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  • noKoseii Kosei (#1 INS FAN) (@noKoseii) reported

    @sinizap @Everyone As long as it's not overdone I couldn't see it being a problem for most. Especially since you can manually disable them. If people leave over being tagged for something important to the discord, maybe they shouldn't be in it anyway.

  • AshleighPurcel2 Ashlimations (@AshleighPurcel2) reported

    @Coolteen1991 @Jack_Septic_Eye Jack said earlier that the discord was having some problems because there were too many people on the server. Don't worry, everything is trying to be fixed!

  • hyp3rstrike HYPΞRSTRIKΞ™ (@hyp3rstrike) reported

    So there doesn't seem to be a Discord for fellow ANZ trainers to get their comms on, so I've gone and made one. Very barebones at the minute. Going to reach out to some peeps to help run the place. :)

  • KCFB3 Moon Octopus (@KCFB3) reported

    @discordapp 6 digit auth 2 code.....yes...BUT WHICH DEVICE.....GIVE US A FUKIN CLUE. Also mother sends love. BUT FIX UR SHIT

  • nickstrick32 nick 💀 (@nickstrick32) reported

    just made the most terrible mistake of "deleting a discord message to avoid carrying on a convo" and the other person started typing Right As I Hit The Delete Button i am sorry. but it is 1 am

  • PandaPallid Pallid Panda~ (@PandaPallid) reported

    I need some late night buddies. I'm up at weird hours and need people to chat with when I'm up. If you're down my discord is Kayl The Snail#5507 and my telegram is @PallidPanda

  • MKFenris Fenris (@MKFenris) reported

    @FL_Avenger I pissed some people off on twitter when the fire happened. Basically on CNN's tweet cause I thought reducing the victims down to a checkbox wasn't the time to place. Also on a discord server.

  • niggasinmecca ً (@niggasinmecca) reported

    dudes be going on discord but dont DIScuss the CORDination problems with they girl..

  • ThisWooper This (@ThisWooper) reported

    Anyone who's good at setting up Discord servers, please send help

  • progbimom Bea 🌈 ♥️💜💙 (@progbimom) reported

    Being stuck in the middle of your peers can bring to light mental discord. Think back to middle school. The behaviors of kids who seem to have issues, the many reasons. Mid life crises exist for many of the same reasons. It's the middle school of adulthood. In this paper I will

  • Wuboyyy Wuboyyy (@Wuboyyy) reported

    @Topseq_ is back at it again breaking promises. He said he'd pay me my money back but now he realized rules aren't supposed to be broken, on my discord. He left because he wanted to harass our server. If you need any clarification go to Wuboy#2342 or krismann6#4637 for any more.

  • _KVTSUNE bongo kat ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ (@_KVTSUNE) reported

    half the people in the soul food discord call: DO NOT DRINK THE RANDOM COFFEE the other half: UR NOT DOWN!!!!

  • articbeach Pittsburgh Playboy (@articbeach) reported

    @NicoletteWalk20 i understand the problems with twitter but Discord is disgusting imho

  • AnveEloum Anve Eloum (@AnveEloum) reported

    @RairaHora hit me up on discord. long as it isnt color choice i can help

  • MsBlueGin 🕹BlueGinTonic 🍦 (@MsBlueGin) reported

    @discordapp It was only on iOS, I did delete and reinstall. Now it’s working. Thank you for the help. It was really frustrating.

  • dyc4st sirfetch’d (@dyc4st) reported

    @chemta1e @CybertronVGC yup, everytime a new one loads I get an error, everytime I host one no one ever joins!! kinda rare for me to find a good one. best bet is to join a discord server and find raid groups

  • LeddyKatt Kit who death forgot (@LeddyKatt) reported

    I'm slowly becoming as binder peddler for a trans discord. Don't tell them I'm selling my stuff to help them, lol.

  • SleezyWeezelSle SleezyWeezel (@SleezyWeezelSle) reported

    @VirtuousPride Yeah in terms of giving advice to new players I usually am the one to help in the discord. Even though I retired from pokken (not completely cuz I still wanna go to locals whenever I can travel out again someday) I still try to help even though I'm probably rusty at this point

  • IntensityOnYT Intensity [Editor] (@IntensityOnYT) reported

    I need someone to help me with a vid it will take 5 min u just need to have discord

  • imminentbox technically (@imminentbox) reported

    is anybody having issues with discord :/

  • forgetaboutme69 Woody Ablome (@forgetaboutme69) reported

    @shinobidevll my homies tried to teach me, except the only time they'd invite me to games with them and offer help in discord, it was nights they knew I was tripping :/ I'm still not sure what the game is

