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Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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  • Online Play 30.23% Online Play
  • Glitches 11.63% Glitches
  • Game Crash 11.63% Game Crash

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  • jack_beckett47 Jack Paul Beckett (@jack_beckett47) reported

    @Fallout I hate how bulky Combat armor is so I hope this Secret Service armor is as good or better. Unlike Scout armor, which is flimsy and you can’t unlock its mods!

  • jack_beckett47 Jack Paul Beckett (@jack_beckett47) reported

    @Fallout I hope this new armor you see the guy with the jetpack wearing is a stronger version of Scout armor. I think it’s called Secret Service armor, to go along with the SS power armor. When I saw Scout armor before the game released I was secretly hoping it would replace Combat armor

  • HTX_Concepts MrHTX (@HTX_Concepts) reported

    @VoltaireSurge @Harrison123NV4 @General_Shark @kwalidy @Fallout True but at that neither was vault 87 as it was in a cave and the door is just non-functional, it never says it was broken off the wall, the flood of radiation could have just been from other damages to the door that made the radiation seep through

  • louisjdr Louis Jolly de Rosnay (@louisjdr) reported

    @BethesdaSupport hi, there was a glitch in @Fallout 76 as I was exiting my power armor, I couldn’t interact with any items except pip boy and map, I tried losing weight dropping weapons to fast travel, that didn’t work, so I left and rejoined the server and lost all my weapons!

  • xRogueValkyriex ᘉᓰᘜᕼᖶ ᑢᓰᖶᖻ'S ᐺᗩᒪᖽᐸᖻᖇᓰᘿ (@xRogueValkyriex) reported

    @Fallout so I'm jumping back into fallout 76 and um I keep losing sound in the character creation menu. I'm on Xbox and this feels like a bad bug. Please help me fix this.

  • 2MovesCrew_Nepo Nepo (@2MovesCrew_Nepo) reported

    @Michael15214487 @EdenGames414 @Fallout Biggest issue is that we see all this new gear and npc etc but 0 new "boss enemies" so sending nukes to quuen hunt will probably still be the only end game boss...

  • ncrambassador Gerald just Gerald, not to be confused with Gerald (@ncrambassador) reported

    @DarkProphet9 @Fallout Honestly haven't have a problem with that, tho i do have Gunsmith 5 on.

  • Ninethie Ninethie (@Ninethie) reported

    @DaveLittler @Fallout Absolutely, it straight up doesn't fire, seems to only be an issue with the energy weapons, next time it happens I'll record it and put it here I've used them since launch and this bug has been in it for a while

  • BlaasErwin D O R W E N (@BlaasErwin) reported

    @jordanc007 @Fallout Always take the day after off, server issues may ruin your day off

  • peter_dozal Peter Dozal 🍐 (@peter_dozal) reported

    @GamingWithNuke @Fallout I would say wait for this to come out and see what people are saying about it. Every single thing they have released for this has come out a broken mess at launch. They also have a pretty shitty and anti-consumer business model so there is that.

  • IronDuckjcm The Duck of War (@IronDuckjcm) reported

    @FrankFirezzz @WoeWolf @Fallout Well we don't know it's bug free until we start playing it. I will say when Todd Howard's guys pushed 76 out it was garbage but since they gave it to Austin to fix Austin has done a good job. Now Austin shouldn't have had to do that in the first place but can't change past

  • Courier76_YT Courier76_YT (@Courier76_YT) reported

    @Final_Render @Fallout @bethesda wait I thought the conduit/rug glitch only worked with the rusty shelves

  • iKygoZx iKygo (@iKygoZx) reported

    @UndeadHunterWP @Fallout video won't play for me, constantly says error any time i try play it. not everything is as simple as it seems

  • TobyEll51689042 Toby Ellis (@TobyEll51689042) reported

    @Fallout Please fix the steam link 🥺

  • sakurasbitch_ jay the depressed human (@sakurasbitch_) reported

    @Fallout fix your shit game

  • wasteland_jesus Wasteland Jesus (@wasteland_jesus) reported

    @rmawesome500 @Fallout I think that’s just a ‘human’ problem... I didn’t invent calendars and years.

  • Whitewolf8784 The Whitewolf (@Whitewolf8784) reported

    @Fallout are you guys doing a update or something because my game is acting funky and normally I have no issues playing

  • PiLotTRr PiLot the Redox (@PiLotTRr) reported

    So there is a glitch in the game that makes Turrets Turn Hostile! It's been a thing for a while, but if you have pets it's possible the turrets will kill them. I haven't seen it happen, but I also haven't lost a pet since I stopped placing turrets. #Fallout76

  • drunkenassassi2 drunken assassin (@drunkenassassi2) reported

    @manofredearth @Fallout ah yes i'm salty a game i paid au$99.95 was not complete on launch that one of the first things they did was charge au$20 for the colour blue and instead of releasing wastelanders they delayed it then charged for a service on a game that everyone already paid full price for but

  • Skryan0ne Rocco (@Skryan0ne) reported

    @Fallout if you stop firing your gat laser you cant heal until the barrel stops spinning plz fix

  • SemioticW SemioticWeapon (@SemioticW) reported

    @jh_liam @breezy97593970 @Artisdead8 @Fallout The fact that they invited people who had issues with the game to the PTS ought to tell critics they're at least trying to make Wastelanders as good as it can be.

