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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • AHydra101 AcidHydra101 (@AHydra101) reported

    @ChaseFaceShow I'll list off some good games and their flaws because I can't choose one favourite. • SSBU - Online issues •BoTW - Trial of the Sword is way too hard •Halo MCC - Way too much to complete •Mario Galaxy series - Motion Controls •Sonic Colours - 2d parts aren't that good on Wii

  • HaloFanForLife Sal Salerno (@HaloFanForLife) reported

    @SacredIconHalo With regards to Halo, the failed launch of HMCC didn’t kill the franchise for me. I still had the originals to go back to and 343 has since and is continuing to fix HMCC. I liked Halo 4 and much of Halo 5. For me, a bad release will only affect THAT release, not the franchise.

  • hearingaidemote weirdchamp the coloring book (@hearingaidemote) reported

    who else is ready to watch competitive halo die if they dont fix this shit with ce and 3

  • worldoftelly John Williams (@worldoftelly) reported

    @DrMatthewSweet @wavenode What a moment getting a colour telly! We got ours in 1976. It was broken and everything had a magenta halo, as if people had been eating dyed Ready Brek. The first thing I watched was Bonnie Tyler on Swap Shop looking like a failed experiment with CSO.

  • GallopingElk1 TheGallopingElkOne (@GallopingElk1) reported

    I used to love scrolling through @Halo Waypoint but Jesus Christ is that just a toxic cesspool. Like no one on there is happy. Good forbid that a game from 10 years ago has some issues when a CONSOLE DEVELOPER ports a game to PC for the FIRST TIME. They've got this. Faith.

  • CelticCody Cody (@CelticCody) reported

    @NakaiCanon Dumbest thing I've read today but luckily for you it's not 6am. You deadass are giving them credit for taking 6 years to fix the bungie games. Add on top of that Halo 4s terrible multiplayer and the shit show that Halo 5 is. They literally infected all the main games.

  • WZY420 WEHZY420 (@WZY420) reported

    @KawaiiP0tato @Halo @HCS Mimimii we had double XP a few weeks ago. If the grind is too much, then stop playing. People are not gonna return for more XP. 343 has to fix the game, not the grind.

  • Seanster54757 Seanster (@Seanster54757) reported

    @POGberry @MasterchiefNews @toa_freak It baffles me keyboard and mouse controls aren't available for halo on console, as it is supported by Xbox. It would mitigate balancing issues that console and PC crossplay might have

  • KrazZarkov ICallHax (@KrazZarkov) reported

    @NakaiCanon Halo Wars 2 was unplayable due to a crash that happened at the start of the game because of a Windows update. Took like 10 days for it to be fixed

  • Twinwar Travis Winward (@Twinwar) reported

    Hey dumb asses. Updating you with your failure again to fix Master Chief collection. Serious if you can fix this spawn points just give up. Your losers, you obviously are just leeching off of Bungies success. Sell Halo back to bungie if you are incapable to fix it. @Halo

  • LukePatrickWol1 Luke Wolf (@LukePatrickWol1) reported

    @butter_crispy Apologies for the broken first sentence, it's supposed to say "I can't play Halo on Heroic"

  • LsJerre Jerre (@LsJerre) reported

    so when i launch a game on steam its 'not responding', first it was halo (not on launch, but would still freeze and not respond) now recently temtem started not responding on launch, and now destiny does the same thing, only games on steam do it does anyone know a fix to this pls

  • Axl_fox 🦇Axl🦇 (@Axl_fox) reported

    @lancer_force yeah even thou Rasiel is supposed to be a celestrian, I've taken some liberties with the lore, so basically since they have a broken wing, they only got half invisivility, so mortals can see Rasiel, but not the wings and halo, so they think Rasiel is just a normal human lol

  • DashThunderman ダッシュ (@DashThunderman) reported

    @PawnSacrifices @N2NOther @TheGrt14Real @Frame_loss @kidsmoove I only used halo as an example current gen AAA take 4-5 especially non live service ones. Halo is an example because it's the most recent announced one. Hellblade took little time due to Microsofts new resources and because it initially wasn't a AAA it was made at the level of 1

  • heckwithjake Geck (@heckwithjake) reported

    -sweet dreams -halo -broken hearted girl

  • BellBellpn 🛵⌛💧The highlighter (@BellBellpn) reported

    @MartinPakulaMP It's not the idea that's completely the problem, we all hold Tanya in such high esteem that something this 'controlling' from her seems to have blindsided us. Her halo has diminished just a little.

