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  • nothing_A_D David 💾 (@nothing_A_D) reported

    @riadd @saftladenberlin I Think on of the Problems is that people aren't aware that they actually can play games on discord directly.

  • smilebomb 🍀smilebomb @ classic WoW NA-bigglesworth!!🍀 (@smilebomb) reported

    @rarumogi can u get on discord with us bc nicole havin the same issue xd

  • pastelhoodie deeprest (@pastelhoodie) reported

    @nicholashunt__ If you still need help I gotchu, I've wasted half my life on discord

  • LPHUAfhcISoWXju Амир (@LPHUAfhcISoWXju) reported

    @discordapp Sorry, but that didn’t help me. I activated the link and it immediately expired, but I never received nitro

  • SprayCactus Spreectaculus (@SprayCactus) reported

    @discordapp I need help with my account.. ;-;

  • hunterdrake38 Talon-Wizard101 (@hunterdrake38) reported

    @ItsMichaelOwl Just like wiz discord servers, too many people, too many problems 😂😂

  • toxous nyaa (@toxous) reported

    @discordapp new notes arent saving, help, i need my notes

  • FaroeNik Nik (@FaroeNik) reported

    @PoweredUnity21 @avg_cajun @rickywarwick2 @secretstranger9 @JulieReichwein1 2/2 judge yours, I think the powers that be profit from keeping racial discord so they stoke it, a black & white have a fight it becomes a racial issue, but it may just have been 2 guys beefing over a girl or sports debate gone to far. We are Gods children, he made us,

  • WolfMoon35 DT mood, Don Karnage is the best (@WolfMoon35) reported

    Man I joined a Discord so someone’s can help me get better at Smash and really hardly anyone is wanting to play Smash. They are online but no one wants to play

  • Musica_GRey 🔆М U S I C A (@Musica_GRey) reported

    @discordapp so what happens if you have games already downloaded and the service stops. for example if someone was kinda in the middle of playing bioshock

  • fxckyehriss marisa☽ (@fxckyehriss) reported

    my boyfriend snores too loud help. discord volume be at 1% and it’s still vibrating my whole house 💀

  • silverurufu Hourai (@silverurufu) reported

    I totally did not unlocked my phone, faced it down and during which, the touch screen went crazy and added a bunch of discord friend in a group chat-

  • PippenPrime Pippen | Nemesis (@PippenPrime) reported

    @DRCsyntax @discordapp Well like 3 down and only 300 notifications to go 👏

  • FloralMeadows Flora (@FloralMeadows) reported

    @Zangoosebeans That's never a good feeling. I hope that feeling can go away soon enough. And you can always message me on Discord or Telegram if the company would help, I got you!

  • Yellow_Diamxnd 𝒴𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑜𝓌 𝒟𝒾𝒶𝓂𝑜𝓃𝒹 (@Yellow_Diamxnd) reported

    ⌊⌊ again, this happened on a discord call with my friends & I couldn’t help myself, I’m sorry-. ⌋⌋

  • _Infinix Infinix (@_Infinix) reported

    why is it so hard to setup my phoneeeeee at least i know nobody will randomly enter my discord account cuz me myself is having problems doing so

  • HODL_Report HODL_Report! (@HODL_Report) reported

    @AstroCryptoGuru @CryptoSays @siddhikid @novogratz I am down but rather use a Discord or Telegram. My hours are really nutty.

  • Kakashi7271 Kakashi (@Kakashi7271) reported

    @discordapp I’m to broke 😭 help me make a decision LOOOOL plz Lmao

  • ValorAndRuin Valor And Ruin (@ValorAndRuin) reported

    @discordapp I have an issue that I need help with concerning an accidental report on IOS

  • Dropocalypse Matt (@Dropocalypse) reported

    After some clean up over on discord I'm down to three, and only talk in one. If you have one and need new blood let me know.

