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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • David__Jetta David Jetta (@David__Jetta) reported

    @ProteusXL thru a streaming service, not natively installed on the PC. its still an exclusive. you can natively install Halo MCC, Sunset overdrive, Quantum break on PC, you cant with any PS game

  • Lev9732 WhenTheLeveeBreaks (@Lev9732) reported

    @Kaleidescoops @ske7ch @LateNightHalo @HiddenXperia The water issue I think was fixed in the MCC version of Halo 1 Anniversary.

  • cloutkasket jessie (@cloutkasket) reported

    i’m the girl with the broken halo

  • SwedishGreekGod Tyler🇸🇪 (@SwedishGreekGod) reported

    @pcgamer They need to work extremely hard so that the servers are good to. So many multiplayer games has this issue, halo had a lot in the 360 days but it was manageable

  • defythgod ً (@defythgod) reported

    [ Rhys : 02 ] Now, shoot me in the ******* face and make me feel like shit. Tell me that I don't deserve love. Tell me that everything I touch will turn to dust. Tell me that my wings were ripped off and my halo was broken right after I was born because I am a ******* disgrace.

  • cxspfr Homey 🐐 (@cxspfr) reported

    @Verycritical oddly enough it could run Halo:CE smoothly with no problems whatsoever

  • eloquents EDEN (@eloquents) reported

    i need a meal prep service tailored to my caloric intake needs. halo

  • coccayne koken (@coccayne) reported

    i did face my problem wisely. i talked to them properly, i chose right words so no one get offended but it seems like its not enough alias maunya apa ya anjing halo halo polisi

  • Prospectful_ Prospectful (@Prospectful_) reported

    @TopHaloClips @Fireboy_JET @Halo Why has a ball glitch kill got more likes than my clip lmaoooo @Fireboy_JET stop liking with your fake accounts

  • ColePagnucco Cole Pagnucco (@ColePagnucco) reported

    @XboxSupport fix the glitchy achievements on Halo Wars 2 cowards, I want my completion

  • hahacheers joshua cory (@hahacheers) reported

    @Zer0hecks haha man that's the thing, this (input lag) plus "lag" (network lag) equals trying to play Halo online on dial up and your using a WildCatz rip-off controller

  • Julius12229720 JuliusGaming (@Julius12229720) reported

    @nightbarbie some glitch happended on royale high when i threw in 200 diamonds my screen turned blue and i got that mermaid story when she used dark amgic on me and when i woke up somthing was different now get this i this happend during st patricks day update i got no halo...

  • DollAvery Avery. (@DollAvery) reported

    @_meschelle Chrome halo did my nose ring and I haven’t had any issues.

  • KinkozSagan Hope Rides Alone (@KinkozSagan) reported

    That awkward moment where I look through my service records on my old Bungie profile for Halo 3 and Reach and notice I coincidentally stopped playing both games after hitting Captain Grade 2 rank. I'm not sure how to feel about this.

  • magicalfeyfenny fenny, sleepy ball of fairies (@magicalfeyfenny) reported

    @WynneCluster i could install telnet on my web server, connect to it through SSH, then use telnet on it to connect with another server to play a terminal-based game like nethack and it'd be about the same as playing halo through a game streaming service

  • hasbini16 Souad Hasbini (@hasbini16) reported from San Carlos, California

    Stop stereotyping arabs. Not all arabs are like this. Not all lebanese are like this. That’s the problem m3 Sha3b lebnene. Sheyef halo. Im proudly lebanese But if we saw each other as arabs not just lebanese there would’ve been a difference, historically not now. Bye.

  • AbruptETron Cesar (@AbruptETron) reported

    @Kaleidescoops @LateNightHalo @ske7ch @HiddenXperia I’m really happy for Halo coming to PC. I just hope that if they do fix texture and animation glitches on PC, Xbox can get the same treatment as well.

