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November 14: Problems at eBay

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  • GameReaper187 Ga♏e Reaper 187 ❌®🅿️🔝🌚 (@GameReaper187) reported

    I have come to the conclusion that the #xbox @xbox #x019 controller listing never worked. I may be wrong, but I haven't seen a single successful purchase posted to Twitter. Nothing but error messages. eBay scalpers are providing 0 proof they have a real order. Garbage. I'm pissed

  • Not_Just_Tired Not Just Tired (@Not_Just_Tired) reported

    🗓 Just to let anyone know that has purchased a calendar, that there was a security issue with eBay & so they temporarily suspended my listing. All sorted now & so please rest assured if you have placed an order it has not been cancelled & I will be posting it tomorrow.

  • alatami1 Mika Alatalo (@alatami1) reported

    @Chill_Like_Me @Xbox And the prices in ebay or about double or something like that. I still have controller in shopping cart but crashes to same error still... not gona be up whole night trying to do that buy. It is gone for me 😕

  • Matthew_Wadley Matt 🇦🇺🇨🇦 (@Matthew_Wadley) reported

    @CRIMS0NGUARDX @shieldsjames @SweetMicga @MicrosoftStore @Xbox @XboxCanada oh damn! I hope they fix it and since it's limited I bet few will end up on ebay for a high price

  • YeOldeAutosport Ye Olde Autosport (@YeOldeAutosport) reported

    @chrisphillips76 @jclelandracing @RobbGravett @timharvey7 You madman. 😬 The prices for issues on ebay are ridiculous.

  • weaponxtra WeaponXtra (@weaponxtra) reported

    Hrm...realising I might need to plunk down money I currently don't have on a comic to complete a bonus segment to a review I just finished is not fun. At least it's significantly cheaper then when I realized reprints of Detective 27 are $50+ on eBay...

  • coldsteeldeath Dantera (@coldsteeldeath) reported

    @quit_everything besides losing one of em at the gym and having to buy a replacent one on ebay for almost $50 I’ve had no problems with them for almost 2 years but when they do go on me I’ll probably just get a nicer, cheaper, better diff bluetooth headphones

  • VCSPe SF (@VCSPe) reported

    @DamCou Possible this is released now to distract from the letter to the Guardian saying don't vote for Corbyn, he's an antisemite. Which to me suggests that by a week on Thursday they'll be selling the Queen on eBay as their menagerie of dead cats comes down to the bares bones...👀

  • ItsBenderific David Landrum (@ItsBenderific) reported

    @Xbox gotta day I’m really disappointed I couldn’t get a X019 controller today. Between you me site taking forever to load, inability to log in and slow loading times I missed out even tho I had it in my cart. Way to drop the ball for real fans of xbox. Most are on eBay for 300

  • cazzrhughes Carolyn Hughes (@cazzrhughes) reported

    @ImIncorrigible @UKLabour Ffs, Labour did this back in late 00s. Free laptop with a 12 month broadband dongle. Many of the laptops claimed went onto ebay the next day. Keeping the libraries open and their computers is a better use of funds. And benefits payments are too low. Fix that.

  • aaaamhim Obi (@aaaamhim) reported


  • kikinokc IAM A NATIONALIST (@kikinokc) reported

    @jjauthor @garthbrooks @trishayearwood i did, ebay pulled it down, said its illegal to sell their DL. ... i have his college love letters, His graduation pics, his granpas mitt who apparantly played at Notredame ill post some photos of him in sec

  • techtvrocks Shane (@techtvrocks) reported

    @pressreset @THEJATMN @eBay I hate buying replacement parts (crap i cant buy anywhere else) and they end up being in worse condition then the broken part im trying to replace. Ebay has turned into just sellers of worthless junk.

