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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • DanielAlungule3 Daniel Alungulesei (@DanielAlungule3) reported

    @wtfskins I can't deposit Dota 2 items on WTFskins, i get the error requesting trade error. help pls

  • NeboNumberOne Nebo (@NeboNumberOne) reported

    @Ddrrddoodd @Asmongold 25 % is pretty good. The biggest „problem“ is rather, that people need something interesting to buy in the first place. Dota has Battlepasses sind for ever and they make literal millions through it. I doubt wow will sell millions of toys or something. But it’s a first step tbf

  • valriot2492 -V- (@valriot2492) reported

    @Seath_PK @maximilian_ Okay, but making one guitar doesn't cost millions to make, and ends with a company losing money. It's entertainment. Your primary goal should 've to entertain. The issue gets worse when you compare FFs to other esports. People can casually play LoL, DOTA, OW, ect -

  • janand89 Jan2011 (@janand89) reported

    @SHARKxPUNCH Some games as a service can work IF and only IF they have a fair payment system thats not just pay to win (MP) or lootboxes. And yes, i think about dota2, warframe etc pp.

  • F_adityaa Skadoodle (@F_adityaa) reported

    Dota is broken.. but my heart more than broken

  • Savvyduke Kausar Ramdhani (@Savvyduke) reported

    @ReinessaGaming If I'm not wrong, the last non-TI Dota 2 LAN events held in NA were DreamLeague Atlanta 2017 and WSOE Las Vegas 2018. The crowds weren't as numerous as other esports events. I think this kind of problem discourages NA orgs to hold a Dota 2 event, unless there are other factors

  • KayaAndSange DoppelGanger (@KayaAndSange) reported

    @miaakhalifuck login dota pliss:(

  • razlanmdradzi Razlan (@razlanmdradzi) reported

    @alepholic I've a cursed more when I played Dota rather than playing fps like Overwatch. See, the games does not make you violent, it's the community and the lag.

  • Savvyduke Kausar Ramdhani (@Savvyduke) reported

    @ReinessaGaming The main problem of NA Dota events is native spectators i think

  • drjliver Joe (@drjliver) reported

    @EngIoPDF @DOTA2 its a silly little side game to earn a few shards for paying attention to tourneys. no one is getting “****** over”. the fact that no monetary gain is possible single handedly dismantles your argument of this being “the exact same service” as csgo lounge.

  • RheingoldRiver River (@RheingoldRiver) reported

    @lmcdo_ thats exactly the problem - if my grandma wants to connect with me by watching videogames, "what's a tower" is very confusing. if im an SC2 player watching league, idk about QWER etc. If I'm a dota player, I just want to know what champs have what power curves etc

  • luisramirez156 dxds3 (@luisramirez156) reported

    @ReinessaGaming @KillerPigeon i think the problem with dota in NA is we never really advertise the game. man everyone knows league,CS,COD etc. you know its bad when i can go to a family gathering filled with old people and they have heard of league and not dota. 😭

  • frendazoned Gokufan1995 (@frendazoned) reported

    the future of dota is every hero having a 4 hit passive because icefrog's brain is broken

  • SynchXVII Synch (@SynchXVII) reported

    There's really no perfect game in this world 😩 Forza Horizon (freeze and crash) CSGO (cheaters) Apex (cheaters, worse than VAC) Dota/LOL (I dont like moba)

  • caped_canuck Caped_Canuck (@caped_canuck) reported

    @dota2 fix your ******* game with these cliffs. Amazing how a million dollar game can have shit like this still in it. @Arteezy

  • shotbygl514 Shot By gL 514 (@shotbygl514) reported

    @crackshottv It's all moba. I play dota and aov and this issue in pub are horrid

  • itshearighthere Chris P. Fata (@itshearighthere) reported

    Fix your servers @DOTA2 smh

  • PsyFi_ZA PsyFi (@PsyFi_ZA) reported

    Im done! Tried Dota 2 and things just keep getting worst like before. Game is in a shit state. When pro teams have to ban heroes not becoz of the player but becoz the hero is just ******* broken, then you know the game is ******* poorly balanced.

  • M_Divetodie Mehrdad Valizadeh (@M_Divetodie) reported

    @DOTA2 1h finding mtch Fix this shit...