  • johnsbernardo John Bernardo (@johnsbernardo) reported

    @alexjkane I used to be so hardcore into Halo and trying reach again I’m so lost. All modern FPS have broken me

  • Jacob93985941 Jacob (@Jacob93985941) reported

    @TheWesWing @cameron_turnbow @TommyBeer It’s not Capela, it’s Harden. Harden pulls Gobert out of position, dumps it to Capela, Gobert didn’t have proper halo defense. Gobert is not the problem.

  • MorphedLcoola Morphed julk (@MorphedLcoola) reported

    @Heckbent Man it's been I while since I've played that game. The games I grinded on with some pales were devil may crie, destroy all humans witch was funny as hell, and halo when me and my friends would make death crash pit race maps that would make you get swong like a dam rag doll.

  • Cycloneon Ahmed ibn Adam (@Cycloneon) reported

    @NakaiCanon My problem is general incompetence with, it seems like, all developers. But all this goes out the window if Infinite is Game of the Gen masterpiece. Those are Halo's expectations.

  • sandra_cheetham Sandra Cheetham (@sandra_cheetham) reported

    @bt_uk I’ve got halo, but my telephone line doesn’t work properly since it was fixed a week ago. It probably has something to do with the Openreach vans that have been at the top of my street for 2 weeks, but according to you there is no problem in my area!

  • Thefireball1510 random person (@Thefireball1510) reported

    @DeltaHaloCRcore @SacredIconHalo Halo 5 was rushed im just glad 343 understand that and are working to fix their mistakes

  • raulisonline raul (@raulisonline) reported

    found a stable way to play this on my shitpad and i "get" the gameplay now and am enjooiyng it but @microsoft piece of shit @xbox controller has a joystick drift issue @xboxp3 @masterchief @halo @billgates make better controllers


    @bt_uk having problems@with halo service. Lost connection not happy

  • DecepticonCobra Official #1 Dr. Halsey Fanboy and Apologist (@DecepticonCobra) reported

    @NakaiCanon I personally have two issues. One is the radio silence (which I can understand as wanting to be confident in what is shown) but I’m also primed to be suspicious of what they do end up saying. I want them to succeed but I remember Halo 5’s hype machine. Hope they do too.

  • HdE_playsgames HdE'S TOTALLY UNORIGINAL GAMING SHOW (@HdE_playsgames) reported

    I've noticed some odd issues connecting it up to my Xbox One as well. Halo 2 on the MCC doesn't output any audio whatsoever when the card is connected. Overall picture quality isn't bad, but the general colour reproduction is a bit naff. Nothing I can't fix in post production.

  • geoffkinns KINNZE (@geoffkinns) reported

    @Vetoed There’s a huge incentive problem with Halo right now and that’s why I believe numbers have plummeted, and search times are long. Give players a reason to play.

  • GBASPGamer 🦀Dennis🦀 - Avery fan account (@GBASPGamer) reported

    It's Saturday night please I need my furry Halo fix

  • ScurvyRonin Scurvy Chiver (@ScurvyRonin) reported

    Have some guys coming over to chill tonight. We WERE going to play @Halo Master Chief Collection, but 343 Industries won't fix the main screen freeze bug. #Losers That release has NEVER worked correctly.

