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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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July 21: Problems at Diablo

Diablo is having issues since 02:00 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Vitry-sur-Seine Online Play
Vitry-sur-Seine Matchmaking
Stadtsteinach Sign in
Vitry-sur-Seine Matchmaking
Stadtsteinach Sign in
Norderstedt Game Crash

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Diablo Issues Reports

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  • slytherinnns Slytherin God (@slytherinnns) reported

    Am I the only one who drinks Taco Bell diablo sauce out the packet. 3 of my tacos were missing so I might as well get my fix. So good 😭😩

  • kionacyraxo lil evil🥀 (@kionacyraxo) reported

    @adeeoxox I go to Diablo Rojo on Guad by Pizza Press! Their shop minimum is $60 and me & my friends have gone there the past 3 years to get tats/piercings. The guys are cool and I’ve never had any infection problems with their tools

  • nufcdylan ً (@nufcdylan) reported

    top 5 albums of this year so far: mgk - hotel diablo jasiah - jasiah i am iann dior - nothings ever good enough craig xen - broken kids club members only - members only 4

  • enssra Enssra (@enssra) reported

    When you play diablo and then compatibility issues

  • krayven_twitch Krayven (@krayven_twitch) reported

    @kayPOWXD @BadgerzRUs @Diablo Yeah, they're just an unofficial patch to clear out unfixed issues, and some anti-jitter and anti-crash (just like you'd put in via Vortex/NMM for skyrim) They don't change any of the game balance or items, or even gfx. So our Sweet, sweet cheevos are safe 🤘🙂

  • ItsToofy Hello There! (ItsToofy) (@ItsToofy) reported

    I'm seeing a very concerning lack of Diablo being played on Mixer. Time to fix that. Also bought a new Razr keyboard to replace my aging one, retail therapy truly is the best.

  • FollowingForFu2 Following For Fun (@FollowingForFu2) reported

    @harborhound8 Well.... Haze🐶is v v laid back he gets along with everyone & everything Diablo😺kitten💖everyone 😺+🐶💯 Retro😾there in lies the problem Humom got Diablo because she thought Retro was lonely Retro was happy being lonely autocratic King of the house She totally misread😬

  • DavidePradella Davide Pradella (@DavidePradella) reported

    @MTG_Arena I have 30MB connection, i already play Dota 2, LOL, Diablo 3 and i don't have this problems. I really want to play this game, because all my others friends are play this game. I already do the tests with prompt commands but he continues to accuse this problem.

  • annix_xbl Annix (Xbox Ambassador) (@annix_xbl) reported

    I need some help figuring out what to play next, give me a hand! AC : Origins, Battlefield V, COD WWII, Conker Live & Reloaded, Crash N Sane Trilogy, Diablo 3, Dishonored 2, Far Cry 5, FF 15, Kingdom Come, Nier Automata, Prey, cont. #Xbox #XboxAmbassadors #XboxGamePass #XboxLive

  • Fullcrum98 Mike the Bad DM (@Fullcrum98) reported from Henderson, Nevada

    @Diablo @BlizzardCS Do you guys happen to why when you play adventure mode the necromancer has no voice in the dialogue lines and some npc’s also suffer this issue.

  • ItsTNolan TommyNolan♦️ (@ItsTNolan) reported

    @Alexbashestv Back when Al Diablo Con Los Guapos aired I had a similar problem with Allison Lozz. I loved the novela but sometimes the way she would overact would make me criiiiinge. But at least she had happy moments. Temo is always stressed about something 💀

  • Flbond Flbond (@Flbond) reported

    @KimC_86 Oh! No problem, I was afraid of my own memory haha. Yeah in diablo 3, this guy is frustrating as hell 😁

  • ShepCommandr Ian (@ShepCommandr) reported

    @Com_Raven @BombosMedallion ...I was actually going to say that my main issue w/MUA was that it felt like a shallower version of Diablo... but then Geo Geo-ed and I'm sort of not sure what to make of it

  • Metalhead9806 JGMIII🎮⚽️🤘🎸Ⓥ💪🔥 (@Metalhead9806) reported

    @Kotaku I don't use my right stick enough to have this issue. I mostly play Diablo 3 or platformers and the stick just isn't that important. It's been a year since I bought my switch. Now that I posted this, it will start happening to me lol.

