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February 16: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 08:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection (58.72%)
  • Sign in (18.02%)
  • App Crashing (8.14%)
  • Glitches (6.40%)
  • Multimedia (5.23%)
  • Messaging (3.49%)

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  • Carnage72336107 DankSouls (@Carnage72336107) reported

    @discordapp It says awaiting end point..... Its down for me and all my friends

  • MassieGG Lee Massie (@MassieGG) reported

    Protip: If you're getting the 'Awaiting Endpoint' issue for voice comms in @discordapp just change Server Location and it should resolve quickly.

  • atatabitata 𓇋𓈖𓊪𓅱𓁢 𓉸 𓊨𓁹𓀭 (@atatabitata) reported

    @autistoide @discordapp e-girl problems

  • HansFFMaybach Hans Maybach (@HansFFMaybach) reported

    I have a Discord server set up for those who would like to join my coalition. I might even purge some of the current members that may cause issues since I've had issues with a rather microscopic portion of my server. Just DM me for information..

  • ivorydaisies j 🌙 (@ivorydaisies) reported

    everything is going wrong i restarted my computer and im getting so many error messages after deleting discord aaaaa

  • strawberryTala 💫Clear Wing WANDA-HOO Dragon🌟 (@strawberryTala) reported

    Sorry if i've been incredibly quiet here today, some real weird and frankly terrible things went down in a discord server i'm in today and it's kinda taken up alot of my headspace, but i've been better for a while now, the other members too

  • Skyfenfury Skyfenfury (@Skyfenfury) reported

    @ForwardUntoSean I'll probably have to go on and ask about the issue in the server called "Discord API" but there are a few ***** in there that will mock you a bit for being bad with code

  • hxlygrailz Grailz. (@hxlygrailz) reported

    @plugging shut another discord down lol

  • HeroGirl1409 Rachael Hernandez (@HeroGirl1409) reported

    @GUDoug I def get that. He's in Vancouver and I'm in Columbus, OH. So we really only spend time together on a friday/saturday, and on discord. And that's assuming he's not working that saturday to begin with.

  • Frank_Dematos Oso (@Frank_Dematos) reported

    So I did more #research and find out that #discord have a #furry problem involving underage characters have inappropriate contact. Anyone who is still on Discord are probability a furry post #NSFW contact to #children.

  • BlockGamerAran Aran (@BlockGamerAran) reported

    Hey @discordapp I can’t get over this. A while ago my discord account got banned for selfbotting which I didn’t do. Maybe Someone got into my account or someone got my token. I contacted the support but they didn’t even help. I lost so many friends because of this help please.

  • imacreamiepie creamie (@imacreamiepie) reported

    @discordapp your phone app (android) has been bugged for a long time now. Everytime I press the smiley button on the right side of the chat window the app freezes and/ or crashes! Pls fix 😩

  • Retrull Retrull1 (@Retrull) reported

    @discordapp better fix it this in PISSING ME OFF

  • honeybunbobatea 🌻you’re a sunflower🌻 (@honeybunbobatea) reported

    watching drama go down in a discord server like 😨😨😨

  • uziprincess89 Uzi 🃏 (@uziprincess89) reported

    @EwokGamerAlex I already own and operate two discord servers, my channel, my twitter, my ig, the only reason my YouTube is back up and running is because I hired someone. I’m stretched so thin but people still need more out of me. I’m only human and can’t help 180+ people.

  • fatmanfalling Mikeyfell (@fatmanfalling) reported

    @IAmTomHoran Sorry about that I have no idea how to fix Discord

  • JosueSamano6 Inspiration (@JosueSamano6) reported

    @Geerzy2 @NickEh30 Geerzy u need to get on discord asap there's a problem

  • ScarPrincezz ogPrincezz710 (@ScarPrincezz) reported

    @kingdrell @RealmRoyaleRTs @RealmRoyale @HeroicLeapGames Hm definitely a bug, if you have the Realm Royale discord you can always send this clip in and it would help a ton! Hope it doesn’t happen again

  • mrshyguy207 Super Game & Watch! (@mrshyguy207) reported

    @David_Hosek1 @discordapp Same. (Even though I’d never had problems with discord I still wish other people can get privacy and not get their personal info leaked)

  • Nextonix_ :think: (@Nextonix_) reported

    PLEASE if its discord related DO NOT dm me, if you have problems you wanna vent out, YES please dm me, if you wanna talk about memes, movies, games, tv shows, ect, ect, of course dm me. JUST DONT BRING UP DISCORD FOR GODS SAKE [3/4]

