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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • tahoechefbri Brian Sumner (@tahoechefbri) reported

    @VZWSupport That new iPhone would really halo! I never have decent service in North Tahoe! So many dropped and failed calls every day!

  • Sundaaayz Sarina Marie ☀️ (@Sundaaayz) reported

    @glizSC @Snip3down Disconnects in Halo have usually gotten game resets or play from the point of disconnect scoring wise.

  • spheeney spheeney (@spheeney) reported

    @ArmoredChocobo @TwitterMoments I don't know. I could only guess it would be an issue of @SquareEnix using their own engine Luminous. Instead of competing with UE4 they just adopted it. If M$ can port Halo MCC to PC (PPC -> x86_64) then I know Sony can finally get it right.

  • PonzaLT Ponza / Gordon (@PonzaLT) reported

    Real talk, Snipedown has always been so good, the only thing that brings him down is bad luck. Controller disconnect for a teammate. Controller disconnect for himself. (Still won Gold at X Games in Halo) The game crashing. Online disconnect in an online only tournament.

  • aajjanjua Adnan Janjua (@aajjanjua) reported

    @dresedescobar @HagaEme @VampChickSQ @dude_ralf @SEANYT83 @SUB_ME_YT @The__PSN @thomasbarker61 @Davekeeh @Teh_Pot_Farmer @Aft3rB @He_Bot8 @taskmasterii @LiveWirezGaming @BoomShaqaLaqa0 @New_Legal_ @diamondd @StarboyHsp @Shelby67GT @Aiden15120723 @JesusMSantiago8 @Tru888888 @AngelNexus @Richardgaming11 @BoomPlatang @gaming_grown @dkaynight @Nerdher74047587 @JAGLeMans @gtsportisbad1 @Kmega4 @JamieMoranUK @Jesuszilla1 @Crossphazer @MexBoxChannel @Jms27937Jamie @liredbone @SEGA4EVA1 @108DRAGONSTV @Graphic_God @Jlong908 The game we have now are getting sequels and those sequels are on ps5. And due to this we know your getting killer bangers. And xbox has nothing but halo for now. And with the weird issues going around with 343 my hyped has died.

  • odrihhhhhh no.1 coolest「uwu」 (@odrihhhhhh) reported

    halo i am now using my sister's old phone that can connect to WiFi thats so cool (my current phone still taik but will go fix it dk when)

  • ItszuBot Itszu Bot (@ItszuBot) reported

    digging through old halo maps for a month while i fix it

  • icantsaywhat Joe Ryan (@icantsaywhat) reported

    @GearboxOfficial Horrible you broke couch co-op fix the split screen. This game is as about worthless as Halo 5! #verticalsplitscreen4ever

  • _Cohen__ Cohen (@_Cohen__) reported

    @DSR_Joker @_projectwakeup @jloughlen316 @Bungie @CammyCakesYT The context is missing here. The enemy jumped off the map when they pushed in with a Super so they decided to play them at their own game while simultaneously proving a point that there’s a glaring issue that Bungie used to do right in Halo.

  • MrInfinity182 LionOfTruth (@MrInfinity182) reported

    @DMC_Ryan Very smart. And please, please talk to @XboxP3 about adding in Real Money 💰 Betting to @halo and pvp games in general. This is a Multi-Trillion dollar industry just waiting to be tapped into. Players assume all the risk for lag/connection issues with bets, @Microsoft gets $$$$$.

  • tayslawson Taylor Slawson🌹 (@tayslawson) reported

    @AlmostSorry 😅 if I’m not leading the #halo team then there’s a problem 💪🏼

  • NYGamer Nick @ AH3 in BBTAG!!! (@NYGamer) reported

    @Deezee_Kujaku That's a problem alright. Looks like we got a Halo Predicament now and that's a pretty nasty problem to fix.

  • GabriellaGold2 Gabriella21_YT (@GabriellaGold2) reported

    @nightbarbie I was at earth going to the fountain and it was ready so I threw in 200 diamonds hoping for a halo then I as I threw the diamonds my game decides to disconnect I rejoined and then my diamonds were the same amount as before and said I need to wait

  • Toxzis1 Toxzis (@Toxzis1) reported

    @govolow If needed, take a minute between games to really let yourself know what you need to fix, or if you're in the last game, take time on the Halo platform.

