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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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July 21: Problems at Fortnite

Fortnite is having issues since 02:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Robert_Semmens Robert Semmens (@Robert_Semmens) reported

    So for the past week I’ve been banned on twitter because @FortniteGame reported my tweet to them. So they have time to report people on Twitter but not fix their crappy game🤔

  • SkyTheft Sky (@SkyTheft) reported


  • BB_MysteryYT BB_Mystery (@BB_MysteryYT) reported

    @liljarviss @FortniteGame FIX THE CREATIVE EDITING BUG ASWELL💀

  • liljarviss FaZe Jarvis (@liljarviss) reported


  • ryanp676 lryoku (@ryanp676) reported

    @FortniteGame Plz fix camera angles when in fights

  • kylerulz4h Kyle (@kylerulz4h) reported

    @LaVelleNeal Nothing a little late night Fortnite won't fix, he will be ready for the next outing.

  • qtElevate Elevate (undefeated in binging anime) (@qtElevate) reported

    can @FortniteGame plz fix editing in creative. All edit courses are broken : (

  • NxShock Shock (@NxShock) reported

    @FortniteGame When I'm playing fortnite it keeps crashing idk why there nothing wrong it freezes then crashes and I'm playing on PC idk if there is a glitch but please help

  • Sean72118804 Fade Clan (@Sean72118804) reported

    Reset my HUD. So I did that, and I had to fix my HUD again (which took me 2 hours.) Then, when I was 1v1ing someone, my fortnite just crashed. Then I load up Fortnite again and start playing. When I clicked Start Game on my island, the game started but nothing was on my screen.

  • pride2demon Pride2demon (@pride2demon) reported

    @EpicGames my @FortniteGame doesn’t work, (IOS) it only works if I’m in the lobby, sooo kinda hoping u guys would fix that •—•

  • Kiger___ Kiger___ (@Kiger___) reported

    fortnite is so broken. how many millions a day and i die cuz my bullet travels through someones face or my builds wont build. geez

  • BryceWhitford Bryce Whitford (@BryceWhitford) reported

    @conpeez69 I'll play fortnite and talk about problems

  • EliasLo04317723 Elias Lopez (@EliasLo04317723) reported

    @FNCompetitive @FortniteGame @benjyfishy @FortniteGame it says there is a problem connecting ur accounts

  • ChrisLehrer13 ProGameChris 2.0 (@ChrisLehrer13) reported

    Well, I'm trying to fix my island as team fortress remastered on fortnite, it but lot issue, and it make me hard to know. I wish flame thrower could add on fortnite creative.

  • GuyGraham_uk Guy Graham (@GuyGraham_uk) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix this it’s been 4 days now I just made an edit course but currently can’t test it out because of this issue 😡

  • youwantsalttv YouWantSalt_ttv (@youwantsalttv) reported

    @Dat_Saintsfan you should make a video on this shitty YouTuber called nogo he makes videos pretty much daily click baiting people into thinking they’re doing a “gta5 money glitch” to get millions. He used to do this with fortnite too. Like to get this seen by by saint.

  • youwantsalttv YouWantSalt_ttv (@youwantsalttv) reported

    @Dat_Saintsfan you should make a video on this shitty YouTuber called nogo he makes videos pretty much daily click baiting people into thinking they’re doing a @“gta5 money glitch” to get millions. He used to do this with fortnite too

  • BackDoorBabes_ Sunny (@BackDoorBabes_) reported

    Fix your shit servers please @FortniteGame crashes on game 1 randomly and my internet is working perfectly.

  • Xayloty Xayloty (@Xayloty) reported

    @EpicGames my team got 88 points we could of gotten more but my friend got kick out nid game for no reason on the last game cause of fortnite. @EpicGames can you pls fix your game

  • LeasyDom Leasy Dom (@LeasyDom) reported

    Just had a crazy language error on fortnite

  • Cazares_Marcos doughboy (@Cazares_Marcos) reported

    @FortniteGame green pump 5 feet away headshot, only 58 ... y’all need to fix that.