  • 4thMoonOfSaturn Dione-San (@4thMoonOfSaturn) reported

    Ok still having the loading screen problem on the latest testflight version of discord, been jumping around different versions and now I'm just going to revert back to 3.1.6

  • spritezlolol Spritez (@spritezlolol) reported

    @App_Valley_vip Discord link is down on the website my dudes

  • VanillaDeonna VanillaDeonna (@VanillaDeonna) reported

    @ChampionSnake We have tried discord before and unfortunately it’s too much of a hassle 😞 between not being able to hear, connection and wifi’s almost impossible to role play and make sure they feel involved as well 😔

  • Thouxanbanvonny 💘Yugi-San💘 (@Thouxanbanvonny) reported


  • latinman299 patricio (@latinman299) reported

    @discordapp i.need help I need to connect with gmaster

  • JK8895289738 JK88 (@JK8895289738) reported

    @ethenbearse You harassed the whole discord and you fired yourself up when everyone even regular members tried to explain and help. Best of luck man

  • SkiiOcean OceanSkii | POKÉMON ALPHA SAPPHIRE NUZLOCKE | (@SkiiOcean) reported

    I feel terrible. Yt has been so fun.... I could always host MAPs and have everyone ask to have a part via google form- I’m very conflicted and sad. If ya want to join MAPs in the future, I HIGHLY recommend getting Discord. It might be the only way to save MAPs....

  • veraldi64 Gary The Grinchless 🎄🎅 🇨🇦 (@veraldi64) reported

    @BeardedASMR @Slight_Sounds Perfectly said. In all my time on Twitter and Discord, I have only terminated one relationship due to threats against family and others. For this person to expect a relationship from me would be to enable that behaviour and harm that person who needs help.

  • destinynunez52 Destiny Nuñez (@destinynunez52) reported

    F/A AR Slayer 21 New York DMs Are Open Discord XB1 GT: Bluntz TR RT help me get a solid squad. Wont waste your time @CoDFreeAgentss @CODFreeAgentsRT @XCLeague @CMG_Esports @ScrimFinder @T1Scrims

  • MarieRock4eva Trump Girl 💯 (@MarieRock4eva) reported

    @gundavarapu97 @mreeves1610 @CoordsPokemon @Ganjasaur_R1 @Tyranitar_Rocks @jenghom @KetchumShiny @Shinytracker @GaganGulati333 @RobertDyes Ditto I help out my local discord friends when there short people at raids

  • IcychainsSC Icychains (#1 Groh downplayer) (@IcychainsSC) reported

    Ever since this morning I've had crashing issues with discord, firefox, and or misc games. At least 12 crashes in 10 hours. Not sure what the cause is.

  • xfter_thxughts sayowi (@xfter_thxughts) reported

    (( hey,,, sorry my acc's . kinda barren ((ive had some issues arise n my mental states went in the shitter i supose (( until then im!! usually on discord or instagram if youd like to talk!!! just shoot a dm to me here n ill give u the info,, ((ill try to be more active again soon

  • DevakShah3 CurryMaster (@DevakShah3) reported

    @m_chael My discord got clipped so this isn't a problem. My only problem is the 1.3 worth of lost bots

  • JojoJscheck jscheck (@JojoJscheck) reported

    @Runawayturist I can't always do great puns, or well friends in discord would say I only make terrible puns

  • IsIandz_ Adrian (@IsIandz_) reported

    @ImJustDezo 1 sec my guy discord not working

  • maddisonfoxxx [ On Hiatus ] Maddison Fox (@maddisonfoxxx) reported

    I still can't offer new content atm because I'm still in recovery from my surgery and have a 2nd procedure on Tuesday, but I can offer ANYTHING/everything I've already shot. I'd also be willing to mark you down for a Skype or Discord date next month, if you're interested.

  • DavisPalmer4 Xerneas (@DavisPalmer4) reported

    @discordapp the bugged has seemed to fix itself

  • nyootengu cl♢wnery (@nyootengu) reported

    Discord isn’t letting me be Mario ***** I think I will have another break down!

  • Taiyo_SB Kiwi (@Taiyo_SB) reported

    @discordapp Help, when I try to use the mobile app it gives me the Discord logo and a loading circle underneath but never lets me in. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling at least a dozen times.

