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  • J_mar23
    TheGrahaminator (@J_mar23) reported

    Best thing to make sure everyone sees when i go live is to put on post notifications on here, twitch AND my discord!!! Its not just me having this issue. @Twitch @TwitchSupport fix this issue

  • nerotolscaeva
    ABSOLUTELY PISS TERRIFIED OF 4.5 / 6 DAYS (@nerotolscaeva) reported

    I keep forgetting to log back into discord on my phone bc I don't remember my login I'm not ignoring anyone lmao

  • DatRedX
    Red❌ (@DatRedX) reported

    Glad the shady activity has stopped and all has gone back to normal after talking to my community on discord. I got my hopes up even tho I knew what was going on but it isn’t going to keep me down. To whom ever was involved I thank you for stopping and ask that you...

  • IAmWeirderThanU
    Weirdo (@IAmWeirderThanU) reported

    @_Mizumi Meanwhile Shulk Discord: "Vision is terrible"

  • MrFortem
    Mr.Fortem (@MrFortem) reported

    @discordapp @SadsquareStudio Broken computers and u dude trying to fix it......

  • EcnaDonVella
    Ecna Don'Vella (@EcnaDonVella) reported

    @pluuey Let me ping Discord on Twitter about this. @discordapp Could you please take care of this. It’s unbelievable whenever there is problems with your plattform barley actions are being addressed against those individuals, who harass others. Please do something about this.👏

  • Icy_Flare1
    IcyFlare (@Icy_Flare1) reported

    @EdTzoi Just cuz ur rich doesn't mean you're better than people who help out cinder in his discord nobody needs to know about your moms credit card and you buying all this currency but no one needs to hear it from a low life that thinks he is better than a moderator

  • Fliipp
    Fliipp (@Fliipp) reported

    Ok, I bet like $600k on some DOTA match tonight, I need someone to help find what discord that happened in.

  • GSKinguin
    S2 Kinguin (@GSKinguin) reported

    @discordapp Please check your dms. I got a issue

  • Real_KingKurto
    KingKurto (@Real_KingKurto) reported

    @fauxre And in my opinion that's reason enough to get rid of them. I personally would go about this by banning this character from my community, if it all continues contact platform moderators/owners/support about the issue. I'm talking about twitch, Twitter, discord and instagram etc.

  • emuonyurshoe
    Emu-chan💕 (@emuonyurshoe) reported

    this past week I've been feeling extremely..... like I've just been wanting to keep my head in the ******* sand, sleep my problems away, be avoidant. tonight I got drunk for the 1st time in a month while hanging out on discord w friends for hours and I'm feeling a bit better,

  • EngiGames
    EngiGames (@EngiGames) reported

    @MobiltyWins @GameDev_RT Seems like you are having issues calculating the offset vector relative to the transform.foward vector of your marble. We like to help people out if you want to hop in our discord. #unity3dhelp #unity3d

  • Ze_Techno
    Techno is festive (@Ze_Techno) reported

    Hey @discordapp our server has someone who is planning to "raid on christmas" I think we need help.

  • cap_kitty
    CapKitty (@cap_kitty) reported

    @R6Chet @missyeney @Rainbow6Game @discordapp @TwitchSupport You didn't apologize until your bad behaviour got put on blast. Your actions have consequences. I'm not going to back down from this. I will not tolerate the terrible things you and your friends have directed at me and my friends. You had your chance to play nice.

  • marksmanjosh
    JoshMarksman (@marksmanjosh) reported

    @CimsonGFX @WeDontEnd hes making these but decided to block me on discord after i payed him already and didnt complete the service then i asked for a refund, he agreed then blocked me and never refunded..

  • MagusOlivia
    Olivia Magus (@MagusOlivia) reported

    I can't help but notice how many of my tweets/discord messages start with a word, then a comma. Like, this kind of thing.

  • _RoughTouch_
    RoughTouch (@_RoughTouch_) reported

    @ScumGame fix the moderators in you discord.