  • aroundofshe Hybrid Project Alpha (@aroundofshe) reported

    @CaseyExplosion it's cool that Nioh, with it's Diablo-esque loot system *could* have had the same monetization problems, but it didn't

  • MKeeno84 MK84 (@MKeeno84) reported

    I have a big problem with the El Diablo "I have a big problem with the the Devil" Yh ok m8

  • MakaiOokami MakaiOokami (@MakaiOokami) reported

    @SuupurS @epidemic_pain @Clockwork_Pixel @ZndoYT @Bulbamike Dragon Quest XI looks real good, Ni No Kuni looks real good, cartoony yeah, but they leverage that. Diablo 3 looks real good, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 just has some stylistic issues. The real issue is people want what Pokemon will look like 5 years from now, RIGHT NOW!

  • JigsawPrius Jigsaw Prius (@JigsawPrius) reported

    @flippedhatnupe Spent fuel pools for one single small reactor like diablo canyon occupy much more than one football field. This is a prime example of misinformation. Lets be honest. Nuclear waste is a problem with no current solution.

  • DSACostanza Kusi Costanza (@DSACostanza) reported

    @NoContextRew @punishedbushy Sounds like a problem that has to do with constant loot upgrades. Same reason I find Torchlight unbearable. Diablo actually trickles upgrades at a reasonable rate with a limited inventory. Torchlight gives you a billion pieces of green loot you pack on your dog every 5 steps

  • Xexorian Xexorian (@Xexorian) reported

    @Diablo Fix your game

  • KrashPackGaming Kaz KPG (@KrashPackGaming) reported

    @SwitchUnderG If your having Diablo problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a rift ain’t one 👊

  • Ravageon Damon | Þú horfðir á mig deyja | 🌋 (@Ravageon) reported

    The men in Diablo 3 (and many other games actually) all look like 40-50+ and the women all in their 20s, and people honestly wonder why I have problems identifying with the men. Yeah sorry I'm not even 30 yet and look like 15. The girls look more like me so I use them as Avatar

  • ZGuardians THE Opulent Outlaws a.k.a. Zero Guardians (@ZGuardians) reported

    @Legionless_ @DredgenLust @RickKackis @Shiro4Vanguard I didn't play much Anthem but enjoyed the time that I had. I wasn't loot ******* so I wasn't impacted by any loot issues. I haven't played Diablo 3 for a minute, but I have been frustrated with getting set pieces to drop. Sounds like "god rolls" being a thing is a bad thing.

  • TweetHardSama cole p (@TweetHardSama) reported

    @gameboytaco Yeah my problem is games being just pure time sinks or having boring mechanics. Monster hunter, diablo, warframe, Poe, maplestory 2 apparently, wow classic, guild wars 2 are the main options, and I guess Skyrim online

  • TheBebopCowboy Chris (@TheBebopCowboy) reported

    @achebit I would prefer to see a variety, but I’m not a fan of finding equipment that is worse than my current equipment. That was one of my problems with Diablo.

  • JAY23MACK Jason Mack (@JAY23MACK) reported

    @machinegunkelly I wish hotel diablo was an actual place life has been so hard for me I just want to run away and never come back nobody understands me whenever I have a problem like the song glass house is the story of my life I just wish someone would understand 😔

  • NorWesternCrow That Crow Friend Whomst (@NorWesternCrow) reported

    the disc version of Diablo 3 eternal collection is $20 cheaper than the digital one through xbox store. if you buy the digital card for base game+reaper at best buy and buy the necro pack through xbox store it's still $15 cheaper. dear blizzard fix your ******* prices

  • RonaldSDean The Handlebar Gamer (@RonaldSDean) reported

    @SNIPERMikeUK @SEGA Nothing else has this issue. Diablo 3. Bioshock trilogy. DooM. Etc etc.

