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Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube.

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  • samcq Sam McQuillin (@samcq) reported

    @dannymawani @HoloMarkeD @GCPcloud They were pretty close to the audio, but the punctuation tech is the poorest performing, in terms of errors. Word and speaker id are solid. Errors mostly due to cross talk or ambient noises (someone moving paper around). I'm sure there are ways to improve accuracy.

  • foigus Patrick Fergus (@foigus) reported

    @meck @eholtam @rachelnauen @JAMFSoftware @googlecloud And beyond that, any MDM vendor can implement support for the .json files. If Jamf (by using json definition files) can spearhead a system that allows admins and MDMs to benefit from something similar to Preference Manifests (which never really took off), great.

  • wfdobie Bill Dobie (@wfdobie) reported

    @beanjammin @Mr__Bradford @LmdeeleyLorna @JeremyVineOn5 Why doesn't government subsidise the delivery charges (or just discount) as a way to reinforce social distancing-would be valuable along with bringing in @awscloud or @googlecloud or @Azure swat teams to deal with the bandwidth. Lots of suffering tech startups too who could help.

  • gigatexal alex n (@gigatexal) reported

    Listening to the #serverless episode from @software_daily and I can’t help but think that this is just the evolution of @GCPcloud ‘s #appengine all over again

  • 706orBust Russ (@706orBust) reported

    @BigL_CromeTeef @trappology @abeisgoat @googlecloud Big query it sure is! A few suggestions here: put the JSON the front end into SQL <video> files. Another thing, I wouldn’t use Sendgrid. Bad taste in my mouth even though it is a good platform! So many issues though!

  • abeisgoat abe Ⓥ (@abeisgoat) reported

    @trappology @googlecloud I know nothing make @ToddKerpelman can help

  • OWOMAhN Victor Anari Sengbe (@OWOMAhN) reported

    running a blockchain is expensive as ****... @googlecloud I gotta #hostingfeestrike this month

  • sabre1041 Andrew Block (@sabre1041) reported

    @GCPcloud still having issues even though status says services restored. #help #cloud

  • MiKeMcDnet 𝕄𝕚𝕂𝕖 𝕄𝕔𝔻𝕠𝕟𝕠𝕦𝕘𝕙 (@MiKeMcDnet) reported from Pine Island Ridge, Florida

    @RGPeek @ChuziChips @JoeGruters They admitted earlier that they are still using shipped PHYSICAL SERVERS to scale up and are waiting for delivery. Too bad that they don't utilize cloud technology to scale on @Azure, @awscloud, or @googlecloud. #scalability #antiquated #technology

  • precognitiveInc Precognitive (@precognitiveInc) reported

    Precognitive’s VP of Technology @zrosenbauer on being a @MongoDB customer and choosing @GoogleCloud for our fraud prevention platform in this @businessinsider article written by @rosaliechan17 #FraudPrevention #Kubernetes

  • mattfprod Matt Franklin 🌍 (@mattfprod) reported

    @GCPcloud You’ve resolved it now but 2.5 hrs of downtime with no explanation is pretty poor.

  • sidgunti Siddhartha Gunti (@sidgunti) reported

    @okmanideep @Google @googlecloud @Firebase We moved some critical portions to AWS RDS recently. That move ensured our app not going down today :D

  • robertvhoesel Robert van Hoesel (@robertvhoesel) reported

    @jvmdude @imjackprice @GCPcloud @mattfprod @michalnebes Nope, still in bad shape.

  • mattfprod Matt Franklin 🌍 (@mattfprod) reported

    @jvmdude @imjackprice @GCPcloud @michalnebes @robertvhoesel No we’re still down, at a loss as to what to do 😩

  • robertvhoesel Robert van Hoesel (@robertvhoesel) reported

    @joonathan @GCPcloud @imjackprice I manually created a new instance and restored a backup from the broken one for now, which helps (a bit)

  • MaciekMarczuk Maciek Marczuk (@MaciekMarczuk) reported

    @SimonSmethMac @mauriez @kb_zh @googlecloud same here... our HA postgres instance at europe-west3 is down, development env without HA is working smoothly...

