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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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  • putriddsounds Putriddsounds (@putriddsounds) reported

    @FortniteGame fortbyte 32 not working

  • rvbooise Riaan (@rvbooise) reported

    @FortniteGame @XboxSupport Not mine its still the same xbox 360 cant log in. I must delete and download everytime then I can login

  • MiniZoid Ryan (@MiniZoid) reported

    I hate when people just complain about something just for the sake of it. If you have a problem with someone or something, give a solution. I see people do this all the time with Fortnite but it's everywhere. They only complain and give zero ideas on how to make it better.

  • Ic33yyxd Ic33yy (@Ic33yyxd) reported

    Hey @FortniteGame Fix Bugs

  • qtquap quapo (@qtquap) reported

    Fortnite is broken

  • revengvrs alex (@revengvrs) reported

    y’all are just asking for too much and what is the problem with korg playing fortnite leave him alone

  • RobinFels1 DustyBuilderYT (@RobinFels1) reported

    I cant ******* build anymore, this game is honestly a ******* JOKE. @FortniteGame FIX YOUR ******* GAME JESUS CHRIST

  • DuncanH46451188 Duncan Harris (@DuncanH46451188) reported

    @FortniteGame For Fudging sake epic turbo building doenst work for god sake someone fix this issue

  • AO_HiNAggrav8d YeahThatAO (@AO_HiNAggrav8d) reported

    Kyo Pet Fortbyte challenge is glitched and not working. Surprise. Something everyday with this game now. smh #Fortnite @FortniteGame

  • coolfest1999 Mick Loving (@coolfest1999) reported

    @rice_acolyte this is what you hear at a sleepover when you unplug the router and all of them disconnect and forfeit from the round of fortnite they were playing

  • bkjamin1 Not So Evil Scotsman (@bkjamin1) reported

    Well im back to not playing the game @FortniteGame please please fix the rendering, frame rate on xbox and remove the boom bow. The bow makes the game really unbalanced with no way to counter splash damage but i need to stop playing this as its far too frustrating too play.

  • JJamezy Jamezy (@JJamezy) reported

    @SCARYANNABELLE0 @FortniteGame fix yo game stoopid

  • ShadowalkxD Shadowalk (@ShadowalkxD) reported

    @FuryLeaks Fortnite isnt the problem the parents ar i mean i dont give a **** bout the game i just want to finish the battle pass 😂

  • tim_anto Tim Antoniszyn (@tim_anto) reported


  • shauntrennery (@shauntrennery) reported

    @Olivier_Poitrey NextDNS is a great idea. As a parent I'd love to set time blocks for the service blocking. i.e. no Fortnite after 8pm.

  • CasierRoel roel casier (@CasierRoel) reported

    @FortniteGame pls fix your turbo building I can never use it when I'm playing whit a ps4 user just pls fix it its so annoying bc I'm always in a disadvantage

  • CJ_PLUS_3 CJ PLUS 3 (@CJ_PLUS_3) reported

    @FuryLeaks I don't think fortnite's the problem... I think it's cus the kids ******* Australian. Australia is ****** crazy

  • 21kevinthecube Kevin the cube (@21kevinthecube) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your guns rocket launchers make no sense now cause in arena I shot it before I died and the guy is still alive but next match I shot the guy the rocket he shot at me killed me but he still alive even if we were in the same room

  • majorheyjay Major Heyjay (@majorheyjay) reported

    @FortniteGame what the hell has been going on with your servers since the new update! I play on EU servers and it's giving me packet loss and laggy as hell!! Fix it!!1

  • shawcast_ Shawcast🔮 (@shawcast_) reported

    please fix/improve performance @FortniteGame, not everyone has the google servers in there house

  • bowsett37 luuuciiifeeer (@bowsett37) reported

    @PhoenixSignsRBX can you fix your game and add more edit styles pls like a door or a tunel or 4left or 4right like fortnite

  • BernhardTrumler AliceShadowRose (@BernhardTrumler) reported

    @FortniteGame FIX this Performance Problems !!! ive been killed and cant see the enemy WTF !!! i cant play so for what i have an I7-8700 and a 1050ti when i only have a shitty server who doent count and show correctly !!!

  • The_Jefferygil1 SirDabsAlot (@The_Jefferygil1) reported

    @FortniteGame I’m having a problem with the fortbyte 64 I go to the byte with the rox skin and it will not let me pick it up at all I watch other people pick it up just fine but it is locked for me no matter what can I have some help please

  • DataimOCE Dataim (@DataimOCE) reported

    @Xysuhs @FortniteGame There’s a cheap fix for that phone data

  • DataimOCE Dataim (@DataimOCE) reported

    @Xysuhs @FortniteGame Theirs a cheap fix for that phone Dayan

  • ojanodien Omar J (@ojanodien) reported

    @FortniteGame The Waterworks emote is broken on this skin. His hands go through his face

  • ChillObvious ur family (@ChillObvious) reported

    Fortnite: Oh, we've heard on the media that we've got bugs and we are going to fix them! ROBLOX: We don't care if our users don't like the bugs, they can live with it...

  • ChillObvious ur family (@ChillObvious) reported

    Fortnite: Oh, we've heard on the media that we've got bugs and we are going to fix them! ROBLOX: We don't care if our users don't like the bugs, they can live with it...

  • Nano_Rush NanoRush (@Nano_Rush) reported

    I played an entire boring game of Fortnite and when I finally encountered someone. Out of the past 15 minutes of wandering around. Only at the exact moment when I saw someone did it lag. It wouldn’t let me build, and everything froze then I instantly lost all of my health

  • Vigol_ Vigol (@Vigol_) reported

    I wonder how close choking was in this game. Abosolute builders tried their hardest to get a win. Its just can't happen. @FortniteGame fix the networking issues, plz. SO, I can understand the game better and what happens is couldn't even turbo build. Building relates to it..

