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  • Weeble_Wee
    Weeble~ (@Weeble_Wee) reported

    @Lupinthe3rdcom Oh hey sorry, it officially closed down about 2 weeks ago. I forgot to take down all the ads and stuff. If you're looking for a lupin discord there's one called Lupin's gang on tumblr

  • ILikePizzaYes
    Mr. Man Man (@ILikePizzaYes) reported

    @discordapp I'm Having Connection Errors To The Point Where I Can't Even Sign In. @TheShinyPotato Disc Tag

  • IIIStrife
    IIISpoop (@IIIStrife) reported

    @BooDooPerson @SuperNerdMartyr It's really quite interesting how, Discord was originally an app which served as a superior alternative to Skype, and is now heading down a worse road. I knew it was fishy when a STORE appeared on the damn app, but I never assumed this.

  • Helios_Gaming3
    Helios (@Helios_Gaming3) reported

    .@discordapp Please fix Discord game overlay for GeForce NOW. I rly want to use game overlay in-game but I can only play using GeForce NOW. Whenever Discord overlay is on, GeForce NOW doesn't respond to my keyboard inputs, but when overlay is off, it's perfectly fine.

  • Harryc3000
    Harryb2000 (@Harryc3000) reported

    @Meltoy_ @FriendNintendo I said it in the discord that he was receiving a vote for it, hell i have no issue with saying my opinions to anyone, i just have never had a reason to voice my displeasure against meltoy for the transphobic situation because multiple people already did.

  • Terrierburrier
    Terrierburrier (@Terrierburrier) reported

    Discord: Hey let's make a nice wholesome service. Also Discord: Hey let's make it impossible to sue us just in case we decide to do something ****-headed.

  • SecretGamerGrrl
    Secret Gamer Girl (@SecretGamerGrrl) reported

    I'd link directly to the *** in question, but github eventually took it down for TOS violations and my archives are on an old hard drive. I'd imagine the modern versions are just in the form of pinned posts in various far-right discord servers.

  • M_Wintovsky
    Mossovich (@M_Wintovsky) reported

    @jeztur2014 I need your help man. Whenever you get time, lemme know and call me on discord Having some trouble getting Crossfire to work in BF1 and need a little help with the AMD Radeon settings

  • radiatastories
    I.V. (@radiatastories) reported

    @EruseaRise @Joshua_stopdot @aeonlamb Discord is funded by tencent the service ain't free for nothing what you're giving away is your data you post there.

  • ShriekingMarxst
    The Spectre Of Communism (@ShriekingMarxst) reported

    everyone on discord is hollering about the arbitration clause of the new ToS and all i can think is that if you ever need to sue a video game chat service in a jury trial you must have ****** up being on the internet really hard somewhere along the way

  • jsmag2
    james magdalenski (@jsmag2) reported

    Dissension, Discord, Strife, Conflict, Disunity, Schism, Friction, Fear, Dread, Fright, Alarm, Panic, Terror, Trepidation, Debt, Error, Lawbreaking, Malefaction, Misdeeds, Misdoings, Offense's, Sins, Transgressions, Violations, Wrongdoings, Breach, Trespass against Individuals,

  • stephhouse11
    mx spookx (@stephhouse11) reported

    anyway all that shit just came to a head today and i couldn't handle it. but sports.... sports can be extremely good. i chilled this evening on the BR discord and watched the avs kick ass. slowly started talking to people (i had shut down really) and that helps.

  • TheMainSlimePvP
    TheMainSlimePvP (@TheMainSlimePvP) reported

    @Pokego2PlusPlus your discord link is broken for me can i please get another one

  • Zeinzu86
    Zo_OmZo_Om (@Zeinzu86) reported

    @TwittlesTV I'd turn to your discord for help troubleshooting. A lot of us tech geeks out here might be able to help with the right information.

  • Crispysteve42
    Crispshow (@Crispysteve42) reported

    Everyone seems to be talking about Discord quietly changing it's terms of service but I've had a blue bar at the top of my desktop app for like 5 days

  • wet_gaming
    Cornelionotes (@wet_gaming) reported

    @FedoraMasterB98 The discord link is expire and i cant find the dot discord link either can you please help and change the discord link in the group

  • lusan_gg
    Weegee (@lusan_gg) reported

    @discordapp Hey! Seems like there might be an issue with streamer mode right now. I'm having issues with it showing my status (won't turn purple) even if I'm live on twitch. Tried to change a bunch of settings and reinstalling, doesn't seem to work 🤔

  • AnonsWorldwide
    Anonymous Worldwide (@AnonsWorldwide) reported

    @The_Creeds Our streamer has had a health issue. We are on discord with Anonymous Worldwide Exodus and haven't had any problem about the safety of the platform since the start, for 1,5 years now.