  • IsaiasM52536844 Isaias Martinez Hernandez (@IsaiasM52536844) reported

    @CoalitionGears Hello good afternoon, I reported that there is a problem and I do not get the halo reach packs I ask you to please help me I have the ultimate game pass gears there is a problem help

  • lo_chammm Lo 🦒 (@lo_chammm) reported

    I made some pasta for Halo today. I got the recipe off IG and tweaked it. To me it was nothing spectacular. I was already prepared to fix something else. Halo liked it so much she had 2 bowls. It is truly beyond me as to what she was tasting.

  • TheWarBlackjack Jack Werner (@TheWarBlackjack) reported

    @SharkXIX @Halo It is likely taking forever because they want a dual launch. To be fair to PC, consoles gotta wait. The PC portion of this is likely what is taking forever. I will not deny that 343 has their share of problems, but we found out about this less than a year ago.

  • MrsFkdUp 아빠, 젠장 (@MrsFkdUp) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar Achievements come in late. Ping is still terrible. I was in a game of Horde that I hosted with a guy who had 400 ping as displayed in the screenshot. The Halo add on pack still isn’t working. Tour Of Duty is a joke and the daily boost on the supply drops are broken.

  • BenRB38 Benj38 (@BenRB38) reported

    @SnortyTweetz @hideous_ @JasperBoerstra I wish they were still making good halo pvp games. 5 was horrendous and MCC was broken. I had good times before all that. We need big team battles back

  • UnswayedMermaid what if 🧐🧐😛 we kissed in spiritual prison 😮🔥 (@UnswayedMermaid) reported

    If the covenant attacked my ship I would simply kill them and not crash land onto the halo

  • MskKhader Mustafa Khader (@MskKhader) reported

    I really want to go back to 2009 playing Halo on my xbox 360 while drinking Dr. Pepper and my biggest problem was a US history test a few days later.

  • TheMaloneBone Tyler (@TheMaloneBone) reported

    @MadMinotaur Me and my buddy noticed 3 things 1. Goku is Alive (should be halo over head) 2. Gohan is wearing piccolo's cape 3. Gohan is using both arms ( one should be broken) did they mess this up

  • magedisal Jorge Guerrero (@magedisal) reported

    @GearsViking Hi Rod, i can't unlock the Halo Reach skins... i have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate but never appear that ones and never appear too the boost days. The Terminator pack without any problem.

  • spheeney spheeney (@spheeney) reported

    @Shatter31751915 @TwitterMoments That's fine. I'll be playing Halo MCC on steam because @Microsoft sees the future. The wait would be based on the success on FFVII on PS4 and not a techincal issue. The console is an x86_64 machine and runs on the Unreal Engine 4. It's made to be "ported".

  • GrabID Grab Indonesia (@GrabID) reported

    @ameliafika Halo Fika, sorry, I have informed you before, please come to the OVO booth/contact OVO customer service. Thanks -Jaenab

  • Logan_Mariee Logan Long (: (@Logan_Mariee) reported

    ALL THIS IN ONE WEEK 1. My car has something wrong, no one can fix 2. My grandpa got a rough diagnosis 3. My AC went out 4. My toilet broke 5. Halo has small tumors everywhere Pray for my sanity

  • DanPack75 Dan Pack (@DanPack75) reported

    @Alienware Halo 3, and @bungie & @xbox live couldn't handle the influx of players so I was up until 2am trying to login & connect with my friends. I gave up and went to bed without playing a minute of the game. Taught me the value of waiting for a week to buy a game.

  • tymorgan02 Yee-Haw (@tymorgan02) reported

    @OnQore @Halo So you want them to release a broken game. How thoughtful.

