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March 04: Problems at eBay

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  • OrangeManBad22 Christine Merliss (@OrangeManBad22) reported

    @eBay You pandering fools. Did you think this would be a good move? You're going to effect the livlihood of your sellers. Your company is already having issues, so this was your response? I've been thinking about bailing to another platform, looks like you pushed us into it. LAME!

  • CurlyWolfBoy1 CurlyWolfBoy (@CurlyWolfBoy1) reported

    @TrollKing9001_ @benshapiro Sure, but now we have Ebay taking down people trying to sell these same books. All over "offensive" imagerh

  • Coachmiller23C C. Miller (@Coachmiller23C) reported

    DR. Seuss has been removed from ebay. Mein Kampf can still be purchased. I guess no one sees a problem with this. At some point we need to actually learn from history instead of preaching about it.

  • KindOfGuapo Kind of Guapo (@KindOfGuapo) reported

    @MarkFrassetto @conor64 eBay announced today that they're going to shut down all of these auctions.

  • MegaDMX2 Donte Morgan (@MegaDMX2) reported

    @eBay You bunch of *******. Instead of growing a pair and keep the Dr. Seuss's book in sell and tell these sjw freaks "Get so 'offended' by these books, don't buy them since this never were an issue in the first place'. Just show how pathetic you are.

  • dontmisquoteme j.brand (@dontmisquoteme) reported

    @kai_maherr @HobbyConnector @sports_sell Upside down!?! Ebay 1 of 1 error cards? investment🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • bigjerf005 BIGJERF005 (@bigjerf005) reported

    @sjaycoulter We owned 12 Dr Seuss books. “Booked” a 1900$ profit on ebay before they shut all sales down. I still have several books by Stalin and Goebbels listed. No bids.

  • BrettFraser Brett Fraser (@BrettFraser) reported

    @kfippin 8 bucks per card to get graded I believe. I'm just selling mine on eBay right now, ungraded. Same card I have is going for $580 graded. I have gotten two offers of $110,120 and turned them down. Will let you know sale price for difference between graded/ungraded

  • pollylevygmail1 pollylevy@gmail.com (@pollylevygmail1) reported

    @AskeBay yet the item specifics they require are "size" and in the listings the size is a variation so I can't just list one!! I have communicated this SEVERAL TIMES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND I EITHER GET A CUT AND PASTE RESPONSE . This is an error on the eBay platform.

  • RichJMoney ⚜️RichJMoney⚜️🇺🇸🇦🇲🏳️‍🌈 (@RichJMoney) reported from Eagan, Minnesota

    RichJStatus: Depression has reduced. Diabetes is in check. Have a few new minor health issues. Knee still sucks so I’m getting a handicap placard. Finances are still tight. eBay is slow, need to restock. Sleep is marginally better. Stress is maxed. Still need a real hug. Thanks.

  • photographiliac Rob Kelley (@photographiliac) reported

    @AskeBay Need to speak to someone about being reimbursed for the fraudulent charge.I could care less about the buyer he already got my refund.I contested this as “Buyer Fraud” but was told by eBay I still had to credit the buyer before I could issue my claim.I’ve done what I was asked.

  • onedimental onedimental (@onedimental) reported

    @MichaelRapaport Help me out here - the publisher deciding not to publish those things, and EBay deciding to do this - aren't they within their rights to make those decisions? There a whole lot of things EBay refuses to allow listings for, but now suddenly it's a problem? I really don't get it.

  • user14201 Craig (@user14201) reported

    @MichaelRapaport More than likely Ebay doesn't have an actual policy on them and people are "abusing" the reporting system to make an issue where none exists. The reporting system is likely automated to some degree and people know how to manipulate it. Just like Twitters reporting system.

  • RagingImpotence Giuseppe Pangallo (@RagingImpotence) reported

    @KenWood74817117 @australian That doesn’t change the fact eBay is block the sale of a children’s book, but you can sell Mein Kampf without issue.

