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August 19: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 03:00 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection (69.43%)
  • Sign in (20.52%)
  • Messaging (3.93%)
  • Glitches (2.62%)
  • App Crashing (2.18%)
  • Multimedia (1.31%)

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  • Mon_Pseud0
    Mon_pseudo (@Mon_Pseud0) reported

    @discordapp Hi, today i join lot of emote server, after join i do cmd + r (im on mac) to reload and have emote, but does not work...i do this a lot fois but there is no work again... Can you help me

  • Jazzypuff
    🇬🇧 Jazzy 🇮🇹 (@Jazzypuff) reported

    Hmm. Fucking shady how @discordapp repeatedly attempts to shut down my @AdGuard on Android.

  • VanillaPretzels
    💕🌺juju🌺💕 (@VanillaPretzels) reported

    4 people I had never seen before joined my discord and started using slurs and terrible language. I’m really shaken up, they were saying them over Voice chat It made so afraid and anxious hnn I’ve given them the boot but Idk im still really confused

  • KuuTenko
    巨乳の神 - [Kuugen] (@KuuTenko) reported

    @Hitokiri1 I suspect it's a windows issue then changing a hard drive is really easy (take out the 1 plug that's in, pull out, put new one in, plug into) you can even just put in a second one and boot into windows from there hm I'll ask tim in discord if dual booting could fix it

  • SjloebelGaming
    Sjloebel GamingHD (@SjloebelGaming) reported

    @Belcoot_89 Also there is a discord server for MHW with a lot of people who play pc so if you need help or want someone to play with you can join that server and ask around

  • ke7zum
    Sarah A (@ke7zum) reported

    @LiamErven @airaio Oospy. I had good luck wiht configuring mine, I actallly did it on my own. I did get them to help me do some toher video related stuf for me though which helped. We got on discord and worked through it.

  • rafaelraffer
    Rafael Raffer (@rafaelraffer) reported

    @discordapp 5 updates in 1 week and still the priority speaker problem goes on. Make this feature optional, please.

  • NeilZer510
    Neil Fernandes (@NeilZer510) reported

    @Verliswolf Yes, of course. The suggestion was just to help quell an influx of trolls. This may not be just discord's problem, patreon might have to get involved as well.

  • PaddlingDingo
    PaddlingDingo #Conniel (@PaddlingDingo) reported

    @spacemaango I mean we could always just start one. If for other other reason than to yell with a few people. I’m down for it. I’ll ping you on discord.

  • Aoba_98
    Pat Van Houten (@Aoba_98) reported

    oh discord is down? we'll just use league voice chat

  • gum13ball
    Sharp (@gum13ball) reported

    hey @discordapp I have a question that's stuck in my head, can you help me out?

  • zenko404
    Zenko🔞 (@zenko404) reported

    @discordapp guys, i have been trying to log in to the discord app since some hours and is keep giving me an error in update. I restarted my machine, unistalling discord and I still get the error message. In my phone works alright.

  • AtomicStraw
    Atomic Straw (@AtomicStraw) reported

    @litzabronwyn Yeah, I’m not familiar enough with discord to help. I’m sure there’s others here who are, though!

  • shy__Louie
    shy louie (@shy__Louie) reported

    @discordapp please help my nitro well not cancel and i really do not want to get banned for not paying please help

  • johnywas66
    Charles Lister (@johnywas66) reported

    @discordapp Insane latency with major packet loss of 89% packets lost even though I have a stable 31Mbps up & 8.7Mbps down

  • _Bursa__
    Bursaa (@_Bursa__) reported

    @discordapp I don't know what the fuck you've done, but you have officialy scared me to death... I was just watching Pitch Perfect and all I heard was "Sucky said @@@@@@" I WAS SCARED... FIX IT

  • plugdjmaster
    Templar_Order (@plugdjmaster) reported

    @BetterDiscord Hello better discord I am wondering why I was banned or kicked from your discord. The reason I ask is was when I joined all I said was how do I get themes but the next day I was removed and I can no longer join back. My discord is chaos2332#7194 please help.