  • BloodstarKitten Bluefeather (@BloodstarKitten) reported

    My internet has really taken a shit on me lately. My signal used to be pretty good, but now it takes 5 minutes just to change my profile picture on discord. Discord has slowed down the most for me. A 200kb image takes 30-40 seconds to upload, when it used to take less than a sec

  • CaffeinatedPink Caffeinated Pinkie (@CaffeinatedPink) reported

    I finished the editing for the next Chrysalis voice effect video. It will be pretty short as I tried to cut it down to the bare minimum context. That should be extremely helpful in avoiding getting blocked. A full length episode has already been posted on the Discord server.

  • joshatt532 Joshatt532 [B42] (@joshatt532) reported

    @discordapp It was down for like 5 to 10 minutes but now it's back. Thank you

  • woollr Harry Wooller (@woollr) reported

    @discordapp Was just a slight issue with connecting to discord on desktop and mobile, was there for about 30 minutes and it looked like other people in the UK were having the same problem, fixed now so I assume it wasn’t an issue caused by anything on your end

  • ekgilly 💥Ek Gilly🐐💥 (@ekgilly) reported

    @VerdugoUce @ me on discord when u ready ima try to fix my stream for it

  • timbannock Tim Bannock (@timbannock) reported

    @ScrivTheBard Zoom. Screen share a Google Drawing with premade name plates for initiative order and drag and drop maps and images on it as needed. Combat's mostly TotM. Roll20 was too squirrelly, Discord is the worst interface I've ever dealt with hands down.

  • notconnoriswear Connor™© (@notconnoriswear) reported

    @DarkCookie43 @discordapp DNS Issue on Discord's part in the UK

  • woollr Harry Wooller (@woollr) reported

    @discordapp so.. discord down in the UK for maintenance or what

  • andredsen godless little creature (@andredsen) reported

    i may not do much but i can help my classmates on discord when they don't understand the assignment and that's beautiful

  • SnSWeyen Sands W (@SnSWeyen) reported

    If You are hearing unusually bad things that good people would not say, than there may be something going on with their account. Accounts have actually been hacked into, to spread discord among many. I know I've had problems with mine since I started. It's hard to stay on here...

  • notconnoriswear Connor™© (@notconnoriswear) reported

    @joshhunter444 @discordapp Nah I'm looking too, seems like a DNS issue on their part

  • faultychips Crab Central (@faultychips) reported

    waiting for the perfect fnaf discord server that isnt terrible to descend out of the heavens upon me

  • YshtolasWife hasel is confused (@YshtolasWife) reported

    @discordapp fix ur shit

  • RevenantFox Revenant (@RevenantFox) reported

    Discord appears to be down, expect one of those cringy statuses like "uwu the wumpus dislodged a cable sowwee for the fucky wucky"

  • omiinousbat actually satan (@omiinousbat) reported

    will someone pls give me a few braincells to help me figure out how ******** I use gifs and stickers on discord I’M TOO DUMB FOR THIS SHIT

  • DimensionHeists Tetris Battle Royale (@DimensionHeists) reported

    Discord is down in the UK. Rad.

  • FaelesYT Faeles (@FaelesYT) reported

    discord is down lol

  • kellzyiwnl #eclipsekellzy ☾ (@kellzyiwnl) reported

    can someone help my discord just keep unexpectedly crashing for some reason someone help me fix it

  • TheGrayMech GrayMech (@TheGrayMech) reported

    @discordapp i believe an outage may have occurred in one of the uk servers as my discord is not functioning on my desktop or phone despite my internet working and my american friends are having no problems

  • LucaMansi VoltZ VR (@LucaMansi) reported

    @discordapp Discord is down everywhere! Your site is down, the app is down, everything!