  • PuvanFox Puvaneswari Mogan (@PuvanFox) reported

    @lexquizit Halo, I'm not from India. I'm Malaysian Indian. As a common biggboss fan, I wanted to know what happened in madhu issue and only vanitha dared to say it

  • Raz_R6 Nyre Raz (@Raz_R6) reported

    @Jacob__Kenobi Go to halo insider, sign in with xbox live and fill out the survey for the flight program

  • Joecool99857836 Joecool (@Joecool99857836) reported

    @BlakeGuffin @TayZillaMane @Patrick93893528 @RandomPonyGuys @Halo They said they were having memory issues in MCC

  • mrb1138 ⌨️Mr. 88% of 0🖱️ (@mrb1138) reported

    @squatterbadge That's no problem. All the Halo games have co-op through out the campaign, even thigh it makes ZERO sense they another spartan would be there, lore wise.

  • KnownAsNavyDJ NoNickNameNavy (@KnownAsNavyDJ) reported

    I’m just a boy with a broken halo

  • Chief_Torbah Dodo El Patròn (@Chief_Torbah) reported

    @ogbeniconnector @signor_bobby @illverbz I dey envy u man!! Still having mine but shits not working again 😭😭😭 when i feel down like that I bring out my Xbox Original and just play COD HALO and all 😭😭

  • AnnaCherryOnTop Cheяяу SenPi (@AnnaCherryOnTop) reported

    @DSkadal @LunaLainxx @GearboxSoftware @Borderlands Never been a problem, all through Halo and this series all up until BL 3 🙃

  • eric_ondari Pop Sound (@eric_ondari) reported

    @mogire_jusper Instead tell people especially fellow women to pass morals to their daughters. The halo philosophy is a moral talk cocktail that cannot salvage the problem at hand. It may happen next week, God forbid and you will hear the same sentiments of views.

  • Pendus123 Pendus (@Pendus123) reported

    Does anyone know how to fix this Playing halo 3 right and my controller disconnects from the xbox anytime I use -gravity hammer -scorpion gun -in general -if I move my hands around too much What do i do

  • FiresOfAnarchy1 John Thompson (@FiresOfAnarchy1) reported

    @Cybren @BootlegGirl A Mass Effect RTS game would be interesting. It worked for Halo. ME3 discourse is a minefield but I have a lot of problems with the story in that game and how the world's conceptualized that goes well beyond the ending.

  • dbloeloveshiss1 SkyTechGaming (@dbloeloveshiss1) reported

    @Halo can you fix the req system in halo it keeps glitching saying I have a certain about of points but when I try to buy something it says I don't have enough points, plus could you also make a bulk sell option when you are trying to sell weapon/boost reqs its annoying currently

  • HaloNeuro Halo Neuroscience (@HaloNeuro) reported

    @AndrewCanDoAll So sorry that you are experiencing this issue with your Halo Sport! We just sent you an email that contains instructions on how to fix this problem. Thanks so much for your patience; we look forward to assisting you!

  • Rebelion_Bear Luke Kroush (@Rebelion_Bear) reported

    Luke is a nickname i go by, since my actual name is Lucas. But my internet friends call me Bear cause of a Halo Reach Service Tag i had back in the 360 days

  • CloudLXXXV CloudLXXXV (@CloudLXXXV) reported

    I’m finally getting around to getting rid of a lot of collectors editions that I own. I ain’t gonna lie, I developed a problem pretty much as soon as bought my 1st CE, which was Halo 3. I would buy the CE of every game I wanted. Now I keep it to just Destiny & Nintendo CEs.

  • KingstonLegacy KingstonLegacy (@KingstonLegacy) reported

    @Nathaniel_Trl @ScottW2804 @Payne24h This exactly. The footage shown here doesn't show the fatal crash directly, and provides hugely important context for why the halo saves lives. It saved two lives from debris, and potentially Correa as well when he flipped and slid of his roof without its nose.

  • Jairo71034070 thatfriendlykindrussian (@Jairo71034070) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar Can you please fix halo reach pack bug please I really want to play as emile

  • BiinnyTV Biinny (@BiinnyTV) reported

    Yo @Halo can you please have a word with 343, they have absolutely buried your franchise. MCC is still broken after all these years, can you fix the betrayal glitch, or temporarily remove the bans players are receiving because of it...

