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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

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  • klobetime Michael Klobe (@klobetime) reported

    @Dropbox is a crappy tool. Not as bad a @Box, but still pretty terrible.

  • RobBeane Rob Beane (@RobBeane) reported

    @yashar Not a Mac user, but an easy way would be to just use Google Drive or Dropbox. Sign in to Dropbox on the old MacBook, upload pics, then sign in to Dropbox on new Mac and download.

  • Hello_Evelina ᴸᵃ Qᵘᵉˢᵃᵈⁱˡˡᵃ (@Hello_Evelina) reported

    Someone got into my Facebook on May 16 & it was taken down. They obtained my login info & also hacked into my Yahoo email, Photobucket, DropBox, Samsung, & Google accounts. They tried to get into my AOL & Snapchat. I have secured those but I'd like my Facebook back. @facebook

  • djallyBEA 🎚 𝐝Δ 𝐁𝔞ㄚ 𝐁乇Δ 🏁 (@djallyBEA) reported

    @KSekouM Oh it’s out already. I can’t upload it to any other site bc they be taking my mixes down. Wait let me see if I put it in my dropbox

  • josephj Joseph 🐧 (@josephj) reported

    @YangYcat @engadget Dynamic storage works well with cloud services like @Dropbox. The big installation and database full of your location data and other marketing data is the problem. Nobody supports Android One like they could have been doing since 2014.

  • joncwriter Jon Chaisson (@joncwriter) reported

    @TheFoofinator Not comics, but I back up all my novels and writing work on Dropbox. I haven't had an issue with them at all, and sharing/syncing files to multiple devices (including my phone) is easy, either via the website or by app.

  • mr_gotgotneed Adam Wells (@mr_gotgotneed) reported

    @DropboxSupport Perfect. So the Dropbox server takes the lead. Thank you. Was worried if I deleted locally when unlinked, that when I reconnected it would sync my machine to delete them from Dropbox too. Thanks for the prompt reply.

  • rfavali Ron Favali (@rfavali) reported

    Using Dropbox is good. Box is good. iCloud is good. Google Drive is good. OneDrive is good. Dropbox+box+icloud+GoogleDrive+OneDrive is a content management nightmare. Someone needs to fix.

  • Moo12152 Moo (@Moo12152) reported

    @benbbaldwin @_BVM Just searched for the chart in my dropbox, but couldn't find it. It showed that after adjusting for situation (down, distance, score, time left) winning teams tend to have lower adjusted run rates in the first three quarters.

  • ipasuuple AndShePersisted (@ipasuuple) reported

    @DropboxSupport I just don’t understand why I’m having issues. Sent it out to someone just a few days ago without a problem.

  • ipasuuple AndShePersisted (@ipasuuple) reported

    @DropboxSupport I can’t share a file with a group of people. It says that it is “sharing” and then it is never received. I send this file just a few days ago to someone without a problem.

  • firemaymemphis kaitlyn (@firemaymemphis) reported

    @GenaGabrielle @Dropbox im so sorry omg @Dropbox needs to fix that wow

  • jonwillchambers Jonny Will Chambers (@jonwillchambers) reported

    @DropboxSupport I got access to a new folder and didn’t realise it automatically syncd so more a problem with my Mac now as trying to delete the files from my hard drive!

  • Social_DavidWB David Benini (@Social_DavidWB) reported

    @DropboxSupport I believe it *had* reached the right desk... it just breezes on by. Please fix search, as it is it’s flawed and in common conditions, time-consuming #fixflaws

  • ben_howdle Ben Howdle (@ben_howdle) reported

    Storing the `movies.txt` file in Dropbox just lets me edit it from anywhere, whereas the Bash script itself runs on a Mac Mini we have at home which acts as an always-on Plex server.

  • DropboxSupport Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @XcellR Hi Axel, the situation with mixed case files is known. Dropbox does support case-sensitive file names, but Windows and default Mac OS don't. What you can do to work around this issue is rename the file twice, from "temp" to "tmp", and then "tmp" to "TEMP". Hope this helps!

