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Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube.

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  • mrjwbr JohnWeber (@mrjwbr) reported

    @googlecloud “For feature ideas, first call Customer Support and wait 24 hours to have your account enabled for access to the right area of CCC.” Yeah, right.

  • sed_seyedi Sed Seyedi (@sed_seyedi) reported

    @googleCloud Here is idea I like to see GCP implement: A one time emergency (high priority) support ticket that any company can create in duration of one month — without paying $$$$ for support.

  • supergeekdev SuperGeek (@supergeekdev) reported

    @googlecloud Cloud run is a good idea to bring serverless to containers. As a developer, it is annoying when you have no clue on how long it will keep a service "warm" up. #coldstart #frustrateddev

  • robdias Roberto Dias (@robdias) reported

    Google is having a bad time regarding stability these days, from the googlecloud outage to this… they should start thinking seriously

  • john_haire John Haire (@john_haire) reported

    @AzureSupport @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud Thanks for the advice. That's what I thought based on the documentation. The problem is, I already have 7000 standalone solar-powered devices with 7000 builtin modems. The backend is a steaming pile of perl but the hardware meets or needs.

  • pbsellers Phil Sellers @ HPE Discover (@pbsellers) reported from Paradise, Nevada

    Yep, do not adjust your monitors. @nutanix, @openshift and @googlecloud all get shoutouts during #HPEDiscover keynote - #HPE does believe in customer choice

  • e_k_anderson Evan Anderson (@e_k_anderson) reported

    @alexellisuk @GCPcloud For many languages, @GCPcloud has an "application default credentials" library that can use a refresh token or GCP identity service (e.g. metadata sever). Also, you need to choose the correct `aud` parameter for your destination.

  • _raymondscott herro (@_raymondscott) reported

    @googlecloud @GCPcloud fix your VA server please. I give you guys over $300.00 a month and I can't even get in touch with someone from your support team. Very unprofessional.

  • DHenschen Doug Henschen (@DHenschen) reported

    Again hearing that @Azure and @GCPcloud variants of @MongoDB Atlas Data Lake are coming. MyPOV: Want to hear whether this is lightweight, ad-hoc, or something that could support production data pipelines. #MDBW19

  • underhillj Jason Underhill (@underhillj) reported

    When @googlecalendar is down but you moved to @Nextclouders months ago.. #winning #googlecloud #FreeFromGoogle

  • onthebass ᴏ ɴ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ʙ ᴀ s s *️⃣ (@onthebass) reported

    @melmccarthy_ie @googlecloud G Suite status page now showing cal issue from 722am PST

  • melmccarthy_ie Mel McCarthy (@melmccarthy_ie) reported

    @googlecloud your status page isn't showing it but gcal is down 404 all over the place....

  • AshBerlin Ash Berlin-Taylor (@AshBerlin) reported

    Hey @googlecloud - having `gcloud auth login` open Chrome rather than my default browser: Not Cool. Nor is it useful.

  • zehicle Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle) reported

    @sarbjeetjohal @waynesadin @tcrawford @mccrory @jeffsussna @mthiele10 @mattwallace @eoin_jennings @jayferro @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud @IBMcloud @VMware @Cisco @furrier @NeilCattermull @dhinchcliffe @fogle_shane @nyike @TheCloudand_Me @TamaraMcCleary @CTOAdvisor @SiliconANGLE @dvellante @stu @mdkail @Kevin_Jackson @JKevinParker @digitalcloudgal @porterdeleon @DavidLinthicum @avrohomg @StevenDickens3 @BillMew @Fisher85M @schmarzo @nelson_hilliard @nicolefv @azurestack more like hyper marketing... AFAIK these are rebadged VM host appliances with self-provisioning integration. yes, constraints make that silo easier to manage. If we really want to fix IT economics, we need to make self-management universal

  • TablePlus TablePlus (@TablePlus) reported

    @DataChaz @GCPcloud Hi, TablePlus supports native SSH so you can connect to any VPS cloud service.

  • preetamdsouza Preetam D'Souza (@preetamdsouza) reported

    @Firebase Wow, apparently you have to fill out the "Support Email" field to be able to use Google Sign-In...or you get a very unhelpful "Failed to record the consent" error on #Android. Please make this obvious to users @Firebase / @googlecloud!!

  • AdithyaByreddy Aditya Byreddy (@AdithyaByreddy) reported

    I would prefer to have extended functionality to this, something like support to run non-http workloads. 🙂 @GCPcloud #CloudRun

  • finrekt finr🐤kt (@finrekt) reported

    @MrStyzz @ChainlinkBull @CharlesBrapAcct @AlexSau37473923 @readysetcrypto @MajorGeneralT @GCPcloud >thought I would share the truth but being blind or not knowing the technicals is something I can’t fix. This

  • nathangloverAUS Nathan Glover (@nathangloverAUS) reported

    I just realised a rouge load-balancer forwarding rule was never deleted after some testing I did with GKE in April. Not even an IP, just the forwarding rule to a dark void... Would be cool to be alerted/notified about obvious mishaps on the 'Home' dash. @GCPcloud #gcp #gke

  • soswow Aleksandr "Sasha" Motsjonov (@soswow) reported

    @GabeWeiss_ @donttrythis @Discovery @GCPcloud @Foxtel ok. So UX sucks. Error is there, but deep in XHRs: "Access to the requested resource path has been forbidden: resource not available for country - AU" With US proxy it does work! Thank you, Gabe!

