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  • thelionmachine Lev Mirov (@thelionmachine) reported

    If you want to buy artsy pointe shoes NOT FOR DANCING, google "dead pointes" on etsy or ebay, these are worn-out shoes used by dancers for cheap, can also be used to figure out your size/fit/maker before plonking down that hot hundred-some. POINTE IS FOR TRAINED DANCERS ONLY.

  • studdard2018 Studdard2018 (@studdard2018) reported

    @StadiumLites OK no problem. Just going by comps on ebay.

  • ReginaldKonga Reginald Konga (@ReginaldKonga) reported

    I'm glad the console is $50 used on Ebay these days, but I really wish I hadn't lost those save files. Also, I used up a lot of funds during Christmas, so I probably can't play any Wii games until spring unless I break down and use the backwards compatibility of the Wii U.

  • merliviaswift Emily❁ (@merliviaswift) reported

    Currently: stalking eBay for old Taylor concert tour tees I look terrible in yellow but that yellow Fearless one is so cute! It's a good thing it's $150 because now I won't buy it 😂 The black one on the other hand 👀

  • KoriClemons_ Kori Clemons (@KoriClemons_) reported

    @eBay uh I have an issue that needs to be resolved

  • tuherrus ellu (@tuherrus) reported

    @spookylita to be true a lot of them had either factory mistakes or were broken somehow on ebay BUT THEY'RE STILL PRETTY

  • ____LP____ LP (@____LP____) reported

    @F4HSuperGT I put my broken TV on eBay. Little Turkish fella came and bought it off me for a fiver. Better than nowt.

  • 1972wilksy Chris Wilks (@1972wilksy) reported

    @hmvtweets Your website is unusable. Just tried to find Nirvana vinyl (hardly obscure) and nothing. It took one click on Amazon and eBay. It's not hard to see why you nearly closed down. You need to up your game

  • romimarketer koen pauwels (@romimarketer) reported

    @andrewceverett @bruceclarkprof MEME: model-experiment-..we estimate a model with all potential drivers on your past data and find out that e.g. paid search doesn't add anything (e.g. for eBay). Next we shut down paid search in a field experiment to verify. Now we have better data to model synergy & duplication

  • dianasaladpot handsome sack of fat (@dianasaladpot) reported

    @hexpositivee I got on eBay without issue. It makes me a zombie so I don’t, instead I buy Tylenol from eBay instead and get that fine

  • andrewball01 Andrew Ball (@andrewball01) reported

    @karcheruk It's the old pulsing issue on standby - you know the one: Google it. Cheap parts, under-engineered and over-priced - I'm fed up of your junk - sold on eBay for spares. I'm not interested in anything you're offering unless it's a refund.

  • _Fran_J Frances (@_Fran_J) reported

    Having problems with an eBay seller, an Etsy seller, a clothing website and three men (none of whom are in my life, but making contact to try & return; once you’ve gone, you don’t get to come back)!

  • SandraMJdev SandraMJ (@SandraMJdev) reported

    @HervyPaws Prices are kind of the same! We'd get a better deal since euro is stronger than dollar, but ebay is a little bit less prevalent than in USA so shipping is always a problem. And aw, that would be much appreciated!

  • HervyPaws Lucky Emblem (@HervyPaws) reported

    @SandraMJdev Awww. Yeah... it can be costly. But there are some affordable used parts! Specially server processors on ebay. and such.

  • bottomkookie press △ to sora⚡️🚀thunder geek☕️⚡️ (@bottomkookie) reported


  • Mx_Yikes Mx. Yikes 🤖 (@Mx_Yikes) reported

    @cloverfieldsart GDI my laptop is already broken and I need a portable drawing device 😭 maybe I'll scour eBay. Crossing fingers for a good tax return.

  • deuceohsixx Mister Jones (@deuceohsixx) reported

    If you are an ebay buyer wondering why you got blocked by a seller for asking a question. Some of the reasons: - You have a history of leaving negative/neutral feedback. - The seller somehow got spooked in the way you asked the question indicating a potential problem buyer.

