnyx @kyIethefish @Gamecheat13 And you know that 343i has invited most of big Halo players to help them for the future Halo. They're listing to the fans to fix what we need for future Halo. I've already received not less that 2 surveys in the last 2 months. We all wanna Halo to succeed.

  • DCGnosis
    dylan (@DCGnosis) reported

    @JimboGPK download the mod manager. be sure to put it in the same file as halo online otherwise it will just crash

  • FuskifiedPerson
    The PhilosoFur (@FuskifiedPerson) reported

    @renodorrall For Halo, it felt like the developmental focus was on gameplay. For example, in contrast, in System Shock 2 and Deus Ex, the excellent gameplay was in support of the narrative. This is my issue with the first AC game, it was Halo-ish in regards to story.

  • Beniroj
    newrose (@Beniroj) reported

    @OpTicH3CZ @NVIDIAGeForce Optus halo optic gears optic cod and soon optic. Fix it or u will lose us.

  • XblApollo
    Nate (@XblApollo) reported

    @TrevelyanSII051 @HaloFanForLife @TehSpearhead @MonkeysxMoo35 @thesk_darram @franklez @PlutonForEver This is really what this is. Its a message to 343 saying, "Get your shit together, fix MCC and make Halo 6 a proper Halo game". Thinking that this indie project that these guys don't even have the source code for is some threat to 343/Microsoft or "hurting halo" is a joke

  • Sawyer_DAA
    Sawyer (@Sawyer_DAA) reported

    The problem MS has now is even if they announce Fable 4 at E3, we have to take it with a grain of salt if it will actually release. Anything beyond Gears, Halo, Forza.

    Goog (@GOOGILYDOOGILY) reported

    @HaloFanForLife @TehSpearhead @TrevelyanSII051 @MonkeysxMoo35 @thesk_darram @franklez @PlutonForEver But Halo Online fits within the MS terms of service and shit. Terms made so modders and community members can use MS property to make their own content in a way that doesn't negatively affect Microsoft, hence the reason MS hasn't struck it down yet.

  • BaileyJIII
    Bailey (@BaileyJIII) reported

    @HaloFanForLife @TrevelyanSII051 @MonkeysxMoo35 @thesk_darram 343i themselves have acknowledged SFM artwork and have ZERO issues with them using assets from Halo games that were ported to Source. Why would developers care?

    B. (@BAMBAEMIA) reported

    @bangchanio Halo Bang, ini Bam. I don't have any tho? I mean, if i fix them, i'll not learned something about that time.

  • brandonh83
    Brandon (@brandonh83) reported

    From HALO to asking Youtubers how to fix a story

  • simoncresswell7
    Simon Cresswell (@simoncresswell7) reported

    @MBrundleF1 hi Martin - what do you think about teams putting aero fins on the halo? I'm no fan of the halo and it strikes me that if a wheel came off and hit the structure the carbon fibre fin could snap off and be more of a safety issue to the driver than the wheel itself?

  • lunchbox997
    Lunch (@lunchbox997) reported

    Please dont tell me there's gonna be a problem with Halo Online, its awesome and I dont want another halo pc thing ripped away from me :(

  • surfsublime
    crystal (@surfsublime) reported

    Long day living in my cage . My friends call me the halo girl now having a broken neck suck pretty bad ..

  • ShowanW
    Showan Watson (@ShowanW) reported

    @FreeJAC @Colteastwood @zaire2005 @Joshua_Knight25 @The_CrapGamer @Dee_Batch @Mooch1978 @Dealer_Gaming @BeastFireTimdog Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, god of war,& possibly detroit, spiderman, days gone, will propel sony into next gen w/ mindshare &for being memorable for all the right reasons. people will remember xbox for broken Master Chief Collection, crappy story w/Halo 5, pretty but meh Gears cast

  • MetalHedSpartan
    DAVID 🤘 (@MetalHedSpartan) reported

    @HaloFanForLife @Doctor_Reasons @LorTarkam @vengeful_vadam @HellJumper_YT @IsoSayaka117 @DecepticonCobra And 343 has NO PROBLEMS with Eldewrito Halo Online they aren't for or against it. If you did respect 343 you would stop raining down on us for having fun with a harmless mod.

