Is Fallout 76 down?

Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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June 19: Problems at Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is having issues since 09:20 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • WickedSheWolf_ Wicked She Wolf 🐺 (@WickedSheWolf_) reported

    @ASinglespeeder @Fallout No problem!

  • Ione_wanderer Lone Wanderer (@Ione_wanderer) reported

    @Fallout Fix the 0KB bug first!

  • i80and Gay ☭ Skunk🌻🦨👨‍💻 (@i80and) reported

    The biggest problem with #Fallout76 imo is that I can't have a tail!

  • connorabruce Connor (@connorabruce) reported

    @DeAtHaToMiC69 @Fallout ...I have to leave the game. Had a few crashes too, maybe 3 in 8 days of playing. Don’t think that I have ever been disconnected in the new mode, joining games is the occasional problem. The Power Armour is the most annoying as it completely ends the game, but is too tempting.

  • AJDraws AJ Draws (@AJDraws) reported

    @FlamingSword9 @Fallout Didn't say that at all... Just heard that the servers tend to crash when nukes are launched,but with my game it just crashes for no reason

  • connorabruce Connor (@connorabruce) reported

    @DeAtHaToMiC69 @Fallout I honestly didn’t have any problems with the new game mode, it ran really smoothly. That is until a few days ago. Since then I've had the infinite loading screens a few times, and I no longer seem to be able to enter power armour in the new mode, it just hangs (past 4 times)...

  • connorabruce Connor (@connorabruce) reported

    @JasonVowles @Fallout I think the game looks great, I don’t know why people complain it looks bad - sometimes it looks amazing. The lagging and glitching was really bad at first, but it has been massively improved since then. I still get FPS drops in some towns - but nowhere near what I did at release

  • LuticiaMae Kagome Naraku (PSN) (@LuticiaMae) reported

    @Fallout That's pretty much what your servers are saying since maintenance. Didn't even fully load in when I got disconnected error.

  • baum009 Brandon Auman (@baum009) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout ok what ever y’all changed needs to be fixed. My rifles only hit once out 8 shots at 95% and almost point blank, and a scorch beast just spammed the hell out of its sonic blast. It was so bad I couldn’t move and died. It’s really game breaking. Fix it!!

  • koldkiller101 Everything will be ok (@koldkiller101) reported

    @Lookadistractin @BethesdaSupport @Fallout I have a few months old ongoing ticket they still haven't acknowledge. Any attempt at asking about my ticket results to nothing, they don't reply. Awful customer service

  • DeAtHaToMiC69 Dave Hopkins (@DeAtHaToMiC69) reported

    @jamsamesss @ghostmoz @ryyalpha @Fallout They had 5 years to make something new... Same graphics, poor frames, a huge amount of bugs, server issues every time you play it. Yet, they sold it as a finished polished experiance. They then slapped an atomic shop in the game for mostly items that was free in the previous game


    @BenBurnham4 @MCU_SPIDER @Fallout Oh the irony. I could say the same to you, you’re supporting a company that half-assess their games and expects people to buy into a broken, unfinished mess. And not to mention the game has as much micro transactions as a free-to-play game.

  • jefbt JeffT rude physicist (@jefbt) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout having issues with pc for atom shop cant buy atoms via card or paypal both bank and pay pal say its you

  • BenBurnham4 Ben Burnham (@BenBurnham4) reported

    @MCU_SPIDER @Fallout Yeah I wasn't interested either for various reasons, but having tried it, it's actually really good. I don't like micro transactions either, but they're all cosmetic, so I just won't use them, problem solved. And I wouldn't have found out if I hadn't given it a go.

  • DeAtHaToMiC69 Dave Hopkins (@DeAtHaToMiC69) reported

    @jamsamesss @ghostmoz @ryyalpha @Fallout You have to take each game as it comes, although this isn't just about the game... The game was poor, the concept was iffy But the real problem has been the companie producing it and the arrogance with the players and inability to fix it, Fallout 76 is iffy but Bethesda are 🤡

  • PSN_Eweor GeordieEwok (@PSN_Eweor) reported

    @PantsuitEmpori2 @A_JWarner @Fallout Something not right, I’m on PS4 and I’ve not run into any crashing issues, except from when the game first came out

  • Petiti000 Gillespie (@Petiti000) reported

    @jamsamesss @ghostmoz @ryyalpha @Fallout Basically all of their games have been completely broken on launch, 76 is just the first moment it actually became possible for the fanboys to ignore.

  • ChirpsyNistle Gabriel Hosteller (@ChirpsyNistle) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaSupport @BethesdaStudios Scout Leader Pompey is broken, 95% accuracy in V.A.T.S. Is now more like 15% accuracy. I get your studio has been having a hard time, but making me fire 5 times to get a hit at 95% is ******* low. First time back in Adv mode, it sucks

  • JasonVowles 🏳️‍🌈 Jason R. Vowles 🏳️‍🌈 (@JasonVowles) reported

    @connorabruce @Fallout Whilst exploration is wonderful in 76 and the customising great to use, the performance and graphics really hold it back. I thoroughly enjoyed my first 5+ hours but after leaving Flatwoods, it just looks ugly and the constant lag/glitches kills any fun.

