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eBay is a multinational online auction website that facilites online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. eBay is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items and again when those items are sold.

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September 19: Problems at eBay

eBay is having issues since 12:40 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • CoyTod Tod Coy (@CoyTod) reported

    @PayPalNews @PayPal @MadMoneyOnCNBC @jimcramer @worldpay I think ultimatly companies such as @Ebay are already looking at alternative methods to @paypal as they are clearly dragging @Ebay down with them as things stand.......

  • Karlarl184 Karlarl (@Karlarl184) reported

    @Skelfmeister Aye a pal I used to work with down south contacted us out the blue asking if wanted it. He’s had the full set from Danbury Mint and was flogging the rest on eBay for mental prices

  • DJGaryBaldy DJGaryBaldy (@DJGaryBaldy) reported

    Polite message sent asking for postage back on the broken item from eBay... Nowhere in the listing did it say it was broken.

  • Dannylin3141 Danny lin (@Dannylin3141) reported

    @AskeBay Hey, I just got an email syaung someone changed my eBay account email address. I just tried to sign in and didn't work. Please help

  • BNellyNelson Nelson (@BNellyNelson) reported

    @NotPegasus @aHTracT_ well you are in the wrong business now arent ya buddy. Analyze your career, if skill isnt the issue well guess what needs to change. I can link you a good used saddle on ebay I just got one last week

  • jordan_nojordan harley jarvis (@jordan_nojordan) reported

    @ElFunkaRama @MykaFox @sammavs lol yeah way to backtrack from being wrong about motorola to now saying the only way to not support child slavery (which gives you the right to criticize comedy) is to buy broken ass phones off ebay

  • TheKyrianne Kyri Lorenz 💀🏳️‍🌈 (@TheKyrianne) reported

    @JonRisinger Sometimes, when I'm feeling really down, browsing through high-end miniatures on eBay makes me feel better. Even if it's appalling that a tiny piece of furniture for a dollhouse can run you upwards of a hundred dollars, if it's made by certain companies.

  • iamjustgaabe Gabe (@iamjustgaabe) reported

    @DRUMRIMLICKER I’ve never done it but it happens to be people with anger issues,my ex said it was because he didn’t have a punching bag and he didn’t want to use me as one,the next week I got him one off eBay

  • BigScissors Big Scissors (@BigScissors) reported

    @ourtradingcards @CrackinWax @cardboardicons @huntsaa7 @ChecklistsforUS I've had a few push it pretty far. Had a guy once fold a patch auto in half so he could return it. Guess I've just been lucky with ebay so far but if you don't back down I find it works out.

  • jgilbertmedia John Gilbert (@jgilbertmedia) reported

    Hi @eBay and @eBayCanada. The automatically generated recommended details section of a listing needs to go. It’s wrong 90% of the time and takes more effort to delete items than even putting them in. Please fix it.

  • im_uname imaginary_username (@im_uname) reported

    @JSterling8 @derose @BobMcElrath @NelsonMRosario You can settle for a factor of two, or 1.5x as recent ASIC development seemed to have slowed down, permissionlessly on eBay.

  • DarrenShupe Darren Shupe (@DarrenShupe) reported

    @olivia8k I see the Library of America down there. Otherwise, it looks like someone bought a Franklin Library bulk lot on eBay.

  • BrendonIrwan Brendon (@BrendonIrwan) reported

    I found a Sony Discman D-121 in a barely-working condition. Most of the eBay listings were "for parts or not working." Its pickup mechanism has a mechanical issue, but plays when placed on a particular slope. I may have a replacement mechanism from my broken D-202.

  • KatiePackers Katie Freeman (@KatiePackers) reported

    @eBay Yeah, unless health problem.

  • lil_wikipedia Lil Wikipedia (@lil_wikipedia) reported

    In October 2013, Reddit user sirderpenson posted about a BIC lighter that, when lit, had a flame suspended above the lighter. He then listed the lighter on eBay, drained of butane. The auction reached bids over $100,000 before getting taken down on October 30, 2013.

  • the_real_bz Bill (@the_real_bz) reported

    @SteveZarelli @eBay Longtime eBay seller here...had this happen a lot. eBay used to care about this & take action. Now they say any pix you post on the site becomes property of eBay & you’re SOL. A rep might promise to issue a warning but ultimately they’re probably not going to do anything.

  • Tyjos84 Tyjos (@Tyjos84) reported

    @iggaryv @IronApostle @dragon_fortress @GRIP_86 @BattleArmorDad1 @borgoftrekkies @badmojo013 @80sForNow Well I've had lousy luck finding exclusives or reissues here at the local walmart and I don't go out to shop that often so ebay is great to me for finding good stuff. I need to get a Triple T Tank body that has an unbroken Joystick since the one I bought has a broken stick.

  • tech_gooroo Tech GooRoo (@tech_gooroo) reported

    @saileshsays @unsuckEBAY @AskeBay eBay does have some issues with how they handle feedback. It is possible for a malicious buyer to make a purchase, have the order canceled and still leave negative feedback. They will address the malicious feedback but it takes up to 2 weeks.

