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  • vishalsinghjain
    Vishal Singh Jain (@vishalsinghjain) reported from Gurgaon, State of Haryāna

    Just deleted #trash #facebook from my iPhone @facebook #terrible #battery #hog unbelievable over 28% use of battery in 24 hours even when not using app @apple ban #fb from App Store

  • EvansNjomo
    🇰🇪Evans Njomo© (@EvansNjomo) reported

    This issue of waving and waving back, I don't get the logic!!! @facebook

  • GeekCollage
    Kim Lazenby (@GeekCollage) reported

    @GWillicker8 @BaddCompani @ChiefCovfefe @RealMsFeathers @karolcummins @facebook @Twitter I listen to almost everything, except country, I can't stand the twanginess or boring slow jazz.

  • BaddCompani
    Badd Company (@BaddCompani) reported

    @GeekCollage @GWillicker8 @ChiefCovfefe @RealMsFeathers @karolcummins @facebook @Twitter The goal was to conquer the World. First get the entire World on Then fix the problems. You see where they're headed. Self regulation is an aberration.

  • GeekCollage
    Kim Lazenby (@GeekCollage) reported

    @GWillicker8 @ChiefCovfefe @BaddCompani @RealMsFeathers @karolcummins @facebook @Twitter Totally agree on that. I actually like social media, but as a developer it angers me that these jerks COULD fix their flaws, but choose not to. I hate lazy development practices. And for something like this, absolutely irresponsible.

  • themoko
    jessica powell (@themoko) reported

    @jt_kostman @Extra_Legal @BradRubenstein @karaswisher @finkd @sherylsandberg @facebook Don't think it's the same but not interested in fighting. I have gas masks to go hunt down..

  • andthatalso2
    George Eubanks (@andthatalso2) reported

    @facebook I do not have a cell phone and can no longer login to my account. Thank you so much as your crappy service was driving me to drinking.

  • CAFirePets
    California Wildfire Pets (@CAFirePets) reported

    @a_melruiz @mklitt @Air15Warrior @facebook @Barbi_Twins @barbiesway @PayLab1224 @BSpinerFanClub They did resolve it for two of us, the co-founders & for several others but it looks like it's not working for everyone. I'm just glad I am unblocked. ~ @ChrissyMorin is on the loose again! #CaFirepets

  • jesusmireles76
    Jesus G. Mireles Jr. (@jesusmireles76) reported

    Is anyone else having issues with there @Instagram and @facebook mine are #crashed let me know please. #Instagram #Facebook #down #crashed

  • PhoenixRichard
    Marketing Sociologist (@PhoenixRichard) reported

    Don't believe what you read @instagram is not down becuz Hailey Baldwin changed her #Instagram to Hailey Bieber According to @facebook Instagram is down becuz of George Soros

  • SharronSmiley
    It's Mueller time (@SharronSmiley) reported

    Shut down @facebook. They have done nothing to fix the problems they created.

  • payalarora9876
    Payal Arora (@payalarora9876) reported

    @AmazonHelp @amazon @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @JeffBezos @facebook @Twitter was told to wait for 24hrs as the issue is already escalated so it could taken 24hr to resolve the issue but it's not yet resolved even you're saying to wait for 3-4 days more Wowww great service Amazon

  • aaronbuckner
    Aaron Buckner (@aaronbuckner) reported

    @Facebook is such a bottom-feeding, lowlife organization. Shut it down.

  • Lawlerpalooza
    Jesse Lawler (@Lawlerpalooza) reported

    @chrismichel @finkd @sherylsandberg @facebook A fish rots from the head, as they say. I'm sure the vast majority of people there are good and well-intentioned. But the leadership has made (then doubled-down on) dishonest, dangerous choices with world-historical consequences.

  • seanieb
    Seanie B. (@seanieb) reported

    @caseyoppenheim @KyleJudah @alexstamos @facebook There are A LOT of good journalists that are terrible at covering tech. There are even fewer journalists that can cover security in a competent manner.

  • Weatherman436
    Devin Biggs (@Weatherman436) reported

    Just an update, my @facebook account is still down. That is causing me to have no access to at this time. My prof. page is also affected. I have no idea when it'll get resolved. I've tried to contact them without success so far. I will continue to work on this until it's fixed.

