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Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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  • Sign in (60.64%)
  • Online Play (17.02%)
  • Game Crash (13.83%)
  • Glitches (7.45%)
  • Matchmaking (1.06%)

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  • The_Hyruler The Hyruler (@The_Hyruler) reported

    @propilot123 @Fallout People have been asking for private or friends only mode from before the game even came out. They said they might make it a paid service at some point.

  • LTK0BY LTKoby (@LTK0BY) reported

    @Intricatexpanse @Fallout @Heisenducki @Intricatexpanse I believe you two have just said everything I needed to say. Stormy said exactly what I find to be the issue. My thought was that we should have to make a new character on a different mode not transfer the level 200 with explosive guns. Thankyou

  • The_Hyruler The Hyruler (@The_Hyruler) reported

    @propilot123 @Fallout And if that wasn't bad enough, the game have some of the most annoying graphical glitches, AI glitches, hit detection glitches, quests glitching and a ton more shit you gotta deal with. On the bright side, there's some pretty funny fallout 76 glitch compilations on YouTube.

  • The_Hyruler The Hyruler (@The_Hyruler) reported

    @propilot123 @Fallout Not to mention the reviews are around 2.5/5 and 4/10 most Places. The game overall, is not good. If some people like it, that's great, but it's objectively not a good game, considering the bugs, price, in game terms of service and a ton of other reasons.

  • TheAncientGamer The Ancient Gamer 🕹🎮🖱🎸📷📺📹 (@TheAncientGamer) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @BethesdaStudios @Fallout @LadyDevann Okay, I have discovered what is causing all the in game lag near player bases. It is the walls themselves. Floors, roofs, foundations are not causing the framerate drop. Wall are. Please fix. It is hurting my streaming.

  • lostprophyt LP Plays (@lostprophyt) reported

    @DingoBro512 @Trident__ @Toasty_Bits @Fallout You know, I find it highly amusing that people still think Bethesda is at fault for all of this. The problem isn't in Rockville. The problem isn't even in Maryland. The real problem with BGS lives in Providence, RI.

  • ZeroFoxFK FACELESSKNIGHTS 🦊📸 (@ZeroFoxFK) reported

    @Galerion @JakePlisken @LadyBraven @Fallout Hey don't jump to conclusions. Why would someone choose to be like that. They must have a problem with their service provider or something 🤔

  • vieiratopher Vforvieira (@vieiratopher) reported

    @Fallout Survival is a mode no one wanted. Fix the pop in normal mode. Make legendary drops useful and fis your game.

  • j4k0b Jaka Lapuh (@j4k0b) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Dear @Ubisoft, please, don’t ruin your very good game. Please, look at @bethesda’s broken @Fallout and try not to do whatever they did.

  • TheAlcaeus Caden (@TheAlcaeus) reported

    @jediwazabi @Fallout @BethesdaStudios I've returned to it. It's still not very plentiful in end game content however it's much improved ive gone nights without crashes. Though it does crash still. But beyond that frames are alot more stable and all that

  • SatansFlesh Travis A (@SatansFlesh) reported

    @VTecOverseer @FalloutClips @Fallout Sorry I was itching for a fix. 😆

  • Lookadistractin Steve Fairweather (@Lookadistractin) reported

    @Fallout @PR_Flak Matt, why is it so damn hard to just put out a statement on the progress of fixing whatever imaginary “issue” is preventing @bethesda from restoring accounts my patience has run out, completely

  • WoWnut Mako (@WoWnut) reported

    @Fallout Fix mods 🙄

  • ZayZayWay1997 Zay-chan (@ZayZayWay1997) reported

    @Fallout Can you fix the Queen scorchbeast please, It takes too long to kill, and we can never finish it in time! it takes more than the "30:00" timer to even get it down low health if even possible!

