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June 17: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 04:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • KaysenUK Kaysen (@KaysenUK) reported

    @Liam__Gregory @DiafolEternal @virginmedia @discordapp @LeagueOfLegends im getting this too, i can stay on for a few minutes then I can't hear the other end of the party. There's some problems going on with @discordapp on live outage in UK, France and parts of Germany.

  • BlueRaptorFurry BlueRaptor The Night Fury/Latios (@BlueRaptorFurry) reported

    @SpyroTheLewd *hugs you* It's okay Spyro. You're not the only one who lost someone, I lost communications with a old friend after the site we used shut down.. He didn't get my discord at all..

  • minecoder jackson/theminecoder (@minecoder) reported

    @jalotis CoreAudio issues keep crashing anything trying to record audio (Quicktime Player, QLab, etc except for discord, which is curious)

  • zZiltchy Ziltch (@zZiltchy) reported

    @Dastee1strik3r @AscendStream @LurkforceTV @StreamUg @Rogue @StackUpDotOrg @JokersWildTeam Jokers discord has a section to commission artists you could definitely ask in there too that's what I'm gonna do when I have some emote cash to throw down lol

  • Hannah44710459 Hana (@Hannah44710459) reported

    @discordapp Y’all need to fix the video call thing going on BTW- nothing is connecting

  • NemiruTami 🌸Minmin🌸 (@NemiruTami) reported

    @Tokemyxchara You reposting it is only feeding into the problem, while you refraining from reposting means one less unsourced art in the search engine and an easier time to find the original artist. Dms and discord are different. Nothing leaves discord unless one of your friends is a clown.

  • Gryth_ Gryth (@Gryth_) reported

    @_teraflare @legendoflumis if it keeps happening you guys could try using discord call for the day, wish I could help ; ;

  • DiafolEternal DiafolEternal (@DiafolEternal) reported

    @virginmedia WTF is going on, @discordapp and @LeagueOfLegends have disconnected 4 times in the last ten minutes. but everything else works fine. Im on voice with 2 friends and both of them DCed from both apps at the same time so 100% its a virgin issue.

  • MissLiz1994 MissLiz94 (@MissLiz1994) reported

    My power is out, a transformer in the area blew, and power company is estimating 2 hours to fix it. All the while my data isn't even pretending to load discord. Today has been a hell of a day.

  • gruntsandpoetry Holly 🦎👑 (@gruntsandpoetry) reported

    I'm thankful for the fandom beyond words, I am thankful for my discord family even if I have many days where interacting with anyone feels impossible because my broken brain has been shattered by this entire ordeal. I know we will get through this together...

  • SHRetro Retro / Chris (@SHRetro) reported

    @Elite4W @Gonjona2 He has revived @ShinySage's Katsu 3DS Capture Card when it broke, so get in contact with him through Discord or Twitter and he could fix it

  • HombrosexuaI Just Regular Barry (@HombrosexuaI) reported

    Discord is down

  • furries_friends Marten | Team Furies & Friends (@furries_friends) reported

    Hi there could you guys help me out this once by sharing my video around 2 of my discord accounts got falsely banned my channel is 1 strike away from being toast! 4/5 years of hard working online gone because a friend decided to falsely take me down!

  • ThatProgrammerr ThatProgrammer (@ThatProgrammerr) reported

    @dillanswope08 Discord isn't down anymore. Although, I don't add anyone on my discord without getting to know them first through friends to friend contact.

  • Sairyuto Ava (@Sairyuto) reported

    @CeliHeartsKirby i have the opposite problem where i'll go in discord calls w/ ppl all the time but then get massive extreme anxiety at the thought of joining someone's stream and i have no idea why

  • Ibeans3 Ibeans (@Ibeans3) reported

    Dear @discordapp your app is ******* yo,it keeps deleting me chat and it’s no one on the server ,******** is your problem lad ,you want to pull up and fight

  • Pauljyuen PMoney$ (@Pauljyuen) reported


  • 9Newworld NewWorld-9 🔞 (@9Newworld) reported

    Okay, so... sad news. Me and my girlfriend, after 3 years, have broken up... And idk how to exactly cope with that. I might not be well for a while. So I'd rather mention here than on Discord. Please refrain message spamming me about this. I just wanted to get this out there.

  • beaflorie Bea (@beaflorie) reported

    @ChrisCove_ are you able to come on my discord and join a voice chat bc i broke something and i need help xD

  • MrPawDraw1 FlowerBoi (@MrPawDraw1) reported

    Not only that but there was also a Spy in one of my old servers that screen shots the evidence and send it to them to also post more of the problem, hints why I should starting making severs private and also learn how to use discord more properly.

