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November 14: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 05:00 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • XTorinXBaby Autistic Princess ♡ (@XTorinXBaby) reported

    It's 9pm on a friday, And I'm calling my Discord Girlfriend, I turn my webcam away from the hole in my wall, So she doesn't see how much I've broken, My Mum said I can't play Xbox anymore so I broke my TV, My girlfriend not allowed to see me anymore so we talk on Discord calls,

  • jtate81 James Tate (@jtate81) reported

    @Soleus @Soleus I’ve sent multiple messages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even through PayPal. Not matter what, i get too many redirects trying when I sign into discord and try to access the group. I need help. I’ve done all I can and don’t want to have to charge back

  • mezzosaka 𝐝𝐮𝐤𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐚𝐥𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐮𝐬 (@mezzosaka) reported

    @radiantglorys i can definitely help!!!!! dm me or discord me or something!!!!!

  • TheSocialGamer Social Gamer (@TheSocialGamer) reported

    So the fine print for the Free 3 Months of Discord Nitro service and/or Spotify 6 months free with Xbox Game Pass is...!!! Not available for current Game Pass or Spotify Premium users "Only New Accounts" Also the Nitro is only good after to sign up for Nitro Plan not before!

  • gifgif10 Preston (@gifgif10) reported

    @discordapp I sent you a DM I am having issues redeeming it

  • TagamTyphlosion Tagam (@TagamTyphlosion) reported

    @VanilleGlaceon Oh trust me, I got no shortages of passions. The only problem is that I'm just not that good at broadcasting myself as oppose to talking in private or on Discord.

  • top_skindle TOP | Skindle (@top_skindle) reported

    @discordapp Please fix this UI.

  • BestTrophyGirl 💙Megumi💙 #MegumiGang (@BestTrophyGirl) reported

    @The_N_Babes @_ABO_7MEED_ @AzureXeire Sorry, I'm kinda new to Discord, so I'm having some issues. Try sending a friend request to me. My Discord is #4481.

  • Devours_US Dev🤣 (@Devours_US) reported

    @Relo4dZ @discordapp It is like this, u either get game pass or nitro..buuut..I'm getting "ultra rare errors" when I try to redeem the offer for nitro 😔

  • YTBrickbros SkyMyGuy (@YTBrickbros) reported

    Yo my crush was just filtering with me in discord and while in the ckbersation it discord servers not working I didn’t have the ***** to ask for her number imma ******* kill myself

  • ItsZiebo Ziebo (@ItsZiebo) reported

    @discordapp Sorry to bother you folks, but there seems to be an issue with the Authorize button whenever I tried to invite a bot into my server (tested with a friend as well and it also doesn't work for him). Unblocking pop-ups/ad blocker doesn't work.

  • AaronB3761 Aaron 🌸 (@AaronB3761) reported

    @ChicknBeau @discordapp o h i thought it like made you login to your account then automatically redeemed it

  • SirGumbii Im Gumbii (@SirGumbii) reported

    @discordapp @XboxSupport The Discord Nitro QR Code is not working for the Xbox Ultimate Game pass

  • MarkusGaming10 Markus Gaming (@MarkusGaming10) reported

    Can people help my discord server

  • KnightVan24 Van (@KnightVan24) reported

    Man, the new @discordapp mobile app is really clunky. Don't even have your icon down in the corner of the side bar for easy access to switching your status.

  • gustavswift13 Gustav 🏹 | CHECK MY PINNED TWEET (@gustavswift13) reported

    @_MightyPotato @discordapp Same error here, if you look at the network tab you can see that it's a captcha error but no captcha is showing. Tried on 3 different computers and 1 phone, same on all of the devices. @discordapp

  • Devours_US Dev🤣 (@Devours_US) reported

    @discordapp Getting endless "ultra rare errors" while trien to redeem the offer 😢

  • zenn_wow zennn_ (@zenn_wow) reported

    @ToasterIsAlive @discordapp having the same issue. surprised nobody else mentioned this

  • GBScotty GBScotty (@GBScotty) reported

    @Sane543 @Daanjc Is using discord I’m down

  • gustavswift13 Gustav 🏹 | CHECK MY PINNED TWEET (@gustavswift13) reported

    @discordapp I've tried on 3 different computers and a phone. Same problem on all of them

  • gustavswift13 Gustav 🏹 | CHECK MY PINNED TWEET (@gustavswift13) reported

    @discordapp I can't login to your site or add any bots, when I try to do either of those things nothing happens, if I check the network tab I get a 400 error on the request with the message: "You need to solve the captcha in order to add this bot.". No captcha is present.