  • charlemange93 CNA Hombre (@charlemange93) reported

    @Fallout @FO4News Watch it come out broken

  • CrimZon_666 ⛧𝕮𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖅𝖔𝖓⛧ (@CrimZon_666) reported

    @luth_chris @Fallout Events are broken.

  • bob22959303 reddeadvet (@bob22959303) reported

    @Fallout Love the game, but the pvp system is broken beyond anything

  • kaizoku_obi Abiu Molina (@kaizoku_obi) reported

    @FrankFirezzz @Xioteg @WoeWolf @Fallout No it's not, they rushed out fo76 to make a quick buck. Releasing free dlc with no issues is the least they can do to repay us. You can say they've learned something they do that for another full price title.

  • nettrashman donkey_kong_rap.mp3 (@nettrashman) reported

    @NullHound @Fallout Seems more like a Sony issue than a Bethesda issue. Had no problems with this on PC when subscribed straight through Bethesda.

  • crizzonet cristofer (@crizzonet) reported

    @CanineSilver727 @NullHound @Fallout I cancelled mine with no issues. Just log into your PS account from a computer and manage your subscriptions.

  • haste132 Zappieroth (@haste132) reported

    @NullHound @Captainskagg @CanineSilver727 @Fallout If this actually happened which I doubt without human error then I would personally just charge it back to my bank account screw shit like that. No one is stealing money from me.

  • alex66185380 Alex Starling (@alex66185380) reported

    @Fallout Fix pc performance issues so I don’t have to do all this stupid unnecessary rubbish to get the game to kinda work 😴

  • BadMan_Grinch Pervi Senpai (@BadMan_Grinch) reported

    @JedTesdToad @Fallout Shiiiiiiid I would mind another Exp glitch 🤣

  • CryBlueofZ Lady BlackMonarch (Adamantoise) (@CryBlueofZ) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaStudios @InonZur you all think this is okay FIX THE BLOODY GAME YOU ARSES

  • MarkKeller1999 !!! (@MarkKeller1999) reported

    @DaveLittler @ABSanyal @GrumpyGamer101 @Fallout You never addressed how this may or may not be a predatory tactic in the marketplace. You never addressed why the grind of inventory management might press players towards subscribing to 1st. Also stop using customer service speak on me or this argument isn’t in good faith.

  • Potassium_Optic ErroR (@Potassium_Optic) reported

    @connorabruce @JimGamez2020 @Fallout @bethesda @InonZur I stopped playing because I finished everything where was to do a few weeks after launch. 😂 yeah it is a buggy ******. It had a lot of problems at launch but it’s a fun game regardless. And unless you’re playing on low graphics, it is aesthetically immersive.

  • _PizzaMan585_ Chris (@_PizzaMan585_) reported

    @Fallout I've yet to play 76 I think my entry point will be wastelanders release, it seems all issues have been resolved from launch

  • admiral_v Dev J (@admiral_v) reported

    @DaveLittler @Fallout @InonZur Maybe make a game that wasn’t broken at launch, not include a shop where you can buy shit with real world money, sell *** that includes a glass bottle and not plastic, make a better game engine, etc. I could go on and on

  • SuperLensPants Lens🎣 (@SuperLensPants) reported

    @grafby @mirrorlaunch ur playing fallout76 the broken dogshit ui is a feature not a bug

  • KindaLikeGloves Gage (@KindaLikeGloves) reported

    @FrankFirezzz @WoeWolf @Fallout Maybe if everything about this game wasn’t clearly a money grab. That’s the issue and it’s intentional

  • thedemondude01 Austin (@thedemondude01) reported

    @Fallout I tried to login multiple times to relink my steam account but the bethesda website keeps saying my password is wrong. I can log into the launcher but not the website. :(

  • joeyfreshlive Joey Fresh (@joeyfreshlive) reported

    @Nebulow @Fallout They were having issues with it, I think they said it was going to be available when wastelanders comes out

  • pixelpro234 Tomathan Sweenard (@pixelpro234) reported

    @SaarkinCho @Fallout Multiplayer isnt automatically bad. A lot of people really wanted an online fallout. The issue is that they did a god awful job making it.

  • TheBetterOfMe1 College Distraction Account #2 (@TheBetterOfMe1) reported

    @ABSanyal @moonbilge @Fallout @bethesda The tweet you responded to is criticizing people who constantly lash out at people who enjoy the game, and you said how dare they have an ‘opinion’. The opinion isn’t the problem, it’s the obsession with putting it down constantly

  • AMackillops MacKillops (@AMackillops) reported

    @YTShadowDown @DaveLittler @Fallout They had a vision, tried something new, and it didn’t work. Now they are trying to fix what so many complained about.