  • vulcamaniaztros
    vulcamania (@vulcamaniaztros) reported

    @discordapp I have one problem to connect

  • Eiiqu
    wait what (@Eiiqu) reported

    @discordapp Hi hello whenever someone joins a voice chat i'm already in they can't hear me so i have to leave and reenter, also it doesn't show the green circle whenever i'm talking help pls

  • mercysass
    👁👅👁 (@mercysass) reported

    @discordapp is discord down? my server's voice chat isn't working :(

  • Nutmeg2698
    Meg💞💛💙 (@Nutmeg2698) reported

    I was with my bf and he was talking to some friends on Discord. I screamed that I could “ultra-feel” my hand. I stood up to take another hit and when I came back I forgot how to sit, so I laid on his floor for 20 minutes and freaked out because I didn’t know how to lay down so I

  • catgirl_luna
    Christina B. (@catgirl_luna) reported

    @tabarithiana Hit me up later on discord! I can help maybe find some of those for cheaper/possibly on my book swapping site!

  • ZekeHere
    Coach Zeke (@ZekeHere) reported

    @PatreonSupport hey there, the patreon bot in my discord server has now been down for over 24 hours and new patrons are unable to sync correctly to my server. When will this be fixed or what can I do to fix it?

  • TheRhaegal
    Rúвen Eѕpinнal 🔥🇵🇹 (@TheRhaegal) reported

    @discordapp Hey, are you having any problems with your servers? Was in a call with a couple of friends and the call crashed for all of us a few times. Could you look into it?

  • CETVMediaTweets
    🔊 Lord, Our YTP Epic Culturer 🎶 (@CETVMediaTweets) reported

    If YouChew shuts down forever like eternity, then I'll be making a Discord or OTOMADs account for good. :/

  • swecktor
    swecktor (@swecktor) reported

    @Discord is really having some issues these past couple days..

  • BearStreaming
    One Streaming Bear (@BearStreaming) reported

    The most frustrating thing out of this whole thing was that there's no announcement in any of the chances. Not in discord, not in the bebo app, not even on Twitter, nothing. It's frustrating to open your proadcaster then not working forcing one to learn a new one from scratch(6/7

  • BearStreaming
    One Streaming Bear (@BearStreaming) reported

    I will finally be able to use it again, but every time I feel disappointed. There's so many streamers that are being left out of using Bebo, especially those who are starting out and may not have a rig yet to stream. It doesn't help that the discord or the app don't warm...(2/7)

  • JusSharLee
    👩🏽‍💻 Sharita J. Lee (@JusSharLee) reported

    If you see discord, lend a helping hand. Don't say, "it's not my problem" and then wanna have a say when shit has hit the fan. Day late and a dollar short.

  • Hellz_Gates
    TG HellzGates (@Hellz_Gates) reported

    @mattstfu_ If you go to my stream and type !army or scroll down my timeline you can find the discord

    edu (@EDDlCUS) reported

    omg pics dont automatically send on discord mobile anymore thank god. one time i accidentally uploaded furry nsfw to the group chat luckily nobody was online but THAT wont be an issue no mo!

  • FV016
    FV0 (@FV016) reported

    @NightbotUHC @TimeDeo I’m down to sort this shit out on like ts or discord or something, no recording

  • Christianwicki2
    Christian wickizer (@Christianwicki2) reported

    @discordapp I have this issue where I can enter every discord invite except a specific servers, I have checked with admins I'm not banned so I don't know what's up.

  • Sofa_Kig
    Sofa着ぐ (@Sofa_Kig) reported

    There’s a handful of JP kigus on the ShameZone Discord but they never really active so I can’t help but think they’re just watching the English channels like “the fuck are these people even saying”

  • ILostMumInTesco
    Mr. Ironic (@ILostMumInTesco) reported

    @discordapp Having loads of issues editing channel permissions.

  • ErebosWolfy
    Erebos le Wolf (@ErebosWolfy) reported

    @ItsBooshie @discordapp I was having a similar problem with World of Warcraft, except the flashing would ONLY occur on the character selection screen, not anywhere else.

  • BigCrafterTv
    BigCrafter (@BigCrafterTv) reported

    @discordapp So Ive been trying to integrate mixer to my discord channel for the past 2-3 days but the website never load... its always on a loop... Help? -BC

  • wolf_fang_214
    Wolf Fang 214 (@wolf_fang_214) reported

    @fade_willow No problem. I just realized today that I really needed to go through the Beard Brigade Discord and follow people on Twitter. So... sorry it took so long lol.