  • AdamTheDumbass adamTDA (@AdamTheDumbass) reported

    I hate when people use the excuse “I don’t remember my login” when they don’t want to play a game. If you don’t wanna play just say so. I don’t remember my eBay password and just send myself a text code every time I log in. So it’s not an excuse.

  • kelly_naimepas Kelly (@kelly_naimepas) reported

    @charlieboy1981 @CampbellGraham7 @Craggleswick @issues @KyleBertrand4 @irnbru bc they're all adding sweeteners and you can tell because it will taste gross or of chemicals or just different obviously. I suppose you might have to know what it tastes like and care lol. But buying cans on eBay and stockpiling it lol that isn't fake either

  • j4son34 Jason (@j4son34) reported

    @Bill_Esterson @vincecastells @ATCMUK @ACS_LocalShops Only high end shops can survive these rents, therefore footfall will continue to fall as the many are having to find cheaper alternatives. Ebay China 2wk delivery. Fix the imbalance of wealth & make work pay & secure, people will spend, they did before.

  • MJCarnie Michael Carnie (@MJCarnie) reported

    @hielocogpa @chrismcquarrie Quality, I managed to track down the same make and model of top loader we had when I was a kid on eBay, the drawer opening and button noises sounded exactly the same. Pure childhood

  • Cellz_gr33ne Cellz (@Cellz_gr33ne) reported

    They closed back page down she using ebay 🗣🗣

  • DosCobertizoz TwoSheds (@DosCobertizoz) reported

    @jennyeclair It's a sludge trap, they are removable for cleaning, if it doesn't clip back in check for damage and get another off eBay if broken. Throw a couple of kettles of hot water in the bottom of the dishwasher to help clear stuff then start it up again

  • polyroller Ronald E Smith (@polyroller) reported

    @Hyperionpdx I found one on eBay a little while back that I almost got for under $70, but someone sniped it out from under me This is gonna get ugly before it’s resolved, this problem of mine #DontTellMyWife

  • cuthbertable Cuðbeorht (@cuthbertable) reported

    Got a new battery and a 250GB hard drive on eBay. The processor is rather slow. Not sure what I can do about that. But it's a much better machine than when it ran Vista. And the OS is still supported

  • God14Peace Philosophical14God (@God14Peace) reported

    You cannot sell censorship then claim like Ebay, that you are "just the platform" if you are monitoring accounts, then taking down tweets by selling Terms And Conditions in a Trademark scheme to circumvent Civil Courts.

  • corytrese Cory Trese (@corytrese) reported

    @DetroitBORG @a_lipps @swappa @eBay Buying devices to test games and apps I've purchased dozens of phones and tablets, iPads and even high-end iPhones with no problems. Really great sellers

  • taddlelegacy Crt 📺 (@taddlelegacy) reported

    Is it weird how much I love Hoenn and Gen 3 in general and could always be down to replaying the games, but when it comes to Pokespe RS, the arc I loved when I was a kid and ordered in bulk to get the Chuang Yi Volumes on ebay, I just can't ever seem to re-read it all the way.

  • preshfinn 芘苹 (@preshfinn) reported

    @snowyroxx22 one day when im richer tho!! ill hunt down every last jay minifig on ebay just WATCH ME

  • 21jbert21 Scoobert Doobert (@21jbert21) reported

    @KappaKid83 First google result I saw was 4000 on eBay. That’s actually not terrible

  • RobW0lf Rob (@RobW0lf) reported

    It's rare I ever buy broken shit from eBay, that I'm not completely sure I'll be able to fix but some things are just too ******* cool not to, especially at a low price.

  • FamousKJStyles ~XL⚡️Excel~ (@FamousKJStyles) reported

    @Timmahooooo @AcmeAviation @markbspiegel eBay has a great CS policy for these types of issues.

  • MichaelTodd15 Michael Todd (@MichaelTodd15) reported

    @markselondon @YodelOnline @RoyalMail Good luck. I've purchased from Hattons myself usually without problem. Thing I find with Hattons is use of excessive packaging. I just had an eBay item delivered to my local premier shop via Hermes.

