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Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror video game developed by Gun Media and IllFonic, and published by Gun Media. It is based on the franchise of the same name owned by New Line Cinema.

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  • Dantelul 𝐃𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞 (@Dantelul) reported

    @Friday13thGame Hello there, I have noticed quite a while ago that the servers have not been working for a significant amount of time now. I reported this issue a long time ago and still haven’t seen a fix for it. This issue seems to only occur in AU servers. Please reply!

  • AnielloGuzzo3 Aniello Guzzo (@AnielloGuzzo3) reported

    @Friday13thGame hello workers of Friday the 13th, I am very disappointed. I have not been able to play games due to the servers not putting me into games, this problem only occurs on Australian servers as you have fixed all the others servers #AustralianPlayersMatter

  • zayde_termi AtomicGFX (@zayde_termi) reported

    @Friday13thGame Hey Friday, Loads of Australians are wanting to play this game but we cant because the servers in oceiana are not the best. Could you guys get on to this and fix it because we dont want such a good game dying. Thanks

  • MiikeyBoy Mikeymercs (@MiikeyBoy) reported

    @Friday13thGame There’s a bug with Jason where you go to get a resourceful kill and he just glitches in grab mode for ever or untill you travel underwater. Please fix this

  • Dylribe2000 Dylan Ribeiro (@Dylribe2000) reported

    @Friday13thGame fix the environmental kills bug please

  • TheRealCDT1 OfficialCDT (@TheRealCDT1) reported

    @Friday13thGame really wish u guys would fix this counselor swinging teleport crap

  • Nibla132 Albin Carphagen (@Nibla132) reported

    @cpfcking @KyleHanna6 @NOFSpodcast @Friday13thGame Overpowered XD not a single killer is broken. Nurse just got nerfed

  • SendoZero ZeroXSendo (@SendoZero) reported

    @Friday13thGame any chance of fixing the environmental kills glitch that we're still experiencing. Also I still want savini Jason ><

  • NewmanOnGaming Christopher Newman (@NewmanOnGaming) reported

    @StacieRojas21 @veptixyt @Friday13thGame The biggest issue is that the old way no one wanted to play Jason and would rage quit ending the game.

  • NewmanOnGaming Christopher Newman (@NewmanOnGaming) reported

    @StacieRojas21 @veptixyt @Friday13thGame The issue with stunning at all times was stun chaining which become a trolling problem. I don’t think there is a better way to mitigate that without a major overhaul to player interaction system for cool downs. I even felt it was unfair the old way when I played as counselor.

  • NewmanOnGaming Christopher Newman (@NewmanOnGaming) reported

    @veptixyt @StacieRojas21 @Friday13thGame Problem is there is already a cool down when Jason is stunned. That was the old way and proved ineffective for Jason players because of constant stun chaining. At the end of the day it just becomes stun trolling and ruins the experience for Jason players causing unbalance.

  • MelodicTuning BR∆NDON 🏳️‍🌈 (@MelodicTuning) reported

    @Friday13thGame Really wish they’d fix this game 😩 doesn’t make sense to me that the game would be ported when there are still many bugs with it

  • Snoopster777 Paul Nelson-Berg (@Snoopster777) reported

    @GunMediaSupport @Friday13thGame Is there any problems with F13 the game , when starting up , I get a failed to login to database error. When is the pc patch coming out :)

  • Snoopster777 Paul Nelson-Berg (@Snoopster777) reported

    @GunMediaSupport @Friday13thGame Is there any problems with F13 the game , when starting up , I get a failed to login to database error

  • Ddrake6661 Ddrake666 (@Ddrake6661) reported

    @Friday13thGame when is the new patch coming out. This slide walk aka teleport glitch is killing the game

  • CHERYCOLEILY Kevin Mains (@CHERYCOLEILY) reported

    @Friday13thGame please hurry and fix the kill glitch, every time you try an enviro kill it glitches and says you killed them but it doesn’t and they end up alive still.

  • GunMediaSupport Gun Media Support (@GunMediaSupport) reported

    @BHilllis1999 @Friday13thGame @weskeltner @mattshotcha We appreciate your reports! We're focusing our efforts on bug fixes at this time, and we've made the team aware of the issue with bots.

  • denney_ethan eleven is the best (@denney_ethan) reported

    @Friday13thGame Can you fix a bug where the environmental kills actually work there bugged out rn to where Jason can’t kill people with environmental kills

  • CallOfDutyLeaak Call of duty: Leaks and News (@CallOfDutyLeaak) reported

    @Friday13thGame pls fix party services!

