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  • WooxSolo Woox (@WooxSolo) reported

    @Addab95 I don't have a solution for that, but you could try asking for help in the support channel in the Runelite discord.

  • LexiAnimation Alexi (@LexiAnimation) reported

    discord down ;-;

  • muskrai_zenshou muskrai (@muskrai_zenshou) reported

    honestly, i don't want to pull anyone down so i never really think about venting or anything on my main account, i may try to vent here, but idk if i even want to do that here, or if i can really open up to anyone for that matter. so yeah, ill save it for discord really

  • auturgist Auturgist (@auturgist) reported

    @discordapp @PUBG My drivers and OS are updated. This is an issue that I know others experience -- I have friends who are plagued by it, and I've seen streamers have issues with Discord while playing PUBG. I don't know what causes the issue, but these two programs definitely do not get along!

  • rubrikate Certified Vampire (@rubrikate) reported

    @MultiGhoulMess Great question! The answer is: no. I will be typing up a BETA reader FAQ and posting it in the discord im making for this process. So hopefully that'll answer any other questions, down the road.

  • bathanfn bathan (@bathanfn) reported

    Discord servers go down mid game and we all get beamed while trying to fix it. gg

  • LeroySJenkins DocFeelGood (@LeroySJenkins) reported

    @Scocks4you Making a discord server might help. I'm already apart of like four or five different artist servers.

  • bakedyeast Murrit Icon (@bakedyeast) reported

    my ultimate protest to my friends hating that I like Homestuck is doing a reread for the sole purpose of writing down all my thoughts about it in the middle of their discord server. might **** around and reread Vast Error while I'm at it too

  • TheMr4Chan Bye (@TheMr4Chan) reported

    @lagmango @discordapp It’s because there’s a lot of Drug Markets moved to Discord and people who’re willing to harass people. It’s disgusting. That’s been going on for awhile now. That’s why there a lot bots in channels that are mostly Feds using Data Mining and taking people down.

  • veteran_dino Dino (@veteran_dino) reported

    @McGlassPane the server displays an expired discord invite please fix

  • KawaiilolLol kawaiilol lol (@KawaiilolLol) reported

    @yeahthatsok The discord link is not right,can you fix it plis

  • Kristin92101422 Kristián (@Kristin92101422) reported

    @purves_tools Iam banned from the official discord and the purves support discord invite is expired :/ any help would be appreciated

  • SwaysSway Sways (@SwaysSway) reported

    @discordapp Fix your stupid ass exploits as i got hacked because of your token exploit

  • kyuumaiflower rika! @ 💛🦌💛 ・゚*. (@kyuumaiflower) reported

    omg help why is my wifi so whack im just trying to message ppl on discord

  • trevorxbrock trevor brock (@trevorxbrock) reported

    So me @angelinaamurphy and @godcashmoneyhoe have a minecraft world and we need more people so message me if your down also (windows 10, switch, phone, and Xbox only must have snapchat and discord)

  • _ozsi_ Ozsi (@_ozsi_) reported

    @Heelmike6 If you need help fixing ur pc let me know bro I can get in a discord call with u and clean it up completely. A lot of times your pc just has an overflow of background apps and files clogging it which is what causes the lag and slowness.

  • KhyleDeen Khyle ✌🏽 (@KhyleDeen) reported

    @discordapp Ah yeah I think I do, I usually put my laptop to sleep instead of shutting down. That’ll be it, thanks

  • JonReflex Spades Reflex (@JonReflex) reported

    @Jimbob100T Oh god don’t talk about discord calls or shit goes down

  • BabyMario_DS Mario (@BabyMario_DS) reported

    @dlljs Well I didn’t know that, I’ll take it down tomorrow when I wake up, really didn’t see a need in mentioning discord

  • ikigaikuu ʀᴇɪ @ Hidden Zone Zine (@ikigaikuu) reported

    discord is down i wanna d i e

  • YourDemonFox YourDemonFox [ビエイラ] (@YourDemonFox) reported

    @GabrielYuuiti (sorry for repost) Dude some little reminder, I’m not using discord anymore that mean I won’t going to be able to help you with the group In moment till I come back, actually that was kinda a good choice for me due to some problem I had :/

  • YourDemonFox YourDemonFox [ビエイラ] (@YourDemonFox) reported

    @GabrielYuuiti Hey dude some little reminder for you, I quitted discord now, that mean I’m not going to be able to help you with the group since I quitted

  • RSscorpionMK Crypto Scorpion MK (@RSscorpionMK) reported

    This is an Important Announcement!!!! Cryptostake is closing down....Please everyone remove your coins from the Exchange... You can place them and stake them in Discord to Stake... the Server will shut down on the 5th of Sept... but wold like you to start moving your coins now...

