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  • melissahilldees Melissa Hill Dees (@melissahilldees) reported

    I'm in a terminal window of an updated version of Visual Studio Code and I am using the GitHub recommended commands to clone a repository. Getting an error: xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools). Quick fix help? #TrailblazerCommunity

  • jetsetter 1 (@jetsetter) reported

    Is GitHub Actions broken? line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `)'

  • halfogre Drew Miller (@halfogre) reported

    @bradwilson @marcind @davidfowl Also, +1000 on the being coin-operated doesn't mean compromising on ethics. I have turned down better offers from places (like Facebook) I felt I could not join for ethical reasons, and it is part of why I am not at Microsoft or GitHub anymore.

  • TartanLlama Sy Brand (@TartanLlama) reported

    Programmer ASMR: me whispering my GitHub issues into your ear and saying goodbye to them forever

  • chris_the_nagy Chris 🌴 (@chris_the_nagy) reported

    @swyx @github Does this replace the 6 repositories part or just slides them down?🤔

  • oxinabox_frames Lyndon "Frames" White (@oxinabox_frames) reported

    @Viral_B_Shah @github but also yes, there are projects that I basically don't code anymore on. I feel like the transition from contributor to maintainer is the time spent coding vs reviewing PRs and triaging issues.

  • elementary elementary (@elementary) reported

    @Sam_0212 The easiest way is to head to System Settings > About > Report a Problem, or just search for “Report a Problem” in the Applications Menu. It will guide you through filing an issue to the correct place. You will need to sign into or create a GitHub account.

  • rmaxio R Max δ-21 ✊🏽💚 (@rmaxio) reported

    @khinsen Before ***, hobbyists published a tarball in a static page with an email for contact. Nowadays, any weekend hack uploaded to @github can get popular and start getting social pressure via Issues or PRs to get it updated.

  • BryceRustyice Bryce Rustyice (@BryceRustyice) reported

    Day[3/100] #100DaysOfCode - Reminded myself as to how I commit code straight from PyCharm to GitHub. - Worked on the VirusTotal report parser script. The basic menu is done and it accepts my personal API and uploads a file to VT for scanning. - Tomorrow = error validation!

  • gvidon gvidon (@gvidon) reported

    @plasticmind We have been using it for 2 or 3 months now. Before that we were using solely Github Issues. Compared to it Linear adds a few very handy features like cycles (we were missing this feature from Github so much!) or blocking tasks. Not to say it looks like it came out of the future!

  • jpetazzo Jérôme Petazzoni (@jpetazzo) reported

    @marcinskarbek I have no idea where the problem comes from. If I knew there would be a GitHub issue somewhere already. Systemd? The daemon package? Some customization on the system? Something wrong that we did? No ******* clue. Apparently you think/know it's the unit file?

  • GlennCoder Glenn Watson (@GlennCoder) reported

    I would say to people be careful when you call out developers as idiots on Twitter. Eg had a tweet where a developer linked a GitHub issue and I knew the person. Fine to highlight the concept as idiotic but maybe take the focus away from the person.

  • oxinabox_frames Lyndon "Frames" White (@oxinabox_frames) reported

    @StefanKarpinski @github How much unsubscribing do you do from PRs/Issues? I have started doing more of that, esp if someone else is managing the PR. Thinking about doing it more for issues as well, knowing someone will probably @ me, if they want my attention.

  • DartCode Dart & Flutter for VS Code (@DartCode) reported

    @zhengger Not currently, but do raise an issue on GitHub if that's something you'd like to see!

  • sherwali1 sherwali (@sherwali1) reported

    @traversymedia Also played with VS code, Github, StackOverflow Netlify, configuring server on Google Cloud Compute engine for php and sql. domain name registration and setting.

  • ivanderbyl Ivan Vanderbyl (@ivanderbyl) reported from Austin, Texas

    Two things we learnt the hard way in the last month: 1. GitHub makes no attempt to detect or prevent your source code being stolen 2. The GH marketplace is a huge security risk. You now have to trust a third party to not leave your keys exposed on a server somewhere

  • AiCodist CodistAI (@AiCodist) reported

    93% of developers on @github say incomplete or outdated documentation is a pervasive problem... 60% of the same developers say they rarely or never contribute to the code documentation 🙃 What's the main doc challenge for you? #whereisthedoc

  • peacholip cнιcкү ⁷🐳 (@peacholip) reported

    Either I missed something or Github is slow af and not cooperating

  • peacholip cнιcкү ⁷🐳 (@peacholip) reported

    Bro this Github is slow af omg I'm THIS close to rage quitting

  • you_ssef512 youssef el houti (@you_ssef512) reported

    @salaboy @jenkinsxio Yes I did, I read your blogpost, issue, and their answer yesterday. I don’t think I would have see your blogpost if they didn’t respond to you, I didn’t contribute or open GitHub issues since it became hard to do so as you explained. Will definitely try to be there in office hour

  • jalbertbowdenii jalbertbowdenii (@jalbertbowdenii) reported from Lakeside, Virginia

    i scraped virginia’s ethic council subdomain and threw results on github. woke up to emails from astrazeneca asking me to take it down. its already on virginia’s site. also, no.

  • pytestdotorg (@pytestdotorg) reported

    Please try out the new #pytest release candidate in your projects and let us know (github issue) if anything seems unexpectedly broken: pip install pytest==6.0.0rc1

  • ArranTate Arran Tate (@ArranTate) reported

    @its_ayush24 I originally did it using flask and github pages but I wanted to choose a well established cms to make sure I wasn't messing anything up with my SEO down the line when I start changing things

  • ea4gpz Daniel Estévez (@ea4gpz) reported

    @bistromath Not sure how they would fit into FECAPI, though. But now that you ask, I'll in fact give it a serious thought to it and open myself an issue in the gnuradio github as a reminder and to exchange additional ideas.

  • ArNazeh Ar Nazeh (@ArNazeh) reported

    @frontity I just found about this framework so I might be wrong. But I can't find anything in the docs or Github issues about sourcing from a WP site protected with htaccess!

  • adrienjoly Adrien Joly (@adrienjoly) reported

    OSS idea: Instead of hoping that random developers find your GitHub repo and decide to contribute by picking one of its issues; what if issues were suggested directly to developers who may be interested to solve them? E.g. because they expressed interest in a specific topic/tech.

  • omgzen Mike JI Zenith (@omgzen) reported

    @rawkode @asgrim @frankdejonge Add the avg insults and negativity coming from github issues due to misused libraries and versions as well :) We have packages like you-are-using-it-wrong and still see people opening tickets just to let their anger off instead of focusing it on reading the docs. Time will tell

  • kev_bite Kev 🤷‍♂️ (@kev_bite) reported

    @dfjones In GitHub people have listed similar issues. Feel like it's a known issue. Could create a small cut down sample though 🤔

  • lazouk02 Lazouk (@lazouk02) reported

    @mosk_i sorry about my GitHub issues i was drunk

  • carljm Carl Meyer (@carljm) reported

    @davisagli @chrismcdonough ****. If github ever changes their IP I’ll have to remember my registrar login. In 3 years when I notice