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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • wnjrplaylist
    91.7 wnjr playlist (@wnjrplaylist) reported

    Just played: I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name) - Lacuna Coil - Broken Crown Halo

  • deathspankd
    deathspankd (@deathspankd) reported

    @elias0roa @Smashing_Aeon borderlands was just repetitive gameplay and yeah at first its fun but its boring. halo is fun for the campaign experiences but you cant experience it with friends without tremendous lag. destiny is much like borderlands except they remove content and cant come up with content

  • deathspankd
    deathspankd (@deathspankd) reported

    @elias0roa @Smashing_Aeon youre right they all suck. i mean halo was good but no point to play if i cant coop the campaign without issues

  • luckymyIove
    taemin built like bellsprout (@luckymyIove) reported

    i've got some halo top in the freezer maybe that will fix this

  • Kurt0fOnyx51
    Kurt (@Kurt0fOnyx51) reported

    @Jamesackerson2 @LorTarkam @HiddenXperia @BaileyJIII @zicoroen @TheSimms The second latter sentence is a problem that I forgot to state first BTW. I'd really be ok with only thrusters and stabilize remaining in the game, but I like both classic "Halo"s and 343's "Halo"s. Another partial solution, I think, could be assigning a common timer to both.

  • DennisAsiedu6
    Dennis Asiedu (@DennisAsiedu6) reported

    @PhoenixSignsRBX Found a few issues in new update 1.********** is broken because when I capture the blue base it says blue team captured SITE whatever. 2.tried to capture a base which was red when i was blue and i didn't work for some reason so it kept red 3.Halo provides shield Game still good😀

  • HiddenXperia
    Luc // HiddenXperia (@HiddenXperia) reported

    @Jamesackerson2 @zicoroen @BaileyJIII @TheSimms Except it doesn't, because CE, H2, H3 and ZBNS Reach didn't have any issue. Halo 2's speed and pacing was fast but not hectic, while being fluid. H5's is janky because you constantly switch between 2 very different speeds in battle. Not very well designed

  • RealMrTapWater
    Ryan (@RealMrTapWater) reported

    to refund and cancel my subscription. They said it was impossible, and that they'd cancel my next sub. The Halo crate ships every 2-months, and I was now locked-in for another 3 crates. I conceded to my own error of letting it lapse, and suggested they charge me for the...

  • realbuntyking
    Bunty King (@realbuntyking) reported

    @ChrisRGun Like Halo and Crash Team Racing.

  • Chappy4214
    me right here (@Chappy4214) reported

    @Luam69 @Halo @ASTROGaming @DreamHack I only get to play a few hours each night (3-4hrs) and I’ve never had problems. I like that it’s wired to the base station and the base station is hooked to console. I’ve had wireless connection issues in the past with other headsets. But I’ll play about 12-16hrs a week w/o issue

  • VincentGat
    VinWarrior (@VincentGat) reported

    @BaileyJIII @EuclidGamer @Halo @EzzellVFX I don't see what your problem is with the tagging thing. Just show your support if it's good, and mute it afterwords. Easy. Some content creators are still growing, and the tagging goes a longer way than you'd think.

  • ASHarper0325
    Austin Fx Harper (@ASHarper0325) reported

    @HiddenXperia @TheSimms Halo 4's engine wasn't the problem with Halo 4. 4 wasn't a BAD game, it just didn't stack up to the previous games. It had a great engine and aside from design flaws, looked great.

  • NhW_Kuran
    Ross Yorston (@NhW_Kuran) reported

    @TheSimms Great halo game in comparison 😇, however has its problems, lack of maps and the maps they did have were overcrowded with busy playspaces, nade spam was insane, but agree with OP 😘

  • CarmenLavrikova
    Funny Shit Official (@CarmenLavrikova) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • funniest_texts
    FUNNY TEXTS (@funniest_texts) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • Crow_Hex
    🎃 ςг๏ฬ ђєא 🎃 (@Crow_Hex) reported

    @LordMojo0618 @slr904 @Colteastwood I would rather them take their time and take 5 years to make a new Halo game, then rush the game out unfinished and broken and still not finish it for years after launch.

  • Jaaaaaagy
    Azrael (@Jaaaaaagy) reported

    The boy with the broken halo

  • Maeczi_
    Maeczi_ (@Maeczi_) reported

    Really really annoyed that my Gift-pack (Halo 5-Guardians Voices of war) was not arriving by my friends account... @joshua_menke i really want an explanation or if you could offer a help to solve this problem!! I mean i don't buy stuff of the xbox marketplace which i pay but

  • Sassbeard
    (((Sassbeard))) (@Sassbeard) reported

    @timothywjohnson Hard to believe they honestly don't know this is a problem. If you train w/Massad Ayoob, for instance, he'll spend a lot of classroom time on the "Halo Effect," defined as a gun owner's tendency to assume the police can tell I'm the "good guy" when they enter the fray. (1/2)

  • Arcane_kp
    Jimyn 💕🙈 (@Arcane_kp) reported

    @tropicalpjm I have the same issue, I’m not rich , I just work for a living&I think I have the whole collection by now bt I HAVE NEVER I mean NEVER PULLED A JIMIN CARD , the ones(only2) I have were given to me by friends inexchange for one of my cards 😂 I have 1JM halo card I got for free😂