  • dillanswope08 dillanswope08 (@dillanswope08) reported

    @ThatProgrammerr Discord isn’t down and can I have your discord name because I’m a fan

  • 5WAG5ON Jackson Knorr (@5WAG5ON) reported

    @discordapp my screen share appears to work on my end, but comes up black on my friend's. help please

  • IT4_Maldini_3 xWill_6🐻 (@IT4_Maldini_3) reported

    F/A in @OfficialVPG Role: CB 🎯 Experiences: @JogaBonitoIT4 @LCAnarchyy I prefer to play in VPG Premier, but I am open to play any league. I’m italian but I speak english without any problem. Can use TeamSpeak, Discord or Gamechat without any problem. RT’s are appreciated.

  • IT4_Maldini_3 xWill_6🐻 (@IT4_Maldini_3) reported

    F/A in @OfficialVPG Role: CB 🎯 Experiences: @JogaBonito @LCAnarchyy I prefer to play in VPG Premier, but I am open to play any league. I’m italian but I speak english without any problem. Can use TeamSpeak, Discord or Gamechat without any problem. RT’s are appreciated.

  • __cypher Cypher (@__cypher) reported

    @baIkobot Fr fr. We miss your guides down at NSB discord tho 🙁

  • SomeUnknownGuy_ Rik Jansen (@SomeUnknownGuy_) reported

    @discordapp When I'm in a video call with someone and turn on their camera, after about 20 seconds the camera freezes and just stops working completely, re-installing discord didn't help. Nor is it an internet problem considering we're both in the green and good ping. Please help

  • cowplant_pizza yessica (@cowplant_pizza) reported


  • twittamook062 Diesel062 (@twittamook062) reported

    @KingDGAF Be patient my dude the struggle is just a test. Your good people. See if there's a discord for whatever app you are using then they usually have help in the discord. Hmu if u need anything

  • JxzzaUK JZ (@JxzzaUK) reported

    Why do discord moderators move like high school prefects like you’re nothing special mate calm down

  • Dragonb60752872 GangsterCat (@Dragonb60752872) reported

    @discordapp I need help. I was getting dms from a *********. I send a pic to discord support and safety team and I showed them the pic of him sending it. They said they will look into it and in an half an hour my account was suspended. Wow good safety team.....

  • Trumbones2 Trumbones (@Trumbones2) reported

    @birchnook I'm not basing it off the combo counter, the mac discord has tested these combos with real people. The only thing they haven't tested us the fair, fastball down tilt.

  • KingDGAF TJPunkDGAF (@KingDGAF) reported

    Whoever runs @OfficialDLive discord for #tidylabs is lame... They tell you to go there for help but all I see is peeps asking questions and no one responding... I'm better off trying to figure it out on my own... Thanks for nothing!

  • TheBillyKidd007 Багровый Динамо (@TheBillyKidd007) reported

    @DaddyWarpig Anna is on the cusp of being irrelevant, she gains traction the more people point out her bullshit. Ignore her and she will go away. Her followers are retards, you can't fix that. Let them live in their low IQ bubble and give her $25k for a free discord server.

  • deuz_b BDeuz (@deuz_b) reported

    @discordapp Hi, I want to report an problem, i can´t add bots in my discord server, when i want to give the permisses to a bot, my server doesn´t appear, pls help me (sorry if my english is terrible, i'm latinspanish)

  • BossManSays1 The Boss (@BossManSays1) reported

    @discordapp I need help I can't get the app to load. I'm getting error messages.

  • thex_wall JadedHeathen (@thex_wall) reported

    @ROHAN_MMA @Beardedcuban @legndofphoenix @PapaBirdJake They were trying to help you out get into discord, no need to be an ass about it

  • Dave201990_ David Connolly Walsh (@Dave201990_) reported

    @discordapp hello, I need some help, a server (not belonging to me) was invaded by a spammer, the spammer was stopped and his messages were deleted and now my app won’t leave the state where I have unread notifications

  • frenchiefrylive FrenchieFry (@frenchiefrylive) reported

    @BullerBomb I've had to lock down my entire discord cos of this person. Took my discord link, posted it in their's and I had fake accounts and bots come through and into other people's servers cos of it. They then blamed me for not thanking them for supporting me and sharing my server.

  • GeneralWinter77 General Winter (@GeneralWinter77) reported

    @Brght_Lght_Ledr @AzukanoM I don't think you should know how to program to fix programs on the user end I would say try updating or restarting discord if you haven't already

  • FreaktifulWhisp FreaktifulWhispers (@FreaktifulWhisp) reported

    And if he does disagree, he can tell me by himself - via discord even -, I'm sure he doesn't need help from a dude telling me how wrong I am, daring to have an opinion about something.