  • Darkvapour_ Darkvapour (@Darkvapour_) reported

    I should get back to streaming again and finishing up Halo. I feel like why I stopped was because of technical issues with my capture card and that I was still not happy with my layouts (I really don't like making them) Just didn't feel worth it.

  • GerardoBaus Gerardo Bautista (@GerardoBaus) reported

    @CoalitionGears Hello,I wanted to know if you have problems with the characters of halo reach in gears5 since you download the latest edition and those characters do not appear I do not know if it is error or something. please I would appreciate if you could help me solve mydoubt

  • CowBoyRoy907 yup (@CowBoyRoy907) reported

    Thats me, thats me, the boy with the broken halo

  • its_CGbxtch Cameron Gray (@its_CGbxtch) reported

    @MrsFkdUp @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar That’s more than likely what it is. A few other people had this issue as well. Whichever acc. actually paid for the game, is the account that got the the halo skins. And whoever logged onto the game first, is who got the term. skins. Some people say both acc. got the term. skins

  • toa_freak Ian (Halo Canon) (@toa_freak) reported

    @LegendOfDusty @KrispeyKremer @realAyitSevi @Halo The issues mostly seem to be server-side. Offline, the game is pretty solid.

  • LegendOfDusty Dusty (@LegendOfDusty) reported

    @KrispeyKremer @toa_freak @realAyitSevi @Halo not what I ment tc rushed gears they put it out to early! and look at all the bugs and issues with the game look at the forums

  • The_Psycho_Duck Dana Jerpbak (@The_Psycho_Duck) reported

    PSA: The MCC team is investigating reports of users experiencing game crashes just before the loading screen when matching in Halo 3 within a squad. Searching solo should mitigate this issue for now.

  • PersilProCleen Persil ProCleen (@PersilProCleen) reported

    @CoalitionGears You ******* ********, how about an actual useful update fixing PC audio issues Campaign collectibles disappearing Not getting some of the achievements Not getting collected power in horde Not being able to scrap duplicate mods Not getting Halo: Reach pack And more

  • TheresaIowaGirl Theresa#PRU#wtp2020 (@TheresaIowaGirl) reported

    @Gr3Te4rights @Lilylive000Lily I finally learned that Grete when I was in a halo after a broken neck. It was a time to think because thats all I could do. If people dont treat you the way you would like, than walk away.

  • CreaturesOfCats Cats (@CreaturesOfCats) reported

    @My_Goggle Steam players are able to queue with Microsoft players (Xbox and PC) because when you launch the game on steam, it will ask for your Microsoft account to login. This will probably happen to Halo when it drops on Steam

  • Vikingboar Vikingboar (@Vikingboar) reported

    @ExclusivelyGame Like Martin O'Donnell said on his interviews as a Halo music composer back in the day: "There is no sense of heroic action, if there are no real consequences." That is the main issue with the writing of Gears 5 in terms of the key word "safe". Still better story than Gears 4.

  • IBored45 Im_Bored45 (@IBored45) reported

    @ItsDavidE7 @Halo @FNCompetitive 1-two different genres 2-Fortnite isn’t competitive especially with rng weapons 3-you’re acting like fortnite is still super popular. The games been on a decline for a while now. let alone be a problem for a game coming out in a year.

  • 6ixGodSnypa Sean ⁶𓅓 (@6ixGodSnypa) reported

    @PlayoffBelli @PlayoffBrook_ @thatboyillest Let’s see, better online service, halo, gears, saints row, dead rising, COD dlc early, party chat, and overall a better community.

  • Speculate_Me Landon (@Speculate_Me) reported

    Halo 3 Spyro 3 Crash Team Racing Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Final Fantasy 10 Call of Duty MW2 Legend of Dragoon Skyrim Guitar Hero 3 Mass Effect 3

  • Suribot Suri 🐢 (@Suribot) reported

    @BaltanII The QC on those vastly depend on which time period you got them in, because the ODST-era ones were routinely breaking all over the place, especially the wrist on the ODSTs themselves. A good chunk of those Halo 3 figures (i had like 30 of them) had almost no issues.