  • mtrdevinbiggs
    MTR. Devin Biggs (@mtrdevinbiggs) reported

    Just an update, my personal @facebook account is still down. That is causing me to have no access to my other page at this time. I have no idea when it'll get resolved. I've tried to contact them without success so far. I will continue to work on this until it's resolved.

  • caseyoppenheim
    Casey Oppenheim (@caseyoppenheim) reported

    @seanieb @KyleJudah @alexstamos @facebook BTW I realize blowing whistle is no small thing. But it’s also pretty heavy ethical lapse to defend corp or stay quiet and make millions while users are being exploited, terms violated, and laws possibly broken.

  • seanieb
    Seanie B. (@seanieb) reported

    @caseyoppenheim @KyleJudah @alexstamos @facebook To be clear. The Cambridge Analytica scandal wasn't a was a a TOS violation...this is part of the problem.

  • GarethpBarry
    Gareth Barry (@GarethpBarry) reported from Firhouse, Leinster

    Ugh. @facebook this new messenger GUI is terrible. There’s minimal/simple but in this case its downright nonsensical abstraction. Deleted.

  • GarethpBarry
    Gareth Barry (@GarethpBarry) reported from Firhouse, Leinster

    Ugh. @facebook this new messenger GUI is terrible. There’s minimal & simple & this case the downright nonsensical abstract. Deleted.

  • VickyMeppen
    Vicky (@VickyMeppen) reported

    @facebook @chatzkvh Hi Chetan. Don't ever, EVER, trust this terrible company with your personal information. This company is run by psychopaths with zero regard for your personal privacy or protection. They're very bad people who are ONLY interested in selling your private information.

  • seanieb
    Seanie B. (@seanieb) reported

    @KyleJudah @caseyoppenheim @alexstamos @facebook I'm sure the pilots are to blame for all airline crashes too... Do the smallest bit of research on either issue and you'll understand how dumb your take is. Also, and this may shock you, but companies like Yahoo don't provide their security departments with enough resources.

  • 2beps3
    Steph Benoit (@2beps3) reported

    @wiczipedia @PostOpinions As a coder, I'm sad that focus of @Facebook issues remain concentrated on impacts vs. intent. YOU STILL DON'T GET IT! Before IPO the, "product" was a service. To accommodate IPO, the "product" became a clandestine effort to use the service for intelligence gathering & espionage

  • AndreaTheiss2
    Carla Browning (@AndreaTheiss2) reported

    @gatewaypundit @dalecanfixit @facebook That will not take their problems way. They created them.

  • IndivisibleNoFo
    Indivisible North Fork (@IndivisibleNoFo) reported

    @Alt_LeeZeldin @CongressEthics @RepLeeZeldin @leezeldin @facebook Mr. Romatowski is a real peach @RepLeeZeldin @leezeldin. That you allow such abuse of your constituents by this man is a disgrace. Especially since you have no issue “disappearing” comments that do not advance your position. That means you knowingly leave this abuse up.

  • nick_lashmar
    nick laszmar (@nick_lashmar) reported

    @GWillicker8 @WarfareNavel @NTKNet @definersdc @AmericaRising @facebook @LouiseMensch Well, so long dude. Life’s is full of people you won’t agree with, that is no big deal. It’s also full of people that don’t judge abilities by the same metrics as you. No issue. So hide away and get really really angry. All the best buddy. Engage man, your opinions matter.

  • michaelerowland
    Michael Rowland (@michaelerowland) reported

    @facebook please fix your terrible iOS 12 app. It will not load more than 2 or 3 posts in the news feed. Even if I force close or uninstall it retains the same bad behavior.

  • _cathcarter
    Catherine Carter (@_cathcarter) reported

    I hate @Facebook. It is a terrible platform and no listens to the users about what we want.

  • geoffgraber
    Geoff Graber (@geoffgraber) reported

    @jt_kostman @karaswisher @finkd @sherylsandberg @facebook Companies are like people. They exist despite the people currently there. Culture reflects the company’s essence, Incl its shadow. The leaders create the culture. We should hold the company and the leaders responsible and require both to fix the problems and make amends.

