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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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November 14: Problems at Halo

Halo is having issues since 07:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • impulsegrenades Shotzz (@impulsegrenades) reported

    @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games Please launch the game in a good state apparently theirs mad input lag with the latest beta

  • DonovanStogner Dovazul (@DonovanStogner) reported

    @steam_games @Halo Steams version will crash. Get it through the Microsoft store 😂

  • shaydoken Shay Johnny Miah (@shaydoken) reported

    @SarahWJelly IGN full of crap and biased reviewers. Yesterday one of the IGN staff was defending what they do. Their review system is broken. I can remember when they gave HALO MCC 9/10.M when the game was broken and took 4+ years to get fixed properly 😂🤣

  • WiiamGamer William (WiiamGamer) (@WiiamGamer) reported

    @StrikeTiff @Coach_CLUTCH @SENTINEL_13_ @ItzLeakzi @KEEMSTAR @Enable @FormaL Blindly is not the right term to use. If people enjoy Halo 5 cool but to me it had valid issues that push many halo fans away.

  • raajchheda Raaj Chheda (@raajchheda) reported

    @regands @ducain23 I am a Halo fan and I am very much happy about the release date announcement. Glad they did announce it instead of announcing it and releasing it all in the same day in a such a broken Bethesda-like shitshow.

  • BoxerLo44138634 BoxerLover (@BoxerLo44138634) reported

    They won’t even spend money on a West campus safety initiative. People have begged for HALO cameras, extended safety patrol, better lighting and call boxes for student safety. Crickets! They don’t think there’s problem.

  • Zejik Zejik (@Zejik) reported

    @mycus12 @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games I'm more worried about the mouse input delay, and server issues that me, and many other people have had. But I'm sure they probably already have A very strong idea what's causing these problems or else they wouldn't of gave A hard release date for the collection.

  • davidthyrat david the rat (@davidthyrat) reported

    @YOSEMITE_BLAAM @Halo @steam_games Sorry I did not expect it to crash and blow up like this

  • BizOunceFPS vQ | BizOunceFPS (@BizOunceFPS) reported

    @Unyshek @Halo @Xbox @XboxGamePass @steam_games Hoping the mouse input issue is fixed by then, but honestly cannot wait for this and the rest of MCC to come to PC!!

  • STARS_TyranT Sean Hall (@STARS_TyranT) reported

    I'm not trashing the Gamepass btw. It offers unbelievable value for money and a chance to try stuff you might not have usually. But say EA, or Sony, or MS release a title and it was exclusive to a subscription service "Halo 6, exclusive to Gamepass users only." as an example.

  • mycus12 C Jones (@mycus12) reported

    @Zejik @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games I'm pretty sure that was the point of all these flights that have been going on for the past couple of months. I got in one the most recent flight and my only issues were minor flickers and frame drops that I'm pretty sure was just crap running in the background.

  • 2pacIsAliveBih naun (@2pacIsAliveBih) reported

    Halo reach dropping December 3rd , I’m ready to get my heart broken all over again 😃

  • xXcftdoyleXx Conor Doyle (@xXcftdoyleXx) reported

    @Demolish8X The biggest issue with Xbox is they need the show pieces like halo infinite. I can get behind games like ori and everwild if the realistic games are there to back them up god I hope the fable 4/reboot goes for a more mature audience because it’s what Xbox is lacking besides-

  • palelebouf Turvy (@palelebouf) reported

    @rotblossom @DapperDeer @Statiic8 @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games Hey if it means the game will feel good until they fix it, I don't care that much. I'm used to 144 so going back to 60 is like going back to 30 sometimes but I can deal. It'll come back I'm sure

  • Caluben_ Cal 🍕 (@Caluben_) reported

    @haruspis It's actually my least favorite Halo. The Multiplayer is trash. Bloom on precision weapons, no melee bleed-through, slow movement, terrible AA's, terrible maps. Campaign wasn't even canon until 343 fixed the timeline issues. Arcade Firefight destroyed the gametype.