  • JamieCrook2007 Jamie Crook (@JamieCrook2007) reported

    @Friday13thGame Can you please fix these game glitches with JASON! I try and use kills like the door or the fire place and all the others do the same thing. The counselors wiggle out because Jason randomly is stuck standing still and can't kill them! I love your game but this is frustrating!

  • MagicMarker007 Damion (@MagicMarker007) reported

    @Friday13thGame Environment Kills are not working on Xbox One, Please fix

  • MagicMarker007 Damion (@MagicMarker007) reported

    @Friday13thGame Environment Kills are not working on Xbox One, Please fix.

  • bi_nep BiGNep (@bi_nep) reported

    @Friday13thGame Please fix your broke ass game even when I am Jason that shot crash waste of money and time @Friday13thGame

  • counselor_AJ AJ Mason (@counselor_AJ) reported

    @Friday13thGame fix or delete the game It’s so killer favored

  • jcw2021jcw2021 Jacob (@jcw2021jcw2021) reported

    @quarfy @EPMajestic @Friday13thGame what the actual **** man that’s not something you tell people. You never know how people might take that statement so don’t EVER say it again. What’s your ******* problem! You went back on a tweet from 2 months ago just to giving say this shit that’s messed up! Delete the tweet

  • BatDave93 BatDave93 (@BatDave93) reported

    @Friday13thGame game is doing a lot better but there are still some issues that need to be fixed. I had some things that I couldn’t use because it’s wasn’t commanding with buttons.

  • MallonSZN Danny Dimes 🗽 (@MallonSZN) reported

    @Friday13thGame can you guys fix it so where you don’t jump out of a vehicle when you’re trying to start it up. Doesn’t make sense.

  • TheSamuelMoon Samuel Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur (@TheSamuelMoon) reported

    @Friday13thGame @mattshotcha Found a strange... Not really a bug, but issue. If a counselor puts a bear trap in front of the phone box (even if it is not set) Jason cannot set a trap there. Not sure if that is tactical or just trolling.

  • owen_noakes Owen Noakes (@owen_noakes) reported

    @Friday13thGame love this game!! Only problem is that when you've escaped or died while playing solo you have for game to end. Otherwise you lose experience. Kinda boring when there's one person left and they are hiding under a bed for 10 mins waiting for game to end :(

  • ILOVEFRIDAY7831 Slurpy (@ILOVEFRIDAY7831) reported

    @Friday13thGame Not sure if this is an issue but all my tapes got deleted. I had every Pamela and like two Tommy Tapes and now there gone.. :(

  • BrysonW16699183 Demagorgon (@BrysonW16699183) reported

    @DedSecSmasher @DcSportsStan @Friday13thGame They are allowed to fix bugs and they don't barely

  • loganh1978 Logan Howlett (@loganh1978) reported

    @TKalltheTime @Friday13thGame It's just a random glitch that happens. Not a major priority for them to fix

  • siiickryan r (@siiickryan) reported

    @Friday13thGame now fix the glitch so we can actually pick tapes up. anytime i find a tape and go to pick it up my character and camera freezes, would be much appreciated !

  • Recunz 🏆🏆🏆 Recunz 🏆🏆🏆 (@Recunz) reported

    @Friday13thGame @JokerTheLunatic Noooooo don’t fix it! 😂 It’s a nice way to earn XP 😜

  • siiickryan r (@siiickryan) reported

    @Friday13thGame now fix the glitch so we can actually pick tapes up. anytime i find a tape and go to pick it up my character and camera freezes

  • EssenSie Casey Dombos (@EssenSie) reported

    @Friday13thGame @mikaildot @GunMediaSupport You can probably find a ton of bugs if ever played the game the entire environment kill system is broken.

  • DeadManFan4life cameron Goodrich (@DeadManFan4life) reported

    @Friday13thGame Question are you guys even working on settling the Legal Issues or are you gonna just let the game die I don't like being negative but it's no point in enjoying the Game without new content to look Forward too especially Jason X

  • ilove_cats_000 Carson (@ilove_cats_000) reported

    @Friday13thGame Can yall fix the glitches pleasse

  • KurzMarek Marek Kazimierz Kurz (@KurzMarek) reported

    @RealMikeAtor @Friday13thGame Yeah true unlimited would be the best I don't need rewards for get level I hope how other players too so if game don't give reward for get some higher lvl it's no problem i want have unlimited lvl cap

  • itsbrandonokay Brandon (@itsbrandonokay) reported

    @Friday13thGame Can you tell me why I can NEVER find a lobby on PS4. I know the game has since died off a lot due to the issues with adding new content and blah blah but I can never find one.