  • geoffkinns KINNZE (@geoffkinns) reported

    @Keys_eG I try to be involved as much as possible and even I couldn't find myself wanting to watch the same people over and over again. Don't think Halo: Reach is so much the problem. The hype was there, the people were there on release day. They just failed to keep players playing.

  • Tashi343i Tashi (@Tashi343i) reported

    @geoffkinns Definitely. I'm not ignorant to the fact that the are people in the community who felt neglected and that's a separate issue that we need to address - but this program helped curb decay of post- launch viewership, gave Halo streamers a new platform...

  • homerduff15 Judas🇮🇪🇪🇺 🌹 (@homerduff15) reported

    @DestroWod @SacredIconHalo Honestly Halo 4 was TLJ of the series. They tried a lot of new things and the best parts of the story were unfairly over scrutinized and in the sequel (5/TROS) the writers scrapped all the interesting ideas and we got a poorly written story with mediocre use of fan service.

  • ddtylerrainer Tyler (@ddtylerrainer) reported

    @HereLast1 @InfinityWard Why give a break to a company charging me for a AAA quality game but giving me bugs youd see with a free game on steam. Theres games that I havent paid 60$ for, like Halo Reach for example, that hasnt had any of these retarded issues IW keeps having

  • Elias_Lupin 🐺 Elias Lupin (@Elias_Lupin) reported

    @RaikArglack Yeah, still can't play because of the crackling audio issue. First time i buy something from 343, i don't really think i'll buy Halo Infinite because of that. :/

  • wasabiman81 Giorno’s Rainbow Sprinkle Donut Hair (@wasabiman81) reported

    @Halo Fix the sound issues on the steam version

  • bread_sharks Bryce // Bread Sharks (@bread_sharks) reported

    @SacredIconHalo To me, a bad act doesn’t always ruin a trilogy or franchise, but it can certainly harm things and make it hard to fix any issues moving forward. In the case of Halo 5, it makes me worry that the story of Infinte can’t truly fix what’s wrong.

  • MikeGal32953164 Mike Gallagher (@MikeGal32953164) reported

    @witherjay No cable here so long time BT customer. Now on Halo fibre plus 2 mobiles. Always said they're OK when they're OK but can be a mare if there's a problem to be sorted. Have to say though, recent experience adding the 2 mobiles has been excellent. UK call centre too. 👍🏻

  • SpritePix Nick Turcsi (@SpritePix) reported

    @HaIoTV @Halo @MicrosoftStore @XboxGamePass @HCS So what I would do is make a video on YouTube. Call it ‘why 343 should fix breakout’ or whatever. Keep it simple. Show awesome montage videos and explain your reasoning. People shouldn’t be forced your opinion on the internet, it should be optional.

  • SpritePix Nick Turcsi (@SpritePix) reported

    @HaIoTV @Halo @MicrosoftStore @XboxGamePass @HCS I don’t hate you, I actually want to help you dude. I like your insta with the whole memes and everything. I understand your want for a fix on breakout but this is no way of doing it.

  • HaIoTV HaloTV (@HaIoTV) reported

    @SpritePix @Halo @MicrosoftStore @XboxGamePass @HCS No you are doing it to promote hate. You wouldn't be doing it if not for that reason. You don't say please stop for example you said, "Fix yourself" if that's not hate idrk what is then. Just like you said if you don't like what I have to say then block me

  • HaIoTV HaloTV (@HaIoTV) reported

    @SpritePix @Halo @MicrosoftStore @XboxGamePass @HCS Because I'm the only voice there used to be plenty others like me. And the pages aren't that old you can go give it a look if you don't believe me. There's plenty of people that support me and the fix

  • unscanimal Dave Edwards (@unscanimal) reported

    @Rob310Kelvin Halo 5 was very good I think it was oddly marketed, which is why people may have a problem with it but I still think reach is the high water mark for halo

  • CaptElaino Elaine S (@CaptElaino) reported

    @CatamyKX It doesn’t crash on launch day and Halo Infinite works without a day one patch that takes 12 hours to load. Also, including three free months of Game Pass. That would rock.