  • RedHyper27 RedHyper on holiday (@RedHyper27) reported

    K so my friend @Splidgy_ turned on 6 HOURS SLOWMODE on his discord server he tried to fix it then I said "F" and that worked. Even with @Mystery198745 worked. We learned a lesson: ACTUALLY FRESS F TO PAY RESPECT

  • Victoryoftheppl NCM (@Victoryoftheppl) reported

    @VernNotice @discordapp help

  • discordapp Discord (@discordapp) reported

    @DoveWithScales Sadly, we're aware of some issues regarding Discord on Chromebooks. I do apologize for the inconvenience

  • Madiator2011 Madiator2011 Gaming (@Madiator2011) reported

    @discordapp @discordapp My PC broken, now I'm using Discord on my iPhone, sadly camera is not working on iOS 13 :P

  • kalibration KⒶLi (@kalibration) reported

    If this "go live" thing kicks off I think discord could actually pivot pretty well to a streamer service since it already has actual bulwarks against twitch's enormous Rando Problem (or at least that's the problem I have with twitch)

  • mintyfreshVA Big Mich Season (VO commissions open) (@mintyfreshVA) reported

    @CryOnEgg @sludgeplush i asked her what her profile picture was on discord and tim sent the ******* comic and i'm ******* **** deep in this I LVOE IT TOO MUCH HELP

  • Rayden_Greywolf Master Rayden (@Rayden_Greywolf) reported

    @ultilix Hey. People care about you. I'm on discord if you want to talk and there are other ways you can reach out for help as well. I know the national hotline has an online chat option, but there are other places. Please consider those before hurting yourself.

  • PizzaToony Sweet Teateateateatea Toony ツ (@PizzaToony) reported

    @_CPOnline A major issue I need to address: The community is always being toxic, although you cannot notice it. Trying to steal fame is not the answer. You must gain fame yourself, without having to steal ppl's accounts, try to shut down discord servers, and all that.

  • ShadowWolf150 Shadow Wolf (@ShadowWolf150) reported

    @Laseraxis7 Man shit went down on discord when this happened lol. Thanks a lot!

  • s_Whiskeyjack 𝕁𝕒𝕔𝕜 魏无钱 @ FE3H (@s_Whiskeyjack) reported

    @discordapp hey i gifted a friend Nitro while she still had an active sub, and now she can't redeem it using account credit, please help :\

  • _LXE7 LXE7🃏™️ (@_LXE7) reported

    @discordapp DISCORD PLEASE 😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 IMMA NEED HELP IF I DONT GET ONE

  • fatmaninaskirt Yes, There is a Breeze Down There (@fatmaninaskirt) reported

    @discordapp @bruv_for_sure I'm having the same problem and I've done that three times now. Restarts each time. This all started when the autoupdater ran and pulled .305 Now I can't get in at all, and since the autoupdater is part of boot, I can't roll back to an older installer I had of a version.

  • wiitennisbaby t ♡ (@wiitennisbaby) reported

    how to tell cute discord boy that he is in fact cute n not ugly n i want him to dom me. need some help

  • _Malfunction_ Michael Wilson (@_Malfunction_) reported

    @BestSakuyaNA LMAO! Some people don’t/won’t get it until they see it firsthand. Earlier today, I matched someone from the AA discord while I was using Carmine + ABT. They had previously said they thought it wasn’t a problem. Needless to say, I think I made them change their mind. 🤣

  • JeremyClip Clip 🤘🏼 (@JeremyClip) reported

    @Joey_Usenia Idk how to fix it unless I use discord but I cant rn. Unless you wanna watch with no audio lol

  • AgentAvis Avis (@AgentAvis) reported

    @discordapp Hi, here to necro this. I keep posting gifs and its causing these issues.

  • CommodoreCJ Commodore James (@CommodoreCJ) reported

    Witnessed a harsh end of an owner of a company Discord go down after being accused of threatening to kick every single member inside. Honestly, **** it. That was a dishonorable thing to do as an owner he was.