  • EoGNick Elixir of Gaming (@EoGNick) reported

    Running into some issues recording Tavern Tycoon so going to have to put a hold on that series for a few days until i can figure out whats wrong. In the mean time there may or may not be some Dota 2 Auto Chess coming 😬

  • MaRLoooN30 Marlon R. Trinidad (@MaRLoooN30) reported


  • rosesforwinwin pink-win🌸 (@rosesforwinwin) reported

    It's lagging just like when i played dota2

  • sychopico Psychic scream (@sychopico) reported

    Quiting dota . Mic problem...

  • EngIoPDF EngIo (@EngIoPDF) reported

    @drjliver @DOTA2 1000 shards for 10:1 odds is not a huge amount that's the same volume you get from 3 games of dota in a week and less than a single silver+ hero level. Valve's own screenshots show maxbet only capped by inventory size but guess they forgot to fix those xd

  • freymwork Godfrey Zubiaga (@freymwork) reported

    Definitely not going to go back to using HDD. Few days of trying SSD and it feels so great. No more laptop lag and idk why but I my ram doesn't go above 80% now unlike before. Plus Dota2 launch and load time is so much faster. lol

  • MrMalisz Malisz (@MrMalisz) reported

    @nisarak4 @wykrhm im in the uk and it let me download it without any issues. Can't use it though because it requires dota plus

  • moomasterq moomasterq (@moomasterq) reported

    @DOTA2 2fa login screen is obscured by keyboard but otherwise very nice :D

  • SeleniteAM Ann banan (@SeleniteAM) reported

    @DOTA2 I got thrashed on reddit a year ago for saying predictions were a great feature for D+ and here we are. It's such a nice idea I just hope the regional issues people are having stop sooner rather than later

  • SeleniteAM Ann banan (@SeleniteAM) reported

    @DOTA2 I got downvoted to HELL a year ago for saying predictions were a great feature for D+ and here we are. It's such a nice idea I just hope the regional issues people are having stop sooner rather than later


    Valve pls fix ur dota party mic zz

  • Keirnoth Keirnoth (@Keirnoth) reported

    These corporations have adopted the ideology that it's some sort of battle of numbers, that throwing in more of one number is going to automatically fix everything. Look at LoL & DOTA2; those games have a bigger female playerbase & again, but the "pro" players are still all men.

  • IXaac21 BattleReady-9aac (@IXaac21) reported

    @ChulozN @dapurplesharpie Dota2 isn't the same as fighting games tho. That's the issue. Pc's work great for other genres such as mobas and shooters, but not fighting games.

  • SpookJackGaming Spook Jack (@SpookJackGaming) reported

    Kinda want to write myself a tip of the problems of dota 2

  • incolas incolas (@incolas) reported

    Personally, my issue with the @DOTA2 Major schedule is that having a Major 11x / year makes them not feel "major" at all. If it happens once every 5 weeks, the proper name should be "routine". At least in CSGO, Major still means "World Championship".

  • MrMQUAD Marion Manuel (@MrMQUAD) reported

    @PLDT_Cares Hello again to the most problematic ISP in the country. My problem is not slow internet. THE PROBLEM IS I CAN'T OPEN ANY OF MY ONLINE GAMES IN MY MOBILE DEVICE. ALSO, I CAN'T PLAY ANY STEAM GAMES i.e. DOTA 2 AND CS:GO.

  • MrMQUAD Marion Manuel (@MrMQUAD) reported

    @PLDT_Cares Hello to the most unreliable and problematic ISP in the country. I can't seem to play any steam games i.e. Dota 2 and CS:GO plus any of my online mobile games are not accessible too. You best believe that I won't hesitate to change ISP if you don't fix this asap.

  • MrMQUAD Marion Manuel (@MrMQUAD) reported

    @PLDTHome Hello to the most unreliable and problematic ISP in the country. I can't seem to play any steam games i.e. Dota 2 and CS:GO plus any of my online mobile games are not accessible too. You best believe that I won't hesitate to change ISP if you don't fix this asap.