  • acasademont Albert Casademont (@acasademont) reported

    @joonathan @marceldegraaf @GCPcloud Same, europe-west-1 here, 9:07am Pacific Time and still seeing issues

  • mattfprod Matt Franklin 🌍 (@mattfprod) reported

    @imjackprice @GCPcloud Same here we are completely stuck and taken down our production service 😱

  • joonathan Joonathan Mägi (@joonathan) reported

    @acasademont @marceldegraaf @GCPcloud Still seeing issues here as well even though they have resolved the incident once again….

  • kb_zh kbzh (@kb_zh) reported

    @mauriez @SimonSmethMac @googlecloud no support ticket its on europe-west3-c

  • mattfprod Matt Franklin 🌍 (@mattfprod) reported

    @GCPcloud This is not something we can fix ourselve using a forum question. Not a single button or CLI command is working. Needs to be fixed your end. Multiple people having the same issue.

  • acasademont Albert Casademont (@acasademont) reported

    @marceldegraaf @joonathan @GCPcloud No idea. They are showing a green icon again but issues with Cloud SQL persist :/

  • jvmdude Jan Vladimir Mostert (@jvmdude) reported

    @imjackprice @GCPcloud Same issue here, PostgreSQL instance on @GCPcloud is completely dead

  • mattfprod Matt Franklin 🌍 (@mattfprod) reported

    @GCPcloud experiencing exactly the same issue, please help

  • robertvhoesel Robert van Hoesel (@robertvhoesel) reported

    @GCPcloud @imjackprice Experiencing the same issue, this is not something we can fix ourselve using a stackoverflow question 😒 Not a single button or CLI command is working.

  • robertvhoesel Robert van Hoesel (@robertvhoesel) reported

    @googlecloud @GCPcloud Our High Availability SQL instance tried to failover during your recent outage and is now in a broken state. Restore from backup doesn't even work. Many other reporting the same, but no incident logged. You should look in to this, it is bad. Very bad.

  • brianleroux xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq (@brianleroux) reported

    @vkarampinis @jacobian @googlecloud @Cloudflare Bummer, sorry to hear that. I was a customer of beanstalk in 2015 but moved to lambda/apigateway as soon as they became feasible for web apps. Pretty much only use CloudFormation now for infra provisioning and cli for logs (avoiding the console).

  • mauriez Maurice van der Meer (@mauriez) reported

    @kb_zh @SimonSmethMac @googlecloud I have no idea.. But when looking at the logs it was properly shut down.. Someone simply needs to start it...

  • acasademont Albert Casademont (@acasademont) reported

    @joonathan @GCPcloud They finally took down that "all is good" green icon.

  • djlk Daniel Lizio-Katzen (@djlk) reported

    Looks like @gmail is having issues too, could be a @googlecloud capacity issue since Spotify hosts there.

  • joonathan Joonathan Mägi (@joonathan) reported

    @acasademont @GCPcloud Yes definitely seeing the same, not looking good at all. Also support has recommended *not* to try to promote replica to master.

  • r_littlefield Ryan Littlefield (@r_littlefield) reported

    @nhumrich @GCPcloud That sucks. Makes me nervous about mine.

  • nhumrich Nick Humrich (@nhumrich) reported

    Wow.. what a racket. @GCPcloud says my production, highly-available database had an "unexpected error", and now its dead in the water. And I cant even talk to google about it without paying at least $250. If I do pay it, and enable support, it takes days for it to "turn on"

  • karlstoney Karl (@karlstoney) reported

    @GCPcloud Thank you useless bot, never thought to check the status page

  • seanism seanism (@seanism) reported

    @seriousManual @googlecloud Ya. Those status pages are never helpful when issues pop up.

  • santhosh_happie sandy (@santhosh_happie) reported

    @googlecloud @GoogleCloud_IN Looks like some services like data fusion, storage buckets are down. Pls help

  • acasademont Albert Casademont (@acasademont) reported

    Seems like @googlecloud is partially down. Lovely :/

  • karlstoney Karl (@karlstoney) reported

    @seriousManual @googlecloud Yeah it's a complete mess. We couldn't even get into the portal to raise support cases at first..!

