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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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November 14: Problems at Fortnite

Fortnite is having issues since 08:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • narlynaruto destiny (@narlynaruto) reported

    i wanna play fortnite but my wifi has been broken for like a week :(( @Dr3ezz

  • nights1405 Nights1405 (@nights1405) reported

    @FortniteGame Epic can ya fix the bazooka so I can do my missions because it is not appearing in team rumble

  • TheRealRez_i Rezi (@TheRealRez_i) reported

    I give up @FortniteGame i was doing good in this cashcup ig and all of a sudden my game crashes and I restart my pc and everything and my game doesnt work. Keeps saying verify the game which I had done twice. Already wasted about 45 mins. Fix your game.

  • kast2official DROPZ Kast2🇨🇭 (@kast2official) reported

    @Dety0 @FortniteGame @EpicGames No issue. Good fps 🧐🙄

  • undertow9x Shane Nelson (@undertow9x) reported

    @FortniteGame Oh, nice. More shit for us to buy. You think you could I don't know fix the ******* bandage bazooka so I can finish the god damn challenge. I swear to god I'll buy more shit if you do.

  • LagomTalks Lagom (@LagomTalks) reported

    If you camp in Fortnite you are a certified bot. I was literally looking for people off spawn for about 5 mins. I knew there were people there but there wasn't even a sound. Then out of the blue there are two of them. If you do that there's only one fix... uninstall.

  • OwoSquid Spooky OwO ahhahh (@OwoSquid) reported

    My Bacteria, called DDos, just wiped out the world in 712 days! I was playing plague inc. And ddos wiped out all of the 9 year olds playing fortnite.

  • b474f2fc65c540c Tiny Tyler (@b474f2fc65c540c) reported

    @Lucas7yoshi Fortnite Dev: *Sigh* We Just Tell Everyone That Theres An Issue When We Have Dont A Problem. Some Random Ass Epic Employee: Good Idea.

  • ZachFish9 ZachFish (@ZachFish9) reported

    After s10 started fortnite just gave up on console. They don’t fix bugs anymore, they added pc players to our games and put ping wall replace back, put skill based in. I might quit this season. Was doin so good s9 playin arena and stuff but now it’s so dumb to play with all this

  • Bey_Yebn FN: Personifyied (@Bey_Yebn) reported

    Literally about to delete fortnite this game is literally impossible to play on 60fps input lag and on kbm **** hate @PlayStation for this garbage

  • jjk1029384756 Jeffrey Kocher (@jjk1029384756) reported

    Company. I cannot wait for Fortnite to crash and burn. Slowly but surely, then you will take it away. Just as you had other titles. #NotMyEpic

  • creighton3232 Clayton Breedlove (@creighton3232) reported

    Fix shotguns in this game getting 25 every fing time you shoot the gun is dumb at 5 ft the spread will never get wide enough to miss but some how only two pellets hit every time or fix the hit box which ever is the issue @FortniteGame

  • Flashy5HD Flashy5HD (@Flashy5HD) reported

    @TSM_Slappie Delete the Fortnite folder wherever u installed it. That usually fixes issues for me when verifying game files doesnt work

  • dragonxruler101 Burd boi (@dragonxruler101) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the bandage bazooka mission, it won’t show the challenge or the bazooka in game. Like this so that Epic Games can see this and fix this.🤗

  • NilJames5 fishprick (@NilJames5) reported

    @xmissviolencex @SweetRabbitFN @LarsResearchLab @FortniteGame Don't mess with my fishstick brother or we're gonna have a problem.

  • Jrockmaster1998 Jack says Death Stranding is here (@Jrockmaster1998) reported

    @I_AM_WILDCAT Same. Quitted fortnite after 5 months before I realized this is not working out for me. Modern Warfare however is the best that has ever happened.

  • Joebroke7 Joezef (@Joebroke7) reported

    @FortniteGame why did you disabled bandage bazookas it's rare to find in na west servers. Can u fix that please I'm trying to do my lowdown challenges okay. It's really hard. Actually there's no bandage bazookas in supply drops when I play team rumble

  • MilliePrower Millie Prower (@MilliePrower) reported

    Umm... the #Fortnite Item Shop says it'll refresh in 4 hours. Pretty sure this is a glitch.

