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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • james10_jimmy JimmyJames10 (@james10_jimmy) reported

    @CSGO It takes this long to address the DMCA issue and it's basically saying SL did nothing wrong despite your current stance on Dota 2. Pathetic.

  • fl0mtv fl0m (@fl0mtv) reported

    Not the answer i think anyone wanted but an answer regardless. Still dont understand why there are such differences between cs and dota when it comes to this issue.

  • Diwky Nakarin sroymano (@Diwky) reported

    @DOTA2 NICE Fix epic .. first game 3vs5 huh Gm very gud

  • Heweydoll Alexander Erkovich (@Heweydoll) reported

    so u cant fix infinity q, then u ban smurf acc's of players who CANT PLAY ON MAIN ACC'S. once u banned my main acc for "cheats" which im never used, now i cant play game coz u ban all my acc's for "smurfs", thx @DOTA2

  • NahazDota Nahaz (@NahazDota) reported

    @Kipspul Tier 2-3 Dota getting double, triple, etc the views is not going to fix anything by itself. The problem is resource allocation and it is as simple as it is systemic. That said more views would definitely not hurt.

  • _testdrivee doodz (@_testdrivee) reported

    good 1 hr game and nag crash akung dota wow what a wrap up

  • Lancevfx Christian (@Lancevfx) reported

    @DOTA2 It's like no one read the patch notes. One of the issue is to incentivize more people to use Pos 5 in which there are a general lack of in public queue. yes I understand a win is a win, etc. But there has to be a better way.

  • adanUrdaneta3 adan Urdaneta (@adanUrdaneta3) reported

    @DOTA2 This is unfair! in my country there are problems with the iternet and the electric service since the last year, i don't abbandon the matches because i want it, i have this account since 2014 you can't do this, you have killed my desire of play dota... You monster

  • adanUrdaneta3 adan Urdaneta (@adanUrdaneta3) reported

    @DOTA2 This is unfair! in my country there are problems with the iternet and the electric service, i don't get abbandon matches because i want it, i have this account since 2014 you can't do this, you have killed my desire of play dota... You monster

  • outplayed94 OuTplayed (@outplayed94) reported

    @DOTA2 I don’t understand what’s your problem with smurf even pros have smurf acc, when I was 1k I wasn’t crying all time cuz I losed vs smurf stop crying and get the chance to prove yourself against better players

  • Antag0nist69 Roll (@Antag0nist69) reported

    Why ******** am I having this stupid “associate phone number” problems when it is the only number and only account that I use. @DOTA2

  • DidarAbay Didar Abay (@DidarAbay) reported

    @wykrhm Problems with phone number..I connected number but Dota saying its error

  • Noorgrin1337 Noorgrin (@Noorgrin1337) reported

    Matchmaking changes sound good on paper, but i highly doubt Valve will really enforce them... they showed so much incompetence regarding this issues in the past already... I also predict calibration games will be a shitfest full of smurfs boosting their mates/each other #dota2

  • aarongoh Aaron Goh (@aarongoh) reported

    @DOTA2 hi, i am unable to play ranked because of "Dota Phone Association" bug. my current number is only linked to this account as ive removed all the numbers from my other accounts. but it still does not work. pls help and fix...

  • Maverick00_ Maverick (@Maverick00_) reported

    @Chef_Smoke In Dota, a good friend of mine goes mid with a hero who's supposed to be a hard support by design and carries the ******* game with some of the spiciest shit I've seen. Valve embraces the creativity of players and team comp, without letting anyone have anything too broken,

  • frendazoned Killuafan1995 (@frendazoned) reported

    void could be the most broken hero in dota and the people that pick him on my team will still find ways to be completely ******* useless lol

  • Maverick00_ Maverick (@Maverick00_) reported

    @ANGELONsTweets It's kinda like that in a lot of games now from what I hear. The only one I have experience with is Dota 2, which has had such an awful problem with role queuing that supports get matched with people like, two ranks below them on their team, which is awful.

  • DouglasCartee DouglASSWHOOPIN Cartee (@DouglasCartee) reported

    @MemoFrame @DOTA2 People who refuse to invest any money into DotA likely don't play very much anyways, and as such aren't very good at the game. A one time entry fee into ranked would vastly improve the overall play experience, even when not considering the smurf issue.

  • DouglasCartee DouglASSWHOOPIN Cartee (@DouglasCartee) reported

    @Flamenemix @DOTA2 It shouldn't be an issue if your team understands what's happening and doesn't report you for role abuse.

  • FilipeDurk Durk (@FilipeDurk) reported

    @kato_noor @DOTA2 My friend he got the same problem m8...