  • MrStyzz MrStyzz (@MrStyzz) reported

    @ChainlinkBull @CharlesBrapAcct @AlexSau37473923 @finrekt @readysetcrypto @MajorGeneralT @GCPcloud Again, everything there can be done with the ETH token. Seriously, you people make me laugh. Keep buying I don’t care. Just thought I would share the truth but being blind or not knowing the technicals is something I can’t fix.

  • KEK_Protocol 𝔅𝕰⬡.𝔚𝔲𝔩𝔣 (@KEK_Protocol) reported

    @altcoinmooner88 @BGIradji @7777LINK7777 @don_barafranca @FlannelHandler @Chainlinkoracle @xrptipbot @GCPcloud I'm all in on $XRP as well, I just don't think Sergey is that shady. I ran in to him at a MacDonalds once, and he offered to buy me his favorite. I said yes, and was surprisingly met with 10 Bigmacs, 3 Large Fries and 1 Large Diet Coke. Not a bad guy if you asked me.

  • Captin4ndy Distributed Mueck (@Captin4ndy) reported

    @antiprosynth @iDecentralized @googlecloud The token having call back function and the value of the native network providing penalties for bad actors are valid enough to warrant the link token. Threshold signatures have impressed me lately

  • alecandro3000 Alecandro (@alecandro3000) reported

    @GCPcloud Should be on the $KMD network instead. Much much better

  • NgoHoang92 Ngô Hoàng (@NgoHoang92) reported

    @chainlink @GCPcloud oh shit . I sold it before I got the information

  • CryptoGayGuy 👊 ALL-IN or GTFO GayGuy 👊 (@CryptoGayGuy) reported

    @chainlink @GCPcloud google is not a great company, it's a large company. large = shit, not great.

  • blocksurfing Drew (@blocksurfing) reported

    @JohnnyZcash @chainlink @GCPcloud To be clear this is @googlecloud integrating @chainlink network into their tech stack. Only payment being made is to Chainlink node operators when BigQuery devs want to request inputs / outputs for their Smart Contracts. So yeah...

  • Nietzcki John Peters (@Nietzcki) reported

    @LilUziVertcoin @GCPcloud when you see this type of talk time to sell, many said this about X coin at 😂 this price, you will never see 1 USD walty again you will never see 10 usd neo or sub 100 ltc

  • GrayNotts Gray Notts (@GrayNotts) reported

    @chainlink @GCPcloud Dumb ******* in crypto It means jack shit google haven't partnered with link like people think It just means link has decided to use Google Big Query It's like if I have some webservices and link thdem in with AWS.. doesn't means AMazon have partnered with me Dumb *****

  • adoudble212 Adouble212 (@adoudble212) reported

    @chainlink @GCPcloud Not a fan of Google Cloud....making me do too much damn work to switch over from Teradata 😢

  • JohnnyZcash Johnny ZCash (@JohnnyZcash) reported

    @chainlink @GCPcloud Link is a Google cloud customer 🙌🙌🙌

  • jessecouch JESSE ℂOUℂℍ (@jessecouch) reported

    @GCPcloud I'm not even sure you can call this a #smartcontract anymore. It's an "oracle" (a centralized server), on @googlecloud (a centralized server rental service). Please call this something else instead of smart contracts.

  • jessecouch JESSE ℂOUℂℍ (@jessecouch) reported

    I'm not even sure you can call this a #smartcontract anymore. It's an "oracle" (a centralized server), on @googlecloud (a centralized server rental service). $LINK has proven to be a good pumper. I want some but I can't buy here. I'll be patient & check back in 6 months.

  • jessecouch JESSE ℂOUℂℍ (@jessecouch) reported

    I'm not even sure you can call this a #smartcontract anymore. It's an "oracle" (a centralized server), on @googlecloud (a centralized server rental service). $LINK has proven to be a good pumper. I want some but I can't buy here. I'll check back in 6 months.

  • LilUziVertcoin UZI (@LilUziVertcoin) reported

    @GCPcloud We will never see $LINK under $1.00 again

  • CoolCrypto247 Crypto Global (@CoolCrypto247) reported

    @TheGemClub @chainlink @GCPcloud They don’t care about shit coins like link.