  • R_Y_K_A_1 Rykardo de Montero 🙈 (@R_Y_K_A_1) reported

    @TGNSpanish Ps1: Ape Escape Crash Bandicoot Driver, Driver 2 Hot Wheels Turbo Y Extreme Racing Woody Woodpecker Racing Dexter's Laboratory Vigilante 8 Y 2nd Offense Bust A Groove 1 Y 2 Xbox: Driv3r Y Parallel Lines Street 2 Fifa 07 Halo 2 Need For Speed Undergound 1 Y 2, Most Wanted, Carbon

  • WhiteMageJenny Jennifer Knight (@WhiteMageJenny) reported

    @SuperButterBuns The only issue is nowadays with day 1 patches, the games don't even come loaded on the disc 90% of the time buns. For example Tony Hawk 5 and Halo the Master Chief collection just have the 1st level or 1st game loaded on, and the rest is via a giant patch.

  • Overlord_Actual Darrtel Brown (@Overlord_Actual) reported

    @misplacedyank @Halo @WatchMixer Yeah it seemed more like an Xbox live issue. But o well.

  • SierraCyan SierraCyan (@SierraCyan) reported

    @g4merslu7 So far ps4 less lagg and ui problem. Look Ps4 love all the possible costumisation. NOSTALGIA I will easily say Xbox. As I will always get one no matter the game specifics. As long as Halo is there I will get it.

  • mudkip454 Mudkip454 (@mudkip454) reported

    @BrendanLorLowry But Microsoft should have foreseen the damage that disastrous launch caused. I guarantee you, part of the reason H5 failed in terms of sales was because of the broken launch of MCC. If they had delayed Halo 5, it would have shown the community they were committed to their games.

  • player1cosplay Adam Castiglione (@player1cosplay) reported

    @Halo ive spent 5 days and more hours than that across 6 different customer service representatives to fix and issue or bug not allowing me to play HMCC. Please someone reach out to me and help, im getting passed around xbox support like a blunt at a snoop dog concert.

  • MissaRed24 Missa Red (@MissaRed24) reported

    @HaloFanForLife Not really specific here . I'm very curious to see this new system they have . Req packs never really were a problem for me. But I played so much halo it didn't effect me negatively.

  • BatradzDjikkai2 Batradz Djikkaity (@BatradzDjikkai2) reported

    @xEMPORIAx Used to be my problem, as I fell into fifa after I finished a 40 game collection including bioshock series, rdr series, halo series, borderlands series, far cry series, Sherlock Holmes games, LA Noire, AC, COD, Skyrim, Fallout series, etc. Now I got sea of thieves and apex to

  • FunnyWilfred Wilfred (@FunnyWilfred) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • Rustolla76 What happened to critical thinking. (@Rustolla76) reported

    @CrazyJuan77 We know Xbox is a competitor. Are you going to pick the streaming service with games like SOT's, Halo, Gears, Forza, not to mention Sony's huge catalog when they join in. I think it will be about price, performance, games. I the Xbox will lead Stadia in all 3 & Sony in 2 of the 3

  • anddaws Renad (@anddaws) reported

    @Dansgaming It's a problem that game designers will have to solve. Remember, everyone said that you couldn't play FPS games on a console and then Halo came out. Maybe it will never be solved. We all knew this direction was coming but still a little uneasy on closed always-on requirements.

  • gillian_winch Gillian (@gillian_winch) reported

    @joeymiguelcali @MicrosoftHelps Defo more than just halo my son can’t sign in at all

  • subbuvincent Subramaniam Vincent (@subbuvincent) reported

    @ShannonVallor @sarafischer @scuethics @IEthics Good call out, this. There is a pro-innovation halo problem in journalistic framing and narratives about tech. Also, values that could have been baked into platform tech had there been intentional design to rail off discriminatory use, are now being forced in.