  • AlanRoland11 Alan Roland (@AlanRoland11) reported

    @DOTA2 Fix the cheater

  • meou2321 MeomaikA (@meou2321) reported

    @DOTA2 I think this 20 years of chain punishment is far too strict to my case, I believe there're a system error, please review my case

  • rohan_esports Rohan (@rohan_esports) reported

    Love the communication from Valve on Dota related issues. Meanwhile, the Starladder Berlin Major DMCA Issues - still no communication

  • yoori_ebooks /yo{2,}ri_ebooks/i (@yoori_ebooks) reported

    Nice. Babysitting money and get to play dota all stars in war 3 crits. eat it rolls high or any perceived issues with my vm issues aren't over

  • KhaotiKlutch KhaotiKlutch (@KhaotiKlutch) reported

    I think its time to fix the main accounts behavior score and get back to some real dota games

  • CoachShinshi Shinshi_ (@CoachShinshi) reported

    @Tsonis_bo @FortniteGame Unfortunately the main issue is Greece and not fortnite :/ For example Dota's EU east server is in Austria and my ping is never lower than 45,the problem is that we don't have fiber to home in Greece, we will have it ( in Athens at least) in the next 2-3 years

  • BeggerTT BeggerT (@BeggerTT) reported

    @Maskett81 @Nors3 @CSGO @DOTA2 Only problem im getting is that people from middle East are queueing into Stockholm servers and ******* my game up with their 500 ping.

  • KinSuperPhoenix Super Phoenix (@KinSuperPhoenix) reported

    @HealsIut @KDAAkaIi And I'm not the biggest DOTA fan in the world, but I think they got it right with losing gold after you die. Because it actually gives your team a chance to shut someone down and catch up before they become a big problem.

  • Olucaron David W. Duffy (@Olucaron) reported from Levallois-Perret, Île-de-France

    @Kevin_Hitt It's the kind of list that contributes to the whole 'investors wanting to get into esports but haven't been given all the data' issue. It highlights Dota as 'wow, money' but looking past the freak TI pools you have a pro scene that is horrendously unstable.

  • geosameloo 𝓛𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓷𝔃𝓸 (@geosameloo) reported


  • bow_miguel Xian (@bow_miguel) reported

    please fix the slardar, the hero is ******* broke. @DOTA2

  • rogeriniall a. 🌼 (@rogeriniall) reported

    Dota Underlords needs to fix their player matching rules it ain’t fair for the new players to compete with higher level players 😪

  • tayramone TAYLOR RAMONE (@tayramone) reported

    Just tried to play Dota 2 on my Mac and realized I couldn't right click to move my character and panicked. Had to abandon game to fix. So embarrassing.

  • MattFrasche Matt Frazier (@MattFrasche) reported

    @d0nnykong Last word was they're working on a reworked version because of the flop around launch, and supposedly that's still in the works despite the existence of Dota Underlords. I think most of the problems were around launch and the half-ass progression couldn't save it.


    I get that tutorials and stuff would maybe help but the core of the problem is: Dota is incredibly hard and time consuming and we would still have people being dumpstered even with great guides in game.

  • RoadtoDrWalDO Waldo (@RoadtoDrWalDO) reported

    @Ge4Rcs @CSGO @DOTA2 Those are big caveats. We'll see how it all ends up, but the biggest issue is Valve's inaction and lack of involvement in CSGO compared to their favorite child.

  • omsign °msign (@omsign) reported

    @TheoWainhouse @SavantOfficial i stopped playing probably three years ago bc of the rage-inducing matchmaking. i just play WoW and warcraft 3 now, and get my dota fix there.

  • CarlosDaniel574 captainhandsome (@CarlosDaniel574) reported

    broken dota boiz, last wed

  • xxxmxthn A Good Story (@xxxmxthn) reported

    Just waiting 2 hours for play dota tonight. I cant describe how happy i am today, bcs my laptop got fixed. Maybe next i can fix u anjay

  • ThomasGuiblain Meepo main (@ThomasGuiblain) reported

    @Ifafawji @DOTA2 @DOTABUFF @redditdota2 Yeah, the curse for playing techies probably, i hope they’ll fix it asap

  • Ifafawji Floyd Panabe (@Ifafawji) reported

    @ThomasGuiblain @DOTA2 @DOTABUFF @redditdota2 Aww... Too bad you experienced that dude. Maybe they will fix that kind of bug in the next patch

  • EnergyClark3 Clark (@EnergyClark3) reported

    Removing Problem Take Dota Pills. If naa

  • Dmitriy32799601 Dmitriy (@Dmitriy32799601) reported

    @DOTA2 when u will fix ddos, its really unplayable, i played like 5 games tomorrow and 2 of them was ddosed

