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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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May 26: Problems at Diablo

Diablo is having issues since 11:20 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Tesh_Niichan Onee-chan Tesh (@Tesh_Niichan) reported

    Diablo or DST. Let’s see which one isn’t broken today XD

  • spazm Mr. Spaz (@spazm) reported

    ... a GeForce2. It was quite the splurge so I could play diablo II. (Which totally ran on my PPro system, except for the minute+ lag when entering a new map segment)

  • geekboundval Val @ kupo NJ (@geekboundval) reported

    @surtespas hey hi mine was a 4 year relationship. First it was Diablo, then it was Star Wars Galaxies, then WoW. Every time I brought it up, he told me I was making up problems, would scream and cry and tantrum when I was like "I think I need space," and it scared me. It scared me into 1/2

  • AlumiiGaming Alumii (@AlumiiGaming) reported

    @xSparrow86 @Diablo Same issue happen to me and I submitted a ticket.

  • jboz879 uıʇsnɾ (@jboz879) reported

    @Lord__Fluffy Maybe you can shed light onto why this happens. Some of us play on 4G LTE hotspots (due to comcast and fios) being unavailable. Every other game, on any platform runs no issue. Diablo, server disconnects making it unplayable.

  • realedc30 Daring duck of mystery (@realedc30) reported

    @gotMAB21 I mean most last gen things should run on it fine. If they can get Skyrim, Doom and Diablo to all run well AC3 theoretically shouldn't be a huge issue.

  • Jazehre Jaz (@Jazehre) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN I’m having an issue with Diablo 3 where my purchase needs verified again on blizzard side for reaper of souls. Help please. Jaz#21332

  • fcsteacher2010 Donna Sharpe (@fcsteacher2010) reported

    @XboxSupport I loaded up Diablo 3 earlier today and all of my charcters are gone. I was just playing last night with no issues. Now its all gone and it made me start a new character. The odd thing though is that when i got into that character most of my pets and wings were there.

  • leggystarscream Leggy Starscream (@leggystarscream) reported

    1) This is a very good thread 2) I think a lot of the issues about MMO combat here come from the same place as a lot of my issues with Diablo & Clones combat

  • PolymathTim Tim Rowe (@PolymathTim) reported

    @SWBrewery I see no problem with there being more Pacer in the world... Unless it interferes too much with the level of Diablo in the world, that is! #SessionBeersInArms

  • Soga_Cal Guy Howdy (@Soga_Cal) reported

    @bonebrann @Diablo You literally get a guaranteed primal the first gr70 you solo. The problem is that the primal drop pool matches the regular drop pool, which is frustrating with such a high percentage of items in the game being useless.

  • maniadrone v. zant (@maniadrone) reported

    @MattWatchGundam coulda got you some cheap game like the diablo 3 on the switch or maybe crash bandicoot or something

  • Urael51501 Urael5150 (@Urael51501) reported

    @BlizzardCS The submit button is just blacked out entirely. Having massive fps issues in Diablo 3.

  • SuperiorSilence 💢 🎴 𝕶/𝕯𝕬 🎴 💢 (@SuperiorSilence) reported

    @Matt_Bailz @TeriosGaming @YourOverwatchYT The problem was they ended Blizzcon with it, didn't announce Diablo 4 which many people have been asking for, and then acted shitty when people pissed. That was the problem. I actually want to play a Diablo mobile game. I think it's a great idea. They failed to "read the room"

  • stormy_prime Stormy Prime (@stormy_prime) reported

    @Valshen @MythicHex I have the opposite problem. I struggle to play SP games because I'd rather be playing with a friend. At the moment I'm getting back into diablo 3 which I can still enjoy solo when friends are not online.

  • ferrismueller4 Maine AnTiFa (@ferrismueller4) reported

    @MicroHonkyTonk I quit gaming altogether after they ****** the Diablo series.. sick of games designed for low functioning ret@rds.. I hope they fix that shit someday.

  • elisgotjokes Voted Least Popular (@elisgotjokes) reported

    All these WoW Classic login errors are giving me flashbacks to Diablo 3. My ptsd is kicking in.

  • Gael_Jebidibah GaelJ (@Gael_Jebidibah) reported

    I hope.... it’s not laden with stupid Diablo loot and RPG mechanics. It becomes a numbers game when the action should shine above all else. It was obnoxious. It’s not a problem 100 hours in, but then somehow totem pole keeps stacking up. More rarities, more currencies, ugghhhhhhh

  • AtlsShrugd T 🎮🏆🚀 (@AtlsShrugd) reported

    @NaughtyDog4Life cant belive i missed the diablo and crash sale a few weeks ago

  • TwiTrIsbiasedAS BnDtScMcO (@TwiTrIsbiasedAS) reported

    @Diablo Your game is still hardlocking on game creation a year after it was reported, any ETA on a fix, Fking annoying.