  • ColtonSJ_ Uh (@ColtonSJ_) reported

    @max_the_ripper @wizards_magic Well I’m sure eBay would Eat it up. I constantly ponder selling my comics but I know I’ll regret it down the road

  • billyfaefife billy84 (@billyfaefife) reported

    @cyclingweekly I bought solid tyers from eBay but you don't get the studs to fix them onto the wheel rims,is it safe to use them without the studs.

  • SchizoChris Chris (@SchizoChris) reported

    @pulte At this point find whatever semi working laptop on Ebay, try to fix it, and hopefully I'll be able to start having income again and keep building towards my nonprofit

  • lockatron Andy (Wallie) Wall (@lockatron) reported

    @eBay_UK @AskeBay - NOBODY is liking eBay right now as it's NOT working!! It's such a mess and I know a lot of fellow sellers are not making many many or any sales! Time to leave the sinking ship of eBay methinks.

  • Lofi_Vibes LofiVibes (@Lofi_Vibes) reported

    @theunawarewolf In a week or so try ebay or mercari iv gotten the few i missed for under $30 there. If you wait that week the price's should go down

  • drleatongray Sandra Leaton Gray (@drleatongray) reported

    @Independent Wrong EBay category in the pull-down menu. And then realising too late and not wanting to compromise your 100% feedback score.

  • nocurtains raymond navarro (@nocurtains) reported

    @layajospe oof raf sent one down for calvin klein before— they’re floating around an XL on ebay

  • karen_wallee Wallee (@karen_wallee) reported

    @MHarrison13 That's terrible but sounds like it's becoming more common which is such a shame. I covet the proofs I get & feel privileged to receive them, profiting from them like that is just wrong. I hope eBay take it down.

  • PaulHolliwoode Paul (@PaulHolliwoode) reported

    @rocketqueenlisa I don't. Thinking about tracking one down on ebay to cannibalise, though!

  • Megaflare08 MegaFlare08 (@Megaflare08) reported

    @smugmagicalgirl I had to refund the customer due to a wacky address issue. When it happened it charged me a little under $6 bucks, not including the 'service fee' when selling through ebay. The service fee was $4.

  • LikeABloss_er Kyle (@LikeABloss_er) reported from Toledo, Ohio

    @VictoriaIdoni @Apple I just bought a refurbished pixel 2 xl from ebay for 200. The older models have gone down in price thankfully. I buy all my phones from ebay

  • amy_davis412 amy davis (@amy_davis412) reported

    @loveIytaron I ended up paying $55 for this issue via eBay. It best be mailed in diamonds 🤪😝😜

  • Uncle_Jody Jody Hicks (@Uncle_Jody) reported

    @retrodabbler @Console5dotCOM @eevblog @atari This unit was purchased broken from eBay. The u38 was blown out and one of the traces was damaged. So, it’s just a small jumper wire to replace the damaged trace. Not very elegant, but functional.

  • PurityCE PurityCE (@PurityCE) reported

    @NonstopSuperguy @Gamecheat13 Been buying from them for 7-8 years and only once or twice within that time something like this happens but eBay is quick to help you resolve these issues offering your money back and keeping their item if they don't take it back.

  • _m_a_n_d_o_v Armando Vincenzo (@_m_a_n_d_o_v) reported

    @eBay y’all have terrible customer service. Terrible.

  • Jacktotum Cody Prince (@Jacktotum) reported

    Loan me a board he bought on eBay a long time ago. All other components work still (thank goodness) but the case was too small and I had to take the power supply out of the case and put it on top. Also, I can’t shut down my computer (the psu never turns off) it just keeps going.

  • __goldeeeen m. (@__goldeeeen) reported

    My eBay not working 😩

  • billthirsk Bill Aitken (@billthirsk) reported

    @ViewFootballMag Any tips for how to search for Issue 2 on EBay on Friday night, because if you search for ‘View Magazine’, it comes up with hundreds of items!

  • neilawebber Neil Andrew Webber (@neilawebber) reported

    @sarahbevan11 @ChrisLewisLee No problem , i’m having a fair amount of success using ebay to sell prints online, better than etsy

  • lockatron Andy (Wallie) Wall (@lockatron) reported

    @Pizaahousepeggy @AskPayPal @PayPal @eBay .@AskPayPal @AskeBay - to be honest, they're both as bad as each other. SHOCKING SERVICE ALL OVER!! Definitely big problems going on!

  • damonheller Smoke N’ Scan (@damonheller) reported

    @ChecklistsforUS The only problems of have on @ebay is having ppl pay in a timely manner and ppl not leaving feedback because of laziness! That’s what I’ve encounter.. #ebay #problems

  • thegmyard The GM Yard (@thegmyard) reported

    2/ We buy Junk GM Cars, test the parts that are good on them, tear down the cars and sell those used parts. Currently all sales are on Ebay. The website is currently under construction and it will eventually be finished.

  • lockatron Andy (Wallie) Wall (@lockatron) reported

    @eBayUK_news .@eBayUK_news - It should be around 6% now as eBay's system is not working as it should be! Time to kill that virus so we can all get back to earning some money! My sales have plummeted to almost 4 sales per day, used to be 30 - 40 per day! SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!!!

