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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

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  • greystate Chriztian Steinmeier (@greystate) reported

    @DropboxSupport Thanks! Must have been a fluke since I've been unable to reproduce the issue.

  • Indi_pops India Barnardo (@Indi_pops) reported

    .@Dropbox & @DropboxSupport I've found your email customer service to be unhelpful in explaining issues with my account, I keep asking for answers & get automatic replies mid chain. It turns out I can't recover my account, so I guess that means our relationship is over :'(

  • real_Obliterous Shawn Somers (@real_Obliterous) reported

    @marcoarment Doesn't fix the problem, and if the preview I saw was indicative of the future, it gives me a reason to move OFF of Dropbox.

  • jkatcher74 Jason Katcher (@jkatcher74) reported

    Near picture perfect covered calls on Dropbox. Sold July 19 $25 calls for $2.30. May expire worthless tomorrow. Plan to sell a bunch more 8/9 options given #earnings volatility until that ceiling of $27 is broken with force. Don't trust this rate cut driven rally. $DBX #stocks

  • willislim Willis (@willislim) reported

    @ozjs More of an annoyance rather than performance issues as such. I hardly use Dropbox anymore - there is one of my album vendors that uses it when I upload client wedding albums and that's it. I use either OneDrive (work) or iCloud drive.



  • mallika_rao Mallika Padma Rao (@mallika_rao) reported

    The dropbox app made my phone run so hot (and slow). I picked it up and it was like the inverse experience of when a chihuahua is shivering in your arms. I felt almost tender toward it — poor lil guy. Shame on you Dropbox!

  • Opticalmouse Joshua Lee (@Opticalmouse) reported

    i wonder when the day will come when a giant cloud server like dropbox or icloud just fails and deletes everyones data.

  • jennytha Jenn (@jennytha) reported

    @jonpurdy @marcoarment @Dropbox Ugh I just noticed this too. It's made my laptop suuuuuuuper slow. syncing files used to be seamless and now I have the wheel of death every two seconds.

  • WirlOfWirls Tanya Harrison (@WirlOfWirls) reported

    @JonathanMosen @Dropbox Yeah it's terrible, so I just found the folder, made a shortcut to it and whacked that on my desktop.

  • pwalk12 Paige Walker (@pwalk12) reported

    @UPS @UPSHelp you should be doing everything you can to get this dropbox shut down immediately. Absolutely insane you’ve let this continually happen for over 6 months to a year now without doing anything about it.

  • AdamColeman AdamColeman (@AdamColeman) reported

    @DropboxSupport This is a terrible UX you're trying to push. You provide a great simple service...One folder shared everywhere that the user wants it to be shared. It doesn't need to be any fancier than it already is.

  • eBookNoir eBookNoir 🥃 (@eBookNoir) reported

    @adamjury @Dropbox Ive had nothing but issues with it. An even worse resource hog then before. I’ve turned it off on all my computers and now just go to the website.

  • XephThePanda XephThePanda 🌈🐼🏳️‍🌈 (@XephThePanda) reported

    @nowvoicethis @nowvoicethis @Chuck_Huber Okay, small problem. I keep trying to upload the above video file on Dropbox both in my files and on the entry submission page, and, well, I keep getting a “Something went wrong” error everytime

  • pk_sullivan PK Sullivan (@pk_sullivan) reported

    Dropbox is adding 'features' and bloat when it should be doubling down on its core premise: cross-platform synced storage. Give us a reasonably priced consumer option for $1-$3 a month and I'd pay it. I'm not doing $10/month when Apple gives me 50gb for $1.

  • zyxoof mecca✨ (@zyxoof) reported

    sorry i let you guys down. it's all my fault. i shouldnt have said anything to Nathan and every time we'd talk i'd get a bad vibe from him but, since his content was everything to me. and now his career is done and it's my fault. we talked more that wasnt in the dropbox :/

  • pwalk12 Paige Walker (@pwalk12) reported

    @UPSHelp Dropbox location: 2500 W William Cannon Dr, Austin, TX 78745 — read the reviews for yourself. "The package was never scanned and has essentially disappeared." "My package mysteriously went missing from this dropbox location and UPS has not resolved the issue."

  • quantian1 Quantian (@quantian1) reported

    the Dropbox CEO cashing out of his company as its stock gets marked down by mutual funds to buy a penthouse apartment that is *literally sinking into the ground* is too on the money to be a bad Silicon Valley joke

  • ShutterLenz ShutterLenz Photography (@ShutterLenz) reported

    Regret of moving away from iPhone.. Missing the air drop Using dropbox to move files is just too damn slow #dropbox #Airdrop #Apple I want to go back to iPhone

  • cyChop Cyrille Chopelet (@cyChop) reported

    @kirschhoffer @Dropbox @ownCloud I've personally begun moving to Nextcloud, a fork of ownCloud, but which seemed a bit more active. Satisfied so far, all files encrypted: even if you gain access to my server, you will have trouble accessing my data.