  • enzousesscuf enzo (@enzousesscuf) reported

    @FortniteGame Can you fix editing ffs

  • Fewdy_ Fewdy ♡ #Rose3k (@Fewdy_) reported

    @FortniteGame the new physics ball thing u guys added for creative... um can you fix them.... the kill on touch thing for them doesn't even work sometimes.😤I'm out here trying to make new game modes but I can't if things don't work properly 😤

  • LoganFN_ Logan (@LoganFN_) reported

    @FNCompetitive @FortniteGame can you like fix creative

  • nx_crowz nx_crowz (@nx_crowz) reported

    @FortniteGame get your ass in gear i have had the creative editing glitch for 2 days and you havent even tweeted to say you gonna fix it

  • Joshnoob3 Joshnoob (@Joshnoob3) reported

    @FortniteGame it's still not letting me do courses plzz fix this Thankyou

  • TheNobleDeviant TheNobleDeviant (@TheNobleDeviant) reported

    @SyrleX_ @FortniteGame If it’s a simple fix, tell them how to solve the issue, and quit bitching. If it’s not that simple, then quit telling people how to do their job.

  • WevsSW Wevs (@WevsSW) reported

    @FortniteGame @FortniteGame fix the physics on nintendo switch #NintendoSwitch #Fortnite

  • oldaccdmfornew old account dm me for new account @ (@oldaccdmfornew) reported

    @FortniteGame were in our last game bout to get 100 points and reach top 150 and my teammate thats reviving me gets kicked out and i dye because i was low and then we lose like fortnite fix your game my epic is 卩卄乇ᐯ爪ㄖ丂 please look into this

  • PrimeRrz FAYT Primerrz (@PrimeRrz) reported

    @fortnite @FNCompetitive fix plz

  • WevsSW Wevs (@WevsSW) reported

    @FortniteGame @FortniteGame fix the physics on nintendo switch

  • Yepzzi1 yepzzi (@Yepzzi1) reported

    It’s actually unplayable 😤anyone know a fix #fortnite #packetloss

  • EthanRo76032891 Ethan Rodgers (@EthanRo76032891) reported

    @FortniteGame some reason it’s not counting when I go to the solar array in the snow I’m going to it buts it’s not working

  • kianworld Kian (@kianworld) reported

    @PineapplePansy im not saying epic is problem free (the crunch they forced on people after fortnite got instantly popular, yanking games set to come out on steam away within a month of release) but i feel like they're severely overhated too

  • imCurseMark Angel Zamora (@imCurseMark) reported

    @FortniteGame fix edit courses plz

  • Dcxtech01 MISANTHROPIST (@Dcxtech01) reported

    @PlayApex Whats good with your security! Just got into gold and ive seen nothing but player locator hacks, Aimhacks, lag issues. Weapon pickup hacks omfg I thought fortnite was bad this needs some security

  • JujuDrip DriP Juju (@JujuDrip) reported

    @mxuie Bro i have this same problem i feel likei only have to play fortnite because the people i play with always are toxic but i cant stop or i feel like they wont like me or anything 😥

  • pepsi_rex Pepsö. (@pepsi_rex) reported

    I'm sad :( I'm bad at Fortnite and my hand might be the problem or my new sens or I'm not practicing enough :( Yes, I would do 1v1, but I'm too shy to ask someone :( I don't know how I can get better :( I think i'll never be better than Milan or join Xypher... :(

  • Droqenbr8t Droqii (@Droqenbr8t) reported

    @aryzobtw @FortniteGame stop crying it wont help everyone is lagging ur not the only one

  • lucasjohnwoods4 Lucaswoods (@lucasjohnwoods4) reported

    @FortniteGame every time I go in creative to warm up I do a edit course and when I start the game it won’t let me edit I restart my console I restarted my game I did everything this is also happening to a lot more people not just me please fix this bug