  • almalikalkamil Al Malik Al Kamil (الكامل) (@almalikalkamil) reported

    Many traders knows this.. problems is, they earn from it and then they start shopping stocks and they lose from those investments. I don’t, I wait for next year, mostly. I do invest yearly stock witch depend to the market and I invest always the same amazon and eBay stock Sep-Dec

  • Dr_Bass Doctor Bass (@Dr_Bass) reported from Boothstown, England

    @lukesolomon Wife shut down her account last year after having it for around 20 years. Long story but essentially had to refund a handbag she sold for £350 because it was the wrong colour (it wasn’t). Totally shat on by eBay and the buyer.

  • SpAM_CAN Cay 🏳️‍🌈🐱🏳️‍🌈 (@SpAM_CAN) reported

    plan for today: go through some stuff and list it on ebay see if i can get back to ikea without spending a million pounds on tax fix up my parallax correction stuff

  • seektruthwkali Cam (@seektruthwkali) reported

    Needed it. It was close. Wanted me to get caught with it but I figured it out and threw it away and brought Mother Kali on thanks to my printer. And eBay. I think I'll be able to work and now that he is taking my memory I will be diligent in writing what needs to be done down

  • purpleeatary purpleeatary (@purpleeatary) reported

    @TheMonaOgg Oh no these were all used on ebay, no returns unless not as described. Thats why i got to buy so many! And why so many are terrible secrets! Seriously though if you are over and bored we can play dress up for a laugh

  • northernpromise Mark Hayes (@northernpromise) reported from Bryn, England

    Off to pick up Pascal to take him to Atherton for a game..., in my £600 car off ebay that has broken down 5 times since Christmas.. This could potentially be a chapter in a book on its own 🚗💨😂😂 #nonleague #UpTheTown #wafc #latics

  • levimurphy Levi Murphy (@levimurphy) reported

    Individual issues a rate if give this piece away that site how large web domain ring then discounts extent steep deal split orders either #Amazon or #eBay $320.00 phase two with return visit perhaps possibly not $25.00 item not essential, but with what've learned from purchasing.

  • GlokLezner Gus Husen (@GlokLezner) reported

    @ianwolfgang With the space in the stock bulbs the turn signal hearts might be tilted or not straight up and down but i think itll still look good. Or just find some cheap ebay tails cause they got less in them

  • FelinaBlanc Felina (@FelinaBlanc) reported

    @PinaCocoTweets Yeah well then, try paying attention to what your consumers want. God it's like sellers on eBay who sell terrible products with subpar service and think you are required by law to give them five star feedback and never point out flaws because this is their BUSINESS.

  • TormodWolf Tormod (@TormodWolf) reported

    Near the end of 2018, @SaxxonFox purchased a DVDO iScan VP50 Video Processor, as friends shared that it had helped with sync issues with their capture devices. The device they bought didn't come with a power adapter, so they ordered a cheap 3rd-party adapter from eBay

  • _annna_marie_ Anna ;) (@_annna_marie_) reported

    Right now I’m getting most of these from amazon for now I just need to fix my eBay since I don’t know why how to fix the payment part.😭 Pls dm me I need help.

  • joshez_ Josh Melnick (@joshez_) reported

    @baladec_ ohhhhh no! i recently lost my copy of ntsc 1.0 which had the glitch so im going to ebay another one soon lol

  • Wormhole_Matt Wormhole_Matt (@Wormhole_Matt) reported

    @badrob26 No, this is a Sony 75" it had the black "grim reaper" shadow on the LED panel. But its gone now. Usually an issue with the LED panel anyways so once its done its done. But that also means that these boards are good, eBay $$$.

  • TheFFNetwork Financial Freedom (@TheFFNetwork) reported

    @AskeBay Hi, I understand Dropshipping has been causing sellers as well as eBay some issues. I would really like someone from eBay, to work 1-2-1 with me so I can produce the best content on Youtubet support sellers via using methods approved by eBay. Please talk to us

  • sinebuyuka Villette (@sinebuyuka) reported

    @AskeBay I took down everything I’ve been selling on your platform and advising everyone to do the same. If you leave private sellers hanging out to dry this much, noone will keep on selling with you! #ebayseller #ebay #epicfail