  • heyystephieee
    🖤❤️Stephie❤️🖤 (@heyystephieee) reported

    i just wanna say wow dreamworks my entire discord is really upset and i just really didn't think it would go down this way i shouldn't have to be talking to everyone about how ******* upset we are

  • 2Kfan2599
    Mike Hudson (@2Kfan2599) reported

    @shroud if your still messing with the vive I can try to help the best I can in discord. I have one and haven’t had any problems and I take it down every time I’m done using it

  • ObeyGorb
    Grayson 💘 (@ObeyGorb) reported

    @OfficialVarnex yo check the discord and fix that if you can

  • SlimyOverlord
    『DJ Ф С Т А V I Ф』 (@SlimyOverlord) reported

    @kyojinika //sorry im just shy and school has been killing me lately :s if you want we could roleplay tomorrow! also the splatverse discord server might help you find people to rp with

  • larsiusprime
    Lars Doucet (@larsiusprime) reported

    @esaulgd @Mordaedil Discord is much lower friction as it doesn't require a new login for every new community you join.

  • Vivek_rck
    Everything Techiii. (@Vivek_rck) reported

    @IndiaPOCO Even now discord mic is not working with earphone plugged in fix it please ASAP.... @MIUI_India @atytse @cmanmohan @PocophoneGlobal

  • TheDakpo
    Dakpo (@TheDakpo) reported

    Oml people in the corrin discord are in shambles about her nerfs from smash 4. She’s still good. Stop getting carried by broken specials 😭

  • Fire_Peas
    Festive Azazel Fire (@Fire_Peas) reported

    @discordapp Sad that some terrible people are just talking about there stupid NSFW stuff and not about games

  • Dan_Gelo_23
    Dan Gana (@Dan_Gelo_23) reported

    @discordapp @SadsquareStudio Abandoned house/cabin in a highway thats a bit broken at front with mysterious sounds coming from the inside. That attracts anyone to go inside. And things happen when entered

  • gulder_
    Gulder (@gulder_) reported

    @KageSatsuki discord claims to launch your games from anywhere, and it's (I assume), something you already use, so that might help

  • sckoolz
    Miyko (@sckoolz) reported

    @discordapp @SadsquareStudio skype was at one point the most used Vc service

  • Guatemama_draws
    Guatemama (@Guatemama_draws) reported

    @discordapp @SadsquareStudio I got flung several feet across one of my house's corridors by an invisible force, when my sis came running down the stairs from the sound of my entire being hitting the ground we both looked at each other really confused.

  • PaladinMoch
    Moch (@PaladinMoch) reported

    . @discordapp hi one of the people in my discord is in a voice channel but it says offline and i think it's a bug please help

  • dolphinnights
    ben🎄 (@dolphinnights) reported

    i feel so guilty and stupid ive barely been on discord and in he webkinz fandom and ive done shit for power rangers except go to cons ive had no motivation for anything this year and its killing me and i feel terrible

  • ThatOneSkele
    ThatOneSkele (@ThatOneSkele) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @discordapp @SadsquareStudio Being stuck in the middle of the ocean with an oncoming storm with out service to access discord.

  • Henrytogo1234
    Henrytogo (@Henrytogo1234) reported

    @jasoncitron I was wondering if you could help me with something on Discord

  • Decatorz
    AggroDK🌋 (@Decatorz) reported

    Only can talk in discord for now insense mic is broken, Rip me

  • LamaAlRajih
    Lama 🦙 (@LamaAlRajih) reported

    @blakeir @_DanielSinclair I see two more features they could push out: a chart API for developers to use with discord sign-in and a game console-esque universal discord login

  • toshinoriyagay
    meaty thwack (@toshinoriyagay) reported

    2) your newest oc BUTTER!!!!! im in a venom oc roleplay discord and i made myself a little symbiote and i was Called to name them butter. at first they were just supposed to be cute and funny but then i projected onto them and made them sad and now im super attached send help

  • Stent_FAI
    Lewis Etherington (@Stent_FAI) reported

    @discordapp why tf do people not stay muted on discord phone app. I have had my ears ruptured by ram ranch bass boosted 17 times and am ill to stop it. I am livid please fix this for the good of the commonweal

  • sirenoacross
    Enkou (@sirenoacross) reported

    @JackFrost0331 wowwee... idk if it will help at all but malphasie isn't actually my self-avatar, but someone separate from me. my self persona is a bit different 😳 its my icon on discord but its probably a bit small

  • CptSpeckles
    🎄speckles🎁 (@CptSpeckles) reported

    Lmao; unrelated to anything recent but i just found out why a bunch of people got kicked of the discord chat after i got kicked; the bf was given admin and shit went down😂😂😂😂

  • Chaoticag
    Cag (@Chaoticag) reported

    @Enichan One of the issues we had here is there was a scare where discord went down within this country for half a day. This includes games. The VoIP section is blocked and has been for a while. I'd be worried the whole thing would go down one day to buy games on it.

