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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

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  • TylerMKing Tyler King (@TylerMKing) reported

    I like that iOS warns you when an app uses your location in the background. I don't like that it's so locked down, apps like Dropbox have to use your location as a hack to run in the background, so iOS is constantly warning me about a privacy violation they made necessary.

  • GarethAJackson Gareth Jackson (@GarethAJackson) reported

    @DropboxSupport I'm having some major issues with my Dropbox account for my laptop. It seems it wasn't syncing and kept stating there were permission errors. I uninstalled it, but now Im getting error 2 and can't reinstall it. I have a laptop running Windows 7.

  • Hicksdesign Jon Hicks (@Hicksdesign) reported

    @mumptastic @ChrisFerdinandi Still looking for good options - apart from Flickr, there doesn't seem to be any. I'm also trying using my Plex Server, pointing to my Dropbox camera roll folder

  • victoripatatae Arthur (@victoripatatae) reported

    @Dropbox main page may be painstakingly slow to login after the authentication data are given, or not even load at all. I've already had trouble not being able to login when I needed.

  • perchbird_ perchbird (@perchbird_) reported

    @primulaone i forego online services and have a network storage server in my room and use their software to sync between my computers and phone! syncs just like dropbox or gdrive and works flawlessly

  • icman55 Pixel Boy (@icman55) reported

    @PrincessKaelin Might try the built in Files app on your iPhone. Then can open the folder on your Mac and should be there assuming they are using the same iCloud account. Not sure if it will be faster but Dropbox is slow in general so...

  • smokingsmut smokingsmut🌬 (@smokingsmut) reported

    Out of work for at least 2 weeks because of this broken hand and I’m $800 behind on rent. 😭 fantastic. Selling the link to every single Dropbox I have for $50! That’s 7 drop boxes with all my content. 😬 #buyingnudes #sellingnudes #cashblessings #financialblessing

  • Rinian Nic Lim (@Rinian) reported

    @sketchlia @Johnnyvustory Googdrive is a bit tricky for stuff that needs constant updating, their uploading system is slow and wonky. i like using Dropbox for things I’m currently working on then just move it to goog drive when it’s done. I just basically use drive for storage!

  • BernardJReeves BernardJReeves (@BernardJReeves) reported

    @NellaJoieBella Either sign in to Dropbox or just create a login. It ain’t spam to sign up

  • big_brain123 big_brain (@big_brain123) reported

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  • endboss69 endboss69 (@endboss69) reported

    Dm me down to trade open to anything #horny #buyingnudes #sellingnudes #porn #**** #nudes #dropbox #roleplay #lewdrp #rp

  • lynnskyi Lynn I 🗽 (@lynnskyi) reported

    @santaarnold @MichiganPal JAWS and Google Drive work ok together. JAWS isn't the problem--it's Google Drive not being easy to use like OneDrive and Dropbox are. I got rid of Google Drive very quickly. I disliked it. OneDrive is easy and like Dropbox in structure.

  • elizabe18643534 elizabeth (@elizabe18643534) reported

    250GB for $25 and $10 for getting into a discord trading server with over 180 people . All my links are rare. Or send 5links and that will gain you access to the discord. Must all be above 5GB #megalinks #dropbox #megalink #horny #Jb #****

  • miss_mariexxx Mar🤗 (@miss_mariexxx) reported

    I brought my vibrate to work again and business is pretty slow right now. Might have some fun! •$20 you can get my 200+ item Dropbox with weekly uploads! •$15 live nudes until you *** while I’m at work •$30 for both #buyingnudes #sellingnudes #nsfw

  • bonekadeAju Boneca (@bonekadeAju) reported

    @RobbyEchoXXX Error in dropbox link

  • CSBCounsel Chris Brown (@CSBCounsel) reported

    @inspiredcat @liz_limine @asana @gsuite @Xero @stripe @gumroad @GustoHQ @DocuSign @gravityforms @wordpressdotcom @HeyFlywheel @Mailchimp @Dropbox @WeWork One other thought. Sometimes non-lawyer tools create issues for lawyers. For example if you take credit card payments into IOLTA, law pay may be safer from an ethics standpoint. (But since I usually invoice fixed fees *after* each project, I don’t use my IOLTA much.)