  • MXmadman9 Morne van Staden (@MXmadman9) reported

    @DOTA2 Searching and not finding a match , 2 days 6 hours and counting. Connection is perfect, account not banned. Still no luck finding a match. How can this be corrected, as steam support can't "fix" it from their side. Or should one just lose everything worth almost 4000 hours

  • Papalengkyutt Mark Ryan Lim (@Papalengkyutt) reported

    while DOTA :) — listening to fixing a Broken Heart

  • SunWukong_D2LoL General Wukong (@SunWukong_D2LoL) reported

    // Restarted PC but the crash still happened Another calibration match burned Back to Dota

  • murloc_ant Anthony Nell (@murloc_ant) reported

    @KChicktay Yeah sure, I don't disagree. But I would argue the scene, in general, is suffering from a lack of involvement for sponsored events with cash prizes. Since I have been involved in dota this has been an issue that other games don't have as much

  • Ivaylo27 Ivo Tzanev (@Ivaylo27) reported

    @KChicktay The problem is not skill or the effort put in. Try and see what Frank said from a TOs, sponsor’s, even a MGO’s perspective. Would WESG be happy reading, that their tournament wasn’t good enough for a South African. He is an ambassador of SA dota in this situation. Speak like one!

  • frendazoned Gokufan1995 (@frendazoned) reported


  • dril_dota Dril Dota (@dril_dota) reported

    In dota, ready to fight more weird trick youll die me: AEGIS TO POWER UP MY ITEM AND A PROBLEM WITH ME WITH ME // MINUTE

  • P4wnyhof P4wnyhof (@P4wnyhof) reported

    ReInstalled Windows SSD 100% Load issue still exists Replacing SSD Might limit me to @DOTA2 Chess atm will try to fix asap the ssd is there!

  • JeoungCena 🚀Rei | Mively and Jeongvely stan (@JeoungCena) reported

    I hate how dota doesnr lag that much but csgo does wtf

  • _antoniokern 500 fotos por minuto (@_antoniokern) reported


  • PR9DIGY Mason (@PR9DIGY) reported

    @UnJustR6S @Wilma_R6 There is no competitive game as complex as Siege, maybe Dota or League are close seconds and even they have their problems and bugs as well. Yeah this bugs are annoying as **** but I don't see the point in complaining about it they're obviously going to fix it all eventually.

  • BradenRowe_ Braden (@BradenRowe_) reported

    @BenYorke If you travel a little further down we could almost be on the same servers- I've had to play in SEA lately when I want my #dota2 fix.

  • GamestahChrisis Chrisis (@GamestahChrisis) reported

    @EmJaeCaer @T_A_Gurit @mattkwest ok so dota league has 8 teams and still has a problem with teams forfeiting, is what I'm trying to decipher

  • Keyvanmeraat Keyvan (@Keyvanmeraat) reported

    @DOTA2 Since updated, voice chat party is not working.

  • rh__147 Raja Haseeb (@rh__147) reported

    Instead of service, ****** ****** my laptop and now I can't play dota for 2 days.

  • Dice_Sama Dice (@Dice_Sama) reported

    gabe stop playing dota and fix urcompany

  • F_adityaa Farhan (@F_adityaa) reported

    Dota is broken

  • torben22_1 ~T (@torben22_1) reported

    @Cryptocuree @7ckngMadDOTA @OGesports @anadota99 Tbh I dont think ILTW is the problem, his Dota is fits the playstile of OG pretty well. They make too many draftingsmistakes by wanting to stay at their type of draft and in game are too many little mistakes. Therefore the games they win... almost everyone of them has something..

  • vex0rian_ebooks @vex0rian_ebooks⭐ (@vex0rian_ebooks) reported

    I too wonder why I hate DOTA a big issue that twitter are not doing anything about.

  • _JLN16 Jacob Nayda (@_JLN16) reported

    @DOTA2 fix this broken piece of shit character you've made mars

  • Gamekage1 Gamekage (@Gamekage1) reported

    @DOTA2 There is a glitch with Doom's devour. After a point it does not consume the ability of it's new creep

  • b_koel Koel B. (@b_koel) reported

    @TheMaelk @MACHINEgg The issue with you is that you stopped going to dota's panels :[ At least we know Machine is going to be at TI. Don't put yourself in the same case you sellout.

  • Strommis_ Anton (@Strommis_) reported

    @DOTA2 It is so sad... that you can´t search for battle cup cuz your servers is not working... Noone could join the other or create a party... we tried for 15 minutes.. DIdn´t work... Rip 1 euro. YOU NEED TO ******* FIX THAT PLEASE!!