  • WolfZGamer_ WolfZ (@WolfZGamer_) reported

    @JasmineyMorning @strunriik @Chipdoot_ @discordapp Well, Then It's a glitch

  • ToasterIsAlive DisappointingToaster (@ToasterIsAlive) reported

    @discordapp is it just me, or your bot authorization service is broken. I tried adding music bot to my own server and nothing was happening when I was pressing "authorize" button

  • Not__Mason Not Mason (@Not__Mason) reported

    @copbud @PulseNotify The issue is Discord being broken regarding inviting bots to servers due to some Xbox Game Pass/Superagent issue, not anything dashboard related.

  • DoctorNuclear Unclear 🦦 (@DoctorNuclear) reported

    turn on xbox ➞ sign in ➞ go to the game pass section ➞ "claim your free gifts" ➞ scan QR code ➞ oh but you have discord already installed on your phone so it just opens discord and does fk-all ➞ OK i'll just write down that long custom URL they gave me and do it on my PC ➞

  • YoFlikz Flikz (@YoFlikz) reported

    Panicking is my biggest issue in Fortnite. I’m insane as long as I talk to someone, but being by myself I shit my pants. (DMs open if you wanna discord) #Fortnite @GamingRTweeters

  • MrReddington_ Mr. Reddington (@MrReddington_) reported

    @discordapp Hi, I don't know if it's on my end or yours but it won't let me authorize bots for my servers even when I'm properly logged in, send help

  • VeiledSeraphVS Veiled Seraph (@VeiledSeraphVS) reported

    Can't even get my free 3 months for Discord Nitro to work. Keeps saying i encountered a rare error. Guess i will need to wait until it resolves or something.

  • febreezusjesus Daylen (@febreezusjesus) reported

    @discordapp Hey I'm trying to get the nitro from the qr code Xbox gave out to those with gamepass but it won't put my transaction through. It says there's an error

  • ChilledPixl Blake Friday (@ChilledPixl) reported

    @BigSlavers @Xbox You can redeem all three of those offers even if you're already an Ultimate member. The terms for each one require you to be a new subscriber to each service tho, which is a bit shitty. Was looking forward to saving some money on my Spotify and Discord subs.

  • RezoneGAMES Rezone (@RezoneGAMES) reported

    @TheRealMuzly @FORG1VENGRE lol still have my broken keyboard! Steelseries UK added me on discord. Promised me one then ghosted me when I enquired about it. Pretty random xD

  • therealdaehn Ty 🇭🇰 (@therealdaehn) reported

    I wish Discord was ******* normal so I could get help with why I can’t redeem my ******* free nitro thing from Xbox but it isn’t.

  • Zoddric Zoddric (@Zoddric) reported

    @Jarvenis @discordapp @Xbox I am sooo down for that

  • Praetor22 powder that makes you say yes (@Praetor22) reported

    @discordapp i just redeemed a code for nitro since i have game pass ultimate and it's not showing on my account in the app pls help

  • PulseNotify Pulse Notify (@PulseNotify) reported

    Apologize for the extended wait, Discord appears to be having service issues. Once those are resolved and cleared up we'll post instructions for members on how to join the new server.

  • tactful Josh Ling / Tactful (@tactful) reported

    @timgarbos @AlexisTrust @tribandtweets Yeah, I posted on the Discord Bugs channel and there's 2 other people reporting the same issue

  • raptorBR_ Raptor (@raptorBR_) reported

    Hey @XboxSupport I subscribed to the Game Pass Ultimate, but I can find any message about the @discordapp Nitro, I'm using a PC, I hope you guys can help me.

  • DeathstormDAG ĐΔǤ 🦃 (@DeathstormDAG) reported

    @discordapp hi I have been having an issue where apparently I am appearing in two servers at the same time and can both simultaneously talk to both of those voice chats. I also Apparently just show up randomly VCs even at times when I am not even home.