  • RobbieRaygun Robbie Raygun 📡 (@RobbieRaygun) reported

    @TeamEzria53098 If you have something like dropbox you can upload it to and then if you ever want to pass it over to me to try and sort out and then pass it back to you just DM me. No problem.

  • jotambesomric Jo ja NO somric🇪🇺 (@jotambesomric) reported

    @DropboxSupport amazing service. I have never had a problem of synchronization. Recently I have decided to upgrade my account. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  • maljx Mattias Ljungström (@maljx) reported

    so, I got a 144Hz monitor and basically a lot of electron apps doesn't support it (spotify/dropbox/etc.). This forces the whole refresh rate of the whole screen to go down to 60Hz, which is very visible.

  • arlm Alexandre Marcondes (@arlm) reported

    @gsscoder I have never put *** repos over Dropbox, OneDrive or similar services but I would expect a lot of problems on file locking, line ending types (CR, LF, CRLF) and attributes/permission problems.

  • elizabe18643534 elizabeth (@elizabe18643534) reported

    250GB for $25 and $10 for getting into a discord trading server with over 180 people . All my links are rare. Or send 5links and that will gain you access to the discord. Must all be above 5GB #megalinks #dropbox #megalink #horny #Jb #nudes

  • opendna opendna ⚙️ (@opendna) reported

    @0xdade @thegrugq IMO: kbdx on a DropBox or other online server. Reduce your memorized logins to two. Take the Yubikey is it's required, but know that they can use it without court order so it's 2FA only. Might populate your devices with plausible dummy data because nothing is as bad as "no".

  • Gummibando Oliver Busch (@Gummibando) reported

    @Dropbox Fun fact: At the latest installment of McDonalds Monopoly in Germany last November, a software glitch led to four 1st prize wins of 100.000 € each within hours of the game start.

  • cskea93 Duchess of Sussex (@cskea93) reported

    I had to pass up an open bar with *good* liquor at Dropbox because of Sober January. Terrible. Just terrible.

  • manu_ocean Emanuele Di Lorenzo (@manu_ocean) reported

    @DropboxSupport What you say may be true generally. But this was not the problem. I spent some time exploring and found that there was one corrupted file (with a very long path) that one of the users had uploaded that made the syncing nightmare. I deleted that file and all is back to normal.

  • jaysee_au John Cleary (@jaysee_au) reported

    @reneritchie I think it’s also important to distinguish between cloud sync storage and cloud backup. I dislike that Dropbox and Apple can reveal any data in iCloud Photos/Drive or Dropbox if compelled to or breached. (web interfaces to data being the issue making this hard.)

  • jsoverson Jarrod Overson @ AppSecCali (@jsoverson) reported

    Awesome talk from @samykamkar at @AppSecCali: he used client-side JS, WebRTC, and STUN to issue arbitrary packets to services bound to ports on your local machine. Just browsing to a webpage could exploit Steam, Dropbox, Sonos, or any other service that listens indefinitely.

  • AliothFox Alioth, Paternal Vulpine 🇺🇸 🌻 (@AliothFox) reported

    @DropboxSupport I have also ruled out firewall and anti-virus issues, just now. So it's not my firewall or my anti-virus software blocking anything. Restarting the Dropbox service also doesn't fix the issue, nor does restarting the computer.

  • AliothFox Alioth, Paternal Vulpine 🇺🇸 🌻 (@AliothFox) reported

    @DropboxSupport I'm not getting any error - I'm unable to connect at all, either to the website through my browser or from the desktop Dropbox client. It's not my connection; I can access other sites/services just fine. This happens promptly, every night, at around 6-7 PM.