  • egadmypickle Tyler Egad (@egadmypickle) reported

    @arstechnica @RonAmadeo Hey @arstechnica, I just got a response from them. It seems that Dropbox had this occur because of an error, and "some users were accidentally exposed to the app for a short period of time." It looks like they're attempting to revert this.

  • evolutionwins JB (@evolutionwins) reported

    @Dropbox Your new app is f'ing terrible. Dumping your product as a business user. Worst UX/UI ever.

  • jimfantazzia Jim Fantazzia (@jimfantazzia) reported

    @DropboxSupport if/when this rolls out, make it so I can remove it from the dock on Mac if I chose, Yesterday, I could not remove it form the dock without shutting down the entire app all together.

  • RobairreG Rob Grant (@RobairreG) reported

    @DropboxSupport The new app is terrible. If you force this on me I will cancel my subscription immediately.

  • drako_den Drako's Den (@drako_den) reported

    @arstechnica Dropbox lost me years ago when they decided to "expire" the extra storage they gave me for certian milestones. Putting me back down to even less than the original amount during Sign up. I use Mega now.

  • DropboxSupport Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    Update: The issue with the Dropbox desktop app has been resolved, though there might be a short lag for some users to see resolution. Thank you for your patience as we worked through this.

  • riscfuture Tim Morgan 🙃🌯 (@riscfuture) reported from San Francisco, California

    Dropbox is further proof of my maxim, “Every tech company eventually just becomes terrible.”

  • DropboxSupport Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @jrdnfrnk Hey Jordan, try this: 1. Click the Dropbox icon in the menu bar or system tray, and then click your profile picture or initials. 2. Click Quit Dropbox. 3. Open your applications menu, re-launch Dropbox, and then sign in again (if necessary). Let us know!

  • Youngfratjesus Mr. Weed 🏆 (@Youngfratjesus) reported

    I haven’t forgot about y’all. Just been busy, I’m gonna fix the Dropbox link when I get home tonight and I’ll pin it to my profile 💯

  • frankreiff Frank Reiff (@frankreiff) reported

    The problem with Dropbox: it has become the default sync-your-folders-online solution because it’s free. Because of that the company’s valuation became really high. Then they found out that they are giving away expensive S3 storage for free and make no money. 🤔

  • SinfulLiees_ J.u.j.u 🙋🏾‍♂️❤️ (@SinfulLiees_) reported from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @DropboxSupport I’ve been having trouble signing in it keeps giving errors. Keep saying there’s a problem with my internet but my internet is fine

  • martinjanes Martin Janes (@martinjanes) reported

    @drewhouston @Dropbox 'resolving things' means because of known issues that have existed in Dropbox' accounts system for 4 years - and block me every time from renewing - i have to pay for something I don't need. I also have to fight support every year to explain that this is a preexisting issue.

  • martinjanes Martin Janes (@martinjanes) reported

    @drewhouston Appalling service from @Dropbox. 5 year customer but every year same problems trying to renew my business account. same 'bugs'. some intractability from support. same BS re working to fix 'known issues'. awful.

  • HalfRebel Himanshu Gupta (@HalfRebel) reported

    Paying for Dropbox Plus Subscription seems like an error now. Sigh!

  • bradtiller Brad Tiller (@bradtiller) reported

    The problem with Dropbox isn't that they couldn't capture a good market — they did! But it wasn't "good enough" to satisfy the growth ambitions of its executives and investors, and so they focused all of their efforts on enterprise (where the money is).

  • bradtiller Brad Tiller (@bradtiller) reported

    @marcoarment The problem with Dropbox isn't that they couldn't capture a good market — they did! It just simply wasn't "good enough" to satisfy the growth ambitions of its executives and investors, and so they focused all of their efforts on enterprise (where the money is).

  • haimam Hasan (@haimam) reported

    @dropboxsupport I am very old user of dropbox..... In between last few years, I didnt login or use dropbox due to memory full. Now again I login to my account but I shouked to see that all my old files gone. Please help me to get back my old files. Hasan

  • uhactually like as the d.b. hart desireth the david brooks (@uhactually) reported

    @bergmayer @marcoarment credit where credit is due, I’ve thought I should probably switch to iCloud Drive for quite a bit but it took these terrible updates to actually overcome my laziness and make me do it, which *did* significantly improve my user experience. Thank you Dropbox!

  • choosehalo Halo Media (@choosehalo) reported

    @DropboxSupport Thanks guys. We seem to be having issues with other sites too, it must be a problem on our side. Sorry to bother, and thanks for the quick response!!👋

  • DropboxSupport Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @alleebabble Hi Allison. If the Dropbox icon keeps disappearing it would be best to restart the device and if the issue is not resolved try reinstalling the application. We hope this helps. Reach out to us if the issue persists. Thanks!

  • DropboxSupport Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @gustavovelascoh Hi Gustavo, this is the default expression used by Google as we need read/write access to the contacts so you can edit, download and delete your contacts from within Dropbox. If you'd like to avoid that, you can sign in with your username/password instead. Thx!

