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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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  • HudXBL HudXBL (@HudXBL) reported

    @FortniteGame if you don’t fix the problems In game and just spew new content without proper testing in this update then I don’t know what to say. All I do know is if the friends-list glitch isn’t fixed soon I’ll lose my mind. #fixyourgame

  • SimnLeonardoMe1 Glooph (@SimnLeonardoMe1) reported

    @Bossgaming880b1 @LekzaGives @FortniteGame @ModdingSociety ok, mind your business, if you got a problem, keep it

  • me0wFN ☆ me0w ☆ (@me0wFN) reported


  • exitwombs Chris Gristle (@exitwombs) reported

    Idk what’s happening with rocket league lately but now there’s a paid pass and I want no part of that. Epic has a cash cow with fortnite, there’s no reason rocket league needs a league pass/battle pass/season pass. They’re providing a service I didn’t ask for...

  • CrazyStudiosYT Crazy StudiosYT 1.2K (@CrazyStudiosYT) reported

    And still like limited + Epic disagreed my SAC request...what a sheetty moment lmao...I re-asked for it cause there might be an error from them...I hope they’ll accept my SAC request @EpicGames #Fortnite

  • AW_GBAtemp Another World (@AW_GBAtemp) reported

    The #fortnite Rippley vs. Sludge missions are broken. I'm stuck on 0 for earn gold medals, visit lazy lake, and the elimination at risky (etc) challenges. They just won't work. I keep trying, for weeks. Send help @EpicGames @FortniteGame #FortniteChapter2

  • cookieaqt Cookie laughs alot (@cookieaqt) reported

    @FleaYT Fortnite needs to fix this

  • KanodiaR Kanodia_Rishi (@KanodiaR) reported

    @AskPlayStation...i have a technical issue where i gifted my friend a fortnite battle pass.....its been more than 12hrs....he says that he didn't recieve it....Please help

  • corey55108039 corey (@corey55108039) reported

    @FortniteGame hello dumbs dumbs when are you going to fix the issue of not being able to view the map while dead and someone has your card it’s very annoying and you are very dumb

  • ImTheOnly1Here MilliStackz (@ImTheOnly1Here) reported

    So annoyed 😒 I can’t play Fortnite and get my kills cause Sprint Service keep going in and then completely out 🙄🙄🙄 UGGGHHHH

  • SuperMexi1212 Nick Wall (@SuperMexi1212) reported

    @FortniteGame your game is broken... what’s new... losing 500 points in regular squads... not even in arena mode

  • iunclejon Uncle Jon (@iunclejon) reported

    One thing I can’t stand about playing Fortnite is the consistency of lag going through my computer due to my CPU. I really need an upgrade with this computer soon. #computer #nvidia #geforce #Fortnite #FortniteChapter2

  • jordygamez79 Juzin (@jordygamez79) reported

    @FortniteGame Last time I did that, I was lagging as hell

  • SankawR coral borker (@SankawR) reported

    @FortniteGame bring back mobility or stop hard shifting circles, get rid of weapon rarity, fix the bug where we can't shoot.

  • salted_yt Salted YT (@salted_yt) reported

    I feel like fortnite needs a really good update to make it better it’s so dog Rn please epic games PLEAse for us your community PLEASE A GOOD ******* UPDATE IT DOSENT MAKE SENSE HOW I GET 200 pumped with a grey tack HELLO EPIC FIX PLEASE

  • spexifyy 𝙅 (@spexifyy) reported

    .@FortniteGame fix your game it is dog I get loading screen glitch and im poor so I cannot afford a pc please fix that glitch thank you , -spexify

  • joshuabolanos5 joshua bolanos (@joshuabolanos5) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your ******* BOTS in the game

  • amorfyza amorfyza (@amorfyza) reported

    lmao imagine hitting for 22 then the opponent hits for 100 @FortniteGame fix your trash game🤮💩

  • diego_gs36 Valor EleCtron1x (@diego_gs36) reported

    i’m sorry but if you have a bunch of kids who play fortnite cash cups and call it an esports team you’re full of shit and know nothing about the industry i don’t take issue to comp fort players, but there’s a difference between being like every other org and being in esports

  • DianeRemoguls diane gomez (@DianeRemoguls) reported

    @FortniteGame I'm having a problem with fortnite where it glitches if I level up more than once.