  • Wyvyrias
    Wyvyrias (@Wyvyrias) reported

    @discordapp @LogitechG "Amazing" certainly is relative. Although their G Pro Wireless, despite the price (and a tiiiiny issue with the distance between the LMB and RMB), actually is just that. No really, just wanted to say that. Their headsets (and keyboards) still suck.

  • Divinity13910
    Div (@Divinity13910) reported

    @SpottedFoxSins You don't have time to be defeated, fix your shit. Hop in discord and i can help

  • RabbitRevenge1
    ❄️☃️Snow RabbitRevenge❄️☃️ (@RabbitRevenge1) reported

    Sorry if I have been dead for the past three days on Twitter and discord my laptop is not working and so I won't be as active

  • WellKnownAlias
    WellKnownAlias (@WellKnownAlias) reported

    @Kotaku -(lower prices, better services) and in the case of Epics store, it will likely succeed due to the sheer size (and money brought in because of) of Fortnite, and Discord has such a wide adoption rate among PC gamers that they will likely have no problem converting that into sales-

  • JuicyJuiceYT
    ℝ𝕚ℙ (@JuicyJuiceYT) reported

    @discordapp Look, guys, there's an issue I've been encountering lately and it needs to seriously get fixed. Somehow random people are appearing on my friends list when I never recall adding them and or meeting them and I'd like if you guys just fixed it.

  • OliverPearce4
    ApolloArcher[NICE] (@OliverPearce4) reported

    @discordapp @LogitechG the computers that were used to create discord and the servers that help to run it. 😉😆🤣

  • thekenttb
    KenTTB (@thekenttb) reported

    @discordapp @SadsquareStudio This one time I went to McDonalds... I wanted something soft, some thing smooth, something cold... but when I went to order... THE MACHINE WAS BROKEN!!!

  • DoctorDRM_Art
    Doctor M. (Christmas Time Booty Arts) ☆ドクターM. (@DoctorDRM_Art) reported

    @ZoidHunter Perhaps I should... I've been feeling terrible about how my art looks lately, though. I'm almost starting to feel so insecure that I'm gonna refrain from posting my artwork on certain Discord servers outside of the ones that actually like my art normally.

  • CrystalFar8
    Chris (@CrystalFar8) reported

    I guess it’s more of who had more people added on discord. At least for me I keep my list refined and felt bad spamming my friends to join forums. That’s the problem with referral contests.

  • CrystalFar8
    Chris (@CrystalFar8) reported

    I guess it’s more of who had more people added on discord. At least for me a keep my list refined and felt bad spamming my friends to join forums. That’s the problem with referral contests.

  • Jibril_SenpaiVR
    Jibril_Senpai (@Jibril_SenpaiVR) reported

    Discord link in new world is broken. Please check my profile if you're interested in joining.

  • DirtyDanChicago
    Daniel Dababneh ಠ_ಠ (@DirtyDanChicago) reported

    @discordapp @SadsquareStudio "Discord is down."

  • Coolited
    Hardstuck P3 (@Coolited) reported

    Making an org with a good buddy of mine. Looking for people who could be the graphic/video editor. Also need someone to help with the discord aspect. Please DM if you are interested

  • BoViceJr
    BoViceJr (@BoViceJr) reported

    @Wild4Games Hey I need some help with twitch dm so we can talk on discord btw you did not make a video on this 😰

  • CantB3B0thered
    Elijah Ross (@CantB3B0thered) reported

    @discordapp @LogitechG Razer’s new bitcoin mining service 😉

  • ThighInquisitor
    Sally Whitemane (@ThighInquisitor) reported

    ~ in my old raid guild's public discord channel I also haven't eaten in a long time which makes all this worse Oh and yeah my wrist is still broken so it hurts

  • Angelolz1
    angel. (@Angelolz1) reported

    @discordapp @SadsquareStudio 32 servers are unavailable due to a temporary outage.

  • heteroest
    griff (@heteroest) reported

    @discordapp @LogitechG whatever shit they use to make mines and get real far down there in the earth

  • nestIing
    matt holt hair discourse。 (@nestIing) reported

    btw ill be back on discord/my comp in a bit my mom asked me to help her but after i should be free for the night

  • _ACK_ACK__
    🅰️ČK? (@_ACK_ACK__) reported

    @discordapp Could y'all staff fix this problem,when I use Discord on moblie I have it on "Do not disturb" which says I won't get any notifications,but when I go off screen from Discord, I get notifications. Please fix this!