  • APEX_JDP APEX_JDP (@APEX_JDP) reported

    @FortniteGame what is it with this glitch/issue where 'sometimes' the shotguns don't shoot straight away.. please resolve, thanks lul

  • Tristan22494472 Tristan (@Tristan22494472) reported

    @FortniteGame **** off fix your trash ass game

  • KqinYT Kqin (@KqinYT) reported

    @YoutubeEuce @FortniteGame Lol it might not be the problem on your side

  • jendudley Jen Dudley-Nicholson (@jendudley) reported

    @purserj @Jillsweatman I did ask that question. The way Fortnite is designed fuels kids' obsessions but certainly not all kids end up with a problem. Kids with gaming disorder often have other underlying issues and parents have a huge role to play.

  • scotteee8 scotte8 (@scotteee8) reported

    @FortniteGame why am I getting so many lag spikes and fps drops after the update

  • itsmebraeden94 ItsMeBraeden94 (@itsmebraeden94) reported

    @FortniteGame Also while I’m at it, FIX YOUR ******* GAME. IM DYING TO FALL DAMAGE BECAUSE MY ******* BUILDS WONT PLACE.

  • ItsSaucySZN BH Saucy ? 😈 (@ItsSaucySZN) reported

    @FortniteGame FIX UR ****** GAME U IDIOTS

  • XAZIZI__ Boutros Azizi (@XAZIZI__) reported

    @FortniteGame oi do use think use can fix combat shotgun spawns looted all Mexico loot lake and some part of lazy didn't find one so please and thank you

  • ZaniiTV 𓅓 Zane 𓅓 (@ZaniiTV) reported

    @FortniteGame Gamechat for certain people (including me) is broken. Please fix this soon.

  • c_oneTv c_one (@c_oneTv) reported

    Dear @FortniteGame @EpicGames @DonaldMustard, Me and definitely many others have been getting frame drops for no reason, now I don’t know if this is because you added a lot of new things but its been harder to stream Fortnite with random FPS Drops, please fix!! thanks you

  • hyper_pz WePzHyper (@hyper_pz) reported

    Honestly speaking.The point I'm trying to make @FortniteGame is that for African and Middle Eastern countries , participating in these "World Cup Qualifiers" is far from a fair experience Ping is such a huge problem and is a determining factor for success.

  • itsmebraeden94 ItsMeBraeden94 (@itsmebraeden94) reported

    @FortniteGame Also, I’m a controller player and you guys need to seriously fix L2 spam. Shit is out of control.

  • jack28083587 jack (@jack28083587) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix ur game sound

  • ILGB_HJC illuminegrabuddy (@ILGB_HJC) reported

    Why does Fortnite have to be in a bad condition sometimes.... 🙄 FIX YOUR SEVERS...

  • YT48246844 L3XZZ_YouTube (@YT48246844) reported

    @EpicGames please fix your website every time I log in to my email for fortnite I get sent to a white screen

  • Shad0wtalker Shadowtalker (@Shad0wtalker) reported

    @FortniteGame I am in the middle of qualifiers and the game said that am not qualifered but I already played six game plz help me out tks wish to see u fix it before the quliafiers ends

  • Groovyisgod gibby is my dad (@Groovyisgod) reported

    @HEPHlX Fortnite has had really bad hitches atm, and the only way i was able to fix it on my xbox was to remove voice recognition, not sure if thatll hell tho

  • MSC29607113 U.M.R. (@MSC29607113) reported

    @Mrpotatopug1Pug @FubaMr @FortniteGame Ikr But the problem is you can't see his face in game so im not buying him

  • FearMyRPGzz RPG_EWO-_ (@FearMyRPGzz) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the game performance instead

  • RicxyFN Ricxy (@RicxyFN) reported

    fortnite needs to fix the FPS hitches

  • TywaltripTyler Rev (@TywaltripTyler) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your shitty shotgun.

  • Synonimz Synonim (@Synonimz) reported

    Anyone else having a ping problem on Naw servers, I did a speed test, I am using an Ethernet cable, reset my internet twice and I have 130 ping on Fortnite @FortniteGame @EpicGames

  • xdBreezyDZN F/A Breezy (@xdBreezyDZN) reported

    @FortniteGame FIX YOUR ******* SLIPSTREAMS

  • YaboiBMH ItsYaboii (@YaboiBMH) reported

    Classic feels so good to play. Not getting taken out by dumb broken weapons in one hit from half the map away. 🙌🏼 @FortniteGame pls implement into normal mode.

  • AllDreadedNshit Izzo (@AllDreadedNshit) reported

    This better had not been that fortnite mf who caused me them problems. Im ready to beat ******** out somebody.

  • xJupiterxTV xJupiterx TV (@xJupiterxTV) reported

    @Braay @MouschiTV What if fortnite gets an error code when launching and out of no where my computer is being slow. In the settings it says error with graphics card

  • ToxicCloutYT HYDRA DJ YT (@ToxicCloutYT) reported

    I want to adress something very stupid in fortnite I just died because the slipstream didn’t work and when I went in it I died from fall damage please fix this @FortniteGame

  • clint_johnson84 Clint Johnson (@clint_johnson84) reported

    @XboxSupport My Xbox is still not working yet “For some reason Fortnite took too long to start (0x8027025a)”

  • clint_johnson84 Clint Johnson (@clint_johnson84) reported

    @XboxSupport My Xbox is still not working yet “For some reason Fortnite took too long to start (0x8027025a)”

  • p6wzy Hunter (@p6wzy) reported

    @FortniteGame what's the point of having a shotgun now lmao fix ur game