  • DJISupport DJI Support (@DJISupport) reported

    @thisismarlow_ @DJIGlobal @DJIEnterprise Hi, we're sorry knowing that your Ronin-S is not working. Please help us to confirm in isolating the matter and provide the best possible recommendations. You may either use Dropbox or Google Drive account in sending the video link. 1/2

  • tedstein Ted Stein (@tedstein) reported

    @ex_Tesla @EugenioBruno42 @CasinoCapital @TweeterTweaker I don't have movies. I do have tons of music that I ripped from my massive CD collection (and everyone elses) and have never had an issue. But I don't share those. I think you only get flagged if you share using DropBox.

  • TCS2K20 TCS (@TCS2K20) reported

    I can't seem to calm down and that Dropbox was sent to everyone in my Discord contacts without me doing it. It was even spammed nonstop. I just... ******* hell

  • WalterAkana WalterAkana (@WalterAkana) reported

    @AdobeCare No, Stephanie, it has not been resolved. Still not syncing with Dropbox. Need to know how to fix that.

  • manu_ocean Emanuele Di Lorenzo (@manu_ocean) reported

    @DropboxSupport You said that these issues arise with more than 300K files. However, on my laptop, I have less than 300K and experience the same problem. This is from the terminal [prompt ]# pwd cd /share/Dropbox [prompt ]# find . | wc 294401 files [prompt ]# du -hs 643G

  • ThePharaohsCat Pablo (@ThePharaohsCat) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hi, Currently on a 2G data connection. Streaming video ok, but dropbox upload for small files incredibly slow. Stuck on "Waiting to upload". Android

  • micky_cruz17 Micky Cruz (@micky_cruz17) reported

    @AmidalaLanna I'm sorry this happened =( but hey, I sent you a DM and you haven't answered it =( I'm a life member and I had access to the dropbox account but since you transitioned to another service I've been trying to contact you to get the new login info

  • CEODhaval Dhaval Shah (@CEODhaval) reported

    As much as I love @Dropbox it kills me how slow their mobile app is at uploading photos especially videos

  • msiniscalchi msiniscalchi (@msiniscalchi) reported

    @DropboxSupport Also, no, the files on the website have not updated either. The problem is definitely on the machine at home :-(

  • iryantldr Ryan Christoffel (@iryantldr) reported

    @AlSharpTongue I haven't talked to the developers about it, but likely your easiest fix would be to create a new free Dropbox account to link to Notebooks, because I believe the way Dropbox works, you won't be able to add anything to your current account until you're below the storage cap.

  • jsjohnst Jeremy Johnstone (@jsjohnst) reported

    @DropboxSupport Yes, I have. I find it kinda funny how you pretend it’s not a well known issue that uploads in general are abysmally slow to Dropbox since basically the company’s founding. ;)

  • LS1jt JT (@LS1jt) reported

    @DropboxSupport Having issues uploading photos from iphone 11 with the latest app, to #Dropbox - I'm only trying to upload 3 photos - just sitting doing nothing. I've reinstalled the app, re-logged in; still nothing all week. Help!

  • ema_Therm Junk Food Killa (@ema_Therm) reported

    @JayomegaSO 😂 I guess none to answer your question...but I'm down. In '14ish to 17ish, we put $20 a week in the pot. That covered all our shit plus more. These days, I spend maybe a little over a buck 50 on my side business. For invoices, a phone, dropbox, courses, memberships & donations

  • nemmen Rodrigo Nemmen (@nemmen) reported

    @DropboxSupport hi, I found a bug in time machine (MacOS) caused by dropbox smartsync. New time machine backups enter an endless loop and fill up the drive if including dropbox folder w/ smartsync enabled. Excluding dropbox folder solves the issue

  • kosiszn 𝚏𝚛𝚊𝚞𝚍 (@kosiszn) reported

    @bube_d_ It was a Dropbox link. I streamed but they've taken it down now

  • SaifFilogarfi Saif Hassan (@SaifFilogarfi) reported

    @DropboxSupport Same problem

  • DropboxSupport Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @SaifFilogarfi Hey, thanks for getting in touch with us here! If you're under the device limit, please follow these steps: uninstall the Dropbox app > sign out from the Play Store > restart your device > sign into the Play Store > re-install Dropbox & let us know if the issue persists!