  • bobbae22 Wind Lover (@bobbae22) reported

    @weworemasks They made a site and discord server a few days ago to replace it. They knew this was going to happen after MMAstreams got taken down

  • keithburgun Keith Burgun ○☐★ (@keithburgun) reported

    I have a SUPER SMALL MAP version of Escape the Omnochronom I'm playing with - right now it's available on my discord and I'm gonna post it on my patreon if anyone wants to give it a twirl. I don't think it solves the problem but it does make it imaginable that this could be good

  • hazfx Harry (@hazfx) reported

    @JamiePTSD They went down to the bit where you made a lewd SAO rp discord and it made me laugh

  • Faust0w Fausto (@Faust0w) reported

    @FransSchouten @SpanosBill @miniment11 @PUBG PUBG is a team game after all. Its an issue when everyones main focus is to get on the discord. As soon they get on there, they leave their team. :D Just seems dumb and toxic for the community.

  • CynicalShube Cynical Shube (@CynicalShube) reported

    @CountDankulaTV your discord link is broken. very unfortunate 🙄

  • pocdnd PoC In TTRPGs (@pocdnd) reported

    @_reliable1 My Discord is always open to PoC. Main thing is people answering a questionnaire to establish some things that aren't up to debate. I'll admit things are hella quiet, and I'm not fully sure how to resolve that issue.

  • lordofheaven777 God (@lordofheaven777) reported

    @discordapp Recently i want to send a message and it doesn't even sends, it's like i write something and not even the message appears, is like if you didn't type anything, and some other friends have been experiencing this too. Please fix this.

  • DestroyerDM1 Desy (@DestroyerDM1) reported

    @discordapp lately, i've been having problem with discord. When i send a message, usually it doesn't send it, but it doesn't appear like it wasn't sent, it just doesn't appear for me. And a friend of mine also had this problem, please, find a solution to this ;w;

  • cheekypenguine Sean Sullivan (@cheekypenguine) reported

    @Snyberwiz @PipSinks EU Parl.Germany-90 MEPs 90 votes,Malta 6 votes. Each nation uses their votes on key EU issues but no doubt will attempt to uphold national interests first. Conflict of interest between national & EU interests causes potential internal friction and discord. Big fish in control

  • theDylanCorey Dylan (@theDylanCorey) reported

    @flyry @root_diego @JamesDeku_ @Dom_2k Discord’s can’t get taken down for this, only if people put the link in chat

  • MicroWolves Dark Matter (@MicroWolves) reported

    Hi there could you guys help me out this once by sharing my video around 2 of my discord accounts got falsely banned my channel is 1 strike away from being toast! 4/5 years of hard working online gone because a friend decided to falsely take me down!

  • GTXAuro Sam (@GTXAuro) reported

    .@discordapp Hi support, I'm having this issue in my server with the Nitro Boosts feature. A user boosted, shows as boosted, but isn't assigned the server role and server icon (pink diamond). Your help would be very much appreciated.

  • redwall666 Shiki The Pessimist 🎨🖕 (@redwall666) reported

    @mE_MadScIenTIsT Hey humans.... This man needs jerks and dweebs on his discord Help the man!!!

  • enchanting_em encнanтreѕѕ eмιlee ☽♡☾ 7/12 вday 👑 (@enchanting_em) reported

    @BioSubby @Brun0Parent @RobertGiguere59 @loneleyguy69xxx Yeah, I’ve dabbled in reddit and I just don’t like the platform as a whole. I had someone mention Discord but the server is full for ****** so that doesn’t help 😂

  • Vyce223 Kendall Simon (@Vyce223) reported

    Okay so, @discordapp I didn't have as much problem waiting for a response as to why you disabled my account... Until you charged me for Nitro when I can't even access it. What. The. ****.

  • VenutoMan Venuto Man (@VenutoMan) reported

    I hate when people just randomly join a discord ask "help me help me fix my problem" and don't read freaking anyting!

  • GunTurtle GunTurtle (@GunTurtle) reported

    Discord was trending so I thought it was down but nope turns out everyone's just simultaneously tweeting about whatever's happening on their server.

  • tonner_martin Martin Tonner (@tonner_martin) reported

    @discordapp hi there everytime i try to install the app i get an error i dont know why it was working fine this morning then later today it kept erroring so i thought clean install fix it now nothing

  • JOJOsaysbreee Jojo 🌈 (@JOJOsaysbreee) reported

    @ravenraspberry The Mixer bot for Discord has been broken for sometime. If you don’t see the settings cogwheel next to the discord link area, it’s broken. I spent an entire day unlinking and relinking and it eventually showed up, but stopped working again 2 weeks later. It’s not worth the time💔

  • Boooworth 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱💖💛💙 (@Boooworth) reported

    @whimsipop u should add me and shelby on discord we have our own little fat group together. Something like that happened in a fb group were in together the other day too tho omg but they shut her tf down