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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

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  • RtRadke Ross Radke (@RtRadke) reported

    @duncanfegredo @Procreate @clipstudiopaint @tozozozo @RyanOttley Yeah @rob__mccallum gave me some advice and it seems like the real problem I’m having is the terrible app for my external hard drive makes it essentially useless for anything that isn’t a standard image file. I’m probably going to end up buying more iCloud and/or Dropbox storage

  • AttilaNuke Adathor (@AttilaNuke) reported

    @SwapBhartiya @sysrich @openSUSE @Dropbox Quite frankly thats a pretty easy fix.

  • ValennCardona V (@ValennCardona) reported

    @DropboxSupport Durging 20 min I couldn’t log in due to Dropbox issues, my account appeared as an “error”.

  • DarkestKale Kale (@DarkestKale) reported

    @david_does I've absolutely had files in dropbox sync, and their server went 'yeah you deleted this' and bam, my local copy went too.

  • diazphoto1330 Sebastian Diaz (@diazphoto1330) reported

    @DropboxSupport I am backing up my server to Dropbox. My server is set as follows, "Locally deleted files will be re-fetched from your public cloud". My understanding of this setting is that if I delete a file from the server, it will be restored by re-fetching it from Dropbox.

  • michaeIIangdon s (@michaeIIangdon) reported

    @orangepiiko we upload it thru dropbox and i m mostly confused at what caused my game to become So much bigger bc last time i uploaded it w no problem

  • kadirayhan Kadir Jun Ayhan (한준) (@kadirayhan) reported

    @sbmitche Dropbox is just terrible, especially when you work online on Word files.

  • sbmitche Sara Mitchell (@sbmitche) reported

    @DropboxSupport I am opening it from Dropbox folder via Explorer. I am the only one working on it. Sometimes nothing happens when I try to save. Other times I got an error message about a save failure.

  • feddycreates cool man feddy 🗿 (@feddycreates) reported

    she sat down on my **** call it dropbox

  • zimzalaman Christian Strobel (@zimzalaman) reported

    @DropboxSupport I have been trying to get in touch but your 5 page process to send an email always ends with an error.

  • AlexkayPhd Alex Kay (@AlexkayPhd) reported

    @AlKhulood22 I bought an external hard-drive off amazon and just copy ny entire PhD folder onto it!i also use Dropbox for essentials and the university online server. Also, emails to supervisors etc is simple way to back up work. I had to have my harddrive replaced and it cost £200!

  • mikeudin_net mikeudin (@mikeudin_net) reported

    @aturtur @yader_de Dropbox link is broken 😢

  • Brian_Mosey Brian Moserowitz (@Brian_Mosey) reported

    If you refer to a shared dropbox folder as a "Drop-down box link" it might be time to retire...

  • MysteryRoomMKE Justin Perkins (@MysteryRoomMKE) reported

    @DropboxSupport No problem. All I want for X-mas is clients to stop asking me why they can’t download any of the files inside the zip file, and simply be prompted clearly to download the zip and nothing more. Even though I include this in my notes now, not everybody reads the directions first.

  • paulg Paul Graham (@paulg) reported

    @garrytan That may not always be true. Sometimes (e.g. in the case of Dropbox) the VCs' proverbial "crowded market" is a sign of a real problem that has no clear solution yet.

  • MysteryRoomMKE Justin Perkins (@MysteryRoomMKE) reported

    @DropboxSupport @Dropbox Seems OK now, maybe it was a short-lived issue. A quick search on Twitter tells me I wasn’t the only one affected.

  • fusedofficial FUSED (@fusedofficial) reported

    Right... @SkyUK broadband test no.2... syncing a 46mb WAV file to Dropbox and it's not affecting my download speed at all. Another win for Sky Vs my awful old @bt_uk internet that took down my network if I synced with @dropbox!

  • Shanna_Compton Shanna Compton (@Shanna_Compton) reported

    @DropboxSupport @FiveXT @Dropbox I am seeing this too. Mobile apps are OK so far, but access via browser is blinking in and out, same message as below: "temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address."

  • outofcontrol James Riordon (@outofcontrol) reported

    @command_tab @Dropbox Dropbox can do this if you have a broken symlinks in your Dropbox folder somewhere.

  • rjcc Richard Lawler (@rjcc) reported

    @command_tab @film_girl @Dropbox I reinstalled it on my PC last week after years away and it's uh... Terrible.

