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Discord is a freeware proprietary VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Microsoft Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser.

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March 29: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 02:20 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection 66.05% Connection
  • Sign in 15.98% Sign in
  • App Crashing 7.70% App Crashing
  • Glitches 5.28% Glitches
  • Multimedia 3.42% Multimedia
  • Messaging 1.57% Messaging

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Heredia Connection
San José Connection
Heredia Connection
San José Connection

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Discord Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • ArkSSB Arkssb (@ArkSSB) reported

    @discordapp my discord isnt picking up my headsets mic but i can still listen to people ive messed around with the input and output settings but i cant fix

  • ellagokhann Ella Gokhan (@ellagokhann) reported

    @VC2bot is broken, use it on discord all the time and it’s not working anymore when you try to click it. supposedly because of the latest discord update. hope it gets fixed because it’s something i use everyday.

  • skeppysdaughter 💕SkeppysAdorableDaughter🥰 (@skeppysdaughter) reported

    Is anyone in dreams discord merch thing bc I cant remember my discord name- can someone help that's in his discord pls ily 😭 @DreamWasTaken

  • zantedeschian 🖤🕳️🐛 social justice knight 🐛🕳️🖤 (@zantedeschian) reported

    @heroicdefense ive been a bit slow lately as far as online rp goes but i am down to try over on discord at some point...

  • modernlor julie (@modernlor) reported

    @discordapp My account juls#6666 got disabled. Please help.

  • DeeWrightway Noel (@DeeWrightway) reported

    @TheJimmerCheese also invite me to your Discord server let me see if I could help you out with it

  • Spolchen_ Punished Spolchen (@Spolchen_) reported

    @AlbinoVEVO Imma just copypasta one of the comments. His girlfriend has: -Broken up with her ex-boyfriend after meeting Ian one time -Still flirts with said ex-boyfriend -Talked about how she wants to break up with Ian -Insulted him on discord about what a manchild he is -Gaslight him

  • YoutoozLeaks Youtooz Leaks (@YoutoozLeaks) reported

    @NimrodClements @zebone34 Its so hard to explain if you dont know the youtooz discord well, alot of this stuff stems back from months ago. Tbh i thought they was gonna shut the server down

  • TheRedEm1ssary Rose (@TheRedEm1ssary) reported

    why did a shitpost video i uploaded just to download it as an mp4 i could upload in discord make more views than a video that i made to help people get better at a game wtf

  • MaxDotBam max beck (@MaxDotBam) reported

    @50blessingsuk do u know about discord cuz i still need help, i got too many dms and i cant tell who actually knows about discord and who doesnt 😣

  • Cursed_SZN down bad (@Cursed_SZN) reported

    Mfs could hear me down bad in the discord dawg I’m crying 😭😭😭

  • N3cruN NecruN (@N3cruN) reported

    @St0rmbringer1 @Discord This is not DNS issue the region relay server Discord uses down they should rerouting it, No change DNS this is the laziest shit a company can do... if it was a DNS issue I should connect with no problem using mobile data or other ISP what is not the case

  • besisback2019 BESISBACK2019 (@besisback2019) reported

    @discordapp @EkoFresh78 discord i don't know i'm stuck in the gmail verify thing when i had the account for 2 years now i can't even get out of it since i forgot my gmail password but not the discord password please help : (

  • GaloDeLionN 🐙 down with the cis (@GaloDeLionN) reported

    @ratsplague wait can u check discord i said something terrible <3

  • yomptons_finest john dillon (@yomptons_finest) reported

    @mehdirhasan Keep sowing discord, medhi. That should help.

  • cosmeticbowz skyyflakes (@cosmeticbowz) reported

    @chris_ssbu Hey man any help I could get would be great! If you want please hit me up in dms either discord or twitter

  • karkusistrange Mark Shaw (@karkusistrange) reported

    @harlequinambz @GraceCastle20 @StormIsUponUs @Rod_Is_TheOne Ignorance is not bliss it just ignorance. If your mind is not open to discord none can help you here.

  • AlanWhittemore1 AlanWhittemore (@AlanWhittemore1) reported

    @minniemins1 @xaiied1 @FL4Bernie2020 @TheBernReport Sneak into any alt-right discord once or twice, this is absolutely not the case. So many wannabe SS stormtroopers can’t draw for shit. The extensive drug use doesn’t help

  • jordydraws Jordan ミ★ @ tryna finish commissions (@jordydraws) reported

    @destroymuse My friend and I figured out how to use discord for this ever since rabbit went down. It's not preferable but it works

  • AUNaseef Naseef / نصيف (@AUNaseef) reported

    @CassidyJames @GranPC You could look at their discord server for help

  • mollymh4 Molly Hill (@mollymh4) reported

    @Catfish_Man @discordapp @jackboxgames On top of that @jackboxgames wouldn’t connect so after lots of troubleshooting I had to learn how to do port forwarding. And then when we actually played we ended up running into issues with streaming lag and jackbox servers anyways 😂

  • djfluffkins Sam Chen (@djfluffkins) reported

    @xo0xverox0ox I've also realized that playing ACNH doesn't help because I don't usually talk to people via discord, and chat isn't exactly friendly to us....

