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Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror video game developed by Gun Media and IllFonic, and published by Gun Media. It is based on the franchise of the same name owned by New Line Cinema.

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  • Matchmaking (18.18%)
  • Glitches (9.09%)

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  • thatpilotizzy 🕷🕸🕷 (@thatpilotizzy) reported


  • Freak_OTRT FREAK (@Freak_OTRT) reported

    @ordis89 @TheRaccoonNati1 @Friday13thGame @Lady_avaa @supprincesss @jordan_jreitan1 @readyupbruh @vallhalla13 @DeadSylentPlays @kurio100 @HVBlackFox @thenickster15 @peacemaker_tv @val19894 @YG_JPan @KillshotKitty @Dreandra1991 @RealDaleStars @chuxgaming @thehellzarmy I miss playing this game but it was so broken on Xbox 😂

  • reverendfraize Reverend Fraize (@reverendfraize) reported

    @fearthegun @VokulD @Friday13thGame Just random and the occasional jason mash up glitches that are kind of cool. The part 7 glitch seems to only happen on a crystal lake map

  • FmFuhcazz FoulMouthFuhCazz (@FmFuhcazz) reported

    @Friday13thGame Good fix guys. I don't care what anyone says, the counselors were way too OP. I will definitely have to play again soon.

  • Raindx6969 Eric (@Raindx6969) reported

    @Friday13thGame hey there a glitch still in the game on PS4 where people can use the traps to walk up on the rooftops can you fix this so people don’t cheat to win

  • amercer1203 Amanda Mercer (@amercer1203) reported

    @Friday13thGame thought y'all were gonna fix the unplayable areas....

  • HecdoMondo Mike (@HecdoMondo) reported

    @Friday13thGame so p#ssed how bad you guys screwed up this game. You had 1 job deal with the cheaters and fix the glitches. You couldn't even do that right. Not your game sucks and you empowered the cheaters. Thanks.

  • Lucas52457805 Lucas (@Lucas52457805) reported

    @TikaaniOfficial @Friday13thGame @WatchMixer @Fridaythe13Gam1 Your game is broken

  • littlebitgalaxy britt (@littlebitgalaxy) reported

    @Friday13thGame @F13GameSupport please bring back the melee💔💔🙏🙏 I get people trolled Jason and it is a amazing patch but people’s having the same issues cause I get in lobbies way before Jason’s enraged me and others hit till weapon breaks and we always die.. 💔even when rage

  • WalterR82775458 Walter Rivera (@WalterR82775458) reported

    @Friday13thGame Whenever I’m playing your shit game, I never spawn as the counselor I selected! Can you fix your ******* game because this is bull shit. It’s so annoying.😡🥵😡

  • WalterR82775458 Walter Rivera (@WalterR82775458) reported

    @Friday13thGame Listen. When ever I’m ******* playing your dumbass game, I never spawn as the coins let I want to be! Fix your ******* game because this is bull shit!😡😡😡😡😡

  • NuggetSome Some weird nugget 😋 (@NuggetSome) reported

    @Friday13thGame Oof, I don’t know if you’re aware or if this is what you call “dedicated servers”, but every time I find a good lobby and people I want to play with (even without ANYONE leaving the game) it’ll just kick me out and make me find a new lobby after the game is done. Please fix this.

  • razorscootersav STANLEY CUP KEMPNY (@razorscootersav) reported

    @Friday13thGame packanack roof glitch is still working

  • SilentShow0ff $ilentShoe (@SilentShow0ff) reported

    @MetalstormNYC @Friday13thGame They fix it I’ll stop

  • Jerry49471912 Jerry (@Jerry49471912) reported

    @Friday13thGame It sucks that y’all will not be working anymore on the Friday the 13 Game y’all wanna have Jason X on the game either yeah really suck for not working on it no more gun media will be working on other games they will not be working on Friday the 13th anymore the game why

  • comwre Raphael (@comwre) reported

    @Friday13thGame we Brazil players are still very difficult to find SA server for PS4, and we are waiting 20 minutes to enter into CA service

  • TheBatGotham Biggest Oof (@TheBatGotham) reported

    @SilentShow0ff @Friday13thGame Fix your attitude

  • SilentShow0ff $ilentShoe (@SilentShow0ff) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix your game

  • JoeyPterodactyl ᴊᴏᴇʏ ᴘᴛᴇʀᴏᴅᴀᴄᴛʏʟ (@JoeyPterodactyl) reported

    @F13GameSupport @CaptainABSea1 @Friday13thGame Please don't fix that, it's the best unadvertised feature.

  • supergiovas SuperGio (@supergiovas) reported

    @F13GameSupport @CaptainABSea1 @Friday13thGame Don’t fix it!!! It looks so badass!!

