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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • JYH_89 정용화 (@JYH_89) reported

    @BlxckSpectrum @ULTIMATERPE Oh yes i didnt do the login so i forgot about that, but for a company that have hero behind paywall and also most of their skin is more expensive than dota skin with less visual effect, i hope they can give more theyre crazy rich now

  • _Qu1ntus_ Q (@_Qu1ntus_) reported

    @TobiWanDOTA @DOTA2 Drow's still def winnable She ain't broken anymore, but she's still def a good pick

  • idkfuckusername TheMemeReport (@idkfuckusername) reported

    Gaben you'd better fix @DOTA2 because oh boy you gave me an outdated client when I spent almost 5 hours downloading the update Jesus ******* Christ now I have lp **** yall

  • sheencosteloo Sheen (@sheencosteloo) reported

    The only thing i ******* learned playing dota 2 is that everyone sucks so never trust others. I only ******* gained trust issues out of this game

  • Laaancelot96 L A N C E (@Laaancelot96) reported

    Dota 2 is broken again. Fix the bugs please and make it balance

  • KingSalty0807 Jake Inman (@KingSalty0807) reported

    @dota2updates @DOTA2 can you fix this demon spawn you have created... #Darkwillowisbroken

  • Nomi_Ideas Hafiz Muhammad Numan (@Nomi_Ideas) reported

    @HuzaifaCS @JacobSick954 @theScoreesports @TEKKEN @ArslanAsh95 Well for me the biggest problem was pings when i played dota(not professionally) for 3 years. This makes difficult to polish their abilities.

  • scarybore scarybore (@scarybore) reported

    Was hoping the new patch would attempt to balance Morphling, kind of feel the aghanims scepter upgrade has made the nerfs irrelevant and instead made him more broken. #Dota2

  • _jerrrrrrrr i ۞ (@_jerrrrrrrr) reported

    dota is broken and so am i

  • tayfun_uruc Tayfun Uruç (@tayfun_uruc) reported

    @DOTA2 servers kicking me from the game as soon as i accept and it says connecting after that i cant reconnect it always kicks me now i have 15 min cooldown pls fix this

  • Nicoomartins Nicoo (@Nicoomartins) reported

    @FACEIT check games fix dota 2... sa/us/sea please guys

  • RosomiRosko Rifqi (@RosomiRosko) reported

    Dota is broken

  • MattDemers Matt Demers (@MattDemers) reported

    @JJLiebig The consistency needed across multiple tournaments - or the commitment from Valve to provide a consistent service - makes me pessimistic this could work for Dota.

  • EarlCalagui ĻŔÆ (@EarlCalagui) reported

    Scepters in Dota2 are broken af

  • abe_shae SHAEderman (@abe_shae) reported

    Fix your ******* server @DOTA2

  • Lockeqwerty Adam (@Lockeqwerty) reported

    Last week hit 12.0 dog in league of legends, today hit the 9.0 in dota. Was gonna work on some cs, but now thinkin of taking the day off! ✅-spirit (ml) @ 9.3 [pinnacle] ✅-spirit (+1.5) @ 3.0 [betway] We don’t say esports dogs bark just to pay lip service to our niche! GL all

  • ashfhmy_ Akira ‎⎊ (@ashfhmy_) reported

    Dota 2 patch 7.22 is broken

  • Freitagne Niklas Walkerling (@Freitagne) reported

    Pango with Aghs and the right talents is broken, u heard it here first #Dota #Dota2

  • JayWowa jei (@JayWowa) reported

    Dota is broken again, time to play League

  • micoyrodriguez Mico Yap Rodriguez (@micoyrodriguez) reported

    Who ******** is going to play dota with these broken patches

  • SyafiqDaniel21 ZiP (@SyafiqDaniel21) reported

    Dota is broken 💔😂

  • ChambieZA Chambie (@ChambieZA) reported

    @SoDa_za92 @The_Dexo @Gaskonader @TeamNarced @ViNCO_Gaming Spitting cold hard facts. But it's a general issue in ZA where any other game that doesn't have local infrastructure like servers people are so hesitant to spend money in that scene that's why people don't move away from cs and dota. Hopefully we'll see changes soon

  • IamAldrinB ᜀᜎ᜔ᜇᜒᜈ᜔ 👑 (@IamAldrinB) reported

    DOTA is broken gosh

  • febrianamir [blanket] (@febrianamir) reported

    @redditdota2 Dota broken game rn

  • febrianamir [blanket] (@febrianamir) reported

    @DOTABUFF Dota is broken

  • PutraHutagalung pegawai sipir teladan (@PutraHutagalung) reported

    Dota 2 patch 7.22 is broken

  • SolovGod SoloV (@SolovGod) reported

    @DOTA2 where is fix ceb

  • Gomezniko25 Niko Gomez (@Gomezniko25) reported

    Dota 2 is broken

  • draxtestarossa Iulian Roman (@draxtestarossa) reported

    @DOTA2 there is a bug with pangolier on the demo hero map where spamming shield crash while in rolling thunder makes the hero leave the play area of the map and never return, forcing a restart.