  • Blitz__SD Blitz (@Blitz__SD) reported

    @AbsolutelyTTV @Halo Now let’s hope they fix the heavy mouse input

  • pulsortech93 Adam Sherman (@pulsortech93) reported

    @KEEMSTAR Speaking as someone who started with ODST (actually, Red vs. Blue), then 3, and THEN Reach... Reach was a good game. It had characterization issues and some ideas that I wish they'd done more with, but I liked what they were going for and would love to see more Halo games like it

  • REX9477 REX 9477 (@REX9477) reported

    @Cyberwo1ff if that is the case tho i hope 343 iron out these issues but it kind of shitty the halo community are this strange of late

  • RubberFistFight RubberFistFight (@RubberFistFight) reported

    @Halo @Cryogonal1 @MicrosoftStore @steam_games My regulars and I share a worry that you won't have time to address the rather long list of bugs/problems prior to Dec 3. I sincerely hope you do, since the MCC launch on the Xbone was a comedy of errors nobody wants to see repeated.

  • TheANIM06609813 The ANIME GUY (@TheANIM06609813) reported

    @dandy3000 The writers need to be fired and hire more competent people for the show. Apparently the fans have better ideas then the writers of the show. One thing that would definitely fix Penny is make her a AI and created by the same way of AI in Halo, then make a Atlas Faunus civilwar

  • god_kill_me_plz sad boy hours ᴮʳᵘʰ (@god_kill_me_plz) reported

    @KEEMSTAR No I grew up on halo 2, 3, and reach and I have no problems saying reach is better than them. Stop saying the wrong opinion

  • AlecTheSQGamer Mr. BrightsideQuestGamer (@AlecTheSQGamer) reported

    @GabeTheDeadFish Bare in mind, I LIKE Halo 4 quite a bit despite some of its issues. But Halo 5 worsened everything that I liked about Halo 4. No characters I could connect with, as the game mostly goes to Locke, who is kind of boring. The Prometheans still kind of suck.

  • APtheNerd 🐝 Alex 🐝 ⚠️ RWBY SPOILERS ⚠️ (@APtheNerd) reported

    @Primal138 Literally the only other game that’s given me this issue is Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, which had it so bad I’ve never finished it. There’s a damn good game in Halo: Reach, but that blur just made it impossible for me to truly love. I’m glad it’s being fixed with MCC.

  • ArtnerC Casey Artner (@ArtnerC) reported

    @FL1NTZ @ProteusLFG @PaulTassi In the US, have a gigabit connection. Couldn't play Halo without massive delay, lag and artifacts. And it just got worse the longer I played. I know it's beta, but when I say unplayable I mean it.

  • wooferz_ Philip (@wooferz_) reported

    @melontano @KEEMSTAR Reach multiplayer was so broken tho halo 2 and 3 were way better and halo 5 is at least consistent compared to reaches random shots

  • palelebouf Turvy (@palelebouf) reported

    @DapperDeer @Statiic8 @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games They successfully untied the physics to frames to allow for uncapped frame rate, so I'm sure they can do it! There's a .ini file fix for it right now which is one part of the solution, so rest assured they'll get it done :)

  • EUPHORIA1997 𝖊𝖚𝖕𝖍𝖔𝖗𝖎𝖆 (@EUPHORIA1997) reported

    Literally HALO is Xbox's last hope. They have trash games, trash service, and great players. I don't understand how they went from top tier games to Halo Wars, cmon. We have GOW, Spiderman... no competition, even with the extra 10 frames..

  • kamidood kami (@kamidood) reported

    Stadia is literally pointless once xCloud is integrated into Game Pass (if it isn't pointless already). All the Halo, Final Fantasy, and Yakuza games are on the service too. I'm really loving Xbox right now.