  • GIRARDisGOD GOD (Girard Davout)🤔☝️😁😘 (@GIRARDisGOD) reported

    @USArmy @BritishArmy @CNN @WheelofFortune @BloombergRadio @wbpictures @DisneyStudios @WGCI @HOT97 @V103 @TMZ @HarveyLevinTMZ @etnow @instagram @eBay @amazon @ABC @ABC7Chicago @Chicago_Police @NYPDnews @usairforce @USMC @USNavy @RoyalFamily @RoyalNavy @RoyalAirForce @jack @finkd @PriscillaChanZ @pchdotcom @business @FBI @RoyalMarines @jeanniemai @MorningStrFarms @fox32news @facebook @DeborahJHolland @chicagobulls @NationalGuard @BeccaDiamondxx @Nike @DeborahJHolland @PCHDanielle Dave sayer,Todd Sloane, Howie guja,jess tell @fox32news @M_E_Power @bbb_us @WayneBrady @letsmakeadeal @WheelofFortune why you all scammed the public to seriously handle the scamming issue. Maybe they'll help you get out of it, including the services

  • jenswestarp Jens Westarp (@jenswestarp) reported

    @AskeBay Wanted to follow up: eBay is basically a billion $ app/website. Hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide must own an iPad Pro. All apps I am using have long since been optimized. eBay and eBay Kleinanzeigen (DE) notably haven‘t. Obviously a first world problem. Still strange.

  • russty_russ Russty Russ (@russty_russ) reported

    @TheRMcQ1986 Not at all, really not a problem! I've got a few issues from 1994 but it really dries up this year with a 25th anniversary perspective and I don't really want to pay £10 an issue on Ebay. Crazy money.

  • avvfulthings_ Thea. (@avvfulthings_) reported

    Is ******* ebay broken or wha cus I can't order shit on app nor on chrome, yes I have a valid bank card n money on it it's not an issue

  • Snoops_Nephew rude D. osodrac (@Snoops_Nephew) reported

    @marks2hot **** it, lesson learned. usps, paypal & ebay are ******* me over some shit that isn’t my problem but now is.

  • TJOmega Tyler James (@TJOmega) reported

    Thanks to everyone who's made an eBay purchase so far. Seems the USPS website is broken so I can't schedule any pickups, anything ordered today might be delayed getting to you.

  • Spacemanseeds Spaceman (@Spacemanseeds) reported

    @PunishedPope i had my paypal shut down for doing business with iran years ago, i was just using it to buy crap on ebay, careful.

  • csplayz1 CS_Playz (@csplayz1) reported

    @devinwenig I would like to make a formal complaint to you regarding a few issues I have with eBay please get back to me

  • FactsOverCoffee FactsOverCoffee (@FactsOverCoffee) reported

    The first item listed on eBay was a broken laser pointer

  • johnmarshallwo2 John Marshallworth (@johnmarshallwo2) reported

    @heavydirtycxnt @t_musicislife @viagogo It’s very unlikely you’ll have any problems. It’s a marketplace and therefore it relies on its sellers, same as eBay. You get the odd bad one but 99.9% of sales are without issue.

  • Cosmic_Rays 🌞🎶Steve🎶🌞 (@Cosmic_Rays) reported

    @KatyW53159893 @SteCulley @OneScouse @livrplman @realgmg67 @SplendidSalah @HarveyBryn @thakkarboy @oldhairy1 @brianlfc1 @BryanB_LFC @jasperlfc @HMatf @leanneJFT96 @adrian_fairhead @anyataylor4 @maryandedbee @FOARsite @m_ani786 @Jonwhite79 @AspreyChris @PeterWa47294227 @behind_em I just shrug my shoulders at problems now, either that or buy something off Ebay or get a Takeaway! I believe people can feel low because they worry and overthink things, I never worry about anything and I take life as it comes. 😊

  • CrazzyWave Chef Isaac Santiago (@CrazzyWave) reported

    @BethesdaGear I will as soon you fix it, untill them ebay or Amazon is were im buying Fallout Memorabilia. I just wont pay premium price for items in stock and then wait 5 month for it to come in the mail, when ebay and Amazon ships fast and secure, plus get your money back if anything quick