  • KYISDONE @madeinbape (@KYISDONE) reported

    @Jerret53Ace @Friday13thGame They also don’t fix the same bugs they’ve had since release

  • KYISDONE @madeinbape (@KYISDONE) reported

    @Friday13thGame Y’all firecrackers still don’t work in game.... STILL. I’ve been playing since RELEASE. FIX THE GAME.

  • Carl12160416 Carl (@Carl12160416) reported

    @Friday13thGame Just wondering in regards to the legal issues you guys had at the courts, will there be any updates or new content coming in the future and is there any chance you could make the councillor who looks plastic in the start of a match less plastic.

  • reverendfraize Reverend Fraize (@reverendfraize) reported

    @GoddamnitBlu @Friday13thGame Damn and some one was doing a bed glitch in higgens haven you know the one person is half in the bed cant touch em

  • rydge1307_rydge 🐿Rydge--__—cunningham🐿 (@rydge1307_rydge) reported

    @Friday13thGame Please fix the glitch where it switches the counselors that the whole lobby is playing as. Example I was playing as Tiffany yesterday it even showed her picture and I spawned as lachappa

  • Oliveranderss19 Oliver andersson (@Oliveranderss19) reported

    @Friday13thGame fix your ******* game there is players teaming up with jason ffs

  • slasher_pony 🎭☠ Shinobi 🎭☠ (@slasher_pony) reported

    @Friday13thGame please do something about teamers. Seen more teamers now than ever before. Please bring back pacanack glitch or team killing so I can kill the cheaters teaming with Jason. He doesn’t need to be helped he is OP now like he is supposed to.

  • Darkness_no_Sky Unknown_Gamer (@Darkness_no_Sky) reported

    @Friday13thGame @ThaKingoDetroit i run and to someone doing a glitch why i am Jasonand this was in Quick play so they can win

  • pookiesflower TrueZ (@pookiesflower) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame not that I’m complaining but I think you’re having Spawn problem. Played about hr and a half and have been Jason 5 times. Twice in a row at one point. Just heads up

  • TheRealCDT1 OfficialCDT (@TheRealCDT1) reported

    @Needles_Kane @fearthegun @Friday13thGame @weskeltner @ShiftySamurai @mattshotcha Keeping it up yes, trying to do these updates that causes more problems and fixes them, no. And I hate to disagree but it's nowhere near dead even though there hasn't been any new DLC. DieHard fans will keep playing as I see everyday

  • CynicalMalice88 Christopher Gourley (@CynicalMalice88) reported

    @Friday13thGame can you fix my tapes progression. I've been playing since a week or two after the game intialy came out and I get tapes all the time. Somehow nothing shows up. Xbox - CyNiCaLRoX

  • NoahTho96655172 Noah (@NoahTho96655172) reported

    @IBushido305 @Friday13thGame Potentially, especially with how the pitchfork was used in previous trailers, the problem I’m having thought personally is if the pitchfork kills on Savini are used on the regular pitchfork, it takes away some exclusivity to me

  • EntityPass Tommy Thomas Jarvis (@EntityPass) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Xbox one has been having issues with servers for a while now. Please fix!

  • juancarlosrrmm Juan Carlos RM (@juancarlosrrmm) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix in online game for PS4, I want to play and do not find a game. Region Bolivia

  • SimplyAlexBe Alex (@SimplyAlexBe) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Sometimes 10/15 mins but sometimes 5 before I get put into a lobby on my own. I don’t get any error messages though

  • RamonesColumn Ramoné of House Stark ❄️ (@RamonesColumn) reported

    @Friday13thGame @SimplyAlexBe @F13GameSupport I experienced the same thing last night and our party kept getting an error message

  • SimplyAlexBe Alex (@SimplyAlexBe) reported

    @Friday13thGame hey guys still having issues with matchmaking since before and after the update. I wait ages and then end up in a lobby on my own with no one joining PS4/EU

  • Jonacamill23 jonathan camilleri (@Jonacamill23) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame I’m in eu from malta... I can’t find a lobby with eu players. And the lobby it’s not full please fix this ASAP. I love this game thanks.

  • Jonacamill23 jonathan camilleri (@Jonacamill23) reported

    @fearthegun @Friday13thGame @weskeltner @ShiftySamurai @mattshotcha Ps4 please fix the servers 😔 I’m in eu I can’t find a full lobby

  • TheRealCDT1 OfficialCDT (@TheRealCDT1) reported

    @RavenEAP @Doge12432 @NickGroves13 @fearthegun @Friday13thGame @weskeltner @ShiftySamurai @mattshotcha You care enough to keep responding because if you're talking about me or thinking about me. And it wasn't a glitch the only glitch was you doing it

  • TheRealCDT1 OfficialCDT (@TheRealCDT1) reported

    @fearthegun @Friday13thGame @weskeltner @ShiftySamurai @mattshotcha Please... Leave the game alone and do not attempt to fix or update or patch anything else.. Every time it's done it just causes 10 more problems in its place. Let people who have enjoyed this this whole time keep enjoying it.

