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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • TalkingCloaca TalkingCloaca (@TalkingCloaca) reported

    @clover_nsfw they're bots, it's a new thing going around where theu ask you to join comp stacks if you play tf2 dota or csgo, then send you to a spoofed steam login page

  • TaytayHawthorne Taylor Hawthorne (@TaytayHawthorne) reported

    Yo Dota devs, can you please ******* fix Pudge's Flesh Heap, it's ******* stupid

  • JonesSoda8 JayBree (@JonesSoda8) reported

    @SamitoFPS @PlayOverwatch @Blizzard_Ent My biggest issue is honestly this outrage culture over changes. Why are you yelling at devs who know the game better. Like yeah taking advice for pros is good, something ice Frog does with dota 2. But for the love of all stopping yelling to the heavens like you know it all.

  • Reverie13_ Rêverie (@Reverie13_) reported

    @DOTA2 Can u even deal with smurfing problem ffs...

  • Coach_Bombay99 Richie Rich (@Coach_Bombay99) reported

    @DOTA2 20+ minute que times plus game time wasted with toxic shitty players I can only play 1 game a day fix your shit

  • azwanfathom yami (@azwanfathom) reported

    hello @DOTA2 pls fix the coordinator problem

  • Liquidxkaze owo this (@Liquidxkaze) reported

    @DOTA2 fix server wtffff its down

  • mpaiz_ F a i z (@mpaiz_) reported

    @DOTA2 please fix ur server

  • The192cmGuy - (@The192cmGuy) reported

    If y'all dont fix this server shit in 30 minutes, im deleting this ***** ass games @DOTA2

  • khrlnwr_ your lecturer (@khrlnwr_) reported

    @DOTA2 hey fix the server

  • StickmanMike Arthur Morgan (@StickmanMike) reported

    @DOTA2 all this money...and your shit is still not working. Corny.

  • z3479987 牧草爱洗澡 (@z3479987) reported

    @steam_games because the love of dota, he gave so much money on it. Most of the inventory is not related to the recharge three months ago  If there is a problem with the recharging 3 months ago, whether the corresponding product can be recycled directly

  • DmnPix515 🎄🎁Demon Tristana🎁🎄🇭🇰 (@DmnPix515) reported

    Here's a SUPER MEGA CRAZY IDEA Maybe not buy every ******* subscription service if you wanna replace cable Just get one that you'll know you'll enjoy the most, then switch every month or two. If I can do so for Dota+ and WoW, you can do it for Netflix and Disney+

  • RepublicaOG República Old Gamer (@RepublicaOG) reported

    @DOTA2 ,10k of conduct and your stupid match making system keeps unbalanced, putting me to play with a bunch of toxic and bad players. Fix this shit!

  • egoprob Rocky (@egoprob) reported

    @DOTA2 that feed back form that u guys ask us after every gameis not working!!!! i either have to carry my own game as 1v5 or lose it never is 5v5

  • Facchan11 Facchan @ (@Facchan11) reported

    imagine playing dota 2. somehow get to eu west server. when there's big fight my entire pc crash even my obs... there's goes my 8 hour stream

  • The_Rab1 Rab 🚀 (@The_Rab1) reported

    Dude. Fix the performance. You can’t even run #WorldOfWarcraft on it properly. 15 years ago, it worked fine on my MacBook. #Apple has dropped the ball on this product. The keyboard SUCKS. The price tag is unreasonable for the trash performance. #Dota2 doesn’t even run properly...

  • ohnoitsisaac Ogre Magi (@ohnoitsisaac) reported

    @Hamstah_Fwend I, on the other hand, broke a finger in a workout, finished the workout then played Dota with the broken finger. Only had it checked the next day after some nagging 😂 Trips to a PT tho are both sooooo relieving and SOOOOOOO ******* PAINFUL HAHAHAHAHA

  • MusaBobsy Bob de Bob (@MusaBobsy) reported

    @MilkishTyler Problem dota!!! 😂 I'm shy...😂

  • VerySpiteful FestiveSpiteful (@VerySpiteful) reported

    @Slasher I foresee match fixing becoming a large problem. It has been a non-issue as of late; but in the past we have seen this be a punishable offense in DOTA and CS. I’m interested if there is any of this going on under the radar in t2 and t3 scenes right now.