  • Log1kzTFK
    eM | Log1kz @ DH ATL (@Log1kzTFK) reported

    @Veronickuhhhh @SimbaWes Halo issue: solved

  • Skyjockey2012
    Skyjockey (@Skyjockey2012) reported

    why cant I access content browser on halo waypoint it keeps saying problem detected @GrimBrotherOne

  • TR4V1S5112
    TR4V1S (@TR4V1S5112) reported

    When you analyze that the game of Halo 5 has lost a lot of followers I think it would be a good idea to fix the search engine and remove the MMR in warzone @joshua_menke Thanks you so much

  • larniebithelmet
    lauren (@larniebithelmet) reported

    Diedre, in her halo brace with multiple broken bones, rolled a blunt far better than I ever have. A bad *****.

  • cyclopsannual
    danathan (@cyclopsannual) reported

    halo is cancelled i remembered my minecraft login

  • Intragravity
    Seth (@Intragravity) reported

    @Halo @DreamHack @Halo fix ffa ranks I only get 1 CSR for winning no matter who I play

  • licamariah
    Neak neak (@licamariah) reported

    I wannna tweet some mean ass shit but I’ll keep ma mouth shut and fix my halo.

  • Nythario
    Nythario (@Nythario) reported

    @SentinelVI @barf_captain @Grummz I think, the main problem of most people, is that they expected it to be another Halo. Which, it just isn't.

  • barns_jeff
    . (@barns_jeff) reported

    @joshua_menke @Tashi343i looks like you gained some weight, must be all the late nights trying to fix halo 5 when you left 343 3 years ago when the ranking system was at its worst. way to go pal.

  • IIWxnterrrrr
    🦊Desire🦊 (@IIWxnterrrrr) reported

    @Unyshek please tell me how long a time out is on mixer is I asked what is the code again and it gave me a warning then I asked again thinking it was a glitch and it put me on time out for no reason and I want to type if you answer it will be appreciated www.Mixer/ #HCS

  • metalfreek05
    James Weeks (@metalfreek05) reported

    Gotta love these kind of game breaking glitches. All you can really do ia just laugh and record. Hey, the silver lining of this glitch was that I received a medal for not dying. 😂 @Halo @Xbox @XboxQwik #Xbox #XboxOneX

  • the_hound2
    Hound (@the_hound2) reported

    @TennesseeLuna i was gona make a joke about whiffed head shots, then i remembered that it was a halo 3 problem

  • Blurbzzzzzz
    zack (@Blurbzzzzzz) reported

    @PlatinumPogba @Fuzzy301 @NateHillTV Nothing to do about being scared. He was a pro halo gamer and didnt have a problem facing other pros their. He has literally explained he doesn't want to go pro so he can have more time for streams and family.

  • JohnFis87569576
    John Fisher (@JohnFis87569576) reported

    @lrc905 You’re attempting to use the HALO effect. “She’s rich so everything she does is messed up”. I think that it’s a serious enough issue that people should have serious conversations. This isn’t one of them. There was a serious due process issue in Title IX cases.

  • DaxSeven09
    Rachel (@DaxSeven09) reported

    @UberNick_ @pixelflaregfx The packaging of the preordered AAA games will get worse and we, and we as gamers are part of the problem. We used to have Tuesday game drops. Now that is early access for preorders, and we're buying into it. I stopped the preorder with Halo 4, and I will never go back.

  • Orig1NewTChalla
    T'Challa (@Orig1NewTChalla) reported

    @I_DO_JUEGOS @Puertorock77_ @dresedescobar Look. The small % of fans that go to E3 doesn’t represent the whole. Overall Halo players bash Halo 5 The community wasn’t hyped by Halo 5 & never accepted it. Halo infinite overall is accepted by the majority of the community. Becuz it addresses problems of H5. It’s not the same

  • HaloSleep
    HALO Sleep (@HaloSleep) reported

    @bella_j6 Thank you for reaching out. Please contact customer service at 888-999-HALO.

  • neevzxD
    Krille Hedlund (@neevzxD) reported


  • Crow_Hex
    🎃 ςг๏ฬ ђєא 🎃 (@Crow_Hex) reported

    @Halo Rift ball is broken tho lmao

  • Passion1g
    Zac PASSION Lée (@Passion1g) reported

    @Tashi343i I have the fastest internet in the eu halo community,,,i was wondering how comes in halo 5 having good internet and living close to the main eu server does nothing to fix the high latency from the other players also i think the next halo should have the mcc servers

  • RunsOnFuel
    Heather Order My Book From My Pinned Tweet Irvine (@RunsOnFuel) reported

    @ReadEatWriteRun @estecoca @emmiemarieB Arctic Zero was so bad that it made Halo Top taste good 😂 I don’t have a problem with what people want to eat but when it’s called a health food, that’s bad.