  • Osprey_SSJ4 Justin Powell (@Osprey_SSJ4) reported

    Halo fans on Twitter: WeN rEaCh iN mCc On Pc ThEy ArE tAkInG tOo LoNg!!! Also Halo fans on Twitter: dEcEmBeR 3rD iSnT lOnG eNoUgH tO fIx ThE bUgS!!!

  • Canz__ ᑕᗩᑎᘔ (@Canz__) reported

    @_BrianCS halo was fun in 2004. the problem is that its 2019 now

  • DapperDeer sean (@DapperDeer) reported

    @Statiic8 @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games Has major input lag. Seems to be tied to frames. They're working on it but I don't have high hopes they'll actually fix it. Will be pleasantly surprised if I'm proven wrong, but I'm trying to temper expectations.

  • Nitomatta Pixelbuster (@Nitomatta) reported

    You have zero excuses to subscribe to Game Pass at this point Yakuza, Final Fantasy, Halo and more are coming to this service

  • ButtermationsYT IT’S X019 TIME BITCHES (@ButtermationsYT) reported


  • kylelambert2001 Kyle Lambert @ RWBY VOLUME 7 HYPE!! (@kylelambert2001) reported

    Then maybe start focusing on the main issue everyone's been telling you about for the past year or so. Aka, exclusives that'll make people buy the thing outside of Halo or Gears (Jokes aside though I'm interested in Scarlett thanks to X019 but that's still somewhat of an issue)

  • calmkiller Derek Nesselrodt (@calmkiller) reported

    @XcloudTimdog 7/10. Service announcements lead the way along with Halo Reach release date and Age4. Cartoonie games did nothing for me at all. Was looking for a big game announcement that never came.

  • IExcessiveI Tyler (@IExcessiveI) reported

    @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games Hopefully all the issues are fixed by then. A lot of issues to fix in only a few weeks.

  • Jason_X117 Christopher Bush (@Jason_X117) reported

    @GamerJlee @Halo @343Postums @ske7ch @Robeyonekenobi I don't think "perfection" is really all that possible. There's always going to be lag and input delay no matter how many times a game dev tries to make sure it's gone. All they can do is make sure it doesn't happen all that frequent.

  • staryoshi06 staryoshi06 🛡 (@staryoshi06) reported

    I am a bit worried that Halo: Reach is releasing this soon, they still have quite a few bugs to fix and only two weeks to fix them.

  • Jasonsmith24578 Jason Smith (@Jasonsmith24578) reported

    @Twitch As long as you aren't playing in a tourney against all console players, while you are on pc still with input lag!(Also, don't have the other 3 teams stacked with pro/semi pro/active halo players against your team with the false announcement of BIG STREAMERS! @Snip3down @summit1g

  • neoronnie42 Ronnie42 (@neoronnie42) reported

    @Mr_Arizona2424 @Xbox Played Halo 5's Warzone Firefight and it was ok but it had a fair amount of 'graphically' glitches...I'd hardly say it's great at the moment, the problem is when something becomes the new 'normal', of course there going to try avoid mentioning this because it would backlash.

  • Yuiiski 𝚈𝚞𝚒𝚒𝚜𝚔𝚒 (@Yuiiski) reported

    @HiddenXperia I'm actually a little nervous. The game will be a laughing stock if it releases broken and will really damage Halo on PC in the future.

  • GeGarcia_00 GeGarcía (@GeGarcia_00) reported

    @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games Lets hope the game is not broken

  • NOX_RAION Raion (@NOX_RAION) reported

    @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games That's concerning. From what I've played of the test flights, the delayed feeling on inputs such as grenades and movements, the broken matchmaking a few days ago. I really hope these things are fixed before the release...

  • Yuiiski 𝚈𝚞𝚒𝚒𝚜𝚔𝚒 (@Yuiiski) reported

    @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games I'm excited, but I hope that the PC issues will be fixed by then otherwise the game will be dead on arrival on PC.