  • JocoDr Dr.JoCo (@JocoDr) reported

    @Friday13thGame can you fix teleport grab

  • JerryH3232 Jerry (@JerryH3232) reported

    @Friday13thGame Well it did it again on PS4 it kicked me out again when I was Roy aka Jason this time and again people can still glitch at the party house on Jarvis map and hop over the lawn chair on the side of the pourch so you can't get them unless you throw daggers at them.

  • KTYY9991 fofo (@KTYY9991) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Most of The perks are not working :(

  • BshowBrian Brian Jay (@BshowBrian) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Worked! Thanks for the help. Having some lagging with my offline mode but hopefully that goes away once things are running longerm

  • caitlynlopez25 caitlyn lopez (@caitlynlopez25) reported

    @Friday13thGame sometimes when i play the game the game will glitch and change my jason / counselor to someone i didn't choose and the jason will be a pink color or have white in it is there a way to fix this i have had it happen quite often this past week

  • MovieMario Movie Mario (@MovieMario) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame HUGE lag in control input from controller to tv. Been playing this game since it's inception and it's never been like this. It's not my tv, its not my internet connection, and it's nothing on my end. Just a heads up to let you guys know.

  • vaginosisss 💁🏻‍♀️ (@vaginosisss) reported

    @HookedonHorror @Friday13thGame I hate when you guys give out updates and it makes the game worse and doesn’t fix any of the problems, just makes them worse 🤗

  • vinniiitorres Lavinia Torres (@vinniiitorres) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame I love how jason went into rage mode 5 minutes into the match. ******* FIX YOUR SHIT ALREADY!!!! IT WAS FINE BEFORE.

  • the__cardsharp The Cardsharp (@the__cardsharp) reported

    @EvilestResident @weskeltner @TheChampIzzo @Friday13thGame @Jason_Omegle @rexrosenbomb @jslane11 I ******* hate dying, but this is the Jason that we needed. But there are still other issues to be fixed.

  • JPCapone1 J.P.Capone (@JPCapone1) reported

    @Friday13thGame Start banning people from playing the game when purposeful glitching.. & fix the Jarvis house porch glitch, getting behind the chair in the corner..(blue house) CAN NOT KILL THEM THERE! Grabbed them once I glitched up on the chair & was stuck remainder of game

  • seanxvargas seanxvargas (@seanxvargas) reported

    @psxmad147 @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Like there would be use of that glitch getting fixed anyway since it won’t have any affect on Jason once he’s in rage mode..

  • Ppo8820 Patrick O (@Ppo8820) reported

    @seanxvargas @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame This has been an issue for years and they never fix it. Instead they fix the logs at pinehurst lol

  • Stephanie_558 Stephanie (@Stephanie_558) reported

    @Jason_Omegle @rexrosenbomb @the__cardsharp @jslane11 @Friday13thGame PS: This is not DBD in DBD you can actually hide without being spotted. Now on this Jason can find you and you can't defend yourself to gain stamina anyways. It's so broken.

  • Stephanie_558 Stephanie (@Stephanie_558) reported

    @Friday13thGame now because when you hit him he gains closer to rage mode so those perks and no going to be reliable at all. Also when Jason slashes you there's no chance of escaping that either. It's super broken guys please sort it out. x

  • Stephanie_558 Stephanie (@Stephanie_558) reported

    @Friday13thGame Please fix Jason's rage. People don't usually get cars started until rage mode so if he stops the car and you can't stun him you can't get time to start the car off again as well as running out of stamina when he chases you. Perks like sucker punch and swift attacker seem useless

  • Wilkss_74 Dwight Garfield (@Wilkss_74) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Idk if the game is dying out on ps4, or the servers are the problem, but i cant find a lobby for like 3 min and when i do, im the host and nobody else ever joins. And yes, i am east-european.

  • Wookie69M Master_wookie69 (@Wookie69M) reported

    @Friday13thGame @F13GameSupport Does that fix Counselors Leaving During Kill because ive played 5 games in a row got no kills do to them quiting during the kill

  • timetraveljedi Nick Smith (@timetraveljedi) reported

    @Friday13thGame I love how with all the bug fixes and hot fixes the Jarvis house glitch is still in the game. I loved this game and backed it but it really died for me when backer exclusives where given for much wasted potential

  • KyreKyree kyre rchardson (@KyreKyree) reported

    @Friday13thGame here to report Lloyddobler1989 he used a glitch that allowed him to get under the map

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