  • Glenasawrus Glenasawrus (@Glenasawrus) reported

    @Nemesis3000 16gb ram, i can play diablo 3 full spec 60fps no problem, I can play switch games 60fps docked through elgato no problem. but i cant play dauntless at 60fps have to play at 30fps same with borderlands 2 even when I drop down the spec and shading and vsync and stuff

  • Mark_99nc Mark (@Mark_99nc) reported

    @Diablo_Siamese @jolenehunter Lots of issues there. Not sure if the entire team could fit. Looks like Diablo didn't appreciate Voody the dood's attempts to get comfortable.

  • Jadaxo_xo Jada ❥ (@Jadaxo_xo) reported

    Can ya leave them alone, Kanye out here trynna find God and ya wanna make that into a problem diablo.

  • rickenslacker apples, man🍎 (@rickenslacker) reported

    Azmodan and Diablo are particularly bad at this, but a real problem with the antagonists is as I mentioned before, they would taunt and threat and it was all toothless. So you diminish the characters by making them blow a lot of hot air.

  • ManiliveXD ManiXD (@ManiliveXD) reported

    I swear to god @Diablo your % chances are broken, 60% fails 85% of the time. Soul crushing. :(

  • ItsDJTweets ItsDJ (@ItsDJTweets) reported

    Just hit me like a ton of bricks that I have slept about 2 total hours this weekend.... I have a @Diablo problem lol the problem is I love the game too much and time flies when playing it ... 23 hours this weekend somehow

  • James17094620 susan (@James17094620) reported

    @BobbyKotick Hi, I've been dealing with Diablo 2 tech issues. Please upgrade the game and its extension to current windows 10 and computer standards It will save a lot of time for your techs and reduce the frustration of your customers. Thanks

  • James17094620 susan (@James17094620) reported

    @BobbyKotick Hi, I've been dealing With Diablo tech issues.... This ticket should not have been closed. The problem still exists and was not resolved. It has become to

  • KingSuplex93 The Boozerweight🍺 4Ever YDG'N (@KingSuplex93) reported

    New season or Diablo 3, but same old problem.... deciding what class I want to play 🤔

  • fyzzgiggidy Piper's Bizarre Adventure (@fyzzgiggidy) reported

    @BackToDraw I was a huge Diablo fan until they thought they needed to "fix" things that weren't broke with Diablo 3. Diablo 2 was an improvement on 1... 3 was a step backwards.

  • deCode666 Ravix of Fourhorn (@deCode666) reported

    @Diablo I'd go with a Warrior. You can now buy Diablo on GoG, so ... no problem.

  • A3rgan Simon Lock (Aergan) (@A3rgan) reported

    @flatcaplad Very good actually! Has been my go to port after getting severe RSI issues playing the PC version. I own most of the ports and this one takes up all my time playing Diablo 3.

  • Teato0o Essa (@Teato0o) reported

    I suddenly feel like playing @Diablo. Hopefully my half dead laptop can still run the game without problems. 😂💔

  • SamMcowan 🐺 Sam ⭐ (@SamMcowan) reported

    Wow, someone with the name Baka trying to tell me to abort my pregnancy just because I'm playing Diablo III. Think they may have some issues

  • BloomingxSakura Ashley Morris (@BloomingxSakura) reported

    Each time I tried to join their game, it said that I was unable to. They tried to join me and they got the same error message. We are all set to friends only and the internet hasn't gone out or anything like that. This issue is happening on my Xbox One version of Diablo 3.

  • BloomingxSakura Ashley Morris (@BloomingxSakura) reported

    @BlizzardCS They tried to join me and they got the same error message. We are all set to friends only and the internet hasn't out or anything like that. This issue is happening on my Xbox One version of Diablo 3. Sometimes it works, but now it won't allow me to join others.

  • FROGxDELIVER Bob Joe (@FROGxDELIVER) reported

    @Diablo I had an issue just a second ago on Xbox one Diablo 3, where I went to save a class in the armory, and the game crashed. Lost an item from Kadala too which is unlucky. Not sure if this is the right place to tweet it, but yeee

  • AntellAdam Adam Antell (@AntellAdam) reported from Boultham, England

    @Diablo #Diablo #D3 @BlizzardCSEU_EN any problems tonight I have extremely high ping.

  • Urbana77246453 Freespace Universe Gaming (@Urbana77246453) reported

    Playing season 17 of Diablo 3 is fun because Freespace launchers are more errors than anything else today

  • Kezajaws 🔸Kebabjaws 🔸 (@Kezajaws) reported

    @Crovetis Rose. And, if it's not an issue, Li-Ming (the female wizard in Diablo 3).