  • digital_daemon Digital Daemon (@digital_daemon) reported

    @OnlyThisisBud @Fallout “Your” the problem with grammar.

  • mattygamer73 mat smith (@mattygamer73) reported

    @Fallout Thanks but I will pass, using an iconic franchise to jump onto the live service bandwagon was a big mistake imo. I would rather burn my £45 than waste it on this game!

  • NukerAustin AustinNuker (@NukerAustin) reported

    @Fallout YO FIX YOU ******* SERVERS CUZ

  • TheSilentOne15 The Silent One (@TheSilentOne15) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Actions speak louder than words. Why don't you fix your shit and take care of your customers you skinless nutsacks.

  • Guddang775 TN (@Guddang775) reported

    Audio issues are fixed. We're live playing #Fallout76 #NuclearWinter

  • AlexKindleGames Alex⚔Kindle (@AlexKindleGames) reported

    @CrimZon_666 @Fallout No I dont know anyone personally that was using the trial week, but I never saw any posts on here of anyone else noticing or having that issue of being stuck in pacifist mode

  • TheJamesDonovan James Donovan (@TheJamesDonovan) reported

    @Fallout I need to know that the spawn invisibility issue will be fixed in the future. I've been screwed so many times by not being able to see other players.

  • KarmaGotNothin Creation of Hedgehog (@KarmaGotNothin) reported

    @Fallout I just punch my problems away, and if that doesn’t work, an Explosive Gatling Gun does the trick

  • JadedOldJoe Joe (@JadedOldJoe) reported

    Playing #Fallout4 like... crash crash crash freeze crash crash crash freeze freeze crash freeze crash crash crash crash @Fallout

  • theastroworlds Mozzie (@theastroworlds) reported

    FIX YOUR ******* GAME ITS BEEN A ******* YEAR @Fallout @BethesdaStudios

  • Talliy #MugClub'd Flooflesnoots (@Talliy) reported

    Ya know.... I just realized I've been having more fun playing the broken game that is #Fallout76 than I have playing BFA @Warcraft. That realllllly tells you something about the state of the game. Doubt this patch is gonna actually fix anything.

  • Polar_Sunshine Stork_Bork (@Polar_Sunshine) reported

    @Fallout There seems to be a glitch for as far as I know xbox players who when trying to get the nuka quantum paint job and get to the keypad there is a invisible wall/staircase stopping us from getting to it. Would appreciate it if this was fixed, I really like the paint job!

  • OnlyThisisBud ThisisBud (@OnlyThisisBud) reported

    @Fallout I have absolutely no trust and even less respect for Bethesda. If you bought this game then your the current problem with gaming

  • GregAalberts ƃǝɹפ (@GregAalberts) reported

    @Fallout Are there server issues, as I've dropped 4 times in the last 30 min

  • Tearzteam6 Tearz team 6 (@Tearzteam6) reported

    @BethesdaStudios Please fix the servers so that we arent booted from a world when a nuke is dropped #fallout76 #glitchthesda

  • LibertyGeek83 TheGeekyLibertarian (@LibertyGeek83) reported

    @Jadenfire @Pokemon Hopefully #GameFreak will fix this. They don't even have to delay the game's release. Just release the remaining Pokémon as DLC and we'd be okay with that. Don't let this be the #Fallout76 moment that kills the franchise.

  • JadedOldJoe Joe (@JadedOldJoe) reported

    The more I play #Fallout4 and crash in downtown Boston or freeze in a #Skyrim load screen or hear how unplayably broken #Fallout76 is, the more I’m gonna wait till #Starfield and #ElderScrollsVI is $15. @BethesdaStudios is lazy, inept, and apathetic & not deserving of $60.

  • iresqu23 VaultTec Medic (Agent of the HOA) (@iresqu23) reported

    @PlainlyJade @AaronMetal22 @Fallout Surprisingly I thought it would be more 😳 I seriously have a #Fallout addiction problem!!’s not a problem to me anyways!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • jefbt JeffT rude physicist (@jefbt) reported

    @Fallout Serverside issue with tracer rounds continuing to animate after firing has stopped.

  • Shortest_Stacc Ethan Lucas (@Shortest_Stacc) reported

    @GossiTheDog @Fallout Yes that's vault 51 but the vaults were originally not meant to fight they were supposed to rebuild the world. That disconnect still applies.