  • toa_freak Ian (Halo Canon) (@toa_freak) reported

    @Danger_Wasp @oliverdtrue @BaileyJIII @HiddenXperia @LateNightHalo @masters1337 On a tangent: I never understood the login in making the Halo 3 AR a different variant than the CE AR (same with H4 vs H3). Seemed then and seems now completely unnecessary.

  • lowerthanbel0w breakfast sandwich (@lowerthanbel0w) reported

    my twitter app keeps crashing nd i keep lagging in halo. They’re tryna keep me off the internet

  • alexap9982 Alex Peters (@alexap9982) reported

    @Scottyboom79 @XboxSupport @Xbox I have checked and have verified the only problem is that the Xbox 360: Halo Reach servers are down

  • AmazingArtist89 TheSuperiorArtist (@AmazingArtist89) reported

    @SamuraiJinx It's not a bad thing, but the problem is he won't even try them anymore & he said he wants his own Ps4 & If I'm being honest he should get an Xbox one because that ain't nothing, but a shooter box. Halo, Gears & now Fortinite is on there Ps4 is mostly home for SP games.

  • SpartanMaster04 Spartan-217🍕 (@SpartanMaster04) reported

    @toa_freak @Rachelyoubish No like, I never forget halo stuff despite having memory issues.. so I’m honestly upset I’m forgetting this, I had a photographic memory and now I’m at risk for early onset of dementia so it scares me that I don’t remember things I usually never forget

  • Gamebxy letmedrivedaboat (@Gamebxy) reported

    40kills my first game on halo. Too bad I was lagging all match smh

  • Freakout_LA Luis A. Aguilar (@Freakout_LA) reported

    @Halo Could you guys tell me why the servers on Halo 5 (MM) have been so terrible for about 3 or 4 days, it's literally unplayable and I'm not the only one experiencing this. Please fix this!

  • thyReaperMC RΞPR 💀 (@thyReaperMC) reported

    @343Postums @JoshGundle Halo itself has a direct issue here in that when mechanics are introduced to help more of the population play, there is a cry from the elite to remove that mechanic because it takes away from a perceived skill Literally a gate to more population & allowing non-mics to communicate

  • Xbox_JediDNA Jedi Dna (@Xbox_JediDNA) reported

    @Vinyl_NotAE @ThatSledge1981 @xboxuk @Halo @Xbox @PlutonForEver Yes it makes perfect sense! MCC it's already on Xbox and today it takes about 77gb for 5 of these games. I'm pretty sure reach won't be more than 23gb so all of them will fit on 2 Blu-rays with no problems

  • Veyrokx Joakim (@Veyrokx) reported

    I'm gonna say my top 5 in no particular order: 1. Halo Master Chief edition 2. Crash Bandicoot N sane trilogie 3. Digimon World (because Nostalgia) 4. Rain World 5. Binding of Isaac Darkest Dungeon would be up there, but I can't play this game anymore and can't finish it

  • NoOthaButta Dominick Butta Jr. (@NoOthaButta) reported

    @TwitterGaming Halo Master chief collection and the game was so buggy and broken it was unplayable lol. Never again.

  • VMG_Martin Vacant Mind Gaming (@VMG_Martin) reported

    @Fenristix @xboxuk I have the same problem... I used to have no problems flicking off headshots back in the halo and MW2 days... But after so long using kb&m I can't aim for shit anymore with thumbsticks

  • GeneralWinter77 General Winter (@GeneralWinter77) reported

    @TenryuuTime @Jeans_Stream @madcian Yeah, hopefully they'll do it right for the PC with the whole hardware thing not being an issue anymore (I think it was Halo 2 ran at 30 fps cause it couldn't optimize it better) Thank God for eldowrito for showing the passion and dedicated of the PC community

  • SangelinaTaylor WonderfullyFlawed (@SangelinaTaylor) reported

    Got an Xbox one a few days ago. Found out Halo 5 doesnt support split screen after hours of trying to figure out why we couldn't both sign in. **** you Halo.