  • LateNightHalo
    LateNightGaming 🎮 (@LateNightHalo) reported

    @Ztr9 @TheEld2 What they did was fix it and remove a lot of the enhanced mobility and glitches. The base halo online (that was made by saber interactive) was a broken mess

  • LateNightHalo
    LateNightGaming 🎮 (@LateNightHalo) reported

    @TheEld2 It’s a lot more than halo online. They’ve done extensive fixing, changes, porting etc etc to make it more like Normal Halo and fix the hit registration. They also literally recreated forge in it

  • amorealyce
    Jeanine. (@amorealyce) reported

    Let me fix my tweet about their bottles! They have 4 bottles a piece for going places, now Halo is down to 3! My world is unbalanced.. it’s agg

  • Y21__
    🆒ShaneY21 (@Y21__) reported

    My name is Shane, on Halo 3 my service tag was Y21 #MyHandleExplained

  • OGBeattie
    Ryan (@OGBeattie) reported

    halo online servers broken?

  • Hollow_Robot
    J (@Hollow_Robot) reported

    @Brav @Halo @Tashi343i i literally cannot fathom how you attached the Halo brand to a game that deranks you for host switch lag outs.

  • Parmersan_
    Seth Parmer (@Parmersan_) reported

    @MattyMcDee @Greenskull Halo as a service should absolutely not be a thing... As if REQ Packs weren't already annoying and took away the excitement of earning a new armor set. Just imagine the gross/greedy things they would do to a thing that was designed to go on for years.

  • GilderTek
    Gildersneeze (@GilderTek) reported from Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    @mrfeelswildride Reticle bloom and Armor Lock weren't nearly as big a problem as people made them out to be in Halo: Reach. The former was useful to people who understood it and the latter was easy to counter if you weren't bad at the game.

  • ScrubbyTehLenny
    Scrubby (@ScrubbyTehLenny) reported

    @TrevelyanSII051 @HaloFanForLife My issue with Halo 5 is mind numbingly simple and usurp story, REQ system, broken features ect ect. The only redeeming thing that I love about Halo 5 is it's forge mode.

  • MattyMcDee
    Matty (@MattyMcDee) reported

    Three hot takes from Halo Online: 1. HALO as a service should be a thing. Multiplayer as a separate entity and campaign as another. 2. People like playing on PC 3. Everyone enjoys classic Halo gameplay. "Classic" refers to a 2/3 hybrid that isn't defined.

  • 13marchpudim
    Fred (@13marchpudim) reported

    @PraiseTheLight Halo 3 on PC has broken you

  • WindyCityGaming
    Windy City (@WindyCityGaming) reported

    @BeastFireTimdog @xxxcupchuck @He_Bot8 @liredbone @Erok8150 @savagecarter225 @DarkOttemis @DirectXMinusThe @Kmega4 @LiveWirezGaming @GhostRyder730 @TimmaDos Thank you Tim! No one is saying Xbox has no games. Anyone thinking this is foolish. The problem is, Xbox imo doesn’t have quality games atm. Yes Gears and Halo are there, but a lot of Xbox fans are tired of the halo and gears.

  • dhracer2
    dh racer (@dhracer2) reported

    @BerrageizF1 @IndyCar Every time I see on the TV a driver trying to get out of the car is a real problem with the halo. I pray no one has to get out fast in a real danger situation

  • razorsedge588
    Razors Edge (@razorsedge588) reported

    @OpTicGaming it looks like all the original OpTic teams are going down hill. it started with the sellout to Infinite Esports. the cod team hated the way the company was being run and they literally don’t practice and are having issues with each other. Plus we don’t have a halo team anymore.

  • DominicChow4
    Dominic Chow (@DominicChow4) reported

    Halo @PS360HD2 I have a question to ask you. The question is Do you know hot to fix the error "Couldn't initialize Steam?" Since NS4 came out, I never really played it on my terms. I did once and it was super laggy.