  • Tigerpreserve
    Keenanplaysoffical (@Tigerpreserve) reported

    @discordapp i am having trouble with discord i keep getting a fatal javascript error when trying to launch discord

  • MargatroidNym
    Nym (@MargatroidNym) reported

    @discordapp When are you going to accept Boleto Bancário? I have money and I want to give it to you, but I can't. Help.

  • yung_kyo
    aarøn  (@yung_kyo) reported

    @discordapp Hey guys, I love Discord :) But I have some serious lag spike issues on my MacBook Pro 2017 (macOS 10.13), and I'm starting to run out of ideas how to fix it (Tried changing voice settings, changing server regions, reinstalling etc) What can I do?

  • HeeySora
    Sora (@HeeySora) reported

    actually enjoying ASMR cough syrup on a discord call help

  • HandsomeSpork
    Mr. Average (@HandsomeSpork) reported

    @SeeReax Howdy, have you ever thought of making a Discord for your channel? If you think it would be hard to run then your not wrong, but if it’s something you want to do, I’m sure many of us would love to join it! If you need help, I can offer (but I doubt it cause I’m a rando)

  • arjan78537564
    arjan (@arjan78537564) reported

    @PlaySkycade hey i cant join the discord server please help my name is big smoke #4085

  • Zozimoto
    Zozimoto (@Zozimoto) reported

    @discordapp help i took the hypesquad test 7 times and i got placed into diffrent houses every time what is this supposed to mean

  • morathiii
    Jaz (@morathiii) reported

    @discordapp It's doing it even when I mute my mic through Discord. Please fix....

  • bigthink512
    thinker (@bigthink512) reported

    @kyle2000yt you mean you used an alternate account on VaronBros discord to illegally use the service underage to find out my identity

  • JamYamYT
    JamYam (@JamYamYT) reported

    @discordapp i kind of need some help, I forgot my email to my discord! ( jamtotheyams#5052 if you can help me that would be a big help! I also direct messaged you about all of this

  • morathiii
    Jaz (@morathiii) reported

    @discordapp Please for the love of god, fix the @Spotify transmission thingie. I physically muted my mic (with the mute button on my headset) and it still keeps stopping payback after 30 seconds. How am I transmitting any sound when my mic is muted outside of Discord???

  • pugglybug
    pugglybug~ ♡ (@pugglybug) reported

    Is discord down for people?

  • spock1231game
    spock1231gaming (@spock1231game) reported

    @09sharkboy trying to get a bot on my discord similar to yours. can you help me?

  • 0x1Mute
    Raccoon (@0x1Mute) reported

    @Shadow_Official Been very disappointed with your services lately. Many people on discord have been having the same keyboard and mouse input issue like i have for 3 days and so far we have been told to restart out shadow or that everything's fine. Not impressed.

  • funkyd3000
    Big Lycanroc Energy (@funkyd3000) reported

    @ASDyke_ @ScavengerFox Sometimes people's interest in me line up at the same time and I end up in like 4 conversations across discord and telegram and I have to throw down my headphones and chill for 15 seconds

  • Heartowo
    Heart (@Heartowo) reported

    @discordapp it is not only in one server even my server and private calls, i can call with everyone except him and if he joins a voice chat before me that room becomes broken and i cant join it. this only started and there is no error msgs it just stays stuck on connecting

  • CuteChallenger2
    Bayley Loves Poison from SF (@CuteChallenger2) reported

    Anyone else getting the problem where Mobile Discord won't notify you of any new messages?

  • Unexpect3d1
    Unexpect3d! (@Unexpect3d1) reported

    @MamaPineapple1 @SupStreamersRT @SupStreamers @SGH_RTs I think stream labs has a discord specifically for technical support. Can you help out @streamlabs

  • AaronHamiltrash
    Hamiltrash (@AaronHamiltrash) reported

    @discordapp help my discord wont open and whenever i click on the taskbar on my pc it doesnt open and also windows search doesn't open it soon.

  • XinxinFF
    Xin Xin Xin (@XinxinFF) reported

    Deeply apologizes I left too much Discord servers, just wanna calm myself down and sort things better.

  • Friz64_
    *inhale* (@Friz64_) reported

    @discordapp I wanted to change the email of my main discord account to the email of my unused second account, so i deleted the second account and if i now try to change the email of my main account it says its already in use. Do you guys have any idea of how to fix this?

  • CakedHotels
    Makeoutz (@CakedHotels) reported

    I hate in discord scrims as soon as someone kills u they get so excited and immediately say gg like calm down kid finish ur game lmaooo