  • Victory16871351 Victory (@Victory16871351) reported

    @theamericanyoda @AarmaLeVrai @0CHNCaPKSNaClMg @Epileptic_Toad @MisterGrim7 @DeadByBHVR Fair point. You also have to remember most mobas are free ( league and dota ) dbd isn’t, shouldn’t punish casual players for leaving something they’re not having fun with, they did PAY money for the service after all.

  • FiilouDE Florian Merz (@FiilouDE) reported

    The LoL client seems to have some problems. Well, gonna play Dota 2 again. NooooooO!

  • MusaBobsy Bob de Bob (@MusaBobsy) reported

    @GinaSondo U r problem dota I swear.

  • Dethruptor Brad Piper (@Dethruptor) reported

    @teamsecret Declining high-level matchmaking is always an ominous sign. Smurfs are bad but over-tweaking the algorithm to help the current players is a band-aid fix. I believe the real problem is lack of frequent content in favour of top-tier competitive stability. Dota isn't counter strike

  • joshez_ Josh Melnick (@joshez_) reported

    I think a lot of my problem in dota, especially when I'm playing support, is feeling like I am uncertain how I should be impacting the game. Playing mid just makes it extremely obvious how much impact you have at all times.

  • NeysaTheArtist Neysa (@NeysaTheArtist) reported

    @WideWolfTrinity League probably. ...Though I didn't have too big issues starting with Dota

  • RobnrollGaming Robb (@RobnrollGaming) reported

    @ReinessaGaming I think the problem is that's for people already in the community where what Riot are throwing out can be viewed by everyone with the chance that people look further into who these singing dancing characters are. Dota is always accused of being walled off and it starts at the top

  • chris_chuauhang Chris_Chuauhang (@chris_chuauhang) reported

    Someone fix the dota2 ranked matchmaking!!!! Ninom.

  • lofi_villain v #GoINNOVA (@lofi_villain) reported


  • Zanthous Zanthous | Benjamin (@Zanthous) reported

    dota 2 matchmaking is so broken that people are smurfing in parties to get more fair games (not that I endorse this or anything)

  • ceschiii cesca (@ceschiii) reported

    I haven't played DotA 2 in 3+ years after getting a little TOO into it and deciding to step away. I've been spectating games while troubleshooting my computer issues and numerous steam friends have messaged me "I THOUGHT YOU WERE CLEAN". 🤣

  • Monocromo_rs Ricardo Salazar (@Monocromo_rs) reported from Quito, Provincia de Pichincha

    Sad, @DOTA2 fix it pls

  • EvgenKondratyev Gufis (@EvgenKondratyev) reported

    @DOTA2 Although my queue time as legend5 hard support has risen since all those experiment, I have no problem with that. What bothers me is that +20/-30 mmr changes. Means teams are not that equal. Can't say that show team strength properly.

  • ThyBossMan1 ThyBossMan (@ThyBossMan1) reported

    @steam_games You all need to fix Low Priority. Ban people for super poor behavior. Yea I have quit games out of rage which put me in lp, but this is ridiculous. There is no regulation in lp. It's like the wildwest of Dota2, it's the worst it's ever been, like the game in years.

  • lektoor3 Lektoor (@lektoor3) reported

    @DOTA2 Do not report community about problems, we all know them, just resolve the problems

  • ceschiii cesca (@ceschiii) reported

    Hello Twitter I need some computer help. I'm losing my mind. Thread of info and what I've tried so far. Problem: When I play games or use video editing software, my computer switches off and restarts. Has done this everytime I've tried to play Destiny 2 or spectate in DotA 2.

  • Liiinusen Pavi (@Liiinusen) reported

    @DOTA2 Hey my dudes I dont know what sort of revenue you're taking in from your other massive success games like artifact but I feel like you could remedy your problems by making people want to play your game instead of tweaking matchmaking every other day

  • M_Sword126 Ben (@M_Sword126) reported

    It's unreal how poor of a state Dota 2 is in right now. The meta is broken, there's several vital bugs, and we haven't had a significant patch in probably around a year. It's a shame, cause I used to love Dota - now I don't even want to like it because the devs don't care.

  • henrydota2 h (@henrydota2) reported

    I intend to work hard to help the community fix the issues I feel are important: Lack of new player resources, lack of content creators + good original content, lack of opportunities for high skill players, and poor matchmaking for dota 2. I will put my best effort out there.

  • this_lampert ToCreate (@this_lampert) reported

    @mcuban AI is a buzz term. The problem with machine learning is it’s still ineffective because the data is biased. Amazon had the issue with the same day delivery and the algorithm not delivering to low income black neighborhoods. The best example of Tabla Rasa was OpenAI’s DoTA2 bot.

