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Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service and software application. Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files.The service also supports voice and video calling.

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June 19: Problems at Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is having issues since 08:40 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • johnnyk1x Jσниич (@johnnyk1x) reported

    facebook messenger broken after their new update. i swear they don't even test the app before they update it

  • thetweetofmoon Sashi (@thetweetofmoon) reported

    @ipriyuu now serious answer: Consumers who use Facebook’s Messenger service, WhatsApp or a stand-alone app will be able to access Libra through a digital wallet managed by new Facebook subsidiary Calibra.

  • LoraxLeigh Kristin (@LoraxLeigh) reported

    Then, I got another email from @travelocity , claiming I had not made an attempt to contact them about getting my refund for the flights. To ensure yet another interaction was recorded to counter their false claim, I took to Facebook messenger to seek resolution to the issue.

  • ckindo74 Blueprint (@ckindo74) reported

    So this lady writes me on fb messenger asking for help.(mind u, I had been askimg her out bt she had been giving me the "let me think about it " line) . After persisting for about 2 months, I decided to cut the chase. Thread.

  • melanisugi melani sugi (@melanisugi) reported

    Delete from facebook: Done. Delete from blackberry messenger: Done. Delete from phonebook: Done. Delete from the heart: ERROR!! HAHA

  • XRPJESUS XRP Jesus (@XRPJESUS) reported

    @cash80122287 @XRPMichaelB The unbanked don’t have Internet access, so no Facebook. They also want fiat so they can buy shit like food and shelter. Apple has allowed owners of the iPhone to send money in Messenger for over a year, no one uses it. Ripple is still solving a problem that FB can’t with Libra.

  • arpan_roy Arpan Roy (@arpan_roy) reported from Annāram, Telangana

    @myvoltas Hi, I have tried to reach VOLTAS AC team in all possible way (Email/ Twitter/ Facebook/ Messenger/ Customer Care etc) but failed to get any positive reply. Hence, I have lodged a complaint for this issue in National Consumer Helpline – Complaint id 1393255. Thanks.

  • Quickswapp Brady's Riddell Helmet (@Quickswapp) reported

    @JessiStone @AndrewGilmanOK @steelyonsports @Eddie_Rado We are 6 months from 2020. Why cant facebook messenger figure out the random notification issue.

  • NerdGirlSarah Sarah (@NerdGirlSarah) reported

    @chuxley4368 @Marks_Tech @tldtoday @Jon4Lakers @thisistechtoday @googlephotos @Google @iAm_erica I use WhatsApp and fb messenger mostly. iMessage is great but it's locked down and that's stupid. I think they out apple music on Android, if they charged for iMessage on Android, they would make a killing.

  • wayne_g_holden wayne (@wayne_g_holden) reported

    Facebook messenger not working can’t answer any of message looks like I’ll be losing business thanks Facebook

  • nudes4pizza charlie (@nudes4pizza) reported

    It doesn’t help that this exchange is happening over fb messenger bc despite us having one another’s numbers they continued to message me on fb and I felt too weird to change it over

  • csmith4210 Charity Martin (@csmith4210) reported

    @roberttexastech Oh, jeez - LOL - no! I started getting a bunch of spam-y weirdness on FB so I pared it down to my immediate fam, removed Messenger & generally just stay off of it lately. Def no offense rcvd or intended back at you. Pinky swear.

  • grizzlyman10193 Brantly (@grizzlyman10193) reported

    @messenger please fix this issue I recently updated today Facebook messenger app to version 220.0 after receiving the update when it loads up it crashes on the iPhone X I would like to talk to my friends and family again

  • dododrome big depression energy™ (@dododrome) reported

    @ichigomlkk just get off fb lul, i only use messenger— no issues thus far

  • CryptoG20 CryptoG20 (@CryptoG20) reported

    I very rarely login to Facebook. I don’t have what’s app, messenger, or Instagram. So the Facebook token Libra has no use for me. I like and use Bitcoin. $BTC 😎

  • melanisugi melani sugi (@melanisugi) reported

    Delete from facebook: Done. Delete from blackberry messenger: Done. Delete from phonebook: Done. Delete from the heart: ERROR!! HAHA

  • compleatang Casey Kuhlman (@compleatang) reported

    Facebook's problem amongst the FAANGs is that it doesn't have hardware and until now it hasn't had a hook to get it's grubs on money. Retail p2p transfer over WhatsApp or Messenger is very likely to displace CashApp, etc.