  • Regrozenah Spooky Space Dorito (@Regrozenah) reported

    @TheHawkAbridged @Ezekieru See, the problem there is that Halo at it's peak didn't have glaring problems, nor devs lying to them about why they did things. People hated Halo because they could. The closest you could possibly get with that comparison is probably Halo 5, but even that isn't 1 for 1.

  • Sol_Vasum Yol (@Sol_Vasum) reported

    @XIIIthDimension @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games Well, I'd rather have a functional game over a broken pos. A delayed game is better than a broken one.

  • HaIoTV HaloTV (@HaIoTV) reported

    @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games Hopefully the breakout fix is before then

  • JimoarGaming Jimoar (@JimoarGaming) reported

    @Primal138 Yeah streaming might have problems. Just get it on pc then. Even though I'm a console fan that is not smart in computer stuff I need a reason to get an xbox. They even said at e3 halo infinite will stream to xbox one so Scarlett seems like an side project.

  • ChimeraGarden Fushiguro D. (@ChimeraGarden) reported

    Halo reach on PC finna be BROKEN 😭

  • 344Ninja Kashi (@344Ninja) reported

    @A_dmg04 Clash would be great. I mean really damn nice. The only problem is people jumping off the map. There needs to be a penalty, like subtract the scoreboard and longer respawns etc.. I want you guys to think "Halo" when it comes to PvP, feels great and is overall pretty balanced.

  • wulpheee Wulphee (@wulpheee) reported

    @arron_001 @RsMisto @Twitch That's not the problem. The mouse input is heavily delayed, which is currently being worked on. Halo 2 and CE both feel miles better on PC than they do on Xbox. But it's okay to be wrong I guess.

  • CayrebWasTaken Caleb Dawson (@CayrebWasTaken) reported from Albuquerque, New Mexico

    @toa_freak @BaileyJXIII @LateNightHalo @Grunt4500 I’ll agree with that in regards to Halo 4, but 5 has some pretty blatant issues with specific guns. Not to say it doesn’t have that similar quality, but it leaves some behind.

  • MLYJumpeR Luis Guzman 🇩🇴 (@MLYJumpeR) reported

    @ScufGaming Okay so I messed up the first tweet. That ain’t no problem. Favorite game... Halo 2

  • TheMetzMan MetzMan🇳🇱 (@TheMetzMan) reported

    This is a well-timed release date. Hopefully the issues people had during the tests have been ironed out, especially input delay and the capped framerate. I wonder how many will play Reach or Halo as a franchise for the first time.

  • Phinetic_ Jonni Serrano (@Phinetic_) reported

    @Twitch @Halo It’s doesn’t feel good at all on PC the built in input delay is crazy and the motion blur is just terrible. It feels like a bad port tbh. Hopefully they can fix the feel of the game.

  • Sol_Vasum Yol (@Sol_Vasum) reported

    @Thaddeus_Hamlet Considering the broken-ass contact damage in Halo 2, that sounds fun as hell!

  • cia391 Chris Aiken (@cia391) reported

    @haruspis @toa_freak The only things that would of make Halo 4s better is if they organised the skins into tabs like Halo Reachs Helmet attachments. But thats a issue with every 343i customisation atm. Maybe I suppose add the emblem lore that those have written also.

  • AdrianLoading Adrian Loading (@AdrianLoading) reported

    @pcgamer halo when your shields get broken or when they recharge

  • Levamen1 LǝVɐmǝnS1 (@Levamen1) reported

    Now if only i could fix my sister's car, but 1, I don't have a clue to how replace a turbo in an evoque, 2, I don't have the £2000+ to lend her to get it fixed. She's having to walk to work where she looks after the elderly. Bless her. Her halo shines bright.

  • Levamen1 LǝVɐmǝnS1 (@Levamen1) reported

    Finally I can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, I've spent most of the morning walking to help others, then on the phone sorting out stuff for my dad then I had to see my step dad to sort out a broken dvd player and add numbers to his new phone. No halo required, as it's what I do