  • stuarthoughton Stuart Houghton (@stuarthoughton) reported

    @bulentyusuf @Dropbox Yes, pretty decent on Ubuntu. I've had a couple of issues with Lubuntu as the tray widget doesn't seem to display properly but nothing insoluble

  • bulentyusuf Bulent Osman Yusuf (@bulentyusuf) reported

    @stuarthoughton Oh yes, @Dropbox is absolutely terrible at keeping pace with version releases in Fedora. Can't remember how it was with Ubuntu. Perhaps they get preferential treatment.

  • DaveDri David Ryan (@DaveDri) reported

    @devonzuegel @googledocs @Dropbox @corilla Since we shut down, the major request for us to open source is the "dynamic webpage" aspect you point out. But also dynamic grouping of multiple "docs" as one "page" on publish. Updated realtime. Nobody is doing this properly yet (and the feature I miss the most myself).

  • mariamsheddo ℳⱥʀiam (@mariamsheddo) reported

    so I just finished an assignment which took me 2 hrs n I went to submit it in the dropbox AND REALIZED.... I sat here... doin a whole ass assignment.... THAT WASNT even the right one. the right one is like extra overdue at this point 😂 first world problems but I’m mad asf smh

  • jimmygunawanapp Blender Sushi Guy (@jimmygunawanapp) reported

    @DropboxSupport My aunty is using iPhone 4 with old DropBox app, used to work fine until recently she cannot login anymore. Works on other newer devices

  • Denonic Migs (@Denonic) reported

    @LiftYourGameTV Throw up the task manager filtered to cpu % usage on your second screen while you stream. If anythings suddenly spiking up you can quickly glance over when you feel it stuttering. I had an issue with dropbox ages ago so never use cloud stuff now.

  • itstemur Temur (@itstemur) reported

    @hacks4pancakes @Zeussce @Maliciouslink @Lerg @riskybusiness @Metlstorm A server he manually backs up to Dropbox every night. He don’t need them fancy words, after 33 years of SECURITY WORK. HIS SYSTEM IS IMPENETRABLE

  • HanGirl5 HanGirl (@HanGirl5) reported

    Anyone down to cumtribute or trade teen Dropbox links. #dm #**** #**** #*** #cumtribute #******** #ass #tits #horny

  • joeybuzzeo Xclusive (@joeybuzzeo) reported

    @Amyst Possibly, i’d have to remember my dropbox login and download some programs on my main PC but yeah I might be able to. Not a bad idea 🤔

  • goerz Michael Goerz (@goerz) reported

    @nholzschuch I’m currently using @ResilioInc to sync between MacBook and a cheap $25/mo Hetzner server with 6TB HDD (Documents and Dropbox folder). The Resilio app for iOS is also useless, but again, @palmin’s @ShellFishApp comes to the rescue.

  • _sleepyplant 🌱 sᴘʀᴏᴜᴛ . 🌱 @ graduation in 14 days. (@_sleepyplant) reported

    i can't remember the login for my dropbox that has my leon icons and it's making me go ******* feral in this chilis tonight

  • notdetails Joel Califa (@notdetails) reported

    Ugh @Dropbox Paper just had a syncing issue and messed an entire (important) document up irreparably. Some things are arbitrarily duplicated, some things have disappeared entirely. Document history can't solve it. So frustrated.

  • Hello_Evelina ᴸᵃ Qᵘᵉˢᵃᵈⁱˡˡᵃ (@Hello_Evelina) reported

    Someone got into my Facebook on May 16 and it was deleted. They obtained my login info and also hacked into my Yahoo email, Photobucket, DropBox, Samsung, and Google accounts. They tried to get into my AOL & Snapchat. I have secured those but I'd like my Facebook back. @facebook

  • EMR_MicroGrid Jim Cushman (@EMR_MicroGrid) reported

    @DropboxSupport I found it and deleted the extra devices. Thanks. Also, the sign in Pop Up Window does open fully on my Windows 10 Laptop

  • xChooChooKazam ChooChooKazam (@xChooChooKazam) reported

    @DropboxSupport I’ve tried on Chrome and Firefox and am still not able to login. Same issue on both browsers.