  • saunts_ Titos🏁 (@saunts_) reported

    Saving up all my eBay money for the down payment on my first rental property

  • mr_extRODinary Maybe: Rod - "idk love... we building” (@mr_extRODinary) reported

    @Reachin__Dreams Lmaooooo I’ve went through eBay 3x and never had issues. But I feel you. ****** be scamming 😂

  • wtfdoyoucare4 NAME CANNOT BE BLANK (@wtfdoyoucare4) reported

    @gixxerfool @unsuckEBAY @AskeBay @PayPal @eBayNewsroom @Elliottmgmtcorp @eBay This buyer and @ebay both have chosen the wrong victim this time. Terms of service do not apply when a law is broken. This buyer committed theft by not returning the accessories and the return was through USPS which makes it aggravated mail fraud. Shit is going to hit the fan.

  • FossilLocator Fossil Locator (@FossilLocator) reported

    I lost my Neopets account when I tried to sell several million neopoints on ebay. Apparently they are militant about making sure no one sells neopoints and had my auctions shut down and neopets account locked within hours (ya, they got ebay to give them my email address).

  • Sa_Mi_NaMe_ ✨6 Months, hoe✨🤰🏾💙 (@Sa_Mi_NaMe_) reported

    I need to setup an ebay account 🤔RT @TA_850: My Disney+ login for sale 😂

  • babifying bᥲbყ ᥕᥙᥒᥲ 🍼 (@babifying) reported

    amazon is terrible company but what i like about them is that they usually include import (customs) in shipping costs. ur pay like $40 shipping but u wont have to worry about customs. i never saw ebay do that for an example

  • ChrisStirk Ma Simpsons 🎪 🎪 #MadAsHell (@ChrisStirk) reported

    @melz_thename @damongreenITV @sturdyAlex Ebay fine as that is small sellers selling on their platform helps wee shops stay open. If you use Amazon can I ask you to go to the other sellers shown down the right hand side rather than buying direct from Amazon.

  • klawlessxo Katie lawless (@klawlessxo) reported

    @eBay have the worst customer service agents known to man, one of them actually started laughing down the phone when we called them for help!!!!

  • Dorazahi Z/C 9.2 (@Dorazahi) reported

    Ebay owns PayPal and there is a major problem with currency conversion scam I just wonder who is getting the change in trillion dollar scams because I was surely ripped off 185.** charged and transaction cancelled and money refunded 177.** where who has the rest of the money!!!

  • QueenDanii_x Daniela Castro🇩🇴 (@QueenDanii_x) reported

    I have so much in my shopping cart on eBay I think I have a problem

  • JayCraft153 That kid who points out boomers being hateful. (@JayCraft153) reported

    @d_widget now to find a vive set on ebay were the headset is broken.

  • FuriusFu FouriusFu (@FuriusFu) reported

    @sallylepage post it on ebay or craiglist, if it’s really old or broken, electro trash, also there are computer repair shops n nerds who collectvor utilize it for parts.

  • bumblebeetuna84 Justin Broccardo (@bumblebeetuna84) reported

    @eBay go pound sand eBay! You guys are terrible! No customer service skills at all!

  • shin0hama i aint it, chief 😔 (@shin0hama) reported

    @itskindred ive resorted to buying an ancient military issue one off ebay which is actually way cooler

  • amyewilkins Amy (@amyewilkins) reported

    @OurLadyPeace The Kneel Down and Obey shirt from 1998. I lost my original but found another on eBay

  • CandiceMellor 🇨​🇦​🇳​🇩​🇮​🇨​🇪 (@CandiceMellor) reported

    @GriffinSHVPES @eBay_UK I went through a similar issue. Warning: Transcom will incessantly start calling you at all ridiculous hours. I had to keep blocking the numbers. I ignored them all and they went away eventually but they still can kiss my arse. I don’t use eBay anymore because they are shit.

  • galleryantiques Gallery Antiques (@galleryantiques) reported

    @Wikiworm1 I sell more modern books and occasionally older books on Amazon, never had any problems, and not one return either. The only problem with amazon is higher fees than etsy and ebay.