  • collectotron Collectotron (@collectotron) reported

    @retroaktive10 They were definitely great at the time at least now thanks to Ebay and other online selling sites we can get the original issues the only reason I got this instead was because issue 1-4 are way more than I'd want to pay for them

  • zeh Zeh Fernando (@zeh) reported

    If anyone needs any proof why @ebay is losing ground to competitors... 1. I created an account do sell an used keyboard 2. I sold the keyboard without any issues 3. My account got suspended/locked without explanation immediately afterwards

  • SportzJunkie69 The6ix (@SportzJunkie69) reported

    @SubwayOperator @Humphrey03Pat I have yet to sell anything on eBay since that happened. Only way I can think of protecting myself if by charging more for shipping/tracking even on the cheapest of cards which will be harder to sell then or I just take a pic of each card number I send if theirs any issues I can

  • damonheller Smoke N’ Scan (@damonheller) reported

    @AllTimeBrewers @zlerner1991 @ChecklistsforUS I’ve never had an issue with eBay making me refund money EVER! I’ve only got 300ish transactions but not one return of a card or money!

  • danieljmckee Dan McKee (@danieljmckee) reported

    @BeyBeeBea @MooseAllain I occasionally buy and sell vintage toys and somebody tried to sell me some broken transformers I’d sold on eBay 4 months prior

  • bobbyjmain Bobby Main (@bobbyjmain) reported

    @AskeBay hi, why is it that when i try to relist one item, i'm able to but when i try to do a bulk relist, i get an error message that says "Your eBay account does not meet the requirements to sell on eBay." i've already sold multiple items so this seems like an ebay issue.

  • Latinogar Garboo_3000 (@Latinogar) reported

    @AskeBay having trouble reporting an undelivered item I purchased through the app, seller not responding and I’m having difficulty contacting eBay to resolve the issue, app not helping

  • aryehj Aryeh Jacobsohn (@aryehj) reported

    Word to the wise: @NETGEAR won't honor warranties for products purchased on @eBay — even if new. For example, it won't fix months-old R7000P routers that spontaneously brick themselves. 👌🏼

  • HisImprlMajesty Dizzle (@HisImprlMajesty) reported

    closed ******** down she using ebay

  • startimeash Ashley Allen (@startimeash) reported

    @Lisamboo @ClippedHussar @JenniThorburn @NeilOutOfTime @agirlcalledlina @Ciara87C @PostcardHQ @AmazingShambles Just clicked through to their eBay shop and I actually think they might have been telling the truth about the 100K+ customers - 60K+ feedback. Plus over 300K+ postcards listed for sale. Someone had to photograph 300,000+ postcards. No wonder they have issues...

  • inakizi Inaki Zuloaga (@inakizi) reported

    @MLE_Online @TooManyScooters For a project I once bought a bunch of projectors from eBay. When the bulbs are broken they sell the projectors for a few bucks. Is pretty easy to extract the LCDs from there. Typically 3 monochrome LCD but very high resolution

  • ChrisMurphy201 🔶Revoking article 50 increasingly likely‏ (@ChrisMurphy201) reported

    @MumbrianSpinner Looks like an easy fix - look up specs, £2 of bits via ebay. In a couple of days I'll have a new shitty TV! ;)

  • BaldyRadio Baldy Radio (@BaldyRadio) reported

    Hmmm it didn't say it was broken on the eBay listing yet its turned up in 2 parts.... I guess there will be carefully crafted feedback left.... Its not worth the hassle of sending back... or do I put in a refund request...

  • lockatron Andy (Wallie) Wall (@lockatron) reported

    @karansethi_ks @eBay @AskeBay .@AskeBay Same here, I think they have a very large influx of disgruntled buyers and sellers as their system is continuously going wrong and is broken, in a bad way, I think! 🙄👌

  • FoxCoverQuay Ian Le Reynard Argenté (@FoxCoverQuay) reported

    @TheGasMan1985 @RailwaysEast @railssheffield Aye ebay is full of overpriced stuff. Beware the big retailers too, many models have damage as I found with a Hornby D5512 with the cracked body issue...

  • sunflarehobi bri (@sunflarehobi) reported

    i’m selling my lys in seoul tae pc on ebay because i decided to collect jin’s. the starting price is $35 and free shipping but i’m willing to go down quite a bit just because i understand those prices for pcs are if interested :)

  • RoxyinBrogues Rox Smith (@RoxyinBrogues) reported

    @Lauren_Bullock1 @thehighlowshow @MegWolitzer @dollyalderton Got myself a second hand copy on ebay as encountered the same problem!

  • RaptorJesuss Darion G 🔜 TwitchCon (@RaptorJesuss) reported

    @Olipringle_ It was a Canon T50 which apparently is a bear to fix. I’ll get it fixed eventually because I have sentimental attachment to it now for being my first film camera buy but damn, just my luck. The one I got on eBay has been CSA’d.

  • daveoli Random Dave w/no authority or relevant exp. (@daveoli) reported

    @Vanalli @Ryn_writes Just saw some message on reddit telling people if they have a broken Kindle, look for Vanalli on ebay to unload it. :p