  • _Owlbyte_ 『Christmas Crimson』 (@_Owlbyte_) reported

    @DSL_Meltdown @SomeDedede @inertTaco5200 if i heard that the three of you together managed to burn down an entire discord server it wouldn't even surprise me

  • ThumbsUpKen Thumbs Up Ken & Finger Gun Terry (@ThumbsUpKen) reported

    uh, hey, apologies for the inconsistent out of character stuff but this is serious A discord user named Makigai just had suicidal thoughts in Smash Twitter Discord and we have no idea if the person is alive or not. If anyone can DM him right now and help him out, it would make

  • lekoolio lekoolio (@lekoolio) reported

    @discordapp It is still happening, and I have to use a VPN in order to fix it.

  • TommorowAnother Kyzak & Kordobva (@TommorowAnother) reported

    @discordapp im locked out of my account because my phone broke and i lost the authentication app and now i can't login to it on my phone


    Closed Starter for @gigglybixch The moth settles down on her comfortable gaming chair, booting up her PC on a Discord call with the one and only Markiplier the fellow youtuber in the video she was planning to do. Vaggie soon cracks her knuckles and neck as she

  • Cap_Goddess111 The Abolitionista✊🏾🇺🇸🖤 (@Cap_Goddess111) reported

    @Amazon_Queenn @PhaorSun These people have nothing better to do. As if all this discord and drama isn’t already enough. Can’t wait till everyone goes back to doing their own thing, minding their own business and trying to uplift our people instead of tearing down. It’s annoying already.

  • kcole5000 h (@kcole5000) reported

    @discordapp for some reason, no matter the computer, no matter the headset, after about half an hour of using a Bluetooth headset on call my audio service on win 10 just dies. why

  • HaydencxdCR Hayden (@HaydencxdCR) reported

    KittyHelper is working on some improvements! Tell me below! Bot shutdowns 1-3 times a day, Because of free hosting any problem should placed in our discord Server.

  • Slytha3 Slytha 🎃 (@Slytha3) reported

    @Coolteen1991 @taximary2 @Alexisr02583767 As Seán had explained, too many people tried to join at the same time, to the point that discord couldn't handle it. You aren't the only one with this issue. Relax

  • Misterx_83 Misterx (@Misterx_83) reported

    @LordPrimeA7X @discordapp I dont think. When i do the test with friend who have a similar connexion than me, the problem appear. On any game. All my friends can go live without any problem... and you have me x)

  • SirVown Sir Vown (@SirVown) reported

    @Trumbones2 If you ever need help labbing tech just message me on discord i dont mind helping simulate di and methods of escape in exchange for the same :3

  • LordPrimeA7X Jalen Jackson (@LordPrimeA7X) reported

    @Misterx_83 @discordapp I didn’t really find a solution but I think it was coming up because of the viewers connection rather than mine, that was the only thing I really found out about the issue :/

  • HeyItsWrath Wrath (@HeyItsWrath) reported

    @goast_ghost I DON HAVE MIC i wish i did. Also i lack a discord due to email issues

  • blackoni The One And Oni (@blackoni) reported

    Welp, I just troubleshooted getting #obs to work on this mac, and I got the video down, but audio refuses to work. I don't have time for this— I wanted to stream my #artwork on this macbook, but it just refuses to work. Sorry ya'll, I'll share visual updates on #discord.

  • Tdasilva10Da Tony da silva (@Tdasilva10Da) reported

    @WBrettWilson E May is out there lost in confusion and ignorance...Free talking with no consequence...Unpatriotic to say the least... She puts down our country in an hurry ... her argument about the use of our resources and the climate change discord , just off base and ridiculous....

  • KetteiTheIdiot kettei (@KetteiTheIdiot) reported

    When Discord's down, you know it's time to hop on the Chiral Network

  • GetDogedScrub Chibi Shibi (Mitchie) (@GetDogedScrub) reported

    @Jack_Septic_Eye That Discord link put up is not working my dude :( I’ve been trying all day.

  • Santini_Hawke Santini Hawke (@Santini_Hawke) reported

    @Twaz68 Yeah sorry mate it all kicked off in my discord @Twaz68 for some reason even bedroom had to step in and help out and what pissed me off is I thought I would take a day off from discord stuff and streaming to have a laugh with the guys and something happens elsewhere on discord:(

  • DemonsDaughter Talia Al Ghul Deserves Better! #StopTheTaliaHate (@DemonsDaughter) reported

    @discordapp & @Spotify when I try to sync so I can listen in with friends on discord it will either drop the connection or even won't sync at all. Fix this

  • RoudyRaccoon Roudy (@RoudyRaccoon) reported

    @PVZgamer97 @TraaaashPanda The biggest problem is Discord has a very de-centralized UI, if you want to find who is talking to you, you literally have to click your way through 5-10 menu options to find what dinged you.