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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

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November 17: Problems at Dropbox

Dropbox is having issues since 06:20 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (50.00%)
  • Website Down (35.71%)
  • Errors (14.29%)

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  • creamsirikul
    ^^CRE@m^^ (@creamsirikul) reported

    @iEmulators It has a problem with syncing dropbox that app will shutdown by itself

  • j_kalla
    Josh Kalla (@j_kalla) reported

    @overleaf I use the Dropbox backup but it looks like I still lost 30 minutes of writing due to this outage. Not cool...

  • overleaf
    Overleaf (@overleaf) reported

    @drsrinathsridha The outage yesterday wasn't due to load, but using GitHub or Dropbox for backups is a good plan. We're also bringing the v1 *** bridge to Overleaf v2, which will provide another simple way to take a local backup.

  • jospoortvliet
    Jos Poortvliet (@jospoortvliet) reported

    @teppo_v @LucasDousse @Nextclouders @Dropbox @Tresorit @ProtonMail Luckily it isn't super complicated: e2e is supposed to protect you from the server. If you don't trust the server, you can't trust the code it sends your browser to handle the encryption (for example it might sent your key to a evil server). So no e2e in a browser, period...

  • squeevening
    Caitlin the Citizen #VoteAF (@squeevening) reported

    @yellowkazoo I can find a way to dropbox it if you think you can fix it :-)

  • PianoLearner225
    lelandvall (@PianoLearner225) reported

    @DropboxSupport - I've gotten four errors trying to upgrade my account but the payment has gone through each time. I can see it posted on my bank's website.

  • murdocc
    Murdocc (@murdocc) reported

    @DropboxSupport Just to clarify "users can only upload files as they are already named" so why then does it add the name in front of the file. I.e the screenshot attached renamed the file with my first and last. When you have a dataset pointing to the original name this causes major issues

  • PamelaDrew
    PamelaDrew (@PamelaDrew) reported

    Muddy the waters when the issue is clear by suggesting a line where #journailsts solicit not given stolen material. An effort to paint #Assange persecution as something different from every check marked bio that has secure contact info for tips & every corp news org anon Dropbox.

  • itsjael_10
    Jael (@itsjael_10) reported

    The day Dropbox shuts down will be the day I die because I have 143.31 GB worth of shit stored in there.

  • girtis
    Ģirts Graudiņš (@girtis) reported

    The @Dropbox Paper login flow is getting ever more complicated. It's like the opposite of an escape room - here's all these hoops to jump through, let's see if you can get in.

  • Sadowick
    Sadowick (@Sadowick) reported

    @WeAreFocusrite I think at the time it was a browser or cookie issue on my end. A friend of mine downloaded the one I needed and sent it to me via dropbox.

  • phildesforges_
    Phil Desforges (@phildesforges_) reported

    @imPatrickT @Dropbox @googledrive Thanks so much man. Really had the same problems

  • erikdrr
    Erik Derr (@erikdrr) reported

    Note on the fix. The issue was a vuln. Dropbox SDK from 2014. They fixed it by updating to one of the first patched ver. from 2015. I appreciate the (reasonably) fast fix, but this is in line with our study results showing that libs are rarely up2date (often not even close) 3/3

  • logozela
    Logozela (@logozela) reported

    @DropboxSupport I've tried with Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, Maxthon, Netscape, Internet Explorer but the forum is still read-only. I think that browser preferences aren't an issue here.

  • Radio_Azureus
    Radio Azureus (@Radio_Azureus) reported

    @LucasDousse @Dropbox @Nextclouders You will also have access to consistent bugfixing schedules, with rapid rates of fix on critical ones. You also have a choice of great hardware from @iXsystems or chose to build your own #NAS server based on @freenas or any other #FOSS solution #Linux #FreeBSD #opensource #GPL

  • dramalho
    David Ramalho (@dramalho) reported from Palmela, Distrito de Setúbal

    So, by removing *all* instances of Dropbox integrations from Preferences > Extensions , I cut down all the repeated links down to a single one .... on the other hand, I removed **all** ticks related to Dropbox for Finder Integrations and it's still there ....................

  • agricolabs
    Robert Guggenberger (@agricolabs) reported

    @o_guest @RemiGau @msvanarmy @djnavarro I was using *** with dropbox and onedrive on Win10 for a while. It was a bugfest. Issue is that file syncing is not atomic. Unlucky timing will break your repo, and this is bound to happen sooner or later.