  • itsrainoutside - (@itsrainoutside) reported

    @CoolDaddyMac_tv @henrydota2 @DOTA2 @valve Not for long I guess if they dont fix matchmaking.

  • imkrste imkrste (@imkrste) reported

    @henrydota2 @DOTA2 I mean, buying immortal accounts doesn't make you an immortal player so i don't see the issue here.

  • kaisenVEVO alex upplayer™ (@kaisenVEVO) reported

    here's my hot take: professional tekken is in a worse spot right now due to this character than professional dota was while leshrac was broken during TI5 because akuma cant have a 90% ban rate like leshrac did through all of groups and mainstage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • LianManuel Lian Manuel Alonso Mendez (@LianManuel) reported

    @Friday_Otter @DOTA2 Exact same problem here.

  • LLeandaa Shampoo-oo (@LLeandaa) reported

    @_Perry96 @G2_Fabian It happens in every game. League of Legends, CS:GO and maybe even Dota ( no idea as I don‘t watch it ). So no, Siege isn‘t the only game. Even the biggest esport on the market has issues.

  • savvyxxl savvy (@savvyxxl) reported

    @DOTA2 Queue popped after 16 minutes. I was in the queue at first for 10 minutes and it popped and 2 people didn’t join and it queued me again and took 16 more minutes. Yeah that’s a problem. I’ll pm the match id after the game

  • raffeyy Raffy Espinosa (@raffeyy) reported

    @DOTA2 can u fix the high bracket situation im support rank 400 then i have divine cores wtf is that

  • charfromafar Charlie ‘Montréal’ Baxter (@charfromafar) reported

    had major internet issues recently, gonna attempt to stream probably around 3:30/4 to see if it holds probs play soloqueue dota and cry :)

  • wuodland Karan Raj Baruah (@wuodland) reported

    @Bloody_H @iGTX He refuses to install @PUBG or @dota2. There's no solution to his issues.

  • MayTwim MAY (@MayTwim) reported

    @DOTA2 The invisible matchmaking is horrible. Ranked gives me anxiety because low MMR disconnect costing us the game. It'd rather have long queue whom have a steady internet...

  • fyourmovement Adam (@fyourmovement) reported

    @trashcanmagic @DOTA2 I think its working perfectly and having 10-60minute que is not a problem. Just watch a movie on your second screen ..

  • CosminGoron Dark Leaf◢◤ (@CosminGoron) reported

    @JamesDOlson1 @DOTA2 Break time guys go play somthing else let them fix their shet.... better MM Show yourself you're not addicted

  • anjanaimesh1 Alex_Proximus (@anjanaimesh1) reported

    @DOTA2 fix ur fcking game its crashes every single time

  • rlwhatscrackin Minde (@rlwhatscrackin) reported

    @DOTA2 Better fix a report system.. I lose some games as a core get banned for a week.. Now my score was 9 wins 1 lose and then lost 3 in a row and got banned. I almost dont voice/text chat in games and dont flame anyone

  • completelymald earth spirit (@completelymald) reported

    @DOTA2 My only issue with fast que is the people that constantly get hard support when they were only queuing to unlock their fast que games. This usually results in poor/no supporting and at the 3-4k bracket I am in there is a ton of feeding and trolling that happens.

  • fffachrezi Achmad F. Ali (@fffachrezi) reported

    @QWexEnoch @DOTA2 fix it @DOTA2

  • Ajiask Ajinkya Kamate (@Ajiask) reported

    @DOTA2 ..Role that player plays casually just because he cant disconnect and start new, and also because they don't really care about support MMR. If we have single MMR that won't happen and every player will try his best to win. That will lead to better match quality in my opinion.

  • JamesDOlson1 James D Olson (@JamesDOlson1) reported

    @DOTA2 Please try harder on the smurfing issue. I've seen a significant rise in the last month in almost new accounts (<20-30 games) who show up and just destroy games. 25+kills etc. Stomps are no fun on either side and if 1/2 my games continue like this I'm done.

  • SumitMaharjan01 Sumit Maharjan (@SumitMaharjan01) reported

    @DOTA2 Also report system is broken. Playing bad is not a report able offense.

  • Illuminat22 Егор 1g (@Illuminat22) reported

    @DOTA2 TY Valve. Fix report system pls, especially «Not playing role» which almost never happen for real.