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April 20: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 05:40 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection (64.60%)
  • Sign in (8.85%)
  • Multimedia (7.08%)
  • App Crashing (7.08%)
  • Glitches (7.08%)
  • Messaging (5.31%)

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  • NieldOliver Rambo111003 (@NieldOliver) reported

    @LokalFN Yes I too am having discord issues>

  • NiaziMujahid Niazi Mujahid Khan (@NiaziMujahid) reported

    @ndtvfeed @ndtv Okay. So, India's biggest problem isn't hunger, poverty, healthcare, education, electricity, roads, jobs etc. India's biggest problem isn't millions of people dying of diarrhea and malaria. It isn't communal discord and antagonism. India's biggest issue is "terror".

  • Grimahim Grim (@Grimahim) reported

    I made a private Discord server recently for friends and I to write down notes about Smash Ultimate. I've written so much already I don't know what to do with it. I find I spend way more time sending tournament matches to people in there than I do playing the game lately.

  • Vile_Solutions Solutions (@Vile_Solutions) reported

    @Jordy_Sins I'm down, just message me on discord when you're getting on.

  • ooi_jowen just_jowen (@ooi_jowen) reported

    @discordapp can you fix a glitch,every time I play a game it disconnect me from a call

  • DanielT32821722 Daniel T (@DanielT32821722) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN Hi, i was wondering if there is any known issue with connection to Overwatch. The past few days i get DCs several times a day. First i thought it's my inet connection but e.g. Discord or Monster Hunter World didn't had similar issues 🙄 (gf get dc while for me everything is fine)

  • valaihstus 𝙂𝙤𝙏 ❽ 𝙨𝙥𝙤𝙞𝙡𝙚𝙧𝙨 (@valaihstus) reported

    @discordapp please fix your notifications

  • Charix77 ♾Charix♾ (@Charix77) reported

    @discordapp In the original poem no one has ever said that humpty dumpty was an egg. For all we know a human fell down and broke to pieces.

  • Crypt0Unicorn Cryptounicorn 🦄 I Am Satoshi ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@Crypt0Unicorn) reported

    @mogingerstudios You need to stake with zerocoins, if you go on discord there’s tons of helpful people that will help you out. You can do it all through the wallet though. Gotta download the wallet and sync the chain, then turn them to zero coins and leave the wallet open.

  • Roseandrewm Rose 🌹 (@Roseandrewm) reported

    @stnuoccaenilno @_fanadlininety7 Yeah because discord fuckwads won't fix the block feature to actually be useful. I love the people in that discord LIKE MY BOY @GrumpyGermanGuy but a few people in there who I won't name really can kill the atmosphere a lot. I'll rejoin for next comeback again

  • SabrBlitz Jacob 🦋 (@SabrBlitz) reported

    Zach is going biblical in the discord Rn someone help

  • lackqdaisicqlly Lackadaisically (@lackqdaisicqlly) reported

    Please help me, @Flawssle is keeping me hostage in a discord call and is singing the Wii theme.

  • soio_oo Robin / Soio#1873 (@soio_oo) reported

    @ChefMorgado @meixiangsi I'm gonna note that down to make fun of you on DIscord

  • br_otis BrOtis (@br_otis) reported

    @VETTE____ @DumontRudisel @BigJigglyPanda The fact that the platform is objectively worse does not change the fact that the main concerns raised in the replies were about change being bad or security issues. On top of that he stated he finds the lack of certain features irrelevant due to the broad use of f.e. Discord

  • Falular Jonathan Pines (@Falular) reported

    @A5C1I just someone who have streamed from a laptop before and can help me make sure im setting my obs right for it - aka sit on discord or something while im doing it

  • Jewell_desu Jewell (@Jewell_desu) reported

    @UBGV3KH It was on discord, I called the DR fandom terrible and someone spoke up that it was better than the bang dream family which I disagreed with.

  • Frozen0072 Frozen_007 (@Frozen0072) reported

    @discordapp we mobile peasants have been having issues with discord not wanting to connect at random times and it's a bit annoying... It last awhile please fix

  • marbletemples Marble @ CLASSICALOID HELL 🔞 (@marbletemples) reported

    @PepsiWitch ******* shut down their discord acc and be like cant help being a gemini

  • spe_fan PokeSpeFan (@spe_fan) reported

    I looked into it further and found that all downloaded images come up first, those being sorted by name. After I scroll all the way down, screenshots/discord pfps etc are there, sorted normally.