  • taylorcdurden taylor c durden (@taylorcdurden) reported

    @Fallout For the love of god fix the modding issue, I haven’t been able to add mods to weapons that I’ve obtained since last patch, won’t work for armor or weapons. All I can do is build what I’ve learned but can’t actually attach the mods. This needs to be fixed soon

  • TimokenLP Neithon (@TimokenLP) reported

    @propilot123 @Panda14Pistol @ewingmick1 @Fallout @ohbeeeps Just tell me what your problems are with the game and we can talk about them

  • 561Kay Jay Kay 561 (@561Kay) reported

    @T0Raven @Fallout I totally agree. Loads of camera challenges but unable to complete or do them cause of the camera issue. Am not a happy Bunny

  • JohnVilnis John Vilnis (@JohnVilnis) reported

    @Fallout #fallout76 Drats. Internet has been down all day and no eta so can’t get my wasteland fix. Bored out of my mind.

  • ZombieL0ver420 Chrissy Thoen (@ZombieL0ver420) reported

    @VaultGirl2077 @Fallout It’s no problem 😁💜

  • CyborgSteve9917 Cyborgsteve (@CyborgSteve9917) reported

    @Fallout I love spending 30 minutes fighting the scorched beast queen, exhausting most of my ammo (lagging due to server instability), and then when it is at very low health crashing and getting no XP or gear. Please fix this!!

  • psychofu420 Psychofu (@psychofu420) reported

    @Fallout i keep getting locked up, every time I try to finish an event, I get locked up and frozen out. Fix this please on ps4

  • awsomecfs2023 Conner Smith (@awsomecfs2023) reported

    @Fallout My marksman rifle with a red dot sight on it. If it’s not broken and has plenty of ammo, I’m using it.

  • Zack_Gilbert Zack Gilbert (@Zack_Gilbert) reported

    @BethesdaSupport PS4. #Fallout76 9-9:30 CST. X-01 torso disappeared after login, with my jet pack, and 6 water purifiers. This is only the stuff I noticed. Might want to have a look. Missing item restoration help would be cool. Won’t get my hopes up. Good luck. PSN: Porkbelly-Z-

  • Blakamon15 Darkonflare15 (@Blakamon15) reported

    @lostprophyt @Fallout We'll look at it like this. This content is not a huge piece content chunk. It just one spread over a few months. Hard to be underwelmed when you get content that last "15 min" when you rush it.That is a personal problem. A common problem that gamers have.Consuming content fast

  • AwsomeCat1107 NaRuto_double123~¥ (@AwsomeCat1107) reported

    @Fallout please fix the atomic shop on PS4 it’s a endless load

  • KimJongOrangina Kim Jong Orangina (@KimJongOrangina) reported

    @Fallout What’s well-tuned are all the ******* server disconnects in the last 20 minutes. Now I can’t go 2 minutes without one. FIX. YOUR. SHIT!

  • MechMorph Logan Clements (@MechMorph) reported

    @Fallout My only problem with the dungeon is that it wasn’t instanced and I guess if the boss was a new unique enemy that would have been great. Apart from that it was definitely big enough with enough to explore and sufficient story. Oh and the loot from completing it wasn’t the best...

  • CaptainBizzare Captain Weird (@CaptainBizzare) reported

    @Sephgaming1 @76Photomode @Fallout No changes apparent changes to The Burrows. I fast travelled out of there because I went through The Burrows alone and both my best weapons were almost broken.

  • HashtagMcLovin Brenton McGuire (@HashtagMcLovin) reported

    @Fallout Do me a solid and just fix the ******* social menu. **** your stupid eggs lmao why bother

  • Abbernaffyfunko Abbernaffy Customs (@Abbernaffyfunko) reported

    @ABSanyal @Fallout @76Photomode Basically every time i’ve tried in the last 2 months. She’s taken 0 damage. And this is with a good 6-9 other players joining in minimum. Most folk end up giving up on her and leaving. So hopefully that glitch is fixed now.

