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  • Melha4880 MelHa4880 / Modern&Vintage (@Melha4880) reported

    @AskeBay I am unable to tweet from my eBay app directly to my twitter account. “Error Message”. Please assist.

  • Raven74656 Ian Smith (@Raven74656) reported

    @AskeBay If you believe you can do something to help then please do - however if you're bound by the same broken system as regular eBay support I'd appreciate you telling me this from the outset and not wasting my time further.

  • mulattomaya Mulattomaya (@mulattomaya) reported

    @AskeBay hi, i been trying to get in contact with ebay for hours, i had a suspicious buyer buy my item and didn't pay for it... ebay charged me and every link i went to was broken (ironically) and i called and talked to agents they were not helpful plz help

  • xmanjj Jarritte Castellano (@xmanjj) reported

    @dallasnagata U might have to look for another outlet. I had issues with Amazon when I wanted to get a battery pack. They wouldn't ship but luckily the manufacturer had an EBay account and able ship to Hawai'i

  • ugggghhhhhhhhhh SHITWITCH 🦇 (@ugggghhhhhhhhhh) reported

    Anyway dreamworks merch team make new she ra figures so I don’t have to hunt down the only 5 left in existence being sold for 200 dollars on eBay

  • maggiegood80 Maggie (@maggiegood80) reported

    @unsuckEBAY @devinwenig @ebay I used to buy items on eBay a few times a month. Now I stick to buying used on #Poshmark and new on #Amazon. Their search functions are 100X better than yours. Guess you'd rather squeeze $ out of customers via Promoted and Service Metrics than fix your website.

  • fraysol Fred Soltani (@fraysol) reported

    @shinnox @MKO_FataLKaDe @MortalKombat Price is already going down on ebay. I should have waited but ended up buying a few for some deals.

  • stihlman1737 4THOSEnotEFFECTED (@stihlman1737) reported

    I however recently run into a problem trying to get Corel suite 2019 software for my windows via an ebay store download and that didn't go very well, idiot dumbass seller was selling fake pirated software download license keys!!! It's still useable after my repair reinstal.

  • RussellSauve Russell Sauvé (@RussellSauve) reported

    Just scored another pair of Allbirds off eBay for $40 total and that includes shipping. I have a shoe problem. Never thought I’d say that.

  • bookthief8 Gawaingirl (@bookthief8) reported

    I remember thinking $80 was a lot for a set of LY Japan mini photocards—a set of Guest book cards are going for $193 on eBay. 😳. SLOW DOWN, guys—you know they’ll be out there eventually for less than half that price. The person selling them paid less than $10 for them...

  • cronchyshark 🌊🦈𝙎𝙃𝘼𝙍𝙆👑𝙌𝙐𝙀𝙀𝙉🦈🌊 (@cronchyshark) reported

    what ******** is ebay's problem, why is it taking my 2mb images i lovingly took and butchers them down to like 100x100 lookin ass artifacts

  • harbinger451 Harbinger451 (@harbinger451) reported

    I found an Anne McCaffrey signed book in a charity shop once - it had been marked down in price because someone had written in it. Sold it on ebay for a HUGE profit.

  • SomeCleverPun High IQ Polyamorist (@SomeCleverPun) reported

    @smoonie @Otakugamer eBay cracks down HARD on bootleg stuff that isn’t clearly marked as such.

  • tompr97 T (@tompr97) reported

    @adidasEUhelp Hi, bought a pair of shoes on your eBay store however checked your website and saw they were cheaper and would arrive sooner. Obviously I would like to cancel the eBay order. I have attempted to do this but it is not working. Could you assist please

  • williamhulley William J Hulley (@williamhulley) reported

    @samuriinbred You can pick up '80s manual SLRs on ebay for very small amounts of money. I still have my hand-me-down-from-Dad Zenit EM Olympic with various lenses. Not an amazing camera but I took a fair few decent photographs with it and learnt to develop my own film and make prints.