  • sarah_romanes
    Sarah Romanes (@sarah_romanes) reported

    @djnavarro I’ve never had an issue with Dropbox and *** ... now I am scared I will ! 😱

  • anarkaytie
    WaahineAnarkia (@anarkaytie) reported

    @thomasbeagle This is why I’ve been very cautious about Dropbox et al, since cloud storage first showed up. I want my backup server in-country, tyvm. Actrix was my first pick for isp, for that reason alone. Not paying Apple for cloud, either.

  • jonnycowpoke
    Jon Williams (@jonnycowpoke) reported

    @EmrichOffice @Box @Dropbox Yep! Some fonts don’t upload to the Box web site when dragging and dropping from PC to browser window. No error messages, just no fonts load when you try to open the files

  • ClockworkMagus
    Patrick Martin (@ClockworkMagus) reported

    @Dropbox Having consistent problems with all dropbox apps the last couple days. This is affecting everyone at my work across multiple accounts. The Mac OSX app, iOS app, and some in-app integrations within iOS won't connect. Website seems to work fine

  • TammySchwark
    Tammy Schwark (@TammySchwark) reported

    Not sure if others had an issue recently w/ adding #Dropbox to #MicrosoftTeams - had done before & go figure it fails during onsite training last week - multiple accts/pc's. Moved on to other things - no time to look into - but appears to be okay now! 🤔 #Office365 #MurphysLaw

  • sfranklin_co
    Shawn Franklin (@sfranklin_co) reported

    @brenton_clarke @Dropbox @DropboxSupport I'm having issues on chrome. seems to work fine on safari though.

  • _NickGolding_
    Nick Golding (@_NickGolding_) reported

    @djnavarro yeah my Dropbox does sync a lot. Haven't had any issues with corruption. Well, except one time when I was syncing between two machines and committed to the same repo on each one within seconds. But I was clearly asking for trouble!

  • DropboxSupport
    Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @DjNature We're sorry for any difficulties this may have caused. Our engineering team has informed us that performance should get back to normal shortly as the issue has been resolved. Feel free to let us know how things go once you try accessing the Dropbox website again. Thanks! 🙏

  • jeremyelder
    Jeremy Elder (@jeremyelder) reported

    @EmrichOffice @Box @Dropbox Been using it for years, no font issues.

  • ilhaan
    Ilhaan Rasheed (@ilhaan) reported

    @DropboxSupport @Dropbox No issues at the moment. Seems to be working fine. Thanks @DropboxSupport!

  • august08
    AUGUST 08 (@august08) reported

    @DropboxSupport Yeah the website won’t open error everytime!! Everyone’s sending messages to u guys. Let us know what going on.

  • ilhaan
    Ilhaan Rasheed (@ilhaan) reported

    @joaquinasencio @Dropbox I don't think this current issue has been going on for that long. I had no issues this earlier today and late last night.

  • sgbuggs
    Shantel Gabrieal Buggs, Ph.D. (@sgbuggs) reported

    looks like I join the chorus of people who are panicked/annoyed because @Dropbox is down. I am really ready to cancel the whole month of November.

  • kwhite6531
    Kayla Siefker (@kwhite6531) reported

    @dropbox site is down!

  • dthompsonusa
    Doug Thompson (@dthompsonusa) reported

    @DropboxSupport your site is down

  • NickRowley
    Nick Rowley (@NickRowley) reported

    @CallMeSocialB @DropboxSupport I am having issues as well. Keeps freezing.

  • meidlin
    Mike Eidlin (@meidlin) reported

    .@Dropbox is down 💀💀💀

  • loukilburn
    Louise Kilburn (@loukilburn) reported

    @DropboxSupport @krobz The status page says it is all operational but it is still not working for me

  • Ingrid_MolinaG
    Lady Inric (@Ingrid_MolinaG) reported

    @DropboxSupport @Dropbox is down!!!

  • DjNature
    Forest Pond (@DjNature) reported

    Dropbox being down mid day is not the move

  • iHeartDates
    Sarah Romero is Tweeting (@iHeartDates) reported

    @NickCon112587 @bckirsch @Dropbox @DropboxSupport Same issue here. Getting an error page.