  • ipoppedu Xhenos YouTube (@ipoppedu) reported

    @FortniteGame just fix your damn shotguns that weak ass pump damage

  • Exspiritmental Exspiritmental (@Exspiritmental) reported

    @FortniteGame @FortniteStatus I am having an issue getting into Save the world, it is taking way too long on its gradient blue screen. I have tried getting into the mode 5 times and it still has not resolved

  • Clodamann CLoDaMan @YouTubeⓂ️ (@Clodamann) reported

    @FortniteGame Lmaoooo but you won’t fix the game 🤣🤣 what a joke

  • Mason62564808 Mason (@Mason62564808) reported

    I’m trying to get better at Fortnite on console but that’s not working out so well 😂

  • samirauffo Samira (@samirauffo) reported

    @cizzorz I've got internet issues too but still can play some fortnite 😜

  • Joseph84279702 oSiroh (@Joseph84279702) reported

    Bro @FortniteGame needs to stop worrying on "IKON PACK" Skins and add things like FOV and fix the new editing glitch and fix the actual game maybe, I can't even play scrims cause i feel like I'mma get banned for swinging my pickaxe too many times or maybe for just jumping😠

  • equilatera7 Equilateral (@equilatera7) reported

    @dundyshibby You just saw OWL go to YouTube. A huge chunk of the Fortnite community to Mixer. If these people continue to be strategic about what content they bring over and make exclusive, Twitch is going to have a problem. They need to start building more discoverability.

  • ManuelSalasper3 Manuel Salas perez (@ManuelSalasper3) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your game because it keeps on freezing me

  • SwiftyOn Swfty ll (@SwiftyOn) reported

    @EpicGames fix fortnite I had a blue tac and a 29 and a 79 he had a green tac and hit more than me so the game is not event skill it's just who has better rng and I tired of it and do is everyone else

  • Al6i31 {OUTLAWS} Albie (@Al6i31) reported

    Anybody know anybody that can pick bugs outta ppls pc's. I have this glitch on fortnite and would like some help. If anyone can do this pls dm me. RT appreciated!

  • BrockStinnett Brock Stinnett (@BrockStinnett) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your game epic your game is not working it is bad it sucks it lags us out to much.

  • BitterFPS Bitter (@BitterFPS) reported

    @Heelmike6 Hey HeelMike I worked with many mixer Partners Like Ship and pro fortnite players, like TSM Mackwood and big content creators: ThatDenverGuy, BH and Parallel members, Evade members. To fix Stream issue, FPS drops, and Reduce packet loss/reduce ping let me know and I can help!

  • diamondbunz Diamond💎 (@diamondbunz) reported

    @KingDisGrezzy7 @Bungie Still would have to resort to playing fortnite and deal with console problems nah I’ll keep the pc lol

  • kuizoz Aristotle (@kuizoz) reported


  • CODEYIQI Yiqi (@CODEYIQI) reported

    I don’t under stand why I am only playing against console players in every ganemode when I am on pc the only ways I have died the last week is getting hit 3 times to the head or getting sniped in the head fix your gay ass game @FortniteGame

  • DeriveTrx Derive Trx (@DeriveTrx) reported

    @FortniteGame Can you please fix your game and don't add stuff that's not even needed

  • GoFerGoldd GoFerGold (SJ2) (@GoFerGoldd) reported

    @DerScoutrooper @RocketLeague Money hungry *****. Psyonix never did us ***** like this. They supported their community. Done being nice. They need to keep their ******* money making game in Fortnite. Don't try to bring it to this community. Scummy *******, bro. And they can't even fix their dogshit servers.