  • AskeBay Ask eBay (@AskeBay) reported

    @heem49079346 If you pay through eBay checkout using your credit card, you are protected via the eBay Money Back Guarantee. Most international credit cards work, but please let us know if you run into an issue. Thank you for your patience! ~Candace

  • geoffrey_payne Geoff Payne (@geoffrey_payne) reported

    @On_Da_Ball hehe, you had issues too mate, me as well, I wanted to pay for an ebay jobbie, there was a $28 discount if payed by Paypal, yesty I clicked the wrong bit and the discount disappeared, now this morning, I cleared my cache (thinking that would bring the discount back) 1/2

  • Larzdk Lars - Je Suis Klimatosse (@Larzdk) reported

    @magemarket Quite terrible. Mox Pearl from eBay. Used it as a bookmark for a few years.

  • PlasticPlanners Lego Road Safety & Planning (@PlasticPlanners) reported

    @neildavies9 @eBay @eBay_UK @PayPalUK @PayPal @RoyalMail That would be even more hassle than going through drop down I think. All I want is for the system to default to single page, no receipt. There's just no need for the paper proof of postage as post office give you a print out anyway. Most of time I just put straight in post box

  • a91030mom amom (@a91030mom) reported

    @eBay accidentally clicked to signin with my google, although I have a login/pw with different email account. I immediately DELETED that account, but now I keep getting emials to my gmail with promotional junk from @ebay! #deletemeansDELETE #ebaySPAM #spammer #STOP

  • clone_tech TI (@clone_tech) reported

    The lack of ability to isolate the problem makes me suspicious of the motherboard. Do some eBay shopping. Run some Intel diagnostics on CPU and RAM. Everything checks out. Found the motherboard replacement but didn't order. Fired up mining.

  • biterphob1a 𝕱𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖐𝖞✨ (@biterphob1a) reported

    Like hunted it down and ordered it on eBay

  • JMAckroyd Jen Ackroyd (@JMAckroyd) reported

    @rockerblonde Suggest u investigate local Facebook Sale & Wants sites. Also FB marketplace. The former are run by vols so don’t charge commission to sellers so cheaper & nearer than eBay. Or consider digging down & having a sunken greenhouse. Friend built a wonderful one. Or ask a local joiner

  • embracethemads m.k. vail (@embracethemads) reported

    @ebay tell me why after two phone calls with your bullshit customer service reps you still did not in any way help solve a problem you clowns caused

  • Graflex16mm Graflex16mm (@Graflex16mm) reported

    @dhallmu @AskeBay @eBay I agree the good till canceled is no good fix it @eBay

  • artlogic James K. (@artlogic) reported

    eBay seems to desperately be trying to pin down the things I'm interested in and I'm enjoying confusing it... One sec while I go and bid on old magnetic core memory from the USSR. 🤣

  • rockerblonde Chris (@rockerblonde) reported

    @StalwartPlants Didn't think of ebay, its the height that's the problem. As I'm wanting to have it sitting on a brick wall.

  • cronchyshark 🌊🦈𝙎𝙃𝘼𝙍𝙆👑𝙌𝙐𝙀𝙀𝙉🦈🌊 (@cronchyshark) reported

    i put some things up and ebay had an error and now the whole ass text i wrote is gone

  • sleepyspiice :-) (@sleepyspiice) reported

    I want my mom to pass down her bad ass shopping skills to me. She walked into nothing new bought a $5 cookie jar and it’s ******* $450 on eBay eXCUSE ME

  • bnchile4444 bill norris (@bnchile4444) reported

    .@eBay so i am getting emails about an item i supposedly viewed and actually havent, so i thought id change my password, did it, but it took awhile, firefox was saying there was an error in navigating to your page, i was able to change it though

  • djmaniNL Mani (@djmaniNL) reported

    @davewakefield7 @Brycenator100 It’s terrible. Allthough I can get some of the Jurassic World legacy toys on eBay coming out of the UK.