  • iHeartDates
    Sarah Romero is Tweeting (@iHeartDates) reported

    @CallMeSocialB @DropboxSupport Yes, it’s down. I can’t either

  • fake029
    luis vazquez (@fake029) reported

    @Dropbox the site is not working

  • RachelBrownNZ
    Rachel Brown (@RachelBrownNZ) reported

    @DropboxSupport going around in circles with your Australian team to get an issue resolved. Very frustrating!

  • ilhaan
    Ilhaan Rasheed (@ilhaan) reported

    @Dropbox Many users seem to be having issues connecting to your servers at the moment. I have had issues on your website and desktop application over the last 10 minutes.

  • thejennchen
    Jenn Chen (@thejennchen) reported

    Every time a company based in SF annoys me or goes down, I have this ridiculous urge to march to their office & bang angrily on their door. Today, it’s dropbox.

  • ilhaan
    Ilhaan Rasheed (@ilhaan) reported

    @Chris_afec @DropboxSupport I'm having issues with the website and have noticed connectivity problems on the desktop app too. A few other people have said the same thing on twitter.

  • ilhaan
    Ilhaan Rasheed (@ilhaan) reported

    @aag_bot @Dropbox I'm having trouble accessing Dropbox too. Seems like they're having issues.

  • 319heads
    319 Heads (@319heads) reported

    @Dropbox you're down and your status page is useless.

  • 319heads
    319 Heads (@319heads) reported

    @Dropbox you're down and you're status page is useless.

  • mattgemmell
    Matt Gemmell (@mattgemmell) reported

    @RothParsons Sync to iCloud, but I regularly back up my manuscripts to Dropbox. My server overseas runs a Dropbox daemon too, and it has its own off-site daily/weekly/monthly rolling backups. So my data is on: iPad, iPhone, iCloud, Dropbox, my server, and multiple other backups.

  • faded_toblue
    p. (@faded_toblue) reported

    @Dropbox Might want to update your status page because you're currently down...

  • KaitReese
    Kaitlin Reese (@KaitReese) reported from Blacksburg, Virginia

    Dropbox is down and this is not sitting well with me 😐 #wherearethestills #gameentertainmentproblems

  • rellanalvarez
    Rubén Rellán-Álvarez (@rellanalvarez) reported

    @dsquintana @LinzAyearst Or link to file in Dropbox/Google Drive etc if you can't or don't want to put the manuscript on a public pre-print server.

    JATMN (@THEJATMN) reported

    @3DPProfessor @joeltelling @Dropbox Yea that is odd, wonder if your Dropbox install has a permission issue with a windows update..

  • JoHarmonyHealer
    Jo Bristow-Watkins (@JoHarmonyHealer) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hello, I needed more space in my DropBox account so I've signed up for the free 30 day upgrade to business account trial and now I've been given a new Dropbox folder rather than extending the one I had and I'm having terrible trouble accessing all my DropBox documents. Arghh ...

  • PushTheButton
    Push The Button (@PushTheButton) reported from Camberwell, England

    Oh it would be terrible if this Dropbox were filled with HD full broadcast editions of the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Sarahmcguffin9
    Sarah mcguffin (@Sarahmcguffin9) reported

    @iEmulators Have a problem here with someone having issues syncing to gba4ios to Dropbox, keeps crashing. Please help to answer. Thanks

  • MelKalEsq
    Melanie Kalmanson (@MelKalEsq) reported

    You know you have a "problem" when you log in to @Dropbox and find a draft of a paper you don't remember writing...

  • miss_in_tights
    Rachael ❤️ 27k (@miss_in_tights) reported

    Any advice on what app to use to upload vids & pics to share. Dropbox is too slow and driving me insane 😫 thanks! 💋

  • evercode
    Christian Miller (@evercode) reported from Galloway Mill, Tennessee

    @TWSheppard @DropboxSupport Well crap. That didn’t fix it either. @arqbackup

  • MaryMsway224
    Mary Sway (@MaryMsway224) reported

    @LjHamlin I use an iPad with Scrivener. I save my projects in Dropbox. I can switch from iPad, to laptop, to desktop with no problems.

  • skrutskie
    Emily Skrutskie 🚀 HULLMETAL GIRLS (@skrutskie) reported

    @kierstenwhite I'm not usually a dramatic ***** but if I hadn't also had books to return that I was still able to drop off in the dropbox, I would have probably laid down right there on the sidewalk