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Electronic Arts Inc. is an American video game company headquartered in Redwood City, California. EA develops and publishes games under several labels including EA Sports titles FIFA, Madden NFL, NHL, NCAA Football, NBA Live, Battlefield, Need for Speed, The Sims as well as newer franchises such as Crysis, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Army of Two, Titanfall and Battlefront Star Wars.

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March 20: Problems at EA Games

EA Games is having issues since 12:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (47.70%)
  • Sign in (40.80%)
  • Game Crash (6.32%)
  • Matchmaking (2.59%)
  • Glitches (2.30%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.29%)

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  • GyngysiIstvn1 Exocrism (@GyngysiIstvn1) reported

    @EAHelp Because the lagg problem doesn't want to disappear, but even more bugs are thrown out by this party's ready-to-play game!

  • ThisGirlsAGamer Chanelle Faucher (@ThisGirlsAGamer) reported

    @EAHelp After a while I’ve tried to play sims4 but am unable to login. The email it is under I no longer have access to and I am unsure as to how to recover my account or change the email as I cannot access the old email.

  • souljaBDL Amari (@souljaBDL) reported

    @EAHelp fix it

  • raven1066 Donald Walraven Jr (@raven1066) reported

    @EAHelp I’m having the same issue right now.

  • tournio Tournio (@tournio) reported

    @dj_tie_be @EAHelp i've seen a few people dealing with this issue, hopefully it's back up soon!

  • mickmcrll Michele Maccarelli (@mickmcrll) reported

    @EASPORTSNBALM i am locked out again... this time with UNKNOWN error. @EAHelp

  • Psv65066307 Psv (@Psv65066307) reported

    @EAHelp @PhateOfMan He i have a problem. In the st day event. I played h2h but due to some a personal conversation i closed the app. After i opened it back later i didnt even get 6 rainbows for a loss. I got nothing

  • CoreyGl51336601 Corey Glover (@CoreyGl51336601) reported

    @EAHelp Just logged in just fine. No issues today other than Unable to create new javelin loadouts. The Keyboard doesn't pop up then it says create name. Filing bug report now

  • JZilla1954 JonZilla1954 (@JZilla1954) reported

    @glitchygg @PlayApex @EAHelp @Respawn Same issue. It's not allowing me to play.

  • dj_tie_be DjTieBe (@dj_tie_be) reported

    @EAHelp Good Morning Are Apex Legends Servers getting maintenance will not load pass start screen getting error

  • jimc5464 Jim Cornman (@jimc5464) reported

    @EAHelp the lag is so bad in madden cant even pick a play

  • AchtungZBoom AchtungZBoom (@AchtungZBoom) reported

    @glitchygg @PlayApex @EAHelp @Respawn Same issue for me... cant play and there is no communication from the Dev. There is a thread on their forums for it as well.. no support at all.

  • Dmoney72702485 D money (@Dmoney72702485) reported

    @Mstabler90 @EAHelp I know the feels. Eahelp has been no help. They don't answer your questions and they are acting like I dont exsist because they act like I'm not having any serious issues. And they wonder why people are getting mad at their support team.

  • gamergav1901 Gavinsmith (@gamergav1901) reported

    @EAHelp Every time I boot up the game it will go through the BioWare screen , then il get to the main menu , I press X ( on PS4 by the way ) it will come up with the loading screen and just before it finishes it will kick me back to the BioWare, I’ve never had a session without problems

  • riceorony51 Ronald Campbell (@riceorony51) reported

    @EAHelp Yep, I gave up. When the game loads up the mission. It will load a different color character and no weapons and then the game crash. It was off and on last night. This is on my Xbox 1 system too.

  • julianoanderso3 juliano (@julianoanderso3) reported

    @EAHelp I just sent the message more or never answered, I just want to know a date to correct my problem and thousands of players. the game is very good plus the error retrieving Anthem live service data on the ps4 platform is injurious

  • CoreyGl51336601 Corey Glover (@CoreyGl51336601) reported

    @EAHelp I dont mind the issues cause I'll report them to help make anthem better just wanted to let you know. ;)

  • Allanvrs1980 Allan (@Allanvrs1980) reported

    @EAHelp You too 👍 I have a feeling its more of a preview programme issue on xbox so have reported issues there too

  • CoZEProductions CoZe Studios (@CoZEProductions) reported

    @EAHelp I got so frustrated last night from all the disconnects and bugs that I just gave up playing for the night. I don’t know but I will try again later today and I will let you know if the issues persist.

  • MrJoeFixit Citizen Pain (@MrJoeFixit) reported

    @EAHelp Thanks for the reply. I am playing on ps4, regular one. The problems started right after I purchased a new Storm-skin at the ingame store.