  • Phil_Gracie_97 Ngô Quốc Phi (@Phil_Gracie_97) reported

    @DOTA2 Broken

  • AlbedoWasTaken Albedo l weeb, self-proclaimed skin tester (@AlbedoWasTaken) reported

    Recent DotA 2 update is going to make the game broken. What I'm looking forward to: -Sonic Slardar -MHW DK -Techies mines invasion -AM being Necro -Death Star Phoenix but most importantly . . . -Dead asf Storm Spirit

  • princeescarda prince (@princeescarda) reported

    so many broken heroes, i want to play dota 2 LuL

  • animegamezone AGZ (@animegamezone) reported

    Gonna be broken... #Dota2 7.22

  • FallinNadim 🥀 (@FallinNadim) reported

    actually broken ******* Patch OSFrog #Dota2 #SevenTwoTwo

  • no_lose16 Sherwin (@no_lose16) reported

    Those aghs buffs are so broken. Wtf Dota2. Wtf roshan. Wtf TI9. Wtf icefrog.

  • dan_Xtream2 danny (@dan_Xtream2) reported

    dota 2 is broken

  • KurtSinity Kurt Sy (@KurtSinity) reported

    Dota is broken

  • violandandan Arthur Shelby (@violandandan) reported

    @johnoliveeer DOTA IS BROKEN

  • DHruaia Mizo Blue (@DHruaia) reported

    @DOTA2 tiny ag is not working

  • gabrielpartogi fuck silver linings (@gabrielpartogi) reported

    I feel like Dota2's strategy to make the game fun is just to add all the broken metas at once. If all meta is broken then there's no meta that's broken.

  • naguitary . (@naguitary) reported


  • pogggu 27 (@pogggu) reported

    i found a bug in arc warden please valve fix it @wykrhm @redditdota2 @DOTA2 his illusions can drop his item so the real one can sell that item =ez money and ez game please fix it

  • JustBububu Bububu (@JustBububu) reported

    Okay Arc Warden Illusion can just drop items that you can sell on main hero can you fix it Gaben plz I wanna play Solo Q #Dota2

  • ashoe2show Ashutosh (@ashoe2show) reported

    @DOTA2 Templar assassin was broken earlier.. and now has split push ability .. wtf..

  • kidintheslums kai- (@kidintheslums) reported


  • ashoe2show Ashutosh (@ashoe2show) reported

    @DOTA2 Templar assassin was broken be earlier.. and now has the best split push ability .. wtf

  • HolyTemplar666 Templar (@HolyTemplar666) reported

    So @DOTA2 if i buy aghanims for TINY the game will freeze pls fix

  • marolazizi Kamarol (@marolazizi) reported

    Dota is broken. Everyone will buy Aghs now

  • reijster Ter (@reijster) reported

    Dota2 is broken

  • SohEthan Ethan (@SohEthan) reported

    What is this #dota2 patch bro. 2 times at 10 minutes. That shit sounds broken already

  • CarlMontejoo c j (@CarlMontejoo) reported

    Dota 2 is so broken in this patch with all the scepter upgrades

  • V3Mayham Zach Anderson (@V3Mayham) reported

    @DOTA2 Wow so many of these new upgrades seem broken as hell

  • rynkylnrqz kyle (@rynkylnrqz) reported

    dota broken game

  • Ytchan87Yee chan yee teen (@Ytchan87Yee) reported

    @DOTA2 To be honest I don't really give a damn after the ticket issue. Sorry

  • breakycpk BreakyCPK (@breakycpk) reported

    I love to cast SA dota for the entertainment... but HOLY SHIT they by far pause and have tech issues more than any other region. Just sucks for everyone involved, series take twice as long as they should sometimes it feels like.

  • ChewieChipsAhoy Chris Chau (@ChewieChipsAhoy) reported

    @BelvedereDota I kind of agree but saying it can't improve is a stretch. Many other organizations sell tickets for events and minimize these issues one way or another. Oher sporting events for example. This wasn't valves first @DOTA2 event so they can't plead ignorance they just don't care...

  • scantzor Anthony Hodgson (@scantzor) reported

    @BelvedereDota I think that's a horrible take. I think so many of the problems in the Dota 2 system come from a refusal to accept that it's not "just a video game". It's a professional esport, it's many people's job/career, and it's totally reasonable to expect professionalism.

  • NahazDota Nahaz (@NahazDota) reported

    @BelvedereDota @BTSGoDz I can already see the responses “But X happened in the past and nothing was done” “Why is it fair to only penalize pro/DPC players” FACT: Dota has a problem. The first has to stop being an excuse. And if you’re representing our game & community there SHOULD be expectations.

  • elamhut Eduardo Lamhut (@elamhut) reported from Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

    @lotovik Games as a service is what saves my sanity tho. I play DotA 2 with friends every single day. I prefer it than finishing Final Fantasy XV, Spiderman or RDR2 that are sitting inside my PS4 right now waiting for me. Those games takes too much of my time to even start.

  • NigmaNoname Nigma (@NigmaNoname) reported

    the only problem is that the video was very topical to a certain thing that happened in DOTA2 in 2018 and won't really make sense anymore but who cares lmfao