  • seriousManual manuALE (@seriousManual) reported

    @karlstoney @googlecloud pretty everything seems / seemed to be down... for us it was cloud functions, logging, bigquery

  • karlstoney Karl (@karlstoney) reported

    @seriousManual @googlecloud we've got HA cloudsql instances in a permanently down state because they failed to failover... fun

  • mbhnyc Matthew Hensrud (@mbhnyc) reported

    @googlecloud @mauriez not sure who writes the status updates, but "Diagnosis: Customers may be unable to create new support cases" is certainly not what's going on.. lol

  • mauriez Maurice van der Meer (@mauriez) reported

    @googlecloud Hi! that page doesnt mention errors Cloud SQL. But we cant reach it since 14:14 UTC

  • leansk Leandro Skladnik (@leansk) reported

    @Case @googlecloud yes, actually we started having issues 6:51am Pacific

  • streetmapp Tyler Mapp (@streetmapp) reported

    @gcpcloud can’t help but think the dashboard isn’t accurately representing where issues are being seen. With “Google Cloud Infrastructure components “ at the bottom of the list makes it seem not as critical. When truth is many services are impacted from this.

  • mauriez Maurice van der Meer (@mauriez) reported

    @googlecloud Also status page doesnt display it, we are having issues with Cloud SQL at the moment! Failover does not seem to be working as it seems :(

  • gsusMad Jesus (@gsusMad) reported

    @ManuKumar @googlecloud @Firebase Shy phew! for me. Some services came back, others still down. 😅😓

  • VCDepth (@VCDepth) reported

    We had the largest outage yet on our website this morning. Unreported by @GCPcloud, they had a major outage of their template groups which affected our front end app-pool. API users had no interruption. Our apologies, this is uncommon for GCP's high availability solutions.

  • OwlyCode Tristan Maindron (@OwlyCode) reported

    @RFuzzi @chezTone @GCPcloud Everything seems to be working again for us. I don't know yet what caused the pubsub outage.

  • funny_man_daa かさた@技術書典8(応援祭) (@funny_man_daa) reported

    @Contact_Hasan @googlecloud I found console access and deploy are not working!! But the App already deployed is accessible...

  • webology Jeff says, "wash your hands" 🧼👏 (@webology) reported

    @jacobian @Cloudflare @googlecloud I can't speak for GCR, but I have had to un-proxy/re-proxy Cloudflare a few times because of weird SSL termination issues. I'm 90% sure I caused them but the fixed was otherwise non-obvious.

  • Atlas3650 Will Kessler (@Atlas3650) reported

    @googlecloud even though you are suffering a service outage, your status dashboard shows that everything is working! That's not good

  • AmolKBhatia Mundu (@AmolKBhatia) reported

    Outage seems to be over now. I can access VMs. @GCPcloud #GCPdown

  • LoadsLtn LTNLoads (@LoadsLtn) reported

    @GCPcloud seems to be down. Deployment configuration, Datastore at least.

  • _deb10 Deb (@_deb10) reported

    @googlecloud @ahbou_ The status page shows everything working but I'm definitely having problems starting my instances in Compute Engine.

  • YashaFromRussia Yasha Prikhodko (@YashaFromRussia) reported

    @GCPcloud hey pub/sub is down - the UI isn't loading and the connection hangs

  • seochina Hacene Taibi (@seochina) reported

    @karlsnyder @Firebase firebase is down @googlecloud they are working on it

  • seochina Hacene Taibi (@seochina) reported

    @BrOrlandi @Firebase firebase is down @googlecloud

  • francoisproulx François Proulx (@francoisproulx) reported

    @googlecloud Cannot connect new PubSub topics. IAM console and even Support Cases are wonky.... #pubsub #down

  • cbmaddox ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@cbmaddox) reported

    @GCPcloud "Editing VM instance "***" failed. Error: Internal error. Please try again or contact Google Support. (Code: '2246947687908257395')" If its useful.

  • diogogmt Diogo Monteiro (@diogogmt) reported

    Seeing severe service disruptions with #BigQuery #DataStore and #PubSub @GCPcloud