  • nikthezombie tyranNIKal (@nikthezombie) reported

    My dad's ex who has substance use issues sends me stuff on Facebook messenger daily. Today she sent me two messages and a picture of her #mute

  • J3nRa1n Jenny  (@J3nRa1n) reported

    @ItsNoahEvans @DylanMcD8 How to solve this problem: Delete Facebook and FB Messenger. This isn‘t the only thing that‘s fixed after doing this :)

  • 360worldtravel7 Mihai Daniel Marius (@360worldtravel7) reported

    Facebook's Calibra has been registered with the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to operate as a money service business (MSB) in all 50 states. Calibra has a digital wallet planned to be compatible with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

  • SpankYouSilly Laura the Human 🤦🏻‍♀️ (@SpankYouSilly) reported

    @ATTCares I have now spend TWO days on the phone, sent a long explanation of what happened on FB messenger and now you here on Twitter wants to help, or do you want me to exhaust myself to be told "so sorry, so sad" all over again. $120 in fees and all these hoops. Not to mention the (c)

  • ehosein19 Elyse (@ehosein19) reported

    @peacecollectiv3 been waiting on my exchange confirmation (submitted June 10). Contacted customer service via Facebook messenger yesterday (June 17) and haven’t gotten a response back either!

  • absivi Abby Villavicencio (@absivi) reported

    Been trying to connect with @CebuPacificAir via fb messenger and twitter but got no response. Need to book a flight. Please help!

  • absivi Abby Villavicencio (@absivi) reported

    Been trying to connect with @CebuPacificAir via fb messenger and tweeter but got no response. Need to book a flight. Please help!

  • Cosmosis Josh Rose (@Cosmosis) reported

    Facebook's internal logic befuddles me: FACEBOOK: Our user base doesn't trust us. We need to fix this. ALSO FACEBOOK: Let's release a messenger app for kids. ALSO FACEBOOK: Let's release a home video chat device. ALSO FACEBOOK: Let's release a cryptocurrency.

  • webRat Todd Rafferty (@webRat) reported

    Angry red counters are so overused these days. I have a red `1` counter in Facebook Messenger that I cannot resolve because as I follow the red down the rabbit hole, it eventually goes away, leading me to a dead end with nothing to resolve.

  • VGBC_GimR GimR @ E3 (@VGBC_GimR) reported

    My GF sent me a Facebook Messenger video call request and for some reason I could see her video and hear her audio before answering but she couldn't see or hear me. @facebook you might want to get on top of this. Seems like a pretty bad privacy issue.

  • WandaScott2019 Wanda Renae Scott (@WandaScott2019) reported

    radio codetalker games, building social media from ground up,I sent every dept at harvard i could find emails for trying to get help,they came they saw they STOLE. Kept stealing years ,finally stole 10 years of my FB !Then I read they bought msn spaces-messenger & shut me down

  • Chloweenie Wee (@Chloweenie) reported

    help. it's been 3 days since I installed messenger as well as facebook for school works and now I can't get any work done :(

  • poojamk15 pooja | luxury muse (@poojamk15) reported

    @Ln1885 Bfsnbdsbsh it's terrible for anything other than Twitter or FB Messenger :(

  • melanisugi melani sugi (@melanisugi) reported

    Delete from facebook: Done. Delete from blackberry messenger: Done. Delete from phonebook: Done. Delete from the heart: ERROR!! HAHA

  • Jaypers413 J.P. (@Jaypers413) reported

    Ok. Just got off with @Milb's Facebook Messenger - they are aware of the lack of Gameday links in the DSL/AZL scores, and are working to fix it. In the meantime, you can access box scores after each game ends, FWIW.

  • DillonHeinrichs Dillon Heinrichs (@DillonHeinrichs) reported

    @J_Stechschulte Facebook messenger is another huge issue

  • arundathi9 Arundathi. (@arundathi9) reported

    Is Facebook messenger where broken people go to drunk text

  • BerniesBack2020 Christopher Jackson (@BerniesBack2020) reported

    @companiontoowls I mean... I don't want her to die. I want her to stay in the Senate, endorse Bernie Sanders, apologize for her past actions & help us pass a progressive agenda. But I certainly don't want her sending spam to my Facebook messenger.

  • Jaypers413 J.P. (@Jaypers413) reported

    @billazbbphotog I've been chatting with Milb's Facebook messenger account off and on this season. Already let them know about the lack of AZL box scores; hopefully they'll fix this asap.

  • AgentOrren AgentOrren (@AgentOrren) reported

    @galgitron @XRPMichaelB @Xrp4A @MatthewLINY @XrpBoy @Fame21Moore @stephenchip @BakkupBradley @digitalassetbuy @BankXRP @C3_Nik But you can already send money on messenger, fast and easy. You can use a card or paypal. It's also instant already and free. It will probably help facebook do it cheaper on their end but idk

  • Jaypers413 J.P. (@Jaypers413) reported

    @FireLeagueKim @MiLB I've contacted Milb's FB messenger account about this; hopefully they'll fix it.