  • DecadesApartPro Decades Apart Prod. (@DecadesApartPro) reported

    @TheHorrorNation We have been buying all phys med off eBay. Amazon is not only more expensive, they also send broken products and keep cutting products offered. Think it's about time we #CutTheCord

  • maggiesnotcool “that girl” (@maggiesnotcool) reported

    after trying to track down this one michael kors bag i’ve been wanting for years, i found one on ebay and the seller is gonna hold it for me 😭

  • Apple3Forever Filmed in Hoserama (@Apple3Forever) reported

    I've started listing some of my Apple 2 stuff on ebay. I don't know what I'm doing, so I started off with an initial batch of 10 EA folio games for which I have dupes, just so I can get my feet wet before going hog-wild. The biggest problem has been the mental hurdle to do it.

  • Swordsfall1 Swordsfall | Swordsfail for Charity (@Swordsfall1) reported

    @CriticalBitCast And they DISCONTINUED IT. I'm legit about to go find one eBay and buy it. Cause I'm starting to have a key or two rub down, and I don't want to use another keyboard now. 😤

  • thewestoncouple Coach Lorenz & Judy (@thewestoncouple) reported

    @4thefit @herbalife can we shut this ebay account down, please!

  • RetroValkyrie 🌹RetroValkyrie 🏳️‍🌈 (@RetroValkyrie) reported

    @salsacaek @imutones This won't stop me from enjoying the games longterm, since I usually play older games I do not feel guilty buying the NES games, for example on eBay. He isn't getting money from that. I know there are bigger issues out there, but I don't need these games right away.

  • TextNow TextNow (@TextNow) reported

    @VladimirPran (2/2) with shutting down their account on Ebay itself. They may only get a phone number through other means to continue the same behaviour on the site.

  • mohappy2017 Mohappy2017 (@mohappy2017) reported

    @Baddiel All jokes aside, change all passwords and important financial account passwords. Anomalies sometimes mean a device or server has been compromised. Just be careful. Monitor your other social media and sites like amazon and ebay.

  • switchlec Switchlec (@switchlec) reported

    @gasman_g @HarrisonHeating I'm not disagreeing with your point, but buyer awareness will see a far bigger effect and is easier to do. I'm all for getting rid of Amazon and eBay altogether if it helps, both are useless and have their own agendas is the problem with changing their attitudes.

  • armyIuvzen zimzalabim 🎡 (@armyIuvzen) reported

    @vseuls yeah let me find if i bought from any of these sellers i’ve never had any problems with ebay sellers

  • Dreezymac A tweeter has no name (@Dreezymac) reported

    The way he carefully laid dude face down like he might try to sell it on eBay later

  • J0hnnyXm4s Johnny Xmas @ The Skies (@J0hnnyXm4s) reported

    Protip @ebay: using Tap to Authorize within the very same app I’m trying to sign in to does not count as 2FA. You’re asking the person who is attempting to sign in if they should be allowed to sign in. The answer will always be yes. That’s not an auth factor.

  • crookedninja Crooked Ninja Turtle (@crookedninja) reported

    @SpaceMonkeyX @Trasufoma @brainexploderrr The primary issue with this way of thinking is that this person somehow has the same audience as eBay. eBay, with its millions of users and rando flea market guy, with his DOZENS in foot traffic. These types are what keep me from flea markets.

  • GIRARDisGOD GOD (Girard Davout)🤔☝️😁😘 (@GIRARDisGOD) reported

    @USArmy @BritishArmy @CNN @WheelofFortune @BloombergRadio @wbpictures @DisneyStudios @WGCI @HOT97 @V103 @TMZ @HarveyLevinTMZ @etnow @instagram @eBay @amazon @ABC @ABC7Chicago @Chicago_Police @NYPDnews @usairforce @USMC @USNavy @RoyalFamily @RoyalNavy @RoyalAirForce @jack @finkd @PriscillaChanZ @pchdotcom @business @FBI @WayneBrady @RoyalMarines @fox32news @JLo @tyrabanks @halleberry @angelasalvagno @serenawilliams @GQMagazine @GQStyle @ANTMVH1 @nbcchicago The services connected 2me will tell me if @nbcchicago or @MarionBrooksNBC erased my voice messages @nbcchicago unprotected line just like @fox32news is still going through that same issue.