  • 3dgyx 3dgy (@3dgyx) reported

    @Xzify Role Q would fix a lot but hey we are a small indie company. They fcked up Diablo and theyll mess up with OW soon

  • mlp_nightma Nightmare Moon (@mlp_nightma) reported

    @SwordsmanOfMist Diablo if you're one of the most impossible men to understand I don't see how people like you if you don't even fight women it's pointless but you can fight guys like there's no problem ugh!!

  • PNWHoneyBadger Teck Tonik (@PNWHoneyBadger) reported from Portland, Oregon

    @VinnyGabagool I mean.....I have no issue farming at a snails pace lol I play Diablo and Borderlands and Anthem nonstop. But for some reason’s both the controls and the layout just bug me. The graphics blow my mind tho. But I also hate Skyrim soooooooooooooooooooooo😅😅😅

  • 1Antisocialism Keith Frasher (@1Antisocialism) reported

    @KSBY Just in time (but not enough) for the economic crash we will have after shutting done Diablo and the dunes.

  • Errantsquire Charles Zammit (@Errantsquire) reported

    @TaniaUncensored @pathofexile Started playing it and didn't make it more than 30 minutes. The class system upgrades were pretty overwhelming. Also I'd like to be a bit further from my character like Diablo 3 I felt way to close. Then again I am a POE noob so I'm sure there are solutions to my problems

  • SAyassyR Salman Ayassy (@SAyassyR) reported

    Ayy, you know I keep that candy, yeah I need more like Mandy, yeah Stay up, take addies, yeah I'm tryna fix this damage, yeah Candy, MGK, Hotel Diablo

  • Kavashia Fantasia🦋 (@Kavashia) reported

    They need to fix these ******* roads on Main Street like wtf. I wanted el Diablo 😢😢

  • soulofkab Kab (@soulofkab) reported

    @RustySkullgun The problem with those is that it's suppose to have an end and their "adventure mode" is nothing worth a shit like Diablo's or PoE's.

  • RCMQuotes Nathaniel Cole (@RCMQuotes) reported

    I been in this bum **** Egypt town in the middle of no where latley and didnt have good enough service to download music. Well I just hit a better service town and hotel diablo is what I needed.

  • Putrescent_Mind Brian (@Putrescent_Mind) reported

    @DemonKingDurst No problem. I got a decent amount out of Diablo. That might do it.

  • EricTetsos eric tetsos (@EricTetsos) reported

    @BlizzardCS Okay thank you. Assuming the Diablo servers are not offline, I can confirm there is no issue with my internet. I guess I’ll take this up with the Sony folks

  • EricTetsos eric tetsos (@EricTetsos) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @Diablo I purchased Diablo 3 from the PS4 store last night and can’t get past the main screen. Console works fine, problem is with the download. You guys don’t have any available support online or by phone and no answers on forums. Talk about bad customer service...

  • xzeve84 xzeve (@xzeve84) reported

    @BellularGaming My issue with current wow is, that everyone are speciel snowflake in the EXACT same way. We never have any options (story Wise). WoW and Diablo is very much alike on that part.

  • MJonesEsquire TheRealMatthewJones (@MJonesEsquire) reported

    @BlizzardCS hello, there is an error with @Diablo on @Xbox where the Necromancer is dead silent the entire playthrough and the sound for 99% of his lines does not play. There’s a thread on your forums but I wanted to tweet. Would love to hear him speak.

  • Asmo917 Matt Hoerig (@Asmo917) reported

    @atebbel My honest guess is no but I can’t wait to play it anyway. First two were a perfect mash up of mindless Diablo-like combat and comic history fan service.

  • Jacobbager44 Jacob bager (@Jacobbager44) reported

    @BlizzardCS playing diablo 3 on ps4, cannot join any of my friends. Every time I join it says there was a problem joining. Nat type is 2, tried restarting everything, logging out and back in. Please help!