  • da_rilo a dead rat and a cracker (@da_rilo) reported

    @adolescentjarg3 @brokencolorfan I have discord and I'm a broken color fan 😏😏😏

  • nzxtcuddle PAPI JR (@nzxtcuddle) reported

    pls help Guis @IVANZXT is MIA on the @NZXT Discord

  • lukas11113000 Lukas11112000 (@lukas11113000) reported

    @discordapp I'm a bit lost, if someone in a group call starts a screen share, i get a inbound packet loss of ~80%(others sound laggy). It shouldn't be my internet (80k down 40k up) also screenshares in private 1to1 calls work perfect.. I tried with quality of service on and off

  • MichelDeChevin ♡ˢˡᵉᵉᵖʸʰᵉᵃᵈ♡ (@MichelDeChevin) reported

    im in a terrible mood i might just, play games and not really post anymore to night or im just gonna ***** about how evil she is for hours, if u need me im on discord

  • bordie_ bordie (@bordie_) reported

    @qwertyJaayy @PlayApex rollback works i was having this problem too, but not the discord part lmao

  • Shiny______ Shiny (@Shiny______) reported

    @Brainless_Bread @ShadowHolguin @discordapp @QuackityHQ Ok, you're a few weeks late. We've already resolved all this issue, but besides that, it's not like he sends a whole legion in with him. He goes by himself into the servers and has some fun with the members of that discord. No one gets mad, no one is harmed.

  • SarahPlanalp Sarah Planalp (@SarahPlanalp) reported from Monroe, Washington

    @destroyerbots I have a Pd key but need the invite or info to sign into pd’s discord! Please help!

  • madsushi chase christian ❄️ (@madsushi) reported

    @RainofTerra @PlayApex Discord does this to me frequently. If a game is being attenuated (down to zero or whatever) and I close the game, it doesn't get set back to the higher/normal value the next time you open it

  • IDoLua2 IDoLua (@IDoLua2) reported

    @discordapp Fire your furry admins. They're ruining you. They're ruining us. Fix it. You're a company with a net worth of 2 BILLION DOLLARS.

  • deadpoet_txt Ixiona Oz Azhar (@deadpoet_txt) reported

    @here_cums_solus @gaiusfknbaelsar { I bounce around and write for around 20 or so characters give or take (most of them on discord mind you) believe me when I say you absolutely do not have a problem and you're doing great :3c }

  • MrMad_Hatter Mr.MadHatter (@MrMad_Hatter) reported

    @discordapp I have recently swapped phones and recieved a new number but I have 2fa on my discord account but I also have my SMS on but it is linked to the wrong phone number is there any help I can get.

  • whoseanimegf jay (@whoseanimegf) reported

    eboys w trust issues be like, “gimme ur discord password -.-“

  • toiraTV ⛓️Toira🎥🗝️ (@toiraTV) reported

    Another relationship ended yesterday & while it was by choice I am really feeling it. A message or something on discord/here to show me pets or stupid funny stuff, or some good news you got lately would probably help. I really need to...not 'get my mind of it' but stay afloat 😔

  • Zoeskydiamonds ✨ℤ𝕠𝕖𝕤𝕜𝕪𝕕𝕚𝕒𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕕𝕤✨ (@Zoeskydiamonds) reported

    Is it me or is discord like not working.. mine won’t open at all. 😫

  • SaraMelodyZT SaraMelodyZT | Baby Sara's Universe (@SaraMelodyZT) reported

    I'm going to need help testing my Discord server once all is said and done. If you're interested in helping me test, please let me know! The tester will be part of my Debug-Team role which is essentially a moderator with a few less permissions.

  • spyderdwagon Desi Williams (@spyderdwagon) reported

    @discordapp Having an issue where if I try to upload a picture from my mobile device it says bad network request, try again. But on another phone it's fine. Uninstalled, reinstalled, same message. Please help.

  • MediaUme Universal Media Events (UME) (@MediaUme) reported

    @discordapp can you help me fix my s9 isnt allowing me take calls from discord i did everything is the mobile sector for discord down

  • MRArmy4 MrArmy (@MRArmy4) reported

    @discordapp Broken

  • JettersMighty Mighty Jetters (@JettersMighty) reported

    @discordapp Hi I'm sans.#8653 on Discord. Problem: Can't join servers because accepting invites through the browser takes me to some "unclaimed" account with my name. When I try to claim the account, it tells me the email is already registered.

  • GattsuSvear Guts (@GattsuSvear) reported

    No rp today, just all faction turns as gm turned up real late due to computer/discord problems.