  • mister_syrup1 Mister Syrup (@mister_syrup1) reported

    @I_DO_JUEGOS @SaltyWenchMedia Crackdown 3, for all its problems, is league's better than all the games that Microsoft dropped before excluding the MCC and Halo 5

  • diejuanwantsto 𝖇𝖗𝖔𝖜𝖓 𝖗𝖊𝖈𝖑𝖚𝖘𝖊 (@diejuanwantsto) reported

    as a kid i was shown halo, gta, mortal kombat, the king kong video game, crash, mario 64 ds, i wanna grow up again

  • alyciayeg Alycia W. (@alyciayeg) reported

    @Crackmacs Crash Bandicoot and OG Halo!

  • efelo75 Efelo75 (@efelo75) reported

    @Mickyblack33 @vF_KROADER It wasn't a problem bc Halo and CoD were console game of course it's no big deal if everyone has the same shit input lol

  • Mickyblack33 Micky3lack (@Mickyblack33) reported

    @efelo75 @vF_KROADER Wasnt a problem in halo, or mw2... Now all of a sudden its a problem, guys need controller mechanics to physical alter their aim over and correct their missed shot... practice. Theres guys out that who plsy with no sim assist and you want everyone to have that aim. Its absurd

  • RickySitoTL Ricky 🇭🇹 (@RickySitoTL) reported

    For all the heart broken people or single people who are stuck on why won't they be considered as a mate instead of another person who's an *******. Look up the "Halo effect"

  • FunnyWilfred Wilfred (@FunnyWilfred) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • HBaconga ᗯ ᗩ ᗯ ᗩ 😸 (@HBaconga) reported

    The boy with a broken halo.

  • DaikiTheWolf Ignite The Spark (@DaikiTheWolf) reported

    @BadstarFoxArt Give her that broken halo horn look

  • CioranuCorina DIREKTOR THE SLAV (@CioranuCorina) reported

    @LateNightHalo @Halo More like UE4 engine issues , I can't play the game BC of thoses

  • LateNightHalo LateNightGaming-Halo 🙂 (@LateNightHalo) reported

    343's Halo Wars/MCC team needs more support :/ It sucks seeing Reach retain audio/bug issues over a month since release and Halo wars 2 seeing issues

  • C00lDaddydaddy daddydaddy_ c00l (@C00lDaddydaddy) reported

    @Halo please FIX THE DAMN SERVERS FOR OCEANIA (Australia & New Zealand), so that we can consistently - get placed in Oce matchmaking (AND OCE MATCHMAKING ONLY).

  • Saberstormed Brando (@Saberstormed) reported

    @my_hereau @xiiceddx well like jake and i both said. we dont like a majority of the community, we love the pro scene. as long as there are passionate kids wanting to go pro in cod, the scene will not die out. thats the problem with halo, new players dont even really care much.

  • The_Alpha_Ghost Alpha Ghost (@The_Alpha_Ghost) reported

    @Halo When one ‘pro’ Halo player wants the Mythic playlist back cause FFA has issues it is replaced with Mythic Rumble come Feb. 6th. When a regular player who rocks H5 WZ points out issues on that playlist 343 just blows them off. 343 only caters to pro players.

  • GamerJlee GamerJlee (@GamerJlee) reported

    @Reiku78 I do not see any problem with the gimmick, and he does a good job with it. Like you always say to me when we talk about Halo. "Let people enjoy things."

  • BrokenPixle Cammy (@BrokenPixle) reported

    @MINIBUBOI @Halo @DreamHackHalo @HCS Unfortunately that's the only fix until it's patched

  • BOLL7708 Andreas "BOLL" Aronsson (@BOLL7708) reported

    @alfredo_xr The dream I have is the first Halo game in VR. Now with MCC moving onto PC and modding already starting up it might actually happen. I just hope they fix all the shader downgrades Gearbox introduced. Still surprised Microsoft hasn't done this considering they have WMR 🤔