  • nightchade_2000 Nightchade (@nightchade_2000) reported

    @MattSwartSydney @Fallout That's fair, since Obsidian has OG Fallout blood in the ranks, and Bethesda doesn't. Tell you what, YOU just wait, and shortly, Bethesda will crap out another broken, bug-filled game on their broken, bug-filled engine.

  • __Bread________ ummmm Bread (@__Bread________) reported

    @admiral_v @Fallout @InonZur It is a difference, you are correct about them launching it broken. But you got to be glad they're fixing it instead of leaving it in to the dust.

  • admiral_v Dev J (@admiral_v) reported

    @__Bread________ @Fallout @InonZur You shouldn’t launch a game that’s broken. You shouldn’t take over 2-3 years to fix it. There’s a difference mate

  • __Bread________ ummmm Bread (@__Bread________) reported

    @admiral_v @Fallout @InonZur He does, but the thing is he forgets to say. Hey Bethesda knows this is a bug and are going to fix it. Another thing is that if something good happens to fallout 76 (a update fixing tons of stuff or hot fix) he doesn't cover it. He loves hating on the game cause it gets him views

  • Dragon20619569 Dragonsflame (@Dragon20619569) reported

    @Fallout Now all we need is free local/ nondedicated servers for the people that dont whant to buy your horrible excuse for a subscription based service to be able to play mods if and when they come out

  • PSlickens PIM_SLICKENS (@PSlickens) reported

    @Fallout Please fix the electrician badge challenge (power up a power plant) upon the release of wastelanders please. It's been bugged for a year

  • LukeHeichel Luke Heichel (@LukeHeichel) reported

    @Fallout Fix your game

  • Pyrobox_1 brainlet (@Pyrobox_1) reported

    @admiral_v @Fallout @InonZur I understand the problem with that, the last 3 years there have been a shift in game production where they release unfinished products and "hope" they are done in 1-2 years after release, there are many exampels of this:Fallout 76, bf5, battlefront 2, No mans sky, etc

  • SubnauticalE Subnautical Explorer (@SubnauticalE) reported

    @RubyAshtyn @Fallout @InonZur Unfortunately for me I wasn’t even using the glitch or matchmaking, I had tried logging in after taking a 4 day break to play Doom Enteral.

  • ltstonerrants Lt (@ltstonerrants) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaStudios Hope fully you fix some of the hacked weapons that shoot through walls. Tired of going to workshops and getting killed by lmgs with infinate ammo that shoot through walls.

  • Pyrobox_1 brainlet (@Pyrobox_1) reported

    @admiral_v @Fallout @InonZur Ive seen the video, and it is up to me to decide if i want to play or not, but by saying everyone who support this game are only fanboys is wrong, People are allowed to from theire own opinion on a game, i know about all the problems surrounding the game and its controversies

  • VoltaireSurge Voltaire Surge (@VoltaireSurge) reported

    @DottorHealer @Fallout @InonZur Yes. Its call the Secret Service Power Armor.

  • ABSanyal Amit Bikram Sanyal (@ABSanyal) reported

    @AlessandroVano3 @Fallout The last time they fixed any bug was in October 2019. Since then, all the patches they have put out have failed to fix ANYTHING, and ADDED more bugs.

  • ABSanyal Amit Bikram Sanyal (@ABSanyal) reported

    @AlessandroVano3 @Fallout There's basically just one QoL improvement, which is also useless. The new perk changes are trash and broken. Performance in new areas is piss poor. You are blinded by your love.

  • ABSanyal Amit Bikram Sanyal (@ABSanyal) reported

    @LittyWicks @AlessandroVano3 @Fallout Not my problem if your lexicon doesn't extend beyond simple words.

  • AlessandroVano3 MINECRAFT PASSION (@AlessandroVano3) reported

    @ABSanyal @Fallout If the bugs are in the known issue list that doesn't mean that they are major bugs

  • Cpt_Eggbeard Captain Eggbeard (@Cpt_Eggbeard) reported

    @n1ckfamous @Fallout To "fix" a trash game that should've had NPC's out to of the box. I got it for free and still refuse to play it any more. 5-10 hours wasted is all they're getting. 🤣 If elder scrolls 6 is even remotely like this trash, I'm giving up on Bethesda for good.

  • 142Nuka NukaCreeper76 (@142Nuka) reported

    @OlderGamers @BoswellDoddler @jeffcharest1 @WoeWolf @Fallout @BethesdaStudios Oh no im VERY aware that life is unfair, because its never fair. Dont you ever ******* assume that someone. Just because YOU dont have a problem, doesnt mean others do. Also, your telling me Bethesda giving people 500 of ever junk item in the game because they lost a stack of...