  • DropboxSupport Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @bitNomad Hi again! That error message is caused when a change from another device or from the Dropbox website is performed, and the Dropbox Desktop application is unable to correctly apply that change to a folder. We’re glad to hear that you were able to resolve the matter...1/2

  • bitNomad C@L·v¡n (@bitNomad) reported

    @DropboxSupport Error Msg "Can't sync Loops (this directory isn't empty)" unfortunately there was no path given so I had to rename ~10 Loops directories until I found the one in question

  • Splend Sam Kurd coffee emoji (@Splend) reported

    @keletkezes Soon! It takes forever to open anything but once it does it lets me do things so hoping it's a startup issue. But worst case scenario I'll have to do a factory reset or something. So glad I keep important things in Dropbox.

  • StewGleadow Stewart Gleadow (@StewGleadow) reported

    @tonyarnold People have told me this about Dropbox too. I have some *** repos in there and haven’t had a problem. Really wanting iCloud to replace Dropbox though

  • IamMark777 Mark (@IamMark777) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hey @DropboxSupport - I don't need the files that were in the error so am okay. It's more of a feature request so I can improve the time it's taking to know what the errors are.

  • TsarStar Tsara Taylor (@TsarStar) reported

    @Houseologists hi there, I think you have a data breach issue. I received a very genuine seeming email from what seems to be your CEO this morning with a pdf attachment that contains a link to Dropbox/download file. Worth warning people before they click this

  • mluisbrown Michael Luís Brown (@mluisbrown) reported

    @matunga @Dropbox The macOS @dropbox client is basically malware as far as I'm concerned. I moved all my stuff to iCloud Drive over a year ago and have zero issues.

  • aindhy aindhy (@aindhy) reported

    @nouhad @marcoarment @onedrive @Windows I get it. I tend to give some leeway to apps that require deep OS integration (especially across multiple platforms) and I've come to rely on Dropbox (still do) a LOT. BUT I guess it's time to check out the competition. Activating the old login's going to be a hassle though.

  • imthegoldmaster goldmaster (@imthegoldmaster) reported

    @bazzacollins @webusermagazine @MEGAprivacy @pCloudapp It was about @Dropbox in issue 479

  • RadicalAdem Adem Tumerkan (@RadicalAdem) reported

    @worrellscott70 I knowww I’ve been annoyed it keeps getting delayed (sloppy). He also took down older white papers about Q ratio + market crashes & tail hedging (thankfully put them on Dropbox). But his new stuff is good; about 10-baggers (1000% gains) via tail risk insurance (options as proxy)

  • theBibb Joe Bibby (@theBibb) reported

    @marcoarment There is a new setting in Dropbox that seems to fix this. Change the open files in setting from Dropbox to Finder. Wasn’t there before. Defaulted to Dropbox. Really hope the new iCloud shared folders works...

  • arpancj Arpan CJ (@arpancj) reported

    Every utility wants to become a large fully featured app. The problem is, that a background sync utility like Dropbox is only useful if it is lightweight - the moment it becomes a heavy app — it loses its usefulness.

  • angelgirl1976 Annette (@angelgirl1976) reported

    @MichiganPal @lynnskyi Pauline, there's a way to fix it. if my audio tweet doesn't make much sense and if we have a Dropbox, let me know and I'll send you the file.

  • caseyliss Casey Liss (@caseyliss) reported

    I just realized clicking the folder icon in the @dropbox drop-down doesn’t actually open Finder on the Mac anymore. I cannot overstate how much this update — that was forced upon me — makes me want to leave Dropbox forever.

  • _JasperLai Jasper Lai (@_JasperLai) reported

    @agrant Pricing is pretty competitive too, *especially* considering Office access in top of similar storage amounts. My issue with OneDrive is how much RAM it uses, but this new Dropbox update appears to have made it comparably bad (for me, so far).

  • JohnBrownlow John Brownlow (@JohnBrownlow) reported

    The thing about Dropbox, unlike Google docs or iCloud, is that It. Just. Invisibly. Works. I have literally never had any kind of sync problem with Dropbox. iCloud is an epic disaster in that respect and Gdocs is far too focused on their own interface and ecosystem.

  • _JasperLai Jasper Lai (@_JasperLai) reported

    @DropboxSupport Opening in the desktop app by default is a terrible idea; please consider making it opt-in. Additionally, this app I will rarely (if ever) use is now taking additional storage space on my limited SSD, which is very unwelcome.

  • angelgirl1976 Annette (@angelgirl1976) reported

    @lynnskyi @MichiganPal I'm glad a restart fixed your thunderbird issues. Dropbox is still giving me that hedder item grouping thing, but as long as I can still see and view my folders, I can live with it.

  • lynnskyi Lynn I 🗽 (@lynnskyi) reported

    @MichiganPal @angelgirl1976 I never had issues with presentation in my Dropbox with either JAWS or NVDA, even with the 1903 update.