  • HoarderExplorer ApocalypticDragon (@HoarderExplorer) reported

    @Fallout "Claim all 6 to see where the rabbit hole leads." I'm going to be disappointed if I miss something cool because I can't login every 1-2 days in a row because I'm away from internet for a few days. (Moving to a new home) Hope I don't get locked out of content.

  • Bad_Wolf_76 Vorian76 (@Bad_Wolf_76) reported

    @Fallout It'd be cool if you'd hot fix the mods. I feel like this should have been done days ago.... Still can't mod my power armor or weapons. That's kind of a key part of this game.

  • ZombieL0ver420 Chrissy Thoen (@ZombieL0ver420) reported

    @AaronMottram2 @Fallout No problem, I’m almost jealous too, I still haven’t gotten mine 🤣

  • REDZMANG Jeremy Zimmerman (@REDZMANG) reported

    @hadomancer @Fallout Yeah, me and a couple of other Xbox One X owners I know occasionally have an issue or two that aren't even solved by a hard reboot. Sometimes we have to pull the power plug for 5 or 10 minutes plug it back in and everything's a-okay.

  • F76PhotoMob Photo Mob (@F76PhotoMob) reported

    @inucha5 @iresqu23 @WickedSheWolf_ @Nougan5 @Fallout @Nakari2O6 @Trollslayerdp @IceEmpress66 @subiyota @CherryPixel4 @BeardedIAm @UngodlyBones @BloodyyPanda I didn’t use Twitch because it’s never synced well with my Xbox and I can’t stand the lag. With mixer what my viewers see and what I play are synced perfectly. Twitch always has like a 15/30 second delay. Just my preference.

  • Steven61578621 Steven (@Steven61578621) reported

    @Fallout Fix your damn bugs before rolling out more useless crap, like seriously!

  • WoWnut Mako (@WoWnut) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Please fix the damn Power Armor mods.

  • jeffrc69 Jeff Cabral (@jeffrc69) reported

    @Fallout What's more of an issue lately is the terrible loot drops. 3* enemies should drop either 3 star items. Or atleast if it's going to be a 1 * drop, make it useful!

  • ltstonerrants Lt (@ltstonerrants) reported

    @Fallout Fix the mods so we can add them. We care more about that then eggs and a disappointing event and so called dungeon

  • BIP0LAR_ABN Mr_Bipolar (@BIP0LAR_ABN) reported

    @Fallout @Fallout Fix The Power Armor Glitch Stealing Materials For Attachment But Not Attachimg Them. And Not Able To Rename The Armor Parts & Main Body. Sent Couple Support Tickets Already!

  • BIP0LAR_ABN Mr_Bipolar (@BIP0LAR_ABN) reported

    @Fallout Submitted Support Ticket On Not Able To Rename Armor X-O1 & Other Armor. Plus Attachments Take The Resource But Don’t Attach. Also Loading Glitch Where Works Blurred & Textured . We Need A Patch. PS4 Pro

  • William73692937 BountyHunter2424 (The Ghost of the Mountains) (@William73692937) reported

    Does anyone else have a issue with the bayonet mod for the black powder rifle on #Fallout76

  • Remihondayoo Remi (@Remihondayoo) reported

    @Fallout Fix the mods/upgrades to weapons/powerarmor/armor please!!

  • j3s53 Jesse. (@j3s53) reported

    @Twinchops @Fallout Cant fix weapons without the health bars dissapearing. cant throw mods on a weapon or power armor.

  • j3s53 Jesse. (@j3s53) reported

    @Fallout the loot is really mediocre they took out 2shot explosives.. 😂 the glitches and bugs in the game keep comin back.. oh man... the engines really old.. the servers disconnect.. duping secretly is still a thing i think.. um .. oh and random occassional crashes.. still.