  • NSithis
    Týr 🎃 (@NSithis) reported

    @BPAstare Dam b, if u wanna discord tomorrow id be down. Im sleep now tho nini

  • Travy_Trav13
    Travis Porter (@Travy_Trav13) reported

    If I asked the Samus discord for advice it’d be like a college student asking a 1st grader to help him with calculus

  • twisty_kris
    🔮 WitchyKris 🔮 (@twisty_kris) reported

    @LauraK483 @Copacabahna @discordapp I was having the same issue today!

  • SeizeWithXS
    👽Spinlock👽 (@SeizeWithXS) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    @discordapp, I'm having an issue with call audio not working at all on a Pixel 3.

  • kilometermiles
    Miles Roat (@kilometermiles) reported

    @discordapp Having problems will not connect.

  • D3STROY3R9
    Spooky boy D3👻 (@D3STROY3R9) reported

    @FireFirelord810 @discordapp I am aware that i need help and my stupidity migrated to twitter

  • cdnstudent
    Nick (@cdnstudent) reported

    @discordapp help! I keep hearing notification beeps from servers suddenly after updating today. This never happened until today as I have all my servers muted and just check them manually, now I'm suddenly hearing beeps every few seconds lol

  • riningear
    Victoria Rose gettin SPOOKY before RGB LAN (@riningear) reported

    I thought my Twitter habit was bad, but I just realized I blindly use two Discord shortcuts on my home page, on top of the 90+ server issue I have

  • pinkspyyder
    🔪🔪🔪 (@pinkspyyder) reported

    @outerjaw god i have such a nap problem im such a heavy sleeper hgjkgjklfg if i do it in a discord call people can deadass scream in my ear and it does nothing

  • discordapp
    Discord (@discordapp) reported

    @darkyodamaster We release small updates daily to tackle bugs so that they don't linger and cause issues! If you're curious about what version of Discord you're on, you can check your build number in the console log by pressing Control+Shift+i (⌘⌥+i on the Mac!)! I'm sorry about the trouble!

  • Linkn25138506
    Linkûn (@Linkn25138506) reported

    @RemiGraphics I haven't personally ran into this, but I knew someone over discord (good ol days) who had it. That was a while back tho, so idk if it's still an issue for him. It's wierd tho, because your GPU is a lot newer than mine, but I haven't encountered any of these problems.

  • jmoney999999
    Drunk Sandwich (@jmoney999999) reported

    @RantingF Lmao, in my experience, it's played up far more on tv and radio than it actually is expressed in reality. That's part of the problem here, the US media is so fixated on the ability to get people glued to it by sowing discord that the messages are no longer filtered at all.

  • Killa162
    Rhogar/Zhogar (@Killa162) reported

    @discordapp But this also requires a 6 digit code from said TFA. And you cant use the 8 digit codes from backup. That's my problem

  • Frostdiener
    Finrod Inglorion (@Frostdiener) reported

    @Tenari_Iranet I could probably find other minor shit to ***** about, but i won't. I did regard you as a friend even after i left the server, now i'm unsure with the way you immediately acted. Doesn't help that you've shown your true view of who you think i am in Discord DMs. Or the blocking.

  • turnoffthefan
    FREE (@turnoffthefan) reported

    @discordapp OMG THE SERVERS ARE DOWN

  • bros8000_
    b (@bros8000_) reported

    @ItzJustAndre @TropicalMeows @Piixelated_ in case the problem is accurring again message me on discord because twitter compresses the images to jpeg just add me at my handle Astrosism#6122

  • GebbotE
    GEBbot(EN) (@GebbotE) reported

    O Friends, Friends! Cease your argumentation! Arrest your vitriolics! Abandon your discord! For I shall resolve the issue for you forthwith. Ho! And on such a fine day!(p.31)

  • DarkGuardsman
    Dark (@DarkGuardsman) reported

    @Unofficial_Zack Fill free to drop by the discord anytime to help out.

  • DefiantHero
    Defiant (@DefiantHero) reported

    Me when I tell my friends on discord I'm going to go lay down for a few minutes.