  • MarcoRu90653702 Marco_Rubio (@MarcoRu90653702) reported

    @discordapp It ended up being a problem of the phone and not the app, thanks for the tips tho! It's solved by now

  • ltsCade #DareCade🚀 (@ltsCade) reported

    @AttemptDare Yo bro I'm dog shit but I'm down! My internet aint good enough to be doing discord tho.. If we play we gotta play through psn party 🤣

  • BaliKiller Bali_Killer (@BaliKiller) reported

    @discordapp Fix the ******* servers

  • OverlordLeague (@OverlordLeague) reported

    if ive done anything wrong tell me. life is too short to hold grudges and i want to fix what ever ive done in the past. dms open ; discord dms open ; say anything to me

  • c683211c2a584b8 D.Binxster (@c683211c2a584b8) reported

    @discordapp I really need help with this.

  • JacksonThiesen Jackson Thiesen (@JacksonThiesen) reported

    Yo @discordapp can you guys fix the ******* voice chat, it keeps cutting every 5 seconds.

  • KarikaalanArima மருவி (@KarikaalanArima) reported

    People having problem understanding why #TikTok got banned, don't get emotional. Many videos are poised as soft-porn mostly of teen girls shared on discord/telegram groups, most containing wardrobe malfunction. So stop this shit. Very good that it was banned.

  • Flinter_ Flinter (@Flinter_) reported

    @theneongorilla1 I havent had that happen :( not really sure what you could do. Maybe try thehunter official discord to see if anyone has had the issue there and can help with a fix

  • quiethall quiethall (@quiethall) reported

    @discordapp hi. Ok. I uninstalled the app from my PC by accident because I'm not smart. When I tried to reinstall it, I get a dialog box that says "installation has failed" and " There was an error while installing the application. Check the setup log and contact the author"

  • discordapp Discord (@discordapp) reported

    @PokeMan_Nick Unfortunately, if you're unable to access your backup codes for either your Discord account or your authenticator, and cannot login from another device, there's nothing else we can do. You'll need to create a new Discord account. I do apologize for the inconvenience

  • SomeRandomEevee SomeRandomEevee (@SomeRandomEevee) reported

    @discordapp @raze_mans Discord, I have been locked out of my account nice if you would help out, I have tweeted 5 times I got a warning but it will not let me back in. Discord help me out bro.

  • Bluezite joker main Bluezite (@Bluezite) reported

    @discordapp im trying to screenshare but it wont pick up the sound, same for my friends in the same call, help pls

  • Zibixplaz Zibix Plaz (@Zibixplaz) reported

    @DAN7EH DAN7EH on your discord server rule 14 when it says ...this extends to scamming scammers... does that mean if someone scams me I can’t scam them and if they do scam me how do I tell you or get help

  • SkinnyDave3 David (@SkinnyDave3) reported

    @DAN7EH Woke up and found out i got kicked from the discord server. Can you help figure out why. Thanks

  • EuveneKae VK Yoshi (@EuveneKae) reported

    When Tcal is falling down because Titanic.Tcal is talking shit on discord

  • PeakDemar 𝓙𝓪𝓴𝓮 (@PeakDemar) reported

    Like this tweet if you have a computer/laptop and would ever be down to watch a movie on discord

  • tsubecky right twix (@tsubecky) reported

    @CallMeKevin1811 hey! I just became a patron on patreon but your link to your discord didn’t work :( it seems a lot of people had this issue too

  • SomeRandomEevee SomeRandomEevee (@SomeRandomEevee) reported

    @discordapp Still need help with my discord cant log in after a warning,Discord I have tweet 5x

  • _abcdemilee em (@_abcdemilee) reported

    Being forced to drink this terrible drink via discord drinking games thanks I hate it lol

  • ItzVolc Phil (@ItzVolc) reported

    @discordapp im habing a problem with my server. My ownership crown is not appearing. none of my administrator roles are set to display separately but still my crown has disappeared.