  • Chance7113 Chance The Reaper (@Chance7113) reported

    @craysounds_ @NZXT @Fallout My heart 💔 it's broken I want one soooooo bad

  • AustenJones14 Austen Jones (@AustenJones14) reported

    @Fallout I forget what it's called, but I have a Plasma Gatling that instead of weighing 20 or 30 pounds, weighs like 5. So much damage, but it breaks ALL THE TIME, and so expensive to fix.

  • Shaun67566206 Shaun (@Shaun67566206) reported

    @AaronMottram2 @BethesdaSupport @Fallout So does that mean i have to wait until 23rd for me to play fallout! My games completely broken right now and just unplayable until it gets fixed, its being looked into though 👍but you know what they say....time = caps 😂

  • seiun_ishikawa seiun (@seiun_ishikawa) reported

    @Fallout I can’t attach mods to my power Armor and weapons, other people have this problem too

  • Nickamus980 Nickamus (@Nickamus980) reported

    @saththesergal @Fallout Well, squatch dropped a rifle for your rifleman build, so your argument doesn't make sense. The problem is all of these quest rewards are garbage.

  • thechubbyfoxx Jess Foxx (@thechubbyfoxx) reported

    @Fallout dont lie its not even a dungeon. i love 76 but we have been ****** over over and over... fix this bethesda

  • ajaxduo Ajax (Chris) (@ajaxduo) reported

    @Fallout There are cons sadly. The 'dungeon' in itself is not challenging at all, I encountered as low as level 20's breezing through with no issues as it's just generic enemies. Also it not being instanced really pulls you out of the experience eliminates any feeling of fear/risk.

  • 19chris16 Chris Goad Sr (@19chris16) reported

    @Fallout How about fixing the MODs for power armor and weapons you guys broke with last "hot fix", not to mention the login issues I have now from it. Have got to be the laziest devs of any game franchise. Problems of this magnitude so should not go on for weeks and not be addressed.

  • Aji_Chombo Mario A. Mezquita (@Aji_Chombo) reported

    @Bag_Of_Spiders @Fallout @BethesdaStudios @Oxhorn I think Bethesda gave an acceptable explanation for the Super Mutants being there in 76, so not as troubled by it as, say, the issues with the cryolator being in Appalachia. I just wonder whether non-ferals are a possible future end game faction, since they are scorch immune.

  • JimorGames Jimorian (@JimorGames) reported

    @kayPOWXD @streamlabs @Fallout @Bethesda_UK @bethesda @AnkhBot @BDO_News Exactly! At TwitchCon US, our air-bnb group arrived at the house to find out the owner had sold it MONTHS before. The service took care of us and found a hotel, fortunately. While it sucked, we bonded even more, and could 1-up everybody else's horror story that weekend. ;)

  • DurganStorm Durgan (@DurganStorm) reported

    @Fallout please please dear God please fix the bugs around installing mods that we purchase on some weapons and especially X-01 power armor! I can't install hardly any mods on my gear anymore unless I know that plans and didn't just buy the mod from a vendor.

  • Goranz9 Goranz (@Goranz9) reported

    @Fallout Fix IPv6 first.

  • JasonMilano7 Jason Milano (@JasonMilano7) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda you guys need to fix the game for events or when you die people shouldn’t be able to take the junk you dropped when you die out of the paper bag only you should be able to take your stuff back I spent a week getting stuff then I die and some kid takes it all

  • Vince95921847 VinG 🇺🇸🎮📼📷 (@Vince95921847) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @BethesdaStudios Modding weapons and PA still not working. Bought another mod tonight for one of my chest pieces and it does not click. And my other weapon is still not taking the mod & my one PA.The new workbench is definitely glitched. #Fallout76

  • captameowica711 Wasteland Viking (@captameowica711) reported

    @Vince95921847 @Fallout @BethesdaStudios Definitely, I bought a mod for one of my rifles, went to attach it, nothing. But, if I scrap a rifle, and learn some mod off of it, I can attach it no problem as long as I have the components.