  • ALazyMeme ALazyMeme (@ALazyMeme) reported

    @FriendsofTed @ZambeeSpeedrun @sowhoyou @streamlabs Yes, they don't help anyone that has less than 25ccv on discord. Completely useless. Suggestion would be email or twitter

  • M1keAtMidnight Mike at Midnight (@M1keAtMidnight) reported

    @BlameTheRobot So this actually validates an idea I was about to pitch. A Tech Help channel on the Discord. Between me, Toucan, and a few others, a dedicated channel for help, support, and talking shop on our PCs might not be a bad idea.

  • itstherealzyph It's Zyph (@itstherealzyph) reported

    @possibly_makai @tufterrestrial Makai, the problem is that I can't DM you my Discord on Twitter because it doesn't let me.

  • FycenSZN Fycen🦋 (@FycenSZN) reported

    who can help me with sony vegas i jus need 3 minutes of your life, my discord Fycen#1806

  • Tansaw_ Tansaw (@Tansaw_) reported

    How to play Final Fantasy like me: Part 2 1. After you complete part 1 you suddenly want to actually play the game. 2. Login, entire FC is offline because it's past 11PM 3. Discord chat is dead 4. "Man I don't talk to you all enough"

  • EFINI12 EFINI (@EFINI12) reported

    @TryHermes I can't seem to join the discord says internal server error but I can see my dashboard 🙄

  • thighfan 💮 pie (@thighfan) reported

    @shibacake same to u!! my dms are always open on discord and i'd be down to talk !!

  • RBXToys_ RBXToys (@RBXToys_) reported

    @RBX_EmojiVIP @Linkmon99 Please report any “scam” offers on our discord so we can remove it. Note that we just found out that we are currently having issues and some survey offers are appearing that shouldn’t be. Currently only mobile app offers SHOULD be displaying on mobile, so we are working on this

  • KiddyEcho Echo Kiddy (@KiddyEcho) reported

    @discordapp hey my discord is down for some reason

  • Thrash476 Multi (@Thrash476) reported

    @discordapp btw I figured out the cause of it. It happens when the last server in the folder is having a “power outage/offline”. Leading to a glitched and empty folder. It fixes itself when the server comes back online

  • luxthos Luxthos (@luxthos) reported

    @ThePawWoW Make sure to use my Discord when you have specific issues with my WeakAuras. I already know most of the known issues.

  • realBluTV Goldenboy's Newly Adopted Son (@realBluTV) reported

    @payen2k @PaladinsGame @PaladinsPro Dont tag them no use. Send the clip to @EvilMojoAdanas or go thru paladins discord. Faster response time and 1 on 1 interactions to help streamline it.

  • Ander1ap anders (@Ander1ap) reported

    I’m kinda upset that deep down I know I need to learn how to use discord properly since people seem to prefer it but I know twitter well and I am now the old man who doesn’t like change.

  • bebblebxl Bebbelbxl (@bebblebxl) reported

    @youtooz Your Discord server is terrible. It's nothing but rude children and trolls. If this is how you run your promotional Discord I would hate to see your actual working conditions. Make your server less toxic, you're a toy company for Christ's sake. #fixyourshit

  • CenterBeautiful The Beautiful Center (@CenterBeautiful) reported

    @DawnADennisPhD1 @CondorDM "Condor" has been tweeting inflammatory nonsense all day long. @TwitterSafety needs to shut him down. He's here solely to sow discord and division.

  • Hyper_Is_Bot Hyper’s Birthday Soon!!🎉 (@Hyper_Is_Bot) reported

    Discord Hyper Is Bot#4845 Add if you down to just talk for no reason cuz I’m bored

  • joe_mama_fartin joe_mama (@joe_mama_fartin) reported

    need egirl to ............. play ow with... and sleep in discord call... iam so broken pelase

  • ThePawWoW The Paw Paw (@ThePawWoW) reported

    @luxthos i got helped from WA Discord. and there is 2.14 version atm for WA but before that i tried to go back to 2.13.4 didnt fixed the issue but got helped asap.thx again doe :) KEEP IT UP

  • FruitySunset_s Mxnty (@FruitySunset_s) reported

    ok losers it’s 10pm someone play fortnite with me or scream about their life problems in my discord dms

  • Tyrell_Saiyan16 Tyrell (@Tyrell_Saiyan16) reported

    @discordapp again with it, I want 0 connection problem