  • Jdog4789
    Č̸̢̛͗͌̿̀̍́̽̉͋̈́̎̂̓́͛́̔̃͒͂͊͗̎̔̈́̅͂̆̅͂͌̇̀̂̀̅̅̕̕̚̕͘͜͝͝ (@Jdog4789) reported

    I got Halo Online but I'm having two issues, one I am having trouble running it and i turned down the graphics, lowered the screen resloution, and made it not full screen. Second the controller options are messing up for me where when I choose Halo 3 Default 1/2

  • Idek05135073
    RockstarVideoYT (@Idek05135073) reported

    @asimo3089 1. Fix multiple bugs.. 2. Add a short rope on normal heli, so it's not as a op as Army Heli. 3. Add explicable car mode, in which has an option. Kinda like Halo's P.V.P on of off mode. (Player chooses explode mode) 4. A higher rate of money from little stores (Gas, donut).

  • NamruX
    Namru Casterly🍷💀 (@NamruX) reported

    @DandyLilCultist I'll join for when I fix my PC and get Halo Online

  • EposVox
    EposVox (@EposVox) reported

    @HoosierBoyMixer Hit detection and lag compensation just feel ever so slightly "off" that, as someone who has played a crapload of Halo over the past 15 years, is enough to feel "wrong" and give me frustration. There's virtually no feedback that you're shooting an enemy, and while

  • iSpiteful
    iSpiteful (@iSpiteful) reported

    All setup for a PC stream tonight on Halo Online. Only problem is my keyboard noise. No idea how to stop it

  • afanofLafear
    Shavir Harrysunker (@afanofLafear) reported

    @PlutonForEver #saveMCC The one true way to "fix" Halo: MCC is get the other Halo 2 maps remade for the Anniversary multiplayer.

  • sweetdeesez
    SweetDee (@sweetdeesez) reported

    @BKeachDay I think I have to I’m pretty sad about it. I’ve been growing it back from the last short cut for like 7 years but my year of terrible thyroid totally destroyed it and now if I comb my hair (even with my fingers) while it’s wet it shreds apart. I have a halo of 100000 broken hairs

  • LorTarkam
    Brendan “Lor” Lowry (@LorTarkam) reported

    @Grizzlei The problem people have is that those things are part of the core experience and therefore maps HAVE to be designed around it. You take abilities out of 5 and it’s maps play poorly, but conversely if you take equipment out of Halo 3, the maps still play fine

  • FerrariGuil
    ΔPricky Blue DoggoΔ (@FerrariGuil) reported

    so after a good long while, and after busting my brain open with technical issues, Halo 2 runs on PC again! except it's modded, called "Project Cartographer"

  • Matthew_Wadley
    Matt 🇦🇺🇨🇦 (@Matthew_Wadley) reported

    @HaloFanForLife Even if MS were to issue a C&D. I don't think they can contain it because the game and resources are already out in the wild. It's literally a waste of time going after HO. I also understand your concerns with the IP but the Halo community is happy and it isn't harming anyone.

  • EdgallardoDlc
    Edgar Gallardo (@EdgallardoDlc) reported

    @HaloDataHive @MLGACE Of course this Halo 5 abilities are pointless because 343 couldn't make maps made for this abilities. The game is really broken, just hope that 343 do a really better job creating maps made for competitive with the new abilities in the next Halo game.

  • jaimealyse
    ✨🔮 Jaime Green 🔭 (@jaimealyse) reported

    @zanopticon @healthy_ish But Halo Top is just asking you to binge, right? So it’s a question of whether that becomes part of a problem for you or not.

  • lizzieohreally
    Lizzie O'Leary (@lizzieohreally) reported

    @Scaachi Almost 20 years ago, my dad was biking to work and a pedestrian stepped out in front of him. Stopped short, went over handlebars. Broken vertebrae, clavicle, had to be in a halo collar for months. If not for his helmet, he might have died.