  • CJWHIT 🤷🏼‍♀️🇨🇦 (@CJWHIT) reported

    @Halo your servers for Reach are broken :( less QQ more pew pew

  • brex_kennth FAFA B̶R̶E̶X̶ (@brex_kennth) reported

    Im the boy with a broken halo

  • AustinOuellet10 Austin Ouellette (@AustinOuellet10) reported

    @BadSalishGirl I once put my hand through a wall because I lost a Halo match. I was a teenager but still, women aren’t the ones with irrational anger problems.

  • 4REAL69681427 F0REAL804 (@4REAL69681427) reported

    @iSpiteful I hope halo infinite doesn’t have these problems

  • Kuhrow Richard Healy Jr. (@Kuhrow) reported

    @xStrategicc IDK Strat this is easily the community I've been apart of and I've been apart of many (Madden, 2k, CoD, Gears, Halo, LoL, All PvE games) I think the answer is simple theres to many ******* kids that play console smite PC Masters smite has way less issues

  • JohnnyLotito Johnny Lotito (@JohnnyLotito) reported

    So you're giving PC players MCC for free but you charged us when it came out on console for the most mindblowingly broken menu anyone has ever played on... please make it free for everyone on all systems @Halo @Tashi343i @Microsoft still doing your grassroots a disservice

  • ShadowMolasses ShadowMolasses (@ShadowMolasses) reported

    @halfcoordinated As some one who use to have to play halo 3 with one hand the existence of alternate control schemes softened the blow but it made me aware of home much of a problem nkt having 100% customization of controls can be in video games. Some console games still do it and it's annoying.

  • _DreadSnortt_ DreadSnortt (@_DreadSnortt_) reported

    16. The Prometheans in Halo 4 and Halo 5. They are nothing but repetitive bullet sponges which make repeated playthroughs of either campaign progressively more annoying and *NOT FUN* It’s worse in Halo 4, but it’s still a massive problem with both games.

  • Ciela_Lithelle Ciela Lithelle @ Grookey Gang (@Ciela_Lithelle) reported

    @FinalBossFemme I was chubby as a kid and I was bullied for it, which led to rage and anger issues. I played Shadow the Hedgehog and Timesplitters, and eventually Halo 2. Now, I still have anger issues, I'm still chubby, I still play violent video games, but I will never wield a gun in anger.

  • GummLord David (@GummLord) reported

    If they give PC Halo then give us Doritos Crash Course back >:( @Xbox

  • leahxhelmer leah🧸 (@leahxhelmer) reported

    @BungieHelp Ok but why is halo 3 not working

  • EllaLatinaMua Ella Starr ☆ (@EllaLatinaMua) reported

    @GlamLifeGuru @dhluSa @DHLGlobal Trust people to want stuff when they can't get them xD But yes, everyone, Halo ships international, now there is a problem, but they normally do ♡

  • vicnedel02 Vicnedel (@vicnedel02) reported

    @Master0fHyrule I used to know a guy who threw his Xbox controller If you kicked his ass in Halo enough. He won sometimes too. Problem was: when he wasn't a sore loser, he was a bad winner, suuuuper smug. Lots of bootleg controllers lost their lives.

  • Riptify Riptify (@Riptify) reported

    Still no update with internet. As far as I know nothing's been done about potentially investigating an underground band issue. Committing to buying a new Xbox though to get on the Halo grind when I'm back. Miss streaming so much it's insane

  • EarlOfLakes Roy Hankins (@EarlOfLakes) reported

    @gamesaslit It's definitely not for everyone, and I understand your issues with it, even if I disagree with them. I think Halo is just okay, you think Haruhi is just okay, and that is fine. Jimi still needs to watch it tho

  • SentryDefiant23 Nuno Tavares #NetoDeMouraÉCorno (@SentryDefiant23) reported

    @LeaderPeasy Halo MCC clsoed Beta on PC, sign in that shit :eyes: