Is Fallout 76 down?

Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (46.32%)
  • Online Play (24.21%)
  • Game Crash (23.16%)
  • Glitches (5.26%)
  • Matchmaking (1.05%)

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  • Gingerhunter79 Gingerhunter79 (@Gingerhunter79) reported

    @BrianPe86360464 @Miky_Sama @RetroStart @Fallout paid for the collectors edition... lvl 160...and the shit bag I got. I've stopped playing this joke of a game till they fix the problems. nor will I spend a cent of my own money on outfits we got for free in fallout 4... **** micro transactions

  • insanity_space3 Brian Scott Sinton 3 (@insanity_space3) reported

    @Fallout you at Bethesda have become like the rest a waste of people's money so now Bethesda fix your shit or don't make anymore games as you now became the worst game developers ever

  • Leroijenkins89 Leroi Jenkins (@Leroijenkins89) reported

    @z0mBie_KARMA @76Photomode @Fallout Glitch attack, GO!

  • insanity_space3 Brian Scott Sinton 3 (@insanity_space3) reported

    @Fallout every time for the passed 2 days have been able to get to a world then when I enter I can't move or do anything fix your issues as your losing your money already if you don't fix your stuff you won't ever make money I wasted enough blood sweat and money on another game

  • boduke2020 Myles Costello (@boduke2020) reported

    @Fallout getting error code 4:8:2000 and can’t login on Xbox one

  • daveruppel Dave Ruppel (@daveruppel) reported

    @Fallout Please fix the map and PA screens. The icons on the edges of the screen are cutoff for #ps4 #Fallout76

  • Elijahs18037750 Elijah smith (@Elijahs18037750) reported

    @lukmills @JamesMu54853343 @rohitkatwit @Fallout I whont deny it has problems I just dont believe the games should be getting most of the flak its receiving Most of the controversy is about the company not the game

  • DK11176 JD (@DK11176) reported

    @vault11dweller @Jumbojay1586 @Fallout I spent 80 for the game (tricentennial) and probably another 80 in total for atomic shop. I’ve played at least 250 hours and I’ve had periods of boredom and periods of wow that was awesome. I’ve switched back to 4 a few times and then back to 76. I have no issues with the game

  • Andys_Roadside AR Service llc (@Andys_Roadside) reported

    @Viktor_Ruvoli @Fallout @bethesda @bethesda_it @BethesdaStudios @Fallout76Photog @falloutlorecast @FalloutSearch @76Photomode @OutOfVaultShow Its nothing that your Grognak cant fix.

  • GabeHosteller G.H. (@GabeHosteller) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaSupport explosives weapons are too broken. Damage doesn’t stay off scorchbeast queen, or mirelurk queen, or any oversized creature. My 1 star bloodied handmade does more damage than my exploding executioners handmade, with all perks. Not just on paper too!

  • DaveLittler Dave Littler (@DaveLittler) reported

    @RoninEtrian @Fallout This has been my problem with the harshest critics of the game since day one: Constantly raging about problems that don't exist, which they would know don't exist if they bothered or cared to look into them, to convince people to be angry about the game. And it generally WORKS.

  • Mo24Mr Mr_Mo24 (@Mo24Mr) reported

    @Fallout every 5 min I get a server not responding on ps4. I can't do any thing with that popping up so often. I've closed app several times and even checked for updates both on game and system, and it's still doing it. Makes me not wanna play!! Please fix asap!!!

  • aschan Andy Schan (@aschan) reported

    @Fallout I'm giving up on Fallout 76 ; ~10th time through the "belly of the beast" quest, and crash yet again. This games the biggest disappointment of the series IMO

  • TMagz13 the_real_Magz13 (@TMagz13) reported

    @Lord_DarkStone_ @Fallout @BethesdaStudios That is because PVP and mele are both broken, and since they need TSE there is no balance there. TSE wasn't even the problem it was stacking bobbleheads.

  • swhomebiz Steve Whittle (@swhomebiz) reported

    Welp. I've been banging my head on a problem I've been having with #Fallout76 and it turns out to be a glitch. Guess who's getting a support ticket, LOL.

  • KozakScism Keyser Söze (@KozakScism) reported

    @bethesda @Fallout @BethesdaSupport How do I get a refund for this incredibly broken game you call 76.

  • KozakScism Keyser Söze (@KozakScism) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda how the heck does a 107 one shot me a 114. Your pvp system is so broke it is stupid and now you want to add a system just for that broken pvp. This is the last draw with this game.

  • DaveLittler Dave Littler (@DaveLittler) reported

    @JohnnieBeeinAK @Fallout An update: I just went eight hours of gameplay without a single disconnect. It really does seem like the step they took of getting rid of all of those millions of duped items has done wonders for the issue you were raising, @JohnnieBeeinAK

  • Mdtrunner Matthew Tange (@Mdtrunner) reported

    @PaulTassi @Forbes Paul, always love your articles. Your review at the moment affirms my decision to stay away from this game for now. Maybe in a month or two. Want to see some fixes on the issues and certainly don't want to deal with another ME:A or Fallout76 situation. My AAA game trust is LOW.

  • TheRevengerZero TheRevengerZero (@TheRevengerZero) reported

    @Fallout Why is my game constantly freezing , also i cant access my pip boy, fix your shit bethesda

  • CJJames92 Christian Ferguson (@CJJames92) reported

    @Fallout a part from the other problems I have been having with the game now I can no longer build things on the first floor of my camp

  • KenshayY KenshaaY 🎈🌙 (@KenshayY) reported

    @Benjammin23 @xAWFTHEBEATx_YT @Trxsh_Gxd @Squirelockholms @VinePotato @Fallout "I never had bug so there are no issues even tho LITERALLY everyone complains about issues" these issues are technical issues & patch issues (they over nerf or over up the weapons that's a fact)

  • CharlieKendale Addickted 2 Gaming (@CharlieKendale) reported from Tucker, Georgia

    @LadyDevann @Fallout @bethesda Lol! I can't help but to I know all the words to the songs on Fallout 4 and when I streamed I'm begged not to sing #temptaion problems

  • KingAaronVII Aaron S (@KingAaronVII) reported from Stockton, California

    And there it is: @anthemgame is giving me that @Fallout feeling. Complete a mission crash in return. Now have to repeat mission... This is #grind exemplified.

  • Benjammin23 Ben Jammin (@Benjammin23) reported

    @KenshayY @xAWFTHEBEATx_YT @Trxsh_Gxd @Squirelockholms @VinePotato @Fallout Two full disconnects since launch. Superficial/graphical bugs on occasion (standard Bethesda Fallout), a few frozen enemies. One inaccessible junk bag. These are the minor instabilities I mentioned. Oh and lag.

  • JamesMu54853343 James Mullins (@JamesMu54853343) reported

    @Elijahs18037750 @lukmills @rohitkatwit @Fallout Correct my good man😂 people just like hating things now a days it's like everyone has a problem with others people and there opinions it's very sad

  • Kenjinn13 Josh (@Kenjinn13) reported

    @Fallout got on for the first time in at least a month plus, missing items and laggy as F, played more fallout76 as afk then actually playing the game. WTF! couldnt do it FPS dips and lag.... nope ill go play some random a** game on ultra getting 90+ frames instead of this crap.

  • winger1785 Dave Antrim (@winger1785) reported

    @BethesdaStudios Take note of this. To fix #Fallout76, while game is offline, remove all of the game-altering bugs. Also, take your time. No need to worry about being offline because it already is in a way.

  • Astycats A S T Y 🖤 (@Astycats) reported

    @ichigosinful @Mangoking9 @threeksy @BethesdaSupport @Fallout "teams". Bruh they need to dedicate some teams to customer service

  • yukyuadam Adam. T. T (@yukyuadam) reported

    @HumphryesNiall @Fallout No need to fix it. It's unfixable. Faster to just make a new one.

  • drummerboy272 Diego Perez (@drummerboy272) reported

    @Fallout Let me buy a bundle so I can’t even use it on a broken game 🙂

  • lukmills Luke A7X (@lukmills) reported

    @JamesMu54853343 @rohitkatwit @Fallout Then you know...maybe the game wouldn't have as many problems as it still does a few months post launch

  • HumphryesNiall Niallhumphryes (@HumphryesNiall) reported

    @Fallout Fix your game plz

  • DK11176 JD (@DK11176) reported

    @5kull_armour_8 @KhaibarO @Fallout You want them to fix the game but you don’t trust them to fix the game. Sounds like you are stuck in a vicious circle of twitter complaining

  • WickedSheWolf_ Wicked She Wolf 🐺 (@WickedSheWolf_) reported

    @IceEmpress66 @Fallout This same thing happens with my left leg. On all my suits. And I know someone who has it happen with their helmet. Some kind of infuriating glitch.

  • trent_dubs Trent dubs (@trent_dubs) reported

    @Fallout casuals with duped weapons/armor is the problem u did nothing with your patch to help game play, still will be the same broken game filled with duped bullshit. im done!

  • KWEEFLORD Sam Baldwin (@KWEEFLORD) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaStudios Cant download Skyrim mods please fix

  • Kizmitt00 oldSALTYgamer (@Kizmitt00) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaStudios @bethesda @ZeniMax_Online looking at my logic. If it's only 1% duplicates itself. Then your mom and dad down in Texas screaming Tire fire was a false flag. It's saying how you set up the game and the DC bugs are the problem.

  • xlostpunkfoundx Mike Bz (@xlostpunkfoundx) reported

    So because I was so broken when it came out, I didn’t really have the opportunity to get into @Fallout 76, even though I had already purchased it. Now that my hand is functioning better, I reinstalled last night and played for a few hours. Still fun!

  • angelofdeath898 Brett (@angelofdeath898) reported

    @Fallout fix the power armor glitch im tired of re-equipping my power armor helmet 95% of the time i fast travel or enter and exit my armor

  • Ghostrunner_Bax James Baxendale (@Ghostrunner_Bax) reported

    @Fallout People still playing this broken game.#highwayrobbery

  • hippygameing Hippy (@hippygameing) reported

    @BethesdaSupport yall need to fix this damn audio bug on #Fallout76 im tired of trying to play the damn game and i can't hear shit i gotta mess with the party chat and then it goes right back to little to no audio i paid freaking 80 something bucks for this game fix it now!!!!!

  • DOMINATOR_270 Randall (@DOMINATOR_270) reported

    @Blitzed32 @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Lol yeah they would get the respect if they would fix what is wrong. They worry about a person having duplicated items really with what all is wrong. I don't support people doing that at all but there are more sever issues at hand with this game.

  • DOMINATOR_270 Randall (@DOMINATOR_270) reported

    @Lord_DarkStone_ @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Cause this game is extremely broken. They destroyed the LEGENDARY weapons damage output. If they had left that alone and put the work where it's really needed this wouldn't b happening to ya. I gave up like many others & I hung in for a long time but the legendary nerf done it.

  • justin26142087 Justin (@justin26142087) reported

    It should be easy for y’all to fix everything on fallout76 cause y’all fixed elder scrolls online it not crashing or nothing no more and elder scrolls had a lot of people on it @BethesdaSupport @BethesdaStudios

  • nerd_of_action Nerd of Action (@nerd_of_action) reported

    @Fallout Please fix the game I paid full price for the week it was released. Thanks

  • joshua_balch Joshua Balch (@joshua_balch) reported

    @BethesdaStudios #Fallout76 keeps kicking me from server fix this crap

  • hyngwar1 hyngwar (@hyngwar1) reported

    @MayhemMarquess @BethesdaSupport @Fallout will seem like the most reliable game you’ve ever played. I’ve had it crash maybe once out of hundreds of hours of play and the few glitches are usually horse related and very funny. Word of advice-get a good horse, bond well, keep an extra save in case horse dies!

  • OutOfVaultShow Out Of The Vault Show (@OutOfVaultShow) reported

    @District_Stache @William73692937 They've been searched by people sneaking in with a glitch but @Fallout hasn't said exactly what they're going to entail just yet. The popular theory online is some sort of raid/dungeon-esque content for groups to run.

  • DarkRider664 DarkRider (Alex) (@DarkRider664) reported

    So apparently #Fallout76 dev's decided to spring clean the inventories of people who duplicated items within the game. Instead of actually fixing the issue, they put a plaster over it and hope people won't do it again.

  • Hus011 Hussein Serag (@Hus011) reported

    @Fallout BETHESDA you are nothing but a bunch of thieves . I preordered Fallout 76 from the online store and i have not been able to play this stupid game till now . Cant even login with this ff... server trying to respond . up yours bethesda you suck

  • buff_pocket BuffPocketMidget (@buff_pocket) reported

    @Fallout Only reason i dont play anymore is carry weight. Have an alt character that was used for machinima. Carries several sets of power armor to depict different characters. No longer possible. This dupe glitch, didnt know about it but glad it wont be there next time i play

  • JaxPryde Jax Allan Pryde (@JaxPryde) reported

    @NickVal22180391 @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Scrapping how do I fix that

  • PackhamNick Nick Packham (@PackhamNick) reported

    @Halvestunde @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Mhmmm, you can tell they definitely dragged most of the team away from 76. Either that or they are trying to make an all in one comeback or they just generally don't know how to fix and fill the game with content fast enough.

  • cielo0212 Cielo is Blue (๑╹ᆺ╹) (@cielo0212) reported

    @Fallout Please fix the daily/side/missions & challenges. some are STILL not updating correctly.

  • BillyPrattIII Billy John Pratt III (@BillyPrattIII) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Still lagging and crashing here and there.

  • MayhemMarquess Marquess of Mayhem (@MayhemMarquess) reported

    @RavenRpg38 @BethesdaSupport @Fallout I hadn't noticed before, so honestly, thanks! I think I might not have noticed because it was never an issue until the last few times someone triggered Scorched Earth. There weren't many people so when she did it twice we were just screwed.

  • RavenRpg38 Paul Gemmati (@RavenRpg38) reported

    @MayhemMarquess @BethesdaSupport @Fallout The 14th prior to maintenance and patch I gunned down at least 4 legendary glowing gouhls but they disappeared as soon as they hit the ground. Needless to say there was nothing to loot. Seems to be a reoccurring problem with this game’s server.

  • Emilyisbeastest Emily (@Emilyisbeastest) reported

    @Fallout fix your shit. Scorch beast is too spammy. It lags the shit out of our systems and it pisses us off.

  • aged__vanilla Aged Vanilla (@aged__vanilla) reported

    @Fallout Please share the service tickets for missing items. I'd love to read them while waiting for my game to update.