  • Shortest_Stacc Ethan Lucas (@Shortest_Stacc) reported

    @GossiTheDog @Fallout But as players we want to explore and fight causing a disconnect. So it 76 doesn't even make sense even if you were right. I am aware many ganes have that disconnect but it doesnt mean that should be the standard

  • Shortest_Stacc Ethan Lucas (@Shortest_Stacc) reported

    @GossiTheDog @Fallout The whole point is vault 76 was let out early. No one else is out yet. It doesnt nake sense in the game to have pvp or build your own little hut and just fight things. There is a disconnect between story and player kinda like fallout 4. The main character needs to find his son

  • TacoKingNemesis 🌮𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓞𝓯𝓣𝓪𝓬𝓸🌮 (@TacoKingNemesis) reported

    Anyone else having issues where the in game audio gets real quiet in #Fallout76 @BethesdaSupport

  • MrFox1993 Ryan-luc Fox (@MrFox1993) reported

    @PantsuitEmpori2 @Fallout I'll give it a try again eventually I have to ready to play on both PC and Xbox gonna give the game time to shine ✨ gonna let Bethesda fix there shit first and improve on what's there

  • PantsuitEmpori2 Pantsuit Emporium (@PantsuitEmpori2) reported

    @MrFox1993 @Fallout Oh, yeah it was a mess at launch and they absolutely deserve that criticism. Its in a place where I very much enjoy it now though and my problem begins where criticism turns into toxicity.

  • ElectricEagl3 Charlie Webster (@ElectricEagl3) reported

    @Fallout So I moved my camp, then deleted a few floors to clear up camp budget, only for the server to disconnect. Reload the game, Camp budget is back to maxed out and floors are still gone. Broken POS game has broken my brain. Congradulations, youve been uninstalled

  • AJDraws AJ Draws (@AJDraws) reported

    Pretty bad first impressions with #Fallout76 which I got yesterday and started today Within the first 3 hours the server has already crashed twice and no one launched any nukes. @Fallout please sort this out. Issues like this should have been resolved by now. #Bethesda #Fallout

  • ElectricEagl3 Charlie Webster (@ElectricEagl3) reported

    @Fallout So I moved my camp, then deleted a few floors to clear up camp budget, only for the server to disconnect. Reload the game, Camp budget is back to maxed out and floors are still gone. Congradulations, youve been uninstalled.

  • voltsy_chan Voltsy (@voltsy_chan) reported

    @connorabruce @Fallout fallout 3 went well with the new fans not old. yeah people asked for co-op in fallout not online only service game. people wanted something with a story. they wanted something akin to fallout 3 or new Vegas with a buddy so you could use them over an AI companion.

  • Iwalk0nLegos I ᗯᗩᒪK Oᑎ ᒪEGOᔕ (@Iwalk0nLegos) reported

    @NerdHawg @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Had that issue too. Only way I found to fix it was to move my camp

  • Mangoking9 Omega Mango (@Mangoking9) reported

    @shawncarr12 @RogueWarsYT @Fallout Just because i did some snooping and found out he likes the division 2, that game had and still has more problems than fallout 76, trust me i actually played it, get off the bandwagon and actually play it, go in with an open mind

  • Zombiellaa Stacey (@Zombiellaa) reported

    @WreckCookie @Fallout I've noticed they added a few things but I've been told more is coming and it sounds promising. Biggest negative so far that iv noticed is longer loading screens and performance issues.

  • zinoalex Alexa Zinovenko (@zinoalex) reported

    @HarveyBrooks13 @BethesdaSupport @Fallout I have the same concerns but I enjoy it less and less as the days go on. It was a gift. I knew how broken it was and would not have bought it until long after release.

  • TheIRHChannel Nick From IRH (@TheIRHChannel) reported

    I want to see #Fallout76 in 10 years. I want to know how many people still play it and what support #Bethesda gave to it. Maybe it'll became a wonderful staple of the live service model or maybe it failed and was abandoned once a better product came out.

  • indoorjew IndoorJew (@indoorjew) reported

    @Fallout im having issue with the backpack u bought with atoms. It wont let me craft it its saying i dont have the requirements but I have everything

  • WreckCookie cookie wreck (@WreckCookie) reported

    @Zombiellaa @Fallout i am noway 100% but i was told they added npc,and fixed ALOT of the ingame glitches, i played the xbox demo for few days ,had quite a bit of minor issues,booted 3x from server ,lost camp 1, but for 17 dollars i will purchase from walmart and leave a better review,

  • Gothic_Mando Matteo (@Gothic_Mando) reported

    @PantsuitEmpori2 @photomicah @baka_chikin @Devin1613 @lamethyst44 @Fallout I just tried the free trial and have decided to buy the game. I enjoy it's gameplay loop, but I definitely feel the game was a complete kick to the crotch for consumers. It should be much better now, they've had what, 6 months to fix things. I know its not easy for the Devs.

  • ConcertoPablo Pablo Concerto (@ConcertoPablo) reported

    @DaveLittler @PantsuitEmpori2 @Fallout As a say. Il wait until they bring out npc patch. It’s clear there’s issues with the game. Todd Howard admitted as much.

  • D3spair_FacTor Chris Drouin (@D3spair_FacTor) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout The problem is that the Atomic shop exists...

  • FoxUnhinged Unhinged_Fox (@FoxUnhinged) reported

    @PantsuitEmpori2 @Fallout I had a level 117 instant kill me for my workshop that had a fusion core game proceeded to crash after I tried to respawn

  • jackythorny jackythorny (@jackythorny) reported

    @Harra__ @BethesdaSupport @FO4News @Fallout Xbox doesn’t get these problems