  • Christo96733567 Christopher Newman (@Christo96733567) reported

    @CapehartJ While the unindicted co - conspirator tries being clever as a 2 bit mobster, POTUS is making instructional videos on how to own, shake down, run US pres as foreign asset. For the "low rent" "shit hole countries" outside of Moscow center loop. USA on eBay.

  • kiraIeigh KIRA LEIGH (@kiraIeigh) reported

    2: I want to play X game. X game is 900 years old. I once owned X game, but it was lost to the annuls of time. X game is no longer in production. I could go buy X thing for $200, which does not go to devs or anyone but the ebay person. Or I could pirate it. Service problem.

  • ArcadeperfectYT Arcadeperfect (@ArcadeperfectYT) reported

    Sold an item for parts not working on ebay and some the buyer is able to open a return saying: "its not in new condition" and i have to pay for a return label be wary of listing as parts not working, it makes no difference, you are still open to a return all the same #ebay

  • benfolsom Ben Folsom (@benfolsom) reported

    As I transitioned from 'buying all the bikes' to buying all the parts and building my own bikes,' I acquired more than a dozen vintage wheelsets. Some were just fine, others had frozen and rusty spokes or other issues, like all things eBay, it's a crapshoot.

  • NikiYounie Niki Younie (@NikiYounie) reported

    @jerseygirluk59 Haha I've got to find someone first!! You.csnt buy a fiancee off of eBay, that's the problem!😂😂

  • RCoat13 RedCoat13 (@RCoat13) reported

    @JoelKatz @PayPal We are having terrible time with @PayPal atm. Selling unwanted items gifts on @eBay yet PayPal wants receipts of these items. Some of this stuff is years old they just do anything to make it as complicated as possible to give you your money

  • SchenectaDana Eat Up Albany! 🍗 (@SchenectaDana) reported

    @fallwestmike I also never got the gummi bear figures I sent away for from whatever cereal was giving them away. Eventually bought a set from eBay. I guess I have more gummi bear issues to work through 🤣

  • graphiar Graphine (@graphiar) reported

    @ConsoleLogLuke You really outta make it clear that Cellular doesn’t work and you can’t sign in to iCloud or Apple. Guarantee you people are gonna complain asking why they don’t have service. I can only see this being useful for iPods or to **** with a spare iPhone off eBay.

  • FeddiUp (((Feddi Up))) (@FeddiUp) reported

    @momsanteeks @eBay Better be careful. I heard there is a war on Christmas! The cops may be breaking down your door an my second for this!!! Or cute display.

  • NascardRadio Val (@NascardRadio) reported

    @AllTimeBrewers @WatchTheBreaks Part of the problem is if you want to be a top eBay seller you have to have tracking and there's no tracking with PWE.

  • highlyevolv3d Gavin (@highlyevolv3d) reported

    @Official64Mate @timson72 @nintendolife Nice! my gold N64 was from Japan off eBay in box almost new. I bought one of those 3D printed cartridge slot trays with tabs removed to play all NTSC games 👍 solves many problems.

  • meldh Dr Melanie Dymond Harper (@meldh) reported

    The number of Ebay sellers who say that the item is in the UK and who then are mysteriously slow to ship it -- because really it's in China -- is beginning to get on my nerves.

  • Superdry_Care Superdry_Care (@Superdry_Care) reported

    @MarkDempsey8 I am sorry to hear you have faced these issues with your eBay purchase, could you please DM me your purchase information and I can get this passed over for you.

  • LeanneS101 Leanne (@LeanneS101) reported

    (2/2) you just wash your hands of it and tell me to contact Royal Mail. I didn’t enter a contract with Royal Mail. The seller should be doing this. They have my money, I don’t have the item I paid for. First time I’ve had such a problem. eBay are useless. Thanks for nothing

  • tamewhale Gavin Logan (@tamewhale) reported

    Bought a table off eBay. Arrived with no fixings, no instructions, just four legs and four planks of wood. I could have cut down a tree by myself, mate.