  • Trey80651623 Trey (@Trey80651623) reported

    Can someone come to park rbw2 need help discord too

  • weires96 Coopaer (@weires96) reported

    @furryforthought It's not terrible, but I'd say discord or telegram would be good to just be able to talk to people If you know anyone with a decently sized discord group that'd probably be a good one

  • MANDrFriedrice Dr,Fried rice (@MANDrFriedrice) reported

    please send help -some over oppressive ******* discord told me to type this

  • FadeYurr 𝔽𝕒𝕕𝕖 (@FadeYurr) reported

    @MLGJRated Making it private is honestly the only way to fix that... run it through discord

  • WordWomanOW WordWoman (@WordWomanOW) reported

    Our team leader in comms after we practiced with our two kinda terrible subs: "Great job everyone, you really dug down to pull off that win!" Team leader to me privately in Discord: "Holy shit you carried so hard on Ana. That was ridiculous."

  • wo_lf35 TH3W0LFCL4N (@wo_lf35) reported

    Hello @discordapp! I am having a problem where I am trying to change my email on my main Discord account. I have deleted any accounts associated with the email and it still won't change it.

  • xoxostoff 𝔐𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔯 (@xoxostoff) reported

    Pls trying to re start up my discord ♡ we are a broken family that was destroyed by trolls

  • savyeet big mama (@savyeet) reported

    @MyFavsTrash You literally called off work yesterday just to thirst over me in a discord call. Pipe down

  • ytsendmemes Youtube xdsendmemes (@ytsendmemes) reported

    @Cap_SavBoy dude i got banned from your discord for no reason pls help 🤣

  • sarcastrvphe Kiryu (@sarcastrvphe) reported

    *whispers* anyone down to do a discord call it's been a while

  • SandhyaSridhar Sandhya Sridhar (@SandhyaSridhar) reported

    @YasMohammedxx Yasmine. The moment the "right" "wrong" judgements enter a discourse, that's where the problems begin. We cannot tell others how to think, esp if they r not imposing their beliefs on others. What we r missing here is tolerance; we r increasingly at discord with views not ours.

  • SolemnWord Blank (@SolemnWord) reported

    Using the gif function in discord led me down a very nostalgic rabbit hole, rediscovering that I watched a stupid amount of cartoons from the mid 20th century like Little Audrey and others as a child. We'd just get compilation vhs tapes for cheap, since we couldn't get cable.

  • BezerkSnakeOil ϟnake Øil ϟalesmen (Bezerk) (@BezerkSnakeOil) reported

    @somekidonthenet @Bannedfrom7rblx @justaddwatter @discordapp I'm afraid if we do that he'll shoot up his school. we gotta put up and fix his bullshit before anything else.

  • NaomiroseM Naomirose Miller (@NaomiroseM) reported

    @discordapp My discord account got disabled for a really weird reason. I already sent an email on my issues.

  • FDart355 FlossingDart355 (@FDart355) reported

    Someone please help me on discord

  • TheIrishTrish IRISHTRISH (@TheIrishTrish) reported

    @discordapp @benshaperiofan No, I'm having the same issues. I tried my computer, and then my phone which runs on data. My other server members are also having the same issue.

  • SomeRandomEevee SomeRandomEevee (@SomeRandomEevee) reported

    @discordapp I still need help, Locked out of my account after a warning a little help would be nice. @discordapp

  • ignRefaced mercy refaced (@ignRefaced) reported

    @discordapp Hey so I’m trying to renew my discord nitro and it says it’s overdue and I try to pay it and it says it’s a problem on your end. I don’t want to lose my streak of paying for nitro and I’m concerned. Thanks!

  • AvalonWarrior66 Ya Boi Avalon (@AvalonWarrior66) reported

    @playrust Every time I join a server my game crashes and for some reason restarts Discord. Please help with this.

  • Fiddledo Fiddle (@Fiddledo) reported

    @madebygoogle Okay, I believe I have fixed the problem. Turns out it was the @discordapp that was causing it. Thanks for your help, Google friends.

  • TaylaSmithVA Tayla - hiatus (@TaylaSmithVA) reported

    Serious question, I've been having this problem a lot with unpaid projects I've been working with and I'm trying to prove this isn't an outrageous request: Should directors: 1.) Email their cast w/ the script & a date for line delivery. 2.) Generic mass discord messaged.