  • KinzerWhitaker Kinzer Whitaker (@KinzerWhitaker) reported

    @FortniteGame Is anybody else’s mobile Fortnite broke mine just keeps crashing and my jump button is not working to

  • TheRealCJCraft CJ (@TheRealCJCraft) reported

    @FortniteGame me and @Lisky1231 both made courses took literal hours to make and we try to edit when the games starts and you cant edit it. Please fix this

  • DobbySports Dobby Sports (@DobbySports) reported

    @CoachLisle I have similar issues. Sometimes people tell me “stick to being an elf, we don’t need your hot takes.” I have no life now that I’m a free elf. I play fortnite, critique athletes from my couch, and cry myself to sleep. I think I’m “close” to qualified to tweet my BS opinions.

  • realjadenwillis Jaden (@realjadenwillis) reported

    @FortniteGame getting error code -91 when trying to join friends

  • BilalMasood_18 Bilal Masood (@BilalMasood_18) reported

    @FortniteGame @EpicGames fix ur ******* game me and my trio in the cash cup were top 150 60 points in five games and then I get a blue screen says error and my trio loses all our points it happened twice this is not acceptable wtf is this stupid shit

  • drawmejojo Jørdan (@drawmejojo) reported


  • Michael28103502 Michael Gonzalez (@Michael28103502) reported

    @FortniteGame @FortniteGame cant login on mo ile for the past 2 hours. Fix the damn game

  • Michael28103502 Michael Gonzalez (@Michael28103502) reported

    @FNCompetitive @FortniteGame @EpicGames Cant login on mobile for the past 2 hours. Fix this

  • CubeCarYT Cube Car (@CubeCarYT) reported

    @huntercoltin426 @FortniteGame That was for a glitch not for participation

  • LauraE0518 Laura (@LauraE0518) reported

    @EpicGames @FortniteGame there is something seriously wrong with mobile can’t switch guns, can’t build without stop moving it’s glitching and costing me my life. Gotta fix it please

  • StoofBackUp StoofAardbei (@StoofBackUp) reported

    @FortniteGame fix ios13 plssssss

  • CubeCarYT Cube Car (@CubeCarYT) reported

    @Okiieez @FortniteGame The unvalting event compensation was for the people who didn’t get to see the event because of a glitch. There was no glitch in the Final Showdown Event.

  • PkUrahara Ace (@PkUrahara) reported

    @zayrisma @FortniteGame It’s not working or showing up for me at all.

  • ninja0221ttv ninja0221 cool kid (@ninja0221ttv) reported

    @fortnite so @PrimeRrz and @I_Am_Mh12805 are a trio in the cash cup and we got dis connected one game but that was fine bc we the game didn't count, but then the nezt one of us got disconnected and we didn't have the option to abandon game like the last game pls fix this or

  • NTrialz Ryan H (@NTrialz) reported

    @FortniteGame. Can you guys fix the bug where im scrolling down the page to see if i qualifed and it freezes

  • TheRealHirover4 Bryan (@TheRealHirover4) reported

    @FNCompetitive @FortniteGame Fix your fake you stupid pieces of shit my game froze when I wa splaying trios wtf Fortnite trash ass game

  • FortniteScammed fortnite scammed me (@FortniteScammed) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix the vendetta fortbyte glitch i cant finish singularity

  • AlchemystGG Alchemyst 🧪 (@AlchemystGG) reported

    Starting to realize my biggest problem in Fortnite is just my mindset. I think I’m way better than I am and make excuses for everything instead of analyzing my deaths to see how I can improve next time. Gonna start scrimming more again and focus on improving overall.#GGsOnlyGamer


    @victor85336083 @FNCompetitive @FortniteGame Told yae I donnae lag

  • lusv1kk Synergy lusv #SoaRRC⚡️ (@lusv1kk) reported

    land there once again, a gl, revolver and a ******* grey pistol. fix the ******* loot pool for arena @FortniteGame you guys dont know how to run a competitive game at all.