  • netbuoy
    Marc Grober (@netbuoy) reported

    @dlvrit @dlvrit_support Seems like every six months we have to deal with some new @facebook created disaster. We are going to have to figure out a way to be able to signin without using Facebook as this is simply unacceptable.

  • saifsangour
    Saif Sangour (@saifsangour) reported

    @facebook I have account and i cant login because i change my number and u send every thing in my email and i cant login. I have page for my work, please help me and thnk u

  • MudanClub
    Fairy MuDan Fans Club (@MudanClub) reported

    @fredericg @michaelpotuck Pls @tim_cook be smart little ass @AngelaAhrendts we won’t get iPhone this year or few year @theapplehub @abreusnett @UnboxTherapy don’t panic if market slowing down relax @AppleSupport  will gain like @Honorglobal this trick to eliminate @facebook for our data @EdmundJHiggins

  • MudanClub
    Fairy MuDan Fans Club (@MudanClub) reported

    @fredericg @michaelpotuck Let iPhone market slowing down first maybe very slowest to eliminate @facebook its will be very slowest market but one day will gain Gain again trust me said @theapplehub @abreusnett @tim_cook later @petalsnap to eliminate facebook , instagarm already quit Facebook alone

  • MudanClub
    Fairy MuDan Fans Club (@MudanClub) reported

    @fredericg @michaelpotuck Bullshit @facebook says @petalsnap @tim_cook @lisapjackson @AppleSupport  will win one day but not now let iPhone slowing down first to eliminate @Facebook pls be smart to save our data @Honorglobal @tim_cook @enki74 @EdmundJHiggins to save our data I’m happy instagRam leave

  • truesolivagant
    Kevi/\ - Kعwan☕☕🐾 (@truesolivagant) reported

    There should be an 'appear offline/online and sign in/out' options for whatsapp @WhatsApp @facebook

  • GWillicker8
    G. WiIIickerᵴ (@GWillicker8) reported

    @WarfareNavel @nick_lashmar @NTKNet @definersdc @AmericaRising @facebook @LouiseMensch You “seam” to have problems with spelling in English, Nick.

  • financegrunt
    Michael Murphy (@financegrunt) reported

    @facebook Good afternoon, I am having an issue with marketplace. My account has been placed under review for the third time in the last month. I have been selling the same product (homes) for a very long time and never had an issue. Please advise how I can get this resolved.

  • MudanClub
    Fairy MuDan Fans Club (@MudanClub) reported

    @Thielspotting @Thielspotting why no one have same thinker as me we won’t get iPhone this year because we want eliminate @facebook whom stealing our data @tim_cook @AngelaAhrendts @LauraLoomer maybe later @AppleSupport  not worry lor iPhone slow down not long time only few year @theapplehub

  • themutante
    Yossarian S. Cück (@themutante) reported

    @VicBergerIV @JackPosobiec @infowars @facebook @TwitterSupport @instagram Keep fighting these *******, Vic. It's really demoralizing that many of them have Twitter as a platform to spout their pish. You can bring them down!

  • joshdavisss
    Josh Davis (@joshdavisss) reported from Cleveland Heights, Ohio

    @MarkZuckurberg so you’re either lying about what you knew or so out of touch with your own company that you have no idea what media/pr companies you’re hiring. Either way technology won’t fix that @facebook

  • T38_Driver
    Bartman 01 (@T38_Driver) reported

    @latimes @latimesopinion I agree with the stated genesis of the problem, but think it's problematic to call for McCarthy-like truth committees to police @facebook, @Twitter etc - readers need to self-police sources of info they read/ hear; if you don't know the source, don't believe it's necessarily true

  • Annmajkrzak
    Ann Majkrzak (@Annmajkrzak) reported

    @SharkTankABC I keep Reading on @Twitter & @Facebook! R involved w #products & R not working I am shocked that #Sharktank team would #allow their #REPUTATION belittled!Now I read about #JetPro for #ED problems! Again #SHARKTANK ! Is it A PRODUCT THAT WORKS OR AGAIN WORTHLESS!