  • Ruby_R_Schnee
    Ruby Schnee (@Ruby_R_Schnee) reported

    @discordapp there are people joining and then Leaving severs saying free games at this server link and also advertising thier @twitch stream can you please fix this the person who is doing this is also a twich affiliate

  • Soggy_Taters
    Soggy_Taters (@Soggy_Taters) reported

    I'm really in a pissy mood tonight guys. Im afraid the things that are on my mind will spill out on steam and would likely get my channel shut down. Im going to work on some things and steam Sunday morning instead. Sorry. I'll be in discord for a bit though.

  • DragonifyYt
    DragonifyYT (@DragonifyYt) reported

    @discordapp i'm having problems with connecting but my mobile works fine

  • sg6986
    bonzi (@sg6986) reported

    In protest to discord's new terms of service, I am going to ******** on skype

  • LauraK483
    Laura Krause (@LauraK483) reported

    @Copacabahna @discordapp Same problem for me lately

  • MythicalMatty
    TheMythicalMatty (@MythicalMatty) reported

    @MemoryNova I’m down. But I can only use my phone as a microphone. So send me your discord tag.

  • cro_cuta
    🌼daisy🌼 (@cro_cuta) reported

    @edenadyk i will die on the hill of "discord actually isn't that good of a service and does its job and basically nothing else"

  • DSTDecidueyes
    Otf_Shine (@DSTDecidueyes) reported

    @discordapp That’s not exactly what I meant, but thanks for the help! I meant for server owners, we can block @ everyone but we can NOT block @ here for the whole server. I was wondering if we could get a separate button (like the one in the original post) or have that button block both

  • ShmoeJoe2
    Joe (@ShmoeJoe2) reported

    I'm being cyberbullied on discord someone pls help

  • Tyfusi78
    🎼 (@Tyfusi78) reported

    i cant tell if i just read someone in the discord chat melted down 40 cough drops and drank it or

  • PseudoTropCourt
    Kinder Bendo (@PseudoTropCourt) reported

    @discordapp Okay no problem :)

  • fireblazer941
    Basith syed (@fireblazer941) reported

    @EpicGames my mic works on discord but it won’t work in game chat on fortnite I don’t know what to do please help!!!

  • reinishome
    rein (@reinishome) reported

    @discordapp ive been trying to message you guys forever now, nothing, i saw you guys helped someone else with the same issue i had, yet i dont think you guys respond because you legit banned me for something someone else did and took something that a kid who framed me said

  • IBelieveInWes
    Pumpkin Clarice (@IBelieveInWes) reported

    Discord moderator problems: Y’all, if I’m handling a situation between TWO people, don’t get INVOLVED. Especially if the conflict died 20 MINUTES AGO! Lmao leave me and the other mods alone. You don’t have a side of the story because it NEVER involved you! #discord

  • LoLalytics
    LoLalytics (@LoLalytics) reported

    @swervey99 I disabled all the bots in the discord channel. Please let me know if you continue to have this problem.

  • PlatinumLucario
    Davin Ockerby (@PlatinumLucario) reported

    I predict that #Skype will end up closing down in 2025 or sooner than that. This is because #Microsoft continues to remove features from their apps, without even telling us why. Instead, everyone will move to #Discord

  • KaijuSundae
    🎃KaijuSpookdae💀 (@KaijuSundae) reported

    people are acting like discord is some massive megacorporation that just has people trying to shill them left and right, with the funds to shut down criticism among other things.

  • tropicalesque
    Allie☆Fiasco🎃🕯️🦇 (@tropicalesque) reported

    so what I'm getting from my brief research on that discord thing is 1) forced arbitration provisions in terms of service are totally legal, but 2) the ones in their new tos are possibly unenforceable, unless they make you agree to the whole tos again (which they might)

  • Orion_Fallout
    Rye. (@Orion_Fallout) reported

    I joined a discord server and they need an icon/logo for it. Help them choose.

  • Leather_Jacket5
    Matthew Ingram (@Leather_Jacket5) reported

    News flash for @discordapp. The worst way to get people to release games for your service is to put an extra burden on developers.

  • theaquapainter
    Aqua the Witch @ TWEWY (@theaquapainter) reported

    10. somehow winning that danganronpa trial in a discord server i'm in despite literally confessing to the 'crime' so now everyone but me has terrible names and no emojis for a week

  • spazzlospazzilo
    Spazzlo (@spazzlospazzilo) reported

    @discordapp Hey! I've really liked your messaging service and have used it for a while. There is, however, a problem; your latest TOS update revokes the customer's right to sue. Please revoke this update, as it hurts consumers greatly.

  • HKlarity
    Honor Klarity (@HKlarity) reported

    @Noxau_ @RoyalKingdomGG I don’t know any discord’s tho that’s the problem