  • Jimmy113453 Jimmy (@Jimmy113453) reported

    @porchfan87 the problem is the majority of the players are over 18. kids nowadays are growing up with fortnite and minecraft, not pokemon. many of them see it as something old that yesteryears generation played. gamefreak also clearly said this game was for the longtime fans.

  • Karl34559085 infaumouskarl (@Karl34559085) reported

    @FortniteGame cal you guys stop being dumb and like hurry up and fix the bandage bazooka. i’m trying to finish the challenge and it’s making me mad bc i like to complete all my challenges and your being super slow on fixing the shit. whatever bug it had can not possibly be that bad

  • Jimmy113453 Jimmy (@Jimmy113453) reported

    @porchfan87 the problem is the majority of the players are over 18. kids nowadays are growing up with fortnite and minecraft, not pokemon. many of them see it as something old that yesteryears generation played.

  • Flamerbrostudi1 FlamerBroStudios (@Flamerbrostudi1) reported

    @matsucksatmario @iFireMonkey This is a scam or a glitch Why do fortnite do this to us it says 2200 vbucks for me :(

  • DestroyerXavo Xavo_Destroyer (@DestroyerXavo) reported

    @Merl @FortniteGame Battle breakers prob or maybe just because it’s a glitch

  • ItGLOWz N3XT Hellcat 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇭🇷🇨🇦 (@ItGLOWz) reported

    @Immortal_Bunnie @FortniteGame I’ve had it too... just a dumb glitch

  • Matthew42243649 Matthew (@Matthew42243649) reported

    @FortniteGame pleace fix your game

  • Matthew42243649 Matthew (@Matthew42243649) reported

    @FortniteGame place fix your game

  • revoid Night Revoid 🌔🎄 (@revoid) reported

    @FortniteGame fix console fortnite

  • aYrJason_ Jason (@aYrJason_) reported

    @FortniteGame my game just crashed on the middle of a cash cup game and I lost my game I had perfect zone and guns but your trash servers had to crash

  • ImTrunksFN 💯 (@ImTrunksFN) reported


  • mxrgoddess DK Goddess ✨ (@mxrgoddess) reported

    going to TRY and play fortnite until pokemon drops at 11CST! i was having the worst in game and stream lag last night playing pc fortnite and using my elgato to stream my switch :( fingers crossed that its better tonight!

  • Brocori__ Brocori (@Brocori__) reported

    FIX REPLAY MODE @EpicGames @FNCompetitive @FortniteGame

  • Cybag_ Jacob (@Cybag_) reported

    Fortnite fix your ******* game this shit keeps freezing and crashing like wtf @FortniteGame @EpicGames #Fortnite #FortniteChapter2

  • sWaGbEaStY1 swagbeasty (@sWaGbEaStY1) reported

    @FortniteGame you guys need to fix your servers im lagging like crazy before when there wasn't an update i was never lagging and after the update im lagging please fix this

  • yungimpxct Impxct (@yungimpxct) reported

    @FortniteGame fix ur ******* audio kid was behind a ******* wall I was walking listening to the sprite cranberry ad and I got smg'd

  • w00dsFN 🌲w00ds🌲 (@w00dsFN) reported


  • thelastelim CodeLastElim (@thelastelim) reported

    There’s a glitch on fortnite console where your dive trail sticks to your hands after landing and is very distracting so I’ve had my dive trail set to none, wish there was patch notes so I would know when this annoying bug is fixed 😪 @FortniteGame

  • bbnomars 🥀mars🥀 (@bbnomars) reported

    when I die 30 mins into my funeral service I want my lifeless body dropped from the ceiling and the sound "GIBBY!" plays over the loud speakers. I also would like everyone to Fortnite default dance on my grave.

  • Shadonger Shadonger (@Shadonger) reported

    @FortniteGame Want to explain why in contenders I lose 50 points a game, sit in a 5 minute on west, and than spawn in land get a grey pistol and bandages and my opponent gets a shotgun 100 shield and a ******* P90 FIX YOUR SHIT

  • bbnomars 🥀mars🥀 (@bbnomars) reported

    when I die 30 mins into my funeral service I want my lifeless body dropped from the ceiling and the sound "GIBBY!" plays over the loud speakers. I also would like everyone to Fortnite default dance on my grave.