  • 1111kaas Klaas (@1111kaas) reported

    @chainlink @GCPcloud WTF just happened!!!!!!! Holy shit! I'm actually crying from happiness 😍🤩🤩😂

  • crypto_rex Crypto Rex (@crypto_rex) reported

    @chainlink @GCPcloud holy shit , this tweet caused a huge pump

  • FUINY7 FUINY7 (@FUINY7) reported

    @chainlink @GCPcloud remind me of the IOTA new with Microsoft almost 2 years ago, shit pumped 1000% in 1 week or so, not selling this, see you at 10$

  • Dreadpirate117 Crypto Pirate 🔥🌚🍻 (@Dreadpirate117) reported

    @chainlink @LomaCrypto @GCPcloud Holy shit super moon

  • simon_zeltser Simon Zeltser (@simon_zeltser) reported

    All this fuss around #BI this week with @GCPcloud and Salesforce aquisitions is not surprising. It will help the companies fight meaningless dashboards that use bad visualisations. It will allow combining more signals, producing digestible, shareable data stories that cross orgs!

  • Vlados0077 🆅🅻🅰🅳🅾🆂 (@Vlados0077) reported

    @chainlink @GCPcloud Holy shit. Sold at morning 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • ohleah4 dry (@ohleah4) reported

    @chainlink @GCPcloud Holy shit. Thank god I went all in last night lmao

  • ShoulderShrug0 M.USA (@ShoulderShrug0) reported

    @chainlink @GCPcloud Oh shit. What do we do now

  • IgorsCrypto .IGOR (@IgorsCrypto) reported


  • polleyg Graham Polley (@polleyg) reported

    @fastbloke @SimoAhava @GCPcloud Nope, my bad. Thought the square brackets were for legacy. It's standard.

  • anne_e_currie Anne Currie (@anne_e_currie) reported

    As hyperscale-DC consumers, I suspect we need to tell @awscloud we would pay for green hosting as a premium hosting service & go elsewhere if we can't get it (to @GCPcloud or @Azure who have it by default). @mrchrisadams

  • xtian_kisutsa shadow (@xtian_kisutsa) reported

    @msuiche @googlecloud @ComaeIO Damn! This is really dope!

  • SiriX Colbey (@SiriX) reported

    Hey @GCPcloud, @awscloud @Azure... here's an idea, don't make it so damn difficult for an engineer to sign-up and try your services without a credit card! Tried each of you, without success. Not everyone gets a corporate visa! #cloud #Kubernetes #devops

  • askdrmakkar askdrmakkar (@askdrmakkar) reported

    @Hosting_Raja @GoDaddy @googlecloud Night no one pick up call same thing morning happen only once pick up speak Tamil disconnect pathetic service

  • lmgtwit Luke Gotszling (@lmgtwit) reported

    Surprise of the day: @comcast rolled out public facing IPv6 support more broadly before @googlecloud did at all for some Compute infrastructure @WorldIPv6Launch

  • fredwulff Fred Wulff (@fredwulff) reported

    Just pushed the "Escalate" button in the @GCPcloud support portal. Can only assume sirens are sounding around the Sunnyvale campus and Googlers are rending garments and gnashing teeth.

  • rolandinsh `rolandinsh`🇱🇻🇪🇺 (@rolandinsh) reported

    2nd time in my life,when @google is paying me compensation. This time because of outdated #GeoIP dd on @GCPcloud, where @linode hosting wasn't updated.Took "only" 18 days&damaged trust in service. Still happy with outcome.Still using GCP. #egress #data #GCP #cloud #cloudsql #GDPR

  • organizationuuu 0 0 0 0 0 MICROANDS (@organizationuuu) reported


  • MarioArrr Mario Armas (@MarioArrr) reported from Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

    @GCPcloud @TweeEuroVijftig The same thing happens to us in Spain, Chile and Colombia, when they fix it, please let us know! 🙌🏼

  • christianhujer Christian Hujer ⌨🧙‍♂️🏴‍☠️🇪🇺🇩🇪🇮🇳🏳️‍🌈♻️ (@christianhujer) reported

    Reminds me of a bad @googlecloud experience. • my go service: 50 MB RAM • StackDriver logging: 600 MB RAM Service regularly crashes because of StackDriver This is nuts!

  • jcsp_tweets John (@jcsp_tweets) reported

    If you're a Google customer who is also running a Windows fleet, this shit isn't funny. Just saying, @GCPcloud

  • adarshkkumar Adarsh.K.Kumar (@adarshkkumar) reported

    @GCPcloud I have a GCS bucket enabled with CMK but while using gsutils to copy the file to local it fails with error regarding customer supplied key. I'm lost here... Any help is appreciated. #Googlecloudsummit #GCP #Google #gcs

  • Adron Λdrøn (@Adron) reported

    Looking at various cloud services from @azure @awscloud and @GCPcloud and gotta say, when there's a one click from product page to documentation that makes me really happy. The services that don't lead me to something legitimately technical to read with 1-2 clicks that's bad.

  • josheac Josh Greenbaum (@josheac) reported

    @mikeettling @BrianSSommer @Infor @awscloud @googlecloud @RobertEnslin Only for the customer base.... Their cloud tech is good, though it runs on @awscloud now.