  • 3dTanny 3D Tanny (@3dTanny) reported

    @Dropbox is down... I blame @mad_monkey01

  • robokidmusic robokid (@robokidmusic) reported

    omg is dropbox down

  • RiggedPig power pauper (@RiggedPig) reported

    @Joe_Stando @kendrawcandraw I’m sorry guys! You’re not working as hard as the people making this money. You’re working one-one hundredth as hard as some ******* ******* who doesn’t know what Dropbox is. You don’t deserve it

  • ALL_CAPS David Hicks (@ALL_CAPS) reported

    @johnefrancis @psyoureanidiot Cloud is fine: I use Dropbox and S3/Glacier for various things and they’re great. Just don’t use it as the only solution. The other problem is recovery time - backup that takes days to restore is better than no backup but not great for operational continuity.

  • meetKiLO Evan 🌈 (@meetKiLO) reported

    Oh my god @Dropbox your app don't want to ignore my ******* USB drive and interrupt the flashing of it fix your shitty app please.

  • HallidayMJ Mike H (@HallidayMJ) reported

    @DropboxBusiness @DropboxSupport #8963815 - still no advice or answer. Really frustrating. Ive tried, I've sent screen dumps. You simply kick the can down the road asking for one email with the world, universe and everything else. Please sort it

  • notsarahgordon Sarah Gordon (@notsarahgordon) reported

    @kierongillen I took mine down a couple of months back because it was loading all lumpy. But for the first time in years people are asking to see one and I got nothing but project files, a Dropbox, and a stupid smile.

  • RachelGardner86 Rachel Gardner (@RachelGardner86) reported

    @AyeshaTarax Oh no, what a pain! You could also try Dropbox if the problem continues

  • CashflowinRE Lance (@CashflowinRE) reported

    Funny because I have this problem now.. I need a place to store documents but I don’t need another $20/month charge.... Should I just upgrade my Dropbox

  • ega_llc EGA Technology Solutions, LLC (@ega_llc) reported

    @zacbowden My biggest issue with onedrive is synchronization, our last customer from Dropbox to OneDrive Migration was a nightmare.

  • KatJWin Katherine Winchester (@KatJWin) reported

    @JonathanOsman @Dropbox ONLY if people only send you Dropbox links to one email account. Where you already have a Dropbox login and the damn thing installed on your machine.

  • ImaginaryMatty Matty, RNG Blessed (@ImaginaryMatty) reported

    I'm ******* tired of Dropbox not working as it should.

  • calebtennant1 black eyed bandit (@calebtennant1) reported

    Support my alcohol problem and buy my Dropbox...! It’s half off!!

  • avand Avand Amiri (@avand) reported from San Francisco, California

    @producersteve @Dropbox Specifically, I like the feedback loop. The “can you find the button” has #darkpattern vibes for sure. Understanding why a user would want to leave and addressing their issue is meaningful.

  • taakotaccos 🖤 (@taakotaccos) reported

    The dropbox closed right as i was doing the last few problems : )

  • pt Parker (@pt) reported

    I feel like the MySpace headlines should read “MySpace, a website you haven’t thought about since 2012, lost backups of your data, which you obviously store in Dropbox because you assumed it shut down years ago.”

  • PaulMatarr Paul (@PaulMatarr) reported

    @ScanSnapUK i can't sync to @onedrive anymore using your ios app. It can sync to @Dropbox without problems. Can you please iron out the bugs

  • Nextclouders Nextcloud 📱☁️💻 (@Nextclouders) reported

    @NikoCodey @HansErasmus @Dropbox @Seafile Well, we can CALL it production ready of course - but that doesn't make it more secure. So we call it experimental until we feel it is ready. I replied with our current timeline in another part of this discussion. A security audit found issues in the metadata handling spec.

  • openstreetmath Jakub (@openstreetmath) reported

    @slushcz No phone is not a problem. Problem is the overall UX which is quite bad, to be honest. For example it does not work offline, creating or restoring backups is quite cumbersome and it is easy to overwrite password by mistake. Now better I back up dropbox after every passwd change.

  • biggreenlzrd toki (@biggreenlzrd) reported

    @KilmoAardvark tbh I’ve never had major problems w/ iCloud drive but it does have a lot of small things that irk me about it (cont move/organize files that are shared, etc.) that it drives me back to Dropbox instead

  • keenlykeena Keena Renée (@keenlykeena) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    @DropboxSupport i think the problem is i uploaded the files to an account and i don’t remember which one 😩 I was able to find an old link and it works fine so i just uploaded it to my current account

  • Cert_Bot CertainiumBot (@Cert_Bot) reported

    This issue is a joke wrapped within a bunch of stuff through Dropbox...