  • minervas_muse Minervas Muse (@minervas_muse) reported

    @behaviorben @christianjbdev I felt that way about the estate pulling it but now ebay looks to be cracking down on resellers and that's where it's starting to get a little weird

  • joebell1786 State Champs Sports Cards (@joebell1786) reported

    @CardsJakes @HobbyConnector I can’t use eBay 🙄 my debit card got hacked and when I updated all my accounts I missed a payment on the bay. Need a pc to fix it and I live in the woods

  • LindseyCreated LINDSEY 👩🏿‍💻 🕯 (@LindseyCreated) reported

    I failed at @advocate_studio once — shut it down for two years to figure out how to restructure my business for nonprofits with board meetings that stall my process 😭 And @massovermatter was years old and only popping on eBay until the support black business wave last summer.

  • daybreaker Tweetin Quarantino (@daybreaker) reported

    @OnanRulz I think the only place is ebay for the DVD. I have a friend who put it on his plex server, and after 2 episodes of the new series, I made Candice watch the 94 miniseries first. The 94 miniseries definitely has its cheesy spots, but overall is much better, even today.

  • satust Josan Satust (@satust) reported

    @anonfmresident @AUChizad Ah so you admit that he's right? You've gone from claiming the Seuss estate demanded they be taken down (false) and now you're saying eBay has every right to take it down (true, but nobody's arguing they don't have that right). 🤡

  • jeffqchen Jeff Chen (@jeffqchen) reported

    @AndehX This was the first broken OG PS1 I've ever had. I've had like 6 of them. And I only buy "for parts or not working" ones from eBay.

  • bjgarcia27 Brayden Garcia (@bjgarcia27) reported

    I was feeling a little down last week and browsing eBay for something to cheer me up. Not sure why the thought of owning a 35mm film projector popped into my head but it did. So, the searching begin.

  • BrandonSchwedes Brandon Schwedes (@BrandonSchwedes) reported

    @thenewsjunkie Does this mean the thousands of other items on eBay being sold at a premium possibly due to due to a death are coming down as well 🤔

  • SEASolicitorCJS CJS (@SEASolicitorCJS) reported

    @AndrewSmithJD @TheAgeofShoddy Definitely an issue with their trying to have it both ways. They benefit from people having the illusion that it's Amazon or eBay selling all the goods (more consumer trust = more sales), but want to disassociate from all true related liability.

  • japecake japecake (@japecake) reported

    @jessesingal There are currently 10 listings on eBay for a 78 r.p.m. record called "Bake Dat Chicken Pie," in which part of the refrain is literally the n-word repeated over and over—but no problem! The inconsistent, panicky, cowardly, responses of corporations to these things are appalling.

  • NickKazos Nick Kazos (@NickKazos) reported

    @primetimesc2 You could always require a minimum star rating for your bidders in the future - it’s a big problem on eBay these days in general.

  • Aelkus https://tinyurl.com/shibewall (@Aelkus) reported

    @AlanMCole its purely reactive. ebay could in theory enumerate every single historically malign book (mein kampf is obvious but not singular) or it could merely focus on enforcing stuff that is most likely to get it in trouble

  • Aaaa77580108 Aaaa (@Aaaa77580108) reported

    @hiandlois @jessesingal On that, Mein Kampf has no trouble circulating. This whole situation strikes me as Penguin Publishing and Ebay going for woke points

  • pjrData Peter Robinson (@pjrData) reported

    @Tskrlj @crazypill I send that article to everyone on ebay who lists medium format cameras or film as 120mm. some of the responses are really aggressive but most just say thanks and fix the listing

  • OliverJia1014 Oliver Jia (オリバー・ジア) (@OliverJia1014) reported

    I’m not against acknowledging that Dr. Seuss contains imagery that hasn’t aged well, but I don’t think eBay wants to go down this rabbit hole. There are countless books that would be considered “offensive” to 2021 sensibilities. Excising them though isn’t the answer.

  • coppingengine motion (@coppingengine) reported

    @caseyjonez_ im just mad at ebay's selling policies after they took down my iphone with flappy bird on it years ago...