  • edaaaa99 sui (@edaaaa99) reported

    @iZemrex Also discord dms are broken too... I didn't get a message from him since 1 day and than while waiting for him to write me I cried myself to sleep

  • Tholgrin Tholgrin Stoneforge (@Tholgrin) reported

    @LrdSlvrhnd Lately, I've been playing "embarrass yourself on Discord" and "just plain be a terrible piece of shit."

  • found_objects Found Objects (@found_objects) reported

    @discordapp @SkypeSupport Issue for you BOTH. When I try voice or video calls w/either of your scvs on Android, other party cannot hear me. They see me & I see & hear them. @skype Echo & Discord mic test OK. AND... the weird part: FB @messenger voice/video calls all OK.

  • Jojo90195463 Jojo (@Jojo90195463) reported

    @SeSxnr yeah thanks you leaving discord has let me realize how much of a terrible person you are

  • KrilBear Kril @ home forever i guess (@KrilBear) reported

    yo @discordapp when i send a DM with a code block, it gives me the clyde bot error, and wont send

  • nachuucoffee Duck ♡ (@nachuucoffee) reported

    The people on discord are mean help

  • Kura14853034 Kura (@Kura14853034) reported

    Been on a discord group call for like 170 hours, we’re slowly at each other’s throats I think jimmy died yesterday I couldn’t tell I’ve been inside discord is my only friend #discord #Quarantine #help #sendhelp

  • Kura14853034 Kura (@Kura14853034) reported

    Been on a discord group call for like 170 hours, we’re slowly ag each other’s throats I think jimmy died yesterday I couldn’t tell I’ve been inside discord is my only friend #discord #Quarantine #help #sendhelp

  • PieTusker Pie Eyed Tusker (@PieTusker) reported

    @LangemLauf Scott, it may not seem like it. I never like throwing away toys when they broke. I try to fix them. DM me anytime in Discord if you need to chat. Please. Cause I had more fond memories with you than bad ones. You were there for me. Let me return the favor...

  • FarEasterner Andrey Davydov (@FarEasterner) reported

    @KenRoth Still trying to fish in muddy waters Ken, too bad your disinformation and attempts to sow discord and divisions around the world are not working anymore

  • fl4rp Flarp Flarpington (@fl4rp) reported

    @GoldGloveTV you dont have to say anything on stream but it might help you viewers to try and revive the discord. Get people in to play games and get through this as a community

  • RoshanVivek1 Roshan Vivek (@RoshanVivek1) reported

    @discordapp hey I've been experiencing a prob recently where it says no connection the connecting just goes on forever. I have tried re installing and my connection works as I can watch yt download stuff and play games I am on mobile I'm from India pls help me

  • _CaptainBrown_ ❄️cap 🟠 #CaptainsBasket❄️ (@_CaptainBrown_) reported

    Again, I will still answer any DM’s regarding questions or issues of any kind. If any friends want to contact me more directly I have either my private Twitter or my discord. I hope you will all understand. Stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands.

  • Zanza47 Zanza (COMMISSIONS SLOTS OPEN 4/4) (@Zanza47) reported

    @Erii_hime Hey, update on possibly hanging out in the near future, most convenient way to get a hold of me if you're ever available is Discord! Obviously I'm not expecting right now or today but whenever you're down that's the place to let me know!

  • LostCause2099 Zeuseph (@LostCause2099) reported

    @TheSMonroeShow @ChandlrChainsaw @KingTimmahB @Virescence Plus Idubbbz has like shared his views on similar stuff in the past and that’s why his recent opinions are so strange to people. It doesn’t help those leaked discord messages are out there.

  • BennettElder Duval YangGang 🐆🧢🌴 (@BennettElder) reported

    @HeidiBriones Talked to folks on discord servers earlier. Seems to help. Learned a few funny things about Canada. People were talking about Game of Thrones characters being people you work with. I pointed out HR is Lord Varys: there for the good of the realm above all.

  • daxxzin daxx (@daxxzin) reported

    @delayYRN please help me and accept me on discord daxx#9003

  • ll86058459 ll! (@ll86058459) reported

    @NickEh30 @joejonas @WatchJRoss @snellzilla4 @Twitch I sent you this before and I need your help on how you made your merch because i want to start my own clothing line and stuff but I don’t know where to start I really hope you see this a reply. If you do see this let me know. I have discord or on Twitter.