  • TheOldLostRoad
    penny (@TheOldLostRoad) reported

    @MECFSNews @emmajoy6 @MTackCVS When I first went to the doctor with migraine described broken vision zig zag lines halo headache. He said you’ve just described classic migraine. He didn’t ask me to prove it presumably because countless others have described exact same thing. Pwme ICC describe classic ME.

  • ChapMcbloke
    It's fraggle rock, father (@ChapMcbloke) reported

    @ATLASxGHOST Halo 5 is so broken! Can't even spawn in my maps!

  • DanielHeithorn
    Daniel Heithorn aka Schnittgemuese (@DanielHeithorn) reported

    @BeastFireTimdog They go probably like Software as a Service model, you bought the game and like Win10, new features and updates instead of new version. Halo 5 was a good example for this as a long term run

  • myaeveee
    bitch (@myaeveee) reported

    i just really wanted to play matchmaking on halo reach for the first time in year buy @verizon has a connectivity issue i don’t feel like dealing with SO

  • KunaiWithChain_
    Kunai... WITH CHAIN! (@KunaiWithChain_) reported

    @DurrrBurgerSkin @TweedleDeeRobin @Waldo_Roren @JoeGoodberry @Halo (2) The AI charecters are buggy as crap, you don't give 2 hoots about ANY of the characters. You never felt any emotion towards the charecters like you do with halo reach UNLESS you read the books and stuff and learn more about them. They added the Arbiter for fan service

  • KunaiWithChain_
    Kunai... WITH CHAIN! (@KunaiWithChain_) reported

    @JoeGoodberry @TweedleDeeRobin @Waldo_Roren @Halo Took em 4 years to fix it though

  • JoaquinBdelaT
    Don (@JoaquinBdelaT) reported

    I’m the boy with the broken halo

  • SonicBlueRanger
    Dustin Phillips (@SonicBlueRanger) reported

    @Dejimon11 Yeah that's my problem with them. Plus the fact they just plain don't have many original IP's I'm interested in. Halo is little more than just the set of Red vs Blue.

  • David__Jetta
    David Jetta (@David__Jetta) reported

    @xBROCKxxSAMSONx @GeezerGotajehe @Xbox @E3 But I'm guessing you have no issue with Halo Infinite right, a teaser tech demo for a game that won't be out until like 2020 at the earliest

  • DubCitySigh
    .W. (@DubCitySigh) reported

    @HaloBeauty had the best customer service I've ever experienced. I emailed them with a problem and they fixed it within hours. I wouldn't recommend having an issue, but halo beauty 10 out of 10, would reccomend

  • hajjwill
    Luke Nool (@hajjwill) reported

    @Halo @ske7ch @franklez @WatchMixer Relase the build to public please! Its something we all wanted to play. We dont care if its broken/buggy, the modding community will find a way.

  • hajjwill
    Luke Nool (@hajjwill) reported

    @Halo @ske7ch @franklez @KornnerStudios Release this build to the public, we dont mind if it broken/buyggy. The modding community will find a way.

  • MrXmayhemx951
    Anthony Hemm (@MrXmayhemx951) reported

    @RiteshKMondal1 @JoeGoodberry @TweedleDeeRobin @Waldo_Roren @Halo I know its sacrilege but i enjoy the sprint change to halo 4. Halo5s main issue is the jet pack and lack of chief. I dont mind locke but he's not chief

  • fieldy46
    Fieldy (@fieldy46) reported

    @Bungie massive halo fan, but why have I paid an additional £35 for forsaken ontop of destiny 2 for a level 50 player to "join me" in my solo campaign and kill my enemy without me being involved. I DO NOT want a level 50 completing my game for me. Please fix this bug!!

  • BrianTrimble2
    Brian Trimble (@BrianTrimble2) reported

    @ListenOnly2Me @CryptoNana4MAGA @hillbilliebob68 @SarahKSilverman @clnowako Proves I was in the military if it is service related. But again your opinion means nothing to me. Make halo jokes all you want it isn’t original or snarky just more boring cuck bullshit.

  • CopeDrew
    Handout 👑 (@CopeDrew) reported

    @Headdband @FlyRts @BlazedRTs It’s honestly broken that you can’t pop a head shot from the front like in halo or pretty much any other shooter

  • vegetto71
    Vegetto71 (@vegetto71) reported

    @SomeFreedomGuy @survivetheark Just like any other game, like GTA v, halo, overwatch etc, the only thing I'm a fan boy of is being a gamer, a true gamer as a matter of fact unless you and these crybabies on ark I don't whine about it, I report the issue and wait for it to be fixed, get over it dude

  • Freemason_aM
    killtriathonYT (@Freemason_aM) reported

    @16bitnostalgia @JuicyGameReview @gamesyouloved @ColonelFalcon @swooper_d @arcadeattackUK @BitlandGaming @ABeerAndAGame @Nintendork9 @TheGamingGround @xboxuk That's the system I got started playing halo then halo2 now I'm on ps4 lol to many problems with the 360s that I gave up on Microsoft and went to Sony

  • AaSnoozie
    Snoozie (@AaSnoozie) reported

    @BadBitchFucker Xboxs can be found for like 50$ no problem Halo 1 2 can be found cheap too and for 3 a 360 is also like 80-90$