  • Dinosrule4life Reptilian Reflections (@Dinosrule4life) reported

    @ZarsenaultZach @WeissBlitz @Diablo Fair enough. I find playing with a mouse painful opposed to a controller. I’m legally blind too and so playing on a big 4K screen is much better than a tiny monitor. I wish some kind of console Warcraft game was around. My pc also just died too. Always have had issues with pc.

  • Fanotherpg Thom Kaczmarek (@Fanotherpg) reported

    @epyoncf @epyoncf same problem is with Diablo 1. People complain about some quirks of it without realising that it was designed and hardcoded as turn-based and the "realtime" aspect is only a matter of those turn speeding up so many times, but they are turns.

  • TheSangArjuna Ayyen (@TheSangArjuna) reported

    God i miss the endless nights on Diablo 2, no gf no problem

  • Xalkera Alkera (@Xalkera) reported

    Wow people are already hacking the new Diablo 3 season on the Nintendo Switch. Guess I won't be playing that now. Fix your game or ban these players @Blizzard_Ent

  • mayorofcanton May⭕️r⭕️fCanton⭕️H-I⭕️ (@mayorofcanton) reported

    @MJStegs Sounds like a problem I wish I had. Last night I asked for diablo and hot and didn’t get any of either.

  • juicebagsgaming Juicebags (@juicebagsgaming) reported

    Sorry all lagging a bit behind. Having to reinstall Diablo III atm, will be live as soon as I can!

  • Damnyoubowie Damnyoubowie (@Damnyoubowie) reported

    @thisislijoe @MattMcMuscles Got the Room for it rather than buy the new (broken) steam version. Pretty decent game so far. FPS Diablo in a lot of ways.

  • jotty182 jotty (@jotty182) reported

    @TwoSugarsZA @Diablo At least the seasons are getting more interesting. I don’t have a problem with seasons - I like that it forces a restart. Now if only items were actually unique, legendary - scarce.

  • MichaelFoenss Michael Fønss (@MichaelFoenss) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN All other games, work perfectly.. I only have this issue with Diablo 3... Therefore it is not a hardware issue..

  • Mars_so_saucy Mars 🇵🇷🌺 (@Mars_so_saucy) reported

    @GazelleMonetArt He’s not a genuine spiritual person at all. He’s a narcissistic piece of trash that will crash and burn soon enough. Block all forms of contact and do not let him give you anymore of his toxic ass energy. Que Diablo.

  • GodLikeDemoNz 🍼 (@GodLikeDemoNz) reported

    @YRNlloyd @BeWzLukas @SolarSZN Not playing lag Switch kid Play with diablo

  • daneen59 Daneen (@daneen59) reported

    Ugh @Diablo this Necromancer voice glitch is bumming me out. Every other hero has a voice, just not the necromancer 😭😭

  • Austin_Khaz Austin Gray (@Austin_Khaz) reported

    @RuroninSC I feel that. I want Diablo 4 to be good. I don't care if they feature the classic classes like Druid or Amazon like the community wants I just want a playable game, not broken, and complete upon release. I really enjoyed Reaper of Souls and still do, despite real lack of support

  • gamecriticbot gamecriticbot (@gamecriticbot) reported

    Diablo was a bad game because it was way too broken.

  • gaveroid Gavin (@gaveroid) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm having the same issues logging into Diablo 2 that others here have reported, but when trying to contact support on your site I discovered your live chat is greyed out, and giving a phone number for a callback results in an error.

  • MaddZomB MaddZomB (@MaddZomB) reported

    @JLSigman @Diablo All my hardcore deaths were from lag spikes or DC’s. Needless to say I don’t play HC anymore

  • JakeTheSnakeATX JakeTheSnakeATX (@JakeTheSnakeATX) reported

    @Diablo Of course, always have to start at 5pm on a Friday. It's not like the entire world already caters to those working a M-F 9-5, oh wait... A lot of us work weekends and nights (service industry) and it's stupid how it cant start at 12 PM on a Mon just ONE TIME. Anything beside 5fri

  • Sha1yen Sha1yen (@Sha1yen) reported

    @Julia_CaSsian For my mind, the only real issue I have is when devs move a franchise that was previously made for console or pc, to be a mobile exclusive. Like Diablo or Command & Conquer. I take issue when devs lose contact with the fans who made them, to cater to another market

  • letsplayperry LetsPlayWithPerry [on Youtube & Twitch] (@letsplayperry) reported

    @2purpleswitchs @Dell I think because everyone uses the internet to install things. Even on games you have to sign in online to play the game. even if you play solo stuff. (like the sims 4, diablo, overwatch) but you can always buy a external DVD player. (more expensive obviously but it's a option)🧐

  • The_Evil_Elf VampyreLordSeth (@The_Evil_Elf) reported

    @Vaerosii @Diablo It's a non-issue if you just give them a whatever untilthen, you'll see the drops fast enough anyway

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