  • gorostieta_juan Juan Gorostieta (@gorostieta_juan) reported

    @XboxSupport Fortnite not working for me

  • FroastyBtw Froasty ⛄️ (@FroastyBtw) reported

    @i_ampinecone @FNCreate @FortniteGame I actually notifis for not working to see this AMAZING DRAWING

  • Darkvad17040227 Darkvader (@Darkvad17040227) reported

    @FortniteGame ok we (the most of the players) have a problem,you delete the bazooka bandage and the challenge still here so we can’t do this challenge, please if you can fix the problem fix it,¡Thank you!.

  • _clk95 chloe (@_clk95) reported

    @FortniteGame the quality on save the world is actually disgusting. Fix it

  • JaamZXBL JaamZXBL (@JaamZXBL) reported

    @aeqbXBL @FortniteINTEL Just how many problems are on fortnite

  • orchids1k Orchids ♛ (@orchids1k) reported

    No way it just kicked me out 2 games in a row and they counted wtf @FortniteGame fix your shitty ass game

  • ZakZakaryas Zack Stewart (@ZakZakaryas) reported

    @JillClaireX8 @EpicGames @fortnite Current glitch right now with it. Likely to return next week.

  • 1amCrash Technocide (@1amCrash) reported

    @CrashArchive Crash bandicoot but for fortnite :o

  • YoFlikz Flikz (@YoFlikz) reported

    Panicking is my biggest issue in Fortnite. I’m insane as long as I talk to someone, but being by myself I shit my pants. (DMs open if you wanna discord) #Fortnite @GamingRTweeters

  • Vurtycal Vert (@Vurtycal) reported

    @FortniteGame ******* FIX PUBS. PING IS DOGSHIT

  • CjStacey1 Cj Stacey (@CjStacey1) reported

    @FortniteGame when are you going to fix the bandage bazooka

  • nerdy_curve SG⚡ Nerdy Curve (@nerdy_curve) reported

    @mxrgoddess @FortniteGame Yes, a few people I played with were also having the same issue!!

  • JordKL96 REAPERS (@JordKL96) reported

    @FortniteStatus Hey there Fortnite I am just letting you know that the Bandage Bazooka is missing Me and a friend have been trying to do the week 5 Challenge and Can't cuz it's nowhere to be found I hope you can Resolve this problem thank you

  • julesmemequeen JustCallMeJules ✨she ra spoilers✨ (@julesmemequeen) reported

    @lapidotstan2 She mainly played fortnite, only had younger and imntature friends than her, was and only used me,👀 oh and she cheated then acted like the victim when I called her out and said I felt pressured to be there for you and help fix your depression I DIDNT ASK HER TO JDJRJFJRJFJJRJEJR

  • FFight64 FutureFight64X•Gaming News & Entertainment! (@FFight64) reported

    @FortniteGame i'm actually so fking mad about this.. fortnite please fix

  • kswxzzle K$WIZZ🈲 (@kswxzzle) reported

    @FortniteGame fix ur ******* game

  • Flamegod800 Flame God800 (@Flamegod800) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your game yo these input delays and game stutters and bugs are annoying and console fps loss and etc yall are killing your game and making people like me grind put time almost not Won't play this game ever again only reason we complain is because we enjoy game

  • Funk_1hunnit Funk 100 (@Funk_1hunnit) reported

    @FC_Violent @snoopdioogo I didn't say it wasn't going to be good lol. Maybe it's just me but I'm getting tired of the fortnite/overwatch art style. But yeah that's a me problem, they not making games for me anyway 😂

  • AO_HiNAggrav8d YeahThatAO (@AO_HiNAggrav8d) reported

    Fortnite is unplayable. No streaming today. The FPS is trash. The lag is trash. The meta right now with no mobility is trash. The communication is trash. The last update was trash. #fortnite

  • matildammg matilda🐷 (@matildammg) reported

    @ashleighduffyy_ don’t even think my fortnite dances could fix how bad that gig was

  • Lucifurr_ Lucifurr- 🐐 (@Lucifurr_) reported from Orange, California

    Dude honestly ever since I tried pc recently and went back to my ps4 I can tell you my PS4 is shit compared to playing on PC literally so Many issues like I honestly hardly play now bc I would rather be on pc , FIX YOUR SHIT @FortniteGame