  • silver8shade sei unica 💫 🇭🇹 (@silver8shade) reported

    So I notice this boy posted a picture with his arm cut and he’s probably going through depression. I opened fb messenger to ask if he’s okay and I notice I asked him about the same situation in 2014. Sad to say he don’t get the help he needs and hopefully he gets better :(

  • icyitaly Hey Icy ❄ (@icyitaly) reported

    Really frustrated with Messenger right now. My gosh Facebook, fix this!!! 😭💔😠

  • hipstershedevil kendall 🐰 (@hipstershedevil) reported

    @666noodz @dob_008 @KingxAnt Service was so trash 😤 I’m terrible about giving my number to people and exclusively use FB messenger to communicate and I def learned my lesson for bass canyon bc I didn’t see half the people I wanted to 😭

  • JoshCarlascio Josh Carlascio (@JoshCarlascio) reported

    @facebook you really need to rethink your Facebook jail policy, not being able to add people or use messenger is downright stupid. I get not being able to post, but when you let people get away with terroristic comments but ban someone for using word ********** we have a problem.

  • DonaldRichard Don Richard (@DonaldRichard) reported

    @andrewchen I wrote this using the premise that Facebook would be better served placing Groups in Messenger as a way to grow social commerce on in that product, given how much commerce takes place in (or because of) Groups. Now Facebook as doubling down on Groups as major pillar.

  • ztxrepublic Zulu Republic (@ztxrepublic) reported

    Issue on Rewards not showing via Facebook Messenger and Telegram has been resolved.

  • saveurtiger janie (@saveurtiger) reported

    @unusu_aly And when I threw a fit he suggested using FACEBOOK MESSENGER help

  • jaci_morgan Jaci Sims (@jaci_morgan) reported from Dayton, Texas

    Here’s how to get your FB back!Go into your messenger app and click the icon with your pic on it. Scroll down to account settings. Click personal info. and update your emails, phone numbers, etc. Then you should be able to get the confirm. code to reset your password for FB!

  • najihahysff 👠👠 (@najihahysff) reported

    It is at this hour that I always remember you. I just close my book and put my head on the pillow. Take out my phone and scroll down my facebook feed. Check on the Messenger and I saw it again, that you are online.

  • melanisugi melani sugi (@melanisugi) reported

    Delete from facebook: Done. Delete from blackberry messenger: Done. Delete from phonebook: Done. Delete from the heart: ERROR!! HAHA

  • gharbeia Amr Gharbeia (@gharbeia) reported

    @MarietjeSchaake No. After my purge, I found I only need email, a (static) website, Twitter (lists for news), and a private messenger or two. The scary part wasn't closing public profiles like Facebook and LinkedIn, but counting every single other service I signed up to over the years.

  • yungkashe ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ𝙡𝙖𝙨 𝙫𝙞𝙧𝙜𝙚𝙣𝙚𝙨 (@yungkashe) reported

    facebook mf down nd messenger too yall dont hmu here lmao wjkwkwkw

  • CTPFowler Pamela Fowler (@CTPFowler) reported

    @TilerSupport ticket number 1856838. I’ve tried email, FB messenger, Facebook, and now Twitter to get someone to legitimately respond. You have my money, I don’t have my package. Fix it.

  • prit2110 Pritesh Shah (@prit2110) reported

    @flipkartsupport Your support team does not even respond to questions asked on Facebook messenger! You’ll are assuring me to resolve my issue! Pathetic!

  • ElizabethF_BGU Elizabeth Farrar (@ElizabethF_BGU) reported

    @HannayJeremy We had this issue and the policy was ignored. Some used FB messenger as well as email. It’s distressing for office staff to open such communications, particularly in a small school with a tight knit staff. In one instance we ended up involving the community police. Good luck.

  • Tim7504618823 Tim75 (@Tim7504618823) reported

    @talk2GLOBE Hi I would like request for repair service for acct. # 877751856. As previously mentioned (in facebook messenger), we had no globe internet/telephone since MAY 24. Troubleshooting suggestions did not work . Thank you.

  • ookyokaki ookyokaki (@ookyokaki) reported

    @_mzarif Hi! Please contact our customer service team via Support in the ookyo app, or ookyo's Facebook messenger. Thanks!

  • melanisugi melani sugi (@melanisugi) reported

    Delete from facebook: Done. Delete from blackberry messenger: Done. Delete from phonebook: Done. Delete from the heart: ERROR!! HAHA

  • _taylornicole Taylor (@_taylornicole) reported

    @FreedomMobile let me just express the fact that I’ve been spending EIGHTY dollars a month to CALL and TEXT people off of Facebook messenger for the past year because your service sucks so bad. I will recommend any phone service EXCEPT for freedom. I want out of this contract😡😭

  • WesternMastery Sean (@WesternMastery) reported

    Someone hit me up and asked if learning/selling set-up FB messenger bots is worth it. I'm not an expert with it, but from what I know, yes. - You're improving customer service - Businesses can directly get more sales - It's a blue ocean Businesses would pay for that.

  • fauxfurs bodega cat enthusiast (@fauxfurs) reported

    I spent half an hour helping my dad update his facebook messenger app, itunes email, etc. That is my service on this day of fathers

  • kae_lake Pretty, Fucking Strange. (@kae_lake) reported

    My best friend just messaged my POS, dead beat baby daddy "Happy Father's Day" on FB messenger. She couldn't help herself apparently. I'm dying! 😂😂