  • wyntermitchell Wʏɴᴛᴇʀ Mɪᴛᴄʜᴇʟʟ Rᴏʜʀʙᴀᴜɢʜ (@wyntermitchell) reported from Los Angeles, California

    If I can break down and pay $9 for a Dropbox terrabyte, big company you can do it too so I don’t have to use Google Drive! #socialmediamgrsknow

  • Medvidekpu Daniel Dočekal (@Medvidekpu) reported

    @markgurman Uncomparable. Nobody needs "cloud" from Samsung when there is Google Drive (and even Dropbox). Apple keeps iDrive closely integrated in iOS and not letting other cloud providers have the same level of integration. This is not problem in Android, just only on iOS

  • xChooChooKazam ChooChooKazam (@xChooChooKazam) reported

    @DropboxSupport Can’t sign in. Enter my credentials and then literally nothing. No captcha popup it just sits with “Sign In” inactive now.

  • neonladder Jim Ullery (@neonladder) reported

    @DropboxSupport I am having Dropbox issues now for months. Worse yet your chat help is TERRIBLE. Your people ask 64 questions before I can answer one, as a result, I drop them. This is lousy service!

  • duak Kunal Dua (@duak) reported

    @agneevX I didn’t say I have more than 1TB of stuff, though Dropbox does have selective sync feature that lets you pick the folders you want synced to a local machine, if one ever runs into that problem.

  • tyronerubin Tyrone Rubin (@tyronerubin) reported

    .@drewhouston @Dropbox @DropboxSupport .dropbox.cache folder has not stopped filling up for days. Have had to delete my entire HD because of this glitch. Downloading 50 gigs every Minute!!! Need this to stop as costing me a fortune!!!!

  • tyronerubin Tyrone Rubin (@tyronerubin) reported

    @DropboxSupport .@drewhouston @Dropbox @DropboxSupport incorrect, no one has been able to help me for a few days now. Looking at forums about issue .dropbox.cache. So far this has cost me an absolute fortune. IT JUST KEEPS DOWNLOADS GIGS EVERY SECOND! pls stop this!!!!

  • tyronerubin Tyrone Rubin (@tyronerubin) reported

    .@drewhouston your support is terrible. Have folder .dropbox.cache that continually is filling up with 50 gigs every few minutes then delete it and keeps on killing my machine and costing me a FORTUNE IN DATA. Plus no one in your team can help!!!!! @Dropbox @DropboxSupport

  • nicolaih Nicolai Henriksen (@nicolaih) reported

    @steipete @renefouquet I know. My personal experience is that 100 Mbps is so fast for downloads that more would seldom matter much. If I am downloading a very large thing I would still be annoyed that my Dropbox sync was slow because of filled return pipe. But it is probably the best you can get.

  • spirotta Saviour Pirotta (@spirotta) reported

    @DropboxSupport can’t use verification code coz I changed phones. Sign in suggests I sign in on another device but it’s the same issue in all devices. Grrrr

  • TheMakidaMoka Makida Moka Onyekweli (@TheMakidaMoka) reported

    I had been trying to renew my visa since September 2018. Did Dropbox but they wanted an interview. I had problems with the dates I was getting, then my receipt got blocked but they helped me unblock it then I was able to get a date yesterday. It was a long process sha.

  • PhilipTyrer Philip Tyrer (@PhilipTyrer) reported

    IFTTT looks awesome but so far all I get is Dropbox service errors.