  • GallagherWitt L.A.Witt, etc. (@GallagherWitt) reported

    -- especially since things like this can be slow on sites like Audible -- as a temporary patch, I can send you the missing chapter via Dropbox or whatever is easiest. Email me at gallagherwitt at gmail! (2/2)

  • A_Lazy_Lizard Silverado (@A_Lazy_Lizard) reported

    Now I have to dig through a discord server to find all my old art and refs... This is why you use folders or dropbox or drive... ******* sideways... I honestly thought my old phone was synced but uh... HAHA LOOK AT WHERE WE ARE NOW...i

  • blxckoutjay J. Black (@blxckoutjay) reported

    @ahagazelle I’m not a producer but I do work with computers at my day job. I would suggest getting a 256gb flash drive to have in your computer to cut down on space. Also a potential lane would be cloud storage, something like Drive (Google or One) or Dropbox could serve your needs.

  • te_wi_ mac @ MIKU2020 SUSPENSE (@te_wi_) reported

    @imaginebaker i use mangarock definitive on android, mangarock stopped recently but the app is still fully functional since it uses other sources to get their manga. mangarock shut down but people online have the .apk stored on google drive/dropbox! you can find it with a quick google!

  • IvanBrandon Iván Brandon (@IvanBrandon) reported from Brooklyn, New York

    @DropboxSupport The problem is I don’t want to lose the ability to sync the macbook itself

  • JDierkes4 J Byrd (@JDierkes4) reported

    @Grayjax I can save down pics and Dropbox them if u want brother

  • SuperScienceGrl ⌬Nessa Carson (@SuperScienceGrl) reported

    @A_Aspuru_Guzik @amazon Cool! Slight issue: I've maxed out my Dropbox with them. And my G Drive is nearly full. I might have to send you links in installments, then if you let me know when you've transferred I can load up another half-GB! 😁

  • calesdawu Caeli Wu (@calesdawu) reported

    No one cares more than Dropbox when you sign in on a new device

  • andyjh07 Andy Holmes (@andyjh07) reported

    @MWSeymour @backblaze Just is, I've had backblaze for like 8 years. It only backs up drives, it's not a virtual drive like Dropbox, but it's still extremely good to keep important stuff safe. If you were on holiday and needed a file, you could login to your control panel and download it from there

  • Larrington03 larry larrington (@Larrington03) reported

    @hannahrvjacob @TimBeeman13 @helenzhang27 @ignasiak_chris She brought it up mentioning my full name, I made a terrible joke and shit hit the fan. I regret making the Dropbox. Let's end this

  • worldmindd peej (@worldmindd) reported

    i say this overhearing the third day of three employees trying to figure out how dropbox works three days. three employees. i'm not a numbers guy, but the loss of manpower over such a easily-solveable issue should be criminal

  • FionaCCharles Fiona Charles (@FionaCCharles) reported

    @DougSaunders I’m old-fashioned. I want everything on my computer: software as well as data, including email. Having de-googled (except my blog, which is a harder problem) I work in Dropbox, which updates a copy on every device.

  • shotbyesso Josh (@shotbyesso) reported

    Dropbox Suppoert @dropboxsupport is painfully slow. They should have a quicker, easier way to contact them rather than submitting a trouble ticket, which takes a day to respond, then the response isn't appropriate for your issue. 4 days of back and forth with no end in sight.

  • nicetransition Kevin Mack (@nicetransition) reported

    @DropboxSupport I have reached out to support before, but it's a growing issue for myself + team. @Dropbox does not support Keynote (.key) files - it treats them as a directory. This causes MAJOR syncing and recovery issues. PLEASE FIX!