  • WaPepe1 WaPepe (@WaPepe1) reported

    hey @discordapp im tired of trying to watch my friend's stream and having it infinitely load then when it actually does load it immediately goes black 10 seconds afterwards so please stop downloading furry porn and help me

  • St0rmbringer1 St0rmbringer 🔞 (@St0rmbringer1) reported

    @N3cruN @Discord Hey buddy. I sorted it out, it was a DNS Issue. I have Kolbi and it began working after I set my Network Adapter to use Google's DNS. You have to manually assign it to use and If you have issues, reach out to me via DM. Pura Vida

  • LadyLockdowns 𝙻𝚊𝚍𝚢𝙻𝚘𝚌𝚔𝚍𝚘𝚠𝚗𝚜 (@LadyLockdowns) reported

    Due to issues with life and health, I am leaving twitter for awhile. If you were in my discord server; don’t be confused or alarmed since the server is gone because: lack of activity.

  • ArcticuKitsu Arcticu Kitsu (@ArcticuKitsu) reported

    @PatchouliW Kept it vague. But yeah, VRchat hiccuped though was smooth today. I found their name on Discord again pinging them. I'll keep things vague again, my bad. This was more of being unable to react in time to when they reacted. Problem semi-solved now. Noted.

  • DaBadLlama Emily (@DaBadLlama) reported

    @gayle_kat @ali_nahh @ibxtoycat Yeah I offered when it was a shit show too ages ago and I couldn't find any mods that were available to help, like messaging to his discord to see if anyone was on.

  • kitsunsan mr. fox (@kitsunsan) reported

    day 2) just solved my money/career problem. our discord chat transcript + small edits = best-selling romance novel. romeo & juliet 2020.

  • ShaneMoment Shane (@ShaneMoment) reported

    Day 7 of doing nothing but look at twitter and discord to see nothing new or interesting, having Spotify broken still, and just grinding in Roblox car games

  • LTS_Moshu Moshu is taking a break (@LTS_Moshu) reported

    I’m taking a break, I just had a 10 minute break down and realized that my ex had played me and I had been used. My discord server will also be deleted and if you wish to contact me my discord is “Alex Da Parrot-Cat#7987” but I will only be adding and responding to close friends

  • SpectrrFNM Spectrr (@SpectrrFNM) reported

    @SoarzFNM no the problem is is that when i vc discord ***** up the audio

  • bruno_lgw Foxy Resonance (@bruno_lgw) reported

    @discordapp ...The connection returns after a while, but it disappears after a few minutes. I would like you to solve and check my problem. I've been with this since Thursday night.

  • DutchieGoNyah 🎶Leflosi!🌟 (@DutchieGoNyah) reported

    I remember this statement made by a person in this Discord chat I'm in. They were making the point that Idubbbz suffers from something called "broken clock syndrome". "A broken clock will only be right twice a day."

  • Cherrim cherrim @ self-isolating with jude (@Cherrim) reported

    @velvetcrowe everyone in my discord server was getting pretty terrible options as their "you have to say yes to them" smug camper and I had totally steeled myself for someone awful and i'm so relieved but on the flip side everyone is mad at me LOL

  • ProFighter_247 Adrian (@ProFighter_247) reported

    @jeb_ my little brother made some poor decisions and talked back to the mods on the discord servers, and now i a permanently banned from all of them. :( please help me get back on!

  • thatderpiguy Derpi (@thatderpiguy) reported

    @discordapp Issue on iOS: Bots appear offline until you look at the member list

  • BatNick10 BatNick (@BatNick10) reported

    @GalaxyOrion20 I'm down to discuss FFH. But it seems clear it likely won't be a productive discussion on here. I'd be keen on hopping into a discord call to gain some common ground.

  • NTHN_7 🍍™ (@NTHN_7) reported

    If @discordapp buys out @zoom_us and shuts it down as a show of force, I'll cover it. I want to have my e-learning exclusively on a discord server so I can spam bots

  • monoblackzombie MonoBlackZombies (@monoblackzombie) reported

    @undeadscribe And it doesn't help that she's shit talked Ian both in leaked Discord messages and on Livestream and tried flirting with Chris Ray Gun on multiple occasions.

  • towa_mtl 💫Towa💫 (@towa_mtl) reported

    @Alephalpha1 @SleepyBasilisk I'm prettyyy sure there was a fix for this on the discord... I'll try looking it up

  • ozkarm15 oscar perez (@ozkarm15) reported

    @discordapp problems with your app

  • beneaththebrim May the dank 📜 brimmeth over (@beneaththebrim) reported

    Oh also @sandfava I used your pitch for JBY's character from discord (with credit), hope you don't mind 😅 It's all in the service of getting more people into Priest :P