  • baezchristian95 Mordecai (@baezchristian95) reported

    @Diablo ever since the Lon update came it's kinda hard getting into a some games like i tried to get in his game but it's kinda impossible to get in one for life of me can we like get a patch to fix this issue

  • GingaBeardMike Michael Watts (@GingaBeardMike) reported

    @MackenzieToews @machinegunkelly I literally ordered hotel Diablo boxers I def have a problem

  • brittmxxrie britt (@brittmxxrie) reported

    @Beats1 @machinegunkelly @zanelowe It takes a hell of a lot to admit that you are/were vulnerable, suicidal, or have a problem and need help. A lot of people need to understand that you can have everything in the world and still feel like you have nothing. Mental illness isn’t a joke, it’s hell. It’s Hotel Diablo.

  • BadwickS Badwick Production's (@BadwickS) reported

    Diablo has been a curse to my channel however I managed to figure out all the tech problems I've had and hopefully starting fresh with recordings! #Diablo #recording #youtube

  • HEX_Manifesto Hex_Manifesto (@HEX_Manifesto) reported

    @TweetsBySalt That's fair. Though I've had no issues with diablo 3 on the switch and I only play online. Smash Bros however r.i.p.

  • TouchstoneBot Touchstone Bot (@TouchstoneBot) reported

    New routes at Diablo Rock Gym on July 8, 2019 in Chalkstone. 17 Problems V0-V9

  • iamdanjapan DanJapan 🎮🕹 ダンジャパン (@iamdanjapan) reported

    @IamNevadaGirl @CardiacDrop @Laurelith @djfoster08 @MuradMGaming @SpawnOnRyan @GameDadVII Crash Team Racing Division 2 Diablo 3

  • MichaelWWara Michael Wara (@MichaelWWara) reported

    @scianalysis @daveregrets RGGI price is insufficient. SONGS and Diablo closed or will close because of other issues. Without loss of load to CCAs my belief is that @PGE4Me would not have settled on Diablo Cyn.

  • MooCheese Moose (@MooCheese) reported

    @Grummz The Blizzard community was fine with blood and gore in Diablo, I don't know why they would suddenly be upset by mild card art issues like these. It just feels like another thing highlighting a disconnect between the dev teams and the audience.

  • ShamefulCitizen King Mirf⚰️ (@ShamefulCitizen) reported

    Haven’t listened to hotel diablo yet cause i can’t stream from the beach.... ugh the first world problems lol

  • 1kaydev1 KayDeV ⚓️ (@1kaydev1) reported

    spending the weekend camping but you know i got up early and found cell service to download hotel diablo 😈🗝🚪@machinegunkelly

  • PinkestCatgirl Poison Bloodstained #JONESYFORTNITEFORSMASH (@PinkestCatgirl) reported

    i like when fandoms act like some game is like unforgivably bad for some relatively minor reasons(DmC, Diablo III, RE ORC, etc) and you play it and it's just alright or even good when other fandoms have shit like sonic 06 that are genuinely broken

  • Dominic_Monty Dominic 🐺 (@Dominic_Monty) reported

    The only problem I have with hotel diablo is why bring up the Eminem beeeeeefffffff...... whyyyyy... :( other than that it was a solid album!!

  • KeithBr68825019 Keith Briggs (@KeithBr68825019) reported from Louisville, Kentucky

    @WHChaosbane this game is horrible on xbox1. It cant even load half the time. It says "error game can is taking longer than usual to load." It crashes on every boss run after you kill the boss you cant do anything. I'm going back to diablo 3. This game isnt even worth 10$

  • _Ashley_XX_ Ashley Justice (@_Ashley_XX_) reported

    Taking the long way home from work solely because that way I will have service to stream Hotel Diablo on the way home at midnight 🤘😈

  • gaypause m 🐺 @ RTX (@gaypause) reported

    @dirtmae if possible i would get a service letter from a therapist for diablo or the new cat so it's free rent :-)

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