  • Kapitanki Kapitanki (@Kapitanki) reported

    @ESLBucks @TobiWanDOTA @DOTA2 @SirActionSlacks "Old dates" first public appearance was June11 in DevBlog3 Prior to that, "old dates" used in unofficial events calendar. Later, due to undisclosed issues, dates had to be changed. "New dates"appear July10 in DevBlog5 July11 First official trailer on Midas Mode 2 has "New dates"

  • Kapitanki Kapitanki (@Kapitanki) reported

    @ESLBucks @TobiWanDOTA @DOTA2 @SirActionSlacks "Old dates" first public appearance was June11 in DevBlog3 Prior to that, "old dates" used in unofficial events calendar. Later, due to undisclosed issues, dates had to be changed. "New dates"appear July10 in DevBlog5 July11 First official trailer on Midas Mode 2 with"New dates"

  • yuurusai Yuu (@yuurusai) reported

    @BitchyAmi a lot of games have this problem now where devs are frankly bad at balance and you end up with shit like overwatch 2:2:2 queue instead of icefrogs 95 of the 117 heroes in dota being picked on day 1 of iternational qualifiers

  • sayandasgupta4 Cyanid3 (@sayandasgupta4) reported

    @DOTA2 And now if we could get them to fix the T2/3 scene we could almost be on the path to victory here xD

  • Donmanuon Emmanuel Chukwuka (@Donmanuon) reported

    @EdoFirstLady @Rene_noire Remind your dota this and fix it in her head.

  • GravityCats1 Gravity (@GravityCats1) reported

    @TobiWanDOTA @DOTA2 im sure that valve being so well funded can handle the influx of feedback and itll be cool to see how they fix some of this stuff here's hoping for the return of guilds too 😎

  • RobinHasACat 😼 (@RobinHasACat) reported

    one of the reason there are so many bunch of smurf, booster, cheater in dota2 is the lack of tier 2/3 tour with good prize pool distribution. so good player make money from selling those or offer the service 😉

  • 7Qua5AR Sudhanva Aghalayam (@7Qua5AR) reported

    @TobiWanDOTA @DOTA2 DDoS has been happening a lot lately. It's a sad situation.

  • AmirulApit amirul syafiq (@AmirulApit) reported from Seri Gading, Johor

    Dota 2 : the place where i go to forget all the problems and the reality and make me feel ease just like the paradise.

  • afcollin Andreas Collin (@afcollin) reported

    @abedyusop @DOTA2 Go play with friends or wait for mmr to be balanced out. Problem is that all top1000 pos 5 players are probably already in a stack. You need to wait for the new pos 5 players to make it through the system. After all, the system Will balance itself out. Just be patient.

  • BennyJParkinson Benny Parkinson (@BennyJParkinson) reported

    Just played a 52 min game and then someone on the losing team crashes the server after dc @DOTA2 fix your shit

  • eeeevvvveeeeee Eve~ (@eeeevvvveeeeee) reported

    @TobiWanDOTA @DOTA2 The only thing i dislike is that despite having the resources Valve refuses to invest into more manpower, which results in delays, low-quality events and more. Valve could open a separated game studio just for Dota with its own firm policy and a lot of issues could be fixed.

  • Mym_chaos 👿Chaos👿 💎🏃 (@Mym_chaos) reported

    @D2BOWIE True indeed. This MMR system is completely screwed up. Ancient 7 Guy picks troll offlane in my last game & fcking fed them like hell. Even Archon could beat him. SOLO queue is fcked up. Fix this Valve @DOTA2

  • BrandonLo5322 Brandonxoxo Gamdom (@BrandonLo5322) reported

    @EliGE @guardiancsgo Csgo gaming system is too bad compare to dota2 everyone is using third party to play csgo dota2 just using their own system if you think that doesn’t make any difference you are so wrong, valve seriously have to fix their game first instead of fixing pros prizes pool

  • monte_mclaws Monte (@monte_mclaws) reported

    @RiotSupport hey I started playing Dota 2 cause of your dogshit client that you’ve been promising to fix for months but haven’t and also your cancer player behavior system, cheers👍

  • RealPvtsam Saurabh Malviya (@RealPvtsam) reported

    @steam_games @DOTA2 Uninstalled dota 2 , because the mmr system is broken , the player conduct is broken . i will be back after you sort it out GABEN #Removecancerfromdota #badgamers

  • MrAwbery Mr Awbery (@MrAwbery) reported

    @HarperHype I definitely think skill gap is an issue, however I would argue that somebody who is Elite 1 would beat someone who’s gold 1 probably 98 times out of 100. I think the notion there is absolutely no skillgap is untrue. But ifs definitely smaller than say LoL or Dota for example.