  • richardryan1987 Richard Ryan (@richardryan1987) reported

    @EAHelp This was yesterday when i got the connection problem after the maintenance had finished

  • ayanozann Ozan Ayan (@ayanozann) reported

    @EAHelp you should make an announcement about when you gonna fix the Nba live mobile new promo upload. its 40 mins late and the main page is blank.

  • Jonny_Mckinney Jonathan McKinney (@Jonny_Mckinney) reported

    @EAHelp That’s reassuring that they’re not gone forever. Xbox one X, it happened around 11pm GMT, around 10 minutes before the server had some issues.

  • BrunoJa06169673 Bruno Jardim (@BrunoJa06169673) reported

    @EAHelp What was the maintenance for and what did they fix.

  • VictorGraca91 Victor Graca (@VictorGraca91) reported

    @EAHelp Hello yesterday i did the initialize thing on my ps4 redownloading games during the night to see if it fixes the crashes issues, if it doesnt i dont know what else to try.

  • TheRealStuddy Studdy (@TheRealStuddy) reported

    @anthemgame @EAHelp is there a known issue with the Research and Rescue mission on Anthem, after I beat Escari’s there’s no extra progression

  • MrJota88 Jota M (@MrJota88) reported

    @EAHelp My problem was that I was connecting to Origin in offline mode. but I've solved it by reinstalling it. I do not know why but it's already fixed

  • WonderWander_YT Wonder Wander Official (@WonderWander_YT) reported

    I also got this EMPTY pack with no STPD Points @EAHelp @FIFAMobileDev please fix this

  • EAFussball EA SPORTS FIFA (@EAFussball) reported

    @BenediktBerger3 @EAHelp @EA_GZaro Hey, there was an error in the latest Prime ICON Moments SBC. If you completed the entire SBC and received either ICON, you will get the other one. --Max

  • DoyPoy Darcy (@DoyPoy) reported

    Hey @EAHelp, I've been wanting to play apex with my friends but there is a problem, origin claims I'm offline. I can still play apex but the friends list won't work because of the issue. I've tried reinstalling, restart PC, restarting router but nothing seems to work. Please help

  • Greg73811128 Greg (@Greg73811128) reported

    @EAHelp More time loading, less time playing, constant connection errors on EA,s part. Loading in with no head or gun, back to load screen!!! Invisible barriers, can't move! It's super frustrating and not an enjoyable experience.

  • nijyuyon0024 Majorr Iconic (@nijyuyon0024) reported

    @EAHelp And there has been alot of connection issues too.

  • EricPla26414404 Eric Platt (@EricPla26414404) reported

    @EAHelp I am caught in a loop on Anthem saying I have lost my connection to EA servers. I haven’t played this game in over two weeks because this exact issue happened.

  • sosikhwitit Dev Rohewal (@sosikhwitit) reported

    @EAHelp Would be fun if i wasn't getting error coded playing with my squad mate. Day 1 error and its still there and extremely frustrating.

  • sosikhwitit Dev Rohewal (@sosikhwitit) reported

    @EAHelp @PlayApex you all STILL haven't fixed the error codes that do not allow people on the same network 2 play together. U ready up as a squad: 1 person d/c's, the other gets put into a game and after 30 seconds u put the player that d/c in another match alone. FIX THIS.

  • Steve_RX4477 Steve RX (@Steve_RX4477) reported

    @johnkinder115 @EAHelp @Darokaz I hope they fix it soon... it annoys me as well! 🙄

  • DEADHEAD_8869 DEADHEAD8869 (@DEADHEAD_8869) reported

    Failed to find opponent is a glitch on their end according to eahelp. They give me steps and o do them and they don’t work. Not only did my ISP did not find any problem with my connection they said if they send out a technician and they find out my stuff is fine and it’s the

  • PawanAryal20 Pawan Aryal (@PawanAryal20) reported

    @1Bas10 @FIFAMobileDev I am having this problem right now help @EAHelp @FIFAMobileDev

  • topsladurana Калин Веселинов Димитров (@topsladurana) reported

    @EAHelp hello EA, I have problems with loggining with my Facebook account, i am stuck at the main loading screen where the circle rotates, i tried to enter from other device and still have the same problem, tried to see if i can enter from a guest feature and it works.

  • mcdonalds_21 Milk Man (@mcdonalds_21) reported

    @EAHelp I have a problem. Every time I want to play online, it just says the connection to your opponent has been lost.