  • MissIllustrator Michelle Kondrich (@MissIllustrator) reported

    @DropboxSupport I appreciate the help but there was an error during the download so it never made it there.

  • WillPrapestis Will Prapestis (@WillPrapestis) reported

    @DropboxSupport Quite simply, the app constantly has errors while trying to perform basic functions, and it’s not an intuitive platform. For example, removing files from shared folders in order to create space in the already-dismally-small Dropbox is very frustrating and needlessly complicated.

  • dwindon Doug Winter (@dwindon) reported

    @DropboxSupport Trying to install Dropbox on a new windows 10 laptop. Getting a "Can't start Dropbox" error and also an "Error2" message

  • wineyundergrad 𝐦. 🥀 (@wineyundergrad) reported

    @Dropbox hi, the website will. not. load. regardless of browsers, regardless of logging in & out, i literally cannot use your website. there are no error messages — it’d be less frustrating if there were.

  • wineyundergrad 𝐦. 🥀 (@wineyundergrad) reported

    hi @Dropbox your website is a dumpster fire & has been essentially completely unusable for the last week. thankfully i have it downloaded on my laptop, but i’m screwed at school :-) fix it :-) now :-)

  • ashley_meerloo Ashley Meerloo (@ashley_meerloo) reported

    @DropboxSupport Having serious issue with an account. Emailed just now, but your system seemed to crash. Please contact me ASAP #tweetusifyouneedus

  • fuolpit Stanislas 👨‍💻 (@fuolpit) reported

    Dropbox uploads are quite slow...

  • pacificwandere1 pacificwanderer ~ Yub Nub, Bitches (@pacificwandere1) reported

    @CommanderCapit1 @voicedimplosive @DeathDama FYI! She might be taking MLP down and revamping it if she gets the contract with webtoons. She has a Dropbox link on her Patreon if anyone wants to download it before it's gone! She said it's only going to be up for a week or two!

  • ElvenInquisitor Taimat, the Thorki Hoarder (@ElvenInquisitor) reported

    @amestris_star Seriously. And they’re technically all on a network, so they’re not their own individual computers. Everything they do has to be run through the central server and then back. It’s slow as hell. Also, they’ve blocked everything useful, like GDocs, Dropbox, etc.

  • kevindrau DM Kevin (@kevindrau) reported

    @Kumo_Isamashii If your on windows use your one drive for current projects. That way it's archived off site. I use Dropbox it saved us a ton when an IT employee caused an issue with a few of our project machines. They lost everything in their folders called Dropbox they had it restored.

  • FabuPonah Ottdog w/ extra Mustelid (@FabuPonah) reported

    Finally sorting through my ocs Saving their art into Dropbox and seeing how many I actually have now This is so slow tho I have a few ocs with a lot of art I mean none are close to ponah with 1000+ art but another character of mine is close with over 200 Hnnn

  • BlocktechCEO Devon R James (@BlocktechCEO) reported

    @kristovatlas @BrianLockhart @brucefenton 1Password uses iCloud or Dropbox or your own WLAN server for syncing encrypted password files - optionally. The primary service is password storage but since ppl have many devices it’s usefullness depends on it being somewhat dependent on custodial 3rd parties existing.

  • corrosive6809 Adrian Burgess (@corrosive6809) reported

    @nerdsville @2m0sql @Dropbox (And even the paid services aren’t immune from these terms changes - fairly sure OneDrive offered a ludicrous 10TB of storage for a while, until it got abused so they dropped it down to 1TB)

  • 2m0sql Peter Goodhall (2M0SQL) (@2m0sql) reported from Elgin, Scotland

    @nerdsville @Dropbox Local NAS drive backed up on another site, problem solved

  • FreakyFwoof Andre Louis (@FreakyFwoof) reported

    @DerekRiemer @x0_1372 I've seen over 20 names report in about focus-steeling and it being a dropbox issue. This is *not* an isolated problem at this time.

  • John7Istheman John (@John7Istheman) reported

    Just got home from office. Wifey & 2 youngest sleeping 2 oldest play online games with friends. Guess I'll just mosey on down to my office and start drinking. And trying to fix this piece of shit laptop that won't download Dropbox files permanently.

  • johndoe (@johndoe) reported from Hōlualoa, Hawaii

    @niw @Dropbox for me, probably Google drive would be the choice, if I absolutely had to, though there are limits (pretty high, I think) at which point I think you have to buy more Google drive space. but same with iCloud, and you might have issues on non-apple devices.

  • dawngguk 정국‘𝗌 𝖺𝗆𝗒🗝 (@dawngguk) reported

    my renjun edit won’t sync to my dropbox we going down