  • MendingValiance 𝖠𝗇𝗀𝖾𝗅𝖺 𝖹𝗂𝖾𝗀𝗅𝖾𝗋. (@MendingValiance) reported

    » This is getting delayed because I got the stomach flu, But right now I’m also shaking and close to a panic attack, an abusive ex is trying to get ahold of me can I please talk to someone about anything at all I just need to calm down here or my discord tadaliel#6543

  • pfffff66480152 pffffffffffff (@pfffff66480152) reported

    @discordapp If people could choose to hide my status if they dont like it i feel as if it would solve my problem. Any help appreciated

  • GBScotty GBScotty (@GBScotty) reported

    @FFuriX_ @HenkGlav im down if using discord dude, I just played w you

  • Milehighmgc #IHATELA (@Milehighmgc) reported

    @cutmyIipacstc @discordapp I had this issue too. delete and reinstall

  • Fix_plant_Uair TRA|Spooky_Plant (@Fix_plant_Uair) reported

    @discordapp Please help I don’t have a PC

  • DragonicKittens Kittens is tired (@DragonicKittens) reported

    @DasterCreations Oh ok. Not 100% sure where to find that. But I did let one of the devs know on the official discord. They said it's an issue with Google Play.

  • AzhurStar Mohammed (@AzhurStar) reported

    @discordapp Now convince them to fix their OS. You got this Discord!

  • VagabondCode Ryan (CreeperBlocks) (@VagabondCode) reported

    @discordapp I can't enter my credit card info in the redemption area. Please Fix this.

  • DSL_Meltdown DSL | Meltdown 🐢🍒🥚🍷 (@DSL_Meltdown) reported

    @_RSCola_ Wait wha- Idk how to help you then 😔 discord is shit

  • Fix_plant_Uair TRA|Spooky_Plant (@Fix_plant_Uair) reported

    @discordapp Please help I’m a mobile discord user and I can’t claim my game pass I wanna got to banjo and da craft.

  • Blorange_Tiger Josh ☎️ (@Blorange_Tiger) reported

    This situation became a much more serious issue later on and I am honestly terrified right now. I never knew discord was so dangerous. I will never use this platform again after this incident and will let you know more details on the situation when I can. Literally am shaking rn

  • HydrexIsntToxic hydrex the crackhead (@HydrexIsntToxic) reported

    @korxins hello hydrex isnt here right now if you have an issue please take it to DMs or his discord as he's trying not to get suspended at the moment thank you beep

  • Blorange_Tiger Josh ☎️ (@Blorange_Tiger) reported

    This situation because a much more serious issue later on and I am honestly terrified right now. I never knew discord was so dangerous. I will never use this platform again after this incident and will let you know more details on the situation when I can. Literally am shaking rn

  • notmarekffs Marek (@notmarekffs) reported

    .@discordapp seems like captcha on the bot invite page is broken cant invite any bot

  • ratfoot You Might Think He Loves You for Your Money But I (@ratfoot) reported

    @discordapp I got a promo code for 3 months of Nitro but I get an error when I try to complete the subscription

  • Monjakey Jake Hume (@Monjakey) reported

    @Xbox Discord nitro website link and qr code not working.

  • coolpizzle iCoolp (@coolpizzle) reported

    @Domiscius yeah idk whats wrong with windows 10 lately, both my laptop and pc have had issues with discord, chrome, and other things. @Windows plz fix

  • coreyforgames Corey McCallister (@coreyforgames) reported

    @discordapp I keep getting an error when I try to redeem my 3 free months. Everything looks to be good on the status page. Idk what's happening but if it continues I probably won't go through with the service. Please let me know if you have any fixes.

  • FiveQuidLewis Lewis (@FiveQuidLewis) reported

    hey @discordapp i cant login on pc, i dont get an error or anything

  • darnellonetwo Zeus Godz (@darnellonetwo) reported

    @TheManCoder1 @LTwittington @BlizzardCSEU_EN Hey dude looks like they're using IRC on a private RDP, add me on discord, wont let me dm you. It's not even aimed at the main service providers😂😂or should I say its not meant to be

  • tmave_ ROG_tmave (@tmave_) reported

    @discordapp my Discord is stuck on "Updating..." and "Downloading update 1/2" Help please it doesn't want to open

  • YohanJPark_ Yohan (@YohanJPark_) reported

    @discordapp im stuck in a loading loop on PC. I would just write this off as my internet has been giving me issues but the mobile app isnt much better on full bars of data. Please help