  • SOELexicon craig wright (@SOELexicon) reported

    @discordapp having connection issues here in the uk. if i connect on my browser it doesnt work till i turn on my vpn. think the servers down

  • jamesha08577548 extraempty (@jamesha08577548) reported

    @discordapp Just broken just cant connect

  • BrvTsubasa Tsu (@BrvTsubasa) reported

    My pfp is stuck like this discord won’t let me change it send help

  • nicholashunt__ nicholas 💫 (@nicholashunt__) reported

    @slasherporn hi we got off on the wrong foot once upon a time cuz my (self)promo techniques were out of pocket when i started making music again and that was annoying and im sorry! @sushisigh and @JJ_Visuals can vouch im a chill ass dude. if u wanna help with this discord hmu <3

  • ZolaFN_ Zola (@ZolaFN_) reported

    @TwitchSupport is there anyone that I can get in contact with over discord / phone, because the staff dont know how to email, or how to reply. I wanna try and resolve this problem, cuz life is kinda boring without streaming

  • dicebirds dungeons and pigeons (@dicebirds) reported

    Kay well I had to give up my phone for discord so I didnt get to livetweet but uh Uh Some shit went down and we legit had three characters die

  • fightyoursorrow vik @ superfrog (@fightyoursorrow) reported

    @nessunto ITS A TERRIBLE MOVIE FROM THE 80s YOU SHOULD COME (it will probs be a discord / rabbit thing)

  • CorgiGoddess Corgi Goddess (@CorgiGoddess) reported

    Discord mobile put out an update to fix connection issues and now i can't stay connected for 5 mins without being thrown into the connecting loop

  • Shrev64 Shrev (@Shrev64) reported

    @discordapp Still having the issue on mobile, I don't have the issue on desktop though

  • OpCharacter EL BLAMBLO (@OpCharacter) reported

    Sorry to @discordapp you again, but I want to fix these problems! I figured out the second one, apparently I had renamed some application to Garfield Kart and that’s what made it think that. But I’m still struggling with 6 discords opening but not actually opening!

  • IDoThis211 IDoThis211 (@IDoThis211) reported

    @_ItsPrettyKitty Outside of what I was doing I couldn't help, wish I could but I can't. I used to visit streams all the time, interact with people, host different people everyday and I would promote myself on FB, Twitter and Discord. 6-8 hour streams with not 1 view 😡

  • victoria_29 victoria_4 (@victoria_29) reported

    @discordapp @astros Did that & they said reach out to you. But not a problem will contact bank tomorrow & get refund then file complaint with our AG consumer protection as i have no acct & don't even know who you thieves are.

  • AmiTheRobot Ami Entertainment System 🏳️‍⚧️ (@AmiTheRobot) reported

    Turning off fast startup on windows 10 fixed 95% of my sound/audio problems. Now I need to figure out why @discordapp screenshare lags when the window I’m streaming isn’t on the main monitor. it doesn’t lag on the other two monitors if I put the discord client on that monitor.

  • Neptuniafollow1 Chris the dimensional wanderer (@Neptuniafollow1) reported

    @NightSkysLight I doubt it since she sees what I did as me betraying her, meanwhile I saw it as upholding Noire's trust in me to help out with her discord server, I still stand by what I did as the correct choice

  • hammer_wraith @Jonathan_Morgenstern (@hammer_wraith) reported

    @discordapp It was more so an issue with dms not so much the servers I’m in. I don’t know if that can be helped tho

  • jasper_07 John Patterson (@jasper_07) reported

    @qmacro Just listened to the Makers Schedule, good article, well read, can't help but think your missing something though, if your goal is to engage maybe explain why you like the article or set up a discord/slack thread to discuss or share further thoughts

  • hammer_wraith @Jonathan_Morgenstern (@hammer_wraith) reported

    @discordapp I believe there may be an issue for the Canadian servers. I’ve had repeated connection errors and have had to restart and redownload the discord app multiple times today.

  • MoonDutch moon pie the Dutch (@MoonDutch) reported

    @discordapp yoo i am a southcaralinian and iim having server issues

  • Michael80236578 Michael Carter (@Michael80236578) reported

    @Poofesure Your mods and admins on your Discord server are appalling and unprofessional as hell. You need to fix this shit.

  • johnmhannafin John Hannafin (@johnmhannafin) reported

    @endymionXG I sent a big write up in Discord to you. I would put it down here, but I would run into the character limit.