  • EnrikeRMSTN Ω ᛖᚾᚱᛁᚲᛖ Ω (@EnrikeRMSTN) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix evironment kills and all the broken game

  • TheRealCDT1 OfficialCDT (@TheRealCDT1) reported

    @JokerTheLunatic @Friday13thGame You're not finding them that's the problem :-)

  • Zespah #eRaZespah 👻🎃 (@Zespah) reported

    @Friday13thGame These events are useless to me because i cant even get in a AU game. I reported this issue in JUNE.

  • rcheek921 Ryan Cheek (@rcheek921) reported

    @NewmanOnGaming @boeserlol @Friday13thGame I’m sure they are working on updates to fix bugs but we don’t wanna rush any update out that will cause more bugs.

  • delarozee henry rozee (@delarozee) reported

    @Friday13thGame @autobotandrew46 @DM_Hess @DcSportsStan Got nothing better to do than sit here and defend a game that’s been broken for 3 years while people still haven’t even received there steelbooks from supporting you on Kickstarter, Phil fish would be proud

  • zllnger ʞɔıu (@zllnger) reported

    @Friday13thGame can you fix the game chat on xbox one plz

  • BrysonW16699183 Demagorgon (@BrysonW16699183) reported

    @Friday13thGame @DcSportsStan Fix your game it sucks

  • catmeowcruz Cat (@catmeowcruz) reported

    @Spikemike2018 @popnfresh05 @ItsMeILLUSION @Friday13thGame I have my fair share of issues w/the developers & the game, but to say they committed fraud by not putting out paranoia mode is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • UlichnyThomas jason the YT (@UlichnyThomas) reported

    @MiltonTPike1 @Friday13thGame @JaboodyShow @AttackOfTheAfro @NakkiNakk @DisbeArex @MickDaInfamous @MikeTheBard @bananabreaa Listen up please fix the glitches in the game and please add sanvi Jason for the people who didn’t pe-order the game and make the game free for ps4 and computer

  • loganh1978 Logan Howlett (@loganh1978) reported

    @GrandJamez @Xathian1 @EnrikeRMSTN @Friday13thGame That's why there are greater gaps in time between patches now. That way they can actually go back through all the code and try to fix the problems without creating 20 million new ones

  • loganh1978 Logan Howlett (@loganh1978) reported

    @GrandJamez @Xathian1 @EnrikeRMSTN @Friday13thGame They are fixing it. The problem is that since Illfonic left the project, Black Tower doesn't know the code inside and out like they did. Black Tower, with all good intentions, rushed out patches without realizing their code didn't match Illfonic's and made more issues than fixed

  • Switch8_ Switch (@Switch8_) reported

    @Friday13thGame for the love of god fix the damn car glitch where ppl who sux as jason knife the car becuz they have no skill to play and can only cheat !!!

  • UlichnyThomas jason the YT (@UlichnyThomas) reported

    @HeisenbergB12 @Friday13thGame I hope he does to and they need to fix some glitches in the game and the switch two

  • Martin80219080 Martin (@Martin80219080) reported

    @Friday13thGame hello good afternoon I wanted to know what will happen with the issue of demand reached an agreement with miller we fans are desperate we want to patch but even if it is a news

  • JasenSix Jasen Six (@JasenSix) reported

    @Xathian1 @EnrikeRMSTN @Friday13thGame Doesnt mean they cant fix the bugs/glitches... every patch they try to fix something they break something else.

  • v_pawn v Pawn v (@v_pawn) reported

    @BrysonW16699183 @KierroYuy @Friday13thGame They can't fix it because of a lawsuit.

  • Rover_Field Roverfield (@Rover_Field) reported

    @GreenDragon_57 @Cavey830817 @Friday13thGame The only thing that glitches is environmental kills and that’s like a 35 chance of it happening idk why y’all saying fix the game yeah there was a time we had to address that but it’s chill now

  • The_Nerd_Stomp Peter (@The_Nerd_Stomp) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix Environmental kills please

  • steamvona52 poyraz (@steamvona52) reported


  • n7stormtrooper2 💀 n7stormtrooper22🎃 (@n7stormtrooper2) reported

    @Friday13thGame I like this game but it should 50% off all the time with how broken it is.

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