  • Hokius Hokius (@Hokius) reported

    Screwed by @ebay again. Tricked me into buying the Japanese version of Persona Q with their stupid aggregating system. I'm remembering why I stopped shopping there. This time I didn't catch the error before I received my product.

  • TheAnyNumbers The Any Numbers (@TheAnyNumbers) reported

    @AskPayPal My amazon and eBay are affected and I have had to close down both prime and my account with eBay is on hold and cannot use.

  • SanctifiedStcks Chocolate Thunder (@SanctifiedStcks) reported

    @MontegaDub That’s long term! Need something quick been tryna sell shit on eBay but that shit slow 😩

  • MarkC609 Mark C (@MarkC609) reported

    @BenObi2000 @AskPayPal If it was through eBay they will hold the funds even after the item has been delivered 1-3 days. eBay eventually stops holding funds when you have made atleast 10 or more sales without issue. Something like that.

  • Morticletheprag pragman (@Morticletheprag) reported

    @GHamilton129 @jojojoheeley @jennicrystal24 @Drury7Drury Read a little book called Europe laid bare by a lady who had multiple gagging orders imposed on her after finding vast problems within EU accounting. Got mine on eBay for about £10.

  • dianes_d 🌝Dianes🌞 (@dianes_d) reported

    Still trying to find the right book for my tarot reading meanings😰..ebay is giving me issues to log in wtf😰😰

  • Anarco_Tech AnarcoTech (@Anarco_Tech) reported

    @leashless Sounds like the digitizer is broken. Repair shop will charge approx £60 to fix. You can do it yourself if you buy digitizer off ebay for about a tenner, but you will need the right tools as well. A suction cup and a plektrum generally work well as alts for these.

  • gamevidsforlife GamΞVidΞοsForLifΞ (@gamevidsforlife) reported

    @Tom_Jurassic UK gets distribution of it then us in the states will be forced to either go without, find someone who will ship it over, or buy it off eBay for 6 times the price. The distribution for everything has just been terrible so far. I have yet to see 60% of the toyline in stores even.

  • sunset_sergal Sunset 🐶💣❤️🌻 (@sunset_sergal) reported

    @Deikaeus Common problem with Amazon, people will list old/vintage things for exorbitant prices. Bricklink is good for Lego but I'd default to eBay for anything that doesn't have its own marketplace like that.

  • gotserotonin ty. (@gotserotonin) reported

    So my MacBook sold for $850 on eBay which is a good start for a down payment on a car. Now I just have to pay off $500 to my credit cards for my credit to bounce up so I can lease a car soon so positive thoughts would be highly appreciated right now tbh

  • gotserotonin ty. (@gotserotonin) reported

    So my MacBook sold for $850 on eBay which is a good start for a down payment on a car. Now I just have to pay off $500 to my credit cards for my credit to bounce up so I can lease a car soo so positive thoughts would be highly appreciated right now tbh

  • mavron808 Paul Mavronicles (@mavron808) reported

    @slapmytweetbox @WeisMargaret @trhickman @JoeManganiello @ToddKenreck @DLNexus @Wizards_DnD @DnDBeyond I believe I had to track that book down threw eBay and it was the second one I ordered. The first was a spiral bound early release copy.

  • 420BluntKing69 69BluntPrince420 (@420BluntKing69) reported

    @diizzy_dreamerr Online...ironically they're all made in China! Seriously though check Amazon or eBay or if you're feeling extra lucky take a trip down south! Let me know if you do I need you to take this package to a guy! DON'T OPEN IT!...and if the cops stop you run Forrest!

  • shsl_bunbun ☆ SHSL Bunny ☆ (@shsl_bunbun) reported

    clothing sellers on ebay who don’t list the measurements of the clothes their selling are a special kind of terrible.

  • Iam_Afrodisiac ᴬᶠʳᵒᵈᶦˢᶦᵃᶜ 🌹✨ (@Iam_Afrodisiac) reported

    Why this hell does @eBay REPEATEDLY keep trying to charge my account $6.30. Everytime I contacted them they said it would be returned but there was a problem with my bank. I called and there was no issue and never got my money back. Now they’re trying to do it again.