  • Darka2000 Very Stable Genius* Darius (@Darka2000) reported

    @AskeBay I have, been selling on the platform for years. Although it sounds decent, de-facto cust service setting is “issue refund now, see what happens” resulting in loss of postage/ FVF expenses, and that’s a substantial amount for expensive items. #ebay “not as described” #scam .

  • marounnn_ Moon (@marounnn_) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    people need to stop bringing me their technical problems, like no i don’t know why your stupid ebay phone case delivery didn’t arrive

  • jmdarley James Darley (@jmdarley) reported

    Top marks to @Argos_Online eBay store. I took advantage of a promotion and an eBay code when I placed an order. It's been stuck in a "Preparing your order" state for a week. After chasing them, it appears that there's been a "system error" and they've *just* cancelled it. 1/2

  • EthanHarpNews Ethan Harp (@EthanHarpNews) reported

    @KPCCsharon @militantangleno @HeraldExaminer @eBay BTW, I’d love to see the issue that went out the day before — the afternoon update that first reported the closing. The SO LONG, L.A.! was put together with a few extra hours notice, of course, and as I recall had little jokes like C-YA for page C1.

  • Wikiworm1 Wikiworm (@Wikiworm1) reported

    @galleryantiques hi, I currently sell my stuff on ebay, and thinking of Etsy, but just seen your post about micromanagement. What are the main issues

  • MysticalSkins Mystical Skins (@MysticalSkins) reported

    @War_3_ @stern_man That just proves that age limits only work when they are enforced. Personally, I drank more as a toddler, begging for little tastes, than I do now. When the authorities decide to go after sites like Ebay,and crack down on C-stores, we'll see that change.

  • RetroRam RetroRam (@RetroRam) reported

    @V3n0m777 When I ordered ten ps2 games from them, via eBay I think, 6 of them we’re scratched to the point of not working right. Without difficulty they resent them all, and again with a couple of the second batch that were still bad. Sadly people treat their stuff like shit.

  • ArtistCarolina The Artist Carolina Teresita ✡️ (@ArtistCarolina) reported

    I don't know what is happening. But on the 1st eBay took $75 out of my account now it's not even a month later but said I owe $45 will deduct it They took the first set out. So I am having problems with eBay fees or double billing. Can't find a number of course..

  • drmattdambrosio Matthew D'Ambrosio™️ 🦃 (@drmattdambrosio) reported

    Luv 2 purchase a BB-8 @lecreuset mini cocotte and get an order confirmation but THEN a week later be told it was purchased via website error and also am told it’s out of stock never to be restocked and now they’re reselling on eBay for over $100 capitalism is a prison

  • nervousrabbit86 nervousrabbit (@nervousrabbit86) reported

    @eBay get your picture problem fixed asshats. 🙄

  • rickestrada some guy 🍩☕️🏌🏻‍♂️ (@rickestrada) reported

    @JoshHrach @Zolotkey Yeah but I mean, you could also buy a cheap/used 2U Supermicro server in eBay with an E class Xeon and a few drives for about the same price tho. You’ll just need to replace all the fans if you want to run it in your living space and not go deaf lol

  • serephita Serephita (@serephita) reported

    @WarChief96 I might see if I can get the back issues from TFAW, I don't trust EBay lol

  • Sainaph Naphsatou (@Sainaph) reported

    Can’t find an item I sold on eBay I’m about to turn the whole house upside down 😭

  • TimKellyAdl 💧🌿✈️Tim Kelly (@TimKellyAdl) reported

    @the_AEMC @eBay @Airbnb First, the basic rules around who can buy and be allocated renewable electricity, its use, lower scope 2 & 3 emissions, must be addressed in law such as in the NGER framework. The double/triple counting is disgusting. GHG Scope 2 Protocol identifies a contracts/residual mix fix

  • Jamwa Jam (@Jamwa) reported

    Or I can take the punt & try spending $12 on a third party replacement battery off eBay. Problem is I've no idea if battery acid leaked into the motherboard or anything.