  • ImmortalSniper7 Jason (@ImmortalSniper7) reported

    @FortniteGame EPIC FIX THE ******* INVISIBLE GUN AND TRAP GLITCH. It makes it so u can’t place the trap and it’s ****** ne over so nany times

  • Miguelghost1 Miguel ghost (@Miguelghost1) reported

    @FortniteGame you need to fix this server lag I cant play a game of fortnite because every time I lag and can't move

  • CaptnStoopid CaptainStoopid (@CaptnStoopid) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your voice chat

  • VerxNot Verx #TravisForSmash (@VerxNot) reported

    @ItsGalex__ @Otaku_Boi054 Epic Games is a way bigger company than TemTem so of course Fortnite didn't have that many bugs, at least TemTem fixes the issues the game has instantly compared to other games

  • omankovivi 🎉 MVivi Awards 🎊 Gamer OTY!! (@omankovivi) reported

    Free weekend and still can’t get a match on @DeadByBHVR , been waiting for 20 mins. This is the worst, changing to Fortnite so I can actually STREAM something n not waste everyone’s time. Fix your shit.

  • yoni_tolentino Yogi 💤 (@yoni_tolentino) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your ******* game I died to a guy who just sprayed me and my purple tac does 43 to the body wtf

  • Joerules4 Joeeeeeee (@Joerules4) reported

    @EpicGames Ow no the stores not working it the end of world people epic store is down preventing people getting a broken game like console fortnite

  • AidenJoiner AccuracyGGs (@AidenJoiner) reported

    @TheZachMurphy @I_AM_WILDCAT You realise that's not for fortnite. That's for glitch.

  • QFrxsh qt. (@QFrxsh) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the game and fix the color glitch

  • onlyheathhere 👽 brendan 🎤 (@onlyheathhere) reported

    wanted a good day of playing #fortnite & was spectating someone that i’ve never seen jumping like it. whether it’s paranoia or...well, let’s face it, it’s paranoia with some of these players, i am dizzy after watching that extreme amount of jumping. they have problems 😂

  • ch_an_dl_er Chandler ⛄️ (@ch_an_dl_er) reported

    @FortniteGame Will be a dead game by the end of the year unless they fix their ******* game.

  • ch_an_dl_er Chandler ⛄️ (@ch_an_dl_er) reported

    @FortniteGame is absolute dog shit now. they wonder why their game is drastically losing players, maybe its because you don't know how to properly update a game and fix exploits/bugs. ig thats what you get for a free game.

  • dachamp70 matthew marx (@dachamp70) reported

    @FortniteGame if you guys are not gonna give us any content this season the least you can do is fix the game i can't hear peoples footsteps anymore and the compact smg is broken af

  • pierre30684624 pierre (@pierre30684624) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix split screen. Who ******** needs the pictures on the side

  • rennyaholic renny *^! (@rennyaholic) reported

    @EpicGames @FortniteGame please fix this editing glitch I’m losing my brain cells.

  • WoundedHea1er Thomas (@WoundedHea1er) reported

    @FortniteGame frame drops!!! Fix it please. The @Xbox gameplay is so ******* choppy!

  • playa180 Playa (@playa180) reported

    @JourneyGreatest People freak out every time Facebook and its subsidiaries crash and think they need to make it a trending thing on Twitter. I could care less, cause like Fortnite, the world would be a better place if it stayed down IMO.

  • BrotherTwix BrotherTwix (@BrotherTwix) reported

    @FortniteGame Me and my fellow friends have been facing random lag spikes and in some games, the high ping stays forever. I don't know what the issue is even though I have a strong internet connection. The other shocking fact is, I am losing no packs even though I am lagging.

  • statefar_seth Seth_Boyce (@statefar_seth) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your ******* chest drops. Why ******** do I need 3 snipers or 3 pistols like who ******** even wants a green pistol

  • RageARage RageARage (@RageARage) reported

    Every night when i play fortnite i lag fortnite needs to fix this problem in canada/Toronto im not sure if its the whole of canada

  • FlxNotFlcx Flx . (@FlxNotFlcx) reported


  • qttart Abu© (@qttart) reported

    @Vulryy @FortniteGame fix yur game or your servers get it. #HitRange45Minutes

  • bigdipin57 bigdip57 (@bigdipin57) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your god damn traps smh you guys are idiots