  • DrMiteshTrivedi
    Mitesh Trivedi (@DrMiteshTrivedi) reported

    @facebook Please stop your #fakenews notification number that tells me i have 10 notifications then drops down to 1 or 0

  • mister_harder
    Evan (@mister_harder) reported

    @danielselbywade @facebook At this point, I just want to be able to access my pictures and contacts from the past 15 years. I'm happy to clear out if they don't want me using their platform, but not having any user support for issues like this is ridiculous.

  • janpaksh
    Janpaksh India (@janpaksh) reported

    We are facing issue in @facebook. Data speed too slow on mobile network @JioCare, @Airtel_Presence and @VodafoneIN. If all network is facing same issue that means there is some issue in @facebook datacenter.

  • jd2b1999
    ErikaJBoardman (@jd2b1999) reported

    All of these stupid hackers, believing they’re so smart, might want to brush up on 18 USC € 1030 Computer Fraud & Abuse Act Peeps thinking they would get away w hacking a dead user’s @facebook account, creating a fake memorial page, get it shut down by @Facebook #delusional

  • watermosaic
    Jacob Lefton (@watermosaic) reported

    Today is a rare day when I can't possibly tell you who I dislike more: @microsoft (Windows 10 - worst thing about my new computer) @Google (your new inbox is hell) or @facebook (your entire platform is terrible) - but I'm locked into all three with no good alternatives.

  • DahliaWUrban
    Diana Waldhuber (@DahliaWUrban) reported

    @skywhitetiger @facebook @instagram This is terrible! They should know the difference between a hack and someone who's into this crap. Hope you get them to fix this, quick.

  • sharonsingh07
    sharon singh (@sharonsingh07) reported

    Is @facebook is down in India or only I'm facing some issue .

  • SachinKoparde
    Sachin Koparde (@SachinKoparde) reported

    @facebook Facebook needs a PWA app like twitter , Facebook UI is outdated and slow , lite version is most horrible social networking app on play store

  • adriansimsjr
    Adrian Sims Jr. (@adriansimsjr) reported

    It has now been over 14 days and still no notification from @facebook that my page is shut down .. #why

  • fredericg
    Frederic Guarino (@fredericg) reported from Santa Monica, California

    @facebook will keep on denying and denying but the fix is in when a top agency calls you out publicly has having no morals. In this era greed is NOT good, alas Zuck seemingly has no knowledge of history, propriety etc. Quite a sad sight to behold.

  • mgallagherUSA
    Mary Gallagher (@mgallagherUSA) reported

    @JayAllenMusic @facebook Im so sorry to hear that your mom passed away. Your tribute to her months ago has helped to reduce the stigma associated w this sad disease. I'm so sorry for the pain in your heart. May she smile down on you + propel you forward!

  • nancyjbriggs
    Nancy Briggs (@nancyjbriggs) reported from Denver, Colorado

    Leaders 1st priority are customer. Clearly @Facebook is unaware of this. Leaders have to make tough calls. FB’s needs 2 put FB in maintenance mode. Develop crisp marketing messages of responsibility & quality. Own it, be transparent & fix it. Come back stronger. @sherylsandberg

  • animebubbleeyes
    Anime Bubbles (@animebubbleeyes) reported

    @facebook I have been reporting a problem and it has yet to be fixed. I need answers. Please help

  • AsturianWarrior
    ⚔️Asturian Warrior⚔️ (@AsturianWarrior) reported

    @chuckschumer takes $38k to slow walk concerns about @facebook censorship. Corrupt piece of shit scumbag #ChuckSchumer is exposed

  • theotherelise
    whatever (@theotherelise) reported

    I deactivated my @facebook Wednesday with plans to delete fully soon. I hardly miss any of it except that I'm apparently terrible with names and used fb to look them up. One more way the internet has ruined my brain! 🙃

  • I0S_IT
    IOS IT ANALÒG 阿古斯湖 (@I0S_IT) reported

    why application @facebook error

  • unjoanqualsevol
    Joan Montané 🇨🇹🎗️ 🏴󠁥󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@unjoanqualsevol) reported

    @facebook, Catalan uses · (U+00B7 Middle dot) as a diacritical sign, always between two L's. Note: L·L vs. LL There are people with #L·L at name or surname: Avel·lí, Gal·la, Marcel·la, Marcel·lí, Nel·lo, Bril·li, Al·lés, Rul·lan... But FB rejects L·L at usernames! Please, fix it