  • ItsTheRealGT #SynergyGT (@ItsTheRealGT) reported

    @ObeyAlliance if you guy's need help setting up the custom cord I can if you want, I've set up Kiwiz custom cord and Nick's cord as well 🤷 discord tag GT#7871

  • ryanlowbridge Ryan Highbridge and 103 others (@ryanlowbridge) reported

    Like seriously, if you’re that fragile that you need to make a massive spectacle to grasp for that attention then you should probably focus on trying to help yourself rather than trying to cause discord for your own benefit

  • EliteIzzy Isabelle pelling (@EliteIzzy) reported

    @MochiMacchaArt I mean, it only happens on window OS, so yanno. Discord doesn’t have this scaling problem on Mac. Can hardly call it a program problem...

  • T1TWulf Tht1Twilitewulf (@T1TWulf) reported

    @Proton_Jon been having issues with discord. I've only got the mobile version, have already waited a week after connecting an have still been unable yl join the sub server. Note: I'm already subbed on twitch

  • DuckDucklord308 Bustanut200 (@DuckDucklord308) reported

    @discordapp I cant share my screen on the desktop app. I have a laptop, and when ever I share my screen the App crashes. Please help. <3

  • notkirkysaurus satan (@notkirkysaurus) reported

    yo @discordapp please fix the gif search function or delete it all together, like me and all my friends keep getting all sorts of crashes trying to use it like

  • CapsLockKeyon [🔴 Live] Capslockkeyon (@CapsLockKeyon) reported

    @helicongaming I'm in your discord, Im live on Twitch right now, and Im having MASSIVE problems with your product. I am ready to throw it away. Please, help. for the love of god, this product is breaking my streams.

  • NepetaDev Nepeta (@NepetaDev) reported

    rootlessJB: looking for people with working Cephei and libcolorpicker to help me test Notifica (iOS 12.x; any device) Other requirements: Discord account because Twitter DMs are awful.

  • paragon_zoe Loz the Paragon (@paragon_zoe) reported

    @PHandington Also when Discord tests her while she’s in charge while Twilights away. Starlight gets hmad and stressed and tries to KILL HIM in rage. Also when she was tasked to help some princesses it’s their sibling problems; she magically switches their cutie marks

  • sparkyzaki1 Octavio Morales (@sparkyzaki1) reported

    hey @discordapp Im having a problem with joining a server... everytime I am given a code to join it always says the invite has expired.

  • MxGiniInABottle The A.K.I. 🔜 LA/Wondercon 🤖⚔🍂 (@MxGiniInABottle) reported

    I need to do some research so that the delay problem doesn’t continue to be such an issue when I start trying to stream more regularly in the future. I really appreciate all the support you all give me, it truly means the world. 💜 In the meantime, check out my Discord!

  • LegendOfMataNui 🎮 Bionicle: Legend of Mata Nui (@LegendOfMataNui) reported

    @Hahatowerknight BIONICLES dreamed she changed her bosses's username on our Discord to "VAHKITI BIG FAT TIDDY" because something was broken and it needed to be fixed with tiddy. Dreams are weird!

  • idealistside pray for peace 💙 (@idealistside) reported

    any southerners having a discord outage because apparently everyone else is fine

  • RetroManiacVR Retro Maniac (@RetroManiacVR) reported

    So i managed to see a fix for the Mouse Cursor being stuck in the middle of your screen while your playing Apex So there is kinda 2 fixes for this. 1.) Turn off the Origin In-Game that displays notifications , friends list etc thats a fix. 2.) Discord is also part of the problem

  • RetroManiacVR Retro Maniac (@RetroManiacVR) reported

    Basically if you have Origin In-Game on and the Discord Overlay is on they will cause your mouse cursor to be stuck so you can fix this by turning off Discord's Overlay and restart your game and should fix the problem.

  • Stahhley poo poo (@Stahhley) reported

    @Dequats Hello , my G Fuel code from Sliver ins't valid , the Discord admin told me to contact you about this issue. I won the GFUEL Battle Juice Collector's Box code for it.

  • subbyex Subbyex (@subbyex) reported

    Idk if its just me being terrible but I've only found like 1 nsfw discord that was good and didn't have A. Weirdo subs who are gross or B. Alt right weirdos who are never shut down by the mods

  • MarcWeinstein2 Marc Weinstein (@MarcWeinstein2) reported

    @AspiringCFF The thing is, the accusers have given me no reason to believe them, so I guess we're even. I did read further down your thread. I didn't even know he had a discord. But even then, no evidence, no blind belief, I'm sorry.

  • princeisadenis1 prince (@princeisadenis1) reported

    @discordapp i have no data sadly please fix this issue

  • Kawaiiinbou Natalie (@Kawaiiinbou) reported

    gamer brains are so badly broken into being unfunny that on the PSO2 discord somebody said 'HL3 confirmed" as an attempt at a joke