  • grimlockprox Mr. Grim (@grimlockprox) reported

    @EAHelp I'm still getting removed from the game by the same server error. I'm not asking for loot, I'm just asking to be able to stay in the game so I can enjoy it. Thanks in advance to whomever ends up fixing my problem. @EA @bioware

  • busyshark92 Dylan Walker (@busyshark92) reported

    @bioware seriously guys @anthemgame is even more broken than it was before y'all "fixed" a lot of the issues. I just died 4 times in a row immediately after respawning. I want my damn money back but PlayStation won't refund it. @EAHelp. Give me my damn money back.

  • LevelOnGaming LevelOn Gaming (@LevelOnGaming) reported

    @The_Real_Nox @OriginInsider @Cloudflare @EAHelp I know you reported this a year ago but I just had this problem. Commented on the EA board. So frustrating but I can absolutely confirm some weird Origin launcher / CloudFlare dns compatibility. Good catch!

  • Wnb841 Wnb84 (@Wnb841) reported

    @EAHelp Would you fix the fkn respawn glitch ffs.

  • iAmplecti Amplecti (@iAmplecti) reported

    @ChronicGamgi @EAHelp @anthemgame Oh that's real nice, but if you don't work for EA then kindly remove your opinion from my feed because whether or not you are or are not having connectivity issues on a different platform is of absolutely no concern to me. Thank you.

  • iAmplecti Amplecti (@iAmplecti) reported

    @EAHelp Still having nothing but server issues since the maintenance. Constant disconnects and lag. Tell me why

  • TheUnholyBeast1 TheUnholyBeast1 (@TheUnholyBeast1) reported

    @EAHelp I'm having connection problems every 2 to 3 mins..

  • Matt62074774 Matt (@Matt62074774) reported

    Restarted and redownloaded in a desperate attempt but nothing still can’t access keep get same error code over and over @anthemgame @EAHelp

  • Freakstone Chris Freestone (@Freakstone) reported

    @EAHelp @anthemgame Hey guys, the Masterwork Cryo Glaive for Interceptor, Absolute Zero, doesn't work as described. No lock on and only works on one subject, not 5. Found a thread where others said the same. Please fix this as it's extremely weak as it is, worse than the epic.

  • Chris81859011 Chris (@Chris81859011) reported

    @EAHelp are you guys working on the storm "flicker" graphical glitch making Freeplay almost unplayable...

  • Freakstone Chris Freestone (@Freakstone) reported

    @EAHelp @anthemgame Hey guys, the Masterwork Cryo Glaive for Interceptor doesn't work as described. No lock on and only works on one subject. Please fix this as it's extremely weak as it is.

  • gamergav1901 Gavinsmith (@gamergav1901) reported

    @VeNoMzShibe @DonElli73779532 @EAHelp I spent like 2 hours after the maintenance finished trying to get past the main menu “press X To resume “ on the loading screen after you press that it would come up with an error code and take me back to the BioWare screen , I may let i reinstall while I’m at work tomorrow

  • ze_kika karim samara (@ze_kika) reported

    @EAHelp ,@EACoreySA ,@EASPORTSFIFA ..when will you do something about the no loss glitch..the one when your opponent down or tied the game starts lagging and you get the ( your match under review) and you get either loss or draw and you lose skill points also..when will this stop

  • Chellis29624148 Chellis (@Chellis29624148) reported

    @EAHelp @Jeff_Andrian This is not a new problem. It's even gotten worse with the maintenance today. This has been a problem since the release and now your looking for a fix. Hahahahaha

  • CoZEProductions CoZe Studios (@CoZEProductions) reported

    @EAHelp And please at least acknowledge that you are seeing this. I had a problem with Battlefront 2 before and got a reply. Now I get nothing. This is very upsetting and I am trying very hard to keep playing this game. You are not making it easy or fun.

  • CoZEProductions CoZe Studios (@CoZEProductions) reported

    @EAHelp Now trying to play a legenday contract and all of a sudden Brin just stops talking and no way point markers are showing up. So I am stuck and I have to waste more sigils because the game failed again. Server maintenance made things worse. Please fix.

  • StuffyWings4 Ali Banaszek (@StuffyWings4) reported

    @EAHelp I am having hella issues connecting

  • schuyler93 schuyler93 (@schuyler93) reported

    @EAHelp Hey did this fix the visuals I run on ps4 pro running 4K and it’s running at a like 720p , not a huge issue but just curious if that was one of the things that was messed with

  • Kevlonswarth1 Tauf Putra (@Kevlonswarth1) reported

    @EAHelp since the server update anthem is very unstable. I did 3 strongholds and it hard crash during each of them.

  • jmd400 Juan MD (@jmd400) reported

    @EAHelp I have connection problems in the play 4 star wars battlefront 2 ... why will it be that I'm not surprised