  • yobaddi yobaddi (@yobaddi) reported

    Help my friend take down this fake account and I’ll post my Dropbox link 🙄💜

  • danielmejia55_ Daniel Mejía R. (@danielmejia55_) reported

    @taniarascia I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, The command will run a HTTP server which would allow you to download stuff. If you want to permanently share files, maybe dropbox would be a good way to go

  • dorkstore dweeb (@dorkstore) reported

    @Dropbox you idiots suck. your server farms use more electricity than some small countries. and you steal promotional data back from loyal customers. eat shit. #dropbox #storage #filesharing #cloud #dropboxsteals #vaccine #conspiracy #theory #allinthefamily #TheJeffersons #****

  • PaarT98 Busch Babe 🍻 (@PaarT98) reported

    i’m shutting down my dropbox

  • amyep9 Essential Employee (@amyep9) reported

    @malarkeymags Heck, I bet they could get a Dropbox account pretty cheaply. That’s what a lot of jurisdictions are using these days, and it can be hosted on a secure server.

  • _Humdinga Dat boi (@_Humdinga) reported

    @DJWickit @Ableton Dropbox says there's an error on the link :(

  • _Humdinga Dat boi (@_Humdinga) reported

    @DJWickit @Ableton Dropbox says there's error on the link :(

  • 1Password 1Password (@1Password) reported

    @billchase2 Hey Chase, Dropbox has recently changed the limit of syncing on its free accounts to 3 devices. That's the most common reason folks are having issue. If you're using less than 3 devices or are on a paid Dropbox account, just let me know. 🙂

  • OrganJaws OrganJaws (@OrganJaws) reported

    @jibral39 I have a whole DropBox folder of Kou pictures I have many DropBox folders of pictures of many different characters I'm aware that I have a problem

  • morearson sven ⚔️ (@morearson) reported

    i keep running out of space on my dropbox bc im too paranoid to delete the medibang files of every random thing i draw, which wouldn't be a problem if i didn't doodle on A4 sized canvases 😅

  • darian311 Darian Hickman (@darian311) reported

    @DropboxSupport Dropbox technical problems made it impossible for me to download my content from the service. I solved the problem with a temporary plan subscription and now I'm getting runaround from Dropbox chat that I can't get a refund.

  • WeNotSocks Achilles de Flandres (@WeNotSocks) reported

    We have a media server in the house so she can access it like it’s Dropbox whenever she wants. I like the list on the fridge idea tho!!!

  • Vebloxity Vebloxity (@Vebloxity) reported

    @DinoNuggetsYT In the dropbox you don't see proof of you confirming to pay Inky the "35 robux", you just replied with "I'm broke". If he really did "steal" that shirt then he would of just taken It down and wouldn't of went out of his way to get someone to make one for him.

  • andreas_php Andreas (@andreas_php) reported

    @akrabat @mark_pruitt I don't know. But you could of course use something else, e.g. Dropbox. I use the personal hotspot via USB often (charges the mobile and shares the internet). So yep, integration between iPhone and Macbook is pretty good. Very disappointing they're not able to fix the keyboard.

  • Hello_Evelina 𝓛𝓪𝓠𝓾𝓮𝓼𝓪𝓭𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓪 (@Hello_Evelina) reported

    @facebook Someone got into my Facebook last Thursday and it was deleted. They obtained my login info and hacked into my Yahoo, Photobucket, DropBox, Samsung, and Google accounts yesterday. I secured those but I'd like my Facebook back.

  • DropboxSupport Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @matt_mgd Hi there, in order to be able to sign in to two accounts simultaneously on the Dropbox app, you’ll need to have connected a personal and work(team) account. Since it’s not possible to connect two personal or two work accounts, it will not be...1/2

  • Laupsy Laura Gallisá (@Laupsy) reported

    When I search on my phone for “Pa” and move my finger to tap on the app I want to open, Dropbox Paper, I appreciate that the search results quickly change to “Search results for Painted Ladies” because deep down, that is what I want!